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Its. As the Rector, Rev. Ws. Me
al-trans, was absent, there was no unites
the Episcopal church nn Sunday last.
'or Maj. W. H. IL GiagE Tepre..
p e tted the 6th Reserves fromthis omintrio the
Convention :dark Raven last week:
186 To-day (Tlmrsatiy) being Ai
eension rely, serrieei:urill be held In , the,Eids
mpil church et 101 delock, am, spa 15 p.m.
fey CIMISICOE PIERCE, son of the
!Me Sarum( Pnater, Esq., died of eansmnp.
non at his mother's residence in Welisbnrongb,
on 'Margo . Is t. -
gm. Rev. C. W. Bsraverr delivered
au able and scesible address to "Young La
,hes," at 0 Church on Sunday evening
last. The same, subject still be. discussed on
nest Sunday evening.
ser Merchints, grocers sad others
selling the so-called " krizo Candies," aro un
der the ruling of the Commissioner of Internal
Revenue, liable to pay a special tax of MO, as
proprietors of " (lift Enterprises." •
l ogy We are pleased to notice that
C.en. 31.5. B. Maras, of New York, has been
appointed Justice of the Supremo Court of Utah.
(am 2.IcEEAN pus many relatives in this county.
During the campaign of 1868 he made several
effective speeches in this county.
A NEW FEATulaz >n hisumuiCE.—We
notice that Messrs. CUSP & are now
irsning fire insurance policies which cover all
dontoge by lightning to buildings and contents
and live stock on the farm. This is a good
thing for farmers, and they will do well to call
at their office when in town.
Busixtss CARDS.—Business men,
wl„.n in want of Easiness cards, should have
thernprinted at the Rzeonmit office. We have
the latest style of typo and guarantee our work
to be egnal to that of any other establishment
Our prices are as low as the lowest; but we will
not du work at Less titan cost in order to get
An evening's entertainment
will be given at Mnactia's Hall by the ladies,
for the benefit of the .Episcopal church, on
Wednesday, June 8, 1870, when will ho present
ed for the first time in Towanda, Mn. Jarley's
renowned Wax Worlii, together with a series of
tableaux, parlor cbaiades, vocal and instrutnen
tal music, XT.
south Creek, Late graduate of the DM Depart
ment of Ann Arbor University, went nest on
'Tuesday to make his home in St. Louis, 'Rich.,
ebere ho begins the practice of law 'under
favorable circumstances. We commend him to
'like people of that place as a young man of un
*nal energy and integrity.—N.T. Gazette.
Lin-ta Hose Company; No. 3,
have fitted up their room in elegant style.
beautiful brussels carpet has been placed on the
lima.. A fine library table and several tete-a
tetes and easy chairs hive also been provided
for the use of the menibers. The vvalls have
1., en decorated with beautiful cluomes and
F. AV. 8n0w?..:, apothecary, has
iu connection with his superfine 61004 of drug,
clwinicall., etc., a large hit of prime cigars and
tobacco, to which ho respectfully asks the it
tooa, of all " weedists." Re believes, on in
, uoo, that satisiactioll will be the result both
C . to ,taatity and prices. Those who do not nse
tobacco arc alike invited to call on him.
Cat! The numerous friends and pa
of Dr. WanxEn, will be glad to learn that
he Itats this village again for one day only, Fri
day. Juns 10, stopping as usual at the Ward
11.,n.0. Dr. Visaxmi's conrso of Physiological
tens in this village, as well as his sobse
y :cut made his inane and ropnta
ii ri familiar to our readers that we need 01.
y to r.imr n mco the time of his visit,
M., DAVIS & KEENEIt, our popular
11 ,,, mytt, are the perm% to 'dish yon up"
~m ething really nice in the b 0.4 and shoe line
f hey not only employ the most skilled work
= testi, bat nse the very best of stock in the cos
t, deportment. A Urge: variety of ready
mud, truth, for ladies, gentlemen and children,
Ida on hand. Repairing neatly and cheaply
Visit Them at the sign of the "Big
Mititt street.
Gam' The following are the officers
of Towanda Section, Cadets of Temperance :
TV.A., EziNEIT Fll4.)sr ; V.A., Wmpre...l.l)
N., EDW. C01V1.1..s ; KISOSIICItT ; G.
Httny D.lNtra. Wti.eucK ; W.
Up,“ WILITICAN ; A.W.; Ewsrst Dr.ctiEtt.
Potrims.—t.). A.,teic. TYu. Joky, Oro. A
I)m..s, S. W. At.rozw, 3liss Herne
4r 4 ••'' We have just received from
celebrated establishment of J. B. LIPP'S
( iT: A ( pladadelplata, a large assortment of
t o e;opt'S cards and paper,•and are now pre
pared to furnish priuSed envelopes of a supe
-1;or quality at only itrifle more than they would
c o.t a t retail without printing. We respectful
ly t the - attention of binduess men to our
eimerua of printink, feeling assured that we
am please the most fastidione both in lltyle and
1.:D.0.W.C.T. of Elevation LodgO; N 0.770,
(1.7'., Barclay, installed tha following on Saturday night, May 7, for tho Kea
tr•nn : •
W. V-T. ; LzsrEn KELDER, W.S. ; Wm. Joan.-
I'oll HELNEE, S.; W. H. Bmosrm, A.S. ;-,lsAmmt,
Joto,s-roN, B.S. ; JAHE BICCIEff,' L.S.
11E9— At Caoss's Boob: Store can be
obtained "Every Saturday," "Hearth and
Home," " Vt'acerley , Magazine," " Harper's
Weekly' and " Itaiar," "Chimney Corner,'
• • Jolly Joker," " New York Ledger," "Saturday
Night," "Saturday Journal," "Fireside Com
panion," and tdl .the other late leading daily
and weekly papers, June magazines and new
Also school and miscellaneous
n•all paper, cto.
C PArrEssoN & KLWET, Grocers,
5n doing a live bnsiness. The secret of their
d. ing so is. that when once a person calls, he
~ 1 she is so favorably impressed with their
nnuiesy that another call is the inevitable ro
ma. tientleniatily treatment is a medicament
all like to receive at the hands of others;
therefore, is it not heat when pnrchasing food
r , the sustenance of the corporeal fabric, tore
, ~t ve gratin a little of the "milk of human kind
ims." at the same time?—Gen. PArroN and J. J.
o:tirrirli.4 .started on Monday last across the
nnfry to the western part of Maryland. They
ipOk after a large tract of land which
t. , ,.. f w e there, and will be gene several weeks,
s. the elude distance will' be traveled with
1.1 ellll conveyance,
ANt ti. LviooN, of Troy, has ten appointed
ak;, ,, nt for a Southern Land Company.
T. 51 1 1 crit.Et of New Era tudge, I. 1). tf
~r.. ciettret District Deputy for this
inay be of interest to
inkr readers to learn that, previoni to
. .. ,I j , tirixrnf•nt, the Legislature passed an act re
tlS4lq 11, th( organization of the State,
.4 , 11 - 31111 in tax. The bill provided 38 folk/38:
"Each au l crery person not now, or who
.1,19 i rot hyrealter become a meMber of some
Lill:tau orgauizatton, shall pay to the collector
~f r the city, countr i borough, or town
%Well be Ash mottle, the auto of fifty
auunaliv, the payment of whiCh sum
eolupt lion from liability to perform mili
tnx:. selliee except Muhl ()Merit to prevent or
nomnion, tr to suppress insurrection, tn
matt, or riot; the proceeds to be denoted to
,tnintne colautter military organizations."
re. We cat Ske,itk r SUM:
atfartherainli Oben in want or lotiont
corpookraocluttMitklb the saTon!al,gui
or atm Etroutifai be tonna lit i Wink
As Mn B. bait no superior, end ii
anAgliSkriblo. th9rautibgeing barium ,M4lOll
an to this contrattrdty. Pernisks who Owe
Mit with their patronage trill be -Innwrably
dealt with. -
" And the cry is stall they
°Omar The wisdom of keeping a larmasemit.
twat of Wady , giocerieS, and-,eelling Akan at
reasonable) Woes is Stradigly - essiellafted:•it
the popular tetablialmtent of llfothant
Whatever grounds- of •complisAit may 'exist
among business men- gentratiVon account of
dull times, does not apply to them. Their
store at all times resembles a busy 'hive of in
telngeni and thrifty people attracted, by the
large assortment of goods, and the fair and
-honorable way ofdenthig.
