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d Clatter.
ay, September:3,llB72.
I , !MMI!E
1195. e union meetings which
hare been tnAd on the public equaro for several
past, lave boen discontinued.
Tlie Gas Company have re
moved thei*iliee the building Borah of the
National Bank, Beca l m' floor. '
- -
orb" Grin. E. M. LEE will address
the people o Wyalnsiug on the political topics
of the day, on Thurtiday evening nest, Sept. 12.
115 E. The report of the Pa. & N: Y.
r.. E. Co. ,Lsn•s thrit. the Sullivan and Erie re
gain done a business of some 32,000 tons
this year.
The N'orth-Eastern Convoca
tion (,f the P E. Clinrch, will meet in Christ
Church, this idace, On Tneaday evening next,
and remain MI session for three days.
PERsoxA .--Jx,mrs T. DUDLEY, Esq.,
pawl us a tlyitig visit last week. He has just
iv turned from Muinnesota, and tias again taken
up his resident:e in Steuben county.
CLrsoN, Eq., of the
has beeime a vitizeu of Wysoz, tutrinf..,
purchased a residence of W. H. BIORUAN, just
acre-s the river from this place.
SS. Jud4e , Fa,sytaa, has been noini-
I..itca without - opposition for Judge of the 10t13
.1.,t net', and trill undoubtedl.vbe elected utcni
inuusly. He isicine of i the ablest Judges in the
-State. -
Hoir.l l ' 0. H. P. KINNEY tklld
ipt. W. H. CAiINOCIII.;:i Will address the OhINT
Cldb of Mane, on Saturday even-
The 2 4, gentienien are both enter tatn-
I's, and sholildliare a large audience.
G.ll:l..—Court Iconvened on Mon
[IA r(• does not appear to be a great
• ~
stir, 'tint treeral pregentments for
t.: tlo ;114111i s, were made. Among
tL iat tit s conkflaiii4.(lof in flog ,borong,ll are
Nt. f. ( . 11,1.11 p. and m.
sti indebted - We aye to Judge
fo e‘pie , of North
-1 1 ,. 1, We coin. , t aiulate the Rid g e on the
vieto y ;,ellier(-1 by the noble hand of
lieans iu tie• old North State, and we are
1 , 11:111 a bet l frr revolt in Movember.
tor lVc. have reeeive(l, with com
p, 1,, pits p eampahpi w.n g entl
-114,1, "Shout tit,sl Cur 1 kn rty "ma Union,"
i•ong of the 'lntier Club and Gn. ,, ,,NT
e.nu0.5.,1 1;:v onr (thl friend, .11.1 Its
T. 1,, I-/ II : T,',11. III:4 oNS, .;on;.;
:1 i 'nen, / hip! -11..1'041 ' Q
tj. 1
St.murs A4IIDEN'P- Mr. G. IV.
throwit from a carriage last
:11/11 had 11, ti! frorn
ogain 1 1 1,
, n breaktii.,: the
-.on, !lath iii.l bolott• :hid kip,. In atttOliptillg
• • ,!, td,
ooncoll ct near tilt; jail, one
; L.ot tilt. Wagon to
t.l t. )11. A s . 1. a hard-nr.rlong,
; tv; tL ;:t I and ,iitypittli) of all.
- J.-
W. P. Dm:w. anti 51r,
Ifpubile i4tie.‘6 7
tiw 1:11,111.1wan
. :n I .41,111)1t!O t • t,VII . 114%4
. till 17th
• t..: the the Republican can
] ,•• Our Republican
"' l;11.1.; litits 1i r.
1.[;11.11. 11. -
=3l is
•wp rl 4 c.rlryrrria6oti here at rr(r.rr
rri.r i.ttryt -thor t 11
• l'r.v publirraol) who , ;111
•r- Itr 1, tr• 1,, a Thrmocrat w Iv, will
;I, ad.Jit4rlr Ir. tilts 111(rs - Arr arc.
!at all, ;or
104. A.
.r: - 11.rfrrrtn'r '.r(rro.r to -night,
r • ......, r/dren...l%,,r . re Oornprrs.rd I rat
.rr.s , 'about a do
F.. I- 11.
Lrrirrz r•lrrirg, I d., Augiist 31.
foll6witir , iis the law prt
•1,,• ..alt• lifinord,):l .d(!lAIJI:1 (lays, in
1, 4, .1...1 Thai from and a:-
till, Shall unt be law
t liermins beeping a pliblii•
ir•ttb.••;.; Once. eli:lier liernsi - A or un
spirdtip•as Or malt liquors a 4 a
1. , , ell."lurtii.b, ar glVe away, to be need
;,r atn spiriillw;ii malt liquorp, wine,
lifiVerage, (many pat
.11,11 ' or to be set apart, for any
' by the citizens in
,1:.-iriet or division iiithin this
a!iii, an election is in pro
v..c: in said
ii,e eic,•tio l . polls are required to be
111 E
is a vers
I'S, %%11,11 a tram
:t4 t,l
A 1 U to 34+1e, :14 it it, «•a. important
ul,k gvt Mitt. This prae
'- at eonfin.inn; :Lml if the ear
q by 10,11iing 111 COlltart.
tlicy art ,
•nii , l if no-
'A. , : '-''' .: 111.--' I ' ll , : t.•:,,fh A , .7( . 11 , ) It, 1.0, ,, L11t
'. ''`''' 1 ,. IA! U. .q. AI. I" . lt'N' , .1 ali'l trlllt .-
:.. .'r,. II !Mil, 1 1 Hilli. h•r,i ,, 11.4 Ali, retain
.0 . tiill.l 1 I ,i l l , i.,:i ~ 1 4.9•• ~ , a rt• MI lid'
•..: .r. , at thy: jiLL,,-1 , clLh ; L 1 few seetrn,ls
.i. 'twit 'llb , kt LlLti,‘-tIh , LL, te•lghlior,. 'flies,
;•.e ,, ,r, - .... tt LOw e!lilKtaerattott of the
'.• , ;1 ',Wile, roi•t l t!,,:ir ~,-, •r‘.lrLe , •, tv.• are
11- , ••• -
- .lti l SN'C,ita:Nt., uc Icaru,
0. tly•
•,.. , 11 :ID I ,arc
rt•turils Ers,,
r ILI • Ft. Fc teCt.
1.. U. r, itk
Oa:, I t uoimty, 1.1.1;r most 4{lC
-01, /1.• r.a, for OrtANT.
Lll.l`alow in town 00 510011 Ely.
LaVvi bean tlallll/0:4 him 118 7:1
'art B0tilorI7.(!xl to tray
• +ll.l++++, .k.II.MAIrILI., a Saint I. ,, iiiii,
:•• tr:(1,011y I:l++t IN ell. Jlldie s lal
- •1 i :tt 1. , a-ril, tiittl )/1 1 / 1 , as he is
• .1. ;time past in the
..1 11• .,tis, has return-il
• 1411-:, VvergrePu laic, in the
, leclininit health. We
•••• 1, Illly be re .hzel.
3 , ;,1 Cit‘timt.i: are the eon
tl,, I) ri i wr.11:.•
M..i . 1.1,1.:ND All Void) : Thu ltEro
- .: •!., nth inst. jcomes ii,ivay out toJthe
.... 31ountatus, fall of good cheer.' , I find
chidden in tilt numerous temperance
. : , TA eould expect no other, than pure
•'• I ' , '1 -trines in auch a' paper. None ol
' I/. k , , z" old faith White -wished. The poor
i!ioik' s chances Seem to be falling off.
Lenses who I never ;saw defeat, how
' ' 4,, '. "11e expect f
tl4 , y will begin now under
~ , lo.tanees. N'l 4 of course have no di
. .. o, th r g o h , ril oeLetion, but may rep
" I.: --, La:111 , 1i a+ ra id poor deluded. North
f hlr ,j,.1, gac to i;ongretis, J. B.
