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ivadford, frititier.
Towanda, Thursday, January 28, 1878.
• sfir The Idel in the - pool at this
place, broke sip on Friday 1u and quietly
moved karard o wartnit clime.
a The Episcopal Mite Society
mill meet oe lionrisy evening, nest, it the
hoes° of 8. W. AL - vono, Esq. _ -
stir Jowl Sannrason has moved in
to his beantital cottage, corner Locust Avenue
and Centre street. May he long enjoy the can
to its of home pith his accomplished wile.
`lseir A meeting was .held' in the
room of Franklin No. 1, on Saturday even
ing hat, for the purpose of taking steps toward
the organiizatiort of-a Firemen's Belief and Life
Insurance Co. A committee to, present appli
'cation to court was appointed, and the meeting
.adjourned_ to meet on the Bth of February.
,a- Naiad No. Te Sociable at Bier
cur'e Hall, last evening, is p r onounced by all
who attended, to bays been one of the finest
affairs of the kind eyet given in this p ace. The
Hall Was moot beantifully decoiated, the music
delightful, and the refreshments elegant. The
attendance was very large—over twB hundie ,
couples participating in the festivities.,
wir We have been shown a be& -
q ullt made by Mrs. H. 8.. CLAIM, of tbis place.
which contains 8.424 pieces. Tho different crsl
ors are neatly arranged. and give evidence of
excellent.taste on the part of Mrs. O. We are
informed that this vast labor was perforated
' ln
three months, to addition to the dischargoor
all her other honaqlaold duties.
iir Join B. Gotion lectured ,on
his favorite theme, TeMperance, in !demur's
Hall, on Tuesday evening. ' The house was
cr , .wded, and everybody was more than pleas
td. Mr. 0. is the most entertaining lecturer
before the public, and his effort,„ on Tuesday
eAentug fully maintained the !lie estimation
iu - which we bate always held , him. He was
the guest .of Gnirrrrus while in town.,
mr The following resolution was
presented in Northern Lodge at its last meet
ing; and after a spirited discussion, was voted
upon, when the first part of tko resolution was
unanimously adopted, and the latter part em
phatically lost
Resolved, That it is the ditty of temperance
men to see that all laws are atrictls observed,
and that the prosecutor in all macs of convic
tion for the violation of said 1 4W t . should re
ceive tho entire fine. • 5
kr The officerr4 of the First •Na
tional Bank of Wavexly, for tho year 1873, are
as follow :
President--11 . 0w ABD E utEn.
Cashier - —R. A. ELMER.
TORN PEraaNs t -Stuu Rutin, Clue. L. As
. Der We 'earn that Prof. SHEIT.WObD
has inaugurated a series of matinees for the im
prors merit otitis pupils. The plan is for the
:scholars to invite their friends on certain.after
aeons to hear the performances. In this way
the girls and young ladies will become accus
tomed to play in public. We hope Prof. 111:11-
wo,e's efferts in this direction will be heartily
seconded by parents, as, we doubt not it will
pr,v4 of en,at benefit to the pupils.
ter They concert' of Mr ;JAMES G..
cLim:. the histinguislied vocalistlandballadiat,
whivli came° eff on Monday evetddg, at the M.
E. Church, fully met the expectations of the
!in.; appreo:ative audience that were privi:
d to listen to him. - The ; entry' of his origi
n,l halluls is of a high order, and of elevat
i:pg I,,n , qn , y, and the inciody of their rendering
i•c..raty of the sitets. Mr. sings, at
sville on Friday, Jaituary 24; Wysox,'Sat
tir.lay, :nth inst.; Rome. Monday, 27th inst.;
ti'altiNing, Tuesday, 28th inst., and Troy,
Wednesday, 29th inst.
. gar' Gen: WAGNER, of Philadelphia,
addre•sed a large audience, hr . the . M. E.
Chur , b. oil Thursday evesiag last, en the sub
ject of tempt ranee. The General, is a pleasant,
forcb:e Speaker, .sat:d presented many new
irgiiments in favoi ,if the 'local optign
4 method of dispa.cing of the troublesome
quest:oz,. His remarks were listened to with
strict attention, and received hearty aPlatuie
from the audience. „Bev. J. STC.WAra i , 0. L.
Glasos and 8. W. HODGE:us also made appro
riat-remarks. The result of the ',meeting was
manifest en Friday, by the largo vote polled
lure against license.
PERSONAL. —Our old friend, SirsEs-
TEL TASLOII, paid us a visit last week. He iv.
t 9 be in vigorous mental and physical
Levitb. Hods engaged canvassing the county
, r Li h'd# histot l y di 'Bradford county, which
lv,d n' be published. The worklwill contain
ab..s! .;00.1)J.;:cs,1?vo., and be bound in muslin.
.tr. has spent many years compiling
`en; history, and wc'have no doubt it will prove
r. v ur at e . He'auys he teceiveaunexpneteil
el.: , ,.:ra, 4 erne..t wherever he goes, and does - not
exptet any '• downfalls."
Flour ''Of the Owego (N. Y.)
and ladr,•attcuded the Naiad Sociable,
lase e‘i!aing
- irrt_:,—The third term of the present year 'of
this institution, wilt Commence /Sunday' next,
January 27. This school has now been in suc
ce.,?•fill operation long enough to jtistify the
Itberal patronage of our entire community.
T:tit n ,ether of Students has been gradually
'ers.isitig during the last two years and a half.
This uniform increase in numbers, and mainte
nance ot interest on the part of students, speaks
Well to the school. •
We hope to hear of la large addition' to the
13 - , 2 2.1it :lumber at the commencement of this
um term. Parents may send their children
Wlth a full asinrs.nce that their- interests
Itill I , e well loOked
ErZ' We clipthe'!follo.wing dompli
r.) , .a..i..r: honed of onr late townsman, D. U.
P , .-srrr. F.:-.1 - 1 ., froni, the Form! PountY RePubli
r. ala •.uars 13,1873 : . i ,
"6(. , F. .I.‘ery, a venlig attorney of Titus
h., was h•st fail arrested on charges of
1, 1'.. , 1: , , 1.:1 , e Fr:Ai:mice, lc., was tried in Mead
'ti'e .r , th .1 , 0•11 inst ~ rand found guilty in the
1'' 2 1 ,,, .. , in wilted) he'Stoniflunicted. lin wag
Er.Lt .1, e I to !he Paitentiltry for four fears
a ''' t f' - lt tai ,ash.. IlarrN .'... Fassett, whose
rant ,pp, 'r; (;i'i our firi.t page, were engaged
t''--.=1,;.:e thstrier,"Atioruey, on bcl.llll of the
l , :::::..r.:: - :.mti,, ami e.c noire:- that: Mr. Fass
elt, pl ~, to ill!, eas? is spoken of as ben," a
...r e.i.:e anal corAincing our. Alr.%.Fasset is
' Y" , -!• , : I. , tvye' why, is at borne in' ids proes •
r. twitnd to make his mach in the ,
~ le-
Fa , , .-1-I, el. [uf , re msuy year's. We consider
' .. 1 ; ....1.1.:,,..9,1 honorable practiciener." . .
Tile Postmaster. General fins
Ikarert. , st..l fur pr , ,pos,ils for carryingon
f ;:!) rout...A, from the Ist or July I l leat
I ^ lllll Y 3! 1 . All till, mdA be forwarded
1 , 12 ti me ' 1 " re3cii WvAllinAton on or before
.11.arct, :; -
Lt•lri , •keille, by Union Grove, (new of.
I ; it 6 nicks and back, once a
Saturday, at 2,?. at.;
arr,,L x.; leave Lellays
vLil, :sattir•kv at 4 P:ar ;:arrive at flerriekvilitt
P. :1 PrtiipcHals invit2cl for twice and
ttaLt 8 - a e.t.a service.
l'••:ia Ulster to Ghent (new office), 2/ milesouce-tt meek, by, a schedule of de
-1 4 `+; sand arrivals satisfactory to the post.
4=l r Vitent . PropiiSals inrited for twice
• tiroes - a week Pler VlCe " •
DE DICATIONA:--Mr. Editor : The
14,3 erected by tiw Wyallieing
. Btl3'.l*' Cnucch, at Cathptown, Bradford coon
(lv:heated to the worahip of Got,
wel,r—la s nud Tunralay; January 15 and
si!rcioca, viz t• Op( Ling exc.:-
11 0 7 e1tx:1.1 A. ]l.;coLdnatedby
1. Casa. (Pi - cal)yt:rian), P. 'f. IdAuv lrr
, ' r TILDE:N. Sertnou by Bro. J. 1.
B.stihjOot Christian
ctmreti; its Nature and Origin."
77.1nesday eTerdnr,, Bro. A. L. Pots
fJ ,
i.~ irh,G:~
preached to a fall bones, - Test, Matt. Mal :1:
"And lan not ye Called Rabbi, for one is you*
Master, even Christ, and all ye art brilliant.*
Thursday morning, at 11 o'clock, services in
troduced by Tiro. R. R. Guar and R. Buz
mimosa. Sermon by W. 11 Tunes; text, 1
Rings, xvii 19--15. Subject, -" Obedience in
Go even to the last extremity." Prayer of
dedication by the pastor, L litnatonsivie. '
The Wyalusing Church is small and flnan-,
daily weak, but by the energy and devotion of
menibers, and especially their pastor, with aid
thankfUlly received from abroad, they have
erected $ neat and substantial house, at a oast
of a little more than three thousand six bun:
drcd dollars. A. balance of six hundred and
twelve dollars was secured in money and
pledges daring the - meeting. The prospect for
the Church is good, under the blessing of God
• W. 0. Tutu, Clerk.
lir The arguments, in the Bail
'road suit were concluded on Friday evening.
His Honor Judge Mossow, delivered his
charge on Saturday morning, and the jury re
tired about 11 o'clock. At 8 o'clock in the
evening they retinues , and rendered a verdict
for the plaintiffs,, Minus A PATILICE,
for $62, 447.54. Five fall weeks were occupied
in the - trial, which involved the largest amount
of any case ever disposed °tin our court. The
attorneys were, for the plaintiffs, CoL E. Sxrrit,
PEET A DAVIES, W. L. Pzcz ' and HART A tOll.
moos. For the Railroad Company, Judge
Alarcaup, of Williamsport, Oviarou A - .E.ts-
Bak; of thin place, gnd Hon. F. IL Item, of
Ithaca. 1-,
It is understood that the Railroad Company
will carry the ease to the Supreme Court.
a At a special meeting of Leßay
Lodge, No. 471, A. Y. M., held at Lellayaville,
Penn., Jan.,l9, 1873, the following resolutions
were unanimously adopted:
Itrnsintss : - It has pleased the Grand Muter
of the Universe to remove from our midst by
.the remorseless hull of death our well beloved
brother. Libber's Smith. Therefore,
Resolved, That by his decease .society has
been deprived of a highly respected citizen,
the family of a most kind and affectionate pa
rent, the Masonic Fraternity of one of its old
est. most faithful and ardent members.