BARN BirRNED nt WIALusiNCi.--ahlr
ing the severe thunder storm on Thnnulay
eve n
tog,l9th Mat s - the barn of Ramie Foam, of
Wyslusing,"wa* struck by lightning !mil burned
with all its contents, consisting of seven tons of
hay, twenty busheli of wheat,* quantity of oats
and buckwheat and fanning utensils. 80 rapid
wore the names; that nothing could. be aimed
from the barn. The hardest thing was the
burning of two nice calves that could not begot
out. •
Tbis falls pretty harden Mr. Futaxn, as there
istus no inahrance. The barn . Was ahnoist, new,
with a la'rge shed Just completed. Fortunate
ly, Mr. rumen was away with his horses and
'wagon, or they would have been lost. '
In less than thirty minutes the place was
thr . unged with neighbors and sympathizing
friends, who did sU they could to same the prop
Mr Cum* D. Aim; while at
work in Lsczr's planing mill at Wyalusing, on
the 12th instant, was accidentally struck by
piece of plank thrown by a circular saw, and so
injured that he died on the morning of the lith
in the 211 year of his age. Ho was a, young
man much respeCted for his temperate - and in
dinstriona habits, upright, character, and kind
and obliging disposition. The Lodge LO. of
O.T. of Terry, - town, of wtdAt be was a- member,
and who performed the last rites the living can
for the dead, passed the following minute:
Wnwazas. It bath pleased Almighty (lad to
remove by death our brother, Grants D. &L
-een; therefore we would record our testimony
of respect for his memory and appreciation of
his character. In his sudden death we have
lost a kind and courteous friend, a faithful mem
ber, a cheerful companion and a true brother;
whose pleasant ways and upright conduct en
deared Win to our hearts and won for him our
respect. In him we have losta good member,
the community a good citizen and his hunk an
affectionate member.
Resolved, That iCcopy of this mintite be sent
to his family and published in the Szporrrys. •
Resolved, That we wear the usual badge of
mourning for thirty days.
NV- Next Sunday, May 29th, aE 11
o'clock, a.m., the eloquent Missionary Father,
Very Rev. Wm. Manton, C. SS. IL, aided by a
few of his brother Itedempterists, will °pea, a
mission in the church of 88. Peter It Paul, at
this place, Bev...P. Team, pastor, and.continhe
dirring the entire week. This auspicious occa
sion will prove a most delightful one to those
who are anxious to hear the glad tidings of the
gospel. We have had the happiness of listen
ing to this gifted sou of the great St. Ittsnoa
sus Lroont deliver an impromptu address in the'
city of Philadelphia, and we confidently assert
that lie is one of the most accomplished pulpit
orators in America. 3 !
Admission at all times during the exercises
Will be free. But as the church is considerably
in debt, as indeed we could hardly suppose SO
costly an edifice to be otherwise, an opportuni
ty will be afforded each ono to contribute some
thing for its payment. "If thou have much,
give abundantly : if thou have a little, take care
even so to bestow willingly a little.— l'obios,
, Wk. Dr. BuLtocx, of Smithfield,
is writing a series of articles on the early set
tlement of this .county. In the last one he
makes the following reference to one of the
earliest citizens of this place:
It is probable that but very few of our in
habitants remember the above named Arzuox
so C. S7I!AItT, who left ,the county about 1817 ;
and whose tragic fate may, it is thought, with
propriety here receive a passing uottce. He
wes a'gentletuan of fair abilities as a lawyer,
and of quite a social and jovial disposition
or tarn of tniud. Ile went: front hero to the
State of . Illinois, and Welt attained a degree of
prominence at the law, that excited the envy
of some of the members leas gifted or capable
than himself. The custom or practice of tho
vicinity, at the time yiermittteil duettwg ; in
pursuance of which he, and ono of his cum-_
pcititors at the bar, of the name of Itlmmut,
agreed to get up a sham quarrel .and a sham
duel, all in sport as understood between them
selves, but to appear to others to be in earnest.
It was done accordingly ; awl they repaired to
"the field of honor," armed with rates and with
their attendants for the combat. ?fuse had
contrived to have a bullet put in his rifle before
tiring ; and, at the first shot, Sroant fell never
to rise again. He lived long enough to tell the
whole arrangements, which placed Ilit.t.en in
the position and with the stigma of being worse
than a coward, besides being guilty of murder.
Ile was arrested, tried:and convicted : and ex
piated his crimaiipon the gallows, the 'execra-
Wet of the whole •community resting upon him.
I bat e been informed that the practice of duel
ing, front that time, was there considered dis
bo»orable, and wholly ceased.
SuNnAy Smoot. sTrrurr.—A Sun
day School Institute of Troy District of the M.
E. Church was held at Canton, commencing
Tuesday, May lUtli, and closing on Wednesday
ev.ming. During the session of the Institute
addresses were delivered as follows: "Itelation
of the S.S. to Um Church," by Rev. F. S. MlA
vcn, of Ulster ; "The Work of the 8.8,"by hev.
C. L. F. Rowe, of Leona : "5.8. Literature,'
by Rev. W. D. Tarpon, of Mansfield; "8. S.
Literature," by Rev. 0. 8, Titaxsr, , of Monroe
and Bev. C. W. 11E,xxErr, of Towanda ; "Tho
best method of gathering children into the 8.
8.," by Rev. O. I. GIBBON, of Wellslxtro.
The opening address was delivered by brother
B. 8. Dux?, of Canton, elm extended a hearty
welcome to the association to the hones and
hospatalaties of Canton.
Wsduesday morning was mainly occupied by
class recitations, illustrative of the method of
S.S. teaching, viz : First, a Palestine class con
ducted by Bev. .1. D. lir.nus, and second, by a
Bible class recitation on Matt, 5, 17: 20, con
ducted by Rev..C. W. BltaxErr.
Wednesday afternoon "Rev. C. L. F. Mown
gave a blackboard exercise founded on Dan.
This was followed by a lengthy discussion On
" Our lesson system and the • use of the Gate
chistu,'. in five minute speeches.
lOn Wednesdareveiting Rev. C. .11morrr
idelivered an admirable lecture entitled "Obser
tvations in Bible Lands." After which the rti
stitute adjourned.
J. J. Trirrox. Secrctery
sir At a meeting of Wyalwsing
Lodge, 1.0. of G.T., held Slay 3. 1670, the, fol
lowing officers were inotalleil by Lodge Deputy
S. F. Aciumr, of Springhill :
F. SCLZEU, W.C.T.; 21.tua E. arALEouu,
W. See'y; E. litatruttzv, Chap. ; .. G. F. Jo::Ea,
F. Ree'y ; N. J. GAVDOIID, Trans. ; FATETTE ACE
LET, .Ifar.;• WIC ; C. IL Lamy,
1. Mar ; MiSS T. CADDIED, 1111. S. ; L. GAT L 0111),
L. 1.1.8. F. H. SrAx.ronu, P.W.C.T., WaS elected
[lodge Deputy and Representative to Grand
—The tellwaing offtees were installed, May
13, 1870, in Chase Degree Temple; No. 23, LO.
