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    , I
I d, Ruirter.
• _ Tile' four departments of the
t rustora ouso aro now vresidod
orcr b Odn.lrs.
, • Ms..l:teV. 0: S. STEWART has e t) far
rtekNclvd from ils'latoilliaeis as to bo able to
mai t. I;
`tris,llYo,rElnira LectureCoirtho
nem:a:the ptollt of a little over ono
Thcw , nd dollars.
reir We :qrolindobted to liepresen
udive i hrefc for a map of rcnnsylvinia, show
ing,p(pulation and taxablei in 1870.
; r
_see. V. E. E. PIoLLET halo
made + divikion of their rcalteatatc, which con
-1.0 about 2,004 acres ofitiod' firming land.
fr. s . _The Good Tomplars i
oack , femonstratitig • against the granting
is most of the applicants in Toivtinda
-- ' 1
_ - i ~
_ : m e
_ .. urriratETicuzsTics.—lriell
whcal is a bushel: anti ryc three pephs, 'how
,„ ;) ) 1 will a quart et wool weigh, alloWing sev
c.:i ..iive cents to thor ilollar? . TrltO.
j o.rl At: ourf last Legal Debiting,
the question. !,fur disetission ras. 7 " To
whom do.thc ashes of an insured Imping
burned ?" 1 BOUND TUE cOUtEll.'
11 , t 1 lawn . o:c.÷- o Good Templars
u rStnitlltield hold an exhi
lqtion. in Academy null, on''Tnesilay owning,
31-ay 1, 1871. TLIO exercises gill corOpt of roof
.lc;..ib, &a. -
1 1,6- Hon. G. A. Guow has been
• 1
t on account of ill health, to elm his
Pa-irt. , s in Philadolidna - and •has again taken
is h residenCii
coon y. We .trust that quit and relaxation
f3-otnt , nfiliess max -restore his health.
, .
ccIDENT.- , -.311 Tuesday evening ,
r, icrr:llrcitaim-13E2csamm, - a brakeman o
r :itlllivan & Erie train, accidentally fell from
~..! ar against fide - fence alongside; and was
I 1i ,, ,111,11a4 gains!, the car , by the reaction,
: ,i I,i;.efut, vis becoming caught hO was drag
,,? ,antic a lib-tat:co and sevCrely irkkred..
The tollcwulg . i. tilist of offi
i,,lot Lreuing Star S. of T., of Asy-
NV] P. 3.1001 A ; W. JANE FELL;
P. '111;1.1, ;•21;ir.s.-31i0 lIANNA n
1.; A.C. -311 Si ZELL ; Chap.-B.
It TFe:l , l—Jt i Lit's ;
;! 0.5.-TI.EZ:I) STEVENS.
ollitlers of \Vinclhitrci Cen
itl- F. of T. are as follow :
.1' ;
Chap.. -L. 01.m
l:itLprems ; Treas. —Mies
• • :.; plAp,-2 , ..;;;•1; 11.:`;'..—Eow. Pt . ..6E; .r 1.11.5.
E.12. : ,i;;;;;1;; Con.h3liss IDASin-
L :\ I: -1. 11t:TIZ3NDALL;
i .
Apaong the -411iinert.?u • hit . ises
~, . 4 ' son in our town, we . Votiee
i6d, YtNcrzcit, tot the , tiriti
ViNcmar, Iminranee Agents,) is tin
-1.11.47 11.9idsonte ono with all the modern
The arTtgenient tor het and
0.A.,r1..,ti1ti-ii; very convenient, and the
gas-'fitting was (line by A. F.
ritlintwr, and only roads to be seen
that 'he Cs a first-lass wort.-
245, 1 . The' Cidolint; ilichiligs: Eng
(1110.;., Ty,41 1 :,, win appear at the Opera
l:iu:iia, on Wroday'add iwen
rl,--st::weeli:' The troupe •eonsists • of
!; fureca of rilrepla
- : 111 ,7 nierling= troupL;; and numbers
•per%onv.. Ticket, 1.50 and
. ":•• by . l'rau l In: - .‘flus, 133 Water
L'a - At the !auntioldection for offi
~ iNa:a4lrze',(_:o., held . ' on Tuesday evenin
•, f.lll4ving:-persons irere elected :
11 I `IL
!--,i;:t . aulf-E. G. •
N::VINS. •
Con , ,lriitt , :e T. (;. 31r.r.t Th e WILL
A ,Pl.r Imo. ON.—On 17riday
. -
N Ori I/ CHI JAUllg of Good Tem plars, of this
1•1•tc,-; tnadk• am excursion toPyalnsing and vis
ifr )%); 1 1milig Lodge., TWY were hospitably
rle.i( 'i.:atertaiued lithe good people of
t Tillagt,, xi hose bitunty mine:distributed With
all,Eviih- hand and-dificusscl by their hungry
• •
Ivlta much, zest.• In the evenhg thy
rer•aired to fhe L'odge!.,room, r•liere a spe
c• ej• «;•,iiikhii was hold, a couple of hours bang
to short vocal and instill.-
'lec.rt'by members Al tko two
-7 P - Ocbt(s They s'efely reached. Tiritanylv•
•11,•ei.d tram about midnight, well pleas wit
ti;em visit: An intt•reeting account of thieflair,
:•corresputitlent, will be found in • another
P-1" EDITOR: As there seems
pY • •
inh-,undkzstailing cif the revised
raitieg the'Atturiinglof motes, will
t. light• upoli the matter through your
1F..1 , ,irw think there:tvas a reduction
' Fred"- i.e., 1:11.6 first hundred
stamis", froiu one to two Inxiiilied
q .
v f, ' trn to t rut - linntlrecl.' le' i, ,te while
• , • one hundred 'even.
- ' l iuir6s tics eentl, from one hundred
11'. ts. i.undred, ten, A:e.; before the rtvi
• . I.:l:ltiNwer tJ ti:c statutg
.i.• 'I •
Li! 1.:1'...:1t lave a L. , JR: for less than
'• ' r4 . 9nirtt a .sttcutp,
rin , ftttitan one Ituntlre.klui
,'l , 1 ;tr..; nt ,tanti) is vc,kuire.d on evcry bun
litnircii annals.'
•ru DauGcds:rs.—Gen
f,N,tllO iniernal ItticuuenCotn
:,,. „.t.l, :1.13 ret.,lntly decided thr..t the 'i l epeal
..;;:ial tax on apotliee3rios by reetit‘ii
fs , t i.f :11.... ~ ; : t . of Congress of Jule 11, WO, ren
d r t::-In ettliire , • fter April, 1671, to just the
, .ri• ii,th , ilits as Finy o . 'l' FCTSOrI Ivitatever, fur
th.''',...,10 of d,stilit.d hpuits, 5 :'13(.33 or lualt
~.i., r , wrauy quantl . t . r, and mato cfereuce to
.th. , -,..0-pun .s for or manner iii 'which ire
....:1. :Eh, Conturissioncr Ilt.eides 'that ,the '
• f 1.4 11: 670, abol.Strt:it the . 6...:eniption here-
I , :ur • .pr , ;-;tded fur the a potlecarius, under par
' .zr:,,.h thirty-thr..e, section seventy-nine, of
ta , i's.•t ofCongre.,s of Juno 30, 1864. 4Chisar
te.:l.!,, 11,. which, it is decided, Las been repealed,
'I • 1
Prctvide.l.that'apotheearl4's who had taken out
a 1::-, as :melt. s V mild nut In required to take
();:z ~ i:c,'e es retail dealers in liquor in COO
- ~;,...,,,,,,,, ~f selling hlinhol. ruder this deei
ri.7:, 1! would.'that apothecaries, after
Al•r:1 .tali. runst tae out licenses as retail deal-
A I,vici; To - .ol.r.r.s.—§oraebody gives
f 11 , 0 . ...i:1g .. adv,ic0 to It is worth
rictine and senti'Mentalism : '" Men who:
vr , ,l;th Laving, want women .fOr wives. A
. bundle ef gewgaws, bownd-with stringi of itatB
and . cir.itcrs, sprinkled with cofo r ,eme and set Le
saifeerL- this is Mibelp for aman who
xl4vig ratio n family of. boys on bread and
The piano and lace frames are goecl in
11.1:1i2ve, and eo are , ribtaius, friths-and tin
:ll,4 yen caunot malt° a dinner of thelor-
ru('r, iuF. a bed br.tliv latter—and awful Ditch
an may.seera yotibcith dinner and eck
blaqrts ar^ necessaryto 'domestic happiness.