Resolved, That while we sincerely mourn his
loss, we bow with submission to the mandate
of the Divine Grand. Master above, realizing
that our loss is his infinite gain ; we ark thank
ful to a kind Providence for having spared him
for fifty-six years of Masonic life.
. . _
Resolced, That we hereby tender to his fam
ily our heartfelt sympathy in this the boar of
their great bereavement.
Res()'red, That a copy of- the above resole-
Mous be presented to the family of the deceas
ed, and also that they be turnitibed each of the
county papers for publication.
By order of Lenity
S. W. Mica, Seel.
following item taken from the last 'Northern
Tier Gazette, it will be seen that Troy is to have
'anew manufacturing establishment. The young
gentlemen composing tho'couipany are rden of ,
energy, enterprise and bottom. We hope the
investment may prove a paying one to the cap
italists, as we are sure it will to our sister vil
lag° :
"At length a company has been formed.
comprising four of onr prominent young men of
business, who intend - immediately to_proceed
to the erection of a Foundry, Machine Shop
and Hardw re Store. The paper
is have been
drawn and signed. and work will < -be speedily.
begun. Tie company starts oft with $50.000
capital, and by next Spring the building will be
under way, and our people may expect to see
works replace those of !dr. S. W. Paine, which
were bnrned last week. We are glad to know
that a buidness which is so necessary to the
people of any region like ours, is to remain id's
no linger than it is obliged to. A building 272
ft-et song. built of brick, will be put up on the
hind' between E. C. Oliver S. Son's furniture
store hod the cr,•e'i. The members of the corn
ptny ere Capt. W. H. Carnochan, A. ER New
man', John Parsons and Lyman Oliver, all thor
ongligo-ahead men, and entirely able to man
age an extensive bui,iness."
.q.bon lasimcs.— Teaching children
good manners at home, is often too much neg
lected Parents who would be mortified at any
exhibition of ill manners on the part of their
children in the presfince of strangers, often per
mit rudeness at home. Young folks should be
mannerly. How to be so, is the question. Harty
a good girl and boy feel the t they can't behaVe
themselves in the presence of company. They
feel timid, bashful and self-distrOstful the mo
mentthey aro addressed by a stranger, or ap
pear in company. There is but one way to get
over this feeling and to acquire easy and grace
ful manners;. that is, to do the beat they can all
the time at home, as well as abroad. Good
manners are not learned by arbitrary teaching
so much as acqnired by hAa:t; They grow up
on us by use. We most be courteous, agreese.-
hie, civil, kind, gentlemanly and womanly at
hiim . 6, and then it will become a kind of second
nature to be so everywhere. A. coarse, rough
manner at home begets a habit of roughness,
which :ye cannot lay aside if we .try when we
go among strangers.' The most agreeable peo
ple we have ever known in company, are those
who are perfectly agree 11,1 e at home. Home
is the school for all good things, especially .for
good manners.
PußLicrrr Is MONEY.—This has come
to be recognized as a prieciple in business.
Coml etition is so keen; and we live in such
busy times, that a man's only chance of success
lies in proclaiming the merits of his wares far
and wide, up and down the marker. HO must
keep a trumpeter, thcPpublic attention must be
arrested, and Le who bist succeeds in this has
the best chance of nAtiog a fortune. It is
found not to to sufficieht for a tradesman to
put up a sign over pis dbor for people to come
and look at ;:he must spud out his sign far and
wide, and make it and remember it
in spite of themselves. To do this effectually
it requiles tact and knowledge. There , is an
art in advertiging. All'sletiends on how' it is set
about ;it must be done l boldly. It is useless to'
go into a crowd and raise a feeble wail which is,
drowned in the general:clamor. It will not d •
to imitate the genteel woman, who, in carrying
fish the fiat time, would not lift her voice for
fear any one should hear her. Thete is another
sense in which every adtertiser thould have
eouddenee in publicity, he should e quite cer
tain that if ho throws hie bread upon the water
he . must find it, even it tt bt "after many days."
—lt was a beautiful illustration of the benefi
cent work and results of bur holy religion, to
have tho church and school-house placed aide
by side wherever the standard of Christianity
has been planted. Civilization, education and
moral elevation are the conearn'tants, bt Chris
tian missions. No more striking contrast be
tween heathendoln - and christendom can be'
found, than furnished in the direct and legit
imate roults . of the two diametrically' opposite
systems'reveryn here apparent. Naturalism, ra
tlenalls-in, and all forms of infidelity stand re
buked in the l res6ce of Christi*toy, with' its
L,areiply fruitage, iu striking contrast with all
the oilier furnas `of feliAien foitukthrougo all
time. Wheipi - er faith in the Slisiour of men as
the only moans of saivati:m. the Wood ot atone
int at as the only means eleans,ng, and a
ho . .y life as the tline:s of future joy, are
4.1/ffeteuee bei• puiutt+ of faith mat be
safely ated,'pnisietent with Christian fidel
ity, zeal sea honor. All may join the prayer,
ted the work of the Master."
V 57" Nothing is more common now.
than postage stamps, and yet we presume com
paratively few of thosa Who daily use those im
portant little bits of paper, knoiv how tiny are
manutactureJ. The following the modus
" soon as they emerge from the. hyilraulie
prom, postage stamp. are gummed. The paste
is made of clear starch, ur rather its dextrine: -
whin IS acted rip in chemically and then boiled,
terming a clear, smooth. slightly sweet mix
ture... Each sheet of stamps is taken separate
ly. placed upon I dat board, and its edges cov
ered ai:h a light metal trame. Then the paste
is smeared on with a whitewash brush, and the
sheet is lam between two wire racks and placed
on a pile with others to dry. Great care is te•
ken in 'the znanuracture of thiivaste, which is
perfectly barinlems. After gumming, anotaer
weittlag in the hydraulic presi hollows. ram
more counting—in fact, stamps are counted no
lees than thirteen times during their process of
mautitattare. The iiheetsare then cut in half,
each portion containing ono hundred stamps.
this being done by girls with, •ordmary hand
shears. Next follows the perfaianou, whirls is
performed' by machiacry. Tue perforations are
brit made iii a perpendicular itne, and after
wards in a horizontal line. Another prowling
fellows—this time to get rid of the raised edges
on the back of the stamps made by. the dies,
and this ends theinanufaeture."'
Se' A writer in the rniladelphit .
Pressi;-givlng !` Pan Pictures " 43f member. of
the •• Constitutional Convention." Here Is what
he eaya abottt ono of our members :
"One of the handsomest szid ziost
ai Tell its !tit most iistrelgsmt- sad elm
Ilis4,Tanse,sl Nos&
Planwab 0 121 7•44 11111111 0 115.
and dear mist ass=frW•
Ib county, tkiyears nniwitiO4, and is
his _ at yossse.
w rircightoad rose us Mbar Cl tamed to lkontrinls
and there. ever nines, this distinguished nuen
bar has resided, worths' bis e la genuine
American iityle tap end:woos and lr boa In the
old Keystone State. In his early LAI be devot
ed his time to earnest study and labor,
in books, working on the farte, Wetting echo
following mechanical and mercantile pursuits.
=dr i :l4 g thorough seademkel education,
by suOying law with
Post, Esq.; of Kontiose,_and by admission to
the bar of that town in Sepias- bee 181/1. He
went into a practice of whichaqung lawyer
might tie *cud. lna short Hon. Ovid
F. Johnsen, the Attorney General the State,
assigned Mr. Torok to the ofkos of District At
holey for thisquehanns—art olio he held tor
a period of four or five years—retiring fr om it
from a pure distaste he criminal_ justice, esp.-
oially invariable prosecu tion Ile was elected
so the State Senate for the counties of BradArit,
linveneleunis, and Wyoming, and 'reread is
t office in the years 1810-44-415, anti was
elected Speaker of the Senate st the special sea
sion of MSC and again at the %Lift of the
session of 1866, in which high mice be distin
guished himself for ability, • urbanity and
pronipsitude of action. He hag been appmpri
stely designated in the convention chairman of
the Committee on State Ixstatutions and Build
ings, and is remind on the Committee on Oar
peahens. He is a Republican of the olden
school, an American of the beat type, and a
Pennsylvanian of the purest moult. In per
sonal emanate he is without an equal hi the
convention. His !med . I. slightly baldi and ink
gray hair harmonises nanaly who his side
whiskers. WA presence is commanding, and
he never speaks or acts except directly to, an
earnest purpose.
_All in all, he may be termed
• model member.'
"Lights and Shadows V New
York Life; or, the Sights and Eiensalionsqf the
Great Oily." A work descriptive of New York
City in all its various phases. Its splendors and
wretchedness; its high and low life; its marble
palaces and dark dens; its attractions and dan•
gers ; its rings and frauds; its leading men and
`politicians; its adventureni; its mysteries and
crimes. By Jazas D. McCann, jr.
What Paris is to the Frenchman, or London
to the Briton, New York is to the American. It
Is not only the Metropolis, but it is the chief
attraction upon this continent, the great centre
to which men and women resort for both bud
nese and pleasure, and as such is a source of
never-faihng interest. Of late years several at
tempts have been made to reproduce ita varied
attractions in book form. The most traccesiful
result of those efforts is the book now before us.
