Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, February 17, 1870, Image 2

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•—T?iirt; Wpiltor ;I,rdhu4 . vi
el:4, of Berks county is,
kittood: - •
.7:--.Ctbs'sbiniumfiwttmglAbldheth= .
—.Chicago him: opened-a German
blitz schooL• z
,: • •
—Wine-growing is onamsge4 in
-;-San Francisco' hornelesh is -dy
ing &pneumonia. ' •
—The Denver currency is half
Chinese coin.
—The snow is thirtj inches deep
in Wisconsin.
— . President Ginnt's father is just
fewrity-six years old.l
-- 7 Sleighing in the New Yotk Cen
tral Park has been lively.
1 --Beecher's sermons have been
pUblished in German at Berlin.
—Aggassiz Rims to Florida with
the c tlimey to fish for spocimeria. '
--fames Gordon Bennett Sr., is •
said t bo engaged un his autobiography.
—The Boston omnibuses have
come down to inners. ' •
—3leasels closed the schools in '
Yates rowdy, N. Y.
—Raphael Semmes retires from
lecturing, a failure in that line.
—Three hundred and fifty Ameri
can families arc in Broadest. . •.
—The New JerseyLifisfatgre pro
poses taxing dogs $2 s hes
—Cincinnati is to have 'a jubilee
next June, in imitation of Boston.
—The photographs of Victor Noir
Lannot be exposed for Iwo in Paris.
—The police, who should not give
thieves quarter, go halves with them.
: = —Ripe strawberries, fOur inches in
ei:tumferenee, are now plentiful in Texas.
lot of government land in
'isuss sold the other clay at thirteen acres for a
—The New York French "Rea
nepoblicans" are lo baye a banquet on the 23d..
—ln Cuba several Spanish gen
erals are trying to get on the other side of
Jordan. •
—Washington's birthday will be
celebrated in fine idyl° by the Americans in,
Paris. •
—Through dread of the workhouse
• Loudon pauper hanged himself. the -ether
—Anituportzutt discovery of iron
we has bt. , .en made within two miles of Lehigh
ton, Carbon County.
—A. musical entertainment was
g iven to the prisoners of the Massachusetts
State Prbiou.' •
—Boston, usually ahead in musi
cal matters, has the first hand organ to play
••Shoo Fly."
.--Toledo last year manufactured
,282,645 ponds and, Cincinnati 2,657,965
pounds of tobacco.
—A perfumery establishment is to
he erected un--Orange lake, ,Florida, Where
orange groves armed.
—The New Jersey Northern Rail
road Cornpaig is bald to hare purchased all the
dis , arded•Erte cars.
—Pierre Bonaparte, it is said, was
condenuled to death in tome in 1831, but his
crime is nut stated.
—Smile of the California papers
assert that the Chinese who come to this
eonntry are evaly concealed to Christianity.
—The State pollee force of 3101Rqq.-
chnsetta has been minded froni 150 to 63 men.
—A dispatch from San Francisco
on Saturday, states that a porfect stagnation
exists in ail departments of business in that
—The National Hotel at St. Jo
y:Th. was distroyed Orel on Saturday.
Loss $19,000.
—Patrick Barns; a brakeman on
the Boston and Albany railroad, was instantly
killed on Saturday near Chatham-village.
peace Conference, to settle the
differences between Spain and the South Amer
van Republics, is shortly to be fold in aah
--Vtla c , ,, for the National Capitol,
manufactured entirely of California. silk lems
been completed int:lan Franeisoo, and will anon
lee forwarded lo Washington.
—Saturday the weather through
ont Europe was intensely cold. 'At ;Paris the
thermometer indicated thirty degr*s below
the freezing point.
—A man named Waller, the jun
ior partner of the firm of Wilber h Co., at New
Orleans, absconded on Saturday with 1100,000.
—After the 15th of April next,
American silver, by order of the government,
will pass current in Camda at twenty per cent.
loss than its nominal value.
