Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, July 13, 1871, Image 2

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    News "Piot -o,3lllrabi
---Tragurer Spinner ,ezlicick 4
home again next mouth. • ;;" ; •
Captain Hall of the Pillar tape
dition; leases a yvtfe.and childrenlit Cincinnati.
Wisconsin abolitt! hod g rand-ants
on the'first of July. ' •
!—When lffisecrari'doctore disagree
thug shoot one another in the neck. -
--Ono Indian in Oregon was
banged himself forpro.,.
e Dolly eyes are inna .111 .Bit;
inhigham.. They ECU them by the'bogaboad.k.
anCoP.e.otiqut , ilukY beakikdr*
to suunnon ton sheriffs sale.
--A. ;dissatisfied sea lion! !
impUtated a man's legntan Minot& mfMapric.
Baltimore young•llisdy. 11;.s
opun - cd a school fur American I dall'en in
—There are 2,700 in. the
patio echoon of Lancaster.
---.The Boston -Yacht Cirib.vigited
the koala on Julyith. -
, -
--Sevpn steateshiptileft Ilew York
fur Enropo on Saturday, car ,rying a very large
number or passengers.
--The Democrats of Clinton will
Loll thair county com i Ontion on tbiiitla of An
—A horse thief named 'Littlejohn,
dug out of A,we.steru-jail last neck in just ten
tuiunt es.
1 .
-=General Kilpatrick is On his farm
imin New"leray and ia preparing a" w lecture
for next Fr.
—Gen. I;fooker is still Michigan,
and his`health hi said to bo greatly improved
yjnce he went there. i
. ? —Mr. Edwin Forrest is said.. to
hate already made a =ober'. of *lbeafrical en-
Fagementa for neat season. • —.
fe6aale lectttrer says , the only,
,rlecent:think alxint • Adani was - a rib, arid that
wont tikniake sratiethingelse. ,
•—r,,,altimore,' with a popfilatitin of
three hundred thousand, ham church accummo
, Ahttions for out; hundred thermal:4.-
. ---Bismurk had. to kiss sixty-ha:bd
. Rome roung ladies at a• "recent reception, and
di l it 'without the-assistance of a clerk. •
An Indiana court roomwas re
cvntly enlivened by spinning Scotch snuff on
the inuttache of a sleeping lawyer. • '
—Miss Blanche- Davenpott, the
-L44, , enna-: daughter of E.,L. Davenport" is going
is Europe to 'study for he operatic stage. •
—Twenty-one ontana,:laches re
venny arrived at Rio City on - their way East.
not ono of whom was ttended by a gentleman.
Jainos, a member of the.
titato r,egislabiro from Doddridge connty in
ls&N, shot himself on Jnne 30, a Wheeling, Va.
—The French Government _has
demanded the • early evacuation of tho forts
near Paris, now occupied by the Germans.
—A commission has been appoint
edliv France to tale ovidenee in that conntrc
and England na to thv 'working of commercial
.•--Cren..Tohn C. Fremont intentl
... _ J.. spend the summer months atMonnt Desert
on the coast of Maine, "where ho has purchased
r small island. -
i . - —1 shark eanght . off Charleston .
bad A pair of Mint's, a scalp, -two cannon . bails
• _ and a package crr . . , :nday school tickets an Lis
stomach. . 7 . - %.:, . .
.. - —An enter - piising farmer, in order
to supply the market with fresh eggsAtings
his hens along and lets thentlay in the wagon
ontlra waY4
- a •.
_ -(—lt is said: that the wind blows
with such force in Colorado, that when a ninti
logo; his hat he hastn telegraph to the nest
station for some one r .t,it.
. --Sam DatterWorth, the* friend . of
General Sickles in the Key affair, has graft(
enormously rich, it is said, in California, and is
. rated .ft t $2,000,000. , .
--Washington is about to lose on
of ittriuu6t aneimit Willard's
is to be dismantled, and its well-wornlitrnittire
;;old to the highest bidder. "
—A. new coffee-pot astonished a
ponma, family in Indianapolis by blowing off
the top of the athve, and fignkhing them their
eatiee in the manner of a sfiliwer bath.
—During a tliunderand hail stoykr.
at - Rockford, Ala., 11 dog _was killed, by light
ning while being fed by a child. The child was
not hurt.
—A woman advertises itt ate Nash
:ilk papers for her children, sit*T that idin
tin:: had twenty-seven, and hnowg:.,the wlwrra
bon t s "family three of them :
—Who having no 'ren'ard for his
character, would not be a New Turk Alderman,
WIIOSO iuc , ugh is 4arionsly estimated at from
SSOO,OOO a year?
I .
week a car containing six
tpils of tireti6* dollar gold piec s es and n million
t , tiqratjp mntilated.enrrency, j):ll.mtrfrigni San
l )11110e0. to Omaha.
is a curious factoiemonStrated
I n . the recent British census, that the. , Impala:
tion.of Ireland is actually ICES than the number
ail /riali who are in the United States.
• . •
is feared that the National
Assembly -will, from the result of the recent
elections, be greatly disordered,and -that it will
to gain a working majority.
is estimated - that the people
of the United States pai-$100,090,000 a year for
medicines and medical senicer, eschisire of
25,000,000 for patent medicines.
—A snake about fifteen feet long
was gligC.OVerOd BOUM time ajto in Ule woods on
the side of the count) - road _connecting the
Leesluirg with the Washington tnrnrilo,
tretnendons titorm passed over
the lower portion of the city of Wheeling, on
the 4th; unroofing eoveral /tow ns. .nroat.dtirn
zige wiit.cdone to The iwheat and corn crops in
blaTslaall connty.• . - -
—There are ninny practical inns-.
t rations in Mjnnesota (lone point of agreement
between eats and rate--their taitte tor' spring
eblekens. Poison, powder. and shot aro the
• 4n:it - preventive& -
- birds Richmond, Var, are
protected by . the city fathers. - An
making it unlawful tb throw stones at, or snare
them, has been passed. The penalty is ten
dollars for cseh offee•c.
—Among the thousand and one
knick-knack•V the trade in which pours wealth
into The coffers of Bostonians, bean-poles form
inoonsiderahlo item. Forty thousand &resold
in their city levery year.
little boy who had been. intik.;
ling the air Melodious with bis , nProallimm cry
ing was asked what was tlto matter, tp which
ho refilled ! .".I've got the stomach , ' ache, and
I'll have it if I've a mind tO.'.
i'Utica Herald assorts 'that
unless the country obtains some accidental out
let for butter now unforeseen, the crop for 1871.
will, taking the average of the season, be . sold
below the cost of proltvfiott.
the - nominating conventions
for ..S4lmylkill county,- the ?6110niti; Democratic
muninations were made : Judge, Mu. H.
Walker.; AasOcutte Judge, John Slattery.; As-
KetilblY,Shrlf•S Xing, James • Ellis, William
Uhler: .
—lloWn arriorig the -Passtunagnod
(ly Indians in Maine, when a man N ets drunk,
. they strip him, bind hinfhand and foot,lay hint
prone upon the ground, and suffer 'him to be
the prey of black flies and intisiptitocii until he
promises to reform. . .
—An Irishman having jumped in
to the watbrito sive, a' Man from 'drowning, op
. on receiving', a quartelTront the person as a re
ward for the.service, looked first at the money:
and then arlaim, and at last exclaimed: "I'm
overpaid for the job.
