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Towanii . , - Thirsaay i hm,g. 21, - 1873.
E. O: 0000E - 1 1C11: ' W. ALVORD
RB.PUiItiICAN COTS'I`I" COvers.S'llo‘
' The Reputilloan County Co,mwdt tee of Bradford
County, at a:meeting held on Saturday; July 19,1873,
agreed to mate the following call : -
'The Reptiblican voters of Bradford Cotinty are
respectfully requested to assemble in ,their wards
townships,lor boroughs, at such places as May be
designated b 3 trio Committees of Vigilatice , hereby
appointed for the several elation diatricts for the
ensuing yeir, oil Saturday, the 23d day of August;
A: D., 1873, and, elect two iklegStesi to repreaent
Mein in , th,;peotinti Convention to be held at the
T'LESDAT,-the 2611 i 'day oiAtdtin, 1 1873, at one
o'clock - 11-tn., for the purpose of nominating a ticket
to be presented, for the support of the electors of
the counts at the eating election. The committees
: 49f - vi,gllance will in ca mug the delegate elections
specify that the meetings for the election of dole
gated shall be organized/in lie_ townships at , 3
o'cloei; p.ln.Aiad kept open until five o'clock, S.
m., and the boroughs at 1 .63.i o'clock, p, m., and
- _kept 'open until 8 o'clock, p. m. •
The following officers are to be nominated :
Two poisons to represent this 'county in the State
Legislature; • - • , •
,' One person for Associate Judge,. ,
One person for County Treaenrer. -
One - person for County Commissioner.
One person for Connty,luditor; •
The 'following resolution', 'was nrisnlnsOu,‘ly
adopted :
' Resolted, 'That the committee recommend that
the delegate electicins be conducted-by ballot, as the
niost efficient method of Securing a full and fair ex
pression of the will of the electors in the 'choice of
delegates; and also most earnestly urge upon the
Itepublicaus of the seiefaldistricts -the importance
of attending the. primary_ meetings, and giving their
attention ao the election of proper persons to rep
resent them in the Contao Convention: -
The Committees of clgilance for the ensuing year
are as
Albany -LS D Sterigere; Frank F - Lyoris,,Tohnllt t own.
Armours—John Tomlinson: 0. Fitch; 0. D.Xield.
Athens Township—W. 0., Thurston, N. F. Weller,
George Birchard. •
Athens Borough—E G,Fitch, IJ Leßoy Corbin
.Larayette Anson,
AlJa Borough-,Charres G. Manley,. Irad
ElisbalAndrews. • ' • ,
Afylnm Bobert 8011, N. T. Moody, Wm. F. Colo.
Bare,lay+.l.l3, Blight, Charles P Moore, Ditchbum
Burlington Township—Myron Luther; Win P Lane,
Ams .,Blakesley. •
„Burlington Borough—John SUE iby,M Doogla es, L S
Wrik. l 4. !
Burlington West—n, F Shattock, Fred • Whitehead,
Joseph Foulke. •
Car.tonDaniel Innes,l Lawrence Manley, Clark C
Brown. _ • ,
Cantoti r ißorongh—Geo W Griffin, E W Caldwell
Anson D Williams. •
Golan:ibis—John ii Morgan, John M - Young, Alvah
Cornell. • •
Franklin--Charies Stevens,lNelzon •Gilbert,
.;McKee. - ,_,. •
Granville-Leman Taylor,. Adam IIII:108, John Fcr
pus on. ,
Ilerrick-E ,J Angle, Ezekiel Carr; James Nesbit.
Lelloy-A AS Brigii , m, Jasper IS Holcomb,. A W
N'antleet. I
Litchfield-A D Munn, David Etruble, Win Camp.
,-• , •
Codding, JCSAC FC,arle,/ M Ben
211nree,BOroug4-John SaterLie, D4llits - J Sweet, H
S Hollon.
,Mbur.e Township-David S Mingos; Hiram Nor
thruri, Freeman Sweet.
OrWell--JameAP Coburn;'Wm Matthews, J 0 Alger.
Overton-46bn Matheivs, —Streevy. Nathan Nor
' th, ip, Jr. i
Pike-Asa NiGhols, Spencer B ,Topper, P E Wood
, ruin-
P.ideburip-4 C Robinson, Hect6r Ow - e,. , 5. A Burn
Borne liorongh-Qrson Rickey,, Allen tung, L•. 13.
Rome Township-Charles Forbesaohn , Russell,
Cyrus Tanwinkle. .
t Sruittilield-E E Chamberldp, „ Augustus Phelps,
Johtliird, Jr. .
Springtleld,:-Lyrnan Porter, 0 IP- llarlTess, W
Vcigsten. - '
South Creek-Ira Cirae, Peter iDean, A H Thomp
Sylvants-George,P Monroe, Dr E,G, Tracy, Finley
Furman. , •
Sheshs(juin-W H Gore, George L Fuller, John H
Chaffee. -
Standing Stone-Richard Jeuning, George Sage,
%JohrfGordon. ,
Towanda BoroFirst Ward_ -Henry .T Stevens, Jas.
Bryint, A .1 Nobles.
-Towanda Boro-SecomlWard-Edward Walker; Har
ry streetr-r, Win H Cocci-dale.
Towanda Boro-Third Ward-Charles Tracy, B,
- Frank Goilidnian, James Mitchell. '
Towanda 'Rewuslilp-Lyman Blackman. M
Phitslader WSrd. •
Towanda North-Jamps Foster, E B DeLong, ,Ezra.
Rutty., '
Troy Borough-Geo B Davison, Listonliudk- Her
. - rick M'Ecan:
Troy •Township-Williani Lament, Iselsol-i-Wood,
Ziaa Dunbar.
Terry Township-Nathaniel F Miller, John 1.0 Dyer,
H L Terrv. ' - .
-Tuscarora-John'Taylor, A J Cogswell:Wtn-Rlack.
Vister-W El Rockwell, L Nobles; S S Lock - wood.
Warrei- r ldenry Allen, James W Jones. Get) Hicks.
Windharn--Geo lloseript, Fred llotchkiss) Hiram
- • •
Wyalrising-Martin Fee, ,Allen Hoover;Geo Roberts.
Wyeoz-Thomas Myer, Geo Gard, Adolph Hines.
Wells -.Charles Shepard, Wade Beardaley,' E E
Wilmot-2 . john G Brown, Thomas Quick [ John Ely.
W. T. DAVIES, ' .
• E. VAUGHN, -! •
• GEO. T. BEACH, .
f -.
ti p '
7 .
I _
' More genpl-sat;sfaction was_nev
er. ext , iresse, m regard
, to:a -ticket,
than grbets . ihe labors of the late Re
publican Convention' Of this State.
From every quarter of .the Con:mon
wealttf . come words of commenda
tion and approval q, and theinlilca-
Jions are that MACKEY and GOunos
isill both be elected' by majorities
l'eqn'al if not larger. than_ our,candi
dato4 received last year.:-
'me 'platform is unobjectionable.
:u regard to the back grab and other
ioilrees • of .corruption which have
)e.en dENT.FloPezl;itgivcs Rolincertain
iound, l bat=is pronounCa and ein
iliatic in their, denunciation.
tood Meal tick.sfs be nominated by
he several counties, and tlid..thimb
-ican prirty will'start out anew in its
ti a
.. j~~
arppr of usefulness. 1 ' '
Ti\e IPhilaclelphia l E:Tiziny TeleT
1 ... 7
rai,:i r e m arks : _
1 -,
"The, conventiontw a large one,
here being' a full: zei l yesentation of
very, County. The 'proceedings,
Dough; marked,by some excitement
onsequerit upon the stow struggle
ver the judicial no illation, and
Dmewliat prolonged ' mere very
rderly; r
and the best f feeling pre
ailed. ' For the Treasurership Mr.
-:. W. Mackey, ' -was nominated on
.ie first. ballot; and tlie
as made'unanimous.]His opponent
- ,...ceived only eightemi votes.- This
:suit is' s, well' deserved tribute to
a official who has long and faithfully
irved the public. He lailield - ths
tate Treasurership for kW._ terms
y legislative - election, , and the able
anner in Which he has administer
-1 the financial affairs' of the Cora
tonwealth -renders it .eminenily fit
:no .that when for thel- first time in
,trneiyeats the office ts,again -directly
the gift of the people, they should
)rifer it upon one who has so well
gi.served_ their interdsts. -For - the
*:::ation to the - Sdpreme Bench
.ere were three candidates, each a
an of such legal attainments, Judi-
11 experience, and high character,
at the Convention could - not go
cony irithoOsing any one. Indeed,
.is a Mater for special gratification
tat three such Unexceptionable
ladidates should have been present
, for so important a position.
owing more intimately the "dis
igaished qualifications of Judge
_rxsen, it was only natural that the
st.-V and. the press in Philadelphia
ould unanimously favor his nomi-
Aion, and that the delegates fiom
section,should strongly urge his
rims upowthe convention. They
ads a gallant fight for him, and it
is not until the tenth ballot - that.
e Western- - men were able to secure,
lority for Hon. Isaac' G. Gor
., of Jefferson. ',The nominee was
inerly presiding 'judge• of the
-tango district, is a learned jurist
a citiien of unimpeachable repu
,n. He Willr,cornmand the hearty
endoriement of the whole party.
His triumph causes no bitterness` iu
the adherents of the other candidates.
