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4'he Boston - McCraw says our
irrage_, l o ol * l " e °akso l 9 oa f e •
New woman made her last
Erg the othai day,witkkomielia •
—Pomcdogists predict a plentiful
troll cm.
—Bread is seized in 'Montreal for
light weight.
New Torkhaa hid a ease gnu-
--Colombo% Oa, complains that
its streets are too wide.
The . watering-Owes are busy
prepszing to receive compariy.
—No licenses to sell, liquors are
gianted Prigichtlien, N.J.
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—Mr."ll:meloy is going west to loc.
taro to the Greeley colony, June 4.
ninch cotton and. too little
cons is the cry of the 41ebarsta papers. .
Tie London park bands are
plodsocrnot to play dance made on Sunday.
—The continental Powers keep
starunss armiesammatins 4,9cipo men
—Texas has , three broom factories,
awl broom corn is raised hrgely in the State.
—Jefferson, Indians, is. the home
of tha now sect of Cluistsdelphtsiut.
—General Sheridan. thinks the
threatened Indian war can be averted.
—Congress win adjourn .July 15.
I VY I ' 3 '
—Horace Greeley has tone to the
West Indies to attend Its sick Ink.
—lt is now pretty well settled that,
there will bo no infttion of the currency.
—Coin in the Treasury to-day,
%—Esparter still refuses to be kixg
or regent of Spun.
—Several New York cotton brokers
lan failed, it is reported.
—Baron Liebig, the eminent chem
ist and saFan, bus got well again.
—The National Military Asylum at
Chelsea, Masa, has now coat $150,000.
—Edwin Forrest has been on the
stage fifty years. •
—There are nineteen candidates
already in the field for next Governor of Penn
—Commander Upahur who acted
as a middleman; in the purchase of a naval
cadetship, will be reprimanded.
—The member of Parliament for
Sheffield first entered that town u an Italian
image boy.
—A Scandinavian preacher in lUi
cuis occtildeil throe hours in the delivery of a
—lii France experiments are being
made with silk spiders, silk worms having prov
ed a success.
.The evergreensof Central lUi
nois;4t is stated, are dying from some unex
plained cause.
---The old-fashioned gingham bon
net, it is said, willbe all the go at watering
places this summer.
—The Texas Central Railroad Co.,
who hafe been trying Chinese latmers, report
decidedly in their favor, and have taken 'Ups
to secure more.
—A New Orleans officer was so
long getting out a pair of handcuffs from his
carpet-hag to put on an arrested murder, that
the latter got tired of waiting and left.
—The mails from Australia to Eng
land are now carried by the -Pacific Railroad,
beating the quickest Suez canal time by "three
'l—The horse railroad which has
brim opened in London proves very successful.
It is an exact imitation of the American ituditm.
—A western reporter, intending to
4tate that a gentleman died, said instead that
" his soul instantaneously dropped its hamar&
—The Mayor of Duluth, Mixin.,"in
his Inaugural address, induced in the profound
remark that "water is a useful element in ease
of fire."
whenan Francisco editor complains
that an Eastern journal wants to loatte a
joke without truth or moral in it, California„ is
always selected.
—A country paper which wishes to
avoid slang, delicately advises its belligerent
neighbor to "imitate the example of the riralet
in time of a drouth."
—The warden of the prison at 'few
Castle, Delaware, says that buone case ever
occurred there a a criminal having been wldp•
petl a second time.
—Although the army burned and
destroyed a large portion of the growing timber
in Virginia, that State has now about 25,000,000
acres of wooded lands.
—On account of increased' passen
or travel over tho Pacific It two hotel
trains instead alone will hereafter ran be
tween °awls and San Francisco arm week.
, —To make a little ice last a long
- dine, gets double pocket of woolen cloth, hare
a space of.two incites or so between the inner
end enter pockets, and pack this space with
—There is a young man "near
Americus, Ga., who owns and 14,000
acres of land. He manages it by si thny in a
neighboring bar-room and playing draw-poker
for gun-wads.
—The 'iubseri_ption• for a monu
ment to Stephen AL Douglass at Chicago has
proved a failure, and the proposed site is to' be
sold to realize funds to erect orat.on the Unircra.
—Virginia claims that the general
government owed her on the 31st of December,
1832, on account of the war of 1812, $483,758,
and that with the interest it has now increased
to over $1,500,000.
—lie projected China cable is to
run eh the Sandwich Islands, Midway lamb
and'Yokohama to Shanghai • and its length, in
cluding the allowance of twenty per cent. for
slack, will be 9121 miles.
—" Why," asked a goveraess.ei her
little charge, do wirpray God to give =oar dil
ly bread? don't we oak for tour days, or
lire da es, or a week ?" "We want it freith I" re
plied the ingenuous child.
—The Fond du Lac (Wis.) Cost
moiattealth describes a wedding which its editor
attended at Oshkosh. It nye: "During the
ceremony, the bride and bridegroom took each
other about the waist and swapped gum r
—lt is reported that five of the
Itrge mail steamers pasting through the Sum
canal have each broken from two to three blades
of their brews, and that other steamers have
been compelled to return to Sues for repairs.
—The Viceroy of F , .t has
seutea to the University of 'ord, whor es
son Prince Hassan is now a student,'s complete
collection of Oriental literature, printed at
uk. compriiting seven ty-lbar distient works,in 140
—As au evidenhe of the - way that
Americanisms or slang creep into or become a
part of the language, wo note a law mrz ial seg in
the Constitutional Convention of • in
which railway companies are forbidden to ' wa
ter their stoats."
—.in intelligent youth recently en
gaged in a commercial older, made opt a ship
ping bill for "fornty• barrels of flour. His em
ployer called his attention to an error in the
of forty. "Sure enough,■ replied the
promising clerk, "I left out the gh.
—Chief Justice Gilpin of Delaware
says that the best liq law the State ever had
was almost a literal t t of one framed by
William Penn, and that the tnre,l2;
_persistent tinkering, has been steadily
itworse for the last thirty years. 22
—Young ladies st.F4t. Scott, Kan
sas. here met in council and remind tannish
entertainments brims week, tor 25 centre fowl,
to. num men who may be a there with
no friends or acquaintances. argue
that this keep them out of mischief.
thnn„ .
—Holland is accused 'Of nm. .
her NVest India enktnies, which don olps.
devoting all her attention to the East Wu col-
onies, which
ere In ado not State of pay.
deDucayt, ch Guiana and
while the ad-
Maim; British eelordes an In a Rosperous eon,
—Mrs. Lloyd, sister of one of the
victims of the grrek Irrigand4e, being in re
does,' etreassetsnos wag George ted
her with one thousand pounds 'out Ida ovn
pertain woe pryer/to to tux departure Prom
flo-tra. The Greek erillmm tet
alsr ) ' , Moe, nog woof Oni her. Los*A2 are
Vaifint leporter.
