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    Vradford *grata.
atir As yce go to : press 'earlier than
usual this Reek, we are compelled to defer eev.
eral articles until our twit blue. '
se- T hi 3 business places will be
closed u Towinds to-day; in order that Thanits
giving may be properly observed. . '
ge.. Mr. NETTLECON, agent of JAY
Coo & CO., has been in town for the'jtast
week, making arrangements for the sale of
N'r.tthern Pacific Bonds. .
Bev. Wm. Mc42llJermaiir will
adiver a Thanksgiving discourse in the Episoo-
Church, this Thursday morning, at 10i
' r :1 - T here will a union Thanks
rvicc on Thursday morning, in the
l're,byterian church, at I.o} o'clock. Sermim
by Rev. 4 L. Ginso;v.
he alarm- of fire on Stuiday
pp was cansod by the burning of some
iieb had been placed over the fire to
41e house of Mrsz PYRE, on Main. 9t.
1v were absent at the time.
mcat, w
Tic fail
udgo FaavELL granted a rule
.e of the Commonwealth, vs. HCIIT
Tuesday, to show' cause i • whv a new
Id not be granted.: The rule will be
January, when the motion will be
l ected or granted. ' •
Wsnv, 0
trial sh.
GtllLr re
Di Dwinos.—The New Methodist
Episcopal Chnrch at Ghent, will be dedicated
to the worship of Almighty God, on Thnisday,
Dec. 14, 1871'. Preaching at 11 o'clock A. x.
and 7,r. x. Ministers and people are cordially
invi:el. • Former 'Zagora are especially inrited.
lien i,-es to be eyMlncted by the Rev. D. D.
The mere , mention of the fact
31eudelasohn Quintettc Club, of Bos
ton arc tU . appear at. Mercer's Hall, on Friday
Ever-inc., will be sufficient to call out • full
horse. When they were here last year they
IF,Te greeted by a large audience, and all went
Asy wore than pleased. This, celebrated
troupe seldom visit towns of the site of Towan
da, and they should , be well patronized. Be
wrved seats for sale at PORTER at KIIIIIY'S.
•te- We clip from the Courier
.TT,,,,,d2 published at Louisville, Kentucky, an
article which will be fotiod in another column,
giving a graplii`t• account of the skillful removal
without the aid of chloroform, of a twenty-one
pound tumor from the person of Mrs. Jets
Toon, by Pr. T. I. GRIFFITHS, of Kentucky, who
is kbrother of J. J.'dairrrrus, of this place.
Dr. Gnii - rrrns was 'an ardent m d firm de
fvudcrof the Union cause is Kentucky all
the rebellion, never faltering an instant in his
devotion to the stars and stripes.
Pr.r.soNAL.—Rev. B. J. DOGLASS,
fortricriv rector of the Episcopal Church in thie
place', has accepted a call to the Church in
Gi.orgetown, Delaware.
--Judge Wooow.kuo - IrFi married. the other
day toa widow lady in Lexington, Ky.
--FraNK S.IiALLEY, of this place, has been
, used a, a preacher in tho M. E. Church.
livered a discourac in the M. "E. Church,
Sonday evening la k, which was pronounced
tleeie who beard it, to be a creditable effort.
S. is a young man of more than ordinary
'illy, and will undoubtedly prove a inecessful
1 Valuable laborer in the ,Ilaster's cinoyard.
iilnvELL.—There will be a theatri
m! at Academy-Hall, on Friday even
fur the benefit of the Orwell Cornet
1141. The well known popular drama, !Tilele
Tetn's Cabin," will he presented .to the audi
eneq. 'Aft Cornet Band will play at intervals
soul-stirring music; and - twal music consisting
of . sonwi, quartettes, etc., will also enter into
the evehing's programme. Tbe whole to be
undeiithe direction of J. KNAPP, Esq., who .
Las 4tutguished himself as Conductor on for
ter occasions. Those who would like a hearty
incl.:l:and a good cry, will do• well to attend
and listen to the ludicrous acts and speeches . ot
071dchapter, awl the touching parts
n.g words of tlYing Eva, in another. -
Mr. J , ILIN JII.I,SoN and wife.have been visiting
tlicnd; for s,iveral weeks past in the Eastern
M. We learn • from a citizen of
1 , :...;1:6.1,1, that tho M. E. Church of that
lae , • Lave dnne* t emselves gieat credit in pro
ca.-;:e..; the pastorate of Rev. H. HAIIPST, for
:,,-r::.4 the Stare of New .York. They pay a
or one thousand dollars, With parsonage,
four a,.rea of lautl,..itnd other perquisites,,free.
We have been informed that the parents of Mr.
11. 'na•ives of Northumbertand, in - this
parents were direct from Gerina
uy. Mt.ll. himself, finds the utterance of the
lit /luau language as easy as • the English: His
kid various public offices in the only
.-try of this State. His parents removed to
te. of New York about fifty. years ago,
Otere'he was born and educated. The library
of Mr. IL is valued at between one and two
thousand dollars. lie_reads the Scriptures in
umul,er of fore'r;yr- languages ; "and numbers
r.ruong his clihtee book treasures, the Word of
tied w Syriac, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Latin,
Greek, the Septuagint and Greek Neti
lehtsinent. Mr. H. is a little over forty years
~f aL:e, speak .1' ,, -reittly, employs brief sentences,
~ rdinary duieourse to thirty-five minutes,
hat's riot touch exceed forty-five minutes in the •
, I.seu,siou of the Most difficult subjects, not
,.fiistanding he tiles no parchment.-
rk'• gagaziiie for De
.on our table in advance. It is a
~, - ,H lll.l7nUmber, with _two steel engravings,
, : , 0 Louts," is alone worth
~f the number, a mammoth colored
fashion plate, a colored pattern in Berlin
1 , 4, suit more than fifty wood cats. We do
le.::wonder at the great Popularity of "Peter
1: really gives more for the money
.. , ,tc34l any . oiLL . r. .E
_ . L . verybe
ought to subscribe.
•Its :Lories are the best published any
-1572. in aklitiim to its usual (plant:-
) , r stories, Elv.r. 101:UM:SAL .COPTEIOUT
\!. Li: 3%TA - ill bit given; VIZ ‘.` BOUGHT WITLI A
s. stre, , 7 ls: ".711E LSLAND 01
in' //wry I.htufortii7,--" ONCE Too
)771:1," Lc fS r ,, Lee licia diet; "LINDSAY'S
11,:dgetot; and "A Wire, In .
, li 1.." I , y the author of The N.cond
lahliions "liptersou excels all
-• ter° magazine gives double-sized
, !,,!pkites. The price, in spite of the
„ r%ef,ts, remains at two dollars a year!