They accept the result loyall,y, and
with the candidates themselvis, it is
gratifying to 'know, wills lextend to
„him the most cordial and active 'sup
port,. ,' ' • t
"In' the platforni adopted, . all the
live hisues of the' day are firmly 1 and
satisfactorily dealt with. Thst_ Nat- .
l ional and state platforms of 1872
'are heartily indorsed, Generid.
administration warmly,, Com
mended, as it deserves to - be, con
stitutional reform is favored,iind the
important question of the prevention
of special legislation properly referr
ed to the people for a se p arate de
cision. Rigid - etonomy inpiiblic
penditure is . urged,_ .farther land
grants to coiporationa opposed, laws
demanded for the ppatection of min
ers, l the Congressiohal salary grab
act 'denounceol and its, repeal de
manded, the , present policy which
has done so "much to develop the
resources of the State and country ,
upheld, and other important sub-,
sects treated in the wise, ; liberal, and
progressive . spirit characteristic of
the RepubliCan party. The platform
cannot but, meet with unanimous ap-
Oovah .
"The ticket which the Republicans
of Philadelphia are invited to sUp-
Port is now completed. In all res
pects I it is such as all can conscien
tiously vote. Some few objectionable
features that it.presented have been
eliminated, and • there is not now
.!upon the list onelname but , that any,
-man oughtlo feel a satisfaction in giv
ing his ballot. A better or a stronger
'ticket has not been offered, and' it,
will surely be elected by . a <majority
even greater than that of last year."
= General
_Senate, the lzratch-dog
of the Treaspry," last wee sent the
following characteristic letter to the
casluer of a New England bunk. With such men as General
charge of the national attunes, there
is little opportunity for rogtie
succeed in swindling in that branch
of the government: •
• , TILE/. - 2Y ULm STA. r
V.tstincorox, D. C., Aug. 7th, 1873. ;
811i:—Your letter of -the let inst.,
was ! received yesterday by Ad4ms
Express Company. There came;en
,closed, as therein stated,, two United
States legal tender notes, one of;the
denomination ,of $5OO, and the (Ater
of $lOO. - Both these. notes are en
tirely new, having never been folded,
and are perfectly, clean, being with-
Out spot or speck: --
For some bad purpose, probably a
fraudulent one; with "a ,view to jthe;
raisin(' of other United' States notes
of smaller denominationgi to the value
ofsthese, more than one-tenth of each
has been scissored out. Under :the
old regulations of tho Treasury De
partment, dial existed . for more than
ten years, these two notes could have'
been redeemed for only nine-tenths
of their face value. 'Sixty dollars
would, Under the old rules, have been
deducted for mutilation. These rules,;
unfortunately for the government.,
have been lately, modified so that
this penalticannot be enforced. •
Under this more than generous
-modification you claim to have. re
turned jto you new United States
notes of like denornination, wider
government contract at the expense
of the United States. The charge to
the government by the', express com
pany fOr thoit ranspbrtation both
ways would be one dollar and twenty,
cents. , For dog days consider:this
request decidedly cool. First,' Fyon
or your clerk, wilfully - mutilate clean
noted; and then you ask the goVern
ment not only to replace them with
other new notes, to be in
their tarn, for ought I" know; Muti
lated and returned with a like re
quest, for other new notes, but topay
the expense and run the risk of trans
portation both ways.
This, to my mind, is piling it on
pretty steep. a You not only turn
with a; hot iron,, but you ask ',the
burned. one to pay for 'heating ;the
'poker. 'lf yOu will At= to the 58th
section Of the national banking law
you will find that if anyperson had
treated two of your bank notes - in a
way thesetste 'United States notes
have been, yoh could recover_ by 'ac
tion in any court - having jurisdiction
fifty-five dollars for-each of the mntir
NoW what-is sauce for-the goOse
is sauce for the gander." Ought not
perpetrators of these mutilations' be
made, to
_respond - Manner ?
Under the circurastan.ees it has been
concluded that the-agites be retained,
at any rate until the'pieoes that were
cat off them shall be returned to this
office, and until the apparent frauda-,
lent, Or malicious mutilation shall
have been satisfactorilrexplcined to
the department. ,
Very respectfully, yours, •
Treasurer of the United-States'
TILE action of the late Pennsylvania
Republican Convention is thns hand
somely endorsed by the N. Y. Tinips:
1 -
lAs an answer! t o the new I profes
sions of faith by Democracy, the
Republicans of Pennsylvania re-Uf
firmed the platform.of 1872 in their
State Convention. The a(lOainistra
tiOns of President Grant and Gofer;
nor Hartranft were strongly 'ndord
ed, and in dealing with; issues which
have arisen since last year the Con
vention uses decisive langaage t It
properly demanded that an amend
ment to the State Constitntloni I pro
hibiting special legislation should Pe
separately submitted to the peciple - ,
in order to insure a decided expret 1-
sion?on the matter. The resoltion
in 'reference to the farmers is in trik
ing and fivorable - contraseto th se of
the Democrats, - as it merely dec4ties
that the_Repnblicans of Pennsylva
nia will be the allies of agriculture
and labor in all just efforts to secure
their : due influence, interests, and
'riilits. With the record Which it has
made in the managenient< of State
affairs, and pledged as it is to farther
reform,the Republican party of Penn
sylvania has the right to appeal as it
does to the continued confidence of
the, people.,
D= was never perhaps eihibited
inciie unanimity of public sentiment
thMi has been manifested on the
back pay question. Nearly eery
politicakconvention which has been
held this, fall has, with one voice s
protesta against and denounce - d
those , engaged thereim lii some
instances it has been done against
the wishes of. the PoliticanF, butmo
political assembly has, as yet dared
to turn deaf ears to the general cry
of complaint which has - come up
from the people, who, witholc,ddis
tinetion of
„party, denounce . this
breach of trust on - the part of their
faithless servants.
The Republican State . Convention
which met in Haniihourg on the 13th
was ver y harmonions, and the pro
ceedings'- le ft the ;ingression upon
the minds of all present , that the
- ,nominatedticie it buld- be trim' •
phantly elected. Ha. A. G. Outer=
of Potter county was chosen Presi
dent. This county,W •as represented
by L hi. Sawa and ;W;, H. Gunwale
as representative delegates, and S. W.
ALvone, Senatorial de . legate.
The vole for Stale Treasurer was
very unanimous favor of R. W.
Muss; he receiving 115 of the 133
votes: :
• Supreme ForS Judge th e contest
was more spirited; Judges Bu .En,
GORDON and PAantHreceivin' g about
tux.equal number of iTotes for several
ballots. On the ten . th ballot,
ever, Judge IsAAc Ckoznoe, of def.
Person county, received a majority of
the votes and was declared duly nom
inated. 1, -
The following platform Was report
from the committee on resolutions,'
of which Col. W. AIL= was chair
and enthusiastically adopted:
Resolved, That the. Republicans of Pennsyl
vania, in convention assembled, renew their
expressions of confidence in and devotion to the
onneiples of Republicanlim, and declare: -
Firat—That they heartllyindorse and readopt
the Republican National And State [slattern!. of
1872.; .
.second; -That the National Administration
demands the.. continued confidence, and is
entitled, by its promotion of the best interests
and prosperity of the nation, to the earnest
support of the people.
2 eirdL-That the administraticm . of Gov
Hirtranft calla for our warmest approbation.
During the short time 'he tai been "in' the
Executive Departmenthe has established a
State poPoy which has justly endeared, 'him to
the people of this Commonwealth, sild has
amply jtistified the confidence we have placed
in him.
Flnira—That while earnestly in favor of con.
stitutional reform, and'Of such revision of: our
State Constitution a will make it an :effective
'instrument in preventing and 'punishing cor
rupt abuses that hate crept into our present
.system, we demand emphatically and especially
that whatever is done often undone, the main
ffe for which the .Constitutioual Conven
irwais called, the absolute prevention of
special legislation shall be so placed before the
people is to secure their, separate and decisive'
expression thereon. •
Fift&-That the rednetion of the State debt
from $41,000,000 to S26;000,000, the repeal of
all taxes on real estate,-the establishment of
schools for the educiation add support of
soldiers' orphans, the:: maintenance of our
excellent and prospertiris syiteat of common
reboots; and the establishment of a policy pay
ing off our debt at the rate of $2,000,000 a year,
together with:the generally flourishing condi
tion of our pfosperons old Commonwealth, aro
.ef.dences that the Republicans during their
twelve vears-of control in Pennsylvania have
faithfully administered her affairs, and that her
government may be safely left in their hands.
Sixth—That ther&shonld be rigid economy
in the State and Natiorial Administrations, and
taxes should be reduce:tin both as rapidly as
consistent with good government, the main
tenance of the public credit, and the certain
- extingeshment of the _ State end National
Seeenth—That the stilic laods belong to the
people; and should. be racredly reserved
for • homes for actual settlers, and we
pronounce against all further grants of these
lands to corporations.
Eighth—That adequate proilsion should be
made 'by. law for the. protection Qf persons
engaged n,mniing'and other hazardous forms
of labor. . F
Ninth—That as retrenchment is requiied
to lighten the burden of taxation and to con
tinue the redaction of the public debt, - an :in
crease of salaries is unwise, andl we condemn ;
withoutreserve, voting for or receiving therm-.
ed pay for services already rendered,wnether.iii
State or nation,and demand that the provisions
of the late act of Congrese, by which salaries
were increased, should promptly and uncon
ditionally be repealed.
Tenth—That we heartily dem:mime corruption
' wherever found, and are sincerely desirous for
honest economy and political purity in all official
administrations: To secure this is the duty of
every citizen,-and to thisend every good man
should feel bound, not- only to participate in
politics, but, to labor actively to see that none
but good men secure party appoidtments
nomination. I ,
Alcrenth—That the. practice of la.acliitg an
appropriation bill essential to the support of
the Government with objectional legislation
in the shape oramendments toward the close
of the season is the prolific source of-abuse and
fraud upon the people, and its reform is
urgently demanded. .