Life lat. 4 its realities as w e ll as fancies, but you
makc ilaliplucuration rniembering, the tas
seht and curtains, but fonfetting the . bedstead.
: - 3apposeli 'llan of good sense and, of amiss,
good prospects; to Lc looking for fora wife, whet
etiato-c haYt, you to be• chosen? Yofi may cap,
or you may trap. hint; but hOw Much bat-.
ter to make it an object for him to Catch you.k:
}:ender yourself worth catching, and yon Herod
no shrewd Mothor or brother to help you find
market." ' . •
Buz' fohowing game
of base ball was played between the College
nine, of Towanda, and tbe - Hoin Ittook nine, at
Sheatiegnin, April 29, ?Oinking in the following
woke: 25 to 21 in favor of the College nine.
12 innings.-
C 1
ollego nano-1 3083 1 1 2 9 0 1-25
" Horn Bk. -003616950001-
Unipire, Ounnt Saco; &ow., Maim;
NVILsox and CnArrrz..
110 9 a
. -
Tie _County - (Owego)
..Neon; says of the Sulliran *musty coal : ,
The Sullirafl Anthracite Coid, whioitis being
dispoied`or so rapidly at the Southern Genteel
rd, te a much better l o than we have
pre , bought for a am& Limn' price. We
have if , could wish for no better, and pre.
diet a _ s qvcmuch larger sale of the coal , tkau
ICU antleipitoA, oven by the agent himself.
When,yonbay a ton of this coal yon , don't get
half a ton of slate. We heir a good word UPI
about it wherever we hear it
.spoken of.. It is
cheap sad an A No. 1 article. What more (veld
we say?' Try it, and you'will use no other.
• This coal is meeting with favor everywhere,
and Messrs. PAT, PIIDDELL A 23.1131111:111KIN
, 1112*
doing their bestio isupplyjhe rapidly increas
ing• demand for it..
Oevritu.;—On Semilay, the 23d tilt.,
Mr. L. C. Wit.nun•was the bsppy recipient of a
eon—surely net the strangest. and - molt re
markable thing on roesbnl4ut the remarkable
part of it consists in the faet, of the said son's
haying e7eren grcpaparenti - yring—!lKo grind
fathers and six grandmothers!
Mr. &moue. Videos, hairjust moved into Lib(
house here, formerly
L occiat'Aed by Ems Diu
arcs, Esq. Mr. D. has• removed to VirAverly,
where ho has purchased a lot and built a house.
• Miss BELL Aram; has ?established herself as
dressmaker - among us,.at the house of ncr.o••• •
bona Lawns:
Wumgcn Lmns, son of Dr. lawns, has Mt
totauch Chunk "to learn the printeri. art'
at the Democrat office. WILLARD is i good boy
and we bope his " will net be all dough.
FLUNK Voroar, .!Ipedagogue,' is endaitroying.,
to teach the " foungides how to shoot," at the
aeademy building, where a goodly number of
the rhang generation essemide daily. Last
winter's term here fttlly satisfled us that friend
Vorcurr understandshis business.. • T.
Orwell, May 1, 1871.
PEI SONAL.—Di: Josis E. iltocawnx.,
ofTroy, having gradolitol, at onl3 - of the best
medical institatioris in the - cmuAry, Isis com
menced the praptieo of his profession in Trpy.'
During the Imp the Doctor had a good deal of
experience in the hospitalis, which imnst prove
of greatkswite to him in the treatment of dis
eases. Ile van tindoubted_ly succeed to the large
practice of his brother , the late Dr. it. R. ROCK.
41Ve are pleased to see our old friend, A. F.
Baimwrc, who has been spending several
months at Aiken, S.C., for tho benefit of his
bealtit, - , in town again, apparently mneh-im
provedf -
rcceived a call from our friend, Jas. T.
DcpLiv,. on Monday. He is about to make the
State of Minnesota his future home, being,
thrwtened.with a pultnotiary affection iit this
latitn"de- If the entire popnlation of 4.. t. were
like Jr3r., what a grand old State she would be.
—We learn that a' party of ladies and gentle
pen of this place are making arrangements for
a trip across the continent. They will leave
here about the 22d of May, and be absent four
or five weeks. The, company will,probably con
.sisi. ot,Hvn; ii-31rucus and wife, 1 11. J. Mrs
run andivife, and Mrs. Judge Srnarzaz Hon.
U. .L.Cipow and neje.° *ill also accompany them.
• --iietitn DEVon, of- the Elmira Adrertmer
Vlnting, room, looked in-upon ns one day lasi.
Ne... Bradford Counti Sunday:
school .ASsociatiorltp be held at Wyalusingt . ; Mal
16 - and 17, 1811.
May 16, Morning Ses. , :iciii.,lo o'clock, peva l .
tiunal Exercises.
10:30—S.S. Organization and Arrangements;
11,v. E,.ltrirroughs.
10:50—Discussion of the subject_ Singing.
11— -Ilow shall wc pr6vitle Tearhers for our
SliudPy-sellools?-1tQr. W. Nl'. Hunt. Discus
sion. -
2:ls—Pruper COUrSe of. Study for
C. L. F. Howe. .
3—Belationlof S.ts. to Teinperanco, Bible and
Sunday questionx—Rev. 14;, J. Lusk..
5 -Close.
7:30 p.m.:----Opening eiereises.
7:4 i—The Iklation of.the 8.8. t,.) the Woifare
of the .State—liet - . Gibson.
.3fayi .3foroiog. L-9 o'cloCli,
Ti , ,ronciniti exercises. •
. .
0f1.110.8. to the Church o
the Future—tier. J. S. Steuart.
10:11-1,elation of the S.S. to ibsiont.--Rov.
H. 'Armstrong. •
ll:D—lttuiness meeting. • .
2 ceel,pek —Devotional exercises: \
2:15 , -Children's Mecting. Speakers: •
Let all who see rig : ti 6e of this mocking, es
)ecially Sunday-sChool workers, come aid bring
heir friends with.them. ‘,
Editor : Having been one of a party of fifty per.
si?ns who :rent to Wialusing on Friday last, for
the purlieu; ofjoining4n a fraternal visit to the
of Good Terdplara in that pleasant and
historic village, .I Consider that tife4ble account
of it.would be of interest to the participants, • if
not to your readers in general. All t the pro
liminary arrangements having been succour:MY
mad4,by the committee in charge, consisting of
Gen_ H. J. Manua, C. G.'Kutt.rx, C. b ILu t i;
GEO.. A. Dsrio's sad J. W. Iluowzi the exenr
fil•nistS left the depot-iiithis place on the 4:18
p.m. ,train, `tinder the conductorshirror the caul ,
teoui" BROADY': to • whom we were :indebted
for many kind attentions. 'rhii‘dap.iti point of
weather was all tha't could be desired—a blue.
