Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, July 14, 1870, Image 2

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    News From'sll-Nations.
—The Whim Impeiicdl34-donnixi
Pin hat.. • • '
. —Charleston, Illinois, is having
juvenile opera&
—There is a "co-opera five calve
at Long Branch.
—The London city pliiision cm
' rloys 475 missionaries.
—Grenadier hats for ladies aro'
timated froni Paris.
—Thor© is great - rivalry among
liver manufacturers this scam'.
—Large ganga of tyoree are ,rasti
iting at Detroit,
— . Many bridal parties are visiting
Ichgara Falb.
-:—A.Cuban elub hag been organized
iu Charleston, S. C. -
=Ladd• Franklin has returned to'
Victoria from Sitka.
—A. number of drowning case's arc
rewrted this season.
-lE,glLway . robbers aro infesting
the suburbs of Cincinnati.
—Tho Richmond contoated
nlity cam hi still in the courts.
—Boston has sixteen free baths.
Tire for women.
.--There are fears of a light hay
crop in NM England..
--Chinese converts arc preaching
iu'the streets of San Francisco.
—retrolia, Canada, it is stated,
pro 11 NI•S 7/0 barrels of oil weekly.
—Sam Ililderbrand is now said to
hi farming in Missouri.
—lt is estimated there arc 75,000,-
slu op ne the Argentine Republic.
—They hare men firing cannon in
the fields near Paris, to bring on rant. °
—The Indianapolis woolen exhibi
ti9a is to bo livid in the skating rink.
—A panther on Peach mountain is
terrtfying the peoitle around Pottsville.
—The labors of the Darien canal
metl.toot art , conOidetl for this season.
'A Montreal company has been
cr,ratiz - cd to introduce steam omnibuses.
—Savannah is goinr , to build her
.cif all up:•n-housr.
Florida cranes,- pelicans, her
orm.:11 nt.u•r wat'r•-fowls are very, utuneronm.
steam omnibus is now
fail. run Ipowcen Edinburgh and a suburb.
-2.00 miles of pathway have been
explort.l in Mammoth cavc.
—An Erie freight ear has just made
the trip from the ilitilann to the Pacific.
—Only one-fourth of the Congre
gaticonal cianrcbss have st:ttle:d pastors.
—There are 3867 registered stills
in tlin ITuited fstaies for tI dtstillation of bran
dy front fruits.
—Between three and four thousand
American boys arc studying in European schools
and college&
—.Red Bear F:ttys he thinks tho
KIVIEWS are very landioine, bat thay have
t., much War paint.
—One firm in East Saginaw, Mich.
arc nientlineturing 4,ooo,otv_i shingles 'per week
on an average.'
—A genuine Chinamen auctioned
it Clan,..c,r., by Ow bus, in New
--Velocipedes, which hare almost
aisariwawa in this c , untry, arc still popular in
Eurt.:.e.. •
--Two th,ouian.l aereB of broom
corn ratsefl rr.nind Circle% ilk, Ohio, this
--The personal appeantnee of the
ttotlottniti, tots imorovort pororTtibly tho
public baths.
—Atlanta is now the capital of
6,,rgia, but nakageville demands that the
Stat, capit,4 t 4, her.
—Cincinnati police grumble be
cans, they are no lon g er allowed to smoke when
un dote.
—lt is said there is danger of the
t.,t31 vstiurtnot thu hunters t:n•
Lillmt; them off
. .
—Engineers are surveying the cut-
Vichsburg, to turn the chauuel of
the Mi4stssqpi, if pos,oble.
—The landloras of the leading
s I'll h 1 1110,101!'',1 court to
tua.wcr for Ivinor sclEng,
—A grindstone tweighing four
hundred ircintla was rece:itly
quarried twar Port Austin, Michigan.
—Trre Boon Board of Trfide,
Riney their eNcars,ion to California, have lost all
respeot foir the big tree on the Common.
—The Emperor Napoleon has
monnicd for Ills dec,a,ill Baltimore relative by
a black hatband for eight days.
—ln many counties of Mississippi
the ag,:cltharal societies arc making arrange
utvats to give fur during the cotalttg fall.
—Richmond, Va., Councils have
arprvpriat , -(1:'25'1,W0 for the imprxrement o
Janics ri% or.
--Panama, having had its best
buildings -I.urnckl down, intexas organizing a
fire lopartinel:t.
—Cut tun ibloom is reported in vari
on part , ultht south. Tliq (Tv le e%peete:
:thou; h•rtr (lays after the bloom.
--The contractors of the lialthnore
and Pt,t•tniae are pzuthirig Cr* wprk,
mia Ic•.e large trees cngag.•d.
—Four thous' and tons of ore; it is
statek wero thro*n out at a gingle blatit ill the
Lal,e :•;uptrior iron reg.on the other dl l y.
—An interesting account of Abra
ham Lincoln, translated into Haw4an lan
guage, i. navertgeil in the If onulnlu papep.
—:. new screw-.pile light-hortso is
to in: Ludt (al, tin. York split shoal, in tlij
bay, off the inmith of York river. •;
—A family up the North river de
elare their si , eaty-year old fathcr crazy hecaus
he rants to marry a iiandsome young widow.
—The Spanish papen+ are ridieul
t,,,, alelioalion of Queen Isabella in favor
her The I,ant t:o:e• of Ow
—Complaints have been filed
ngaitisi over three i inrtrrd business men of
hatisss City, for Tiotntin th revenue IaWS.
—The French 4ice consul at
eltarl,,ton has received h gold medal from a
ty, for t:u• bc'st arth-le on tho cul
t or, lb; ..,•;1
—-A lady at Saratoga; Carpe to
11 . ea6fast, a few im , rninga ago, dresxed in
Ptain ealico . dtvA.,, with diamond ear-rings and
—Tho president fof the Miami nni
ser.ity, it is ,aid, hzts been compelled to admon
ish the young li studnnts for,whistling in the
—Some Cherokees have gone to
t , , point out,oine lead
:hat they norkt...l before they were re-
yemarliable statement is
t::at ns - m g h Rhode IKland has an area of
M,, S41111:1 :t Collt:tinti 41 . 0 !Idles of
0ri"..1 , :e coal fields.
--The Canadian Press Association
is at Brantford. Ontario, on the 19th inst.,
and affil tale a tifp to Buffalo, Toledo, Clt•ve
ian.l, Detroit and Letlon, Ontario.
- —Piirsons who prefer stale bread
~111 IlaYe their tnA , ' gratified by sot fling to
Pomp, U. wltyr, thoy have loarus ihiet wuro
r eighteen hundred years ago.