Twelfth—That as commerce and home
industry have both uniformly prospered ander
a tariff se arranged as to afford both revenue
and protection, the present tariff should be left
undisturbed,; and, as all tariffs are levied pri-•
merit) , Per revenue, it would be a poor govern
ment, indeed, which could not „afford to arrange
its details so as to encourage the growth of
home nlannfictures and the creation of a
remunerative home market for att products of
our soil t •
Thirleenfli—That order and security in' the
States lately in rebellion must come through
stern enforcement of the laws enacted td protect
life, liberty, and freedom of thought, and can
not be: secured by rendering these ju st and
necessary laws inoperative through F- tire
clemency to unrepentant assassins now under
going punishment in Pursuance of law.
Fourfordli—That as:during the time the Rep,-
lie= Party has been in Power, it has had to
'confront graver difficulties and. more now and
perplexing questions of government than ever
were presented to any, ether, party to solve, and
has solved them so judiciously and wisely that
the tcounty indorses its decisions and accepts Re
work,as the only . organizatiOn competent toiro'
meet the grave issues that ire now constantly
arising, and to secure thelust rights of ' the
whole people.
' Fifteenth—That we sympathize with every
movement to Secure; for-agriculture and labor
there dna influence, interests, and rights, and
the Republican Party 'mill be there all* in every
just effort to attainlhese ends.
An additional resolution; reported byj the
committee, oxpressing'regret at the retirement
of Chief Justice Read from the Supreme Bench'
of the State, was also adopted, as well as a
resolution authoritsingtlie \eAndulates nominat
ed, and the President of the• Convention, to ap
point a Chairman of the State; Central 'Coinit
tee, !
E. 0. Goona icniwas' \ ritmeil for
member of the State I Central Com
mittee for this empty:
CAN:ON, August ptot..
rqs as. G OODICLI AN -D
I am' much obliged 1 for the great
pains . i you have taken, in travelling
so far i out of your'ivay, to drag me
beforelhe people of this county, as
one ‘,"..,,inexcisably ignorant, or guilty
of a malicious design to' mislead the
people," in your paper of &vitt 7th.
Those endearing names, " Inexcusa
bly ignorant," IDeliberste falsifier,"
Should'; be freely used by a public
journal s and indiscriminately applied
to people. It gives thapap!l. so much
character for firnmessland'independ
ence; and great dignity, as yours is
already ,so much noted for. Why
have you thus dragged me before the
people? The editor of the Canton
agentinl saw fit to publish to its read
ers the, article passed to a second
reading on new counties, by the con
stitutional convention, as it was . re
ported in the Philadelphia papers at
the tithe of its passage, and as every
member of the constitutional conven
tion, with whom I have talked, say it
did pass; and a correspondent from
Alba, - Tiling upon the subject of the
division of this Comity, chose to state
what' that article wat, I must be
dragged before the public akinexcu-,
sably ignorant and a deliberate falsi
fier'. Sirs: When I , ' beCome the edi
tor of the Sentinel, you will find my
name at the head ,of ,the paper as
such ; and I know no power that ,
permits me to control the matter of
communications to ithe Sentinel; and
you have no retire 1 right to charge
upon rile, ander the cognoman • of
‘‘ Herdic's man Williams," the pater
nity of I either of the articles in the
Sentinel, than I lave that neither of
you editors wrote the' editorial tra
ducing'? me. Time Will soon tell
whether the editor of the Sentinel and
its Alba correspondent are inexcusa
bly.ignorant or guilty of a malicious
design to mislead the people, or
some one - else is.
I ha:iv on my table before' me, a
pamphlet, issued by the ;authority of
the convention and prepared by its
sworn officers, of all of -the proposed ,
constitution thit lan paned . to &
second reeding.
_Thelirtiole on new
counties is vaNiUm as Mows:
em J. Ile wee * Spume otall be totoalabed
Irbiab etnli Moe say amnia' to km than tot
turidTed equate mike. woe int Una twenty
thinned inbibitiatit net than any wee be
boned at las istatnee W aYw t
Rat &A Mete miner two taw.
at tbe Welly seat of say eoutty emoted le be
This is all of it. I ' llSve also a
cOmlannication from th e Hour J. 8.,
Niles, who introduced the voting
amendments to the oriOal
and he says those amendments were
lost. I have seen several other ment-'
hers of the convention, and findno
one who underitands it differentlY. ,
Now, sir, if flail Sentinel and to Alba
correspondent are inomrect, then the
officer of the convention , who pre.
pared and published this :pamphlet,
the Hon. 4T. B. Niles, and those other
gentlemen, as well as all the Phila
delphia papers, ate inexensably it;
Dorsi* or deliberate falsifiers. And
if they be correct, who then is Inez
nimbly ignorant and a deliberate
Sirs: The venom in your editorialt
the inordinate desire gouts() clearli
manifest to have that constitutional
provision as you have published it;
the great haste you have' shown to
malign characters; and tlie unjour
nalistic manner of your attack, .when
taken in connection with the facts
I have stated, show yolt Ito be the
ones Who an inexcusably ignorant;
or guilty of a malicious design to
the people on this subject.
Be assured that the Sentinel and its
Alba correspondent reported the at
tiele, correctly, and yon incorrectly,
and - the proof is abundant of the fact.
'You are in error, and iw ijustice tO
myself you should giie my letter as
wide circulation as your editorial re=
ceived. I ask you to do so.
Yor-s, respectfully,
,H. N. W/41Alf&
---, - Wessucixoll D. C., Aug. 8, 1873.
beyond the dull routine of Departmental
lite an unusual quiet hae prevailed; and is likely
to prepvail, rung themool breezos of autumn
shall bring back the t tliousands who harried- 1
away at the first approach of the "hot season:"
From some cause, which may not be wholly in
p!'ceble, the present!tiummer has, !exceeded In
dullness any of the proceeding ones within the
recollection of that mythical being! "the oldeid
inhabitant." It may bo truth/01y, said that we
are really a deserted city, with little or no ap
pearance of life, except perhaps the, few _ m o '
ments orieach afternoon when tho great army
of dovernment clerks-male and female CHI
'uplifted umbrellits—porr suddenly forth into
the streets and I then ! ! a s suddenly misopeli.
This momentary exciteinent, together with Hu ! !!
Civil Service examinations, and the dog-catchers
raids a:th a hundred or more of ragged yOutbs
at their heels as they hrrry along the streets in
pursuit of some unfortunate canine that may
not be =mated as the: law tvrects p ranli about
all that breaks upon tho dull monotony of the
dog days. The empty Hotels, the idle shop
keepers and the numberless closed mansions
one seen in almost 'mei)? directio4 ',is good art
de6co that *e are really a very greatly depopii
lated city. 1 '
' 1
Toles. found at home any tips-during : the'
suninier months ! is 'considered by ; the ton is
decidedly vulgar; and to - fail in "putting in an
appearance" at some of or' fashionableresorta
at soma time during tie season is equivalent to
being ruled 'out of the select circles of -Wash
ton laOciety. Such trof the inexorable' society
rules prevailing at the ! Capital, and, hence the
long rowil ot closed dwellings and the hip-Van-
Winkle sleep that we (Wetly settle lute during
the absence otonr more fashionable neighbors.
'Pei sometimes wonder what onligliterlig expo
rietkees, what variety er a'obilty is to be hid
fropi a summer st a Baritoga or a Long
branch, where the °bid amusements are slolp
lug, rising, bathing, or imbibing their peculiar
waters, modes !of Dissipation that are even
more exacting,' hygeinietTly speaking, than
those which exhausted their energies drring
the W'iter monthly.
i • !
Revering about, the portals and Corridurs,of
tie 'l'reasary Department slow days ago, might
be seen the iirepressible Dr. Hair WALKER,
champion'of Womans' Rights, Female Suffrage,
&c., ! •ff i ho it would seem had undergone the or
deal a a civil service! examination; had been
snspected, examined and approved in regard, to
capacity, by that august and erudite body of
concentrated wisdom, but whom it would Ap
pear was ro:ased ;a position anlese oho Wor'd
-consent to present her,sclt in 'other!tlian hirer
cited! garments to • which she seen_inly Is , so
much ! attached, and in ! which she seemingly so
much, delights .1'1,010 , 3g her goodly Perkin,
reg'ess of the wonders - ig gaze of: tho multi
tad°. The
mast a l
oneoff before entering ths fold of the
Treasury Inunconts, 7 who; with upfted hands
and.. Worts iudigna li on, Opposed i ber adage-
Sion i such unfeminine ! gai.nonts and in each
"questionable shape," not only failed to meet
her app roval ,
t but she a:Mb fully protested that
L J._
w r
she wbuld shed that
. 61w -flea ter no Were*
ta.f.and for no place in, the gift of !this or any
other governthent, The Department was firm
in its resolution, on the one sid l e, and the Can
didate equally firmi on the'other; and Ulna for
several days the cOntest stood Principle veraus
Pantaloons. But' finally seeing no hope for
isnedess and no, visible ground for, a compro-
I wise, 'the irate Doctor,' bewailing the iujultice
of republics, tearfully departed from the Beene
of her disappaintMenta,l followed by a motley
group of mischieVions boot-blacks, danCing,
gyatini and singing in their pearlier Ivey as
they gathered around her, " Walk light, Loo,
Oh, Mr. Loo, Ain,t I glad, &c."
The cholera scare which, until recently, pre
vailed among us tq qtle an extent; is over. It
had no real' founastiou, but, the! sensational
stories put in circulation and the excited tele
grams winch came from - the, south and west
may havelserved a good parpose I
the to a ate of danger, and canning
them be pruden their diet and to loOk to
the cle
\ iness of they premises. In fact Wash
4igtort was s never more (healthy at this time of
the year. The ;ilProvtld drainage; the • filling
up of the old eared and the paving'f .so large'
an area, has doubtless' crtributed tr uth to the
improved B=U:l44ot/di 'on of the city.