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Towanda, Thursday, May 2611.87*
Z. O.
The press and manufacturers of
Great' Britain are already congratu
ting themselves - on the fine Pike
peot before them in:. - view of the break
ing up of American Competition, by
the adoption in the United States of
a Free' Tiede Policy. The Sheffield
Daily 2Wegraph - well dates -- the - en- -
comagement ahead for . them when it
jubilantly says:: "lf gold gom to
"par, and the tariff of 1:860 is, re-en-
"acted, these are few manufackking
"concerns in America that can avoid
" practical breaking up." It would
be well for our people to reflect what
would be the mina of Mitt" practical
"breaking up "of "our manufackir
" ing concerns," and the carrying to
England of our gold or our obliga
tions to pay for what should be pro
duaid" by our own indusky, and re
quires no profound knowledge of po
litical economy to reach the conclu
eion that such a palicy must inevita
bly throw our working people out of
employment, arrest the development
of the country and, impoverish almost
all classes of our population. That
.there is the least prospect of lei& a
policy being adopted does not speak
well for the intelligence or the integ
rity of our - citizens. The free trade
side has been worked up and is now
agitated through the power of Brit
ish gold advanced by the manufac
turers of England who are so vitally
interested in monopolizing our mar
ket. This gold luis shaped the opin
jons of many of our public men and
gives tone to scores of our newspa-,
pars, while it is the sinews of wax
which give life and power to the
Free Trade League. It is humilia
ting to Americans to think that the
English can thus purchaie an advo
cacy of their interests in a country
where every consideration for the
prosperity of the people teaches us
that the British manufacturers can
only be gratified by the destruction
of our own industry.
It is a fact patent to the most un
reflecting minds, that a vast majority
of men are influenced in their opin
ions by; their personal interests. Pe
cuniary: login is more convincing than
the clearest arguments. This fact is
peculiarly noticeable in our revenue
laws. The man whose income does
not reach those figures where a tax
begins, esteems the income tax
a most proper and righteous one.
He sees in it admirable justice in
making the prosperous uphold the
government which guarantees securi
ty to life and property. On the oth
er handilhe man whose income sub
jects bim'to the five per cent. ' levy,
sees in the law inquisitorial features
that are most obnoxious; demon
strates that it enforces revenue by a
tax on industry and thrift; that it is
a tax on enterprise instead of on
property, and that, altogether, it is
iniquitous and ptulial. And so it is
in the other departments of life. We
have seen men hold up their hands
and roll up their eyes in horror at
the enormity of some proposition un
til it became manifest that their in
terest lay in that direction, when the
matter would at once wear a differ
ent aspect, and instead of being hor
rible in its enormities, would appear
clothed in many beauties and virtues.
It is well, therefore, in weighing
men's opinions on any subject to as
certain their interest therein, and let
that interest be taken into the ac
count. The true worth of their po
sition will then be arrived at.
FRAGE.—The House on Monday pass
ed the bill guarateeing colored voters
the right of suffrage by a vote of 131
to 44. The penalties affixed to a vi
olation of the bill are severe, and will
no doubt, to a great -extent at least,
protect the colored voters in the • ex
ercise .of their newly acquired right.
Any election officers who in any way
abridge the full exercise of the right
are punishable with imprisonment
from one to three years and a fine of
from five hundred to five thousand
dollars, or both. Any citizen inter
fering to prevent the exercise of the
right may be imprisoned from six
months to a year, or fined from one
hundred to one thousand dollars, or
Where an assessment is a prerequi
site to voting, assessors, Councils,
and all concerned, are compelled to
levy it under penalty, and any one
violently preventing the colored vote
at Presidential or Congressional elec
tions, is liable to a thousand dollars
fine and three years imprisonment.
United States Circuit Courts are giv
en jurisdiction.
This bill, the Washington Chroni
cle says, "will, of course go ,through
"the Senate and be signed by the
"President. The enactment of Mr.
" Sumner's bill, introduced on the
"13th, will close the whole case of
"suffrage and civil rights, and clinch
" the nail in the coffin of slavery and
" aristocric "
SS. It will be a matter of some in
terest to our readers to learn, that
the long-pending contest in the
Methodist Episcopal . Church, op the
question of lay delegation, his at.,
length been decided. The Confer
ence of East Maine was the last to
act upon the question, the vote being
43 yeas to 14 nays. This added to
former votes 4,905 for and 1,580
against lay representation. The ma-.
jority in the affirmative 3,317, or
thirty-five votes more than the re
qUired three-fourths: Hereafter the
laity of the Church will be flqly rep
reseated'in its councils.
-The New York election on .
Tuesday was the occasion of more
than the usual amount of fraudulent
voting in the city. Most of the wards
polled more Democratic votes than
their whole number of registered vo
ters. Tho Sun says:
" Repeating was the order of the
day. Frill scope was afforded for
this by the condition of the registry.
Everybody who had changed his res
idence since the last election regis
tered his name anew; but as a gener
al rale none of the old entries were
erased. Then of course a large num
ber of really now names were regis
tered, including a considerable body
of colored men. This swelled the
registry to 184,417 names, and of
course afforded ample opportunity
for the gangs of repeaters that shame
lessly perambulated the city from
Morning till night.
In one of the wards about eleven
hundred negroes were registered; but
lo ! when the newly enfranchised
came to the ballot boxes, judge of
their amazement upon learning that
white repeaters had already voted
upon nearly five hundred of their
names ! And as an exquisitely ridic
ulous commentary upon this auda
cious proceeding, when a few negroes
subsequently tried to vote upon their
own names, they were arrested as re
pesters! .
The repeaters scarcely tried .to
avoid discovery. Young scoundrels,
after voting upon one set of names,
under certain disguises, would sally
into the street, and within sight of
the - polling places exchange and mix
np their disguises, and then go back
and vote again under another set of
riage of Hon. Richard J. Haldeman
with Miss Maggie Cameron on
Thursday evening, at the residence
of the bride's father, Senator Camer
on, passed off with great eclat. The
groomsmen were General P. M.
.Congressman elect from
Georgia, and Cameron Burnside, of
Harrisburg. The bridemaids were
Vies Lizzie Haldeman, of Harrisburg
and Miss—Loughridge, of Balti
more. Among the distinguished gen-,
tlemen present were Governor Gea
ry, Hon. Eugene M. Willson, Min
nesota; es-Gov. Swan, Maryland;
Hon. J. D. Stiles, Pennsylvania; Hon.
