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DAy- The Orwell. Graded School
~.,,zilnenced' on Dlcinday, tho'l2th instant, with
IiATE Icimrcsio.teacher. - -
IlirstrunEY Buos. and Dawn
ou.s have been enlarging their storetyfrani
t, hid' we judge business ninstl* increasoing.
Hon. J. P. WICKERSHAM, Stitt°
s:llcrintimilent Common t?!.ehnole, Rill be in
at; endance nt the Tem:twin', Institute in,tl2ll
sA wed;
pz- Tho meetings of the Episcopal
Chard, Mite Society ER be resented nest
el.. The fiat meeting. will be held at 0. D.
th cis:et , ' on 310nag7 evening, gept 26,
We are prepared to print
de nir township off:eel's at short notice. Can
.lulatcs iu the different townships nili send in
ibeir (Inters early es possible.
LAY' It will be seen by referring to
the advertisements ininother colnatin that our
coat dealers have made another advance in
their pried.
air We keep constantly on liana
letter and note paper, envelopes, cards and
shippirg tags, which we ftithisli print6d at very
I,ov rater. Givens a call.
Za . " An Irishman named • Mien APT
7,lc:llsa:vws, who has been in the employ of the
iii = Company for some time past, fa dead
„bile walking along 'liver street, on Tuesday
afternoon. He had been suffering from heart
driasr, aril was on his way to sea Dr. LADD
shin iliath overtook him. As:ho has no rela
tin in this.Feetion his body was taken care of
by the over:infra of the poor.
- 'Prof. J. W. SUOE3LaKitt, of
ivaflclplii. a, expects _to attend the tieverat.
~vs.:ons of tho llradford County Teachers' In=
•ututt to be held this fall. The Professor
tciu "golden opinions" wherever ho goes.
Teactii.r,'anti others attending the session to
b.jlteld at Towanda, will be entertained at the
W.., .1 l'oui so. and probably at, other hotels
at reduced rates. The Institute will ho
tt,t , Court Roust,.
W. H. T110311140N . ,. son of Wm.
G. MO:dr:NON, of this place, has been apNinted
n a telegraph nperator en the Lehigh Valley
HAilroad, his brother Jcv'SoN S. TIIOXPSON tak
nw his place in the Towanda office, while a still
.),,anger brother, Entrant) T. Tuoursoy, takes
the pine, of Jrf,emz as night operator at this
~tatton. These young men, together with R.
M. Sim-I:ms, principal operator on the Lehigh
Load, with headquarters an'alauch
Chunk. arc all graduates from the Owego office.
Ortwo Gazfttr.—
nual exhibition of the Penns:ilvauia state
cultural Society mill be held at Scranton, on
the fiith, 28th t 39th and tr.llll of this month.
l'rem all the information we have received, this
exhibition promises to eclipse all others given
by that society. The number of entries lipidu
up to this time far exceed any previous year.
There will he a fine display in every depsit
inent, also some splendid trotting, as the/pre
offered in that class are tunch4arger
than lest year. We would advise our cilia vtli.
it-ot the :ante Fair if they di - sire to ace a
•41i11/1110:1. The I Awed companies. 'lase
lii 1 their rates, and will rn. , nrcummada
11,m train?,
'LIZ:7UN AL. —Dr. 01.MSVA of Jersey
:1 Li town 11-Icing Lim daughter, Mrs.
; The Dont..r :ortaerl a
• , f the. e.,unty, 4 1 , •lt been iu
fur thirtr-five coats.
I,— 1: uvrLin - r ;u:d 3116, 10,1111, liacc
r,0:11V tir:ve oil; of tor:11, alma d
!ad: uccL
AN 11. ' IILLIOTT, paid us
c. Mr. E. tetnnycd from thin
many yrarA ago, tint still retains a lively
wen , t in our lueal lvstory.
F. Mum 1.17 is at Shetit , m, Vt
in S.C., I , ,,:kiug
r provvrt:. hich
It) I :f.t:,g to Giir tinott•
.t n•irt "byerve..l that our ruing mend JAS.
if. •1 0 ! of the firm of Conm:;,+, ItyssELL
• . t h:7•11:4,11 aLc !tor hdf. ..7.lams
t an t %%Inch othor ytnult men
• •ht I . ac
1,” pc 'll
1: ell du go
libe th. y mrAy i cr‘A f,,rttut:.te in
:solt•c:i‘,l3 a:, I, ha, been.
We are glad ao annuUnce
th„c"nnn, Tit al.. are to sing this place
Fntlay ~cuing. It trial t,c remembered
th4t evlklstat 'gar, two enter
ta,nient last teal- to the
,Fad uon of all who attended, and weitae(
.I ,, ubt att.nct•ti n Itall will he crowded to
-0,, nov evening. We at4lara any who ail not
pl...,4Kare or hearing Ilium last
11,..• eme, ::a.l afford them a trust such
11 To hear bather COVEnT
~, - 11,e Sword or 1.1111" is alone worth
il• ;- ~ f ~iintssion; and the fact that he is
xnrhor „ l rlt•' I•atrb , lic 'bational ballad,
;• ii,bu,st to the iwrf , ,rmance.
'f:,:„ts may pro,-,,rtql at rnirrai t limuft+.
(;.. m a full hmr.u.
ri ,t2t . Eil NA CUL' N TV. - -The mar-
Mr. Loui. A..ll:d.r:r, son o Rev. Si. A.
id, and - Miss :‘..1).00ir. Damara, daughter of
.o. I.ll.xur DRINEEIt. IVikil took plucc at
Wit. :aila Unruh, on Thinrsdiy last, attracted.
1..:0‘ ass:el - adage of spectators. The erre-
Lid P:l, , perfOrllled by flee. Mr. Pr.uT, of
by 14%. IL A. WAratr.sun, of
-! .
th,,..ons were euntiruled iu St.
..:11, 'l:p . n. - 0,1,A Church, M o ntr,e, sun
,s. \ --- 4..cs officiated.
% ,, 13/'LL:I 'AT tiltr-1T dale.—\\'u learn front
• ),cnt P,, that the safe of
itaiware, Lackawanna and 'Western rail
deput, at l.reat teas robl don SIM.-
i.torr.nig Septet/WIT 4th, of about i2DOO.
appar'ently gamed admittance by a
sr window, which was found open ; and as
•he of the safo had been removed for re
pane. ordy'a small iron door t. a money dtawei
:n the ,atc had to he opened by the thief to
!, , ach the looney. E. jsob%iru
It will be seen by rcfertiiig to
..I‘ertisonent ni another column. that
• . ' T,topl.ori havo made arrtoigtiotits
;,-1 , 1;n1; a cohrse of Literary Lectures-he-re
,1), wed it a 1 they Lars employed nnulc
' c..hest tal,ut in the country. Tin is an
Ttaking. which -lionld commend .itgelf to
ri:ucu, us i;opular-IT'etures havu become
• .Leo greatest 111C3US of general education
•se enjoy. it is high time that the peo
- %Load awake to the importance
.f ~ -r aining an annual coarse of lecture% as
e.intributo greatly towards building
sad attracting hither people of
7 I ar'l literary taste. Wc , have been be
.,.,,,•,;.,Mh0rs in this tespeet, and Vi e are
that rte., Gem] Templars have taken the
ill hand. Their selection of veriker.
tht , y sa dett.rnfulea to do llmir
tot‘ard n;aking the cause a success. Shall
.umi.mdahle efforts be seconded by our
11• e trust they may. All who can at
,!,,,lldparchase lienzon tickets.
( ) .u.kyLi.L.—PEßsc)tiai--311'S. M. Sin
s mith her son, Mr. JOIIN H. Gmairrsux,
irnt Lent t•pecaling a few days
• • at Mr. S. N, BnoNauS)'. C. G.
has jnet returned Ruin a trip to
-: 1 :“ra, Conn., via New York and I'hiladv.l
n • M . . Vt - %. ..tIACCASON, of 130StOli, Lan
tl . ..t.itg inends at this place for a few
7.1 r. A. C. Ft:lst - art returned front New
:.ato.,l:a List. Mr. LsAac litirx, with
, Loe;hter, Mrs. t>:c, hare. ;rune to their
N.Y., haring curuPleted a
U . 141 no:r relittives here. Rey. T. K.
upon us a feu
:o uot , . f th.oo proud,
11,21 of to, u clothed vita a sur-
,•! ''nuni'yteri:ti dignity," !Jut lie is
i Lal, ..div it iindi of Co, IN : roe, and ready
to convot. l ol4l4l toßlokel4/ PlituW -ink*
one and on shiostany topic.' :,"
Oar. oluzePs;Ogyeoisk thc WWI or 41 100f04
- with -the Mitirptise exhibited by tins
townsman Ww. Huscanteex,, In ba iling
a beautiful iron fenCein front .of
t'oldilfmo ?
in place of the old dilapidated lir. 14as,
been with us but a short time, yet he bas won
the confidence nn WC of out citizens.:
4 i ftee
Though adasnoed be atm • cetitlidta Ms
energy and good las paling home.- ottani
- „ •
otaitteW to )riehticsi inapOvemeat
made a few Weeks 'since . by Mr. H. thrsares.snri
.Tr., by changing Abe - ,apPearincic ibt; the
black barn," so long known to-traveknii, , ln
more attractive color. Mr. H. Grans hp alsO
added ranch to the' She appearance Of his
building and fence by the generous application
of paint. - We must not - fail to mention also
that Homy Howi, Ersi.:* has thoroughly re+
paire‘l and enlarged his Wan, and is itiPaint+
ins it. - - .
