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    fogford.' ,l tpoOt.
Towanda; Thursday, January 9, 1873.
t4r The Bradford Argus simply
lies, to be plain, when it says the Rent is a
branch of ties office.
tar All of our dealers who adver
Use liberally, had an unusually brisk tre do du
ring the holidays.
Mir The Episcopal Mite Society
will meet next-Monday evening at the house of
• itEr• Our .carrier returns thanks to
the patrons of the REPOUTER and other friends,
for their liberal remembrance on Now Year's
SW' - Who is the Athenian who is
Aoledit the Iteui Is he a graduate of the Bie
torieal Society organ, or the temperance adro-
seze- The scholim of the Presbyte
rian Sanclay-school were treated toa Magic
Lantern exhibition, on Christmas Might, by
Wri:i 1.. CA R.
nu- The ...lryus editor delayed the
publication or his last issue for several days, in
orilcr ti, give hit , readers the glad tidings that
ittr . We regret to notice the an
!rt"-unejinent in the Owego papers of the death
:t Mrs. ANNA ItAncocK, mother of J. D. G. BM:-
She ,died. on, Thursday morning, Dec.
sged St . 3
- ears. • ,
gle - A. subscriber in Smithfield,
,rites us that ALMIILA CaamEn, o' that
1-11.-hip, aged SO years, wove over 300 yards
f rag carpet during last Fall, besides doing a
4ruaunt of spinning.
~vf•ral yearlN student at the Susquehanna
Gd; date Institute, was recently ordained to
th, full txcrrise of the Gospel Ministry, by the
Pi, -I,yhiry'of Lackawanna.
dam' The Linta Reception was a
,twce,s. : One lamdrcd and E t tickets were
- , ld, apd_th4.)se Ito participat in the festivi-:
~?1, the, i.ecat.ion were well pleased. The
r. nipa i nik! will make shout .1-100 out of it.
toe! At a 'social party at H. M.
11,0 4' , 'MTN, Le4oy, Pa., Jan. 2; after oysters,
and other eatables had been served,
:iy, iu^ii :Ind their wivcs,vient tq the ,tore to
sigh theinielvt,s, the aggregate weight beiug
I Jai vuunds
:fir. The Naiad boys have issued a
very nest invitation to their second annual so
c,able, which comes off - at Merear's Hail, on
the 221 ith•f. .Lets good f :. , upper and a
&Alec fur tLo.o %Nilo " trip," ale sold at the low
price r 4 $2. • .
Or One of our druggists, who in
, •rted an advertisement in the REPORTER for
first tline Icw weeks since, inrormed us
profits on one article sold through the
:I:1111,11,x of Ike acivert‘!•enient, more than paid
: the insertion.
0110 of the largest and most
t•v t r nil& a it, this
ti rt-,:30, ucc ( , 1 Judge ~1 1 1..iu Cli
. , •I ::71/1 u:t. BM:AN TS
]. d ia. uf Liunta, lur.,islted the nw.sic. Al
: , , T,As.auda., and many friends
t.: ;.ciy fr,,nl Miler places,. were present.
!iii;' \VC rt•l• if ftnnounced t in seve
ce,.:up..r..tre-•, that 0. D. GooDE
: fr.m: the item, and is about
le ~ -paper btkim:,:i to Malls
;: ,i Mr. t‘. has the it, ut a welcome
.:. mar y of the homes of this' place, but
1 armcut from the concern would indicate
1" I,:ty.
1)11. COLLYEit'S LECTURE.- 2 -Rev. ROB
thliiercd-his lecture, " Our Folks
io:1; r t , a small audience in Mer
,_ll Friday i venit:g. The lecture was
•••:•!. has at many of the follies
1, ; ••,••
of tin• (Is. The Doctor is an elo
;• ~ ,:1 sp. slur, and 'should have
r - fx•-ethe Commissioners have made
• : tl;e prreut
ii. I'f:L .
• , .711.MNMAN
I'. B.Ji,IINioN
;;;;_c* Now i. the time to form clubs
c•nt,rpriAn g lit•pub
. • I render 114 , ! 1141mb
. • r;ie and aid us by interest
....:ttiii nr or fm warding
Wi• shall enJeav a to make
r. w .1 thy thc supp.rt ot: every
xv:v• is ivt ,, , tel in the
'IL. First National Bank of
• drjillend of 5 per
,added $3 000 to
- : wc•il managed Bank,
i N. C. Ilkanis, Esq., and the
• dc!•erve great credit
and ink:ruts:l.g prosperity of
~' 1 , ...,11. The pevte of At hens 'certain-
pprc.ciaZe tiirlY :(nukes
, ELsnar..t . , having
IILaNNT l STitArroN's -Cottuner
:, I`, ughla-timie, N. V., is home
i 11.1 i Drrraicn, who bullcred the sad af
!: -ing kith hi eight and hearing,
are does, and who Las been an in
lYtinsylvania. Institute for the Deaf
i B in town last week on a visit to
other friends. Althoug,h.entirely
!.1;I:rb tic is able to talk a little, and is
lit and intelligent young man
ire- It 1, always a pleasure to us
I! . —..!ity anvor our business
grattfic'Attun to announce
•• .N. 111.- at Bank, under the pru
. • • ,:ranagement of Preaident
liens, Las pa.:(l'the stock
• - .1 lt; pLr et nt. during }the'
i •ilo,foo to the surplus
• Is tin an , ,the r Bank
e.1:1 show a lit-tter balance
..• .itierrs of the Barth are mai:-
- • ' h s, they maintain
psteetuof the busi-
—Oil ruesdAy evening,
1~. •t
. 1 'II fur officers in Tor,:an
\ P.. resultel as follows:
1 , Kit tn
1 . fT. 01:(1-Tr.
". .1.
. ',I,~YN.+IJ
1.: 1:. FROST
z.. G. L. --U. A. BL]CK
Eurroa_: On the 4th inst.
- 11 'r' , ~r esolution; was discnssed before
icletY4in L'eßoy
'•'i• Tio the interests of society de
•1:- rt . lenti , ni of the' tavern license sys-
'Va., theroug)iiy discussed by
::`d• , Len citizens, titter which the
••• .f " house " was taken, showing
:d1 of the house lull present, were
( ~ I, . cen,e system.
-• warsbaliug his devotees for
the 17th first. , .nil lieetib.2fl
• gmotley ,and drink for 'rotes
Mall they sheeted?
DEDICATION; --The new edifice of
the Wyalusing Baptist Church, will be dedicat
ed to the service of Almighty God, Wednesday,
at 11 o'clock a. January 15, 1873. We do
most cordially invite all friendly towards the
enterprise to mate in the appropriate
services of the occasion. Such being the diree
tion of Divine PrBvidence, we purpose also to
give all a'chance to show their friendihip with
their money as well as with their presence, as
we are yet in want of several hundred dollars
to cover the Cost of house, etc. And I hereby
notify- all subscribers in arrears, that their sub
scription is due, and that it needed at once,
Please attend to it, E. &muumuus, Pastor.
Camptown, Dec. 30, 1872
mr- We have received from: the
extensive and well known publishing house of
BIAKEthlq, TAYLOR & Co., a sample
card of theyzdebrated,Spencerian Pens. These
pent' have been largely used in the schools
and business houses all through the country,
and have given universal satisfaction, and our
own experiencexith them leads ns to recom-.
mend them to any who have not yet tested
them. this connection we take pleasure in
directing attention to the very valuable text
books published by this house. We have e.ealt
with them in years past, and can assure dealers
and school boards everywhere that there is not
a better establishment of the kind in the Unit
ed States. Their general agent for ttio intro
ducbon of school books in this State, is Mr. C.
L. KINO, one of the most affablesentlemen and
upright business men it has ever been our
good fortune to meet.
IS ED. itEPORTIJI—Dear Sir: Ac
cording to advertisement, a temperance meet
ing was held in Stevensville, Saturday evening,
Jan. 4. The meeting was called to order, and
Luouira KEELED., Esq., elected Chairman, and
J. L. GuAzir Secretary. After a few remarks,
the Chairman introduced Mr. S. S. Burrs, from
Lime Hill, Who trade a stirring address, calling
on every voter to use his influence for closing
whisky shops. At the conclusion of his re
marks, he called for an expression from the
ladies, which resulted in
~every lady in the
house voting "no license." Boy. Mr. Thomas
and 0. W. SrEveas then made urgent pleas for
the cause, after which au expression being ta
ken on the gentlemen's aide, resulted in a
unanimous vote`against the license system.
Let eery voter do his duty at the polls, and
have three years at least of peace and prosperi
ty. J.L.' G.
Stevensville, Jan. 6, 1873.
/or It is with feelings of peculiir
sadnesS; that we announce the death of Aesist
aut superintendent DssmoNo. The sad event
occurred on Sunday evening last. Mr. DES
MOND had been au invalid for several months,
and for some weeks ,past his physicians had
entertained little hope of his recovery. The
immediate cause of Ills death was disease of
the kidneys. In the death of Mr. D. the Rail
road Company -lose a most faithful and energet
ic employe r and this community one of its most
vauled citizens. His afflicted family have the
condolence of all our citizens.
Mr. DLSMOND was a self-made man, having
worked his way from a brakeman up to the.
prominent position`which he held at the time
of his death. For many years he was '.
, a con
doctor on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, and 'VEi,B
highly esteemed by all those who knew him,
being amoral, courteous "gentleman, who pos
sessed all the requisites of a shining light, in
railroad circles of the present and fixture. His
'death will be universally mourned throughout
all this section of Pennsylvania. • '
'His funeral will take place at Bethlehem to
day. The funeral cortege will leave this place
by special train at 8:30 this morning. The de
pots and engines of the Pa. & N. V. R. R. are
all draped in tw,urniug,
LOCAL OPTION.—The two last elec
tions were the most exciting of any ever had
in our State, and all politicians of all parties,
looked upon the result as one of unusual im
portance to our , Stat 3 and national govern
mints ; but the little township election to take
place the present month, is of more direct im
portance to our citizens . than any ever before
in our County a State. The first opportunity
is offered our citizens to determine by ballot,
whether they will longer suffer the sale of in
toxicating drinks by law or license, to the inju
ry of society; and we hope all good citizens will
lac alive t u the importance of being at the polls,
ss ; seeing that every voter is there, to
seal by his vote the fate of the monster evil
that Irae disgraced our manhood so long.
