Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, February 12, 1874, Image 1

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?Tux Ilnavrost , liarzoszas la published ern
rrhnrctim Viiii-uil p by ti. W. Alva= at Two Dollars
ter anLutu tu advarkw. _: •t -
. air itdvertistlng In all cases exclusive of subsctip•
lion to toe paper. ,
SPE:CASE. NuTICEEI Married at sirrzwis cwwriper
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sinbeeignent insertions.
LOCAL NOTICES. tame style as reading matter,
Twits= cairn i Luke:
ADVERTIREIMITEI 4111 be inserted according to
• he following table of ratt., : - • '-: •
•- ie I 4a , 1 Ire 1 Stu ( Gm 1 tTi:
inch I $1.501 I a.oe 1 6.00 1 10.00 1 41'15
inches •1 • 2.001 5.,:: 5.00 1 plAin 1 15.00 1 2111.00
y Inches 1 2.50 1 ' . 'limn i 13.00 .1 20.00 1 21E.110
t inches 1 8.00 1 5.50 ; 14410 I 18.25 1 25.00 4, as.oo
ill call:ix:4n i . 6.00 1 12.1414 1 18.00 1 22.001 211:00 1 45.00
i--; column I 10.00 i 20.0 n i 10.00 I 4100 ) 86.1 . 1011 74.00
eoluterr . j 2().olll4ll.litii.M.ipi i IM.OO i 900 1 $l5O
Adminiskstor's and ExeCntors, 12 ; Anis.
6 orileNritiiiiis: $2 50 ; • Re innesa . five lines; (per
ristr)is. additional FEN'S slh.
vit"ti ac .
Veurty sidgeirtt sire free led to quarterly chantnist.
T ,adeltint aSirertisern e *Lot he pant far in alloctitee.
All'lle4oliattons a e kKacottitiona ; Conaunnkatlone
0 r 'Enited or indirdnal .iitiirest. and notices of Var.
ri %/ea .nil neatbs...reeedisp dreltnes., aro cluniped
r ON CISIVTA per line. e , ..
she Riteownen haring a larger circulation than all
th . papers in the enmity combined. makes It the best
.Advertising medium in North rn penneylvanta. 1
JOB PRINTING or every kind. in Plain.and - Failey
i . ..... ol ors, ilere with
. neattlefin and dlepateti. "Handbills,
131,0,... Cards, Pamphlets Itillheads, Staisiniente.*c.
or every variety spa., .tyle. printed . at the shortest
notice. The Egrotirre Offlee to well anpplied with
Power Preesea. a good megirtnient of new type. and
aVerything in the Print up - Eno can be oxiiientoo in
he most irtilitie 111M111,,T and at_ the lowest rates.
Tr,uvp r% , ittartrlr ~,Rl7. L
331751 M -z, CAMS. t
MOICROETtIN;PA.. pays particular attenticro to
toning lingides, Wagons . . Winks, kc. Tire set and
repairing done on short notice. Work and charg.4
guaranteed eatisiaot..ey,
aratn estahitst - ted himself fn the virummei
• C7STNESSI. Shop - over Roctrwe_Ts_Stnre. Wori of
rcery 4eacripfinn -dams In the latest styles.. -
Towands, April 11„ 19•70 —tf 1.7
asy23"7o ft t'ONCAN,DA,
. ..r _ :/:'
L. . .
"- .. : - .1 "'' •
..,, •
t ~.1 ~._
....,- •
.41 , ...F,
.4 .
. . ...., m
'-' z
"-i- ?-,......,.. -• O ~,;:
_.:O - -!...-.. .'"--- .
F .
--. --':% ~..., '
'7 .... - ' , .
: . ....., - -:-. _ 5
.i \ a z < Es . •
7-.... 'l..' '
r . ,..,
. ___...," ..,
i-- -- iz
J L.l '.. `--, ........,, . -s
..-1 , h..... -, . •
4 :,
"" t?.: ..,..;
flmil-,' -
_ilC HI—
. TTECT AND. 1171T.DER'. wishes to inform `in,
cttizens of To , anda and vielnity, that be wilhrive
,na7t,enlar attention to drawing pins,
~sp.ctr,,..itlons -for als--.mannernt bnildings, pri7.ate .
hn.i pnhlic. Silt...raltelidictet: Oven for reasonable
0111& - • at re,.id....tice N. E, cornet cf
• Second aril Elizabeth streetA.
- J. E. FLEMIIIII' (},
os - ts'7l Boa 511. Towanda, T 3.
. • of Main and State
• -
Mar . ch 13, 15722 - TOWciNDA.
am prepared to farni'sh Eitn-Arled Doors, Sign
and. I>hnae or any -thlcknesa, on short
ymir orders ten dz.:, before ion
to nse thtclirticle,..4l7l,l he r.ire that yon will
r - r r! ,,, irk that *.ri:l not cr eacU., Terms, , -:4 , b
ints IF.t. 1,71. GTO. '1"
Dealer; -
r - cr the highest-cash price is raid at all t , :ntis.
Ito._mn , i-1,_1"11 Store, -
~ *V OS -
TCI7. - ANT;-+, , PA.
, .
..*T E W • F I R - :NI 1 .1:
1 . ,
- • : AT ~.7.q.PItif.O.ETON; PA. : i ;':
. 'i I -----.--" -
ri,tall:readeriitri Groceries a:1(1. Provislonti, 1: { , :ze.
''.n,l NleVic.ite.Ps _K, 011, Lamps, Chimi -ys,
S'a3,l , F. . Ryv. St,iffs - ; -,,a1t0. oib. V.r . :::!.h . ,.Ya11b..... la
tlnn,, nsAier- - ,i. Cio,:iTs altil F,..! - .lfc Prin. , Wllies id
1,1 , 41 . 47 . r5; of the I . 2 t itt - ,.lllaLty, f9r ilif-ilicinal purp—f-A
..tri- . ... All Gc5.,1,,, ssili ~t rho eery :owe , : ',rims. i tf.-
•.'7.1 tiOLIK ' Careflilly componwi,i at all hol.rt, ef th.e.
..; ..,.,:r.d•r.i.;ht.. Give it a Ball. - 't
M ‘7lrilqnn.-Pa,,llittil 24, 1 4 69-Iy. . • I
1 .
Tl:^ 't lerq l- 01e,11), , ,:ts team to return thanks: to
ti.. ;,",•,. ~.;
Ti, - ,.ti I. arel _,..1;,111t: for the very
•t-. 7.1 1% hatr.ou-4,..!•• ; ,ex.teU•le:l -to• hits during tiro
1,-; i.a. 1•
.. 1 ;hi- •itn_li• tun. to in - . ciouticc'tlft
n• ...1.,... I i... 1. t•i 111 S t;tI.IIICFS a stock of
~' • f
','• : . - :T - 3.!':\ 'Al'ir..l7 GrI3.()CERIEi
„ - 1
-7 ' . ' .e. ,- 1,r..e1ec.1 to efie: AT THE I.o.VEST •
t I
:,:' 1 . • ,
i • - Itili o•tort.2 the Iltkin,t, hit st<l.•7i in - 41'
1- ' • . ,-•:. - 1-11 --In f•':r:tl4l., Au:think in thi, he ,
, .
. . I!
•-- • t I
. .
• !!
. , IT ha, I'' :-fled up a =,,-
' .
;.; ‘l.)T:..g STI 11,001E1 • - 1- ... - ' ';
- . :. •
. ..'
; • - ...; ~. C.! 'l,l alt tint ,he rea;ly to ;3:1 : . 11.1.1 , 41ily ,
• 1,•.f • ,• ~.,.. ,•1 1 1 1 , h' to. .-n.,-.1...-- tl.-u u- ~.t.
• 1 - • -...-. :1 ..'jr.:.; - !:!,• , .t.1 . .1 , ..T 1. evo .11r1t 11:V1111a :11 1
1 1,
. 1 ..,ft ~...,,
r.,,i1 I'. It; • , -. 1 ?1 , 111 , 111'11.11•Iii. i it ,a,..c.ike , , Fruit!,
'. ; ,'••;.:• .11 , ... 1- ... ~t siun't rioti,•, - ..
~ . ....1:- r th•• 1.1, - i., ioiarly oii,e)siti••tl:c .Vasty
. I
--, lit ?1.:... , liOll,‘CE -1.. (-5 - MIJ.S. 1
,_...,.,.. 1 --
1 • .1 .
i 1 1 ') OT - P. P._‘.TI:ONS. • •
t - 17 1
"...,.. <•,.,.,='''
. .
(x .' F. 0 ..
III: - - 1V:0 OD-' k - C O. , ,
1 5 1 - 1 . OTOGIIAPHERS, ! :1
. - . .