Among the mant s improvenients which are
co:imam:illy berg merle, ' i the Baltimore and, Po
ter ran li. B. Depot nowr mimosa 'of erection,
wig, when completed , be 'one of the most
grind structr - es in the city, and one Which
the citizens may very justly feel proud of.
Through he' us are now "rt^u'og from here to
the north, east, and wel, withiant the annoi
ance and delay ofa change of cars at Baltimore.
. . A. •
The completion of the tunnel at that city has
&belted the vexations jolVigs of a decidee,ly
rough hack ridii over deep gutt !rs and rough
cobble stones, or a slow horse-car ride experi
enced by the trample; public while passing
iron Depot to Delia. r or these very desira
ble changes, together ivith the advantages to
be desired from the opening up of s elect line
of trade between this and the north ? the people
of Washington are indebted to some of the
leseing railroad men of Pennsylvania, whose
efforts to establish a Depot at the Capital but
a few months ago were met with so much op
position. We are, however, under, the impres
sion that the old Baltimore and Dino raliroad
;monopoly ha‘something to do with that.
On Holiday last, the grand anneal Germin
ficlientrenfeet ' which is always continued for a
week, was opened by the Schentzen Verein of
Washington out! at their magnificent Park on
the Seventh street road, with the waving Ofbo
quota and banners, Sourish 'of truniphets and a
good amount orporindiZg on sheeliskin.
The anneal .recurrence of this popular testi
val hid been looked forrd to by i ()tic citizens
for weeks with anxiety and with fevered hopes
that; to use the language of our trrendent, it
should have " a good s ;nd off." Although the
affair IS particularly peculiariy l a matter of
German origin 'and is oonductod under the au ,
apiece of our German fellow-citizens, it has be
come i fealure in each year which . commends
itself to all classes. This remarkable due weath
ier that has prevailed since its opening, haii been
'duly appreciated and taken advantage of.
Daring each day and 3veriing so far, a' great
number of people hal: L c-hien - i# attendance,
from the social and co ort-loving Teuton, to
- he eager and curiousnative stranger. Qt gm
access, with firma shades attd Imre air, its
*mkt(' entertainments, amusements and spkm
did Pluminatkins, a more extrofortable, or . *-
tiling pkoe to pass mway a hot summer or .
ping cannot 'Faille found. Prorddimr always
that one has no great objeetiout to the. yery .
slight aroma of boktgoa, dart* and ligrit,
that is oettieknially tilted 'looted the
Universal n 404411 dm"
that the PfeOral is so near its 'ttlose. And es
pc,cially by L Those who, at the ieresal halls and
par"kms of the grounds, seemingly enjoy
much the ruaalo and dancing T o t Is constantly
Indulged kt by old and young. If there be arty
class of people Who know how I enjoy tbor
selves it is mainly our 00/11114 citizens.
, 1 , ~........ 1
Samna, August 18,181
Sorrel sr Elltardrona Rxrcurnm—Deer dirrl
have a few words to say to the public at this 11;: .
tf you will allow me, through the organ Of the
publican party.' Thb Credit Whitler 'fiiireatlgallon
has developed s date of things to have snide/ to
&weed. such al we halve-long known to be the
case in our Staterlegialaturesi'and meals a dagger
to our iastitudens greater than all others put to
gether., 1 -
The agents of the great corpord!ons of the dinn-
By, especially the Railroad companies. control lour
legislation. both State and National, and the pro
ducing classes are as powerless u under a despot
tam, union by their power, ratted at the polls,they
break up the existing order of things. They busby
supineness allowed themselves to be represented
by men not of their class, and ouilegislatire bellies
are crowded and controlled by Stro-produeere. I
mean prafesatoSal memOlse great body Of winch Sat
Waded and stentrokod by the ens I object That is
to amass wealth for theneselval ofted the Prodtrlag
daises. and to ahape legislation far their from per
'solid benefit. For balance, we have a Conditn-
Ronal Convention of 133 nembers; 100 of whore aro
lawyers. They will I probably alt null attar the next
election, make i constitution that the People will
reject, and empty the State Treason to pee their
expends 1 1!, , • ,
, .
Hen acbstame4 to large pay, for their work-in a
private capaciti, have the same 'detire for large' pay
foe Official service. Hence the conatant advance in
°Mad salaries: :
Those Whose badness it is to bike a retaining fee,
whenever offered, end to engage se the advocitte of
any rube. are 'Pt to forget en in office that i l they
are the servants of the people, d become the
ready indbments of the great 'oorpOrations, hose
Imme*wealtitinake them such dealrable el onto,
and hence the network of corporate power Ch i now
envelope WS and which will tyke almost II r3YOi lion
i i
to throw! off. : , •
There , .
The are honorable exception!' in l efficial le, I
believe, but Ashen inch men fall as were 'the victims
of OsiemAssoce,to whom dull we look for safety Not
to eminent lawyers or journalists certainly. ' ,
The audacious and brilliant Bars Byrum werked
as a lawyer for the anion. Pacific Railroad at one
thousand dollars a day, defended Omuta, Aries on
the floor of Congress, and made the repartin f
of the increase of salary and the back pay vrany
with eensl fully ; and ac :es even thought of the
will or the interests of his constituents ! Why should
he? A great legal luminary like him knows the
wants of the peep" better than they do themselves!
The last congressional election was, overshadowed
,by the interests of the peeple In the Presidential
~. . ggle. Our next eke:on - of members of Cortgresa
will attract . peened Attention. The great West is
already aroused and engaged in a struggle' with
corporate power, She will not fill Congress with
Railroad Maltby*, or with that kind of plea c ma.
tercel so apt to be used by the great money powers.
Wlll old Pennsylvania again pack her delegation with
professional men, as she has for some twenty iears?
One of the greatest States in producingpolish'
has not. In the past times, given to that class frOSI
whence her wealth - springs any considerable dome
in the high and responsible positions of Gerern.
med. ln our own State governmentas far sa legis
lative river is concerned we are under a grinding
despotism. The agents of one of our own corpora.
lions ant all piewerfal ; and woe to the aspirin; man
who at Harrisburg disputes the dray of the Fenn :
relranialleoriisd Company !
The and cousbinaticw headed by the Beading Bail.
road CoMpany, cannot fail to engage the'attentton
of the public. Notkontent with /milling tbeigeed
avenues lof bale aid travel, they acquire, ie dell !
inc. Of the spirit of our laws; the ownership of the
g.sat anthracite coal fields ; and have determined
to dohs out at their •own price those great derail
wtich a heal:dissent providense has prepared far the
use of man in 'his advanced civilized state,l and
which lire now warmly leas important tons thectour
daily bread ; and this is the work of bur own Fern!.
'AIM* corporations, the credares of our law i mak
lug Powds. aspiring to be masters. ' In the I greet
struggle between !revery and Freedom, which for
the past quarter ofa century has occupied the lanes
tion of the people. these compatees have been al
lowed toretain the mastery, 1 ~, 1
Tae, , Bcpubileaii (party in its infancy destroyed
@lam and enfrenchbed &race, and has thus earned
a glorious Ind enduring place in the history of
country and of mankind..• Cin it, will it, iltlid meet
the next great occasion and place its. organizaticn
"indite power on the side of the people and against
the eneroac.bments of the concentrated money pow
er that has invaded our liberties ! ? I hope so u , and be-%
neve it will. but it must send the back pie 3 / 4 and
Credit Mollifier leaders into re;;:•ement. The men
who cannot live upon five thousand dollars S year,
or those who :take stock in great companies 'organ
ized to cheat the Government; cannot be trusted by ,
any party or put In high places if that party eXpects
'to live. The Republican party in many of Its State
convee:ons has Wren the right g.cur.d . , and itmust,
as the'great of the ccrontre, es
ponce the cause of the producieg clubs agr nst the
unjust edge:ens of corporate power.
Let the say, here, lam in favor of the repeal of
that legislation affecting cong mislead salaries. and
in order that memben of Cok, ems may have nob
cret object 0 3 , desire for, the defeat of the repeal, on
`account of littered, I would have every candidate
pledged, before nomination or election, that in the
event of a failure to repeal, from any cause, the in
crease pay of $2500 shall be seta. - aid to the Tress
ury. This is my platform and I can think ce no
other, that wry' in the end effect ',repeal. 4 the
people demand MIN oven grave &mutton lately eiect
ed for six years cal:begin to respect public opinion,
sad the professional gentlemen who cannot afford
to go to Congress on account of lucrative practice
can- stay at home..
