Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, November 27, 1873, Image 1

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Tai - lrovorot.o lisrosmss Is published every
Thum:by Ittirniug by S. W. atxono at Taro Dollars
per attiaox. In asisannat i
cit.. 2‘,1 , /otttsittg Pr all eases exclusive of subtle:HP
the, to the paper.' • . • ,
. :
St'CIIIAL .......4)CICE.,S inserted at so-rasa es:lmmo
;tae (or Prte: insert:on, and Firs ex:inner line lot
sobs...pest 10.ert10n5....• • 1
Lta." - 1.1....N0.%1 WES. same style ati reading inattir,
vwsitcrx coy:: 4 line. 1 - 1 . ,
ADVEUTI9E'IiMTS-will t , ..... i usertel accordingite
lie following tablS of rates: ; : i , 2 :
ty (.'ZIL TTra 4 SID' I lir.
F./X.O I, 3.r
i.OO I 'omit 2t9-,
2.60 I
I 2.54 0.00 13:94
11-nti j q.:74 35,1) i.
.011/ml. , 'll.otl j 30.40 I 454
• j ! 21:A411.30.11i. I 40.410 54.1X1 f 75.0.1
,;1111:11: it. trig ti 41.1 1 ,1 ii(10 I $1(,
Adnatnistrxtcr's and Executor's Nonce', SI; Andi
t 37'8 Nothn.g, $I r.O ; ilustuess Cards, fire llnFa, ±pee
ye ,r) SS. 41-Minna! 11nr.,- tl ra.711. •
ictrly adierti sets areentltiNlta nnartzrly changes.'
Trin ent aAvertisements mnetbs paid for in anima&
All ltesoMona of Aettnelations Conatanntottions.
.0 , a' tei individual interest, and option of Mar- ,
t andl Deaths, exceeding fivelinea, are charged
ref =NTS ; per line.
ThellErturrmt baying a isr,zer circulation than all
.th • papers in the county combined, makes it the best
alvertising medium in 'Northern Petinsylvaiallt.
3012 PRINITNO of every kind, to Plain and Fancy
zolore. done with neatness and •lispittch. , Handbills.
Blinks. Canis. Pamphlets. nillheads. S'ettetnents, ky.
of •ecere vartcty Ont
. .dyle. printed at tba shortest
tultiee. The REInuTIMIL Ware la 111413 inipplied mat
Power' Presses, ago od assortment 'of new type. and
- everything in the Printing line can be executed tp
be most artistic manner and at the lowest ratei.
TPll‘ll 4 figvATHAPT.I7 ,
t • DFAIER., No. Salli South Water fatted, Cht
cago. plinols. Re2l Estate purchased and sold.
vestments inadeand Money Loaned.
'May •
• E
• MON.IIO , ON. pA., papa particular attention to
rolling Bungle , Wanting. Rleigha, Tire art and
repairing done .n thort'notico. Work and charge('
guaranteed sail • • ry. 12.115,69. • r
ltos• , ', ENITYPACItER, Hgi
LA_ Seen es : ta.lished himself in the TAILORING
'MINTS— Sop over Rdek - well's Store. Work of
rrry deseriptl.n done in the latest styles.
Towanda, Ap 1 1. 1870.—tf
C. S
=s3 - 23'70—t,t
AfORGAN"& 00. DEAL- ' '
Etat. Peres - E.—Lots froth $lOO npj
al Estate Agents. Land bought'and.
• loaned. Parties desiring to sell.`
•• s.-or Lots, can have a map of
vision made at this Agency,
.11 reasonable commission. Office'
ItiVrcur's Block. Towanda. Pa.
[Dec.S":2l wst. ti. tinrciax.
I. H..
crards. Also
Sold and =one'
Wild Lands, F
lands or snbd
property sold . 1
over Postoffiee,
L. L. 11001)T.
te: •
• :•••••.,
4 - .2: .
2 z
*. C.` -
• _
•/" •
F - + .
I'r ~'
LBISILDE:11. wishes to inform tne
rutin and vicinity. that be will give
1 . 1111 to draixing destine awl
er all manner of private
_rinten•lence given for rcagoniible
Office at residence N. E....cori?er of
IJ. E.
Box 1111. Towanda. Pa.
T riE ErN
citizens of
rart:cular attars I
p•cifirationp fed
I 1 , 0 public. fin
Second and Eli
:ler Cl 11.1111 ar.-IStata Strcets.:
[ 2. TOW I.',NDA.:I!.k.
w o w ow '
•0 ~ , ~, t.
oils, -AND BLEsms
I are to furnlsli Eilw4lriod Doors,
I . nd 8110. is of at y gty!o; Fi ze; or thleltrrs.s. on short
,fisna i corer or.lers tev daWs before Tort
, :zni to nsc the yliclos, anti he sztre that yon .mll
that •11.r.ot'41irink or swell. Terms cash
in ( - 1:413. - cry.
Tc,stan 13. J7ll 13. . - GEO.;-1 ,
p . RINK, Ft7,lis:. kb., 1.1
rDr wilien tbnii..7,ll.Pst cast: pric. - . , ii pa1..1 at all t• lies.
t.)Cflec in M. r...'s stir.,
Main%st.e. ..
. . .
J. 7. 1 , A.rrn...: i n0v.14.'70 TOWANDA:, I ...• .
MO:CtOE',7o:kl, PA
• in Groceries and Provisions, Drugs
Serossne, Oil. Lamps, Chimneys,
litnffs, Ixaints, Oils, Varnish, Yatikee'tio
:l,Ls:lobacc,o, Cli;:tr e and Snnff. Pure Wines and
piors. of the best quality, for medicinal . prirposes
Jr„,r; All Goods sqld at the very lowest prices. Pre.
4,sr:s ton , ' carefully compounded at all Lours of the,
ly Give us a .
5i100,..0r to 11.I!'arPs pros
H R E, S ER.
- `.l - •;;di;; swre,
s=ll as ether IzooclA in hie line
1-trittla7turiza:.: done to order.
_lt , Talr.f,i2lan I ';
),',l.Anztl , ;' - t•2 : 3:1A71.
• uu.l-rstrar-,1 I,.ga leave to return thanks to
T. ~ple of Towanda and vicinity for the very
patronage eat , •nded to him daring the
- , agon, and at the same tim' to give notice that
he has added to hie blvirn.,ss a r.t...14 - . of
7 ,,p are
• V. ~ 1
?le 'shit e:intihue the Basing hußidema in all
t" ,, rni31.1 ani - thing in this line
;••1 the shortest wilier, and
He hay ' aIKo fitted np a
be rea,ly to l urtideh Meals
1..z1rie1.:0n.,4 at math Visit uzuil.
and ottitTs visiting, town. aro turited to
.. •
. ,
t'ii- 1'4111 ,, -rip;,,'.', , il-xth Ict , Creaui,CAca, Fruit,
.I . ' i..:.• , •linii,,r)- at short notice.'
1 , ......-...,t,,,.: the 1.15, - ,45, Clearly oppo.stte the Means
attentian is epee:ally tn
..... I fa •t .zhat the National Banta ars. now
rr. ,•tre t t v ri:e - iive gln. Acriptiwas to the Capital
toe Centennial - Board of Finance. The
f this geouree are to be-employed
)3 of the buildings for the International
:rid the expenee'a eonnfvted with the
it :0 .• eveirth it the Keystone
tag the man,. of every
, - patriotic comma noration of the one
:. Ir, ita birth-flay of the nation. Tne ' , hares of
are - iiffered for $ 0 each. and subscribers will
.‘"•' a tn-14,ritaty eteet engraved C.rtiticate of
•31t4 1 .3 , , framing and przservation as a
til nitro-nal, • .
at the rate sla par cent per annum mill
0 all paytiaiints of Centennial Stoat: from
• ~ : lan:iary 1, I'l7tl. ) • - -
wh.) arc not near a Natianal Bank order to the itn.lor.,
_,r• act,.
FiIL:DR.FRALF.Y, "tr , ..asurer.
9'l4.Wattrit SL. Phira
A. - R 1) . W E!
The new firm of
14'..0N AND' NAILS'
• e'r of ktuds, at lower prices
cit 1, fhan any establishment in
et•Yar4Y. •
blAckemitlie and Wagon llakere
, we want to eee you: I
tql $7, .7!,
3.1.10 11.1..10 141.00 $
Cotromemos- Tcrwands, P.
L 3 sure AT WI% Oface—a7ruet Of Math d
fine Streets, opposite Porter's Drug Store.!
141 R. T. B. JOHNSON; P31(1w; 1 2,-n
tatuecisee. Office ova Dr. U. 0. Darter,' tk
CICW/I Drug Store.
FG. MORROW, PaTinciar Alm
. Btrnosott. offerable professional ai3rviceS to
the' citizens of Warred and vicinity:' Residence
firsl house north of J.: P. Cooper's Sitot*. Warren
Centre, Pa., . . < ap11812..17
TR. C. M. STANLBY,!' D7T,.
successor to 'Dr. Weston. ' Mc's; in Pattoil's
Block, op stairs; Main Street, Towanda. Ps. MI
klucta of plate work a stioctslty. • Jai:L.14573
and Burgeon, Mice over Wickham'
Crockery 'More.
l'owands. May 1,1872.44 '•
STREETFjt,. • -
• ' - •
' 4 13:63.36;'72. ,
Fwsis Ax-Le W,
Talc-led'. P. giie Pro
attention to all matters entrusted to tbetr char
Orphans' Court business* snecia_lty.
W. VOLE . 4ma3r2V131 . x. •
A.RTLETT & ; TRACI', TN§:u7tAs'c - r.'
third door south of First' National
.Boor. Towanda. Pa.
'O. D. 84.1t.17-ETT. IDDtj2ll3l', • w, G. TEACT.
J 1... IL • AND 001=13=0.1} AT LAIIGTOIrarIda, ra• PAO
ectaar attention paid to baldness In the Orphan"
Coml. ' Pal/ 2 9. ' 6 d• i
HW. PATRICK, • Al•rini l
• LAN. Mee, Bfercur'p Block, pest
the Etpreme Office, Toari:nla, Pa. : -.
Ju1y17,1873. • '
Main Street. Towanda; Pa. Office with Ocirtop
11%twee. opposite Court Rouse t May 1
W H. CARge CHAN 111011-
• IrgY • AT LAW liturnaery fo r I Brill.
for< ecluiltY) , TM , Pa. cal:We'll:it Iliac% elnd prompt.
ty remitted. . 1reb15,',0,--g
B KELLY. Drsprisi,:-:—Qffiee
• ornr, 'Wickham & III•Cles. Tcrwanda.
Teeth inserted on Gold, Silver, Rabberoind
nhirn base. Teeth extracted without pain.l 0c23,12
i Eiii
', AtyornF AT-Lea;Towanda;Pa. ." : i , "1. 1 I
u. J. NADThir . . .. T. ie. cat. 1 1 ,4 1 1
alrei. in Wood'e Block, 'Aral dooi smith of . rivet
' ' National Bank, up stairs. • : Jan R.73-Ig. F
'Me* ATjAW,•TOIMIIdb, haVtlg entered
;into copartnerShip, offer their profeasiolaal serrteps
:to the public. Special attention given to hnsinaano
in the Orphan's and Register's Comte. ap114'"(0
ovahrox. 7n.
%lain ree opposite bourtHoise, TOcran
• PERINTESIV:ST;TowaiIds, Pa. :;003ce witb
13.. M. PecX, 'second door below the Ward House.
`Will he at the office the last Saturday of each nitorith
and at all .other times when prot.called acray of bt4i
'6o.s connected with the SuperitendencyL dil tetterp
•orild hereafter be addressed ae above. dec.l;7o I
Ofice on Main :.street. fortneelf,oceupled
Ladd. Reaidayiee, corncr:Pine and Second Seri'
Towanda, Juno 22.
LA's, Towanda. ilradford Co., Pa.
GENEr.AL nis'quANcr. 11.GM.M.
rtut icuhr r.ttention pSid to Collections and Orp
Court business:. Office '--liererte's,lSearloCk,
tide Public Square- apt. I,
Ipo. GRIDIJEY, c :.