—A. poor toper,' a last resort for
more drink, took his "tilde r3l !lawn• for liquor,'
but the landlady refused to take - it, "
- said he, "if she won't take my word nor God's
word, it's time to give it up." And . e went and
signed the:pledge and kepi it liithtnlly,
• E. E. Hale is credited
- 'with saving.: "Never is hospitality more charm
-, tug, nowhere are hests`more sedulotts,nowhere
are women more lovely, never:is sympithy
more-genuine, or talk moro wirty or more true,'
than at Class Day' and at commencement. -
j . Coffey, Esq., of .Shippeas
burg, announces-himself ,s
a candidate for the
House of Itrpreseneatives, siibjeet to the decis
ion of the Democratic voters. of Cumberland.
countyii. Mr. Colfey:Was fen the last- few years
editor of the raCry Sentinel at Shippensburg.
2 -The 'mayot of St. Joseptr,
gave permission to wcitizen. to kill two dogs
arhich annoyed him; and -the next morning the
• mayor found,two of - him own dogs - dead. with.
Lis own warrnt ofpermission fir their killing
. pinned•on their bodies. Though be.lutsn't ex
actiy got the hydrophobia, that mayor is mad.
-2fon: Wm.A. Wrilktee, late Speak--
cd.the State Senate., and chairman of the
--Drnaocratic Btate Central Ccurinittee, has been ,
renoritirtAtea for the State •Slinate by the., pc
coooisoy of the Clearfield' district. This driffrict
in overwheltningly Democratic; and has; been -
represented in the State Senate by Mr. W!dlttru .
for a number of years.
fradford Ittport!r.
Toianda, Thursday, July 3klB
• " 4
meotii of the Itepiib
lityptlimr - Committeti - of - Dif&ferAlubtfr - ti
Le Lell tf.therlizrorpm offioe,ia the barough
of Towanda, uesday Jay 2141871; at 2 !Mock
p. m. for the traps4iiikur of impcirtantbusbess.
A full altendan&l& riifinested.
B. IV..ithonrctlen.
The TontMing named gentlemen coMpose the
gtandlng Ct nmittvc, Dana:nen Boris, D. F.
Panic, G. W. Dal - Na,M. D. Fansomi,3l. drain,.
J, M. Team . , Jae DON.LIVI:,, D. 8. ram' and 8.
W. Wenn:,
The Republicans of Baltimore ret'
cently formed a "Gnaw and Cram,-
ox Club," favorable to there-nomina
tiorl of President GnArr, with , Sena
tor CAMERON as this . 'colleague upon.
the ticket; in 1872. This -action: has
called forth the following explicit
and authentic exposition, of the dis..
tinguished Senator's iio6 'aid feel:
ings, the frankness of whieli should
increase the cstecu in which he is
already regarded by every Republi.
can. The article, which- 'appears, in
the Harrisburg Telrgraph, of -the Gth
inst., is' as follows':
"Ten VICE l'ltE6lDEttcY—Attl) Sostrrnixo!—By the authority of Senator Cameron,
and at tus request, we are called en, to. an
nounce, iiiS , 'opipion as to candidates in thelom
ing Presidential contest; And to further - amine
those who 'mine hia opinions In political affairs
thaPtheinjudicions agitation of the subject of
candidates at this time, forces him to break a
Silence which shert:d hare continued until the
campaign now in ANtl?gretts in Pennsylvania
had 14en ended. Ho is not, and *ill not be a
6tudiflate. for the Vice Presidtaacy under any
circumstances. Nei does be attach the: slight
eat "importance. to that :subject. But nu the
Presidential nominee his convietians are mann . -
cd and stroll.. . -
"He desi a c renomination and reelection
of Presider' Ciraot for many weighty ',reasons,
believing li to be the very man, of all men,:
to bring th errantry out of its 'financial and jx.i-..
laical map irations. His management of the
revennes. has been ume.- iiticent. The, steady
payment of the natiol debt Lore beenttie
crowning achievement not one of his admin
istration, but of practical fittueicring.. The
amicable adju44 meet of our foreign relations—
, ant partimatily the negotiation of the Treat)
of \Vashington, wives evidences of the highest
order of statesmanship. His devotion to the-,
mow ef Pinierielii labor-la sturdy Ai! 'sincere.
The anxiety he -csinstantly shops 'to find the
true r.datimirs between comintace and manufac
-tures, and his honest desire to fi:rward the
highest interests of both commend him alike to
the producers and the exchangers of industrial
wealth': And his inflexible determination to
enforse the laws - Makes him a perfect ()nicer, in
all roapecta. - : 4.
" Honest, capable, straightforward, inilcat
ble; and brave, , Le,combines all the elements of
power through which alone the South/can be
restored to peace, order and prosperity.. That
part of our zomitre requires nothing, so much
at this time as a cl r ear conviction that the laws
of the land are to he either loyally obeyed or
mercilessly enforced. They must learn that
the right of a .Northern,Ettitetn or Weld -,-
man is as tempts:to in Pie South as anywhere
elsq.and that the absolute freedom of political'
discussion and action-in every part of thilretem
try is the dearest of all those rights which 'the
war for the Unien settled: There can be n
peace until the Sonth,yields this print , ; and un
der Grant they will learn it soonest. lie can
neither be wheedled nor bellied.. And for this
reason he is the Lest President for that turbu
lent section.
"These reasons, amongst others, control the
juvlAmeet of Senator Cameron ; and lie is so
anxious that Grant shpuld be re-elected that
he looks with chagrin on any and all matters
which shall divert the attention of.the people
front that subject. Pennsylvania Rill do Ler
duty in the future as in the pastrami will find
her reeemperse in her devotien to el% U liberty,
and the Great Captain andcr uhom civil liberty
is BO well maintained: •
IThe determination which the Sen 7
ator here expresses, does infinite
creditto his head and heart. With
that "self-sacrificing 'devotion to the
success of the Republican party, and
the advancement of the best interests •
of the country, whteh has ever been
a loading featurof his political cu
rler, lie sees that the early agitation
of the subject of the Vice Presiden
tial candidate, is only - calculated to
foment • discord, and damage,' the
prospects . -of the party for snecess
this fall. Wlik this determination
is creditable to I.tiln; and while we
doubt not the-time has conic, when'
full of.years, and frill of honors, he..
'desires .for the balance of his days
the ens .and' quiet, of private life, yet,
the country and the party can hardly
spare the 'exp - erience- gained by a
long, :active political. and -public life;
and Will press upon.lim honors
which he cannot well refuse.
Gem Giumunes -views in regard to
the renomination of the present
Chief Excentive, are well and clearly
put.. They will strike Cho Country
with great force, and we presume
Rill meet the hearty .concurrence -of
the great majority Cr the Itepnblican
party. The indientiotis point. to his
I renomination With entire unanimity;
and to his triumphant re-election.
The Country- needs just
_such a result,
to give quiet an 4 peace to the land,:
and Stability •to . our national credit
abroad. The rights guaranteed by
the 4tmendnients to the Cristitution
can only be fSecured republican
ascendency, for,while the Aemocraey
concedes their 'justice by the " new
departure, ". yet there earl lie no cer
tainty- that. they will be • c cirried - out,
• except when the Government is ear
nestly deterniined to ntake . - the - laws
'respected, and life and propqty
cure both North and Smith. •
The administration 'of Gen. GuA--r
has called forth.rmjnit criticism and
. an imadversienfrbinfault-funling and
'captious dtepublicans, but as its poli
ty develops, and the people. have an
Opportunity to .kee how - s faithfully and
honestly the Government is adminis
tered, bow the debt is reduced, the
taxes-. lessened, dangerous and vexed
ones - `.l i ons With .foreign nations' satis
faetvily divulged; and
~pr Caeli and
prosp zrity: within our own borders, -
the Nation says : Well done, thou
good tad faithful servant:" There
is confi dnneethroughout the country
in' Gen. GaAxX's honesty ,and wisdom
—a belD If that he aims to have au
economicul and upright 'edniinistra- .
tion—and* a conviction , which every
day s trent ; Over* reniunina.-
tiOn , is not. yogy politic, but codenlat
ed- Co_prc, g - r,akke' th'esneceass Of- the
.and advance the
highest i atit:cds . Ofilte Country: .