. . . •
Or t•' iti f•,r the Atenet'ott, p.ttronair: of the •
t:iet - i•ii'kr. Wouid inform all W3utin! - -Pictures ,
t Lat - .lfi'jlar. 5..11.1 a hung to .sir e ni
stablis'hent -
I 1
--. i •
Allll Itdop'ing f.: -. ....! fol l'• ITFrored Tpodea of
pr,iut,rat a.11:1 r ,. .,••a•Lit..g to order to sti.zure
. . .
ETNFI r':i. 0 ,' , .611.0.1 . 11.5 . 1 . 1.1AN1TE11ET0F011E
• -; , - i
~• • ,ut , _:',lc , or the Citi.. :lasi • Volt (we ni lr.
sr...tiaity to enlor , all I,itel. of Pilture, • i I
•..-.,- size fleoliiieil, alid ',lv ~11 in Watei CI - ili .' •••:
lniiia Ink, ox a iz..-. t o', it: th,.,
. ,
t;l:sr S'TKI„Eit AND s L ..,“
~,u7:II.tICES. -
We tLi.: ,.. .' , •:1.1 , •av0r to 1, - 1,. '4;l the tiino poss.'.
"••• .% 1111.1 1 , ,Z , 40.41:,•:/4 pl,lP.:lrerl, SG 34 t, to pt . ,-
I .
;1117, th t ~ ,,t r,--alt;
',Vt , ar2 .e .n.rita:.tif a I lui.t to i-tir 1 , 1,1: n:
F It
-. . I
A M - E S ', ... -,'
CI :-, w rtltt-ru4 3 ,- ,1 tt-t..: fnl st3lrsi and fur-
1 . ... t. : 1 /. 11/ it 111 - .1 tit ti..lvi.t.ce front coi..t prices. •
.. NI r-,.. 14, leT:1 i
, ...................._ _ _
-1, i
- --:
7 1 1 ) . 171 - 1 E CI FIZI : SS OF ; PE N , i• . '
_2_ sux%s, t.-Your! •,...teuti;ul is fitec,toy ii-,.
.•!- '. to tlioftJ. _!1 0. the Nlt.,,m r, al uva - an , LOA
; . ,1,0.1 11 c l lll.llVv 1 ,
.. .11.,,t1-1111.,:1, ti !the 1,t,•1,1.1
` 1 0 '1 11' 1 1111 tient•titai .1 lloa-11 ot 11 . 11 1 p5t1.,2. Th..
:„, ~ r.., - .I. ,z. f;: i .,,, itu IR t4C1,111 -, /i are to it. errs - teed
' 1 .:•• • err:1110 ,'it tad. binliling.lior tho Ihteruttionat
--i . :on.t,, , . •toi th?, ox,- , ;,, , ...c.c00nectiQ with the ;
-, - • t 11. 1.1 , 1111 /..11t.y 1. ; . 1 t•Ct.l V 1121411 Noyhto - -e_
- ~• ...: ; 11 1, - rsyro.i.nt..l by th.. nun.. tll .;very eiti-
• :. ahve It . pittrii.tic comine ~ orauou 01 tho Oue!'
r. II: h'`t b•rtll4l4y of Itienation. Tao Sharks ot - ;
,-; • .: tr.- ii:lere.l tut ..; 0 .ouch, and sub-l•„...Will`.
r -- ,•• 1 1 1. 1:11.•:y it..7-',ii kl •rt t n,..t e ot,,
,• :. ... IlLtlrto. tor tranungakid pr e ,,re,it.i u n as a
:.....• /1141 1% •111-.1-1.1, I
11:1. , •.1. it la. r.iit r or rim psi. vent por junto= still.'
- r A.': ,01 . 1 ., p ty,tleut.,, of,,atck frets
1.... it 1, , 5u.1.-tit. to Juitutry 1; 167i1. I •
ii , ..r..'iers who are not near- a National BAnk ,
.. 1 ....r...:.:: a t', , •:.1; or pte.t-ollicuj..-rder ti, ti..o , 11'1,1..44
F1t.1;21;.. in A. i,rY!., Trtl - t sTr.
- ' t 4. '7. l '. , t , • ft ,4 Walnut tit- 1 Lira. •;
TtiNcANDA. NUItSt.II.I. i ,r -.
. ;
...._:____ •
. . _
. :
The undershoaed, h‘vmg. purchat,d the
i i
NrEtiEltY UN Towor)A rtArs,
i ,
1 :.:1- alt-t.lion to his . .t.r,o. etc '' bf • 1
. - - r 1 . • ..i
,:i r ~',ND 01:N.-1.111.N FAL I.IT.F.ES
• -
ti': -111., ii now prlk•pared e•ii • -
. • I , I
i ' •T 1 • •
tiLl,lVillt ON M i . l : , T;lll:AiiSArttEltari.,l ';-
' •' • '•• - , r. by 1,..i: ptioLiptly ot(!lidort to.
. ,
lil -4.-E - 2j..Tr • PEz.T.
•- • ,- .:. , 41 , ! •. !: A; '.l li-.. iin : '
fi r.4 . ' I I
' 4 1 - 1= _ f
r 4. W. A.X4VCIFL.EI; Publisher.
PRO. D ,-:ION C ;
•J CAMNatt.l.Oll AT Law, Towanda. 1' .
nitre AT •Lait. - ' Offlce—corner .!
.1111113 land
Pine Streets ; opposite Porter's Drug Ili - • '
_ •
DRT. B. JOHNSON, .t:• txmAxon)
51ustairts., Office over Dr. H. 0 Porter Son
- k Co.'s Drug Store. -,
. ,
finstnzosi, offers his professio; ' services to
the citizens of Warren and. vicinity. Residence
first house north of J. F. Cooper's :tore, Warren
Centre, Pa. - spit/1'72 ly
successor to Dr. Weston." OM in Patton's
Block_ np stairs, Main Street. Tows • da. Pa. All
' kinda ofplate work a aperlalty.
... 15n.15 . 73
nR " . S.M. WOODBURN, • hysicia,n *
and ttureeon.'Office over Wlckh m & Black's
('rockery store. "i .
Towanda. Slay 1, Ji172.-ly. .
rr,,,,, tt - MePHERSO
A , . Arroa-
N , vt sr-Law. Towanda. ' Pa. • Wil give prompt
attention to ell matters entrusted to their charge.
Ornhans' Court buseriess a'snecialty.
w. rnyt.r... 1 frriay2l'l3l ' •I. w'rrnitsort.
T_T ---- B. 11 - /t li EA N, ATTORNEY
11. LL. AND 00nracctsos as Law, Towanda, Pa. Par
ticular attention paid to business In the Orphans'
Couet. •
111, T.AW. Of Meteor's Bloch, next door to
the Evpre•si Office,-Tow.nia, Pa. " i
if. ,
Ii r
• ,•• WET jr ism ( District . Attorney for Brad
ford 'ountyl, Trc;,-; Pa. Collections made and prompt-
Iv et. tetra. - • . : fe ses'no--tf.
8. - KELLY, DEN - n..=—Office
• over .Wickhsm k Black's. nwanda. Pa.
Teeth_ineerted on Gold, Silir: Rubbe „ tind-Alrim
ninm base: Teeth extracted witbrinfp in. 0e23.72
L A .
I %DIL O ALll7 '
- '''
A onzmvs„,-
- II V
1 ax -Law; Toy -„--.::
ayia, ri. . , .
~,, :-
a. I- MADILL. - fi - ' Z. N. CALITT,
Offle., in -Wood's Block, that door so th of First
• N - aiinnalltank. up stairs an 5.73-1 y
nVF,RTON kET.ISBRE • , Apr0a
...../ NEVI , AT LAW. Towanda, Pa., b ng entered
into copartnership, offer their profess onal P , OrTiferi
to the pnlille. Special attention given to.ll - 'Mtltiess
In the Orpharl'ii and Register's Courts. ap1114•70
E. oererres. rn. N. C. iti...inaki.„
.1 - 0F1:5.7 W. mrx,t , - .. .
. . ,
Special nth:Minn 'given to &Maui al ainst Instil , -
arc, Companies. 011 ice, " 7-, ' , b -i^o of Public
Snore , - - • t4rea,
- IT R. D. L. DODqON,
IT I ! L oin 5 Trice ,liICAL DENTIST. IS' Is Maine-et.,
opp 7 ,lte r.,:i..c,,pal Church, Towanda. Pa. All den -
tal nneratios a speciaiity. ' Jan 11
• • LA 11 . OFFICE, TowANDA. 'A. .
. .
W. A. Pr.c.l:. _ijan 15741 H. STREETER.
DR. J. - W. ILYILAN, • -r ' .
. .: PIII I SICIAN AND St - hal:oil.
gillee on Main Street. formerly : occupied by Dr.