1 '
1 April 1, 1173. ' ' i' Towanda,
ate of the College of ‘4 , hygiciatis and'Stnigdein;,l
tiew York city, Class 1i43-4, gives etchtsire attOntjo
to thotiractice of hilt profeßeiori. Once and reside
on the - eastern elope of Orr:ell EMI. 'adjoining 7:4•1
tioNveti. An 11,1' I
TIR. D. D. SNIITH., Dentist,
pnrchased G. H; Wood's ptoperty, be
Itercnr's Block and the Elwell llonse, where
located his office. Teeth extracted; without p
,use of pas: Towanda, Oct-20,18:0.
11011 ACE A. COWL:.:4
111111 MM
TorAimE‘ xxxiy.l
Oct.-21.'1 0
: Of is J. W. LYMAN, !
PTCYCI,tll:.&tito St 15E0S
I DIN_I - NG ROOMS - • ,
- , Near the Court notise.
- We aro.prepared to feed. the hungry at all times bf
,fluk - day and evening.--Oysters and Ice-Cream In
tli , dr steams. ,1
. garob 39;1870. .
D. W. SCOTT & k , o.
_..,_4 PA. 1 • . 1
iaving leased tile Hamm; is now ready to acre 4J
date the tra7elling ptiblie. No paine nor aspen will
be, spared to give satisfaction to those who may &a
:Wm a call. ,
,arg-North aide of the public aline. east of, Mer
cuir'm new block. : 1 ,
xt, Tr"; `
.S .
Etßvin2 y....n•'d afti'd tbii;r 4 onghly refitted tb old
and well-known stand, formerly kept by aherlfrGrif
tin, at the mouth of ;Rutamerfteld Creek, IP 'mat , SO
giFe good accommodations and xatiefactory treatment
to, all who 'may. favor him - with a call.
Dec.-23. RGP—tf. ,
cou.. Iran( AIM immix HTIIYEr
, .
- lie Horses, Harness: &T.' of all guests of this
13605 t, insured against loss b Fin, without way ee l ,
tr 4 charge..:
,A. superior quality ot Old 'F. : glish Hass Ale iu'ei.
reetiesl,-? . - . E.. JORDAN,' ~
7t• - owaTuf.4,lan. 21.'71. - . • Pri". prietor.
. :.
- •
, •
. i
•,- , , „
• This pobnlar 'house, recently' leased. tip 31
Soon. Iltalca, and baring-been completely re
:remodeled, and refuinished, affords' to the !
all the ehmforta and modern ehmOnionees of
class EthteL Situate opposite the Park. on
Street, it is eminently convenient- for poison. ,
-it* Towanda, either for pleasure or business.
!sep6'7l , • BOO'S A MEANS, Proprie
. •
W. V. BROWN - me, . .r_ - isiiniani
;.This Hottso le conducted in strictly 'limp ,
Principles. Every eSort will be midi to
.foests comfortable. Golsl rooms and the tab
always be - supplied with the hest the mart , '
'fords. :-.., ' liov.l. '
l‘q) . l4D, •MORA.tI4N SUN .Il
r 'al 1170,
Rich in historical interest: it is tho only buildi.g in
'the conntry except Independence how:P i ed
the egonrn within its walls of -Vt'sishington, LitFay
lett.e. Lee. Gates and other patriots of the rerom
,tiCn. This popular lintel hair , recently changed
' , ban Is. been improred.tleutirelf refurnished, and
'th'p proprietor cordially mitesa 'Ws friend, and tras ,
I cling public to giCe. :him a calll;no pains wit' be
sl.arcd •to render :their star ccUtrifortaule. Peopla
en route for Philadelphia will findit convenient to
'spend the night he rob reaching the city abontleight
iu:the morning. A samPleroona on first floor 10-
'ccommodation of conimercialsgente. -
ept 4. 1873- 4 • • Proprietor •'
ILtOINLAY, forSge :by
R. M; 'WELT, S ,
Towiticm, • •
()dice No. 3 Mercur'p Block, ourlh Fide of oust
Mouse square. • .
Ilachl t nes, Morse Powers and Timashers,
Wheel Rakes, Plaster Sowers, Grain Seeders; BAy
Tedder'. lloyersible and Steel Plows, Coltirstoe",
FlilllHorso Hoes, Clime Huller" and Fuming MU
LASS Atossai A, WWI= DB►WSI4. SCRS *COG ! 1 :,
satyr caras row= IS SO vozi.n,vosar
strstaxas you luso oaltreting. ao.,
Catalogues arid desceptl4. Illastrited printed:
t alma furnished_ or =UM free to all appliesute.
It will cost but three cents tO , send Pr clrrsini
postage , 1 •
taramas viten in Tama% a 1 wad KO xO,l
ipill22 72.
- [R. IL WELOS7 I .
, .1* " 4 "- • - .
i -• • - —...._,- i ,s*,.l • . •
, • , r ,r : i , 7. ,.. 411 4
FA 1!• 0 • : : 11; ,.
1 :: - ' 'l, I
1 . • ::,.. 1 I i 1 ,-'
~ r.'
I - ''''
• 1 ''
1 I
1 • , : i .f i t ',
I' `, ' . •••.. 1 \..... - -
. , •
• ,
GEO I II. . WOOD &,130.
I '
1 - TOWANDA. PA: ' •
Grateful for the generous patronage of thtl
put ye*. would inform all wanting Picture
that Nene stiltadding to our establhdarnt 1
1 .
. ,
1 An d 0:4 4112 a tiled and approved Amodes of
printir l !and retouching in order to secure 1
made of of ;the cities, and that we make
it a specialty to enlarge all kinds of Pictures to
'any size desired, and finish in Water Colors;
India 10; or In Oil, in the
I .
We Ciao endeavor to take all the time posst.i,
ble in making childrens pictures, so as to se-1
cure the best results.
We are constantly adding to our stock of !
All new patterns i ,and tasteful s ' fyles, and fur.! ,
nigh them at a groan advance from cost prices.
May 14, ISM 1 •
'A L T
00Z 6
B. k A..FETTES & CO'S.
A—the sipn of the big Bonnet, oppeetto the Court
Rouge, Towtfule. coueiatUag of
anoivx 1 42vi1) BLEACHED .31USLIES
A ran line ter
&c., &c.
A large and oorarilMe-stoel: of
For the Scaa4n, comprising all of the most desirablip
stlles in
October 1, 1813,
Calla attenti4 to his largo stock of -
s 9. 1
Orders In perion,or b 5 mairpromptly attended to
Towsrais, 1S
W 12-J FOR
crc Pp
e hays
11 by
The indermeutioned advantages over tnuss in °Mt.,
nary use, the proof of which may be' seen in the
extraordinary sales, and constantly increasing do.'
wand for th4na:
-- Ist. That froze the, peculiar constriction of the,
glasses theraseist and preserve the sight, render- ,
leg frequenti changes unnecessary: "e • '
24. That they confers brilliancy and tllethactnesi,
of vision, with an amount of sue and comfort not,
hitherto enjoyed by spe.ctaclo wearers,
3d. That the material from which the Lenses are
ground. is manufactured specially for optic
is ptic purpos
es, and pure, hard, and brilliant, and• not liable
to become stjra'cbed.
4th. That the frame In which they are set, whette.,
er in Gold. Sliver, or Steel, are of the finest quality
and finish anii guaranteed perfect in every respect
For sale only by our outhorized agent In this local
ity. We raver supply or employ peddlers.
i •
- We offtif DRESS D LUMBER at
the following rates:': 1 I
Hemlock : FloOring, (chliiiej.i--,1 .. $lB per 4.1
White Pine 1 " 4 ' .'
24- .., 1
Pitch " 1 . )
u , 28 ~ 1
Siding I "r" .:.•!.. $l5 to 25 " ;
Pickets from r.t to Itper hundred. • I
i' l ' ' I
PLA.Nnkt,,SILT4.34ING, RE.I3A.WINCI, 4:c.,,
. 1 .
Done at a mo i ment'a notice• and by the beat machin.:
erg now made. We have on hand
' , i . 'l3 have in the Mill Pond
gall I
et tyrr
. •.
And t i re constantly Mannfaettirlng.
iir Partied who can reach us, are foolish to go,
near the rad e lad for Lumber. es. under 11111y . circam•
stances we n ' SELL IT oHEAPER—at least the
cost of tranerriortation From hereto the rshroada—
say $2 to $3 Rcr thousand.
i ! IL B. P,I. GRAIL
•dzine 26; .71. l
C ' Ali COAL!
i -
k•or thirty days the Solara::: Anthracite CO3)
-• 1
Plz . my will sell • - -.-4. - kt . ' r., 1
YR E .9.;11 MIN ED, &OA L,
Direct from dm Minn. iwy the car load. delivered OM
any of the al In Towanda, as follows:
.Grate and Ch atnnt, ' $3 50 pa grou ton-
Egg 3 60 ./ I, 11111 ;
Stove' , 3go 41. !le ea
\ 1 I,
Tho nt4lcislgneil , purc4ased tho
, • •
Ssliich he Is now prepared io
-1 •
. , .
'''. I. ' , .
1 Sole Agent, •
MI orders linnet bescro npanled with the money.l
and the eller nand be unloaded within twenty-four'
hours after then! "ninth -
C 31. HAIQDEHHtI3i i
it 2. ^l3. ' Piealdent.
A GE,SITS QUICK! Or you will.'
amiss choice of territory, (n/orals a aro for, it),
en WO LY,wis's lad and great work. ,
,I I •
' -
• 1
It La by odds the most taking and saleable Joolt •
the .Id. 1. It is on a vitally important suldect7
2. It is by AuMrica's moat popular writer on health.
3. It is, for the price, the largest and hiuidsomes4
'book ever sold by subscription. Agents, the peop
are eager for each a book. and will urge you to brie :
lt to them. W,rite for terms. hc,, free.
- •
• 'pEOBOZ AIAGLE63. Patdlsheit
11 12. 1111 ., 1 7 1 I 531hUlttp OtralkPlai
i \-,711,,, ....
4 ~
~_,,,t 2 ,
f-- --" , : i . " ,- ,..6;. :
i i . '''' t
t -
',... . . . - I
7.F. .
• I ! .
i . -
, 4
i . . .
Published by order of the Secretary
of the Commonwealth, in mum
, ante of the 4th section of an Act of
the General Assembly, en! tied
"An act to .provide for calling a
Conventions, to amend the Consti
tution," apProved the 11th day r of
April, A. D.,,1872. '
We, the •people of the Commonly - ea th of
Permsylc unn, grateful to Almighty God ter the
blessings of civil and religious hberty.and hum
ble tuyokiug His guidance,.do ordain and es
tablish this Constitution.
o=tainaTios cio Innatii.',
• That the - general; great end essential pr i inel
pleal of liberty and free' government may be
recognized and unalterably established, we de
clare that—
-0 Stenftet 1. All men are horn,eimally free and
independent, and have certain inherent and ire ,
defeasible rights, among which are those of
eniciying. and defending lite and liberty,-of Re
quiring, possessing and protecting .property
and reputation, and of pureu rig their own hap
pinees. • , ''
ditoic. 2. All power is- haler nt in the veldt , .
andeell free governments are founded on their
authority and instito.ed for their peace, saline
and happiness. For the advancement of these
endajthey have at all. limes zn inalienable and
Indefeasible right oi her, reform or abolish
their,government in e - ‘le manner as they may
think', proper. •
See. 3. All men have a natural and indefeas
ible right to worship Almigh - :v God according
the dictates of their pwu consciences; no ban
can cif right be compelled to attend, erect or
P . tipticir . t, any place ef worship, or to maintain
any tatinistry against ;his consent ;' no human
antlecirity no s ier:in:4 ease whatever, centred or
interfere With the rights of c mscience, and tie
preference Shall ever be given by law to any; te
ligiotte est ablialiments, or modes or ikeridsip.
Sec; 4: Niaperson who acknowledges the to.-1
ing Ora God and a feturo state of rewards anti
punishments shall. on rteerinut of his religions '
seritiMenet, be diermalified -to hold any office
or plain of trust or profit under thin Comeion
SO; 5. Eleetiens stall be free and equal ; n
no pewer, civil or military, shall at any how
interfere to prevent the free, exerc ise of the
right of suffsago. -.