~, L,i I 1,.. return , with : a handsome ma
, %.1 , if I.lre no idea of I being kflit tint
' •
I'l* I.r -melt r f‘lorr...4lon, RR wan the
' 1 •. 11, ,C-1 Itninl itratt , l c.f A. J , uNs , ' ,- .
• • ~.t.„ , ..,,r. ..,t.4 i.ipial:. In e'.. ry i,
' ' • I ! .., 1 Aren.; ~• iVrir.ii tin-Pley or II,"
lir We were pained on Saturday
Ist to learn that our young friend, Gm Pow
via,, had met with a serious accident at L. & B.
Junction, but in the evening we were informed
that his symptoms were favorable. On Sunday,
however, ho declined rapidly, and expired at
3 o'clock. As near as wo can learn the sad ac
cident occurred as follows : GZOIXUE was acting
as night dispatcher, and wait examining the
brake on a flat-car which was to be sent out.
The car was standing on aiding, and he sup
posed the switch was turned for the main
track. White engaged in this work a coal train
came down tho track, and, as tho switch was
turned for the siding, the engine struck the
car, throwing him backward upon the track.
The concussion was so great that paralysis fol
lowed, resulting in his death as above.
Gr.oaoE was one of the brightest and most
tastily boys we ever knew. He seemed to un
derstand by intuition what other boys of his
age would require weeks to comprehend. His
genial and affable manners made him a general
favorite with all his 'acquaintances. As a rail
road employe, ho possessed the entire confi
dence of his superiors, and was placed in re
sponsible positions. It will be no easy task to
fill his place. While this entire community
mourn his loss, his death falls with pecUliar
weight upon his invalid father and his sisters,
who were justly proud of an only son and
brother, who was as sunshine in their house
His remains were followed to the grave from
the residence of his brother-in-law, Dr. KELLY,
On TllCBday morning last. Rev. MCGLATn.
Ela and Bev. 0. L. GERSON conducted the a er-
ly illustrated Paper by EDWARD Faso, "In and
About Paris," opens the September number of
Scriliner's. There is a pictorial account of the
" Ascent of Gray's Peak," by a party of ladies
and gentlemen. The most important article of
the number, however, is Mr. litutroan's essay
on the late FREDERICK •DENISON Marnicn, one
of the greatest thinkers and preachers of mod
ernt !:
times, amo g whose disciples were Jon
ALD and Tuoat Ilrorir.s. Miss FANNIE, E.
Hoocisox cont ra rates another - story, entitled
" One Day at Arle;" Miss Anat.nct Taarrox'tells
a sea-side story of characteristic strength, "Af
ter the Darkness, Light;" and Must RICH is
suggestive in his seasonable sketch of " Vater's
Vacation ;" while Mrs. OLIPHANT'S story, "At
His Gates," moves steadily 'n. Then we have
au interesting account of the "English Singing
Birds iii Florence in 1S:13," the Ilnow - aiNus,
Fur:vs/act; TENNYSON, the Tnot.Lorit4, and LEv
Er. the no; elist. CHAIHArTfE L F4xt.s: tells of
" A Vii to the Birthplace of Wurrrirn." For
poetry we have "A Ballad of the Gold Cs' mil
try," by 11. 11., with verses by Miss KATE ,FUT
NAM Osc,ooD and llrs. Itirren. 'I/r. IL'it.tas . u,
in TokiCs of the Time, treats of " The Bine of
the Republic," namely, office-seeking, and "The
Matter of S;ze." In Clalture and Progress there.
is a briet,essay on niPdeni acting, besides the
usual book notices. The etchings this month
are particularly , good, '..Miss 'Osooon and Mr.
ENnu.sti being the emitributors. Scain:cm: A .
Co., New York city. ..itt a year.
Par ED. REPORTER bear Sir :
Was stopping in Leltayacille a few days -billet.,
and picked tip sonic i ferns of political and gin-.
eral interest which, by request, I transmit to
you for the public. Ncawillistancling this is a
farming community, and at present rather blue
because of the flat condition of the oat crop, I
find the people fully alive to the atirrin issues
of the day and almost entirely on 'the (In‘tir
side of the.qui•stion. There are but two of the
ttepublicans who help make up the " Mongrel"
party. One of thesil, and the infinential
of the two, sat s tliat he tv ihts no evidence that
11. tie, in the early part the rebellion,
cater the doctruie of "Stitt, hoYereignty," cud
the perfect right of a Stati% to withdraw from
the Union. it is out s+Y evidence to
the eiintrar. I luaue rii,tice.l that tie. , hind of
i- a pr-iiy protutiwot character
istic of the '• Liberals " crywhere. It is to
the lirao.e lit b-itay,lik, tioireler, that nearly
all the Republicans iook at the trite condition
ot attairs. They say that they had rather trust
i:utNi -the results of adannistratiOn are
far in ails:ince of it hat lit, lip,+f sanguine sup
tees for t tin,,rt.i.r, 0h o ot
nece,rty nite,t cheat one of tat. two elements of
his 's•ipp t. the Liberals or the Tammany
L.lneational Ina tli.ra in
S:17:1:11. r ~ V ill/01,
history of in,,t
in this section, was a cornpl.nte success: pe-r
line In no , niall degreo t,, eft,.r is
of tht• teachcr and of Our w,,rthy Nnilo tnt.•nl
ent. In innon there 11. 110
The Ac.oh In:. s, alont to op.m tor
the term uudcr the din-elton s.l h. v. 11, F.
co: ut.eac, win! nithnnt doubt conduct
it to not ',lily to in.-rit but t o SI.CtItC! pttronage,
Cl'I':(• rif
:11 ,, nnow has renno.rtl t•• Warren Centre.
t” be e,tn.:ratuhtti'd
that thry have iri the:r !! 2 , 1 1,1.1 r‘l. 1).,
flurang .Lay m Leltsyville gamed the vnt:ic.
confidence of ,0 eminent it,,j,ractit tuner rs Dr.
]h -, ,ENta-dd:v. ;llore in time : C.
W pte;nle'r 2, Iti7l.
NVe copy the fi)llowing
Mr. ('3l.lrry..:\ ',F.'s's 11%It pAp. r.
1:4 !watt}' g+)ttn. it ;11, and Nil of ad
vice. It imght to be sy the haltd4 of ,r 4:,
-, it ,n :r • I , leell itit , t l-v4•ry
fatally and Stitlay-5e1,,,1, •
"1 IN 31,000. - capital of C&ltre
county, J'a., we trust Rlii add soul.•w hat to its
good tiame as thi• oat! e place and finale or ro•
Sofcg,tooL It be sem elsewhere that \S c
have thi' lunt.•l: of all our pa.:tors,
eight In /lowlier. with r , •N the right
prlnetples advocated I pdpor. We happily
record another tuterestaig tact. Daunt- eounty.
ealled Centre on acti,iunt of its c,lltral eihiat ton
in the State, there are 34.152 persons.
A Ica days ago there sac only one crianinal
in the county jad. Since the beginning of the, at one time fur fear, weeks the jail was
empty. There ate coni•ted with the Sabbath
solmols ot the Tmilty ovt'r saregnards,
eons:sting chiefly of young persons who use
re , itlier intoxicating nor tobacco in any
form. Our one pilsoner committed his clone
undo r the iiilluence of strong drink. In a rage
of tatoxicohoillie murdered a man. lie h. al..
e‘ei. ES:VC COLSI/Iller of tiaaie‘o, being daily
on lir, a t the month amllenvelop/
lu sp-aking of this lc lid, lie said to us, " I
smoke about ono hundred cigars a 11. is. I
tlllll6 it hurts ne ; It ttiaho- too Ilion - mi. , : This
t'Srf`rli`lleit l'ollN,ys its own le-son. It is certain
that par sits and teach. rs 'AM emifer a benefit,
iii ut.r can tt 11 how gi sat, iu m‘c.niing a hin
pemni-e paper for their sons and pupils. It is
our aim ti. inal.e Cy I iv a true - egitxrd
is lei shall refuse to timeli rill Ii" log drink or
tuba cc. All n mild rejoice m ace all our jails
toopty. The record shows that at least Tour
titthsof those who are in our prisons are not
Softgliards. It is :he design of this •paper, so
far as possible, t 6 protect all young persons
front taking the iirst steps in a downward
course, and to help them forward in. a loving
Christian life.'
