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- Republica* State Ticket. -
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We commend the fel:towing -oak
to the attention of our readers.
is taken from an ,editorial in
Philadelphia. North American, ow
thl ablest, most ooesenstio and
liable newspapers of the State.
a time lahen tho Praz in- ondesa
ing to blacken the character of
candidate,'and disorpnizethe pa t
the opinion andsu i tilestions of
North iinicrican arii - peculiarly
freshingt, as the utteizinees of a jc
nal, unbiased by p!iscozal' echej
and unaffected by private griefs. e
following , is the.. North Ameri an's
endorsnient of Gen. HAETHAM :
'Passing from the important q es- .
Lion of Municipal adtrditistratio _to
the somewhat broader field oftate
politics,;we find the Bepublictur . • a
et headed by a man fully desezTing
the respect and confidence of the
people. I During the liirger portion
of the time which -has elipsed• ea
the severance of his of fi cial co i
tion-with the armies which c ed
the rebellion, General Ildr,rr,
our • candidate for Governor, hats oc
cupied a position of public trust and
in those years, even among those
who were his political enerai i ap
peared no mention of his name that
did not do him honor ; until sp g
from causes not yet tally' devel pea,
ctt rin
there arose the opposition Ili&
within the past fiar months has
sought, regardless:of consisten . , to
blacken the fame which, by the ame
hands, had beeil 4seeribea as 1 4 jai'
perishable whiteness. The stdry o
our civil war z i s fast' fading • to
memory, but live do not beliov th
the grateful repallectioris of th pt
tested-people of this .State are et
obscured:that they will refuse o
cognize die loyal service o(th g
laut soldier, of whom .it has c
than once been„Sitid by the m(
eminent- military' commander ai
critics that his record during h e
bloody years of the nation's ah
Lion was equalled by
_scarcely az
and excelled by that of no an
the service of the country. ith
a him- weeks General Bram r,
Rhode Island, a man whose pa:
ty and,, integrity are without tail
annOtinced to the assembled 1 m
ands in mass meeting- on ro
street, that during the whole war
had 'watched the course of Gum
If kirrtusrr, who was , generally nd
his,command, and when ho fel th
a man was needed for any p rpo
requiring great gallantry, fi n a
t a
ministrative or executive powe ,
mirable discretion, thorough a
salable honesty, his choice inva4
bly fell upon HAtrrtuzirr as conabb
ing these qualities, and often is I
was Cried he never was found want
lug. In the face of such .trib to as l
• , t'ais,,freely given, _ heartfelt =an con
, firmed by every man
‘ Nt , ho h had
opportunity to judgM. we ' not
doubt that the people. of Pe nay)
i n
vauia will, with a united voice co:
- firm our. belief that they of tt
be misled by the *pea* pleadings
of ' envy, malice , or uncbaritabl'
\ tie -;.c.
I;.=' - The Baltimore Conventi , u
ganized on Tuesday, by the °heti(
of ex-Senator booi.rirrx, of Wise° .
i,in, as permanent Chairman. At tl
eonehision of Mr. D's speed.{ tl
i,aud played "Dixie." At the 1 tin
of the present writing, we ,have 11 1
received any news of the noininatio
lint there is no doubt GDELLLY - W,
...nominated an the first ballot.
I a
. Since the above was in type, adi
- patch announces thatGUi.ELEY'S 01
Tinatign waft made unanimous o tl
second baUot. { ,
Col.PioLizr's connection wit
I fia+c's division schemes seems ,
bo understood in: Williamsport.
14 , 4 , number of the Epilomist
forring to the fact that the Colo :
supports Gnemsi, says it is no sure•
prised thata man who would delib
erately attempt to sell out a largo
,of the people of his ecunty
to liraeic should declare hiraseif for
No good Republican will al
low his personal. preferences to in
terfere; with his duty to his party.
The best nay to settle, family par
rels is in the family circle, and any
atte - suptio gO outside of this line is
as clearly trewa , in politics
thu comae of Benedict Arnold
ing th Revolution
• Noticing a prediction the
New York Tribune that thirstiir
wouldvarry Ohio, the Teledo ( frule
remarkes : "We consulted _the mi.
Ltz party in Teledo concerning
and his opinion is that it can be of
it the °leak" can be postponedllor
enough. Be has another WIT'
iglit ¶lkw Stata trial
New•Nork. •
B umas in all he ear or writes
never faill to he nnOeratood. Bead
his last -paragraph frOm the Christant
Union 'on General Grant : "At
'close of the war Grant had wrought
put a reputation for good- sense, pa-,
tient °norm trustworthiness, ithd
ilafety. This reputation has not suf
fered. Men-do not quote his speech-
Fa, for lie makei none ; they do not
r entiontinrpolitiegecie
teluuilehowiipone. But ha is steady,
patient, honcst-minded, and safe.
Men do not fear that he will try ex
eats. Government is not an
experimental laboratory ; tiler a pro
fessor's chair for eloquent theories' in
political economy.: leis t: - *, business
machine. Experiments are too ex
pensive to be tried on the scale of a
continent. And so, while one man
ealls Ga.'s: , a stick, a wooden-man ;
:and another; an , ignoramus, without
:,genius for political leadership ; and
another, an idler, who rides and
ismokee ; and others, a blunderer;
:yet the great bulk of considerate men
se c% that he is conducting the Admin
istkatien, on' the whole, prudently,
with safety to all the great interests .
'of the country. His Administration,
imfged by fair business tests, has
;been a success, _ and the common peo-
pie know - it.
Every year our people, with grow
ing intelligence, are less inclined to
..put the , administration. - of Govern
ment into' the hands of brilliant
Ainkers. Three and more year, of
practice have made General Grant a
'much better President than when be
left for civil life. The bus
, iness,men of the country, who wish
the Government to run steadily and
safely, feel confidence in Grant's prik
_deuce. If, then, Grant is .Te-elected;
it will not be by the proclamations
of office-holders, nor by the grace of
politicians, nor by the wild . enthusi
asm of the populace,but by the votes
of men who believe that no other
available man brings so few risks,
and insures so many certainties of a
sober and wise Administration.
l ' 3'.