C. A. Eldridge,. Wisconsin; Hon. T.
N. M' Neely, Illinois; Hon. J. L.
Shoemaker, New York; Hon. B. T.
Briggs, Delaware; Hon. P. Van
Trump, Ohio; Hon. Chas. Haight,
New Jersey; Hon. George Dawson
Coleman, Lebanon, and Hon. John
J. Pearson.
United States Senators whose terms
expire on the 4th of March next are
Morrill, of Maine; Cragin, of New
Hampshire; Wilson; of
setts; Anthony, of Rhode Island;
Cattell, of ltew Jersey; Willey, of
West Virginia; Abbott, of North Car
olina; Robertson, of South Carolina;
Fowler, of Tennessee; Grimes, of Io
wa; Howard, of Michigan; Thayer,
of Nebraska; ROBB, of Kansas;_Yate.s,
of Illionis; M'Donald, of Arkansas;
Revels, of Mississippi; Williams, of
Oregon; Harris, of Lousiana; War
ner, of Alabama; Saulaberry, of Del
aware; M'Creery, of Kentucky, and
Norton, of Minnesota. The outgoing
Senators are all Republicans,_ except
Saulsbury, M'Creery and Norton.
The seat of Mr. Fowler has already
been filled by a Democrat, and that
of Mr. Grimes by a Republican.
ms. Noting the fact that Mr. Val
digham has espoused tee cause of
female suffrage, mid intends to make
it a plank in the next platform of the
Ohio Democracy, the Chicago Repub
iican says: " Ind the women friends
of this measure have done Eto have
such an affront put upon them, is not
reported. The same person recently
lectured in favor of introducing the
Bible into schools, but then the Bible
is strong enough to stand it. Wheth
er the suffago ipiestion Can survive
such an alliance is a matter of much
doubt. It will take a live Cause to go
safely through such an ordeal as
that." _
NI" The General Assu'mbly of the
Presbyterian. Church (united) is now
in session in rbijacielphia.
know the . the. truth. The evireidunvii
-that attempts -were madeLto bribe
Senators Carpenter and -Tiptan to
vote again* diet Bingham fatitend4'
Acoompanylug tki report of tho
Fimice aMithes,- . Of thibilruiciii4
dice , :k*tiol44iiiiudoritihes*iletir;
Jay subatted tatde.,* t h e els:ming:l
Internal reversion: oolketed 'in the
'United States lor the fiscal year ends
ding Jane 3% 1889; the amounts of
such *Bare nsegokitaid_amonnte of
that are retained, as follows;
filleries et the r.faitsd Oates afar. sad
saii .. 9 - 4
ampleOcc.a •
Brads] taxes on bszikesaillyittilsors......;:.. 1,42.41
Other special taxes .... • • •••, • 8 . 813 • 48 .
tlross reccipte•••
=le; shim/A • "
' r • - -.-1•2116.107
matestech . . M
- •:. tn
; a 11,3611
&bdnu.. •
S~ZA7lsSagsa. '.
=t .
Banks end
Income; *boot
' • • •
Penalties collected
Expect of gingen' fei%
General Sherman is in receipt of
dispatches from the Plains, stating
that the Indians- are at their old
tricks of weylaybg and murdering
the laborers and' settlers - along the
lines-of. the - Pacific railroads. Gen.
Sheridan intimates. his intention of
moving a body, of troops into the
heart of Montana Territory, where
the outrages are moat frequent.
The question of uniting the white
and colored schools •of the District
under ene general system, and ad
mitting to the schools all children of
suitable age without any discrimina
tion on account of race or color,
came up again at the meeting of the
Molise District Committee this morn
ing and a till embracing the propos
ed plan was agreed %Tn.
The Bradley-Fisher improglio re
ferred to in dispatches from this; city
yesterday is to be investigated by the
Criminal Court, of which Judge Fish
er is prosecuting attorney. The case
excites much interest amqng the
members of the District bar.
At the Georgetown (D. C.) Mer
chants' TIT .hange this morning, 6,200
bushels of wheat were sold; 700 bush
els at $1 48, and 5,500 bushels at
$150• .
. May 21.—The Secretary of the
Treasury has addressed an elaborate
circular to the customs and revenue
officers, which contains information
to be communicated to masters of
vessels in Canadian w aters.
s The
Dominion authorities have terminat
ed the system of granting licenses to
foreign vessels to fish within three
marine leagues of the shores thereof,
except on the southern and western
coasts of New Foundland, the shores
of Magdalene Islands and through
the straits of Belle Isle,- indefinitely.
If vessels are found within those
- boundaries, and refuse to depart af
ter warning, they are liable to seizure
and search. Resistance to the officers
will result in the forfeiture of $BOO
and imprisonment for two years. '
Dispatches having been received
from the West announcing that mi
litia and volunteer regiments are
forming in those localities, where
warlike demonstrations have been
made to hunt the Indians, the Presi
dent has sent peremptory orders to
the military commander to prevent
such organizations from taking any
steps tai wage war „against Indian
tribes. !If volunteer 'Corps are per
miteed tib hunt the Indians at their
pleasure; the President is of opinion
that an Indian war cannot be avert
ed, and he intends, therefore, to pre
vent it by instructing the military to
disband all organizations of this Char
acter. Official dispatches of General
Wood, dated Fort Wallace, Kansas,
show that the Indian raid madeon
the western end -of the KallB/18 road
on Saturday last was more serious
than has been represented. There
were about five hundred Indians en
' gaged in it.. They drove off three
hundred head of cattle, and killed
eight or ten men. They moved to
ward Platte river after after making
the attack.
Both lr:uses td-day agreed to ad
journ on the 15th - of july, and unless
questiontOf unusual and unexpected
importance arise members are confi
dent that all legislation of importance
can be completed by that time.
lir The General Conference of the
Aletnodist Protestant Church, in ses
sion at Baltimore, have expunged
from their ritual the concluding par
agraphs of the communion service,
as possibly teaching transubstantia
tion. The paragraphs are used in
the eucharistic services of the Episco
pal Church, and are as folloWs:
"The body of our Lord Jesus
Christ, which was given for thee, pre
serve thy , soul and body unto ever
lasting life. Take and eat this in re
membrance that Christ died for thee,
and feed on him in thy heart by faith
with thanksgiving.