Ladd. Residonce, coener,Pine and Second streets.
Towanda, ,Itine 2,-1871. 1 • ' "
_ .
r •
....... . 1 '
Aii-i1 1. 1873. •
.. . To anda..Pa.
L, ate of the Colleoe of ePhysicians an Surgeons,"
Ne'ir Cork city. MAP' I}ll-4,*,riVeli Picill ire, attention
to the practice of his profession. Office ii residence
cmithe ro-stern slope of Orwell Hill. adjoining Henry
Baia Ws. fan 14. •03 .
T)R. D. D -- . SMITH, Dentist, has
purchased, G. H. Wood's- property, between
Ntrrcur's Block and' the Elwell Rouse, Where he-has
located his offiee t Teeth extracted-withont pain by
use of r as. Towaud., Oct. 20, 1870.—yr.
. _ _
.-- •
_LI _
fiftl,:e-11.0:: Sr., TOWANDA PA., iilai - Solde & Vita
cent. Insurance Agentg.
. .
A elit, owloilionents taken: !laths ai ministered.
Tho sub t icritier acts .i., rommid
isoner In (akine dept
o , tions oh witne,...:.. r.:er,,r LI ii.u.izm r f the ofll.,`e
erom - pti,y amentiel to . Wm 8 YIN - CENT - - I -
12'73. Nota 6 y -- Pill'iTc: - -
, . .
. .
. • ZiOtOIS: ..
1)i NI N R 0 O'BI S
__ . .
Near the Cotirt House.
_, ,
W eare prepared to teed the hungry at , II tinOs 61
the day and evening. Oysters and Ice Cream in
their seasons. '
11.,r0b 3,.. I' 71'.' ' ' B. W. ECO TA CO. '
- 5.,.. . --
ilaviazleased this loose. is now ready t. accommo
date the travellingpublic No pains nor e pewit. will
be spared to give satisfaction to those who may eiVe
hiln a call. ,
eir North ...its ,, , it the public sonare, - e• st of Mei , '
civ's new-bled:. . •
11 tilillEttFIELD CREE ' HO- '
TEL. " _ .
Flavin: : : purchased and thoroughly refill this old
and well-known stand. formerly kept by - °riff Grit
th:. At:the mouth of Runnuertield Creek, ready to
givi. good accommodanons and satisfacto treatment
M all who may favor him with a call..
Doc. 23 . •lilB—tf.
The Hiliaos, Harnersi kc. of all, one •ts of this
• 011ie., insured.-agaimit loss by lire,_irith..t say 4-
7s. 'charge. . .
'-.% superior quality of o:•2,F.aglißti Bass Ale, Just
ecrived. . T.R. JOR Alf,
Towanda. Jan. 24.'71. Pr prietor.
T A R 1)1 II 0 • U SF, , •
• _, ' TOWANDA, • . .
This popular house, - recently leased hi , Messrs.'
Koos: k MEANA, and having%en completely refitted.
remodeled, and refurbished. affords to the public
all Liu- eilinfortA and himdern conveniences of a first.
class lintel. • liithAtel'-iippoane the Park on Maiti
Street.. it is eminently convenient for parsons visit
ing Towanda, either fiCr pleasure or business.
seotV7l ' ' BOON . k
MEANS, Proprietors.
__ .
Jl__ _
W. W. FiIIOWSINO, ' ' PaoraTrroa.
nil Hons..; is, conducted in strictly Timperatice
Principles. Every effort with be' made, to make
_,,sty cm Gppd rooms and the table will
als.-ays be supplied with the best theikiarket- af
fords. . _ WoVil, 1871.
• -- - •
- Rtyfir,EHEll, •PA.
4_ ,
" 61 : 4D 3.TORAVIA.N SUN INN, "
. ,
. ,
nritr I'•Z`. , •
Rich in historical Interest, it is the only b ilding in
the e,cmtry crept Independence Hall, home ed by
the sc , Joitrn within its walls of Watilitoottin, LaBSy
ette 1.0. e. • iiates and other patriots of the revoiu.
tiou This popu'ar hotel has recentlt Changed
hands, been improved. entirely return shed. and
t lie p-oprielAr cordially melts his friend. and tra.v.-
tru:A.:Mit.. t 0 give him a call—no paps will be
spared 141 Mllder, their Slav comfortaide. People,.
in r,..,,ite fl,r 1 1 11:11:1 - Ophi. will find if, cot venletit to
npen-1 the wglit here. resol,ng the city bout eight
in the M.-M:IW
_.A saiilplP room
,on fir - floor ~,,,..
..- - ,...,,, , ),1 - .t;,,, Cl commercial ai:ents -
,C. T. ITII.
..1•1,4.15T.i. , Prioprietor.
• - • .
• .
, .
. .
„v-- /
..i, . .
• 5g.4..y,:,::,, to He.mphrey Bros. •
• • -: •
• i .
' .
II A it N la S S M. A - * ERi
• Ov sr 11P2ily's Store,
• , .
Keeps on hand a - full assortment of D lIBLE and
zwitiLE HARNESS: and all other goods n his line
Repairing and manufacturtrei done to rder.
- I.n.ift..Aw:ian., :1 3 . Dill. - 7
Q - . . .
kJ .
- 1
AND - MDER 3FILL ( ' , ' .-' .
. .
1 ~
my atm is DOW Pt goal • order. and I am prepared
to do 411 taste of Work in say line Cu short notice-
Li i 111.1t,R. SHINGLES and LATH: always C oil
howl. . .
r ileo off r or sal.! a 2S Horse-Power nglne and
~ •O. F. Ma.'
6- avit - epait', Tat. S 42- 1 1 373 • . .
• .
'4', !:. s '' • •:\ .
' 1
! ' • 1 ' ,
. I
- . .
. \
1 '
... i •' . r - '''. ' I.
1 It rtv ,
........i 1
~., 1 ..t•.•..•y• H . 7)) ,.,, L: .,.,
~,. •-)..1.1 1 1:.: c( _,, jiLl l t i.
.._ . . i .............. . ,i,
... ~ .
17., 1
. .
1 • nir w a:mix sons wAtIACE:
• '
blessings on the hind of Roman I
Angels guard its strength and grace
In the palace, cottage, hovel,
0, no m atter where the place t
Would that never storms assailed it;
Rainbows ever gently curled :
For th° band that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rocks the world.
InfancyXtbe tender ionntain;
Powermay With Beauty flow; .
Mothers first to guide the streamlets;.
From the souls unresting 'grow,
Grow on for the good or evil,
Sunshine stream'd or darkness hnrl'd;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
I`ls' the hand that rocks the world.
iyeman, boy divine your mission
Here upon our natal MI!
llcep, 0 keep `the young heart open
~; Always to the breith of God!
411 true trophies of the Awl/
Are fron, mother love impearled;
For tho band that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rocks the *Ora
Tillessint on the hand of woman!
IFathers, POLS, and daughters cry,
And the, sacred song is mingled
With the worship in thb sky;
3liet lea where no tempest darkens,
Itsinboirs evermore arc hurled;
For the band that rocks the cradle
Is the hand Otto rucks the world.
! -
Ili the thriving villiage of Holly. t
thorn° there was -(as -is common t
such, places) a church, post-office,
couple of stores, and -7 ,11: dirstrici,
schohl, the • said school being taught
by a;young lady Who-had a widowed
mother and brothers and sisters to
assist in supporting.
For the sake of economy Miss-El
Stanley "boarded around " amon•
the scholars, and was considered al,
.paragon among the teachers. Herl
father bad been a respectable me-I
clianic, but died after about two years i
of illness,which hi terly impoverished
the family. Eva- had, however, (she]
being the eldest), received. a
'plain !edn:!ation before the great ca-1
tarnitY came upon them, and, noble -1
hearted- - and unselfish, began . her'
t.vork 4 of assisting in the support.
Thy last AceOprevious to the hol
iday , acatifll she.bakbeen boarding
with 'Mrs. Ca - Tenter, who was
walsiijg gigantic- 'preparations for
guestS she was expecting from New
" YOu never met my brotheri,Eva,"
she said, and: then began to give the
pretty yontig teacher a description of
their= • " there's Sara, George and
Johnny, the youngest, ; and • such
tirous!as they have'when they - get out.
here and rustic de, as - they call it.