, 'of( appm
cato3lii tztA n of tho' . j."rebi
dential" !: • cannot
....... • . fee .
dpwn tl\O ling Amongst,' the
.. , -. , .• 4nikthe - re 7 election of Gniair
mate illy, tli e PF.44bil
h e ' .
-: 7 , , .::"..:
.:' .. .
of the • . : :..,,, akiii4,:: ~
- ~,-
e 1 " ... 744
.‘ ' l 2 -. ‘ - :e,.: of **--
_,,,-,.,WitiAitr i Mitliiii- e
policy w i`ch has been piusuc4. -- i , .
"sober second - thought of. tho'bi>-•
plO" is idvitys Tight, and in this clam,
I 7: . A . e ,nii3iiiibi, J lßirfelitiec - teZ.
--mil. At on Monday,
a decision was rendered in the case
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvan
tor of Mines, - against Bernie! Bon?,
nell,lr:.; and 'nib:irk Aunt; for the
first time since.the Iliinc} ~Ventilation
law was enacted; fifteen months-ago,.
that law has been ripristived and ea
forced. The cludges *inst the *d--
fendants,,who are the owners -. and
managers of a, colliery in
county, are that in the wine there is
no communication with any' second
opening or outlet which may serve as
a place of egress, for the miners; that
a theta' tube was not maintained from,
the top to ,the bottoth etthe shaft, to
serve as a means of coliversation be-
tween persons at the top and bottbea
of the shaft; that there was-no )lufft;
eicnt *covbring for the carriage for
raising persons from , - the mine, and
that there was no ,suitable brake' to
the dram. This' i caine- up. in cataity
before the Hon. Garrick
ding: The •iTudgi, in !onelrling
his remarks, said that the Court,' in
the dischargo of its duties arising un
der, the provisions of this_ act, and
with no other motive-than that spring
ing from it sense of etrreiritohligation,
world, whenever occasion mighty
arise, and as lOng as,this iaw remains
upon the statute book, Administer it ;
Strictly, and in MicOrdance-with its
plain and unmistakable tenets. - The
Court, in accordance with the deci
sion, coptinned*, until furthe order,
the • injunction • made at the com
mencement of the action to prevent
he defendants from working-the col
laion. iu tangible form has been.mide
of the imniensity of the sum levied by
Gerfitany upon France si indemnity.
Necoril -,, to this‘caletilatiou if tle
aniouut were paid in - English cover=
eigns, whic s li for the purpose of cal
ciliation in lind „numbers, may be,
taken - at $5 each, the weight would
be '1,568 tons, 1 - 2 quarters, and
5.5-71bs. Piled up, one upon the oth
er, thesecoiris would reach a height
of 191"niles, ft - trltu e ls. 11 poles,'
yar 1, 2 feet, 2 inches; placed edge by
• ge they. would exteu4,2,962 miles
nearly; use for paling they• :would
cover more: than 19 acres tif \ grattnd;
melted down they.woUld make a mais .
containing 2,811 cubic feet of solid
metal; and, - supposing one
man to count them over ,at. the rate
of 109 a minute for 12 hoirsa day,
it would ttrielhini
. 222 days to com
plete his task.
—On the lid instant the water in the .
Canal broke through the bottom into
the - old workings of Alt Burroughs
Colliery on the Plains, and formed
hole from. 21.; to r 30 feet in diameter,.
and about (RI feet in,idevtli_to the
chamber of the immense
.amount of water soon poured in and
also filled to . a considerable extent
the Enterprise Colliery, owned by
SWOY Eli. • The vast amount of lurid
came(l into the mines will require
maelklithe aud',..eiPense to' remove.
The Lehigh Valley -Mt . Clomp iny,
the Owncrs of the canal, are busily
engaged in filling up the break. The
water was prevented - from , entirely
filling the mires by means Ofi coffer-
dams on each side of the . break.—
Pitt,if»i Gazelle. r.
The Reiniblicatt party not on=
ly eared the life of the . Government
and defeated a wicked. rebellion or
ganized to distroy . it, butit has man secure a confidence 414
credit of the nation which it never
before possessed:'' nVen with an im
mense'nationat debt; it is easier for
the Government to ',harrow money
now than it was when it liad nodebt.
The reason• of this Is that Republicans,
now rule, in Whema the people have.
confideuix,„ . Whimeyer4niuteiers are
willing to trust an adrainistrutipti,
too peeple Can with safety rely . upon
it They who pay. their debts, are
they who do their duty, and
. deserve.
to be trusted. -
te3.. It is estimated that the wheat
crop of Jersey couuty,lllinois, for 1871
will yield 1,000,000 bushels; and it ik
undoubtedly the largest and best crop
since 1861. Redish has 12,000 .
bushels, Tilliam D Landon, 5;000,
Henry 0.- - 'AL.wiey : 6,ooo., Judge Oliver
T. 4,0.00, James -F. Barnett
-4 4,(100, James ; I). Russell, 3,1500, CoLi:
Fall C. Wallcer 4,500;6 i3irkenineyei
3,500 Isaac R. Ely 3,000 CoLIV.4I.
Sr.,.Fulkerion 4,00 k Wxu. -3.V.A.damsi. .
3,000, Wm. Kirby ;3,000; and John D:
• De" Anotherterribie Rail Road ac
cident occurred en . ;Tuesda.T, list be
tween and Hickman en the
Mississippi, to a passenger train pass.:
ing over a weiik bridge—fell through
in a ruin into a little river—the Harp-,
eth whieh it qjbsses, about eighteen .
miles from lii slwiUe.. Thu read is it•
poor affair and the- struetaru at toss
the stream proves to hut() been tri
ado to bearthe weight ,of the train.
ifteen perils* were kited-outright
and twenty-five Wounded. ,
Gen. 14' ; ‘:1AN reamk ihe - 15,0- : ',
itrray, lieecuse he
result of the war le, put "nun': the
rebellion,- - 14 - !ktl4 ; he to
emancipate the slave net! earanchisa:.
the fr en: - He now 'soli; loyal teen.
-of till ra,eub and color , to vete for him.
thlcy so?
visa i'sumr.
z• -
, Our Je*Apn •• . .1602°_TAlkird,
4 4jV i rgive Tburnst,7 :
:14114.,110int '''! • • Wire Party,
' vs foriiiiena Safi ire had all desired—
a .4' 4 ',social life of California.
illation for the next
,t; • • t - Of -Mr. Itaurrcee, one
of 61111. llis residence •is
situated a . miles from the city.
Sending a carriage for manse, be had arranged
country seats on the way to hie own.: Thos
were laid mitt with infinite varletprzsdAsste
they sold be In no other landiers prodigal in
all the . gilli of the "e&th, - Incladrnrinditnited
gold from ipaip .vistains at Itict appeal optlsail
owners. Th cf Writ Itht deeir'ind ihe
it easy to fancy -one's -Alf to gngland vislttae
tlio hems or the: We atertakl to hi=
Vect* r e 4 o lllB b l o. 3l.l ;xhi
106mA !dine; *Wes, wands la ;td.
this altogether: too‘ ; ' lt *U b otla
ot.tho choicest; weeds, n 11611160 sithaliipillotta
care, at en enormous exposit: A "tirectiintne".