"Sortru WArmts.-31innegna Springs, in
lhadford county, pronnses to be a capital
Sumnwr resort for Safeguards, awl others who
ought 'h. be Safeguards. The large and elegant
hotel, reco tly erected, is full of guests. Tho
surroundings are delightful. One of the guests,
a eorrespondent of the NAN Joitrecth gives the
f o llowing testimony : 'One very retrial - ImM°
rircumstan..'e connected with tik;n res. rt for
health and recreation, is - that_ ainongst the
guests, young and old, there does not r,vta to
be any tendency to use stimulating thinks.
am told that the efl'ect of the Mihnequa water
in to allay the irritation caused by the use of in
toxicating drinks, whilta the desire for themi
actually dies out.' We trust these sober waters
at Minnequa Springs will-indeed be a fmtotaitt
of temperauee to all its guests."
-- Thor :
on my way to the State of Nebraska, and
having 111 thit hoantiful and growing town 'some
relatives and old friends to visit, I am-stopping
here for a few days, and being rather a stran
ger, ilay.t little else to do lint keep myself with
in the rules of comnion modesty amongstrati
gen!. I.have a fair chance to listen to the gen
eral expression of the masses as I pass along,
and am happy to say that:Lund a large majori
ty in fat or of Jus:si . and WihsoN. A gentle
ruan passed through the Car as wh were going
through Michigan, and tool, ihe site of all the
men on the train; and ni,on 4 ounting nit found
tho•vot, to istaud 131 for Gina:sir and 2:1 for
GuEELLy, aid this ids about the general virreg
sioa alohg my route...through the \Veit. Straws
like these tell which way the *4 iltd WOWS: We
may rest assured that .:11 is right oi the West
'while sitel: el:et .1 IA are
the people. litimierats won't go for tint-r.m.v
in this country ; 1.4.11:ill!.7 1. , the
Lnnissille C.mv1,1111..11 1.4- a t•nntli,hit, h‘ , ll)
thry canm
11., f; , I .
their ii tiradt•,i blur
it.. ‘4.1 nth
dunk ••I
!da.11 , 11, In. , Auim.t
=EI N L 00,1 41
sir C. F. Caoss keeps a fall line
of fine stationery.
ler- Job work; of eery deOription,
neatly and expeditiously executed at:this office.
OS. The American Sewing Ma
chine is the beat.
aft. Flour and Feed at retail, at
Towanda Steam norm Nitta, deliverei tree.
The Gardner Chair Seat is
the best.
ails. Keystone Clothing Palace,
Main street, next to First National 1344tk4
agb. Fine bobte made to , order at
L. L. bloopr & Co's.
Ma. EVANS dr HILDRETH call atten
tion to their advertisement of new Fall Goods.
WT The best lot ,of Marble 'Tables
in town. Fnort d dorm
Mb. All the novelties of the,season
just received at EvAxe h Her Haste's j
House TO ItLvr.—Enquire at R. Ai
WEixre' Coal Office.
DoT' New style Hata and Caps just
received st•Rosrainuil's.
and Black Silks, at the Bee Hive. 2 doors east
of Bfercur'e Bank.
118... Mrs. E. J. Mircoos is now re..
ceiving her new Fall styies in Asia, Bonnets
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stir Booms over Mown & Co.'s
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1!4!. good second-hand Piano,
fine case, seven octsser, for sale at a bargain.
Enquire at this officO.
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tom. Nitrous Oxide Gas fort %tract
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quire at Institute,' Towatitla.
the- .4:11 persons indebted to me
are notified that they ~0,4 make paymeht be
fore September 19. B. M. Giurrs.
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vela, at Fiu.wr SOSP.
ly 15, 1872.
More Spring and Summer
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‘l)..ilar Reward" Soap. Try them. For 'Alti r !
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ter- If you don't know what you
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her chu , ses itt French and Drmtitig. Taitio",
1- per term.
August . 1;, 1272.
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li. 31. WELLS
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Atom. It is very nice. Also a fine assortment
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The Register is open even• (lay at M. C. Mrai.
CTL . 3 (Ake, from 0 o'clock Q. at. to 3 o'clock P,
11., and on Monday from 7 .So 10 r. x.
F. F. Sxrrn Assessor,
. NoTice.—A Grove 31e4inif will be
he ou the old Camp-grumicl onging in NratNER, Lime Hill,
fi lmirnetteitig
September 20.
August 2G, 1K72.
if 33- The annual meeting of .'the
laaJfuni County ASSilltral Soetety wd bu held
at tie , Ward !louse in Tatratrla, en Wechtes
411y, the , lth clay of September next, at 11
Wetod. E. Seep.
%LE. .A handsome and well
of Ilotol, in
11 1 „c, t. ut, Jtlt TC.S t,^et,
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& Co's. . .
LAZABIIB do Merits, manufac,
turas of those celebrated spectacles, have
changed their agene7 from J. HITOCXIII3'S to
I W. A. Cumansaun not only
has the best arranged .leireh7 Store to North
ern Penasyl►ania, but also keeps the largest
assortment of goods. ,
REMOVAL —Ht oursrs Bi oa will
remove their Jewelry Store from BENDEVS to
8E1D1X34.1e5 Block, opposite of Means House,
Towanda Ps.
Stir Many families are troubled
about getting a good quality of flour. The best
way to obviate all difficulty in this respect, is
always to buy the superior brands sold by
McCisa & win's. •
Fos SALE Cur .—A large Build
ing La on Poplar Street, Towanda. Would
make two good lota. New barn on hack end.
Will be sold at a bargain. Enquire of r. W.
Exerze it the Itzeotrren Office. tt.
JV J. O. FROST & Solis have just
nude a great redaction in the price of Farni
tare of all kinds. Come and see.
July 15,18T2.
Houses and Lots for sale, on
asy monthly payments, or to Rent.
W. Mumma.
Poplar street, Towanda, Pa.—tf..
MS... RIDGEWAY & EVERETT, at the .
Bed, White ct Blue Store, are the first to give
notice that they have reduced the price on
their Tea, Coffee and Tobacco, in accordance
with the new duty law.
Mrs. J. D. HILL is now in the
city, buying a large and extensive stock. or Fall
Millinery Goode. The latest styles will soon
be on exhibition at her &tore on Bridge Street.
Sept 1-2 w.
FOR SALE on RENT.—The house
now occupied by W. 11. Fut.t.En, on Main St.,
opposite IRA B. ilratt•nliEv'g. Possession given
first of Oetober. Also the house on Plank load
known as Hughes' house. Enquire or• Fox A-
la. D. W. HuonEs, of this place,
hu prepared an excellent furniture varnish,
and is 110 W offering it to the people Of the
county. Messrs. Faun k Soss recommend it
u the best article of the kind known. Every
houec.keeper should have a bottle.
• -
Ifir Itt order to make preparations
for our Fall stock, we will sell our Spring and
summer geode at (ow figures. It will therefore
be to sour interest to exanune our stock, as wo
sell Hit cheapest at the Keystone Clothing Pal
. SIL. Do yon, want a sewing ma
chine, and do yon know that- the Singer never
disappoints? Afk;r +even years' experience We
can truly play that. the Singer diet give satiatae
tiorF. WICXIIAX it..l3Latx, Agnate.
a The - edition of the Road and
Poor Laws of this county. compiled by Capt.
W. 11. CAUNOCIUM, is limited, and township
officers who desire to procure copies, shciald
apply soon. The work is for sale at this office.
tom' GORE ik McISIAnoN have re
moved their Merchant Tailoring establishment
to the store of N. GOLDSMITII, one door south
of the National Dank, where they will be pleas-
ed to see their friends. They have engaged a
clothes tgcourer and are prepared to do any
thing in that line.
