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TolraOda, tharo,dityi
IWELLrIi , of this place, recent
.oster for biz dollars.
C. P=
D iv E'oid a „
piscopal Mite Society will
rs. Bensrcw's, next Wednesday ere.
meet at
mimes, , of this county, has
ded a patent for an improved art Wale
been awaAl
'• of the Mutual Building AS
sold on Monday evening last at E 45
to 118 per!
I • Bret being compelled to omit
i rom our Borne correspondent this
shall appear in our, ne;t.. •
WE r
a letter ,
week. It
RNOt, clf the first
i d most Prominent citizend of Elmira,
t city on tilt 17th.
dicdin t
DAMS received by rapress,
last, pro blooded.pigs from KO-
on Mauls
ILL publish soon au - excellent
bylletr. W. J. : JUDD; of 1 11 . 011trOSO,
nday-School lastitnte at TanOtan
CSStly. rea.
before 03.
nook, repo
Tar, s
new coal 5 ,
bas arrive.
furnish lb,
rd in Troy i 3 finished, but nu cnal
. thins one yard could
njll33 . with coat.
Ma. liEwrsi• has nearly completed
the ceosusl of the Borough. The Borough prop
er eouttur.t 4,000 Innabih.nts,•while tLe suburbs
Rill swell the :number to iibout 5,000. -
, .
R: Hum . .& SON have decided to
K.tabii,h their wag - on-hrakci manufactory in
this pla:ce, jtaid the Eureka ?lower Co. are erect
ing - a building for that purpose.
NEXT I bursdav will be Thanksgiv
ing Das. •lA. union service hill be lield in the
Prezbytt Church, and Rev. J. S: SISWAIIT
de!ite the if c.rinon " .
WE WOULD' call espectal attention
to C farm ailvertiqd for rale in
cmcrim. Ii is ono of the I)est flk - nos in
CI:. cunty. mportumits la offetc.l for
to EC o:Ire it at a great targitin.
. . •
IT IS Wlfll real pleasure we notice
tl.7t Surr...r.D aga:ki abio to
tiv, office. H is, one of
(fie te. t nt, iu,i pendent , ut , iglit
S )Lomos & bare
, br,m g y ;..i.•veraj of the horef;a,fri..nx L! . ,cir'ltfauch
,Chm.k Etn.VCs pia e for the whiter.
Their 1.;11;•Ii: , 't••:- h s been geed in Manch' Clratik
durlej, the past s - ea-Gn, and they ahticipate a
time there :wit !...etemt:r. •
• .
Tea hurvired arid - thirty-itine pu
yroy Gradetl Selipol during
the 411 . r. ' A-Nera - go ratteudarico
an ti ,n r.)*l be publiThe d
e3ntain the n tmee nt such schol
ar• a, 57.1 - ..7. - a 1)..,rfe,!• • .I.•irirt.u-nt record.
WE rCe‘Apt of a card-from
our old ,rictll,lL. S. •Fk -- ;k..:r, frum which
learn that.. 1.19 10c.i.t..) for the pia,Aiea of
fzs 1•4:-.1",,s . :on. in S . 'S:IK .1,11 . A. We Irish
lim a It:crat.tve t%t, know he 1:13'..,T
-its c3nl.lenc - -of 1116 1 , e.1i.1.• whi):n
TE.. - LaduLr. •aceicl-lit occurred - at ( i
bcr 3.rOtiday '
;a n ill a Irog, wilt.a . a car 8r i;:ni,,dvercry I.:evratii:g one leg above
tas Liken to 'nwaucta, and wo.
t:..t ii - ,;: f1.1/(,.1.fkl front Itiat.—.lt7,,ig
Tut: pulpit of the . Baptist Church,
, 1,14 SaudAy in:ruing last by a
11.1J W.i.itAV vao, a i y•lung g2atlona.: front tr
elaT, who par7suiii,; a, theql , gical co.,
51.`.ic ta:Jiriug la th , nfnci. IDA discount •••
rt11...6 O( "e
e...n 1 tao-t, tf , rt hnve r
had• the pleas:ire of listening- to. With a lit , lo
. 4:1! in .. , t.r.uonizing., be r•. 11 maim a in - m... 4
11.-C nI rK:RII7,I kr of tri. , Words- I - •
c.r.: - .lloson at tint Graded
r'21.1001,,Gq, 0:r011:1:UrS perf.,et ree
rd it, .
311(1 e , ludif, for
:::41111," S %;...1
BA1::: , _ , :•:. 1 4 .1NNIF. AL,;,)%L.
• ;
1. IL('
Mkt:cv It.-Ased flit: Tuuk t •
;If rt: 0 31. , N.
u, to ura t.:l fight
tt a
. ai Lot
1 1 , ; - • : - 111J • unb,c,arldel
. .. .
=iil 1 ., ;• \
.1,.;',..,.: havci.jltily carted
•••: , 1: , :1,.. 11:- : ctitti.. Mr. 1 , ,, r
, •
:' . :.1;, CI, .I v. I:1:- the' pe.k.: trim the
't 1 .
1.., 1
St e. v,isit -the n-Qm
..r ,: }~ ~:,,
,1..1u;.j .t F-:
Hoi,Lksr) :had a fair audience
n '11311,1a -F Fvf-Ding. lii, lee'ine ranri.. than re-
a1.z , 23 expc , ctiitiAng of „.inti appreci-'
I' tita prrcc: AO/i 31 . 1 1 ,t to
\ c'erld bronultt ivi,thitrthe
I.):,neilt which
th , would
•(' porrto:t. of thogo.:l - F.bicli
, r;r: I:;th , tifri .; to such
~,,,,, , ,:ix I.taQir L , e.4 Po
t Ihe Via:llll4i ptOp!O feel I;I,MA° to
•_s. E..MlclLvAlxe has ac
•,•,l th,-.7 L.ll. to tai r,•:.!.)rnliip of tae parish
lA.'; t!i!:4 11.1c.e, and will cuter up
'! • •! , -t•1i‘,1.,4, 61 lii:idnties 4 bu Sunday, Nu
.... r b bitu the heartr
of Ulle ea*, c ut., , ,reAu'Otut, and 6
by n'.l to ry ode Of Tuw,. ,
ti.vll , .`arliont, went
1 .13 u scrttl . ohizer.
will th..t means of doing
~c it:n charge.
I 1
I' I 1
poLnlyt-:a, Est - i., one of
of this county, 4icd at his
ca Welneeday• morning,
was tiie fath:,r et a large faini
,!lr wherever known.
lived :''.le* allotted ago of man,
intel!ect and robust
- 11.41,1
o'er, he sleeps well." •,
on-Chris -
' -
• •
I; r.ll.
• A
a o
the old hons.e near
,the g. ,
A point
been ,adispritcd point
end Mr. C4arr's ol
a the ,übj4tot ee4rocrizi
ul Lis that work
a erected bt , the lioravnins
olution; The following item
a gentleman who has taken
!allecting local history, which
last Gleapor, will fror6vi; inter
ti bare given the subject at.
L yt;ar
the hOug,e,
the Re%
'i . .....:1
the pen o
pains in
7:22 clip Crum th
(,:!:Ig to thodo
are 11W
to ttf;
.s . tcv; rail; fort
Wvalusw , . So
Iry that there ;a a differedeo of
age of the old dwelling house,
-east of the railway depot at
o think it was built by Abe•
lis there'ore a hundred years
at others say it was built by
afir the Aterolutton. A few
an old gentleman at the De
it his father se. tled Wyatt:L
-.lmb t.nie be remembers "the
wss almost 9a venerable
it tiuw is: This la nut euilelu._
tit le rude for the eunlorY
• Vir.9
rn9r— I
I.o.t.liiss 1
_ to z . I.ICC,
.t. tli
179) at
rive b
. . L .,1 •
24AT A mee ti ng o f Priam ro.lox74o.
7,4. 0. of 0. F. l , of Troyhe l follevitg reso-
Antiens were adopted ;- '
Wneusss : 'Our worthy brother. O. W. Septt,
his!h•en removed from :our midst; •theretc . re,
illesolved That we extend to the family of
°nil deceased brother our &lacers sympatey in
this their great affliction. - At-they - 4n the
Mai or a father and husband, we Mons with
thrin abmther's death.; . ; -
litesoired, That the members of: this i t s.
wear the usual badge:of mourning 'for tinny
REntaap . ia THE Podll.—AlloiV i
suggest - to the Ladies': Benevolent4ssocit
of this borough, whose valuable labers in ti
of the indigent of this plado, haveatTor 4
torch -relief, a plan, byi which;.- no --1 4
material aid would ))43 decared :to the
adopted, in providing 'the needy spinet s
ing, , during the 'appreachteg winter. If
will provide a box or lifcrxei to be 'place
secure and conspicuous Awe, or p
Thanksgiving day, for4he receipt of con
irons, with notice upon the:outside; of th
ject for which contribUtionii are 'asked, air,
iog to The baneioletied of our eit'zeiis to d
25 cents or more each It seems to Me th
peal would not be in , vain, ana thu
tr s 4stirer of the society would collect a
which would go far towards relieving the il
ons dentailds of want. i I hope the,lsugged
may be' adopted. [ltem and .Thitrtial pl
copM • 1 ,''.— , k, Crrizi
Towanda, Nev. 17,1678. -,• :',
.4ditor IT: 1 a,
wephi' , reader of the ItcreurrEn, bn4 do IP
member having scat anjilting in,yesir col
friiim our quiet little village In soma time.
still live here, and want everybody:to kn.
The panic has not afteeto'd tis a groat de.
theugh greenbacks are in good dcOand. 1
lite bunters aro having floe spOrtthese
A !party of our townsmen came ittlast
with two deer, and another party are out
week. . • .. . .
lding for a
. .
Alr Jos Musa has nearly completed hi
idince in this place, 'and will' move here
tithe during the winter.
Our merchants are "doing 4 good imslne
piysent, considering the times. There.
branch ot,trado which I wish pseticolar
speak of. and that is our meat mirk - et:l.
fa'cilities for procuring feeshMeat are coral
and three meat-wagons can now . ....usuid
seen every morningtirtring through Our el
dealing out the necessary article.- Thai
nQas'is said to be very !profitable, and I.
tllere are morn' who contemplate engagi
it;i But en-ugh for-thiS time. •44 Sea
'Nov. 17, 1873. • ; '
Ansocitnex.- 1 5.1eetingl of Farmers real
blel. Hon. 3. F. CIIA7BEIMAIN in. the
See'y. 1 .
WELLE9, one or the censmitt on
fitiming a Constitution and By-Lawi, not eking
present, S. S. Bcrrs, and W. Ikon the
:other members or thel committee,".submitted
the draft-of a constitution, which ifter heinfi
r l, d and discussed, article by article and s . i.!c• •
tint by section, and receiving' sonie amend
ments, was adopted.'
The committee also sishmitied a`ene • By•
aitc.r discussionland being an r and4
ell;, ;Jere Lilnpteti. - 4 .
1 After the adoption and sigiling of the a
tntion, the Society then proceeded to the
tion of uftl.•rs, The voting was by lisllot
felulted as follows
rs. S. Burrs wa3 elects:] President,.,]. B.
Secretary-, and - Elsruos BLAcitl'real
Ttlo eill,:ers were ,theii anly Gast:tiled;
The l're,ident app:dnled the following',
tiers au exontive e:numitter : •
IpiwAlue VA1:1111AN and BENZ. AcELET,
5, 1373
VE WERE somewhat .Telediat
a ri/runr the other dtiy io the (;)feet'
Outi mderprisiug and wealthy businesi.
t - ;:urauEr•IRROTL:ERS ttt Triov, DIEWILLO:
4r: l.',Oots and Shoes, u - eri. gohr to :AM!
iinti 11iiAarge: their op4ative'...' While ire
i--.4lanstied the report had - , no touriaation in
r t ~, T;glit an interview with a tucmher of
IjrM,.and fron4 him elicited the following El
Vegin with, ho assured n that the
*as entirely' false, and thr.t tlo it-rruitnitfaJ
ruunirtig‘on full time, employing as I
teen ai crc.'7, that co time since
theneed IJUSines . 9-have tlley turned otita's
god ; ds as durin4 the .
