Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, March 09, 1871, Image 3

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:%.1 4 .- MI
r=„s.. It is thought that more new
a.l - e going: up bore this season,
.1:1 in any previous year: - ' '
It 14111; app4ar3 to . pre*
that Aasa works laid a. Mutt latnaptl
:.$ b.. located hero, ,;- -;-- •
(. 1 7a..-45.. P. .C.‘sE hack u finger ta
in his straw ._u4l, near
mui,clay t, • , ;
.Street - Commissioner .DoDGE,
linavned work aißon the streets, and has
graid.johin cleaning the wfac-ohl.
, ...,
~=:_'",,,. La: MAINE, .15ROTHEIIS &*.PIER.ION
:,,.. two M' iliiir impriar
,clitcrtaiimegliv in
1;1:to (17rip,r; laiit..wveli..• We riAeommend
.. ~, :, 2 1" ,, ing,ast-44.46:iii cterypglieular, -.---
• ....__,..1.,: w .;..____l... . 4 ~;.
. ', 1".: - .: - : A. S. Room , of the 2cortliei . "
• .. ... , "c, Lag pc•en ti. rely afflicted: (lining
L.. , ... 1 . , y,.lr,il,..riftc; los Lis only' child,• l.:is
~ •.. :. L:itl.hisycife. -- 1 - -. ..
;1 4 -15- The grading of thO Ithaca &
t:dl rod is, now entirely completed, and
Of i_,Etins down =I; gill orsmcuce
. .
" ol k .
dc , :st t.-" does:
wheit, March came' in
pit %yea t hcr thltn w. 4.7 ,Iraye.,.been
r f t :W • •
The frtuolll.o'f Jtidge,
•:. (4' 'Tikes-Barre cat •Thure.daS- -
„ et. TI:o 31ps.9.iis, members ,s'tt! , ;t-Ile bni,.connty
• A . tnii;gcrgy ' rartziei;
gen'&ally ‘yitestispentled.
- •
f._.,• , i , 1! i•
t , .
1A !, PIIISTEIt (12.0Iorea), for
-.:,,•1t,0f 1 14s pl:leo, whot.l lailc
h.f..111 Etet.oryvilhi, N,Y., last,
a7lrunkete pow, las bt..0.1 eon
aryl seiiteneetli to' the
.4 • ,
. thrt:i! ykirg. '
Nivier.Tn. flint boy rmined
- • 17 yoarz.,i f age 1!•1 - Ilrg
115.•gunt.t) go ba, ehoollitg, v.u(l
*. • -.11 loci,
.2.1.1i1 mouth
• • •, suipt,,l•fig it to 14e .1141(adt
;.... ,;!••,11-mp„,, bL. -,l * -1- trgit,.l,lo top
- .- ..---
i',.e I 3!u ~c. I;,,;ty 1l f 'rt.i:.rr
" 1 , :. ; 4:•rt , .. proclomlot d
• 2 dolnt:stio
... It lintllt•s barns 'fr...t-r, h ea ts
swLll nor buki; oi - er,
. • ; until 1-nrac(l-111). 7 '
ihnt (...‘:3.1 is :11-
—01. i• tOricSl)o.ll—
:.1t1,!1 , ..a "T. C I .
r,l-. 13 )11::1 ...Nyzit. rf that tqwnship,
cfl r•ars anti . 11i1 , 1
c.ars :s o 111: liviug per
xvllofirst smticql thor , .
cc- ::d inalics cloth for
1;:,s w,•7,2 s,•yeral carpets
0r..1 nori;
I 0.1 . !..'1 . -!.`:1 1 a I!
N 11:1s.
/ 4 111,z.2i::411t1,c
• alikl that 1:..• • InAL.lng
t in a 1..,;5.:),z1.11 , ,
. , • • . - 4 -, T; h:-
1,,-re It.)l,lig inn v 1
\i.. F: C. F, crf
2 . %vas
•. .111 (1.g.1 ; , u:-:t,(. Mr. II
(I',(2.itif.(nisi3 tl:e
acci(l( !tat teiing
• -
(.4 l'ldiadeiphin,
tly• intczt:st of :Ile S:(1:s
IIL is tn,..ciing
. , ,
..,) i , :
, 1 ,.. 6 IX %f1i,.,, , ,.12.) 1,: , ,, la , _.; l c ,, ntr,;( , .:, ti;:.
..3,1.:*din.2L. , ',11: , j , ,,, i mill, ar..;',l( chins,
1,1/: 7
Iri -f;;rt‘.l,•-
1: - • s!rirt 0.1 for his liesT la , ,z11(•
rt::;irv't to led 7n that 1)r..7
T•nyc t inlit, Nvl.a.).
~r~r~ ,~
.nr --aft , isc;l. 11. t:
him n permanfllt im•titui;
'.; umler Dr. :f
:tf 1 prat•ti„, I,L
,:1: , )::r faiti-ITuily
~ - ~,
;1 . 1
, •f
' 1);
a. !...;' , ... , ( 111111-1` 1
• bt .11.11211111i1, 113111 g
• • JO.
and H
.I. Ely,
I ... li 1,
Iviolt- tL y instant-Li
It: t* pi:111g 11101,
, .
1::: MOO'. inyti.- • e:',..'i te.1111•:1t i.Z. ; F:llifi Ihrotigh
ont tin , enTro c. , : - . l nm 1.
nit• 1i!. rt.,;;alll to the
:11 - Li - t t:v...y v. - .1.1 :Ina . x:1-: , y.: - . ) sat...1 11 , i 1 ig 1 ,
1:1 t .1411:1.1iOn. - IS.: ha: C . f4-1..7 Intl” rr'Uled
11....1t t) . .r tVit: , lit,•• t. : iiiit...l I; tole ttn in- I
~,...: .1 . '...:: arc , ailvi‘ . ...ll , c -. .c.0n15.1 f , i - rot. pro:..dl
2 , , , i I.z . ~,,,,;,, t 1 .. . - ,%;..:: -I:A t; - ;11.',1 - pnb n....n
i.ea WA , :11:1•t• i.:}:!1,1,44
:,-,• ~ 1 , , , , t , ,; f , •• :(,), :It 1::;` t 11'1... 11.!;.1 t t-,1"e!..: ..1 - “nr„roatters to .I%%ait
1.71. thy_
orit.2.: L.n , l h . t. thv ! tin• tial..‘vh.7.l. u e ha', c 11: 1 1.1...ibt, an impartial I
..,i , ,, , .. s'..:, ..),..: ti , :,)ont'i, and if t ~..:, ~ ~ ~• , -, . ..,, 1 .., .• . ; 1 ,j, . 1 , 1
1, ."t Illi1„ - 1,1 - .11 . .11 :11 In 1>:..... - ILLit ! ' ''''
' ''
1 '''
"...-"''''' 1 , ". 'r'.
, Ul.t. .. , 1
LI,: , 7 ;. j .:9:1, till,
,I 1.f..r.;!, A ht.i...ntf, juilginclit.7 }1 r; 1 wi:l b..• rnnigh. - .1; hut: he is ei•rtainly entitled
1:,;11, 1,;:: - .,.., ana 1 ,,,, ...,, , - - s%:. t„ ~ f.,',. tyi l l . 1 .,.1 ,1,,`,1-1 ~, , ,i,,. II:
;.:t. .. fa
' ..,.. . . '',:,, ......! -
..• ip , ll.olt. 'II ;,• ~1 1`r., 7 :1 ~i ) V.i, , f 'C. . ‘,..-.1,4 1,1%.E.:;„10N A. i'.121,3.1:117., ~ ,I. 0.1'.:;•1 , 1„ . k .
~...,...,': ..j . . IV::11 tIICL ji' \ f,. i:i.1,1,1 W.i., .1 :'...1: , 1,'- Dri MIR, or 1.1m. - ..,Niy... c ,- ill n ,....,;,..t Ijll
, . . :: k , • ~,,
,- • • i tract-,Ltorric - : CAILNuCLIAN nn 'VI, part- LI the,
• . sy I , .•, , ,v,-.1 :: Cali fi.: in "5:4;1;;a- , ,v, , , ,
t mm0m7ea1t!,,•5i:E1....L.,, , r, 343., 1n A. 1):ti ii., ,, ..,
~ Ifi:t,:l: 1N , ',. - .., (I hy hi; parislit , onrrs i - ''
6,,, • • ~
• - il'i i n . ..73.i0 . to lia , e I,lm h, emne r, ' G. D. :do:: r.tx - tr,Y....1. 1 i,i - t - an - i J. DEWITiIia.Co
' • , ' 1 heed rctaine.f by : , .11 .. . -- ‘VAtan. .
t , I
4 i .l
strtatus., that
It is a Krlttrt, - 11. - irtl. tIN -
•!:•ti part t...-111t1,1
Itv--tittlt;;)•t's. -fse:dtv t_f - Prot. If. )li. Ili:pros,
•, itttrl ;:rp.l rive lady 3SS'.6-
• •
• tl:e p..ri,!)
v t . „...),1d5.
rt:.t. wit ' s/ 1' Ij , . , 1 , 11 . 4:1111 , 21ItS all complete, and are
vitil slv.ei.ll reference to the tuntlities
;:it:tlttt.Tito stvds d:t_- .4 ;ht.! st , ;tl, tits.