—The Chicago Common - Council
c mintit4e in (litre of the -water supply rec
ommend the extension of the lake tunnel tour
or five miles.
—Napoleon's exclusion of Papal
coin front the French dominions is not con-
Kid-red by the rope s very specious movement.
—The Venice Era Paolo Sarpi
Mak% that Pope Pius IX was once a 'Free Ma
son, having joined the coder at Philadelphia
when he was a Papal nuncio to this country.
—A valuable copper wine has been
recolitiv discovered in Union county, New Jer
sey. the rein is some eight the( across, and is
—The long English whiskers of an
Indiana engineer of 'a mill caught. in * shaft
revolving 600 times a minute, making a clean
shave for his fact. and a close shave fur his Ere.
—The failure of Halstead, Stiles
.' Co., imp:triers of woolen goods, in Now York,
was announced on Hsturday. Their liabilities
are reported at $320,000 and their meta at
—The assassin of _lsaac G-reen
.olath, at Havana on the 6th instant, has been
arrested, and /8 to ha - tried by a court martial
at om*. He belongs to one of the battalions of
oloopots. -
— . Ron. William Hay, of, Saratoga,
dropped dead's be was entering a church hist
Stunk:: evenin g in that city. . He was about
eighty years of ago. and well-known in former
ears as a leading member of the bar.
--The MorinctuTLwidature is the
first to give the sight of anlfrage to wonico. A.
law to this effect has just passed both branches
of the Logislatureatel the Ckrancil,stxt received
the signature of acting Governor Mann.
—ln Wisconsin prices of all kinds
of lumber have become firmer, and the demand
iA good, both for shipment and the retail trade.
Muniments from Cahkoeb average about twenty
eir4oadi.- &Br and the local retail trade is
better th ' aii laid month.
` l 7 - -The Pennsylvania Reserve•Asso
tiatioti will bold their - animal meeting at Lock
Haven on the 15th of May.
-=ln? the Erie' Cdurt of Common
Pleas lavt week, befbre Judge T ince nt. the
Jury gave a verdict in favor of Hovey
against the Atlautivf & (treat Wostoru railway
of 19,0 M for Injuries
• Alexander S. McClure, it iirre
p„,,rtecl, is about starting a daily paper in Phila
convention of iron masters
as held at Colombta last WCltik. They mom
raendod an increased duty of one dollar per ton
on pi . g Iron, and - three dollars per ton on bar
iron, rads. Wier pli4es, etc. ' •
--The Pennsylvania Pesee - Society
hu issued an address to the 'members of the
Mste urging, them to abandon "strikes."
—The tinatee' a . of the Philadelphia
(Jas Works hire Just reduced the prices to $l3O
per thossastd feet.
- —Twenty-seven tbOtusaad railroad
lanterns viers made and sold ty .one firm. at
Eneheater, N. N., 412 the last tourntanths.
- - -The small pox has appeared' it
Bethlehem and Ws or eight persons are saes ,
hag from this terrible disease. -
J0hri.,..,F.--Hartranft was
elected delegate at large at Pittsburg last week
to represent the Pennsylsania Depaittneat of
the si.A.l4 to the Nsikatal Eaeampmeat.•
_ .
--Twenty - 'iannliea • have
ut9red , from Stockton. the scene of the late
ntine.catastrciphe to Iluistost,.fearitel ot.their
lenses sinking. It is said that a general es- -
oda' is preparing. - Soren bodies are still bur
ied in file debris of the" matey ' tribe and
Waited *gain.
Towanda, Mushy, Feb. 17, 1870.