, .
tal:C. 6. Trial by jury shall be as heretofore,
and the right thereoi remain inviolate. ,
esae.i 7. The twitting press Shall be free,. to
every person who may undertake to exam:li
the jeroceetling= of the legistatiire or. any
branch of government, and no law shall ever be
Made 'to restrain the right thereof. The free
cons uttinication of thoughts and opinions is one
of this , invaluable rights of man, andtivery citi
zen Oily freely speak, write and print on any
isubj.iet, being responsible for the abuse of that
liberty. No conviction shall he bad in any
pfoseqution fer She publication of papers re•
latinel to the-official conduct or officers or Men
in public capacity. or,tes any other matter prim
er for public investigation or information where
the foa_ that such pubhcation was not inlet
ciouslyor negligently made shall be established
to tl*satisfacsiou of the jnry ; and in all lie
dictate-lots for libels the jury shall have the
right to determine the law and tits facts, under
the direction of the court; as in other cases.,
SEC: ,8 The people eliall_be secure in their per
soh, ll'ollSes,' pipers, and ptissessious, from un
reesetiable searches and seizures, and no War
rant to search :thy place or to seize any person
or things, shalt issue without describing them
as Oarly as may be, nor without , probable
ersußui supported be oath or - atlirrnation, Sub
.scribed to by the affulant. . . •
Sad. 9. In ail criminalproSeemions, the ae
;cutted; bath a right to bo heard by himself and
his counsel, to demand the nature and cause of
the accusation against him, to meet" the witnes
ses Nice to face, to havescompithiory process-for
obtaiping witnesses in his favor, and in praise
entities by indictment or information, a, speedy•
public trial by au impartial juiryof the vicinage;
he eatinot•be compelled to give evidence against
himself, nor can fie - be deprived of his life, lib
erty,* property, unless by the judgment on
his peers or the hoe of the land. '
Sec, 10. No person shall for any indictable
offense be proceeded against (linnet:lly, by in s
formation, except in cases arising in the land
or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual
service, iu time of war or public danger, or by
leave,!of the court, for oppression or misdo
urea* in office, No person shill for the same
offense be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;
_nor shalt private property be-taken or implied
to public use without authority of law, and
without just compensation being first madO or
Sete 11. All courts shall be open ; and every
man.for en injury done him in his lands, goods,
-persep, or reputation, shalt ,are remedy by
due course of law, and right and justice admin
tittered without sale, denial, or delay. Spits
maybe brought against the Commonwealth, in
eu es ase e nee , in such courts, and in such eases
as the Legislature may by law direct.
Srl 12: No power of Suapending laws shall
be ei rcised unless by the Legislature or by ifs
tils.4 13. Excessive bail shall not be required,
nor eacessive Hues imposed, nor cruel punish
ments inflicted. .
See. 14. All prisoners shall be bailible by
enflie ent sureties, nnlesi for capita! °flosses,
when, the profit is evident or preaumption great;
and o privilege of the writ of habeas corpus
shallot be Suspended, unless when in case of
rebeon or invasion the public safety may re
quire' it.
SFr. 13. No commission of oyer and tenni
or jib' delivery, shall be fissued.
, Sett 16: The Person of a debtor, where therce
la notiatrong presumption of fraud, shall not be
conch tied in prison after delivering up his es
tate! or the benefit of his creditors, 'in such
mann r as shill be prescribed by law.
See.' 17. No ex POsT FACTO law, nor any law
impairing - the obligation of contracts, or mak
ing irrevocable any grant of special privileges
or Mtnnities, shall be passed.
Sic 18. No person shall be attainted of trea
son b felony by the Legislature.
Seca 19. No attainder shall work corruption
of bleed, nor, except during the, life of the of
lender, forfeiture of estate to the Conamon
wealiti ; the estate of such persons as shall de
stroy their own lives shall descend.or vest as in
cases cit natural death, audit any person snail
be killed by casualty, there shalt be no f °feature
by =aeon thereof. ~.-
Sec.! 20. •Thecititens have a right in a peace
able Manner to. assemble together for their
conimen goad,,and apply to those invested
with the powers of government for redress of
grieva ices or other prOper purposes, by peti
tem; address or remonstrance.
Sac. Pd. The right of citizens to bear arms in
defensiihf themselves and the State shall not
be Onstioned. . s„
• Sac. 22. No standing army shall,' in time of
peace, be kept up Without the - consent of the
Legisl tare, and the military shall, in ql cases.
and at!all times, be in strict subordination to
theca sipower. •
SO. 23., No soldier shall in Limo of peaCe•be'
c l ear i red in any house without the consent of
the:owner, nor in time of war but in a manner
topic rescribed bf law.: ..
She. 24. The Legislature shall not grant any
title o , nobility or hereditary distinction,, nor
create Woyotlice the appointenent of which shall
be for a longer term than during good behav
Sac. 23. Emigration (rum the State shall not
be prohibited.
SEC. .6. To guard against transgressions of
the, high passers Which we have delegated, we
declare that everything in• this article is ex
.eipted opt of the general powers of govern
ment, and shall forever remain inviolate. •
Towanda, Pa:
SserioN 1. The legislative power of this Com
monwealth bhall be vreted in a 'General Assem
bly', which shall coredst of Senate and a House
of Representives.
Sac. 2. Members of the General Assetribli
'shall be chosen at the general election every
second year. Their tom of service shall begin
on the first day of D,cember next after _their
election. Whenever a vacancy shill occur in
either House, the presiding officer thereof Shall
issee a writ of election to fill such vacancy
for;tbe remainder of the term.
SEC. 3. Senators shall be elected for the term
of four years and Representatives for the term
ortwo years.
SEC. 4. The General Assembly shall meet
at twelve.o'clock noon, on the first Tuesday of
January , every second year. and, at • other
times when convened by the Governor, but
shall hold no adjourned annual session after
the year one thousand eight bundred,and
seVeuty.eight. ' In case of a vacancy cin the
office of United States Senator from this Com
menwealth, in a recess between sessions, the
Governor shall convene the two houses by pro.
claination on notice not exceeding sixty days to
fill the same.
SEC. 5. Senators shall be at least twenty-five
years of age, and Representatives twenty-one
years of age. They shall have been citizens
and inhabitants of the State four years, and
udiabita-ts of their respective districts one
pent' next before their election (unless absent
Ono public bttllzins di the 17nit6a Shin er
, i t'
=amass ow munprau:nom 4aom 40,:insr4.
of this State,) and shall reside In their respect
ive districts during their terms of service ;
Sac: 6. No Senator or Representative' shell,
during the time formhich he shall have been
elected, be appointed to anpciril office sunder
this Commonwealth, and no member of Cen
pees or other persist' holding , any -,office (ex
cept of itttorney-atlaw or in theemditia) under
the United States or trite Common Wealth shall
be a member of either house during his cons
tinnance in office. i •
. Sac. 7. No poron hereafter convicted of
embezzlement of public motleys, bribery,
perjury or other n
taint= i crime, shall be
eligible to the dental Assembly. or capable of
holding any office Of trust or profit in tins Com
monwealth. • I
Sac. 8. The memhera or thegeneral Assembly
shall receive such salary and Mileage for re
enter and special sessioffa lie shall be flied by'
law, and no Olsen compensation whatever,
whether for service upon committee or other
wise. No member of either house shall; during
the term for which , bq may have been elected,
receive any increitse or salary, orilcage,
under any law passed during !inch to . ,
ru ll
Sac. 9. The ;Senate shall,: at the be inning
and close of osch regular Seasictb, and at such
other times as may e ,necessary , elect one of
its members presiddnt pro tertmore, who shall
perform the duties of the Linnteriant Governor,
in any case of abeienee or disability of, that
racer; and whenever the said office of Lieuten
ant Governor shall [be vacant, The House of,
Hopresuntatit es shall elect one of its members
as Speaker. Each house shall choose its other
officers, and shalt fridge of ;the election and
qualifications of its Melabore. , ' \,,
Stec. 10. A majority of each House shall con
stitute it quorum, but a smaller number' may
adjourn [rota day hi day, and compel the at-i
teudance of absent Members.
dec„ll. Each house shall, hive power to
determine the roles of its
,•proceeclinb and
punish its members ; or bther.psrsons foecon
tempt or disorderlY 'behavior in its presence,
to enforce obedioneo to its process,to protect
i members againit violence,: or offers of pri
to solicitation, and with thb concurrence of
tw thirds, to expek U. member, but not a second
time for the same gauge, and, shall have all
other powers necessary for the legislatbro of a
free State. A humbler expelled for corruption
shall not thereafter be, eligible , to either house;
and punishment for contempt or disorderly
behaviour shall pot par an indictment for the
same offense. 1 , ,-
lice. 12, Each ho l nse shall , keep a journal
of its proceedings soil from Woo to time pub
h.4ll the same. except such parts as require
secrecy, and the y can and nags of the mem
bers on any queetion.shall, at the desire of any
two of them. Ito entered on the journal. •
Sac 13.. Tito scssiens of each house and of
committees of the whole shall be open, riffles*
when the business is ibrich as Ought to be kept
secret. , -
di a. 11. Neither lionso shall, without the
conseut of the other, adjourn for wore than
three days: nor to ally other Place than that
in which the two hou4es shall lio sating.
Sic. 15. The members' of the General. As
sembly shall in all eases, exPept treason, felony,
violation of their oath of office, and breach or
sorely or the - peace, he privileged from arrest
during their attendance at the sessions of thtsr
respective houses, and in going to and return
ing from the eame ; aloe for ant( speech or;-del
hate in either house, they sl4l not be ques
tioned in ant other pace. . .
1 dco. 16. The SlatN shall he divided into fifty
Senatorial districts o compact and contignous
reirritory, as nearly e nal in population al may
be, and each district ,sliall be entitled to elect
one Senator. Each County ccintaining one or
more ratlo4 of prpolation Isbell ho entitled to
one Senator for each r atio ‘ anti to an additional
senator for a Pnrp us population exceeding
three-fifths of a ratio, but no comity shah ftirua ,
i separate diAlict utiles+ it shall contain four ,
fifths of a ratio', except where tab cadjoining
conoth s aro each ent tied to one or more Sena
tort, when such county may be assigned a Sea
-1 star on less than fin -fifths, and exceednigpne
waif of I" ratio. 111.1 d xi. county shall he divided
oificss entitled to tw or more Senators.: No
city or county shall 1' : entitled to separate (ep
ic:A ntation exceedin_ otn -Eatli of the whole
-vutober of Senators 10 %Yard. borcougli v or
?windup shall be divided in the formation a a
tlhstrict. The'S6uat4vial ratio; shall , be aseer
faired by dividing the whole ',Opal:Mon or 'the,
State by the number WV.. 1,
Stc. , l7. TIM int rebels - 11l th'e Home of flep
resentativea shall let" apportioned among!the ,
several counties, on 4 ratio obtained by ditid-
mg the'poptdation otl the State as ascertained
by the most recent United States eenSlis by ttro.
hundred. Every connty cout4ining less than
flee ratios shall hat . one, representative! for
every-tell ratio, and ati .additional represents
tive when the anrplu.l exceeds half wrath . ; ;.but
each county shall Italie at least;otioltCpreschita
tive. Every county ontaining five ratios-or
mote sball have one representative fcr eery,
roll ratio. Every citit containing a population
equal to a ratio shall ielect separately its' pro:
portion of the represpritativesiallotted to ;the,
county in which it is lodated. )7.very qity. enti
tled to More than foil. representatives, .and ey
ery chanty bating over one hundred thousand
• inhabitant s, shall by l divided „into. diStricts of
compact and contigwitis territory, each district
to elect its proportidn :of representatives: ac
cording to its,pqmll4cm, but rlci district shall
elect more than tour representatives. '
• Sec. 0., The Genel . al AsseMbly at its first
session alter the adofition of this constitution,
and. immediately afre each tinted States:llc
cennial census, shall ipporlion the State into
Senatorial aid Reprel
cntative districts. agreea
bly to the provisions of the tiva next precOing
- 1 . .
. •
svc-rms 1. No law ell ll be i) - descl;t by
bill, and no bill shall - e so sltered-or atrit'aidol
on its passage thro el either house as ,to
change its original mit- ose.