But, (fear me, Idon't get much - .rest
or peace when they are here, for
they are like a lot of boys let, out of
school. Such- tricks-and pranks no
one ei-er_ . saw. 'rho last. time they
tu.c,, , A1l - together, John and
-Tiara aCtua' cut a pane of glass from
the wi'edo*-- - and pelted George out of
my bes tro:on h i.1140W. YoUsee there .
is, al3:tys regntar strifefor that
particidar room,
,for the bed is a
spring one, and' they say .they don't
sleep Oa any other in the city. But
'they don't get it this tithe, that's cer
tain, for I intend to keep you in that
and cud the controversy. tam
-so. afraid—they will break or ruin
,soineqlirp , that I am glad that you
.are here. r it may keep them iu -check
.a little," • 1
"I had just as Soon 'occupy some
other rOoni, Mrs. darpenter; and do
.riot wish to incommode your broth
ers---bave no.right'te do so."
No,,you shan't, Eva," perempto
rily eicclaithed her: hostess, " and
-what !is the pee of your going home
vacatiOn week? YOU can-stay here
just as well as not, and 0,0 up, your
sexing on my machine.inr moth
er enough month to feed, I
guei-s,! and won't miss yours." - -
The subject was dropped, and the
entire household retired - early, for on
the miirrow the brothers,''young, ar
dent and full, of ;life, were . ; to be there.
-But! without - sendikg any word of
titeir intention they had concluded'
till. take thei , evening train, which
would land' them at Hollythorne
about bedtime. George and John
did sivand when safely, seated in the
cars began to speculate about the ab
sencCOf Sam.- •
" I:s.ab reason on . earth why he
should not have b . een along," said
" NO, for he told me this morning
he wotildssitainly,be on hand," said
'John. •
".I 'can't make it out, unless he has
alcia!the five o'clock tral. by mis-.
" Net a bit of it,'l laughed John,
who fancied he understood the entire
programme. "It is: more likely he
took that train on purpose to get in
to Hannah's spare bedroom, and
make us, take up with straw tickeand,
f eat hers." • • 1 •
I didn't think of that, but I reek
on yOu are right. We must contrive
to ger. him out somehow."
Set your.iife oa ithat." •
The brothers put Itheir heads to-1
gether and laughed inzrrily ever son*
scheihe for outwitting Sam,, and ac-;
cordibgly, when the train reached!
Elollithorue about 1 eleven o'clock,i
they alproached the house of theiri
sister in a very stealthy manner.
oi:robing the fence in the rear,':
they softly opened a window and ob-}
tained access to the pantry,where theyi
demolished a nice pie and a quvati-1
ty of doughnuts'. 'nen, with. appe
fifes; appeased, they removed theirl
boot and prepared td examine thei,
" stole along the haly
which 'was dimly lighted by the
moon, ascended the stairs reached the',
door) 'The faint rays of the , moon!
disclosed a chair piled with clothing,l
and they could distinctly trace Wei
outlines of a form beneath the • bed=
cloths, .and had ; not the remotest
idea but that Sam was enjoying sweet
repoSe upon Hannalesio4t bed.
A few !whispered word were ex-i
cLanged, and then; as , sofily and,
lightly as shod with down; they
thew! near.
" All ready? " whigpered John.
Quick as thonght they seized upon
the form of the sleeper, bedclothes
and all, bore it swiftly down stairs,
out into the snow, and were just
about 'to deposit in a huge drift,
when n shrill scream broke the attn.
ness of the niglit, and oh I horror—
it was that of a woman! and in their
consternation they dropped their
burdemPlurup in the middle of a drift.
" Good heaven!" 'exclaimed Geo.,
"it' isn't Sam, but some woman,
as I ani a sinner, and she has fainted.
'Thin and call Tfannah."
With admirable presence of mind
be lifted the limp form of Eva Stan
ley and carried her into 'the house
But her cry had alrerid been heard,
and the inmates came. rushing into
the half just he appeared.
" George i John for o goodness
sake what does this mean, and who
have yin there ? " asked Mrs. Car
penter in a
_breath. •
" Blessed if I know, said George;
thought it was Sam, so We conclnd
ed to give him a douse of snow for
getting link, the beet bed and trying
to euchre us. Quick' I believe she
has fainted."
"Just like you!" scolded Hannah,
as she assisted in depositing Eva
once mare upOnthe bed- from which
she had been so unceremoniously
Wien; ,t' beginning yOur tricks •upon
each other before yon fairly got into
the house. Clear out now." •
Long! before she was done with
her tirade her discomfitted brothers
had betaken themselves down stairs,
where they almost went into hysterics
over thn joke. •
"A pretty kettle of fist. 1 " said
George,' rolling over the floor,- .and
letting Off peal after peal of laughter.
" I should think , ii was," replied
John, hPlding hA sides. "Oh my.
But what the dickens is to" be doue
about and who do you suppose it
is, George ? "
" Sortie guest of Hannah's, of
course, and young and pretty at that.
I don't know how it is with you, but
I feel I:,trticularly small arid extreme
ly cheawould sell myself at very
low price.
" Cheap? " roared John; "cheap?
I would give myself away this bles
sed minute, and throw something in
to boot ; What we are to do, I can't
say; but t I believe I shall dig out of
this placp and get bank to the_ city,
before morning. I hain't got the
courage to face the music,-so I'll get
up and go,",
He began hastily putting on his
boots, and Would have put hi's threats
into execution, but for the appearance
of Hannah, who at once asserted her
"You are not going a single step,"
said she, !" lint I don't wonder tOU
feel ashamed of yourselves. What
on earth possessed you is more than
I can tell."
" That's right, Han; pitch in; scold
away; take any amount just now,
for I am Meek Oa lamb. But who is it
we have played so shabby a .trick
on ? " replied George.
" Trick 1 „I should . think it
Why, it Eva Stanley, just as nice a
!young thing as ever lived. She is
lour schoOl teacher, and this is her
week to lioard here ; and I knew you
boys wouprbe squabbling over that
;room as usual, so I put her in there,
[little thinking you would come home
(in a stea4hy manner:"
" Eva Stanley ! Whew! a pretty
(school teacher! " and repeating his
:sister's words he gave a lugubrious
" Has she recovered ? " questioned
John, vainly endeavoring_to restrain
his laughter at the wry faces his
(brother Was making.
" Yes, I soon brought her to ; but
Irdon't believe 'the poor girl will ever
Iget overlhe fright. She said that
(the first thing that she knew she was
'being lift4d up and carried out, and
,she was so much alarmed that she'
couldn't Otter a sound; lAA the mo
ment the (cold air struck her she rea
lized she was being abducted, or
something of the kind, and had just.
time enough to utter a scream when'
she fainted. It is too bad. I shouldn't
wonder if had taken her death
cold, being dragged out of a warn"
bed this time of night and dropped
into a snow-drift in that fashion.
wonder she cried, poor thing."
rCrie4,:did she?" repeated Gee
_with a grO . an. .*
"1 st4ild think she, did. I just
took her] in my arms and let her
have her !cry out, while I explained
to her holW she happened to be mis
taken for§am, and become the victim
of your Iliad pranks."
" Thatiwas neat in you, Han. I'm
awful OW you hugged the poor
thing. V I
wish - you had given her a
brotherly; squeeze for me—ipon my
honor I do. Oh dear ! I'm in sack.
cloth and ashes from this time hence
forth and for ever," replied George,
with another dismal groan.
" And iow on earth do you expect
us to stay and take the consequen
ces ? " asked John, beginning to look
serious. I" I am for taking myself off
instantly! I rather face a masked
battery than one pretty teacher, after
making such fools of 'ourselves."
" I doWt care if you had," answer
ed his Sister, indignantly. " Tue
only wayl is to brave it out, both of
you, anti apologize for your rudeness.
She is not a bit stupid, bat pleasant
and merry, and no doubt you will
have a jplly lough over the. affair."
" Bat Sam ? How the_ deuce are
we_ to get along With bim ? You
know well enough, Han, we shall
never hear the last of it &rim him ;
and tha it will be brought up at all
times arld in all places." I
"If ypn two can keep ?the_ isecret,
I'll find 'a way to silence Bridifel, and
it is a sbject Eva will not care to
have discussed, and fortunately my
husband is away. So go to bed and
rest contented."
She showed them to the room she
had intended them to occupy, and
soon all 'was quiet.
Bleanivhile their brother Sam had
reached the depot a few minu tes too
late. He found the tram he was to
have taken gone, but upon consulting
a time-table he ascertained that
another train started two hours later,
and .so he divided to take it. He
figurrd to himself, as he impatiently
crowded into an empty seat and was
being whirled along - at a rapid rate,
how supgly his brothers had en
sconcedithemselves in the best mom,
which by right belonged to him, be
I being the eldest, and consummated
a'plan to get even with tbem.
Sometime after midnight ho was
deposited at Itollyttuorne, and reaCh
ing his sister's house ho scouted
,around until be found a way of en
trance into the kitchen, whore he de
poiiited his luggage and removed %is
boots. Then he qnietly , stole np
stairs and opened the door of the
best mein., Sure enough, thought
be, "my fine chaps, you are in , clo
ver! " for there were not to be mis
taken signs of the' room being occu
pied. Garments were lying upon
chairs, and the bed was pressed Iv
slumbering forms.