The author has had unusual faollities to see
every feature of the great city, Ind has written
the work with an enthusiasm which is apparent
in every page. He has not merely produced a
sensational story, but has given us a record of
actual facts, of which he is personally cogni
The book is as fascinating and absorbing as
Novel, and were it not for the evidence he,
furnishes, we should be taunted to believe ;that
be has Carried us into the reahn of Action. He
tells tie the history of the great city Which has
_grown to be the most remarkable in America;
and relates its old traditions with zest and hu
mor. He introduces us to all classes of people,
and'initiates us into their ways and manner of
life/ He brings us face to face with great mer
chants and bankers, actors, editors, working
Women, ballet girls, thieves, gamblers, sailors,
quacks; firemen, and a hint of others. Ho de
lights us with his sketches,of the better and
brighter side of city life, of the genius, enter
prise. charity and humanity of the great city,
and appals us with his thrilling accounts of the
idarker and more terrible side of the life he is
A trothfril picture of New York' hfe cannot be
otherfise than deeply interesting. Our author
has succeeded admirably in his task, and we
predict for his book a large age. It is brim
fail of useful infornl7.iin”. brilliant end fascinat
ing, and an emphatic v, against the vice.
of the city. It iz purl and I,:fty in tone, and
whi.e it discusses fully many of the darker sides
of city life, it does so with delicacy and candor.
An intert•sting feature of the book is a power
fully written hlatory of the Tammany Ring
!rands, with sketches of the actors therein.
. It is comprised in One large octavo Tolima of
850 pages, and illustrated With nearly 200 fine
engravings of noted places, life and scenes in
New York. -
The low price at which the book is issued,
brings it within the reach Of all, and no one
who wants to know,New York u it really is,
should fail to buy this book. It is sold by sub
scription only, and kirs. E. A. llclEr.s.w, who is
the authorized agent for this section, to now
canvassing for it.
,Bonovon Fr w'xiox.—The following
is the vote of the several wards in this borough,
at the election held on Friday last. It will be
seen that "No taconite" got a majority. Now,
will tho officers enforce the law ?:
Judge of Elections,
James McCabe ' 101
Thos. AL Woodruff Ilk
Inspectors of Elecuons,
H. T. Stevens ' . 89
0. H. P. Disbrow 122
Ward Councilman,. .
Thomas R. Jordan . 197
Councilmen at Large,
Morgan Lewis ' ' so
N. N. Betts, jr 142
Dennis McMahon ' 242
Bahool Directors, .
J. P. Tan Fleet (3 years). •
J. A. Codding (3 years) ` ilt
r N. Tidd (2 years) . 179
.., Ralph Russell (3 years) 246
H. B. McKean (9 years) SL
Jam EL Nevins . .... ......... ....SG
W. 11.11dorgiai 1.4
Constable, '
Johnson Wel% ....82
Z . . Martin McGill ,128
High Constable, •
L. T., Royse . t 79
I'. W: Cowell 125
Borough AnditorL
1 George Ridgeway 82
• J. J. Griffiths - 117
Overseers of Poor, 'fr -
• Wm. Mix • ' 207
J. •W. Lyman ' --' 211
For License 127
Against License " 79
Jtidge of Elections, '
- , J. A. Codding ,
.. 156
9 • Wm. Chamberlin....,..
Inspector of Elections, '
C. M. Manville 154
, F. B. Ford '
Councilmen at Large, 17 6
M. Lewis 59
• N. N. Bette, jr • 2. ‘• 299
Dennis McMahon 140
Borough Auditor,
George Ridgeway . 156
J. J. Griffiths . .:70
School Directors,
i J. P. VanFleat '''' 154
A. Codding;.. ....... .... , ..... 154
• N. Tidd
. • 156
1 Ralph Russell 80
' Et. B. McKean..... , 79
' J. H. Nevins 159
W. H. Morgan 'B9
Johnson Wells 130
Martin McGill 105
High Constable, . .
~ • L. T. Bova. - 178
P. W. Cowell .72
Overseers of Poor,.
. - Wm. Mix . 231
J. W. Lyman - - 246
For License ....lf
Against License
Jtidge or Elections;
Isaac Smslley..
Gecirge Stevess
Inspector or Elections,
Morgan Lewis
G. 11. Eaton
Ward Councilman,
L. B. Rodgers....
Jas. 31. ard..
Councilmen at Lurk,
M. Lowis..l..
• N. N. Bette, jr
D. Mcßfahon
Borough Auditor,
George Ridgeway
J.. 7. Griffiths
School Direct.irs,
J. P. V.nFleet (3 yeus) 113
J. A Coddrng (3 years) 113
Ralph Bussed (3 years).— - 68
N. Tidd (2 years),.- 110
H. B. McKeon (2 years). 66
J. H. Nevins....:.
W. H. Morgan..
- Johnson Well% ...
/Julia 51eGtil
High COLstable,
L. T. Rome.. .
I'. W. .Cowell.
Overseers of the Poor.
Wm. Mix....
J. W..:Lyman
For License....
Against License
DowerioN.--There will be a don".
tion held for the benedt of Bev. P. T. BEA-tor;
at the houl.e ofPizausx. CUM, in Berrickttle,
on Wednesday,..honery 48, 1873. The public
are, cordially invited to - attend. By order. of
o immittee.
terrains. ['histology, Friday, cotornencing at
10 ce"Joek a../a. All friends of school an
2= E=M
air Did pit know 'gat, raciiii.k
Somiled Willow &WWI 1
is, Orate tuktkowee; of every
• • rig @bap, at Rims to s%
Main street, and to Pim National Bank.
Nis Warmaa•' Candies at D. W.
Ikon & Och's Bakery.
you wang a good oiaroolt,
go to Mint Ttizoi`o.
splendid new stock of
Oreiaosts, at Haug T►aZoa`a.
is.Onanis is motintintammos
And Naming Pictures, at low rata.
11111. Dress Making done et the
Bee Hive, by Kiss Team& Cemexen.
v.- French Felt and Soft Crown
ed Elata, at the Bee Hive Saxe. _
The Awaken Sewing Ma
chine is the best.
1111. New --- ;:r3 - 7 --- Goods are Con
stantly being received at the Bee Hive Blown.
IS. A large assortment of Brack
ets just received at ?WU a &kJ&
Oystge try the r quati, at 45
yenta. • R. A. Ooiriss.
lA. Fall assortment of Silver Plat
ed Were, at Wunciux & BLear's.
- Job work, of every description,
neatly and expeditiously assented at this office
IS. An entire new stock of Feath
ers, Flowers and Bihbons. at the Bee Hive
Store. '
Butteriek's Patterns, at the
M. Warm meals •at all hours at
cowus' Bakery.
is. New Music, at the Bee Hive.
li ercnea block. 1
MI6 Baymyr has some 'Very "noh
by " Cutters, which he offers very cheap.
sir Mittons, Fringes and Passe
mentaries, at the Bee Hive Store.
Gray Nets at the Bee Hive
Invisible Hair Nets, in
on, at the Bee Mee Stare.
iSh.Sweet Potatoes and Cranber
licit, at Comm' Bakerr.
sii.Bmizices National Hay and
Straw Cutters, for sale by
se. If you want a nice pleasure
sleigh, call on:Bs:arm at his Carriage Manu
factory, on Elisabeth street.
MO - Gabtrn. CAYUGA r Lus Ira on
hand at Myersbarg Mills
Jan. 6—Sw. .
lir The beat Tinware for sale at
Jpsz & Lams' Hardware Store, in Nennite
• Si- A large assortment of Ameri
cut Cook and Parlor Stogy ea, at
41161 f you want a nice article of
Cake, you can get it at D. W. Scorr & CoAlta
kery. Leave you orders in time.
Foe SALE.,-Two or three new
houses, desirably located.. Terms easy. En
quiie of W. G. Gpanon, at Turner & Gordon's
Drag Store.
a Very. litest styles in Bonnets
and Hats for ladies, Mts' ses and Children, at
the Bee Hive Store, No. 2, Meteor's Block, To
wanda, 'Pa.
ft- Cranberries, Bales, Dried
Peaches, Dried Beef, etc., at D. W. Scnr it
MS. If yon.want a firat•clasa Par
lor ittore. got' the Light House, on hand and
for gale by . PEN.pLerox & Miaow,
Orwell, Pa.
1111. A full assortment of Railroad
and Java Canvas, at the Bee Elko Store, Met
ear's Block.
SS. Just received st the Bee Elie,
an elegant assortment of Ladies' and. Misses'
Linen Collars and Cuffs, also Laces, in the
newest styles.
lllir If you want to, hny the best .
Cook Store in market, and for the lesstmoney,
go to Jcsa & Lama' Hardware Store, in iter
ates Block.
Rvesi7 PArsT.—Have you seen or
heard or it ? It not , it is worth your while to
enquire into its value. See R. X. Wituss'
"Rubber Paint" card in another column.
soar Now is a good time to get
your letter-heads, envelopes and - bill-heads
printed, and the Dame= office is a good
place to get them executed.
It- . The place to buy a first-class
Cook or Parlor Store, is ail
Ps-Nor-Eros 1 DAll,Balleti,
Orwell, Pa.
ge..-Luatus 4t. Morino, manufac
turers of thine celebnited spectacles, have
changed their agency from J. lirmersara's to
Wx. A. CstAxacsuitiN.
D®' M. J. Lunux wants fifty thou.,.
sand feet to fit with Boots aid Shoes, at his
new store opposite the Means House. Boots at
one dollar and twenty-Ave cents a pair; how
is that for low? 157 Main street, below Badge.
is selling superior Hard Anthracite Ooal, by
the car load, very cheap, delivered at any B. R.
station between Wyalusing and Athens. Now
is the time to acme your Wiater's supply. '
G 3
stir FRANK BuRBINE, Ticket Agent
Pa.& N. T. R. E. Co., has been appointed _sole
agent in this place for the sale of the Railway
•assenger Assurance- Co.'s accident tickets.
These tickets cost but a trifle, and cover all
kinds of accidents.
' 103
stir Mrs.. Furman, on Bridge-at.,
manufactures all kinds - of hair-work. She
should receive a generous support from the la
dies of this place. Her prices are much lower
than the same work can be procured in the
city. and those who have patronised her ex
press themselves highly satisfied with the qual
ity of her work.
Nonas.—The gentlemen that loan
ed or borrowed two volumes of Redfield *on
Willi, /Smith's Forma, and the first volume of
Chitty's Blackstone, are requested to return
them. They are wanted.
S. B. ItaKaur.
Loar.—A 'black Newfoundland
Dog, with white toes and breast; one hind foot
has sear horn s eat. A liberal reward will be
paid for any information that will lead to, his
reaivery. . Jonx Wagons.
Tovniada Toil., Jam 21. 1873.—Ser"
MI6 Policy-holders, in Towanda
borongb and vicinity. in - tha Conti. Mutual /aft
Instnanco Cosapw, are requaliad to nicet at
1111 Want Moue; Friday evening, isn. 17. at 7
- •
mim mu.