"The blood of our Lord Jesus
Christ, which was shed for thee, pre
serve thy soul and body unto ever
lasting life. Drink this in remem
brance that Christ's blood was shed
for thee, and be thankfuL"
Re The Government Etas directed
the Governor of Michigan to act as
the agent of the United States, and
to prevent any vessel bearing war
material from poising through the
Sault Ste. Marie Canal, un'ess with
the express permission from :Wish
ington, which, it is understood, will
not be granted. It will thus be seen
that the United States can not be
ogled ; into extenditig any special fav
ors to the British authorities in their
crusade against President Riel and the
Red River Republicans.
38... At the vote on the new Con
stitution of rillinois, the ballots are
to consist of copies of the same; the
votei canceling with ink or pencil
clauses of which he does not ar
ow. President Gen . ? has issued a
,proclamation directing the military
authorities to use all means to pre
vent a Fenian raid into Canada.
. ' . . 2343010$
.• 4400.080
336 608
Hartittes nsidastiittla array
of flghtingmen whom thit Great Pow.;
ere of the Continent UtEtinnie think
it necessary law atAlreseut, fon
their' war 'Buitsia;
1,1154,000- meni—Firame,l4;lllolo3oT,
COnfederatitan, N4,82L The eistimal
don is lade by Herr liummerp, air
Afficer of the - Prnatim Galeria Staff
and is mate belrcuunfliciatstinreea4
Weshould'itivirtetthat a atoodo deal
inore besides the'astbiate Conies - fit*
an °Mad Orkin, duce it ars et
tarn that the thx-burden 'nation
who sustain these - four: nidlion odd
fighting men would,' if they had a
tmanitnons voice in such a matter;
very quieldy put an end to:so mon
strous an incubus upon industry, and
so lamentable a waste' of productiTe
ws. The St. Paul Press, alluding
to tote: report that the Fenians are
marching.through Minnesota to join,
the forces of Reil at Reil River, saysi
"In addition to this we have infori
oration that a considerable body' of
Fenians and others is now on the
way to Red River through the PTat
rie route in this State, and several
others are preparing to follow' them.
Whether they purpose "a peaceful
emigration to Manitoba, where they
may repose under the blood-red flag
of H. B. M., or are merely going on
a buffalo-hunting expedition, which
the nature of . their accoutrements
would suggest as probable, we can
not my."
Se. Not a little fun is indulged in
at the expense of one 'Dr. Edward
Donelly, who met and conversed with
General Meade a few days ago. Don
elly is a Fenian; and on the occasion
referred to informed Gen. Meade that
the Brotherhood was about to invade
Ciinada. To plot a breach of the
peace and publish it to the constable
is so genuinely and delightfully Irish,
that it ought not to excite surprise.
Patrick is entirely too frank and vol
uble to be fit for " treason, stratagem
and spoiliii." .
tier The members of the "Univers
al Peace Union " will hold their fourth
anniversary at. Dodworth hall , New
York, on the 26th and /7th instant.
They propose to have Congress pro
vide for a seeeideentla amendment to
the constitution for the "removal of
all the war clauses" from that instru
ment. We , presume they consider
the sixteenth amendment—woman's
suffrage—already assured ; or, proba
bly, they number the peace amend
ment seventeen, out , of courtesy to
the ladies.
Sir The Cincinnati Gazelle notes
the fact, and calls it an encouraging
sign of human progress, that in a
fight in that city, between a colored
man and an Irishman, twenty coun
trymen of the latter steood quietly
by and watched the encounter, It
says: "Ten years ago all would have
turned upon the colored man. Ver
ily; the world mores."
ler The Democrats of Centralia,
says the Chicogo Pact, by way of a
;grim joke elected a colored Republi
can one of the Alderman of that city.
The cream of the joke is, he is the
most talented gentleman the ,Demo
crate of Centralia ever elected. i to any
:011c e. If the Democracy should gen
erally imitate the Centralia example,
it would be a decent party.
BS.. The Diocesan Convention of
the P. E. Church held ilk Philadel
phia last week, voted by a large ma
jority to divide the Diocese. As the
General Convention has to pass up
on the measure, nearly two years will
elaPse . before the division can be con
summated, and a new Bishop elected.
i The N. Y. Herald predicts the
overthrow of the Democratic party
of that State in the next State elec
ion, and•with the loss of New York,
the rapid dissolution of the whole
Democratic party will follow.
New Advertisments
D •
TRAOLUTION.—Notice is hereby
given that the copartnership existing between
the undersigned, in the mercantile business, was die.
solved by mutual consent. In Apra last.
WioE..=. k WHIPPLE.
Herrick, May 12. li37o„—,lts •
powEL & co
Call attention to large additions to their various
by recent arrivals, summing their macrame that
their assortment has never been 'so
- nor bu the axle of prices, erer before been ntade
vo Irrw. Many lines of goals are now
offered at the
prices. Abo several
.offertag below the
'coot In gold, haring born
hoped tech's* out h►rge leti.
um be ogee d worthy the 'Mention of the trade.
Tuwinds, may 18,•7o
8 80 00
AveriE 18 10 00
CaJWComatock• ' 13 - 1000
ED UMW_" 14 700
'; Mt& k Kinney r -_:l3 06
D B Park • , 30 00
JOence,• • - r - 14 700
/110004 CO • 14 700
Albs Boro-C 0 Manley & bon 14 • •7'ol
• •-- -4 3 --/ 8 -04
OP Tonne 14 - op
# 4 1; 14-412 / 4 4 kiloted oo
D Slalom ie 44' • ` le bp
• • 4-11 LOOM 14 ';••'-' E , OO
• •-rakh • - 947, 7.00
Moody- - 4 "'Mai*
DatiingtonSoro,-11 'Green • -24; - ; • 900
. Spencer '' 13 ~ ,10 op
"i9PlVaey &Co '•
'l.- 701
Mll64ley • • • 13- {: 10 00
Barfington Ws E 3 E Loomis - 13 - 10.00
Mercity--FINOrt EltumhmossCeil Cal 3 ••10 OQ
Antes 0,00 , ••• • • ;; 9 , 00 oo
CAanDyko ' 214 ' •7'op
• W•• --" • If't 7op
CeaMon Bore-Elereok . 14/ ,•• 00
EPMVl ra irDart ' ' 11'r - " 'l5 op
tk eon 14, .