!deaf id to. the hooie.for • giving and receiving
orders. Should fallen forint/ea xodneeita pam
'peredpeetepants. idhp . (sfr9f ci.lveon.lx.asts,
qry, siyAd 4kispl , locts 0t t4c 4o*st, slmmine,
At last we diire
,made? p. Racions archway,
And are crliertd inti)t-iitii ortlintr: 41/Ib
lien, bit PalaCe. Innumerable
mirrors magnified and extended thd ricw, re;
tatting our dreams of oriental tplendor and
magnificence. name twenty feet in` height
opened into each other—some With 'deers of
glass raised by weights-into eerresponditig pan
titian* in the wall r -.others*ere hcid back by at
tack. made tit siirarwifichilicptied hate &pacts
in tho floor. Chandeliers of hung beet
£he. eti4ius!‘ . The Agoonl were !matte of highly
polished woods. - The- dLawing.-roopt, slwae l so
situated as to be seen from all
,points, had a
carpet of richest lictes,.githag-tiMs the neilled .
idea of inymth. ' Cho k es! pain t tinga -decorated
the trails and r a r e rasca:antrbranzes 'from el
lsiide wet ife'verY. *
' The gronuds received Melt share of atten
'Liu/4 arid not the fetaflnt'ertstir4 orbit leas that
tame .1.4)V here" 'Oat thirty:
/tie Of:hts ;eighty hesste.44 -but tAig vide tyell.
worth . ..look/6g at; A ivalk wasiklad allowed n s
thriingh the kitchen and ilartudry, dem/mute
where we eau air. s or beVe4 Cl 2u)/enjtho paz,
fm mil main Labor of the house. We should
51 1 ? thr6 . k.;,01 12 1 1 /oe ` itt ti) col:Nan/put their
cod T 14,7- - A
niiii - e - deitti4lk appVinteil, gild:. de s ::
*ions repast: maid t hive Veen , pi - Tat - Oa:
'lt was served by txv(PPerfecrty trained and still
! fal trenchwaiters. • •
How cutii 1, on? Aes4itiAil
.toad the. rt of vntertiiitiott Uer graceful
and unaffected manner-7as rtennittant
tion, end the nnutmlAnce of this lairy-like:
abode moat inctimpicte .without her,
'to perfectly did she,kuu - monizo and snit-if. .1 Sel
dom do we see wealth placed in the hands of.
One so fitted to 4014 and witobi'' it. -
Friday night (June tttli) we spent at San Jose.
This city has about 12,000 inhabitants and mut.
pr4seil ni by its stir and activity. Our old friend,
- Gen. Isu.l r, resides here. Ifo carnet° sec us
at the - hotel and incited ns to dine with-him the
tie:,t day. In tlie morning me visited the Alma
den onieksilrer mines, eleven mf's? trim the
city. We rentr,red into a. tilturit h r Healzan
and Cornish miners fir todiles• each of whom
carried a candle ti a Lnal loo}:
_fork. After
examinitig . and totrhing the ore it, it, Orit.i'lLl
l_mt ate, we cliu. rwa again into ,laylight • feelirui
htth. ws..t L.nd trieh otn - Jan:poled feet ; far
~, Tho pr0.., , s - of mitivei ling
j ibe gnteL i 1 c i into vapor and info a morbte.
n'r eondifior; 'by the cona , ..libilig 11 ,, Wf of -cnI(l,
wa. Atn4vn ns. The metal, as it i i r e v c 1 its
way slnii,gi<hly thrfingli the s condurtrrc
pared for it. reminded otir L.l the writhlngs of
a huge serpent. Thit the interesting part was
to see it in; a IniA kettle and watch large pieces
of iron floaton its - surface. Gold and
alone resist it and a:nk. Yet candor (-impels ns
to confess that most. of - WI WC) e heartay glad
when the tour to Alulden mines b-eame
accomplished: Not so our re kings nn !caving
Gen. Ntri),m. , 4 liosiqtal.l.• roof. Our stay_thore
was far lee short. A . tinst wilk through .fin ,
este.M'sivis v ineyard. , -11 09.!1f. of the..beantiful
shrutibery`and trees—a dinner where in tic
Iloreef sent the stranger intermingled not ,
el"ePt (1141 1 win , waited) and the . un
welcome ',knock dime.' A voice aniimine“,
" Carriagap ready-. just ten minutes to catch
the train.": Snatching at the same. time our
waterproedi and a kiss from the two pretty ha
bit s, we-tatie our Of iiliu leave and reach the
too familiar railway oe lice It caceit.t, hack
. for the third time to San whiell re
ally begins to look .I;tite homelnke. Sunday we
t'".); the first .day of- abaoitile rest heal
iadrilged in since the I., , g.:inningof our way. 1. , r-'
trigs. We found it a most iv-Pm:lie experi; . . nee,
r4mtereil the metre St, by riveriog - news from 1
home. Monday In"rning, thrcugli the himl
rieg, of Mr. Fn, is our wish for a sail ttl
the bay was gratified. We went nut ins steam
pleasure yachf, - ehartered for the purpose. Now
we get best tiew of the city and envi
rons. 04ilatid, the 'Jersey City alien Frisuci4-
/ooiss : west.'lho earliest Mad
best fruits and vs g+. are raised Lcie. We
riot around with lightnipg,.. inked surbe4t the
Wands that dot the bay, noel as the Arom.; wind
lIBC uti l • the °olden (ink," We enter iliermin.
Ifacl not the rough ^:-at proved a barrier we
shortie! haTii gone theiter.itito the 'often 'Ocean,
Pitishig "...Seat node' on the war. But we -rt - ime
forced' , to'lletritee our course—lstiling once,
betrever,lo- exiMatno ono of the largest dry
docks in the world, !milt out of a solid rktr...
Each of the rnammoth engines primp ant 42,-
090 gallens.of water iu :tr.. how., etaptying
by tunic the ta , t recepktele .I:here-skips : are
A carriage (not our ,yacht i trausvortoil to 'in
the afternoon to China, us t4s.! quartet aerottatj
to the Crit . tials.i.s,calluil. ' , '11 . (1 I
hare pert ' .. 'Zie,* . esl,•;:o l -t;" if aboAeq v r Oh ; ,ig te h
a Pl'ol NT0:1111 Tit VC!. n iliingly iait a nceendtia4t: l ]
rent i tinti.o. it arpropriate: ' Itar 11" Mi
tr, ; mAing an I :10 .
.a i.
mighty one It reryairA, IWO wulod through i ev 7 -
tanrant,al;ey an I Ja>b ftonse.:and wutnel np
the day tr a ',ben their theatre.. Thus
I aving/Kt eat. with their chop 11,
intaolto op;nza; offcr,told and tlriuk to theiriiluls,
and ituttaa tlolusetcyr huunila b) . 'Aida
the ;Imam of eats hecanni.uo, harmunion4; we aro . .
preparett not frotohoar6ay h - .lt i'; um
personal ohe.crvati:nt, that " theheathen (lira
is poeureir,'
Twenty-ar‘t• tholvarol Jr 11:c? , :, rnri o n t .: bringis
Swett the isTalation of San Fralleißto. which
bowls in Juhlitkal of a
-aprinkling , i,
of peopt
speaking twenty•differmat thalOet.s . : 11411 . 'day
only remain'', before we mutt Litho our LW teat c
of the city, and our eyes and fret become weary
in our anxiety to ~yike the Of it. .Wu gaze
.at the par..iers by and shop
... a.tteraately. .TllO
articles in the - gruatrit dcn,anil at 0144 sea-au
ar , ,.lo, mid rota. ~I;(- :oirht 1 , ,
caM3ltsingolar iu ~or tapt,,:ratl:uua• we:slionlil
.14 n a mo ; lin Jrcrs toil cov.l it with a a ihter
sail.;—!ant this is
. the .. 3 . 1. i;;,; 1 do , here. .I i.
pas . s.oin. holy in ;ars and lon. friervi amlkinlr I:K.-
, 41.1e10 , i- in a lacy shawl: With a clear t4ty aril
a siimm7:l4 'sun, winds may at any inornent
arise making the heaviest clotting a' necessity.