MAJ. O. Paw. 4k : Sou wbb to
pts wow Qbr.ltstLsels la sites bees is
WlNlolloo metre Odel, sot MAI 4ieee ik4
soli their. they e>it emII end take it mow. Nov
is yao;r thee Iloyellpeefeetalesep...;:l3o sem yen
tit apt 4 1111- 7 01111 10*.- • -
11116 it illhat — generall — y known *it
at Inn Book t ovoribe
Enron= CMOS, wakes flak Books in aigr
style of ruling and binding denies& If you
wants new Ledges, I rocanal or Docket, give
Idni aa& . '
BUM do Elul, would call the
Wattles' of the plilic to the fact that their
market is always supplied with the choicest
steaks, roasts, lamb Mid minors, pork, sausage,
fish, eta. They are now receiving daily supplies
°[p. Moab cyders, Istria they oiler at whole
saU and retail at the • lowest 'rates.
OiSTU Sums axn )
Northern Lodge Good Templars purpose bar
ing ad oyster supper,
,eta., as above, on the
29th of January, at TemPerance Hall; the pro
ceeds to be applied to payment or debt on
paw. It is hoped that this appeal to , the
of the people will realize enough to pay
the debt. .
Norms To. DIU:NUBS? Ctraromses.
—Re are determined to bavo a settlement of
all outstanding accounts. If• our bills and
statements are not noticed, we shall send s
special messenger. *settlement we are bound
to. have. Connsso, Rvssims it Co.
Towanda, Jarmary, 1873. -
ituatc.u. CoNvirrioN.—A Musical
convention will be held at Wyaluatig. Pa.,
ecuntruetning Tuetulay; February 4, 1873, to
continue four days, and closing with - tooncert
Fridley i3renlng, February 7, oondp:ted by
Bev. J. B. liilmarxs, of• Nicholson, Pa. ,A plea*.
eat and profitable time' is anticipated.
Jur. 16-20'
Srruinoss.—Toung Alen and I's/- -
dies qualified at the Buffalo Telegraph Instants
and Olty Line Telegraph, to earn a Salary 'of
$3O to $lOO per mouth. Every graduate secures
a poidtion.. For full information send for cata
logue and circular. Address O. L. Brim's;
Superintendent, Buffalo, N. Y.
tar The next session of the Brad.!
ford County Teachers' Association, will be held
et Herrick, beginning at iok OCIOCk A. 31., Of
Friday, Februuy 11, 1873. The appointments
are as follow : Lecturer, Hon. Grouctr.laww.nal
Declaimers, H. IL lizsurr, 'Down 'firm= ;
Essayists, Miss Arnim Et.i.tort, Min Ilwrra
Caawrourt; Business Committee, G. W. Ere
turn', Joss CIAV7O.IID, T. S. CAMP. Lumina
D.,casirrice; of Rome, will de
liver his lecture on the ".ieven Wonders of
the World," in Patton', Hall, on lionday, Janu
ary 27. Admission 20 cents. Children half
pnce. The following notice will give ankles of
what other people think of tho lecture
" DAISIST, Tompkins Co., N. T., t
November 28, 1871
"Mr. D. Chaffee lectured in this place re
coal,' on the 1' Seven Wonders of the World."
His lecture was entertaining and instructive.
"J. Wzi.Lui,
• "Pastor Congregational church."
assts.—Daring the changeable seasons of Fall
and Winter, when COughs and are so
prevalent, no person sbotdd bo Without some
reliable preparation for their cure. They,
should recollect that a neglected Cough or
Culd" frequently terminate 3 in Consumption.
best and most reliable article known for the
care of Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Thivat,
Asthma, Chronie - C.atarrlis, and all diseases of
the Throat and Lungs. No family should be
without it. It is no private " quack" preps ra•
la= ; on the contras y r It is prescribed by some
of the most sininent physicians in the 'country.
_Price 50 cents.
Sold by all Drug Stores and Dealers through
out the United States.
r. B.—See that the signature of ittnunn.t.
Lamas, Prop`rs, is on each wrapper.' `°.
SMITH.—In Pike township, January 17, 1879,
Libbens Smith, aged 86 years.
PRATT.—In Orwell, Ps., January 2, 1873, on
her natal day day, and in the hotne or her
birth, Lucinda D. Pratt, widow of tho late
Isaac Pratt, and daughter of Aaron Daub
buck, Lq., of Nichols, N. Y., aged fifty-eight
Use Dabber Paint. It to raised ready for .use
Spreads easily and stiumtly, is glossy, firm, du
rable, elastic, and is a Beauhful Paint. R. DI
watts has the Paint. •
Corrected every nonunion, b 7 0. B. PATCH
Wheat. • bush
subject to changes daily.
wheat. * bush
Dora. •1 bush;
Oats. baZ t
Deans, IP
Butter trolls) r no .
do (dalry,) lb now
Egan dos
Potatoes; l 2 taalunew
Flour, 11 barrel 10 00 11.00
Onions. bash 198
WILZGETIIer Onars.—Whest 80 lb. s _Corn 58 lbs.;
Rye 88 lba; Oats 32 lbs.; Barley 461ba: Budkwhest
48 lbs.; Beane CI that Bran 2011*. ; C3over Seed 601
lba ; Timothy Seed 44 lbs. • Dried Peaches 33 lbs.;
Dried Apples 12 lbs.. Flax Seed 60 lbs.
Emir, best Winter wheat, pr. sack Si 50
" .• •• .. hundred 00
14 40 40 40 barrel 10 00
reed. per cwt
thud= grinding usually dons at mos.t
psi:J*olth. mill is tea: for a 15r87,. alumna of
work L. B. pronex.
Oamptown. may TA. Irr.
New Advertiseme4ts.
Post:Coe, Towanda, Ps., Jan. 22. 1873.
Allcriray Sarah Midaough Oeo' .
Allows, 'Addle •
• Mcadden
Jam Wes
to h d Seneca MorlmA
Blaladale Lent ' Wardle M A '
Bennett serail McMillan David'
B 7WOISII John 0 Miscall Maggie
Briggs ?hos P Mullen John
Brown Win Northrup 0111,1d11 ,
Bennett Francis Nichols Hiram '
Batch Maggie , Newcomb II
Comp 0 W Newell L B
Clark 17snli Neville B J
Crain Emma J O'Boyle Elm
Cooper Annie , O'Sullivan D
Camtstey James O'Brien 'Patrick
Craton Catherine Onan J W
Dunn John 2 Owens Edward
Fiole• E • Patterson' J L
Nettle Easterbrook Pollock Wm
Patrick Pagsrl7 . ' Preston Cbu
Fitzgerald Thomas Parks Warren
Flynn Patrick ' Post L H '
Torrey John , Quigley Mist B
Vildialt Quigley IC-
Goodnoln li t e lp .; Unseen Isaac C
deny Wm 2 , Bonn Michael
H ll H 'Readtord Johanah
Heath Lenora Shiner Stephen
Hug*. is Wm ' Shoemaker tv A.
II rdey John . Shores Madison
Klein , Joseph P Suivtlie_ Means
Harris 0 D BbPdge , COO g -
Henson Cordell* Shaw A •
Irvine J W -1- Smith • B •
Jones Francis 31 Stevens B H
Jackson Elects Sharron & 32
Jones Janis " , Somers Mrs bomb
Le Brick May A Scott W P
tirrain Katie Sutherland Bev It a
Knight B W Sherwood Cleo It
Lank* Thos. Smith Chas A
Kilmer J W. Smith Ahnida
Keeler Oen L - Thompson Helen
London Maggie S - Chas B 3
Wadi Annie .elk Jblie
Lee Win A te Oeo
Lame II A - , . White L
L7steb II C Westbrook Cbenjek
Lyn,* Ellie Waterman C P
Lamtanan D C WbitaTer Leonard
Moors Matilda Woif Yrs
Wickham W T Waterman Wilber
=mks Es= son mum
Jerre DetTan, Duabore. Pa.
Lyman nett. Franklin. Pa.
Pierce Crawford, Msey. Pa.
Fannie $ Walter, Media. Pa.
Estella L OWetl. Laddstrarg. PL
111ohiskaion litsamsa. emu, Pa.
John B Gee. Weboo. Debraelpt. •
Mamas Reed. ntledelphia. Pa. •
Kau Vanlin. Tiros% Y.Y.
Persons elating for above lettere will say Oren
used. string date of list.
Oa the Railroad. at Clad Street, which will be old
by the car dae lees qua:atty. sad delivered • •
remeorabl s ue r m. Phases call at the Coal Yard.
WyLSZII. Saleamea.
Aug. le. ISM L. L 01,11. Prageletar.
VBOST /4 SONS make the
JI: Iltdasam 7i= ta arrant -
31. if. KLINZT, See"'
$1 60 0 I
• 1 50 0_ 3 00
4' 28
22 64 82
A.Clump„cimple s lauVisurt-wty
to audnda 'cold anc save oval, per-
manent and ornamental, at
Russell 86, Co.'s
'fait Az
• ?i
Morning Glory
t A 1 1/1,014 fr v; t-i-iiOA-b ags d
I lAEA U 31-1 INT .A. 71 1 0 R.
&Alin! DP WARD
. 4
Oro* ands, 'Cyr. 0 1972
• . E
rtuciaLA . mAnos,—*HEREAB,_
Sim. NAOMI 0. 32111:11=3,1Frettitioesit Judie
dolbsel2th ituttitirl DuitrAti t iqfPf the
booisties 'of Briaord ant clusquehinni„ sod
Nona. Zaitoune Fars= ~and FA D. M 112 2 1141.
Associate Judges, in and far wald county or
Bradford,' hare issued theirprecept bearing
date the 30th day of Doc., 1872, to me , di
rected lbr hakilug . a Court, of Oiror-and Temp
erer, General Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
Common Pleas and Orphan's ecturt, at Towan-.
da, for tne"County of Bradford. oil-Monday, the
3d day of February next, to ootitintio
Notice is therefore tuireby given to tho Coro- .
nen, and Justices of the Peace, of the coiwty
of Bradford. that - they bo then and\ there in
their properperson 'at 10 o'clock.lin ..the fore
noon of said day, with records. inquisitions and
other remembrances, to do those things which
to their office appertains to be done; and those
who are bound by recognisance or otherwise to
prosecute - against the prisoners - who are or
may he in the-jail of said county, or who shalt
ho bound to appear at the said court aro to be
then and them to prosecute , against them Sr
shall be just,. Jurors are . requested to be
punctual in their attendance,agreesbly to their
Dated at Towanda. the 7th day of Jan., in
the year of our Lord; one thousand eight
hundred and seventr-three, and of the lode.-
pendenee of the trotted' titates, the ninety;
fourth. • .
ors for Feb. Terin . of Court to be. held s$
wands, commencing Monday Feb. 3, 1873.