P l 4 aud ititentiim is to con Mult i ,
viai .
their in:l fore tIM of the ye• r, at
whmli timedt is enstotuaiy f , r all manutsctiar,s
of the kin:lit.) so-p w'mdt. for It fe,t weeliA tut
o:i , Tf.r to t_•.ie acc -, :Mt o!'23loeli, and iirep.trc , for
they sp. - rug teade: N one of the nt'en wiql be
I •
, dis , olssed: In reg.r Lim recent financial
rfotte, they think logitirultoniatinfaettry
Wire ss' as but ?.ffectel, cspecial.;
thtlr lino, as ther, exirts a demani
Oanufseturc'd goA.4 obich must bd F i upp
The fact nett wasp! oweit..ktoek on
is tan c.iLtry del:Mnstra ,•21.:s wiring thee paid months
nearl3 - ;37.0:10(1 111C..X.'ZCS4 Oil the s:
period hit s';)01 thefr.arrau
nUMte feu neat bfisinessere eomple
ga. , :f i t'er the Leoniniene'ezmut of the New Y
1 4 tliqi, will cunt:pins their manufactdring
tIM. same vi;..;eir and enr_rg:f which has cl
terizott the es.t4blislithent for the. ;pest
Ye - anl• ' •
We 113-Vir ".vrltten more Upua tins . subject
Iltlri.osed to (13 V.11 , 2:1 we began it, .bntl
,r,ietice of giving rise to such 'rumors al
'LL7, ).CC:4:6
referred to, is so raischie . :Mis and caked
.• •
t!rat rtibj- , ‘t deserves more than ,a pa.„-
I,of;te-s% TMs-I.l.lseedod; calmilatudi itk
OA. credit- 'of oto± of the soondoA
1141::z•F in the community, i'a l ir.fair spc
iutin3 others altieh have-ben fr,rculate
smelt rumor
10. M up by respectable and fa
inhti, uo wonder the people lose
the busincas 'i:istitutions -of thil
Filth of man in man, seems t i, be, "-a
;-• -
things that 'were," Nothing tends in
degree to enth My destroy the confide-,
ntejb sttonld-rep:;,e in' each "other; than
tilful reonrta, e p.ccially when they are di
ed FigaiU3t the basinesis interests of ciimmtil
.1 3. it, TAYLe) S
ATuEss.—Last, Thursday morrl
at 101 o'eljek was married at the bride's 111
b l t the Rev. , Mr. Srnot.o,Ciiranti:s 4. EGE
prominent banker pf , Ogdensburg, li. Y.,
M. R. PEmass, of -Atnens. Miss Pr.
has a large circle o Iliends here to:who
is strongly attached by her many eStimab,
. 1
col qualitiesand )10 new join in ti l ishin
ii, happy life, arid that bei new asi
tions may lle even ore pleasant than Ur i
the' past. Their rd6uption
be at the
(fence of the groo's twitther hit l Ogilens
Nlittitlesday, evening; NoVem ct. 26th: ,
-professor, Ji 'sum M: ELY. :Principal o
1 , 04 Ctute, died . at his residence hatuday
riiir,Nov. Vith. Mr. ELY Las. been .asse
with the prtaminent educational inters!
,aaitilford and 'lova countrestor .mauy I
.4icd wiil be reuaeuaberid -as fa strchig,
',Fortier for the intellectual,a4anc'ement
;Ong. He ha- b,eu a teacbCr for forty
dt:l'otieg his untiring uriergies:-aud ti mini
tirseholarly attainments to flee work', and
as 'the death angle comes; be is stricken
advanced age(); seventx-one years
hs hands and heart ere as busy l as ever j
du t ies of his profession. Surely .he w
- . ,
1 toi , ed by our whole. community as a
'it:izen; but more than all his . pleasant
girele will miss the kind, indulgent c ir4
and father, whose social q ualit:es always
their home pleasant. Ills federal was b
atti:aded on Ilot?lay at I o'clock, r. sr.
And.uelt, little AncnrE N. ilar.nitt., F
Ent N. Menerm., is tahen-at the ago of Ii
4r4 9 months. His pure mina, jest 'expal
hit° loveliness, had entwined itself
.i,crY heart-strings of loving; parents . ; hu
Ono who loved little children even.greatel
earthly parents. has called Win litti;ie, "
iindh is the'l,ingtlom of heaved,"''. ,
I . , ' , - Tu.
WE LAST week noticed tbedea
col FowLan. The following aketcliof d. 481.
6r. zlip from the Chicago tertillig do rnal.
Of tho lOtti inst. : : • 4 : :".
• ,„
.•"; //Earn Or CoLOTIEL ROGEIIa FOWLER... 7,la°
I:4:ject of this obituary was GEyeare old at the
'time of his death: He died at k his residence
thel,citv of Chicane, on the rooming - of the 7th
I.cfs'-erober, 1873 7. and wheni ho died si life
spinewhat-remarkable went out. 114 was borri
in Bradford qofinty. Pa.. and fOr a number of,
'yeas in earl" Ziff, to company With Ids brother,
tiff a prominent place among tuskless men as
me ,chalit and Ininberman at:. the o s or
, antroetun, to that ontoty. - itilSs-4., in co,
,riv tth other capitalists frimillNear; Yor and,
fitil go, he built a largo I=oor milli a , Bic-,
nominee, on (Ireemßay; l Brisito . . , In 1855 be
came to Chlisno, and was algae. , extensively
in the lumber trade, and ahem buying
and selling reit estate. Daring th war be Was
engaged large); in Tarnishing hes for the
He wa r remarkable for his b alpaca;
few men could equal him in Managing and .1-
recting 'large number of men engaged in dif
ferent kinds oc banned& It was ledeed almost
wonderful to see with what quickie's, Wilily
and ease be lleuld do this. Be as also re
markable for Ws - indomitable will rid untiring
energy and peeverence. The wok& • fail' bid
•no place in ble vocebulery. If misfortune over
took WI oradvereity came and t h warted Ids
plans these were Only an incentive to a string
er and bolder,fforL Be loved to tt take money.,
and be loved j tas well to spend sit. He was
a t
in no sense a s ndthritt, but be was genermis,•
he loved to m others happy around him, and
the goodness of his heart could only be meals
- urett by bilfoiteritY And ceaseless activity.
Few men not engaged in public life, were pir
,sonatly more known. His business
caused him tq beentue acqrainted largely in
many'parts &jibe Union, and ail who bad e
pleasure of becoming sufficiently' acquainted .
with bite.; will r3adily call to mind the warn.
friendly :grasp of the hand, his clarion voice,
and his merry, joyous laugh. I 1,.
To his : wire, he was an affectionat e , . devot ed
husband; to his children, a fond and doting pa
rent; to both wile and daughters hil was ever
extremely indiilgent, and to all his friends and
relatives affectionate and kind. 10‘ the midst
of the activityi;if life, be seemed to be constant
ly Impressed that if a. man died,t - hit should life
again. Former° than a quarter of a century,
he had been alinn and consistent member Of
the Presbyterian Church.( i
Yesterday ttili hearse bore his remains from
the residence of his son-in-law, 51r; G. W. Ad
ams, to Rosebill Cemetery , followed by his
family, one brother, two 'latent, and mourning
friends. • As oth Duran.
id to
td so
. et . -
In $
,„, .
. PERSOSAL—r.t. LiOODftl ill 18 ;tI.P
idly recovering from his recent severe and
dangerotts illness. He is now able hio walk aborit
his room:
—W. E. Cox and wife. of Bethlehem,Oveip
the guests of Col. H. B. McKean, last wegit.. I
Staartrit, Esq., President of the Cnica
go ColonY i Long Spiing, Colorado, paid a visit
to hui brother,iJedge STREETER, in this place,
last week. H 4 robust appearance is the high:
-est recommendation for the healthy condition,
of the Territory. Dlr. S. was accompanied by;it
young bride, Who will return with him to Colq.
rado, after a fe* week; sojourn among the hilts
of Bradford and Susquehanna conuties.
—Dr. HOLLI;ND was the guest of Judge
con's family while in this place.
—Hattirr Siaw, cf Philadelphia, and Ti2aa
nrer of the Barclay Coal Co., is at the, Means
Reuse. 1 •
1 .
r t, al-
ily to
—Gen.,WAGiTa,..G. W. C. T., of this St
paid us a call • to-day. He was ea rout
Frauklintlale., ishere he talks on temper.=
—Deputy. Su,iveyor of the Port Heenan
in - town oh a visit to Hon. E. 0. Gooptuc.i.
• z,
Itarr_sp. &mum: and family, of Ydrf:
county, are sOnding a short time in this placC,
visiting Mrs. s.'s father, T. C. Courts, E 4
The Doctor Aria a surgeon itt the ariny, and
has a large priiatice in the sou therm part of the
State.• '
—lts •. IMcQL.vrimisy is pp.} ing • his rat-.
rnerous tr . idndii in this place a short visit..
, .
• I
. ,
Tho Dradfoi4 DeMuty Teachers' Astociatioia
met at the rifiabiteriao Church, Mme, nide',
Nov. 14, Dresid ut 0. F: Young in the chair!.
Devotional e deies conducted by . Rev. P. T.
.karyca. -ilt.l.rutcti of dial, meeting read s . na
approVcd.! i
BustueBs co Mittee reported the folloxin#
elec. !
For cii=xu.4.l4ion
r, at the common school teacher
r;ullicieut knowledge of the,Leln
al langrpsgea to be able to tiro
correesness the technical terms
d paces uezurriug hi the test
6hould rthoes
and Coptinen
nounce with
awl names a
hat teaelier4 in our comm.*
id be qualified to give instruq-
Retwots shoui
thin ila mtme.l
flat' it should be the province of
• pregertbe the ettidies of the,ptfr
the teacher t
pity undo' hi.
ntiuti iii:cit4scd by F. 31. nireti
hrin)t•;l, A. A. liceney, W. It.
,1 1 4 1.1 . W. C ,rb:n. Adjourned.
bury. P. L.
Thumps na 31;
.rrn, l
npo.t a:311.1o..
W. W. (3 , t1/.1
A. A.
1 artl
W. ii. 'r Gca. Bromi,
Ur.,:•u thaey, P, L.
Etc:ll , l,on by !Ms,' F.. 4.
cote 1 upon n 2
rem unitig horn, la)t
I - 31-1 to )1( p rt`ot btI.II4CF
Brewer. ite,;
Ou tuolii,3,!
tory i
C.,rn' iith e
m._mberd wen;
off, red :
011410 te.)lo. e
iat tha :47:+!t.
c I
W. il.
pelt, E. E.Q•ti
Elsay by 24.1 , 6
by J. B. ELI iy,
V. P.11.11'
lecturer .)f,the
Peat nrc, o! the
ability, au
arkl timely
our ple.i.ure t
:rook was. tl
c'dasiou, th
- De :at' 'pal
Holbrook - C
cera reported
President?; P.
L Cook. Sept
Keeney, aril"
for t ensdin,
P. i.. Orris , '
boqint, rep'prt.
ion of res ,
TLv'lpti.)4• I
' She6l:elata
'or nic;elii,t,
made : ` 1
t i neesEl
irk of
la du,
i 4 ar
• Lecture'r,: Wi
Phpaical Seim
A. A. Keeney,'
E„ ;
Iteal'erg, coral
nesa commit
trackman, O.
•Snaan Fi4ll:
a gr .
co ii
11/116'.C, 'Rev.! Pi.
edietiort; Adj
thit the. 111 IF
• ,BU
ter Ya
pricts, at
$2,000. EL;qi
to eartra , ..43 to,
.j .ts 4:4
T .
bf Ilt
te- Go
Ell 3
ill be
tee' Ch
Mrs. Woolin
go to
Houses and
2,000t0t, j 7,5,
'ort of
d the
for o
111:1" 11 .3
Watches, cal
Stbre, Bridu.
• Jtat.
Flour, in Be:
'+e cheapest town to
trey Watel* Jewelry; aid Silverwire. is at 11.
HEtiDE.L3tMed, on Bridge street. • t
111§. Patterns, Hats and BonnetS,
At cost, at i l i s. Woanntre24, corner of Main
and Bridge. I 6 • 6 .
861. TIH finest stock of Gold Jow r .
i try of over/ delteription, over brott i ght in this
town, now oftled at . . M. Msnnitt.ssree new
Jewelry Store, Bridge street.'
Toita re„:39:ltUon votuil
I,,,lutirq,ll:scus4(.ll.l. for officer:4 a;:0
app Airpurnkli
LVIND:o srm4ios. •
fo"4o , rillg W;114 the*
for a ~rardu~~ prizes
ur comnion
ups,.;rl I'. L.
)J, • A.
.1);•clit tnatiop :If 13'
31u k.
ir,tro,itlced an th'p
is Iccliire_ was tbF
pear diacnrainq
rs, , i IDS Cif t :01 iIOtIC kith rnrQ
'the moat ofiginl
cesl7i:s ever beeit
Hawn to.
I vue,ses Jaded by ;Rev. P.
mraittee od uoraivation of, el*
oryrcsideut, E. ,L angle; Vice-
L. Chthpc•ll, J. C. Crawford,
otary and Tri. , asur , .4,• Mrs. A.
they were declared duly elected
year. .
auftit , A; or "CleiteoVvr . ii ad.
$23.50 in Treasjiry.
lution cantinned by G. W. Ryan;
I)ni ChriApell, I. IlcPherr
ecitAtton br 311.-;t , ' , Belle Rickey
'sS fixed upon as tho next plecel
Tol tho 'rpllowing° appointmente ,
11. Thompson ; Dcchtniers,
Jobn l 31111 s. Papers
:subject, Elements; nt
e. J. IC..Craulerd, subject,
subk,:ct, Practice of Teaching.
mi. Voulit, M. A. Dcmarb.