0.T., by District Deputy DAVID.CRAFI :
F. H. SreuNmp, Deg. Templar ; JGLIA GAY
LORD, Vice; G. F. .To:lr.s, See'y ; E. Huzmuirr,
Chap. ; Many E &LAUDED, F. Sec'y ; N.J. 01.1 - -
11)1111, Treas..; C. H. LAMY, Mar.; Apure Fal.
max, I.G. ; A. B. PORIEIt, O.G. ; TILLIE BILES,
Ltwv, L.H.S. ; FANYIE C. .LINES,
NEW BADoE or• G.A.ll.—Tho Grand,
Army of the Republic has issued a now badge
to be worn byanembers - thronghout the differ
ent States. TiteA , badges ore made of bronze
metal manufactured from cannon taken by the
tinion soldiers in the war. On one side is the
design of the figure of Liberty, on one side of
which is a Union soldier clasping hands with a
Sailor, denoting mutual pledges to protect the .
orphans of comrades. On the reverse tide, of
each corps badge is represented a keystone,
united with its neighbors, and, massed around
the central embleili of nation. On the front of
the medal is a wide border fur the name of the
person wearing it, pith the regiment and tym
pany to which he was attached doting the war.
Fru:marls AvgimagiHrhi Ttuviday
;1#, 1 4, EMU now C lO /4 10 7, 0f Mt
.;_ =VIM a 4 1 4ta! P an t e7 al
MO th at.- — had charlenitA
isgicist train, Welt arrlindtere about U
tWiletsChi brats
No./W this plloe. and gio wince of
dotertake4 .Strions , PoWitions - bad
thiddYtiri , wilt:We:hi groie, but
;the onhroiable state Of the weather precluded
outdoor adorient; consequently, after pro.
wonting a tine appearance in pars& through
our principal streets, headed by the Wave*
bass bud 'he dtsetwirsed &hokum matteithep
Were escorted to the am *" beim; th e 'griesti
gning - to the hotels. In the afternoon
cra'a Hsh was thrown open; and few hours
were Tossed in dancing to the , witiide - of Km
sea amadrille lurid and totiokig pleasant as
Too won came the time for theirreturni
Onarautroat .Pittston, Mbelf of Eel&
Hose, in a few, felic4ous
,renwits, hospitali
their Binders thanks (or the generous hospitali
ty extended * Girard them, on this Meld/rat visit,
and exprxraed their inxiouti desire to reciPta
trate with all their heart when opportardty retir
ed. , Its. H. Cominro, of Lin-ta, No. p, feeling
ly and pertinently responded. " _ •
In the meantime, the carriage of the Pittston
company had been beautifully decorated with
evergreens and flowers by Ho. 3, and' on their
starting for the train, was drawn by them td
the depot und placed oriboard..
—Among the guests we were glad to . greet
Mr. Farrater, editor of the Gazette. • •
Many bright-eyed ladies accompanied the gal
lant firemen, and by their trinning manner ad
ded crowning glory to what we trust will bo a
long-rememberedvsecasion... -
—We would here parenthe tically ' remark that
the Lin-ta boys are • somewhat noted for the
lavish winner in which They bestow.the
talities anti courtesies of life to their visiting
Rout:.—Mß. .11.1,VORD : The beanti
nillipring is really present.
"Light apeara of emerald glitter from the
ground, -
And 'repent flowers with helms of bloom are
•Jiast the Ileum for poetical rhapsodies, but
the inevitable pre-occupations of dailyesistence
are apt to repress the "dicing of
Tbongh we may not find the necessary lei
sure for poetry, we may find a spare moment
for a pleasant fact or two about tho temperance
Nome Lodge, No. 469, has installed the fol
lowing officers for the present quarter ;
0. W. Youxo ; W.V.T., AntzrrA Crux-
FEE ; W.S., O.F. VOITKiI U. D. Cass;
W.T., Mums Claw= ; B. G. WIL.VOT
N1T.11., E. °Aar; W.D.31., ADA CANNAN
P. L extrusrazz 11.1 UL, ELLA Yourto ;
Cum& YOUNG; LG., E. P. Siumr ; Eia
The Lodge is in atioluiihing condition, with
a convenient halt to meet in. This Mill has
been painted, papered, whitewashed, &c. it
has platforms, pillars, etc., for the officers ; the
floor will be carpeted, pictures for the walls are
already bespoken ; questions for debate are agi
tated, and in . various ways the Lodge shows
signs of vigorous vitality. We have. not been
troubled with pledge violations for the past six
months, and our meetings are fully attended.
Blany of these improvements canbejnstly at
tributed to the persistent energy and enthu
siasm of our late W.C.T., 4 1 1.LICANDED EMT,
heartily seconded, of course, by the officers and
members. The Lodge has shown its apprecia
tion of his labors by electing him W.C.T. for the
past two quarters, and still further compli
mented him by electing him L.D. for the com
ing year, honors well deseived.
The Lodge leas now a good set of officers.
The County Convention meets here me the 22d
of June. G.W.C.T. GUMS has conditionally ac
cepted au invition to be present on the occa
sion. •
The Good Towbars bid fair to he a power for
good in our midst.
Toe funeral of Mrs. Plums, the wife of Wm.
Pangs, look place on the Sabbath (15th) at tho
M. E. Church. An imprimis/co sermon was
preached by the Iter. War.. Sums before a crowd
ed house. • YAROX.
l'rintcr : As our first efforts are beforo 113 in
type, "it is with pleasure I drop these low lines
to you to let you know—." Know ye that my
forte is tying - up local news for all the readers
of the Iterourr.a who stay in Gramille. Canton,
Leßoy, Alba, or on Burnett's 'Ridge, except
these addicted to jealousy, fault-finding or know
it all, as such people have btisiness . enough to
do at the meetings of organized bodi l es, and es
pecially in communities, to keep up a healthy
action. Spice of these -kinds are necessalry, but
should be labeled, as they always are in our
parts, or provided with bells as other animals
were in olden times.
A progressive age 't We think so, fur White
Sunday has taken tune by the forelock at least
a week earlier than usual, and Strange as it auty
seem these May days are reihoving „sawdust
fi mu some of those cold,pieces taken from the
bosom of Lake liepahnin tiering the snows tif
the past winter. Confirmed invalids are eon:
valesecnt, in many cases, as pill'earriers are less
plenty since the last session of our law creators.
The Connecticut boys Made wooden nutmegs
and Sold them to their Southern brethren, and
were counted as smart ; so ono of the friends of.
"FOOO, the Bachelor," prepared a nut at the
last session of the Bradford County Convention,
LO.G.T.. as follows : "As Men ,and women ate
equally interested in all that portainsto society,
they should have the Santo rights and privileges.
whether moral, religious, or educational." As
a reward for his labors, the people
of York and Adams counties, in Convention,
took it up, ind after tine examination pro
riounced it good, thus striking• a bright light
for POOO, although tho Bradford Convention
' smothered it on the table. and Canton, Eureka,
Leßoy and dranvillo Centel. Lodges,
fail to recommend woman suffrage,
'he fifteenth amendment made about twelve
voters, and the proposed sixteenth wouldmake
five or six more, in usual times ; but if we should
chance to have a bachelor as candidate, the
widen votes would be cast "like all forty."
ess it ought to. pass.
The proprietor of the Scotia Tannery is doing
a thriving business at Granville Center, and
pays a revenue tax on 885,000. Now if this Is
the way people have to bo taxed in order to tan
hides, we should not do it only in extraordinary
cases; but thisi does not appear to be the mind
of Avast Isms, for we understand, through one
of his kinsmen, that be is making preparations
to iodate a tannery near Loctra'S Mills - in Can
ton township. If we lived there, and he did not
crowd us, there'd be no objections on our psrt.
But we don't, so as it is we - are not willing to
stand it. Wo have eight thriving villagis now,
any one of which might do for a county scat if
properly arranged.
There is a society in Canton that was organ
ized a few years since fur the purpose of edit
eating the people to - oppose the use of poison as
a beverage. We learn that.the otlleers for the
present quarter are as follows: W.C.T., DAvrn
Fxar.ows Mrs. WurrE; W. 8.,
C., T. B. Wismar: W.M., VINCENT DEIIRAR ; W.
A.M., MAZY Kama . ; P.W.C.T., Mr. - Prissexii.
Ilanmsos.Worr is .Ay.C.T. of Lu7toy 4odge;
and DANIEL Lis of Granville Center.
A bank is to be opened at Canton next week.