J. 0. FrtosT d; SONS wish to
put a Wcircn Wirellattress in every house in
Towanda, on a month's trial, and lilt doesnot
suit,them, they will call and take it away. Now
is your time to get perfect sleep. Be sure you
try, and then you will buy.
Improred Well Curb and- 11;reket. A good de
mand is springing up for this convenient affair.
It tit a good thing. Give the Excelsior Water
Waver a trial and you will like it. 11. M.
WELtu sells it: • '
CRORS is now selling off his
stock, preparatory to filling up for fall trade.
It you want wall paper, now is your time to
buy it cheaply. And if you want a good book
you should select it now, while the stock ia be
ing diaposcd'ot.
FOR L SAT.E.t—A large building lot
on Poplar street. Size 88z131 feet. Would
mike two good lots. New barn on back end.
Wilt be sold cheap, as the owner wishes, to
leave-town. •Tertni easy. Engnire at this of
chair ,at that will never wear on% .3.0. FilOisT
SOICR are now prepared to pnt seats in all
kinds a chairs with Gardner's patent chair
seat, which is the best and most durable seat
in the world. tall and see it.
Kr Our enterprising furniture
dealers J. 0. Fnosr 4 Sons have secured the
agency for the celebrated Wakefield Earth
Closet, and have an-assortment on hand. The
Earth Closet has been tested for several years,
and gives universal satisfaction wherever used.
For the sick rojm it is almost a necessity.
WANTED—An ,active man .to sell
the Singer Sewing Machine iu Athena and vi
cinity. None need apply wtko are not willing
to give bonds rat security.
nlcKnAu A,
General Agents, Towanda.
August 12--w.
FOll SALE.—Houpe and Lot in To
winds Bora., near Collegiate Institute, for sale
cheap for cash or on lime. Abundance of good
fruit, a well of &oft water, etc. ; honse has 11
rooms. Also hona and lot on "Northern Lib
erties." Enquire 4f. J. N. Csurr, Towanda,
Sept. 1, 1872
- Dom. The North Branch Association
of Universelists, will hold its annual sesAion st
Orwell; Bradford county, Ps., On the fourth
Wednesday and the following Thursday, being
the 25th and 21;th days of September, 1872. A
general attendance is solicited. '
Oa- A Wesleyan Methodist Camp-
Meeting Will be held near lierrickville, corn=
mencing 6n Tneadai, the 10th s day of Septem
ber, and continuing over the succeeding Sab
bath. Conveyance at reasonable rates mac be
obtained to and Itom Bumuierfleld Station.. A
cordial invitation is extended biotic friends and
the public generally, to meet with us for a sex
ism of social public worship. By order of the
Executive Committee.
se.. The following is from Putnam
for October :
Roll on !,great Pill of Alit".l4 roll oil!
Through miles emboweled roll!
Roll on!
Through those whose livers chats the soul!
Through those, whose feeble stomachs fail!
Through mesenteries waxen pale!
Through all who live in achei and ad 1
Ever roll on I
Roll o'er the prairies of the nation—
' For thewlek and ill of every station!
Roll down the Andes - tow'ring intlnntains!
".•-• Roll over Afrie's Odell fountains! '
Through India and the Chervil - test:l
' Through distant isles of diipane-s - •
. Wherever Neils a sinking heat t, •
null 014 to do your mighty hart.
Ann's Pink, 101 l en !
ler Linen and Straw Chxds at
enceedingly low ratea,"atN. Gotnaxint'a Roy.
stone Clothing Mace, Mini street, next to
First National Bank.
Fos SALE. --The. lot now occupied,
ti) the re ale School !louse on Second and Pine
Street', is offered for sale. The lot has a front
age of 223 feet on Second street, and 77 foot on
Pine. The property will ho sold in one lot, or
in lots to nit purchasers.
Wine Is made from the pure mucilaginorti juice
of pally ripe , elderberries, and has been kept
cellared, undisturbed, ler three years in an
equable temperature. The, aromatic, vinous
and tonic properties of this wino commend its
use to persons of feeble habit, or hiving irregu
lar or debilitated viscera. It is recommended
bylpbvsklans. On sale at the Drug Store of
Ttteatii. &Goss:Kix, No. 3 Patton's To
wanda, Pi.
Ittir A: Camp-Meeting will be held
At Forksville, Sullivan county, Pa., commencing
Sept. 10. 1072, and continuing one week. Board
tents will be furnished on application. Corres
pondence relative to tents, etc., should be ad
dressed to M. A., Forksville, Sullivan
Co., Pa. .We hops there will bo • fall repre
sentation from all religious societies. There
will be a large boarding-bottae on the ground,
where meals can be Lid at all hours, czcept in
time of services. .8y order of Committee.
E. L. 11cCoNNELL,
lion. N. BEDYORD.
respectfully offer myself as an independ
ent Republican candidate for the office of Sher
iff of Bradford county, pledging myself, if
elected, to perform the duties of the office with
fidelity. lAM Induced to take this step by the
(vice of friends who, like myself, believe that
he combination of politicians, used to hold the
Sheriff's office among themselves, deserves to
be broken. I make no claim greater than that
of any other citizen who might choose to ask
for this position. The ri port that lam a can
dilate In the interest of the ring candidate, is
utterly. 11 trne. W. J. Yorxo.
Towarida,-l'a., August 30, I7i.
air One Of the gieatest 1n pries of
the present day is a house well warmed by a
good furnace. Among the latest nod best of
these, arc the Oriental, Ltes4• Ituntitig-
nolds: Wrought Iron. There turnaees have
been placed where other furnaces faired to
please, and as an evidence of their er.rellence,
the dealers in them, Connixo, Co,,
would refer, without perniisilon, to the follow
ing gentlemen using pie Rep/olds' Slit-0 Iron
Furnace: Toot.. DESMOND, lion. L'.
W. PRAMUAL!, and National [lank; and the
following using the driental: D. S. [parr, J.
0. Fao67, N. N. flzrrs, Tatum . CO:, POWELL
lit CO., Cuts. MEnci•ti, Mrs. 11. S. Ml:ta•tn, Mrs.
D. CAsn.
l'i r tltVl - 21T HOME VINTIvAL AT lifiesr.
--A, Harveat Horne Festi. trill 'be held et
Ghent, Thuriulay, Sept, tuber 12,1472. Au ht
dre,ci, Will be delivered by the Rev. W. 11.01.1 x,
of Waverly, at 11 rieloA A. NI. D:l2:er At 1 r. m.
The Env, Baud of Athena vrill be in attend,
anee. , The Rev'. 0. L. of Towanda, wtil
be present, The Rey. E. - F. 11 ,- ecrivru, of llNw
ley, 'rill deliver lila great lecture, " Hoour.n.
Fighting Above the Cloud.. at •Lookont Moun
tain." in the evening. A,lntiA , iou to the lee lure,
2.5 cents. The ecet cu., throughoutl, the day
and evening will 1, • nitenpers , .1 with
mental and .octal 1:1111.1C. The proceed', to be
appropriated for the benefit of the church. Ps
order of the Committee.
A'Canh. —I take, this method of rw
turning my llincere thanks to the mtmens of
Bradford comity foribn hberal patronage they
have bestowed upou me tlos past seasem . ; arop
a continuance of the s7llllr being an tin oubted
fact, as our goods have .gisen, and always will
give, satisfaction. We are hasang tnanutsetur
ed in Philadelphia the largest end most com
plete stock of Fall and Winter good,' eter seen
in Bradford county. .11. sr•rs: Gons..,t 31c3Ltims,
the popular and stylish morel:ant tailors, are
locattdin our establishment, and are'Trepared
to take your orders for stylish clothes. Our
stock of Gents' Furnishing Goodsmext Fall will
surpass any ouwde of the large cities, is it it
my intention to havy s stock of the pet iod.
VW The Bradford County Teach
ern' Association will ineet at Orwel1 ~
liil, Sept.
13. The followitr, app. , :utturtlts hare been
made: Lecturer, Hon, Declaim
ers, Joel ELl.swolvill and L. F. Carmel K.