sky and - Gimp atmesphere;—and the ride &WU
the beatitiful valley inspired the patty
ings of the most agreeable nature. Arriving
at-S:IG, ire were met by a - committee ofVyalus
ing Lodge with confeyanees, 'and distributed
and appthlioned among their good people in
-- accordaAce with arrangements. It was our good
fortune; with a number of Others, to be allotted
to the,hospitalitt of 31. r. I NVAnnEN ,BisowN, of
Drorr.ntow», two kniles and a-half farther down
ill =ailed - . Mr. ft, is a well-to-dd farmer, and
occupies th homestead—the ca-residence of
the progenitor of the. largo and thrifty family
of that name whctrn and reside ,upon num
berless broad acr e in that Vicinity. His grand
father was one of the earliest settlers in 'that
region. nlld we were told aas buried in the,
churchyard h 3Valn.sing as early as' 1791, in
Which pleasant spot his astics'now
—But we do not propose to.,inftise historical
matters in :this communication; we-will leave
,that to Lotto. hands. •
The repast prepared by Mr.Al.'s good: lady,
was Jually superb, and was predigi t uttly vile the hungry zealots in gas kmoinic
pursuits oho surrounded that well-simad
board. • We will not soon forget that supp 4,..,
dud it was the universal expression of every
sub-party that ?teir sapper was the best ; so it
must be thp Wyalm'kingiteit know hew to
pri4id • o cal entirety. •
In the evening the temperance clenient of the
communityaisembled at the Lodge room, and
_in theabsence of the Worthy Chief Teruptit of
Wyalusing Lodge at the time for opening. "Diz -
Gooor.surou, Worthy Chief
,of NortherziLedge,
was called npen toprcaide, who :complied, mad
was assisted in the ceremony of initiation of two
candidates by a porti n of the officers of North
ern Ledge! . "The U "nee of the evening was
pleasantly de t to short addresses by Broth
ers Clisri(the historian), McCsiossitx, HALL,
and vocal ansie by Brothers Gaitorai, ACKLET,
Sisters Pr.cartait, Dotnas, and oth:
err. . _
At 10;45 p.m., thc•mcmbcrs of Northern Lodge
took their departure , for homo 11 special train,
.iittcr i ,the,3 - safely ,arrived in dac soasonomani
mous y declaring that tho occasion was s de-
ceded meccas in every respect. These lodge
'lvisits cannot be other than productive of good:
they' tend to cultivate the social amenities of
life, among members of the Order, and eihibit
to:those outside that it is a good - thing .to be
teMperance men and women.
The only parson is thtparty who seemed to
be idol' on the occasion,lvas Past; Worthy SAN'
Dir:SON ; yet the flow, nf spirits was unstinted
throughout the whole delegation:
I noticed that the BILLIMORD /Imam is ex
tensively circulated inthit locality, 'which tm:-
dou:btedly accounts in a measure for the intel
ligence and gix4brecding of Wyalttsing's pope!
!Mien. . • •
/14,1f0 have many more of these enjoyable
visits, Is the , wish of a • GOOD TEMA&
Editor : Your local
correspondents seem to have been rather back
*ad lately; undoubted/7 the WWII eildehl
tun' preps:Miami otthe season keep them wrap
frouk the ecrlaggisethsik.. After the materials
for ems, potatoes, peas, beans; squashes; eta,
hare been safely confided to MothecEartb, they .
(the correavadonts, not the potatcesalrill un
doubtedly rush Into your Damns again, f' thtek
as leaves to Vaihtmtoost.'
Here area few items for ydu
‘. The O.T. Lodge hare elected the Mowing
officers lbr the present qoartar W.41T.-0. F.
Fenno; W.V.T.—Ema Mar; W.&—Flart
Gorr; Fan= ; 1 0, M.
Toros; W.M.—E. Touts; "W.C.---DAITD WOOD
BURN 0.0.--FRANX Iltocratner; LG.—
Peace, =COM in temperance edneatiOn und se
tire prietical respectability, mark the progress
of lio. 16:). Brother„Totrre, the enthusiastic
patriarch of the Lodge, tkrarishith "like &green
bay tree." • .
Wannon bi n put up over Itmairals
!Pore an ambitious shingle dith the legend,
"Dr. Wheaton's Dental Booms" thereon. The
Yeoms aro neat, quiet, central, the Doctor
'skillful, and dentistry in his hands is almost a
Our artliii is 'about to make s summer cam
paign and Wyoming. -
Idatrimbnial annirmuiy invitations have been
given Mat rather finely the put !Eli' months.
Tlio crystal ainnivernari of Mc. and Ilm: A. W.
TAYLOR takes place on the sth ~of May. The
wooden weddingof Dr. and Mia. *mu comes
Watt the oth of May. A pleasant time in Pre
paration for the lo?ers of nodal enjuyinentiy:
!,mans Bum is about to builds tietrhottse.
Jornistin Cootraatton has purchased thcr. P.
atm .pnwartY and is !wades! among -ns
Bev. Gruirxr, of Potterwille. mated
much inbrost b 7 A.Pointedly practical wp=
in that Presbyterian attire?' two.or throo wools
liga. •
Presiding Elder Pre& inaugurated the com
mencement of the Methodist yearott qtutrtady
meeting, April Seth; by an e'oquent sermon inn
of striking illustrations on the words of 'Taub
"I em become all things to all me."'
The cause of =de prospers among us. 0.
W. Touxo has been exercising the young pee.
pie of the borough mid - Other places in vocal
harmony all the winter. Nor be alone in the
haripordal sebum. kesirs. D. Towers, L
Towese„ and others, have been active'and Me
ceelifta in various other places. •Our township
can turn out a goodly crop of sweet singers.
• That academy bell sounds exactly like a steam
leeomotive bell, telling us of the train of knoW
ledge and science rushing through our midst.
The steam mill whistle . has been agonizing
dreadfully for a few days. Perhaps the warm
weather affects it; and that reminds ns that
the sudden approachof warm days has put a
stop to the enjoyments of ono Roman. He has
been solacing himself during the minter by a
daily, morning plunge, through broken ice,
to water four or five feet deep. What will be
do hi the dog-days?
Rev. ltfr. Sur.u. has been improving the per
sonage by a new front, new fence, &c. , •
Spring is calling up the flowers from their
winter sleep, and per unisequence, neighbor
Suma's garden is looking tv . onderfully nice.
Mny 1, 1571
Williamsport, Gazette and Bulletin exposes 'the
dishonesty of some of its citiscristy publishing
the following, under the bead of " A Hackman's
Trick": •
On Tuesday ,night last, a gentleman living in
Canton, Bradford county, came to this city on
the twelve o'cloek train from the North, to visit
his sou, in this city, who expected to meet his
father at the depot.? As aeon as the old gen
tteman'got off the ears he was accosted by Um
liackmren, whet are always"lying" for %passen
ger. In reply to one of these gentry he re-,
marked that ho was going to 'his son's, when
Mr. Whip responded, "I knpw where he lives.
Get in and I'll take you to there." This appear
ed to be all right to the old gentleman, and- he
entered, the carriage. '-Though his son lived
within a square of the depot the hackman drOve
him down town, stopping at several hotels, and
finally, informed him that he could not 'find
where his ion lived : but graciously - offered' to
haul him back to the depot for • dollar. This
Walk promptly refused, and the old gentleman
proceeded up town on foot. Failing to find his
son's residence, li - e4put np at the Cetral Hotel,
sunrin the morning found his son's house, hav
ing been not more than two squares from it all
night. Such ontrigtra ou travelers, by back
men, deservoTigarims punishment.
11* - • More New Groods this week,
at—TAyLori ,t: co:t. v.
W.utNEn has recently put into
's Jew - ;st Show Casco
ilso has 'a very
fine nB.l
opened by TArivor.
Sltr* EVANS t Humarnr aro this
week opening 2114 r .yring Goods, ;dila& they
Offer at popular prices. .ilridke street.
CAnrrni.-,-The latest designs and
mrtsl in-ices:la TATUM IG
le. Go to 13. A. PrrrEs - •• t k, Co.'s
and you win find the beat 1)44 Gro•Grain Kilk
in Towanda for the, same money. •
ter Carpets--ciryet3r—Carpets—
tisrpets—great variety Just.:openixl at -TATLOU
Co..r .