What a city of e:ptraata! %rhea shall . re see its
like; agate? Onr leisure- raumrst b , nio'ro'pidly
10 ,
/lying, ae ,
turd we )itiplete speedy o• 4
r . prepara
tionPCs the To SerriitoValley---w miry werely .
eruerge!adder if lint wiser peop e. Thati.m- -
phoratiodeutled, we pur,,o-e turidn;; our rates
ca-twartr - aucl liapit.l . Unii tuwarih , home. 31.
VA4zuserroy, no* 30, 1b7.1
: Able onnaber of the
of tided : 4.cent F .a,bnalesry4e atconnt. Of a.
trip by the Aiglr Joints to 4arpfr's Ferry and
vrhereha ;bulge_ IkitL fs 'made to tio
contit for the presence of Jefferson's fleck :nits
present in.sition, by vtating it AvascarritA there
by Jra-rr.rsos iu lii;saildle:har,s, etc., and that
to balance the weight thercol, ha pa the Con-'
athution it ho other end of said bags, adding.
as a invtlar explanation, "the Coestitntion
had considerable ?De ed in these days." All
which is very comic, but we doubt if the writer
trf paid article reeliretl knit inivemnie it mast
b. Mild to iiitioiatiiliettils of otir es-Atkin:Ky.%
G: uurat ichowe devotion to Conitititiori
as teas" neay bveasily; c~pjs~irrgl , nLcn that
P9nistitittion r tive r ram
inn redress the: Outrage of a Ina, of
sootlicra Vhicatty 7 -11:ayrn race the inark!.-1
fiva Chas,l 4 .g . 'and Avoid
'o l.o lli t#: katlelr biza for at
te.ripting to a crtaln b 21 trig in their
tvuttA. xh.vth. r titizow; ''f Mar6.1 , 1111.4-tts hid
airy this' eltivllryTr•-relhonal
tor...speet. , '
The real opinion of oar taco Attorney Omer ! ,
al rosy* gathered front the ids - ea*.
midi* which the writer heard It** on *0
math* whe n
,llgtged hy Denali* .palt!.
Wan o ornate tiffbilishailitiltr *
centione IVO 'ilia Ad* ~14)
mmoit.*:4PrillatigOV~Lq sew A 8
2. l r*..thuciat:
and WV'
thororighlY roused'', ho citclittned 1314 We.
propose to ran this Governmelit Irate:Atm De
claration of Independence in front; ire shall
follow the Constitution where it squares with
.4 1 E 1 gie liiiStitry!',. And Rhein it differed
itninad, and Dina ood . rliv hare
ai - tart niter mangled banner which - does not .
PlAAV 4 o •STmillions,it, ~frett and four millions
14 1 1( (
And not the least of the great victorice sot
RI - heWirli - thit tEit: ein — orstiit:;
:1541140,cowitigttiolos were roado for the peepli,
mad not OP POP*, Pic 'the nonstiSillotti: we
Iniro an.ponstitntioua
is the,Wdl of .the Tmple, and that the power
that creates '4:greater then the thing -*god.
a rea For , soars Pilita lia%* li‘ 4 d and
'sniVfred under it !brut of thicernment brought
into being by a ecenintridiser between right und
wrong, and run hip ininbrity 'of our • popido
, thin, which protected by i clink in its. Tula
mental late, s rystem 'so cruel ?and demotallz-
Mg, that so deadened, 'and dulled the
national sense: of Justine and right that we not
onlystibinitted to' the ettlbreement of it higitive
:dare law, tut hewed tho hetittiefore the dic
tum of the Deed So3tt ilechion,usy; thronghont
the South, the infamous doctrine that capital
should own labor, that all laborers white or.
black should be slaves. Such a doctrine as this
toned : utterance goltunttx of De
and ether foninals or the highest
standing ariit were . read endorped and idea
eated hy the noverLdng class of that section.
. ,
. iinfh rAs rho state -or
. pnblic opinion antler
utfte eitinstatlinr ax it - wirti°- and etrell the
itato of morality to, wttiolt Me' 14114o:its Ur
"the lost rause' wonlel ftist remand cur natio:
The wonder iii that ainangs poirple turbo imet,
men sian be fitnlt# 'aim trill yisrstfler ydar vote
• Pit the majority of .411 e, Democratic party do t_
fnemen :advmatc ditch atri
pcycr Imre rtdiic4
. iu .
laborinkclaeses, 1)44.14 antic
their Tei,yl.4t to preveht emancipation in one
lanA, and nre . 'eveu nono'rereittin,' , 4 their" elfortil
only to' qtaidt tbera take a ,frtsh lurid
and etrirk to be t ter the nide
tbriiir ii? the reconatrnelion metienre*: atter
tbefatlial have obtained control 'or the, Gov
erntrumt by a pretended :ancintoseence: in the
solidity of the Yak '-
Trait vontstitation 'hod -conalikniblv
weiglit in Ulnae dart," to thus ,inibilthl all the
tgMeow' indigeation of 'aprottil; pkuplo, jest-
Ohs of their frsec tem and make, thcin t4 l ne l Y
submit to iriinit at 'home and
,abroad on ac
count of system which,- majority of
themyronli bate nnlicaltatingly prarrouttepl
In the' lgingnagm of Mo . Onus
":mm of all rillatnim"
Tint at last are - hitecilearrte! that wi cannot
1 , 1 ad authority ris's bar whet: cnikd to socinutt
Tor mar tuitional Vranseresstom and 'that Chnl
Till punish fur sin, even though piuk•ctod by
the constitution and henceforth nu great 0:0
p.qent wrong can caibt uMiuestioned stitomrf
this people muter cover of law.
Front henceforth thh people mai take truth,
lot - authority and not a•lth. , rity for tnrtfi.
NkMES.—'rhe West Chester
denounces Cicn.
less, {he Democratic candidatii for
Auditor ( leneral, as a "vile, debaiicli;
ed trickster;,7 a "political prosOnte
that is governed by the most scilich
and : sordid niotivc§." We are Mit
prepared to combat this Democrat
ic testimony as to the private Char
acter of their caudidato, tint sineecrly
hope Ilia, it is not as had, ris
t 24 What the Democratic ,party
did, and what it 5t for doing 'it, is
IlmS tersely set forth by a votempo-
It anpported ~.3.32d boatel). .
It . Csillutel,a:lred -au.lwa4 iwatea y .
It s": 111) rt
pet;..- M-any-prfr ,
t• '3)O
Win bt.";:ten.
It adv.eatvil rE•pudattatm--antl WAn ht./di l l!,
1i nlgatee•d oral law. , and v-ent.r.t) Afflreago
atl,l wa. akji.
Ne.s , Aavertizements
F 01: SALE—Onr hd rrPt. onr lot
any dr.tred midth or lengtli. eanited nearlYi .11 ,6-
rute. O. 1). Bartlett'a Foundry. Or prop , rty fc , t the
latrlarnN4 \laYer.•on. Apply to
• jn151211 _ ELIZABETEL 11A.KINSoN.
that all boat" mill:int* and nut- , n dm. , this
Ann up 1 , 0". 1 4,Ily brat toolt be hotlleol by the
luetaut, or the taint. wilt phw,l In ntlaW hand^
rot collortloy. ; :2-113.411.11.1. ItaItYTHERS.
Towanda, July 1. Ls:l.
lies oixa4,l a Tailor Eolltma
%Vat Market. formerly oer riod 1.'11.1.7ary, Tali
ler. Yrolle long experiesa . he feel' tmatklent
can glvo full . 141.1 01 1. en Cl 4 LIC time stall thuc(.
Tourtuti. Jn1T10,•11..73m SPAPLDINO.