We are looking for rather muggy times about
State representative. We propose to take the
field fbr the best man as soon es be conies.
around and does tho fair thing.
Last Thursday night our position was storm
ed by successive showers of hail, rain, lightning
and ttrulder. The floods descended and des
troyed TABOR'S mill-dam and made a raft of one
of the railroad bridges, near Was 11:ansi's,
just a rOW ndnutes before the evening, espreas
was to pass, but fortunately game 'one tagged
the train in time to savou'catastrophe. Light
ning struck twice near Mr.— Memooatzur'srm
the old Bronx farm, once passing through his
barn doing slight damage. The storm was me.
very, sml we hear of considerable damage done
to crops, roads, &c. ;=From your
P.S.-• , -One day last week, RICHARD Bose, of
Granville, was thrown from a young horse and
severely injured. Ile could not stick to the
horse, though he bad three piko-poles and has
served several years inUncleasteseavab7. Ile
is doing well.
Last Saturday afternoon a severe thundern
shower passed over Southwestern Bradford, des
troying fences, fruit treta, timber, &c. During
the shower lightning 6 tillek SAmvuz. Brous'
barn, near EsseCantort, and burned it, with ail
its contents, 'which consisted til a valuable cow,
lumber wagon, a - quantity of wheat and oats.
,bealdes. ot . oUser pre*.
117 .t.-Illeti:k r •lßFTllnee...
IdltdPeelo" ?, ; Lantos' tikh
4ld VeslM
metes. -
Nths' - 1:6111112110.—Ittalti of our
reilkielte*Oiesuibl;itie Sled*
'store room 4. F fipenedi it .
-*tree' Vtifigellitiant'lk",4l4l.o
propose, tor the hqueht of th o .o-Yhe hue
not done so, to note whit these tentlithip are
;ROW' to me e t lust king fete is ILis pirt
of . the country for au eselitahely" whokeale
house, when" eountry merchants 'could par
these stocks of goods without the erperute,or
trouble attending a trip to New: York, the
Mesars.Ytiutter ham established at &eider/to
number i ithelende boom tor Ithe' nali otdry
goods of all Abu* Wage rediesta, and while
goods, of !which they earn a yen large end van
tied steak. About the time theypeopneedopen
ing the store .Ley secured a very large audible
lite* of ikiikeilfrom New
York, which had been in hotness Lie than a
year, and which had issters at the timer fail
ure goods valued at about *elven-eight thou
eternality'. This stuck the Veins: Titian
bought. in one lot, and, In that way,.th order to
close ip the Concern,' were enabled to buy it at
about one-halt its video, and consequently to
- sell it at very low rates. „
This stock was mac the foundation of their
wholesale brudnesd, and having largely increas
ed it, and pat lo; in addillon, e tad , line of do
mestics and dly goods, tl4,y have a . very flue
As a priiof the conyenienees and low prices
which they offer are appreciated, we may men
tion that since their openhi,g, ten daysago, they
hare cold about two thousand &liars wortlr of
goods per clty.. This, for the chtutueniernenS
of a new business, is indeed a gratifying suc
• :We should add that, ads does not conflict with
the retail trade onr other merchants, being
designed more particularly to supply dealers in
other places. .
One incident which was mentioned to us
shows the effect of the .spatent of the 'ileum
Hammier, of selling many goods at very low
rates. A merchant from Bt. Louie,- who had
boon in New York pnrehasing goods, hearing of
the hew house., shipped iu Binghamton, and
finding that ho could ao much better horo than
in New York, purchased very largo 'bill of
goods. ,
This enterprise , is the legitimate remit of the
rapid growth of the city, sad we are mach
pleased to record its successthus far. It could
be in the hands of no better men than the
Messrs. &mars; whose Welk:treed reputation
as staunch and honorable business men, is a
guarantee that this new bumph of their trade
will be condtieted with such tact, ability and
fair dealing as cannot fail to make it perma
nently and notedly successful,,whieh we hearti
ly wish may beso.—itingliontton Repubticaii.
kir ?lir. Joss Awais, of this place,
caught a monster eel in the lake on Pond 11111,
ou Wednesday morning, measuring 3 feet 7
inches in length, 11 inches in circumference,
and weighing 84 lbs.
sir S.: T. DECKER, furniture dealer,
has just received a large and fine lot of chil
dren's carriages, which he offers for sale at low
rates. Furniture of every description can ho
purchased at his place at prices within the
reach of nit. Mr. D. may be said to be a' bone
factor of mankind, in that ho is disposed to
shire his profits with his customers. Call on
him and E 042 it this be not true.
ge)... We take great pleasure in re
cainnonding our brethren of the press, and
tsxik and stationery dealers throughout the
country, to giro J. B. tarmscorr & Ca., 715-17
Market street, Philadelphia, a call when in want
of stock They keep a larger assortment and
sell at lower prices than any establishment in
the United States. No ono who once buys from
them will go elsewhere.
stir The durability and fit of lid
gtovei depend alined entirely .npOn the way
they are put on the first time. A glove should
be large enough Without 'being too Joie.: If
one will only take time to put on a glove, it will
tit much better not to use a stretcher, but to
make all of the espassion by the hand. How
many misshapen hands we see hi fine kid gloves I
Hands whose symmetry is sli destroyed—hands
'so bound tip as to be of the same size across the
knuckles as at the irrist—hands so stiff that not
only all graceful motion is lost, but it is impos
siblu for theta to be closed without splitting the
back of the gloves. A straight, stiff hand, beit.
encased in ever so elegant a kid, is not a beau
tiful object.
ser There will be no service in the
Baptist churelfOn Sunday next. The • omission
is rendered necessary on account or repairs now
in program.
ter Tlie Bradford Baptist Asso
ciation aill meet in this place on Tuesday, June
Sir The Palace Refrigerator, sold,
by MAYSLIALT, Buontrus, 'is the beat Wing of
the kind we have ever aeon. They are selling
hot cals42.s. Cali and esantine.
Iva. The golden pag,lo 'captured in
Shenhequin laid week, has been purchased by
13nAnsto S Co„ and placed in a cage on
the public square.
1e... J. H; Bizows, of Elmira, has
opened an Art Gallery in Moron's awl:, %Oleic
he has on exhibition and fOr sale a fine lot of
clam:nos, oil paintings, picture frame', etc.
VOSDURG--CA3IP.—At the M.E. Parsonage in
Tuuklianneck, Wyoming county, May 18,1870,
by Bev. B. F. Drown, Mr. C. J. Vosbnrg, of
Camptown, and Miss E. L. Camp, of Detrick,
Bradford county.
LINLEY—FOSTER.—At the residence of the
bride's father, on the 18th inst., by the Bev.
"L. T. Stewart, David Linley, of Pittston, to
Miss Helen Foster, of - North Towanda.
WIIALON—THORNTON.—At Ulster, May 21,
1870, by Geo. W. Nichols; Esq., Mr. Jeremiah
Whalon and Hiss Dora Thoniton, both of
Ulster. .
ANDIIX--SHELP.—At Fairdale, Fa. 3lay 7,
1870, by Rev. Wm. iihelp, Mr. J. N, Andre,
of Waverly, - .N.Y., to Pas Annie C. Ntnalp,
eldest daughter of the officiating clergyman.
COLEXIAN.—In like, Aprill6, 1870, Win. North
Coleman, aged 19 years, 11 months, 21 days.
The deceased was removed from a pleasant
tome, and many loving friends, in a youth that
would otherwise hare soon verged into a noble
manhood. By his death, the family circle to.
which he belonged lieu lost an affectionate, oho
dictt son and brother, and society is despoiled 1
of one who gave promise of mein/nose and de
cided Morel worth. Om - young friend posaess- 1
ed excellent and manly habits ; he was resPeet
ful in his demeanor, strong in his attachments,
and found a place in his sympathies and regards
for the interests and cares of others. It was
the writer's privilege to know him as a pftpH,
and can testify to his uniform kindness tn his
fellow supers, and to his careful regard to the
requirements of his teacher. His traits ass. pu
pil were piticnt studiousness, a conscientious
effort to understand and master every branch
be undertook, thoroughness in all his st thee,
and -clearnes s in explanation. He was we t
vanced in the ordinary branches of 'mint tint,
and acceptable as a teacher.