The Local Option law is not what we all think
the casa demands, but it will serve as a begin
ning to accomplish the werk of driving this
cruel evil from
, ! .. .mr homes and our society, and
educate the maicls of the people for some more
stiingetit law, that will fully and finally arrest
the deiitriier of our homes and our happiness.
If women want opportunity to -exercise their
rights and their influence, let it be done by
urging their husbands and suns to vote for the
Local Option, and thereby stop the sale of that
baneful drug iu our county. Let Bradford
county show .by the result of the election on
that day, that she stands-0u the noble ground
of temperance, willing the world should know
she is tired of tapering with the monster
that would destroy her citizens.
Jan. 8, 1873
the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock on Sunday morn
ing last, C. E. 1.35.5.i.0uN, of Towanda town
ship, and friend, accompanied by two young la
dies, were driving along Main street near the
Methodist church, eujojing a sleigh ride, when
they were accosted by one or more persons on
the street. Not caring - to make acquaintances
at that hour they did not stop, when one of the
party caught on the sleigh and demanded to
he taken to.his boardinghouse, which of course
was refused, and he was pushed from the
sleigh. In a moment more ho was again on
the sleigh, and without a moment's warning
deliberately drew a knife and stabbed Mr. BEN
JAMIN quite se%erely in the side under the left
slionliler, and, then jumped and run. •
A short time thereafter, Officer LINES was no
tified that a party were endeavoring to force
their wayinto a saloon on the corner of Main
and W4shington streets. He proceeded to ra
rest them, when he saw a knife in the hands of
one GANLEY, whom he collared, and a
hiely scuffle ensued; GANLBY using his knife
on the `4;:lfmer, considerably damaging - his
clothes, but doing no further injury. A not
very gentle tap on the head with a piece of
liguuunviW caused GaNiz.v to realize that fur
ther resistance was useless, and he was safely
lodged in jail. JAmts FINLAN and En. MAD
DEN, GANLIA's coppanious, were also arrested,
and on Monday afternoon brought before 'has
te,: Botimii, and a heath g had, where it *as
-proved that GANLLY stabbed Alr. BENJAMIN.
Ho Ray held to-bail in the sum of fifteen, and
MADDEN and FINLAN in the sum of four bun
ilred dollars each for their n court.
OrdrumlY.—Ma. Emon : The nu
.lnerow, friends of litloLtiE S. SwAttr, among
the remlers of the 11EPORT111, feel that some
thing Inore thin the mere announcement of
1118 death, 'is due to one who attached himself
so stron - gly 'to these with whom he mingled in
the husiness and social relations ufllife.
Mr. bw.tur was born at Amstbrllaru, Mont
gomery county, N. 1., April 14, 1817, where his
boyhood was spent. In childhood he exhibited
great aptitude for drawing and music. Though
deprived of the opportunity for the cultivation
of bit tastes, ; he employed much of his leisure
in dabbling with pencil:and brush; sometimes
to the annoyance, bat often to the gratification
of his companions. In July, 186:4 when only
tilLen years of age, he enlisted as 4itusician in
Co. F., 1:18th Regt. N. Y. voluittters, (after
ward the 9th Heavy Artillery), an v l continued
in the service until the end of the ar, when he
was mustered out as Brigade Drain Major, to
which position he had been advanced for good
conduct and- sterling ability. Returning from
the army, he went to Auburn, where ho feud
ed the business of carriage painting, earning
for himself a reputation in this department
second totnone in the country. Here,- in the
Autumn of 1866, lac confessed Christ, and was
received into the Disciples} Church of that
place. In November of the deft sear, hee mar
ried Miss 31AIMARET LAINITAIIT, of Owego, and
boon after removed to Ithaca. The establish
ment with which be was then connected, hav
ing been destroyed be fire, iu ST, ember, 1871,
he came to Wyalusing, and soon after became
one of the firm of Sicoven, Swale? Baos , in
carriage manufacturing business. Here, after
several weeks' illness, he entered into rest
Dec. le, 1872. Ir business he was frugal-and
industrious. His integrity arid howdy were
beytend question. Of genial and cheerful dis
position, hie preemie° was gladdening u a sun
beam. He was deeply interested in whatever
pertained to the welfare of the community, and
on every question of morals and good order,
all knew which side he worth' espouse. In his
siclmess, he was remarkably sustained by the
promises and therpresence of hitt Saviour. Into
His hands he committed all his in crests with
. entivest confidence and unreserve. Sind
friends tenderly ministered to him in his sick
ness, and loving hands bore him to his burial.
" The passing spirit gently fled,
Sustained by grace divine;
0, may such grace on to be shed,
And make our end life thine," C.
Mixonws.—At a meeting of Wyalusing
Lodge, No. 472, I. 0. of G. T., held at. their
hall, Dec. SI, 1872, the following minute was
unanimously adopted :
Wuzlizss : It has pleased Almighty God to
remove by death our brother, George B. Swart,
we desire to bear testimony 'to his unswerving
fidelity to the principles of our order, his kindly
and" Christian bearing in our social intercourse,
and his zeal in every good work. By his early
death wo would be admonished to greater dal-
Renee in the Master's work. While tendering
kindliest sympathy to the family and friends in
their bereavement, we would thank our Heat•
enlY Father for the benefit of his beautiful life
amongst us, and for the precious hopes which
cluster around his memory.
.Resolced, That a copy of this minute be
sent to the family of the,deceased, and be pub.
fished in the county papers.
Our sister village of Troy was
visited by a serious tire on Wednesday morn
tug,_ causing the destruction of S. W. Pulses
fonndry and machine shop.' The tire originated
in the engine room, and was discovered about
2 o'clock. The steamer was on the ground in
good time and rendered such assistance as to
save the adjoining property.
The members of Northern
Lodge Good Templar's, are all requested to be
present at the meeting Friday evening next,
mire, and decide if in view of the possible pass
age of the Local Option act, it will be best to
sir Did you know that FROST &
Sows had Willow Cradles?
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Lezancs, h, Mona's, manufac
turers of thoso celebrated speotaelea," have
changed their agency . from J. HOOVIIIIN'S to
NOTICIL —The friends of Bey. gAL,
Lax Asxsrscarci and if. will make them a
donation visit at the Parsonage In llonroeton,
on the afternoon and evening of Thursday,
January 16. There will be an oy ter supper.
All are invited.
lat. J. Lanus wants fifty thou-
sand feet to At with Boots and Shoes, at his
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stir FRANK Bunatza, Ticket Agent
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Theao tickets cost bat a trifle, and corer all
kinds of accidents.
iir J. 0. FROST d, SONS wish to
put a Woven Wire Mattress in every house in
Towanda, on a month's trial, and it It does not
suit them, they and take it away. Now
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ter.Bruaum HILL would call the
attention of the public to the fact that their
market is always supplied with the choicest
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of Line fresh oysters, which they offer at wholo
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NOTICE.—Mr. J. Loaron, of Greene
Co., N. X., is a lecturbr authorized and recom
mended by the County Executive Committee of
Good TemPlars. See notice of appointments
in another column. The temperance people in
the several localities are requested and expect.
ed to make every arrangement necessary to
have these meetings a success.
Kr H. A. BURBANK, agent of the
llama Mutual Ike Itosurance Company, 'ast
week paid MM. BORE S. LADD, widow of the late
Doctor LADD, nine hundred and ninety dollars,
on a policy issued some three yeah; since. All
the notes were surrendered, and uo deductions
except for interest on anticipated dividends,
were reserved. So far this company has paid
its losses in this section promptly, and proven
itself worthy of patronage.
MIL Pucestx Insurance Co., BroOk4
lyn, N. Y.; New York Office, Nev. 11,1872. As ,
sets, Nor. 1, 1872, $ 1 ,032,191 Gl. Total amount
insured, in the burnt district, $150,000, thris
leaving us, (even in case our losses are total).
Net assets, $1,582,191.61. Home Insurance CO.,
Columbus, Ohio : Gross assets, 1'0,000,000 ;
ea, $35,000. National, of Bangor, telegraphsits
New York agency: We aroall right." Wil
liamsport InimrancC Co: No loss. {VICKI:UM &
Brace, agents fcr the above sound companies,
Towanda, Pa. - •
The Altuanac publishers conj.-
pliitr that their-Wisiness bulestroyed by Atin's
American Almanac. Tho people prefer it to
any other, the Farmer's, Western, Southern,
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can get Men's. It supplies the best astronom
ical data, weather and jeLes of them all, and
above all, medical advice which is invaluable
for every family. It is supplied gratis by the
druggists, and should be preserved for con
stant reference and use. W 6 are sure that no
good housekeeper or grandinother goes will
ingly without ono.—Ait fi-Sla cow »dtird,
Lisa DISEASES.—At the present
time, when so many persons arc suffering from
Throat and Lung Diseases, every one ihould
bear in mind the necessity of attending to them
at their commencement. A neglected cough
or cold, no matter how "slight" at first, fre
quently terminates in consumption. MASSON'S
COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR never fails in
curing the worst cases of Coughs, Colds,
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Sold by all Drug Stores and Mailers through
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P. S.L-Seo that the .bignature of lit:sszta,
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pleased to learn that our old friend and relia
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market affords. Thankful for past favors, he
respectfully solicits acontinuatice 44 the same.
The services of Mr. GLOEOL DEcxxr. have been
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wants of, his many friends, and be happy to
make the acquaintance of all who may need
anything in his line.
Gout) Trxrcaus' CoNYE:9.I6x, HELD AT ATHENS,
Nov. 21 AND 22.—Mr. J. lionvoci, of Grceno
county, N. Y., wilt lecture at the following,
places :
Parsonage, East Smithteld, Dec. 22, by Bev.
P. S. Everett, Mr. Witham Farnsworth, of
Athens, and Miss Rose Wilcox, of Smithfield.
MIIRRY—MILLER.—At the residence of'3lr.
Levi Scott, Smithfield, Dec. 31, by Rev, P. S.
Everett, Mr. Alexander Merry and Miss Em
ilia Miller, both of Towanda.
WOOD—RAINY.—At the Baptist Parsonage,
East Smithfield, Dec. 31,1872, by Rev. James
Riley, of Tankhannock, assisted by Rev. J.
H: Mason, of the Congregational Church, and
Rev. P. S. Everett, of Ithe Baptist Church.