BY * l 3 way, Is it this increase of diary that bas
occasioned the opening of the congressional canvass
in PM' district, a year before the props: tile? and
mud we 'be harrassed by a campaign of fifteen
months' duration ? I hive been told by isiendrthat,
for the tut six or oTght weeks, while I hero been
very buayas home, two gentlemen, citizens of the
Borough of Towanda, hare teen engaged in solicit
ing the eeppo.t of their fiend. for cong.csaional
honors next fil. :
Mr. I rm a p MD, direct man if I am
anythlng, and I i. 'at 0 say a law plain words to the
Republicans of Bradford county. Urged by many
rrapectid. lead'r 7 men of, yfmrse't among
the number, I was lasi fall induced to stand ass
candidate for Congress, in a daub' iul district, and
under circumstances that seemed to iad:cata that
the other counties of the district waeid hardly 'con.
sent that a citizen of .Bradford county shor'd be
nominated, we having had the congressman here
fcr the last I consented to
Stand as movement ap
peared n finally keyed,
and the asp:idol to elect
their coat sped, was not
flai-cring doubt as Co the
possiti" ale 'med. a bar.
racingexpsuelve campaign of uncertain result,
and in ease of a satisfactory alliance between the
Gummi liepubllcan element and the Democrats,
simnel sra defeat. But ttere was a oaten aspect
of the intuition that was grarying.: I had been a
Voter for a period of twenty-eight years and dr ing
that tame I never had an opportunity fo vorng for
any man for Cor bates but a kiwyet without goal ,
out of my Pa.ty to do so. For mini yea. - 8 nearly
all the candidatss of 60th parties U'a State were
ier. Aril Last fall It was the Our candidates
.t large were lawyers, and I took this arm to noir&
nate we in tlas' County as a tribute to the class to
rich I Belonged, and that 'whether fruitless or not
It was an admission that it might be proper, to lend
a farmer ter'Congreas, We now have a new district,
evir'rly strongly Depnblican, and In which ars&
ford 'connti l has acme chance to succeed in obtain
ing a nomination, My occupation wr. not allow
me to t o lve the next year and more to the business
of making a'nomirialion, and my taste does not MC
pet me to de so, but I will here say that if health
and life are bpare4 I fihall be a candidate. With the
approbation of my friends and neighbors which I
hope to hate, Iwi l test the question whether: one
belonging to the prodicing classes can reach any
real important position, where the salary L su'.l-,
dent to pay a professional gentlenian ; and farther
whether a man who has held no odice higher Ulm;
that of ichOol d!rector during the last ten years
and has never In pis life received one dollar from
the national iresimry;is polltica"y e'gible to a seat
In Conine/Si
To retail 14 the imbjeaupon which I began. I
regard the lite election in Vinois as the eiscounter
of the picket. line - of the great opposing forces in the
battle bet Ween corporate power and the peofie, and
I hall it with delight, as the husbandman heat the
thunder of the coming go= after a long elzanght.
The remaining years of my life, so tar as political
action m =lie:med. shall be} given to the enlarge.
meat and ,EMintenanc of the proper !talcum's and
power of the producing Claiss'eft In the government
of the State and Nation. bly Interests in the matter,
of freights on railroads are 'Mai, but My stock In
our free institutions and my desire for the purity
and success of Republican goiernment is as great
that of any millOstre.
Years , truly , •
• ' B. L&YOBTY.
TL eaday last Mrs. 11 Daniel
While, her daughter, Susan White,
and' Hssts.went to a' strip of,
woodbine% on the farm of Mi. White,
abonttluartere of a mile from
EOM inCliunru township, for
hueldebeiiies. 'were turned
but a dirt time, when , they were
startled by stones and clube thrown
in the bushes. They informed Mr.
Darnel Tate, who proceeded to the
spot, anctalso saw a number of stones
ilyuw al out. On Wednesday the
family returned to the same place to
recOnnoire. To their suprise more
stones were thrown. ' The 'missiles
were hoCalway's harmless, as Mrs.
White Was I struck severely] in the
back, 8114 Miss" White Waal kid se
bad. , ,y .in Lthe side by a stone as to
cause ablack and blue mark. Miss
Hartz did not receive any injury, but
she 'saw 4otnethiEg like an elf shoot
ing throtith the bushes.
Mr. White was again a witness to
the thr6Wing, and he declared that
he saw nOssiles flying in the air. As
no person could be Seen i4.the woods
the fancily were aimed, and that
night.the story of the mystery reach
ed the emirs of the neighbors. •The
following day (Thursday) fourteen
of them collected to investigate 'and
'and; forint out the "spook." • The
names Of the persons were 'J. M.
White, Elias Suable Ziegler,' Samuel
Sweitzeq John Marks, I Henry,
Grieves, Daniel White, Abraham
Miller, James Schaeffer,Priscilla
Marks, datherine food, rs.. Daniel
White,Sisan White and Mary Hartz.
Thelrstinamed is the constable of
the township, and led by him the
party: mnrched in a body, I to the
wo°4lB Arn . v:o ' g at the huekleberr r y.patch,
a very lonely spot covered with
thickly *owing bushes, the party
formed a-circle around it, and four
of the ladies—Mrs. White; Susan
White, airs. Marks and Catherine
Good4ere directed to enter. the
place, :wait until'" they should see
the missiles, and thenigive immediate
specifictdirections from what direc
tion they came. They were in. the
bnshes 'pa a very'short time when
the missiles commenced flying appar
entlY from a spot, about • twenty feet
square4,l The'place Was at once sur
rounded, and four of the bravest
men,' , With bated , breath, and about
four feet apart pasS6d through the
lot. 1 o they had dome out at the
other end the strange missiles com
mence king from another direction,
which Fplate they also examintd,
through some of them, especially the
hocame by that time se much
frightened that they could hardly !
breathe, and their hearts 'thumped
and beat late trip hammers. ; Noth
ing, hawever, could I be discovered,
excepting the flying stones and clubs.
Further investigation will be made.
Amongti those who intend to search
the pluce are two ladies and a gen
tiemaii They have agreed to quietly
visit the spot on. Sunday.. The ladies
will sit in the huckleberry patch,
while' the man stand , immediately
Outsid# to watch the direction of the
missiles.—Beading Eagle.
- M
TuriSs is treachery in the ?runic
camp; IBy decree of PETER, LIRE AN
nuns; Lis the diVision candid Ste for
the lekslature, but the choice does
not seem to' be altogether pleasing
to lavihyer WiLtamis, who has been
t Er
lookii3o for years with eyes
toward Harrisburg. While in 'Wilmot
tewnehip the other day Witaxtns so
lieited[a gentleman to use his influ
ence in securing delegates for him
self fOr the legistature. HoW ars
tarn Ake this? Moreover, tiliS
WILLIS pledged himself to Trepeal
the 4hor'ous local option' )Sw, if
I -
elected. IWo • also learn that in
other incalities Mr. W. Pledged Mr.
4Nnsr:SE: I ;, in favor of'repealing the 'no
licen4 law,in the cornty.
W direct attention to the fetter of :
Mr. I.; . # 1 1 iPOII,TE in anoth er `
While Ede do not yield assen .to
his arguments, we chemfuly give
placeltp the communicatip and may
' have 'tasion to refer to , the Subject,
herfQor. With Mr, L. we deplore'',
the oPehing of the cengession l al Cam
e :1 I
paigo ii(t this early day, and call our'
readdriv to witness that the letter re•
ferred to is the first articleon they: rl
subjectwhich has appearedin the;
Mn. illmuems, in his recent trip
throngti the eastern portion of the
county] endeavored to convince the
people hat a division of some kind
is certein. Mr. W. knows that no
other 4ivision than the ,, Minnequa
plan carp be aCcomplished. The con
stitution plainly and expliciti , pro
tOly division which takes more
than lone-tenth of a county, Tithout
a vote 4f the people.
THE ; report that ANNA DlCKissol;
was peppering to take the stage,
which lad its origin in Theodore
Tilton'sjstiggestion to ,that effect, is
stoutly 'denied by that lady. ANNA_
lis too independent to speak anybody
else'sr speech, and intends to have
tier own; say for a while.
W 4 aie requested to announce the
follocing additional candidates:
Associate Judge—G. W. Brink.
New .Advertisemento.
, L - •
Lu r r..of letters rem ai ning ;! i n the
_ ~ 1
TowandaFest 01lice, for the week ending Aug.
Bohen James 2, , - MoGahan John '
Bly Maggie! McDonald John. .
Cushing Berrie C. McPherson John.
Chilean G. M. Meeks wary. E.'
Currie' Ills,',J. M. Mnncey martini. '
coolbotighl• 2,1 . Morrison.lUchard:
Clark O. _NZ, ; . Malory John 2. 1 •
Danahrt TIM. Meader miss,C. A. •
Dough= Wire.; McNeal James.'l
Dodson Jeilsie. Myerellrindell : !
Dewery Mary , , Mingo. Alonzo.:
Dorsey , . W. g. Moore Jeharira,
Dorsey', Mary. ' McCracken Nettie:
DoughertY4obli. Mingoa S. O
Fritts Jacob. ' . Nichols Lncelli,D.
Fitzgerald W. M, Northrop merrier., , •
FliAgers I4zy . ' I
Omit Simon. 1_
Granger rick. , Pool Geary A. 1 ,
Healy ]Jelitt. 1 Page George BV, 1 -
Manilla Eugene. , '' Price -Adam. ',,
nomPbreli r John; Parks 'Wm A. ,I .
Handlernair IL • • ' ' Weldor,' /Ghazni.
Human Bits . Ea. Scott mike. !I
Jon_ ,es Mark ' s ' Shiner L H. .1
Jonnson Thou.' Shines John
Jetter Jeri% i ,
Smith Gertie 8., •
Johnsen 04 - 3. D. • , Shiner Andrew: '
'Jones Wm 4). D. ' Simone Gee. ,if ,
Aileen G. 11 . {.. .. Stine Gee D. •
Jones MSwayne James:
E. ,
tiotith Rachel. •,
Kellogg Guy.. , pkins T. V; & J. M.'
Kellogg Amanda., van er A. D. •
Kennedy Detrick. ; Foe g Isaac:"
Lord Mrs, P: [. V ces Edward. '
Lalley:Phih ; 1 While Frs." ,
Lee Wm 2.' ,
', i , Wed J,. 11. I .
', l '
Lynch Patric:Y. 1 1 Wedt'Adam.
Leo LOwes.g . , 'Varner Amend.. [ 1
Lynclt Ificteel. Yeling Addle. ; ~• •
Capin. - •). -
°, Persons for any dot the above lettere
• o 1
will please ay advertised, giving (44, of list:
t N, 1 S. W. &UP% P. )L
• 1
• 1
' 7 .
'IS *mg, of 11. Ha honed out of the Couto! .