Alban, Thomas Rouse; Barclay.: at Vassal. Alike
Coatuird; Carton Born., V. U Thomas, .4 $ Mix;
oOlurstilik. James Wilson; J I.Balli Mon
roe tsp.. Elon Wilcox; Orwell, d W Brown. D V
Barton, E 0 Ball; home D B Woodburn;
Standing Stone. Jason Vantiesa; Stieshimtun„ blou
se Watkins; rosands Boro., Uort Parsons, W
Alger. Mahlon nostorick, Jai 11 Wilding; .Towatida
twp., Zeuls Hancock; TrOT twp.. Win Simms, Übe
dish Williams; Terry. Wm Proof; Wells, Ira Ayers:
Wysox, Lewis Wertenberger.
Albany, 0114/1111) Beverly, T ecanlin. Jr• Athens
tirp., a Peters; Athena fiord, =John - :Homer;
na JEt Pelmet; Barclay, Bob'l Finlays•m;
tumble. EB, Williams, M 8 Ayers; Franklin. Wm
Robert; Herrick, A 41. Brown. E 8 Turrcil John
Foyle; Monroe twp.. Joseph Bull; Orwell. ..John
Jilson; Overton; D Beverly, Jr; Pike, E kl Steele,
B Burrows; Rome tarp., E W Bushnef; Nictg
berry, Jas Stilton; Smithfield. Ass Phelps, Bennett
French, E - 13 Harris; South Creek. J A Dunham. W
H Moore; Standing Stone. .7 8 Shackleton; Terry,
D s Weils;.Troy HMO.. Nelson Adams; Towanda
Boro. .7 De La Ilontanye. H E Shipman; Towanda
twp.. Michael Serwin; Temeasora, Alfred Ackley;
Ulster, II s Mingle; Welles; D -E Ayers. Nathaniel
Eidson; Wilmot . J M tumble, G 8 Shock; Warren.
O N Bowen; WLtiditans, Cleo Lawrence, Mezektah
Darling. ,
Albany. Geo Sterigere; gsrelai, Frank Crosby.
Da%iii Sabin. Wsx.tolinaon; llurlin,gtou tap.. J W
Lane; Cant..wi Bor& o.s4lPatteziou. L Manley;
Ointon twp.i. (Ito McKee. Cyrenus- Kelley; Gran
ville, D "I! Saxton; Leßoy, Burton Slone. Jacob
oratreer, (14 Holcomb, ltobt McKee; Monroe twp
II M. Pratt; Kite. Hort rk Taylor. J 4 DArnos, John
Baldwin; flidgeberry, Mierris Cummins, Vlncent
Baldwin: 'tome twp.. Hugh 'lleCabe, 0 8 Forbes;
tinkithiteld. James Leonard. A W Ames; elliestkequin
L D Post. yr. Hill; Springfletd, E C Strom, E M
Merrill; Senn:hug Stone. Michael Lynch, J C EMIT;
Towanda Ebro C P Weller, Halt Sharman; TWICo
rural, 13 r Drowning. a- W Camp; Terry, Urish
Terry; Warren, James Blanchard, Lewis Whitaker:
Wyalusiug, Heil Ackley, Lorenzo Overton.
Athens twp., Eugene Underhill. ,Abram Snell,
Frank Loomis; Athens Boro ., J Wilson; Asylum
Peter McCracken: Barclay. John Carroll, Robert
Sampson, j 0 Holbrook; West Burlington, I J Mc
Kean; Canton Boro, Charles Owen; canton twp.;
J B Jona; Columbia. A 31. Cornell; Granville. Joe
Hen:alit; Litchfield. d Lee. Jr.. J It Rogers; Leßoy,
Aunt /ny Darling: Monroe twp.. Wm Hawes; Oeer,
ton. 'I .4 Park; Itidgeberry, Wallace Griswold:
Borne Boi•o., Allen Yonng,'; Smithfield, L 1) Forrest.
Witi BIM A II Cempbella , Wm- &neuron; Sheshe
quip, James Newm.ui; Tqwanda Boro.. John Mc-.
liAire. Wallace Eingstid; Towanda twp., Lyman
Blackman; 'Ninth Towanda. Martin Bowen; !Toy
Boro.. Isaac Cleaver; Troy twp., Gee Ballard; Tus.
carom, John Ittwer..Patrick Mahoney; Wealnaing.
Darwin Cook; Wilmot, Wallace Dodge; Windham.
Frederick Brainard. Asa McKee. 0 .8 Shoemaker;
Warren, J A Newman; Wells, E E
td J. M. SMITH. Rbarlff.
EGISTE N ()TICE,. o ice
is hereby given that there bag been filed and
settled in the office of Register of Wills in and for
the County of Bradford, accounts of Administra
tion upon the following estates, viz:
Final acct of Geo H Kendall. administrator df
Horitao J Ladd, deceased.
Final acc't of Geo P 31ardy, administrator, per. ?
dente late, of Hubill Hanly. deceased.
Final acc't of Ezra Loomis, guardian of Perfival
la d scc't of Charlotte W Hayward, executrix of
Joseph Kinney, late guardian of Ch.trles Kinney,
minor heir of H D Kinney, deceased.
Fatal am't of C, , W Stertuere, executor of Seth
Stevens, decease...l -_ • .
Mat wet. Of Morris Seeley; executor of Dude'
Holdridge, deceased. ,
Final sec't of Lucy 11 Adams, executrix 41.4 C
Adams. dreeased. I>l
Final acct of Lorin B Wolcott, administrator of
Jo*lab Wolcott. deceased.
Final aac't of Lncy Fairman and C B 1110,s, exc.'
entors of Cyrel Ratrman. demased.
Final acct of it null and Joseph Mingoe, execu
tors of J I) Williams, deceased.
Final *eel of N Smith, administrator of B. Sen
dai]. decea•ed. -
Final acct-of Geo N Newbury. administrator of
Wm P Newbury, late of Troy Boro , desicased.
Partial seer of Benriett ft Bowman and B F Bow
man.-surviving executors oi John LI Bowman, late
Monroe. deceased. •
appral-ement of property set off by
the executors or administrators to widows or chll
dreU of the following decedents.
k:state of Benedict Arnold,
" John Gard.'
"-• Thomas Case.
" J6el Barnes.
" James lleary. - •
. Josepb•P Trumbull,
" Charles II Ladd.
" .0 W Shattuck.
" Wm c Wilcox:
John 1' Miller.
And the same will be presented to the Orphans'
Court of Bradford County, on Thursday. Feb. Gth,
at 2 o'clock, p.m., for coufbmitioh and allowance.
Jan.'s . G. J. CittIBBUCK, Bealater.
IP-adford County. es. 'The ConamonWealth of
Pennsylvgnia. To the Sheriff of Bradlord County,
GLEET:NO : We command you that you attach
W. Dthimick, late of your county, by art and singu
lar me goods and chattel 4, lands and tenemeuts,
money., rights and whose hands or pos•
session suever the same may be. so that he be and
appear before our Court of Common Pleas, to be
holden at the borough of Towanda. in and for - said
comity on the first Monday of Decent , er next there
to answer lames 0. Frost and Robert Sherman:of
a plea of debt of 4500. and that you summon I.
DeLa alontanye, Hour: W. Noble, Henry W.
Tracy and all persons in whose hands or, posse•-
aloe the said goods or. chattels moneys, rights and
credits, or any 'of them may be attached, so teat
they and eve, y of them be and appear before said
Court, at the day. and place of sesta, to answer
what shall be objected against them•and abide the
judgment of the Court therein ; and hate you then
and there this writ.
Witness the Honorable F. B. Streeter.' President
of our said Court at the. Borough 'of. Towanda,
aforesaid, the 24th day of November. A. Da 1873.
Nov. 29. 1872. by virtue of the Above writ. of For—
eign Attachment I attached the following described
lot, piece, or percel of land actuate in Wyacis. tap.,
Brvdtord County. Pennsylvania, bounded as fol
lows. to wit:. On -the north by public.. highway
known as the Wysox Road; east. south and west by
land of Henry W. Noble, being 50 feet front on salu
roadynd 150 fret deep
ALSO--one other lot,. piece. or parcel of land sit.
nati in ToWanda twp., County and State aforeasid,
bounded as to lows. to wit: On the north by laud
of,A. Northrup, east by Railroad street. month by
atralley, west by laud of ' H St.hl, being about so
feet front on said Railroad Street from said N pvl/-
flip's line to centre of said alley. and about 150 feet
deep. • ith. a two-story trained dwelling house there
on. .
Seized sod taken into execution at the snit o
'James 0 Frost and Robert. J. Sherman .s. L. W
Dimmick, watt notico to J. DeLa Montanye, Jr.. LI
W. Noble, A. W. Tracy. IL P. Moore. garnishees.
Dec. 12,872. . J. P. VAN .i.LELT. Sheriff.
BRA' FORD COUNTY, sa.—ln the matter of
estate of David Ball, late of l.itehiteld township, in
staid county. deceased.
To the heirs ant legal representatives dt the said
David Dal. deceased, take notice, that an hagneet
will be held upon the premisea of the said cleceil.•nt
in said township of Lit.latleld, on riktURDAY. the
firtt day of Feb nary . A.D., ISIS. ist In o'clock in
the forenoon of that day. lot' the pnrpose of making
partition of the real estate 01 said deceased. to and
among his - children arid legal representatives, it the
113 Me can be done without prejudice to or shoili..g
of the whole: otherwise to value and appraise the
same according to ,law: at which_ place on can at.
tend if ycu think proper. J. SMITH. SheriU.
00".1110NWEILTii ol= PENN•A.
BRADFORD COFSTY. tho =atter of
the estate of 3. L. 13411,
.late of Lactateld, in said
county, dectosett.