Hail it pleased God to spare him, we fee that
he would have mailii a worthy, estimabl ' and
intelligent citizen ;•for in such dualities h'gave
the fairest promise. In his death, motet.), and
especially lds friends, have experienced a reat
loss.' C xi..
/1111 OLD.—In Orwell, May li, 1870, Mrs. Lydia,
wife of Seneca Arnold, aged 27 y ea r k 7 d a y s .
Memory, like green leaves of myrtle,
Ever fresh And green shall be ;
One friendship like a circle,
Lepgthening to eternity
ARUM, Vrrx. KEDGIII. --Very fate
and stocky rhinta forieile at low price,. They
make beautiful evergreen hedges. In Towanda
and immediate vicinity, I will sot and warrant
hedges. Now is -41 good time to sot the plants.
I. Si. Wr.u.m.
EMILY Bose POT.kTOI:s.--For sale
Amp. I hare a few barrels of Early Bose left,
whir.b. I will sell at the following Ow prices.
First this , ets
barrel:- Second class ? 20 cis peek; GO eta bitsh
el; *LSO pBr barrel.
Towauda, May 18th
F )I..WeraE~
. -14PlItoM7": r
. 100,r1W4lytr!.s;_.
j... ----- of thifLta
,•,,,,, , -,.-'-'''',.."-, 34006 wv"
G. ' licnng" '
Q. Er. 25, /Br*, ' , 4810.
.o rl d
f"- mONT
Staple andlawcy ,Drv, Goods, wbolerale - arld
'retail &dos in amend #to rcbsndtee . dour
tag oat, greatly - below met of newatfaetere,
tied: entire 'tea or Hardware,. Iron. Agrient•
hesitate:meat; Itipes, Baker,- Seyilles,
ro , altwoletet MOW
'Ware, ‘'azr. nab . of , LoolPs
thaws sad hualwane Ititr.(Jivh"
Oirl'arties, picnics, festivals, and
grannsuevadorith Ye Oren;
Fos SAULIT4.. .Cooz.onort, of
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.„ offers. cr asle the valuable
Beat Estate formerly belongunr to Soloman
Whlkxonb c doeit,.attruited at. firottaville,
reinirconoty, Pa., Ormtalrdneaboal 460 acres;
about 7b balance good 8011, well Jim
bend, wsler_pewer, ice. The farm is on
the 13 ;go od buildings. orchard, never fatt
ing running water =althe _door. Beantlftdly
situated, convenient for besinens—worth •420,-
000; will be sold far $12,000. Terms easy. Bar.
gain far aay one;- ' - • - Doe. 2,1569.
sari Vire guarantee
all the work ire do. We eat;' matte; led trim
clothing for men and boys wear.
4 Bridgelitreet.-Towands,
, Th e Cascade determined
to compebi with westeiu flour:- Now sop at re
tail, !tour from the choice winter wheat. of
our own soil, at the bare cost of the wheat
and its manufacture Into dear. No profits to
middle men or third hands. No charge for
o a r use of money. For cash only.
March 1m
"Towanda" by AL-tea- ga
Chief, ho by Evadyk's ilambletontan ; Ah-ws
ga's Dam, DellDrino; Dell Brine, by DeUfonn
ddr; " Towanda's" Dam, Vermont Black Hawk,
arandam Messenger, with black points,-very
dark bay; over hands; coming three; no colt
more promising in all respects. "Towanda's"
fee, $lOO to insure, payable or made satisfactory
at the time of service,' and limited to fifteen
mares. Season from the tint of April to the
first of November. Mares not proven in foal
may bo returned the following season without
charge. Those from a distance will be accom
modated with the beat of care on liberal leans,
at the risk of their owners at our now dabled.
• - Dm k 31orrasvm
Towanda,'March 25, 1870.
Ns. Crackers man' ufaetnred daily
and fur sale wholesale and rebid, at the Bakery,
first door north of Ward Rouse.
March 30,1670. D. W. SCOTT & CO.
—This season of 1870 will remain at Kings
bury .4 Solomon's Stable, in Towanda, on the
same terms as last season;. with ono exception,
to wit : Service of two mares helooging to one
person, 1100 to insure. JANES Mots,
. - Caro of Kingsbury& Solomon.
Towanda, April 28 1870-41 n.
mg,. 20,000 Arbor Vita Hedge
Plante for sale, 1 foot to 20 inches lOgh, at ;4
per 100, $OO per 1,000. •= DaD. lona,
-Orwell, Pa.
Min.—The subscriber offers for sale his valua
ble farm. lying in Litchfield township,l6o acres
ander goba suite of improvement, the balance
heavily timbered with oak and pine. Within
five miles of the Pa. it N. Y. R, 11. and six miles
from the N. Y. k E. R. R. Convenient to
school, church, store, & c. For particulars in
quire of the subscriber on the premises.
1.. J. 'ASTON.
Litchfield, Feb. 7, 187114P'
All persons indebted to me, either by note or
seconnt, will have cost to pay if not settled by
the 20th of this month. H. N. ASPENRALL.
f 1,50 —Lsen BRAWLS—LATERT negro:ie.—Miss
BRANDT informs her patrons that she has first
received' from Europe a Supply of Jonntis
Gloves, which she can offer at $1,50 at retail.
Also Shawls and Barbee in Lama and Chow
Hiss BRANDT calls especial attention to her
fashion plates and patterns. She rcgtdarly_re
ceices the Berlin " Bazar" (Use original uf Har
per's), as well as the Paris " Muititeur des
A fine stock of the latest Hats and Bonnets
always on hand. May 4, 1870—tf.
Fog SALE.—Foqr prime caws, two
yearlings, one km and pip, ono set. harness.
J. W. linant,
Slieshequin tw.p.
May 5, L 879
it*ir Second-hand Sewing Maebines
fur sale at a bargain by Wickbam t black.
Also, ,Xfachino Needles, Oil, Thread, Silks,
&e., &C. April A'lB7o—tf.
Ltsameat.—ltesKrs. Taylor& Gore have open
ed, in connection with their Clothing Store, a
Tailoring Department ; and having secured the
service?' of a "first-chum cutter" and competent
workmen, they are now prepared to make up
work in the best style and latest fashions to or
der. Having jest received n new and fresh
stock of cletlecthey are prepared to offer bet
ter Inducements than ever beforo offered in To
wanda. The public will find it to their advan
tage to give us a call before buying elsewhere.
Remeinbor we warrant onr work and gnarantee
good Sts. Bewailing done ou tiller! notice.
March 12, 1870.
Ve... Miss E. Brandt announces
that she will open her establishment for JIi11i•
nory and Mesa Elating On Saturday, April 2,
at No. 1 lleroufa Block, entrance ono door east
of Mercur's Bank.
A careful study of the details of her business,
united to considerable experience, . encourakes
Mies Brandt to hope that those who confide in
her skill and taste will he fully satisfied. •
She respectfully solicits a share of the pa fro:L
ege of the ladies of Towanda and vicinity.
Mar. 31, 1870—tf.
-w. Drrrinou'a Music Store,
east of. Afereur's Bank, tint door, where ,yon
will find Pianos, blelodeons, Organs, Viohns,
Guitars, Banjos, Strings, Accordoons, Clarinets,
Plates, Sheet Music, tustrnetion Books for all
Instruments, /Ingle Books and all kinds of
aicallferchandise. _ ' April 14.,"70.
Cos=Yrum.--The annual Convention, for the
year 1870, will be held at Harrisburg, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday, Juno 14; 15 and 16.
George 11. - Stuart„Esq., is expected to preside..