ESSayiptif, Mess M. A. IkPna - rr and Miss ent.or.
lltnanes. Ilusineaa•Cminitti e, 0. J. Corn
nrcii, .1. P. Corn ;:v, 11 . .! Cu v 311.1 es, jr.,
C. rt.Niii..E.ToN un.l 311,f , s
Tin. Conniving tope ' , f a..• n p,rt'd for ilinns
gion "Is mere eteeuld a nategttiird
to tree ill, , tittlthlPS 11'0 r
"5t0,0141 the ehtet etrO te.1 , L010.: t , t• i:t4..3-
pline the jodginont or to Inrid.ll the
"Van Grammar he s.neceN.rolly tan^h without
drill. in both oral and irni.on conivithotion'f
" Have School Boards anthority to contrhl the
thud or inannor in which the tearliersi ‘ sliall
give. instrttetton, in lien Serena bl anche.
taught?" friends or educj.tion are invited
to take wird in the du:cuss:on.
L. M. Ruwm-tv, Sec'y.
IA rue, Ainzit.t 22, V 472.
tea"' Winter is here, :Ind I°lnust
certainly get iny stool: 1 viothing. Lot me see.
I want an over, sat, a dress coat, pant. and
rest, a hat, a pair or mispenders and spine
shirts. Now, what do v. ii ; think - bore shall
I go to.prneure these necoss.ily articles?"
" Why, son: by all means, and right win; at
that, go to M. K R.,SFNUIt.I.I.. the Champion
Clothier or Towanda. AVlty, I am astcn ished!
everybody talks of his fair dealing and cheap
goods, and what do y ,, tt think ! the 6W:elm of
Towanda iiiiininatcd Into t. r l'i-thoig
and they say he is ,-nieto he cl .1, in-cause
ho sells su cheap and treaV4 all alike. Cit
by all incurs bitch np Charley and Ncll and go
over to uttill, and buy ptur clothing of M. E.
Towanda, I advise }ou to
stop on the ritad and 4 ell on the .I)..tixissoi.:
boys and take Mum with 3 on. I hracd than
say ill. y n.tnted Some clothing and timild buy
them there tu itreferenee to any A 11( r place an
has been deemed expedtent to h' I,nt ttr
sees '1 of a week each, ordhe County Tt-Aelt
ors' Institnte the present sebool year • one set ,
sion to It^ held at Troy, bygi, lit Moodily
September Ite, at 2 o'clock 1., 3E., the other to i`f
held at Towanda, beginning Monday, Septent
her 23, at 2 o'clock r:
Prof. F. A. Armt:s, of Aianstield, %ill be pit 8-
cMt at all the sessions, and sill be a , sisted try
the leading teachers in the comity. - -
Several able speakers have also promised to
deliver addresses llefoit, the Institute, and such
arrangetrrents are ill Pt ogress as Will, it is be
lieved, make the se•sSi4,llS this year compare fa
vorably with tilos. , of ally form, r
Standing Clerk.
It is horii-d that teachers uBl usi , every elfin
to comply with th•• la u• which att. nil
ance at the-Institute a part ot their official an
ty. All friends of education are cordially inNit
ed to be preopne.
HOW TO Go Wil:;T.---This is
nu en
gtury whirl t reryoue A 04 0 ,1 11 ;IV" truthfully
anscrered before lie start , on his imirtrey. and
3 little care taken in examination of mutes will
in many raisez, savv much trouble, tune arid
The "C. B. A. Q. running from Chi
cago, tbrough Galesburg to Burlington, and
the "I. B. & W. Route," running from
tlirotigh Bloornington to Burlington,
have achieve la splcinlill reputation in the last
two }rats as the kathog' l'Assunger I:..titt s to
the West. At Burlington they conned with
the 13. A IQ. It." IL, and firm the Burle•g
ton 'Louie, which rune tilled, 11;1'1.14;1/ tiouthcru
lowa to Nebraska and liansaw, with close con
nections to California and the Territories; and
passengers starting ftom Ilra+lford county, en
their way westward, cannot do 'better than to
tnlie the Ili - rti.r.iciroN Itorrr
Thu Lint- h t., toiblieht,l a vaulplll4 called
" HOW We.<t," INhiell contains mark valu
able int'orination; a larg, correct' map of the
Great Wes', cau he 01.toincil ircee. ut
charge be Akldrei•ting re,sengcr
Agent B. s DI. R. R., Rtirlin,-.;;.4in,
S. W. Atsono,
P. D. diottsiow,
S. W. RoDozr..s,
N. GuLDroirrn.
Keystone Clotking
The Bradfoid County Sunday-
Sc cot Asicelation will hold its annual meeting
in Towanda, ocenmencing Sept. 16, at 7 o!clo f k
P. 31, and continuing through the two follow
ing days. The -- Oonimittee have secured th.e,
services of some'of the best Sunday-school men'
to the nation, '6l.l:ley. 0. A. Plum, the Secre
tary of the Staten. S. kasociation, and Mr. Tr-
L=4 of Philadelphia, and others. Now let the
Sanday-school workers rally to this annual
gathering. Let every school in the counts be
represented. It is desirable that every super
intendent should be present., with statistics in
hand to represeiil his school. Will not all the
Pastors now at once take, the matter In hand,
and preach on Sunday-school topics on Sunday
the 15th. and see that delegates are appoint,.
ed. The people of Towanda will give all a
hearty welcome and furnish entertainment to
all pastors, superintendenla delegates, and
all'friends of the cause. But that things' may
be properly arranged,'lct all who intend com
ing, report their names as soon as possible to
S. W. .k.ivone, Esq., who is the Chairman of
the Committee of Entertainment.
C. L. F. Rows., l'res.
0. A. BLACK, Stec
The Fall term of the Susquehanna Ctllegiate
Institute .aill commence Monday, Angust
1872: - Tlic,rougli and fivstematic instrnction
Rill be given In English', Normal, Commercial,
'Mathematical, ticientidc and Classical studies by
the Principals and the following erperietwe,l ih
Prof. A.A. sagar , spireetor of Normal De
partment, who will organize the teachers' class
August 26: ,Miss Msnrus flocxxx FLINT, La
dies Department, Modern Languages and lir
sical Scion ms. 'Miss Maur E. 31Ennits, .Prf
(-evil's; Higher English, Preparatory Depart
ment.\ Mademoiselle J. LEQt:ns, French.
The \ Towanda Musical Academy in the Insti
tute, Exxisa H. &miaow), Principal, affords
excellent faeillties for a thorough musical edu
f.X.PES*ES Pea TElint
Reading, Writing, Spelling, Object Lessons,
and Introductory Geography and Arithmetic,
Elem•litary Geography and Ruhinson's
Intellectual and Rudiments of Arithmetic com
menced, 53. W. Rubinson's Rudiments Ade, and
Practical Arithmetic, commenced, Elementary
Grammar and Intermediate .Geography, $5.50
to i 7.00. I: ,, biumm's Higher Arithmetie,t and
Advanced Grannnar and Geography, .f 8.0 0;
Preee'ding studies if desired with higher brat :11-
es, Moo to additional. Modern languages
Board and room in the Institute,
per ire ek, 5i.14.1: Further particulars or c+ts
.gre ffirsiislwir by Pro ,rnpah,
E E. tp - INLAN.
The no, coiclLet v.ith
utberA i iitice‘ of SupqintA,decit. . .
Towzinda, Bea "rp Co., Pa.
1- S. Wunisrmin lias been making
large adlttous to hp. a:ock of I.T.o ? ts and,
. .
Give hint a eali ott lindge ,trvet.
il :1 le R I E I).
ALLEN -gLATEIt Iu Camtnn, Ann. 17, by Ikv.
0. C.' 11111 a, Mr. 1). A. n, of Grasav We, and
311411. M.• Slitter.
wiLLAiu .1 I LLSON,. 157.2, at the
reel m., ..4 'li otti,la• wan, tee.