To the heirs and legal representatives o: the sa"'.d
J. L. hall deceased. taka notice. that an inquest
Will be held upon the premmeti of the said decedent
in,said tou - oall,p of Luz fiKIIIRDAY, the
Aret day of February.-A.D., 1873. at In Wel° iz4u the
forenoon of that day, for the Purpose of tuakluat
partiVon of the real estate, .of said deceased, to :and
among his children audaegal representata4es, it the
same-can be done attliont prep:tato to or
of tha iarliolet.otherwh , o to vame an el appraise the
samo aczording to law; at which ettli and plaza you
csa attend if you tlEnk'prorr.
J0u.841. , J. Shoriff.
thimatter of the incorporation of the “"Syl.
ran MU Cernetry Mitoclation. 3 . 81. Yeti. t.
Notice is hereby given that the above named
dasociation has presented to the Court of Common
Pleas of Bradford Osmy their article of Assoanation
asking for alletate .of Incorporstion, and the said
Court having examined- the same. andllnding them
correct, will decree that they be incorporated as
prayed for, on Monday.' the 311 day of I February,
1873, at 2 o'clock p.m., unless cause bd 'shown to
the contrary. B. M. PE CE.
Zit! SAO • • Prothonotary.
1 - 1...V0nc0 to hereby Oren tbat all personsindobted
to Cm estate' of, Eunice pl errs, late of Pitt;
ireeasect, are rel,test , -.1 ro make inamedlat•
payment, and all persons ba'sitor Criii111•11101110
estate mad pre;seut throw - 1411:y ettibenticated for
ieotiement. •• •' - I r ' 1 •!, '
,lee 4 , x*. . Aihrnoletrator.
ADMM"'IST 11 A.1:011;6 . 1% ' : 4 - . OT/CE.
:lobos la hereby ortrvu dud all peewits indebted
to theme:de at Coptas lia.haan. late of Lallayasille
deceased. are - requested to make inunedlata
payment, and all preseruihaving claims VAIIIIA
said &trate !nun present 'the= duly antla-utieated
for settlement O. W. rairss, , •
Dec 4-Rd. Administrator.
To .1 itlis C. Varrest.—lia. 319 sep. Term. 1872.
Tail are Item nailed that A. IL Forrest, y(.ur
haat:mid, mu applied to the court ,of enovvio mesa
of lirktford co tt'r a divorce from the bonds of
matrimony. and the said ogart bin appointed
ttichl day of Februilry. 1873..ter , lataartla8 the
said 'Format lri t e prmattees, at which thee ind
iptace Tort can attend itTon Think
Ott SO•wi '3. Egli., Et:WS
E 721
Ss►REs miU2rll..--SECOND WELL
TA Or • lII= W gic.
W. A. TLIOSIAS. Pi ottoilotAry.
, ..
- .
SHEDIS let EfALE. - --By- virtue of
innoliy ,IrVileleinkidett3 of the Court of Cora..
monliess of 41imitor& (Vane', and to me directed.
trill bedsponed toinstdie sale- at the Court Hynes
in the Dallooilb of TOwluda, * TflulfiDA I, . JASU
AZT *1,127*, id 1 o'clock.; the following des.'
ciribpd lot; piece, or parcel of land altos% in Twits.
rers.bounded as foildwt: On the 13001, by biido of
WNW= Whitney; east by Jobe U Alert and 1.424 ,
ward Kw - beta. Jr.. South by 0 C. Wedgm, welt by
k. Waltman. contsintsg - $0 acres. more oy 'len,
Awns .60 acre. Improved. with a -framed Wm,
framed barn and few fruit tree* thereon.
betted and taken. into execution at..-the stilt of
Overton & Elsbreoli eye vs. N. P. Babcock.- .-
ALISO—One other lot, piece, or parcel of land MU
eats in Towanda Sorb . bounded as follows: on the
uorte bylatul of , amps 0. Trost.. out by -Jam f ,
Swum south by John Lulli. *tat by Coulee it.:
being about 108 feet front on said Chutes .street.%
and rinsing back to line of knee of raid -Jolla F
Hems. about 140. feet, more or less. with p Mimed
shot? thereon. - -
ALSO— En • said F. A. 4:Limb's Ausdabled one.
nu 11.5) inteteek in . one other - lot, piece,
or yar.el of land attuate in
Dora, aforesaid. bounded on the north by Poplar
skeet; east by Third et eat. month by Wm. Griffis*
Wrirt b/attallgi Wan about, 163 feet front on said
Third street end abont.22l feet back on sald Poplar
stmt. will a Ilsowtory Rodin: brick dweldng bones
email (rented barn, and of er outbuildings and few
milt and ornamental trees . Said lot known
as ere Homestead Lot ofDavid Cash estate.
ALSO—The said P. ... Casten undivided ono.
Ofth. interest in one other lot. piece. or
tract of land aituato. in Bare ey township,
containing 113 acres, more or lees, in. the itarninteo
name et L. EL ennatnetekm, whit a raw mill, two
Jodi houses, and a stable thereon. -
ALSO—The said F. A. Cash's undivided one.'
filth ioterest •In one other let.. piece; o.
tract of land situate In Barclay township.
eon Meg 40u 1.- - res. more or teas. In the warrantee
name,of Peter Ladlgf.
ALSO—The wits.LF. A. Cash's undivided orm-hith
interest in cue other lot. ',tete. dr tract of !and *dil
ate to Barclay twp., containing 830 am - es, nacre or
less, in the warrantee name of JoseplaLadley.
ALSO—The said F. Cube undivided one
tittu- interest in one other lot. piece, or
tract or 13114 situate in Barclay' ttwnship, con
taining 335 acres. mare or leas, In the warrantee
„fauna of Waiter Stewart.' -
ALSO—The said F. - A. Cash's midivid-d one.
ABA interest 121 one other lot; plcco,
tract of land shuato In Banday..._ and
Overton type., containing 400 scres, 112 ,re crleßs,
In toe warrantee name of Andrew Ladrey,_ •
&axed and take canto es-cution at cm twat of J.
F. Sanderson vs. F. A. COM.
, Also at; the suit of B. W. LAne vs. F. A. Cash. •
- . ALSO—One other lot, piece, or parcel of land situ.
ate in in it
-carers twit,: bounded as fosio.sN: On the
north by lauds of John Clapper, emit by Margaret
Hardy. south by Illaha Lane. trot by John Harsh;
containing 24 1.8 items, more or less,. nearly Id im
proved, no buildings.
deized and taken Into execntion •at the cult of
Joseph Coleman's use vs P. P. liardy. •••
ALSO—One other lot, piece. or parcel of land ea
tuta to Tuectirors boundeil„as follows: on the
north by lams of vd. ley Keeney. east by Mary
Woodruff south by .pnblic highway leading from
Skinner's Eddy to &mitt Auburn. west' by Luther
Keeney': containing. 3 acres. more or lor, all im
proved, with a framed house,. bomd shanty, 84NV
will. and few fruit dress thereon.
Seized and taken into cart utioo at the suit of D.
-Efanalnaon vs E. S. Fist:and Ed,:ar.ritt.
ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of latni. eitn
iltAl to rhter to p., bounded as follows: on the
norm by land of Dari , is Went. east by Litt he high
way I.,cang nom! TOwsaull to Atheus, south by
landa posic:isiou of the Tt — elow floLd c, Et by
said D.Ditis Myersi containing emodolf acre; more
or lees. all improweiL with two awry framed
Steam Uriet Mill, with`chler mill at a•:tted, together,
with the' eugine, boiler, and machinery etioLin d
and belonging to gime.-
• cetzed and taken into execution at. the snit of E.
B. 31.meir, subrogated to riguts of prataiiif, vs H. L.
Mingle. •
ALSO—Ono other lot, piece, or parcel oflard eit
ciatu u ehentegoin twp. Lomichittai fulkVirak: On
north by lends of Daniel Struble; ce..t and south by
Hilton Philips, went by - E. C; Sibley; containing ld
acres. more or less. ad -improved, with ei
bows°, until frame.t barn, and
,fsw fruit' trers
t ereou. .
. .
Seized and taken into eiccution at thz suit of
C. A. Heavener T. James Burwell. ••
'ALSO—CIue other td., or•parcelof land !Au.
- ate in romittla Borough, bounded as tollow.: Cut
the north by an alley, east by Linda of td.fintth St
Patton, south by J Means and Geo. D. kl,utau
,)e. Main Street; be,n4 SO lest on said Main
Stteet by about ItS feet deep, _whir a trained and
plank sailing used fora dwelling house, provetten
acme and ateat market, and a trained barn jheron.
CoLevied upon as the
. t)roperiY - of dare:ulna, P," 4 W.
well . _
.Lao—One other lot, piece, or pared of hill/ elt.
nate in ruwancia Borough; afrreedid. bounded ;Is
follows: On the 110-tLI by Elz.betri. Street, east by
au alley, soulli by land . of 0. Ir ? Dartiett weet by
Asa Douglass and Stephen Burner; being Id fact
on said .klizabetli Street by ab .nt 130 deep, with a
iraniel dwelling house and framed horse barn
thereon. levied upon as the proverrty of B.F.l.lyer
-Seized and taken into *execution at the salt of
Robert Seamen it Co. rs I'. W. Cuwell and 8.F..14ei
. ALSU—flue other lot, piece, or parcel. of laud sa
tiate in Wysoz twp.,:bounded as follows: Beginning
a cos. on (fiat an the Dr. Fleachut
anbrivh‘ioni of Last T.iwau if& being the
cos. of lut No. 12 of said enbd.e.sion; thence north
cbg. 30 min. cast-along line of lot No. 12 6t
block No. 24 1:0 feet to cos. on West hoe of a 211 ft.
alley; thence along hod of same scut' 40 deg. 30
east 4 6 fe t to a cor. on north lino of -a 50 It '
b•treet; thence smug line of same south 40 deg. 50,
min. west 150 feet toseor. on east tin.- of said Main
et.; theme sioug,line of mime north 40 deg 30 min
west 3/6 feet to place of beginning, the same being
luta Nos. 13, 14, 5, 10, and - 17 frOutitig on said Slain
- et Ds Block No. 24 at Dr. Flo-ci-ut a subdrvisiou et
Bast Tossed; as aforesaid..
tai ized and taken Ino.i• execution at' the suit of
henry Vaud/runt vs Charles F. Pierce.