Mr. A. li. Wood and Rosa A. Rainy, both of
Smithfield, Ps.
CAMPBELL —BEALS.--At the house of the
bride's father, by Rev. 'C. L. F. Howe, Mr.
Ferdinand W. Campbell, of New Albany, to
Miss Alice C. Beals, of East Smithfield.
NICHOLS—JILLSON'.—At the home of the
bride, by Bet. Silas Baroer, Mr. Hiram NW]
o:a to Miss Luella D. illloon, all of Orwell.
TXkVIB—FORD.—In Smithfield, Pa., Jan. 1,
13373. by Rev. B. S. Dean, Mr. J; H. TESV/3
and Miss Emily A. Ford
TRIP—DRAKE.—At Ncrth Moreland, Nov. 9,
c,by Rev. George B4llentil:le, Mr. William
of North Moreland, Wyoming Co., and
Miss E. Drake. of Eaton, Wyoming Co., Pa.
land, Dec. 25, 1872, by Rev. George Ballen
tine, assisted by Rev. P. S. Everett, Mr. John
Ballentine, A. 8.. and Miss Hattie B. Geronld,
all of Eut Smithfield, Bradford Co., Pa.
2dcPIiERSON--BENJA3IIN.—At the Parson•
a-,,e,'lltrryall, Jan. 1. 1873, by Rev.-0. Cook,
Win. McPherson, of Herrick, and Miss Anna
E. Benjamin, of Asylum.
BALLOI.7—DIMON—At the residence of the
bride's parents, in Pike, Dec. 25, Pin, by
Ws.. M. B. Porter, Mr. Nelson Ballow, of
Berkshire, Y., to Miss Martha Dimon, of
Pike, Bradford county, Pa.
MANLEY—TAYLOR:--Die. 26, by the Bev. S.
P. Gates, Lawrence T. Manley, of. East Can
top, to Miss Allie Taylor, of Alba.
WELLS--COBBLN.—At the house of the bride's
parents, in Pottervate, Dee. 25. by Rev. H. F.
Cochrane,Fred. M.. Wells., of Athens, r.nd
lllary.Amnds. Corbin, of Potterrille.
COVERT—HORN.--On Saturday, Dec. 28,1872
by Rev. B. F. Colt, at residence of Mr. Levi
Hess, Laporte township, I( the bride's step
father), Mr. Taylor '
Covert of Williamsport,
to Miss Mary M. Horn, of t he former place.
WILBER—SMITH.--At the residence of the
bride's parents, Dec. 25, 1872, by Rev. W. H.
Rummy, Mr. Leßoy A. Wilber and Miss Sa
rah E. Smith, second daughter of A. D.
Smith, Esq:, of Lister, Pa.
MILLER—CARTER.—In Anburnil Pa., Dec
25,1872, by Rey. P. R. ToAer, A. El. 114 r
of Tuscarora, Pa., and 31igs Regsa Carter,
the former place.
GBIGGS—BROWN.—By l'e,v E. 11. Cranmer,
at his residence in Monroe:co, Dec. 25, 1872,
Ira G. Griggs, of Fes township, Sullivan Co.,
Pa., and Charlotte, B. Brown, of Elkiand,
Ilican county, Pa.
25, 1872, by Bev. P. B. Tower, A. 13. Huffman,
of Experiment. Mills, Pa., and Miss rimy A.
Brotaman, of the former place..
ANDERSON—NICHOLS.-At the Taylor Home,
In Home, Doo. 23, 1872, by Bev. P. T,lluyott,
James C. • ..Atiderson, of Wysoz, and Miss Dell
Nichols; of Windhain township. • -
GRANGER—BHA/FEB.—At the Central Hotel,
Bulington. Ps., Dec. 25, 1872, by I, V. nee,
• Esq., Andrew Granger, of North Towanda,
to'Rebecca Shaffer, of Ulster, Bradford Co.,
Pa. '
GRANGER—WHITE.—At the Central Hotel,
Burlington, Ps., Dec. 26, 1872, by I, Y. Rice,
Esq...llr. Hiram Granger, of NorthTowands,
to Miss Ida White, of the, same place.
Monroeton, Lieu. 18, by ; Rev. Hillock Arm.
strong, Isaac U. Hainsworth to Henrietta
Bailey, both of Luther's Mills.
WEAVER—TRAVth.—At the howl of the
bride's father, in Highland, Dec, 25, by Rev.
Hillock Armstrong, J. N. Weaver, of Waver
ly, N. Y., to Lila Travis, of Highland.
CRA.NDELL—BOYCE.—At the home of A. It.
Moe; in Monroe, Dec. 25, by Rev. Hillock
Armstrong, Duid Crandell, of West Frank
lin, to Jane Boyce, of Granville.
NORTHROP—IiIcLEN.—At the home of Wm.
Munn. in Monroeton, Dec: 31, by Rev. Hal
lock Armstrong, Z. A. Northrop, of Green
wood, to Amy E. MeClen, of Monroeton.
DUBOIS—COLE.--At the Parsonage, Monroe.
ton, Dec: 31, by Rev. Hillock Armstrong, De
nia. Dubois to Addle J. Cole, both of Macedo-
FELLOWS—STONE.—In'LeIIov, Jan. 1, 1873,
by Elder R. F. Delmont, Mr." 1... T. Fellows
and Miss Pticebd A. Stone, both of Leßoy.
HEVERLY—BRINII.—At the limo of the
brides parents, in Now Albany, by A. Bever
ly, Esq., Jan. 5, 1873, Mr. John , Heveriv to
Miss Amelia Brink, both or Albany, Pa.
WTOSON—EXCELL.—At the Elwell House,
Dec. 24, by Rev. 0. L. Gibson, Mr. Jesse WIT
6on to Mrs. Mary J. Excel!, all of Towanda.
HELLER—LANTZ.—At the residence of Geo.
W. Moira, in Towanda, Jan. 1, by Rev. 0. L.
Gibsot., Mr. John S. Helleropf Lionville,
Ogle Co.. 111., to Miss Emma Lantz, daughter
of John Lantz, Esq., of Franklin.
Parsonage, Towanda, Jan. 2, by Rev. 0. L.
Gibson, Mr. Chas. D. Ledyard and Miss Sa
rah A. Sinsabaugh, both of Athens, Pa. ,
BRACH-11UNN.—In Owego, Dec. 24. 1872, at
the Park Hotel, by the Rev. W. H. Bing,
Fred E. Brock, of Waverly, N. Y., to Alit* E.
/tuna, of Athens, Pa. '
LYON.—At Orwell, Bradford county, Dee.
21, 1872, of pulmonary consumption, Samuel
Lyctb, aged 39 yearn.
Mr. Lim( was formerly of the farm of LYON Jc.
Portia, Dry Goods, Owego, N. Y.
PIERCE.—At the residence of her daughter, in
Pike, October 2, llirs. Eunice Pierce, aged 77
years, 3 months and 21 'lays.
Weep not for her who, like the day,
When sunset gilds the tranquil scene ,
With lingering.radiance, passed away'
In cheerful hope and joy serene;
Anotbcr day the situ shall greet,
And triends so dear again shall inteL
Weep not for her, who now at rest, .t
Where care Ind pain no more annoy,
Has reached the Haven of the Blest,
Aml realied immortal joy.'
Her spirit emiles from that bright shore,
Awl softly whispers, "Weep no more:"
GEROULD.—At Smith3eld, Jan. 1, of epilepsy,
Mrs. Gcrould, agril about thirty-nine
the dece'a!,eil was kind, amiable and affec
tionate in laT disposition, anti f^ascs bet hus
band, Sir. ItEr.ric Gr.r.orui, ono' son and nu
merdus relatives and friends to rreyarn her
death. She had no enemies.
DUSENBEttY.—In Dryden, N. 1., Dec. 19, of
paralvAs, Mrs. Betsey Dlisenbery, mother of
Dr. C. 8. Dusenbery, of Leltayssille, Pa., in
her 79th year.
The subject of this notice was born in 3lassa
chusetts, and moved to Madison county, N. Y.,
in early childhood. In 1929 she became the
second wife of Mr. E. S. Brio:situ . ; who now
sar'Fves her, at the advaliced age of SS. Da
ring the latter put of her life, who spent touch
of Alit. time in Bradford county, and made
many friends in Leltaystillo and vicinity. She
became a subject of renewing grace, and join
ed the Baptist church in early lite. Of estraor
dinary amiability and evennei.s of temper, and
p:ssessed of superior intelligenze and mental
gifts, bite was active in the church, contribut
ing to the interest and power of its meetings,
and everywhere possessed the respect and es
teem of all who knew her., Although strongly
attached to the church of her choice, she de
lighted to meet with Christians of any name,
and her house was always the home of minis
ters of all denominations, who desired to share
her hospitality. She lived to see her el est
step-son a successful minister of the Gospel,
and her other children holding positions of
usefulness and boner, and dying left the rich
legacy of a consistent Christian i sample.
BEABDSLEY.—In Leßzysvdle, Nov. 30, Miss
Emmeline Beardsley, aged G 2 years.
The last three years of her life were passed
in constant and severe suffering, which rho
bore with remarkable patience. Deeply attach
ed to her own family, the rclingnishqd her care
and thoughtfalness for her aged parents only
with her last,hen.r. Having trusted in the Sa
viour in early lit., her end was peace.
Stir Thomas - Maddocks, Produce
Commission Merchant, 220 Pennsylvania Ave
nne, Scranton, Pa. Butter, Eggs, Laid, Cheese,
Fruits, Potatoes, &c., &c. Consignments. soli
cited, and returns promptly made on sale of
Goods. Reference• ebeerfullY given. Corres
pondence solicited.
ter Tickets for all points West
via. Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Rail
way for sale at Freight Depot of Pa. & N. Y.
• ••• ( Aug.
_ _
tse Rubber Paint. It is mixed ready for nse
Spreads easily and smootly, is glossy ; firm, du
rabic, elastic, and 14 a Beaugful Paint. M
EM,ES has the Paint. .
Corrected every vw ear:Num. by C. B. PATCH
subject to changes daily.