0.-iIIIOX.—XII persons TI are he r 7 ei) 3 ..
N.." , obuni4 aroinat porvSaPlng, 2 note 01'ml by.
INI in , laitri:rarl - Alr May or &not June.ls7l. to
the I:Am Li:414131n )10..1 Gumpau,y, aS OW suit.
%SM. , oi.taiu•••l thrmuth Stara anti we 'lair rr,01c,•,1.
me raw then for. ati,l*lll not..val ,the nem eel t'''e'
couir'Re'l IT low- . PATRICK 811E1.111N, •
iVillialtataiirthe. 21, 10n...w:5. •k
- 12 RI:D(4:E LETTING: --,Settlo4 pro=
postla trilt bo.iotetbroit it WC Akira ot eliarl..l ,
-Taylor. to prank am trallably, oak SATE 'lnky, .it - tir
49.1971. mail 2 o'clock p.m.. for' tl?eArrilldlnt: ' awl
eomplettOg of a bridge a4•llori TolouvlrNrer L.,. tztar
Isai.l place. ,Siv--tfloatiorm,i for theaara4; rialy fit Peqn
at tbe• Comm' aalover'e etlife. --and at the lit Orr ' of
(~74arle.a Taylor, for aria tiaya,previunsio Laid let;it t • •
-.. Ezr, . , , ,, Loo3tr, .. 1
_ ~.
' • . ...1.: (7: KELLOGG, • •-
-,, , Cofinmboamarta.
cdtinuotaioner Mx, July 13, 1.7.1., •
Vt. W A 11.11 - ANGE 311}1 N
a aifilawthar bating earno to tha coicitittion that
thia•go,4-unegOare ahlta to Taylor their work al 1141
lune ail another, and that lo• ' , aorta trmi nakt
malice nothing, has come to ata•!• co:2,4lllam* to Mirk,
for ready Alta July lOW al cloak• all ota•
outnta. and work for the ..rgady," Irreapectou 0.0
- persona, and all persons 112d1.1444 to tam no ..0
kitul aettle at ono. Tlin following will be the pne.s
for horm• 141toew; 3.1 costs; Toeing.
eviler.; tiettiug, 12 cents, and all oiltor work in Ira-
Thia is 110 wind, Lot uo•an,
June Z.),
S'alactrUCl. JUnei "4.
_MONDAY', JLT LY 1711-1,
. . , .
/ Ct , :irtir twilit: at 1 , 1 o'clye 1; a.E.I"
. , t
• . I
. .
THE. ETUNITURE OF Tlll , l Villa) Iluti
And will coptinrA from lay to ay null all it , ills-
posotl of
-The prop( rty ronaista C.abliget Ware o 4 r all
Dc' rlstrails. Bedding. B ed
. Snrinws„ Bureaus,
Solis, a:writes, Chairs . Tal e (Arrirtir.
Crockery. Silver and Ptstrd Ware. tibutaware, Storrs
and Illdre Pitm, hollow Ware. Tiwirarr, Limps and
. air We will also sell for cash on accisuat al, 'whom
it way coticern, a lot at cuaclanuctl Waage, to pat
'tor storage and hotel bills.
TERMS—AII sales of $lO -or less. cash; orer $lO
and not to excfte , 4 $25, three months credit; Ores!
$25 and not to ezekecl SM. skc months credit; 'Over
f!A), nine months ereett. An. notes Tto be psyable
at itatik: itlth appro‘ed endorsers.!'irlth latent/I.
A Jaluctipaof ten pus ttmt• will 1..4. made roe rash
on all bids over $lO.
Lt. MOE, Anctknrer.
p1y12 . 71/tr.
nu:l most- DnITABLF. lead irtpeiti:t .
MAL rrut. for coltnarS - purytk‘te dagtihr,staro.
etz•i•. For ?We t the _ • '
. Tweble mulct pro bttlatel, at tilt' .4;r1.4 Ifotii.... or fit,
t;en real .Iftlicrrtd. :'- tria330.140.
- . - - -- -.
... . .
at JcC.UiE It 3nrs.-
REWAREtia-' 4 114
tax, wig pm.aiedisLiat"
isakelLll4lt . 41;,D, L
. - ..
. . .. _ •,
!t • --4 , 1 v, z.; • • •
bi p .
. • - , •-• i m mulux.- Lox.
Ornos and door cut r is tor Rein
dews. comer ie and _,..,_,.. , •
Towanda. Jaw Zt. MI.
A large lot of Loathed , Nets riling at $3 50 per
=lidos!' them oat. Also a Ana lot of Liam
Ilboots. Thus goods are °Bored at a grant
lx J egaln
1.. U
' 11131PILRET DUOS. -
. _ .•
(iEITER . i 4 ARGiINI3:
Ss it is
• V
S E TR.11).1:,
And the gLititl3 will be tiold ut
HUM 111101.11Eits:
Towanda. 1:471.
THE 'lO , WA is DATF - 11 : 1E, -
• .11,
IN, URANGE .-1 1; II ...V CI 1'
3iKE'AN - fi TItACY,
rinsT co3Fxs,l7!
sir Pig lotaics pruzupt4 adjust !
at gas agen , Y. .
Men, not Ton Din.llVUlt.ll eot-runec Lus.t4
Tie relleeing Ine duly- ItuLtiorfzed to
Sakti, inmarance for tbltimency: J. A. Itncostn, L.
S. ANIkOLD. Jon] V D. L. finix.rgluVL. C.
' Mice In Patch'' block. Main E.tiTt•ti
TOWarati, J111'615, TW7I , : - • • •
T '"
Toistoda. June 8, UM.
VARSI FOB SALE.—A good.Farrn'
.1: sit9aked plc mix: trt•ch Tonna& and two
mike from Iktonaocton borough. containlng 125
acres, 40 acres , cleared, with a good barn and young
orchard on the ramie a. Timber enough on the
land lo pay for >be turn. Ma hums.* Attuned on
the main mad: leading frOm Towanda to Albany.
Tenni tO intitlawdmaars.. •
'041.30-4/lIIET. HOUSES AND LAT 4 IN, TOW-
Vett\ 1101%01 - 611 TO, It. RALE— . Situated de Poplar
SCllliet abaft Nfeatern: Menne. Theis homes arc
nem bring. built a'nd will be completed on August
Ist.' - Good teen cistern. and cellar with each
ittether taartitnlara aadresa or enquire of
„ , .W.
t' !tea; White'''. mad Mao More. Towanits,
nd aroicntt tt • rox_k-mzectrem,
i•. T. sainu
We will offer
will du well to'
MA! , t ) H iMPROViaI
A. FILL !ANNOY fiErr.nAr.
us the quattltvat
New Advertise/was.
, - i 1 i
1 d -. '' ci
.. 1 :•Isift,ll4:cr
• E . ::-- - a -
•, . ...
.0 .0. -.• :„..p., ~. „
• .6. 0 C4' c, 0 -'',
E td 1 0 E 4 If. VI
in .4 =
• « 4., „ca... iki: 6.4 A. Az co • 1
. * -7 "Ir . ' %%, 2 • 1
. 0 -g,• e• Y , ' . '` • bO CP ' •
7 ,.... /INI Z a 1 .0 . ,1 O, : /,.‘ • ~i .i • 'it-! , .
• ' h. v 1 ..,1:,:n 0
_.b !, • ... t ,
0 .
... .- - --, 0: - .I .% !-.
r . . .., I
• p .•,. A .
...1 ... 6 , ~.., - s
,9..,. i ...
._ "a
If 4 IF 4 L :. M t : :.,t '4' t
" . .Zirg... 6.- -t'''''
- .. i - g A c! ' a ':' i g. i
z .0
- .fr..1 ,) ,.. A a.:
P 1....