Wt._ Japanese Siiksi s Irish' and
French Poplins; also full lino of Plaid Dress
Goods, at Er.i:sB k IltrantErn's; i*go %tract.
iiiir The cheapest place to • buy
Millinery Goods is at the sign of the Big Bon
net, opposite the Hong, where yoyi will
find the greatest variety in Towanda.
see , Ladies will find new Embroi
derica and nevr Trimmings, in, great rarlity,
graxis S ranntnes, Bridge street. ' '
PATrEnsox l& FaN7sET's ,is the
place to go when you are in want of 'anything
in the grocery,linc. Don't fall to, recollect this
when you start out marketing.
will. Mrs. J. • D. Hui is offering
great indue . ements 4o all thogo wanting Ipli
liery Goods. First door cast Bed, White and
Blue Store, Bridge street. •
te:. MI =those 'wanting Millinery
Goods would do well to eall at Mrs. 3.D. ITILTA.
e has the moat strlish'sats and BormN.ta that
ire to be had in Towanda. First door east Red.
White and• Blue Store, Bridge street..
- liar EVANS & HILDeETH are offering'
eat Bargains in Table Linens, Napkins, Ton
els, 'Towelling, &c. Bridge striat.
M. Fine assortment of Piques,
aka, Light Prints, st s Formrs Hue
LL, 's, Bridge stmt.
BOA few bOardellitall se
atm flat -c lass rooms with boar s bylipplying
st - . No. 82 Second street. • P. E. Posr.
- Mao a new one-horso cove:rod Carriago (ro
ber top) fur silo at a bargain. . - F. E. roar.
• 1109.. Go to the Tobacco . Store .to
bay your Tobacco.' Exstotas is now gelling
Michigan tobicco worth one dollar per pound
at seventy cents. -Also Natural Led !decoking
Tobacco worth fifty cents at thirty cents. . •
music teacher . once wrote
that " the art of playing the violin . requires the,
nicest-perception. and the most sense of any art
in the world." - Whereupon a western edi
tor comments thus :—" The sit of pnblishing a
newspaper and making it psi', and it the same
time making it pies*e erscrylxxly, beStaliddling
higher than a kite." The art-of keeping a full
supply of fresh groceries just suited to themes
kat is well-understood by Me.CsszAt Ensigns,
and appreciated by all our citizens.
118. Twenty to forty per cent. re;
duction from the printed prieeedother Organs
is made at L. It:.P0117.LI:11 Branch Music Store,
Towards, in order so bring the profit down to
the same poroentage made on_ the Mason it
Hamlin Organs: A corrciponding reduction is
also made in Pianos, in order to bring them to
the plan of snuill privits and no .variation in
price, which has been adopted with so much
success by Wars. Ceicsaarso & Sous..
Apr. IS-3w.
Mary one in this section per , '
mils the lesson' of hoes, elssuleg to pen witlt•
out supplsng themselves vilth eta pattern Of
Paier, let %mem atlsrbold nit& pesos;
for Mewls now Oita; b large sad 13eset1-
1521 asimtment .hting within
the react' of everybody. t. •
• MERCVO_ Broom 0 0 trrt :
Miss E. Damon respectfully calli attention to
bet new-ind tub:Saab:ink ot aril Fan.
ey Gob& gawk also prepared to giro atten
tion to Dress Making kr all its branches; New
patio% rededied weekly - . 'First door' last "of
Kukla's Bank.
. talu3 pleasure is eartityiell
that Wu Haul S. Iti.sox, of . Tomuula,
*graduate of "Muted Acsideov,`. Is, In
my indgmeatotattdoct to do exoellont t justice
to mitten the IruisoVatti:
1,11.1Ve are pleased to announce
to our patrons That our cnterPrising MUSIC
Dealers, Mesas. Cora, Pummels & Ca, have se
cured the agency for the sate of ibipedebratcd
Xattmihek 'Pliinoi. These Tian& "aro con
structed with the , raqualizlng Scale 'proms.
Bridge and bushod tuning pixak r tlio greatest
hnprd nis of the age hi the cOnstruellon of
Piaix4ortes. 'ea* of these Platter have
been lately reduced, volts w the endid
, instruments are within the reach of all wbo are
in want of a Piano: Those who cannot make it
ecaTetlielit to call at their ware rooms to Clara-
We thisse Pianos, had bdtter send for one of
their deseriptive catalogues; read the : same
carefully, ind.then you will-want nothing but a
tliushek COllO, Orchestral, Harp Form, or
Arixa c i Inst.. C P. A bo.,, , ins selline4liese
Planat the greatly reduced price; for; cash.
When eis given for payment, at the same W
price interest ; *vie Wryest is -all
oil z,\
they requiro for waiting. Also, the Bllver
Tongue Or6ns and Melodious for sale on the
same terms. Send for their PictorislCatalogne:
• ler One of the moat .important
branebeii - of bnidncartrow carried tm in the Cottn
try is that of fireCand life . instil-once. Within
the put few years the business has grown into
huge dimennioas, so that there is scarcely a
man in the country who has not given the, sub
ject some attention, and we may safely say that
most of the pradent ones have taken policies.
We consider a good insurance cominnty-pi great
Welting io manlind, and it is often, the , :inoins
.cif savings man from bankruptcy and ruin in
tho day of calamity, or providing a means of
support for his family In case of his -death.
Every person contemplating insuring
,either his
life or pa..,verty, should satisfy himself as to the
character of the company to whom he is to en
trust his money., For such information, we take
pleasure in directing our numerous readers to
the reliable and enterprising firm of CAXP -
Vizier...yr,. who represent none but first-class
companies. They will cheerfully give any in
formation in regard to the Subject, .and what
they say can be relied upon.
Y krao3l.
ErLEY--CONLEV.—At the Parsonage, Molt
roeton, April 30,1871, by E'er. Hit Heck Arm
atrongi J. H. Epley, of Overton, to Nancy
• ‘ ConleN,er Towanda.
lIAIIER—COLEIAN. At Lacey‘ Me, by Ilev2
D. D. Gray; Feb. 3, 1871, James D. Bbarerj . "of
Pike, and Libbia Coleman, at Herrick.
CALKINS—I/EC/MAN.—By the same, at .I.ft
ceyville„..Fell. 18,71, Wm. H. Calkins, of Paint
ed Pan, N.Y.., and itose- - 1. Heckman„ o:
Tunkhannekk, Pa / !
BLACK—SAISIUS":-,--Ity -the same, at the
house of the bride's father,- Atiril- LI), 1571,
Cbarles:SY. Black, of Ildena, Montana, and
. &rah. J. Baisman, of Tuscarora,. Pa.
AiitllElL-1n -.Wyse; April 28, 1871, Stephen
80D of James Id. !tad Elizabeth J. Archer
aged 1 year, 10 months and 28 days.' '
HALEY — A Monroeton, April 28, 1811, of in
flammatie of. the lunge, Charlotte, wife of
'George Hawes, Sr., in the 68th year of her
ser- Ithodeland.Lime kept Con
stantly 6ti hand-for Whitewashing at
fi1ar.1:71. 4 ; W. A. liikrivzies.
arpets' jus
TrittCiP4 OUJOIIII MY.) Academy.
L50n5,y.Y.,.4.pri125, 1871.
SPECIAL xoTicis.
se-Hp' ny ItAnnis, Merchant Tai
or, Bridgo gtrL
Fon'ltzr.---The dwelling north of
the Epikopil pargonage. 'Large, garden and
plenty of firnit. Enquire of Overton S Elebree.
May 3, 1811.
.465.;Persolis haying unsettled busi
fiefs with 1 . ..! L. Illeody, will find him for a phort
time at the Btore of Ilepare. ILPrPhall Brother:3.
Towanda, April 24, 1871.
Se" Tfie District Convention, 1.0.
of G.T.. IN in meet at Canton, June bit and 2cl,
la7l. Members will be furnished with half-faro
panes tivecL.V.R.ll. oo application to Secre
tary. S. C. Gamow; Scey.
Vi : yalnaing, April 21, 18:41-111;•
ler Buy the keystone Churn POW
cr. For sale by Coramco, liccsELL LI; Co.
. April 2G, 1871—tt. ,
GO to the Bakery, first door
forth of Ward Lions; for fresh Crackera.