•Qui• o.l;:ztiratiums6rnature. 1 Tile z•} - st , nit and harniunv of clock-work are
rvt %tilt :Ice Ive rvaltle ara.l altlit.tugh the tit)-
:• 11 - 11- itli-ilcatit. Health ten,l.ltie-2 is rie..41,1v tlave LnnalrCLl, yt.t entire
,P• ritf, °wit +.l , 7strcciittzt. Tipt i 4inietnessand _
- -nt;iv.; srf" : . 's.,:)! arc ileserrin;,. of a good
''• anir:nitrAt by vivirving school; having: i 1 the face, of much toppnaition
it aeti.;a, - irastileteil a cnodcl house, provided it with all
al Lair fi:tlt. api , aratu:+; and above all have at
, : tl 4 I,lpably co:;;;71.1- I t1.t.1.-sp?..ttst• of liberr.l unfarieS seot.'ed as Coin..
I , ft tr,- our ayes. ltt.try :44cittan.t1 genial a cons of tettelltret as are to
t , t. 1: zrtl Set; "or 1;.: - fountlin the litate.
hot hey I ' l people otli'esterti Itradlt.wrd• are be
to tippri..ciate the clnntsmadc to pro
the intellectual well-beingef their youth,
alrc its good cficets arc sr !Ai in s. stipe7-
,j, Aid: •
Earntli .1 4ilii00511* - ie-i4ilelfi l er. :
I received_yortr letter of Feb. 15th. It •
SirOniat in right. 411115 0adietiesiri4 ' •
also tha't you weiC well. Brut lam glitiahr , c
that yo 4 didn't hand me oee.r to the "
mortarar otiori atter selakaguiru . :Z ~ . , a
firartara tlianklhl for. Yes, you "1111 the . i
But, Jsisr.„/ ilcaet seethe elle of one " ! , . . a:
poiut upon Which ire-so nearly agree, I t ,
/ too' many "striplings," 9.11 no proper Wait of
efiket.teke l 4lr CiffT,erA/Zigi, tad* i-1470' to
/Cried/II& their vet:ding maiseyozel Ira admit
tI 4 , soft iiiire!tehmat . I/ -thil*-ica -11 0 4 4 20
adinit that such teachers - Wien do =p 'h
iban goba. "Thittirpistinici
brate through eternity elhould be swept Icy no
unskillful hand,"- i 4. is aid You remark that
"the teacherls nut at-all times altogether to
blame" fee "susperisiori." And Ton are ,rigit.
Yon say; 0 When friendslof effneationind school
PatrOns appreeti . de aitd rewarcLtaleat e *ill and
success, they May reasthaably expect a better
class of teaclierij." Right again. We stated
that the best talent Of cruntinity should-he in
the school-romn,-afid there ii where -r ya hail
from.__Tliere, now, wonityottacquit fleet pieW
inviter , when We spoke Of young arid inc• Mei",
worthlessteachers ? -you clesite to inow il
ailtniieilleitnileitiourghl who . prepares L' if
ztol.thech, more than we "do _the mete kitchen
drudge ? - snd We answer pes: , le adudre any
girl, or boy either, who prfporesytti3ach, And
if. Svc ever arrjeat illiAohW,37lotere a ,‘,step--
mother for seeerirsnikiteliff#in"beconies do
sirable, we are free tire partial to the
In conclusion, you " asistue ' me that a I ;neg t.
atil e answer," or the erprtoirite;rll not" "Inter
fere with the plans or sehooln of JANE Sum
in the least. I interpret ,thht "assurance" ,loy
r tlM rule of contrariee....-ose.who - are given to
. . 1
refusing positions in•oel mare of au offer, usu
ally reconsider it alien t e time comes. I re
main, , Yon s bopefully, Btu.
° 31arch 3 , 1571.''" -
--•••.-----a. .. _
rmr..—Mr. Senabmi, the unfortunate young
man who wae shot by Br..vay Wsito on the 72d
ult„ clicl on Thursday evemng last at about 8
o'clock. Fnina the tirit Dr. Lunt pronounced
the wound fatal, and a post IllOrteill examina
tios by Drs. TritNan and Lunn proved that he
waSforrect. Itr. Scu.tenr.7,s parents and other
friends were,with him coatinually; aud - nothing
ea.sleft ihidenc which promised any relief ; but
he gradually sank away, and breathed his last
on the rintli day after receiving the mound: ..
The deceased was a young gentleman of tine
a! , :lincs, of myre thau ordinary culture and re
ftre_unent, and bristnet qualifications that fitted
liim fur any position i life.' Re was for several
'saws Sect-Lary of tad tirc at Western Life 'ln
surance Company, ,which position he held at the,
time tilt• company suspended. Ile had just
male an engagement with another insurance
company at a large E.alary,iand waft =ling his
first brrir.css trip when ho ; foe to this place.
At tar home of iu, parents;' Lima, N.Y., he bore
an null mishca character ; and in New York,
N‘heio he has resided for the past few years, be
u .1 1 .. d in t...:e -best circles, and was a teacher in
Cie i-0ni.1.1)-school,, DiMIII; the ft w days he
x•ascouii.tlied to remain Zero, he won for him
-elf the regard aniellearty sympathy not. only
of iliu.s., v. 1., math his acquaintance, but-of the
c utire,,eineire.ity. lit ar as life wateto him in
his y tem,: ttratho"d, LC never fIIIIIIIIM 'll 2.10 r
complamt-,2. but bore his affliction - wiih true
ehil-ti ta Lc! • III) bereareffparent, with
5.:.1 :cued le art? 1,. • A the lifeles3 I-c • um.:las of
their ugly nun, u twill hey had fondly toped
li etil I 'et tie • ,i see_ ai 1 support- l in deduling
NI,'S-. a A .1 ••• ~:: , turd y morning, to deposit
tie ei I.J'ile 2. last rt outg-place at Lima, N.Y.
i L' :t ti.. ‘• mourn net as those who mourn with
klue(to• tl.o ineivry of the de
ttb state that, 11.4,111 the infornation
Ivt• cat], gain, We not
intuXiCa ' till at the time.: niPlatuly occar
to 61:
oil:: I
On - the-death el Mr. tlen.unut a warrant Was
:ilia Lc vas itrresttnl, - but
a!lowedt., rtn:.:in !v;tts , e in the eus
--,.:.dr or C. tr.l, h I •
~lil~i~ ll:.l l•
N V. coroner's
orA,L. ing : 11.tuni
JA5...)1(20.r, J. 0. ri:osT, WArrs,
and letnain
to , - vssi , ,u for uearly - two . d:tysalnd clanduing
coral citutasc tpt.y the rullultp re
An !Lis 2.1
ct,3m,:iwt:ALTlt oF
,B,,Tilf.,woir (..,%•;fti:/'•fs :
Aul inquisition mdeuted and held at Towanda,
in the count: of Bradford, the third and fonrtl
'days cf March, in Ilic3: year of otirtor'd one thou-'
sr.11:1 t.t.:llt linntltol :Ind sk•vt.nty.rotte,befor:' nw,
Nathan Add,- Jiistie - e 4,,f the-Peace, acting as
1 t' , l - o i• to, ..f lie, comity al. , re,aid upon the sick
-1 . 11, b.,tv or Wu bliiv Eugene Sidialit.r„ then'
1 and tiliq't• I:Litig iiicar.3,111, ,, 11 1111.- Oath::: of tarry
Mix, F. J. Calmns; - Jarifos Mc(i'abe, - Francis
Warts J;,-.-O. Prost and Ira Be 11uniphey,
g0.:.1 zi:l , l laNt iql . Dif.-n of the county atoresaid,
1 , ,11 , . up.a L,..lng s , .roru to enquire upon the part
,-,r the Commonwealth, wimp, Nilicre and,,
a,,.' ...ft. a;-.hat 1......n0cr the :aid Wesh - -y Eugene .