- .Each Sunday-school in the State is invited to
send two or more delegates. , Pastors of church
es, Superintendents of Sunday-schools, and
prominent Snhday-school workers from all parts
of the State Are invited to attend and partici
pate. . -
Our Sun school brethren from other States
are also cordially welcomed. It is requested
that the names of those who expect to attend
shall he sent to Rev. Thos. IL Robinson, or
John Is. Sayford, Secretary, on or before the
first day of ;rano, as it wits. as xr.CESBII7II" for
those who Would avail. themselves of a redac
tion of fare on the railroads, to procure excur
sion tickets before leaving their homes for liar
' risburg. The committee of arrangements will
secure orders for tickets for all who notify them
in time to do so and forward them.
Placer ntentertainraent will be provided for
all who give doe notice of their corning.
T. 11. ROIIINSON, Clem.
J. U. SAvrpr.o, Sec'y.
ISS..Observe the price lid of Cas
cade Mills. Beet winter wheat flour $3 23 per
eat. March 23-4 m
GnmEN HOUSE:S.—This season I offer
the finest assortment ofylowers ever found out
side the city, embracing Fuchsias, Geraniums,
Heliotropes, Verbenas, Hoses, oritainental fo
liaged plants, ,te::; which I offer st prices within
reach of all lovers of the beautiful. Also vege
table Vents in their season, And all the better
sorts of Grape Vines.
All kinds of Garden and Flower Seeds from
the most reliable seedanen, for sale at McCabe
Fe Mix's Store, Honour's Block. Catalogues sent
free on application.
Orders from unknown correspondents, unless
accompanied with the money or satisfactoryre
ference, will be sent by express .0.0. D, No
charge for boxes or packing. Boquets and
Wreaths made to order. HAMMY MIL
Towanda, April 28, 1870.
Ma Moron—Sir : As you - arc
aware, we have been doing a Itterehant Tailor
ing business in Towanda fur fiiur months, and
did not rolvcrlien for two reagens. First, we
bad more business than we eMild attend to
with the mama of assistance wo had, (but
now we have enlarged our. establishment and
added to our force to meet the demand).
secondly, we thought the best advertisement
was Clothing made by us and worn by our cus
tomers, but being every day told by some one
that he did not know until to-day . there was
such a firm, we concluded that for the benefit
of those we are still unknown to, of calling your
press to aid us is informing them who wo are,
where we are, and what we are doing. Our
name is K. Emus k Cc., we do bnaniess In
No. 4 Griffiths and Fattens block, Bridge street.
We.keep for sale a largo stock of Cloths, Caul
mores, and Vestings (and trimmings to make
them tip with) both foreign and domestic. We
manufacture clothing for men and boys wear
, to order only, in any and every style desired
by our patrons, rind at living rates. We keep
ourselves posted in "the styles," and aro pre
pared, if you wish it, to give you the ultra of
fashions. For further particulars call at " The
Merchant Tailoring Store," No. 4 Griffiths and
Fattens Block, Bridge Street, Towanda, Pa.
Feb. 1, 1870. If. Minus It Co.
• ,
Das. vitt% crortlittle lektiktitbla _ lad no
mem to mew te altk• l ' 1.. w betrailleedlifte aa table'
arboceabasta eV be meow rewards& - • _ ... -
1 • • ,I• • e. ter14111:: TILICILEX-2 - : -
: mom' --c '-i.' • ' ~:. : - :Diodiation. rii: -
, 48 - 1
Vieth* of an owlet isentsVont at the Orplonsie_
lillessithisl wo..ZithibriWiladtan
of th esis A., Zahn E.„ T. and J. Hoden
minor children of liameas Hartre. Id* et ARNO'
thwaship. deceased. wthexposed siddisaile an the
wremises. on THURSDAY,
_JURE DOM, um, at 1 e
cloct p. ark, am Murat aWarrnedtwo
dof thethisilaide mild= er se
Adows, to wits Beginning are=dones on the
oath tred Ladled trans Tow, to the:Helmick turns
istke,'slons the west lids of 0; Y. Paso& tht: north
.114 porches th an traamood 1$ the northwestwor.
nor staid Parsonelot - sod tit the winent threat
Instd Young. thence along said lounge warrant
thrirweet IPS pedcldto is cornet Of lot ooaterrated to
Andrew Wic. thence by WicktdseVe cut line
south 140 perches to the Inaba road demand, thence
alone said toed rest *3 perches to the place of begin
"rianZieuthrtsintheaboatideows, snore at Ida, about
ite=wit h Ruud - dwallise hope and
TZBICS-4sO to, be pith .on the propwly being
akar& do's. 000 on the 'contsthation of ads, and
" the %base, with interest. In one year from th e *sr
ofsths coulthastkus of 4abrby the Cored.
'1 • • ORO. r. HORTON,
M E R'lt! - - •
Nu opts returned IrOra Sew York wait fine var
iety ot .
lIONNIMIL Th. 60.,
for the Summer trap, which en *dared to her ear
touters and the public on the mostresacatable Wow,.
Simone repaired sad trimmed on short notice.
She has alao a One selection of Bair and Piney
Goods, such as Lace and Linen Collars, Cads, Hand.
kerchiefs. Comets, ke.
Shatrattes nest door to Fos. Stevens, Nome k
Co's, upatatra. Towanda; May 34; '7O.
'Shortest andinastdirectllue to Philadelphia. Dal-
Uncut, Washington. and thoßouth.
Passengers" by this , route take Peintsylvardi k
Nowlrork Ratleteid train, pealing Towanda at Ida
AIM., tusks dose connection at Bethlehem with Ex."
press train or North Penult Railroad, and wive In
Philadelphia at 11:96 P. K. in time to take night
trains either for the South or Wert -
City plunger earcare at the Depot on arrival of
D balm to copes paateogete to. the various Depot*
tad to all parts of the dty. . .
Leave North Penn% Nailmod Depot, corner Herb
and American street/1. Philadelphia at MS A. M..
arriving at Towanda 6:14 P., 11„ nutio evening.
Thanes Baggage Ruprero collects and delivers tug•
gage. omca No. 106 South pm *reek Philadelphia.
Preightrocatred at Prong and Noble alreeta. Phila
delphia. and forwarded br Daily Put Freight train
to . Towanda, and ta points in Sneetehafins valley
with quick &vit.*. ELLIS CLAD=
Oen. eat. N. P. 11. 8.. Front and Willow Sta.
UV 18,4870. Philadelphia.
Maine, between Main and Second, Streets . , back
of G. F. Mason k Cu.'s Bank,
inauty STULEN, (formerly of the firm of Bryant
k Stolen) informs his friends and former patrons,
that be ti imilt a
Ii EN BRICK Vial/JADE V.467011'4
where ho will constantly keep on hand a full wwort
went of
ILsde of the beat material and finished in the beat
city style. His tong experience in city Carriage
*notaries gives him a decided advantage over others
in the
.I'inixh, Style an 4. Durel;ility
of his Wzgoox. .1114te aslo ti en
Previous to purehistrig elsewhere
Thankful Orr the liberal patronage formerly ex.
tended and trmalftilly aek a conUaaaace of the
at reduced prices
Towanda. May 24. 1870.—tt
First block north of Ward House,
baked daily and sold at wholesale and retail.
In our DRillid BOOM we will accommodate the
public with either •luuob or a good arolal at all times
of the,day and evening.
ou haul during Liteir /MOO
Also a flue sasortmant of Groceries., Confectionery,
Fruits, Nuts, &c.
Towanda, may 10, D. W. &COTT & CO.
powELL tt, co
Would call tapecial atteutkot to their large anti vari
ed stock of
Cemprfaing a fell assortment of
(Another large invoice Of those
ELEAvY GEO Gum SILKS, at $1 50 and
$115.) i
RICH PLAIN.' i 3 ,21111%, AND enzoicra
aukcit- AND coLonEti
Abu, a full assortnicut of
kc. Also a choke variety of
At popular prime
In great variety at 23 cts...peryo4l
The featuru of IL° reason. A hill etwk ut
And a larger stock or
May It 1970.
orl draught at COWIML k MEWL
Now OPEi
Cousistiug of
• TV* . CO* '
G imir NxaTm:mv,
T ~.-, -'. ';,:-.•:' 2 --- :). -..