Oct. 27, 1870. W. Scorr
Itar Dried Beef, Pickled Tongues
and Smoked Halibut, at Lazo's.
Feb. V.,;1871.
• • .
-ne.,..II.ELEN S. Koos, a. graduate
ot Lyons Musical Acadeiny, offers her services
as teacher of Piano and Guitar. Beferinces—
S. FLBhiirwooci, A.M., Lyons, N.Y.; Wm. Dit
trich, Towanda. Apr. 19, 1871—tf.
TIM FL C. Lto X.Co.
as nockg.'—Everyitem -constituting the bes
Piano Forte can be found in these beautiful in
strnments. l ---V.Y: Times.
For sale at W. Drrrtuen's 3lnsie Store.
. Merchant Tanors,
• I Clothipg Hats and Caps,
Furnishing G oods,..
G 8 Broad street,
May 3, 1871. WI% erly, N.Y.
Doc Losr.—StrAyed or stolen from
the subscriber about the last of- February, a
black Suurrtzun 1)o°, white ring aroundtneek,
white on breist and face, scar on -one hip, an
swers to name of "JOE" - Any person , return
in; the dog to me shall receive a, rewara of HO.
/ Crays Ferizza.
nerri* 'Slay., 1,871-3 w!,
Eggs from pure t breed, fine,
large Rotten Ducks for sale; price 11,50 per
dozen, packed by the most approved, method.
This breedis3l•c very best Tor all - purposes.
bearing . clinfinement well, and arc great layers.
I wilbwarrant the eggs to Produce ducks supe
rior to any outside of my yards. My ducks were
got' for me by J. C. Welles, Athens, from Mr.
Waddle's celebrated stock. No dealer -adver
tise§ to sell the eggs,of this breed of Ducks for
less thanl4,oo per dox. C. F. wrzi.E f ‘
Towandai 31a, 3, 1871—tf.
\as. The Keystone Churn Power,
for dog, sheep or colt, is noiseless, runs with
less friction, more durable and simpler then
any other Power manufactured. and for sale by
the patenteva, Bacrriums,
Monrocton, Pa.
- Send for \ circular. Agents wanted in • every
county of the State. Apnl
Er, Field Peas; also some :dole°
varieties Garden Fess, at
Mar. 29,1871. . FoxS 31taectai's.
tig. Do not f' Set that Tea is sold
at Keeler's for 50 cents. Jan. 18, 1871.
118.T10 T. C:Lig * hte . Qo. and
C. Meyer rianos are the w ri te instruments.
Mrs. Peet, Miss Howes awl Miss M. %%adrift'
have had these instruments constantly in use
for from Ave to Mesa years. , For sale at Dit
trieh's Millie Store, Towanda,. •
Apr. 12,1871.
siirrPerson desirous AA :purchas
ing either a Piano, Organ, or Ilolodeon, will do
well to call On A. B. Culver, at Wvakusint,
as he is now selling at greatly reanccd
lir. C. is also agent for the celebrated }Us
Howe Sow Ma •Mar.
We are selling first.elass •Pianes, Organs and
Melodeons at reduced prices and ou easy tons.
who are faineant of a good instrument,
it greatly to their advantage to sire in
a call betore purchasing elsewhere.
Pasimas kleo,
Towanda, Ps.
Jan. 18,1871.
war For insurance agsuist loss or
&triage lbyllre, is reliable companies; apply to
1 • • kora W. Mr; t.gerrt, .
Votrazula. Pa.
Block, north side
Dec. 1, -ot
1370. Public
Square. . •
a I iniveltiitt recieiTed alas
stook of Tea , bought ilnoc the ruination fu..
duty on tea of ten cents per pound, and
them at the lowiqa : •
Bost Y 41,25 ;, Good Young Ily
son,;/,00 ; to 90 orals e liyuobFine,
75 cents; Hyman ED cents; Bast ;span,
.41,90. Call and uwidnet. _
Jan. 18, 1871. • Gso. L. • - Xingzc..
jB2B. .MONTANIrES t 1.871i ,
— Bate jest opened a largo and carefullypelect
'ad stock of goods for the faU trade. Dress
Goods, Itheetmga, Flannels, Frluts, ;• Teas,
hag Yo r k . Groceries. sf all kinds at
New Crockery and Glusware of
our own ' hoPortation, in fact Ica cite:dye a
slpck to lionise, bought excluilvely for club,
and guaranteed to bo sold at lower prim: than
"Ter offered in Gib, market. -
, -
Fon aim g - 7 - to
Maine's, Soldier. for , sale our ;leery
oonsisting ' deli buses, buggies, erten,
harness, unl everythittm. necessary to ri first
class livery If &&•sd wo will also rent onr
stables for, s , term of years. Termseasy.
Heti= Jr, Passes.
1:; vanuut bu cicailed 11.1
Inviting you attention and In.rectieb. are aH
ever, ready b) fru s every body with ~yids in our
Towanda, 3lay 3. 1871
T4T I 'T. E
Haring in:imbued the Fiumitnte Store of D. L.
Pinetissai in Affront's Mock. h& islifed largely to
their stock. and now offer
cllasing pnrchaaed the stock for CAffil, they feel
warranted in saying that they can offer'greater in
ducements than any other establishinent in the
county. Towanda. April 2C. 1871..
• This institution has just been thorongbly repaired
and improved, and will be reopened 'TUESDAY,
1,0" .M. 1•1,01.3 I.
Tho Esousn Cei-asz comprises special attention
to preparatory Instruction and higher academic
branches. castles excepted.
The Comannumax: all the advantages of our beet
Commercial Schools 'with accessary acadeniic studies.
The NO/YU, thorenigh drill In common school`
studies and Theory and Practice Teaching.
The SCIEN'TIFIC, special Instruction in the sciences
Illustrated by an — extfrodso collection of apparatus
recently repaired and supplied—and other branches
usually pursued In College,-modern languages being
substituted for ancient.;
Ctsaricat. tboronaftSpeepwrilltons for our best Col
loges, and modern La, , lnfrf 4r.
Olorasnerrat branches—Music, Drawing., Pahittng
under excellent Instructors.
Board and Room. may be obtained In theinstV
tote. ' Apply lo O. W. Ryan and E. E. Quinlan. Apse.
elate PrinciPals, Towanda, for circulars and particu
lars. MILLER IX)X,
Ang.10,711. President Board Trustees.
ILOST—In the Borough of Tpw
_kJ and% Monday May let 1871. a =laltskin Pock
et book, containing about 810 in money, two note*
of 885.50 each, given by A. Miserly to the under
signed, datedliomnber 14, Imo. and caber PaPeri
et no %shut to any one that tho owner. The Ander
can retain bat or.all kif the money and no question,
Isked if they will - have this kindness to leave -the
Pocketbook and papers -at the Itrrownra place.
•Towsaida. -Ferment on the notes ha been
: New Alban:. PL. II 1,11,w3 . A. 2.11)14r,
A fail supply of Fresh" Grim . esl tams Plaster
from Taupe. Fitch lc Co.'s beds at the subscribers
mill, at month of _ltsiromerlield Creek. nicely pre:
pared and warranted a pure article.
spLl2ll4ras _ JAMES ESP?,
-A, Muter and Grain Broadcsort Sower combined.
Par raking hay or stain stubble, sowing &dew;
grain, i.e. AwlimM meek& lancets once see
the Plaster Bowie work there will be no more sow
tag photea .by hand. For sale by •
it. *Buz&
-spLl2ll • t r • • - -
ship heretofore existing between the under.
signed under the name of ,Powell A Co. is this day
dissolved by mutual consent.
• • • 31ATECEWBON,
April 21,1871. T. C. Dil,k3o: -
New tivertikements
quality or prim
t.)U cusru?nu:s
- 111163
3. ti.' ALLYN & "CO.
Of crery description at prices which will
The business of the okt firm will be continued by
tbs undersigned wider the name of POWELL & 00.
Si beeetotbre. JOSEPH POWELL.
apUes.elt . . O. WAN°.