-:; :4 cheaper still, Viz : Four copies for
L a large engraving`, (24 inches by 16)
One To-Day,” as a premium to the
a club; or eight copies for'
:th kith ea' c o s.tra copy of the Magazine
craving; as premiums. Now is too
z tup Cuba for 1572. Specimens
LS. sent gratis!. Addre,isCummasJ
114; Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
• -
itark - hand of be
wild sorrow, iLis again fallen 'heavi-
Mrs. Low, of Warren Centre, Pa. In
she was left a widow, her husband
h a l ., :ngsv , :untered for the defence of his conn
trY, iat PLTy Ferry, Va., Dec. 14, 1862,
h( r itt pobr healthirrth four children
Lut ih Jan. 7, 1363, she lost the
-4; 'daughter, a lovely flower transplant
el t, 6i •oru in eternal gjy, but with resigns
•.1% ed to the severe blow, and - with
a :dud ft:ends was enabled to keep her
e , nufurtable circumstances,
•:!1, r , nany-strong ties; but in en
11.,01 • the dark shadows gathered
i.t.• ii• - again, • and tiro of her remaining
usc_tit W. Row, Oct.
3lihrue ituw, Oct. 18, Is7t.
Weih and Minnie hare gone' from the
ile. , olate seems life without them,
r whinn their smiles of love were
Lire,u n , . •
rap' 'ir sunlight; dark and dreary
thrii• h light and j99are fl°wl3:
(An, (runt ;N C.v., earth ' but we would not recall
. • "
tread the path flier hire already trod;
weep—yet joyfully we leave them,
Ou, raye!aird inkis! forever with their God.
" Holson TO WHOM HMO* le Due
—The Ehnira Dotty Advertiser speaks thosti
the &dam coal :
A Goon Tnrso.—About this time of year coal
is a good thing to have in the house, or wood
house, or thereabouts. Some varieties" are bet
ter than othen, but most-any variety is better
than none. The Sullivan Anthradte Coal is
exceedingly popular this season, in this market
and elsewhere where introduced. The demand
-for Hus favorite coal is greater than theme,
but Messrs. Day, HuddeU A Illandenon trimimateribiljp
sea of tbe mines, are putting up now
and. machinery, which will greatly *raw
their itieilities tor mining and aldning their
coal. The mines are situated in Saban comb
ty, Pennsylvania, the mining village oar the,
mountain being named and known as Bernice.
The principaloilioe of the Compan y i
the mines L e t Towanda, where
one of the firm, spends a consider a ble- portion
of his time, and to his talents and persevereziee
isthe great success that has attended
the wor "ol the mines, and the introduction
and popularity of the coal throughout the °Dun
A Nsw Scslprvs►i, Putzur, ‹ —ln
every test referred to in this puzzle there will
be found the name ors remarkable woman :
1. A beautiful daughter of a patient patri
2. A famous witch knowtay the name of the
town wherershe lived
3. An esteemed amestle whose monument
was a tree.,
A. A beautiful virgin ~who, while she was a
captive in a foreign land, was made queen.
- 5. A female disciple who was struck dead for
telling a lie ;
0. A man whose wife was blessed .above wo
men for her heroism.
7. A city which has been immortalized by an
angel's message to a virgin:
8. The prudent' wifo of a sot, and became a
queen in consequence.
O. The name of a good_woman who was com
mended to the Boman' by St. Paul.
' 10.'A bond-woman who became the mother
of a great nation.
11. A city ever memorable for the ppeech do
livered to a king by a wise Widow..
° 12. A most cruel queen of Judah; who suffer
ed death for her usurpation.
-13. The pious grandmother of a young .apoit
tle. 0
14. The last letter of the that name of the
mother of the faithfoL
The flrst.letters of the thirteen first named,
. together with the. last letter of. the one last
inamed, will give the name of a town mention
ed in the book of Judges. What is it ?
Now,_,..Sttle folks, off with your coats and
Work away. Send us the answer as soon as
possible, as Mr. titiery is no doubt in a hurry.
Study patiently and keep a cheerful spirit, and
you'will be able - to do_a gv.o deal of work even
in hot weather.—Meihodist. •
Mir "Don't carry all those girls
away from Rome," exclaimed a passing friend
to the young man who had charge of a irowded
wagonload of laughing, rosi=cheeked lasses,
just about starting for their homes. "Oh, they
are all coming back to the exhibition" was his
reply, as he drove on with his merry load.
The exhibition alluded to, took place on Sat
urday night, Nov. 18, and was the fittingilnde
to a very. 'successful school term. The girls
were all there ; it is to be surmised not one
without a beau, present or prospective. The
Presbyterian Church, in which the &flair took
place, was densely crowded. The time was fill
ed up with orations, essays, dialogues, collo
quies, original poems, music, and song by the
pupils of the school, furnishing a goodly devel
opment of horde talent. It would not be worth
the_ while to criticise or particularize where
there were so many good things. •
That Prof. CIUSPELL has an excellent faculty
for creating among his pupils an enthusiasm
for knowledge, has been spoken of before.
Furthermore, we cannot sufficiently praise the
good, behavior of the scholars, male and female.
Twenty-two out of twenty-nine that creditably
passed an examination, have beeivlntigaged as
teachers at various places, since ifhe close of
the term.
They arc an honor to the comiunity; we shall
miss their pleasant (aces. We hope that their
places here may be filled by as well behaved a
set when the new term commences, (Monday,
Dec. 4). We then expect to hear the merry'
clang of that excitable school bell :
``How it tells '
Of the rapture that impels,
To the swinging and the ringing •
Of the bells."
The fever for Virginian emigration- has
ed off some of the Romans. Mr. TINGLEY and
family will go soon.
The. Good Templars celebrate Thanksgiving
by giving an oyster supper. They have cause
for thanksgiving, for they are prosperous.
The Methodist church is to' walk down street
into the lot leltween Mr. SEELEY and Mr. Kix
itu.i.—the work of removal from its present site
is to be commenced as soon as arrangements
can be perfected.
A strangely secret gathering took place st
the tavern last Wednesday night. A Western
judge and an Eastern orationist, with a-number
of other individuals, came together and trans."
acted some sort of secret business, at which
but ono Roman was present. What does it
mean ? Various speculations are afloat : some
say that' this mysprions gathering of the clans
was for the purl:F r o - se of forging, a great ring in
order to bust another ring, etc. The deponent
doth not knob, neither can ho find any one
that does know, or that knowing cares to tell.
There wasa pleasant gathering sal/mourn
( . 111 . FFELN, on Monday night, (20th inst.); in
honor of MI'S. CHAFFEE'S fifty-third birthday.
Not a great crowd there, but just enough to
make the affair sociable and enjoyable. .
Not: ^u, i:. I
The annual session of the Bradford County
Teachers' Association, convened at Aorae, Nov,
10, 1871; Vice President A. A. KEENrT in the,
chair, and G. 11. Conrna, Sec'y.
Defotional exercises conducted. by C. M.
Tmaxr, followed by music by the cho#,. •
The minutes of the last meeting Wei° read,
and the Business Committeo submitted the fol-
lowing report :
Itesnleed, That the reading of the current
news of the day and examinations therein, be
required in our common schools.
_Resolved, That the science of Civil Govern
ment as taught in the Constitution of the Unit
ed States, be adopted as a branch of common
school instruction.
Rex , ?red, That the salaries of female teachers
be made equal to those of males of the same
grade of qualification.
The first,resolution was taken up and discuss
ed with much interest.
After singing the association adjourned
arEIII500:1 =MON.