, zi;'lla.,l, r came- 4. I,i• death,; do ray nvoti their
I% , I 11 , .t -- harry - W. 1 f3' %lit fa P-- 1
~ . 1 ~ ... .11. , " Al I, 1. y % It , •.....t -
~,, . .1 , c , .ll!ity, :zitat.• of-Pe , ..t. , yl.anui, on the '..t.ld
1,0. 4 ~ i): Icbillary, IS7I, at . titt• t1h% , (2-1::1;.;-Imust: of
tn;'• said 11.irr:: Ward, in the iwn,medi nt To - ot an
da. eoltitty.r`ote ,, aid. in :led upon the tiforesaisi
V....-1. -.- ILlgllic :el r i..a' dt.r, 1,, , ,,,-.0 4.4 y, vink,iitr : i:
a;;,1 ..1 in: m a iie r ~5:,,,..1,..,,1at mad,,A., .anit,
ant that the aforeFaid Harri - Waril 1 t a cer
.l t 0.% Ili tel ,".1.4, one 1 , ::11.1C:1 LAlllt-t into he body
t• t'. , -,‘'' , C•qiCi" Wl_lf
~r 1 11.---‘0 S.l, +.1 41 - did
-• ~-., ar. t th ,- .1.-e vollcoti , f.' , Anonsly wttli-ina..-
1 , - it :o: t•lo , oght, s.1:oot and givi2' , i the said
W...e: i• • .:1• Schader, ti:.-11 and there,' 'frith
!-,1•1:, :-.••• t .:it 1-.-nllet te,resaiii..•one mortal
. • .Mel; :ail "
mortal soun d the said
-1,, ; -!.., .1:;i4.,_; - . lic Selisder, at Toatilida, aforesaid
!It tit. e , , •:111 . .. - a foresiml, lanamislied and lin
! gm,iiiit; ; -:y ;lied from the said 22d day. of Feb-
I, r'.art - . in lice year aforesaid; to the 2d (tar of
I Ala r,-Ii in IL, y , ,:r ar •.:esai-1; r.t. TIM:II:all at0rt
,.,1,1 in the co mity afotesaid, of that' mortal
-1 , , N un:,l ,lit ~ 1:. : ••• tie tai,llTan - y Ward thi-li and
ti, 'l -, fe:‘•ni ,, n , ly Line , : and. v.outiled the raid
V.' , -:. yl:••47, tr
ette sehadcr, aain,t -.the_reatee. and
1 ~ 2n1;.-- y rT the Coninionwea'ltN of I'enu , !:li - ania.
In ottn ~ w%herct!f, as well" the aforesaid Cot - -
un-:- .rs t ;le
. 1.21-ors, aforesaid, Mire to this incini
,-.1 :i ••,•••••i• tie it littildi. and eeals on the (lay and
year and at the pine, tirse.above Mentioned.
1 N.\7 1:...s T: 000. J,P. acting Corner, [Seal)
.4 :lAntir MIN;
1 -
9 . 1'..1. CAL.taN , :„
:Vt.,. 31r0AriE,
Flt.ustns Win . s,
'.1t..,.. 0. Finisa:, "
1::.t 11. 11r)ivni:LY. " •
jaw, tip, - rL,;111:(
'11,• dfcidul c...muslj on Li
thei- mile tft cxarnine, ‘N3tus,es in-fore 110 in,
lit ”r ilcr, - .:; ndants att4,ll. ys;
V. 11,1 fialrnef,l I.l , :pear iu It 11:,It of
1111 , 1
• '
0,1 V:
-' I. -, ,
:;,11j. F. Mc.:;.:: 1
1.:1,1x] Tr...x:4 writ of
haa hitti htl - ore
t:hr, to ha the sniii 0f,t , 11 ilionsand a(a-
E. 3.ILANs mil E.
thl; .
wi:11 \V.
Nl..col,thlcitt tht{t, 4 . 11 ,- tt the mat
t:..;brat ht. ;1.• C 0... it -iwthi lk••, lit. can
i , r,vc that 111-: ar,,T.lcht3l.•
'd, r,....,.....,
et.:l , lklFl
sa.4 t•+l , : ei'tif: ill Ma. :E.1..)1T;.):: A fair days .sir.ce
r ti.- a tuN; hrturs in:
; i• Trly Grvltql
ti _:. ivi.
rkxr that of tilliftiliAlliarge of the
fit that iiebitty.
e l i t a =lia a aZ i Oit il t enticin 1;1"
a jai.
I could mention a most Interesting excretes
l iil lit ica m ar ti lla #o l .*lkaad•
imam Arithmetia, a lively pining class, mid
recitationsinraration. Just •
I am pleased to be able to add thii rte. Iltr
V " # l ,Q a 10 have Willithr4* work OU 31. D.
AIRIMUNI. : , It is already in thetands of his
es inmitittsctigibnCiusMl
attendedNinse fully denicrasiiistes
itr taltaN . • - • • r
Heretofore it has been i burning - stigma that
we had aio well appointed icheatin the amity .
tucaessfUliparminit witeminoressi
cal advantages could be silenced, Odour leath
ers had to go outside of the *minty for Matra:-
Inn or - nimbi pettily gambits) far their most
"important yimation., Nay we can point with
pride to it least onelnatitution in the county,
when, the hest educational advantages are ob
' And we bespeak for Western Bradford* bright
future.. - This enterprise has been put
. forward
and imitained most creditably thus tar, until it
is no long , er as experiment, but au seeomPlisb ,
ed fact. • - •
Dial other sections of Bradford inimlate - the
example of Troy, and then will our good county
maintain her present proud pliOion among her
sisterain the Commonwealth.
Dm. Items fro m
~. thO Norther' it Iter
Gazdte z <:, •
—Last. week FT-rases Pcul=oT had Vita a
chaseadter harts; thieves. Some Tittles 'near
Big Flats and catlin, letetrorses, and
from some cerise believing nor had been
brought to 'Pennsylvania, one of, the owners
came to Troy and called on Mr. yeartuor to cn•
gage him to assist in theiirecaptirre._ The two,
started in pursuit of ; the thief .and soon found
traces of him. AtWlithunspoit, Poalarlior found'
that a :telegram and handbill describing the
property were in the hands of the Williamsport
police, and they were on the track of the rogue
also. After follbwicg the elue to near Shamo
kin Dam, the owirer and Verrintor - forma the
policemen retaining, sith lbs. property, but
thty had let the thief escape. Mfr. Ramer
beliCres he' could have done better than-that
—Coz Stun= returned 'bat week from a
trip tolorth'Carolina, well pleased with the
prespects of that region.: He reports great
numbers of northern men ass settling about
Elizabeth City, and thinks moat of them ire do
ing well. Ile sawmur friend, Cipt.
late of Canton, and says he is pushing business
vigorously, being engaged in 4 a general: insu
rance businesi ail his formeiliertier,lfis.H..
Start, of Wellsboro. Dr. P. Ants, formerly'?
the Collin/bee Connty Republican, is publishing
a palier at Elizabeth City, and is already be
coming a man or mark in `the State.
—Mr. O. P. BALLAIID, when making his es
cape from his burning &welling last week,
ped his vetd containing a valuable gold watch,
which was burned. The fire, when discovered,
was in the - norri directly under Kr. Bars-tares
sleeping apartment. It 'was Mr. BALL-MD . :I.
birthday, he twing 73 years old:,
Tor Banctar Com. MmEs.— . Vor
some time,pa st the 'Miners at the Barclay Moun
tain hare bid in contemplation to insist
. upon_
an advance of ten cents per ton for mining coal.
A few days since a committee waited upon Ma
jor It
w oncitr McDowr.u., Superintendent of the
minel4, - and insisted upon the - advance, which.
Ai' refused. Other' delegations continued to
"interview" Lim, when the matter was finally
compromised by- allowing an .advance .of five
cents per ton. No stuipension'of work occurred
during the negotiations, and good feelings ex
ist among all the parties concerned—Elmira
I*" Spring style Silk . and Other
Hats, at TA nO/11 F Gores.
figfr' 5,900 Biishols Oda wanted
immediately, 'Enquire of F. E. -Bannr.u, at the
Expreis office.
Vir Several valaablo farnis for .
Bognire_of Onnirrna Parrol, it their
oltii•L• on .11ritl Towanda, Pa. febls-w4
roOAIIDING.—A few boarders can se
clue first-days rooms with board, by applying
at No. 32 Second street. • F. E. Past..
Also a new ono-horse coyere&Carliage, Irnb-
Ger - tv) for sale at a bargain: P. E. Post.
tfir. Joi s.lclsvirce gives special
attputiou to customwork. He will make the
finest lady's shoe 16 well as 'the heaviest gen
H unan's Loot.
£Bridge Street is now • one of
Cue, sections of our busy town,:tuul
at the Furniture Store, is the busiest
inii r ien the street. ."Cause why?" He sells
"aWfureheap," his motto being " Quids; sales
anri smallfroti!s."
• •
re.. PATTELsoN k KI . Y.NEY arc con
tinually extending their business in order to
meet the deniands of thCir new customers. No
!inn in this section cycr built up a trade equal
to their% in the same length of time.
r _ HENRY HIERLS, Merchafit Tai
lor, of Erndgestreet, is now in New York Lup•
ingllix Spring.-stexk, and will return with the
largest, best selected and most fashionable stock
of gopds in- his line ever brought into Towanda.
llES..Strayed . or Stolen . from the
snbseriber, On Thursday, 3larch 2, a.-I.led
quiroi•ax D.k7,--resembles a fox in amearance.
Any information will be gladly re eked by me.
IZer.r.llclirc, Towanda, Pa.
, .
pir r y. W. BRou7, druggist;
Tux's 111ock; always keepp s fresh awl pure
stock otkdrngs and medicines. Hisrapid' tales
compel him to nialic additional orders almost
Corirtaritly. PrcAcriptions carefully compound=
at all hour;.. .
Fire .Thousand ROM\or,,wal
, •
tht latest agytei: for the
vringln4l simmer tride. Also an extensivi: line
of Cloth and Paper Shades add tizttirell, Just
ppened and ;for sale at F. J. .f.m . r.suss' hook
store, 31 ‘ rxrun's1.1lock, Towanclairi,
Gnirk-rms . & PArrox:ilealers in
real estate, will sell town Orronntry property on
a r, , asenable commission. Description of prop.
ertr, valmition, and terms of payment:left at
their. office 'on fridge-rt., Towanda, Pa., iiiil
t-evive 1:1,4r prompt attention.