Wheat. Fi bush il 60.. @. 1
Rye, VI bush .... 80
Buckwheat. Tel bush 72
Corn. v bash 70
Oats. VI busb; 38
Beans. VI bush. . 1 50 fe 2. 00
Batter (rolls) VI ' T
t; @ 28
do (datry,)lll lb new ' 22 44 = 32
Eggs, .11 dos 32
Potatoes. VI bushmcw 60
Mts. 'il barrel 10 00 , Q 11 00
Onions, VI bush 1 25
Wzolurs or Gisni.—Wheat 60 lb. ; Corn 56 11 , a.;
Bye 56 1b ..; Oita 32 lbs.; Barley 46 lbs.; 13rickwLeat
48 lbs.; Beans 62 lbs.; Bran 20 lbs.; cloverlSeed GO;
lbs.; Timothy Seed 44 lbs.'; Dried Peaches 33 lbs.;
Dried Apples 22 1b... Flax Seed 50 lbs.
Flour, best WI dter wheat. pr. sack $2 30
's " " •• himdred lbs 500
44 W•rell 10 00
Feed. per cwt
Custom grinding usuallyidone at once.) :. s
Racily of the mill ts, oralEcient for a larg. amount of
work L. B. niGHLII.;
Camptown. 11ay3z. 187:
of the ...FUSS tiKnox.x.t. Mem" of Towanda
Pa.. at close of -lxisto se Dec. 27. /872
Loans and discounts -
• f 517;27 (00
Overdrafts 6.159 16
U.S. Bonda to secure circulation 132,000 tiO
U. S. Bonds and SoLuritles on hand 300 00
Other Stocks, Bonds. and Mortgages.... 317 75
Due from redeeming and reserve agens.. 38.705 78
Due from 'National Banks 16,998 42
Due from State-banks and bankers ...... 78.834 75
Banking Rouse 6,000 00
Furniture and fixtures.— . 2,000 00
Current expenses.; '3,397 10
Taxes Paid 2,011 96
Cash Items; (Including stamps) 1,954 35
Exchanges- 3,439 74
Bills of National Banks... ...r. ... ..... .. 10,507 00
Fractional Currency (inclu ding nickel) ... , 1,201 56
Specie ISO 47
Legal tender notes
Capital Stock paid in $125,000 00
Surplus tend • 50,000 00
Exchange 2,709 88
Profit and loss ' 1096 13
National Bank circulation outstanding... 110,090 00
Individual I.)eposita 270,954 58
Dno to National Banks 9,375 88
Doe to State Banks and Bankers 2,000 44
Notes and fills re liscounted„.. ....... .. 9,759 00
County of Mulford. f 70'
I, N. N. IiETTS. Jr., Cashier of the First National
Bank of Twist:ltA, do solemnly !wear that the above
statement 18 true, to the best of my knowledge and
belief. N. N. BETTS. Jr., Cwsbier.
Enbserib4.l and-sworn to' before me, this 7th day
of :AB., 1811, W. fl DODGE.
Notary bli
Coisucr = Atten: C. Y. 31ANIIII.E. Pu c.
E. T. FOX, Directors.
undersigned offers for asle pis term to North
at a bargain. The fall contains about
53 tees. 49;seres under good state of cultivation.
the balance. well timbered. There la also plenty or
good fruit, good buildings; anti never-falling water.
Will sell on reasonable terms and give time on a
partials of the putties mooeJ.
North Tocricida, Oct. 3,1872.
„ •
$5919514 89
$59,.844 69
Now Advertisannts.
. Tortell,Pa.. Jan. 8, Din-
Allen Dr A 11 Madritni Ed •
Allan Mrs Julia , I= o l2,len •
Alloway Addle Anne
Andrews Ester Molder Sim
Aida Rebecca Millar John •
Barniti T Kilmer Mary •
Bowmen Henry McGM James
Birdwell G ee HA , - • Madden Merphy Eltzabeth ~t
• Mary
a /kx u rl a g
i A 0 . McGill Elias
Brown Mrs Ezra McCormick Edward
Biles Cleo Mace 0 D
Bowman John Nye C M
Bowman L W'' . Heiden David
Brown D K ' Oberlin Maggie
Barnes Wm Odgen Sarah .
Bennett J Posey Ruth
Chapin= Ella PliZloo Albert' - ,
Chutterder Austin Place Edward 2
Coyle ]Like Parks 0 E & WE
Cooper S . - Post Aaron.
Cmghton Owen Kleist Miss Frank
Clark Clar& Ryan Kate
Casson James Rolland Mare
Coolbaugh Wm Randolph Byron
Cook Samuel Sherman H A ,
Dann James Stewart Mary- • -
Dailey D 8 Shores Wells 2
Dorsey Diary Smith M
Dumple J Z SW C X
Ellis L V Stens= Annie
Farr Fred H '''• Smith D W
French Annie Steam= Mrs A E
Fits Thomas ' - Sickler P 8
Grey .W B Solomon T E
Gorman John ' ' Scott Win
Griswold G A Starr Harry
Gunn Wm ; Schermezhora Miss Frank
Gorman Cornelius Soder Win
Gorten 0 11 Simmons Geq
Horton H - . Balantan Alice -
Hays Geo 311 Spaulding Florence '
/Uneasy Catharine Shores Eliza
Handy 11 S Simmer John . ' ..
Haywood S 0 , Stegennann -Wm.
/lampsori Roger Smith 0 P
Horton L R- Smith C
Jones CoHanry nah i
Sumneoro G 1 - 1 .
Jennings Mart • Shear 4 B
Joneseit Mary . Smith Mrs E. .
Thomis Ttinner BF 2 •
Jillson Geo Trezrudn A T
Kilulia James Thompson Buckley
Kenerh Thomas Vallace Lizzie
Lascener L A Vosburg Rhenben
Chas Willson Hattie
. ,
Phere Edward Wagget Jogn -
1,11 Fred ' Whitmore Gors 1
mast Henry - _Wilcox Anna . ' : •
Lewis R J Wilcox LI A
Lee Mary E West LM
Lewis C J Westbrook Libbie
Leabey Anna • White James '
Mitchell Michael , White H B ,
Mulford Fannie
• .
Persona calling for above letters will. sty adver
-Used. giving date of list. ' -
the, Stockholders 'of the Sullivan Anthracite
Coal Company will be held at their office in Towan
da. on Wedneaday. Jan. 22. 1873.
Jan. 8,.1873. CHAS. 31211.0tH. Sect'.
AT-LAW, Towanda. Pa.
H. J. M4ILL. J. N. CALM.
Office in Wood's Block. first door month of Fizat
. National Bank, np ataLrs: Jan.8,73.1y.
FOIL ; S itE. —A very desirable
propeity In CantOown, Bradford County. Pa.
The house is in good-order and the barn only two
years old. The terms are very easy. For further
particulars apply to Dr. V. Hornet. Camptown, PL
pAIITION.;—Whereas, my wife AI-
Infra has left my bed and board without just
cause or prOvocation, this is to forbid all persons
from harboring or trusting her on my account as I
will pay no debts of heivontraction after this date.
Albany, Jan. 8, DM. JAMES LEE.
- pOR SALE.—LA place containing
1 - about 20 acres of good land, located, three
miles from Leßaysville, Bradford County,'Pa., and
near Beach Grove schoolhouse. The improvements
are a good house and barn together with out build
ings. Good water and a sonng orchard on the
premises. This is an excellent locality for a me
chanic. Terms very easy, as the owner resides in
Lancaster County. For further particulars apply
to Win. B. Stevens: Lettayaville, Va. Jart.B
DISSOLIITION.—In consequence
of the illbealth of Mr. J E. Talbxiad,ge, the
11rtaiot Eamon k Talltnadge is this day dissolved by
mutual consent. The business of .the late Arm will
be settled up by C. H. Barron, Agent, who will con
tinue the business at the old stand, :lie 129 Main
litroot. Towanda. Pa. C. H-. DAHD.O.N,
. Jan. 6, 1673..wa. J. E. TALLMADGE.
DISSOLUTION.—The copartner.
ship heretofore existing between the under
signed under the trin name of Smith, .Bennett
Co., carriage manufacturers. is this day dissolved
by mutual consent. The basinees will be contin
ued by Smith `ennett, to whom all accounts
ninst be paid. G. H. SIIITH.
West Franklin, Jan. 3. 1873.-w3
Opposite the new Jul,
Respectfully announce to his frierda and patrons,
that he has•bullt
where he will constantly keep on hand n fuf smolt
went of
Made of the best material and finished in the best
city style, Ilia long experience 'in city Carriage
Factories gives him a decided advantage over others
in the
Finish, Style and }lllral?ility
of his Wagons. AU they asks is as
prericnts to purrhzaing elsewber
Thankful for the liberal patronage formerly ex.
tended and respectfully ask a continuance of the
reduced pris.;a
Towanda, Jan. 8. Ili73.:—tt
BRADFOILD COUNTS", ss.—lia the !matter of
estate of David Ball, late•of LitchAeld township, in
said county. deceased. •
To the heirs-ant legal,represeutatives et .theantid
David Ball, deeeased; take notice, that an inquest
will be held upon the premise's of the said deecilcut
in said township of Litchfiefd, en S.- 1 / 4 1IIIIDAY, the
first day of February. A.D.. 9573, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon of that day, for the purposed of making
partition of the real estate of said deceased, to and
among hit children representatives, if the
same can be done without prejudice to dr spoiling
of the whole: otherwise to value and appraise the
'same according to law; at which place you elm at:
tend If you think proper.
C. F. CROSS' Jan.B-td 3. M. SMITH, Sheriff.
The best place in 'Northern Pennsylvania to buy
His stock is &limy' complete, and, comprises et--
scything la the line, suchks '
Of every tleeerirtion
,far All Daily, W4sekly, and Monthly papers arid
periodicals furnished to IR übseribers at the lowest
A large sasortuunt, which will Le tollicheart;
Tolland'', Dec. 21, 1872.
PQ.IISALE.—This subscriber hay
ing other business that requires his • whole at
tention, offers for aide his entire stock of goods,
consisting of Dry-Goods. Groceries, Boots - and
Shoes. Crockery and °lawgiver°, &c., at 4 bargain.
The store now occupied by him can be leased it
desireel. Terms fa vorable. B. E. SIACEB,
Oct .33.1r3
1 lion. FABIUS{ B. STREETER, President Judge
to the 12th Judicial District, conaisting of the
counties of Bradford and- , Susg e ranna,' and
Hons. Zntos Faun= and S. .
Associate Judges, in and for id -county of
Bradford, have issued their precept, bearing .