~~ >:
As the time, far primary meetings
approaches it would be well for eve
ryrvoter to remember that it is as
much a duty to vote at the primary
meetings as it is on the day of elec
tions. It is-at the primary meetings
that all mischief is accomplished:,'
the hcinest .voters would turn lout
and see that proper delegates were
chOsen there...stould be no possibility
of of having corrupt office-seekers nbm
tsl halted. i rk. Republican who will
I• not, attind the' caucus in his district,
and Use his influene(;in selecting; the
best men for delegates to the Conn-
ty Convention, has no right to And
re fault if objectionable candidates are
, st,,mominated. Let every well-wisher
di of Republican principles give an hour
Or two thus in attending upon the
•a- election of delegates, and do not per
y,l mit interested candidates -to fill the
Convention With men who will be
controlled by thein ; rather see to it
of, that men who have the best inter
ri ests of the party at hell, are chosen,
it,; and this wfilbe no more from fault
-1 finding after the nominations are
I, IS. This' is a fair hit, and Well
worthy of reproduction in ourcol-
1 tunns. It is from the last Hornells
vile Timex :
When the Iloruellsville Tribune
phimped ever to the Democracy a,
few years ago, the New York Tribune
"The'Hornellsville Tribune
has had a glorious career. It has
made an illustrious record. It,has
stood in the advance guard for free
dom'and right, for a generatien. Its
history is connected with thdachievt.
ements of the most stupendous and
benefident political revolution ever
accomplished in behalf of free gov
,t, ernment and popular right. But
has turned from its lofty courie,to
minister to personal ambition. It
/1 " . has sunk into the ignoble and nu
` 0 worthy role of a pemocratic guerrilla.
"Now in decency, .let it change its
' name."
1r- The Buncldy Rana-rip, good Demo
. n cratic authtitity, expressed its opin
n- ion of l'onxEr as follows : "The Press
he yesterday proceeded to give its "Rea
he sons" for .oPpo,sition- to IlAr.raystr..
ne They were eight in number and not
,ot one of them hit:the-trail on the head.
In, Why not havo.the real, solid truth?
as Is not the enmity of the Pre,ss founded
upon the fact:that General Iliataluirr
(who, ou April .511872, was pronoun-
cod by that journal to be "a good aol
dier And a worthy raan,")would pot
lend himself to the "hushing:lV' :the
infamous Evans fraud by whir/ , the
State Treasury wa4 most outrage . -
ously plundered ii the way' of War
A: Claims? We paused for a rOply.
re- ,
virMr 13reLti' ha.s been in of
fice over twenty yeart4, and has
drawn over $70,006 of the public
money, in the way kir salazies, to_say
nothing of incidentals an pickings.
And notwithstanding this liberal
- dram from the public treasury, .he
had nothing to say for the imperiled
Union, when the rebels were trying
todestroy it. Ho sat calmly and
)mplacently by, apparently as in
different as to who whipped;-,as was
- .'the old woman when looting on the
conflict between her hitsband land
the bear. Is this the kind of a Man
the old Keystone wants fur a Got-Cr
uet? •
stir An Albania mati, "of the real
ola stock," — aectires : am tired of
following after tlio , Democracy and
getting whipped. They can promise
like everything, but when it comes to
the performance you look aroand.for
tl,on and they aro, not there•"
Tlir. t• inandred 'billions of ,tho
g National debt . paid since 6ri.ovr harp
i, e ctry;;_cd the
get Um
WARD did their heat to
__.,.,ig the war
to idisgracefid iiiiiin4tuta by do
olarinethe draft law unconstitation
aL Fortunately th ere an ile okiwt ras
tion almost imm • after this
decision; Aoxzw took ' place *of
Low= on the bench; flee diedii- 1
ion was reversed. 'Althi. ~ *Dem
ocrat, Judge Ilinozp •had, patritstlaut
enough to ruse 'shovepm*, and he,
'with Bun and atotiXtr - ,. . Siema a ma
jority of the court. 'tillage „Twee.*
son,- Low= and WoODW i tani 'also de
dared the legal tender.ant' unmet&
tutional. - . The. Democratic judges,
were wonderfully - tender *bent the
Constitution in those days. Every
thing was tinconstitutioismd_i that
would help to put down he reliellkon;
and Judge Tnattrson •-. ':. the reb
els to the best of his. . - rty in*yin . g
to • embarras the Go - . ~ ent by
withholding mini and o l oney •43 cat
ty on the war. The .• . piehire not
forgotten these incl. . ta, in , Judge
TllO3/302 . 13 career, and - , iwfiling
to trnet•with fi fteen *trit ore of
power a man. who cannot n any
occasion rise above par i ty, w o was
willing that the -rebelsl should con
quer, if thereby the tters4 could
regain power." •
Judge bizzotues - rd, wit only
during the clerk days of
ro rebellion, L
but thugkout his en ' e is such
as to commend him to e hearty sup
port of eve:) , patriotic citizen. Be
sides his age, experience, .and educa
tion, point hint out as , the man for
the Supreme Bench. ''
' AGO. „!
On the '2BthDec t 1871, HonAck
GREELEY wrote t he follewingplatfortn
endorsing the Republican Adminis
tration oI President
"It abolished alavezi.l,
"It led in the supk , o3sion of the
"rebellion. - '
"It preserved and enlarged the
"It promptly redtteed the -enor
"mats forces thuS required to a peace
It has reduced I thedebt over two
"hundred and fifty, nOions of dollars
"in the lastihree years.
"It has simultaneously reduced
"public taxation over!, two hundred .
"and fifty millions OVdollars per
"It has preserved peace 'im" the
"frontier. '
- *
- "It has won a friendly adjustment
"of the threatened troubles of Great
Mr. Gases to day Stan ds opposed
to the Republican part. and to GnAsT,
on a personal • issue nly. It is Mr.
Grrrir Er, who in, his mid-summer
madness has changed.l
The Republican party. is the same.
Men teniporize and 4scillate, their
fame goes into decay, but the achive
ments of principle are imperishable.
The Republican party will triumph.
It is only the Gurguy that will disa
itussouni FOIL muss..
We qubte from the l i Missouri Den.
crat, which reports la conversation
between - a Grant man. and 'some
shouters for Greeley iss:followri i •
Vote in Missouri for 'Grantlin 1868, 85,671
Vote in Missouri for Seyrocnir in 1888— .59,703
Majority for Grant
Now, gentleinem yon pee, • you bad 59788,
Totes in IW. Since then you have gained by
enfranchisement of rebelslls,ooo Totem We
will allow that 10,000 of the (Inn" German Tote
of the State goes for Greeley, end that's a big
allowance—and gives you 51,788 Totes for
Greeley. Since 1968 this State has gained 63,-
000 votes by immigration: f Twenty-Are thous
and of this new vote will golor Greeley, which
brings the Greeley Tote up to 119,000: and let
me tell Ton, gentlemen , that's every di:gored
one small get. Now for the Republican show
ing. First, get the Grant Tote of 1868, , 1eas 10,-
009, which mates it 73,671.1 . According to the
census 0(1870 we have. ,180,01111 colored people
in Missouri At least 25,000 of these are vo
term, and they will vote for Grant. To this /-
rdd oar proportion of the new intudgrationomy
5J,000, which gives Grant 'over 150,000 in the-
These are some ftgires for the en
thusiast Mr. Grosvenor to consider.