1',...:x.m..1A itik,A.;-.7,
go Rai] OP .
/ 2 4 3 i - i;NBE .STOQK
We sell the celebrated
" BUF.l4 l 4i.tiO ALl'4Cii."
We sell the popular
We sell the Silk Finish 4;
",BEAVER 11,04AIR:';
. ,
.A.R, TS ,
A 11: A. .B S,
. .
OUR . ' 01, 1
, / L- -;
.AN )
:ITY -
TAYIJOif. 8,6,C0., -
.1.1 . nnon, .. . Towanda, Pa.
11. apatantro, _ •
P: WYMAN, , Apa.. 21, 1 8 70.
New York. - . -
- Thenntoneribino reopectfony inform timli
finin7 Wends that =bare oproFd • •
„tfXor . SHOZ.,!STOBE
, .
limy have ituit reatbred n j One rad:ma of
Consuttig or ...
Of ali Voice. ' Ladiee •
o. AND criimatets Es
Of every variety, whirl will be 6014 obtap far cash.
013. • them a 01 U lad witilf.l Youraelves WM.: are
idling cheaper than the ebeepeat. •
We trotil4 ealt ea:pedal attention to our .
IS'e mace to order everithillB in the %the* of
Being mechanics of many 4-ear nractiad a:perlenee,
we feel confident. that i =ve entire
Ile:Z:1 none but mechanics, and have
the soniees:lWl the . 'Mena bootmaker of
Bnitiforttimunty. Illt. I. W. 1911401. who.cot!dial
ty invites $ all from hie fanner patrons, , -
We eareantee perfed 'lts, ftind aU *sorb Warranted.
Repairing neatlytusdpecamtke done. - ' 'I ,
be, bee the
3ieaue roe,
.11=fatazt., e few doo
Loot oat rs
the' of the Big Boob- .; '
sig. .1d.,.-if '
T ,OU.R, ISANY l i tumn?s.
• .
We take- pleasure hi announcing
the arrival of oitr very
NEWEST . • .. and BEST
NEWEST • • and ,BEST.
NEWEST. . • and BEST
1 3 , GOODS
The inatlpt atlonli, rebottled with - carc tiy eared.
• enced Lunn in the trade.
We have all tbo best and most porular maim*:
t titers goods - stated to the stunts of
Our oalt Manufeeittry is in hill blast and ci-Ct are
prepared to make to order any kind of work. Amen:,
nig the publio that we shall take inure pains than
ever to please them, and invite an examination of
iwif stock.
tar h 80, 1870. 11131LPHREY 11110 TITERS.
b A. 'PETTES A: CO.,
aro now yet . eivimg a fa
DI CY: - 00C2DS,
. . :
31ILLIN-1111- / X (FOODS,
sat'' us,
Just lion flit in New York at' the
, . s.Kegullt low prices, amt they
Call and :;ce•tlicni . on Mai
the Coli#
Apr 4 20, 1870.-11
ft ii'earty, very productive, cars elegant size and
shape, and remain in boiling state for a long thee.
The dour is unsurpassed. being very succulent. rich
and creator. Try it and see. Seed fee sale by the
quart or pint. at 0. B. PATCH'S, Towanda, ra.
April -
ULT . ,/ ai CO WELL & 3111131
Auto. itB Ksin4t., Tomskla; Pi.
With a tag line of the celebrated
arc ihite:tmiued to sell
♦ kPL
Notice Is beteby Ors thatall palm twilebled
to the estate of Mama BAUM* ista gß l •
twp., doomed. sow noptewhof Womb wwwwwwww ya
meet. Arad an penal' busing eistme a amid es .
tste must be,preseut !be suesitul for
April 27, Ire.
laNoties hereby at.ea taw any'
ed to tae 'estate of JANE .=,• To
wanda, dec'ed, Mot ==argait
and all persons Urfa
iklll e4
m iata ti
mut peanut them doki , sinalmostioalail
Pril 27,1870
VVIICE.— Whereak gly Jleiff JANE
tuef tel. toy bedand batird erttUat :last 'cum
or provocation, Mir Sr to aothlf all parsons ant to
harbor or torn has on tp7 socoont 1 4 11 4.6 tor ao
debts of bereordnicliag after Dais dais.
•3 • T.' 1911BATLY. - •4'
. pc: Jas. o . A g es*
Elktatsl, iterei 30, 11170.--30-6.19:7111. •
• A UDITOR'S — .NOTICE.-44. the
.C 3..
smiler ofidearate offt;se. Passion, dictated.'
In the Orphan'a Court of Tt appd nedteed
undersigned having been ated A
Bald Court to noirshal amid Nu by r, thgb , ‘
Mite money in the binds of the Adnindirtratar and
to dispose of the erceptions to his account. willat
tend to the duties 01 said sppotaterett, at the cake.
of Overton te nitres, in the lloconith of Towanda.
on 1111 DAY, tholith day or JULY. MO, at 2 o'clock,
p.m., at which time ,and phew aik basing
claims on said money are to present the
same or bo deterred then corning to share of
Bald money. . • E. OTERTON. Jr.,
May 24. 1110-41 Auditor.
EJf- _
.....4 Notice is hereby &ea the/ alt' todebt•
ed to the estate of ifl. L MOW, We al baloy,
- deceased, are req sated to make launediste pal.
meats. and mU . herring 4:Malt socatnist said
estate met present them . duke luglwatklited far
settlement. 3013115 E.
Amt 27, .410
virtue of an order Muted oet of the Orpheus'
Ctmrt of Bradford comets. the undembnled Vern
of Dorsey WOW. &mu Iro6lll and Lauri 31 ill,
minor children of JACOB MoGILLJate of Monroe rp.
win sell at pablio eale:ou the peemtees Weald town
ship, on F - BIDAT, JUNE 8. 10. et 20'4:Map. um., the
following fitsceibed lot, piano or.parcel of bind, alt.
nate In Monroe townahlP, bottnasd mut Ulan: lie
ginning at the Towanda Cmskadjoining aced of
Rockwell on the south, thence south 78 deg. east 24
perches to the road, thence along maid road north 14
dog. out 1,11 perches, thencii south 78 deg. - east 76',
.perches to a pine stub. thence north 12 deg west 36%
pe adjoining lands Mugu - to a stake.
thence north 78 deg. went 64 perches adjoining Iktul
of J. 13. Smith to Towanda Creek. thence along said
'creek south 42 deg. vest 4811 perches to the place of
Containing 17 acres of land, more or
lug, with a framed house, trained barn muf a few
fruit trees thereon. - •
TERMS.—SIOo to be peld pet_the property' bang
shuck down . one-third of the irlanre on confirm:L* 7
Um of the side and the Whom its two etp66 pay
ments. the Bret in a and the other to 6 months after
ecrermatlon ornate, stawhole to bear Interest trans
the day - of sale. -
.gym )1c011.16
Nay 7,1870. GuariLlsa.
kHEßlties SALE—By 'virtue of
sundry .writs issued out of the Court of Coln.
mon Pleats of - Bradford - County, and to me directed
alit be exposed to public Begat the Cowl Elam, in
the hone of Towanda, on SATRDAY. JIINEILIII7O.
at I pan. the following described boildlngstunii lot of
ground situated In Eferrick township, and bounded
se %dews. :.On the north aide of the State road.
said on the west 'Silent a road from State Took tail.
ed saddle road: adjoining lands - on the .math and
went of A. It.,Brown. . One lonjkling le a oneord.w.
Pall story fta*l. and plank dwelling balsa having
22 feet frontagelon said State rood, and .80 feet deep.
or frontage on said Middle road, and another
Sae in a one-and-a-half story trained ham, 210 i feet
Seised and taken Intoezecution idea =lief Eph
raim Platt vs. John Champion owner. and. A. $. Ste,
vent, contractor.