To,think of coping with their unit
ed strength by dragging them forth,
was not practicable, but there stood
tlfe pitcher of water, and he -knew
that a good dousing with the icy.ilnid
would bring them out quick enough:
"If I can,t have my old quarters,"
he chuckled, "you shan't, that I am
determined on. So, here goes."
He lifted the pitcher, approached
the bed, raised it high, and suddenly
dashed the entire contents upon the
sleepers. , ' -
Snell a torrent of screams as he
bad never before heard rang through
the noose, and before Sam could col
lect his scattered senses door after
door opened, and Hannah, George
and John rushed in—in scanty ap
parel—Hannah with a frightened
look on her face, and a lamp in her
hand that revealed the entir6 scene.
There, sitting up in bed, with her
hair drippling like a mermaill, her
night dress deluged, her face color
less and looking terrified; was the
schoolmistress, and there was Sam,
with the empty pitcher in his hand;
the very picture of imbecility, staring
about like an idiot at Miss Eva and
the havoc be had made.
Hannah,George and John instant
ly comprehended the • situation,. and
the latter, at the command . of their
sister, dragged Sam away, while she
assisted' the drenched and terrified
girl, to dry her clothing,. and then
took her to her own room. and bed,
explaining for the - second_ time the
Mishaps, of the night. •
" I'll keep you willi i ruenow, my
child," she said, though : th diffieul,.
ty keeping back - her lang' tor. , '"Tbose
boys are nicely come up with, at any
rate; and if it wasn't fqr your having
been so terribly frightened l 'and the
way my best bed has been used, - I
wouldn't care., r l"tioy' do 'nothing
'when they come home but study up
some trick to play upon each other;
and " continued she by way of apolo
gy, "they are so . confin din their of
fices and stoics duriri most of the
year, that they let entir ly loose ,when
they are out here; but you are safe
now." • .
Hannah kissed her charge and
went down to see ab t the boys,
o la
who, as soon as they w re - fairly shut
up in the region they
w, ' began to
thoroughly appreciate t e joke; and
now that Sam was as deep in the
mud as they ifi r . the mire, gave no.
quarter. , . I - •
.`: 111 be blanied'if I now what it
all ineans,' said Sam, 1 oking at his
brothers ix io were 4 rolli 'g and kick--
lug in eouvfiliiions of la %liter. . . •
"'Wait," I replied G orge, l' until
Han cornes i l and see if 3 u don't find
out! "—and be gave w y to another
peal. I ~
Sam had . not smiled, and sat look'
ing the very- picture
i f discomfort
and perplexity. bat ans4vered:
"For heaven's sake, old on boys,!
I'm willing to admit that I are
sold—going dog cheap that
the highest
bidder; but bold on lot!' motto to
tell a fellow what it rue ns."
" Means? Of•couirse will," - con -
tinned George. " It to ins that you
have stolen like a thief into Miss.
Eva Stanley's chaniber-,-who is a
lady teat er ' boarding round;' that.
this is he week - here; 'and thinking
it was yo ir humble servant and John
ny snug in bed you attempted to
drown ti. out, and made a grand mis
take. -4 w do you like it, Sam ?''' .°
" I' co fess I see the point; but,
can't see the joke. It is a most ont
rageous shame." .
At thi: juncture Hannah came Iri
and begs rating them soundly,there
by lottiu oat- tlitlo story. It.
was Sam turn then to laugh, brit
the whol thing was so supremely-lu
dicrous t at_ho watt compelled to join
hia brothers.
Miss Eva was not .visible. at the
breakfast table the next - morning,
and Hannah announced that 'she was
sick with a severe cold; whereupon
George groaned oat and called for a
handful of peas to put in Sam's shoes,
_while )that gentleman looked very
contrite, and John declared he want
ed to shoot himself. - But Hannah
had the- unruly crew under her
thntnt for once in her life, and: had
the 'satisfrOon also of seeing' them
behave with something of dignity.
They appeared to never forget that
there was an invalid in,- the house,
and went'on tip-toe about; and Sam;
who' seemed to take the' entird ro
sponsibility upon his shonlders, ti•nt
to New York for choice hu t and
flowers, which he induced his sister
to couv-I' to the young lady with the
most abject npoLogies and regrets..
In a couple of days Eva was able
to come down stairs. She was louk
ing quite pale, but lovely, and . of
c.turt , e clivinelh wt ea Ir4entea by
Mrs. Carpenter to her three brother.,
who behaved quite well considering
the unpleasantness of their situation.
But Sam, who had broken the ice
by'Reans pf his presents, wits most
at ease; s and oy virtue of his and
expeiienCe constituted. himsf•lf the
propriet r, and was constantly on
hand to offer Miss Eva a thousand
nameless attentions; and before the
week was out john declared in Confi
dence to Hannah that " Sam 'was
done for. "
" Gone under completely I " echoed
George,with one of his dismal groans
" Just think of it, Han, if it had not
been for that pitcher of water Sam
would have been heart Whole this
bltseed minute. The fellow meet*
lots of girls much prettier than she
every day, and with lots of stun ps,tuo
They say thak,pity is twin sister to
love, and I beliele it."
" Sour grapCiti " whispered John,
puckering up his mouth.
Itinnah. egiug Etwo:s priiiße and se
en* commended Sam's choice, She
FXOAZDUOIO OF DER 71011.21031 nom Asir jaimasze.
recommended marriage to all of ding
as the Only sobering process she was
acquainted. with. They do not fed
inclined to follow; the advice, not.:
withstanitng Sam's happy lot with
the.' pretty schoolmistresa of Holly
theme. I
She ofteii, reminds her brothers-in
law of her snceremonions introduc
Lion to a sndiw-drift at the dead of
night,' and they retaliate by the
show i er-bath given her by Sam.
_ [For no BEPOUTE4.i
Br "11.'—No. MV.
ObserVations upon the groups. -7-1
In Group 11, " Materials and their
applications in the liberal arts, we
and among the contributions made;
by -the SD American exhibitors, much,'
to admire and commend. The speci.i
mess of typography were such as
could not fail to be commended by
any one conversant with the art, 'and'
tve are pleased to observe that -three'
of the exhibitors of book printing rej,
ceived'prizes.} Of specimens of sta-}
tionery, book 7 bibding, etc., the dis-;
play was very limited, and out of all'
proportion with our immense trade}
in these articles; and yet of the 131
exhibitors no less than six received
prizes, proving that what is lacking
quantity and variety of these arti-i
cles in the Exhibition, is • mono than
made up in quality. ,Of plastic
moulding there was but one exhibi
tor and three specimens, one repre
senting what is called ' , Uncle Ned's'
School," another called " Taking the,
Oath and Drawing Rations," and a}
third called "The Charity Patient,"i
representing a benevolent-faced ol(tI
doctor compounding a prescription'
for a poor woman in waiting. All
these are are peculiarly American,'
and ',are admirably executed. Of,
proofs and apparatus of photography
most of the specimens are commend
able, and of the ten exhibitors four
received prizes.
Of instruments of music the dis
play, though small, adds decidedly
to the character of the American ex
hibition. Of the nine exhibitors in
this claSs, two received gold medals,
one a silver medal, and two bronze
In Group IV, the contributors to
the American exhibilion were few in
numbtlr, (only 54). Of yarns and
tissues , of cotton, the , contributors
were and' of these five received
prizes. 'Of other yarns and tissues
of linen, hemp, wool, and silk, the
contributors vv, nine, of whom five
received awards. Of shawls, hosiery
and clothing, the contributors were
sixteen, of whom five, received rec
ognition. But 'the great feature of
this group was the display of breech
loading firs-arms, metallic cartridges
,and rifled cannon, of which
. there
were fourteen contributors,- of whom
seven received gold or silver inedalS.