. I
.TION.—The Pennsylvania Itepablicari
Association of Wasiiington, at a re
cent meeting, endorsed the 'Made-1-
pr)* non nations. The following
resolutions in relation to our State
candidates : were -unanimously adopt
Besolretc, That thePcmityliranla Republican
Assoc:atom of Washington, WO, oortkally is
dortes the nominees and platform of the Ilek•
publican State eouventkat, held at Hanisburg
on the 10th and ,11th of April, 1812, and that
eilllectively is an msootatiun, and tedividtally
as.members thereof, we Win nee every honors,
ble endeavor to secure the election alto said
..ileitelred, That in Oeii. John F. Rartrankaa
our candidate for Govczncr, we believe We have
not only a pure patriot and brave, soldier s bu i )
an tomcat man who will bring to hie
elected, a character and reputation I=l
unsullied after the most bitter partburettnets,
and that he will lead tie to victory and "teem
if we remain inirlerinciples is Republi
Resolved, That in 800. Ulyssei Memor we
raco'nue a sound and unflinchnr i eptablican,
an able, learned an d experienced nag e. wbewe
undisputed reputut and i ty. At Ma
to adorn the supreme as be has z D e3
other position which the people bare
Dim to fill.,
Accuasations without proof
arc the weapons with 'which the
Democracy pow fight their political
cmitesta. 'Twelve 4eari ago they
began a wicked weir , without a cause
on the 'Government, and failed.
They now war on the men whip de
feated their armed trintsen, by accus
ing them of all manner of frauds,
which they kick the proof of sustain
ing. What is called the Democratic
party of today is but the excressence
and foulness naturally, castoff by all
parties, gathered intola mass of foul
odors and creeping vermin. The
triumph of each a party would end
the existence Of good '..vernment
tigo— Timm - ;Prtyille finfla Imrti
work to ktalt up Plor.t.rr—ltn
I)romisos. i
betimr swan maim a...
one, be pad Saha F. Herteneitik.ip--
_am was dialed haw peen ea peres...... 4of
lone of the Caemenermill anima af mom
the ShMOe delft ' eddies mie vae mee es
1 i
31171 k, 41 heed 111 .
od a
=hit = 11.
en disiodettp
inlaid. Alstriellisie liseitmult wit Jim sea ,
Tan' of Meriden* hisrdithes dated se
irini s tiell MIMS awed la Large mum •
With Yates" efIIIM. liimet adage
althea Ike *Wit Ike Ismer wee semiteal esti
mediated to tutpdedimest ; sad we law of
Whim in his Weary and ehmachw
which mamba setae! ww. Aissaisestik
than his parthees. , . _
The *bows is put tied argorial
Wide in the Lament=- Ilipsue—a
amide - cif many more in that paper,
the Pittabmg Pod and other pipsint.
We shall take it for granted Omsk the
editor of the. &rest is emmeien•
irons and means not to what is
not tow HO probably , :aves that
neither Gem. Hartranft nor - Ida
friends, have denied the Tutu $l,-i
700 statenient. Be probably don i
not know that it Ism been denied by '
Gen. Hartrasift under oath, and that ,
, his testi n corroborated by Mr.
Tagprt, of the Tr .and
others ' NU the bets. With l
Win editor jt. is puke* a nattier of
I belied withesit knowledge, Oth
be would not make statements n enfiffe iter-
,ly groundless. Now for the tenth.
General Hextranft, =unbolt by Sea
-1 ator Wallace, testified as follows :
- i
Q. It seems that you have had trunesettens
1 with C.Y. Yates & Oa--matewhat they were.
b t. d
a tzi o a n privaSe aor pi l I h i tm lt ter tli c e i r
in i
mandesions, the same es be chervil austuat
wm, and the same ma fad to War brokers'
who had Do Slate far* on demat.
• Q. Were these teenseedonseonneeind direct- 1
• lior indirectly with your. emsbml of the public) 1
1 ftda?
1 , A. In no way whatever:
Q. Were the purchased made at any time
with funds that were put there by the State
Treasurer or under the r mho!' of the State 1
Tressorer? • - 1
A. No, sir. 1
Q. Your transactions were entirely of a Pei' 1
rate character?
A. Yes, sir' just's' if there was no State de.
b ait there. 4 1
stooks or
Q. Was there any arrangement byich
bonds; ideurides of any kiwi were
carried. on the State fund? 1
A. No,-sir ; I never owned any State Wll6.
QQ. Sectuitirs of other kinds--corporation of
otherwise—carded on State bonds?
A. No, sir: '.
Q,. Have re atterapted, directly or Indirect
ly, to control State fails by Tirtdo of your pe
fdt as Auditor Gemmel?
A. I hare not. .
, .
Q Were there ever any state moneys depos
ited with Tortes, or any other bankers at your,
• request, and for your benefit?
A. No, sir.. • I
Perhaps the editor of the #zprcas
is so particular and conscientious
that he 'may be disposed to say that
Gen. Hartranft was swearing in his
own defence, and that hit testimony
was Weakened thereby. - This is but
natural, for persons whose Whole
case devmds on the testimony of a
penitentiary convict.would be aimed
1 necessarily incline& b) disbelieve th
testimony 'of the public officer wh
sent him Ito - the pent tiara" to'
stealing the State's money. There
ions we will not ask the editor,Of the
Ex-press tai retract what he has said
on the testimony of Gen. Harttsuift„
but will introduce the testimony of
Mr. John S. Hopkins, swim years
the book-keeper of Yerkes & Co., as
follows : 1
Q. Do 00301 i l or the account of John F.
n ?
A. Yes, air.
1 ' Q. State what (the nature of ,that account
A. te natureentirely—in the sha pe
1 of 11 d Q ejo f i petrels
account _
Q. were any of the moneys GS the tomcat•
wealth made woe of in any form, and credited
to that account? . -
A. Not at 1141-412 .
no way. , ,
Q. llcre. were the accounts kept between
Yerkes .t, Co 4 and thin. Hartranft as to com
mission. . ,
A. We charged him I •*tercet and coliunis.
dons, the time as other customers, precisely.
Q. Were'there or were there not any amounts
carried %obis credit from any account of the
Commonwealth? - -_,_
A. No, sir ;root at an.
Q. Neither berms nor other suers of any kind
credited to bit account?
A. No, sir; not to ill knowledge.
We' might produce more, but, as
the editor' of the Erp'eas means to
be honest, probably this will prove
sufficient to: cause him to retract his
1 slanders against Gen. Hartranft, and
commence to loot into the truth.
There has been' an amazing amount
of lying, in face of the record, on the
subject, and it is time that the liars
should be confronted with the truth,
and have it chance ,to clear them
selves—if they can.. The friends of
Gen Hartranft invite a scrutiny of
the record=the more thorough
a bettor.
I ' I
let .
On s certain occasion, wren' ladle' were be.
ing . shown through a prison by.lho kdeper. In
a cell, they heard steel and plaintive music ;,a
convict was ,singing. "Homes, Sweet lime.'