- - Inin-Qernmn speaking censn*-
t-ik, r in a Teittoinc.New York diAtnet Lae rt.-
,:gned. Iry I , lin , levcry
nii,l \las all the information he
- A large bear has been seem in
of rr.Lakliaritiu, Caro 31.13-
i .mtity, N. J., :old 1119 nian mho eneountered
aro, it ail:ay by two or three Wows
with a fowl rail.
--The railroads in California are
11 madc• with tici or red wood, which i2+ very
InrAle. In the rallyys The routes are nearly
I , vel, r.r,i th, grz ding 'llit•arqrage cost
twr rn is alp tn; v,m,9(99,
--One .of the bigeFt reptile stories
yr t ht that Of an alUgntor near 31!dway, s. e.,
'arch a idatit. , :r has n4t:ci harnutg to do plow
pminda and in rail
ty, 1,. rr• ••th 1. and '•firr,l“:; l
in 1..-. .'ernk,f4at
14,11 y fig ft
r, ;; Tfar r~u:6r,ritY a 9rsarttAy totr-
P-r , rie , Trtiy. "'srini.t.T. lat riPreirna,B
tvstis 1,14 rai- , -tinic• in Cttrinnit'i. itsid,riwkrof
r.. :4 not- in larmnr.s ,
w ith r,," 1.4-J7 it ti„
Irani Minim
E. O. aoomucn. 6. W.
Towanda, Thursday, July 14,
We have on several occasions dis
cussed the plan of electing candi
System," :expressieg our:: :
founded on observation, that it
afforded unusual facilities for fraudu
lenfvoting. 'This plan of nominating
eaudidites bye direet-vote -of- the
people, at the primary elections, was
first adopted in Crawford county,
whence its name. After, a trial of
some years, the Republiean Conven
tion of that county, at its late nieet
-int; unanimously :resolved to r4um
to the delegate system. The experi
ence in that county has been that ; it
- has had the effect to reduce tho Re
publican majority, and that under its
operations the most outrage*
frauds were perpetrated. F.
As a fair example of ,the working
of this system in the , towns of that
county, 'we will merely 'mention that
Gm. R. ANDERSON, one of the, Sena
torial candidates, but who was bea t-
en nearly five hundred in the County,
polled in the city of Titusville four
hundred and eighty more votes than
there were ftepublicans entitled to
vote—leaving none at all for his OP
ponent. Happily, this ballot box
stuffing did not extend to the coun
try polling places, and hence Ander
• •,••
son was beaten.
This ANDERSON was the chief in
strument in bro'king down the can
cus nomination for State Treasurer
last winter, by furnishing the funds
for demoralizing and corrupting a
sufficient number of members to elect
Inwis iu coalition with the democra
cy. He is a man of immense weolth,
who voted in Philadelphia last fall,
and removed to Titusville for the ex
press purpose of representing that
district in' the Senate, sn' pposing
that his money would be suffi
cient to secure 'the nomination. Ho
managed to obtain a majority of
1,000 in Titusville, while it is notori
ous that the Republican vote in that
town does not exceed 550. Fortu
nately this gross outrage was insuffi
cient to effect the purpose for which
it was perpetrated, aid only served
to show how faulty was the system
under which it could be done.
va.. The reduction for June in the
national debt is $20,203,772 . 04. , For
the fifteen months of Grant's admin
istration, $125,000,000. And this
too With a reduction of taxes last
year of more than $60,000,000, and
now, for the coming year, a redaction
of $75,000,000.
It is peculiarly noticeable that this
great result proceeds entirely •oni
the successful admini.4ralion of the
Government under Grant. While
Johnson, and the thieves he patroniz
ed, held sway, the taxes actually levy
ied v. ere one hundred and fifty mill
ions greater than they are to-day,
while the amount collected did not
reach the total which now floWs into
the treasury,.and enables us to pay
the vast sums Which even• mouth
gladderithe people by reducing the
national burden.
We are paying the debt under a
system, and in amounts annually,
Which will easily pay off the debt in
thirty years. This fact is steadily
breaking down the premium on gold,
and advancing the premium on our
bonds ; until to-day the obligations
of the / I.7nited States are quoted at 6
per cent. above Gold, and so puts. the
funding of our debt at a lower rate of
interest not only within our power,
but brings it into the near. future. Is
this a failure ?
*ii 6 . The tax bill was reported ; to
the House on Saturday ' from 'the
Commitee of Ways and Means, With
a a recommendation of non-concur
rence in the Senate amendments, al
thoph some of them might be ad
visable. The House refused to con
cur in the Senate substitution of new
sections•for the first thirty-four of the
House bill relating to special taxes
and stamps ; refused to strike out the
income tax-67 to 116 ; agreed to re
duce the rate of the income tax to 2i
per cent., agreeably with the Senate
action-92 to 35 ; refusecuto limit the
collection of the income to the ensu
ing two years ; agreed to reduce the
duty on steel railway bars of a cent,
making it 1.1 Cent per pound, and to
reduce that on railway bars in part
made:of steel to 1 cent per pound.
The House also refused to place du
ties 'on round iron, sugar, and a varie
ty of other articles, as provided by
the Senate, au4l to refund the differ
ence between the amount paid and
the amount due under this bill on
goods in bonded warehouses.
/35 , 53- The rebel and rebel sympathiz
ing hoot for a "White Man's Party "
does not find favor in all quarters.
The Louisville Courier, a prominent
Democratic organ, denounces the
movement most pointedly, and' de
preciates such an element in the pol
itics of Kentneky. Its opposition,
however, is based on the fact that it
win tend to intensify the opposition
of the colored people so much . that
.the Democratic net will not catch
colored viiters. This is the moral of
its opposition, not the inherent injus-„
Gee of the thing. If :mien will bet
governed only by policy, why, there
is something gained. While the per
son or party deserves no credit, a
mischief is averted. If those' who
fear neither God, man, nor the devil,
can be haltered by policy, we say,
A if t
lid'Tile attempt cif a few clisap
i,nintel itapnillimna in' Allegbany
f: , ,nety ravaniza ts-no-w party, hnu
Numesolex, D. c., Jaty 9, 1870.'
• •
As the seindo of the
V-- • .
• ' -
in which the two great partiottr . , e ,
Politically Were the c,:Aintry htuftitt
materially changed since the election
of members of thii - preirenTtergiesli:
yr the dectiiin of General Gluxr to
the Presidency. Since the suppres
sion of the7rebellion by the " loyal
forces' of the Union, the ranks of the
'dert•,ioeratie - TutrtyhalrebtFen - iin'gtii'd - nt -
Cd by : the:.actire isitptiort , 4:nearly . .
the' entire "en pret4 `irf'' ) .
1 444 4 113 7 :.=.9o=ekAiitmTals;
to 'the e mbrace of -clip Dember - ati4,
party where, next' to 'a state of 'acti've
rebellionand.wei,-theY can do the.