If our side walks -cnuld receive a thorough
repairing - our young folks would be pleased,
and in their evening promenades would regard
life as much more pleasant and certainly safer:
Mr. &ass Dimncx lies recently sold his
place of residence to t3insourt Wu.son, Esq.;
of Warren ; consideration. SM. Mr. W. will
probably open another carriage sl4 bore.
The funeral of Era. Orate DAwsa an aged
widow lady, was attended at the.M.E. Church
in this place, on Thursday hat. At the close
of the services the congregation wore surprised .
to hear the announcement of ' the funeral of
ItoezaT Nmsos Tor the following 'dry.
Sept. 19, 1870.
Tuscenoni,--W Editor: We are
glad ",ilfura Ciataciusn• has spoken for Lis
slighted countrywien. We are glad to knelt'
his part of the townslii is flouris . h tug:' But it
is not'our style to write abort what: we do not
know. A local char can't .be °ter:guru - re, and
this is our apology. •
A - sly little fellow, &use& in wings,. and
armed with bow and arrow, has been skirmish,
ing "all along the line" of. youthful hearts
here for some time past; with what results see
"better or worse column" of last week. Others
propose to follow, soon. They have read that
"As Milo the bow the cord is •
Though she bends hire, she obeys him,
Thongh she draws hint yet she follows
Useless each without the other."
And they believe it. Hero is long life and pros
perity to them.
Many of our people attended the camp meet
ing. Our teachers were well represented at
the .Associatkm 'at Frenettown. This shows
we are awake to our religious and educatiOnal
interests. The second Tuesday in October will
also show that wo are not unmindful of our
duty to our country . . •
Religious meetings are in progress at the H.
E. Church, in charge of nay. G. M. Cil *AATIED.-
LA IN, p astor.
• Sept. 12, 18:79. Atria BETA.
Wynuoso.—Our town is sltuikber
ing inmost unusual quietness just now ; Madam
Gossip with ever wagging tongue seeing to
salute only deaf ears, while the cool nights are
thinning the (shoo) flies rapidly':
H.u.r.r.cs ,t: Co's new block looms far above
surrounding buildings presentirig, a grand and
Imposing front.
Last week our town Was visiled, by a " highly
moral and instructive exhibition" (so the hand
bile t-cail) consisting of Indians, horses, mules,
poerrwhisky, and a few fights; closing with a
giand knock-down in the evening, black eyes,
flat 'noses, and a first-class foot race , but as,
the Itkihan took n different raid from the Irish
man, it was hard to tell which beat. Wonder
it an:F of our twelve moral men were about!
Mr. CnAres school opened with forty 8,4101-
ai , a Am Monday, of last week, and prospeets bid
fair for ns many more. -
lb- B. CAMP and J. IL Limns have coMmeneed
new buildings on a new street . . Hicarrunr,v's
house is nearly ready for its occupants;
VArott.ties plaster mill is not quite completed
The Democratic Kaw-Kvss met . at the bar
-1-00111 Week before last in secret 'session unau
n.,unecd; and from appearance ue judge they
lava forgotten to adjourn. However they kept
sober long enough to instruct their delegates
to use all honorable means "to oppose the
nomination of V. E."
s,Pt. 17,1870. )(ILES&
Hoit Bnoog.—ijr. Editor: Per
haps some of the many readers of your estima
ble paper may be glad to hear from' our Snow
day-schoolidenic's on the Horn Brook charge.
heuce'we offer a short description. Our first
picnic for this summer occurred July 24; at
Client, which was held in .Iflin.ACK'S grove.
There were
.four schools present, viz : Union
Corilertl, Ghent ; Horn Brook and Drealmock.
The Ulster band gape the instrumental music
and the Sundayvchools sang pieces well adapt
ed .to the eccasiZw. The responsive singing
especially was!extpihiitely sweet. Brother na-
GrsoN,,of Ulster, gave us an address which
made a lasting impression. After Brother
FEllol.7stoN the writer made a speech against'
1 intemperance and infidelity. - Alter singing
and music by the band we marched to the ta
ll„ where more than 'five hundred persons
partiok of a sumptuous dinner .
. Singing and
music occupied the remainder of the day. . '
entire satis
Another picnic occuAed at Horn Brook,
August 23d. Three schools were present, viz:
Ghent, Breakneck and Born Brook, Miss
Noe us Cui* presided, at the organ. She
is so well known al; ratitsiBan that commenda
tion would be superfluous. Arrangements had .
been nuadc.with .lows r Murat's', photographer of
Rom, to chic( and take pictures of the Sun
day-khouls. lie came and took a picture of
the Iforu Brook school including the church
taitive at i:rook. He also took a view of
the Ghent ~ c hool. Tim picl9res have been
finished and give general satisfaction They
commend themselves and every family should
have them, any pimber; of which can he ob
tained by ordering' them of the artis. May
God bless the Sunday-schools and save the
youth from skepticism
Sept. 13, 1870,
ALVORD: As many incidents of
the past are being written which had almost
been forgotten by our adest CitiZells,• and
which seenis to interest many of your readers,
I have thought perhaps the following amusing
incident might not be out of place, as some of
the actors still live to laugh over it and hear
witness to its truth :
Mrs. E. /3. arc.Luour kept the first select
school for young ladies in the flourishing born'
of Towandai. The 'school was kept in her own
house, situated on the bank of the river,-in the
'rear of Enwann Ovs.irroai's residence. The hills
immediately back of Towanda, and indeed a
~large portion of where the town now stands,
I ! was then covered with trees and bushes. Im
, luediately back of-where War. Ms now
huckleberries grew very abundant, and during
the season of berries the girls often spent their
noon time going out and feasting on the berries.,
One day during the summer of 1812, a compa
ny of the sehool-girLs went out as was their•
eustem,• to. bare a nice roam through the
n-ods, and get some berries, when suddenly a
young hear appeared in their midst. The girls
ran in every direction screaming at the top of
their voices, a bear! a bear! help! help! One
of the girls swooned and fell upon the ground,•
while each of the others ran for their lives and
for their school. Arms FURTER, Linos
BROWN and FREDERICK Flamm were at work
building the home , . for Minim Etrismiirsa, where
WU. Mite now resides, and heard the screams
of the girls and hastened to see what was the
matter, when they met the girls running at
deer speed to e-se.Ape from the bear. They
soon found the girl who fainted, restored and
cared for her, and then proceeded farther on
to fine , the elitist:, of their fright, when they be
held brain perched upon the first -limb, of a
large tree apparently enjoying the flight of the
frightened girls. The bear was soon secured,
as it proved to be one of a pair of young cubs
Mr. Wintry, a blacksmith living near OLIVEE
NEWELI:ey had kept in a pen for sonic time and
was trying to tame. Mr. NEWELL lived then
near -aliers Wu. Drrraniti now lives.
Franklin, Sept. 18,10.
tb . • The editor of, the
veptodie,th attended thin !meeting of the
Republican Congressional Conferees in this
plum, and gives the following notice of our
nominee, Jtnige MEncrn :
evidcutlx.-enjoys all of the two
forts and many tif th; luxuries or life. His
reeidenee is one of the thirst in Towanda, ellig
ihly Leated, and tastefully- ornamented, exten
sive grounds affording a tine display of the
;esthetic In his nature. fintrounded by Ids
J. B. 5A:...-tur.
may - midis.iisetays akieare tcfi
good adrantage. — Bepublidin In manner as
weU to in polities, he mates'every one feel that
ready to talk and willing to listen, and on' lhis
esperial.esmasiontompsoiso ear were laid
undeatikilresinteriluite. , AS ll'oWdribegneate
of the evening began to arrive, and soon the'
bil l , P a * r i n trAral of Ole *Moe were Alled
Wi,‘“ aloud.= .crowd; geed Mandan,
Abe Judge, and all ral.4 to further hisinteresto
in doing so cart h -•D,g tip interests of the
party: Ainong the guettarre noticed
.11Vt lin 3. 13ramnsn, Bon. P. D. Nonnow, Hon.
G. F. Kamer, 4.l.l):Bartnare; L• 11: Munro;
0. Ozannmo, Bow E. &mere; Jr..
, °l
CE LA n m an l lrDA.WAynm,
inort P ,
B. M. Para, Jour MESDETH, W.
D..Coomtauotr, and tk W. Amass); of , the - . ./a
porter. of Towanda; J. B. Mums and W. IL
CAIIXOCUAN, of Troy ; A. H. Brazinno, of Ath.
Jad B. R Broatarri of Williamsport
rif !dock C hunk; Hon:P. 'IL
Ornmnorrr,Pruirty 3Lancr_raglan Chrratno l3 Tll
Barr. NEWItAlf,': Temkhrinnock ,• together
with the conferees. Mrs. fauteAm and dan,ghter
and En. K 0. GOODUCIr also graced the
partyaith their presence. T4othsornerefteshz;
mentirwere served, and' were; generously par
taken of. In social conversation the hours - Derr
rapidly by, and at a seasonable hour T
reluctantly - dispersed gratified " with their
e ' entertainment, and well ;leased with
themselves. The opinion of all present was
that'Hots. U. Mama would ho_' elected- by a
pretty round majority:" .