Pleaa isod s of Bradford . 001011. to foe direeted.,will.
,be e to public labs on the promisee on En
na If, , strutter ao. at ti L s t r l. fits fralOyinp
&earthed lot, plead . or ' ±. of illid el it
nate in Canton twp.. bean On e north by
of Peter Herdic, Loll Stall and I/.. Law% by
lends of John Edger and Lafritti Estee. south -by
lande Sheldon Solomon Lindley. olden H. Lindley and
Peter Herdic, west by lands ot Peter Herdic; con.
taming 175 acres, more or him; about 100 scree tut.
proved; three triune houses, two frame bona or
chard and fruit treekthereon. i . :.
Belied and taken into execlion itthe snit o W.
C. Palmer k 03. 70 W. W. Col and E W. Pra
1 I J. Id. 851.1 TH
Towanda, kunst 1; 1873; ' Etheritff•
SHERIFF'S_ tamir,—Ety' viieu : : of
a writ of F!. Fa.', issued but of the V- .' of
Common Pleas of Bradford &duty, and to ni • di
rected,\ will be exposed to imblic sale at th 6 Court
House in the Borough of Towanda, on THI7IIS.
Da, AUG. 28, 187inat 1 o'cloth, Ihlll..
s r IIN I
fall lick
described lot, ries:4,4oi parcelitif kind taste In-I
Ater township, bounded as follont: North: 8'
of Edward Lockwood, east by tho Samna
river, south by land Alf Mrs. Mary Ann Walk er, est
by land of Edward Mills. containing 63 acres or
land, more or less, about 12 improved, with an or-'
chard of fruit trees
_thereon; I
ereon; no buildings. _
Seiczd and taken . Unto exicution at the 'snit of
Miami IL Pike - vs E. T. Walker. • •
ALSO—One other Ipt, Ideal, or parcel of liud'sit
nate in Towanda Bontrogh, bounded on the /with by
lands of James 0. 71roet. east by land of John F.
Means; south by land. of. John Lititz, west by
Charles street; it about 166 feet front on fund
Charleeet.and ng back to the line of lams of
said John F. Moans, about 140 feet, more or loss,
with a triune shop thereon. I-
ALSO..-The defondant's C. IL. Cash and 7. AI.
Cash undivided 2.5 interest in one other lot,, plc*
or, parcel orrland dilate In said Boro of Towanda,
nounded,a6Tollows: North; . eas t by
Thirdet.; month by ', land of Willie= Orden; west
by, an alley ; being About 165 feet trent on said
Third-st, and about 1121 feet back on said 7 Popir.
with atwo story Gothic brick dwelling house, mall
• frame barn; other ontbuildings, with fruit an or.
nazi:tenter trees Bunion; said lot known al The
Homestead lot of the David Cash estate.
ALSO—,Ono other bit, piece, or parcel of Id on
the property of said 0. TI. Cash, in the Bo o of
Towanda, bounded is follows; North by 11 ds of
Solomon Walborn aid H. Jacobs; east by, land of
T. Q. DeLeno; south by Pineet.; west by bind of
C. rd. Manville; being about 100• feet front on said
Pineet., about 112 fbet deep.' running baclito the,
south line of said Wal " born and'Jacobs, with e frame
dwelling lime thereon. I
' ALSO—The defendant's C. D. Cash And I.A. ‘..... ^-- b
undivided-2.5 interest In one Other lot, piece ; rPar
cel of land situate in i Barclay twv., g• 113
acres, more or less, ha the warrantee name o D. H.
Cuninghsm, with a, iFsw inn', 2 mill houses, 11.ets•
blo thereon. • ;1
ALSO—.The said dpfendan ,'s undivided x. 51 tercet,
in one other lot, pieoe, or parcel of land xi to in
Barclay tow., containing 400 acres of land, ore or
less. in the warrnteiiname
Peter Ladley. I .1
ALSO—The said efenda t's undivided 2-5 , inter
est in one other lot piece, or parcel of land kande
iii Barclay twp., oontalgthig 330 acres, more Or le T,
lathe warrantee name of Joseph Ladley.
ALSO—Said defendant'e rindivided 2.5 Interest n
one other lot, tiV ia , or ps‘cel of land situate., in
Barclay twp., con ing 35 scree, more or ere !r1
the warrantee name of Wal r Stewart.
ALSO—Said defendant's undivided : 2.s int rest in
one other lot, piece; i or parcel of land Chia
Barclay . twp., andOverton, containing 400 , ,
more or less, in t h e warrantee name of. -
Daley. '
Seized and taken Tinto execution at the an
W. Pond vs C. D. gash and Frederick Cash
copartners tradinii under t.lie firm name
Cash & Co, .
Also—At the suit ;Of Overton & Elsbree T
Cash and . A. Cashlsecurity. -
ALSO—Quo °then lot, piece, or parcel of ll
nate in Wyalusing tyfp., byunded as followsq
ning at a,' corner, of the Porter & Nichol
Church street,inthe village of Wyalusing ;
along said, street north 55 deg, east, 50 feet ,
nor of 31. Blackrs lOC thence south 35;dig.
.feet to a comerlon line of Andrew Fee's lot:
south 9 deg. wept, '{o feet t a corner on _ sal ,
& Nicholellot; thenCe nort h3s deg. west. 13 r
the place Of beginning: containing 19 4.11 v.
more or less. all Improved , with a lan
dduble store-house and am frame barn tZ
Seized and itheninto exeCution at the ant •
Gaylord use vs lit. #: llallock & Co.'
ALSO—One other lot, piece, or parcel of .
tuite in Towan Borough, bounded as
North by 13rittstreet. east by land of J. II
:My. south by dm' Orrita to. Wickham, s
Fourth street; Fig, 75 feet'on said Fourth
60 feet on said , idge-st., With a frame hoe
few fruit trees erion..,,, .
Seized and tilen' into execution at the
Daniel Sullivan Sla p.,Fogerty.=
Also—At the a lt.: of Codding & Russell
rick Fogarty. 1: .
Also—At—Atsuit ,of ;podding Russell vs _
Fogarty and CharlerNobles.
ALSO=One other lot, plece, or parcel of - and sit
nide i n Wyalusing twp., bounded as folio s: Ile.
ginning at a corlien of the Porter & Nichols; lot on
Church street t ,Ai. the 'village of Wyalusing; thence
along said. s t north 55 deg:, east 50 fset to a
corner of AL Blicre lot; thence south 95 deg.. out
83 feet to a coknek on line of Andrew F :ell lot;
thence south 9 deg; i west 70 footle a come on said
I l ti
Porter & Nich a lot, thence north 95 deg.,' West
133 feet to the ace of beginning; containing 19 4 1 11
square perches , mere Or less,. all improved; *nth a
large framed brel store-house and sma frame
barn thereon. I i • I
Seized and tal on ' 4 on' into execution at the- It of P.
IL Smith vs IL . Hillock co: i 1
Also—At the nit Of Edward Vaughn vs IR T. , I I
lock. , . . , [
ALSO—One other lot, piece, or • if ha nd sit
. ..
-......i-line other lot, Wee, or parcel of land eh.
nate in Ryser twp., bounded on the north by the
school-house lot, east by public highway loading
tram Myersbnrg to 'Rome.' south by hind of L. IE,
Whitney. west by land of E. Reed Mycr; co staining
, f . , , of an acre., more or leis, all improved, with a
frame dwelling house, frame barn, and a ew fruit
trees thereon
Seized and taken into , execrition at the sui of Cod
ding, Russell & Co. en Leander wood.
ALSO-One other' lot, piece, or parcel of and sit
uate in Sheshequitatwp. bounded on the north:by
lands of L. D. Tyrrell, eisst and south by lands of
Milton Phillips, weld by lands of George Sy ley.
Seized and taken Into execution let the s it of B.
W. Vanduzcr vs James M. [ Russell and Madeline M.
Russell: 1
ALSO--One othet lot, piece, or parcel of land Sit
uate in Franklin twp.,boonded on the ncrth and
east by lands of Mrs. aily; Chaapel; south 1 y public
highway leading from Towanda to Canton, west by
public highway leading from West Franklintb Gran
ville Centre; containing 143 of an acre, more or less,
all improved; no buildings.
I -
Seized and taken into ,execution at the stii of
Ohas. Taylor vs Horace Taylor and Allen Woodin.
ALSO-One other lot, piece, or parcel ofland 'eit
nate In Springfield' twp., bounded on the orth, by
lands of Wm. T. Daly and Newton Fanning eastlby
1 2
land of John Westbrook, south by the Landis of Wid
ow Stacey, Widow Fanning and Hiram Horton,'West
by land of Hosey Canada ;contatnlng GO actes.mbre.
or less; all improved , with -two frame Idwelliong
houses; ono frame.barn, and orchard of f Int trees
thereon. . I
~ . I
` Seized and takiin into execution. at th suit of
Pomeroy Bros,,*s C..Cluthrie and Fanny (1 thrie
ALSO.--One other lot, piece, or parcel of land It.
nate in Sheshequiti twp., bounded as follows: North
by lands of Peter 'Wolfe and 0. W. Kinney; east ',by
lands of Benjamin Smith and DeWitt Alger, south
by lands of Abrani Gore and C. C. Gore, west by the
Susquehanna river; containing„l7s acres, toore lor
less; about 150 acres improved, with trio frame
dwelling houses, one frame barn and two orchards i
of fruit trees thereon. .
' . Seized and taken into exciutiomsuit of J .
at the A.