're- Two Houses - for - rent on See-
Ond h!rvt t--posrssion given on the first of
April ":" and "a;'-So one boron; and lot for sale on
- the darner of Fourth' and - Elizabeth streets.
In of
efir Great.Expectations—tbe new
I'rizt• Cellar. :Buy a Carton And t:ecnrc a pin.
Fur sale lty TAll.Oll.t. gOZt.
DA... Mr. armor arrvm, who for
raspy years has been connected with the gro
eeiy department of Powr.u. h C 0.% establish
ment, has been 4.ecured by Bltsmaxi.Litincr.-
WAY, Drkige street. Xr..13; is a genthinan, of
s•Jictly correct habits; weir, cons &porta:Mut,
and by his large experience in this partianlar
branch of trade, is perhaps one of the most
overt grocery salesmen in the place. Messrs.
11. &It. IsTe acted wisely in securing the ser
vices of Mr. Swam.
lg.. D. L. PECilti . hair been in
duced by the very flatterin' g trade exteekto
him daring the past few weeks, to remain he,
He has remoTed his furniture :to ono' of the
stores iii the seal' aide of MEncvit's
where he will be twirl to see his custom
ers and the public generally. lie has a •splen
ilki assortment of furniture..
all Machines Wrx.soN's • tire
And cheaper far than all the rest; -
These all demands air sure to meet,
And do your work both strong and nest.'
For :nide or rent at this New Bakery, Main
street below Bridge, by S. Z. Snoans, Agent.
stal liptne.
Thdaa VW* 21mitaf wait ti bie Wm , can jbe
thrashed alp
,almadust that the**.
tor is a pernmarat giring tnd
omitP rfigtilW. services. • , ,
TZ9V; ED : • : 541firg0P?' etricily
Ina 'to Mart on . l %it: 'arsa as work-
J4B- banigansaara., mast bsagaiabed wt
igapliadne sad able te: 'tain the - et a gang
of men. Beth a - optinfilhave_ steady employ
:sent" sad good wager. thilpilre! of •
• sir yon ion in vantof anScarti
:ct• th.liazititunlline:frd4 4 fen& the
dnest parlor or bedrnam set, yen can be aceam
modated by eallimi "it Fiore /4 Boas'. They
mudsufsetare many of thabr good 4, sad Tarrahnae
the bilanee of the largest munillictniera in flie
Vatted Oates. A kiag exPetrieneala OM bad
ness gives Mein the win side tract." .
1115. Thvonocular, poFir of al min
is usually made to Operate eitheiby his legs or,
arms; rareirby beiihlngether. has bcenes
timatod that by the action of hie legs upaa a
timidwheel ho can Caln his qwn weight, aver
aging about 150 winds, verticilly throub.
height, or 10,000 feet, JD the 'minim of a day of
eight hours' diration, which lel of
3,125 pounds ealsed t through one` foot in s min.
Thiais called the efficienci, or nunibet of
units of workdone Py4Linan of aiieragi strength
per minute, Hence, it becomes] every ,man
buy and cat pure and nutritimoMo,',,and
best place to buy groceries is at4cCAnz ‘t, Ea.
Ousts or
o wit Soma" Mo. C 0.,) r
WlcKwat & Feb.
14 ' 1871'
Genit,--tiince per letterto you of thilet
we have from the reCdier the sworristatement
giving the sales otthe leading machinea'pr the
year 1870 :
" firkour lii.errracrtintr 00Id.. :127,833
Wheeler & Wilson) " " 83,208
Howe Machine " " 75,156
Grover . & Baker " " 57,402
Weed Machine ' " " 35,002
Wawa & Gibbs - " • " 28,890
nomad° - . , "4 ... 17,660
American Combination " "14,573 •
Finkle & Lyon " 2,420
Yours truly; •
NEXT WEEII.—WB aireL pleased .to
inform those in our commuilty suffering. with
Rupture or Hernia. that Dr. — Gr.o. W.
'my, the inventor of ifipringlessTraqiuid,Sup
porter which are said to pow* great merit, is
to make iProfessiorial visit to this place March
15th and 16th, and may be eolunfited by any
who may , wish;to test or purchase his celebrated
sppliarices,•at his rooms at the Ward house.
The Ilotclikin Trails is free from spring and all
bard sabstancei, may be worn tooth . nigh; and
day, and is so nearly perfect' in its construction
that the Doctor warrants permanent relief to'
every person to whom be adjusts or, or
ne pay. This Is a guarantee seldom offered;
and those afflicted would dorwell to remember
the dates. Communications will reach the Dr."
at .1,114i0n, N.Y. - I
Ater . firs. E. C.Acsr.nmAs has em
ployed Mrs. Astssns Csaxase, the popular dress
maker, who wil t l e ater th e Sth of December as
sist her in the title's peenli4 to her vodatiuu...
Tu those who have employedler, the annosuice
meta will be sufficient ; to tltisc who hive not
been as fortunate we can oni. say, if - yen want
your dresses cut in the most approved style and
nicely fitted, give her a
Mra. Anumaux also keeps a fine assertment
of real laces, embroideries, patterns frcim • Ma
dam Ditzonror ; _abio the greatly .celebrated
L M. Jta.aos's Improved Chart for cutting la
dies', misses' andlebildren'i'aresses, *agues,
sacks, &c: Charts of instruction to be had on
ly of Mrs.-E. C. Acituuss, Bridge Street, :To
wanda, Pa. .
,-• _
• 'Mir Wye take pleasure in announc
ing to our readers the fact that our
ing friends,Vessrs. Cure A - Vt.:sex:yr, have been
appointed bistrict Agents for the Elam Loris
IdtrruaL Lux Issraxxcs CoxPAST. This Com
pany, besides ample security, offers to policy
holders the-most fair and liberal terms that
can be tarot consistent with perfect safety.
This, and its rapidly increasing popularity here
in the East; as well as in the West, has secured
for its name a prominent place among the lead?
ins Life Inzurance Companies o a f this country.
The seeetion of the abore-named gentlemen to
represent the Company is Nrtiinate, and their
well-known activity and business integrity will,
we are confident, secure for the Saint Louis a,
fair share of business in his section orcountit.
We would advise all who wish life policies to call
. npOii them before insuring elsewhere. They
are always on hand at their office, and ready to
slam. up their stock and explain anything you
'wish to know about Life.lnsurance. They also
represent the old Plitenix Life of Hartford ;
which is too well and favorably known here to.
need comment upon. Flrsar A. Brunasx,
their "Solicitor-General," is always aroulid with
-his face and pleasant address, seeking
whom he may Insure.
Seri Aliss Guirime lias removed Vet
Millinery estzblishment to her:nen - braiding on
Pine street. ; .
, Jr ARP I -
llarfora, Feb. 0-1 Inl,
by:Rev. (leo. H. Lent, N. E. Smith to Mary
P. Foster, both okilarford Mills,
DEUEL—DAVIS.--At the some time and place,
by the 'sarne, Gera E. Denel, of Harford
N.Y., to,Maty Davis, of Cortland. •
FRALEY-31ATITTN.—At the reiidenee of IV.
R. 'Marvin, in Rinithfield, Feb. 22;1871, by B.
8. Dean, Mr. Kit Fraley and Eliza Marvin, all
of Smithfield. . / .
DAVID.- At Terrvtown, Feb. 18, 1871, _Clarks
David, in the 42,1 year of his , age.
BOOKER.—In Trov,March 1, 1871, Anna B.;
wife of A. 8. Hooier, aged 3“.
tOKER.—In Alba, Nov.lB, 1870, Fla \la Hook
m‘ther of A.. 8. Hooker, aged 73..
110010 ER.—In Troy; • March 17. 1870, .dames
Gaylord, only child of Anna Id: and A. 8.
Booker, aged 15' mcntha. . _
Wife, Bother, Child, One Year.
FAIRBANKit.--In. Franklin, Feli. 13, 1871, of
mustimption,'Orlando Fairbanle,• the 22th
year of his age.
ilar HENRY ilt;utys, Merchant Tai
lor, Bridge street. •
Maple Lumber and Dogwood
wanted. Apply to DIZOTIIEILS, -
Jan. 4, M7l. . • Greenutxml.
- A full cam:',4:rtment of Driettand
canogi Fruita; at
Feb. V. %., 1871 -4m. •
FISH A full assortment FISH
at Ltfsci*.
22,1871. -
TO THE P081.19,--After this into
our business will be conducted on the
Ito credits will be - granted. Thanking thcl citi
zens of the county for the 'very liberal patron
age given us duringthe put years, we can- as
sure them that we shall spare. ira pains to-keep
nit the reputation of our weft, and expect . to
largely increase our facilities fur nianufactiumgt
Boots and Shoes ; and also_ expect to demon
strate to our old customers that it is for their
interest, as-well as oar cnni, that goods be paid
for on delivery. We have made - this new ar
rangement, believing it to be the only trne sys
tem of doing business, andere ep t g aevote the
time heretofore glen to book- and col
lecting to selecting the best goods in our line
which the market affords, and paying morellsr
ticular attention to the- manufacture of .first
class'work than heretofore.