The ladies were much affected—even to tears—
at the thought of the mold's grief, on ac
count of the separation from his family. They
inquired ottbe keeper 14 regard to his crime,
and to their-amazement, funad,that the plain
tive singer was imprisoned for whipping his
wife! k Their sr:apathy and tears quickly vat
We are reminded of the alske, incident by
the present attitude of the so•eallad Democrat
to party. From an unusual source we bear
sweat, plaintive, and tsriltar music. We Wen I
Voices accustomed to another strain, are sing
ing to the praises of Horace Greeley. They
aro the imeciallricnds of the Feredinen,. and
heartily favor the late amendments to the eon
'intakes, securing equal rights to all. The 7
love and honor our brave soldiers, and rejoice
with joy,nitspeakable that slavery is abolished.
That familiar old paper, the 2V•Runie,is In their
bands, and the name of Horace Greeley is in
their mouths. Bat who ire these no x converts
to Hepaticas principies,who are running away
with the greet Mogul of Repubiicanism? What
is their ldstaiy, and why yie zehange that has
come over them?
A few 'vans ago, they were apologiztog floe
and defending slavery. They Were stfacting
and sustaining fugitive slave laws. A very large
part of them were actually lighting to drisao:ve
the Union of these States, in order to pirpet-
Wei ,tuiroart teatime. Their Melds In the
Worth were dealaring the war a railer , and do
ing an they ; 'could to embarrass thenovern
meet. Wherever they had a majority, they re
futed to allow loldkcs to vote. They steadily
waisted the amendments to the coestitution,
ana declared them revoluthmary and void.
They passed black codes in the South and or
ganized bloody ke-kha-klans. They hung no.
grog to Weil posts, and burned orphan w
hims in Sew York. They uttered their loudest
anathema's epithet noises Greeley and the
Trilitine. Them things and others like them,
are too reseal and too familiar to be forgotten the Milken in oar schools. Clan we
frusi these ices? Can any one calling himself
a RepublicanpWl in putting the Cievenuneet
their hands? 1 bit to anchailluit we are to
ook for mhos? The eery idea is absurd be.
yati conception? No! The Democratie pasty
has ontlavediteelf, and it haul din. • The - pea
pie are not fools, lad are not about to destroy
the only party of , program and reform; and agr
der false pretemge put to power the Tery men,
whom for twelve yews they have joked on.
worthy of their confidence. These men may
sing their noir. meg iron so confidence._
but the
pectple.know :the yoke, Met know thei chiles
for wideitith4 *ere driven from poet? I and
nod Brovember will bit thee is buiguagif hot
mignis474oo , 4 to main ItTlOOlPr het
I ices *t
"Hms.k liiirei &mei'
allow base auseed de big Vain.* and aim
Ws., bat these are She. - antla ; the
inn Waal, men ilto not ily SD &AIM Shoes
who men* st home and Shay are may; are
kraal tohe mate* gith WIT oank lid, on
0011-1 4 06111110 1
ebereder aid dpe beam* the aree#l,
ia IMMO reitiarant.
TM goaermang ehmks—thom nobiem
4 / 1 1 7 lapsisPrePagollibr *Ow
tr7;endlaiatilkalkm dem melees* event s
me kaity mmatire op the mirk OW shill
Mob Sim so stremearty aside, most M de.
darted Inni: the gonad *MT days bins
whether It be frogman, rasa, el Wow. The
dogma% week, the nimbi goes and the
meet &UAW attentions bestowed *pea tdm
the cbmaimg rung nicker; with rtielk too le
sobsdly sigroanned in Ms meiaekein make
no tweed= ea b to otherwhe rather suompt-
I etas Mgt.
The theatres and other Mambo!' simmeseeni,
have putup their abutters, and bra's closed for
the season; and the Grit Service Conuaission,
WWI, but a abort time ago,opened their doors
with a delightful three, hare suddenly ' kit us.
We are lorry to record their deputize, u we
were promised during the summer mouths
some very charming entertainments. But the
warm weather we judge, was rather too op
for their Clivillierviee stomachs; sane
observe that they have taken' themselves lea!
cooks latitude, and are stud to open a short
season of high comedy in Now York and otherl
- , I
northern cities. - 1
Ws do not, however, despair of their return.
1 "When the wrallows homericard fly." wo ihail,
look for them ) with their strings of amusing
pumice, anima and wonderfnl.tricks, and frin
ny (mations about things that era supposed to
be in the heavens and in the earth, beneath
the Goods and beyond the seas, the rock up
on which—in the future—the civil service of our ,
country is tole built.
Mat in the absence of all this, it mast not be
suppeeed that we are at ail despondent or lone
ly. Ware Possesseda a variety of sources,'
from which we can gather recreation and en
joyment. To those who have time and are
fond of walking, there is the Capital grounds
with Washington pointing It is said, to where
his breeches are at tbb Patent Mee ; the:Pres
ident** grounds, with the-Marine Band In scar- I
let uniform, rolling; under the trees like so I
many lobsters, Lafajette Square, with General
Jackson in the mitre, the Botanical gardens,
with their many varieties . . or Pilot' mad' trees,
aid dozeni ofother places that are delightfully
'cool, shady, and pleasant. Where the ladies,
if they choose, may stroll by moonlight, tie up
buttcmlols boquets, count the eters, or. flirt
with their admirers, without ever dreaming of
Euro* Or Saratoga: , 1
The fine improvements that are being con;
L .
timidly made, will soon, reiierl, ashington_
ono of the most beautiful 'cities the , Union.
Each year is, adding new charms " yof its
already attractive features: — Ern the -dire( -
time of the Board of Piiblis Works, Its streeth
and avenues aro undergoing s= complete d
thorough change. In Place of mod anddatet,
substantial wood and Oberst° paTerunlitiow
stretch their long lengths in almost every di
and over whit # =liars nail
_Slug as
smoothly, and as noisily as if upo n 'civet.
Ten !Mani of dollars is the estimated cost of
be Improvements now under way; alpdity
larim expenditure, and. ono over which the
property bolder most bitterly complains—but
one which the health and growing business in
terests of the city — alike, demand.
At *earner of Sixth street and Pennsylva
nia avenue, near by opposite the Metropolitan
and National Hotels: the Baltimore sad - Poi:r
unic Rail Road company have erected on the.
site recently granted them by Congress, a long
range of commodious . _ frame tefildings. to ho
temporwily occupied for depot purposed, until
the new iron olio which Is In process c'd can:
struction is completed. ,
On-Tuesday last, the road was thrown open - ,
to the traveling community,- and the rolling of
trains and the din of locomotives were heard
in districts where they were before unknown.