. To Group V, American contribu
tors wade most noble and appropri
ate contributions, embracing pro- .
ducts (raw and manufactured) of
wining industry, forestry, etc. In
. Class 40 of this group, the following
States and Territories contributed
from their mines and quarricli Ala
bama, Arkansas, California, Georgia,
Idaho, Illinois, Iowa; Kansas, Loui
siana, Massachusetts, Michigan,, Min
nesota, Missouri, Nevada; 'New Jer
sey, Nee York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
llennessee; Utah, Vermont, West-
Virgiuia, and Wisconi4in. In- pro
ducts of the forest, embraced' in the
next class, (41). we And specimens
of Foods from' from California, Illin
ois, Kansas, Louisiana,' Massachu
setts. Missouri. New York, Utah, and
Passing to Group. Vl,' comprising
instruments and processes of com
mon arts, we find in the American
evhibition a larger.. number of exhibi
tors (227) than in any .other of the
groups, though this is-accounted for
in the fact that this group embraces
a larger number of cheeses, (20) and
consequently a larger range of arti
cles, than any other. A large pro•
portion of the 'contributions to this
group add to the excellence of Ithe
AmeriCan exhibition, and that some
should fail to do so is scarcely to-he
wondered at, among so - large a tim
ber of
: Contributions. Of apparatus
and methods of wining, and : metal r
lurgy, there were four contributorsi,
two of whim received - prizes.; of ini
plements•atid processea of rural and
forest work there, were 25 contribu
tors, six of whom received medals, of
which two, for the best tspeciMens of
mowing and reaping machines, are
of gold; of apparatus' for hunting,
fishing; etc., there wae l 'but one con
tributor, and the contribution was of
no' special value; of materials and
melho4 of agricultural Work, and of
alimentary indUstry,.there were twen
ty contributors, eight .. of Whom re .
ceived, recognition. and nearly all the
contributions do.er6dit to the genius
and iudustriarActivity of our min
try.; of chemical, pharmaceutic, and
tanning apparatus, them were .seven
contlributbrs, four of whom recehled
me!ale, and honorable mention, and
the other three were scarcely 4ss
wer by of a like recognition ; of ma- -
es4ind mechanical apparatus in
.gen :tal i we had 28 cOntributions;
the those should have been awarded
no l'ss than 21 prizes, (over 50 per
ice:tt i ntu of the number of exhibitors) :
cannot be - otherwise than gratifying;
to every American. ' I
W I machine tools we have 14, con-''
t rib itors,: 10 of whom' received irec
op Ltion, and the contributions of
the I ttlier four are commendable of,
cott la-ginning, cord twisting, and'
'bur 4tickirig machines, we had 'live'
con tiibutions,, till good, and twoi of
whi .h received recoguition;,,of welly-;
iug and knitting machines we had :
live{ specimens, three of which re-'
ceived silver medals; of appar4us
and process of sewing and maktng
clothes, (which. class includes our
inimitable sewing machines, iu which;
as agreed upon by all impartial judg-',.
es, we are far in advance of all other
nations), there were-18 contributors,'
of whom two received gold medals
and one of them an imperial decii , ra-!
tin` three received silver aulitclalS;
sevilt,'l bronze medals; and 6119 an
honorable mention, making a iitvi
total of 13 prizes among 18 conVib=
'Aims. 1 Of apptratus and me! hotile of
nrakihg furniture and household 01)7
jecti. herewere 10 contributors
three ofiwhom received prizes, an I
others f this class would, doubtless
haver ceived high prizes could they
hive b en present themselves to exi
plaint the jury the peculiar work
ing an intrinsic value of their ini
inventihns. ',Of machinery for paper
making, printing,. etc., there uer
but five contributors, and none o
-the gre it steam power printing press l ,
es,,for which American inventors anti
manufacturers have become so juitli
celebra i edovere includ^d m,this dim
play;,arl of five exhibitors_ In thi
e ass, t'o received medals; 'while an,
o ber achine for dresising type,
cl sift ed. under the nextl head, ' ire
ceived l.he award of a gold medal .
and ii,rerY way worthy of it. Pass
ing in o the annex, we find tw
Amerin buggies, and a street rail
way ca riage, all three of which wer
fine sp eimenn of skill an taste in
earriag -braiding, and all of which
receive prizes,. Near the e were la
dies'rid- - gentlemen's saddles,; o
good % 'orkmansbip,
,which also re
calved recognition from the jtiry.
Here, t o, we find the grat Ameri
can loc motive, which in workman
.ship an beauty of finish far excels
all oth rs in the Expositio , and to
which hojirry awarded a 'gold Med
al. There \i'ere eight other contri
butions to the Class, though only one
other—a, railroad scale—ieceived a
prize. 10f models relating to naviga
tion an a l salvage, ,there were 14 coil
tributos to the American exhibition,
four of whom received recognition
from t to jury, and nearly all: the,
special ns do honor to thelinvenlors.
Next in review we reach Group
VII, at d find froni the Department
1 1
,ieultur al
e; Washingten, D. ,
33 sam )les of wheat and Other cere
als,'lro it as many different States
and sp cial localities, tog then with
a larg number of contri utions of
like ch racier direct from the Stateti. i
The specimens were inv ' ari ' ably good
and :Ittraeted a large share of atten:-
tion frun European agriculturists,
and would have attracted imore had
their installation been better. Of
the 17 private contributors .to this
class, nine received tiWards. 'Of
baking and pastry cooking ye had
but ono contribution: • Of' prep ared
specimens of meat and fish; (includ
ing 'aa t-ctired and - smoked hanks,
packed beef,, pork and lardl present-
ed lobster , canned oysters, letc.,)lwe
had se en y contributions, and, every
one re ceived an award. Of preserv
ed frui s And vegetables, sugars, cho
colates etc., the .contributors •-num
. tier 21, of whom 10 recei'ved awards,
and all the samples were coinenda
ble. . f fermente& drinks, such as
'wines, brandies,- ales, .por er g s, and
brown tonts,,the coutribu ors num
'bered • 5, of whom screu I L
awards ''
, This brings us to gr - oup X, the
last, - th ugh not the least ithportant.
'Here w find . a, specimen of a west
:ern pri ary school, honse, sehool fur-:;
rniture, nd school apparatus. It is
' ay that nothing in the Amer
iclii, exhibition has - excited more
generallattention and comMendation
'from Etkiopeau i-,itors, and no other
of our exhibits:tended to ex cite more
g oneral I inquiry into the peculiar
. .
enaract r of our political ius.itutions
and es ecially as to .the , relation
l 'Which t ose institutions bear toward
our co mon ' school system. The
school- s r om, in size, finish,l ventila
;ion, an furnishing, is superior to
any othy in the Exposition; and the
rt p par/ t s within,
s. though not in
quantity certainly in quality, equals
those ex ibited by any otheC nation.
In this same class -we find books
and apt oratus •lor the use of the
blind, contributed from Massachu-
Setts, *Lich are in every. way quite
'equal to any others-in the exposition,
both the )3e and the 'school 'building
receivedlawards. Passing to the next
Class, (2 I ,0), we find the articles to
consist Of surgical instrnmecits, arti
ficial liulbs, hospital vragni, ambu
lance era relief
a 1 , material, medicine
.. -
wagon, dud; equipag e, such as
1 ~
were use l l by.the United, States San
itary Commission. To the Commis
sion the jury awarded a grand prize,
and each of the other sti exhibitors
in this class received ,recognition. In
the next class (93) we find' three
specimens of houses from, the United
States gamely, a western farmer's
house; aßoston bakery, and a
tage ma e of Louisiana cot
cypress. The
i i
first of these has deservedl attract
ed a lute share of. atten t ion, and
added m ch to the character of the
Americ4 exhibition. It isi decided
ly Amer can in its construction : —
plain, su stantial and cOnVenieut.—
with-_represening -thrift and comfort
,out disp ay.
A Further Suppleytent to the Act Regulating
Election. in this ecnilmotarealth.l
The f llowirig is the electlon bill as
passed : - • - .
A i'utrit :n SUPPLEMENT to the act reg
nlatin eleCtions in this Common
wealt .
SECV c 1. .13e it enacted, . etc., That
it shall e the duty of each of the as
sessors, 1 'ho are required b i i perform
any duties incident to the holding- of
election and' he registratiOn of, vo-
tors in't e different cortiities or cities'
l i
of this ommonwealth, on the first!
Monday of June in each - y tia'r to take
up the, transcript of the net l x preeocl
in' ass ssment, as transmitted •to
them- by' the city or county. commis•
sinners, and preceed to• the revision
of the satuf-, and for ',his purpoSe lie
shall visit every d'wellinglict and make cite . 01 in house in
his dist iquiry.
if any p rson,- whose mono is "ou s t his
list, has died 'or removed froth the
district, and if so ; to erase! the Same
therefro i or whether' any qualified
voter repi:les therein ivhoie.naMe is
not on, his list, - and if so to add- th,e
same thereto; and in all cSses.where
a name is added to the list the per ,
son shailforthwith be assessed; and
the ass siiortiball in all caseit ascerf
Nit' by inquiry upon MO' grOtttnl
the per on sO.assessed chilies ti be a
voter. Upon tne eompleqom. offibi
work it shall be the dtity of each as
sessior, as - aforesaid, to proceed • t
mako opt - a list in- alphabetical. orde
o f the Male citizens twenty-one Year
of ngft 4nd:upwards, elaitping' ,
qualificid voteri in the electiot: di:--
mot 01l which he le the RVFcSErflOlr, an
I ,
, 1
i32,',-p • An Advance.