Jan. 16,1871. flexeffarr Baerruzas.
-isa Tea for 50 cents per lb., at
Feb. 8, 1871. Cowsu.,.l, ]bash.
• le" The best Dollar Young //Oen
Tea in town, st Comm!, & WEIN.
Ftb. 8,1841. •
160-Cho to the 13akezi, first door
porth of Ward House, for fresh Crackers.
Oct. 7 1, 1870. D. W. So= & Co.
A: HoPPEtt, Prys'L
la. Ilisatitakirits bits& piOd.
lb, 11111eis 'lad - Ira%
• ...
__Beet•Pa,led Tongties
sad! ooked Lose*'
Feb. 1071.1 • - • 2,e., - • s
11y. Timothy and Omer Seed iof
an kinds pare and clean, and wuranWd trneto
m 4
lifir/. , .l.,onn's . :!: :.
ZOM " • NOr Norway cos
- sale by Wx. W. Fonum,4iberty Ckor-
Xerkilnidtankip - 0.. Pa., or
eb W. A.7ll4xxintta,
..), F. 21( ( y171--lnad
1 - /,.„,. : .J____.....L__ i
rOn $ *A. lartge Newicinn'i .. ~
Dm sail and
a We - f the oth=WhV cxxx. xueZ .
11 . nriinfrir' ,iitargtfilnx : . !
-• . 4 14 r - -'.
Bradfordrir .T 4 moit; of filueutg,
c ft., is artthmimCto sell p.
W. Ramsdell 's renamed Norway Data ! at
the Mowing rtilinced pMars : 111.500er bushel
lire )msbels amen at Atm per linaheL,- M
ama 11tw !
B, fay exchange coannon Mite at
- minket Ailey so#nre. ... - -
- ' -- - ...e. -
lisp I ha g irejnst 'received; is large
stock-Of Tea, bOtight sines the rednition in the
duty , on tea of ton cents - pei poutuj and ages
the:ant the loitinicen aspexed: -- •
/test Yotui&i :i .ll7ls4llB ; Goatioung
-nen, 11,00; , 70 tooOceate.: *sou Fine,
TA, cents ; Hying celits ; !testi span,
3140. Calf andexamina.
an. 1871: ` . Gso. IiZILS;I4;
SOS. Do *A forget that - Tea is sold
at Reera's for Al ants. ' Jan:lB, 1671.
Second-hand Sewing lifsci4es
for isle al s bargain by Wickham & EWE
•• •y Machine Necalca, Oil
, Thrrad; 13Elka,
April 28,tf,
BAi.nwn -(!sudeessor tb
tawia,) 'dealer in Hardware, Tin
litla. Iron, Rope, Beltirq, Paints,
Is, Doors, and eyerytkung
*are More. tioods sold
yery rernts gash.
Aspinwall it
ware, Stowe; N_
Oils, Putty &tali;
usually_ kept WA
at whoies4o andlet
Doc. (►;lB7o—tf.
Sc . Igo), Mansfield, Tiogs C
Terrn tit wouh).wrill commence
1 8 71.1 : Tuition, inernding bo,_
oikland washing, $62 per team.
tion 0f.47,00 ar 1114,00 is made to the
lotto teach. Apply. to w.
CuAnt.Es H. Wr.cuuLL,
Feb.ll ! 1871. -. Prinrip;
1826.. " UOll. I'ANYES 1870-.
Have just opened a large and carefully select.
id stock of goods for the fall trade. Divas
Goods, Sheetattga, Flannels, Printic&e: Tess,
Bugs", syrups, and Groceries of all kinds at
Neff York paces. Crockery and Glaraware
onrwarn insportation, in fact too. extenaire a
'Welt to itenaisocbought exelusirely for 'cub,
and intim:deed to:be seld at lower. prices than
ever offered in this market. • . • '
161),.. W. Drrreron's Music Stoke,
east ofMerern's Bank, lint door, where you
will zl d Tia,nos, 11e1odeens,. Organs, Violini,
Onitais, Banjos, Strings, Aceordevns, Clarion
eta, Flutes, Sheet Music, Instrnetion Bnoks for
allinstrunients, Milne Books mod all kinds 'of
Musical Merchandise. ' April 14, in;
NOTICF--The Houser Bounty Case
is now a, law'paased by Congress.. Persons eti•
listed between Mai , CAl:id July 22, 1861, dis
charged for disability, are entitled to $lOO boon
ty. Soldiers of the war of 1812 are. entitled to
pensions. 11. D. .11i. - Kr..tx.
Tbwontls, Feb. 2S, 16.-/L.
GdoD Nis:—Tcafi3.loWer;
- •
Coffee -cheaper ;,
Sugars way down; . • • •
Grocerici cert. tow ;
Tobacco cheap since the war. -
• Beat actsortruent of Groceries in town and sell
log cheaper than ever, at the Red, White and
Blue Store. Go and tee,
Mach 1, 1871.
:Oar We have for sale at great
gains: •••• ' , •
1 Willcox 44, Gibbs Sewing Machine.
• `_'Gruver k Baker , "
1 Finkle Sr. Lyon " ' " • ,
1 Whech - Ir .t . WilNen " -" •
Altuost new. .. _
Feb;itt, 1971.. WicanA:t & BLtck.
tia- Fresh Oysters by the . gallon;
yna-t or dish at the Dakerrit'Dining Moans.
It W. Sayrr k. Co.
21c —Towands, Dec. 20, 1870.
Turner and five or six C.xhinet .3tal.itg at- the
Towanda Furniture Mannfactory, to whom
steady auploylueet atid ltlx•ral tisazca wi:l be
3. 0. Fact l Co.
Jap. 1871..'
Fon SALF--One of the. best Hotels
in the country. Inquire at t hi. office.
Feb. 1, IS7l—tf.
NZ" Mrts. FixrcuEn, f Boston, and
Mrs. SACNDEMI, of Towan would announce
to the ladies of Towanda thl they will open on
February 1, 1871, on Bridge tthet, over Elvis
Sole's Ilardwiro Store, tirst-clais Dress
making Establishment, It - herr will be found all
the latest Paris, New York and Boston fitaltions.
Cuttmit and fitting done at ohort notice. - Also
particular attention paid tit children's dress
making. i -
ter guarantee satisfaction in
all the work we do. We cnt, Tooke, and trim
clothing for tacit and boys wear.
• 11. lisr.nm A: Co,
4 Bridge Street, Towanda, Pa.
166. A fine stock of Cigars at whole.
sib., very cheap, at COWELL 3; _
Feb. 8, 1871:
OS. The ,donree plumed by the
• iscatle Mills, of selling good dour-at the Low
e nossible prices, is productive of numerous
!Lth antis - es. It makes a ready market for the
superior wheat of our vicinity; sups lies con
sumers with a cheap and wholesome article of
fresh ground flour, and as a natural result makes
active business for the Mills. War in Europe,
drouth, and short crops, are having the effect
to raise prices ; but tins" Mill at all times sell
at minimum prices:
July TS, 1870.
M. Call' at Miss E. J. Kingsley's
for the 3fooay Comet, she being the only-agent
in the corinty. We ivould recnininend it as pos
sessing min).* advantages over any other. In
addition to its fine shape, it is highly recom-
Mendell by i llie medical faculty as a supporter.
Dec. 15, 1870 —tf. •
Ile-For insurance against loss or
damage by fire, in reliable companies, apply to
/ow: W. )ins, Agent,
• Towanda. Pa.
Office :Clercnis Block, north side of Public
Square. Dee. 1, 1870.
We are selling first-class Pianos,. Organs ar.d
Melodeons at reduced prices and on easy terms.
Persons who are in want of a good instrument,
will find it greatly to their advantage to give us
a call before purchasing elsewhere.
ans., RISSAGM sk:CO.4 -
An. 18, Towanda, Pa. -
or Tux LOZSG) Of Tax
• • •
I. O. , OF - G.
itt thia phee, weahtattnonnec that Wei-Uri enitar,
..ed-tht (priming mann,' le.rtnrers:
Subjec&-.. Lore. A tom:*
Dab., linvrmber 2Q, PI O.
W - I R S
Alter Dart In 'New Tort."
'ate, December 15,1870
Sabject--•• Curious Contrasts, Old Tinbell,
• and Our Ti:acs.'•
Datc,,Janstary 2J, 1871.
• • T.
WENDELL rumurs.
Subjecl—!*Tlig. Lent krtg.—
Datr,4anuary 30. 1.'71.
Sub;evt t --“
Date, January i, IS7I.
Subject—" To The Deacno."
Admission ' _
SO ccnts
Tielierved Scat .. .
SeAsitm Tietet, (Good for Reserved Neat).— :A
ss so
' ilessOn Tickets and Reserved Seats are sold only
at POUTER kSIBBPS Dreg Rom, The side of
'Swerved Seats will commence , three days before
each lecture.
eau= U. i.;:11.-Psotr.Wixtuaelans.