Record vs Volentiho Smith. . - - 1
Also-At, the snit of J. A- tccord vs 'olentine
ALSO-One other lot, p eco, or parcel of land,
situate in. Smithfield twp. bounded as follow,:
North by the Owen E. Barrie' lot, south y lands
of Melvin S. Dibble, east by the lands bbbbbbl Adam
Shell, west by lands of Widow Soper, containing 53
acres, more or less; about to acres iraproyed; one
leg house and a feiv,i fruit trees thereon. I
1 ALSO-One other lot, plea, or parcel oil land all
nate in Burlington Bore, County and State more
said, bounded as follows: North by lands bf Dail
Boss' estate and ltenben Morley. south bi lands f
Long Bros. and lands of Geo. P. Tracy; west by
lands of Reuben Morley,' cggqqqqntaining ' acre, more
Or less; framed house, frarged barn and a few fruit
trees thereon. . .
Brady Seized and taken loth, execution at the rit of .f.
rvsH. a Compton. 1
ALSO-Ore other lqt, niche, or parcel o land sit
uate in Tuscarora two., bounded as follows: Northp
by lands of William Whitney, east by lani t i4 of John'
H. Ayers and Edward Murbaker, Jr,. sou by land
of E. C. Wedge,wi3st by land of Abram Waltman, con
taining 80 acres of land. niore or less: about 40
• g i cree improved, Witha franied house, framed barn,
, and a few fruit trees thereon. .
l' • Seized and taken Into execution at the suit of Julia
Canfield vs N. P.! Babcock.
, - ALSO-One other lot, e, or parcel of land sit
uate in Canton t*p., bound ae follows: 'or*, by
lands of Daniel Casper aA. T.• 'Dunbar, east by
land of said A. Z'Dunbaouth by land t Jacob
Horning, west bY land of Frederick Willi s, con
, Mining 20 acne of land; tut 18 acres i , proved,
alth a frame hodso and tow fruit trees Marpon.
' Seized and taken into eecution at Mei suit of
Geo. A. Crandall vs W. N. Gregory and Alice Al •
Gregory. • .1 .
ALSO--One other lot, piece, or parcel of land sit;
nate in North Towanda twpj., bounded as followe:
Beginnin at a Stake and stones for a corner on 'a
corner ofands of Nathaniel Bennett and : John F.
Campbell thence a southerly Conroe along the
lands of said Nathaniel. Bennett to a conten in the
brook near the chid spring; thence a westerly', course
along the highway leafing from Towanda to Bur
lington, up Sugar Crook tq s willow tree fors corner
on the south side of said highway; thence i south
erly course along and by a fence, now on-theqgrOund
to a maple tree near the I bank of Sugar! Creek;
thence southerly to the "centre of said Creek to a
corner; theme& an easterly course along thei centre
of said creek to line of lands of W. S. Randall to a
stone for a cornr; thence along lands of said W. S.
Bundall to a corner near said Bundall'a dwelling
house; thence a'northerly Course along said Run
t-lairs land to a stake'and stone for a corner;
3 thenco
a westerly comae along lands of Chester ennett
and John F. Campbell to place of beginning,. con
taining 70 acres; mere or' less; about 50 acres nu-
Proved, with a frarde house;framo barn and Orchard
of fruit trees thereon.
, " Seized and taken into execution at the atilt of -A.
L. McKean vs Stephen Bennett !
j ALSO-One other lot, piece, or parcel of Ilind sit'
unto in Franklin ttrp., bounded as follows: North
and west by lands of Luther Smith, east; by the
public highway, leading from West Franklin to
Granville Centre, south by land of Hiram Cole, con
-1 taming ,"; of an acre of land, more or leas, fall im.
proved, with &Immo house thereon. I -
Seized and taken into execution at the suit of A.
K.. Pomeroy 'se Elizabeth' landley,now El iabeth
__Le other lot, piece, or parcel of laud sit
uate lUSpringtlold twp., bounded as follows( North
by land of William Wigeten, east by land ofiJoseph
Clark and public highway, south and west try lands
of Ellen Clark, containing two acres, more or lees,
all improved, with atrame dwelling house 4 frame
shedocboper shop and few 'fruit trees thereon.
Seized,and taken into execution at th_ L e 'mit of
John Barrett vs:David 8. Beard and Z. Y. BaileY.
ALSO—One other lot, piece, or parcel of Land sit
nate in Towanda Borough, bounded is follows:
North by land of Geo. McCabe, east by land of W.ll.
Morgan, south by Wasington-st, west by land of L.
Nollon, being lit feet front on said street bjt 42 feet
deep, with one-half of a frame dwelling house there
on. ' - I 1I
Seized and taken into execution at sult,ot J./I.
Phinriey vi . , 8. Ji Ward and oq_i, Ward. 1 r
ALS(a--:One other lot, piece; - or parcel of land sit
uate in Wyahlaing tarp., bounded 5a:follows! North
by lands f
hi tp
. J. Vosbnrg, east by lands of U.S. '
Camp, so 'by Maple street (so called), west by the
publio way leading fromCamptown to Ilerriek
eine, eon n isi; ono-half acre of land, . more ;or less,,
all irigy6re , with a frame building thereof' '
for a dwelling house and Over shop.
Seized and taken into execution at the I cult' of
Milton Bernet vs F. R. Major and Henry L. Chatbee.'
ALBo—One other lot, piece, or parcel of land sit
uate In West Brirlliaglon twp., bounded, as follows:
North by land* of John Wh, Ito and. Horacei Booth,
east by land of Charles Thacker, south by lands of
'John Phillips, West by land of Horace Speijeer and
the public highway, containing 157 acres, tom or
lt i ss; abbot 70 acres improved, with a frame -dwell
! g house, frame barn and fruit trees there en. '
Seized and taken inro execution at thei`saut of
James Wood 111 Wilt, Ballard. ' I • •
, 1
, I
---- - ------- r --,
,r lbt, pisc e, or parcel o
, bound on the north
Case; east by lands .
`ll by public hiiihwani
lazy Ann Wilms ai
lg one'llalf scrnOLshil
iith a frame building ,
into execution at the a
i ; r
lot, piece. or p col o
township, boun ded on
StaUord. east Viands
lands of 1).. p.. poplin
—using Creek ; containin 191 acres; more
of 14u; about. 100 acres imps:clod. with, t fowfrnit
trees the:mann° buildings. - , I
( 1 4
Ecirodl and taken into szecntio st t snit
Overton 14-,Elabree vs It. H. Ely, Jackson lloner t .
back sad WM: Orifils, security - . _ 1 1 1 I •
At.Bo One 'alter lot, piece, or parcel of land 44
aide in Canton twp., bounded on the north* land
of John Purbety, east by public highwOy leading
from Canton to James 13WdIng c south [by land of
Johp B. Jones ,, west by land ;or Atiteni Spalding;
Containing 38 acres, more or lest; about 341 acres
imtircnrell, with a frame !Loose, fratue barn, and Or/
fruit Mos thereon: . .1 i r
Bpld and taken into eirrittilob at th;i Bait of E:
Ffeci_vs A.sel Blakeman
I J. as. slant. •
. I IST. OF JURORS dit i wn for i,Sep
o fieniber Term of Court, at Tcyszed 1117 :1. '
i - • . •
thenis twp, Clea lutD aru ff .i. Al T. 4::lterM
Le ; I Asyklin, Joel Stevens;: ' Bull gton twp,''
a 4gto
Ch les Skonton, Elam Xendallj aril tit Bow, '
Sh =in it . Hill; Bartley. Edwar 7 Eldred; Bu
lb n West,' Itockwell;Granville,AndrWßnnyall;
M twp, 31 Tire Vangorder; 'Monroe bore; (tor
do L Dull; Pike, Horace B Chaffee; Bo n o ,twp,-
I c li r jamln Clark; 'Towanda boro, W Harry Decker,
i i
k B porter, Julius Wolfe, Eng ne FILL: T ; Tula
t , George Beovelt; Tuscarora. Charles - W'Cogs
well] Terry. Patrick McGuire: A Pie • • '.. ' 8 0- 8
'.E azer, John 11 Thompson ; ` Farces ,: ' • , Co+
b ; Wysia, Charles BlshOp. ; 1
• ' TRAV11:11.11 J1710115—/LtUfr A. 1
ii on I West, Marcus l i Hilton; All Rock well:
P . P cenr
c m: Leßaysville, P OC. Moore; Orw IL James P
wies; Pike, Win 31 Payne; Ridgeberry. D 7 May,
A on • Gillett; Sheahequin . Geri Chdthi, George 31
S th; Springfield, David Weetnrook; Sylvania, Jolt
j t
n the totwpn n twp. l; l4 ,
eiab Ellm lson o ß n itiack H yens s o : leds o , rl ; e: uo i noy Arm rt
. I : iii . enri
end; Albany, S W Chapman Asy m, Corgi:,
II Trick; Madison Docker; Barcday, P 1 d Short;
i waril l Wheatley, Geo Bennetteam Jame " W W Le wis, Lel l
Northrop; Burlington hero; RHD y; ling.
TJewell, Helmer Pitt: Towanda boroi E W Smith;
owanda twp, John Bowman; Troy hero. Brainard
Itawen.' Henry Cobb; Tuscarora Geol Tholnpacm,
Wm 31 Black; Illster, Alex MurdOck. enry, Rock
well, 0 E Fergason,,,,,Betnes Mother ; W ot. Samuel
Fisk; Wyalusing . Jsthes E Vaughn, Ch a K Ingham;
f i,
;Warren John H Morris, John . D Davis, Patrick Mc : .
ough, John I:fickle, E t i l o Or on: W soz,! James'
G d; Wells;, Albert Ha wayi Windh m, 104 31
arner, •
~ , I
_ i
1 ITAVLILS /mums—sic Mt ; Ult Elf. 1
Albany. Michael A Finan ;''' Athena twp, El mnel B
C k; 'Burlington twp, 'Robert Brdlard; Barclay,
ori Cane; Canton!' twp, J Myer Foster,' Jaines
rguson; Columbia,. Wm G Bradford,' °ilea Peck
•h • k'ranklin; John Lantz; Granville, Plillenion
tlen,:Michael Collins, Miner Portrir, 3 VrOthan.