- 1 • -.- ' ' i - -t t 1 .
opposite' e: ch of . • said. nallieS . state
Whetberisaio citizen iu' or !ii not a
ottsekeepe; , and if he is, ithe num
'er of his I•sidence: in' t , towns.where
he - sale tre ntimbered, [T.with the
treet, a leV or court iii which situ
; ted, and i in a wik where there
'll •..
re no , nn4obers, the -naiiie ':Of the
• alley . , ,• .
treet, or • cepurt• - ,on srbic.l.ll said
°llse Ont.; also ItherloccUPation of
he perscin; and . where be 1 ia.not a
oousekeepe : theoccUpatiOn; place of ' 1
oarding . ond with wh o m{ O and ,if 1
• orkingl ' fo anOther tue . tame of the.
•mployer; ud write„Opposite each.
i • said
nes the' `Word I" votee
Where any 4 erson claims td,': vote by
'easorr Dg' n 7 turalization he Shall ex
iiibit'hie Ice l tificate thereof to thou.:
aeisor, tuale:s. he has been I, for ' two
'orisecutive, yearsi next preeeding a
Voter in'Fiii; district, and in'all cases
• .1
where tne P •rsoribas been Inatural
iZed thenao e shall •be . marked with
the letter' " ." -Whet° the person
has merey' . eclared 'hie intelitionato
become a citizen
and designs to, bp
natiValid . eforeithe inext election' t.
he shall 1 xb bit the certificate of his '
iledaraton of intentien, and the
name shall: c mailed I " D. 11," and
.where the•pl rson ahallbe entitled by
existing lacy, to be naturalized with-,
t . 1. . 1 -
out mainly , ' a &chiration of - 'his in , -
•-, • -i . .
ntion id '' .e naturalized, :and iii-,1
nds tolbe 1 atnraliZed at -least OSP',
mouth' befo-i the tiext general ele'c-
on, theiiu He df ,such person shan't
e added tO he list, and the'•name of"
uch person; :hall be' Marked; " - .T. N. ''
Vliere the e aiin is: to tote by reason'''
f •beinrgkif t' e age"itf-TWenty : one and
'nder c toyet i: )7-two as'; t provided by..
1 iw, theliVor "age " shall' he ;inter
d, and-if tt. . petson hits moved into,
e.4,•lectiOl. istrief Itd _reside since
e' last' 4 , en .ral eledinn, the letter
lt" shin e plac'ed.!,ofippsite the
time. I s all be the I; farther duty
of each ag.ise r .sor; as .aforesaid; uppn
labe.cottii.oleti on of :Elie dutka herein
mposed to o ake out . a - separate list
f all net ! a4:essipents made!' by 'him:
,n the. li - ts ' ping kolupletedand the
sea - sments; made as aforesaid, the
'me shall f - rthWitir be returned, to,
e 'county , 4 ommissioners.
Src. •.'2 !Ili , countyecninnisioners
all itiunedt telY 'add the names on
e list . Of 13( w asseasinentoi to the
- ix duplicut ' pf tie 'ward, ;borough,
wiiship lon district in which they
have bee.nlaiLesscid, and causedupli,
c,ite )l copo O ; thelother list4;;lVith the
ohservatio sd anti' 'explanations ie
inired to ' e noted ' as ;'aforesaid, to
0 Made o l t las FOon as practicable;
and Iplaeecl ii \ the; 'hap' da . -of 1 the as
'elssor, viti i hall ;prier to the tirSt
Monday o gut in each year .put
Jiie copy the eof b r a the docir Of ,or
Lai the hous where the election of
he respediv'. district, is refit - tired fo
.be held, and; etain-thei other in his . '
pOss l esS i odfo' the, inspection. free of
.;_lharge_of ano, P rson ;resident in the
aid leleetionl,diStrict who shall desire ,
of see the 3tinae; and Wsliall bP the
hit.', of , the'said l aSitessor to add from
line to time 'lin 'the PerSonal 'applied.-
fen of any, oo e Clamping the right to
vOte, , thkpaii e Ofstich 'clainiant, and
'narkoppesito the name " C.. 1 ,, V," and
tinniediately ' ssi,ssbirii, noting, as in
411 the -of ler cases,. his occupation, 1
eSidencec. .w; ietlk .a'l hoarder . or
ciis l ekeeil , r,, f a Warder, with whom
he' bOardS, an' Whether naturalized
Ord simaiir 1 o I. ' rnarkiner. in all
1 • - 0 1 0 1 ! -1 , ,
see oppn,)t. llie4i name the jettOrs
14'," ''.l).-I 1 " r "I. Ni" 1; as the 'case
lay bA; if Hi- pet+on claiming to be
, t • 1 . _ . ,• 1 ..
asse !Bed th nt turalized t he Et 4311 e.x.-
it 1 •!!
• 'ibit, to t'h a sessor his t certificate of
tinturrilizat on and; if he claims that
he; designs toy be natriralized, before
t , , • 1
be next e sai l ing election he sball - ei- -
hiihitl die e rti 'cat'dlof 'his declaration
f l ineutiOn if suciil;PreVions declara
idn s reOir d bi '!the ,lawst of ' the
t li
f E,litA State.s. It Shall!be the_,duty
the. said as' cElsOri to' he prPaeat at
' ie election b rise of the said slee
t districts 1 urin4„ the' fwo'Secultir
dayslneatl pre oedinnt thO:day fixed by
the third section'Ofllii& 'act for re-.
•I , 1
he ii -
tpoIng t is tel..hei 'country cow-,
plissionerS fr tuten a., in.',tit three
plni'.. of each!, f said days • for , the'
pip-pose ()title ring and ;acting up Pa
aplications t• lie 'bade
: under the.
p ovisionn of' t is L seetiorworielating .
tO - names tpo said lists, or that are .
sought to_ 64. plaPed '-, thereon,: or,
stinek the efrom,land it shall be his
(l i nty to cd rec said lists by adding
thereto th 'xia Ai eS of Persons, entitled'
tO vote, ntltil eadyj thereon, and by
si'riking there rom ;fictitious _names,
or : names I I p rsdna why may , have
4:ed or remOv d from Said district.,
a ki d the: s l lidll -, tq l shall be opens for
i 'spection by • ny cinalified elector of ,
tie' comity o ward `in which the
, . ..
e ection distilt is situated as well
as by the persanclaiM,ing to lie reg.
L i tered, audl hel court of chinmon
p eas of the p oiler c'l.unty,' 4 or any,
11 w judge; the eof, at chambers, on
the applidatTon of any qualified elec
tOr of the l lwa l ril or ,onnty undo' r oath
st l ittini , forth la breach Of any lof the
. d ~.. 1 .1
dirt es- im,posec, oil said assessor
tths: a ct, V. 4 hich oath may. be made at
a#y timeef l ore tfi day, of election,
skull'call' he asses. or ii j ud the cora-
plainant 1 wfore it dr hate by 4 tation
or rule to sho 4use, aml shall hear
the partici am disposel of - the sub
j4tl in aii Ina ary :nianoer4...s to law
add justi e h 11 below , - 'and . shall if
nked be o der, he assessor to correct
the' regi.trY , ac l eordinkly, and the
said cifur l or 1114613:may knforee such
order , by, ate.' chaient eel in poceecl
frias for c l ntempt. I- - - I
SEC.- 3.! After the assessments hive
li en completedOn thesisty-first day
before ti l e T r reldit tieit follOviing
the:first Mo day of 'November in
each-Sea 'the; siiessor shall, on the,
fi llOwin day, niake a return to the
c unty e mini sioners of the names
.: all pot s . SeSsed bi him since
t o retur relnlred t ; :be, made by .
' . .trim' by 1 e . 'first 'section of thiS act,
n3ting o phsite each !name the ob-
Servations rind 6 -Planations required
to_ be noted is aforesaid, aid the
COunty c' innaissioners shall-tbereup
eiacause the ap'e td be added to
the retu n i'eq;utred US , the fist 'sec-
tr of t jell act, ,land 4 ? full and cor
: 1 tit f I b ' ' a
ret cop eepto i El Ina e con
taining t manes off all persona so
11 .1 ... „ ~ ~
r ,turnea as resotlnt ,a.xtibles in said
'O3 ec,tion distrit, and - :furn4h the
s hie - , 'tegetherwith the necessary
l e t i etinn bliuks,, CO the - olicerii of' th:
election! iril l suct eleotiot district oi
'dt l :trvi s cri3 eimErn, 1 o*kok: . -on die morn
I,li+ ,I • '
4 lug of the'election, 'and no man halt
be permitted to vote .pt the electioii
on thatilat whose 'name, is not On
said unless he shall make proof
of his right! to vote as hereinafter rot
quire& II • I, 1,. I.