Association called to order by the President,
IL E. Prreur.n. After music, i scommittee on
membership, consisting of Mr. FRANZ VOLICill?
61(1 Miss L. M. IliectWAY, wu appointed; also a
committee of five t.) nominate officers for the
ensuing year
Discussion of first resolution resumed; toted
upon and lost.
Reading of the poem "Over the Mill to the
Poorhouse," by Miss A3IVA ELIZROIITII.
Collection and distribution otquestions.
tVnimio sitstnotr.
The exercises opened with a quartette (male
Voices); followed by the answering cif questions,
diffusing general information an 4 spreading
cur- 'enl news. Some of the questions were very
spicy, and caused smiles to brighten- the coun
tenances of the sad and thoughtful.
: Music; after which Miss Butz. Ma= read a
seledted piece entitled "Twilight Musings,"
and Mr. J. S. Ettsworrn followed with a dec
Miss °urn MAYNARD contributed to the en
tertainment by the reading of an essay ; sub
ject, " Now."
Song, by four gettlemen, "Each for his own
Country." The song was true to nature, and
had the good fortune to be well rendered.
The Association was then truly favored
a lecture by Rev. 0. L. CimsoN; theme, Cia
cinnatus." A vote of thanks was tendered him
for his'interesting and instructive lecture.
_ Music by choir. AdjOurned to Saturday
moriiing at 9 o'clock.
, motisnco SESS.IO.It.
Reading of Scriptures, and prayer. l)
L. Canso's; congregational singing. ,'
• In compliance with a request from the citi
zens of East Smithfield, the Association Toted
to hold its next meeting at that place.
The following appointmentswere made for
that session :
Lecturer, H. H. Hurrox; Declaimers, Warm
PHILLIPS and Fnaxama Itencr.; Easviata, MA
mitteo. Son. J. H. Waan, Dr. J. D. I:l24nzawoon . ,
L. D. Foliar; Enrrn PHELPS and Scus Paziza.
Report of Treasurer made and ,accepted.
Amount of funds in treasury, throe dollars.
Declamation. by F. A Tl3O/Zr.
Cibakeran of Committee on nosinstkok of
officers repotted the Mowing norm.:
• President, Hr. CL P. Tom), ce Rome; Fiat
,Dios Pr;lent, Prof. 0. W. Uri, OtTowanda;
Soma President, Kr.- Avert Lanus;
alums; ThirdilesProlident, Mr. I. Nem
scotisof Herrick ; liecratary and Treasurer, Miss
L. M. RiDOWAT, of Boma; Assistant Secretary,
Miss Pais& C. Krau t of Ulster. -
The Secretary was authorised to cut the
vote for e Amadei:km, which was done and
the abou named were proclaimed elected, and
took their oats accordingly. -
Mr. W. H. Tacucesou offered the fallowing :
• Resoltied. That, as the knowledge of the gen
eral newit,of the \ day is a very Important part of
a good Munition, we recommwd our teachers
to post themselves more thoroughly in this re
spect, and give to \their pupils instruction, on
timetsi of presen and getieral
t. interest, as
d will _...._
Adopted without penul
Prof: 4). W. Tomoti4favoretrthe audience
with a Ft'llielilimg Irbih , which was res Pon
d-ed to liylhearty peals of laughter.
Third Osolutiott taken tisi and discussed. by
Messrs. prrcanca, CIIIMIIIICS.,I{zzInu and Par:
xxr. Adopted.
With 'Won of the ' Amuleiation, Mr.
Mc read a couununit e n, entitled
"The " purporting to from the
pen of agentle man signing himself 4 Did Man."
p f s,
A by fi ve -yearsqlld Luna Yot:To.
/300011 resolution adopted without dikcussion.
Anew g - ef questions resumed. \
Mr. Thoicesou offered the - following :
Resat.That ' the communicatkwu lied
"Oid "be published, and that we . Viso
that sch grounds be more generally orna
mented th shade trees and protected by sub.
mi p,
Mantle ences; and, tot s d id U possible, "01.
in from h
thettig the actionthis le -
, d
tion bef the Directors of his district.
The fo owing was introduced by Sept. Raz-
Besot That our thanks are due, and are
hereby Tdered to- the people of Rome and vi
cinity, f the hospitality with, which we have
been en tertained during our stay with them;
also to the trustees of the Presbyterian Church
for the of their edifice , and to the singers
for the excellent music with which our 1
exer have been enlivened. i-
Mune fo ll owed, with prayer by Rev. Wx.
Baur, d the Association adjourned to 'meet
at East mithfield, February 1872.
= T T
• 1 .
• L. M. Rinawai, Sec)...
• •
fall line of Dry Goods just
t EVANS 1 Ha Habit's
h *-.: Bassin is Offering great
.nts to the Wiles in tho way
o f Bon
ers, &c.
nets, 'Flo
VIOL I ew Cloaks and Shawls, this
week, at ors & Mumma* Bridge greet.
, ....-
Ma. paid for i
Beef Hides, by
J. Wurrazza & Sox, Rome, Pa.
Nor. •••, 1871. •
. Cloths, Flazu2els, Blankets
e:, our stock is complete. ,
Evers a Hmuurru.
ortgages, neatly printed, for
is office.
• cond arrival of fall and win
at EVANS &. Hir-Darrn's, Bridge St.
ter goo
ust received, p choice lot o
style' of Ladle? Cloaks, at
B. A. Farah A Co.
IS. 1
he htee
tkrpanea,Table Linetta and
.n's Litietuyik full line at
Ev.aNs k 1111.Durra's.
Lathes' and Misses' Bonnets
can be had cheaper than ever at the
.e Big Boniet, in front of the "Court
and Ha i
sign of t
Dzrriueu, the music man, is
orders from all - partsof the State.
.ant on musical instruments is appre-
\ Hill jad t
A full line of Ladies', Misses,
and Bildien's Hose, at Era . . Hu.Dnzrri's,
Bridge treet.
F: sLECTIME.—In the Town Hall,
in nate , on Sati:irdiy evening, Dec. 2, 1871.
Subject "Duman Progression." By F. M.
2i:cm:AA; under the direction of S. of T.
se l yelveteens all colors suitable
for Backsi, Snits, also cut or bias for trimmings
at Dais
Mk, A few yo`ung, mei can get
good boird at reasonable terms. Booms heat
ed witbiregister. Enquire at this office.
seir Hoods, NubiaS, Scarfs, • and
Ladies' and Children's Wrapper. and Drawers,
at'ErAws tt Humarru's, Bridgq street.
sfrir The Bradford County Medical
Society, will meet at the Ward Howie, in Towan
da, on Wednesday, Die. 6, at 10 o'clock, a. N.
E. P. ALLEN, S'ec'y.
itirOar stock of Prints, Shootings,
811 h-tinge, Stripes, Cheeks, Tickings, Denims,
never was so large EraNs k HILD/triti.
air The Largest Assortment o
Bonnets and Hata are to be found at 31m J. D
'Eln.t.'s,Dridge street.
A. complete line of the cele
bratol,i"Qacons Own" Silk lustre, Black - alpaca,
only to Ibo had at EVANS Sr, Iln.narries.