One of the noticeable features of the enter
tainment was the entire , absence of inhalant !
lug liquors.
Pa.—Faculty Cruz. 11..VErunia, A.M., Win!
cipd, Professor of Science and Art of Teaching'
and Mental and Moral Philosophy; Bev. E. D.
WATSON, , Professor of Ancient Languages
and English Grammar ; Exam W. Jews, MJE,
Professor of Mathematics and Naturid Philos&
phy ; Miss Fumy= A. Cloottaasi Preeeptressi,.
Instructor of French,_ German awl Botat4;
Miss Sunk R.. Atiterox, Instructor of
Beading and Elocution ; Iss4e G. Horr, Pro . ;
Lessor of Instrumental and Vocal Music ; Cita%
0. Thom:mow, Professor. of Drawing and Paint
ing ; Miss Many 'E. BIIADIXT, Instructor of
Penmanship; Miss' Amu B. Etter; Assistant
in English -branches; Vrxx S. Pitarr, M.E.;
Principal of Model School; Nis Mnia fiorrox,
BE., Assistant.
The school. year, consisting cd.three terms
each, commenced September 7. - The expenses
per term, (14 weeks) for, tuition and book rent,
boarding, including room': rent, fuel, oil - and
washing, is $62; or $lB6 per year. A dedrietion
of $7 per term, or $2l per Saar is =del° those
designing to teach - ;_514 per term, or $42 per
year to anyinhosiere wounded inState or United
States service, or whose fathers lost their lives
in said service. A deduction of go additional
to the above to all who graduate - and design to
teach. Ail young men and women who aro
prepared to join the senior class, receive, it
will Ulna be seen, a deduction of 571, or $92
from the regular charge for the year. All who
remain two years and graduate, provided they
intend to teach, receive a deduction of $92, dar
5134' from the regular charge for two years.
People who are interested in this institution
will seelow much the State is is doing for stu
dents in it. Students can be admitted at any
time upon applicatitn to the principal.
iltudents wishing to remain one term only,
can coma at any time and remain 14 weeks"
froth date of entering, and are charged for one
. term only. Catalogues are always tarnished
ou application to the principal.
Day students are charged $lO per term for
tuition and book rent, but receive all the bene
fits of appropriations. /carding in private
families can be obtained on reasonable terms.
ly called the attention of your readers to the
medical properties of the chalybeato - well On
my farm near Towanda. I am now enabled to
give you a Itrief synopsis of some of the_extr'a
ordinary cures its waters have perforined with
in the last few months.
JOEL tirocEwn.r., aged 70, was attacked
-about thirty years ago with scrofula, and a
large scab formed on his 'head and his hair
came ont in patches ; and abbnt eight years
ago it broke out on his body and nubs which
caused him much suffering. This spring Dr.
31Asox visited thq well and gate it as his opin
ion that its waters would cure cases of scrotal!,
dyspepsia, ilfetnuatism, general debility, el ,
sipelas saltrheum and other cutaneous diseases;
the old man takitig the hint, commenceddrink
ing copiouskke . f the water and bathing his
limbs in it. Na few weeks his sores all healed
up and ho is iOra - a perfectly sound man.
CHARLES B,VTOCKIVELL, aged 32, for several
years past wakiegularly attacked every sum
liner with erysipelits, has been drinking the . wa . ,
to this spring and teinier, and has had no
attack of it natl.-season.
„„ e , ,„
JENNIE AC •4, , „g ?‘.l had a -breaking out
of .scrofula o ; left cheek and behind bet.
right ear; sh: i d been drinking _the water
about two wetlk and her, sores are entirely
healed up.
Mrs. PANNI. STOCKWEI.J., aged 63, was so
enfeebled fro . encral debility this spring that
she could se , Cely wall: across the street; she
drank the w a short time and is now able
to walk to T? 1, distance of three miles
—and back n the same day.
Mstax Os e, aged 20, had a breaking out
on her face, of a scrofulous character;
she drank t 11 . 2 .; ter and washed her face in it,
and in a shor time the sores entirely disap
LEONARD STOCEWELL hail a very bad nicer in
the inside of his month this spring; he drank
the water and washed his inotith with it and in
ten days he was entirely cured.
TORN DL' FEE, aged 30, had the rheumatisaa
ever sineo he met a little boy; and the., copiods
use of the water cured him iu leas than a week.
Some time ago I received a stroke of appi
plevy which weekend my voice and nerves, and
partially paralyzed my powers of speech. FOr
a long time I had . a painful burning sensation
in the soles of my feet, and by the, use of the
'eater occasionally, and continuously for one
week last mouth, I find my voice and nerves
strengthened, my speech more distinct, and
burning sensation in my-feet entirely removed.
There are persons now drinking it for kidney
(Ilse-sere saltrheum, erysipelas, and general he
bility, with evident indications of success. In
fact thus` far it has not failed to cure `a. single
Case where it has been fully tried.
Persons in the neighborhood of .the well for
several miles round are now dank , carrYing off
the water (which is free to all) in jugs and bot
tles, for the benefit of their invalid friends; but
lam apprehensive that unless it is put into
glass bottles and corked perfectly air tight,
like other mineral waters, its healing proper
ties QJI not be long retained. I would there
fore suggest the use of glass bottles only, with
good corks powided in with a wooden mallet,
(which con be had for that purpose at the well)
as that is the way fhey to at the pnblio water-.
ing places.
The water is purely mineral, as all surface
water is excluded from the well by kraised em
bankment and and a thick stratum of blue clay,
and the netallic vein through whick, the well
derives its ehalybeate properties, and its ample
supply of water is below the blue clay.
I omm, Sc.,
Stir Never go near a merchant's
store who does not advertise. Bear in mind
such a man is stingy, and will squeeze the last
cent out of your pocket,-and sell every article
higher than one who advertises and lets the
world know he is keeping pace with the times.
Don't go to a man who does not invite you.‘i
W7 7 7F r ;r4 ' :Ull
TAYliOn it Co., are receiving
their Steek of Fall and Winter goods. ,
CoAr.. —Orders- for coal may be left
at Pow= & Kmat's end C. F. Coosa'.
tiep. 15,70. 1V.,213.1-,lorraxye.
- ter Buows,' of . the .Drug
Store, in addition to - a oomplete assortment of:
Drugs and Medicines, keeps a large stock of
pa - nits and oils.
ler Mis3B BILiCIDT desires to in
form the ladies . that she has fixed upon Satre
thy, October Ist; as .opening day. wlieij sbe
will be pleased La see them and exhibit bei new
stock of g‘ds."
'ger Itosrsruam, the elothi4glnalt
of Tawanda, is now offering the larguid and
best assortment of &Wand winter clothing wo
Lave over examined is thisrtiarket....ll4 goods'
were purchased for cash, of thelbest manufac
turers iu the . countr. :/Ele is , thoroughly. ac
quainted Writhe the - . clothing business, and
understands the wants of this community in
that line. We can cheerfully recommend him
to the liaterrutge of the puWk.
' 1186& L I'li:ride in New Ye*
buying s Fall lb* of -goods. - -11118 Nuax
IltuutFioximpiudoltdm to audit toloildog
Wadi* olleittnery gads. Om - expect to
tat -irin LO btu
Pool fn ibis Adak. * •
mileage:U*lk ivined
flub. Ifinsuraiind tinnily; awl one ticket front
Alii*,t9lThitql And OP: Sei[9l49o Athena
to Towanda.' The finder wld - confer .a favor
and be mita* rewarded on leaving them at
tbli office.
• C..F. Ca:cmss rais beet appoint
artgent plaitor - th'e sale of btiti f PEs
Inns "Esily limes on the Bustinwhatunkd
hrnow prepared to Aguish the• work to ill who
desire it. The bookie well worth a perusal;
; and should have a large sale: •
JO-• KEEL= says that nice as his
new wagon to it,
ia. keeping •,with.hbi
goods.* 'W* 3 .813(30111 Judge Nuf the ainount of
goods he is thipPing eir-tbat be must be doing
a heavy whOlCsale trade, while the home, cus
tomers are rapidly increasing. . liazzza's sue
ciias is another proof that Judicious advertialug
Pays, and that industry and strict'ntegrity is
recognized by the public. ' -
sap Eirnalsox a:, KINNEY are
among our 'most' entorpritiing and thrivinilm-':
sincss men. By attention to business!
and studying the wanti of this comunity, they,
have built up a flue • trade and !,established a'
reputation for honest dealing, which gives'
them the confidence of all. When you want
anythhig in the grocery and provision 'hie give
them kcal,
New Vail Winter goods
received this Reek, at TATE.O/1 & ' ,
• Str HUMPHREY Brothers 'arrY
• . .
ofactaring In . Lige". quantities some veil sir;
wrier- BeiAl veldcli with the numberless 'vari ,
sties they keep.oh hand, gives them ariort
inent unrivaled .In his town: An the - lending
styles of Ladies fine shoes can pa seenat 'Their
store as soon as they appear in market, arid at
all timeritheir stock of goods will be the most
complete In the Country and the prices the on
est for first class work.-- . .. , - -.
sear IrIcCABE & Myr. stilt e
lead in the grocery and provisien business, an
are daily adding new customers to.their ahead` "
immense list. Every time -a purchaser goes
there to buy goods ho is sure to go straight to
some neighbor and advise them to 'go there
also. They never allow their stock to !`get low"
- or stale, but always keep a full assortment of
fresh goods. It is certainly 'a great conven
ience to Lave a grocery establishment where
you can get any article in the line, and know
that it-is all-right. • This enterprising firm also
. pay cash for all kinds of country produce'.