110 race Tuttle .., 14 , 700
• 'D J Moran ' ‘," 7 00
: 180471;: 15 00
Colweli k Whitman l4' oo
J V Dooltttlo •• • • - r 14 700
S Morgan • •• „ 14- 700
Jll & 8 N:lmildna 14 , Do
• Manley keraruner ' " 13 op
. Carte. Thomas & Co 10 .20 op
1Y 8 Newman " 14- 00
Deum4rt Meerut • 34'
J Homy •, 4 700
E Newman. , 'l9 10 00
JA, Hooper 14 I, ; 700
8 J Hickok & Brother 10 80.00
Coluroblit-Vrielt Bergman le • 7;00
Raven is WeEnna 00 90 . 00
311)4Neakeo ' " 14
_7 oo
Vlll Einedakee & Ca
• —, McClellan k Adana .
TrantB4-4Scltat & Wainer
• C.TayLork Bon •
Granalle—L D 7 pylon
McMurray &I=
C C Stewart
Litchfield-8 M Layton
'-D-A Reeve'
Leney—B, S Tears Co
White & Wel
H3l Holeatab . 14
Boro—D G Dailey k Bro 13
L L Bosworth - 14
Baldwin k Blackman • 13
WV Robbins • • 14
G Z Monett " 14-
, Wm Davies k Son . 14
Little k Lyon 12
J V Bosworth k Bon • 13
Bosworth & Gorham 14'
J P Carl , • -
" . Geo Johnson . , . •. • 14.
3fsnroe l'wp—J R Cowell 14
Irvine &Summera ' 11
Monroe Duro—Rockwell & Stulth 14
' ' A L Crimmer ii Son 14
• D J Sweet , 13
' SNV Alden • - 14
Orwell—Cass Blathers . ' ' 14
811 Drodsou • . 10.
Frisbloa: Coburn 13
11 Shoemakerl3
Overton—Buchnuer Brothers 13
' .1? Beduins'& Co' ' 13
1110-3 Barrows & Sous 13
WA Rosa ' 14
FAN . terbreoka
Remo Bora—dd L Maynard
L A Ridgeway •
.1 Whitaker & Sou
I. L Moody
' . -41e0111clialas . . .13
1114gebury—FrankIin Euilint 14
.1 - C Ilotinson - 13
Evans .k. O< , : :
• A 11 Vooginti
Sylvania Bo .—Peter Monet
Rfouth Pronk—P L Rettongill
J E Utter
Rmitlineld—J If Webb
13 Cieroaid
' Olt Riggs
Eft Tracy fi Du
SiningneM—C Harkness
Sheistn.4ein—ln Gore
Klnney,4: WaUdua 13
Standing a tono—lathei FAT , - 14
FEllush - 13
11 Mir Tracy . 14
C 8 Taylor • ' ' 24
Terry—C 8 Strong,l4
W & J 13 Hrton 12
Troy toro—Cl Grohs • 12
W 11 Crain & Co 14
P, F Redingten - 13
Jewell & Pomeroy 12
Iterlingtou, Maxwell & Leonard 4
0 P 13allard , 14
d ii Grant l4
Dewey & Co 14
. - 1 A Piero° • i 14
8 W Paine 13
Neibury k Peek r -a
Newman & Parsons 14
(1D Long & Co 12
. Mitchell, Herrick k Co . 12
Davison k McCabe , 11
i Elglrmy k Gray • - 11
P 1., Ballard 14
' Baker & Showman , 14
E C Oliver
Towanda Boro—MeCabo & Mix .
.1 Huguenin
Fetter* Kirby
• Marshall Brothers
F J Calkins
M E lhisenneld
Mrs Miles Carter
Wickham k Block
A Solomon
Taylor kr Co
- • AspinwaM k Baldwin
Powell & Co
Edward Seltra
M A Warne .
F W Brown;
C F Cross
Patterson Ea Kinney
' Brienhall k 111,1grIroy.
. 11 W Eddy '
M Lewis &Son •
H Harris A: Co
W A Rockwell -
M Lewis
Cowell d: Myer t:
8 T Decker
H Jacob*,
Means k Phluncy
-Peter McMurrow
Alerideth 84. Co
.7 A Beeord
Davis .7.• Keener
J Wolff
' Coddtmr. Russell k Co
( Cll Patch
Humphrey Brothers
W A-Chamberlain
Taylor k Gore
.13 A Frites &
..0 IV Scott & Co
. Woodford k Clark
.T H Emmons
Montanyea ,
H C Porter, Son k en .
Fox. Stevens, ?demur & co
A Hart
Ulster—A Watkins
Darius Myer
patrick Flood
'l7 S Smith
llonrY Shaw
Charles Elehroe
C EFertrnson
M Claire • '
Wets—.l 0 Randall
CL Shepard
Wilmot- 7 J Stowell •
Wyson— F M A Crane
-Windban' I—Wm H Russell
Win Harlington
Warren - Kinney & Abell
• • 1' Cooper
. O W Talmadge
t: A llie
' Joaerh Pease
Wyaluaing—D D Chaffee
Lafferty k Landon
Avery k Beaumont
licklen Lloyd k Blocher
A Levi%
113 Hallock & Co
G M Bixby
•R H Balzer
H 8 Ackley & Brother
Heeler k Vaughn
A Rat and enussilication of persons engaged in the
sale of patent medicines, nostrums, &c., in the
county of Bradford, for the year 1870: .
Athens Boro—F D Ritter 4 5 00
0 A Perkins.. 4 500
Albany-8 D 8 terigere 4 500
Burlington Boro-0 P Tracy k Co 4 5 00
Canton Boro—Co' lerell k Whitman 4 . 5 130
Columbia-7 R Mills &Co . 4 500
Oran ins D Taylor : - 4 500
Lallopß 8 Tears 4; Co} 4 500
Leßayervillo—.l F Bosworth k Son 4 5 00
Monroe Boro-8 W Alden 4 5 00
Tracy 4 Hollon - i 500
Orerton—ReStimer Brothers 4 5 00
Troy Borcs-1477 Reddington 4 5 00
Nowninn & Parsons • . 4 " 500
Towanda Boro—Porter k Kirby 4 5 00
F w Brotni, •:1 10 oo
4 C Porter. Son & Co 3 10 00
Wyalueing—Lafferty A Landon 4 5 od
Reeler & Vaughn 4 5 00
A Lewis'
4 5 00
i i
A lint of distincrit and brewers in, tho county of
Bradford, for the year 1870:
Troy Born .-- G P Teflie
Towanda Boro—A Loder
Towanda Twp—Hemy Jonke
A lid of persons engaged In running billiard
tables and bowling alleys in the county of Bradford;
for the year 1870:
-Troyßoro—klorgan k Wailib two tables 40 00
Elabree & Young 40 00
Towanda Boro—A &F. 8 Smith 50 00
A list of "bankers and brokers in the county of
'Bradford, for the year 1870:
Troy Boer—Pomeroy Brothers . 9 • 25 00
Towanda 80r0,44 P Mason & Co e 25 00
Jf C Ifercn.r 9 25 00,
1, H. 11.01VELL, Ifereantao Appraiser for the
County of Bradford, do. hereby certify that the fore
going is a correct Ust of the apptai . semeitt andelaa
iderstion, for the year 1870; and that an appeal yin
be held at the Treasurer's °Moe, at Towanda, on
BATUBDAT; the 11th day of Juno. 1870, for the pug-
pone of hearing such as feel thenweilres
: aggrieved
by reason of wed appraisement.