Fou•iSau.—An - Oriental.. Heater,
nearly new, and very cheap. Apply to 'Mna
E. H. Miaow, Second St.
air French Poplins, Empress
cloths, Merinos, and Saloons all the new and
popular shades justopened i at
.Evsxs & Mummies.
J The nicest Bonnets and Hats
aro to be found at I ra. J. D. Hi We, Bridge
sgi-Scoteh, English, and Ameri
can Water Proofs, bought before the advance,
and will be sold accordingly at
EVANS it Itimicrn's
The cheapest place in Towan
da to buy Yininery Goods, is at 3trs.• J. D.
limee, Bridge street.
Wornah—Agents to sell pictures
everywhere. 9,500 retailed by one. Send stamp.
Norwich, Conn.
Fos SAL ou . Watts'
bones and, lot, on Towanda Rata, will be for
sale until Dee. 15 ; then if not mold it will be
rental; also the Gardens adjoining.
R. M. Wars.r.d.
Towanda, Nvv. V, 1871.
iiiiir-J. Warm= & Sox, Rome,
Pa.,! to Oysters by the Tied or gallon. Do
natio parties and families supplied at lowest
prices.' (live us a call.
Nov l 3),1871.
The Membeie of Rome Lodge
G. T., will give an Oyster Supper at
on Thanksgiving erniing, for the
of the Society. A general invitation et
liy of Corn.
Au:. Eggs; Chairman.
I O.
ten. - •
What is more pleasing than a
good Bhotograph, and what will make a more
eleganit airistniam present than one u!• those-
New Siyle naives called "Berlin Heads." Bei'
that Liaannso t dram are the " sole
- for Ude county, and leave your mos
If you dolet want your wile
you for money, don't let her see those
I t new Camp - Chairs at him # Bons. It
her eyes on them you .might sir well
out." `‘.
Mir A great Variety of Children's
sad Mime Mama sad Matzo Hoods, lamb'
Kati Damn, joss raostred at
B. A. Parris Co. -it:
sir Just received, a new assort-,
ment of coatings, castings and easslineres fbr
winter trade, at H. Timm, formerly lisrar
MIMS% No. 4, Bridge street, Towanda.
Ncrrica.—As Thanksgiving Day oc
eai4 on' Thursday the 50th, the Sheriff Wm
advertised to come off on that day, will bo ad
journed until MONDAY, DECKIII=I A, 1871,
at 1 o'clock r. w. J. P. Van•rtist.
lavay Kuala has disposed of
his Stock of merchant tailoring goods to Elms
Passza, who will ~,00ntintie the business as
heretofore at No. 4, Griffiths' & Patton's Block,
Bridgo street, Towanda. •.
- The Germania Fire Insurance
L, report that their assets on Oct. 1,
1871, Were 81,135,332.14. Losses at Chicago,
8228,500. Making them sound beyond question.
- Jxo. W. Ma, Agent,. ...
Towanda, Pa.
. Fon House and Lot on
Second street, near the Ward House. Building
now, three stories high, with good well and cis
tern. Possession given immediately. Apply
to law S. Pon.
To Firuizaa—A very valuable ma
npre for compost mild top *ening, consisting
on c ime charged-with ammonia, for sale cheap
by t h e Towanda Gas Company. Try it.
To i • ands, Nov. 20, 1871.
. C . llleAp CoAL.—The Sullivan Anthra
cite is theheapest and best for all par peace.
Also thte th best Red and White Ash Coals at
\ 3O
the Ceiltral al Yard. Orders left at my office,
or at Dr. H. C. Forma., Sox A Co's. Drug Store,
will he promptly filled.
It. M. WrT T rg
Sept. 27, 1871.
M.. The Examination of
Teachers previous to tae opening of alto Winter
ficholils, is to be hr" Public bielinol
in Towanda Itirday, Dec.
9. Exeteisea to corm :lock A. X.
Co. Supt.
1871 FALL 1871.
EVA3I3 at lin.nuer
Are now ready for tho fall trade with a most
complete stock in every Departme t. Buyers of
Dry Goods will find it to, their in rest to ex
amine oar stock and prices before malting their
fall purchases.
Kr J. WHITAXER & SON, R?nae,
Pa., have one of the largest stocks of Boots
and Shoes ever brought into Bradford coni4s,
which they sell at the lowest rates, for cash.
PerPong deidrons of anything in that line, will'
do well to call. Stitisfaction guaranteed.
lionie, Pa., Nov. 30, 1871.-4 w.
is.. We have on hand and offer at
Largains :
1 Grover & Baker Sewiug Slaajoe,
2 Ladd b Webster " "
1 Wheeler & Wilson'd
1 Franklin lot .14
1 Leither
Call at the agency of •
S H. B. 3lcKmAx, Insurance
Agent, represents the following well known
and rellible Companies: Xtna, Hartford, Conn;
Commerce, Albany, N. 1.; Alemannia, CleTa
land, Ohio; Central. Altoona, Pa.; Penn Mutual
Life, Philadelphia ; Hallway Passenger Assu
rance, Hartford, Conn. Office, and Law Office,
Patch's Building, Main 'erect, Towanda, Pa.
Bests, k Co.—Te x t : "Come down."—When
the old min desired the boy to coma down from
the apple tree, he usedwords and grass, which
were not heeded by the young man. Stones
brought him down. Wo have used fair words
to oar customers who do not pay us. Then we
seat statements, and now wo must try what
virtue there is in costs of Sheriff, constable,
&c. They must come down.
Crtrroxzr.s.—All persona holding Policies of
the c:ompanies named below, are hereby noti,
lied that une.rpired premium on the same will
be refunded by. the Companies, provided they
are left with us for collection within reasona
ble time. Please attend to this at once, as the
return Premium dates from the time of surren
dering Polley. Those living at a. distance will
mail their Policies to us at Towanda, Pa. After
30 days from this date we Hill decline to reccive
them :
City Fire lnstuance Co.,
North American,
CAMP & VrNcEyr,
General Ins. Agents
Nov. 15, 1871
,following named Fire Insurance Companies,
llie Merchants' of Hartford, the Manhattan of
New York, the Putnam of Hartford—heretofore
represented by the undersigned, wore made in
solvent by the Chicago *lre, and special notifi
cation of the fact has been sent by mail to all
who eld Policies issued at this Agency.
Companies can now.offer but little
ity to their Policy-holders against loss,
and t is therefore advisable to surrender such
Poiiere for cancellation, in order to obtain as
much return premium as the assets of thn par
ticula; Company may enable it to pay. Those
Policy holders who wish to obtain any return
prevOlum, will please send their Policies to me
at *Mee, and I will attend to the collection.
The assured will write across the face of kilo-.
PolicY, the following : " Surrendered for can
cellation," with date and signature added, and
so seiul their Policies to me.
I continue to represent the best and most re
liable Insurance Co's, and issue Policies . at rea
sonable rates. C. & RUSSELL.
Tho REropTut office is the best
p'.ac to get job work.
BIMYN—KING.—At tl4; residence Of Mr. Van
Nch, in Ulster, Nov. 10, by Rev . J. J. Turban,
Me Oscar K. Brown, of Smithfield, to Miss
Hannah King, of Standing Stone.