.5 'May; Herrick, John M c h ereon ; Litiebneld,
in Campbell; Itotiroc-boro, W Rockwell; Pike,
J Eastabrooks, Byron D Bolls; Ridgeberry, Cal
' P Hall; Rome twp, John Vaught, Jr ;ISheshequin,
ronel B Horton, Milton Smith. Warren iGillett,
i • oyd risth; Springfield, Charled Scott, 45 E s'eskes;
8.. thlleid, Wm Pierce; Tyoy horo. Hiram f Lewis,
• . olphiut• Spalding; Towanda' twp, • -. V Willock;
tj wands North,' Roderick Granger;',Terry, E A
rti rong; Ulster, Hartwell Shaw; Ils,,Charles
era; iWyalnatng, OC. Gaylord; W n, riVm F
v. bin; Wilmot, David Abrare, Jr; G
Wysoz, .eo
ii • ,
t of L.
.f• C D
• nd alt;
lot on
I thence
o a cor
t, 83
feet to
hereby given that there h
flice-of Register of Willa in en
radfOrd; accounts of adminiel
win ,estates, viz:.
' Partial acc't of Joserdirowell
doc'd. 1' '
Partial acc't of Misfit:ill — and
duo's of lintophrcy Beckwith
I Partittl acct of li N Bette; Jr
Charlotte Ward,'dee'd:
I Partial acct of B W Farlihuri
. ereon.
of J.L.
nd sit
°Howe :
eat by
-Id and
:a and
dilotson, late of Leßoy, deed.
Final account of. 8
oane,llato of Windham. dec.'.
Final acct of Reuben F Squi
• a C Nichols, minor child of V
Final meet of Thomas Mitch°
Jonepi. '
Final acct of Alexander Bic.
suit of
! P l a t-
Clark. minor child of Daniel
llFinal wet of Alexander 111
• Clark; xrdrinr chili of Daniel
Final acct of Laura A Prone.
ewbury, Cinardian of Ella F .
Final ace' t of George 'Millard
diar'd of Charles L Arnold, d
Final acct of John Bowman
Bxecntors of Harry B Bo
Partial icc't of A H Spaldln.
dmes of G H Weller, late of A
Final scc't of Hiram Stone, 43,
earb,Mtnor child of Alonzo 8
Final aoe't of Hlleon Parkhnra,
dinr's of Thomas Case, late of
Alsoltho appraisetapf of p
odors or. Administrators tb w
decedentigf •
DUO Of, John Demorest,
•Ferdinand Gabla.
1' Edziaund Madden;
Daniel Bailey,
1. Peter Deegan,
Charles J Raub
• George•S Swart,
.Ilugh Mosher,
Tunis fond,
1. Henry Whipple,
.• Baronet' Fuller,
- Humphrey.Beckalth,
Edward Barton.
And the same will be breaPtc
court of, Bradford County. T 1
. 1973, at 2 o'clock, p. tn., for c
,owance.l. 0.,
Aug' 1, '73
t •
matter t of the estate of Se Stem
ate of Albany twp.—ln the Oro'o , Fli
ord County. } I
I The undersigned an Auditor app
ourt to distribute moneys in the ha.
cutor, will attend lo the•dutiesj of 10/
t the Wilco of Smith A Monts ye, o.:
he 30th day of AUGUST, at 1 o'elock,s
• a and place all persons interested 'r
10 be.present. G. D. 3.11:
July 31. '73. -
IWebb vs. L. D. Foirest an Lot
In the Court 'of Common Pleas of Bra
No. 511; Sept. Term; Ic7o.
1 The undersigned, an Atiditor app ,
court to' distribute funds arisin fro
Qt defendant's real will lend
Of such appointment at. the Gr nd J
Towanda Borough. on TULSDAT,"A
,t 2 o'clbck, p. m., at-which rim and
one having claims against said mono
em duly authenticated for settleme
relfer debarred frdm coming ii ,upo
i W. B. CAR.
TrOy, July 21, 1873.
' Sherman vs. George T.`o nger. art
Common Pleas of Bradford County, . May
'. 1872.
The undersigned, an Auditor appal tell by tiaicl
intik to distribute moneys In the 811 rifle hand,
arising from the sale of defendant's re estate,
attend to the duties of said appointment at his o; i c i t!
in Towanda Borough, on MONDAY th 2pth of AU
GUST, 1873, at 10 o'clock, a. m., at w ch.timb and
place all persons having Claims npo said. {undo
ust present them or oe debarred °raver item
laming in upon the same. .., ' , 1
E C. G
l 8,'73. Atiditar.
- - x
' a ' • 1
estate of,D. Nan leaec i. l 1
matter , DiT oorßthe ,
In tin Orphan's Court of Bradt° Co .Iy, , Nei 12,1
lei372E;o'd, an Auditor appoi. td I . 3y',said
Court to distribute funds injhe ban set thole&
tOintetratrix, will attend to_ the duties of, his said
appointment, at his office in , Troy' z orough.l on
MONDAY, AUGUST 2 5,' 1873, where all persons
acing claims against aid foods 'nt r . et present
them duly authenticated . for .settlement,lor be for
eler debarred from coming In upon the sitrue. I .
W. EL CiatliOCEUN:
ITroy. July. 24, 1873. I lAnditor.
I Notice Is hereby given to al perm t i ng indebted
ci the estate of It. W.-Russell late of Towanda
lipro, dec'd, must make immediate p yment, and
allpersons having claims against said estate must
resent , them duly anthenticatfd l for t tp Gant
1 July 15, 1873. Adiediaistrator.
. To Alicelt.Millhelm.No. t 72, TOL IT., 1872.
V are hereby notified that Edw d Millheim,, your
corm o
husband, has applied to the court of co n picas
tit Bradfonl co., for a divorce from t 6 bonds; of
biatriniony, and the said court has ap :lilted Mon
y, the Ist day of Sep., 1872. for . artng the
aid Edward in the premises, at whi It time and
race yon can attend if you think prO , sr. 1 ,
Julyl7-w4 J. M. SMI 11. Sheriff.
I. 3 PL ---
To Joseph Wail, Jr.—No. 078., 3 pib. T.,,1873.
It are hereby notified that - Harriet :Wall. yOnr
las applied to the tourt of I corn ion plead of
radford Co., for. a divorce from Melt, iids ofmat
ripony, and the sald'col3rt bee appoin Monday,
The let day. of Rept.,lB73,for hearing th said Harriet
ri the premises, at which time and pl ii you Iran
i dlf you think proper. I_ L 1 ,
WI. i J. M. s3n 11,.Sherilf.
. 1 COM It
~.111 'Lk/3lb . lit,
. e haiao
....,613 - , 4 for hearing pp th in .
,at which time and p 1 i
.think proper, 1.. L !
.... w 4. ' J. St. S3II i
To Jamea 11. Cary.4,No. 373,1 Feb l'erm. 1;373.
lou aro hereby notified tint Fran:es L. ,Cary, Your
life, has applied to the court of :omtnon pleats of
Co., for a divorce from ,he bials of Unt
il:um:ly, and the said con I has appoin 4? Monday,
.11(1 Ist day of Sept., 1873 1 for h ng th said n
iln the prengees, at which t ean place you
an attend if you think *per,
July3l-w4. [ J: M.. 111 lk, She H.
I lt
'1 Caroline L. Fre . ch.—No. 375. Feb. T., 1.8t3:
bereby notified that A. nch,r your
to applied to he court i e ...mon Pleas
'l.. for a c lrorco f m'the bonds of
'the said ourt ha a i p m ‘crinted, Mon- ,
• Sept., 1873, for h , , ng the said
, s, a , which ti e and placo you
' " J. r ist s' r M. Sheriff.
-tutu .5"
To Caroline L. Fre
oil aro hereby notified
naband. has applied to
t bridlord Co.. for a.< .
atrimony, and the said
y. the Ist day of Sept..
. ;W: in the premises, a
an attend If you think r
_II In the matter of Ole noorporattou of the . .. HUI
, Ido Cemetry Associatio of Towanda Norougb."--.
No. 989, September To ; 1873. 1 1
tr Notice Is hereby gir r n that the ', above named
°dation has, presented to the dettreof Common
leas of Bradford Conti their artible tI Association;
king for a decree of I eorporatidn; and the Wild
cant having examined rho same, in finding them'
orrect, will decree that they be Iln arporated aa
rayed for. on Monday, the let day f September,
873, at 2 o'clock p . m., unless mime bo ehoien to •
b contrary. B. PECK,
I Ang.l.t . , . I
i s t, ,
the Matter of the ncorporatlen bf "The St.
a et Bineticlal Soete y'of !lowan , Pa.'' qco.
59, September term, 13 3. 1 I I -
Notice iihereby give that the abe i named so•
'ty has presented to e Court of E tnroon Pleas
f Bradford County theit articles of a Sedation tisk ,
ng fora decree of incorporation , and tke said court
ving examined the • a and findin pion 'correct
i if decrecOthat they be ncorporabid 7 prayed 'for,
on Monday, the Ist day f Sept., 1873 at 3 .o'clock.
ip.m., =less cause be s own to the, trarY. l • ,
Aug.l4. i • Kau. i. gos, ftot.
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has ;beep filed in I the
rid foro COruity of
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I of C L Ward
lr tlli
r_'' • I
Samnall 3f Beckwith,
Executors ie. of #
t, Erccutor df Arises.
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'an ( t Bfary
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Ella F
• rnold
4 ertie L
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4111 and exam
118 1873.
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