Sec. 2. No bill shall be considered unless re
ferred to a committed, returned therefikim, l and
printed for the use ere menihers. ,
SEC. 3P -No bill; e cept geperal ,iipproPria
tion hills, shall be passed, containing more than
one E.UNUCC, which shall be cicarly expressedin
its title. 1 ' I
Ste. 4. Every bill ilirell be fbad at length on
three di rivet days in each lithise ; al amend ,
met Its r, ole thereto ‘'hall be printed . for- the
use..if i , h members &Mere the final vote ta-
tien l l the bill, and ii,obill shall beenine a law
md 'Ss - on its final pas Sage the:vote bo label] by
v s and nays, the names of the persons veting
;4 and against the dame lie' entered OM the
journil. and 'a, majority of the Mt:tubas elected
to each house be recorded thereon as voting in
its favicr. 1 '
Sec. 5. No amendment to bills by one house
hall lie concurred in by the other. l excePt bv a
into of a majority of the Members eleted
tin rete taken by yeas and nays, and the Manes
..of Cm's° voting for and against recorded upon
thejournal, thereof ;,and reports of committees
of conference shall lie either house,
only by the,vote of k inajoritY: of the members
elected thereto, tali° by yeas and nays; and
Hie naines,of those v ding recorded upon the
journal. 111 i
Sec. 6. No law sh l ll be 'revived, amended,
or the provisaous ther of extended or conferred
'by reference to its itle only, 'but - so ranch
thereof as is revivad,,i - amended, extended, or
conferred, bhall be re4enacted l- andpublistied at
length. ' 1 . , .
Sac 7. The General Assembly shall not, pass
any local or special 'sky ; 1 1' .
Authorizing the c4atfori, extension or im
pairing of liens ; I ! •
, . 1
Regnlating the afTairs of , counties, eines,
toWnsinps, wards, boroughs, or school-districts;
Changing the names of nergeris or places; .'
Changing the venue ' in civil pr criminal cases.
Authorizing the laying, out,,opening, altering,
or maintaining roads, t highways, streets, hr al-
leas • '
Relating-to ferries (1r bridgesi, or incorporat
ing ferry or bridge ceimptnies; except for the
erection of bridges crossing stream it %laic!) fohn
bOundaries between this and any other State;,
Vacating roads, town plats,; streets or allow;
' Enlisting to cemeteries, graveyards or public
grounds not of the Stit•e ;
Authorizing the adoption !Ir legitimating of
children ; • . j
Locating or changing conety seats, erecting
new comities. or' changing connty.lineri ; •
Incorporating cities, towns, or •villagcs, or
changing tb.eir ;charters;
For the opening and conducting of election:,
or fixing or changing the plate of voting
Granting divorces f 4, ,
Erecting new•townships or .boronglis,"chang
ing toivuship lines, bbrough limits, or school
distrttis; • .
Creating - offices, or. prescribing the powers
.and duties of otlicerS in. ecinnues, Mhos, bo
roughs, townships, election or school districts
Changing the law of disszeut or succession •
. . .
Regniantig the pra.itice orl jurisdiction . ol, or
changing the roles of levidence in any judicial ,
proceeding or inquiryl beforercoarts, aldermen.
justices of the peace, i sheriffs, commissioners,
arbitrators, auditors,', masters in chancery; or
other tribunals, or providing,or changing meth
odsl for the collection f debts, or the enforcing
of judgments, or pres ribing We effect of judi
cial sales of real estat ; • i'.
Regulating the fees or extending the powkrs
and duties of alderm n justices of the peace;
magistrates, or constables ; , ; •
Regulating the management of public schools
the building or repairing of school hi.luads, and
the raising of money (or such purposes; ! '
Ruing the rate or interest ; ~
Aff,ecting the estates o minors or persons
I ,
under disability, eta. t after due notice; to all
parties in interest, Ito e recited in the spceiAl
enactment; . •
Remitting fines, penalties and forfefftires,. or
refunding moneys legally pai'd into the Trott-
Exempting property froui taxation; "
Regulating labor, trade, mining, or manufac
Creating corporatimas, or amending, renew
ing, or extending thedcharters thereof; •
Granting to any corporation, association, or
individual any special or exclusive privilege or
immunity, or to any corporation, association, or
individual the right Ito lay dowu a railroad
track. Nor shall the General Assembly indl.
redly matt, Mt ;1%411 dt kW licir )4r On
, . .
I '
; -
partial repeal of a general law Ant laws repeal
ing local or Special acts may be visaed. Mir.
shall any law be passed grantlngpowera or pit
vilegee in any, case whets the granting of such
powers and privileges shall have been provided
for toy general law, nor whore the courts here
jurisdietion to grant the same or give the re
lief asked for. 1
Sec. & No local or special bill shall he pass
erenniess notice of the intention to apply.theref.
far shall have been pahliahed in the locality
where the matter or the thing to bo ,affected '
May be situated, which notice at least
thirty days prior to the introduction-into test
General Asaembly of such bill, and In the man;
nor to ho provided by law; the evidence of sue
notice having been published, shall be exhibit 4,
ed in the General Assembly before such act
shall be passed. • , ' ' ' .
Sze. 9. The presiding officer of each, house
ehallein the preset:ice Of the house over which,
be presides, sign all bills and joint resolutions
pasaed by the General Assernbly e alter , their
titles have been.publiely read immediately' be
fore signing, and the tact of signing shall bo
enteted on the journal.:, .
Bac. 10.. Tile General, Assembly shall pro
scribe by law the number, duties and compen
sation of . the officers and employes of each
- house, and no payment shall be made from the
State Treasury; or bo in any-way authorized to
any person, except to an acting officer or ern- •
ploye elected or apubintettin pursuance of law.
SEC, 11:: No bill shall bh passed giving auy
extra compensation to, any public
,ofilear, ser
vant, employe. agent Or contractor, after servi
ces shall have been rendered or contract made,
nor providing for the payment of any elate.; -
against the Common wealth, without previous
authority of law. 'i .
Ste. 12. All stationery'. _print ing, paler, and
fuel need in the legislative and other depart
ments of government, shall be fiirnislied , and
the print ing. , binding, and; distributing lof the
laws, journals. department reports, and all oth
er printing aril binding, and the - repairing and
larnisileg tit hails and rooms used lor , the
meetings of de (leheral Assembly and its Com
mittees shalitbe performed - under contract, to
be given to the lowest responsible bidder, , be--
low such maximum price and hinder such rem
'Mates as shall be prescribed by law; no mem
ber or officer of any department of the govern
reent.sliall be in any way interested in, such
entracte, and all such coutractsathall be sub
ct to the approval of. the Governor, Auditor-
Getteral and State Treasurer: ,
Sac. 13. - No law shall extend the term of any
public officer, or increase or - diminish his salary
or emoluments after his election 'to r eppoint
m . eld. t ,
SEC. IL All bills for raising revenue shall or
igifiate in the Muse of Representatives, but
the Senate may propf amendments as in
. bills.'
. Zee. 15; The general approprla
embrace nothing but appropriati
cheery, expenses of the exectitiv
and judicial departments of the Co
interest on the public debt, an
schools; all other apprepriatititia 6
by separate bills, each embracibg
jeer: •
' SEC. JO. 'No mracy shall! be pith]
Treatlary except upon a.ppropriati
law and on werrant drawn by the i
in pursuance thereof.
Sec. 17. NO appropti ,lion shall: ha made to
any charitable or educational institution not
,under the ebsolute control of the Common-
Wealth, other than normal schools established
by law for the professional training of teachers
for the public schools of thaState, except by a
vote of two-tbirda fe all the members yielded to
each !loose. ' I .
Sec. 18. No appropriate:ma exeritt for pen
sions or gratuities for military services shall be
made ler charitable, educational or benevolent
purposes, to any person or community,nor to
any denominational. or sectarian i nstitution,
corporation or association. l•
See. 19. The General Assembly may make
appropriations of money to institutions wherein
the widows of soldiers are supporteffor assisted e:
or the orphans of soldiers are wait tained and
educated; but such appropriation shall bono
plied exclusively to thy support of Rich widows
and orphans.
sac 20 1 The General Asaehibly shall not del
egate to ny special commission, private corpo-
ration or association, any power to make, su
pervise or interfere wile any municipal im
prevetnent, money, property or effects. whether
heed in trust or otherwise, or to levy taxes or
perform any municipal function whatever.
Sac: 21. No act of the General Assembly shall
limit the amount to be recovered, for injuries -
reStiltiog in' death, or for injuries-to persons or
property, and in ease of death from such inju•
ries, the right of action shall survive, and the
General Assembly shall Prescribe for whop
benefit such actions shall be prosecuted; no ait.
shall prescribe any limitatioria of time within
which scats May be brought omainst 'corpora
tions for injuries to persons or property, or lot
other causes different from those fixed - by gen
eral laws regulating aciiona against natural
persons, and such acts now - iliiistiiig are avoid
ed., i
SEC. 22. No aet.of the thin crsl Assembly shall •
authorize the investment (direst funds by ex•
ccutore, adruildstrators. rnardians, or other
trustees, in the bonds or stock of any private
corporation,. and such act; note existing are
avoided, saving investments lieratoforo made. .
- - Sae% 23. The pea c•r to cliasige the venue in
civil and criminal cases, shall be vested in tie
Courts, to be exeriased in such - manner:air shall
be provided by law. , .
bac. 24.. No obligatiOn or liability of any rail.'
read or other corporation, holder owned Ix •
the Commonwealth, shall ever be exchanged.
transferred, remitted, postponed; or in any We%
diinirsished by . the General Assembly, nor sbait
such liability or obligation be released, except
by-pay mut thereat into the State Treasaray.
See. 25: When the General Assembly shall b.
conii•ned in special session, (bete shall be no
legislation upon subjects other than those des
iguitled in the proclamation of the' Govei not,
calling such session. . ' ' ."'
SEC. 26. Every order. - resolution, or tote, t,'
'which the concurtence of both houses may bi
necessary (rxcept•ou the que:stion of adjourn
ment) shall bo presented to the .Governor, am ..
before it shall talieUffect be approved by Line.'
or being disapproved, Wall be xipassed by two
' thirds of both houses, according to the rules
and limitations preset ibed in - ease of a bill.
SEC. 27. lio State office shalt be'continued m
created for the inspection or measuring of any
merchandise. manufacture Or eomindclity, but
auiy county or Manteipahty :nifty appoint' suet,
officers when authormed by law.
'Sax. 25. No law Changing • the locution.
of the capital of the State shall. be veilu
until the same shall have been submitted t.
the (loathed electors of the Commonwealth, at
a gendratelection, and ratified and approved
I by- them. .
Sac. 29. A member of tke General Assembli
who shall solicit, demand, or receive, orconseie.
to naive, directly or indirectly, for' himself et .
for another, from any company, corporation -
or person, anymoney,'office, appointment, out
ployment, testimonial, reward, thing of calm
or enjoyment, or of personal advantage aai
promise thereof, for his vote or official 'influ
ence, Or for withholding the same, or with at.
understanding, expressed of implied, that hi
vote or of fiction shall be in any way infra
encedethereby, or who shall steleit or dement ,
any suclOneuey or other advantage. matter, or
thing aforesaid for another,_ as the considera
tion of his vote or officiat influence, or for with,
bending the same, or shall give or withhold Ito.
vote or influence in consideration of the pay
ment or promise of nenoney, advantage.
matter, QC thing to aubther, hall be held gait
ty of bri be ry witain the mea ning of this Cousti
tntion, and shall incur the disabilities provided
thereby for field offense, and such additional
punishment as is or shall be provided by law.
See. 30. Any person who shall, directly of in
direttly, offer, give, or promise any money, of
thing of value, testiniomale privilege, or, per
sonal advantage, to any e xecutive or judicial
officer or member of the General Assembly, to
influence him in the performance of any of his
public or o ffi cial duties, -shall be guilty of bri
bery, and be punished Menet' manner as shalt
be provided by law. . f , . • .
SEC. 31. Tate offense of corrupt solicitation
of members of the General Assembly, or of
public officers of the Stale, or of anyralunicipar
division thereof,, and any„occupatiou or , prac
tice of solicitatiornof arldikimenibera or officers,
to influence their official fiction, shall' be Cello
ed by law, and shall be punished. by line and
imprisonment. .
Sac. 32. Any persoit may be compelled to tes
tily in any lawful investigation oii iudicial pro
ceeding, agaiesteny person who may ho eharga
ed with having caramitted the offense of bribe
ry or'eorrupt aolibitation, or practices of solici
tation, and shall hot be permitted to withhold
his testimony. upon the' - ground that it I:nay
criminate iiiinliell or subject him to public in
fan* 4,i-t7.7 , -T-L. ..ii te, , tiinciuy. shall not-afterwards
be' least against hint in any jUlliClalproceeding,
exeunt for perjury in giving Huai ,testienony.
and any person convicted of either , Of the of
reuses aforesaid, shall, as part of the frunian
meta therefor, be disqualified from holding any
office or position of honor, 'trust, Or' profit in
this Commonwealth. -, i' i
Sec. 33. A member who has a 'personal or
private interest hi any measure or hill' propos
.ed or pending before • the General Assembly
shall disclose the tact to the liousecif whirl Ise
is a member. and shall not vote' thereon.