Warren, Ugly 16, 1870 Men=Ule appraiser.
Proposals will be received at the place known
as Wheeloek's Factory. in Athens township. an Tues.
daY. the :Mt day of hay, 11170,-untl ,t 2 o'clock, m.,
for the building andpleting abridge across iThey...
arch Creek, near th e m ry in said township. Spec .
ineations for the same may be seen at the Commiss
ioner's °ince, and at the Post-office In Atbetts . burro',
Ibe ten day Merlons to Bald letting. - .
; Commissioner's *Alma J. IL E YMIB '
Tinranda, May 16.-"10.1 B.
May 12. 1 7 1-2 m A.ll. 83111'H. Ulster. Pa.
C; f., ..., , i 'T
1A) , ..1 fe , - i 41
e` . `• ' 4,
=Tama, ItE4SAWrni, 310111.81NQ% ke.,
.;-,erfaigigriithada-j 1 1(-)k
In chew tf. an ignierieseed Ilechanks and bulldog.,
the public may expect a
• •`,"" - - - , tit
Tram theerearearea le d t at power;
se net arut soon
• ors are
able to furnish bfile44 sawed lumber to order.
Cm • i
lb w° sust4esed item° 'stock cit
WHITN' AND, BlJ,i4l'
124.8AT14.441YES AND VOMIT. OY 1.110IIIIES;
' Together with 'a annpleie stock ob
10 00
7 00
10 00
zoo 7-
7 00
7 , 00
7 DO
7 00
10 00
AND suusk.,74.cAstuutcs,
iO 7
7 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
12 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
12 tO
131 00
7 00
7 00
This stock bolting been 'purchased from
At large sacrillces freni cost,
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
.I.lkinviteit to this iiniaituntht.
May 12, 1870.
OOdcling, 3
,4ussell, & Co.
Keel) the largest stock of _
to be found in this part of the State
all kinds of
SAWS, and
9 25 00
9 23 00,
9 25 00
We offer at wholesale
. •
and many other goods, at all times at
lowest market rates.
Codding, Russell & Co.
Towanda, May 12, 1870.
I:tonere].Pealera in •
Leather, Nate, Cep,,
Ro. 1053f01n St.. corner of the Public Square. •
.1. D. 51ONTANTE.
ina.y19,1870. L. D. MONPASIE,
will be offered. Tho
61 all kinds,
Yolk; August IGtL, 18i$
i _ . i
"" ~' ltloii mg to ayllilieulloa eo ia~ IRtEPABA7IU2(
;ilia:4 4 w.
nentiparts_are 11119111, LONA LEA} CIMEES,
4 3.
MODE 01 Psisimixna . .s t - - - Bw4d, to Yacgo. June
Berries ; Watt
. .Ilis . thni. krtesln a {lna gin.
.b4.4 - itiabieit hi 4ispiacitment mith jtpiritiOtaye.
ed trosi Juniper Dewlap ; weir- little EUgle4i illea •
iou_orsvint. it mom Imam.
'IRO mu% sz4s now i 3,113"
Da*. is prepared by . Dnigglsts; fa elsharki
color. It ID s t- iditlltittat*Miti 1:21fr1101IICO ese
action llapia distrpys Mi s s Os active prii/clple),
leaving a dark and glutinous decoet t icm. Mho it the
;Aire at hagreillentan The Buchtihi rey brepotation
prerlomlnatias ; - the smallest quantit7 of lhoi °they
ingreAleits Are added; to prevent feitakitation;
on inspection, it will b fettud mot . to Lea Tincture,
annuele in Pbartnacepra; nor is it 4: pimp—and
- • •
7 •
therefore. can need in eases ' vrbere jever Or ittlfi
nation extol. In this, you . Lave the kntivilidke o
the ingredients and the mode of prewar,*
*ging that xotfivill favor it '44th a trial, and
that not turrlctleat it will inset with zone aipre,
IV . Ith a feeling of corlAckilu..o..
I aim, very . respectfully,
chandat and Jiltuggiat . of IG . yaar, .erporience
'From the' largest zriatrothttltring Cherttiete in the
I am acquainkil:aith . Sir. H. T. icambol4; tic
occupied the'Drug store opposite, my residenco,--and
was 'successful in- o?nducting the - business where
otlOs had not beenegnally so befOre tdm." I have.
beenlavokably impressed with hie character and en
Pirio or Powers k Weightaum Manufacturing
,Chemists, Nipeth and Brown i tb., Phila.
- I
RELYBOLD'h FLUID Em _t . c-r 81X1311,. for mak-
- nese arising from indiscretinn. The ezbansic4 pow.
ors of lint - Are whiai are" , o many
alszming symptoms, sutoniz tehisti will be found,
disposition to Exertion. Lo of ) . ,toinory, Wakeful
. " *
Dow, Horor of Disease, or Forebodings of : in
fact. Mtlierial Lassitude. Prostration. sulk Inability
to cuter Into the injoyipents of t , oejety
The constitution, once affected with tgisule
Weahneas, requires the :MI of medicine to strength 7
•an and imigoraM the system, which.lfEtarllOLD'S
'EXTRACT BUCmI . inMb rlaly 'does. treat:.
• .
want is indAtitted to, conetaurtiou or insanity en-
HnufaoLiis Butuu. in af-
fectipna peculiar remlles, ia une4ualkd by any
other preparation, a4 in tiUtaroei~, or Sctention,
Painfulness, or Schlrrue3 State of the rtorug, Ant all
complaints inciacut to the rex . yr the ihicline or
- change of life
.Pitovzi) lifam Wasa will radically extrniina;e fre.t
tho ilyitterni diseaseq arising from habigof diSsipa-
tion, a little expense, little or no ellin,ge in diet, no
inconvenience op eirorni.%.completel appene43g
those ttnpleiant still diugerons morale's, capaiv-
and Mercury, in all these diseases.