Sic Advertimetwt&
E- W.: ~G..: 0. : Or .D 8..1
Xkauttial dasuwcvSUbv.
Bich Black Silks,
Rich Poplins,
Now Style- Sergos,
'gladsome Plaids,
Wash Popl.i10;
Handsome Dress Goole,
c lau t ,
White Piques,
Linens and Napkins,
W 143 Goods,
Fancy GiN,
at Taylor Sc.
Rib,bonsztid 'Trimmings ' •
Chill's, and Castiitueres,
Cotkonades and Checks,
- -
KontuCky Jeans,
Yaukep Notions,
Uosicry a d blo-ves,
Hats and Caps,
Ladlei and Children's Shoes„
' . :at•Taylor 4 Cu:ii
Carpets and Oil Clutlis, _ . •
Sheeting and Shirting.%
at Taylor &Co.'s
Prints and Ginghams?
at Taylor 4; Co.'e
1 •
Towanda,. April 12. 1871.
T HE cIiPAPEST 1.11.10 E,
lii T 111• -WOULD
, /
FOOT AND 8110 E, .Sibilk
. • -
7 4=3 131-Oillita Mirk: 11.4-1:04.ai41-
• -
. „ . • ,
By honorable and air dealing we expect to peen
a tu4skartot Aiblk paircrupgc,,
Pleaae &re us a ber f orn Tutrchasin _elsewhere
for we feel confide
. .9Varoscsla and prices
H. -NOE.
1.; 4 '4 IK
at litylo;
a Taylor &
it Taylbr 4Sc . Co.'s.
at Tailor & Co.'s.•
at Taylor A; Co.'s.i
at Taylor •
Sr, Co.'s:
• 7 •
at. Taylor #
at Taylor 45:
at Taylor
at Taylor &
af,Ta'ilo; S, go.'s.
at Tvfor. & C04',8;.
at Taylor
at Tayloi & C 0.16
at- Ttivlbe b• Co.'s
at Taylor S;.Cci!s.
at Taylor Ar. Co.'s.
" TU
. ,
IS , Al • I
r. ; • -
• • .
• r
• ' f„,F
Our guodd ask: -
Which will enable 08 to sell
Onr doe.: ctlarpriges a full line of
For your Now Spring Suit.
GO 'TO ThiYallit CODE'S
ror a Now Dress Slut.
Fur - Novi Spring Styl4:in Piints
For a" litd Spriek O‘'e'Fcoat.
-, , 2
' Ftir all tic Latest Styles iri Cds--
tom and Ready-Made Clothinc;
For Hats and caps; all the 10104
For .Graats' FOruishing-Goods;
Bows, Tian, &c!
- 'NOTICE. ' •
'l .- . - 0 6 ;At A 1 . 1.. STitE E T ,-
131 , ,..1-pirify!a!, and Cari = all Liz;-4 , 27.‘ : i..9 qrigitic! fr , ni , ;ts inlprruli•
ai 1::f••• iatrunito , t•f t...,
c,:p4ba alectl , ,us for I: 14 , ..3,
, Yrl,llith 1.11
Arc caring' a Great Variety ot,
A: - PETITS -t%
Extra quality
REAL 426,114TrAT10N
n may traautity, quality or vice that 04 nivarket
11111iners supru94 at New York rriFer
Tuwantla, April 20, 1871:3m
T im. 9 LD STET
Carriag! Factory.
sun -cortunnes the mannfac t iv of -
• CAURTAOES 14.1%/).. :WAGONS,
Of every descr:rGpo., at btapa of G. H.
- • • PrakP.l
Ms ***it It sII "ortlui
.In iba suanufacture-of.- wagons nothing is unit but
To4lo , ho;' with the
'ln Light We:h.
- • .4#
• At
LUMBER ly.kam
_ 'N.4...canstantly on
• its beef Esetern stook to used in the manufacture
of Wi!seeta.. Spokes ere all tired outl—not
14.1114=1: EQUAL TO ANY
As to Anita:64nd alio duribillict.
- sun: maw An is TiIIS tilastMON.
4 1 4. Wpis
Morikaa.. T .•
_ to 4 °BAPS! Jr.ICL
. . . .
Jaundice, Iliiiorts ilirecliorid,
*Wick or ItietroutliCcukccia, Casircenesz, etc: /804
Vegetcok, conktinittg .*/.scar,/, Itigterats or Drj.
, •
, . , . • .•
• .
TII ‘ GFC lira sr. therhostilelightfullyl.k.seantpier
frative, superseding castor oil, salts, Inague , qA. etc.
There is nothing mere'loceptable to the. stomach,
Thhcy give tone, and cause neither nauSea nor grip
ing rains. They arc composed ofClef:nest ingrecli
.mts. • Aker a few dvenSo of them, such an Invig
oration of the entire system ttk-2s.plawas taappes?
ruiraculo,N to. the: weak and enervated, whether
:ai!ising.ireenimprtfdence or disease. IL T. Helm
bold's' Compound- Extract Catawba • o r sp i
rinti are nut sugar-coated, from the fact that sugar
coated PIUS do not dissoho,, but :pass through the:
stomach walkout dissolving,- consequently do riot
.produce the" desired effect. 711 Z CATAWBA
ORAL 'B riLLs, being pleasantln taste and color,
do nano:imitate their, being sugaiccested..PltlCE
FIFTY cEIi7S" rfax:
Will ratites* eitetietnaleirrema the tcystairScrOfula
Syphilis, Fever mottitt, Ulcers, Sore Eyes, Sore Legs,
Sore Month, Sore Mead, Itronchitis, skin Disettats„
Salt Rheum, cankers• Running trona tbe Ear, Whits
Swellings, Tumors, Caneerotis affections, Ziodes,
Rickets, Glandular Strellihrr;lilght: Sweats. h.
Tetter r lluniers, or all kinds, Chronic Rheumatism
•Dispepsia, and all diseases that have been estah
lished in the grate:lt for Yens. • •
.141inlpre' , ared Expre . saly for the alMre coMplaluts
its hlood.pririfying properties are Kreater Than any
other preparation of Sarsaparilla: It gives the toin
plealou a clear and, healthy color and restores U
patient to a stato of -health and parity, For, purl "-
ing the blood s removing ell chninte—conatitutt nal
ilisvases arising from an ilupara ateto of the oat
And the only'rellabte and effectual Ittionarn mad:
for the cure Of pains and swelling of the b es, ul
cerations of the throat and legs. bioteliek pimples
on the face. erysipelas and all s.mly erupt us of the
skin, and beautyipuTtlie
l'er Mettle.,
. . .
. . .
vritin • E
.• • •
Ilan uncial every cave of Dialietes -"ShiCh it haA
been given. Irritation:of the neck. of the Bladder
atAd Inilatuatiott of the Kidneys., .1:1 - ..eratieu of the
Kidneys and Deshler, Debmtien trine, Diseases
of the. Prostrate Gland. Stone Di the Divider,
Inn. Gravel.' Drickiluft an.l 3lticoni 'or_
Milky Di•charges, and. tea- , enfethled and aslh.nte
constitutions of both attested with the feb•
'rowing symptinn: Indlrposition to exertiou, Ipa
i,fpowernoss of memory, difticrirty 'of broathingc
weak riogrett, trembliti.4 horn q• of diseaee. wakeful
nee,l, (rani/RSA of vir.on, pain in the ba,..k, hot lont.ll
flushing of tb.o betty, dt7nerS of the, E&in,.eruivtion
of the faco,paehl countenauce, unireital 'Lassitude
of the muscular syitem, cts.. : •,
= - DMA by Avripans from the ages of 18 to '2.5. and.