WOUD--GALUTIA.—In TOWanda, on the 2Sth
inst., by ltev. S. J. Lusk, Mr. Andrew E.
Wood, of. this place, to Miss Edith S. Cralutia,
of ididdlctown, Pa.
BOSSROGERS.—At toe Wvaluaing Hotel,
Nov. 21, 1871, by .Rev. G. si. Chamberlain,
Geofge Roma to Miss Lunn A. -- 11 1 0 -- gens,
do of Lel:familia, Pa. •
BO N—BlRCHARD.—ltatirchanlville Nov.
21, 1871, by Rev. T. Thinnaa, Mr. Brainard
Bo en, of Tiny, Pa., to Bias Hattie A
, of Birehardville, Pa.
KlErt-11iYSE.—On the 21th inst., by the
J. 8. Stewart, James Walker to 'Miss
ry Wyse, both of Barclay. -
1 LETT.—In the borough of Tthvinda, I's.,
the 20th of November, 1871, aged 80 years,
rJane Scott Bartlett, widow of late Dan-
Bartlett, and mother of 0. . Bartlett,
i., of Towanda, and Mrs. Bev. Dr. Scott,
ew York city.
the death of this estimable lady, the gold
nd has again been riven asunder, and sor-
I. fallen afresh upon fond and loving
i Hers was a life always remarkable for
Pm, parental affection, and fldelity to her
Fur more than forty years a prcfessor
4 Lgi,4a, and a praCtical and consistent
II Sian, she died in the full faith and fear of
iand in the full hope of a glorious relmr
.B through the atoning merits of her Di-
I doemer. ,
on 1
. e disease of which elle died was onlarge
men and induration of. the liver, and al though in
her ease painless, she Ras yet a great sufferer
duri4 the few last weeks of her illness, from
great weakness of the body and worn weariness
of th flesh. But this beloved - Christian mother
rests from her Uffering, -" and there !ball be
no re pain, neither sorrow," and "God shall
wipe t
away all tears from their eyes." Peaceful
ly sh slumbers in the spot halloried by the
memories of other loved ones gone before.
- 1 1-- Com.
• a l ! 11111:44 .gillivo,' • :3 , - . •
Alir•Hrtirqtalii4, Mereluta Tai-
EhAss To Fun JAZEL—Qigarta,
0.00 0 doz.; gsnon, $2.50 0 dos., W . '
0r We shall ba compelled to send
an (dicer to Wait on Mit delinquent customers,
who do not pay attention to our statements.
Ile will cowkt travel tow.
Towanda, Oct. 51, 1871.
i Chop Feed, cheap, at the Red,
White sad Blue Store.
$3. We have large additions to
our assortment of chamber seta just opened.
Also, a fultline of Silver Plated Ware, from
Bogeys & Brother.
i Choice Flour, by the sack or
barrel, at the !led, White and Moe Store.
RIDGWAY h rmarrr.
• ger VAArmsoa, d, MANNEIIB,
• Merchant Tailors,
r 4hin gl §, Bata dui Capsr
MarS, 1871. Cl 3 Broad street,
WI arty, N.Y.
Sukars, very low, at the Red,
and Bluo Store.
is.. Tobacco, by the pound, pail,
or barrel, cheap, at-the Sod, White and Blue
Store. • 14,LDOWAY & Eypwrr.
186. Do 'et forget that Tea is sold
at 4eeler's for 50 mots. - Jan. 18, 1871.
ter Tea, Iv the chest, mad:, or
pound, at tho Bed, White and Bluo Fiture.
Itanow.trk EvralErr.
undersigned will sell
goods of ill kinds usually kept in a. cotmtrc
store, until Jan. 1, 1872, for 'Mid:, pay or by
special arrangements } cheaper than can be beat
in Bradford county;, and all persons -having
book account, are requested to call and settle
before the year closas my Books must be set
tled. ' 1). TAtton.
Gmm - ille Centre, Nov. 13, 1571.
Kir I have just received a large
stock of Tea, bought since the reductidn in the
duty on tea of ten cents per pound, and offer
them at the low prices annexed :
Beat Young Hyson, $1.25 ; Good YQUID,_" Ely
son, 11,00 LOolong,, 70 to 90 cents : Elyson Fine,
75 cents •, Tyson Good, 53 cents; Bcst Japan,
$1.00.. Call and examine. -
'Jan. 18, 187 L , Gto. L. Kr_ELmi.
SM. The North •British and Mer
cantile Insurance Co., of London and Edin
burgh, when informed of their .losses by the
Chicago fire, telegraphed back : " Subscribe
15,000 for the relief of the sufferers,. and draw
on us at three days for our losses. For- insu
rance in above Company, on as favorable terms
as any other, apply to
0. D. Bauttrrr, Agent.
No'ricE.—A special, meeting of the
akbolders of the _Mutual Building and Sav
ingoc Fund Association of Towanda, will be held
in - o Grand Jury Boom , Towanda, Pa., on
Mon ay evening, December lg. at 7 o'clock
Sor t e prupose of amending Sections 2 and
3 6f Article L of By-Laws. .
R. F. Guousctiv, Seey.
Hartford, Ct.
fi.• a
New York
OR SALE.---N l itty , Rexen valuable
A - building lots in Toftnas bm*ough. on Clicn7
street York avenue and Center stret , t. Liberal terms
given to purchasers, as to pric e and terms of
payment Apply 1. 0.1). 11ONTANYE.
FOIL BALL—One lot 23l;illlk feet, or o=e lot
any desired Width or length, situated nearly orpo
alto 0. D. Bartlett's rcrandry, the proix-rty of the
late James Makir.son. Apply to
nazi's work and prices. Shop 'in nest yellow
house between
, Ward Hone Ind Ilakery. opposite
Post-Once . Towands Oct 22. 1 1571.--fim .;1)
FARMERS, bring your produce
and sell to OS k 17 rrsT11.
Jan. 19, 1871.
Black Tea selleng cheap at retail by
Foz & SIM=
RIDGWAY do Emir,.
Wicsaaa. Discs.
EriX3WA4 tt,'EvEncrT
New Advertisements.
, cp
i . 0
VI o
A Ei
0 c 4
0 44'
0 ',.: 4 4 0
r 4 4
0 .11
p• 44
LA z Ei
t i FBI
* 4
i 1 E "
1 ,
p 0
1 4)
, .
SEASON Dr 1871-2. ,
, .. . . •
The committee' bar" made th e following -engage
ents :
OLIVE. Z0.174.21r,
Subjia--"Nico Yonng Men."
Dr. - J: G. HOLLAND ,
• anurnri Trrcoam.) "
;subject: The Social Undertow."
Will it Pay." •
- 1
• /V,
118te-JANUARY 31, 1872.
Sul Jett — 7sa 31Urton of Skiner•sngh
Date—FEBRUARY 29, 1822
subJect—..3a im at Are.•
The other lecturers ' , ail probably -ho lIE'VEY
a Concert DE,CE3IIII:2. I.
cleileral aduiludon • S . . 50
Reserved Seats 75
Season Tickets.., 3 50
. Tickets for Baba at Pcurrark. & # 131.111r6 Drug Store.