'Union cause. most harm. - Thia latter
fact inspires the Democratic party
with hope of
the Congressional . .,districts. in the
approaching dentinn4y .and :securing
'control of. the House 'of Bepresenta.
tives in the forty-second Congress.'
- • ,
A 'National; Pemocratie Congrest
*nal Committee has recently been
fcutixed,' fin& ranched-: iri
carefully- eoniiidt3i well cal
culated to deceive unthbughtful Ito!
Yublicans - has been]ifseued;andu phin:
of tirgnuization is
fully Matured; by which they
so distract and divide the
party as to be successful in the
proaehing elections. l In. strong' , Re
publican district; where . the Union
cause brOught together on t the out+
break of the rebel li ony men holding
different views upon questions of an
entirely civil nature, inch as tariff,
currency, finance, &c., do t cuments are
Ito be circulated 'advocati ng free trade
and opposed to taxation e mbellished
with all the deceptive theories and
promises, of which the Democratic
party is
,prolific, with the hope of
'anti-tariff Republicans, and
promoting Democratic ascendency.
These arc facts-fairly stated, and not
overdrawn, of which Republicans
will do well to give attention. Every
intelligent Republicarizonst be aware
that it is upon the eg of "free-trade,"
"Anti-tax," " spode basis," &c., that
the Democratic party hope to suc
ceed to poWer, by drawing from the
ranks of the Republican organization
such as incline to their opinions up
on these questions. 'ln view of this,
every Republican should consider
well the effect of lending his aid to
bring the Democratic party again in
to power. How will the country be
fbenefited by it? What would be the
condition of things under Democrat
ic policy and rule? No intelligent
voter, if he is not an advocate of Re
pudiation, will deny that the collec
tion of revenue for the support of
the government, and the gradual ex
tinction of the national debt incurred
in the suppression of the rebelliqn, is
positively - indispensible. He will ac
knowledge then that taxation under
an efficient, well administered 'rove
nue system, is also imperatively de
manded by the public exigencies.
Revenne from customs cannot be re
alized under a system of free trade.,
The Republican party, therefore, as
a true Union party, in favor of re
deeming the faith of the government,
by the payment 'of the national debt,
is bound to support the leviing! of
reasonable rates of duties on imports,
discriminating in favor of itioMe:,in
dustry, but not so highly/ proteetive
as to be p?ohibitory, or as to be un
just to the consnmsr. This policy,
the Republican party in Congress has
endeavored to maintain. It has
sought 'to redeem its pledges to The
'people by removing the most odious
features of the system of internal tax
ation, realizing to the fullest extent
that ".,direct taxation is always ocli
ons," it has given great relief to the
industries of the country; the tax on.
sales and gross receipts by the bill
now pending, and which will be
passed--will be abolished; the income
tax reduced to two'and one-half per
cent., and the 'exemption increased .
to two thousand dollars, with liberal
deductions for rents, &c. The out
cry against qa, tax on incomes is with
out foundiition in reason or justice,
provided the tax be levied upon a
fair basis; the exemption should be
liberal; if three thousand dollars no
one would complain, and. the tax five
per cent. Who will object that the
income of - men of such immense
wealth as A. T. Stewart, W. B. Astor,
H. T. Hembold, James Fisk, Jr., Cor
nelius Van Derbilt, and hundreds,
and thousands .of others we might
name, should be made to contribute
to the payment of the debt of the
government, and_lighten the burdens
of the great mass 4 of the people? The
incomes of these men for the present
year iu the order named are: $1,420,-
000; $1,273,000; $182,000; $65,000;
and $40,000; making im aggregate
income of $2,980,000; upon which a
tax of 5 per cent. would pay the trea
sury.sl49,ooo; at 2i per cent $74,-
500. This class of capitalists should
be assessed upon their incomes, and
to this there could be no possible
ground of complaint. Under an ex
emption of two thousand dollars,
with . the deductions provided for,
not one in twenty, and we might
safelysay forty, out of any hundred
persons brought promiscuously to
gether will bo subject to income tax.
General GnAirr has amply fulfilled
'the pledge Of his inaugural, that ho
would " have no policy to enforce
against the will of the people." In
the sixteen months of his administra
tion the National Debt has been re
duced $130;000,000. He has raised
the public credit, practiced rigid
economy, preserved order, and fos 7
teied the loyal spirit of the nation.'
He "promised to be " the President
of the people," and has earnestly
Fought to I:now their will. . :Ho ja
entire borders.
Some =dem' eleimt.4o 'Con
gress has do
1 e sci little in, its, Jong
session. ThQ Alit; bon
siderim-the-iptecaitesi- •
closing tup thetwork of roconstru
tiee, and ,thelliteraciltiterests, repr
seated in Congreo, much has bee;
done; more would--have m
plialibd', but' for, iiik#4tY
'P . 4en, e • 11* P.fsPf-P4 l .
411111V11 in, the senate,, Where no !vpr • !
views ,question" can liinit debate`
and 'flltch :redone thin:heif
wasted by ouch:liriolotifi i uro, 414
,OARBET Kentucky , winkjai
better than. a rebel in his uttar
ttees. In the How there lira set , -
•eral'aenibeia who' the ' gift o
"gab,", and ther,e're. , PPKtwal)Y,
" arisooo , 4" , Th, e roollor eheeld re
' member that the ;inert Whose • nami3.l
figure sti much debates. - and: wh
Th*e, set:ersP° 3l6 ?° to empty seg
for home consumption; are: not,
legislatom, They delay, or, even °tot
atnict legislatiom •The awk of Con.
gress is done by the silentemen,
whoiie labors are: COii!
Oljtteest Who 49 m 48.611 01 ui
sent., ready to vote intelligently, wha
only speak as occasion , requires, - and
not for " buncombe." ". T hese '' re the
men whose- services to 'the cow; •
deserve commendation. In this con
nection it is pleasant to State tha
Judge IdEncun has a high position
an able, efficient working member
He is regarded here as one of the
most effective and influential in o
State delegation. He is one of the
ablest members of the Judici , •
Committee, and his report's , from
that Committee upon bills assign .
to him involving important legs
questions, establish his soundnes
as a lawyer. His experience in legit
lation gives hiniipower, and his abil
ity enables him to use it. Should ho
be returned to the next Congress, ho
will stand a fair chance for the chair
manship of one of the most impor
tant Committees of the House—the
Judiciary. ,
. -Had I time and space,' would
give some idea of the unparalleled
impudence of the ex-rebels of the
South ins the trumping up and pre
sentation of, claims. Kentucky has
icthally - proposed to present a bill
against the government of claims for
damages done her turnpikes and
other roads by our armies in march
ing over them in pursuit of Beaoo,
MORGAN and other rebels.