_front 373 - t0.. - .5 or. in' tee ticeline or cha eof life;
after connuenimit of labny, paiu• tting. in
cluhirtn, .
iu leallY Ladies. tie? Ettrart
Cochttls r:Nezanr.;(l .by any - other remedy—as in
--Ctilerosis or Retention. Irrm't •flarfty7T-itinfulneee - or
Szippr_ession of Custtiragry E'vasmations, Uleeraced
or.sehirrns state 'of the rter . riii Lcticorrlirsra or
bieribty, and for all complaints incident. to.
the sex. whether arising , frOmlndiserttion or hats
ita of dissipation. 1! le' prescribed extensively by
'the nmitv.iincut Physlciansandinidwiyes for en
feebled mot delicate constitutions, of both sexes and
- all acesiattondi.tdssith any of the above diseases or
sturtofus). i •
. -
~ .~J
Curt Dit.C33tl . tru ing from tviudences, jratiteol
I. D4l4attins,
In =all r stages, expottae: little or he
'change iu diet, no inconvenience. and iao enbseure.
It causes a frequent' desire, and gives" strength to
I:rinate,thereby reinoving. Obstructions, preVent..
lug and curing Strictures of the . Uthera, allaying
pain and inflamation. sor frequent in this class et
diseases, and expelling all.poisonous rnatter.. >
ThOusands who have been the victim's of -mem
pectent persozni, and who have paid heavy fees to bo
'cured in a short time, have 'Sound "they have been
deceived, and the!. Poison " has, by the use of
powerini astringents,". been dried up in the sys
tem, .to break out in a More aggravated form, laid
perhaps after Marriage. '
• - Use MELICBOLD'S - ETTIIAC'T BUM= for all
affections and diseases el the' Urinary Organs;
whether ettating ln Male or Female, freed whatever
cause originatinc, and no matter of haW long stand.;"
ing. rtz.tcli, ONE D0z,z4,4 _LvvlanT CENTS
, , •
. 11 OS . E I . W A.S II 1 , •
.. .
c.Annet he sunlit:vied as 3 73^:1 W:15'1%. :Ina IV.g. Ie
found the only FiKTitle it!llle.lf in every imecies of.
Cutaneous Atfection. It speedily • eradicates Tim
l•les,Spota, Scorbutic. Itryntiss„ Itiduratimis of the
CUtaheons Noluliesn , i.. ~- d .spes•llcdnoas anti In
cipient Inflarnation. 'Il *, Mash, Moth Patches,
Dryn;•sx. of Scalp or Skim; ost. Eite3, , and for a'il
purposes forwhichSalves , Ointments
.ure used;
region:Ai the skidinetate. c ietetty Mut; softness,
i atid insures continued ,Pa . y acton to the tissue of
its teasels, on. which dep....nits the se:vs-151c clear
ices and vivacity of complexion -so much sought
and admired. But hen - Over: valuable as a remedy
fot•e:Osting defects of the skin, IL T. Ilelnabehrs
Rose Wash has long sustained , its principle elaim to'
mtlxisinticd patronage, by possessing qualities which
irandar it a Toilet Appendage ok. the most in)Perla
tive and congenial character. combining in an ele
gant 'formula those prominent requisites, Pnfety
and Etilleacy—the invariable aceoinpaitr.euts of its
-nse—as a preicrvatice ,and refesher of the complex,'
ion. It is an 'excellent -Leition for 'diseases of a
Syphilitic,nature, and as au injection for diseases of
the Urinary Organs, arising' frotht habits, of diisipa ,
lion; neat ha - Connection - ,:vdtb - the. , lIXTRACTS
• PILLS, In such diseases as 'reeotunamitled, cannot
be surpassed, I'/RICE, 0... YR DOLL-Ili l'Elt BOT-
• Tilli and. exvitca el.:cotton:3 ac:on:pany thO mad!.
ti ic
Evidenco of t' most roon.ible aad rellallo
clru - actor fora' en oa applicat,on, with licudreds
of thousands li ,rp
ving lvitnes , cs, and tipa aid of
•30,0gointsoltallad ecrldtleatet and rOcottimendatory ,
lat , rs, twiny of which TIT front tllO higllf'st 13C , urcett,
inelnaiag eminent Ph:vs:dans '
Clergymen, Slatea
melt, etc. The proprictoi Tics reiortott to
their publioation hi tlutnewspapors; Inc tlocs not do
this. from thotact that Isis articles rank as Sta!mlard"
Preparations, and do not need to be propped up-bp`
cortincates, , i .
14.r...1":RT . T. P[EL3IBOLD'S
Delivered to any. address. tkecnre from obeervadon.
thr.il4milly trriorlin rEARs.
• • sal by, IfruggisM, ettrywhere." Address lottery
for information. In confidence. to 1:11:4W
Oltemist: -
OnAT , Depotav AL T. DIMILUSOLD'S Drat and
Chemical Waretrotote, mi. 504 Zroadway.licarlork.
or to IL T. IMoLD'I3 Medical Depbs, - 104
Bondi Tenth lltrort,PMladelplda, ?a.
LiS 11 RR OP ("Q trA7FRI:E.M. Askjor.m ß risr
. itithigiLlYST, - ,TAKE NO OTIZE,
_ •
, .
ANNUAL - -0117 OF .IxROY
ToinuthiMor the year clang rah. 23. 1870:
M. (IC. E. Andrua dup. TourCtax,for '69.; $2Bl 71
A. Steno unpaid read tax '69; 41 Vs
iluaraded laud tax !or two Imp* ........... 430 G.
nietlipta • •
. ,
.Support pdor soot •
Nor work oulfain it. tout& 1Z129.
1110 bridge and gulf road -*, 77
;Path Insatert for over ircrrk,'olection bosom'.
brldqo plank. county tropavo,!ko - ,199 92 • -
V. 8. Landon, Connuisaloddr.....;, --- 41 23
James Crofat, ... ;, 42 92-
0. a. Norm 71 x.
Add Auditor e•• • • , .
• . ".•7425;
„Town Clerk 3.• •- . • .t • r" ' . 22 15
Treactirer peice.taa j le _ — 32 07
• In Tresstrrers basulS.. 411X3 .CO
Orders opistanding9B QO
• _ ' . Attest-4. -7 N. HOLCOMb,
• - • Tin Clerk..
4... cogrt of ti:o Onited States for-the Weaterri Dis.'. -
Wet of Pith:Sylvania. Western -Diatriet of Pennwp
vomit.. ..: In the: nutter of .Sherman S. kspdriwatl.
Bankrupt : •,
Weslern ft: Strict of Pennsylvania, xs:—A warrant.
In banliruptFy has been 'issued by the said court
,against the estate_ Of Sherman S. Aspinwall of the
*colliata'• Of Bradford' anti - State of Pennsylvania,
haeatd Distlictr2who has been duly ad,tudgede linh
rtipt upon petition of his creditors, Ow payment
of anr de • and the delivery of antrproperty.she.
longing s;id Dankrnpt to hint or 10-hts use. cod
the trans Nr of any property by Mtn are forbidden
by UM- . A* coectinn of the creditors of sale:Bankrupt
to prove. noir debts; and choose one or "nitorOas
signera of his estate, will ho held at a Courted-Dank-
'ruptcy, to he holden at .Towanda, Pats 14 - SOW Dig.; •
tr.trtn, on the Btth day of. May. A.D.. 1871, at 10
'o'clock, nonri.,,at. the offiee'of Edilird Overton. Jr., •
one of the Dentate:7a to Bankruptcy of iaid District. •
_,. A. IttrUDOCTI. t„
11. S. irstshal for said District
Pototiierranelo Clymer ttel!ttta. - late bf
Tornado. Itridtbed =MY. dentotiML
Letters orodzeirdetrotion on the estate cf Troncie
Clymer Overton hive been minted hy the Itegiater
Of nratlcird - Teranty to Edward Overton of-Towanda
boro. All persona haying claims aghast the cetaie
of the decadent are requested h, present them - ror
acttlenient. awl thou indebted to make esymeiglo
the nndereigned, ITWARD OVIZITM".t.
• rasy3-w6 " - , Adlrdodstrator..