Sale of Reserved Seats will ci ‘ imarince two•days
before each lecture.
Towanda, Oct. 5. 1571:
Tue largest stock of' Boots, Shoes
and .114bl , rs ever brought into Brad-
ford Conuiy, whicn. will be sold 25
per cent. cheaper than they can . be
bought at any other eztablishtuent
I bay my goods at..firat Lands and
thereby save the Jobber's profits,
which enables me to sell cheaper than
any other Ho - 110 is TuNanda
Of all the latest. styles, which will be
retailed at Factory Prices.-
Kipp and Calf llpots,and
Ladies Fine Shoes, retailed at Whole-
sale Prices
I hare the telusi.. - L: sale of SAM-
lIEL WILSON'S INlcus', Womens',
Mis , A2s and- Child ens Fiq - Shoes,
which aro. the west ever brought into
the market
! EL
Ll§ -11. NOE,
T•man.b., Sop:. ITI
T HErjrN
TECT AND BUILDER, wishes. to inforin the
citizens of Towanda, and vicinity. that lie will give
pi:animist attention - to drawing plans, designs and
specifications for all manner of buildings. priest,•
and public. Superintendence given for reasonable
compensation. face at residence N. E. corner of
F,ettoud and Elizabeth sarects, where he will be fount
every evening from 7 to 10 p. ut.. Saturdays all day.
oct. 5 ME DuIZIL. - Towanda. Pa.
The undersigiaeloffers for gale his farm sita
ated in Laporto twp.. Sullivan county, Pa.. on the
stage road about midway between Laporte and Du.
sh9re, on the banks of the. Lovalsock creek. Paid
tarm contains 7G acres of land; about 30.acrea.well
cultivated, and the rest well timbered. Rag on it
a raw mill, grist mill, good water power, •large plank
house, kept u a tavern, a largo plank barn, a horse
stable with good itheds, and other outbuildings, and
a good bearing, drchard. Demon for gelling, ill
health. For further pattienlars address
. Oct. 5. 1871. HERMAN' RING.
Sail every Wednesday and Saturday.' to and
Calling at Londerry to Land Valls and Passengers.
The Steamers of this favorite' line are built cm
pressly for the Atlantic Pawn:fez Trad'e, and fitted
np to Every respect with all the, modern improve
ments calculated to insure the safety. comfort, and
convenience of paesengers. Passage Rates Payablel
in Currency, to GLASSGOW, LLLERPOOL and;
FIRST CABIN. IGS and S. accordmg to location.!
CABIN RETERN Tlcsrrs, 1130. securing best a&
commodatlons. DVDERMEDIATE, $33. STEEW
, AGE, 112&
'Parties sending !or their friends In the 44:4Conunk
try can purchase tickets at wdneed rates. For !la
ther particulars apply to urNDEASGN BROTHERS.
7 Bowling Green. N. Y. or to S.C. MEANS. Central
Express Office. Towanda. Pa. 3uortlP7t.
: ;. .. 4 .
= --- .; 4.. i-; 1.... ci •
r....,:.-.....7.. ±..-
'N. '"X.6 . 4 . E r. : : zi ,
" - "' g e . ...?•= e.,Z".
= - a..
...*.=z-,,,'" .?,
v 4
1t• 4"... t ::1 . d .=.
1.... d • • :4
1 .4 me
• .„%" , :•;;liil:lT.S. ~.
.... ...z.E.:-: 7:
1.-, v
~ ,45.:.===..ii '
1....1 . x,..-..T.,.... 1
r!:: o , ..' 3 CI .-. " 1- s : 4 E I . . =
~... = ;" Si -.7'—_ 0 -..,.:-
.—, .U - 4.- - Irt E. .- 1 ;3 "C -:
C 4 ',l = 0. %.1..==ic. , ._; ,-.
;,...; ~. ;.... :.1= - -...-- ~,.
F' 4 ''' -; .. - rl;str.44-
,j 4 le4 .. r.— .T......„.:12...'"i di
;..- a E -3. ks - eizort,..
,t- --. -.. -
r-, 1: --.3,5v.
.. -. :-,:y.-',7",,==.4:3Q-t1
` ll ~_. - , .;tea- ,. .,
.''.' ii.:,....,14g'i1t
- , .- , .-... 0 ,
. .-: T.--6:1,44.5a1gv0i
..,4 • 17-1 A.,,,,ai t . „;A:4-1...,y0
p r. 4 . a ,er.2.1!5a3..'"w-cl
-- - - ,c, ;kw". 0 la
State apples by th e barrel or brubel.
nov9 at FOX & YEliteCß'S.
Fox k xmacuirs
nor) ,
Now Adsrertisounts.
H AIL W A It:E 1 .
' •
33.ax_irrivirmw- is
Agent 'for the . eele'brated ffe4_ting
'Call and see it with a iR it. A
fine line of Cooking Stoves, among
are the
Carefully packed, sauce price as conk-
Sash, Oils ; Putty, Paint A: N'apishee
Looks, L:itcties; Butt's, Screws,
Horse Shoes and Toe Corks
Cheaper than any Heuse in.the State
ltiiy will sell !you . anything in the
Hardware lin 10 per :cent,: cheaper
for cash than ail} , House in Bradford
oun 3
Towantla Nov: 1, 1871.
Iu eiOless varicitv
313c:oact. 93c)cv4s.
L. M 0 0 DY!, C 0., -
Have the sole control for the Retail
Htuntphrey Bros.
Manufattnrea in Towanda,
And d e are retadirig them as low as other houses are
' retailing Eastern Goods.
Be sure Mat you are buying these Boots, for it d'ont
stand to reason 'that. an Eastern Boot, made by ma
chine. througlicsd,Will iZgin to .wear with the cele
~large assortment, which eea a.^e selliza large
redaction In prices. \ VI! keep none but flrrVinality
For Ladles, Misses :Ina Children, in Peb. Goat, Kid,
French Kid. Serge ant French Calf.. in fact all tho
styles manufactured by the. best Factories in the
. -
Just . • 'atock of Wolf, Buffalp and
Lap l 5 'r r or,v
al!e lor cash:
T hr Isrgret aszortruent in Una B....01111;A eurresph.,,l,
tug '
G I; c‘ : us a c.lll and you Fill be suitl:
1190 DY & Co
L. L L. MOODY,' )
I Toyrantls; NoT.' 1, IS7I
. AIR LECE," -
&c., ,t, c
._ 111011 Allierie :11.1
J •
1 1 M. D. 'BALDWIN
C.1142' BOOTS,
trade of
i ;OBES !
Miceligneous. -
e ~ "
11 , N ."1" A: . IN' Z
; -
DRY. ei-'0 OJD !
LADIES .1..)'ll 0-ENT6
Furnitiihing o s
l*L0011 . :01L CLOTHS
U Rrl:4-1-IAS
C K 0 1.0 E
Fantily Groceries!