£ TArLorr,4 Geae are on hand
as usual with a large assortment of cloths'and
trimmings suitable for fall and winter suits.
It is a convenience which should be appreci
ated,to haie such au establishment as .Teflon
& Elonz's, where you can go and select your
goods and then have your clothes made up in
the latest style. They keep one of the' best
cutters in the country, Par.filalynza, and employ
none but the bpst workmen. We venture noth
ing iu the assertion that their . prices are "at
least fifty per cent. lower than city establish
ments, while the quality of the goods and style
of work will compare favorably with any. They
also keep a large assortment of ready made
clothing, hats, caps, dre., manufactured espec
ially for this market. Patronize home_ enter
i TAYton A: Co., aro opening
his week, a complete assortment of Fall and
Water goals.
Cincue.—LWre are to have a circus.
J. 31. F/lE.Veleti Graml Oriental Circus and
Egyptian Caravan combined gives an exhibition
hero on Saturday September 21th. It is said
by those fully qualified to give an opinion that
this is the best traveling troupe in the country.
They certainly have connected with them some
of the most celebrated equestrian artists, both
male and female, that have ever appeared in
this town. 'ln elephants, lions, etc., tair stock
is Complete, and many will be present to see
these rude monsters. We learn that the street
parade will be unusually showy. The exhibi
tion is for both afternoon, and evening. Re
member the Grand Street parade at 10 o'clock
A. 31. We clip the following from the Beaton
Tour al:
A 31AGNialCENT DISPL.II.—The entree Of
FRENCH'S Egyptian Caravan into our city, with
its drove of Asiatic camels, richly caparisoned,
and ander the perfect control of their Bedouin
.drivers, was a display_that 7 attracted nniVersal
admiration. It was one of the most interesting
street exhibitions ever witnessed here; and the
manner in which the varied programme of the
circus performanee.was conducted fulfilled the
lively expectation aroused by the magnificent
and novel entree into the city. -This circus has
the largest elephant on exhibition in America,
and also the smallest of the elephantine tribe,
beaides many other rare ,speenneus from the
animals of Europe and Asia. The large tent
was crowded to witness the evening exhibition,
and we heard but one expression in regard to
the entertainment,.and that was of unqualified
CODDINO—WF.I.IB.-Llu Orangeville, Colum
bia county, Pa., on Thursday, Sept. IN 1870,
by Bev. 13. Spear, James H. Coddmg,- of
Towanda, and Altss Blanche 0. 'Wells, of Or-
o •
lIADLOCK—M.ERRILL.—At the m.r. pal soil
age, Athens, Aug. 14, 1870, Lv Nev. D. Per
sonens,,llvreu li. Hadlock. of Athens, and
Miss C, Eliza Slur iil, of Litchfield. 1-
'7, 1870, by ltev. D. PerstuONui, Henry 11.131 -
ler, of Port Jervis, -and - Idiots josie H. Ter
willager, of Athens.
parsonage, Athens, Sept. 18, 1870, by Ilev.
Personens, A. 0. Carpenter, of Windham, and
Miss Entsy J. Loveland, of Nichols, N.Y.
cika posted and accounts
balanced. llefeieucca if desired. Address
1100EAF.C.Plill, Towanda.
Site" HENBY Hannis, Merchant Tai
lor, Bridge street.
VA. TAYLOR & Goss, MerchautTai-
Great reduction in Teas at the
Bed White Bine Store, Bridge St.
Teas,- Coffees and Spices
Groceries generally, cheaper than the eheapc.t,
at the Bell White & Blue Store.
041.. Youu• choice of the very I,,)est,
Tens, tor 1,33 per lb. at. the Red White k Blue
NV. l'Arrus
tem Goods delivered to all parts
of the village fr 643 of. chine. IltAl Splits &
Blue Store. -
tea.. Sell your Butter, Eggs 'etc., at
the Red White and Blue Store.
tet.. Cash paid for Grain •at the
Red White and lihte Store,BridgoSt. Towanda.
BP ‘vrtria., nrECTAL
*W. Drrriuca's Store,
east of Mercer's Bank. lirst '4loor, wberii 1911
Will find Pianos, Melodeons,,,Organs; Violins,
Guitars, Banjos, Strings, Aceordextnk, Clarkin
ets, Flutes, Sheet Music Listittetion Books for
all Instruments, Music Bilolui and all kinds of
Musical 31ereltmadise. April 11, 10.
fisis.'Cur.v.--Two Rosso roweron IChcchs,
with Thresher and Cleaner, 40... all complete
'arid reedy_for use. • WM_ be exchanged. for a
, 7_ ol lng team horse, or Jar good time notes.
*m Rim= Or.Argruitar the past two weeim.
:Plwand4tsePt. 6 , ll R. R Wzrasa.
sar- . Secunty Fire Insurance (kora
pany, N.Y. Assettis2,ol7,l3B9Bl. For a policy
this reliable and safe company call oil _
W:3llx, Agent
- Torranda t ts.
Office lls.acim's new block, north in or of
Public Square.
TEL a b •
The course "Time y the
Cascade 311Ri; 'of selling good flour at the low
eat possible prices, is productive of uncross advantages. It.ntikes a ready Inarlirt •foi Abe
superior %theta of our vicinity ; supplies con=
flamers with &cheap and wholescupei exticlo of
fresh - ground flour, and as anahiral result makes
active business for the Mills. War in Europe,
droutb, and Short crops, are having the effect
to raise prices; - but this Mill at all times nail
at minimum
3/110. t
I _ad reoeivid* , Bed7:it i si.lanugt•
Midi Wi will 49 ( M r T r ib t*V 4k ir. r Pt
'Five -
.f or ,
. •
'c - sertia . 46.iii - 3friebbi - es
tpe sabl
bugain imodwp fieivin
ho,-.4pa m
k a g- -Thread, Mb
ac. Avg 28,1870-11. ;
'fir . We , xcuusntee .tts
su, the *ark we do.; We cut,' and trim
clothing for men aria boys' wear. •
• . H. Humus & Co
• .1: 4 tridgeftilrent. Trriunle, Rm.
. lerlkmid-han - d 'fop YagQp,.
with poleind tle tarearly i rs
for so isal e a t , Onn,Ft
.„ 7 . 13 :. Al? ?..5t0t0rt.74,76.13,
Fon SALE.—One span of Matched
MIS Harseso 5 iitrS obit good team .or toad
dates, weight 1000 -
Rome, Sept : 21;704I L.ll - 09DT.1
, .
,N 9, Mmoicraftsitwom,;-0,
61;50—Licit siciortaLurtio Pstations.'- 4 Misr
Swam informs hetpatrona that she haa just
received' trom Enropea 'supply -'dt . •Tonvin's
Glows, which she can offer &M5O at retail.
Also Shawls and Barba* in Lama and Chnmy
Miss BltAxotroatls. especial ittentinn to her
fashion plates and patterns" She reSularl fi re•
ceives the:Berlin "Bow". (the orWnal_of
per's), is - well as - the' Paths " Monffeur des
stock of the Wait ilia a n d &limits
always on hand. May 4, 1870—tr".,.
C. O. D
I beg leave to inform my oldltietids;and the
public generally, that I have opened A NEW
and respectfully invite ens huryiection of my
goods and prices. Aainv aback has been pur
chased entirely for CASH, and 48'1 propose, to
sell for READY PAY, I feel confident - that my
prices will compare favorablyapy (stab-
Belmont in-the country: . • . •
Dave paid particular attention to the selee
lion of GUOUND SPICTA and warrant them runt.
30 assortment of. TEAS is com leta, ,and.
ranges in prices from Sari-. to ONE
DOLLAR AND FORTY . Coffee gropud
to order, find sold at tholowcst price. Givorno
a call: - GEO. L. REELER.
Towanda, July 14, 1870:
1826. . 'MONTANYES 1870._
Constantly on handand arriving, seasonable
goods'of every variety, domestic . and 'foreign;
manufactures. (cods bought exclusivoly on
the cash system and sold at a correspondingly
tow Sankt, Going out of tho Hardware ftade ;-
areolfering a lot of goods hi that line at aston
billy low rates. Great bargains for builders
and contractors. . . ,
rannliccr.-31cssrs, Taylor St Gore have open
ed, in connection with their Clothing Store, is
Tailoring Department ; and having secured. hwr
services of a /'first-class cutter" and competent
workmen, they are now pro ared to make up
work in the best style and latest fashions to or
der. Having just received a new and fresh
stock of cloths, they are prepared to offer bet.-
ter inducements than ever before offered in To
wanda. The public Will End it to their advan
tage to give us a call before buying elsewhere:
llemember we warrant our work and guarantee
good fits. Repairing 'done on short make.
March 12, 1870.
ligh.The Bradford Co. Teacher's In
stant° will holdjibroo sessions of a weelioach,the
present School year, tat. follows : Beginning at
ttranville'Contre Sept. 19th; at Towanda ,Sept.