. • . AktlcLE IV. 1
•• SECTION I.' The Executive Department, of
this Commonwealth shall consist c a Governor,
Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the Com
mouwealtb, Attorney General, Auditor General,
State Treasurer, Secretary tit Internal Affairs,
and a Superintendent of Priblio Instruction.. •
' SEC. 2. The snpreese executive power shall
be vested in the Oovenior; who shall take care
that the laws beaaithfully executed; he shall be
chosen on the day of. the general election by
the (141i - fled electoriaof the Commonwealth, at
the places'Where they shall tote for Repreimat
ittices. The returns of every election for Goys
enter shall be sealed up and transmitted to the ,
seat Of go'vernment directed to the President of
the Senate, who shall open anOublish therein
the presence of the members:Of both houses of
the General Assembly. The Dusan having the
bretsit nnutlifir of fetal 441 It Gomm; but
4 '
e 1 . ,
. 1
if two or more he equal and highest in voted!,
jl2O of tbeM shall be chosen Governor by th ee
oint . vote of the members of both ' honseem .
c'entested elections shall be determined by, a
oonstnittor;.tO be selected•from both lonises ; of
the Gereral Assembly, and formed lied . regu
lated in such manner as shall be direetediby
leer. , - • - 1 : . I
tet3ec. 3. The Governor shall bold leis office es
ring dour years from the third Tuesday of J
Mirp nextensning his electiou, and shall not be
c.digible to the office for the' next eineceed eg
term. • , „
...., !-, I 1
•ttlle. .1. A Lieutenant!Governoryhall bee °-
On at the same time, in the same
lbei same term. and subject to the same -
visions as the Governor ;.hii shall be ipiesid . nt
1 0
Of - the Senate. but shall have .no • vote nnl as
they be equally divided. I - j'. II '
I See. 5. hie , persou shall be eligible' , to the
°Mee or flovernor or Lieuten,int Got+einor ex
cept a citizen of the United States; who abo,ll
brave attained the ago or thirty years, Afiddis'ete
bpoti seven years next preceding his election. in
inhabitant of the State, unless ho, shall harts
been abilent on the public business of the Unit•
ed. Slates or of this State. ;m . I•-" -- I
•lSee. 51 No member of - Congress or person
bidding Any office under the United Slates Or
this Stith', shill exercise the office of Governor
ot Lieutenant Governor: -• •; I
'. 113r.c. 7. The Governor shall be commander-i ii=
chief of the army and navy; of the Connione
health, and of the Militia, - except when they
shall be called into The actual ,aervieli of the
Ebited States. • '• • ; •
litho. 8. flolhall nominate; and by end with
the advice and consent or Vvcethirde of all the-
Members of the Senate. appoint a Secretary of
the Commonwealth and an ; ;Attorney !Generel
'daring pleasure, a Superintendent of Paidie lea.
stfrnetioz. for four yearel e and such other ollieere.,
01th° Commonwealth a-. be is sir may lei - line
thorized by the constitution or. : by la •to up;
peint; he ;hall have power to fill all v cantle
flint may happen in offices ta r Which heMay ap t .
print daring the recess of the Senate by "grant..
tug cominissions which shall, expire at ; the end
ofitheir nexteessiorie he shillhiive l i power to
fill any vacancy that, may -happen c uring the
rebesa of the, Senate; in 01.3;011m:e.-Of lAuditoe
General, State Treasurer, Secretary itif irdernal
Agairs,f,Or SuOrintendent of Poblie Instruc,
ban, in a judieiel 'office, or in any otherlelective
office which he is or may be authorized to fill;
If the vacaneY shall batmen during ;the sear
skin of the,llenate, the Goveitor than nominate
tolihe Senate, before -their final adjoeteiMent;
a proper person to fill amid vacancy. k
but in any such case ofeleariey, in en iefeetieg
ofluce. a person shall be chosen . to said effice at
th next, general election, unless the sacaticy
eh I happen within three ealendar Months
, iminectiedely proceeding such' eieefion, inwhich
cake the election, for said office shall be held
at tiro second sneer:oiling general electicie. - -•
n acting on Executive etioutinatioate, . the
•Se tate shall sit with open doors, and] in con
fug or' rejecting the noiniuseions'esee, th.,
G elruor, the vote shall be taken; by yeas and
na - ii', and shall be entered on, the journal, ' •
elec. 0: He shall have power to' remit fines
aunt forfeitures, to grant :repeieves, con:entre
tionot sentence and pardons, except •in cases
of enpeachnient, but no pardon Isbell •Lti grant
ed our sentence commuted.! except Upon the
re cottiendatiou iu writing of 'the Lieutenant
GO; - Otter, Secretary of the Cemmonweidth. At.,
torhey ;General and Secretary of Internal A.f.e
elite, or any three of them, after full hearing;
epee due public notice and ; ;in open sesaion, ,
mu , such recommendation. With the reasons
b refer at - length, Abell-did ei corded and filed
e be. office of the Secretary sit the •Cemmon.
we th. . 1 I. I
rl, i.e. rc r l a o t , h ll o e olE m e t e re ic, c r tu t i h re o i E nf x o e r c n n ie ti t v io e nl i) in ep wir ar iL.
us t, upon any sti 'Ject relating to the duties
if heir respective lacer. • ]
. te e. 11, He shal ,from•tinoe to time, ' give to
h General Assembly information of the state
if he Conareonwealth,•and recommend to their
in siderarion such i l naeaseres as be' may judge
to. 12. Ile may, on extraordinary ocasions,
;ol eerie the General Assembly, 'and in case of
,greement betstecn ' the two houses, with
ve act to the time . of adjournment, adjourn
th na to such tinle as he shall think 'proper.
io exceeding four months . He shall ban.
re er to convene the Senate,'. in vatraOrdioary
..e4ion: by. proclamation for the transaction tit
executive business. ; ,' - , I , ,
'.4Ec. 13. In case of the death, conviction or
dukcachntent,. failure to qualify, resignation, or
, dl4er disability of the Governor, the 'Towers,
•futies, and emoluments of the office ]tor : tip:
eniaeinder and
the terre,, or: until the disabiht ,
ie. t•emove,,t, shell elot : olvenpon the Lidutenant
_I - . ' . II I -,
ore. is. In case of a vacancy in the whoa of Lien:,
tenant Governor, or ' When the -Lieutenant Dover:
nor? shall hi impeached by the Rouse of Itepresen.
tntiree. or 'shall be unable to exercise the ]duties
Pfeil -enice. the powers, duties, and emolumen t
thereof for the remainder of the term, or until tl
alsibility be removed, shall derriere upon the Pres
'biota rno TEttrOnE of the Senate; and the presideut .
proltempore of the Senate shall ,in like mariner be,J,
one Governor if a vacancy or disability shall mail
in the office of Governor; his seat as Senator eh*
beep= vacant whenever he &hall become Csovcrnor
.T 14,02111 e filled by election as
- any other rearm;l _
in the Bents.
:sic. ie. i.sery bill which shall have passed both
aortae* shall be presented to the Governer ; if in
T*ove, be shall sign it; bet If he shall not el,.
prole, he shall return it with his .objectioxis to lb.
Ie in which it shall haveariginated,Pleah home
shall enter the objections at large upon th eir jour
e,, and proceed to reconsider it. If, after] euchre
enuSideration, two-thirds - Grail the members electee .
to lbat house shall agreetopass;the bill; it . hall be
yen 'with the objectiona to the other h lise, by
whirl), likewise. it shallbe reconsidered, and if al
pre eel by two-thirds of all the inerabersclected te
that house, It shall be a law; but In such cases...tb.,
votes of, oth houses shall be determined] by feed
and nays, and the names of the - Members vpttng fox
snd asst the bill shall be entered on the journals
of club house respectively. If any lull ail not be '
r.turued by the Governor within ten days; after it
-hall have been presented to him, th e snmelshall be
lair In like manner as if he bad signed it, unless
thei General Assembly. by their isd ararnent t, , pre
vent its rattan, in which case it; shall be a w, tin',
"est; Le shall file the same, lith , leis objet cos, tt , •
the °nice of the Secretary
~,tit I the Crsonad wealth,.
t give notice thereof Dy p
,bite proclarnall n with.
to el,trry days after such adjournment. [ 1
.Ste. N. TbeGovernor shall have power o cheat ,
.prole of any item or items of any bill m bet ale
propriations of ; money, embaseing thetln • t. Nernst
.id; the pelt or parts of thebill approved I hall be
the law, and the item or items of approprftion dia.
Appkoced shall he void, unless
_repassed sicordinp .
to tho rules and limitatims prescribed for . he pas.
sage of other bills over the executive veto.l' . .!
Sex. l'f., The Chief Justice of 'the Suprema Court
•hail preside upon the trial of any contented elm'
tiori of Governor or Liettenatit lloveinor, and elan
decide questions regarding the Admissibility of evi.
Attie, and shall, upon 'request, f the committee, I
pronounce his opinion ripen carer questions of law
involved in the trial. The Governor and Lieutenant,
esoliernor shall exercise the duties of their reapers.
tivi4 offices until their successors shall be duly
qnslithd. 1 - I • L
Siced3. 'The Secretary of the Commenwealtb•
shap keep a_resord of Weenie* acts and proceed. -
inga of the Governor, and when required] lay' thm'
.acime, with all papery, minutes and yowlers:n.4
ming thereto; before either branch of thei Genera),
sseetibly, and perform such other deltas as may be
enjelreed open him by law, 1 L '• I . I
Sin. 19. The Secretary of Internal Affairs :shall
exercise all the powers end perform all the duties of
,the purveyor General. subject to such changes as
.hall be made by jaw. Ills department shall cm.;
rinse a bureau of industrial statistics, andlbe shall
discharge such duties - relating to corporatior.s. AO ;
'he bharitahle institutions, the agricultursi. mane .]
(*.Arming, mining, mineral, timber: and,other ma.,
mitt or,briathess interests of the State as; may be;
sereictibed by' law.l Reshall annually. and at such]
other -timesas may be required bylaw, make re.]
port to the elleneraeAssembly. 1 i I'• I i
Elr.C. re. The 'Superintendent Of - Public !Instruoi
do sh all exercise•all the poweri and perferin all;
the duties Of the . Superintendent of Ootemori l
flab le, subject tO, - Sncin:chsttgel , SS shall lye made ,
by . - ' ' i • ' .•' L.
Sic. 21. The tereikof the Searetai7 of i.nterreall
Affairs shell be fourisears; of. the 'Auditor llenerate
three years, and of the State Treasurer two years.;
Three officers shall -tie chosen by; the qualified .elece
trivia the State at general eleetions: ' aim person!
clec to the, office of Auditor General fir State'
Treasurer shall be capable of holding the same of.:
flee Jot two Consecutiveterms. e • - I !
• sic. 22. The present Great Seal. of Pennsylvania'
•shall be r tha - Seal of the State. l• _ 1
' Ali cereinitsioni shall be in the name . and by are;
thoeity•of the Commonwealth of]Pentisylvards, arul;
be sealed with the State seal and signed by trie r
aovOltor. • 1 ' 1 , -•
i I
1 - I ,
SexteS I. Tile jedicial power 01 this caramelize,
wee t
h shall be vetted in th e S :ei
upremo Ciewt,n]
con t o of common pleas, courts ad oyer and tench: ,
ner mtgeneratjaltdelivery, courts . if quarter lege
ego s of• the peace. orphans' courts, magistrates
con ts. and in inch other courts as the ,illeneral;
As. mbiy may from time to time, establish.