• midi. W. lii.NTt-rt,
Nov. 3,1 1 37 n. Yn
:4. 4:.: t tillpisdikoii44o44
. ,_. • -
11',)TAS •
_ et
7.lii prnay„.;
I '6 .
. • •
privitth i fTiL44; . o
it•-- , -." 1 7 I
-I,fl Sll 11
; 1 1, 14 . , 1 1 7A , %It #9,4 1 14 1 "..1 1 4 161 Ni ik;"I;
Cl e SWAMI kvole. till' win len a l e. bija
of their
tat© No`dad
v. The }liming
42n, Batch
A deduc-
' • ;IN
At a great redthdnon in prime, to doge them out.
We shall offer, the greatest bargains
we have eversl4own, for the next 30
Towanda. March 1071
'. T ~'~; ~lii';7
DRESS 6001)8,
- •
. 11Assamtm,
AND , _
&b., Etc.,
1 • ,
=' 3 ' 9l P, ,3 'w 4
V R it - 1 .-
I It ril: 1'11: ' '' ild
Flitif 1-,_ 14i* clooDis
- '1" ' I,I,OLCXfe - :I ;! a : 1a z 11...:
fAlre sco ism *hag at our Illbolesde sad Ratak!
0 k • 1 • I
Igo:* itiat,eilth.
The grAdantizah WAN* he wai . t
FIRST -- CLAisS i i
Ever eire ll a this "whet. ' I
f _ . ._. . 1
The stbadisit aelkid Alba , lit ear.dir"-Wwil to
Alla. remit hese pOrdwas the Ms feat Am
; thilifigefet--: 'li i .. '-' , • •
.. . - •
1 11 ' C r Pi isia 'Via me, m!
we are- genr, elleting - ' •
AT :Ti OS. .r AIM • . -
NICE PARLOR SETS, At 'sso-0 0 ,
Together with ;Our Complete Stock of
A I ~:;, ht" . I;; : I 7 . tra,oltints
, . . .1
And Oa fad easystbing to be 4 4111 4 4 0 II Fir"-cillq`
~,;~ ,<,
Diarghtin*,7ll/LT WE ANN NOW WANUFAC-
Ib eating. tad do 'eels goods' of oar own mann-
Cactus damper than ion can bag city.made good
dimwits*. Lumber taken in egehange foi goods'.
We eh* ftirnieh
• mammon atszEis,.
' Of every tlesertition. .
suazet'Ackspi. c;trs.
Ald . Fe also hate the
In Able .seation of ' F . ountry.
lioodi detivered to the DeDos(ree of eharg.t..
• JAMIIIOt rßcerk 801•i8.
Tcniands, J'an.. 11, 1871 .
T 11 D E 0 T
FREE 0 F 11.4%.:1 1 : GE.
TOWANDA. Ta., JAN DADY :;41, fctl. ' -
Q G T 0 1 11 . ACC 0 ;
_ .
• is ILL'irkat-ITRED AT
• 1
I' A T' 0 u. 1.-; •
• 3D Waiter OF )LITITLAND I .. •
ift• Oft that Ecery reickage Teel buy besri‘ that
Inscription. ^ /
Dee. It, 1870. . . .
T :A
ti. First block north ot,Warsl'imise: •
BAN- . EI? D / 41IL Y.
dad Wtiduale
old at aadflittiall.
In oar MONO aooliti we will accomziodme
pabbe with either • ,lueek or a good meal at all
Mom of .-day amymeedizg.
,'nix*. szesox.. _ •
AblO acne , totOrocerief,Cc*ecDOp!ri
Fritts. X De.'
nialr7ls4 • • D. W.'BCOTik CO}
- 1
.la Bind. Sent* Unary. Orange. Watson. Lan.
nat Wad Wastdagton attrab lea and
Code* Elarra— t. and an kinds *Madero at
• / 3 / a rch 4.10. W. A. ROCKWELL'S.
4 — C. a r sE*.
Mahal •
• •
• " -
compoNiri rums-ftrtli nnt.
.'BARB ND FLUID tirmicr.CATAW- °
••• • . B .GRAPE. JUICE. .• •
For Cooptdikts, /7/liout Arectuner.
Sick or Xtrvotur Meculaike, euehreneti, llt. Purely
Mercury, Mincrals , or bet=
. ,
_-g., • '--
These Pills are tho most delightfully .pleasant Ourr.
Retire, superseding castor 014-salts.• magnesia. etc.
There la nothing more acceptable to -the Wnsch.-
Mel; give tom. and cause neither liallue*uurgriP'
Mg pale... They arc composed of the' jfriert ingredi
ents. Afte a few days' see, of them. such an, hitt-
Oration of the entire system takes place astoMmear
miraculous to -the weak and•:enervated. whether'
arising troth imprudence or climate,. U. T.'`Ueltn
bold's Con:grand ?Mid Extract • Catawba - Grape
Pills are not sugar-coated. from the fact that P 1 42 4 r
. pills do, not dissolve,_ but pass through the
simmach•without diesolitug, consequently do not`
produce the .desired effect. TILE -CAT.111714:
GRAM* ram; being pleasant is • taste and color,
'do not necessitatath Wag sugarcoated. PiTICR
FIFTY CENTS. PER no:r. . ,
HENRY .T.• 11E:LithOLD'S
ur ,rLrcJxcEyTRdxFD
Wlll radically eitermlnate from the aylitem Scrofula
Syphilis, Fever acrrer, Mem, Sore F,r.s.„Sore Legs,
Sore Month, Sore Heart Bronchitis, akin Diseasea,
Salt Rheum, Cankera• Running from Ear, White
Swellings, Tumors, Cancerous affections, .Ilodea.
Illekets„GlaildtiLu' Swelling, Night Sweats; Bash,
Tatter, Htnuorrwor all lands, Cltronfc llticurnatism.
Diapepaia, snit all dlgrased •1114 hate beene6tab
liahed tri the system for years.; ; •
L 1
Beim; prepared expressly for the abi:•tve coipplaint&
its bioutlimrifying properties are greater than any
other preparation.Of Sarsapaillit. It gives the cm:-
pie:ion. a - clear and healthy. colOr and restores tilq;
patient tea state of besdlir awl purity. I'or purify
ing the blOod, removing all chronic .cottstitutirmal.
diseases arising from an impure state of the blood.
And the only reliable and cifeetrual.knewn remedy
for the cure of painaand swelling of the bones, yd
cerations of the throat and legs, blotehes, pimples
on the bee, erycipelai and all scaly ertiptions of the
.skin, awl heatitlying the complexibu. Price,. $1.30
Per Bottle.. • • _
-•~~ .~
, conEN rraTi:D(
• •
miry ; case of Diabkte - which It has
t.,'. Irritation of the , ' eck • of the Bladder
kin of the liidtcys; Ulceration of the
od.Bladder,'Betcntion of trine. Disettses•
ttrate Oland; slomoin'tini Bladder, Calcn•
Btickiltist Deposit, - and Mocona or
diarges, and for tmlekblett and delicate
,ns of both itelesfsttentied with the fel,
iptams: Indisposition to exertion, loss
loss of memory, difficulty of braatlllitix,
tremblin;„ terror, of diseaee, wakeful-,
less of vision,palnin the back, hot hands
'the body, dryness of the sldp. eruption
pallid countenance; universal imisitude
persona from the ages of 18 to 2.f, and
55 or in tee Alrelln- or ehanre sof life;
tement of labor pains; V;ed•wetting iii
• •
blood-rnutfying, and cures all' diseases :arising from
habits of dissipation. and exceases and fruilrudem
MR Judith. impr . writirs.of fhb:. blood. etri., Rllpen,ed
ttu; copaiba ireaSections for `which it,. is ni•eil. ana
syphilitic affections—in thrise dist./5051 used in 4-,ii
nection.aith HEL.SIDOLD'S ROSE WASH,
• . .
Su many atrecUnris - peculi l ar tei•Lathea, the Eitract
Litchi' Is uttc:malled by any, other' remedy—as in
Chlorosis or ii.etrintion, Irregularity.„Painfnlness or
Suppresaion of Custothary Evacuations. Ulcerated
or . Schirrtis state of the rterrts, LenyorrbOea do
Whites, Sterility, and for all emitplaints incident to, whether arising from iniliscn•tion or hall
its at ilizsliiation.- •It is prescribed. extensively by
the most emknent :physicians. and mida-Ves for en
feebled and oell,mte ebristlintions„ of belth srxes and
all age a (attended with any of, the 3bOce
FS'znptonts), -
'H. T. .HE L 3, 1.1 01; D' S
.: . . . . . .
Cures D:uuscs .11"ifill ' ilfrtli?!.. - hieriudertcr,(, ktab its. of
Di.isipfrtion; etc., '
In all their stages: at little expense , little, or no
change in diet, no inconvenience, and rioexposeure.
It causes a frequent desire, and - gives strength 'to
Urinate. therebt remorin,g Obstructir ns. prevebt-
Mg and curing Strictures of the' Uthera, allaying
pain and indanietion, so frequent •in this class of
diseases, and expelling all poisonons matter.
' Thousands who have been the airtims of incom..
pctent perilous, and who, have Paid beavy f...-es to be
cored in a short time, 1.1. 3 Ye found they have been
-deceived, and that the e Poison " has, by the use of
"powerfulastringents, Nen dried up in the sys
tem. to break out in rk more aggravated form, and
perhaps after Marriak.