Connecting at Baltimore with tie Northern
Central, a direct and unbroken line of eornmu
nication is now established between • this skit
the north; a consommation that has long beck
devoutly wished for by th4so who have been
forced to bear with the inconveniences and im
positions put upon them by 'the managers of
the Baltimore and Ohio Road. „ -a' , :,
The grounds surrounding the White , Rend, •
are apparently receiving the special attention
of the themmiseiew' —se of PublicVoildings.' Some
very desirable 'flanges and deeded improve
ments are being made, among width wo ob
serve, is the removal of a large portion :of the
old rusty-iron fence that . has long cowed to be
either useful or ornamental.
At the mansion—as customary during the
summer months—the furniture bee beat platied,
in linen dusters the, iritudows darkened, and a
look of lonelinees pervades the entire place, in
side and out. Few persons are seen passing in
and Out at its. Wide 'portals, unless it be a party
of visiting strangles or, perhaps s newly mar
ried couple ,on their wedding tour ; who, in
their rotind of sight seeing,oorasioredly disturb
the drowsy .door-keepers who, If not asleep,are
idly catching at flies Cu the window panes. .'
The resident and family, choosing a reel
and residence of a few weeks at the sea-shore,
are terribly berated'hy our local press, Ai:lithe
newspaper men, who make it their buinesit to
f 4
find fault with every action of the Preside t.
But we canard help but observe that th e
same parties or as many of theca as msy -h ye
the means, are availing themselves of the pr:r•
liege they would deny to others, sal are taking
tliconselves and, their families to the very places
that they arc finding fault eith the President
for visiting. ,
. At the rooms of the Pennsylvania Repabli
can Alsociation, a largo and splendid Grant
and Wagon flag has been . recently suspended
across the Avenue. It heirs upon its folds, a
life-size likeness of each of thttirsedhittes ; and
as it waves, and fiesta majestically over the
broad street, it presents rather a,strlidng con
trast to the gray, dirty looking strip of canvas
that is hanging on the walls of the St Mare
jiotel, a few doors dista . nt ; and which sets to
indicate the Greeley and Brown headonarßrs
for Washington.. 3 . , '
The scenes and incidents , transpiring in and
around the two plaits, bear also full as greet .
a contraid. At the one place , confident id suo.
cass and holding to the motto, "The Cowlitz'.
I teflon and the Union and the enforcement of
the porev There is found no stain, of woos
lion, or treason, or Ku-kluxism on their gar:-
meets. At the : other, the leading spirits like
timer fireit prototype, "With heart bowed
down," are anxiously scanning the political
alai, and watching the the political horoscope
for some cheering • sign, while the on waehek
the unterriftedoind those clothed in buttimat
rahnent, who come down from oft the hills of
the "sacred side" of -Virgin* and the wild
mountains of " my Maryland," are drunk, In the
basement; some shouting iocifeznoslyj for
Greeley, others swearing as loudly, that every
thing Is going to "hell." 11.
[Par the B&POITIML.J
mar Who will be appointed Super
intendent of- the work of Waling
away the :" cat atone" in the ample
ducts on the abandoned canal. ;)I
OLLET'S greiat reverence for the work
which cost the State so ranch
will not 'Trait him to commit such
an set of vandalism. Besides he has
a f 07114 work to do -in securing_ his
=ablation for Cougmsa this fait
soir From ail parts of tho country,
we receive the most encouraging re
p(zrts in regard to the political pit
look. F. B. C., an intelligent citizen
of the western part of this county,
who is now traveling in Ohio, says
the Sentiment in that State iv over
whelmingly in favor of CIeANT.-
Der Col. Fonxar, tea re.tirned
from his visit to Tessa.
=llLaiv or any man ore.44.ll4rbrar.
men of the least prominence in poll.
tics or weight in society. There nor.
ex mass man nominated for a high
Mio stood so . well at home,
' wlio hall s o l 4 l.o9ol.antagonbant
tialeadaiies to meet AIM has Gen.
Bartrigtft: • ;nnenetatel in the
Republican yitll 'honor and re
spect him. e arouses no jealousy
—has no private hates to contend
against—is tuanaßed by malioeand
is entirely free from - the.threatenix4l
of resentful' jealousy. There is no
' , public man of whom it can he u
truthfully said that he is just and
lair with ell with whom he deals, as
John F. Hartman. He. has never
intrigued tc circummt ' the honest
separations of any man in. the Re
publican party—never sought to pull
any man down that he might . rise--
never struck a rival in the back; but
with a 1011111088 of dealing becoming
II chivalric character and . * . trap
brave man, ho has dealt frankly' and
fairly .with all men, respepting the
rights of each and recogniz in g' just
mtrit 'whenever, it came before him
for-its dues. Hence the popularity
of Hartranft at home. His neighbors
honor him and at his home men of
all parties reject with indignation all
attempts to couple his name with
dishonesty orAhrow 'around him the
odor of cion of any description.
Such - is Hartranft at home. .'
Ulysses Mercer tit Of a clime of men
whose actions never fail to attract
attention! There is nothing negative
in his character. He is positive in
nature: What he is, us is, and those
who know him,understand him thor
oughly, because ho strives to be un
derstood. ,When such a man is pop
ular at home, it is the proof' of his
qualificationlor high station , and'on
this evidence Mr.. ereur was: m&de
the Republican ca didate for Jiadge
of the Supreme Court. 'His neigh
bors and constituents nominated
him. It was their. determined advo
cacy arid warm endorsement which.
won the State ' nvention, and the
support- which II he will " receive in
Bradford county,will prove him high estimation in which he is,held
Abere. Men who are trusted at home,
`where they are known and under
stood, can with safety be relied on
abroad! When a man's neighbors,
and those who doily collie in contact
With him, trust hire,it is the evidence
of his incorruptible integrity. In
private, every day, life, in the ordina
ry accustomed duties of individual
service, is where character is Made
and reputation gained; and when
this is made good at-home it passes
current abroad. -. .
le_ Another prominent fact of the
',new.inovenaent is that ilierever the
!Cincinnatificket has been endorsed
' by the DeMocratie'convention, there
has also been nominated a Democrat
tir n state office. The principal
oppoilents,.pf the movement in the
Democratiajparty are found in those
Who opposed the war and 'the cry for
" straighttout" ticket coretesprinci
, p4ly frpn.lhem.
sor The (Augusta (Ga.) Cowditu
tifist is now strong for GREELEY,
but says : ." If we-were to Meet for
head of pnr columns, the name
that would come nearest being the
exponent of our opinions, we would
place there hu , ymtsos D.tvri."
IS. It is always a safo gui e • t o
judge men or measures by results—
by success or fack of it. This rtire
*lied to President GRArr and his
administration, settles the question
among honest , men as t4i 'the wisdom
of risking any change 'at thiS time.
DO - Prominent clettax*le Gan
ti-Yrrils in this placeboaatithatCol..
Pi per cannot secure the indorse-'
ment of the mongrel :party ,in thifi
coanty' for Congress, "but we shall
iff.! Tibet Ike shall see."