, S c. 2, The Supreme Court shall consist of seven
induce, who shall be elected by the (penned elec
ot the State at large. They shalt hold their cf.!
ficea for the term of twenty-one yeari, if !they so
long behave themselves well. but shall not be again)
chgcble. The judge whose commission shall and;
expire shall be chief justice, and 'thereafter .eachl
judiM whose commission' shall drat expireishall inr
tuititechici justice. • e.I- 0 ! I i
13 c. 3. The jurisdiction of the Supreme • Court ]
shat extend over the State. and ti t t -Mllges] th ereof]
shah, by virtue or their o ffi ces, justices Of oyee
and terroiner and general jail delieery in the sever
al at:pities; they:stiall have original jurisdietlonin
case of injunction. and wherein corporation ii al
party defendant, of habeas corpus, of asaisneares to
•- coof inferior jurisdiction; 1 and of Qeclo wow
I-lia. aas to all offic-.ers of the Cerrinionwealth whose;
ju diction extends over the State.' but shall not
axe 'Beatty other original jurisdiction; they shall
hev appellate jurisdiction by Sppeale i ce.wrionem
or writ of error la all eases, as Ist now of -Mae here.
af,ter• be provided by law.: 1
Sae. 4..ratil otherwise directed by hew. the
-eon aof common picas shall continuo as at present;
es iished, except as herein chang es ; net more;
' the four counties shall e 'at any time, bedlam:hided in,
one judicial distilct organized fur sald courts. l I
l y
co eh n a s t- tute con s tl eparata forty
' adrUnaiat;SiddsuWi.oliNt-nlYkrilltUlaihberl'utbit"dgleerneatAgesa:lalinutenititureAlectitsquH°uhclijoillsitudgei
business of the sold
eta may require. tenntiescontotaina a point
Iln leaithanlo sufficient to r.ortiditute reparat
riots shalt be formed into convenient slug's d
pir or. if necessary. may-be attacbcd to con
tens districts, as -the General Assembly may
friliet. The (Moe of assoelote4ndge, not learned
ihe law, fa abolished lii eonniAs lomln !Valli
pittre'lll rat We SiffMal SWIM !Foto
'ion bill shall
n's fnr the or
, legislative,
1 .for public
iati be. made
of one sub-
! out of the
ions made by
roper officer.
in t
~.. ~ j
. .
l e ,
i V>
It i
.. '
I. ~
0 .
I , ' ..-1
person authorized to l 1' baths, and Di the
case of State oineers and dges of the elop i qui
Evart. shall
be flied in the ce of the /k
eret of
the ComMonwealth. and U 3 the Meet otherjo c
-103 and county officers, in 0 onieeof they°n
otary of the Minty in V il e the same is en :
any person refusing to said oath • or a m
thou shall forfeit his omee and any person who
shall be convicted of having orn or affirmed -
Iy, or of having violated said oath or afflrMaaton, ,
shall bo guilty of pettily. and be forever dl all ;
fled from holding any 011ie of trust or profit ith-e
t srl
in this Commonwealth. A. I .
The oath to the members ftheteenate mut f use
of Representatives shall be adMinistercti by ohe Of l
the ledges of thejblpreme , art or of a Cowl of
CommottVeaklearned in , law, In the hall of
the how tO which at° nie ,• • ra shall be dialed.
' •
i lit IrallAGE atm ON& '
Szczioll 1. Every male citizen twenty-ono yews
Of age, pdasessing the folld qualifications Ahab -
bs entitled to vote at all alone: - I
_ Ist. Be shall have been citizett of the tmtett
btates•at least one month.
2nd. 116 shall have resld in the state one ear
part!, having previously be n a qualla*elee ror
di F tei
native born citizen or , the S be shall hav re.
--••••••,*•......"....••• Moved therefrom and rent ed, then six =litho
,I i immediately preceding the lection.
face 'Annum, .... bakea ahall be *opted shall 34. He s h ah have resit! in the election leis
biect for to tbel m .
gel tu• jinni
mide l . •by
this t tax ric , t
w w i l i i i e e r k e sb lie wi s b h a all ve
be ta to e v Es o e t d e at
at l i e:: , is l o ro
BM. ( 5 , lathe • • • ties of elgisdelphia Ind Alla- mouths immediately preem Ina the electioiL "
my, all the • lotion mid power* now vested 4th. If twenty-two year of age or nins ard .he
the District • Is sii i. Conra of co*Mon Pleas , shall have paid within two ears a State or co nty
1 stitution ori . law, ;shall be la phis months and paid at least ne month before. the
, estedin four: • d in Allegheny in wo distinct elction.
lliO s zparate Ii c b of equig and co-ordinate an. 2. Thu, general elec lon sh ,, all t lie hello
u rnt ,
i r
o e. li v uun dltirt : ll4 7 l7Dt t b Wo, n otli tun el ber tof Gmlit three sil2l:ll 9ll "ll6llll d l n l424llul tim efach lie ntg r fou berll.4ls ; l iri fall'YY ob f y e rt r i thSl: o °' l 'L e en acl! d l ic t i o rrla n ell sei rileti c t o ldaoey n 7 t lll i w n i i 'lle t tra h h e tt r d e nblll' t ( o ' f 4et3.l i T'l)*:
ad in Alleatat the Court, af Common Pleas FC. 3. All electionfafor ffity, ward, bOrOngh 1241
bar one , two, tint the number of said to rnslnp officera, for reg Mar terms of se le , • •
outs may b e 'O7 Wit:ealessed. from 41:118 to U/Catt , rah ibe held on the third Tuesday of February
masa be In jet manner desagasted by successive Sae. 4. .AU elections by t citizens shall b. by,
tubers • tbet nam her Of judges in flay of said ballot. Every ballot v oted hall be nundicre. in
arts, orb 'try bounty where the establishment the order i which it stall Teethed. ,and the
9an additions), mil' be - witholl4ed by law , nuMher recorded by the el clion Olt eel's on the
ay bo Increased -.fain to time • area Whenever lest of voters, opposite the me of theelecter he
1 .
111 ch eicrease ab amount In thei whole to three, pr i rtrta the ballot. Any e eetor may write .las
clut three jud shall crimp* a s 4istriet and na ce upon Ills ticket, or ca se the same tobe rit
perste court oresaid. whith 11 be nuns- to thereon and attested by citizen of the dirt tr . !
red sii afore d. In Philedelpilds * snits shall Th election shall sworn or attune I not
instituted in, said Courts of Common Press , to liscicae host any elector hall have voted how- ,
thout designs, the number pf said court, and ref tared to (la so as wilties is in a Judi( lit( re
several courts, shall distribute anal apportion cerdinral 1
pi business am them fnsuch mania as shall ..atc. 5. alectera shall In I easel exc. pt it • a
a l.r
provided by E. , of court, and tit court to toil, foony, and breach or st. tety of the peaci 4 L
Thlcb any suite ut bo thus assigned shall hale pris Mgt el front arrest {Linn their attendaraca 0..
:relative jurledleti a thereof. subject It i ti e inf l e ep of ele s tt e an: 3 B at t i c it i in going
. to' at; o
i re ie tur tia ni t tif e tdie c i l e c frt o mo rtel.
ide h cini si rt g er i all hae ergivisly ed b e y it l iti vr sdi l on of pre! of t r ,ries . t . oraino i Tse t c ' a e l r ti n sall tie Di 'aetaal military .
Inge at law end In equity conimeu cif therein, s la ae. ender a requlsltlon4rom tale l'imaalend oi
s Jett to cluinge o venue as itiiy • be °aided by' til l initeel States or by ;Ile thorify - g-Pli t C
. - 1 11 w mo wealth, such eleatorsmay exercise the rt el
re 7 For Plated adds titre sill: he rie Fliothon- oaffrage In all elections by the eitizena, an` te a
osary's take, and an • Prothonot.sry for al Sall coasts, s uch regulations as are or shah l be preearamit as
to a appolateil by he ladies of id c urea und to la va, am fully as if they sere aresent at agar u 14 i
hold (Alice for three cars, abite-% t ( t ri mes al by a ma- plaeea of election. . 1 - '
jo as- of the said its c. , ; tit aanl Prothonsitary +hill SEC. 7. All area regulating the holding of I' t r
aPpoint Inch atibi
is as nay be Incearsary and as Units by the citizens or for Vie registration of t. o
II c rizcA I'y said otai s, and 10, enatili astiatantasball tor) shall be uniform throughout the State, aii r
rewire fixed gala cas to be &terminal toy law and • laud no elector shall be depre, ed bf the privilege of i,,
gala' e
%AidllnlY. vlf vo i-coilected o l onidd e ince, except tug by reason of his name lira being retas•ere
tt ili ex may' is • 1. I.i due 14 the C. nioreatalthaleill Sae. S. Any,/ person who Illiall give, or pro .
151 , `,ad •l by the et to . vasty into tha con; ty trt oi.,try or atTer to give to an elector any money, row xso
Falb court shall har its to .unto Lbalat ~ excci t the or c titer valuable eon.lderat On for his. vote at a;
Ind •n cat thv is( t,litio it li shall routain th • jialonints Plc• that qr for withholding tide saineaor who -la
ail, nine of r.ll 11,, 5.1,1 emets, ais er ail - ho air, o-t tin ;1; Gor ItroMise tO ON e suchcoueideration to Shy
oy w.
d 1 1 , - otheri•ersoaor partr for such elector's totr. o•
••ire. R. Tho sal {co arts in the co 'Dais td" Plolielol- for the withkoldlng thereof, ind any elector at'
pt lt.. and Alter& ri r,,,„..,..t i v,i, s 11111, lll'l time to shalt revolts or a
l i
agree tai rec lye, for himsalf on
ti oe, In turn, do ti I cno or more of t lair Ji li ves, to hold another,any money, ruwprd r other valuable t
the amt. of (a r i-nd Tt nalac rat d tor courts of seleration for toe vote at do lectlert, or fur w
Qt:rt. r sissicons o the l'coa'a of said cur „ ld. oin such holding the Same, shatathelay forfeit the nigh
twit iner as may la. 41414-20.1 b las, I I cot e at •
such eleCtlM, anti any elector whose r,
ts , 0 Jodp,s .L the ('Dui - 44 ( (I".itirtroq t r/i *l` I • urn- 1. ,
to 'tote shall be challenged for such Cause lief
• , il n the Itw ,fuel li.Sjuilgea of thc coact sli f Oyer and the election offloers Shan he - equrreil to sweat
Ye mini r, eht iitc his.ions of the l'oact , oral Gcn.ral ,rairm that the mutter thechallenge is lint
111 lidliCrl., and;..fab • (tallith,' l',OLlt, It 1111 within tief4re id= vote shall be recoi l ed. a
the i respect's. rhistril's -',ail be jai l:: ::a •f i thc is ~, scc. P. Any person wto alien, vi allc a ...deb i
;at i 4 . 11,1115111 in it era I CO , for elate, be guilts of briberyi fraud, or willful
t• r, 10 the jil !fi e{ of the I rourt 0 , t, ,1,,,,ii I lia.,
Litton of any election luna r shall be fore'. er dli-qu
wit i in their reap ti e (clad..., RT..-viii- bL. a 1.1.4 CT to fl e d • from holdir.g an omee of trust or arolltae 1,
i i write of own , ,kra to jo-tieel i of ti 1. ac. ah.l Coltnailia caltli; and full parlion Convicted of u
of • r leaner con as act a 0( nil, and I, t xt=e do. Sr MI matting of the election laws, shall, fu nada
• •-• ee•l n- to 1e t 0 Icl t ler .rr , th. 411 Oil 1 ,-I.t and to a yto nettles provided by law, be, deprived
to is be dens.l p 1 i I
!. f
the, right of suffrage absolutel; for a term Of f
i i, it. f.x.i ,It s u rm.' c i 1311t1,al 1.1 111. ( a • n-11- 1
iiitt,n, justices of tL Iliac. Or akin-raker, el all I,• Cit.