ALSO—One other lot; Piece or parcel of laud situ
ate Au bolo:wag to .C. D.. Cash,
bounded as follows: On the north by Laud 4 of
mon Walborn and IS. Jacobs, call. by T. 4/. Delano,
south by Pine-st., west by C. 51. Manville; dicing
about 100 feet trout 'on mo-e or less,
and about 112 feet deep, running back to the itiuth
line of said Waiburn and. Jacilas's land, with a
framed dwelling house thereon. ' '
' ALSO—The defendants, C D and F A Cash's thail
two-t Itha list,rest, in one other lot, piece, or
parcel of laud, sittilie in biTd;atida Born ,
ed as follows: North by_ Poplar-84, east- by Tiiird-et
south by land of Win Griffis, west by an alley; be=
tag about 165 feet front ou said Th!rd street and
about 221 feet back on said Poplar- street, sr,th a
two-stow gollitic brick dwel tug hisiise, email framed.
baru„.otber outbullduaas, ault few' trtut and orna
mental trees thereon; said lot knoirti as the /30.110-
stead Lot of the David Cash estate/
. ALSO—The defendant*, C D eaah and F A Cash's
andivdeirtwo4lfttis int.reat in one otter lot, piece,
or tract of land,estuato in oarclay 'Mk, containing
113 acres, more or less, in the warrantee naiue u/
D'll Cunnim.bant with a saw tuill, two mdf houses
'and a stable thereon.; '
.. ALSO—The defendants..o D Cash Mid F A Cash's
undivided two-galas interest'in one-otter lot,' 'deco,
or tractor land situate iu "Barclay twp., aforesaid,
'emitaatusg 400 a - .rea, more' or less, in Ulu warraut,e
name of Peter Ladley
ALSO—The defendants, C D Cash and F A'Casles
undivided two-WAIL.. Mistreat iu one other lot, plsee,
or tea tof laud adult la Barclay Lep.? aforeshil.
contsitang 31.1 acres. Mora Or lead, is tae warrantee
natue.of Joseph Ladiey.
ALSO—The d.tfondaota, C D C.ith an'l F A Cash's
undivided two-flatis interestdn oue Muer lot, piece.
or tract of Lsud situate •in Barclay tap ,aforesaid,
coutatillowZis afifes. more or fc:as. in the warmutee
name of Walter Stewart.'
AL.80 , --The defaustauts, C D Cash and r A Cash's
'nxiiivided two-fifths interest; n one other lot, piece,
or tract of laitd situate in Barclay and °vet LOU tit},
*atoresaid, containing 400 acr6i, more or fees, in the
'warrantee name 'of Andrew Hadley.
Seized and taken into execution at the suit- of
Cow. HA .11yer4te use of A L Croinier cs C D
and kL" X Caen, late copartners trailing, under the
firm name of C D Cash & CO. f•
ALSO—One other lot. peed or parcel of land slut
uato in Towanda Dom.. nowideci /0110 , C11:•Isegiu•
Mug. at a cor in south iine of Lombard street:
thence by Lomb rd-at. south , St' deg east 140 feet
W a 14 feet alley t thencety Said alley south 3 deg
west feet to nartiLeasti cor Of a lot No. 16;
thence north by said lot No.] 10 north ei deg west
40 feet to I hird-at; thence by Third-st. ninth 3 deg .
east 19N k " feet to place of beginning; containing
about 13,1130 squire feet; Leith a 'atone and brick
church thereon, known as the Boman - Cathohc
Seized and taken into execution at the snit of
O'Malley it McGovern ca James - 1- Woad, Catholic
Bishop of Pudatte,phla in Mist fur the Braille Cow.
gresstion of Toward.. .. •
AL9lll—Oue other lot, piece or parcel Of land Situ
' ate iu Towanda B4ro:, bounded as follows: North
by lands of D 31 Turner, east; by M O.Mercuri south
by John A. ebb, west by being fio feetfrow
on said 'Main street alla, ),00 ieet deep with a framed
liens-. framed barn and few fruit trues tilercon.
Seized and taken into. execution at the suit of
- Gustavus Conklin's nose vs Henry Barris '
'.u,50....0ne other lor,-piecel ur parcol of land situ
ate in South 4-Took t.vp., bonneted is follows: On
the torth by land of J Bell. east by Jared awl Jos.
Dauliaria, south by J Utt-r„ .weat by K
Kinsman, containing 01 acres, more or s; ho
ee -zed and taken in•ol execution _et the suit of
Oscar T Dickissaa's use vs Hiram Miasmal.
- Also at the snit of Oscar -I" Dizkluson vs Hiram
~. ALSO—One other lot, Olece,'or parcel of laid:Mtn-,
ate in Burlingtamtwin,boinded as follows: North
by public. hu hway, ea t by lands et Charlea 9ustm.
south and west by. Jeremiah' Travis, coutailatim i li
of au acre. mere .dr seas; all improved, with a email
framed house and few fruit trees thereon. '
. .Seized and taken into eadiut,on 'at th% - suit of
ftetibtn Morley is imorew Me‘ville. •
AL Si.)—(lab otheiqui, Ina* or p.oreel of tam' aitl2,
ate is Granvibe twp.. bounded as follows: liiirth by
catotc;Ww Ilck•halini, demotic& east by land of Mrs
ghtel..43 Lowe. and.lTltosa, .outh by lifloss.wesi by
A %Vahan u and Plulandse- - Putnani. containing 42
acres, more lees..-all improved with a frames
house. an old fv.inied barn.. and apple , orzharit
thereon. •
Seized taken icto etecution at - the suit of
-Dowry Winston vs A T,Morrisou ain't Win Ifiteb,
ALSO—One other lot. piece or parcel of laud situ
ate to sup., • described as follows: 'Being.
!obi No 1, 2.9, and 10 of Block No 24 as 'will more
Indy apriisar ou map made hy Wm 11 Morgait- ot
Flesebut's Subdivision of East Towanda. - Said lots 9 and 10 ft outing on Main street, each 73 feet by
160 met deep stiong.Pine street, sod said lots 'No 1
and. 2 fronting on Second street; Said lot No 1 hav
ing a front of 75 .eet and sa , d lot .No 2 - having a•
fruit of 5d feet and each lot being 150 feed. ep.
Seized and taken Into' exa..ution at the suit of
3f J Lon g vs 6 W rfolionta. -• I • • -
• ALSO--One other bit, piece or parcel of land situ
ate in Towanda twp..bimnded as follows: North-by
land of Ii 11•3' ace, east by Alichael Deslanci. south
by James McGill wnet by John Bowioagn.cotitadt
log 3. sores. more or less : uo improvements.
ALSO no tither lot. piece or parcel of 14nd situ
ate iti Towanda Sorb., bounded as followsei North
land east by land of John I' Means, south by E T
h:litint. west by Spruce street. containing one acre.
more or lees; all improved. with a two-story framed
- dwelling house, framed barn and few trail trees
Seized and taken 'into, esecritlon at the suit of
JR Pidnuey vs James P L0 , +1,111 and lienj Lewis. -
- • ALSO--Ono othei lot, piece or p-trcel of Quad slii
ale lu Towsnila Bore., bounded es follows:• Begin,
hiugot coy of Weston and ,Water - ntrecfs; thence
s,,tith along Water-st. about jluo feet to 'lands be.
longing to the - Ass:4 of ._C• K Ladd: dec'd; them
' .w,enerly along said Laild's nOrib _lino about 147 ft.
to a car; then-c southerly slang vest lino of sand
••Laild's lot to an alley; thence westirl, along add
idley about G i feet-to lot tortner;y belongitie to tJeo
Souderton; theme northerly along said Sanderson
lot about 127 feet to hoe of Linde of Sol liunneli;
thence easterly along said Bhnnell's south line
• about Si feetto a cor; %bonen northerly along east
line of said bunn..ll about 64 feet to Said Weston...,
thence easterly along, south line of said Weston et
about 146 feet to place of begiiudirc, containing 112
square, penthes, more or
i r- with a tao-stoty
b! telt dwelling bons°. ;rani barn, other out build
ings, ant truit and orlon:ten i trees thereon.
seli.d ant tales into execution at the suit of J P
Bixby vs A EMet WI.
40 - 4 . 1 0 e other lot, Pieo or parcel of land Mtn.
ate Canton or iftnetilapisti:. bminded as 1 . 0E4 Nil ;
Be tu ning it a post,in centru pi - public rorii4 wading
7 ,
from steam grist mill 14 canton Boron of large:
Moore's in Arnaerdi two. running ti,ErcC9 east 125
our 1:1 the CI I§Z*2 gr catet Of .rtl'Ai lii.4.TßrTh dt,egit
~~~;.;cY,- 1~~ - ~~~: fir` ~ .3:r
being the west Ilno of of *warrant in aim of Sohn
Vaughn; thence south vi deg weal along mid wa,4
rant line 40 tel. to • Poet; thence north 67 deg web -
12e per tops put In centre of highway ; before mem
tioned; thence , north 6 deg east WM per to place o
beginning, to:dab:dug 21 41 era. monk or War; no
improvemet ts. ~_
Seized and taken Lido execution ar 117 ? . ••• 5
CU*. IStOCklrtil vs MAIAIa Dos* _
41.130-.. ans other lot, piece or ma Obeid .
ate in Burlington Dote., bounded as - fellows: Be
ginning in centre of DerwiCh . turuldkel
lands of Samuel WI/liabuti thence south 154=
16 6.10 per to poet; theme north 92 deg west 4 per;
thence north i 4 deg east 15 6-10 per to centre of
wild turnpike: thence south 60 &g east 4 per to
place, of beginning, 00103111)ff 113. square parc,
more or lees, with a tamed dwelling house, fra.d
home barn, gad few ft:llit and .onntinental ' trees
thereon: • • .
ALSO—One othei lot . piece or 1 *Mimi alto- -
ate *Darlington Bore.. beninled as fol
lows: Beginning in centre of Berwick turnpike
joining Ole *bare described lot; Atoms south Ai
deg west 14 610 pair to I post on line of Wahl of
Addison MUSD, deed; thence aloug said line 20
feet; thence north 34 dog cut 140-114 - per to centre
of said turnpike; thence sou th 3* deg east 23 Soot
20 PlAce of beginnin&Atontainlng 446 swami:
perches, more or less, with a fraztuid'ofses therein.
tie zed and taken into execution 'at \ the snit of
Merton 3 Elsbree vs 11.* der, Jackson
and Wm Grtels, security
A.lO-one other lot. piece or Parcel elf land situ
ate In Canton Bora , benuttled as follows North by
nouto Towauds street, scat bylands of ldarens
Port 4„ wOuta by 0 P Barnes. west by Walter G
.Newman. etnitatiting 17 equircriods,- more or leis,
with a plank hones- thereon.