26th, and at Leitaysville'Oct 3rd; cominencing
on Monday at 2 o'clock P. M. at each place - and
closing on the following Friday: It is hoped
that teachers will make every endeavor to, bo
present at'one of the sessions, as those who
show a proper zeal in trying to elevate the pro
fession by attending to all convenient opportu
nities for self-improvement should be preferred
to those who do not.
. .
-The Instructors engaged and otherldetails
will be announced in duo time.
- ' 77 . New Advertiseraents
I. 0. OF T.
iu this place,. would nunounce that they haw Higagt
ed the follorig named lecturers:
To The Rescue
Subject—•• The host Art
jSubject- 0 Altar bark in leg York."
Subject-- Girbt
Subject—.. Curious Contrasts, Old Times
and Our Times."
The dates upon which the lectures well be deli+.
erect, have not yet been Axed. but will be announeel
'when they-are.
Admission 50 cents. Reserved Seats 75 cents. r:
Season Tleltets. entitling bolder to reserved Pen!,
$3 50. .
Joan F. 'BiN-DpuoN,
CHARM; 31. RAU. L. IL 'llion., WILLIAM Fomr..
and 3. W. VAnTurz., Committee.
Sept. 15; 1870.
T A YLO le & C
United State.. of uniform wam . and untariluaard
in color. MialitY or Prier
Towra,da, Aug. 13,170.
SALE. —As I camtemplate going to Kansas, I
offer for sale the following ~propesiy, situated in
Litchfield Centre, Bradford cuunty,ln. : My Storo
atut, Dwelling connbined, lirge.End 0061w:diens, has
been bullt only three years: Lot,
.1 acre; Douse
aratldet; Lot 2,acree. 10-acres " of. impeortni
land: VW good hard" on. :14 ppm: Dian Litchfield
atuivepuverty uria. be sold cheap, an
bah ailcution and capita, is needed I,helfest,
where biro 014min:sea eemellsalnalde property in
satirising little county seat. For fartieni t ars i eddrees
*nail on Die sthsetiben atlas store.
clan Bend. Scotch Honey, 0=26, Siilson,he
On and Ginger Cakes, Washirig,ton Jumbles end
Coif& Bisocut4b4 ail Wills 'alf Crukets •
;14. 1 7Pariazzeilas
&Yikiffirafkriftg r ati l 4, l- i r
laic the attention" iteiPitaff ilitittrosaeautd.y,
rt , ! ti •-• 11 4 4 ,”14F id. r. 4 . tit!?c , P l P l .l , -• • :". :••
. _
Which - in variety and cheapness is nuoilioned to
Northern Pennsylvania.. Wo quote a few prices only
to NWT ito!r•;,-ilortOitrO old ot - tO l O I t lme. and wink
liable to &take. arfalirava let' at dtri'iroilinnitt
1 per cent a month added to seorunts of over 30
?lays standing., •
?*. • ', : • • ,•;
$4 SO
Glass, per box,-Bxlo.
Gkesit,' per b0x;4042
Glass, per box, 14x16- 315
iinseed Oil; per '• 1 10'
• -.AA:Fattorf nteti. • • "
?I' g t 11 :11 1.3 V 4 CI I:0 O'lt te 0 g ;••
(5 14 0 2.g.i 0 0 a t. i i 2.0
5. ?" 0 a.. ":. 1 ,94 FIB 0 0 0. a 0
0' 4 %4 rb:l • 00. . 13 ....M
IZ) ..... igi 0 0 • £.
W ..q r ..... ...„3 g p To _LA ti
„,,z ..i., ...,: t o. ... ,
. .w.r. v l 5 1;) • ..`A g-' IP z
o ' • 't:f
.. _ _
Delivered free on rum al low retell for cash:
Pore. lined end Gem Fruit Jaris,
Qts. $2 per dozen; $23 per gross:
2 Qts. $2 50 per dozen, $29 per gross
°ll •
- g 0 4 eb
a , 5
5.- - . c tzl - 71 ...
C'" a
a' 't a a' a. al
'Cr a c
na 7,( 1 5 - : ,•, , - ,
.F • ' 1 ct: g.-.
2 ,
Co. Snot
Apd farming toOla in grnoral
food Steel Knives and Forks at One
Dollar pef3L4.
Universal Wringers, Bench Wringers,
Novelty Wringers, Doty's Wash
ers, Brass Kettles, Porcelain
Kettles, Tinware,
Wooden Ware,
• , &e.
We sell the meet Pocket Spites, Basure, Shears.
and Silver-plated ware because we keep the lirgest
assortment of any here.
Kerosene Oil by the barrel at 28 cts
Dupont's powder by the keg $3 50
Rifle • '6 50
Not asoelleel. it squalled ley any . The r always
Sawso . 1
i Boring Mae Miles, - •
i ' Mulles,
Vises, .
. 1 Drills,
: - ,' - Chif+tli3,
We invite I.le attention of bulldera to ourittnerio
aloe% of
As voting to nur Jewett•e Pure, Excelsior, and other
reliable brands of
Wagon Makers .and 6arr*e : 'Mindere would do
well to visit us. We have PWadelphla Sub: Jersey
Spokeg.linciAxlerFelloes. Springs: Thae. ke. .
. •
Oak spokeb, 2.1-in:iier sat k- $4 00
" " 21"4• in -• " - 350
" " 2 in. " ; •••! • 300
A l ) AC A
- - • -
Always 04 ttioid.
CIDER MILLS $25 to $45
I i
per gallon."
Agency for
lu great VI lie tY
• snot
Finn)trot nirkinds always on hand:
St StudentLamps, Church
Chandeliers, 'das natures, Gas ' •
Pipe,. Pampa, Iron
. . Ettirdeni IStiirse
- Shoes. ••,. •
`National Horse Nails by flie - bux,.
at 2/ ets:per pound.
'Biases fitie4:i'iji4 - ,Ciaa Pipe, FU
tures, Heaters, de., on short
SiTt . 13, la,A.
New AbOttainets.
7 Z 4
.11:7,1 •
p Cr - WS - V. '& Ot
__ ' f ;~•_~.•... .
YerA'iviug JOY_
L Ai; z• .1) rt - . 0 Ar:ls
2 85
3 1(k
E,A . SON:ArBII,I4I -t40qp.,.9;
1 ,
':is called tqs,
, - I
Toinedu, Aug. 23, IVO.
50 CAM
Large lot of
Large lot of
Large lot of
Ilatittg eularged our salesroom sad made 'exten
sive purchases of all goods txt•otu. branch of trade.,
we are prepared to offer extra inducements.
Sept 22. 1870. HUMPHREY SHOWERS.
Towanda, ;Nue 13, 18711,
~ ,IVArelikliCEß AND .lEWELEA'.'
nespectfay informs the public .that be keeps pon
stantly on band all kinds of '
Ovairrvai AND BWIS WATekiDi.
also a 11nO assortment of
oor.,1), aux= AND PLATED JEWELRY,
Consisting of Chains. nags, Thimbles: - Sprat
Sings, and other articles too numarouato mention.
A great variety of the - most approved Clock& The
WATCH lIERAIIIING is done by himself, personal
ly. and he tatter* himself that with his twenty years
esperfenoe In Towanda, bo will be able to please all
who may favor him with theigpetroaage.. Theatre'
for the past liberal patronage, ho Rewires the public
that his charges shell be reasonable, aid no pains
spared, 'Remember the place, 135 Main-st, Patron's
Dlock,two doors south of Powell & Co's Store.
Tosrands, Pa., July 12, 1870.-tf
pAsa PAID 1111011,WHEA.T. BYE . 1 1_1 oats, Esator. Eggs, sad all kinds of ocslutrY
Proftcsitir 0: FOX k MEECCITit.
I . •
133 Mato street
. '. J LAMATION.,-Whereas;by enact 45flthattli*-
of the Geommoimosithof Pennsylvania, entitled "en.
Yet Mating to' the elections of this Cominonwealth."
it le enJoWed upon ma to give public notice of such
election to be BM Vid ithicrlbef emunenbion
suclf notice what officers are tote dotted. L 1K
YANFLEET. 111,shilherilTof the county of Ilnadfoid.
do hereby make known and give notice to the electors
bf said county; on TUESDAY, thin Ith day of OCTO
-1870, in the several districts in odd county,
b'Albaiforonsbrst thOlkeuSe faniarly, oceiiPlot
by D. P. Knapp,
• loAlbanyi:l4 the school house - near Win, Debra'.
. In Asylum, at the school house near S. Deckers.,
In ,Athens borough. at the house formerly otenpi
cd'hiE. S. Mathewson. •
In Athena twp.. at the houggeily - locetoo by
J. IL Mint, in Athens bore. •
. In 'Burlington boro'i - at the- hbuse formerly °mu;
ids& by L. T.,Boyse.
In Burlington 51rp.,44 the house of Jam. Wilcox.
,In Burlington west, st,the house Of Etna Ciodard.
...In Basals*ai school bosom. • - .7.
In Canton , leoro'; if the Central Souse.' • -
In,Cantouttwp.., at honk, foimerlyoecuplod_hy
s. S. Myers, Cantob borough: -
.InColumbia, at the-house of Jas. Morgan:
• luFmnirlin at the honce nov.i , oceupled 'by S. S.
P.PwiStig. •
In Granville, the house of Beni. F. Taylor.
In Slorrlck , at the echrwl house 'near Daniel
Li Leßaysville Boro% at the house formerly (icon.