105 11.4p1 STREET,
01,T111: SQL ARE..:
August 30, IS7I
Han. PARRIS B. STAIR=II, Presick'nt Judg
to the 12th Judicial Markt, consistang of. theconn
-Ifes of Bradford and Snsquehenna. and UMW. Zast:-
Lox Pursue Intl. N. VertDrst, Associate Judges,
to and for said county of Bradfoett, berets:sued-their
precept bearing date the 31st day of October, 101.
to me directed. for holding a Court of - Oyer and
Tertniner. General Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
-Conanion Pleas, awl Orphan's Court at Towanda,
for the county of Bradford, on 'Monday, Deccan,
bee f. 1811, to continue three troths.
Notice Is therefore hereby given to the , Coronersr.
and Justices of the Me" of the cotuaty of Bradford,
that they be then and Ahern In their proper person,
dat 10 o'clriek in tho' fOrenoon of se/d• day, with re
cords, ingnisitions and other remembrances,, to do
those things wadi to their race ,eprsartsbus to he
done: stidthoee who are bound 'by recognizance or
ortherwise to prosecute against the prisoners who
'are or maybe In the Jail of said county, or , who shad
be bound to appear at the' said court are -to be the
end there to prosecute againsethem as shall-be inst.
Jurors are rennested to be punctual:a their atten
dance; agreeably to their notice. . / •
Dated at Towanda, the 31st day of October. Julio:
year alum Lord, -one thousand eight hundred and
saventyaane, and of the Independence of the
United Stab a, the ninety-fcrarth. .
J..P. i 1 AN FLEET, &trial'
.I-41 SONS strewn to act as Jurors in a Court of
Common Pleas to be held et Towanda, on MON
DECE)IIIEII 4, 1871 ; f
. Armenia, Charles L. Green; Athens tarp... Sidney
Loomis; Burlington West, W. D. 04131tURV. S. H.
Ballard; Granville, Noah I..oomis: Leffoi. P. A. Ho',
comb; ISlOnroo boro., J. B." Smith; Orwell. Edward
Boardman. Jr.. Holsou Barnes; South Creek,. S. H.
Ingersoll; Smithfield, Isaac M. Eames. A. 0. Camp
bell; Sylvania. Clark Tinkhatn; Standing Stone, Pat
rick Bauer Towanda bore.. Geo. Gnstin; Towanda
North. Richard Horton, Wilford Easterbrooks; Troy
bent:. Hiram Bnck. Ezra' S. Jewell; Troy tWp..
tam Rdr.kweil ; Tuscarora,. Wesley C ; Warren,
I. SLanthester, John 11. - Carey; Wyalusig-3,, Wrp.
Chamberlin. - •
zsuvr.r.qz renows—rin.n. witx,
Athens twp , John P, Chase, John Bora , Orth, John
A. Perkins: Albany. E. P. Auer!. Den.): Van Dyke.
.19p1W. Wilcox, Charles Schtncrkenbeckrr; Asyty
Wilmot Camp: Barclay. L. W. Tiffany. C. W, Tidd ;
West liuglington,,L. J. Fanning : Co:limb:a, Alfred,
Havens; Payton twV.. Henry 31atson, Hiram Lind:
Granville, C. R. Kenyon; Berrie-r, W. J. Mitten:
Litchfield, Jolin Teed, Faoderlek Jolinv,h ;,Lelitoy
John-McKee!, 'Lewis Darling: Overton, Edw. Fralke:
Ridgbnry. Charles, Hendy: Rome tory.. S. Layton,
W. B. Parka; Roinerboro., Hiram Woribitru;
tug' Stone. Jae. O'Herron; South Creek. Jacolild.
Aber: Snriciglleld. Lewis U. Beach; Sbeghrikuin. 1111-.
ton Phillips. Edw. Brigham; Terry. WilsoreStrond,
J. M. Mann: Troy.torp.. S.'N. Spalding; Tuscarora,
W.-L. Ackley; Towanda burr,.. Fred. S, VOLitman ;
'W3 - sox, Geo.. Pool, Richard E. O: 'Myer. Edward C.
Drake: Wyalusing, CO e Donovan; Windham,
\V. If
APYluni. Th'nrY Westbrook: Athena born., 1.,aa.•
Gregory. C. 0. Huntingdon; Barclay, - James
Powers, Frank NOrthrup.
Crane: Colrinibia. Timothy Guatin;
. Canton tam..
Jaeob. Holx.rta; .Franklin. Calvin Varney; llortroe
Grp.. Onaaldo Hellomr; Pike, Lewis A. Bosworth
Rome twp.. Clinton Wattles. Aber; Ileebet.Bidg
bury, George Lowman: StapdtngStoz,e, H. E. Huff;
I.heiln quip. Abram Dingman; Springtleld„-Norman
S. Howley, Alvine Berry; Sylvania, dames F. Bristol.
!Iceman Burritt ; Towanda Loro., Horatio Black, IL.
A. Burbank, Hiram llMtil, Fred. C. Gore; Towanda
twp., Ira E. stevene; Troy Loro., Edward Vandine.
Henry Cobb; Troy twp., Nebmn wood; IFlgtior. Hen
ry Shaw; Windham, Geo. Olmstead. S. pl--)Laddeu
Wilmot; :lobe H. Fitcb, Paul B. IluneininT,S• Tuttle;
Wyeoe. J. Cuulsitn; Warren. Wm. -W. Baker; Welles.
Ilyron Capron; l'etcrl..lloardelee;Wfalusinr, Anme,
Slevt.n.l. , •
Atli( na tn - p.. Wrlght Dnnliatti : Athev liem.. AL S.
ntcfclatlgh; A - sylum, N. P. Moody, I). ffrnmbu 1, J.
lioniet; Albany, E. Dobinsou ; Armenia. S. Bo lia - ;
West Ilnrlingtou, B. L. Rockwell. T Blackwell; ar
lir.gton twp., E. Iton.ilir. Tlarclay. Isaac D. L'l lit:
Canton t , ap...T. M. Watt4..l". Spahling; rf e ni, , J.
Foyle; Litchfield. 1. Cooper. T. It: Cotton, Ed rd
-Ltarco.ili; I.eltoy. .N. Jead..l:v. P. ; Orrell,
Ana 'Darrow; 'tonic , boro.. H. Prince; S'prinfleld, A.
Westbroole: Sheshegnin. I..Newrnan; Siuithfield; N.
Tracy, 5. - I"..ll;:tche.r: Terry,..B. "Lorton: TroY bor.,„
ci. P. Veile. D. L. La.napnian; Towanda boro.. M.
.2'.. Ali, J. liranna. (bet?: Shay-mt. C. Kirby; Towanda
tarp., Davids,m; Oster. C.' E. Purntreon,
Thomas; Windham, C. Morey: Wytmx. John Lenox
Wyalu: , ing, Justus Ackley; john Eaglet',
TroF t Linderman.
_CV. hereby given that there has been filed and
ettted In the of of the Register of 'Will& in ctn.l
for the enmity of Bradford, seeounta of administra
tion upon the falkiwing e,tat-A. Tit. •
Final a• - coont of 11. C. laird and E. C. llerri..k
Fseentota of Daniel *:ll.eDutfe.e.
Final acconr.t. of I. A, I".errr• F.setatt ,, r t,f Y. tl.