Seized and taken into execution st-tho atilt of 1f N '
Withannes use vs Albert Haller.
. AU:pi—One other lot, piece or parcel situ,
ate in Wysox tirp., 'bounded u follows: llorth by
road leading from Wysos road to Bowman's Zddy,
east by laud of J P &thy, south by the old North
branch canal, west by 'I P Birbyy, conekinlng 12
aoTis, dime or !us; all IcaprOsedi traipsed
'house and trained barn thereon.
Seized aid into euention at the suit of If
C Ilercur va C Homan, impleadrd with Walter
ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of land Situ
ate in Orwell trip'; bounded as fames: North by
lands of W D Chance. cut by Samuel Chaffee. smith
by Cyrus•Cook,'weat by public 'highway leading
througlePottelvWe to Werkfielser's mill. contain.'
lug 48 square tads. More or less; all , Unproved;
with a trained dwelling house
.and franied •bern
thereon. . I
neized and taken Into execution at the snit of IT
Brouum's use vs James oilmen.
LSO—Cue other lut i,Tcce or parcel of land situ;
ate in Towanda Jim., boimded as follows: • Begin-.
Must at north-east cor ata black oak thence wes
terly along Denof lands formerly owned by Wm
Park 44 per and 5% feet to a stake and atones cor;
thence soidlierly along line of lands' f , needy
owned by said Wm Park abort S 4 per to a etake and
atoms cor which is also cor of lands of said Win
Park and S Colo thence easterly along line of land
owned by B.Cole 13% per to stake and atone corner;
thence northerly to place of- beisinning, containing
ti acres, more or less.. :
izell and Weil into execution at the craft of
Raul LS. Imes rri T M lionfoy.
Jan 13-td - J. M. SIIITU, 3tierit4
A UDITOR'S NOTICE. --- lit the
matter of the estate of Ifachel 3Lurrhy's
lu the Oxidise:a:A:curt ot.Bradford Bounty. "
The undersigned, haying beim appointed Auditor
by Court to dispose of exceptions to final ac-.
amnia of Jason R. Wright. 'guardian - of liaoeei,
WiLie Edith, George, and , Elizabeth Mnim.
mipor children of Rachel Murray. deed. will attend
Willie duties of said appointment on THURSDAY,
the 3th day of JANUARY, , 18T3, at .10
o'clock. a. In,. at the office of Madill 4
Calif" -in the bcirough of Towanda, •at
which time and place . all persona hating
claims on said money are required to make the tame
herere said Auditor, or-be debs. red from coming in
urn said fund. J N. CALIFF,;
Jau.SArt - Auditor.
born vs. T. BoUloy.—No. 751. Sett T ,1 8 Ga
In tht2Court cf-Conitson Pleas of Bradford County..
the,'aticl Auditor appointed by said
court to utstrdrate Moneys arrsing from lib:entre
svle,;(4..efeudaut's real estate, will attend to the du
ti.e9f said uppointMent at-the Mil e of, DeWitt (
Maynard, In -the Borough of Towanda,. on FRI.
BAT- FEB. 7. IS'iS: -at 70 o'clock, a. m., where
lii persons baring elaitos-npon said Binds are re
fret to present that or be debarred from coming
in upon said fund. D. C. DEWITT.
Jau.B.w4 Auditor.
matter - of tbe.catate of A. 8. Colein . in,
the Orphan's Court of Bradford County:
- The undersigned; an Auditor. appointed by said
Court to distribute funds ill bands of. the Executors
of said estate.-.will attend to duties of smelt appoint
ment et his ofTule in Towanda Boro, on - FILTDAT.
J,nuary 31. at 1 o'clock. p. m., where all
p. - rior.s having claims upon said funds must pre- Al
!VIA them or be debarred from coming in upbn the '
•rue. a 1
hi9.84r4 4P-
A UDItOR'S- Clark
Baiter'e,nse TL r.mter'is' use, -so. 321.
Feb. T.. 1 , 69.—in tho Court of Common pleas of
ihradford Couuty:
The undersigned, an Auditor appointed by said
Pe':•,urt to thstralante. moneys arising fript Sheriff's
sale of def,nilant's real eet de, mil attend to the du
th.s of said appointipent at the office of 11.B.Wisan
111 Towanda, on IiONDAT, JAN. -20, 1873;1110 S.
Where all persons hiring clams updn said funds
ore required to pres!nt Ihem or be diiinrred from
aen,ing in upon said fond.
Dee.ld t w4 • . L. P WITLTSTON.I Anditbr.
To Mars Brown.-`dlo. 802, Sep Term, IST2r..--
You a•e 'hereby notified - that John-Brown. Yatg
Labduil. Liaa applied id the cotirt 'of common plc'
Lt •
of ll:adford county, fore divorce from the beads - of
mat iinouy. and the-mid court has appointed . Mon
day, the ad day of Feb , 1873, for hearing . the said
lirown ip the prenifses, at which time and place
you 'van attend if son think proper. •
• Jan.B-F4. J. 31: SMITH, Sheriff:
iI bereb,y given that all persons indebted t
the estate of Levi Lester, late of .:canton,
dec'd. dre rerouted to make .Immediate payment
and all persons timing cla#r..s.`against said satate
must preteul. them duly authenticated for settle
-went. . DAVID PALMER,.
a—Notice is hereby. given peisons indebted
to .the estate of Alanson LOielace,' lath Sheathe
u, deceased, must .make immediate- paymetti
4441 - all persons having claims against said estate
Must .present them auly authenticated for settle
nient.- I.t.IIIVLN LOVELACE,' '
. Dec-11-RC's • . Administrator;
':flotice i tss hereby given that all persona inebted
to the eatAte' of Edward Barton, late of Litchfield.
de,:rssed, ire
to, make inuauslista
payment, and all persons having;elaima against
estate moat pre-wait them duly authenticated for set
tlement_ `UAL f MIN BhatTON,
, Administratratria
..1124Notice is hereby given that all persona indebted
to the estate of nailing Lyo - 0,.Jr.. late of Orwell,
deeeasekl, are raftunstod to make immediate
Faye and all versons having elal e against '
cutl4state must present thcra...doly an ntitated
for. ttlement. GttkttIBBBBBBBa,
Passengere booked tb mad from any Railway Sta.
t on or Seali.cnt in Oreat Rritain, Ireland, Ninny,
r widen, Dentnark.,G-rmany, Vance, Holland. Bel.
and the' 10 nite El buttes.
Cable fate from New York to London, Liierpool,
know, and Derry, :as and STS. 1 2 ,
pAcUBsioN TWEETS $l2O.
intermediate... Steerage $B9
All payable in Currency; .
L -
Parties sending for their frUwadeln the Old Conn- -
try can purchase tickets at reduced prices,
Fcr further particulars apply to rfirxDsasos Haw
Boling Omen, N.Y., or EvEarrr, Centre]
Dawes* Office' ToWanda,l'a., or N. N. Sarre. Jr..
First National Hank of Towanda Ree... 11171 '
TA'rE t...-Purtnint tb isu .orddiof the Gephium'
ceurt. of Bradford County; Pa., will be sold at pub•
lic sale on the premises in Albany twp.„ iii said
county. onBATIIXDAY. the 25th day of 'TARGA= ,
le7d, at one o'chick p.m., of said day, the Wowing ,
le6eribed real estate, late the estate of John Gard
of Aloariy township, deceased:
The real estate aforesaid consists of a farm altos.
ted in Albany twp. aforesaid, containing led acres
sal :0 peritee. and bounded , by line beginning - at
.0 old hemlock cor4 of the warrant; then a north on
warrant line aos per. to an old maple NM; thence
eutby warrant lino 83 per. to post cor. of James
Warner*lot; thence south by same WS per. to a
poet; thence west 83-per. to place of beginning;
being the western sectio.n- of a tract surveyed on
warrant in the name of Henry-Stark. dated; August
13. 1722.
The impravements consist of about 40 acres well
cleared and fenced; a comfortable plank. house, a
.tort' and a half high, with three rooms beloW and
two above:- a lon bans: also a young apple orchard -
of some -.33 thrifty grafted tress, and & few
peach trees. The land is well watered with pure
water and is lo , ated within a few rods of the Sulli-
• van & Erießailroad. The land is of good
,ud suitable for ti lege, the whole of it. '
TERIIS:-450 to be_pald when the stinck
down, $5OO when the sale Is finally confirmed. and
the balance of the purchase money to be paid in
ono year thereafter with Interest, and security for.
the woo. 011OBGE GARD;
T's-e 23 Adm'r estate of Jetta Acrd.
Every year increases the popuiaritrof this Talus
ble Bair Preparation; which is duel° merit
We can assure our old patrons that it is kept fully ,
up to Its high_ standard;, and it is the only reliable
And perfected preparation for restoring Gray or
Faded Bair to its youthful Color, making it soft, Ins. •
teens, silken, The scalp, .by iti - rise,becomes
white and clean. It remores . all eruptions pi
rus and, by Its tonic properties, Prevents the hate
froutlailing out, as itt stimulates and nourishes the
hair.glamle.. By itsuse the hair , groin thicker. ad
strnger. In
lirektaresthe caplllary,glanda
to their normal rigor, and will create a new growth,
evegpt in extreme old age. It is the mosteconoud
mi. Hair Dressing ever used, as it requires fetter
pllcationa, and gives the hair a splendiOgiossy ap.
pearance. A. A. Hayes, 31. D., State Assayer of
Massachusetts, says, "The constituents are pure
and cardinlly selected for-iercellent quality ; and I
consider it the Best. Preparstionjor its intended
purposes." -
As an elegant dressing for beautifying the Hair,
has no superior.
sorday att Dnaigs, andz.V4aters hi Medicine:
c. Alma t CO., Lowisu.ltAial
Practical and-Analytical
Dr. 11. O. Poirea, Sox t Ca, Whokiiale AltenW,
Torajal, Pa.. - and fa a'ilo by t dealers - tirciughout
en county.' 1
t n ., 7, VII.--170017t