Ridgerg, Kinney.
a, Lawrence Vought, ,G. W.
D. Kinne3l Cynthia Rodgeri,
pleading by Miss E. A. Brewer.
4ry resolutions of thanloi and
j T. Marjvtt pronounced the be -
uorned, to meet in Shrthequin
id2.y anal Saturday of February,
M. M. KEENEY; Stuly.
Lacea.; of all Widths anti
. • TAu.on LCo s.
uted to borrow,: $l,OOO or
iro at tie& office. —.
—An active, energetic map
ss Trimmings, at airs
for your.l3ooLm and Stationer'
'Wren's .tionalaiidy Caps, rit
the best Roast or 'Steal,:
eral valuable Farms
tsi for sale by 13.cumrxr& Tnag t
0 Sta,..emeitts , for:$4.00:;
I, at this ottce.'
,• . ,
on want to see fine Gold
at 31. EIESDEWMAS . 9 now JewelO
IVED !—A large invoice of
els, Half-Barrels, and thinks, at 'a
McCazz E.DWARD9i'!
Tux OPPOMll3ll'll!—Huus
Ii 1014 Furniture at astonishingly low picas.
Now is the _time to purebsse.
air If yon want a gocid job repair ,
lug in watches / clocks sad Jewelry, ail id IL
Efiarmaux's Jewelry Store, Btidge street.
Ns. Burrimuin's Patterns s of Gar-
Olents for Ladles, italics and Children. at Mn.
Wooontrtioa. t •
111116. Solid Gold, Silver, and Plated
Ware, of superior cirislity,at. low prices, • at M.
BENDZIXA3'II Store, itridie street.
16. Caps, both black and white,
for old ladies, for sale at Mrs. J. D. Hues,
Bridge street.
fir Call at M. HENDELMAN'S Jawel
rY Store, Bridgo i streot„ and szamlnothe stock,
whether you desire to purchase or not.
seircoßsEß & coon have mere,
cheaper and better Boots and Shoes, than were
user before offered for isle in Towanda.
Se - Children's School Hats, in
Felt, Straw and Velveteen at tire. Warnnerm'a,
,corner or Main and Bridge.
j To see the fall styles in Hats
l and Bonnets, go to Mrs. ID, HiWe Millinery
Store, Bridge street. • •
Stir Large stock of Pictures and
Picture Frames, at Warrants S &tures. Bier
car's block:
sta-White Embroidered 'Flannel,
•or Ladies' Skirts, at • TATUM Co's.
Nov. 1272 w.
• JUST Ann ivEDI—A large invoice of
Flour, in Barrels, Malr-Barrele, ind Bails, at a
reduced price. I' McCann EDWARD.
to: Wall . Paper and Curtains
cheap at ' WIIITCONII Sr. Bastes.
literati% Mick.
ter Orderd , received for all kinds
of, Hair - Worki by EL LE Lavoie, -at the Ward
Et use, next Monday and Tuesday, November
17 and 18.
tic. Prof. SLIERWOOD'S Musical Aca
demy is an established hict. We told hint when
he located hero, that a geed 'teacher would
:flni plenty of
MS.. All new subscribers to the
Ciaticator anti Country Gentleman, for 1874,
piping in advance, previous to the close of
1873, will receive the paper weekly, from re
ceipt of remittance to January 1, 1874,-without
' '
. _.... .._
. ...
its.. Teachers of muticcan par-
Ciiasc Sheet Music and Music Books st Teach
cis' rates, at the Tem l ph) of Music, Towaoda
tfe" I3erginan's Zephyrs, in al
idiades, and Gas cOlors, only 20 Cents-per OZ, st
Mrs. Woonilefee, corner of Slain and Bridge
, i -. • --
viSi. The best place to buy School,
Miscellaneous and Blank Bonk!' and Fancy
Goods, is at WHITCOMB .1:: &RUT 8.
Alercur's Block. . .
tor For fine' Americ4n, F.lgin and
s T I,R Waite Eco, Jewelry, etc., go to H. J. HAL
WY‘lustig, Pa. I.lerge stock Piet re-
g 'lnstruction in the German
laip t inge, by Rev. Lesco,. M. D., a na
tive of Germany. Apply at Ids residence, No.
7 Arcade Block.
; AW- Pur i ties desiring to puretiase
Dry Ok;cds for Fad slid Muter wcar, will do
mall a I 1
u TAYLo:c ,t. Co. :ice advert se
wilt in auotiter column.
;lam Persons .wishing to purchase.
Real Estate Of any description, should call oti
BA:RFLETT TRACY, Insurance and Real Estate
Agents ar.d Brokers. /'
se". French Flowers; elegant, feath
-4 and all kinds .and colors 0!,./Rilasins, for
'sale a t. Mrs. J. D. IDT.L's Store, Bridge
:HAY PREssEs.-- 7 n. M. WELLES pays
special attention to' the bale of Ray - Presses.,`
Call upon him tf , iou wii , it! to get a good article
and one that willsuit yoth i)
4eir ltathushek, Weber, Hoofwan,
Knickerbocker, and other Planes for Paid:cheap
and on easy terms, at 6LE, Patsage, Co's
Tetnple of Mac,. Towanda, Pa.
SS— The best phice to buy Sash,
Blinds, Doors and all kinds of Lumber, is at
Fnotrr & SoNs Factory on Charles street. Af•
ficei 107 Main stieet.. They sellcheap'for cash.
Se" loat sus. & Moms, mannfact
ure!rs of fins) celebrated spectacles, hale
cblipgrod their agency from J. firootirN's' to
MLA. Cnssinsittme.
ter Why run the risk of an acci
dent, when you can het , a ticket good for $3,-
000:1n case of death, for2o:ceotii a day, by call-
Jegion Fuasii Berusami; at tipper depot ?
A t .
VO,It SALE.--The new house on Hain
street, seem] door notth Of Chestnut street,
lot About 100 fret Front. 'Terros'easy: Empire
he premises of Mrs. Ilowts and of Ft. T
tar Ladies' Hats and Bonnets in
all 'of the latest styles, just received at Mrs.
WoennuTr's,borner of Malu and Bridge streets.
Eutzance On Main street.
dCtober 10, 1873
PIEHCE it NICHOLS are selling
all if arietiea of coal very cheap. They are self)
agk,nts for the eialt - t of the celebrated cßarclay
coal. Coal by car load at-a dißcortilt. •
. r ~,,.
aN An
.Tinn received a sepply.This is an excellent one
in very respect.. .It will separate Oats from
Wheat. and Buckwheat from Oats, and prepare
nicely all grain and grass seeds for sewing,.
pa. Great care should be exereis:
9119 the eelection of a etnvo or heater, asl one
of these very necessary, at ticles will - last many
yeare. ffesPonn %lave the beet as
sortment& heating and evoking stoves ever
offeied in this market.
ger. It is not generally. known that
11. 0. WIIITAKFM, ntitto.B - Ook Bindefy over, the.
Iturourza office,
,makes Blank Booka in any
style of riding and binding desired. If; yon
want a new Lodger, Journal or 'pocket, give
him a call. •
- i. We are prepared to print wed
ding, calling, or invitation cards, on, the shoit
est hotiee, and in the neatest style. Envelopes
furnished when desired.
1166 Several desirable building lots,
neat the Iron Work, for salo cheap. Will more
than do' bie in value in the next two •yeare•
ur at this office.
1165.: Cold, damp weather approach.
cs apace, and if yon would preserve your health
keep your feet dry; and warm, by wearing the
supCrior boots and, shoes sold by M. J. btßitlN,
in Beidleman'e Block._ •
.116 r George Wobd & Co., Taylor
& Farley, and Jubilee 'Organs, at low pticeiind
easy terms of payment. Bend for circulars, or
call to see and hear them at the Temple of
sic Of COLT, PASOGE & Co. .
VS. Dealers in Strings will do well
to.ciß at the Temple of Music, where they will
flnd'a large assortment of French, German end
Italian Strings, at New York pnces.
la.. For sale olio tp, my hoise end
lot. ix, Chen H
not street. Enquire at the Mee
arn'o & 'ram. W. 0, 'awn
' ,
air No on 11884 go in want of
Bite or Smoak, oi l esti other. Wiliam good,*
it they will go to, $. A. lime & Co 4 where
they sell ermythtnir, aecorlitog to Its preeeot
rake. N0120.w4.
egi. Yon °six bni a good Itange
at &mum & licat's with thong:M. amount
of moncy you wail have to pay fora common
common cook atort at any other placO. Make
a note of this. -
IS. A large assortment of 2.lint•
ton'Kid (*was jostimelrad at B, A. Parris do
00., at the latest low prices,- and will be sal
accordmaly. j • r .Noi2Owi.
air Powzrai Coi advertise in to.
days's min. another hirge. famine of goads,
imitable for the season. , Now is the time to se.
Cara great bargains, as lbey are' selling dry,
goods at a redaction of 25 to 50 per cant. from
tut year's prices. I. • -
ler A. A. Pin' is lc Co. are con
Mardi, replotilshingi their large assortment of
Woolen Yarns and Knit-Worked °nods,'
so White's Patent lloods,sat bottom prices.
Taut Notimi—it. N. NELsosfew
eler. will sell hie stock of: Gomi AND :Puma
UMW% ,Watches ind Spe!rtacies at great re
dactions from forti3er prices! at WOUWA
Clothing Store. I • '
• h •
=us Fia.o—lf so, I try ) thC Rubber PAWL I
challenge any dealer or Painter in Bradford
county to produce r.II good, duratle or cheap
first-class paint. BUld by the gallon ready for
the brush. Send for sample color cardu, price
list and circulars. ; wELLILB.
Wit* Some one left'a clock at Km . -
nx's Drag Store, on the owning or ANNA pins
inson's lecture. Tho owner can have it by
proving property sop psying for this 4dtki.
MS. Mrs. E. J. biniaos has now re-
wired a tall line (it Stillinery and Piaci Goode.
for the Fall and Winter trade. She wiadispla,
the finest assortmenlor trimmed Bahraini Bon
nets, 4n Towanda, on and Idler nest Saturday,
Oct. 11.
, ,
—TWo or mote persOns cat 4 club togetherloo
buy their coal from IL NycLt.ts at wbolesale
prices, and get 2,20 ,ba to :tho ton.. doing
so seventy-live cents per ton of 2,000 •Iba. can
be coed from Towanda retail prices. i•
_Aar The amusement loving. .
munity will ba pleased to learn that the 'Neil
Orleans Minstrels are to give an entertainment
in this place, on Tuesday evening nexi: Thi
company performed; here last year, and:elicitee
a great amount of pi Moo. One of the features
of the performance is the female permit band.
Mayo STAYLET is still with them. Our4Chang
03:everywhere speal of the troupe t as nearer s
it:st-class Concert Company than Minstrels, n
the general acceptation of ihat term,
kV' ProdeutTeople of all c asses,
in the old country, invest their money to gold
and silverware. 'jewelry, waicheeland rho like
for safe keeping, knowing that snob articles al
nays command a good price, and • are much
more easily taken care ratthan money. It wordy
bif well if our,people; would follow the example
of our thrifty and enterprising neighbor*acroi.
the water. to. A. Cuamor.uttN keeps a . full as.
sortment of these 004 warranted of the best
sek. Atiiptii the bwiness establish
meats in this place,which every citizen Seel,-
proud, is the extenave Book St.)ro of C. F.
Cuoss. Mr. C.- is thokanglily posted in Ilie,bnsi
nese, and keeps a larger and better assortment
of goods than can found in any other place
in the country. We 'cheerfully recomMend his
to the patrenage of our - readers, as an holiest
upright;dealer, atjd pcu nix; never takeaadvan
tap pi overreactes.l
~Stich men ,hould be pat
r •
NOTICE.—The' members of Union
Lodge No. 108, ITnic.n 11. B. A.,. ChaptCr 161.
and Northern Commander) , No. 16„ loeitted ano
stationed at Towancla,,l'a., are hereby notifiee,
that there Rtll he a meeting of the 4asome
Hail Association, hel l (' at MaSonie hail, Tewan
da, I'a:, Dec. 17, 1876, at 6 r. X., sharp., tor the
purpose of electing a President, Treasurer, Sec.
retary, and three Trnsteetrof the Masonic! Halt
Association, to serve' for the ensuing *sow
year. H. It NI •I" Bee: ' } .
..• • ,
Nov'. 12, 1573-3.
AT 123 3fsts Sra. I LE:T-416:D THE e.z.v--.r tot
MONET !ALL Goons Mattectm_ DOWN FROM; TO
30 ran I cayr.—Having purchased .recently, at
bargains, oar good will s bO : offered at: panne
pnces. Call and sea our pver-Coats, at p. 10;
Under-shirts and Dritwers at 40 cents cacti ; al
other "goods in proiilertion. I shall be ett To
wanda the balance of the season,' from this 24th
of this month, and Would be, pleased to receive
s call from my friends and criatumers.