ALSO—The following let, piece or 1 of land
situate in Burlington towrodrip id on instil
by land - otAmos Bennett, out land of Lawrence
Kendall, Geo. C. 13121 and Justice Morley, south by
lands of Geo. C. Rill and L. T. Royce, and west by
land of Nelson Burlingame, Prit Beardalee and
Philo Befiesire. Containing 7/1 serer ofland more
or less, aliont 110 saes Improved with four Ranted
houses; one framed atoroltouu and one framed barn
and apple orchard thereon.
Seized and taken into ' - erecaticrn at the suit of
H. W. Wheelock 're. Geo. C..A and H. IL • '
ALSO—The following lot, pAce or Pored of find
eitnate in Troy borough, bounded "on the north by
public highway leading from Troy to Rut Trey, east
by lands of litrain Rockwell , south and west by land
of 3. W. Paine. Containing ti of an sere of land.
mare or less with a framed dwelling house thereon.
, Seized anitalteu into eaecniton at the salt oh Dart.'
sou .t diceche rs. Chas. D. Nichols.
Moo, at the suit of P. Piluee net; vs. SIIIIKTVI
11. Nicholo.
ALSO—The following lot, piece or parcel of lard,
situate. in Blanding Stone township, bonded north
by John Been. John Ruff and Jacob Sehonnover.
east by John Swackhainmer and Peter Koterre'-aouth
by Jefferoon Roof, ;west by C. Schoonover and
Jacob Ilaulietoo . C tattling 113 acre* of land
mote or less. ut rit acres improved, a framed
h0u0.... a log , hotter., a framed barn, and a few fruit
51.}.1.411 aLl'i takett into execution it the chit Of 11. J
'Madill cm. Jatitea. Jar, and Edward 'ratlike.
Alfio—One other lot, Wire or parCel of lend, hit.
into ice :Zyleants borough. bounded on the nottia by
land of Thorns* McCallum,eitett by land of Henry
Smith. south by the public highiday leading from
trey toffeltsboro, . and on the west by the publiv
highwatling tram Sylrazda to Anidinrllle. Con
taining one acre of land. more or lees, with a framed
tfotel, framed bartoind a tea fruit frees moron.
Seized and taken - In execution at the suit of Pom
eroy nee Tn.% Ifollenheck. -
ALSO—The following lot, pleas or parcel of land,
situate In Albany township, bounded as follows,
Beginning at a post the corner of lands contracted
to -lames and Robert notch, thence south 58n deg.
east 167 poribes to it corner, thence 'moth d 2 deg.
west 30 perohes to a hemlock, thence north 884 dew.
west 431210 perches to a corner, thence south 31 1 ,,
deg , . weal to a corner of land 'contracted to Chutes
chilsort. thence north 46' deg. west 136 perches to
a corner, thence by line ran'br 11. 71. kfc3rett to th+
place of beginning. Containing 72 acres of land
more or less, about 15 acres hnprored, with a log
house and a few fruit tree thereon.
Betted akd taken Into execatiois-at o:insult-of D.W.
liamhbergPr . •s.James Vantlide.
ALSG—The fallowing lot, place or parcel of Land.
situate in Stoltbteld bmnaltip: bonnaed north 'and.
weal by land of Cf. W. Campbell. on the month by the
road leading from Endtbilelil to SpringlieLd. and on
the ea et. by the Berwick Merman, Containing one
acto of land morn or lest. 'with a teamed. barn tat
few fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—One other lot; Dim) or parcel of land, sit
uate in skid toirtuddp, bounded north by the road
leading teem Smithfield to Springfield, east by tbs
Berwick turnpike, and. on the smith and West by
land of Israel Philips. Containing shout one acre
of land more or less, with s framed blacksmith's
shop, and a few fruit teen Warren.
.! • -
Seized and taken into execution at the suit of lnp.
Dubert re, Jesse Onstin. . •
J. P. VA..."f FLEET;
Sheriff's Oftle, Towanda, May 0, '70.: Sheriff.
Real Estate for Sale.
Ayres, orithin the Borough t., ennoble for
1 , 1 1 / 4 10 W.V. Inquire of Charles 41Iercur. of the
°Mee of the Full Creek ThirrinineusWarupony, Tow.
ands. Po. ob. 2e. matt
SALE..—Ono containing SS sets,. SO im ug proved.
situated within 60 rods of 1:W11038V:in boroh. Tbo
other on nollonlicontaining 20 WM. Ren
proved. Inquire of C. or - E-41 . .
April 6, IS7O.
A_R3l 'k"011' SALE.-IS SlTUA
tedd in Memoe toitzuthlp. Bradford minty. Pa.
joining L. Rockwell, one-bill mile from - Mogen.
borough. on the main rmd to E. W. Male's. contain
acres. 13 improved, with a good house and
ham and some fruit thereont the property of Jacob
Magill, demised. For further information lagnire
on the premises.
March '.O-3m* PZIZA ILLOILL.
aarenzAnring to in-health the under
signed offers for' sale cheap a good House. Barn.
Wagon and Blacksmith "Mop, with *boxing acres
of land. Two good wells, a dstern, land `plenty of
good fruit trees! thereon 12de propertr la located
birs, e
in SEM/equal township. Bradt *panty. Pa., on
on,tlio river road. and near • ' school and
sbnieb. Possession given fmni . For far
ther particulars Inquire of UM tar. G. W.
Vincent, at Towanda ligricul _Mork°. or Wvi.
BuyderilTheabequin, Pa. .'. GcW. VINMIT.
Feb. B, 187041
of `3,
1 - 3.. you Eul.l.—The subscribers offer for sale their
flue Dairy Farim situated two ram emit of Green,
wood. McHenry Co., Illinois- flaid farm contains
three hundred and twenty ;met choice Lad. &sail.
ed as follows .4 160 acres elicits thrthered.loo licres
meadow. and GO acres under the plow. Good dwel
ling-bootie and outtneldings, large cattle barn Me°.
and good horse barn. The finest - living springs in
the comAry. running through a commodious prtng
bowie. Is capable of keeping '75 ram i
and s only
1. 1 .4 miles from Abbott's CluameYsetory. Terms one.
half csab. balance lnpayments at 6 per cent. M.
Wired. lleferencee- -easy
It. X. Genni/d. It. 11.11cReurr,
Greenwood, Ile/leery Co., 131., or Y 8. Arr. ffinsabe ,
- _ Y.B.
• !Say 1505-47. . It. 8.
ANTIMACITE est! nrrusizsous COALS
The emdcridgned, haying leased the Coal Tana and
Bock at the old Barclay Bann," and just completed
a lance Coal-lantse and Ofilce upon the are
now prepared to furnish the citizens 'of mends and
skinny with theditrerentldndsandelses of the entre
named sixth. upon the moat resemble hams in any
quantity desired. Price •at the Tart until further
notice :
Largo Egg ,
Small Egg.
" Barclay " r:nnip
Ran of Nine 5..... ......
Fine or }Uselot
The following additional charges will be made for
delivering Coal within the Worm& Waifs:
Der T0n...50 cents. rain for carrying in, SO-coats.
slf T0u..3.1 •• 40 O. 00 of
Qr. Ton . " 23 ...-
Cr Orders map ba lett at Uls Tani, corner of Rail
road and Elizabotb Streets, or st U. C. Porter's Drug
nig. Orders must ly sll case` be accompanied with
tlis cash. 1 - 'WARD /IL
••Towanda. soy. 1, IS6o—tf.
1011 31; *MIMS'
JAI, •
at alt 1111 tattler notice :
1 , 112q11 AT 7.1165,
Biagi Ea; or No. 2 $4 .
• Stove: or Nos. :14W 4.
Chestnut; or No. 5.. $1 2.5
d'r Leave Orders starry Cad Office. No. 3. Wier.
earl New Block. south ~ids. Orders met in alt
rato be geeompaujea by the cash L
Towanda, 31arch 12.10.. R. X. WELLES.
tag TEA,
9* W
...1454 1
... 4 52
. . 4 50
~..-4 23
... 4M
... II 511
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