F. A. Ilimmick, to Orw-11. ' eerrzt• IVelard, oI
A ,t 1 SttFlltel.awt e"ulity; Otlta
:Ar' ~ f itril tit , r ', l CO. l'a.
in this cilia; % on the '2l;tli `of
.1.;‘,;11,t, nit ., by Mr. Chou
vk-rnenr M. II .incy, of New York-Coy, Ewa
D... 1.11. t,r TtlWalllia.
;he house u 1 JCS.I('
Wardell, ", August 31, tilt.,
L. )Ir. Charles C. Thotu.
kLarl., all of wap
ter Thonins Madtlocks, Produco
Comtui,lon 1L rt lrant , 22 llenusylvanta Av,•-
nuo. Sera moo, t te•r, Eggs, rd,
Fruits. i'Mn.tort, ConsigLmontA
and rc turns promptly made mi calk of
lleferencetl cheerfully given. Coires
p.nat•nce ~nLcitr d.
Ttkp Fttll terin of Wyalusing
t,...idemy-uill-i,pen nu .llutplay, Septqmber 2,
and cytll enntlittio twelve weeks. Tuition
payable at tit( aii,Hle th, h•rin. :ipecial at-
L;iv• n t 4, at-inag l a. te at' h. GO IA
board my be obtatned near the .leadeta:,
reapmal)l4 ti Stad,a Is wi,hin:z tq'
Choir k`XINtTIAPS ran do st , hy n ntiu n nm, and
15 , ar..14m.; themselves. 'flA .t,mAlthes, 'trill char
tht- histruemm th- motto btrim.:, "Not
how much, but how well." For further infor
mstimi nilkire,s FEI... Boar‘l of Trust - v.%,
Wy3;ll.4ing, Pa. C. W. .th:owN, Prmeipal.
111 S. COOPEICS cetebilited Balcony
anti Sew 111;.; ('hairs, are r.., , a toile repTa
tipn. Tun:: E. F.,x, Ageo.
Tickets for gill points West
via. lake Miore and Ilichigalrtiuutlwrn Rail
way fur Kale at Freight l'l6pot of U. & N. T.
R. R. Co_
Aug. 14-3 m.
New Advertisements
on tt, Itatlrreti, at Canal Street, winch will lie cold
by the car load or-less quantity. and delivered on
relsonple terms. Mean , call at the Coal Yard.
Ang. 21. Ism L. S. CABE. Proprietor.
CAvnoN.-A.1,1 persons are here
by cantioniiil aitaln.t iiittehasinit i note given
by tlii.viniterpnine.l to Willson . 1 / 4 11axici.11 h.q. five
•1111'..2 x. 1i 2. aJ I will nvt pay ti. ,
Janie nnl.•,: rotam. , iled by law.
Towatiktt, kn
ARM FOR SALE.—Situato in
Asylum twxuslup, aFout 3., n 1. s from To.
wands, on Allis UM, containing abont axreg.moro
IPFIS, 1O arms 1111dCr improvmeut, god build.
Ingpt, well watered and fenced. Plenty of all kinds
of Fruit. Terms one third of pnrchase money will
be required at time of sale, balance to stilt purcha
ser. For further particulars apply at the office of
OVEIATON a: EL` 4 IIREE, iowanda, Pa.
Am.twt S. 1%,7/.
rfIAKE NOTICE.—AII ptirsons in
debtedi to 016 late firm
cu., rill pica call at T. Mnitl . Co.'s store and
nttle ttnruediatOly, costs will:1)e malls. The no.
connls ore in the hands of I'. 3torideth for settle
ment. J. 4ERIDETH
Towanda, July 11.1572.-1113:
W - ANTED. -One Male and three
Female 'Teachers in a Graded School In the
Borough of Berwick. Liberal salaries will be paid
for good ; live eompet.nt teachers. For informs,
Bon address .1. V. ISS OUEL ES . secretarY.
School District.lierwii.k. Columbia county,
August 20. 1871. ; •
THE SUBSCRIBEIt, - on account
of ill health and consequent Inability to long
er attend to the btisiness offers for sale the flotet
known as the •• Leßayvnlle House," situate in the
Borough of Leltaysville, in Bradford county, Is
There arc few locations Oh the country where bet•
ter facilitiea for bUldric9/3 are offered than the above
pained well-known stand. Leltaysville having, asv
communication with the Lehigh Valley . aud N. V.
Erie- Bali Roads. at Lacepille and Owego. The
'House has recently undergone repairs' and is doing
an eicellect business. tttaelted tathei premises are
all the necessary otithitildings. Sit acres of land
containing many choice fruit trves, atilt three hada.
)14.., lots on Main St:e , t. .t new street has recently
been laid out which will bring eight more valuable
building lots in the market. 'There are also two
Ter/ One springs of soft water on the premises.
Possession given immediately.
Lazy/milk. Aug. 22, 1872.-3 w
VOR SALE--=-160 ftereß of fin© farm
ing land situated in Muskegon county Mieht.'
gan. Easy of access by railroad oe water, in an Un
proved country. Said farm will be sold on ea.'y
terms, or would exehange for an unproved farm of
acres in this county and ray the difference. For
full rartisniars addirss subs.•riber at Monist's Ferry
angl4-w3 • .I.IIIMS C. FOREES.
CO K. El
The BEST, most — DFAIRABLE, and molt !CO
:COMICAL FUEL for culinary porpoecedurine warn
wer. For *ale by the
Tut Ohio cents rpr bushel at tho (lan oritt•
.eeo route &live - toil, apty:W.lNlfa.
Flu Caual &Met, fronting Wilhaul Strom
We ar. reeetchig YU t from le mine% tit. 3 very
twat 111T , E1. , N. and !SULLIVAN AN
Lit.‘et :A .1 .tell we yr.po t 4. to neil at (ho
tv... A 1 , 10 t A 1-
!Hsi!: iholuog 1-1; to
Fait and farnitits our l!o31. •
titie allo keep Lune. fresh from the kiln
We will Co.ll in. Lime wt. hevei. dosint l / 4 .1
WI • +. , rt r. vGro, nado, Illy the e.,toniary
•elzloll-0 - 1,. s. C.tsE k CO.
CIAUTI()X. WlLvreas my wife Mar
izix..t. het lett tuy twat and without Just
canal or prov" , lt. , ll, the: 311 prtflXtli:4
ttlrliar , ur truA , tttg 11( r tut Itty s. rouut, as I will
P ,outrac.:.l.: alter titis data.
JAMES 0. Howt.
q.:. 4, -••
Codding, Russell & Co's
American, New Empire,. Hot Bla:it,
Magic S ieltl, Tribune, Fqcel.l
eior 'we, Boynton Range, 1
. .
And gully !theryattcrus'uf trie.l.an4 Approved
Our long r:poris•us'e in the trade enables us to
offer the:very be,t known patterns.
Illuminator, American Base Burner,
Brill ant, Oriental Improved,
Morning Glory, .
• Favorite,
Arc ill Stol ch that give . : Atirdacti , ,n. lii ,ad,•r to
be sure and be pleased, call and helect the lind you
AND nmetrirrr. lATIERNS
(. W. RYAN
0 I L *,C A'R P
MAAIe ex.' ? i'o isly : fur uac uudcr ati2 about Stucco
Knives and FOrks, Roge4;:i Brothers
Plated Ware, Clothes Wringers,:
Washtubs, Clothespirn, .
Brass Kettles, Copper Kettle,
Lamps and Chimneys,
Feather Dusters, Flour Sieves ? ke
1 Laud
01 a and made to ,wEd,.r, of Nery wiperl4 r pia'
ity, as low al• pm., gtmiaterial will allow, at
Have 11,,er by any, if at all • quested.
An esperieth.ts of yea - in l.ltht IluC rinaltfies us to
:tive ccrtiin satisfaction.,
ci , nErz MILLS,
On bind cr fu, n*ll.l ..0 ,hort untie.
Iron, Steel e, Leather Belting, Rubber
• Hose, Pipe' Boxes, and .
Wagon Materials of all kinds. .
Heafiquarters for
.the stock of Lock, Butts,
Latches, und Trimmings we can sell.