WhateceiA may be said of th©
opposition of thOPhilsdelphia Preps,
it has never charged Gen. ItAranx_nrr
with being d'ilishonest -- man, on the
contarab-, rosimr has said he
was holiest.
• • nes, While fintrrraNiv
rebel batteries. daring • tlie':•war,_and
capttning tbeni; Hnrticy v‘lt having
his face slappedcfor cowak:dly l and
filthy language • ai)plied - Union
men. .••• •
le— The l'rese says,. the exCessive
heat of last week, caged ECVeil htin
dred and sixty-fire deaths in rhilar
delphia, ai2d sixteen handred in New
York. . P. WAirsos, of Ohio, has
been elected President of the N.Y. &
Erio.P..ll. company, and Gm). A. p
Drvm, Vice President, i 117
arr." Anything to beat GsaNi."
So saidjo rnisex Davis anti ROuparr
E. Lai. .
itespeaft* Worm the pubUO that having rebuilt
on the mite VI the, old milt; with all 'modem Improve
ments. they' are sow prepared to do
In the best possible manner me - on the aborted .
nouss. Napalms will be spired to giro satisfaction.
Mimi= dada buitcsai in town an bring their
grain sad hare it ground the same ilky to take back.
noUlt..limiCVlizaT YLBUII, !dui*
By the car laid or In quaatitk4 ;to salt purctmers,
AU Lulls of taken ha p:hasor the Ilasks
puilt paul for all kinds of grain
Towanda. Not. I.1!11
onneeriN IN rum or 4 . pug
4.6., r Ism
r ' -
_i ' l
JAPANPsv. SILKS, . GO to 75c
JAI'.A.NESE GLOMS, - 25 to 371 e.
LT SG rza TON. ' •
G. F. _MASOIt.
W.B. 11111.1.E1l
ri Abettinglit
EMBROW44I34' t.,
mrpt.tracirr ao\oDs.'
stiteitaciso ".111.L Tux
B. A. plans, &vo.
Towanda, Ilay 1, 181;.
Aro offcriw l rcat bargliti
Lank at the tailowia3 low prices
Alt prices.
An inituenso sUxk of
rrom ccuts upwards
SLriiw and Figured.Groliadiuus;
Black Grenadines,
Mt shade's.
At noi ta.t yen'. prices
rrum , 1.00 upwardx, also
In,,,•rtat variety
"1` A 11 . A L 8
At reduced prt!xs.
ccnts and uptrarde. 11:
Toivebs iuAtl.Griai; •
Handkerebiefs, __ la►ces, $
Fancy Goods, Rufliirsgs,
. Stripes,
Ant alauy “lber goods lunch below tO-ilay's ivar
nriagq Enrcet:
- Ttrerinds, Jar 12. 1819.
les:a:TA.; 41
M 0 " Okr M i BO I
The Lightest Drat. Yost Durable and Mi'udest Con
trolled Machine In the Wo;ld1 Mas rewired
the That Premium wherever exhibited at
Agricultural , Town and County Fain.
- Xannitictimi by
j Groton. Totitpkine county. N. T.
Rai two Miring Wheels. In Pram% Steel CM Dar
SU:dais:ad Guards. Planetary Gearing. bee no Side
Draft fa a Close Guarded Dlarmw• It will mow the
Anent grass WITHOUT CLOGOLSO. - Can beat the
world mowing on Rough or Stony groWnd. Its
=tgim protected from dirt aml gram. The
on the Onter Oboe runs Inaidoof the Swatter-
Itelentla It should be pmethaaed to
tam to self sea , Mower : 1. Batfoglllder
beide its posinewon - sido4111; the wheels ranting
on theground Inateed of on the tint ;
lairfoe the
Mlle term mover wet at meths
Sang thlg
dove the
lying lean- Ind Wit. 2.
the-telres Pitheeted from atones. 3.'
Ire rolling thatien alba Cut Dae allowing it to
pees arm stones and obettnettena ; pandas in and
out of dead farrows without Stepping or Clogging.
The thief boat? of Ude Madge is CM ?now
the braerieet lodged or Ste wet Otwall. wriboat AV
pig or worrying the team. and -no trans can
stow eramgb to_deg • it. Jfarment should try this
igachtna before they buy.?
Nautifsclared by Chas. Potato s Co.. Groton. N.T.
Wu invented and pidenteg te s aldi UM Plow, but
enit• mos tm n=o 4. that It bas well adsp
ted lard Lend Plowing as Abe beet PIM Lend
Plows. We claim Lee it superiority crrer any other
plow in use, for the mason that It worts well Ugh
on side 11111 and lavellaiti u to no experiment.
it tun bren maanbelan6d toe Ike put il&bt 71,1*.
and of the toradredictin that Boa not one. has
born retarnad. Z , Plow warranted. Beta
price $12,00. Orden prompUi attandrd to.
Fort:Mat Information tir regard to 10 Tons g
Warrior Wolter or Mena Plow. am on or addrosa
. • CL.W. ZOLOO3III. drat._
_ .
3tay IG. 1872.-Im. Wlatar. Bradotrd 00., Pa
WARM FOB- RALE. The - sub
scriber Okra for de kis hem dtualed dud 3
mike koll Borough of Towanda , en the rood
takusug ,==dm. at • bergate. TM farm eau
tains between 12 and 30 acre& eII tstenned meta
10 saes. shirk is well timbered. Tbsknd is wader
*se a eel
state et adttrallee. we& 'bid/Maga. .well
*seed; and platy et aria also sea all sag
property. coualmitsg of tones. cows; tails-
Se. =MS EAU. _
Wouevetee. tuna O. 1312. BOOM 001.3.
&c••is • rpx & man
ic e Agency.
16 riNOCIAL CBTbffi pyorkettosibeake,
uiut W !hats of issileadded antvateig
E ,IN S tr 11 At,,N cz
. 0! I,i.
to ilia - faweiag -pub:
tie (bat
lede4, aearyaraanak, tibial deal to .•
At a 'laof preirdese Mbar than clog
a iffai
;,L• t ;
. i •
estitle:egoiekei relosiOiro:
Berri*, in• atiod ere have meetly reenetdoed
our Agezry, - iThreeritieuleg eerceluiect6m
sonfe *AN; secering . the agent? et
a 4.; &o. h
I,piter ere ad 1111110, 11;044' caritas
re we it is -with entire 4:6oAdebte we present
s;: t
.1'•111ai of 4,o6ll;Otakiim the cOtmlidro-
lin the
Er:. owner's and ottecni; and 4olliit the
mid , . . . $ 10,000,000
Mu -- "'
porti.l C
. AMP At NOttE, _
.. March 204SM:3u Ageutil.