.... 44 i a 2 p 4 .x ) Ls i •
' _• - 0 t. . - MI . 4 t
&•••• v::- : •
I* t 0 x.' .41 • & 4 •1 '5 . • .
. r_i I* ,e, ' V IV • ;t4 ; ''' . .
• Li Jo t z P _:',4.:€ 4 -0 14 , zi ..
- 1-1 -. . - A , ,;',..* .c.-4.• ,E4` -:-- :s ..
t,4' i 1 '''f i.: 0 /le. 1 . •;, 6 -' .
' • t . :1 • --2 . o ei t- z• -'
" 141 •''.. O'' E 4 •= - IF.O. -
1 - . L-. E-4 - -.-5. E E-t - = ' .f.' . t. , :••• ...:'
.. • - .:; . ii • , ,- l' - '' 1" 't4 —% • • E 3 , - -4
• .• . • lg E 4 ..4"' ?:: '''
.. P :1 - ' , l:•' • 4 --
1 ...''l' ;.
lit • :•:. ...; - - •'.4 .. . 11 . • ~.I =l. D i
- -9-'-...0' • z: C.'
ig :....• .
...., a ~,..-
. . t 8 A
2•C • ! =
GP TpiAnoit it:GoiLE's
• ..14 1 6r 3bnr New SFriu;,, , , Suit.
For:Stw Style:; ill rants
Fur a Nuw- Spring Overcuat
tile in etti7
tom :90
rot Hats awl Cat,::, all the Lati:A
“O' TO TAYLORk (401M:7;
fur -Gents'
Bows, Tio - , Sc
6 4 A . l N ET,
Io 13 it NI f . ir
• LawriCtliAN EVER.
• -
.. .
lievima purchased: the Furn iture Store of D. l ' L.
Picimue In Nareur's Block. haw soidi.,l lamely to
their eta, and now oiler Y ,
of eTcri ileecription at prima which will
• •
flaying purchased tho stock for fl, Cl they feel
warranted In mayihg that they cast Offer greater In.
&temente than any ethic r eatabrutbment in the
county. ' Towantla. ..14..rd 20. 1871.
Orwril. Pa., 20.'70
i ,-:
‘l ,
For a Ntw
0 --.,
Nov tivaiisomonts.
• - - -
4'l'wo Wheel Mo*et
Tide ne is-up with the pines and al.ww•ti
of4ll in eneeril of its lez•fing
It stands the eon* rank', sinwng ningle mower'.
••ie of Orel el alkowiennea new and Ws
,• - w
pzintßzsiott., En r ~llnatl9n lone
- errs LEADING midnEs
Are the following: . A Jointed connecting rod.
pitman that erfir=t ar t14......4.0..7.
position of tbe. .e tr•tilltng•
noeido draft: . .nojirright on - the cower' neeka; the .1
•• • -• •• -betVledinome(orrightfararmyhe desired
and thAsilAnge road! . iirt•lntin . porgy,.. w ithout stop-
• I
e. cntting;:, or,
,ougct-bar, can Flo- 1
raisV3 to any angle- to as 'trees, stunme, or othor. '
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M. C.•:• - 1ummt , 14
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11.-r:• th,• I', - ..e. Virmo• - "M.,'
althea, d Ens - ravim; illustrates a very simple Inctru..
went fees Grind:rig the knives of a :11.1;vinz
'l4l;l:rimier 1, a .;C- toter;, a:1;1 operates in the
way of a:: ~r heary ,:sd dnil, ae ,lenvii iu tle ,
gravin,:. gs.tat ;1 , 1%;11141gt. I•y the in.'
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then, th.a, by sav:t.g ,
mud& titue.• In cane knitc aitillvf or nicked. tie,
Griteler c'an'ine at any point in the ile4l. and
mom -nis tla• Cult , Iran be put iricemph to
oiler. Any parson- .rilinary Md.tcniet.t
qnh hly learn t-; kir.nder. and not Mid it a
Lanier work than to grindin any nth...r nfailnec." •
Ayr, Patent:\ 7::•!rier tirindcr, it: re
by Anicrican Co.. hi an in, trunicat
Is•rfectly Fliarrellil);: MO, irlg With.
nut the ;ruble thehn It is in the. foret
of a hand' drill, the. solid Emery Cone. which is' the
what - lie:Um:agent, being re% (+lye!? with rapidity : ai.-m
nn,-snug If s , , simple that its I,e_alas•
a...plired in a ric:n.ient's :acme; who pa.:
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Farming at •
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MOIe the knife , bar through the ...mania till en , - side
rf eleh seetien is in sm•11 - pisitnm that it can
grouni without striking the gnt‘rd , t. get ,Inivij Ott
you' right knee bchind the her, take the tiamild. of
the erimler !Hock in your left band, place the 11; i tt
or b
stock against year ody, re sting the . riflery 6 e
W 1 1 ,44 On the - bevel of the section. and brace yetsi
left elbow against inside of left knee. Gilnd the lntid
iXTtioll with point of emery cone and point of ~.e-tion
tion with base or largc'end of emery cone, MOVin,
emery cone back a^.l firth ever - the section by
means of A . V3ying y.etr body haek and forssard,
this nary the trholt-face of the emery • cone is use t
alike and is not 'vent in hollers. In griudin; cult a
nick tit- break: don't held the, emery .bah in the
time; too icing a.; thcr4 may he a h Loaf.
In grinding any' section.. get down' square hkdarel
the cectien. Lew...lightly, turn slow,ly tilt yin can
hold it properly, then turn tint. If the ornery core)
riazept, rot can rub it at; with tt
,nietta of brick or
sand st, , ne and water. halt a tinulite,
. 11.
111. C . •
tune I3.":1-w4 ' . Agetts for Draillord
DON'T FAlL.—Don't 1 . 4i1 to .se
x, cum 2 goolt snpply of• .
• GRAPY. Vp•ES. - •
Propagithsl in Towanda. c tuaequuntly aeelnuated to
llradferd. Co. soil. All the desirable varieties for
main as low na elsewhere. Every.. (nut that has a let
cantina a.plare to traid one or moreif thes-e de
lirious knit bearing vines. DOTI% 141 hriOtitet . fall
pave without starting some of 7The , e -triat
-that will grace your table with awl add
to life so much plachre. . • •
Strawbr_rry plants for rain. .1.00; .or 144. - Call
nod lrare your:orders for fail 9r spring gettiog. •,.
Oppostte the 3lethrrhst Church. .
Jut," 13.71. - • C. NELSON:
DISSOLUTION.', --The qb-partner-.
ithfp legetoiere existing bilwedn the tinder.
isitised,in the. Grocery tuml. Prol,irio6 haeinesii, is
herci.y dimmlred from thiFt date. The heftiness will
Lime. The Im4iiiemi herrifter ihteotiducted by
W. S. 'lGuney: mho - will settli all acemuds duo the
• W. Si. xix.Nry.
!Ttorauda, ;nue P. 171. !irir. • • .
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•. vaftiLEBALE.PUICE , h -
v etltricetWl (wog, ggganOguay; by C. h. ?Ai cir
subjccttr ehangrg .
Wheat, 3iasl. T.....:..,.._
ars. 4 p bean •
uckgrheat Lush.
Oita, laugh; ......
Baal% It bsh. • • • •
Butter trollg)
• dogairy.r. "wave'
:tegiii-: , ct dolt_ .!• .. . .
16.44t0rq. blivb.;A.'• • r
Flour, harrel.... • , r••• ;• •• ... .• • •i 00 V: Pt
Onktfilt; btigi • , •
Onang.f—Wheat Ogib• Col 40
mn oitt 1b...
typli* lbs.; Oats 32 lbs.:
,Barley 42 !b e;;
48 lbs.: P.cant 42 Mg:: Bran 29 lbs. ; Clover B,cd
Thnotikliteltd. 44 lha. h , Deind Peaches 3311,., ;
DrieglApples 22 lbs.. Ilan Seed 40 RIR.