.... c. 30. In trials of • contested clectioredln to i
tc l . I° tin ° `'‘' i Tal l ‘' l ll 'i ' ll ' tm t 'a 1 ' t '' t O '' ' ''' d t " n ' pro ceding.; for the in%eitlau don of election„ , 1
1,,,, , , sit tl e time rf he it, Of .l( n9t.41 It - Is) the person shall be r ou nd to withhold
a t te li • '7
‘1,1401,4 electors I b t'°r , in l each l'Obit4,' shall
-, le mon} upon the ground tViat itirnay criminate 1,41 - 1
11 41:rol I , v Ilia a ml l'fll 14 Ill,dIni"! II M, I ' 4 t'''
,", 9v " self or 14.1.0cet him to public utfamy : hut such toß
',ill : fro ii Vllll c. f 1.. a o Ird i -.. a La/a 11. , IT, al an/ .14.. llumny shall rot afterwarils be used against i it
.11a .JI nitlo.l} h. alit
r i cart mum dam hr,
.111.•Ilcc a or
in aav juslicial proceeding, eleept for Perini I
11 r • Itt act. or Molina. with( in the c.F . i.o of tf a m opus ZVI ig such testimony. - ' - lit
it f the nualnaiii c ncter with i n au si tors 11.11111 taNtal ~,,,z , c ._ii. Townsto _... __+
° b°ll'n.lal no PI - a hall ' l " l ti to sill,h office our. is hail form or P3 be a t n liti l :l a cri rd4 in o t r o Ci l e c S ti o on . l' i
I , X
llill • ,.. lie shall ha y ce ...aided la dant l mu' tent ,j .0- tine aof compact and contiguous territory, iti a a ',
rin .h, unrol or M for ore year rii xt prlostaolm, , hie ma r nor as the Court of Quarter Sess ns - of the i
,is t tion In calm cc •• throat user pity ti °naiad in- .
ty or county in which the keine are lo ated ma:. 'I
lial a mei, not moll, loan one Ad , nr in shat I, elected
'l. ICII ward or di t ) ,, t , I 7 sect: but districts in cities of over one bond eel
- , 12 In PIA d 1 mit Ii r. sits I be t tablisheti,
14 ich thirty till) P 4 rile beltitt,' ones dirt not of
wh net er at the nest preceding election m re
r 0,.. Id, of puttee at d Dail ea iss..., 'Pa t 3un.elfe.tic n not
eac oding one hi d .ld dollars: inch courts ; etcall be
O tt r ior u i .. l; ( t i c t r y , I b ia c b s i s tf o n n t g s s h h a a l ll n b r f d i l u v r lef f : d tV ictio hy t n lte t e i, o e u r
i t;
t'tiu too hundred and fifty votes Shall have b , • 1
• I therein; and other election (114trieta wite n
101 is magotratt loose tetra' of erase Is ,all be f.% r• • p o l l
ere - the court of the proper county shall be or o
.1, , 1 and they sh 11 be elccbil on gent • r il ti :kit by the
pint n that the - convenience of tin. electors and i IA
q 1,1 , fled rot( no at -t ge t walla]. the slice., or the said
n +trntes no rot r hail votc for mom tlas ts e • thir.l.. pub is iu , tere- , will be promoted thereby.
,3.. 1
ota e number of s ,pons tol be elided, lien ad or e• S f . 1-. All elections by parsons in a repress t
tl. one arc tot. 1 'pen; tiara shall Uta. aale ns d a l atts cap a ita shall be rl - VI face.
oat ly !had situ cto lc paid by 4111 c lady , • and SIC. lo • lor the purpotte of N 0.1n.r, no eel , ' a
PI a I exercise curb i a. licti in, civil Lord c !mod, ca. "'haft be deemed to have mailed a resai• nee by r i
ie rashire la ',zooid A. 14 14 110%. . acrmil by alder- • ton f his presence, or lc =t it by re.,, , en of Iris • ,
lee• ~ i ul Ject to-13! li innuc , ., not I:lvo:sing .4 increasc Sea c Tittle oniployeil in the Fen Ice, either eirll
ye c 1/Ijurt..,bet 0 t !coin rri.g political daiii-, ,as may mil ar% ,cfti os i'iaiC or the tinted States, h
tat ad. I % bow , ! a aliiladellphas thr Dili so of alder- wilt P engaged in the rat IV,dtt , ,n if the waters
ma is Slashed& r . 1 the -t aaurof th • cnitsil Stag ::•, er on the 1:1
4 •• Is, ell ter ere and } ' pr-naltic9 in ail courts
1 1
tutu alt
nor n I:110 '1,.. /dent I o antr le.athtien eric a
tug, n a . t .o pu s i r b b l i v ie t k \ ii i. a m it c, l
, ' 1 1 . 1 .: 4 1• Pf is '' lt r ilc lo c ' o lc u e lig r eei tl i i n et. p a
4 is ' 1 r t :l4 pai l t n iu ul t l ° ; * u si, il ' c ' f n . t3 4l t ' in u' irl d r 3 e : intvlstiott in limb
te la ouwialth, nor pub:nu/tit in snit hi t penalty lie risen. 1 • I • a
Iscf;n• - •L maito.trat , t t"zoitort not of reaord, -her party Sc. 14. lli [rut clectian heart's shall consist
imi apt. al tonne} r grit of rilisni.te•may 1 presented aJu Ire an 't two inspectors, 'alto -shall be elle,
I AW, upon Ohio at cat , f ai r . roper.tic overt or Judge ant. illy bs.the citizen , , a' a h eleetoi 'shall lie
ac ea upon c tu4. ..tunsu 1,,, F the 1,41tt to tote for tile Judge add one inspect(
,P , • II an • y al• a taquiral to 1.0"10,111(.1!•rt the law and each inspector shall apro et one dell:.
ftr It lb. 1114. L... f lie , urr •me caner, slei lb, elected firs election board for any nen district shall
I he quAlitiol el .tiors of t 1 . res-neetire it ttoLt..oser oeo •led, do& t at .. . Lucie, in etc tine Boards tiller'!
wit this are tipr ;ale, au di b O'4M
old 11 °ee, shay be provided by lass. I hit teal f Meer. Shall
fdr lie re nod of .ii years, if they shill en l Mg' helm% e privileged from arrest upon eta i Of election,, a
the arise, aili . for bu any reavnable c. we, which sabile engaged in malang tip .MI transmitting' .
aid I rot I e suety. • I ground for tinpete no • nt, the tart a, except upon uai rant o a court of record
Go ern ii MIN rec•n e any ofthita tin tit address of ild4e ti ereof for an election rand, for • felons.
t'•. it ills of ileli L il e cf t ,i. C , ncr 4 ..
ii . °nobly. for, .aaton breach of the p ace. In citlea th
laa bl
NVI' n. two judges ‘' of t Sup • aa- Court as client exemption e ,emptiou from ju a (hal' dunn c tbo be clasen 1 o thesame terni of 6( `l4C'e, cacl, ten is of service.
vot • r .11.01 'tote f; t only, tin•l alien tin e are to be Se. 1: 'So person shall ire (leaflike' to ter. ,
.Icsi ii, h e sh ils,i a for no more tl au two; c.indidate an le ction olli • er who shall paid, or Shall will 1
b g oecl 11l Totcalt it lb' de 0 1 t l4 l ekclrd / 'itai 'Month- hat e held ant 0 C,
tit pnintment,
Srr 17. Shona {. y; tutu or more Judge., cf the Su- .Inilitotment ;I or unit , rihe Goseniment of t i
pm lie C'ourt, or an,'l. • t oer niereitull.s of tile Court ot en, ed atataa or ef tit, .a, laic• or of any city ii
,Coe onon PI.•IP 1 1/ , •1 same! district Lc elo ,ted at the cou ity.or of .11,v municipal hard, commis-lon, 1
I i -lute, they •lit , Ift3 -Oft der tlie 1414.U1,111 as con- Ilirl I'2 ally fate, save effia Ju. tea. s, of the pea e
. • ai, • ot, rest I, a= I l r priority of coMn4l..inn 1.1./ certify anti aalareen, i ist..rie's pi.l li . and aervon4 in tie
iie result to the 4. , no r, T üb,.', -IrIII their cont. militia ser ic of the State •, 1 orsliall any Ciotti it
a i , `a , in ^ ,c. i•LI n I tilt . - 9 a ith • ate: Cc tit,' thi , to nit) (nil face to lie' . fillet' I
St Is The itOlt slc f the so r , sm. r 0 , 1. t and the an c lectich at It Inch be -ball ersc, save or is em
'''l t
- e olelm tl
l l li t 'U''if r/..1 " In "" ti n 1.1 1 i . 14 I
•.. ai l l a
P! •oi.
teal all
so my
.11 , oat wit , uhnicipal or local ofilcci 1 0 ,
1 , r ii i t , , , , 1f c ....i Ia g i ll
rr( le itr thvir.prN:cv + anode 14ate corn. u t h a t t,rt ili , le g o ( f n t e i r b :, iiir ,ls co u n• l y MI cos as shall bo des g
li 'll r l e e e C t;r u e r . u l ' a ° s r u C : r h ir 'i sp c pc n o P i: cl ainT r nts tt e t '' P
... 14. They , 10, 1 1 rue • ire nu atilt:. r.lni (It .-.1.0-.C" e-• c oun 'as of the Corner - 4ra t anti shall bas ept a
.l r ,toi U. •of of, • f • rtheici. rliccil from onto, I.llllt 1. er 'thin their ri peen, a atr 4 dictions to appi i i
a.r hold shy otlik i tare of pr ,fit et 1. r th i I nib d o eery of e Icadlon to surer ise the Preece din .
. i is, the s State, . r -13 other Stat • i I of ci tr on /cars, awl to make report, to tee cc ti
ae I i Ili ei ' a iftl i Sur. Me OA rti chirinir .
t . r continuance n 'Pat. 4011 El -Id(111 Itlll t 14 Coin .
1 Ilin,nbl'h''
11 tie
• ""1 t v tale,
1 by the
41 1. 11 f: Cli' f:
, : r r l .., * / -tray iastriet In a, city, or county, upon p -
roe si i alth ;'and I sc other juslizess, ihinnuitileM contms
ti o . o of % e cotaens. laniul % Otera of , u, li el
uir ee in oiros..l I . oh. aaitliin the di.tric 9 fur Ai hlCb
tla ..bull Ie r ..r. ti I. IN Clecyl I I. I
il U. 1 111 al TIC l. .t?t 11117 forta that such apraaintrue .1
14 ri. :amiable precautioe to lectire the purity a .1
1 1 < '' i 7.1 f • '•' il C c all a f i I.. ' ° " lr°2 Plc "' be "
nm a i i : i t e itsh s er .. r i i: .f rs. e fr i
i i , et r it e . , t e i tllet ; cat t i, i (i i. ,: e i ri• l e it, e ot rs a,,rica sl u :a h l be l il
l b e rdei t , w mc o ren n i:
.1. 1 11l I.t 1 Ira ll It 1 f .1. rr ,I, aiall b lei and eat rs
c . nit] in tin ir .i i tire • dietitetr,l settle tto such ~, cm.
shall , , • „ s „
iii. persons qualinau to serve
_lilt 1,..,1 61 , ntri b ra la tit I) I tw , , .tu hi chanc ry purer. ‘."
on lectlon I.4.arits and In each case raetali tit
as n name s (-tat 1, MN in the RN cml ( courte ((Corn-
Du Picas il this '4. n Moan calth, or las mar hereafter or • hire-rent political; Patties : whenever i e
lia our. • i nlllll,Oll tit + , by law .
~• t Cl,No ilt ts -i halt I e impoeell by II el on tit.• op I ion, the l escrseera it they shall tie agre .1
oil vol. I enrt .r in cf thitjudia s th - o•coof . tett t suds lit C(44 shall decide title finest/0n of (liftmen . •
as. te.p.diird, ior si; ill any . f the Judges here. f ea- In d)1 milting to ei4eers of election, all the law • 1- .
ae h
of tale primer court, able to act at the ill .
ert.. .4. Ana 1011. r c' a spointturnt, . 'el. pt as Inn in pros
b I concur m the appoihtments made.
Al• 41
.. I lo Court of 2.1.1 l'rtu, Is mashy abolished
trial and determination oreoute t. ,
an no . court of or lair.l jurseiliction to be pne.ldedort i S c .17. Tire
„ r ,, 0 the j „d„,., ,i. t i„ C i r , a „ c aaa edi hat tens of electora of President and Vice l'
la ins one or m om _ . .