;At ya. Sohoiotc. - •
One Priee 0. 0. lljelothiq, 123 Main-St.
M. Another i ;
made in the price di
Soxa. Look at tht
Children's High Cha
Hoston Rockers, each
Beat Wood Seat Chid
Best Flag Seat Cloti
Ash Chamber Snits,l
Now 1 the hi t thi
and the only place i
Main street. -
Nov. 12-6. v.
Be Runk !
The winter wind no%
And hollow sounditil
The sturdy travler •
And w i htstles gaily a
For what cares he h w sternly winds may blow,
Whilst warm and coy ho thile's them all ; '1•2:..
Thia is the secret —I tall people know—
His clothing 'comes fioin IIosi.SFIELD'S Hail !
Where weather-defying and indestructible gar
ment's of every description, can be had at veay
ow prices
There'd JONES, novt he never is needy,
But atways has pl4uty of cash - ,
Just look at bid clothes, they are "seedy,"
The' he bought them. so lately of—DAsn—
Whilst MOWN, wholid needy but clever, '
Wears cintlies that, he purc;hased la 3 all—
wear well and !look good as ever, •
But he purchased Ibis suit at 31c3IstioN's.
Where the'mont dsirable, reliable and stylish'
garnients, of every ina, canbe prlcured on
short notice at.pric a mado! - expressly low to
suit these " hard times." Romembei the place,
J. L. MOM.Aumes, olipoite the Post Office.
—Tev A: Co. haling aratied themoires rn
the recent 'ergo soles of neichandise, in , Nor:
York, offer to Eell ftv th^ next SIXTY, DAYS
their etock of c '
•NYC.. &C.,
Towanda, Nov. 15. 1873.
AIINOLD—SALZWAN.--In Towanda, Nov.
by Rev. S. J. Lusk, Horace L. Arnold, o
Warren, to Alice L. Salzman, of Towanda.
CONRAD—PICKERMG.—LI the 3f:,` l;.
sonage_, Nicholson; Pa., Nos. 12, 1873,.by Rev.
P. R. Tower, assisted by Rev. D. C. Barnes.
Mr.;.Tantes W. Conrad w D t tss Julia A.„Pack
oring, both of Gibson, Susquehanna county,
et the reddeuer ,f the brut 1 4 ',Aber. INev.
4th 3873. Air N mei! Worn, of Emit Bur
lin4tou. Pa., anti Urn tows. J 0101412, 0
West Barlington,l1 1 4, ,
;great eduction just
I Furnit&e, by J. 0. Fr.osT
so pricds
rs, each
• 33.00
t re, ,per q et
8, per set.
• • ,
e to buy cheap for; cash.
tows iis at FILOST &•SONti
V• gives its warning note,
Is moan'anaidst the trees;
hattonit eight his coat, - I ,
t the nipping breeze. •
OUNN—CUILEIMX..—At the ieddenoe Of sir
Joel Rim, tin Railroad street, ToWanda, Pa.,
Gov, 19 1873 , by Rev 11. O. Dean. Captain
unn to Mrs. Anna L Gbabbncle, all of
ands, Pa. , ;
MARTEN—PI7IIOELL.—At the ieildence of
Mr. Job Webb, in Wyitor t Nov. 'l2 1073, by
%v. E. T. Dutcher, Mr. George Marten and
Miss Anna Purcell, of Boma AU of Bradford
county; Pa. • I
HALE—IMILICEY.—AtTriuIty Chnrciiiewark,
Ohio, Oct. 22,1873, limo. Bee. fk G. ield. as
. assisted by Rev. W. bower, James T. Male.'
I. of Bellefonte, Pa., and Helen' 0., &tighter pf
Tamer L. Dirket, Esq., of Newark, Ohio. - •
Ooltuntna, Nov. 16th,
1873, by-S. It. Crane, E.-n., Mr. Isaac Doug
les, of North Branch iVyonting CV., Pe..
ford lnd
Co. Miss
P 'llary E. Ward, or Colombia, Bra.'
, a.
Tlikelf-rWOOD—it the residence of E. S.
Tracy, Esn.„Esod Smithfield, Ps., on the 12th
' bY Dean, Mr. limb Tracy and
Miss Emma' Wood.' 1 •
BLOCHER--.BUMP-;41 the If E. Vaisorulse
W.Taluriug, Pa., NOv. 18th, 1873 by. Bev. J.
B. Sumner, G. T. Blocher, of lintel,. and
Emily Bump, of LIMO qui, Bradford Co., Pa.
BRAM PTON—TBOMPsON At' Leßaysiille,
On the 6th tuft., `by WV. Wm. 0. Baldwin,
Mr. Robert T. Brampton, of Bound Brook,
. New Jersey. and 'lira. Tells Thompson, of
Brushvide, Ps., •
.LOLGIS-BOW ANI—At *the Congregational
Ceurch, at Leßayaville. on Ike 16th by
Be.v. Win: 0 Baldwin, Mr. Fred E Loins and
Alba Mettle E. Bowman, both or Lettayartlle.
BURNSIDE—In Smithfield, of diptheria, the
following tour children of Sherman and Mary
• E. Burnside : , •
Sept. 30, John O. Bernside. aged 9 years ;
Oct. 7, George 8. Barnside, aged 15 yearn ;•
Oct. 27, William L. Burnside, aged 9 years;
Nov. 9, Cerro J. Burnside, aged,7 years.
The three remaining , children aro hopefully
recovered from the vldtation.uhich has so sad
ly, afflicted this faznily.
Corrected every weimesday, by 0. B. -PATCH
'abject to clumps daily.
Wheat, ip bush
arh $1,50 m 1 75 V
bush : . . as
Suelrwhest, 16 bash ,
dont. V busb
Beans. ill uli
bu`u• • • •
Butter (rolls) * lb
do latr9,l IR VI new
Eggs V dos' ....,
Potatoes, ip bcishmew ' - tie
Flour ? barrel. ' 9 50 q,. 10 50
Cutout 11l bash 1 00
Wmorrrs or intim—Wheat. 60 lb. ; Corn 56 lbs. ;
Rye 66 lbs.: .osts 32 lbs.:- Barley 46 lbs.; Buckwheat
58 lbs.; Beans 62 lbs.; Britt 20 lbs.; Clover So•td 60
lbs. ; Timothy Seed 44 lbs.: Pried Peaches 33 lbs.;
*Dried Aproes 22 tbs.; Flu Seed 60 lbs. .
I t
NERVOUSDisnrrr.--A depressed,
:rritablo stste/of mind; .a veak, nervous,: exo
lounged feeling; .no energy or anmeition; coo-,
weed head, weak memory, often with e.ehilitat.
ing, involuntary disaharges..the consequences
, fexcesses, mental Overwork or indiscretions
rho Nxitvocs DEBILITY' finds a sgereign cure
No. 28.• It tones up the system, arrests di,.
.Ibarges dispels the niontal.gluom and'deipou
lency. and rejuvenates the entire sy-tem. It IS
•ierrectly harmless and alwasi.effleient. .Priut
for a package of five Woe and a large e 2
.ial of powder, whicbts important in 151 d, seri
canes ;or $1 per sin le box. Sold by ALI.
truggioto; or sent by mail:on receipt of price.
.Address, • . Ct.inx li. Ponran. •
s ou th end w a ro H:uto. Tnti . 3l'o 4 Po.
owning lots ou the f011OWID?. Streets. Water. Second,
Third, rourtM Fifth, William, Centre, North WO
-11463, York Avenue, Second A anus, Packer Avenue
(Acne. Avenue. Barstow Menne, Ruston Street,
Oho tuut. Canal, Old Plank Road, Lombarn. Wee.
ton, ILIDIO, State,. Poplar. Park, Court, tine;
Wsstitugtou,l.t+zAtieth, Fraukltu. Barclay, Coliege:
Avenue; Fourth, Chestuid, are hereby notined that
~ tie grade of said Street has ii en recently estsb:.
by tbe.Ntreet Engineer.'under the supervi,
on of the Streetocommlttee, tit tt profiles of said
greets with the 'proposed grades will be on exhi
°Mon at the Milos of W. H. Morgan. Esq., Borough
Engineer, until Nov. 26, at 7 o'clock, p. pa., atwhieh
tune there will be held a meeting of the Bork:high .
.Jonneil, at their Rooms, on Pine Street, to bear tiny
persons interested upon the questions of said grade,
And all parsons 1149 rr arc herby requested to
be present at said meeting. to show cause deny thee
, taus. why said grade sh old not be establiehed and
Attest : J. !%11,3 BRYANT, Burgess.
JO'. KING:01111Y, Fli t .'s*
Towanda, Nov. 8, {
S . .
LAMATION.—Whereas. by ati lict of Assembly
of the Commonsrealthef Penn:Viva - Ma, entitled -en
act relating to the electious of this Oninonwealth,"
st is enjoined upon me to give public notice of such
ilection to be held, and also , the. enumeration in
mch notice what officers are to be elected, I, .1.
it. tt)MICH. High Shalfrof the comity of Bradford,
to hereby male known :tad give notice to the electors
~(said county, that thew all' he held a • lemciai
ot o too , on -repsp,is, the pith day ,DECEXI
iiEIt. 1873, in the several districts in , said coon
ty. to wit
In Armenia, at the house of John S..Beeke l r.
In Alba borough, at the house formerly occupied
by D. P. Knapp.
In Albany, at the school house near Win. Bahre.
In Asylum, at the school house near S. Beeler's.
In Atheus borough, at the house formerly occupi•
Sy E. S. Mathewson.
In Athens tWI.L, at the house formerly occupied by
J D. Hunt. in Athens bore.
In:Burlington bore% at the house formerly occu
pied by L. T. Boyce.
In Burlington twp., at the house ef B. Stevens
iu Burlington Borough.
In Intrtmeton vV6at, at the 31. E. Church.
In Banalay ist the school house.
boru. at the Central House
In Canton' twp., at the house formerly oiNnipica by
9. 8. Myers, In canton borough.
In e_olutubin, at the house of Jas. Morgan.
In F.ranklin at the house now occupied by S. S.
In Granville. at the house of Benj. P. Taylor.
In.Beirick, at the school house hear Daniel Du
In Leßaysville !lore', at the house formerly occu
pied by J. R. Fletcher.
In LitChtlell, at the house Of S. B. Carmer.
In Leßoy, at the Centro school house.
In Monroe twp., at the house formerly occupied by
'R. R. Rockwell. ;
In Monroe bore', at the house formerly occupied
by Ethel Taylor.
In Orwell, at the house of Francis Woodruff..
In Overton, at school house No. 2.
In Pike, at the house of [raver Bosworth. '
In Rome twp.. at the Academy iu Rome bore.
In Rome boro', at the Academy.
In Rldgbury, at the house of lien.), Berman'.
In Sheshequid, at the Valley House.
seri the hOuse formerly occupied by
Jesse Hammond.
Lii'atauoing Stone, at the house of Simon Stevens.
In Smithfield; at the , IMuse, formerly occupied by
'A. J. Jerould.
In Sylvania bore*, at the house of Curtis Mcrritt.
In South Creek, attho !tease of C. E. Coe.
$ 65
In Terry, at the house of Jacob.Frateny.
In Towanda norough—P,rst Ward, at the Hotel
of Daniel Sullivan. Second Wird at the Court
House Third Ward, at 'the School House near
Win. Dittrieh s.
In Towanda twp., at the schi , ol house. near li. L
Scott's. ,
In rowanda north-. at the house of S. A. Mill's.
In Troy twp., at the hourie of V. 3i. Long in Troy
In Troy boro', at the house of V. M. Long. - 1 ,
ba Tuscarora, at the school house near Jas. Black's.
In Ulster, at the house of S. B. '
In Warren, at the house of It. Cooper. •
In Alm ham, at the house of B. Knykemlall.
In Wyalnsing, at the bon a° of J. B. Black.
In Wathot, at the house of 4. J. Stque.
In Wysox, at the house formerly oebupie4 by J. &I
'ln Wells, at the house of L. Seeley.
At which time and place the electors aforesaid will
vote ballots 'containing on the outside the words
New Constitution," and on the inside For
New Constitution," or Against the,New Consti
And in and by said act. I am fu;ther directed to
give notice .•that any person excepting justice of
the peace who shall hold, any (ace' of pewit and
trust mold Um-government of the United States' dr
this State, m: of any incorporated district, and .also
that every Member of Congress and orthe Le2isla
lure, and the select and ccuVuort council of any city
or coninilssioners of any incorporated district, is by
law incapable of holitifig or exorcising at the same
time the office or appointment of Judge, Inspector
or Clerk of an elecetou of this Commonwealth, and
that no Inspector or other officer of any such elec
tion shall be then eligible to any lace then to be
voted for. - ,
' By the 4th section of an sat passed the Ist day of
April,-1840, it is provided "that the 14th section of
ati,ict passed July 2, ledtL entitled" .Aultet relating
to the elections of this Commonwealth,' shall not
be construed so as to prevent any :military oihcer
from serving as Judge, Itianector , ,or Clerk, at -wy
general or special election of this Commouwealth.w,\
Au Act to change the time of closing the pills at
the general and Township elections in the county of
The Jeneral Electian in all the Wards, Townships,
Districts and Boroughs of the county is to be opened
between the hoUrs of six and seven o'clock In the
forenoon, and shall continue without Interruption
or adjournment. until seven o'clock In the e.euing,
when all polls shall bo eluted.