The nottirions Jews MITCIIKLL has
instituted suit in the 11. $. Court to
recover damages for the destruction
of his press, which was intensely
rebel. In any other country, and
under any other government, this
miserable sneak would consider him
self-lucky in having saved his worth
less neck from the well earned, and
richly deserved halter. These claims
only bide the time for the Democrat
ic party to attain control, 'when they
will all be pushed with vigor,. and
probably paid. CONDE.
Ifir - Among the jeux ti; esprit to
which the (Ecumenical Council has
given rise in Rome, is the following
new Pater Nosier handed about
among the Americans. Even the
Pope, who enjoys a joke . thoroughly,
it is said, might forgive the man who
uses the license of ink •against him
so blasphemously yet deitrously:
"Our Father who art is the Vatican:
"Infallible be thy name: Thy Tem
" poral Sovereignty come: Thy will
"be done in Europe and America as
"itis in Ireland. Give wi this day
" our tithes and titles, and forgive us
"our tresspasses as we give plenary
"indulgence to those who pay peni
" tently us: And lead us pot into
" (Ecumenical Councils, but deliver
"us from thinking: for thino , is the
"crozier, the key, and- the tiara.
"Rome without end. Amen."
air The excitemet - on the Spanish
question continues, and the general .
opinion is, that if LEOPOLD is , chosen
by the Cortes, war will be the result.
'The Cortes adjourned to October,
but has been reconvened, to meet 'on
the 20th inst., and we shall know,' in
a few days, what,will be its decision.
Under the resolution requiring a
majority of all the members, whether
present or absent, it will take one
hundred and seventy votes to elect a
king. The Cortes is divided into so
many cliques, it is not absolutely cer
tain that number - will be, able to
agree upon LEOPOLD, especially with
a war in prospect as the result.,
cs.. The Turkish government
maintains a system of primary public
schools, the instruction being almost
gratuitous. Ninety-five per cent. of
the children are said to attend these
schools and acquire, there some
knowledge of orthograiphy, arithme
ticriending, writing, and the princi
ples of morality and religion. Except
in Constantinople itself, where public
academies have also been instituted,
there are few opportunities for study"
ing the higher branches of learning.
Those who aspire to more compre
hensive education have the option of
employing private tutors orentering
the colleges controlled by the church,
Where the course extends over twenty
years or more.
Mi. The New York .appointmenbi
lave finally been settled by the ,
almost unanimous confirmation. of
3ftsrur for Collector; Onnn'nu, as
naval officer, and Mr. 'lTiu.noriss
Asristant TrowArer. -:t
ado bin
of the
to the
ne who
tiler _the
followhiraltinal patighiphtr-Alki
tainedia his .amtatious-vIORS by a
laite'zaiiiititi - pt the
%° , 14 # l 4 t ' rit(Wile
.a ntliin to o *ism' o e .mmon-
.11;rolWrer respectable it ma be
ikkintdt m ni , '' t
anta* Iln l
It is 'to this iiiinOtiviiiir In
elieitkinims aTatlisheintor i ii y 0.4
xfst al:
miiiibrititaidikiinfidetidiminy.' ' i
sons as to the truth throb 'the 7 m '
;ditint ofloinvidi fAdlifilkl
Nffilintdjournalikithie Twin etitlidl. ,
you would nok 'wilfully do ;
isk ivreto eis 4spa el& yoni 'col{{
.. to the, present comninnidationf
In tiiii f*tra,iiividino*iothin i t
e rn
of alb io ' - . eeelif We a l it f t jrou,qo
%Ain* . :iiinciti.,:a .". .:Itifi Cid,*
pipers: e:; ; :
.:- : afttpm/
the seer* pr . ssir :: ye' not ...imsNilami '
the - IMRSeedUngiid thSea l anatirhic
ali'prolidaell to hi:, jpubliituid 11441
'attic lii•aitens;3l . 4 -tinders tiiiot*
lbw; ;to irhich'ilid:iiiiifibileit,:dom
of 'iclOthfitT_plionogrsphiS:viiters
fiiialliiii"sith the Liifinfongo,ll4is
been constantly.with tlieUssetublite
'him 'ail' itipping, 'And: lOW remain
iherewith;"NMtiliits disSiAntiOn.' MI
:newsparerth, thsrefOiS - (O'c l 4
.as 'those . fsrhOd the Gentian pa 4
pers) hrh..the Mere airatirtdal'ldetiti
of 'Sortie 'errteriniSirik tepOrteri)Oilxt
r.isccessm9y Is. obliged, to dish '
Somithqg to i3hdir That 'he for
on hand ;
but t 6 wlnniii‘opiniiisitiei7 yttle`sig.;
nificance or 'credence can ; Tasty be
aftribnted. ' • '-' ' '
• In the second
.,„ if, the data
given'tiris co rrect, it would be of no
.The Pope, as the Aria
ax of Christ on earth ;— whose prede
cessor, St. Peter, of illustrious mem
ory was dilly com Missioned by our
Lord and Saviour, •tesus Christ, to
gether with his canonical successors,'
presids over the deliberations of
this Council by virtue of his Divine
appointment. The greatest latitude
of debate is allowed to all the mem
bers 'of that body, according to the
statements of distinguished prelates
who obtained leave of absence to re
cently return to the United States for
different causes; and therefore when
you say "we imagine the Pope will
pay very little attention to the views
of the minority," permit me as an
American Catholic layman to sug
gest, that your imagination is too
vivid, and-does injustice to the pre
siding,eflicer of the greatest eclesi
astical assemblage,
• which probably
the world has ever seen. We - Amer
icans.can know , nothing but justice
andlibeity . tO the, fullest extent—in
sisting on liberty to transact our na
tional affairs as we think best, and,
giving the same liberty to this Coun
cil of the Catholic Church as any
other deliberative body, assembled at
Rome or elsewhere.
The passage of the "Infallibility
Dogma," will be swiftly defining a
belief already and ever entertained
by this denomination, i. e., that " the
Church cannot err in what she teach
es,"—therefore, the Pope of Roine,
(the Head of the Church on earth)
speaking ex cathedra, cannot err, or
substantially, that he possesses in/di-
This fact plainly and intelli
gibly stated, is easy enough of com
prehension, but the - trouble with
Protestants is, that they confound
the infallibility of the Pope in the
sense as above given, with his mortal
impeccability, which, is quite another,
and a different thing.
- In the dimmssion of this subject,
different views will - naturally be, en
tertained of it, as would reasonaby
be the case in a large body of 700 or.