SEC, 4. 'on the petition of .rive,or,
more citizens of ant election distri4
setting forth that the appointmenti,
of. overseers is a 'reasonable preFatril
tion to seettre the purity andfairnessl
of the ele tion in ", said district,
shall be' t 'e ditty iof the court. of!
/ 4
common p eas of the proper
alKihe lawl ljudges iif the said chu m
to act lit the Hine concurring, to;
appoint tWo judicious, sober 'and
intelligent! citizens 'Of the said : l l disU,
trict, belonging to different political
pa r ties, overseers .1 :of ' election ,I , ' to
supervise the proceedings of 'election!
officers thereof, and. to make , report
of.thesame as they may be re'h'ired;
by finch court. Said overseers Abal
be person' l qualified to serve ttpb
election hoards and -shall.: Ikav
the right . Ito -be ,preserit With I'th
officers jof such !election durincl
the wheld time the Fame is -held I
i• :
the rotes &inted, ;and the ret..trn
made l ont',and signed by the electio
officers, to ikeep it list, of voters if the I ,
see properi ) to_ challenge ant pe , -soi
offering,tolvote _and interogatq hi 1
and his witnesses under oath in re
, , .
gard to hi. right of 'suffrage 'at saic ,
election arid. to examine his 'gape ;
produeed, 1 4 e:nd the officers okSai(
election arei requiredlo afford tai
' overseers Eio selected and appointed I
every convenience'and facility forth '
discharge 'of their duties, and if mai 1
election officers shall refuse to .per
reit sind overseers to be present an
operform their duties as'aforesaid,sh
fficer or Officers shall be guilty,oi.f u'
misdemeaand;or, an on convic ion i
thereof, shall be find. $l,OOO ,Or ira
prisoninent not exceeding one year,
or both in 'the discretion of theic"hrt
or if - the overseers: shall he I 'drive
away from the /polls by violenck,l of q
intithiclati9oll, all! the voles polled iu 1
Ruch electi ziditric:t ratty be rejegtet.
fy tlaeiproer tribnifil trying ','a eon r..
test under said election or a ;dart' of
; 1
portistia of such votes efores'aid Oayil
be - effOnteil as ; such tribunal may I
deem neceSsary to al just and }pro' e I, •
dlspenitiot of the cue.' L;
SEC. , 5. 'fit all=t 3 elictions i , herea lei-', -
held;iinder 4 the ;laws:of thiS coinni n••'i,
wealth thq polls shall be/ opene a li
r'c a 'rift.; end clo'ed ef l l
I l seven o
;I,el .'o'clock, • I c- i
oelt p. m. , ll
Sc. 6.
i i I all election dis rictsi '
where i n, secancy exists by.',ret}sori ; of 1 ,
the disqualification of the; offieeil or
otherwise fri lan election board Lhere- i,
) otherwise
appoieted, or where , any
. ew 1.
istrict bhall be,forrhed, the jeldg 1 or i ,
'iolges l of the - court pf cemMoril,pleas
f the proper '•onntry shall, teifa daysti ,
efor.e any Ig l f eral or special election.ll _
, ppoint corn =tent: "'persons ItO 51;11
aid, vacancies and; to conthlet tliiil
lection inisaid nee/`districts, 4nd'iii il
h e flKOin ' tlii6it of `inspectorsin nny ill
election distiict, both 'shall' null be off/
;he sable ipOlitica! ;party, r arid reel
judge of elections shall; in all , cades ii
lf . e of the pplitical ptirty ; having the it
majority o votes ins said distrietlaS l'i
early lis the said judge ofplilkes 11
in ascert:Un the fa4t, and in Lase of, 1 3
he tlisagreenient efilthe judged as to I:t i
the selectionlof insp'ectors, the yob: . 11
tics) niajor,ltv of the
. juJgei shall i i i
select que io i ? such i•inspector- i anti ;!
the minority judge' i or judge."' shall iil ,--
Select tile ether. '! '1 I '
• 1 1
Sr_.•i Thenever there shall bt-it -11
, 4
vae, in lan, electin board on tie
•1 1 •
fpereing of au election, said vS'ailev r
,hill be filled - in. !Porifonulty 1 with 11
•`. 1 • ~,
i t I S l6 E t t2 iii . blf. B. l 7, l :the up4 ; 111.111 , 0 .. f . • t l ire I : plc is 1 1
i t nil (21 1 ;;;ctipiis, it sljall be the 1111. .3 , [1
f the judges of election for th it !,1
r2speetilve di:ltricts tb desipnrite. 1 opi, ;i
f the irispeztors, whose duty LiSliall 11,
e, to have•in enstoav the re , ri bra: of 1 1 1
1 1, , , . e - . P
voters and to le a x :e the entrie , -; t erun I',
r quire(' byl lii•w il and, it shall he the i ; ',-
i.' uty of ;the:other of; said inspect'rs 1;1
t receive and number the ballots p e; r'i .
s nted et said electiOn. ' ' , , J,_
SEc. 0 411 - electiens by the citi- r!'
ns shall lie be ballot. Everyil bal. r,,.
t voted shall be nembered, in- the 11
, i
'o der in which it slitill,be received, '[.
tind the nuinber recorded ' hy, , the pi,
clerks of tit list of ',voters ,opposite. p
the nanie o the elector froib !vhorn
I •
Teceived, apd any;voting tyFor;,, -. r ti
morediets, the several tickets so
voted shall each. .be iiiiimbered) with - 1
the nuMber; corresponding with the '.,•
niumberl to the name of the ',oteir. v:
I ny electori may write his namellipin li;
li t ' ri s
t t t i e c n kt l rt th l ren c n ause an t d he n - t s te am stad e t il o by lite a r 1
citizen of the , distriiit. In addition
itl) the oethpow prescribed by law to '1
be taket an'd subscribed by electionl
'facers, they shall severally be-Siivoin
r affirmed not to disclose how / laey
, lector hall have voted unles s 're-- j
qUired to do so as' witnessewitnesses ). tril a i
judical roceeding. all judges, in-
iipectors, clerks and overseersOf
any electioh held ;tinder 'thin 1
hall, hefote entering upon their
duties, he duly sworn'•or affirmed in
the presence of each other. The •;,'
judge shall be swornlay the minority '..
' spectOr •if
,there Isbell' be such
inority inspector,l andl
'in •Caie
- here be no minority:.linSpector,l then ir s :. ,
nyd the
a justice of the peace eace nv o o r is a e l o d;rm a a i r d , . y
slerks shall be sworn by the judge..;;,
CertiflOates of such a earing'or lair- l',
' ing shall Ibel duly 'made ~.out and
iguod by the 'officer so s'worril and ;',
ttested by the- otlicer who 'adnainiki- l' , .
ered the oath. -If any judge . ' di. I_,
ii i
inority inspector refuses br fails 1 ;'
o swear the; officers of . election' in
he manner r e q uired-ky this act, dr.l :
if any loffie,er; of election shall' act ;-; •
1 •
•IV ithout being first duly- sworn, 1 or if
any officer of elections shall sign the
'orm of oath witlioilt _being, i ••dul,
worn,!or if ;any judge 0 -miniority
inspector shall certtfythat any 4fficer 1,
kwas sworn v'then be was not; it,s l hall 1 .
e a 1 dtemed misdenfetintir, and.` i tipet i n 1
ouviction the:officer; or! officers So I
offending shell be fined not exceeding „I';
I SI,OOO or iMprisoned noC'exceediiig 1
1 • ,
one year, or lboth in the discretiOn of 1
the court. , 1
SEi,' 10./' On the 'day of election ' 1
, . ,
any person whose; name. Shall 1
not - appeaz on t the registry . Of -.1 ,
voters and who churns the right toll
vote at. at. said election, Sha!l proiltice 1
a i
least cane qualified voter of thO diS
trict as amitness to the residence,o I
the cleimentlin the dist - riot in which he 1
claims to bell a.voter ler „the period Of,'l
of at Hleaat two Months immediatelf,
proceeding laid election, which wit 1
tress shall be sworn or affirm
ed, an I
subscribe a ,kvritten, or partl*Writte
and partly printed affidavi 'to thl
facts atatedilsy him, 'i whichi aftidOi
shall define l clearly wherelth . a, vrt .reep
deuce is of the person so OW '
be a voter, and the perion' l so -Clai
ing the right to Vote, shall also, talri ,
and subscribe a" written,, for. ;Fail ,
written ane..,partly-printedi• afEdal,
s tatin g to o the best of his knowleet s.
. 1 and belie f when and
.where hels
born; - than he has been a cititerit i 1
the UnitedlStates for d
I one . montli lir
of the commonwealth , of Pinney; it
nirt.' that his has resided tn. Mr; ellt-
I - 1 I : ' 5 I - 1 i