-date the 30th day of Dec., 1872, to me di
rected for holding a Court of Oyer and Tenxii
ter, General Quarter Sessions of. tho Peace,
Common Pleas and Orphan's Court, at Towan
da, for the County.of Bradford, on Monday, the
9d day of February, next, to euutiuue 'three
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Coro
ners, and Justices of the I'esce, of the county
of Bradford, that they be then and there in
their proper person, at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon of said day, with recils, inquisitions and ,
other remembrances, to, do those things which'
to their ofce appertains tb be done; sad - those
who are bound by rccognikance or:otherwise to
prosecute against the prisoners who' are: or
may be in the jail of said county, or who shall
be blunirto appear at the, said court arc to be
then and there to proseciate against thett as
shall -be just. Jurors are requested to . be
punctual in their attendance,agreeabir to,their
Dated st Towanda, the 17th day of Jan.,•in
the year of our Lord, !one thousand eight
hundred and seventy-three; and or the Inde
pendence of the United States, the ninety_
-I-I ore for Feb. Term of Court to be held at To
wanda, commencing Monday Feb. 3. 1873.
Alban, Thomas Bonze; Barclay. J M Fasactt Mike
Connard;.Carton Bora.. E Ii Thomas. J S fills;
Columbia, James Wilson; Litchfield, J L
roe twp., Elon Wilcox; Orwell, G W Brown, D F
Barton. E C Bull; - Rome Boro., D It, Woodinum;
Standing Stone. Jason Wanliess; Sheeitequlm'Mos
es Watkins; Towanda Boro., Mort Parsons, W
Mahlon Bostwick, Jam If Codding) Towanda
twp., Zenla-ffancock; Troy twp.. Wm busims, Oho
dlah Williams; Terry, Win Proof; Wells, Ira A bra:
Wyaox, Lewis Wertenberger.
. . .
Albany, Orlando Beverly, T Scaniin, Jr; Athena
twp., Geo Peters; Athens 'Bora., John iluszner; J H Fellows;„ Ilirclay, Robt Co•
tunable. E B Wtlliama, M S Ayers; Franklin, Wm
Hobart; Herrick, A IL Brown, E S Terrell John
Foyle; Monroe twpi • Joseph Bull; Orwell, John
Jilson; Overton, D Beverly, Jr; Pike, E S Skeele,
A B Burrows; BonM twp.. E W Bushnell; Bldg
berry,,Jas Stirton; Smtthtleld, Asa Phelps, Bennett
French, EIS Harris; South Creek. J A Dunham; W
II Moore; Standing Stone, J S Shackkton; Terry,
D i Wells;',Troy Duro., Nelson Adams; Towanda
Itoro.. i De La Montanye, II E Shipman; Toiranda.
twp., Ilichtel Kerwin; Tuscarora, Alfred Ackley;
Ulster. 11 8 Mingle; D E Ayers, Nathaniel
Ellison; Wilmot, J M Gamble, G S Shock; Warren,
N Bowen; Windham, Geu Lawrence, Hezekaall
Darling. --'
- - -
Albany. Geo Sterigere; Barclay. Frank Crosby,
David Sabin,-Wm Johnson; Burlington Dep.; J W
Lane; Canton Boro., Gecr - Patterson, -E L Manley;
Canton top., Geo McKee, Cyrenus
D T Saxton; Leßoy, Burton Stone, Jacob
Granteer, Guy Ilo!comb, Robt McKee: (Monroe tap
U M Pratt; Pike,Dorton Taylor, J Barnes, John
Baldwin; Ridgberry, Morris CumMins, Vim-silt
Baldwin: Rome tap., Hugh 11cCabs, , ti S Forbes;
Smithfield. James Leonard. S W Ames; SheAmquia
L D Post. S It IIW; Springfield, E C Strong, E M
Merrill; Seanding Stone, Michael Lynch. J C-11U11;
Towanda Duro., C P Wallca, Robt Sliernpn; Tusca
rora, it r Browning. II W Camp; Terry, Uriah
Tarry; Warren, James Bianoharil, Lewis Whitaker;
Wyalu.sing, Ben} Ackley, Lorenzo Overton.
Athens twp.„ Eugene Underhill, Abram Snell,
Frank Loomis; Athens Boro., JII Wilson; Asylum.
Peter McCracken; Barclay, - John Carroll, Robert
Sampson, J C Holbrook; West Burlington, I J Mc.
Kean; Canton Born., Charles Owen; Canton twp.;
J B :Jones; Columbia, A 31 Cornell; Granville, Jos
Keniiall; Litchfield. id Lee, Jr.,JR Rogers; Leßoy,
Muttony Monroe twp., Wm Hawes.; Over,
ton, I It Park; Itidgeberry, Wallace Griswold-
Rome /biro, Allen Toting; Smithfield, L b Forrest,
Win Huff, A 11 Cramp Wm &Mouton: She.he.
quin, Jane, Nen - Lian; Towanda Boris., John Mc-
Ictire, %Tailrace Kingsbury; Towanda twp., Lyman
Blacknisia; North Towanda, Martin Bowen; Troy
IssaeOlrav,r;•Troy twp., Gera Ballard; Tug
carora, John Eimer, Patrick Mahoney; Wvalueitig,
Darwin Cook; Witmot, Wallace Dodge; %Thiamin,
Frederick Brainard, Aes McKee, C S Shoemaker;
Warrea..l A Newman; Wells, E Dilliston.
td .1. M. SMITH. Sheriff.
_Lc is hereby given that there has been filed and
settled in the (Alice of Register of Wills in and for
the Counts of Bradford, accounts of Adrainietra.
Lion upon thefollowiniz estates, viz:
Final acct ,cif Geo 11 lienaall,• administrate: of
Horatio J Ladd, deceased.
Final acc't - Of Geo P Manly, adnainit,trator, Fen
&tato lite, of Mnbilnlauly, deceat:ecl.
. .
Final acct Of Ezra I,oollll.l,guardianof POICiV11:
^ll 1
Morrison. .
Lisa! acc't %f Charlotte W Ilayward, executrix ofi
Joseph Kinney, late guardian 'of Charles Kinney,!
minor heir of 11 D Kinney, deceased.
F,nal acc't of G W Sterizere, cxeoli,r. of Seth
Stevens, deceased.
Final acc't of Morris y,' ext , int , r of Daniel
llohlridge, ilecascd. -
Final acc't of Lucy M Adams, executrix of J C
Adams, deceased.
Final acc't of Lorin B Wflcott. zdulinistratoe of
Josiah Wolcott. deccaaCil.
Final acc't of Lucy IturiUan and C se
cutors ut Cyrel Ilairman, deceased.
Final ace . ... of - It Bull and Joseph Ifiu.76-. 61" , , 'U
tors of J D William!. deceased.
Final acc't of N Smith, adminiAraVr of It lieu
1011. deceased.
Final acct of Gee N Noir*bury, allministrat ut
Wm Neu bury, late of Troy Bono, ileeeosed.
Partial Ice% of Ilenriett )3. Bowman and It F Bow
man. surviving executors of John II lownion, late .
s.lofiroe, deceased. ,
ALSO—The appral•ement of property Rot off by
the executors or administrators to widows or chil
dren of the following decedents.
Estate of Benedict Arnold.
" John Gard,
" - Thomas Case.
" "Joel Barnes.
" James Dewey.
" Joseph I Trumbull.
" Charles X Ladd. •
" G WEllialback.
Wrn C Wilcox.
JOhn T Miller.
And the same will be presented to the Orphans'
Court of Bradforil County, on Thurslay, Feb.
at 2 o'cloCk, p to.. for confirmation and allowance.
.Jan.B O. J. CIiUBBUCIi. Register.
Dnidford County, es. The Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania. To the Sheriff of Bradford County,
GIVEETINti We command you that yon attach L.
W. Dimmick, late of your county, by all and singu
lar has goods and chattels, lands and tenements,
moneys, rights and,credits, in whose hands or poS . :
session soever the same may be, eo that be be and
appear before our - Court of Common Pleas, to be
holden at the borough of Towanda, in and for said
county on the first Monday of Dezemter next,there
to answer lamed 0. Frost and Robert Sherman of
a-plea of debt of S,SISI, and that you summon J.
PoLa Montanye, Jr., Henry W. Noble, Henry W.
Tracy and all persons an whose hands or posses.
sion the said goods or, chattels. moneys, rights and
credits. or any of them may be attached. so that
they and every of them be and appear before said
Court, at the day and place aferesaid, to answer
what shall be objected against them and abide the
judgment of the Court therein sod have you then
and there this writ . •
Witness the Honorable F.' 11. Streeter, President
of our said Court at the Borough of Towanda,
aforesaid, the Nth day of November,..A. D. 1572.
Nov. '20.1y:2. by virtue of the above writ of For
eign Attachment I attacheil the follow - 1w described
lot, piece, or pored of land situate in IVysoz
Bradford County, Pennsylvania, bounded as 'fob
lows, to wit: On the north by public highway
known as the Wysox Road, east. south and west by
land orHettryW. Noble, being 50 feet front on said
road and 150 feet deep
ALSO—One other lot, piece, ur parcel of land sit
uate in Towanda twp., County and State aforesaid,
bounded as tollows,t,to wit: On the north by land
of A. Northrup, cosi by Railroad Street-south by
an alley, west by la d i d of 11. Stahl, being,' about 50
feet front on R Broad Street from _Said North
rup's line to centre bf said alley, and abciut 150 feet
deep, • ith a two-stOry trained dwelling house there
On. •
Seized and taken into execution at the snit of
James 0. Frost and Robert' J. Sherman vs. L. W.
Dimmick, with notice ts' J. Dela Montanye,
W. Noble, IL W. Tracy. 11. P. Moore, garuasheas.
8ec.12,1 572. J. P. VAN FLEET ; Sheriff.
BRADFORD COUNTY, the ':natter of
the e,t/te at J. L. B: - .11. IA:: L“ , linel,l, in d
ronnty, deceased.
To the heirs and - loctl representatieea of the sasl
J, L. Ball, deceased, take, note,., that an
will be held upon the premises of the said il-:•
in said township of W.:Wield. on SATI/IDAY,
first day of February. A.D., 1973, at 10 o'elo , •k in I:. e
afternoon of that day, for the purpose hi inakin
partition of the real estate of raid dece4cd, to and
among his children and legal representatlo,s, :f the
same can be done wdhoitt prejudice to or ‘po.ling
of the whole: otherWlse to value and appri,e the:
same according to law; at which time ar.4 1,14 -e
C 371 attend it yen think proper.'