Use Ilinanxu.n!a FLDID Expucr Brenu in all
diseases of these organs; whether existing in mate or
female. from .whatever cause originating, ind:uo
nactterof how long standing, • .. I . t is pleasant in taste
and oder, olintnedinte: : iu action, and lucre strength
ening tint ans. of the rreparatlons of Bark or Iron
Thome spfiering Iron' , broLcp-down o delicate
constitutions, iiomirc . , the remedy st once
The reader must be aware, that, Law•ecer alight
may be the attack of. the ahoy° diecaaca, itiacertaln
to affit th'e boWly liealth.and poweir
AU the mboce:llimeases require the all of ii•Diti
retie. lIELSIBO.WS ; '.X.TII.i.CT BVC111:t is the
. .
iat Dinntic.
Sold by Druggixts cTin•ywhPre. PracE-51.25
per bottle, or 6 bottles for 66,50. Delivrred to any
address.. Describe symptoms to all,cowanuttica-
Aqdrtga - U. T. ILEIX.DOLD:. 'Drug and Chem.'
al Wherehouse. SU Brosdifki,
i!teel-ettf.'m'etl'!ral.per, with Ur-Nitulk of my Chou;
cal Warehouse. and higll4,l
MIY Is, 18'70.-17
#ll% Ibirtinio n t o .
qw4,N.-D.AWHODERAti.taICri!- A RKETB).
~,,,.. ..".,...:.. .
iut "Ciorrectad erary Wedneadar. b. 7 C. B. POGO . klact to changes alally. , ,
, lt nuck-whw bush ........... .....
- oiru.
Oats, * ... ...........
--...- ..................
Butter (rolls) pi tti
'za 4o . V i DI ... . ...
,Plia a doa ~.. ... . ..
, ...
.. Maul 'a .
nnkr„ VI barrel 700 4 il to
• -/ 6 5 - la
'palmy,- 41 bush .
' Wroorzo or Osiant.—Wbeat eu lb. •, coin ca1b,14,0:
. Bye Ad lbs.; Oata 301 W.; Barle7-54 lbs.; Bnci n ,u it
48 lbs.; DeanaA2 lbs.; Ilrita 20 lbs.; Clover lloed 50;
lbs. ; Timothyl: eed alibis. ...Dried Peaches n lba.;
Dried apples 22 lbs.. Max Seed 50 lbs. .
Eveciai a t the present time when, the p rice of It.
bor la high and produce low. The
with ita extraorilinaty Lglituess of dune:bits admm
ability of the Anger-bar to cut high 6r low witloet
ratoppinglho team, lie patent draught applied at tie
centre of realatenee by which the bar is drawn la.
stead of•belng pushed aa in other front cuttingi.nd all side draught 'positive:3, avoided, its
marked aupacierity over- all other machines hi-na.
terial and workmanship. steel being enbstitated fur
,wrought Iron, wrought iron and mailable Mr can
the great case with which It is managed, and m,
minuet:loaf appearMace,plaro it at the head of draw,"
machinery, imeh main intelligent farmers are beginei n ,
to deniand. There are to many 41 native features
Peculiar to this machine that *veep tooter
plating buying should examine one of thtne
purchasing. Wo —
like especially to hare Meru compared with
other machined that have beeseconsidered arm
Levi 8 . Budicem, of Caledonia:N. V:, Lae med
Alum 1861. cutting from ono to twe;hundreci awl trf•
ty awes each year, and Las not capended to meet
two dollars In repairs; and this was -for wadi oat ,
knife sections. • •
. "Hon. d. Q. Adams, Quincy, thee.. says :
:not afford, in my opinion, to use: any etbsr nada,.
than the Chimer. —
IL C. Wilcox , of - Whiteowood, Ithh„ mays oft
(flipper cut ten seres'in six hours and my turn
was not blown by any means.''. -
know whereof I speak In :regard to thew
chine's. having used ono on my. farm last 14.,2E,!).
an d.y .m y s so highly pleased with it. 1 acettted
agoncy for eastern Bradfr.i.l met ports of pu,, p ,.
harm end Wyoming Cu s. 21r. iC S.ltand win gin.
his attention to the buslusan, and call on as ic acy
farmers wanting nmehlnet, as he eau ntarb. Order.
sent to me by Mall will be prOtoptly, aidemp,d tr,.
elm:dans sant if dealr&l.
Farmers wanting Tinllard's Flay tedder will le
suppled at manuflu:tun_r's prices. .
Spring Ifni. In.. April V, 1 WEJ.I.S..
Pants Gad Shirts, also Bey? and elnblnn'.,
Clothing, I. lies' Underclothing and bretfte
by Madam Ormsrgo, Marone& Block, second drAr
from the Elwell 'louse. SatlefoctrOn =nuked
Towanda,. April 21, IR7o—tf
Is nnW,Vl . ered VI re elie work in
D E S S-g A K IN`G
and otiier Sewing. Rooms at A. thrte.r',,
door west of C. W.-Smith's ator f ,, or y( Ls ,
tngton street. She feels conildent she ran pkay Lt
who favor her with their custom, mid do thur
on the shortest notice. Give her a all.
Towanda May 7, 1870—:)w • .
VOTICE.—This is to notify I.IIV cn
toniers that my Barbel. shop willlo-rafter-t,
closed on tht. Sabbath dsy. 11. F. FLMIIIT.,
April 20, 1870. Ward How Slop.
anNE:. in-.
The time has come ',skul alrobat ecery ramib: ran
atr i prd a Sewing Ilachtte. In selectitia;r.r,
imports= points to be considered are r.tfLret, t., get
a srthetzntial, rell.made maebite, our ke:r.lebel
ae kty Farts as pocAible..that it may wit nef-d cr:,-
stant .Ijustitrg,
NoNicxem 4, 1834
One ttutt ie nointo.ess and t.) operate, is za - ,1
desirsblo• Ittally, to get ono A 8 dEisailFed et a
moan expenee.
braces these importankpoints.
It is gong/meted on the prineiple of roraluning tL Ptrengt.h with the leaat friction. and the
smallest amount of inachinOry conatatant with the
'ppmr execution of the work ; producing a Laadaa.
petty simple . ~:allyt inntr,9,!. rnbfe a t-1 te.t L.
able to get out of repair,.
. It makes a strong and perfe,tly eListie set:noel : , h
will not rip or re rrethy weo.r. and cat,n ,, t br..;k:n
by stretching. "waeditag nr ironing; ran it 1.
pulled or worked apait. even n the stitches a-•
repeatedly cut or broken, and yet it can be nze 1
when 11(...eriSary withrtit te4:olia meet, of Mee,
injury to the Lacs:. gobde.