I bex by rAtr,4,1,,, :411,1 14r .4s4.rior to
rateut Corn 1-111,1oTs at $2.59 each
Cotten and Wire Clothes Lines
Of excellent. quahty, an I always .4.1 for just what
they are, and tho CUNtolllei can bo sure of not
being nottl."
Shot Gnus, liises , Rerol4rs, Pistols,
Flasks, Shot PoticheS, Amy
(.7aps, Whistles. •
le'ad Pipe Cis ,Putrips, 'Rotary
House's furnished with Ga l ,s Fixtures ;
Water Works, Tionghs,
On shoh notice.
Our alai 01..11 bi• :!.% J r
anti Butt! Work at' I:•a:a.mabl.• Win Ltntu
the.tral.le • 1 , 11 !A tv• !I% tr , Uti-
,1.13111113 - CIO ols nitt
• Cecliin rr Ru'v - 11 & Co
Now Advorthomonts.
ALL 'Kuths Ol
a •
in lulu liutlK,.ll,l, as
T W A 10:
.. 4
Window and Door Frain
Made by Dupenit
New Advortiseinents.
Altt:OW olliNiNc,
T , -
D R E,S S G 0,9 D S,
EVANS - 5.;
T., and I, Avg.
The sales of Sewing Machines in
rerni.-41 under ttlyu 1,72, . vii 5
of Sewir.q; rateutn, show that
SING-El 2,
F &CT URIN G CO NI I' A .1%; I
nif per cent being
Mom Sewing 31achines than were
tvhl by any' other tpuirany during the eiguic period
Ali. U. 1,.72
NEW' 0904)s
~'owamh, Mat 1,;
OAUTION.—AII persons areitereby
eal:atoned again.t a note . rhen by
the tulderaigned to salon nenimum, for- $44. ap tLe
s411:1 WA been paid. ROBERT liENJAMTN.
MAWR, Pa., Anguttll3, 1Er12.-‘3
-I N -
13ri lac Strea
This is over. 50,000
Every I.l.l‘hiPe -- 801,i by
61.1! , V.ML
&1, .;C
,11 L'..l: PETITS, & co.
ToßorosED '4l.2lE.Nratscl4o
rii.ol'6slBG AN AMMO:Mr:ST , TO TIIE C.,:!?1,41111.1F,N
111 it r , -.olrvi Ly the Saute and Ilnuse
&dims of Uie Coritrannicexathr Peanaytranir li , ft•
era! AttPmbly ma, Thattba. allowing amendment of
tho Constitution of thfaCommenwealth be proposed
toile - people for their adoption or rejeglion, inir.ii
arit to tho provieiona of the tenth article thereof._
to wit:
Strike out the sixth Section of the tizti) artiele ei
the Constitution, and insert in lien thereof the fr, ,
"Alowing: State Treasurer Shall be chosi , n I z tii
emalitieel electors of the State, at such times.and n.
sus h term of service as shall be prescribed , by.l4w,
Speaker of the House of lleprosentatirve.
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved the twenty:second 43 7 of 3fireii, - AniK,
D quint on': thousand. eight - hundred and seypity
l'rr parc,l and .certitltd fur publicattrm ptirrmant tv
the Tenth Article Cif - the Constitution.
tie . cretory tho Conurnotivreatti..
Onlee Srreretary ctthe - C=lnontrea/th, t
Ilarriaburg. 'June 2G, 1872.-3 m.
- .
T IST , JLRO - 12 - 8: - S - fit:l:
J Cnnrt . at Towanda, 1872.
Asylum, Jeremiah Storni, WF Cob.: Atheiz.
fierseliain Bunnell; Canton bolfO', B y Landon: la- -
Boy, J A Whipple, Wm Kelly; Overton, Jobn Math.
, we. W Beers: Ilidgebiary, WO Gonzales;
Springfield. L II Gleason, Albert Covell: Standing -
Stemo, John,Gor.lon, J Furman, Jr.;Sontli ,
Jelin Dove; . Tuscarora, Philip Delmar; 'Towanda
buro',l? E Jayne, F B Ford; Terry, Chas Thompson,
William Terry; Troy twp., Aden Cal c ins; d,
Smith-Tuttle; Weller, Leslie lAwren Asa Wdc ,, a.
- NVarren, George Rogers.
Alba b . oru', Cheater Williahrs: Athens twp.. -
Westbrook; Athena boro'. C M Stanley; Albany. E'
W Burdick; Burlington' bore'', Thomas Smith: bur
lington twp.. 8 P Gustan; Burlington West, Josopli
Hilton, Anthony Beach; Canton twp.. Burton Mout:
gonicry ; Loren Leonard; Iferrleir.j3l7.,
Mitten; Leßoy. Geo Stotenberger, A M Pliinooy;
Monroe twp., ti C Rockwell; Bidgebury, W Meat!.
Win Stevens. Enoch _Middaugh; Rome bor.. G P
Vought; Borne twp., Thomas Vaught; South Cr' .dr,
Win Balmer: Smithfield, C W Cratuncr,
Mood/, J Bird, Jr., Israel .Phillips; Sheallegnin,
Horace Horton. Milton Phillips; Standing , Stone.
E L Gregg, 5 V Bush: Springfield, A It Fannin:;;
Towanda boro*Jr Watts, AlcMahon, W I/Strict; :
Terry, Philip Hoffnfan; Troy •twp., John McKean:
Tuscarora, 0 El Culver; Ulster, Philander Holcomb:
Windham, James Leslie: -Wilmot, W T Grant; War
ren. W MI Chaffee.
Albany, Win Bahr; Athens tarp.,
if A Weller; Ent
htigton Wyse, Swain, C Rockwell; F
Dare Loy, WII Bron: Canton twp. Peter Parr,.w...
Franklin, ,S Gilbert, SlleKee; Orwell, I Lyrm Pike. •
Bosworth; Home twp., D C Wattles, J.-Ain :lath.'
You; Ridgebnry, MS Owens, C P Hall:, finiiihfieN.
I C Bullock, W A Ormsby, O Barns; Sheshojuin, (i
L Fuller ;.Spr'_ngfieltl, E Burt; South Creek,
ny Thompson; . Terry, E Horton, M ;
:rands hie Shaw, if W. Welles, : E Itufltut4.
ton, Nl' Drown. D W Lone; Towanda "ortit: .‘
Slnyter; Towanda twp.,
Win Matteken
H Welles, II Grenell; Wyat itzinct. W
Vaughn: Warren, Geo Hicks; Wilmot, I It st It,
-I shorte; Wt . :inborn, M Quilty; }pc. - tio.wes.
C , Shores.. FAN FLE.E.Z. Sht 1. or. ;
TRIAL LIST-- t SEft. TERM, i 872
Louisa C. Leeiti, sic , vs. Hiram Lnthrr, 0 al
do, David Drown
A. B. Smith N'd W. R. Storrs, etat......,. ; . tr
Sto.l,lli a Day vs Benjamin & Varmison 'Ai'''. at
Mir!: ad - 11c:inity Tonal - Oa Dory' .
.Jamb Israel Smith
N. 11). Po: vs Hiram Save ,
lono'tioadmr's vs H..\. RizT
0. 1). Fartlett vs Autozie Loder
mic g ,.. vs J. S..iladrowS ........
11‘•ary Vat:Bra:it vs Charles 0: Pierc ,,
,1•••• att
St-lah Wicliham vs Wm. ..... • • 4 1T- ,, ;
li. W. Paym• S , ms y= t'. D. cash. tat
it. A. Pirtriiiil; vs .1 , -1310. Want,
Nathan Baker's q Noah W. Dana. et ati.•
Etmly Elsbref, , , vs James tillswiirthi... ....
0. m. Stiager, Pt at'R Hoary
Sot. ac•a
Wil•=o , n C. 1A4,11 vs Ralph . t
al .....
W. llsilarris k Patric!: vs Itlia , a F Athea r.v.cit,ir at
It. l'•••.v.•11 vi . .........