Jan.s-td • .1. M. SMITIL Sher:ll. •
In the matter of the incorporation of [the ^ Syl
van UM CrttletrykAA.seeitltily. T.,
Noti( . ., 1 , 4 hereby given that the above tinned
Association has presente,l to the Court of Conn
l' or liradrord Coutty their artiete of Ag=ociation
,asking for n.decree of Incorporation, atitl the said
Court having eta/tuned thS name, anti tattling thc'm
' 'correct, will decree that they be incorporated as
prayed for. on Monday. the &I day ofFebruary,
is: t, at 2/o'clock p.m., - unless, cali4o bci shown to
the contra?y. Ir. M. pECK.
Jan.R•wJ4, Prothonotary:.
Notioe hcreby itiven.that all kraonsindetaed
to titr estate of Dime, P4eree. hie of Pilo,
leceas,l, Art , to make l irame , dillt.
PaYtu , :nt• and r hat cimms said
estate must present them dn:y akithenteated for
settlement, G. W. BRINK,
' , e.4-wir Administrator.
i.L.Notice ld hereby given that all persons indebted
to the estate of Cephas Badman, late of Imltaysvilla
deceased.. ire requested to make immediate
payment, and all persons having claims againd
said estate roust present them duly authenticated
for settlement. G. W. nunix. •
Ilex 4.6 w. 'Administrator..
To Julia ('. Forreeet.-30. 319 Sep. Term, 1872.
You are here-7.y notified tliat A. H. Forreat, your
husband, nos applied to the court of common pleas
of Bradford cn , a do orce from the bonds of
matrimony. and the said court has appointed Mon
day, the 3d day of February, lila, for hearing the
said Forrest in the premises, at which time and
place you can attend if yon think proper.
X. M. MTH, Intritr:
J. 310NROE,8111T11, Sherif
anstp rcanas.
V1LAVE.11.131230118-- - 71.1181' UTES
Tierzas Jraont---Ex.coND lynx.
MUCCI:CA Jrnor-s-11/11413 WEEK
W. 2,..,';'110116.5, Pratt. ()notary
HEIUFF'S S&LE.—By virtue of
sundry writs isined out of the Court ofCom
mon Pleas of Bradford County, and to me directed,
wale) exposed to public sale at. the Court House
In the Borough of Towanda, THURSDAY, JANCI
AltE 80,1873, at.l o'clock, p.m., the following des.
cribed lot, piece, or parcel of land situate in Tama!
rms. bounded as follows: On the north by lands of
William Whitney. east by John Ayers and Ed
ward Murbaker, Jr., south by - C C.. Wedge, west by
A. Waltman . . containing 80 acres, more or less,
about 40 acres improved, with a framed house,
framed barn and feee4rrilt trees thereon.
- Seized and taken Into exec-Maori at the suit of
avert= & Elabree's we're. N. P. Babcoder.
ALSO—One other lot, place, or parcel of ( land sit-
uate in Towanda Boro , bounded as follows: On the
north by land of James°. Frosf, east by John F
Means, south by&fohn Lantz, west by Charles at:.
being about 106 feet front on said Charles street,
-and coning back to lino of lands of said John
• am, aboutl4o feet, more or lees, with a framed
shop thereon. •
• Al.BO-111 said F. A. Cash's undivided .ono.
fifth (141) interest in one other lot, piece,
or panel of 'land situate In Towanda
I i Bore.. aforesaid, bounded on the north by Poplar
tract, east by Third street, south. by Wm. Oriflls,..
west by an alley; being about 163 fact front on said
Third street and about 291 feet back on said Poplar
street, writ a two-story gothic brick dwelling house
small framed barmand other outbuildings and few
fruit and ornament/I trees thereon. Said lot known
as the Etonlestead Lot of the Lavid Cash estate.
ALSO—The saidl F. A. Cash's .undivided one.
fifth -interest in one, other lot,
,piece, or
tract of land situate in Ilare:ayf township.
containing 113 acres, snore or less, In the warrantee
name of 1). E.Ctiniainghars, with a ...saw mill, two
mill houses, ands table therelon.
ALSO—The said A. Cull's • undivided one-:l
filth interest ill one other lot. plies, or r
tract of. land situate In Barclay_ toanshle,"
containing.4oo area, snore or le.s. in the , warrantee
name of Peter Ladley. •
ALSO—The said. F. A:, Cash's undivided ow-fifth
.interest in one other lot, piece, or tract of laud situ
'its in Barclay tsp., contaioiug aeree, more or
less, in the warrantee tante doeeph Ladley.
ALSO--The tall F. A. Cath'a • uudividel one
filth interest iu cue 'other lot; piece, or
tract of land situate in Bareiay t... , xl:stup, con
taining 355 acres, snore or less, in the warrautee
'name of Wisher Stewart.
- -
ALBO,-Tho said 1. A. Cash's untlivithd one
'anti Interest in one ether lot, piece, sr
tract of land si,uate '- in .13acclay and
Overton taps., containin4 400 acres, msrc. or it .13i
In the warrantee nsino of Andrew Ladley.•
Seizel and tike 11i:1'0>ex:cut - ion at the sait J.
F. Sanderson vs. F. A. Cash.
Mao at the snit of,L.-W. Lane V?. F. A. fl
ALSO—One other lot. piece, or parcel of 'awl-sit it
atis in Tuscarora twp., bounded as.finlows: on the
north by lauds of John Clapper, 'taat by llargartit
-Hardy, south by kiii - sha Lane, we-.t by John-Harsh:
containing 2i 1.5 carts, more. Or :,!AS, nearly ad itn:
proved, no buildings: -
Seized and taken info er.rcut.on the suit of
Joseph Coleman's 1133 era F. [lardy, ;
ALSO—One other loq piece, or pare,d of lantl-sit
nate in Tuscarora twp.,bounded a' follows: on ilianorth by land of Daley 'Kennet; 'act Mary
Woodruff,,south by public hightv - at batting front
Skinn's Eddy to South Auburn,by Luther
Keeney; col_tainaig 3 acres, more or less. all im
proved, with a framed lionie, linarit snotty, saw
and law fruit trees thereon.
Seized and take . ii into tszeihnou at the Fait of D.
Hankinaon ca E. S. Visa null 1.-Idgar pick,
ALSO—Oxo °Um.: lot, pie, o or parpsl of land mitts
ated in Ulster twp., Lout d l as foll9ws.: tin the
north by land of Darius liy •rs, eas: bt public high
way l ',ding from To , ....anJa south by
land., in 119,e.-2.str4. of th:. Widow 1 - S. o A. wLst by
maid Darius containing ont-b=ifv more'
or leza, all improved. with. a Vico ssory f;anied
Steam Oriat Mill, with ei•lgye'null at , a , Le..l, together
with the engine, boiler, 'and mach-Licry atttchscl
and belonging to same.
Seized and taken into taezutiou at the suit of E.
B. Mineir, subrog,ated th ri;cta of idai%tif: - . vs EL L:
' e oue other lot, piece, or piri:el of land bit
mite twn... bounded its follows: On
north by lands of Daniel Streik, east and south by
.lldtou Philips, west by E. C. Sibley; containing 16
acres, more or less. all improved, with a framed
house, anvil framed barn. and, few fruit tre:s
Seized and taken into -mecution at tit
C. A. Heaveuer vs-James Rusted..
ALSO—One other lot. piece, or parcel of laud adu
ate in TOW3IIII Borough. bounded as follows: On
the north by an alley. east by :ands of Crrinith
Patton, south by J. F. Means and Geo. D. 11• ntan.
ye, meet:by Malta Street; Lenki 430 feet on said Main
Street by about 14 feet deep, witli a framed and
plank Luiiding nat-d fur a dwelling house,prosion
store and meat market, and a framed barn thereon.
Levied upon to the property of def ,, i.dant. P. W.
ALSO—Ono other let, piece, or parcel of land sit
. nate in fo,vancla Boromtla; akresaid. bounded MR
toLlows: Clu the north by ..E!lz :befit Street ; east by
an alley, south by land of 0. I". liartictt lv,.st
Asa Donglass and bo feet
on said Elizabeth Street by ao:.:Att 13.) deep, with a
framed dialing house and frarnal horse barn
thereon. levied upon as thelronerty of 13.F.1.1yer.
Seized and taken into execntion Lt the au.t- of
-Robert Seamen Co. vs-P. W. cUlvot and 11.F.M.,r
ALSO—One other lot, piene, or parcel or land
nate 1n Wysci twp., bounded as-loilows: P,e2innuig
at a cor. on east line of the Dr. klesehut
subli%baion - of Eagt Towanda. being the south-west
cor. of lot No. 12 of said illbliVin;OU; thence north
42 dig. 10 min. east along line of iot 12 e 1
block No. 21 1;.0 feet to co:. eu We-t hue of a 2.0 fr,
alley; thence along line cf south 40 deg. 29
min. east 3.5 feat to a cm: on n ,rth Imc of a Lo :t.
etn.e . t; thence a!ong line of same south
non. se, .t 130 felt ou cast 11:2< of said 31,in
et.; thence - along line of same r)rth del. ii' min
west 375 feet to plaee.of beginning, the same bea,y,
lots Noe. 13, 14, :3, lc% an7l 17 . frontin4 en earl lion
at. in 131cc1; No.:1 of. De. fleteLut s f.;11...hve,:0n of
last To xania as
Si ized and taken int.) ex , ..:!ition tom_ sq:: of
Henry VaLßruut vs Cllarle, C ritrcr.%
ALSO—One other lot, ricer! or parc.:l-a
Cash ate to Towanda Bora_ t) C. D. at
bouded, as fUllin7ii:•ol/ th.• north py tat.,,t, .
MO:1 and IL Jac. , L.:, tast by T. C. fje!ano,
:putt' by Dtde-4t.., west 'by C. It.
about ion feet front on sal 1 , oor T iess,
and abort illfeet deep, running bark t the sputa'
line of said Walborn and Jaz,lis's land, w,th a
framed dwelling house thi - rcon.