:tiled by Y. U. klidcher.
.L In Litchfield; at the bootie formerly oCoillrioti. by
Cyrus Bloodgood. ` •
Leßoy, at tit° Centre siehool house.. • _
In Monroe tap., at theltetteelorrnerly Ocenplitkl by
IL IL llookirOlL •
Ih Afonroe bora', Lt the house formerly occupied
by Ethel Taylor.
In Orwell, at the 'house of rramitt:Woodrulf. .
In Qtertoneat School'hanite No.
at the Eloise of-Traver Bollworm: - '•-•!
In.:tome twp..:et the Arldomy,fn,lharne bore.
1...1 Immo bore; 4t QteAta+ACmy.
- In n 18 11 1 10417, at,tlia house of Beni. Ifernatus,
Sheshequin, at the Valftiy Ilouse.
In Springfield. at the bonne formerly - ono:pled by
JefltiO Hassonond„ -
In Standing Stone,,at the himse of Simon Stevens.
In Smithfteid,'.at the bowie formerly occupied by -
A. J. jerould... - -
. InSilvaule bor., falba honsonf Omits 'Merritt.
In South Creek, at tbs honjetof Y. Gillett.
'• In Terry, at thelionseof Jacob lirttteny.
. In,Towanda bort?, at the (31-and .Inry
In Towanda twp., at the sclool house near 11. L.
Scott's. - -
In Towanda north. at the bonsai of S. I. Mire.
lII' Troy tip., at the house of V. M. in Troy
borough. .
. In Troy boro . „at the house of V. 11. iOng.
ItteTatessofs, at the achool house neWas.lilarVii.
In Ulster, at the house of H. B. Bolcolxo..
• • In Warren, at the-house of R. Cooper.
In Windltrin, Mille, house cf'B. Huykendall.
Wyaluaing. at the tonne of J. 11. Black.
it the house of A. J. Stone. the house formerly ocbspled by J. 11.
In'We la, act the home of L. Scity„ '
At which tone and place the. electors afercialdwill
;elect by ballot •
..One hereon for liepneseniative in.ttua XLIInd Con...
grass. from the XIIIth District. composed of the
'conuttee of Bradford, Alontour,.)Vytmaing, Co;amilis
and ' • -
One person for Additional Law Judge of the Xlth
• Judicial Diatria, compoked 'of the %Taut:es of, Brad.
ford and Sitaguelumna.., '
Two persons to reprerwscrt the counties of Bradford
and Sullivan In. the .Horse of . Iteizescntativ,..a, of
Pennsylvania. •
One per.on fir fMittlyConichinsioner for the couni.
lir of pradford. l .
'Otb Jury Oonnuissioner for the County
of Brad.forl. .
.one:lKreon for Auditor of. the county of Bradford.
-And fu and by maid act, I tun further'"directed to
give notice , •that any .lx-rson excepting justice at
2i.he peace Who - shall held any office of profit and
trust under the government of the United States or
thla State, or of tiny incorporated district, and also
that everyllenther of Congress and of die I,enisha.
tore, and the seleetand common ethanol' of 'any pity
or commissioners of any incorporated district; to by
law Incapable of holding or exenisingat the ram's;
tithe the of ice or apponnment of du la., Inspuntor
or Clerk of an eloceion of title Couireorsr , altli. tdd
"that. DO Inspector or other officer of any, such elee,
.tion shall be then eligible to any oak%) then to 'be
voted for. ,
By tin. .4th gection of an act par ,- ,:sl the let day of
Spril, DAD. it'is providea the 14th section of
au act pamied July 2 act relating
to the elections Of this 0 - _ , rnmenwealth,'" ',than noL
conatrue,l ao_ to present any military, officer
from *aiming am,'pe'etiar or Clerk,. at any
general o; lipn , l3l election of this Cominonmalth.
_ .
'An Act to change the time:of closing tt:o - polls it
the Gem-let and Township de. tone in the county of.
Bradt ird. . - - :'. •
The Gimerril 'Election In all the We.rds, Townships;
Districts and Boroughs of the calmly - is to Le aliened
between the hours of ' slx_and seven o'clock in the
forenoon, cod shall -.mutiny° nithbut interruption
or actiourunicut,until seven o'clock in tin' el - pining,
'when eittnoils shall be clesed.
A further Supplezieut to the ,L.lection 1a:,.. - ... of
Dennsylvanla : -
'Wrcrerri.c. By the r....t of Olt Congrese of the Unit
ed States entitled -AU Act to ainoutt the St 'feral acts
I:l;,,reteror..: pa , scil to provide for Ito' enrolling, and
Oaltliaj,Out the Net onarfcroas. and for other purpos
es" and approved lltarch third. one ttione-tird; eiglat
hundred and sixty-eve, ail toriann. who I:ay.-.,seem.
ed the itiditar:„• or-naval service of the United ntataq;
and iste have nut been - die.chail;cd, or relieled frce:p
the penalty; or at:ability thrre.l.l provided, are dciem.
ed. and bt:tont, to have , olont.trilyttoluigtin•hod, nnil
forfeited...their rights Of el:lrani:hip, and are di;prii - ed
of olorelininf any right.i of citizens thereof : '...
da.7, - .Dbee,ia. Persons 1,,,t citb.-na of the rut"( ,1
iitrtes are not, untk.f the Constitution and La's 11r".4
Pentm-711 - nnitt, ntotlitY.i.o ,loob;ro ..t • ltd. , Cori tier,.
ivesitlt 1 . '
. itgormt, I. 71; it .7,0:4'1,17:T.11, .C,r,71) and Ilua:e
, :f 1: , 1,.., - ,:.; 00 %Ilia: l'r,rt.,,ntre,lilis of I %-/uyt
r.o.i4, in G.(rfreti .11, , ,,411.'3,. TA,/ . ,Lad it 1,11,1.01 pine/.
,! b.; I.',r aOrno;:ity pia: .t. - . co:. That in a!! electoral
hciesirer, to be held in this Connuoniccaltli, it 'shall
Le lllllRsoftli fm the Judge or inspector. of the elic
ton to receive hire ballot o: -ballots from any person
or poreens 'ant :teed - 1n tile provisions, and subject
to the disabilit• miposeld le said act of Congress ap
rc-esed/llrtrn 3, 18ni. and It shell !in' kulairfal for
, any such per.-on to offer to vote auplialhil or ballots!.
tir - rr'tif.t.. - ,Tliat if anyanch judge and inspectors
; !literal:ion or any - one of thorn shall recites, or, Loh
-11 r. to receive; any reel: unlastful ballot or ballots.
%tiro any such disqrailitied person, be. or they. co of
fending. shall fie gtility or-a mestletneatior, and upon
1 contietion thereof in coo rout of quarter sessions of
. this Cominonwealth, he - shall. fur any such offence._
be sentenced to pap afino of noe 00
leas than ;1, and
undergo an imprisomfient, in thrOjall of the proper 4
county, for not leas than GO 'days. _
SECTION 3. „That.if any pe.-....4e0u deprived of cloaca
shlp, and al. - plaided as aforesaid, shall at ktne elevb
tion, hereafter to-be lipid in this - CoMiioir;•calth,
rote Or tender to the :olliocra 'thereof,:and offer .to
vote a ballot, or ballots, any .persem so`offendhig ,
slatillt,e deemed guilty of a zunnonaoanor, • and. on
coast:gion iherobt ltilany-.611•11 of quarter sessions
•of this Comnionivcalth. Shel L i -for ciels offenee, be
isaaisheil in like turitinersa is provided in the preced
iireg s,ention of fiats art• hi the-ease of oedema of eke
non recorinTemet unlawful ha:lot : and ballets.
Set:l'7oN. that if any person gadll hereafter per
suade or ',this° any person •or persons deprived of
titia:nnetnp.mnd disquahtled as aforesaid to offer any
ballot. or ballots, to the ottcers of any election, here
after tot held in this ecniamourrealth, or shall per
.. snado or advise any such . ..slicer to receive any ballot
or ballotsC, front any person deprh•l:.l of citizerisldp,
and disqualified as aforesaid, such person so offend
! ingahall be malty of a misdemeanor, and upon con
crietion thereof, in any (glint of quarter- sessions of
this Commonwealth, shall be punished in like men
: nor as is provided in the second caption of this aet. -
I in the Tam of ofileere of such- eleLtion, receiving.
suelimalawful ballot or ballots, -
. -By en act of Assembly of March -;19, 1:•4.i. entitled
an tag regulating the roods' of a sting at ell eleeildr.s,.