, . . . . .
• e muteretgntd, tiro Coat YAM at,'
INV* lathe old 4 1.1archi Btallit;" and
rditt-hartei, anatttlke Upon the prenr:wo:zr.,
atrtr.fiforitreilticittthrtolitho (4 To - stgo•t : , „„,!
witti ttro flbicut kin4s an 4 ef thr ;
It:llicit *oats nfiwn'theinogt ri•n!.Onol.IO ii: ..rn
atit;ty d ,
estre.l. et lentil tart!, •
Small .
Punt , '
vonottl Nnt
iittgton - Nnt
' 4 Bar4lay.."
- • Run of Mims
"•* :,:i•."'Vote. or,l3lnannuilli'
An tbra , ll , , .....
Th e following tulititionsl chargrg wilt t.,e n:ad(;'f.
tcniirrie.;;;Poz.llt.tlritow,li •
'Per Ton.'. iiltiosi4.,:}4tra•tor carrying in, .".9
Half 7 rin.',.311 1 17 ,
1 •Qr.T0n...23 ." " - ' " " 27 ••
Ordnrli n y be Ida at ill', "Irar4 l . cortn.r
atitt Stectis, .or at rfsrfrr
Drug Store. ,
els..Ordird navel in alleaxeillie actahparlir,l
ihtlearb.i - •.. WARD k I.lo!C'f ANIL
Tow - snag, 18712—tf. .
R r• : • •td.:-. NV:ELMS' . •
(..1 0 Ylt D.
. -nazi further notice price. , at ar.t, ar , .. •
, Egg. or No. 2
stove. or Nog. 3 riu.l".l ty, •
Nnt. .No. . ......
Snilivan Anthracite Coal .
• -Treparcil..Lunip .. . , ... . • -• .*;
The rolloNctng Ivoll T. .1” , • , r1
tletivertng coat wahha
..Per tcni i.11.-tr. I . Esti a f.. .r 44. in
lief t0n.... , . • ,• ..
lyngrer t") 1: • ° " " "
at my .0.4 s.
..emrl'New -1/,' &twill
4.1/' Order.; taunt' iii all,
tho cash. J 1,11.1, 7, 71.
I 11111 , - *.k. Y.
13t>.1 Irr"ru , ..ra
• i!..CNI.F, 44y
r • •
(.1:7. , ..4;t1. • .. , oI.I'.LE TP.At.K •
: , ,Np - CINt7• , V' •
.IrAY 15t1:, 1 , 54, 1: - .
kays. WaNt-tly - abo:vdth.,
NI 4 ,HT LX1•113.5.4-174:.:
I !.
t, L'.t to
t . - WAY
..; ~.:..1.e.-rd. • .. . .. •
- i : - .17.1). ST., I). N.Y EXPI.:I=-- ,, ;. '.-;;r;'.:1:,<• e.c,-.1,t. 1. •
ito..- 1 :.••.1. r. z.... 1.),0,1.,:t.'ilc:01:111:1. (...":,,,...•
t: ;..1,1111, .!"
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. : - rt!!:,:.!'”11 . . - t , WI 1::::::: i:1,.. - -
N• - .1:1111•I illlT , r,..r . ii 1,.. - .‘,1 - ::z1.; 1ti .4 3::: 4'::4 , 1:: -. ,'.
r..3.:iy ti:i:, trail; from NC , w Vl , :', - . I, .1:11:14i.;.": ,
:.....tT.I:I. 1',.:14:, , 5r.• ::t.t.v•lt."l at If :n.11.-11,vi.1;... •
T,11::.: ..., t. , ,, , i . r..... 0, n :, (.:,:,.11 , it,ott ,•r:lr.
iro76 p - ~' 1 , . M I . i T. : : Z.TIU•lay , -,`:“ ., Tt1 . .1 for l'•
1 . :'1, v• 7,.1: , 1.•_.•:;•. , :1:,.,1 - Itl , fr.
- 631:111.1:
~ .4.1t1 Z 1! 10.)!1t`...4 Ft
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1r. , .13.1 , ," •
ALL.I ail 1.G113%et ,1.
calrsc: `XFSI`.
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tr, !LI L.
.!11..;•.!) , •
1: , .t. rl nt .••••
T,:r. • s
: 1 2.; 1.. 1.1.- , ..7 - ..z,NT,T•t.TION
, • • . - - A" '.: 1 - 1;;;'1..1 . . 5r,c, ti,..n.i...•,;.........n. ei.t
• ~. •_! - :.11 11-'.:sT fi'. ',IN .11.1 y t• , •• r • v. -
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cPII--N . : , •7Tr1. - : i'f.l::-.7:.5tir..1.- cx... , : , ...,
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!..,,:,...,, C...1.1: - ..-, 2.,.,. , ..11;-0 -- r.ith'.,l trazt: to N. i'
n...,....i.-Lc:NrrNSITI EX.'ii......*:i. 74,,,:.. .'.. 1 , -
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. . ,
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I.'il;:iii:• , ,pini. 11.4 . t.i.r.•1 rt.. 1101 Wltit:Lni;•,..... .... .
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sk. e C10t.t.,. PA•l,ll3PrenV trait: to Nt.,...1
12: 0 3 p.m. --,-DAY,EXPRESS, Ptimlaysex,epto,l,, , ....
'n,tin;l at 3'.•1 - .1 , 0y t'lty wlth tit:ditiat Kap'. ••-•• t - -
.1•1-1 .:•:etc .. .bir.T . 11 vlrc. - ,..4, for 111.11.1 , 13 , 11: k. '
y-t,,,, Ir t prAl , 3lqP .t...t.irin it n,ler•ntio. t;•: - . - ..•. I- "-
' im :twin lin-,
, Nti', • anl imptc , . - •••it Dran - ing-P.•••• , 111 rc,
-1"::y CV 4 traTti front Intfriilrt to-New York .
:1:27 . p.:31.'—....CC0M lODATION TIIA.KC.. .1,•'•• • :. :
•:. , .: ,, 1. - :•Nt.atltkl. . , . .
8 . IT a. tn.—ELM - Mk M t IL. ; Stmtlay, 0,-i t.t.i.i
C.rl2 p., rt.-,-N ENV YOll7. MA
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'a .4•! P.m —LIG irr.c; >zi ; ExyßEss. doily. ert!il
in-: at rat: rt - A . T. f',,r.N,.varl:. : at .1001.-y ('Ol ,
-.7,1 , 57.:11.:t ExrmssTrain of New .Tris, , y 1t...!: - . , 1 i •
I:aittlittir, and Wail.invt.‘n: am.l at S. ‘," Yat , , 't
.trtill,tt. Express tralut.)r Dos ton anitSi•t• I •••...• - i
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Lc , :sug ii‘int, on main line.
i Sl.•Pitm Coodit tritcctliupaity this tra:r.l:o•.- -, '..
1 N. i ,-.11e.i. ' •
I 3 : 0.1 - .. Iv . —WAY..II;IIIC, lIT, Sontlaii, t Or , ~,.C...1
' • •• . 11.17,, - ;.l6E' CIIEC.K.F.TI THIXI" , ill--
, V.." . . I .V and emnpl(lo ...I.0:-1.1 T 1•71 0 ,7 - ,.?•
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1 L.
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people of vcr..eormly. 111011.A5,Z%
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?ABA, I:1:1:S!
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t/..• !,•.+: I 41:1v, ,
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th:it t!,•• 14:44t• f
'k r : 44:4;4 Paw- an-1
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S M H,
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ATI orders promptly attended to."
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