800 men, assembled from every quar
ter of the habitable globe. Our Pro
testant community in the United
States, are as a general thing mark
ed by a spirit of intelligence, but on
matters appejtaining to the Ecumen
ical Council they have of course been
led astray by doubtful_ journalistic
extracts, such as- those you publish,
and which have had the effect of
causing even yourselves " to imagine"
a state of things, instigated by the
tone of the vicious paragraphs in
question. In a spirit of common
Protestant fairness and equity, let a
proper statement be disseminated on
this subject amongst the good people
of Towanda and vicinity, until the
official report shall give us full and
reliable particulars, as to everything
connected with " The Infallibility
LONDON July 11-5 r...L—The feel
ing is much qiiieter both here and at
Paris, and the question is fast gaining
ground that the question between
Prussia and France will be settled
without. resorting to extreme meas
Securities of all kin& have advanc
ed several per cent. since morning,
and'tendency is still upward. Amer
ican 'sixty-twos which were 86i at pne
o'clock have just closedpt 88k, and
other funds have advanced propor
tionately. A much better feeling
prevails at the Paris Bourse. At two
o'clock Rentes were sixty-nine francs
forty centimes.
Dispatches from various European
capitals this morning announce the
excitement generally increasing,,par
ticularly in moneyed circles, and all
sorts of securities declined heavily.
The Telegraph says the war panic
might die out only that; men blown
to be in the Emperor's bonfidence are
selling heavily. It is still possible to
look on calmly at the future. Minis
ters must seek to impress France with
the' extraxagances of its pretensions
and susceptibilities in the absence of
real danger.
Eventual war •is only too probable,'
yet such jealousies have passed with
out collisions, as in 1840 and 1858.
The balance of power is undeserving
a thought;
The real issue is the possession of
the left bank of the Rhine, and the
contest would last until "one or the
other became exhansted. Civilization
has everything to foose in such a
France is clearly in the wrong.
Pritisin denies _the responsibility
France ascribes to her. France re
fuses to accept the disclaimer. How
.can France• object tto 'any arrange
ment Spain r considers within - her
'own, 'competenc,e2.
The neutral powers must act, in
ritually united and firmly.. to :prevent
a collision. The same Viper derdoreS
damage inflicted on French credit try,
long continued ,-exeitsmint.
osellie . arficie,:withe
by some el
men; in
and faith
.._..Three.workmen were known to be
Ma, Mid five were taken - to Belle
tnellippiWitan insensible condi
-TlRrWakitniatriled the I - sa . 4. 111 0 1.1;17'
.° ~' :- witillfibei* B ' I
-every .I:veilsble wealKsid The
ly all of thenalreitatmsdit , :,:q r- ~ ,I
'The wounded Orangenieu.sfere
ken from l 2 . l
. Off" and tharefore it is lingiossibl
ig neuertairl their numberi , but , so
no Orangemen were-I:ilk& -: .__-.. : i
..-,1114).. maids us4ll stones irmiith
i irnidements , with wkrich,;they,r
been walking. The Orangemen de =
fended then selveswith theirni
Thomas Grady .Was. shot m, th
Iles4:ltnil instant y . killed, ari Was
)414 1 , +Brady, ~ -a boy .1 foUrtecur pita
;dam 44:410ther,r1with another , man;
whmo 0 9mis' , unkrunta; , Four
4440.rapPatriek Rnn,lThOrnasoldur
-Thy,..mss_: Adams , Viand -,: Bata*
•Zmitb, were:-fatally injured; ftud.4
ylarge number of'. others • ~ s etiottidi
,worwiled.: •,, , , ,-.•.- .: rl.;
~ A large force of policemen were
summoned to the spot who siumeedi
ed, by the various use of .elubs, in
itgdiplg the riot; . • ' :,.. •-F i . 1
Snbeegnegtly the' cars , conveying
the °Pagel/ken batn town: were at l
4404 sad several.p ne wounde4
and Ma emu badlY •
~Thomas .Kane waa. e tnet theeen;
'Wei Park by the Orimgemen and .fiti
tally stabbed. Ibeaffairereated the
wildest confusion in the .tieighbor
hood of its occurrence. '
Capt. Ifelme states that the worki,
Men were the • assailants, and :after
two or three hundred of them had
stormed the Bank and driven three
thousand Orangerne,n out, the fight
ing was • carried on in. a scattered
manner, all over the country.
During these skirmishes some hun
dreds were wounded and several
killed,' but the full particulars are
not yet ascertained. ; .1
tar Ma. Eorroa: Our advices from
the Eastern States are to the effect
that ,an extensive manufacturer of
shoes having had his business brok
en up by the unwarrantable combi
nations of his workmen. to extort
higher wages, his imported front
Calfornia, from seventy to :eighty
Chinamen,Avho have gone., to work
with alacrity, and have thus suppli
ed the void created by the cupidity
of his former workmen. We Under
stand that wither capitalists are )mak
ing arrangements to do the same;
and thus, in a short time, - the prob
lem belonging to . the relation of cap
ital arid labor will receive its solu
tion. In ten years Asia will send its
more laborers than Europe—they
will build onr - railroads,.dig our ca
nals, work our farms; and their wives
and daughters will keep our kitch
ens. Let Patrick and Bridget be on
their good behavior. ' John China
man is trusty and faithful.
nia.—The following from an exchange
needs no comment :
"The last kerosene explosien in
Cincinnati was-ghastly. The woman
thought to quicken the fire at which
she was cooking her husband's sup
per by pouring oil on it from her can.
An explosion followed, covering her
with the fiery fluid, and she ran down
stairs enveloped in flames. At the
curbstone she sank on her knees,
screaming for help, with the flames
flaring high above her head. A large
crowd of men and boys collected but
did not succeed in extinguishing the
'fire until the poor woman's clothes
were burned entirely off and the flesh
stripped from her hands as she wrung
them in her ag,ofiy. She lived , fours
129,.. The frost gratifying evidence
of the soundness of , Itepubli&in 'sen
timent-throughout the State is the
fact, that so far not a single bolter
from the caucus nomination for State
Treasurer last session has been • re
nominated for the Legislature.
Where these recusants have not vol
untarily retired they have been set
aside by the people. Only last week
Mr. George K. Anderson who engin
eered the bolt, and it is alleged fur
nished the money to purchase the
bolters, was largely beaten—being a
candidate for Senator—in the county
of Crawford.—Scnnerset Herald.
NOT TAXABLE.-It will interest many
of our substantial readers to know
that Judge Warren' J. Woodward, it '
is stated,has recently made a decision
that all mortgages and judgments
are free of State tax. The county
commissioners of Berks county had
the impression that mortgages and
judgments given as purchase money
for real estate or for the improvement
of the same, were free of tax,and that
mortgages and judgments given for
money lent for other purposes were
taxable.. In an amicable snit to test
the quest.ion, Judge Woodward, ren
dered the above decision in the case.