Final aecout:t
Final account . of m,rii,ah.E. re 5, , ..d.• 1 gm' ticor, , ,•
F. Ilortma Exonitor of Hoiry Fessencl,n.
Final acootnit of'Siilc.4 Pelmet , Atltuini-trbtor
Final ceon_tit v.. Aura - ..t
James B. Howe. _
Final avcoiant of 11 , 2:un0 a
Admiu:strators nt Natltau Bali;
. .
Firml meow:if - of Nanh•y M. Jars . L 3
ofj. K. Jarvis.
FinL.l amount of ;:i.::ar.l
of Owen .l[e( n. ucceai•ed.
Partial . of .Tam, .+ 11. Wtlleg and .1..1:
Spaldin;.: Allnliui.qtritors of tieorge H. 'Welles.
flae appralqrment of property sot olt by thr - Fx.. , ..,
ntors or Almirustrators, to vritlov. - .1 - or A.hildren ct'
the to! e:wing rlrzeents.
• Estate of Sohn G. Maksle,.
Eatate of Simeon Taytoe. 'l. l
E.• - tate of Etiraur Bork. - • • ,
Estate of Samuel Warner. , .
• Eat•iti? ef Atignstin.l4.wie.
Estate of G. U. Stone. . ',.'
I.',ttte orDautO lioldrikigt , , , -=- • -
Estate of Myron M. MoodY.• ' .
Estate of George D. cook.
Esiatedf Joseph Doane. • • ...
Eptate of \lcholas Demorest. ,
The above VII be presented to the Orphan'
.ourt of Pradford County for confirmation as
I'. own: Thu': December 7th' 187 t
In the matter of the Incorporation of ntr
Towanda Buildinct aml Sating fond Arroe!atlOn of
Towanda Boronnh."
-Notice itg hereby:gNen that the above named. As
sn,lation has pres , oftld to the CourE of Common
1"1.-mg of Itrailford County *Aele of A anociation
ahttintt for a thkree of Incorporation., end_ the said
Cone. hating emaniined the name. and flndina them
core t. will decree that they bo incorporated n 4
prayed for. on Monday, the 4th day of Dec. IS7I. at
o'clock tin.less can4o he 'shown to the con s .
rant. W. A. THO)LAR, •
Nor. 15'11.-n-3 Prothonotary.
the Estalo r f D. S. Iforton . , deceased.
In 11,, Orphan's Conrt of Er - n.l . finq county. :
. .
The imilersigned. appointed by tfie Orphans' Court
of said Anditiir. to Marshall as.?ets and dis
tribute funds to the hands of tlina,lm'r of paid estate.
will attend to the duties of, apiiiointmcnt, at the
offlc, of Overton- &• y.lsbree in the- borough of
Towanda. on FRIDAY, 1.136 Ist day of DECESII3EE;
1971.- at 1 o'clock. a. m., at which time and place, all.
nersons haring claims to said moneys, are required.
to present the same, or be forover`deliarred fr s oni
coming in upon-said fund.,
oct 8,"714iv E. OVE.2 . tTO,N, To,. Auditor.
AUDITOR'S IOTICE.L- 1 7/? the mat:
fer of f 7, of IT. S. Przraton. ctreeas,d.' Ir
thrr Court of Common Pleas of ItradforApounty.
ruo mulctsigned appointed bythe o.phan'a Court'
of salitCounty an 'auditor to marshal the assets and
distribute funds in the hands of the - -actrutnistrator,
of rail estate.- will attend fa the duties of said ap
pointment. at hie office in the borongh:of ToWanda
on FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 24, 1871, at 1 o'clock p.
in.. at which time and mace 411 prrsoiiii haciug
claims upon said money are required to present the
Ramo or bo d,..bat•red from coming in upon said
money. • B. IfcREAN.
Tosi•anda, nic: 3, int
I •Notice is hereby :risen that all persons indebt
ed t the estabs of GURCE , ...: CLARK. deceased, late
of Lhrlinctom are, requested . to make immedi
ate ,'rokyinent, and all persons having, claims against
• „aid estate. must present -them drily authenticated/for
t.citlenient. ' - - BENJ. M. CLARK,
0ct.5.'71.wc, 1 Administrator.'-, ~.._
Notice is hereby given that all persons i ebb
ed to the estate of WM. W. EASTABROOK . ate of.
T, , W11111 tp.- dee'd. are ree nested tn make i mediate
payment. and all persons haying claims sizainNt said
estate must present the same dilly authenticate,d for
sittlement. .117 LIA ANN FASTABROOK,
arms Gonit
Notice is heretic CiVf`ll that'all Persons Indebted
to the -estate of JOHN F. DODGE. late of Terfy, are rennestNl to make inaMedUite pay-,
ment, and all persons having CnItTEIR against said es.
tate must prest•nt the same duly anthenticated for
settleaut. JAMS E. DODGE,
tvw :St
_LI that application will bodnade at the nest meet
ing of the Legislitanre of Pennsylvania for the in
g orporation of a Saringit Bank, tote known as the
Towanda Savings Bank. to -have a capital o • fifty
thousand dollars. with authority to ingress the
'lO2O to any amount not exeeeding three- lin dred
tholisand dollars. The objects of said bank ate -to
receive money - on deposit and to discount notes.
tills, .kg.,..and to exercise gencial banking-privileges.
to be located in tne borough of Towanda, county of
Bradford, with' authority to t-stabliah branches at
other places in said county,
juno L',,'7l-Cm. - •
NOTICE is hereby giv,ep_ that 4p
plic•ttiotrxill be tuadeprtltsr Legislature
nf Poin,mlyania for the inciorporat onof a Savings
Bank, with discounting and depOsiting privileges. to
bedoeated at Wyalusine: Bradford County. with a
capital of £25.000. with the privilege to increase- the
R3lllO to $1 4 10.000. under the name and styie of the
Wyal using Savings Bank. - • 0(1..18 •
I.lNotice Is horgks given that all persons indebted
to the estate of NEHEMIAH GREGORY. late of
Wilmot. deed, are requested to make. immediate
payment, and all persons having claims against said
estate must present , them duly, authenticated for
settlement. MARSHALL S. GREGORY.
°eta-wt.; . Executor.
Notice is hereby given that all parsons indebted
to the estate of Levi - Huffman. late of Wilmot
ttrp.. daccased, requested to make Immediate
payment, and all persona having claims against
said estate must present them dnly authenticated .
for settionent: . JOSFInf EBERLtN.
oct:2 1-w6-
lit ee is hereby Mien that - all penning indebteil
to the estate of JICO W. BOWMAN. late - et Monroe.
&rear:4; are requested to mako
payment, and all personti having claims against said
estato must present them truly authenticated feir
B. B. BOWMAN. - •
A. la, T T TN.
Notice is hereby given theta! personsindelieT
to .tho eatato of AMOS PIETWE, late of 'Troy.
deceased, aro requested to make immediate_RsyMent
and all persons having claims against said' estate
moat present them duty authenticated for • kettle.
no% .13.1r6 ^ - Administrator.
ti (I. W. WM,.
fora ministrat,r