;erections and diseaSes- of the Urinary Organs.
Whether esiating; in Male er Female, from whatever
tense originating, and no matter of, how long stand
ing: PriLf ND..t/: , ;t 171.71' C'E.N7.7
!'Eli BOTILY... • •
~. ."'
it U S-E
. .. .
- 1
- .
Cannot be suipassAas a Face Wash, ai't will be'
found the bnlySpecific remedy .1e every' species of
cutaneous AffrtAiinil It speedily eradicates 'Phu..
ides. Spots. Ss . orinatle Dryness, Indurations of the ,
.Cutariebus Mendirahr, ect., dLspelit Redness and In:
eiplent Inflamstion.l iriVeS; DUI): - lioth . Patches,
Dryness of Scalp or titan, • Frost 'Bites, acid for all
purposes for which Salves or Ointments are used:,
restores the-s,kin to a state of / Purity and. softness,
and insures continued healthy acton tutho tissue of
its vessels, on Which - AeleAtls .the - agreeable clear.
nom and.vivacity of gom lexion so much sought
and admired. 41nt howe er 'valuable is -a • remedy
for existing defects or e skin. IL T. llelnabold's
-Rose Wash. has lenge Stained its principle claim to
'unbounded patronage. by possessing qualities Which
resider it a Toilet Appendage of the most Superla
tive and do combining in an. ele:
gent. formula Dose promitter.ti requisites, safety
slid Efficacy—.-thiS 'invariable acciornpaiments of _its
. ntio—as4preseivative and icfesber of the Catindea-
Mt . It is aft rarely.* Lotion for diseases of a
ttyphilitie.nalaire,and,att an . inteetion for diseases of
the LTrinarf Orr ans,.arising froni habits of dissipa.,
tion,. used , iu •ctinn'ectiou with. -the •EXTRACTS
PILL. In' such diseases as recoinmended. cannot
I be inupassed. . PRICEIONF. 13LI...tRliEl? .407-
", '. •
.. . ,
• • Full and explicit directioaa accompany
, Al •
Eridexice th 6 moat rewpensible an reliable
character furnisbed.on application. with .brindreds
of thousands of living witnesses, and upward of
30.000 Unsolicited certificates and recommendatory
letters, many of *bleb are - Trom the highest sources,
including eminent' Physicians, Clergymen, States
men. etc. The proprietor has 'never resorted to
their publication in the newspapers; bo does not do
Chia fromthe fact that his articles rank, as Standard
Preparation, and do not need 0... be propped up by
"certificates. •
, .
Delivered to firollill.resa." Secure from obte7ation,
. ,
Sold by - Druggists everywhere, Address. letters
for information, in confidence. toILENUY . ;,IIfI.3I.
BOLD. Druggist and Chemist. .
Cooly Depote:- M. - T. DELMIIOLD'S ard
hemical Wiwi/Duke, No.' 894 Broadway, New Turd
of to IL T. lIELMBOLD'S Medical Depot, , 101
South Tenth Street, Thiladelphia. Pa.
BEITARE or COUNTERFEITS. AA. for 111 8 .7,i'11Y
Feb. 9, IR7I - ..
. .
1MM 1 LatiT1.........0/TlVRETigkat •
Hon. ?Okla B. etioemare.o. Pre/shiest.fudge
to the 12th .1 Zdatetct, coculatuss of tbitoonn, -,,,,
Weser mud illoyustteduo sattreste. tem., ,•
lb - for comity of ilrotheekbsislaiiied their -. :-.-
lag and
J. ia 7tb vAlit"l6- 14-dist Atis""e sf .1 1 0 1 0: 44" ..147W * :. ; i : :=
a qua
rh : 7 lls. 'w d for haling 4 GoW F . , Ccautherec` 44 - z
PleAs.:at :Trey for tbs 'county et. ou , . --
i g uaet
:Mohair, Math 27, 18714 is houtitme. tiro
.4 ., - , • . ,
ore' herebyirbreato - the . .
holt Justices of Pow; et thetahnitytt flesdford. , •
that thel Acts shd that , lalbeitlrecir Ite!ismi. - :
1110 6' the forenoces:otsltelAlan trim Ir- •
Oordoinvisttistul sad abet" relPinallinring.' tad* • ,
Vices things which to th=os..lPPertahts- to be _. .
dohs:and those erbo ses byreeordssnowor • •
4:otherwise to prosecute oplust the primers Who
are or may be in the Jill of - said cOurityour who shall •
be bound to appear at the .said court ars. to bi then ' .'
lila thcp,to prosecute seethed themseshall. bi Nat. • .
Jerers=ted to tcietuslth , th eir : alb - xi- • . i
dance , Dated at Terarida, the tat day o.their -of idarcb.,.th ,the • ''
pear et our Lord. one thtntsastd eight /milked and ‘.
eaveuty.ouo, and •of • the Independence of the •••
- COS &the. the niza t pro °sib ... - - ''.`,i ..
• . - .7-P.1 , 0(1%161er arneri.ln '
. -
. "ono drawn Febrost7 22; in to' b y e Tratera
Jams in COmst of Common Plena tot* MidT.toY
colutstiktng Mondan , Minh 27;1871.
Atten a 667,01 V Ploranier. W LAMBE. Wm ro, ,
oar- 'moo; Arlwas hero'. Wm-
Asylum: FA-
*id Barclar...7 1 4 weesey. Jr E - D - Cotter: -
Canton born'. Jo:a - plane% Chan Owens; Columbia
tarp. A P MAIN M A McDowell: Franklin OM. C w •
Stevens: Iltclalleld. s it Layton: Leßol , sewnen
Mlleirs; Sloane twp. Cabin 'Shelton., ft C liefi ,ley
Jno Soraanama Orval two, ak A Chaffee. a' Poolitft:
Fikerwp. C 11 Crandall. ifOrton Brolrartic_jd
tarp, Stephen Brice; ShesheAplin twp,ghos_a n cr '
hma. .Lawrence Towanda 0
,likagatmry. C D fainophrey: .Topramie liortb;, , Wm. „:
Sarah; Troy twp. Boned Bradford. Leonard Vart -
Vern. Falingia liewlatry; Troy bore'4 B B
Meter tirp. Wm. Mather: Windham tarp..Wli,so7Boa ,
era: Wilmot twp. G B Wlnehrw; - Warren Amp, P
Taylor: Wf got twit. Dewy Benedict. x•
. •
- ,) • • .. •
,etlimi.ll chard liennettriAliattlY. Worrell,
'Barclay. Tbonna Wiry Orltrille.,Bokittinti Staten.
burY. , ;-Pais!tr 3 4.l l rl:l, ll errlolt, Aaron - Drown: Le
.ltoy.lE-C utoeno, H Coburn; . Litebliekl.• John
Coytendall. Henry Geiger Monroe twp, obßock;
well; Monroe . boro', H Tra4l:- 'Orwell, Mason •
Stevens, J U Light: Ovation. lionben Muiselman. .
4 CHottenstelni.Pike. C W Brink, II L Stoierik.c L-
Illdgbury, Henry . grainy! .1 Berton, Jr,
Chu Baldwin; Rome twp, IA Hood?. llbeehogbitl•
J P Rogers: Smithfield: I 8 Flvie-. D Forrest: 'rowan - -
da Baru° S Pick,ll Iteeonl.e p Spaulding; Toaranila
twp, dablonßiartwood:. Towanda, .North, William
Barnes; Troy twp, J H Leonard:- Terry twp, .7 H
Twunrora. W P Babecck: Wyalnaing. P(
Stallard: Wpm:. Job P Kirby. ' • ,
1871, - AT. TROT. ; . .
T. R. Fox vs: Alfred Furman . ' appeal
- Jacob Graze vs. 0. 8..We5tgate....4...... :ejectment -
John Kelly va. John Coos;-...
• .. .. • appeal
Dewey Brien vs. W. S. Dobtrlns.- - • • trespass
F. IT. Person vs. lohn IVOR, et al a appeal -
R. F. Bona va. Alonzo Long's adtnr•!s.... e case:
F. L. Ihratt TEL 11. - • ..
H. Hirkek - ii:l'utnain - Baiter--; n c ,.; .-.
Pamiona A 7 Cern ochah vs. Alonzo Loug's aloy
A. eappeal
,..fLMoore ve. John 'Cummins—, ...:.debt
iry Tic N; Smith's . s..appeal '
T. AO:lnciter vs. PenTerni • -
Ooodrioli. Nea - berry.k 'Peek' vs..
Ifilmrance Co.. et al ' evj
Tnlla Astell vs. C.' T.-Merry. et al 4 „,:.......ejectmelit
do ;.o..P.l:lalbsed •
- . --' ejectment
F. L. Balbr , lVg-tftWara
.RlLThe . Badl)4 . l4..ot - appcnt
'O. C. Covert vs. Geo. Jones - • - ey.- , linent
0. D.. richt vs. A.M. Hoorev ....
S. V. Paine vs. Jahn Ballard -
O. P. Manlox. Pr. Beam T . knHarace Ate° Irma'
Supoenzs for first week returnable oat Monday:
llarch 27. IStI. at 10 , alelock.-a.m.. and for second
week, on, -
X.unday April 3, 1871. at 10 o'elpelr. a.m.