.119,.. The enemies of General etit-
ERON have been considerably exercis
ed over his absence when the final
vote was taken on the repeal of the.
income tax. A proper examination
has, ,however, proven that Senator
CAMERON, who *as for ithe repeal: Of
the 'tax, was paired with Senator
SenAoci, who favored its retention.
The result would have been Tho same
if both Senators had voted. Thom
who make the greatest noise
about the repeal of thii odious tax,
as they term it, pay the least of it:
ser The investigation at Washing
ton of charges made against Gen,
FlaNv4un, has resulted in his complete
'exculpation. The whole affair seems
to have had its origin in a church
quarrel, and Fernando Wood was
fooled into making a long string of
charges which have been entirely On
sustained. This sits at rest a great
scandul,_ and one that h4had a large
mn in the Publi° press. .
Sorit said that largo numbers
of red men are agittin on the war
path. . • -• • -•
relates ,
The Prince
his retr—
the or'
eir nnttoaaL'ty-
_. laments Bin' =Witt,
is the AlightimifillarshibanratlUM
cut* who was , formerly iu wealthy
circumstances, but on his meeting
with a reverse of fortune the children
were obliged to earn their own living,
appeared 'it •;• s e.
She '• thle made
to hpr, and on er enteringupon ho
dutieliithit &Um foga& herreo well
educated, that he-at last made her, asi
offer itpiatriiiie; l ,l!We' 1 0 1 :4 L * 4
take Placela &Jew the
bridegro9* f‘ills! l 44
of Prussia's , PezWatoliiiit/aYolid4
his princelxiank and assume-the
tle of. Count do Boor ; so that the
marriage shill 'not `lie - a 'metallic
ono. . ;
Mir Eton. ion 8. reoriN of
bury, has 4eenreqiopinated tor Con ;
gress in. the Itio;thumberlaud _die;
166. Gold closed 'on Tuesday last
Illt to 111-f: -
TllETUBLlCL a z i t i subseribei
1 being aware at the Zoltan& of 4
Sell& Shop: la ritoW rowed to' a emeriti iob.
bing busing/gal 'or ersaything that , wir !
tains to WATCHIIiASING,amiI .12i071.411133,
lag bad several years eaperignee in the business he
feels confident thatiii can' lOW enthroaatisfaction:
(live him a call. AU work warranted.
' • • 7 .G. A. 110.11 TON:
W Ccichaitz fr, Black!, atom, maau-st
Towanda; I.l.;lane 21; 1870;—:43 • '
The uniiviutipted; with 9n Accomplished assistant,
will open the Fall Tarsuld this Instillition. on MOH.
DAY, AUGUST 22nd, 1870, which will continue 12
weeks, (including institute). Nrieflort will be spar.
ed to render the school plemainteiad profitable'; and
to cantle every Edda* studied to be thoroughly-com
prehended as far as pursued. It is de-al/able that
pupils—as far as conveMent—enter the school at the
opening otitis term. Board ten be obtained near
by at rtmannAble rates; aloe }rooms for those wishing
to board themselies. Tuition from $3 00 to 36 00,
Higher Mathematics, Main, Greek, French, etc.;
Leßayevrile, July 13, 16707-6 w Principal.
virtue of an order lamed out of the Orphans'
.Court OS - Brodlord =lntr. the wadersignea adminis
trator of the estate of PHILIP A HALL, deceswed,
at public sale. on the minima in 'Tuscarora
on =II=AY. AIM= 4,1870, at,l o'clock p. rn.,
the followlw described lot, piepor pareeel 'of land,
situate in Timmins, bounded and described aa fol
lows : Beginning at the south-east corner of a lot
surveyed for Thos. Hall, north to the south-west cor
ner it s lot sold so Wm. Hall, thence along, the east
line of said Hall to the count/ line gar enough by
running is line due shed to Reuben Mattisou's east
line, making one hundred acrer—siz percent. allow
• 2l8:113113—$100 to be paid on the property being
struck down, 000 at confirmation of sale, and. the
balance within one year from confirmation. Pay
ment of balance to be secured by good and sufficient
lien upon the premises.
July 12.1870,
-p6sserstirr.Z. B. Pmaili rt Co.-N0.703 fisp.T.'62.
In the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford Co. The
undersigned having been appointed Auditor by
said Court to distribute money in Sheriff's hands
raised frcim sale 'of defendant's real estate, will at
tend to Um dutietof said lapped/daunt:et his office.
in the Borough of Towanda, on Tursaty, the :6th
day of AUGUST, 1170, at 2 o'clock. p. m.. at which
time and pleas an liming claims , on said
money are requested topresent the sane or be de.
timid from 'coming in for a share of laid money.
July 12„ 1870411
or ALL =DA corm= TO mama.
Horse•Poiversr& Threshing Machines ;
In fact a kind; of Superior Fairxrdng Machinery
furnished at manufacturer's prices. Send far De.
scriptive and Priced Circulars. Correspondence
promptly sttendad
01116 e Inilerrur's new block, sonth side.
, •
. -
Towanda, Pa., July 12. 187th -
The sight of the aged aestmted, the treat strengthen
. ' ed and the perfect pre erred.
The Concave Cortilex Crystal Spectai Ice, made by
the above institute are now a long time before the
public, and the rapid and increased demand for tbem
combined with the universal acknowledgment of
their clearneea to 4iSioll and ease to the eye, Plume
plainly that they are saperior to any other glasses
In the market.
The majority of Spectacle'. (mostly imported) and
no matter how fine the frames, contain but a poor
and worthless article of glasses, (generally cast or -
pressed() they are made to be sold only, without
any calculation respecting benefit to the eye, and
therefore the great complaint of poor and weak
sight. 'Thogeand4 are using glasses now which tire.
and fatigue the eye, where the ohjeCte get dim after
short'asage. or require an Intel:m.4ly strong light
and therefore destroying the sight, which, were they
properly sailed, would he preserved," life time.
The advantages claimed for the Concave Convex
Crysbil Glasses are the following : •
The Lenses arc ground ot the beat material, pure
and hard, and made only for optical purposes, they
are therefore not liable to get scratched or dim.
They confer a brillianey and distinctness of vision
not found in any other glass.
They can be used equally well by day or candle
light without tiring or fatiguing the eyes.
They are ground. mathematically true In the con.
cave convex mirror, 'according to the philesophY of
nature, and shape of cornea of the eye, therefore
assisting natureionly Instead of forcing it.
That the louse* are centerlid correct Into the finance.
They can be Mica longer than any other glasses .
without changing to a higher power.
The Mimes are made strong and durable by expe
rienced worknien and warranted to give satisfaction.
Insderin Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware, Towan
da Pa., has the sole Agency for these glasses in
Bradford county. No Pedlers employed.