A further Supplement to the Election laws of
Pennsylvania :
Witerteas, By the act of the Congress of the Unit.'
ed States entitled "An Art Wan:mud the several acts
heretofore passed to provide fur the enrolling and
\calling out the-Natiunal forces, and for other purpos
es' and approved March third, ono thousand eight
hundred and sixty-five, all, persons who have desert
ed the military or naval servieo of the United States,
and who have not been discharged, or relieved from
the penalty, or disability therein provided, are deem
ed. and,taken, to have voluntarily relinquished, and
forfeited their rights of citizenship, and aro deprived
of exercising any rights of citizens thereof :
And whereas. Persons net s citizens of the United
States aro not, u derthe Constitution and Laws of
Pennsylvania, qualified electors of this Common.
wealth': \
ro the County COMP tis,lioners and Sheri/ VC,' County
of Bradford: \ The Pifteenth Amendment of the Con
stitution of the United States is as follows:
" Sento% 1. Theright qj citizens of tho United-
States to vote 'hall net be denied or abridged by the
United States. or by any State. on account of race,
color, or previous condition of servitude."
"SEcrion 2. The Congress shall have power to en
force this article by appropriate legislation." ,
And, Whereas, Tho Congress of the United Stides,
on the Slat day of March, 1 1470,,55ed an act. cub.
tied "An Act to enforce the right of c pa itizen/70rd Unit
a States . to cote in the several Sates of this Union, of a
for other perilous," the first and \ aectitl sections of
which areas follows: \
"norm's I. Be a enacted b,:v ate Senate. and House of
,Representatires of the rnikdStata of America in Con.
gran arsembled., That all citizens of the United States.
who are, or shall be otherwise *41=1113e:1 by law to
vote at any election by the people, In any State. Ter
ritory. district. county. MO, partab..townstilp, school
district, municipality, or other territorial \ sub-dills
tot., shall be entitled and allowed to vote atoll such
elections, witbont distinction of race, color,\or pre-
ViouS condition of sorsitadeA gar Constitution, Lim,
1 60. E 200
• (to 30
30 0 34
citation. or Medi= 'of any 'State or Terri
tory, or by, or under , Its authority, to thrtrity
notwithatitUding.?' .
szarsolt 2. dad be:4 fernier earretecf,; t by.
adder the,authoritrof the Constitution or laws of
esfY State, orithe laws of any Territory. any Act is or
shall be reqtared to be done As a prerniviiiiite or
qnslnlcstlon for voting, and by VlCit VeUtitittltiOn or
rikW, perseste rtu c l ir c ricers are or shalt AO charged With
the gerfo of duties furnishing to - citizens
art opportu ity to perform imch - prerequisite, or to
oriccene qualified to vote. it, shall be the duty of every
midi:Person and officer to sive to - all cititte of the
United:States, the same and enlist oppb
patina such prereqte, and to become
to; vote without distinction of race, color, or provioue
condition of servitute ; and If any such person or
officer shall refoso or knowingly omit to 0 , 4 toll ell
tent to this section, he shall," for every such offence.
-forfeit and pay the sum of Live hundred dollars SO
the person aggrieved thereby.:lo be rectrirft , ed biazi
WPM ou the case, with full costa and MI& s/low,-
anoet;for counsel fees as the court shall deein lust
acid Ethan also, for every such offence, be 'deemed
gedlty. of a misdemeanor, and shall on ;* conviction
thereof, be fined not teas than live hundred' dollars,
eel* imprisoned not less than one month Ind not
mini than one year. or both, at the discretiOn of the
• I, , • -I
And whereas, It is dechtred by the second section
-or the VI article of the Constitution of the I United
titans!. that "This Constitution, and the laws of thq
Ilidted States which shall be made in porsuance
thereof, shall be pa supreme bac of the land'. *
► . anything to the Constitution or kW/ of eay Staff
to,he;contrary no thstand(ng. I i ;
Ana whereas, The Legislature' of thin counnQnt
wo , 4th, on the Gth day of April, A. D. 1870.*!paseed.
vu _-- -,pril, A. D. 1810.'nes...
ati set, entitled "Altuther supplement to the wirer.
biting to,elections in this Commonwealth," the tenth
seCtien of which provides as follows:
litscrtior 10. That so mud) of every act of Assem r
bIY al - provides that only white freeman Shall be enr
titled to vote or be, registered as voters, Gras claim*
tug to vote at any geneW or, special electiOn of this
Conutionwealtb, be and the same is hereby repealed;
and that hereafter all freemen, without thstinctien
t& color, shall be,eurolled and registered according
tol the provisions of the first section of Dia l ed til•
proved seventeenth April, 10. entitled "An act fur.,
the? wipplementid to the act relating to the i elections
of: this Commonwealth." and !when otherwise quail,
fled oder existing laws, be entitled to vide at ill
general and special elections in this Cuninienwealtli .4
And whereas, It is my, constitutions' and, ofilel
ditty to "take Care th at the laws be faithfully cu
tell: ' and it has come to my knowledge that sundry
assessors and, registers • of voters have reftised, and
are refusing do assess. and register divers colored.
mole citizens of lawful ego, and °Womble qualified
awelectors: ,
. tI •
VOW, Tincezrons, Inconsideration of the prerulr
see: the county cogruniisioners of said county are
hereby notified and directed to instruct the several
assessors and registers of voters ;therein, Ito obey
and conform to the requirements of said conatitm
tional amendment and laws; end the sheriff,of said
county is herebyauthorized anti required*? publish
I his elenion proclamation for the next ensuing'
eleetiOns, the herein recited constitritional ,amend T
menti act of Congress, and act the Legislature, tu
the end that the same may be known, executed and
obeyed by all assessors, registers oP voterel l election
Clieerß and others; and that the rights 'and !privilege
guaranteed thereby may be secured to all the ciiP
zebs Of this Commonwealth entitled to the aarne.i
~; TAE STATE. at Hirrisbiarg, the ay and year
Ll Ara! above written. -I 1
••. •
Attest: -, JOW.S.F. HANTR iNFT. 1
i • M. 8. QUAY, See,y-of Cumnionwealth. :
. •
I arse call attention to the following her -,
6Metrwier 1. lle it enacted by the, Senate and House
oflllelireseklatives of the Comnianicerle (!frPennsyl: ,
raffia in General AsseMbly Ina, and it is Acrd by enact=
edq-the authority of the same, That lie all e.cctionis
heicakter to be held In this Columonwcalthi- it shall
be unlawful for the judge or inspector of the elec.,
tifin to receive any ballot or ballots from iny person
oqpersons embraced in the provisions, and subject
todhii disability Imposed by said act of Congress ars4 ,
preved.illarch 3,;1863, and it shall be unlawful for
any snch person to offer to vote any ballot tak.ballots,l
•9r-show 2. That if any guch judge andinspectors
ofieleetion or any one of them shall receive', or eon.;
sett Co receive, any such,unlawful ballet oil ballotitJ.
from any such disqualified person, he s or they, so of i
fending, shall be guilty of a inesdemeatiorimdupon
theviction thereof in any court of quarter se signs of
is - flonnotiwealth, ho shall , for any sue offineeii
beisentenced to pay a fine of. not less than; 100, and
mfilergo an imprisonment, in the jail .of the proper
connts , , for not less than 60 days. i • ;!
firxtrfox 3. That if any person - deprived,
of citileM l
814, 7 Mid disqualified as aforesaid, shall at mossiest i
Wm, hereafter tq be held in this. Conntionwealthi!
vote or tender to the' officers thereof, aniß offer to
vote a ballot , or ballots, any person so. Offending
sh4ll be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor ;; and On
convietion thereof, In any court of quarter,scssions,
of tilde Commonwealth, shall, for each offen e e, bo i
punished ha like manner as Is provided In the prceerb;
big section of flits act, in the case of officers of else
tido r i caving such unlawful ballot and ballots, I
Szcpow. That if any personf shall hereafter, er.,
superior advise any person or perflen.9 deprived o 1
citizenship, and disqualified as aforesaid to i tiffer any'
ballOttir ballots , to the ofticerfeof any clectiOn. here
after Oahe held , In this Comtimuttealth, or-Shall per
suade:or ixdvlso any such officer to receive any ballot
or ballota. from any person deprived iaf,ciffzenship,
and disqualified as aforesaid,-such personem offend
ing sliall;be guilty of a zalir meaner; and upon con-1
cietion thereof, in any court of quarteriisions of;
this illimamonwealth, shall be punished inl ikc mar
net Rig is provided In the second section o this act,'
'lOl4. caee of officers of such election, koceiving•
such Unlawful ballot or ballots. 1
By an act - di Assembly of- March 30, 1.630!, cutitled
aniActregulating the mode of voting at Mir ections. i
in theifieveral counties of this Commonwealth, it is;
eMicted as follows: . ;
, , -;
. .s.E.c t io,: 1, L., it enacted by tlie. Senate ail House!
oprepiesentatires of 11.• Conamonietalth of l'ennsyl- .
rahia in General ASN-Inbly turf, and it is hereby enactl,
td'hy Pie authority of the same, That the ti hualifieill;;
%uteri of the several counites of this Com enwealthil
at 411 general township, borough, and special elec. ',
thins, ;are hereby, hereafter authorized and required';
to vot e r by tickets printed or written. sevitrailLehissi,';
fiell ad follows : One ticket shall embrace the names];
of all judges of court to be voted for, and to be lal
beleit i ontsido. "judiciary:" one ticket shall I eitbraea
the . names of all •state officers to be voted fier and be
labelled . 'btate:" one ticket shall embrace the name
ofsllcontity officers voted for, incindingi (Office o
senator, member, and members of assembly,if voted
fok„, and members of congress,' if voted fee), and be
liliellell , con. ;" one ticket shall embrace the
sof all Nilaslfir °filters voted for, and be la
beled mow' . hip;" -, one ticket shall embrace the)
najuesiof all bormfgh officers cot - Fd for. and 'shall be;
labelled tthotongh,", and each class's shall ho deposit,
' edi in Separate ballobboxes. . I 1
. tlection officers are authorized anti comet dcil to;
strietli observe the provisions of the Recttry Lawi
passed by the Senate and louse of Repre..ntatives'
of thiB l ,CotAtoonn'ealth. on.the 17th day of AM - 11.1869.
i 1 IlartiAbcorg,.Pa..:A:no. 27. 1870.
Tho meeting of return judges for the cAignity of
Bradford; will - be at the Court louse in Towanda, on
the third day after election, which
thi 19th day of December, at to' ,
i 0
, November 20, 1873.
, .
LI- To Josephine llowell.—No. 57d, itav t,, 1973,
l'oe are hereby - notified that Dyer- trowel!, you:
hu,stfati, nas applied to the court of comm en pica: ,
of giro foul co., for a divorce from the bonds 01
taittriniony, and the said court has, appointed 31001
- day, the Ist 'day of Dec., 1973, for hearfng Di,
'safil Dl - er in the premises, at which trine ant
tOcc , yon can attend it yon think proper,
N0v.12 ; . .1. M. IiMITIT. P .
rx. Owen.— No. 819, Sept.
X(o.t . aTe hereby notified that Myttin Owen, tour
MiArand, has aped to `the court of common plea
of pradford Co., for ,divorce from the bonds of mat
rintoq, and the said court has appointed tt °inlay
the Istiday of Dee.,lBt3, for nearing the !ad.:l . :llyr°
in ',the premises, at which time and place. ;you cat,
atcendpr you think proper. - • •
Sov. ‘ l2 . J. IL smrrn.
'F'NdORPORATION N 01: I. E.-L- 4
in:the matter of the incorporation of the Atl
en'ti 11 , ,thliug and Loan At-Sot - 1410u of NtLexu,','.
rm. 15•4 Dee. T.. 1873. • •
INotige is hereby given that the above name,
As , ociatiou his presented tdihe Court of Pominon,
Pans of 13radforfl County their article of isitociation
askingfor is decree of Incorporation„ and the said
(Atart having exanfined the same,
and finding them
ccyrecV, will decree that• they bro incorr.4ratell ak
prayedi for, on Monllay. the Lit day of lircember4
at 2 o'clock p.m., unless I canse.tie hhown to
th'e contrary. B. M. PECK.
blev.i2 • Prothonotary.
than matter of the Incorporation n
oration of • "Oak
Cepielery."--N0.453. Deo Terns,; 1873..