Jas. M. 1..0v , r'. adrur', v: NT,
.Jonathan I).
r, i• haml, Art:. 5...: .--
ratharia•-:1`,11P.3: '•-)it
. v,
A . Moors vs Eraviris Kit , . r t al.
h.,‘ f•y Enell Ts W. S. Dobbins..
F. H. Porsomv , et al 11, my P. lirimls .I,,iiathaa
N. A .. ..pilaw:all vs L. 11. Tears
.1. NI. ,
C. I'. W. vs .lesse,firal.lin,..t..
NN , .IIaT. 1 E: ......
y Stellar ss N:t.t - it:th's
" it. (1. t al .
.11111 a t.. T. ; llerr , 2.- et a 1... ...... ;.;iect
an. Ballard ' telt, t
P S , u ielr c.{ Alleat t y
Cltirrela of Alltatis :
Wt a. vs 1....1207...,r0y..r.
John .. !J.;
. r
P. Nvyrziook. vs I. Satitlt
Wto. 'NJ1 , 11"1.1 t' trial 1
Q 41.4.411, 'NV . II :11"
r..ttl'rz ; al.l, NI-trals
. • •
W. A. Ti_lolllA
L, r• the L.: ha.: h. : , ;: 4
Lq of ILI
:••,r , ifliredfiir.l.47tresiuxits ;ell,l,ii c i•tr.,-.
'Emil a,. it Fietel.....r; ex..
Tat , - d.• ,
Filial acct of v. s tand.7l3p.el Sark .J.
)rs tiarbiatht.
Final of I.4Suisa (lee, it.litt'r of Sylval.ii
deed. .
final aLii't of A.Fa at. I Jecittlian Ste)... as, s
of .I.f.vrviit Steve:c. deed.
uee't ,of Sitsdn P. I , lmmlck, gitar.lza.n
eLretit..3 Srnith.
. . .
Final d,..,c't .4 Jan.? EVere4 , ll, executrix , rd chlrl.,
Eversun t !,:det: . a. . . ,
Final acct of C. 0. liudtitig,ton. ea5.. , .cm1...rt4 At-I:er
linntingtqu. decd.
• Final acct of Lydia .F...'Fanniltg. .111.1 I. A. - l'ir::•,:•.
adun's. 0r.T.',11. Preston. - .
.• Final a--t of Stel4l-n I'. Willer. klfilidiur i of
Frank palier.
imal nev't 'Of *SaliAbury Cole, ~-K'o of F. 1'1...i..1,
Final acct (4 John F: Chamberlain awl Wm. ';I. n•
uitza. cxr's of S. A. Col,man, ile.:7 - .1. - .1
Final 3, ftl't ( ieorgr F. Horton. gnarch..n , :3 th'.
minor elnllrvn of Win. Santa', th-c'd: i
1 .
I:nr.ra .e!t , ri.;?vi . Welid, a.laer'ot (;,,rm.,,-1.,L,-,-A 1
deed. 1
Al.'o —The apprais,ment,,-.44 I•et I. :
Esf.4mtars or .Idminb•trr.torsito wid•ua, , 4 ehiltir.J.l
of the following deml , nts
Estat. of Ali - a Ills. - j •
- Ambrose 3furrays
•• Abram Darner.
" Wm,Stnclair'. • - -
.• David Crowley.
- Ciilbert 3tillcr...
liPary NroetbrooL:.
Abram Mastfn.
tho simo will be,
presonb - d:
Court'Af Bradford County, n Thursday tierl Ali
day of Sept., 1572, at 2 o'clock,
tion and allowance
.114. 7, r 1 t:l2
~ ,,0311rt of the tnitcd Stati , s for 1.1 ) ,i w t st,,rn
triet of 1 , /nnsylN - ania. WeEtern Distn • of. Penn
sylvania. In the matter of Gordon I'. )Eason and
G.-Mason, • ;Inn •of it: r. Mason
rinds : 1
We,tern lii‘dria of Penii.3lvadia, o 1,,
:tive notice, That, on the . 17th day ef.July,
a Warrant in Bankruptcy wa.: joined
the estate of Gordon F. -Mason - and Ma•ion
i.f (1. F., Mason' & C 0.,! of the 12, , rengli of To
wanda.• in the County of Bradford and State ef-
Pcnnsylvanta, Om have been ad.linlged
ou their wan pi:titipn; that the payment of any'
debts and delivery of avy•property belongirmi. to
Anch.Bankrupts to them or-for their iise;.arid,lh
transfer of any property by than, are forbidden; by
law' : that .a - tm...ting of the Czediter, ~f. said
to peca e their 4b..bta,'Enst to, choose en.i
more niitgllees of their e: , stath, will be held :fit
Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden' at the oct,:4
E. Overran. Jr.. in the, Borough of Towanda.
bef ,, re Edward Overton, Jr.. Es . q.,. the'l'All",..ty
of September. A. D. I.v7_, at I,) 07c14 - ek.. a. tn.:
U. S. Marshal, as:Mcssenge,n.,,
July 21.
Notice is hereby gh'Cla that all persons indi4l , ,l
to the - estate of liAIIRT MORGAN, late of Wysi..
Pa., deceased, are requested to make' inguediae ,
payhient, and all persons having claims against +0
estote niusti.res,nt them duly antlientieated for _set
tlement. - 1.1"31AN .11OUGAN,
Adritiniztrator with the Will annexedi
August 1, IS72.—ew
XE . 0 TO . R'S - NOTICE.. 4—
:Notico in he r eby - glventhat all persons indebted
to the estate of A. M. WAItSEit. -tate of TOW3IIO I.
deeeasied, are requested to make immediate payment
and all persons basing elaluis aphast said estate
must present , them- duly antlaenticated for settle.
went. N. N. BETTS, JR.,
angl4-w6 4 Executor.
' -
101 l now to use 'of C. 31. Manville vs. B. W.
Harsh "arger.—ln the, Court of Common Fleasloi
Bradford County, No. 17G. Feb. Term, 1869,.
The undetsigne 1, and .Auditor-appeintelly
court to distribute moneys arising from 'Sheriff's
sale of dofendant's real estate. will attend to the
ties of said appointment at the °face, of DeWitt A'
Maynard, in the Borongli et Towanda.. on TEES-.
DAY, , SEPT. 137 d, at 10 o'clock, a.m., where
an persons having claims Upon said funds are
‘iiiired to present them or be debarred from coming
in upon said fond.. ' 13. C. Dr.WITP,
Autnist 7.'72-w4 Auditor
IN 13ANti'RUPTCX.—In: the"
ter of II kItRY MIX, ,Baukrubtl - Western
trict of l'entisylvania. f, .
To wtiou it 51-3,1 r ConeErn+ The undiersign.l.t
h. reby g,ves native of his appolntnient as Atesigne.•
of Il A inty mix. of -Towanda Borough, In the eouu
ty of Bradford and
_State Of 'Pennsylvania, within
said ' , lstria. who has heat adjudged a Dantrurt
petit inn of -Ins .rrediters by the District Court
District. . .
hated at . 22.1 day
1572. - • JAIII..,FOSTER, Assignee
r, 11 1.! .r, , S. . NOTICE. -
Not r. 1.y e .., ncu tivit all persons
t itto of Mtry J Leggett, late .6f AtbPns.
11. , ernsed, are requested to, make immediate psi -
meta, awl' all persons having claims against said v,s:
tate nw,:t tlio P3lllO duly anttenticat , 3 fro
settlement. .IA.MES LF.CAIETT.
.1 , 1..,v,Pt 1, 1572.-
Notice is ben.lgy rice n tlytt
tlui c:iLits. Gi .I:, ;EL l'Alt.K1:11. Into of
dervaNt , d, art , replegte•l Le ntat.,
,‘ rr nt. and nil Iferf;oll4 At7OitlEr!,:o
n.. Art prer,s - tt tlt,:111 duly itttltattislged h. 4: ant
. • EF1L1CA1*...V.93,461,13,
1, 0
..for ..‘t.t
I.: , 1 --
. 1. 1
;..y . 1:1
s'l .t.