July 12, 11370-tt
Will Oren • Singing School, for the inetniction of
chthiren from 7 to 17 years of age, in the Presbyter
ian Church, on Thursday, July- 7, 1070. The term
will confect of twenty lessons, of one hour each.
&rims to commence MS o'clock, S. m.
Towanda, June 28, 1870.
that application will be made at the-nest meet
tug of the Legislature of Pennsylvania for the incor
poration of a Savings Bank, bo known as -the
Athens Savings Bank, to have a capital of fifty thous.
and dellara.With authorittto Merano the same to any
amount not exceeding three hundred thousand
The'objects of raldbank are to receive monry
on dipeosit mid to illscotmt :notes, :bills, dm, and to
exercise general banking pylvilegee, to be located in
the borough' of Athena. minty of Bradford, with
authority to 'establish branches at
said county. junel6,lo-ein
The undersigned offers his farm for sale, situa
ted on the State road, two miles from Stevensville,
and three miles from Leltaravtlle. eontlinieg au sbout
85 acres,. over 70 acres improved and the rico
well timbered. A house; two bartri, a Rood orchard,
and peach, pear, plumb, and cherry trees to &bun
deuce, thereon. For further particidari_limiloy to
Juno 28. 1870-4t*
p O.WE LL & CO.
Call attention to their Urge start, just n•mis 01,
an now open, of
CLOTHS, cessruvaEs, LINENS.
Tho'igeortment being ecrniplci In orris , way.
TorLadiaarto 18,1870.
-4 tiodattaas of,Pires for sale at
March II; VP. W.- A. ItockwymiT. ,
fnA TEkifiticheap: - • ,"
i6n. to bi n
New Aiivelonts
For the manufacturing of tho
New York. Augtukt 15th. 1808.
r ki cal altrilog krltpll4llo
1171):&14f11bCtIII. Ttio l einni.
"il k
neat win - Aro lIIMITI, LONG'LE'AF, (I
. 11131413,
Arao ataari a urge - . 1 . - !::: ii - ,-;1-id,..) - 1: f
• ,;
• •
r?.."fZ.,...1er 017,71,1:,-V1,71.,
Mobs orratraamm l f-itnehtt, tsrappg. Inn
•,•;.T4rowwwiz'n7 dialdacOsqutmitkirphifs
tropolgutoOkaw Yea MU & niter ilicid,
444 smial proissetkal of splsif. It Is more past
• .
aLb thais ,
bovr in rise. •.; ! •
as prepared by Druggiata. a dark
- color. It is a platAitlertatiitii.Ltragrance .
Retina et 4 AV . = distmyri this (Its satire principle).
4 9 13 Ai l i tiar kPi d P it 9 2,° 4 10° C o c4 014 ' Mixteilithe
• • taginftnik The Melia in infpnvicailen,
.Prederaii the smallest. quantity at tie 4e.r
Ingredlettie o T Ee a449d,10 prevent terreentagen;,itp.
lnnio'itto not toi4'ennetaie
as =dein Pharrnsooptra, nor Ls it's syrnpand
theeetiore eah be used tb emers ritar'ef64 . c:r orintln&
itiattoiexlet., you. lusio tkie 6c,rwlytigo o
thelnpliedients end the mode of prePaistion:
Mph* that you will .talioi II with a trial, and
- that. upon inspection it Ell meet with your appro..
Witto feeling of confldesee,
. 1 ani,Re.ii.iespectfalli:
11. T. 11422.180LD.
Chemist and prugest ot 16 years rxperfence.
From the largest manufacturing , Chemists in the
aerinalated with Mr. U. T. Hein*ol; he
ocenple&the Drug Store opposite ray reeltlertee,inS
Wait emecenetul in' conducting the buidne;.e where
others bad not been equally eo before him. Ilinve
been favorably Impretzeil-wltlilila charart;T atal en
Firm of Powers k Weiglitman, Manufactrairig
Chvirdsts,.Nineth and Bromi
FILL.IIDOLD'eI FLUID Err0..4.7 Bucric, for.weak
neie'arising from indiecretion. The exhauste4 paw
ere of iiatnre which ire areompanied 'by so 'Many
alarming sytuptosits, amocg which
dienomition to Exertion. Losx of MemorT, Watertli
nes*, floror of .Discrose, or Forebodingis of Evil ; it
fact, trnivereatl.amitude, Prostratlcn, and !nobility
to enterinto the enjoyments of society.
The constitution, Once affeacll with Omani,:
Weakness, requires the Ma of medicine to etrenath
an and Invigorate the system, whteh HELVDOLD'S
EXTRACT BrellG InTariably does. " It no treat
- ment le Embmltted renstuaiption . or inoanity en
linuirtom's FLCID EmAcr oeßrcar, iII of
tendons peculiar to Fernales, is unequalled by any
oilier preparation, 45... in Chloroals, or Retention,
!Wilfulness, or' Sett ' tirrns State:oi t6o trtarus, and all
complaints incident to the set, ur. the decline or
change a life
lificrarsoLD'a FLUID EXTBACT Brent, azila
rit94 o wri Tim. 'Mau will radically cztarm.uatc from
tho system, diseases Arising from habits of ,llesipa-
tion, a Mae cipenee, IlttloOf no • change In Ihet,-no
iDCOIIITETIIOIICO 0? 04 , 013111"; completely Briperding
those unpleasant and dangerous remodics, Copalva
and Mercury, In all these Oleesem •
lleo lizialnotn'a Fir= Exrcacr Bccuv in all
diseases of these organs, whether existing In malo or
female, from - whatever ranee originating, and no
nutter of how long standing. • It is pleasant Letiaste,
and odor, ninunediata" in action, and znoiextmngth
ening than any.ot the pr4paratioug of Dait.or Iron
Those mirroring from brolen•down or thlicate
constitutions, procure the remedy at once.
The reader meet be aware that, however slight
may. bo the attack of tho above diseasOa, it ix certain
to affect the bodily bealth and mental veers-.
All the above diseases require the all of ft Diu,
retie. ITriAntOLD'S ki.'altACT .1;t1C1IU in the
great Diuretic.
SOl,l by Dr9ggials . :evLrywhere.. l'itter: it tS
per bottle, or G bottles foi Delivered to
addreFB. Deacritv) EYlniktoinii In all cuumatauica
Ida:ea/3p. T. 11111.3ID0LD, • Drug and etwird.
.cal 5kid:4 2 ,11994e. 594 Lroadray. N.
NONE ARE Gm - unct mums DONE Cr IN
stecl-engrived fao:rimile of iny Meta-
cal Wareiti. and oll;iled
Wy . l9,
4 -
.New, At 49 1 . 43mett,1.
. ~....;„...:,..;._............:.._____-----_____.,......