Ali+ Ibe est ilslishitl I I I -i( at, members of the General Assemblyaand f
la .üblie officers, whether State, judicial, ward is
F c ea In ale a •t1111l:1 am lacro4 tit, 1 apulaticio
pa-; or local. shall be by the courts of law, or b . ) 0 e
.101 la -...•ed.0n, I, in rid anti fifty th a ,inol tio Geller
al I sin.l ir shall. 11 , I 111 AnT 011. r WA) Lay, fetal, or lore of the lava Judgekfthereof; the Genera) s
lal a Al• I orate nn r i iI "( out' Ito,, n I-tot - coo , r mot, ..t. i lily shall, by general tawailesignate the con ..
to .s alio st. oil I r ara. .1 in Co c 1 I .1.1, which court t judges bo, %them the`seN eral classes of elect! n
,lii, I, .i re, .11 tie onstlii to n ar•litaowe is ndw teat- .-0 . , sFall he tried, and regulate the man r
edn, orribs.), nu 9. iri ifter It e c sfrif rr.II upon, the oft ial and all matters, incident thereto; but 0
0 bans Courts, aid {area) en the Sur...oluitaln of tit, su t law assigning' Jurisdiction, or regulating a
pi as of the iort if cone:me 111...14 111a1111 such ON en-c. shall apply' to any contest arising, out of
cult 0 . N . in or t ban ' ( .urt lroivtnll,t ,elrai ti nes and an o !Lotion hehl before its•pa ,, L,age, 4
I I i
dot rrainc • in any co tidy in vtlntli itimepara e Orrlmn ,
f'ol rt shrill Is. 041 /I 1 lid di/ la•eist.o et W ill be
. I .
cLak. of such t. u 1 • iI sill 3i t to; its, dire thin la all 11. tTlits: AN11 , 1 , 1 \ ANCE. '
In i tic. pc • n Unlrig It 111.. ( alio, he th app apt a -Ist- I _ 1 ,
ant ele.d.s tut out N • all the ten-cat aria t 'mural of c, 1, Alit Lae . shall be uniform opium 1 . ile 'at
sail court All acLou as filial with lam as,rogoter c r - 1 .s 4 of S11 1 ,e(l , within the territorial limas of t
test ira of the MIC .2 • ralr.lta. Oritll.l2a,' Ceu.aa shall be 'au aoritv levying the tat, and shall be levied
t t uitittd I.) the loort It athout (xi. • sr.4 to parkeis, except .0 feted under general taws}; but The General
nhere all antics in interest in a ' , eliding t , oicalethrie se lily may, b) general laws, exempt from to.
Ai In nominate an intlitor %silo rn tier court 'mar, in its Hot public property u ,, ,ed for public purpose., a.,
diauretion, appoint In ere* count* Orphan.' Conrts u a laces of religions Ivor hip, places of burial n
Avll l h'''' ,. " --- ill !II rowers and larlalicoan 'lf a fit as ns or held for private lot aorporate profit, a t
istsr . Court, and e Vamote 211 gi•te•ra I.ourts Il i rt • henly ita,t tunnies of porous, public charity. -
slooh-died. I I ~v. c. 2. All laws exeintaing property from tr
ti hi. Thi • 'ay o of l
111 preauk, e hall ix The eLm qtio 1, other than the Property' above enumerati
11 4_,
Atinnrealth of Penitsyllvana,”, All i i lrosecln
Ovklarried on in. the nnme and by thci authel
Conamonwealth ofenn..yivania, arid t concli
•the 'peace and dii,Mkyl of the sttne. • :I
Sc.i 2 u;4. In all etsla of felonfolomicif
earl' t other crirain Oses asl may ant prOvA
la*, the accused, aft;ll conviction and enteni
Ore thoindictmlt, Toro, nl, and all proceed;
Supreme C,lurt furl trrion'•
Sc.r. 2,5, Any vas mcyhappening, lil : •
deaf;tioni or otherwise, n il.y
cot of rocjinl,sha
by,,aptiointruent by th Governor, to I - ontini.
'firsll Monday of Jluiry nexi gucceeding,tl4
eta election, whir! shall occur throe or • in,)'
Ifler the happening oF such vacancy: ..
rtfte'r tu,
uniforrti u 0
didtion arid poweril
grade, so far ms tr
eqdt of the ITOCT*
bediniforta; and th
Ititdkd front creath
fa. The rail
dlLiition of such ca..
th.reof. and Filch d,
6 , 1111 C: and the jutli;
'writ ; of error a. iu t
: I
relating to cuurtslshall-ib . e-generai
tion. and the ofganizaittomiurii
ofiall courts of. the scene class or
• lajed hr .law, 'arid till: force and
1 id juilitn'ents of i such noUrts.shall
e .
:enemb. i tsserublv is lierthY pro
iz other courts to serchfe the low
eenstituth'M in :tl e :100 of the
11..11.s and cniib 11115 1 Couttp-.1 ' •
iel,. by agreement filed, niay; in any
ith trial ,by juri, and iadanit th e
• to the cou. li vim; jitristliction ,
no liall Ihear 'a d ilett:rinine the
intent thereonshit he :'sithioct to
tlik.r eases.' ': .. r '
1 I
tiNii nrstiivAt , ards ortin:r.
etitio of Ilepresetltilcs;shall have
itelnent. 1 : • , i i
eli ants shall betriett•bY the Sen- •s
~r that pithsite, tl e Senator' shall si
n Mott; no, ITrsep shall I,e. con- tu
c meurrence of ttro-titiY,*of,the .ut
r ' 1 . . . 1' 'et
m and all other eat
I. tr i t) . cers [dd! el
t am f o r any inisd •Incit 'rill °Mee rii
h ,esiies shalt: net extend itirthee di
n I , lnee and diy,eitia. ideation to hold .91
r profit tinder•thlloton aiwcaltli.: '
Whether convict 41 or. acquitted,
'table tq indieu r umt, , rind, judg
iccording to la , •
all hold theirii ces .M.llO con- ' t
i l ; thenredves W 11 while in Whe t ! h ,
i conviction • v •nti,cielut‘ior in at,
s crltiae. ' 1
' i Ir
el' than judge .1. o r ' courts of
i itentlent of Wig. tstruction
!pleasure of the; puwe by which oi
Anted. Al! e core lectect bY a l l
ivernor. Lick pant (Governor, th
.1 Assetahly s *it jai ges of the i n
.I in the Ise!,itall h 1 removed v
otialice caw afte t !. ue notice
1 , addre,i, of 7, vo-ttii tl. of the- - e ,
1 13 in
`ICLEVII. . r . at
or OFrICV. , , i . a 4
I. and Rep . ,entatives and ( . 1
county °lnce o. 4411, befpre , l,
of their res ectiye offices, 81
folloirlag 'pa It or affirma. g
: 1.1
, (or . :ttilrud that it; will-sup.
the Contsitutaon O.' the Unic
r•titution Of dtlll4 I 'ommon•
tili.cliarge', the dui es of my
t I have not rtaitUti •contrib—
ty or contrib u telther di- .
y Money , or : l athe valuable
nomination iir "et ction (or
or necefsarylanti roper eX- • I
prized by law l; tat I have • L
R any, election lull , of this
rured it tO 14 di)no by . n u, at
II will, net katoft.'.gly receive, 1 11 '
any nioney or : other valuable t;
Iling t nce 'or non-pe 4 rformance of fo
rte o tay o . 1 Other tha il y
red hy i
te.vt , a:4 uyiklitili
i 1 i •:,i ~
.1 I. 1 , 1
I , .1 , i '1
I • II
S I ECTI.`N.i. The
rh,4, kide power of 01
SEC, 3 All inipe:,
ntel ht.n sitting .
"atli or art
witilinat tit
sitiint.wrs tlsvfent.
Si", - ... 3. Tile aove,
1.0 liable to impe.rell
butinktment in r.u,
thnh to removal fn
any' office of trurt .
the . i'per,on accue i
t ,
taut 1 nevertheloli 1 ~..
Ineilt mill igurblootlnt
Slie. 4: All ~theetki el
iliti.',M that they behai
ainl.hall be rentuvta d
office or of any infathor
All‘iinted olfteenKuth
recorditnd the Su .ri
magi he removed at ht 4
they shall bare bet. IVO
the - peprin, eseq, ~ (i
sn, geese( the (le.. e .
courts of reeord, lime.,
.by te Governor lb [ i , ,
and all hearing. et Hi
Senate. 4
. • ~
I 01.7 4
11 ' 1 ;
SECTION I. Sett tot
all Padielat, State, nd
entering on the di tie.
teiltetltol t , ubserih r itli.
tiolii - • :r,
-1 3 10 sulerinity ..., le4
purl;; obey and dele.o
teti States and the '.(ii
wealth, and that I ci,l
°lnce with thlelity,.ith•
utetli, or proultsettpl •
rectly or intlireett;i
thing, to procure I Y,..
'appointment), exi l ep
penes expressly ptfi
.not ttnowingly %I late
Commonwealth,. r.',1).1
era to 017 behalf ; *hitt
direetly or hidire tly;
thing.for the per tan
any ,• et 91" duty Ptiftitt.i,.
th .
e .. • . •tsatiott atio
T at ht 0 Iritzlogott
t It
- •
, I •
t{tins Ellat
lefty of the
iel, and in
hd for by
l i mps to th
all be be. tilled
ito' till th
54 lint gen
4ri, month
k - ntio - 't
' 14" i• tea.
I i 1 i
1 ., .I' . i ',9
,i be void. - .i ..:.,..-- .
41. e. a. The power to tax corporition,s. anti c(
po , to property shalt Oa be Surrendered or st,
pe led by anycontrqct. or gt tto whichthe Sta
sh 4be aparty. , i . 1 • I
,4, No. debt shall be crated by' or'ori beta
• n o
r f
t.eVcti'llete.t excepte
p e nv i glUil liP s i lipp c n a % u s a; ati fl r t r *i e e e n tr
de i. ul the Sihte luWar, er,to ; pay eiist,ng de
an Ire;deld created to supply deficiencies in .r
en shall never exceed in MT aggregate at la
•rt ime one million of &Mat ; • ~ , ' . -
Alt laws' attthorizlngborrowing
ey by and on.lielutif di Mei State shall speci
------ fe - — MO tar' lob . .ey Is to be used, a]
won, __„,.u..4.7 snail spect
the-pfirpese for wb. .id money is to be used, a d
the Mouey se borrowed 'shalt, m used , for the ptp' i ,
c,. 3, , P r e .. l:l 7l ( i l e a C n iM li tt r e • tOrnmoniVealth ilt4l l l
no m pledged or loaned to any individual, .codki;
pa . corporation, or: es'.....ociation, nor shall tie
Co monwealtii become,,4* Joint owner or -stostiz
lio , er in tine company, Ossogiation, qr r orpi,.. 3 .
tit , hi , , I 11 , L. 1
. EC. 7. The General:Assembly shall not alias, v
ire any county. city. borohgh.rtownship or Wear
po .ited district to becoMe a stockholder in aay
coin tans, association or corporation; or to obtain .
orppropriate money foror ter loan its .ctedilo:
ani i
corporatlim, association, institution or 'hi i•
vit tail. .. . -- - t__. • •
s .
' iT. ‘.`B.--t,The debt of any' county, city, boron li,
tow slip, district, 'or other niunicipality, r.,.
incorporated district, except as, herein •provid ,
shall never exceed seven per eentum upon the fs
saseti value of the taxable property therein,Lir
thill any such municipality on district' Incur a y
ter debt, or increase its ludetitednesi to •an a •
mit exceeding two-per centunt upon such amm., •
sl I,v duadon of property Without. theassentof t e
tel ors thereof, at a public election, in inch' ma 1-
glito is shall be provided 11 lath, but any city; t e
le of whit:llllw excee a seven -, per centrun r
itl I assessed valuation, nay eauthorized by It
to ncrease the same thret per ; centum ill the a -
te at anyone time upon such valuation. -.
sel,c. a. The Cotnmonwealt shall not asstu e
'he 4elit t or any part . thereof, f any city,. coun ,
orengti or township, unless .s, ch debt shall ha. o
. 0 contracted to enable: the State to repel in •
.01 suppress domestielasurrection. defend its If
an ime of war..or to assist the State in the d -
oh of any portion of
; ins_present indebtedne -
10. AgTtwwAselolllrl
to ;er.niAiriiegrrinryeblgne
it 1 , at or before tin: Anne of so doing, provide f r
h ollection of an annual tax sufficient to pay t e
at st and also the principal thereof 7ithin o,
S :.11. To provide forkhe l p . ayMent of ihpres- ' ,
nit State debt and any debt contract 'd
ts: So i resaid, the General ssenably Shall contin e
I t
int minutia thelniting d sufficient topay t e
ice lug interest in such debt; and annually to
Inc the principalthereof, hy, ii sruntiot lois thin
w hundred anddifty thousand dollars • the d
in - ng fund shall consist of the proceeds • or. t e
al of the public works Or any' part thereof.! d
4T i e income or proceedsOf t e sales of any stec .4
)tv ed by the Commonwealth, togetlterwith oth t
tut t Sand resources tOW ma 'be designated y
la a n d shallibe increased from time to time ' y
.15$ gtallig it toony part of the taxes-or other re ••
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