. W. A. 'THOMAS. Prot.
' -arc" of Revision,
lave fixed nylon tho ()flowing dated; and pbwea •
for holding appeals , for A. D. , 1871: .
• I
,-.)Wd.11.---At the house of Ji 4 Fwlsall, Friday.. Mar.:;..
Columbia and Sylvania,-Atithe house. of J. 11. Mor.„,
gan. Saturday, Mitich .• •:- • '
Troy tap : and troth—At ti.fe;'house 'of V.. M. Long,
Monday, March l l. t• • .
Ariacnia and Alba—At the housc of Reynold- ,
•-• Ifirell 7.
. Cantnn twp: and lac,ro-,At the hduse. of (lei. Mettler.
Vrednes , iar. March S. -
Le,lloy—At the house of C. D. TfolcOniti„ Thursday,
March 9, •
Granrille,—At bouco B. F. Taylor ; Friday.. t larch 10, .
Franklin—At house of W. B. l, Lowis.Satunday,Maral
Burlington tarp. and horo—'4t the honso of S. • B.
Stevens, Mondar..3farch - - •:
Brirlinglon west—At the hong!. of Geo: Goddard.
Tuesday, March 14. . • • '•
Springfield :-44 the bonseof Emily VanAllen,„Wed.
-ne,,sday. March 13.
Sicillaftel(l-.At the house of L. D. Forrest ; Thureda-,
lliarch lei. •
Barclay—At ichool near Foci Plaue-Satur-
(lay, March • • • , .
Wyfurs_—At the 1.1.0rt. ,- , of John $. kberihatt. Illindae, • '.'
Muria 20.
dhepiin—At the hone e oof'-I.tegersi•Trtiesdau
.ne , . . • . • V .
I.iteliZeld=At hoes of
S. M. Lei , .. l on,'WcalhcadaY-: -. 1
March 22: . -;
tti•adhani—At house of Benj. Eualcrulal;3nagaseiay.
.3farish 23: _
Warren—At bousooT Jas. Cooper.ldrulay, March
Orr. - 04-Atlaouse of Auril Gaut, Saturday. March 23.
I Rorer tu-p. and bo=o—At th~ braise of A. ,t. Taylor,
'Monday; March 27,* ; • -
lie:Tick—At, house of, Chas.',llice, Tied(lay. Mar- 2a. '
rib, and Lefl
'29 aysville.--, Attouseof John ehainpion: ;
Wednesday,' March . '
" Lance of D. D. IBack, Tbairsclay, Mar.
Wyaluzing:.-.lthonso of J. M. BrowlieFradal(Mar.9l.-
Prone-At house of Peter.lieobits, Saturday. ,
April 1..:,', 'd • • • •
Assessors.viat be punctual in delivering 'notices tri .
tarahles end iturnaking their returns in poison. at • -
the time Speeitted in their warrants: at .which time
shit rise] the - Board'ofilevisioli will attend anal bear •
all who consi&r . themselres a,, , dgriereal by the Ad- ..
arsirceent,and make such alterations. as .to theni '
shall Spisar,Dast and:reasonable.. ,
• Ey or.dor of thoMiArd. • " . .
• Attest—E. B. Comaavow, Clerk.
• .rorrimissioners' Office. Jan.- 24, 1871. '
la:Notice ItherettV Oren that all Persona indebted
to the estate of PAUL QUICT, late of Wilmot, deed.
air requested to make immediate pastnent, and ail
* persons having claims atninst said estate mud pre
sent them duly anthen4eated for settlement. •. .
.f.,:b.1'71 -1111
A •
Netice beret's gri-en that 311 persons indel)t
-t;I to titi• estate of GEO. W.: WELLE4 &ream& lat.*
cif 1: Ike Acernsbip, are requested to make immedi
ate payment„anh all persons haTn4! claims against
said estate must present there day authenticated for
setti , lnent. j ' • -
ja'n.ll'7l;76 • - .Itdminiftrator.
NotiO is 114•reby gireh that lip pprowns indebfed
totlestate o' wiLtaU lite of marten
ta-p., deceased— are reqUeited to baker irettediate
payment.,andall persons liaving-elalmaogtinatlatid
estata tenet present - them _duly atithenticated for
lettlement., • . G.N. BUNN.
• ; B: B: RaNtc
• .1 '
f .1‘
_.l_,Notiee is heriby givenlhat allpersonie indebted
to the estate of SUSA:II . Meg&MAIM, late of Town--:4la lloro', deceased, it4r requested_to make immedi
ate payment, and all Berson i haring claims -against'
said-estate must, ifreeent them duly authentdcated
for settlement - J. 6.. FROST, • .
feb.2'7l-wti - Administrator. L.
is herehr . kiren that all perarma indebted
to the JAMES 8. SHANVilate::of Tusakrorn.
deceased, are reqUe§titi td make iinzriediate payment
pegaolia- ha:tit:l claims against 'said estate
must pre%eut them uttlg authenticated for settle:
meet. ' - AV. F. cobrns.
- *,inettistrater.
• •
.Cl..Netlee is lihrby Oren that all teisong
ed to thiA estate of E.. 1-.1..11.A50N. late of Towand.ti
bercnr_b._ deed., are requVated to make inamediatil
payinent, and all perspna•tlatillte dams against said- 1
estate must present the same tlnly -aritbenticated for
settlement. PIITLINDA 31150.1 t..
' feb.22 - 71-wri • -Mminlatratrli:
'Note° 1 hereby ate'en trip pirioanaindebfrid
the eetatee9f LEONARD PLANTS...IMo of. Met
field tem.. , leceared, mutt malto.-ininiodiate !jay- .
mild, and na : persons having claims iNzatont •naid
rAat• - • most yreseat tbl'iu duly nutlenticated for
TIi . .N.ECIJT OR'S 'Is:IOI i ICE.,---`
5 1:114,41117 in hereby givon that all nOisinin
tn_the cot:de 31111111.t1!..re3tA.UPH. late of
Tontntla boro', deed. and requested to 'make imms , c'
'di ate payment, and all persona haTinigelsitaaagtl,4,:te
estate mnit present them drily aritif!nt!htni
-Licpettleinent. ,
• • • LAID. -*
rieentar. ,
. . .
7otice te hereby vireo to allyerions indebted
to the estate of JEIIOIIE SALSBURY..bgar of Monroe.
tap. decd, most make tramedlito paymeat, and all
perfume bating' claims akaiknit bald /estate must pre
sen'ale/l truly antlieiticated for settlement.
fub.2.2"71A5, - 4
Bolted Statelier the Western Pi..
tract-of Peonsyltatia. Westins-Diitrict aftrertap,fr
ronio,',V. S. In, the .matter . an ;....Lacey, a
Bankrupt :// •
TH13.16,1'0 Gtct :Clatter.: That as ilth of Feb.,
IS7I. a Warrant in ItankrnOtty wal tamed - by the
Court against. thetestatdof T. 1. - Itteey. Of Wyalneing
twpc,- county of Bradford and State 'oftisylvanis,
iii„s'aid District-100 hatbeen duly Bank •
yeapt upon, his own petition ; thas Me - , payment
of any debtor, and the delivery of any property be
longing to eaid - 14xdrrnot to him oil for his-use. and
the transfer of any .propegty bytaza ereforbiddcii
by : that meeting of thecreditoreolsaielankrapt
116 prove their debts. an& choose 'one. of more as•
slgtees of his estate, will be held at a Courtof Bank
ruPicT. to beoholdereit Towanda, Pa.. in said
tract, 'On the Nth day of March. A.D.. 1871. at 10
arm. at the Oleo of Overton & Etabree. be
.forci EDWARD ovERTox. Jr.. Esq.. one of the peg- •
!mere in Baidarriptey of said District. ' '
U. 5. marshal as D'esierv.;er..;,,-,
war. l 7i. -4 w
tiii.i ,4 ttatted: States for the V'e starn,Bilit#et of
Perinsilynnia.. In the *atter of eILtS•tWEUW.
gin4flint, , ; •
- • • lITHASIRUPTCX , . •
To sawn it no amctilic—The undersigned-heren
Rives notice of his appointment as Asittniered Chas.
"trelleit of the township id Ulster, in the 'county
of Bradford, and 'State of Peralylvanis„ within said
District, who laa'heeu adjudged a Bankrupt upon
petition of his:erediterit by. the Distiiet 'Court of
said District. ;
Dated at Towanda, March 7, 1370- •. -
mar..B'7l ° • . 0. F. MASON,: ASSigEtts
I:4,Notii..v is hereby' given that all perittMa itidrblyd
to tho estata of LEWIS, late Of Smithfield
taT.. deceased, are requested to make inuneilisto pay.
, meut, and au persons having_elaimk'sgatrist said es
t taM must be present the same duly authenticatiql for
nettlenrilt. JAS. C. '
mar.S'7l-wr , e " Execsitor,
C. oulek,
• Administrator
S. 13. CARMAN.