ALSO—The defendants, C D and F A Cash's Mt-
Tided Ord-fifths interest in oue other lot, pieee, or
parcel of Land, situate in in'Towanda - 130r0., bound.
el as follows: North by Poplar-st., east by Tritial. , it
south by laud or Wm - Griffis, west by an alley; be.
ing about 163 felt front on said Third street and
about 211 feet Lacs on said Poplar s:reet,
two-story gothic brick dweltiii.; house, small framed
barn, other outbuildings, and 'few fruit and orna
mental trees thereon; said lot known as the Home
stead Lot cit the David Cash estate.
ALSO—The defendants, C D Cash•and j: A Cash's-
- two-fifths interest in one vther lot. piece,
or tract of land, situate in tsaridhy ricp., containing
113 aerel, more or lees, in the wtrmutee name of
I) II Cunnmehain. -with a : , 11%i - mill, tWO null leas s
and astable thereon.
ALSO--The defendauti, C D and 1' A Casli's
undivided two-iftlis interest in one otuerd,u;
ar tract or laud actuate Sn Dartday. tsvp., aforesaid.
containing 400 acres, more or less, is the warrantee
name of Deter Dudley-
ALSO—The defendants, C D Cash and F A Cash's
undivided two-Mths interest in one other lot, piece,
or tract of land situat • in Barclay ..twp.. aforesaid,
containing, 314 acres, more or lcsq, in iLle . warranme.
name of Joseph Ladley.
ALSO—The defendants. C D Cash ail 1' A Oash's
- undivided two-911114 interest in one other kot, piece,
or tract of land situate in Barclay twp., foreeaid,
containing 355 acres, nitre jU, the warrantee
name of Walter Stewart. ' "'
ALSO—The defendants, C D Cash atrf 1' A Cash's
undivided tiro-tlfths interest in one other lot, piece,
or tract of land' situate in liarelayand Overton twp.
aforesaid, containing 400 acres. nlore or lees, iu the
warrantee name of Andrew Lailley. •
Seized and taken into execution at the suit 'of
Con - ell .!X Myer to use of ALi Cranmer vs CI) Cash
and F A Cash; late copartners trading ,nn:ler,the
firm name of C D lash Sr Co.
ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of laud slut
nate iu Towanda Boro., bolinded as follows: 13egin-
Mug, at a• cor in south line -c3f - Lonibard street;
thence by Lomb -rd-st. south 87 deg' 'east 140 feet
to a 14 feet alley; thence by salt alley south :3 di g
west 09 3 , feet to north-east cor of a lot No. 10;
thence north bY said lot No. 10 north 157 deg west
14.0leet toThird-st; thence-by l'hird-st. north 3 deg
east -59 3 .; • feet to place of beginning; containing
about 13,030 square - feet; with a_ stone and brick
church thereon, letdown as• the Fteinau Catholic
Seized and taken into execution at, the. suit of
O'Malley Mcelovern es James F Wood, Catholic
Bishop of Philadelphia in tiuslto: the Cathlic Con- -
gregation of Towanda.
ALSO—Oneother ersparcel of land situ
ate In Towanda Baru., bounded as follows; North
by lands of D M Turner, east by M C Mercer, south
by John Webb, west by Mdin:st., being 30 feet front
ou said Main street and 100 feet deep with a framed
house, framed barn, rial few fruit trueS thereon. -
Selz•Nl and taken into execution at the su,t of
Gustavus Conklin's nuso vs Henry Harris
ALaol—Chic other lot, piece or
"parcel of land.sitti
ate In Creek twp... bounded as follows: On
the north by laud of J Bell, cast by Jared and Joe.
,Dnnham„ south by. Lewis ,J Utter, - West by K
Kinsman, containing 73 acres, more or less; no
Seized and taken into execution at the- suit
-Oscar T Dickinson's use vs Hiram-Kinsm in.
Also al the snit of Oscar T Dickinson vs Hiram
ALSO—Ono other lot, pieeo, e r parcel of lan I situ.
;ate m Ituflington top., botinded as follows: North
by public highway, ea-t by lands et Charles (Tustin,
Routh and west by Jeremiah 'Travis, contiM4ng *•
of an acre, more or lees; all improved, with a Mall
framed. house and few fruit pees thereon. -
Seized and taken into - executom at th. cult of
Reuben Morley vs Andrew Melville.
\t..! 4 o—One other 1 piece or parcvl ‘.f land , itu.
ate in Granville twp., bounded as tonr;s: North by
estde ttlu Methalou, east.hy laud of Sirs
C Lc:wp. and Ii lA,as, , -euth by 11.E. , 5,Wc,3; by
IV:du:nu ankl nillapdt , r Pudnana. ccditainkng
111.,re or I , all . :tnpro 01 with a frarued
t rt!d framed baru.'. and apple orchard
...0.1an.1 taken execution at tla.l 4..ukt
h:." - \-
.IVin , ton Cfl .k T awl Wni Ftt,ll
ALSO—One other lot, ire 1. - ire:d of hind
ate in WSPDX twp.: deserilid as follows: seeing
lots No 1, 2.0, and loot Block No 24 as will. More
rn::y apprsar mop mete by Wu: 11 Marble or ,
1 , 1(t-ot , :x4 so.,dtvition of East Towouda. SAld lets
No to at:fa 1.1 flouting, On :dam street, each 75 fro by
ISO feed deep along Pine street. and said lots No I.
and 2 fronting ou Second Street; said lot . ..` , 7l:t 1 hav
ing a front of 75 ,ett and •a'd lot No 2 having a
front of:et feet and each lot being 11;01ect dtep.
Seized and taken into exec: tton at thr snit of
..S1 J Long vs tin liohuan.
ALSOLOtie otherlot. piece or parcel of land situ
ate in Towanda tv:p., bounded as follow?: North by
land it 11 11 .7da . ..e, east by Michael Peslane, south
by Janis:: n•il wet by John ltowtuau, contam
ing ,le acres, in- re no improvements,
ALSO—One other ht. verve or parcel of land situ
ate in Towanda Bozo., bounded an follows: Yon - a
and east by hunt 4if John If:3leans, south by E T
Elliott. west by Spruce street': containing-ones acre.
more or, ess; all improved, with a two-story framed
dwelling house, framed barn and few fruit. trees
thereon. . i
Stei7r.4 and talon liuto,exl"oution ' at the suit of
.111 Phinney vs Jame.* I' Lewis and Beaj Lewis.
ALsCi—One other lot, piece or parcel of Land situ
, ate in Toleanla Boca., bounded as follow:1: Begin
nini cor of Wc,.ton and Water itrects; thence
'south along Water : sit. about 100 feet to lands be.
longing to the , 'slate of C K Ladd, deed; thence
westerly along said Ladd's north line about 14.7 ft.
to a cor; thence southerly along west line of. said
Ladd's lot to an alley; thence westerly along said
alley iibodi GI feet to lot formerly belonging toGeo
Sanderson; thence northerly along said Sanderson
last about 127`feet to line of lands of Sol Bunnell;
ihenee' e.isterly along said. 13uunell'a south line
about f.l feet to a cor; thence northerly along east
line of said Bunnell about C 4 feet to said Weston-at.
thence easterly along south line of saktWeston-st.
about 144 feet to place of beginning, containing 82
square perches ; more or less, with . ,a two-story
brick dwelling house; framed barn, other out build
ings. and fruit, and ornamental trees thereon.
cized. and talon into execution at the - scat ofd P
K.irLy cat E McDuff!. • • . ,
A1....50-oatt, other lot, pie - co or pared of land situ
ate it . Canton or Armenia twp., bounded as follows;
Beginning at a post In centre of public road leading
from steam grist Mill In' Canton. Born.. of Israel
Moores in Armenia twp. running thence east 125
ter to. line of land , ) - f estate of Mau dee'd.
being the west line of of ',warrant Manna of Jolm
Vaighn; thence South 23; deg wed along said war.
rant line 40pet. to a post; thoneo nor th B'l deg west
12, per to a poet in centre of .high Way beforemen
tioued; thence north 5 (leg esst 3 ; 33; .per to place - of
beginning, cent:ening, 2) rv.xce, more or less; no
improvements. • ,
Seized and taken into execution \at the suit of.
Charles Stockwell vs Michael Boyle. I '
ALSO-Ore other lot, piece or parcel of land situ-,
ate in Burlington Dorm, hounded a i fellness: Be•
ginning in centre at Berwick tut-Wake adjoining
lands of Simnel Williams; thence south 54 deg welt
16 544 per to post; thence north 22 deg west 4 per;
thilace north L 4 deg east 15 5.10 pet , to centre of
eMd turnpike; thence solidi 39 deg east 4 per-RT.,
place of beginning, cot:Rettig 63 square perches..'
more or less, with a framed dwelling hogs, framed
!sores barn, and few fruit. and ornamental trees. -
ALSO-.One other Int, piece or pima of land situ
ate In Bt ihrigtori Bozo.. aforesaid. hounded art fol-.
Iowa: Beginning in, centre Of Berwick turnpike ad
joining the above described lot; thence -south 51
deg west 1; 3;10 per brie pest on .line of estate of
Adclisou 3fciccan. decd; thence along said line 20
feet;-thenet north 54 deg east 14 3.10 por, to centre
of said turnpike; thence south 33 deg east 20 feet'
to place of beginning, containing 17 6-10. tailrace -
yierches, more or less, with a framed Oleo thereon.
Helreci rtnrl taken into , exeentdon at the Eat of
Overton t Elsbrce vat It II PS"; Jackson Flollenback
and Win Griffis, eeenrity
ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of land4itu
:stclAn Canton florcw, bounded as Mows: North by
South Towanda street, east by ds of Ilsicus A
porta, south by 8 1 Names, west y
Newmani containing 17 siva&
with • plank house thereon. - ,
Seized and takeninto ezeetition at the snit n . l' It
,nee vs Albert Haller
ALSO—tine other lot, piece or parcel of land mitu
ate In Wyebx twp., bounded as follows: tiorth - by
road leading from Wysox road , to Bowman's .. . Eddy.
east by Lind of Jl' Kirby. south by- the. old Ort
Manch Canal, west ty J I , Kirby, Containing
..errs, more...or IPss; at Imprirled, *MI framed
house and framed bath thereon. ' • •
Seized and taken into execution at the snit of M
C Merour ce I.: Homan.. impleatted with Welter
A.L.SO—One other lot. piece 01'4:kat - orl of laud situ- .
ate in Crin , -11 two., bounded as fellows: . tiortlz by
lauds of W 1./ Chafer, east by Samuel Chaffee, south
by Cyrus Cook, west by public highway leading
through Potterril:e to Werkheisees mill, contain
log 43 square Inds,- more or foie; improvi.4l,
with a tratura dwelling house and framed barn
thereon. --
Sewed and talirn into 12Zectxtv,i4 at the fruit
liruniOn's use vs Jamestirech. --/N s
i5..L. 4 . 30—0ne other lot, piece orparcellof land situ.
ate in Towanda twp., bounded as' foltive: togin•
mug it north-cast coral a black oak; thence wee.
terly along lino of lands formerly owned by Wm
Park 41 per and 5 feet to a stake - and stones cot':
thence southerly along licieof lands f nuerly
owned by slid Wm Parktabout 34 per to a stake and.