--'ll AD CO 1111.11.51 ANI) 0/14188
Ared Ilibco taxi season. to that au.
i asscasaanae TUX NAT riniowti
urox Tar. -now. This' is done' by a vary statplo
atA letas
deck*, _ 'without say- gears, tstebets, or brakes
uP OI 4 B I _ • A 12 - yew old boy esti manage
We ittrer with esserwith ome nage!. I "AU
to rake a stueVieseier oxiadroax, is
to be loch more eciogs osanagonl and =
r cottipeettag wheel rake. •
the best clearing arrangements. and Is the
*voted. siikprest, woof easily op,rne , d,thorompl.
l' aid derstaidc k vileel - rake now ode:ma to the
: 1 public. '',}, • - i '
Troia .25 to ST) ceAtot.
ZS Ceuta and upwards..
Arrr . c , ii tlte/ Tcpplarks County Wheel Rake will our-
Zeit me asorre , ..Reroteers ' &tau at purchase
menu" for theformer Miti.,buy of the latter; while
tics Bakehie %own more efficient and airs=
ereinway. SOW for my • Rake circular.
Ores fifteen reasons why a good Wheel Rake is bet.
;ter and cheaper, Or Ahe farmer, than the common
licsolrri •e.- •--' . ' d
:0 ' ' ''f. i
• , \%`i ' S.OWER -
. , ... •
d can =lend as .the beat Broad-cant Boeing
I erer saw: ; arid will warrant it to give good
US out to the farmer. It will sow perfectly
I" ' Lime. Ashes and other Fertilizers; Closer
and oihY Smida. - Wheat , Rye, Oats, Barley. Pets
, . . . •
t s
-. .
Whll flake. complete' • $ , 40,00
PlasthiSower and Seeder, attachment extra... 25.00
Wh ake,PlasterliosrersadSeederessalsinad.GS,oo
Tlas ' Sower and Seeder, complete without low
Ilake ".......:. 45,00
Wit Bake attachment . or ' loose Rake parts,. 20,00
jlt uts
I ,!.Wheel Rake, at reduced prices ....:,r , .... 35,00
~. , •
-- .
. .. .
, .
1 . .
The Wheel Rake IrM pay the farmer: ' . ,
Veder Sower will pay the tumor--
Seed Sower wil pay the farmer, ', • ,
farmer needs thoWbeel Bake. ,
TIM farmer needa the Plaster Sower:
The farmer needs the (Min and Or
. lus
. .
I' ..
11 1 1.-Send for' Childers: or, call and see -my
goods .r' .
1 i It. Sr. Inzr.E:
• . 1 owin,is, April 22,"7 . 2. • , ..1.
STORE, ' .
Is r •ving one-, of the ' largest and
best stock. of BOOTS & SHOES afar
hroitight ,in Towanda, which he ig
offering at the . verylowest prices for
Cash, consisting of Orris CALF, Kw
k svoA, Boys CALF Boars, I,,iunts,
3fiss.sH .- and'CroLnimes Shoes of all
.kinds, all: bought direct front the
Manturers, and hand__ made, all
warranted. A. FULL STOCK - or
SAID FHWINGS. ---- . -
Hoop Skirts,
Gloves, ,
a co
r ---
I 1111111=010.
•., , , - ..;:r.,-,
Z 000.006
It Wheel Itlike — and the beet Grain
Seeder and beet . Plaster Hower In the
or Braiifera:Ccituity Farmers aria
'al.CAZZA mactilass, either comlitned
Kos courqy wnxcr. 'tau
ankfril for past favors, I solici
tinuance of the same.
ilea. May. 14872. . ,
av co.,
continue • o manufacture their Lab:brisk.;
MI be
our • •
E rowERS & ci F.ANKR.s,
I well a better - machitio, for, less money tbiaa
had else here .tho world: We. claim for
• that thai will do aa much, or more,
otbre, mid are more durably bullt. We
enpOlgteact eta work Ma see that it le
• Waled], rid
Tee Horse TIZILF.WER f SEPERAram,s.
AND GIMP' !SILL work done to order.
us a call be
t tors inuthasing elaewlysre.
I 'oa cruomma --Istrav
"00 V . (1007.£1
JUNG MAcillln
, .
schinc! eone!deied by 'riled:lank,
I '
ng liaeLlno over Oared lo the pubtl. Its
VAE*Erx or 'mum wrruotrr mom
unparalleled success erberever it has been
speaks wonderfully for it as being the
plate raspy Boring Machine now in use.
ttation to
All i
int • .
l wrmsoN be :WELL,
manner of conducting their business U .
• • ing foe them the confid enc e of the pater.
examine amt markt* at thetroglee in
a Block. or they will elwarttgbf show it et
cam withant charge or altrwleang, Don't
• agents wit yon a machine out of date or
the Mum Wore examining the altaati-A . tr.
• by Mail, or otherwise, will mare
Tarmac May
Amt t
E 2
it owjT
':011#4161.011t, WlMMlllarre 1111 C. 11. Palreil
viek ‘ ta°4 l,23) " gs
ci ar, t . bl= 75
a 7.
los o lg,,* ~." .. .. : .... -...... , iii 1 5 ,,
llattlifF Ira . . 1 8 04 17
do ), * mow _ - Fl 1 I
iftleirjr. 1;1
.18888 . 1 I) . / 0 00 fd 13 os;
00/438311 il ORM 7.1
Wawa av illsaid.-Arbsid tb...; Cog2k _ .14 lb• -
Pp 84 as I We *llha 3 ani 0 46 lbs.; Dectwuai
4111bai l l o r ais s and Olvar 'JO _ 38/3,3 Clam fined 60;
ths, ;. Ihrdit Ha ; MO l'esebel ides: ;
Prled Anita 114,. nu dad 80 lbs..
tOir; $2 to
'"'*•—•••• ' 8 (111
11 00
( reigd awd 4lll *•" 73
het, sawn
VICal UM Mat': in " t a, /
eamptown. gas lerl _
A. & N.Y. CANAL All.ll—TECC
aususamv UN PaiIIINGSZ
Wu, aged Mob% June 10..18742.
W . 7 '••i 1".41
fammpAL - •
' at.
112. No.
9.1. 9.
Ebislra • 12 t 3
• - Wooly ;12 ao
stoma • 1145
245 1001
320 1 130 ,
331' 137
Towanda.— !Il 03
1 1
.....Wygosing.. 10 CO
Meoltoppeo... 970
lialioopeely...l. 91 5
..;Tanktuannoce.. e 421
Wilkes Barre. t 7OD
I ADentown.... •
1 Nile
• '1
10 30
laws Towanda at 710 a. ; A
X 7.8 OS a. ni. l arrivizq a •
Fa 31 team Maim at 530 p. m.; Waymty. at
115 p. au; Athemood 30' p. taniiing M To.
wird& WY 13 p.m..:
thawing Doom' Cars attached to Trains 2 and 9
nu through . from itlinlea to Philadelphia.
-` at.