Nothie is hereby given that the shave stained 5.840-
cironlCourt has presented . to the of Common Plea
of Bra( ford ,County their articles of assticiation ask
, fora decree of incorporation. and the said cour
having , examined the game and finding them correct
wt l decree that they be incorporated as inlayed for' ,
uti 'Monday. the let day of Deli.. 1873. at 2 o'clock,
Unless cause be shown to the contrary.-
i . B. If Phfiri . ,
' Prothonotary.
utter of
U> phai 's Court o tlic o esta .n t o e n of
tie W as in, ot it lrs ei. c ' .o l r n a tb e .
• rho undersigned, au Auditor appointat by sat.
eciurt t, dbitrilante hands at the 4+i:canto
wtvill attend to the dutl.iror said appointment at List.
nffl *O4 Towanda Borough. on SATIIIIDAy, NOVI
29 , , 1873, at 10 o'clock; a, tn.,. at which ani
place rill persons halting claims upon said ftiticbt
mart vacant them or he debarred forever_ front
cdtulog in upon tire same. „
, Andito:.
11.. Court of the Vbtted States for the Western Dia
trlct of Pennsylvania.
," In the matter '01" W. R,
81paIl.y, R .
Aakrupt. !
NVoittrn Thetrict of Ponnay,lvanis, no.—.l;l , warratil
tnlltaultrnntes hoe been Waned by Bala Coni,t again
tit't• estate of W. It. Smalley, of Die 'County
Biaatoiid and State' of Pennsylvania; in cold Dis
t, aljudgett•Binkropt on hie own pet,tien. am
tbO payment of any debts and the deliver) of an
preperty belonging to illicit ilankrupt to him or:A.7?
his useiend the traziefor of any property bY tin ar<
forhiddrn by lair. A reeking of the creditors 6t CAL
111.ukriapt, to prove Ida ,dsbta and choose: one of
more 4asimmea of hia e,tate,- will ho held at t
court of bankruptcy to be holden.'at thelloffice 01
Ddward Overton, Jr Towanda, Da., Mforq : Edward
o*erten,.Jr. Register ondhe 25th day of 1.1 4 ;01n:11
13Ett, A D., 1870. at 10 o'clock a. m. _
S Marshal'for said plotia.
4a~ .~2'T3-W2
..g,.. creditlra of Lore' zo.Ercriii3-1 on art 'hereby
nUtified that I hare applied to the. Judges of the
Court C num77n Hem of Bradford County._ for my
Mr;7harge as an losolvetit ,15,btor, under the lawa o
tlMCoMtuouurealtl, of l'eunsylvalll3.. Ftoll , CaPe •
made sod, provided, an 1 they have , ikz:Vti Dar
1 # MONDAY in DECEMBER,' A. th, 1w 3: at Di,
o'clock; a. m to hearing the sane. •
• oc, 1a73. ' LOUENZO B ,OWN.
Notice is hereby given tliat an nersonattidhte,ll
td . , the estate of Ruth Northrup, latoTof,4Xonroe o '
de,ceasell, ere requested to make .ininiediatii ,
payment, and all persons having claims against *Ca
estate Must present them duly authenticated for set;
tlement. t • J.,12 8311T11,
:o,ct.. 15, '73. Admirrbitratccr.
1....N - alets fa hereby Oven that 4, periona tudebted
t(i tbe ;state of Charlestato. or i Iliorria,
a&nP3Yekt. are regtiested to .inateirnmediattepayntent
stid all 'l.iersons hating tlifuss•lnet latit estate
eqnst. preeqnt thew drily mottle ifeated 'floe settle.
m,ent. '414.1 MU. PLANT.
• ' ..TOSEP U. 510.1311, • '
!Oct / . Eieentors.
41L tin'tiee !a, hereby men that lel ; oneudebte<l
1.4 i Mai r,tat*, of Charles W. rzcptt, late qt: Sprlug.
4.!elstd. up' requested" to malt. , tpluteilia4
riyariltrand ill pommel bunts cialma spins;
!ail estate must ppesent than duly anthentleatec
fer sal - fitment B. S. HUGMAS. ,
N,9Y 0.• iBi3. Admiatirtrator.
, , ,
p,,agarrrtq 14 A ES.--B , irtue of
4,, 4
~..7.,..„„,.....„ Ont,of the ' of Com.
nton_Tldia of Br;dfont ounty, and to directed.
WM be( exposed puhl sale at the Co* !rouse lb
.the thirorigh of To iIIIDAT. VP.3ll5Ett
23. help, at t o'clocb, p. ~ the follow! described
lot. pip. ur parcel, of la d titillate in W htm twp.
bound as folleyou
r Tle4innll l 3tat a near the
wart niters of tbp , it, tug southw , eat ,
corn of Norman owl s' lef t thence nth 49,%
i t
eg east 7o vetch,. to stake and tiro A; thence
t 74 16-10flper, tri, t and, stones; twowest
88 Ito a corner I i e bigbway; thirty) nor th
along litglitWay A 7 to tbei place of i
~ , br.ning;
co s og AO Pram
nae, rr loss, zteLrly all,tzu
prov . with a framed b ttsr, (famed barn, and trait
tree t ereon. i I :1 ! 1
i•ie 4
Se ;. and taken hi i4lexe7itlon at insult hf D.
D. 8 eluding ye E. ~1 en. !
Alelifi—tine &the lo t,leo or pamli f land sit
uate:in Wvalcistng wi.L, unded as fells 'a: Begin-
Mot at a corner of the! ortei, and.2llchple lot On
gn i ' , cLit i ,
t i ot, In et th n r v i4 ‘ r, i e l ' el f : v
alt al s llL J fte 4 t ; to th a en CO ce r
of inck's lot; then south 55 deg, east 83 feet
to a on Ilne of grid w fp:4 lot; thgnee south
9de West 70 feet se a car Cm said Poro,er & Mel=
ola' ot; thence north $ 5 des.; west 132 filet to place
,o 1 g nnlng; containin 194»11 squato.perthes of
laud: More or less,!all proVed, with a large framed
doubl storehouse Untl, a smal4ramed barn thereon.
he zd and taken Into xectition at the'Suit of Ed.
wart Vaughan vs It J, 00141 I I
AI a at the salt a ; L. jOaylord's use vs II J
Dail it Co. - ; l j
A a other lot, tee .or ,parcel of lAEA sit.
Wad t Overton twp, bo adr On the north by Linde
of C Lis Street's Und'; I re ‘1 Ign...orerti, south by
lambs - f Daniel Dever] , a d west by l 44 of the
W Almirs Ileverly; containing 40 s. 'more
or Ids all tuiproveit,iwi li a few fruit tre; thereon.
Se z d and takezt in eteention at e suit of
311, Ifeichemera'T
j es . I c o Donald- 1
A ne othe tel leer, orparcel, f land lit
ust In Itidgbury tstp bon ed on the, orth, eabt'
and what by lands of 4,41 r Edevene aouth,by
„t f i
land of J W Thompton; con 'fling M 1 res. More
or If all improved'; : ti bnitilings. ,1
Srd and taken into tectitlon at the' Snit of Rob.
lnio l e t Cr,s3g vs V Silt us. I - 1(1
A o—One othei . ll.l i. lea. or psrcel p hind sit
nate in Albany tir , bah deil on the not by lands
of Fatriclt Fin .n, e tO. lands of Amos , , unsusger.
south' by lands of P.l ick IllteCorrin d Widow
flortif r west by land of • enry Elngk con Ming GI
acre more or less; $ 0 tree InaprOved,i ith a leg
-kook; log barn, andle Mutt trees the on. , ,
Sei4ed and take int. oxiention at e rr tof r. - E.
/arta nee vs. St hen per , ~ 1
A—One oth r lot, pier parerlicif hull sit
nate, In Sprlngflel , twp, bounded on,. by
tendtoff Wm r Daly an NeWton Pant l
i p. e4st by
land f Joho Weifthrop , south by laud t thsWid
ow . t ..7, Widow F tad g and th rum ' on, at A
by 1 i dot Hosea ail ;,contarning 60 ^es.'insore
,or l. Is, all imp r yid. 'with! two tram, dweLiug
bon P, one frato bar. , d an ore dof fruit
treetlihereon., I
lie •ed and take In o ext ention at itte suit of
Pomeroy Bros vssit .ceyothrie.
__AO—One otbe lot piec e, or parcel lof laud sit-
uate' n North Tow a tap, , ottuded Op 'the north
by la ds of John .131 aria east by 141 of Mrs E
B. . south by 1 tole of the Widow V '' ocAt, welt
by th public highwily leading, from wands to
CIOL • containing ,44 4 -re, 111.21. or Ili li- ell ltn.
pros d, with a trarnPd ( 'froth ig hotnie, lifilird stable,
and ew fruit trees th 4 on.
Pe Zed an dtaken dot execotion et sui l
Ore on's are vs John demo.
Vi I; othei lot piece, or parrs t
nate n Canton tic' ,Ibb odid on then olti
of L is Wheat ael orrice Spalding, e
;tam a Creek, sou th ! b. Janda belonging
tate fC (1 spaialuk. a . .l, li'Pk t by ptibpll
leadi g from Cant it' Italstnnt contralti
1: 1 101 .or less, all in r. ed. . ith a board .
fruititrt:ies thereon. i i 1 , i
hElzeti anrl bleu p rxecr, oh at ti , olan't ol John
Baliobuty vs B 0 as bee cr. r i
i l
i I.
ALSO—One othe
, Ll:t , plee dr parcel of lipil sit
mite u Orwell tap, be. orled on tne north by laud
or 0 In MU, east 1 ode of St wow, T nei Paso, Morti
mer Prince. Ed C •rt oil CHD soul 4 land of
Job .Phillips, we .f 11 fart ot , iall , ,r, Wm
d.xo . j L }lines 'ail J t Hill: coi i itaibing '2OO
acre , more or less ,ab at 1:31 'Mi-,oro , u • !to two
L i
(rob , , 1 dwelling ho r s a, tw frszned 1 true,' one
tram id shop, eon few' i it tr es it:eh:roil.
1 Se zed and aka it it tO execution At tie suit or
/-1 , , .1.:00:,. Truat. p Ilarf. at et i t II ii 01 , a e ,W_,E,_
BM , ,I, I i . ,-...
A s.o—One rtioerlin 'fleec or parcal if land sit
uate . Canton Harp. i otimled its , ;tot OU'IS , Ife2in
'Mug at the nortliWee cur t M B Prr's lot on
tli" -act ride of Cent c-Et. unning mire north
alms the east line of, Centr -st 1.60 [yet to A Mc.
Into his line and tic c litre f . the road leading to
th•l'o d Tannery id E•;, thenc east bylndrth along
ii 1
the cinaitro of said rad 62 foi to the Vettre of the
reel! below site of fib 1 old Tenney; th co along
the centre of said ere -li CO feet to s teiniio ary fence;
thenle nearly sonth'al rig sa r il fence ill Inv with a
hemlock 59 feet to Old Potte s north Ile ; thence
nearly west along saioi 'lie 9,lif iet to c f -r, re- , t, the
plarelof beginning; lei) itaiiiing 7100 591 re feet or
!Anil` 1 more or less ' a imp °acct. roatti. a' trained
duelling hours and fa t fruit rtes ther t fro.,..
seit.Ai add taken iiifo exec lieu at re'•
8 NeWman vs It J litt..
ALuO—fme (Mica ot, i
nate n Rowe' BOCO,IIt
Goa ' ugh, east by 'n i
Rini t ill west by p 11
15 pe dies ot laud d i i
hou.i , framed bar Ai
A o—one othe lot,
nate i . Rom., Doro bed t
ot Jo Kimball, c• tti
h E . 1 cloy, west by ! pub I
1 .1
more or lraii, 1111
lied ,ed and taken mi.)
Boa•dElec'e tire es. Min
ball. i I i 1
ALrkezelli.c ..the lot,
etc 11 1.1% . K.L1S Born, bola
by lud ot Ira - r: 1 ,
chtilthi lot, west b • 11.
.d.i .0. +‘, tr.orti or le . kt
fram-fl b tr i o, end: ..i..l'
S. iqd. and tw en I to
Hensley vs Albert 'Van
JohO Vanuoit. i i
ALIO—Oar! tithe let,
sir) it, We. 4 Lurid., ion
Bei:iv:deg at a p id rill)
sontlalse.4 cor of lo Ni
i ant 14'.! 6-10 per to lid&
.15; :Ilene° south I -, Om
noelliwest our of 10. lii.
weet4ll2 6-10 /tar 4, a
then to Louth es , , ecii.i
gruntag; eontairrini, iii 3
•rd Or lees; about 17r
ing h , :nt•es. 1
- . 1 4,1.and taker;
R L. e ' t
Overt im %:. Jobe 4., , .1113 n flu,
tire. , Tarr° Tena tl 1 ; .