It will sear with rani and rapidity ran. 'y .f
u•Golen, linen end g 4.6•17, feint, the nneet t
the enaraeit, anti of any rot;ilred thliknese. ueehz
any kind of good thread.
- .
Tbe Mr.ching is Gated with a Patent
ficcheienl. Lich renders it impossible tore. it in
the Strong direction. TLis will commend itr,l: to
especially to tr,g!nnere.
For tint-bum, llemnuag. Tdnda.
Braiding, Frearniug, Finliroidering. Tuotinz.
Quilting and Gathering, theso Machines hair no
4.,ry Machine frilly warranted for cc.
For tstus. S. 11.:turi.DDY. No.:00(1,4
unt-Strect, ftgebt.
April 27, IBVI-2m
TISSOLUTION.--The copartner
ship beri-tafore tha eabionll-..
ors. under th , vaKlo of Liitig.-s: Kr .Asir is this
thy tti,..1,-.1 by mutual 0 L. libirier re•
trita4 tram the fain. M. 4. LONsi.
3Lly . I:. L. REELER
The nucetth d ureounes .4 the Lte firm will 1.
.arrantted by AL. J. 7.nitg. who will ecntitme 'the he
e:r.eits 4t the old btnntl. inthdded tar.
requted,..l to ;It, nt.m•
SALE—A :;0 horse bolter
_a_ st,:itlor=- 3 . , et: -tric aua g. 4,1 pn}lti
~:e‘rn bala,
year. App,y to 2T:ell:lel'
or :klathew 311..Carnen; Wthir torn,lni.. on Pax.,
4 naylB,'7:.
A -.
amt. every affectiOn fh , •
T 1111 A T LUNG SL t' it La:,
aro euettl:ly and - I , criata'aci:Cy er,.l kv. 4
OF _l% - J L D CIIE 11 I .
PL,,,, q ,pq
rin.t 1e.., Ow eau,c.,:e rept:,
1, ,, 11.4 ink! e.. - I,t •Ind
irri!fl:, - ,rl, /Las rcranrirg 11, ref., ri p r .llo.
by 11 ttnhfly ' t r this r•tandartl rvmLdr.
proved Lc huNaretl , I , cnveki In er
proirritturE. Ptepzir; aby SETH
=0!,1 by :1,11,r. guu.rally.
May 11, 1:.70.-1).,- . 2.n. •
PAI TN - ER:imp NoTicE. —The
JL . wad. rs;gne.l havpig- thernsolNeA h
gothir under tlw wage. of LIZ. 11. C. PORTED. SON
CO.I will carry o.n anA eortunotho Drug Imam,
at the nit phtro. oornor of nun stall...D:le ate.
As horr.t.of , ty.
peat 011.0. cat,• an .1 ctt, tittott
ii. C PfItTEII,
TA:D1....E11: 11.
HENRY C. 111RTElt.
ly 2,1,"
Ne... l —Proposais will In received by the board of
School Directors of tw1. , .01 District. shill
Saturday. May loth, 1670. for the crectbti and voim
pletion of a School buildinc in said district, similar
in constriction to No. 3. c:ass 3d. ou page 7S, Pens.
sylyania School Architwthre (materials to be weed.
to be completed by the first of No, embe.r. Mae
and specifications caul be welt at the e•f L P.
Forest, in the village Cl
Smithfield, nay 8..,ey of Sellool P. 6,
iv.. nun, In each Cnouty of the
State. to tra‘el nod take order,. by ~ a n,p!,, for
COFFEE.. and SFICF—S. To tont:Ale nen ,111'
Give a aalcrT or st , o to $l.OOO tt 3•••ar, abo, tr.od
ing and other c and a ri-axonalo..•
ion on saieli.
Irara, app:ications are .licited tr•ri
parties. References estlangtia. •J Apply to, of
drugs truntelliately, J.. PACKEIck CO-. •
. .
nt'ontinelital "
May - 3.15`.n-1t • 3.44
111,,Itnal,qiut a aiuglv man wisitia;t • /-r ,
the place. c.ircri; for Hale hitt Tavern stand, lu Wina•
hain tarp., with 2u acres- of land. Blactsmith
and. dwelling house thereon. Alg;ut 15. - w rea I!'
prow'. ;A good stand for the grocery bushier! , It
will be NC. O ,:tl cheap fur cash, nr n•asonablo
with good security. W.::.
West Windham. May 2, 1670._,..0,-*
,13ATCH_EN.—This well-bred Stor . k
-I_ Horse will stand at the Livery Stable
Luny & Sor-oxes, Towanda, Pa., from i.loi.da3 noon
to Saturday morning: and at Sheshoquin. Pa.. at the
farm of L. S. ICtngsbury, dnring, Saturday and WI ,
day forenoon. TERMS—S.IkI. 31onoy du , as so , u
se the mare is known to be with foal. Any lo're ti
having a mare insured, and parting with her bet , r ,
the time of foaling, will be held aecuntable for the
insurance. Pasture frmnbled for mares frees a th. ,
Mace at per month. . Alt sect& tit, awl
the owners risS. Pernor.r.E—Patcheu vas torld
'the relcbrated trotting stallion Geo. M. r,t...Lea,
by Cassius It. 'Clay, Le by 11 , 1n7 Clay , b'' by
Jackson, he by Young PANII34r. A. Th , ten
Patchen, was bnrock, grand dam
Towanda. April 21. 1870.--tf -'
fininbletoninh Ntiijor Ira in. wtiltt 3l,l
at the Liverylosios. la
Towanda, the CUallittg SellOCI, at $3O to
limite2 number.' rroninr.E—Nla,:ur
ah:h.e.rn, t'y Itystok lbw!,lehatlaii. 12.4 m ;'Y
l7ely 11:net Fr israti , l
1:1NtiS111: t. 501.011 N•
• Apill 21, 1570.--tt
-a: flu:: Flour, at C. 11. l'ATt-WS.
lla y 20.
Pl4 , .ter at liri.e Ship. l'il,n
rochin, Sim which all kiwis of Gra:11.110.o
taen 12 cmchangc.
]larch '7O.
cwELL 31111 Z.
_ _
rroTwon., .t reha. et
May Is. 1869. ' C. IL PATCIU.i
11.. T. lIEL3IbOLD
ED Viz.C l ll'7; 01 , ' ALL KIS r'S
ill 20 g 1 3.,
24 4 1,1
Arent el BrAdford Co.
k. Wt.-KV:ELL