- tittperintemdeat.
Monday, Jtaiti 17, 1872. '
Pc Y. A., IL 1 . h. I 7P. N.
A:3O 6:001 TOWANDA . . 11;4 7:33
-.2:40 .5:10 1 BABOLEY 3UNCYION 11:5 57:23.,
-3:80 8:30 1 . ....,mminor. 13:1 7:03:
3:25 7:001 InLINIOn - 10:4 6:11'
, 3:32 -7:10 1 ....FEW ALBANY..:. 10:30. G:2O
-15-.4.4 7:70t .... . • .111LLESS.. ..... 10:15 1 6:10 ....,
4:00 7:43 ..12138/1011 E. ' 9;45'1 5:34
' 4:33 9:40 ' BEEN/CE 9001 5:13 '
9.... j A. I . ' .A.IL I P. lig•
Shortest and =Set /beet line to flitladelpida.
timore. Waahington. and the Sentli.
Pasaeuttra by Wit route take' termaylvanla k
N ew it or k named train. parsing Towanda at 10.4 e t
sad 203 p. in.:make close connection 'flit , - A
Ahleltem with brOute train of North Penes:Ail;
road. and ante la Philadelphia at 8 IL - VW
16:30 p.m., in time to take night Vans either for
the South or Weft. Paler can' attaeliki to the •
2:03 PAL train.
City passongercara are at the Derot r'?ot
ail trains course paseenge.rtid
the o Depots
and to all partaof the pity. - ,
- '
Les ee Nair* Pada% . --
Depot. corner Strk
and American .. aftB:3o-& 9;45 A.M..
arriving at Ttnranda 4:571; did P.M.. time evrning.
lidann's Baggage leaptva, coiled& and deliver" bag-
Pg., office No. 106150nt, Fifth arraet. Philadelphia
- Illelaggal .1101X0g:1100.1TIeete. , .
Freigfit received at Front and Noble m i g h
&Vida, and forwarded by Dilly Vasttrain
to Towanda, and all paints in falsgttehantat valley
with quick dispatch. ELLIS MABEE,
llen. Agt. Nal ALB...Front andWUlaw Sta.
"June 3.1672. Philadelphia.
The unileralgausd. haring leased the Coal Yard
• k at the old." Barclay Basin." and just completed
large Coal-house and Mee rims the premiees,ar
now prepared to furnish the eitinins of Towanda ah .
si char with the different Ids& and sizes of the "bore
narcied,coals upon the most reasonable terms in any
quantity desired. Price; .at the Yard until further
notice per net ton-of 2000 pounds:
Egg. or No. 2.
Stave, or Nos. 3 via 4
Nat or No. 5
TArge stove
RAS Store
"lU:day" Lump
Ban of 111 Ines •
The following 'additional chitin will be made t ot
delivering toil within the borough linnta : .
Per TOn —.50 cents. Extra for carrying in, 50 cents.
Ban T0nc..35 • " • " " " - 25
Qr.Ton.Y.2s " " "25"
Iftir Otter* em be left at the Ind. corner 01,1111
road and Elizabeth Street, Or at Porter Sirby'
L*l4; Store. , • - , .•
.3.orders intuit In 01 eases be wow)." n tedi wit)
the cash. - WARD & ItOSTANIE.
Towanda, Feb. 1,:1872-44 •
BC WELLES. 3 1 7,rietee.
Until. farther notice prices at-yat ere.. per net ton
• -of 2000 poundel
. Egg, or No 4 .
Storo:,,or Noa. 3 and I
Nut. o{ No. ....
Cartago of astral prices.
ffir s Drdets agurVin all cue be accompanied be
be cash.
Towanda, Fob. - IL H.
Oa CarUL) Street. frunting William Street,
We are: remising aired from the guinea the 'eery
1. . . .
.7 'k
THEACITECOAL, which ne propese to sell et tit e
ovrest rn ir!rt price.
. . .
We respectfolly invite those wishirm to purr -low to
call and examine one Coal.
We also keep Lime. fresh from tim
We will deliver Coal- dr Lime whenever de'eired
et: thurt notice, adding only the customary prh:ce.
L. s. casz k C/O.
P . Has been favorably known.for years, an
with never -failing snecOra ih Abone(andr of
E . It is warranted to give Immediate relief ql
ti ,CHOLMA, •
1 . CHOI:MU 31011,131.T5, -
s ) N'lervotts. excitability ilmini,Alcoholic Stimn;a•
4v i tion, =din painhtl periodical - . feniale ailownta
- ,
it is a , . sovereign ?enmity.
T 1 I
L ' Read RIO clrettlak and testimonials .itlEiat 1
I.„. wrappei. , c,
F . 1 ..
. - 1l• D 4. rItgiIDARTI ,- - ' •
L I •
1 ' CHOLER& c,ouplit , i
. z
ivreparetl4tlitylesbarse,Luzerne Co.. 1.4. PRICE
May 3. 18i2km .
Enuml 11. siceaw?oov. rupetrAt.
Pupil* will b received at any time ft the follo'i n g
Piano Porte pupils. per quarter.— ........ $l5 0 0
Ineindieg parmiony aad Vocal claaa, per rer. 2 1 ! 10
Efrracr2. - y tfaxx Quirt's:lux is ALVA:SCE
Retie/Melia twice a week. No deduction er Uwe
111 . 240 12 W — except in case of illness of more tban
cue week's duration.
This Music School is el/Mined into three depart•
glen" ' viz Preliminary. Primary and Advanced.
Thore wilt be a certificate given at the comPleile n ,° l
each courso with the musical standing of the VW. -
Pupils from a distance win PA aixotumodations
for board and piano practice in the institutibu,at.
yory moderate pdcea - ' .
'?last rood has a progress,. e w orse
comprising the best modern methods. 11 1 g the
nroininent features and appliances of the is/P
-ular Lyons Musical Academy, etwhich his brother
Rev. L. IL tibmwood. was formerly pried Al and
P roprietor.
3lr. Edgar 11.—.: 3 aded 4 1 "
muaieal acquirements and extenalve experienct. IL
teaching.—Eddor Ilfrckerirr Musical Vita.
/11610tIMIN returns her thanks to the
Towanda and vicinity for-this liberal :tatronaga
heretofore extended to her, and begs Wow to call
attention to her
NEw - sTorK Q 1 2411:112tENT 000I)8!
Just received, which she la adoring. at the - lowest
rotes; Towanda, April
Zo.l s o .
AL . 4.
II Cat
1 le
8 lo
3 20 , 5
2324 4
215, 4:4
11 45 1 1 s 5
1 047 ' 1222
1039 n tro
870 7 4.7
tee* 'Jon
A 31
thous, 7 :to
t Elmira at
. effect on
5 00
. 4 5
• •"•
... 4 110
3 24
- -400
3 60
.$5 On
TovANDA. rA.