In the cove:hi counties of this Commonwealth. it Is
sanded as follows : .. . • • . ,
- .SECTrON 1, JO. 6 , :!lIICyll bg '.::,
,N, ~,et t i -t 11,,,,,,,
of INT.rfx,rilatirr. of the C0a1m0,,, , ,V14 of pointy!-
, Va,lia, in GeN , rfa .t r iVilebly Wet, mot 1: i.: hereby encel, ,
n! lq.thettuMorilpiif tic .sore, .4 . uat the qualified
votDrs of the several.countres - 4 ibis Commonwealth --
at all general toiraildp. 'through, and spectra elec
tions. are liereby.dtereaßer authorized and required
hi vote by ticket tnirdtd or ‘i - ritten, severally classi
fied its foliews.; UneliahrteUall embrace the names
of all judges of relit to be voted Col, and to bc la
beled. Outside, ojuiliciary ;" one ticket shall enbrari
'..battalllcs of all statesiMeers to be voted for and be
lattlled "Slat ;" ,one ticket shall-embrace the names
of nit county officers voted for, Inoludinn office, of
-senator, member, and nu:whore of assembly,if voted
_far, and Members Of congress, if voted for, and •be
' lapelled . .county;" • one, lickct shall embrace the
1 ,Mmes of all township ollicers voted for, and too li
beled •gcornship;" - one ticket shall embrace' the
1:1111W3 Of all borough officers voted for. and shall be
.vbbellect," borough," and each elate shall be deposit:
td in separate ballot-boxes. -
; Election orlleera are authorized and commanded to
. strictly obserte the provisions of the Registry Law
passed by the Senate and Douse of Itepresentatives
of this Commonwealth, on the 17th day of Altril.l46B.
: ' Esser;Orr Crtinfurn. t I
.tfarrisbrirtl. Pa., Aug. 27, 1870.
T. /h.' , roe ofti Cotneantboters and Shorty Vac County
'of LtrartiOnt: , . ,
%." nix.y_i.s. The Firtilentli Amendment of 11) Con
-oRuth= of wet pitrtilt nttftli Is as
SECTION' I. The light of citizens of the Culled'
States to vote shoat:tot bo denied.or abridged by the
'United Staten, or by arty Slate. On account of race,
calor, or previous condition of servitude."
~S teTtolt.2. Thp Contirese obeli - have power, to en.
twee thin article by appropriate legislation."
And Went -eel, ' Outgrows of the United Stater,
on the hist day of March, 1870. passed an act. enti
tled ".49‘ ,Act to i . of>rer tho rig&l of citizeo..g
tie Unit
iNt States 11 totein the corona! Stater of I. 'aim, end
for other purpows," the first Stud recon4 acetone .of
Which are an follows:
1. lk itessoled by the Seamir end Moat of
RAprarentatirr.; nide. United Staler qf.,4 zarrica in Car
area ostenibbal, That sill citizens of the United States,'
who are, or !shall lab otherwise qualified by - law to
.yote at any election by the people, in any State. Ter
ritory. district, county. city, pariah. tovnuthip • school
district. municipality. or other territorial subSdivia
ion• shall be entitled and allowed to vote at all such
elections, without distinction of raoe, color, or pre.
vious condition of survitude; any Constitution,
cnatom, nrage,..or - regulation of any State or Terri.-
tory, or by. or Under ito authority, to the rontray
. • •• Sgenos 2. ..444. 4c, it fit.ther rdacied, That it by
ortinder the authority of the Constitution or laws, of
any State, , or the lard of any Territory, any act Is or
shall be vomited to. be dono as- tt' prerequisite or
•qualdicatiou for voting, and by such Constitution or
law, persons or °thrums are or shall be charged with`
the perfenuance of duties in furnishing to citizens
an opportninty ta ,tarfohn. ench.precequisite, or to
become quabfled to vote, It shall be the duty of every
such parson and chlicer to gin. to all - oltizins of the
United Staten, the same and equal opportunity 'to
perform Buell protbrinieite, at:44,a become' qualllltak
to vote without distinction of race, color, or previous:
condition, of sarvitnte acd , lt ally each person er
officer shall refuse - or knowingly omit to give full ef
fect to this section, be shall,. Or every such offence,
forfeit and pay the Stun of ilfelutuidred dollara
, the ;Triton aggrievind therebY, tO he recovered by an
eftlen en the ettes . .tettll. tell Oahe and, Etch allow.
[aura to counsel feel es the - cOm . Cihallileani just,
end shall alio, for every Such offence. 'ho deemed
guilty of _
misdemeanor, mail 'OS bonvlction
thereof, i»tined not lesellan five dred: dollars.
°r imPrArPreind. not lass than. ono ntinand not.
more than one year, Or both at the dt lett Of the,
..4ndrekerenw, ltin declared by the se:t nd section
ortht PI article' . of - thef Conslinitfeit 1 of: et - United
States, that "Thin Cmisiltuttell, and the lowa of the
linifed States .whielLitherbis mi A : i 6 pignmateco
thereof,' shall bit,the; supremo law of thnland; k's.
• * auythln; In the fltnratlentionothrter of airy Mots
to the ceatrarseriiilieitlatandio." • _
wheyees; - Tlie.V - 4511411re of 4rtla.ConuulMl
wealth. f•th'. dal ,of 1.670. ;pulsed
. an act, outitleektql, further supplesnetit to theact re.
;Whig toolections is thislkertmonweilth„" the teeth
Audi= of which provides as follows. ,
ftehnott Ht.-That tio pouch:of every act efAisana.
• Itr as prcrYldas that only white freeman 'Shah be en:
• tined to vote or be registered as voterth . 'corse - claint.,
ing to - vote at any genelal.lorSiPerla - latiriall. -o ‘. this
Commonirealth, he multbe valuate betabPiepealedil
and that hereafter an frogmen. without diatinetien:
. of color, shall he elWllta
4ecn Iteitairdlng,
, to the provisions tilthit-brat ion set
• PrcrualaniTaulauth APKI:I I 3O‘ erildej akt fur.
• tbefemmtcroentrit to the sicUrolatinti
,itf this Cofnmmiwcaltly" and When ottlartriikAnalt.
hr,t under "sleeting laws, be entitled fo 'vote at all 1
• 1
grissfalea Redd litlideCeettemateda ."
And aterrom. fh /4 sit and cad"
duty to “take awareetthe MAUI*
te4;" and it hao ems to to 7 0 ,14 midi"'
ameesore sad *Vows of eaturailese iidlesed. sad
em Wieling to ewes itailso*? emu colored
tusk, citizens of Issefel spv; irdr - wied.• tradineo
electors: _ ,---: .e. ,
•96. tie, , ;putty- ef sr*
terrebre. NM , *need
sa linrs
If il lirtit cl:
theiefeteredisects4 gai.lbitibpdt orlon •
we stall
is heelby espebilak
WWl' etiAlciti : for Ms' theatit=
Worthies. the beran
mot.scs of Congress. sot elle theilegiskiivie, to
theAtel that the same easy be hatergeeeereted sad
otivedAby aU seseseops, rel eatteseter *tape *teethe
=4: 1 1 Wien: s 4 Old Ole fietal 11 .41ifitires
_Alai b 4 Wpm , to au as dd.
zumi7or this Cosastoevesith COW* Um Nolo; •
Aires moue - MT NASD ssio me Gazer. Vz.z. or
. i satirs firm. lit gets,the" , ind risr
ittes l t • • • - • . il fo. li. CfrAilr . :**.
F. ,foams, See, of pniutemargitak.
Tbemeetnee of*tarn lodes !Wilds Rew
Cie; Markt. trill be beidat the Court Moine, at To
*Ma. on thkeeitnth day.tfter elettiosi - elltiett
Won't?* 18th-d4 of October..
The meeting of _return - Pieties tor itattut:y of-
Bradiatit; will be at the Cagri ifestiala Tcsionada. on
the third day after election: which wilt he on Friday,
the Itth day of October, at 1 ordain: Iv .
•Cougre4Dinna Bet= Js to tratet at the Court
Itonse, to Tenithannock; on Togas; the 19th day of
...Judicial Return Judges to meet the Court
House, in Montrose, on Tne!day. the 18th day of
Scpresenc l Teturn .Tudines (0 . meet U We Cone_
noose: In. dn. .on ?odder; 00:.1812r 'day of
. 1 ; PEIMX:v4ZE num.
*: r i,t. 1 , 1810.1
. , .
-a. • Driint rt. Charter P. Pteree.—ht the
Caen of Copimon Zola of !traitor& eon*, ?To.
EoPf• met • - • ,
I. Denby direct thet a copy of the writ issued in
this met', be published by the Sheriff for six weeks,
In the Vfeverly Adreeple printed It Weedy, Tiogo .
tvtintr. N.Y.. sad the ' peAnyeablisiecurins. tint
ed stacm - inds,'•Ps.•-• -
- - --I"resittetit .7ndge.
{forum! aTrecnioorr.]
C016606117.Eti1t w MiNETLYALIt.
BraEton:leeway, . • . • 1 •
. . To ant: f BratajordCornag: ;
We command you that you • a 4ch CHAIM E.
Pitmen. late of your county. by all and iingular his
gouda-and Chattlas, lands and tenements. moneys.
rights, and credits, ,
in . whose bands *or *onetime
mann the same may be, so that be be and appear
before crar Court of Comnion Plea{; to be hoiden at
the borough of Towanda. to and*, Still county, on
the grit Umnlay of September next, there to snow
Tfen7 Van Brunt, hi Trespass - on the nee, upon.
premises, ball in $4.006 00;,ind attach land in Igy
ser.townehip tn. said county,. conveyed by Walter
Spencer , and wife to 011TM:ries Z. Pierce by deed
dated y 2d. lfrie, being lota.Nos. 4,5, ClO, la
14, 16. 6, and 12, fronting on Wan at, In Block %u.
21, of ursantsilthatm of Put Towanda.
Auto land in sane township. ePultoyed by Jab P.