T O ITA. ND A MABlitts,
—WirOLEXILt pracm.
- Corm-WI totar-rif.duesday. by toMi C. B. FAVII
natfroc t. rhos day. , ,
. _
NVlcat. it x'
nye. 11% bath -
Buckwfulat, 'la tm ai
Coro. litbuall• • • •
Beans, Jr,. .
Butter (robe) lb.,
dolt. t4alry,
It dor
roUtiats, - 0 bush . : .......
Flour, y 1 barrel
Sara IA ... ........... •• •
Onions. VI tusi; ............. ...
Wziorrss or OnalX . .—N7l4cat . 64.l.b'. C'•,rn l,,
BYe CO lbs.; Oats 32 list • Daley IC lbs.;
4.8 lbs.; Boma 62 lbs.; Bran 20 lba.;
lbs. ; Timothy Deed 44 lbs. ; bried Perclu4
Dried Apples 22 Das.. Flax Seed GO lbs. ' •
arriv Onf urther notice the Staila at 11.11 ,
d depart as talons :
lit:wilten. Mail 715 a. .. s. i .
..... .
..... P. .. ...... 7:15 4.
...... 12:1,0
........ 1:O4 e
Fenton 5•Ct P. X .......
.. •--. P. ,s
pualmre- 11:00 a. ......
Isqloyaville 11:00 a. ..
r. y:
Barclay ••• • 12:40
Eaton =Lila arrives every Mondry, w e d - nod . ) :
ma y a t sop and
Tuesday.:Y. Thuraday, and datardaydepartsat 7tO x.
Liberty Cornora mail aertyra every Taeseik.,; :r " ,‘.
day and
at 9:ooa.x.BatordnY at 8 : 0 G' A•X. D elartl inn. di,
Sir* Ali saes Elate 29 'ninnies leArclie rue< 1.1,.
portant and U. mail! north end :nun% ai,
- • ALVoicb,
1 - 3111ORTANT TO
/Is now offered to the farmers of Lfutf,,, a r
as the cheapest, most elmple , and pra,urio,',
ettinntfor molding meg or'epriel Ami n ,
also stronger, more databl , .., awl
than ally ot.Lt.r mower now marl,.
It is composed wholly of v.rone - ht Iron, raw •
athisted.....excpptthrt Lever, whinietc,,, toe nt
nedrioke. It tuts no naelees bows
has au elde-draugld. no: Fingor Is
hinges of-Joints. lute 17k op , r..!; , .u,
ed by therlefei I) any. required Ittlynt.. on ;
porp:plienlar. The Knife to alr. eye % .y , t
pitman, and will run iu any PZ,KtI64 t4.t. IltE •
Dar. This novel invention, u.of upon
only, Za d j,, F , the only rr shy lleziLle Faqir L
u ,
1 . 0 avoid frier..n
of the cut, +.o wlitel .
oault and oh the llnger
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June 23, I wic.o..-3t.
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Lot i. 4,1 by fi::,):.-•t• /1•. r.,•• 1; a lar, ;11
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VALU ABLE FA I.'•l , Ffil - t - S LE
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Bradford county. Pa. /49 s
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014 ele. pram:deem velar Myers,ory:,
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x, Sow, 21. •
W ERV PLANTS. all 1:111•: , •a: a:2.1 !ro •
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_M. o.‘ `P.I.
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A l n-ll n, 1,370.
.•—. -
Nov=Ann 4, 1851
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2, 150.
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farm of-1,. S.
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Ihn ir 17110 , 13 40 • , 1 .
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la, April 21. 1.7.1.—tf
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tihortt , st and meat direct i ilto to I'll4!.ttltil,!mt,
tirrt,rP. trirt.t!. , •. , r!
Pas•••••ncia• by this routo
!Cow York Ita train. ,•♦
A.M., mate dor% cone:foal,: at Itothh ncto •..t'.
profs train of North 1 , .. , •
khiladelphbi at Anti P. M.. in th•-• to t a..
trains clines for the Slx.t yik. A‘c - st.
City passenger oars are. at t 1)••not •
11 trains to convey ras,na• ,to t.., v,.• 1•• •
uti to all parts of the city.
T.ea . re Nort't'a :v.. • t,'• r. •r. •.°N
an,l Ault:l:can strccto. 1.l.:1• I ,;•1 at 7 7. •
art . :a - lira at Toara- .15: P. •
7.ll.l..N.U . S.trsaVif tigo Exprf•-ra , , •:. :•• ••- •
gap., ruaira N•i. 10,5 :toot!, .1 - :1111. 1....7. ...... • •
Fill:.1/1 :IT • ";. •
Freiat rc,ctved a.t Front and N!.`!:.• :
delnltia. and for.varArd I.r d
,101%.,watola, and a!, I , ,,ints 4, A
wait gnick tlispatql: t 1.11.
Gen. Apt. N. P. r... Fr !nt 7,4 re
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p.tvER ;; FY , '
Oh. yes! r,l t ,• V, .• it ne..l- • '
lala•r r..iltn-i•d • • .lE.n. •
Cimoili , g only :72 p :•••.
t 2 la: day. tio r
nly :e 2p• ••ty
all kind , ••nly lay 1
otty cants .
1., '•
.1. •
541cent,t to SI taw • ••• 1 :
Tin'and D.A.. d r.,its •••• • •
lug for 12.! Fir yard I ...Id .•:•• Y
.ett;tarrn7i with at• 1 Z..:•• • -;
sot. Rttl, mavlin; froni Id to al •,••: r.. • • •
Towanda. dint is:. 1•71. s
Won!d rttipactrit!ly t :••
.torts and ailnalnteinva that 47151 r, ..'•••••a• :E.-
Vccit of a fir:A.43o. al-el:tont d: :.r.':
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aWI td , nty. curriNG an!
Dual, and po.fcct 1111111111.-r un•••11,...t • •
Ifo.mteo/0 r K::I•y'
Block, Towanda. •
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T A I OII, SA/lE.- 1 ;U 1 , IA) EN( i SIIT:
-.11-. aWk.. tars sAL.A)Y :...c:1 U'.',.;.;• I“ 0. -.
of 'l.l L'' Cl'il.
J4:ne 22. 1i. , 70.----:t ' ' At va:,,, , , I ..,4
••• - .
13A KEIt Y AND .15i NOW,'
}ir.L tax): r.•:1-111. , vilAt n ., •
E 1) ,1' 1 . 1.: u). I;
!.. - .?..-:ld:aly and r.. 1.1
12.1 our DlN:lid 1:00.113
with c•-: a Ir. al +,
ti:e dad
:14 •r!,-,11
AtA. , 3 fin- ac.olz.l2l.ler (i.• r. .t.
Town.mia, D. sk•ort
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