3.140 . -Oue other lot. rirce l ior parceioll
ate it Albany twp,.. , xi tiled as fonows 1
at a tint in the Jam %t
Jame Allen road he
laud pi Z I' Corson',crti, - 03 said road. aif
sionii s tdZ 1' COrE'o,llls land tiotttli b 5 Ipei
mein other land of tin Z P Corson apal
top east 51 per; thi l srce y Laid of. sai.llD I
uor.ti 17 per; thence al o by land ..1 said
ton - e4st 24 per tot!e 4, utre;of the abo3to z
Jam Allen road; , ticit e alon e rod
followino retirees itti; distano. a to w it:
deg and 31 minute / : sat 35; or. north'
,iiiiittle . s. , west 24 p( ra.44orth 461degreei 11 4
;west , i le l ., . per to pl eel tf beginning;
. 40D
i i ,
.creed, and 121 pc'F' Of 1 and, ;fibre or 101
proT4d. with a fro eel i °nee; framed hint.
treesithereou.l I I i . , l
spiked and taken l int execnitou at em it
ftettetX.ll'6llsO vs 51Yr i l• Oweu. • 1
ALISO -(4 no etberlo • pieceqr pa:reel:6f
*te hi!, Armenia ttarp..l nded i es tollowi: 1
at an old beach tree; .4ing the southmieil
.recta of laud. iu hp! warrabie4 natut,
Thedipson'; thence north 83 . 4 , 4 a, weatilli
posti being the southw „et corjof Alezand ,
let; tbeufe north Bark east lto per to ,a It
smith line or &ibex' (.;';} klin*ellot; • thence
lej.ileast 113 per t; - ; 1113- eenire el the.
trol e. l Canton to Clint lua flats; then ,o 1
c •nt l ef sahl roan leo th .2 i ileg,- Weti /1
i i! t t,;;. of itoginitin i .;;l Cu? .taming 70 4 *.t!Sii/
less, about 25 acre,.thy n'ta 'UNatal with a log'
-;lied and few trnit 044 •a ther'cull. . 1 •
Siqed and - taken ifit, execution at 1
Netvkoan vs Silas' Pear Slat, I ! 11 1
AISO-Ono otherllo , , piece or pareelloft
ate ill It itne,twp. Lour '.31 3,4 follows: ;I.le
a cut; in the u.oz-trti, lot the. yiublie roa,,
itud wcst err of laittl aeredot deedefl t
Alc.l thou by Edwird verton.ou the lion
V It lad ,JF, Efillo is j 1 t; thence rortli 11
135 Per along the nut, it line of I , loliet'
vor;tithenct , north , 141:?, ~ east 35 per of 11
to this south sent c;t ell 3-let deeded byiptial
to J.trtui Bays ; th nod by the s.mth lino'
.4011 . t liii deg, east lt;s1;' V .. per th a cor:110
i l .
v t
wet, Of the nortres .cer-ot tie, said Tit
3la n lot and th ire Are of the ,saul rqq
Ha, lot, and the op .ntherly bir tint 3:t
sal lcSlahun's li ti ing the centre Of
the lice of begin it b containing 31.11 tu:
or lf,s; about Sac ils'i Proied, with it b
ty thereon.' 1' ; I . ,
eh it
rqred and take tit execntio'n at end
Overtop vs John Mune. • 1 , .1.- I
A SO-Ono othilr11(1. piece or yard; of and iittr ,
ate' rt Windham tivp,i minded Ott the noitt by land
of .ton VanNetton,ll ast and aunt)} liy: lands • , 1
Joh Demurest ariiat 1; I,y 'Mad of 4Wni Ilarrington;
containing 55 aeresCrai ore or less; aPont .40 acres'
imp red . with a in d.honso, frangid 'Sun, shin.
ale ill, two sheel i /,!att few.friiit trees thereon.
zed and take int t execution'at bulllni Of Daniel
Slid kuster vs Jarovta au 'swarth. • .1 • •
A :40.-.Oneothlitita , piece or par cof land situ ,
1 4
&tofu Towanda Ilara,4 3unt1, 4 ,,i on theri a
ortli by lands
of ikmes 0 Frost, CO by lands of Jph4 F Means,
s'aith by lands of Oh
•, Lathz, west by Charles-at;
heir,' , about 11'6 . t! ! n said Charlek-st,lrunning
back to the lino of allil-t of slid John nr•ins about l4o .44, mere or li4aki• • ith a framed hop . thereon.
A SO-The eefenda • ts,citsca. , heosd
. r. , i- cash,
and fr,deil 2-5 into e{' . one ,; ether lett, , ineee or par
er!, Of land tsituare lb the said Bore. 061 Towanda.
bolded on the ncirth .y, toir by .2 hird
5t.,10, nth by 'land at i , m Galilis, wee li g an allay;
beit about 165 fej.q root On -Laid , c 'and
abo i 221 feet back o. said I p ‘ oldar.s, , trith a two
i l ,
-tory. gothic brick ; dvidling house; 1 m4ll framed
btrtrother butltlinftS, fruitand or anreutal tret a
thett,on. Said lot kno the home.f;tea..l let of the
Darttl Cash estate, 1 ' ' o
11 , •
Aq.o-One otberalo , p , ..ei or par.:el f, land as
the iitrepetty or the de adapt, C D4Caiti, situate in
the 'aid Boro of 'Totea la, hounded 'pn the north
byl. to of SOlOratai :born add 11 'hum o, east by
Lola Hof T C Brian, , I tio th byl, .at by laud
, if (1 i. Manville; I (fin, abut' r 100 feet4frt on sal.,
N u 4st, and beim g lab nt - 1 P 2 feet ,dee r,, ;conning
bad, to the south 11.1 E, f said Walborn and .14,cobs,
with a framed. dwe in , 'lonia thereont,. ' '*.
i 'O-L i he 41-fe
, t c ?2,. ta, c 1) C:ish and V A Cash
itiail ided 2-5 inte t a one, other lot, p ede or par
ell land sitnate fill 'arclay twp, 0 ir.titining 113
acre ;more or 11,cea' lin the warrantee :, 4 tiar.e of D 114,
•cuttningham.;witts a pmill, 2 mill hogses ano
stables then:OM 1
1 lir 1 ' sald d6fe elates nrulividgcl.s interest
in °tie other lot, piece - • r Fried.. of hind .situate hi
Inin f lay ,twp. C:, , 11t 11111 , tOtt acres. .note r :too. in
Cie',trrantee u. eitaf Peter; Ladleyt ;1, ' •
. A '4+o-The said deft fulants uudividei
in ells other lot. 1 iese or p4rcel of hs!,nd
itaruiay twp, cents tiro 330 acres,' more
thewarrantee name; at oseph Ladles;,
AO-The said dot .. dents undivided
in o a ether lot, p ere . 4r- parcel of lira..[
Bare ay top, conta nin; 35; ores,, - mare
the rrante name;of alter Syewarn •
A 0-One °the rilat plaq or parcel of
ate,' Barclay an Hv • ton downshills,
400 }'rev, more orles:. •to th e warrint
Aud sr Ladli.y. I - 3 •
tie' eel and take ipt ereenton at tlie
dinp • Russell & .'t ► D ettilh . SZ et*
a s i tze s tit i vs , il , eleat i t i . o . n, at illt_iti
tat,,tl4to execution at anit of 1,1 A
, h eti '4 , • •ll' '
4therdo piece or pared of kind situ.
In I far') bounded a l ,i the north by
TOO ins and Vlial,B4i'l,i east tey
V.4ntil undid CI Parini, - isouth by
'h 1-ge thin ay,! J.ll3l , Cliallt an,
-n. Fest by Hiram Tpui kiwi; con
-3330,e r lesa;. no Improvements. .
keri in o e cutiou at tilt o( _W U
Lleti, i v er. I 1 . .• • - ,
ier IRA plot or parcel i land situ.
Igor .bo dod al fa , lam: Be.
il v tra o the. Rerria tuniplka ad-
I. nips Will aims; th ,nr:p south 54 ,
or a a past; tlirnelp' north 22
411.1., ;
thence floral 5$ deg, ease
lOn e of said tur n pike, th ence
it Pe to piece of bottliittlug; eon
lor Niel, more or gees, Trial a
. •! 1 'l l l •- ,
, 11
/I t hind ctt 4
Dp leads
•et by To
te the cs:
c ht. litc.ty
2 acres,
Led and
r , of VT
1 or prcillu
on die s,or
etae,l scuth
.1 1.e , ,aL ult.h
fruit trei:
or'p rc 1 o
u the' r 11
c hiutlayl
;, ayi; c uti
Sd; uo Lm iW
,t 1 0 :, 41 till , t... 1
Jan i ul him
. or parcel - ot
an tic north
oath b 4 ti
lg-st; colts
-an,c'd dwell
, ,
h Ly J li
by ? John
fag about
_ .
i , eouth by,
-nuiz or.o
,:ii n:S I_B
lend situ-
L.l reult
e Ilr."11St
nin ' 1 CS
Ith a
I •
Fluit 1
• ork wrl
xecti,tton t guit)
I Saw;uel !Va!
GT 1•44 1 tool 0;1
•st 1; at v.'
Ic rtiltveelCo
. 125 pc to
;cm:4: 0441:1
alt 44::1 trar
1 25 par t4' p 1
4:44 1231 it:
I:.nd s_ta
• a '
t t
ru. L 1
ta - p
e. w+
•2; tt
0' &Ot :SO
post tht.
.g 4 dog.
cant 1 1.1 • ;
of bc;
r of rood, l j two
1 of tri...t
r; 11
a - rti
au e •
an .f .1
j v
(111. eqlsi
ti r.t
. 11'
4 EdWanl
J 0.1.11 T
lanQ f
el law of
rmauu r ;
i': L -ucc
lID N 'Sou
pi Newton
p N Nt.o
the three
57 d 0
Lktint tee,
mug 15
iP, alt tirt
and frritt
f John M
land site.
CO[i of a
pf dames
5 per to a
io ,, t on the
pp iionthSB
.1111 leading
luiong the
, L) per 'to
1' more or
MAI log
~"' Eicki,l
land situ
zinuiu,t at
[beak, tn,•
to Donuts
at line oz
land to a
id Overton •
i of said lot
per not lb
etitiis Me
-1:d a tor ea
f.t line of
ld road to
ges, more
and elan
-5 intcast
altuato In
less, in
3 interest
ditustp in
, r less, in
land Ktu .
, e .ttaria6
I it of Coa
of Overton
?~~ 3.
frame dwelling bonsai hesdallauoi, tilir
feta n d mussuattalflraltatherardl4 i ls.
AL. ne oilier` lot, Otos arr parcel othrod Al
ate in Burlington Bore, na , d an follows: Been
uing i the centre of the 111erwick turnpike! adjoin
leg the above described lot; thence Booth !OA Lulu
weed 4 3.10 per to a lent on the lle of the estate
of Ad i sm Sic lean, deeds Biome ninny gild litre
20 ; Shar win inth 34 deg, east 1 2 3 0 Der to Ow r
cen OLIO ptkorthedure sontli- 32 deg - test
20 - Ito place of Undoing; COUtignipg 17 GO
a Por of lop& toollt. or ?oo•• Tab kismofd
=Lien Inid_glifcetti; at ~,,teor Filwerd
B 1, ! -•_'r. • 4., ,_!
AI By virtue of toer Wide 'Milli FacWa(
issue out of the Caudle CAZIEMCIZ 1l as of Bra&
ford ty, will be was the i sluttei time and Sem
the f owing described let, Piece 01 r Poloti ° I! D O' t '
at ! ! bt the Boroug: of Towanda .. bestutalulketu
the ! . boo of Ward Avenne at tt point 241 1 alft -
frost • e west lino of ruirth street,flience nortbiti..
7 al otriutit !millet with old nerme 140 feetto
an al :thence wootellY,tdougilald alley 230'feetto
a • .; thence southerly and I! with the
Ant scribal hacinneet to Avenue; thanes
•• along asidl„W i rd Avou_us pzo feet to al,
place of, beginnlng.l" blebland abet desalt: o e
divid 41 Into fire equal sub.dixielorts. each of d
subd visions being 30 feet . front _ on, ,sali,lrlfd kir•
cone .30.40 feet deep tad upon eselt of JAM shit
dirt« •es it erected a'!friuned dwelling ,hertse two
odor! high. 22 feet frontf 4
with n addition on rear of eaclt' 12 feet'stpttre ~:
0,4' fc t high . and ortalte!nraln !Aunt; of each of said -
fiftild nga In front it a pinch. Toe right to sell o t tlh •:.
of d lots separate c all-togr leer is, reserved: ~!
Se and taken In scoutiollt at the snit of Geo.
4% C' h vs. Iteury W& ; _ ! !!