~toed cor which is also cor of lands Of ',raid Wco -
Park and 5 Cole: thence easterly along line of land ' -
owned bis tole 13;„i per to steke'and stone corner:
thenea northerly to plans' of beginning,-coutaining
il'acri - 7a; niece or legit.
Seized and taken into execution at the atilt of
John Holmes vs T Mtoy,
Jan f5-t,l
- A EDITOR'S NOTICE: —ln the
Matter of the estate of Bachel 31nrra7's hells.
In the Orphans' Court of Bradford Bounty.
The undersigned; having been, appointed Auditor
by said Court .to dispose of eicepticna to final ac
counts of Jason K. Wright, gnarillen of Ittweei.-
Waite. T., Edith, (lecirge, and 'Elizabeth 3.l.ltrray.
minor 'children of Rachel Murray r dee'd, will attend
to the duties of said - appointment ou THURSDAY,
the 3IMI day of JANUARY, . lard. at , 10
'o'clock. a. -in„ at 'the office cf M adill fi
Califf in the borough of Towanda. _at
which Vibe and place- all rersons hacigo
ey are required to niabe the, same .
or be deba:red from coming till
' a uditor..
..Ell.. born t.s. T. Ilonfoy4—No. 151. Sent. T 1.1. 1 :6S
the Court rf Common,rleas of Bradford County,
The und , lo. - igue,l, and tAuditor tippolct,it by Paid
Illrf to dhitritinte 111011C7Ff arising from Sheriff's
‘.l defenclaiu'i, e , it%t, . will attend to th.*
aof Said appointment 'at-the oft.b.b _DeWitt ai
Maynard, iu the Borough of Towanda. en nil
-7.• 111. at 10 o'clLle,k, a. in., wberc
all pergoits having claitn,i troop said fu.ncls are re.
quite I teipr,s uit them or I.: , ,i'debarre'd from rorti'llii
to npon loud. i D. C. DEWITT. ;
n • Auditor. I
zn:t of
UDITOR'S .'NOTICE. -131 ' the!
r 1 matter of the cFLate of A. S. Cole. deceaited.—l
In the orphan's Co.irt of Bradfor&Cottutr.
•9 he under,•;:ned. an Allfilt , T, appointed by said'
ca,:,-t to-di,trthot. fauls In Itstvls'ot the Executors
t, ai attend to sofa'- of Curb appoint:
?nett ;.,t once 4i Towari,:a 'Dorm, on FRIDAYI,
.Ithuar. 111. 1573. ut p.
1. , r.. on having. elaia.:s upon sal,: funds must.
tb.era de.l)..trred front eominz In upon the
s , lT7e., G. D. SIONTAINYE,
Jau.B 7 wl Auditor.,
A 1 - DiTOB'S NOTICE. •--- 'Carl: -
-I_l_ ti,t,r 1 . 1 ,:.: ~, 11. yc. Bait.... , :r's uie.-:-No. :329,
F, h. T. 3;.;;;i,—li, In, court e! i:.nurnon 11€1.5 of
1 . 3 a 1:..t1 County .
0:13-r.-Lut. , .1.4 .i.,lit'or ppi,c,:nt•-(1 by !aid
.• %rt th...11..t.r0-4!),( monc... - s aririncr from glierifFs
-C.4..- ~.• .1 , 4, , Teal ( st.rte."..vlll attynd to t.h. , du
t.. ,-- , : k.'3,1 ~1,1,3,trz,v3 at ti...e r,fliee of 11.11.31'Yean
is r, -. 141,,ii. of 1 , 4.)5;1AY, JAN. 20, 1873. at 10 a.
tr.., a.1... , -re c.111 , ...r.,.;,, , hwin-... 01,,lius upon aaid funds
car.- 11.1r,1 t) Lr ,- -r; : - It f b.-tla, or be debarred from
;.O:`_ Fatri
L. I' V.
la. To Au• 2, Sep Term. 152.
Y , ll 3;:t!1 , ta,taf , ,,,l that Joh; Brown, your
ppli, a t, yr.ata c.ef er.mtnnn pleas
, 1 - 111..,117,1 1 c , , ailty. a ,livori . t- from the. b”,ty1: , . ,- 1
•appoint-d 11. n.
:It 06=Y Feb, 1 8 73. tor I.:earin , ,.! the said
I at whie.h.tilnt 2 and place
:von •n.l yon trhuh proper.
171: 0 CS NOTICE —Notice.
giv,n that all persons ihaebted ts
the eat ;.1 / Levi Lester, .late of 'Canton.
&ea, are rerinest.d to. make immediate payment 4 .
and ail 'l, - having claims agatmt said estate
mitt pre, : nt tb`sin A.nly - authenticated for Settle
ment. ;_
t; -
iadierche - -giver. to all pertans lndebtid
to estate (4 ilanson Virelace, late Sheshe
ciu.u. - must wake immediate payment,
and all;_pets , us having clnixte against said estate
must present them duly authenticated for eettle
Pe(i.11.46 .4 ' Administrator.
/ - x. Notice ts hereby given that all persons ir.ebted
to the estate of Edward Ilirton, , lato of Litchfleld,
deceased, are- reggested to make inumediate
payment, and all persons* hiring chums against said
estate ninst-pr, - 2sent thcio duly autbetiticated for set:
tictiw-nt. -
JLANotiee is licreby all'pers_maiiudebted
to.lhe estate of Saninsl Lyons, Jr., late of
deccosoil, are requested - to make immediate
parment, and all rersoti3Qmving claims against
eau.' e' late must present Cum duly autheaticatsd
for sett 1, ent. H. GIBBS,
' Executor.
LJAEti tC, hers any Railway
cn or Seaport in—Great Dritain, dretand, NorwaY.
tredeti, Denmark, Germany, France; Holland,.Bo.-
um, and the United Stattis.
. .
Ca4aiti fare from New Tor': to Laniott,iLiverpoot,
I: , Fgoic, and Derry, $65 and 1,7,1.
•nterint,1Lite,... 1 ....53.5. I Steerage - San
All payable In Currency..
l'arties , sending for their friends in the bid Conu
try can pupchase tickets at reduced prices, .
Fcr fartper apply to HENDELIobY Enos.
7 Boa!Jai - Omen, N.Y., or. U. 11. ErkaErr, Central
Estueea Office, Towanda, ca., or N: N. BETTS; Jr.,
First Natibzal Bank of Towanda. • 1X:0.18'72
I.TATP. ~ .Pursuant to an order of the Orphans'.
Court of Bradford County, Pa., will be sold at pub,
lie sale I,trii the premixes in Albany A .
6 wp. in said
comity. , ,on SaTCEDAY, the 23th day of JANUARY,
shone o'clock. p.m., of said glay r the following
described real estate, late the estate\ of John Gard
of Albany township. deceased;
The real estate atoresaid consists of a farm situa
ted in Albany' tarp. aforesaid, containing 106 acres
and z-. 0 t?efilies, and bounded by line beginning at
an old liemloik cor. of the warrant; thence north on
w - arrant,line 205 per. to an old maple cor.: thence
east by Warrant line 83 per. to post cor. Jaimes
Warner ia lot; thence south by same 206 per. to a
post: thence west 83 per. to place' of beginning;'
being tile western section' of a tract surveyed on
warrant indhe name of henry Stark. dated Atiguat
tt'3. 1702;
, The improvements consist of about 40 acres well
cleared 'ndfenced; a- . -comfortable plank house, a
story and a half hicb, with three rooms below and
two abode: a log barn; also.a geeing apple orchard
of some 31. thrifty grafted trees, and a - feW
peach trees. The land is well watered with purb
,waver and is located within a few rods of the Sulli
van & Erie Itailroadf• The land is of 'good quality
and snitatdofor tillage, the whole of
TEll.l6S—$3O to be. paid when the land is struck
down. $303 when - the sale - is finally confirmed. and
the balance of the purchaas money to be paid in
out year thereafter with Interest, :and security for
the saute. • GLORGE GARD, .
Dec 3.1; -Adm's catate.,oflohn-Gard.
Ereryl,yea , r increases the'popuiarity of this value
bM Raii Preparation; which is due to merit alone.'
We eau assure our old patron that It Is kept fully
up to Ift high standard; and it is the only reliable
and iierfccted picparaton for restoring Gray: or
failed Rain to its youthful color, making. it soft. lui.
Arous, 4,4Ei11.ep, The scalp,. by its use, beeomba
ichite and clean. It removes all eruption's and dand.
:ruff, and, by its tonic prope - itles, prevents the hair
'from falling out, as it stimulates and - nourishes the
4ialr-gLinds. By its use the hair grows thicker and
fetronger. In baldness it restores the cal:issy gland' .
, o theirinormal vigor; and will create a l new growth,
- except to extreme oblage. It is this moat econonal.
cal Hair Dreaiing ever used, as it req ea fewer ap.u
plicatiolae, and gives the hair a splend dglossy ap.
. pearance. A. A. Hayes, M. Ti:,. Ste !Assayer of
Alassachusittei says, g'The constituelts aro pure
and care fully selected for excellent quality ; and I
consider It the Best PreparatiOn for its intended
purposes. , " ' • - .
As elegant aragsvag Gir twautifyink the
Dan no e l uperior.
Sold ey at/ Druggists, and DeaUri itiMcd/ciu.,..t
r 1
. J. C. AYER k CO., Loultut,'Mase., ..
- I
Practical aud Analytical Chemists, :
br..U. k C. Pause, Box k. Co., Wh
„ sale Agent*,
ToNean4 r.s., and for sale by dealers throughout
the connt - V
. t 4 c. ' l ,e /inewlyeow. .
.1. M. SMITH, Sheriff.
T STON, tor