BLrhy end wife to said Piercer being wren iota in the
the subdlviiden of ,East %Maeda. . =AP that alt
persona in whoses.ltanda or passunion the said
goals, chattles, moneys, rights and Credits, or
.any Of them may be.stSsched. asthma tbeyand anti
,efAheat. be and appear before ;mid Coart,,As chi
and place aforesaid, to answer what shallbe objected
-against them and abide the judgment of the Court
therein ; and have you then and there this writ.
Witness, the llonarabler. B. Ehnen:T. • President
of paid Court, at the borough of Towanda aforesaid. day of duly. A.D. 1870.
W. L. THOMAS, Progrenfory.
To lhe ponerelds radon :- '
I certirrthat by 'dawn of tho'.ll3lllelf.d. • writOof
Foreign Attachment, I. attached- the following de
eirtbed land, Situate fn WY2O2 tonitiddtr. Oonnt •of
Bradford,. State of Punnsyttinia, and botmded as
follows : Beginning at a corner on, the east aide of
klatost. in Flesehot'a wandlelarinalarZaatTovranda.
thence north 49 deg. 30 mist.' east along tho lino of
lot No. 12, 160 feet to a 20 foot'.alley, ',thence along
the Um') or the same smith 40 deg. 80 Mtn.. east 375.
feet to a street. thence along ths line of maid atroLt.
smith 49 deg. 30 rain. watit.lso fbet to the test line
of said Slain-4t., thence along the hue of laid Main.
at.. north 40 deg. 30 min, west 375 feet to the Diem
of beginning' being lo th No. 13; 14, 115. 16 and 17 of
Block No. 24.0 f said imbdieialon, of ,Dots Towanda.
All-improved. . ..
ALSO—One other lot, pieees.or 't - ttel Or land situ
ate es above. bounded aniUdearxibed- as follows :
Beginning at the ninth:wed cob:lee:4lof No.-3, .01
Mock 28. thence north 40 'dilC IflltiLtretat. 150 feet
to the west lino of Second street, thence along do
same south 40 3eg.:110 Win: east -995 feet to the cor
ner orr. Street. thencealce/B the north lino of acid
/street south 49 deg. 30 into. welt 150 fee to it 20 foot
alley. thence along the line of theeamenorth 40 deg.
66 nun. west ttis fret to the place. of begin d:1 : be,
log lota No. 4,6, G. 7, and 8 of laid Flesehliut • soli
di% hilen of Eaet l'osiatula,- 'Block :To. 24. " All ,ini-
ALSO—Onv: othei niece or pareel ajnia bounded
es follows : Be:Arming at a eornisech soiree. north
70 deg. 00 min. east,3794ext (rein cast hoe of illow-
Mann, Fddy
Trightvnr, thcnea north 70 tIcS. M min.
mot ISt feet:to a coiner. theme watts 01 deg. 80 min.
cest-1_ , 14 to a cornpr, t.ll‘..tiee south 40 deg._ 3ii
mitt., i - asi 170 feet to a corner. thence wrath 49 dee,
49 Mal. west 1 . 40 feet to a cornet. thence north!' 4ii
deg. 00 ruin. west 375 feet to a corner, thence non!,
9.1...1ffg. 20 Mkt. 'mat 163 feeVto -theldnee &Ileitis.
mug ; being iota No'. --;-- of - Fleschltit's &Wh
at,: iilon of Etat Towanda, and conveyed by Job .1,..
Kirby. and wile to tho defendant. All imigrOved. .
' -Sherif.
.1. Court . cif. the United States for the Wertern
trlet of Pennsylvania. ltirtern .Pistriet of Penn.ryi
r.nzia, S.
A \Valiant in Bankruptcy has been issaued by
w;gid Court - aiminst the estate of AtllEltlft
AnNoLD, of the county of Bradford awl - State or
Nunsylcania, - in said Markt; who has been do! '
iutritleed a Piadin. ipt, upon petition of hls creators.
and the payment of any debts, atut...thodelisery
any property beionging to said Bankrupt to him or
to hie nor, and the. transfer:of tiny propmty by bon
are forbidden by kw. A ine&ing of the creditors of
PAM bankrupt. tocore their debts, and choose one
or -more assi;,oir of his estate, will be held at a
Court of Tiankilip 7, to be holden at Towanda. Pa..
in said DiArlet, °nibs:loth day.of ILEPTIAMES, A.
D.. 18 - 14), at 10 o'zloel, a.m., at the office eflDWAltli
'OVEITII/11. Jr.. Erg.. one of the /leg/stern to Bunk.
tnptty 111 aid Dis
A- 31URD6C11.
Xarshal; 4safersengrr
sep,ll '7O-w}
IN BANOtIPTCY.—In the matter
of*E. P. WiCOT, Bankrupt.
To Wheat rr Mat Corcrxa t The undervign.,l' -
hereby gives sotioe of his appointment as Astegnett
of L. P. MICOI.of the borough of - Canton. in
the county of Bradford. and Biala of Pennsylvania.
within said District„ who has been
. adjudged. a Bank- •
rapt upon Ida OITA tletttion by.the District Court
said District.
Dated Towautbs,,Ps.. the 21st day of Sept., 1570..
• BYRON W. CLARK. Asigrer.
Wit . l34NG
h - 1 A' G oh, PEN NA
nci: year of this popular institution will be
gin SEPTEMBER 1, 1870. Board, Tuition and Sta
tionery have beep
_so reduced as to render the
pence nacessdr6- OD completing the Commercisi ,
Courisi fnim Thirty to Filly dollars less than at
other Iluelness Colleges. -•
No active, enterprising young man'make a
better investment of $l6O than by Asking a conrec
of instruction at this inatitntign.
.Ire vter arlranlav thee can be found cd no oiler .
Commercial College in tAe country.
Our course of study IS prepared in a thorough and
accurate manner, and according to the latest and
and twist improved methods of book-keeping:
Fitndouta have the advantages of IsthissySocieties.
a Library. Reading IlitoM and Weekly;l2tercines.
Counterfeit. Money. Politinal,r , conoinT, Commet , . •
cial Law, Penmanship and Bttaintossectrrespondenre
are all thoroughly treated upon, and ere ,incituled '
in the.Dusiness Course. • •
Thrlinstruction in these of &AMOR counterfeit
money is alone words the tuition 'for Uppentlre
, .
course:, .
Efuralrea of young men . Dow oacupiing some
the beat positions in the country -bAre testified to
the abundant and accurate knowledge of business
obtained at this institution. - • ,
(Mr graduatea are filling positions of mist in all
of the great cities, and in nearly etery. [Rafe in tlw
17nion, ,
Particular attention Is paid to Telegraphing. Funr
offieerkine been fitted up and under'. the =penis.
lon &gin 'bid And experienced sipeatatgri Students
devoting an body each day to this important branch
of conimercid eduCation to conneethia with the reg
ular course. become- qhalified tq , charge
'offices in three or four months..
Tuition tot the lull Busfnes 00 •
Dttsineti Course with Telegraphing ,
35 On /.."
4elegraphing dove-- i 26 00
Tuition fern full coarse in Ornaniental and Rree
brat Penmanship $25 00
Send for Circulars. Address •
- L. L. arnouz; ;LA., Piineipal.
- Penns.
TOWANDA. nrcaproaD cortin. PA. /
This institution has ,} been thoroughly repaired
and hnprcved, and will be reopened TUESDAY.
SEPTEMBEW 0..1100. under the charge of G.
Ryan and E. E. Quinlan. Associate Principals. who
will devote their entire Mae to hurtrnyilag in the ,e•
various departments and to the genersksupervialon
and management of the school.. They?irld be as
stated by excellent and. experienced teachers in all
the departments.
The courses of instruction are Prel/kra ten and - 9 )
graduating English. Normal, Comniercini, scientific
Qlsseical and OrnamentaL
'f•The Preparatory is &alga:led to - thoroughly qual
ify the smaller pupils for the studies of . , the Et , h
-OrOdnetlng Coarse, which comprhics all 1 a11!,,,i
studies. languages excepted.. • _ • .
The first year of this course completed, they can
enter either of the other' courses. The Normal
.affords. thorough tnatNetton in Common
Hchool studies and Theory and Practice of Teaching.
liltudtntitin the Commercial Departments' have all .
the advantages of the best commercial schools In
• addltioti to thomiigh drill In - necessary - 'cadmic
The HeicntlHerouree In addition. to the studies of ,
the 'Graduating English: Primeh and German. tom- •
Prises *genii instruclioli In the Sciences illustrated •
by an excellent collection of Apperatua_Teceutly pro-,
The fink tnn lows of ibo Classiesi Conroe sin in
tended. Winer's° students vett for College; the
third year to tit for adraneed chigger In College or
to combine classics with o spedid coarse in the Sci
ences.. . -
The' Ornatnental. Modern Language?, Music.
Driving and Papittrig. will be taught by competent
instractoza. , -
Seined said:fiximis ire provkled be the Institute.
For pr9aarmartlcalsrs address • -
W. RYAN' k cotrINLAX.
Associate Principals.
, .
-ro3„l"realdent Board,Trustees.
Aug.lo,lo, ,
pi ~-NS!LV4t L
(FittlL 1 tict„
aithuzi), Ttoca commr,
Lrikil Term begins September 7th. 1810. ,
Arster 'Term Nene December 12tb.1 3D.'
spring Tam begins Ha 27W.1571.
Tor'eltalSgtes Or admisSinn, sadness;
Mang/Veld, :j u ly 2n . inn. - Prinripat
_ :