X E OU T 0 WS.
bisoby glieuthotall persomt Indebted
to tit est:dealt. S. GAIORAXT, late of Oraltsille.
tin- ?teemed, ate requestod to make ImMediste pay.
m om ent, awl all ;Orions. haffig claims mtatrist Mid es.
tate must he .present the Name duly - autheuticatml, for
settle:3MM. ' Vtr S. LA2lrop.4.
tiottce is berebY atiatt that alLtseisona indebted
to the estate of EMMET TAYLOR. lato - of Pike,
deestased..aceieqnsaitedtotOsksinamedisto payment.
and all persons having darns against said estate
must .preseht them dnl authenticate& for settle-
meat. )0N FLETCHR.
. ". Executor. . •
.L.-114nottce is.hereby given that all persona indebted - •
to e estate of AMSTER El M:!1:tINIX. late of Liteb. _ •
',deed. are requciilled tomato imateillete payment .
all Persons having claims against ea.b.l estntir
must present them dub , enthentleaft4 for settle.
went. . ELIJAH W., htEREILL.
erI:I9II , REI " Administrator.,
1' XECU T 0 N Sl'
sotico ig hereby given - that ail persons indebt
ed tq the estate of SETH Stns LAS, late or AlbanY,
deceased, are --I , s4ttested. to ' make tmnuptlist , l
payment, and all persons baNinx claims azilm t
TAM *slat , •nntst prcsent them dsay anthenticate , t
for settlement- ' G. W. STERIGEUE.
uP 1 7,0":1-wG Exec •tor.
• •
IN BANKRUPTCY.—I, i the 7ilat-
4:r.6f L LACEY:II./471qt.- . .
n.ty. CoNcEr.:.; : The tmElergirn ,
hereby t Ives Ivriblii". - Eof his appnintmentn.4 •Atisi:zin E
tewnybip Ot Wy . allibirvy
in thr eEnnitv of nradfiirtt.. ittud state of Pennsylvani ;-
within Rai,: bistziE.l: - Nvithi bait bean wilttElle t; i 7 bank
, ;no tEriat ISM ? ti{ of creilitunt by the "DiFtrit •
court of chi , l Distrirt.
I.inted licrtinsinft April 10. VW!. • '
_ _ _
L l t _:i~ - Ll J,
P, C T 0 R". N 04C E.-
°tire 1.-hereby clyen that an" a indebted`
to the eaLqtr.. of JettiEl'lt DOdti, late of .Nllittpai . ' u:
1 - 1,4ep0-te,l, are rrrr,este.t.tri mike. Immediate
_vent. and pit 'persona haeltirt, datum' against Paid'
estate. 'mat present, thew duly authenticated
• 'svf Tit rattEY: '
- - Executor.
. .
This !KW 'tht , iitt , tis. il111) wltli Menthes. :ma ol.ysad
of iin.corop....titors .. SC:Vvi-al of Its"laidin..;
It :limits In-the front rank - among sin,-,le mowers.
and is of noTtA deFitr.n, PTiseisses MY? . an.d-.lls
fostitroy wil commend. theme:2l% - v?
era.-t="l evunination. • Ainoryti
th,l'fo:l , ,wizq: jointr• connecting rd.:. or
vanlau..a.r.t u. tT. free play of th'a knife in . any•-
pr .4 . tion of the cuttito• apparatus; tilting guard ,
-au fiiaetlraft; nu weight oulhd horgue necks;" thu
Tongnoegn. be wised loose of rigid as may he de&
and the chanp Instantaneously, without stup-
Ph , . . • - _ • _ ,• .
. - .
The ruttin apparatus.. or, 'finger-bar, eau be -
rar•ed to any angle to. pass trees, stumps, (mother
olk,iruetions, or folded •over for transportatiori: or
unfolded; by :the eole use of the lever; without,
throwing out of gear, stopping 'the testa, or the'
driver leaving, Ills seat. The driver's sea trig ac'ecu,
aible from the rest 'of the machine. is, safe and cora
fertabie, and is arranged on the principle of a lever,
k s
ad:nitting Of lialanciad 'the maclitee perfect -, and
relieving the, horses' necks of all' eight, ,• - -
It hue many other valuable points: too nt, e.onf .
-to mention here, It is made. of firatelaSsmateri.ii,,,,
well made and finished - in every part—rendering its'.
durability unquestioned. . •
.1r,5- It - fa light' drafted. and la just the 'newer our
-farmers have beenlooking for:. and is destined to
be the leading Mowing Machine, being adapted for
. hilly.or level land, and aliktada oi surface.
' klatinfaciured by. . ... •'. -. %. ~1
• . _ .
D. M. OSBORNE, & C 0. .• ..-'• •
' • . • =MM. N.Y. •
Itt - PtS B. GLEASON, Mg Pond, Pa., tot' Eyripz
field and West Itartlngton.
Call/.ES W. BMT./4 rcincl. Is., for ' , Wag - -
liupy and Smithfield.
_, • '•-• • t
..• i.
JAMES B. nirra, South Creel. E. •ra... - for Bluth
Creek and Wells. r , . ,
D. B. STOWDLDAI2,„—AF Dun, Pa., for Terry, WO
niot and Wy74ltxtfing: :• • ••tde.;scrZ& will . sell nun
ISitic-ar.^—te,-thorougli and responsible men we a et
ea to act - a$ agents in the northeastern cornstles
Pennsylvania and southeastern New York. begin
ning with Stnben county and reaching to the Una- s
sort river; or where there a no, agents alrea.iy
ippointed. .• • *
Sample machines will be On exhibition at luatlino
Railroad Stations.. Addrea the subscriber • .
R. ItI,',I7ELLES Geni.
apl.4'7l.:tr • . ' T0W41,13.k, PA
anl non.CbiC ti St Ply at tho Ntt?fQry or
ut the railroad
,strAlon,- first-class Trer'.: of
followlng vnrlelles:. Apple; Peir,
AppeicQtt, - .Norway. Spinet., 11.3.1 - aro, Arbor
Vine,' of all the lowling : caripti..g.
Strawberry I'l:Ants lfc the dozen, lyeklrecl. ortliou,,
;ma, 1:111:1t •41.1.c1e531e pricc.,s., • 11. 11..WELLM,' .
ap1.12:11, • . . • :.Towanda.
TIISSOLUTION.—The co-pai•tl;tsr-.
slito heretofore existing between IV, U. 5h.117.1
.John 11r.nni1 and. W. K. Hill, under the fitin mem
of Shaw. Deanna £O.. •1s Itts--day- - diaaohed by
mutual consent. ' W. EL SHAW.'
W. K. MM.: •
• The bnisinegs will be coniinnetl;hy John .16n11.1-
Ana W. X. Ilill.nntler th&flrm of BILAUND BILL.
'whO will nettle the aecounte of th 3 Unto " firm. Ali
Nrsons make itsunedlate psyntentg.,-
April 18. 1871-w3 13114.17 ND k HILL.
• 7 • GpERAL PltottEtcg,
_ .
• .
. of
r.c.cp,carzsz, TO.ULTEN . •
An..l Fann Prothip... •
Un4 of :the firmi having resided In Sertultolc
the past ten year.: and hntleg an extensive atquaiut
'anee 'with thetbu.sinesa Teen of the city, we feel .cn,.
- silent that APElcai•seli prothice to ;the entire kat.e-
Liortion vi noutgpars.
7". itErEkm - cors.
'L. S. crtunrum, G. rAliftrit. °mon,
BALDWIN-k ntA6101.01; oonnAu -
11,11%, . • . •
G. eitirrEF.. XAL.TEN—MANNING. Waren
harr\Pa,, . •• !• •
.tHUBBUCR;ILWRY 8110E1AKE11.1. , bti5.
3. ,
s - . S. D L 1.T.11',
AND 81R0..11-BEM
Corner" Cliestrint and VaterStre,cts, Tovalt4a,
All =lets r*iorti;r g.tt4itaed
liirtBY f MACHrNES
, teitral Bradford. -, •
Fr.rir =iFP OZINA',
' SIIBIIBB, VINE.I,.+Lc. • •
April 19. 1371
5673 4
S 770. St -
673„t1S ;'