' I I. IC MOM !Mediu
nada. Ncir. 5. 1
rtsitrs .S bee,
>y , glvei tbst by chine of iter:aln writs of Fin
andVOditionilEtponss; to .Ino . dittoed, -
sued ut of thn ; Court] Of 7 Cominon,i Pleas of Ti"
corm y, I lasoe'levied on the following lot of land
Edna e partly lit the JO/inlay of COlumbia In'EtrAil.
ford ounty , and partly In the township of Sullivan
in Ti ga county; bounded nn the north by the put,-
He hi hivaY, °nth° cast My 'Ws of ;01111 Van TO;
cane r, ou the south by lands Of Samuel Juidin. en
the es; bY,the wild! -.highway leading from the
State Road to flowci H Raw. ,C.onudzing. ono. Win
dred nd "forty; four Ind One-half acres. more or less
one undred and Afteon acres improved. two fraMe
barn , outbuildings, apple orchard ;and . otter fruit
trees thereon, which I Iwill ening° to gate by piddle:
out , , at the Court Hones in 'Well/Moroi on SW'S
DAY, the 24411, day of , ICOV ri tttlElt, 1873. To be
sold 1, the property of lII° Taylor at snit 'Of
The ..s. 0. Dold tow rtf sum of Joel Parklunr. -
. I t
EDWARD A. 2181 T, i
~ . ' i
High. Sheriff of 'page COnnty.',.
: ;WCs laboro[2 , tor. 4, 1t.73.: , 1 " • ' . '..1
:EMIT'S Sit I—By virtue °cif '
nary writs issued! out Of the Court of. Colo-
Pleas of BradfOnii GOuritY, end to be-,dlterted,
'e exponcd to pnb lOsile atilie! Court House in
trough of Towan ,' FiIIatY,DEVEMBER 5,
at 1 o'clock. p ' . thelfollowing , describnd
-ce, or parcel of land, Sande In 'North To- •
l twp, bounded Oni the north by land In po+-
. or surnhel Hawkins and land of James Hair;
• et by land of Edward Disler:is, south .by land :'
i 'ing to the estate ) of EZrailintty. decanted, add,
tr Smith, west by" larVerof Johnson Coon arid
cline Rutty; oontainlOg 6,51 acres, more or
bout 45 screws iMprovedt no buildings. -
11.4,defendst Vs interesehi one other lo},
or„,pkchl 'of to cl!situatti in 'Alorth Towanda
minded on \ the north by Wads of ,Edwaid
d and ailaslll hi 'and the above describti
ast by land- of rfa RUtty, Routh by Sugar
west oy Lands o Frank Stevons and Johnt
: containing TOO v , nioreor less, about lib s;
vcd, with one framed !dwelling. house; tato
barns with she attached, cornhonso, othir •
tildings, and orc aid of fruit gees thereon. .
fed aid taken in . mention: l :it of tilyesie
rye l$ tinily. 1 ' l .
o—one other to , piece,lor .1a land
Burlington twp, hounded' On the north lly
of Lorenzo Ru.ndell,.east by tends of liathala
n«,t, south by lands.of lAtlolphuelilater and
et - C/11 1, 3*i. writ WI Linke Lucinda Blurtel
wino 70 acres , mote o lesk; about 40 4.
, with two tram
a te, t'eo franked barns,
use and' dother °thu ug a, and fruit tregs
n. t
ed anti taken in , exec tioi atl. - uit of David
11 vs Austin- limidelt. ' i
o—One other, lot, piece, or 1 1 -- -
Shcsheroin.twP, lbeuri led
of Cha-Tmlfcavabvi teat - -- yi
nor, 'south by the public hi
of samuel Heaveuer; c04t3111
or less, all improted, !with
ia. , J i '
„ed andiaten inl olc zeziatioi
11 vs John'. Sheeler. I I
- .1 • • 1 J-111.
plet, A
e i
D Wa l l
Cree •
, . ------.,
on. FARMS 8., ffltlM' , ETV President Ji3llff rl C .
, 12th Jniteialpitr#;t, crlnsistin,g - of the
.of Ltf•ittlford- hi,di Stl.v . inelianna, g t nit
7,1.13l71.0:: FAL 1.C.:, aid , .D. 11,thiini.. - .
Jate Jaih:-. - t, h ands acid county of
'ord., have lion d. l their t reeer:t bearing
the• . 3Jth day .11:DO , 873, to me dl .
d for bidding a C InrCof ' Ter and Tertn - ?-1
- ' , --, - ...rat Qulrte; 6i.04i0r2 'of the Peas ,I
it::: Ple.4 and grpliari's ontd,'at'otTatt-'
' It the County of d3r4ifor . on No:lda*,
-t. (L) day 0:o
wi. pg,CEIIII It. ilext,to cod
tlti, ieli-,. • ; . . ti t
r .
!ice i,. ll3o:rciorr. itirchic gi,:eu to the Co::-.45.
:( . 1 - .ilisf.:,:t.6 or Ni! Peacei, .of the corner ,
df0r,..1, :I,at th.iy Ibe i the t and thr4: .it
~,,- i'.. ntou, lof 111 O'el 'al; ;n the forq
,l,-da d [ Fy, r,:lli ~, : ;tn.'l 7- 1 . 0, infln.siliols :ii'll '
r. inerra4 - an , -e,., t, ttl ,; thingi , which.
]r itf.i.' ,l rtpt,:lirt,:tri.4, ti to lohr• t - .l'.itti.the4t ,
1 1
r),.. , .0. i-,y •e , -,i-- , ‘,.., • ~^ r,iitevw;• , ,2 ''t", ,
-ate ~...;- , 4;;- _ -, c the t.n ., ,,, , 3r1 -r6 Who :,•; . .o cir
2 ) tlit1.111:. of yard ehhh v, or wild.',.s l ll
u 1,,1 i,i a l , i - q i , :ar 4...ti.,e.isaiel - i:tinrt.' are Vi .
i i. -
, 71,1 - I . lierti to. pr , , , l , e)itti . gainst th,•11:44
1..... jus,t. Jurotis :I.e. eqtteilted 1 i c , - i-
nal is their at:t i 'lill:tili'l.a revally tv, th;-fr ,
.. .1.
..... • • ..'. 2. '
, r . i
1 V. , bToo11.(1.1, tilE l r t:44 if 0.3 Ci ...NC/Vella/:4J
Y. 7 1" of l' , an- Loa c.c. thodsand eight
. .-..',1 nail hr:Tent:,.-titt 4 '.., i nd of the 1y...d . e-
d,'T..: , ~r I‘.,e tilitt; i - ..,;t itz . ... the nin e
1 .1 . I I • • 2 c .
.f . 114)1„ (11:.41 ITH, iiheritt
. 4-
'AI I:;TiEIi..SI O r kle f .E.—Nollee'iS
helc by ;dyer, tlial tier. has been filed in tie
of li , eOEVO of Willa lujand or the county 9f
r,l, at:contd.; of aciininittiat on. upon the fq l 7
cc.,titeo,' A ~-„; 1 1
I ' C - ,i-: ' • • '"
• '
'al a&oriut of % ••-C ,V, ,firr,olil, x.xecti . ..tK
, dict Arnold. deceased:, latolof. Warren. ~ •
I 3Cc..i. of l ,o W - Dail L ty. bnaidian of earri,• AA- '
llil.crimincr ll Bit
'Reim-iron' 1) Bi•
c ?d • • • 1 . I - • v
I wet of Achatit r
ii Stec , ns,' Guardian of (kn.
dangth I , , . ~_
.., i
• I. acc't of llarryll G
Ix, urdian of Mary 'and
,11,nnian:, minor nidren of.lamcaY.iliornisp,
Joie of Wpaix.
.1 1 •
1 acct of,.J V Ge ger, Exectttor of the icill 01
lille Nt'hincr, deep,' late :a Towanda Boro. 1 -
; the xppiatsemerit Of ptoper,ty set off .by EX.
0 or Administrators to tvlilowo or children rfi
'lovin-decedenta: I - :_.--r '
pdc of- torsn D Ttel.-t
-i., • - • ' t .),
Vnientindfi 1tb, , , , '
1 3 brainard,' sr ,
i ~ . i Joseph Illoi;row.1 .. - -7. •
, •, i tte,llliatm Johnson, , l"
Barnum Wilcox, i
. German Titus.: .i - -
Jam rt ,Biker, I I
4 ,- Daniel' Tordpktna. .' ~
.• James R Pattersen:
1., John Wolf,l i.„ - •
1 italphlVlttnivelT, '..
.. ' *organ LotTfe, I
l i the Fame will be P-regented
hf Bradford County, Tlinrsdir
at 2 o'clock; p. ~ for cdn fi r
i O. , T
11i73. • • a l' ''
tt r r ,
to I i
I • (
An.ll •ec
/8 4 3,
I No
. . •
TD — --
ITOR S NOTIC 4 .Overtcin
.!: Ilsbres vs-AL II.: Ely laud Jackson, Hellen
et. el. In, the Court ',cd t acamen Fleas At
Contity, lie. 729, Dec. 1871). .
undersigned,' an Andltdr appointed by said
to distribute money tia!the hands of theAher.- tram sale et clefendenta' reafestme, toll
dta the duties ot his apPelnt{nent at the le
1 , ;th .k . Mimtanye. } nfl;owada . Borough, . n
INEsDAriI 'the %th day of N %TUBER. A. ,
at I d cloick. p. m., at v:filch hie and place ell
•ns having claims 4.ilitott saki money avast
~ n t*thent;lor ho debarred! frozirecmiLg in up4n
29. 187
Homet vs. IP, 11 . ..315 . j0r s and
th" , ourt of 10,0M121.11 ' Pleas of In
lio. 72, tept. T,., 1873. 1 .
The landerslgnesl, an• Auditor
Court to'distribute moneys in Sh
( 1 1m.
ing f l om sale 41 Defendant's real
to th &Meg Of his appointnient/
,Bor gh of Towanda, [Ps., 'FWD.,
SO% MISER. 873, at 10 o'clock
pets ns basing claim upon!said
gent -m. Or tie forever deliarre.!
opo Raid funds. 1 1
,p 1
_ i_____ To anda, Oct if% '7.—w.l', '
-- iii -' --'
'Oil( 1 -
JDITO R'S I.N .. .'" - 7 in. , tile
, matter of the "sale of t i estate of Thos.
P. deceased. In the Ory.. a' Conrt of prid
entit . •
. ictulr y.
signed, nri Auditor ppointed by Bliii
.t' distrbute I nds in the bands of the 34-•
Bator, raised fro saidlasle.iwill attend to the
• of lifs appoint ant on ,TtIEf4DAY, IcOVEM
25th, 1873, at 10. 'clocks , to.. at the, ollice4of
l M t .,.,a
McPherson. in Towanda rough, at whkh
ini place all persons !hart - . claims against
und must present theth 0 1 7 c d; Oharred i from
iig in said.distribntion., l - . • I r •
1 • 1 • 'IL f1E11,40,4.. [ $
• :2'). 1873. I . • [
~ Auditors
To liaynah Ittead.-itio. 111. Feb. T. 18t3.
heteby noticed dist' 4ohn Mead.' ydur
nd. has :wiled to theourt of common pilas
dford Co for adt voted front the bonds of mat. -
ny,and the said o tattd , tp appointed MondiT,
1 Br!
x appl . .
+rdford CO., for a divorce from the.bonda tot
imony, and tho court halt appotnied' aftin
he let,day o• Dec., 1873. for hearing44o l 4
le L. in the prentiseo.. - at which time attd-Tlice
can attand If you think prop err. • 1 -
)vl2. l' A. M. .111TE1._Sherifr;
of 13
'otive ie hereby given trim i persona indeted
l e estate j ol - Paul Hurialugnr, late of "ifilnir.
red, are requested to mike *mediate payine t,
ll persans haring rlntfrts . 4gainet 'said eat to
present; them duly &tune • ticated_for. settle.
• anda,Nov.lo,'73. 1 ' Adralnistratori. l -
1 I t- , . ,
10 %,
, — . i
s R
,S,.:F.A, apaabe' Farin r- •
One of the very best shd da iii dealrib'e farms
' adford County , within ;ten of the contaty
. le offered, for ealti act Par . at the quality and
s. will sell it. It is situated - Baullugtorf and
1 n tire nib:totes walk of the ntre of that, Wir
t orongh ihalf way troo T ands to. Troy lon
'beetCreek. It contairta_ r ~200 acres of ,41:to
'beet land in the Sitteti oho t 444. adios of , Apt
lands on the imar creek albs; and the upland
isurpassed for all ;kind* of faoya. Fine. .I.t.
yof water. AU the lirdldino and icapr4va
needed ; a oad brick diwallitiChonaer with
. shops. Ae. Title'perFect. POMVIWII-Agi i i'M
Co. It will be sold at .11 bargaio_ l _to the
aver. Addraya 1 ,#0 A: CQPVIING i •
5.3,13 1 - •1, ~ : :stood% 1:* '
ut o 1
ox & d'
Shoddy Gouda 1
oreel ot land ko
n Ma north,
lands of Samuel
framed lionem
at (mien( -JoIM
to the OrphaOt.
3 7 .. December. 14;
ation and allow-
• Regiater:i
diord County
appointed .hy to
rril'a hinds, aria
state, will ate id
t his office,' Su t
'I" the 2let dayird
a m 'where ill
funds "must' pee
mt 1113.,
' Anditon'
not dead i n
au. 10, 187 .
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