Under this capti2E - tthe Newark
Courier, always on to alert to min
isterixrthe lelietotthe-reatlawran
eyes .4%oinPlOling !,-Xleukawiwn,? „sp
marks : Since the adoption of .the
Fifteenth Amendment has become an
aotioinPlished tieu f andthe " degraded
thehallot,bor of his pale
er, we have been castin g about .for
some hallowed ground whereon the
feet of our inconsolable': Denlocpitip
friends might press . the riacredectil in
peace ;- some twilled .stmospiters,
tainted by odoriferous ezhehanis
.from the bodies , of the - iiesannienti
Of Ham, which mightbe,regelimi
out fear of poison ;. so me • aC1 4 11141
society of kindred spirits, , , whose
serene meditations 'should- be - inter
rupted by no poseibility,canikalt
Shade 4 of _deceasedand
whose inatutinal.hiaveragaa-might:
quailed. unmixed ' with the , bitter
draught of
," nigger equality.." . We
have supplicated . to , the "winged
Winds," end our inquiry intend been
in vain. Al last we are tempted to
exclaim—Eurekal' "In the bright
setting of the western sun the
auriferens regions Ot Montane •Where
the gentle "child of of natur" talus
his daily recreation and teccimpany
ing scalp-=where all day long may be
heard the pleasant sound of the pistol
and the bewie knife 7 -.where the cheer
fad howls of the lonely.cayote fill Alto
night with music, as they chant s re
quiem Over the graves of murderers
I tiling by vigilance committees--there,
there, in the rennet land, is the home
of your anti-amendment Democrat,
and there may herest secure from the
phantom of Afrierk rampant, America
couchant, and Democracy pendant.
In proof of this we need barely. men
tion the Lact.that the Legislature: of
that. Territory has passed a bill over
the Governor's veto; providing that
none but Missourians and those who
served three years in the rebel army
shall be eligible to office in Montana
by election or appointment. Now,
the negro mean enough to live under
such a government has not been , dis
coverid, and we advise the hear-bow
ed-down Democracy to emigrate
forthwith. Let them enter and pos
sess the laud ; and from the hospita
ble Democratic clime, and that in
tensely Democratic atmosphere, let
us fervently hope they will never re
turn to trouble anybody adore. •
A NEw Crry m Psosescr.—Mr. A.
T. Stewart, the New York Merchant
Prince, has' added a thousand acres
to his original purchase of 7,000 acres
of land in the town of Hepnistead, on
Long Island, which he is having sur
veyed and laid out for a future city.
The largest part of the improvement
will be between the village of Hemp
stead and Minueoja and west of the
hitter place for a distance of four miles.
This section is being laid out in ave
nues of eighty feet wide and about
eleven hundred feet apart. Each lot
is y) contain about au acre and a half
of ground, on which are to be built
houses setting seventy-five feet back
from the avenues. Trees have been
planted 'in large numbers, and the
roads and avenues are being graded
and graveled. A double track railway
is to be built, to connect with the
Long Island railroad,
.the route for
which is now being , surveyed. One
house to cost $9,000 has already been
commenced, and many others will
soon be built. ' The 'location is de
scribed as being delightful, and -it is
expected that .a few years hence Mr.
Stewart's at present ideal city will be
a visible reality.
aorThe Itocirsvonr revolution was,
it seems, but the affair of 8 day or
two. Fortunately but little blood
was shed, for which the government
deserves credit,. It is not ,too much
to say that a successful revolution
, in
- Paris is now an impossibility, unless
the troops affiliate with the 'people,
and that is not likely to occur at any
time, unless 'the people are more
unanimous than atpresent in desiring
a change, and are led by men' of a
very different stamp of
,eliaracter to
Henri Rochefort, who may do . .very
well as a journalist to support a -rev
olutionary movement, but is entirely
too' impilsive and violent to lead it.
This embryo revolution - ended, there
will be little further trouble in Paris
for sumo limo.
Mixtoo.—All doubt in ?removed
the fate of Mexico. The tuiforinnitie
country, is doomed tonnother bloody
civil* war, and even the *friends of
Janter adniit that the catastrophe
cannot_be averted. SiateS are
now in open insurie.ctlon,- and
Central Government is powerless.--
Juarez haX made ready for his depart
ure forr - Pirope,. laving Wiped
fortune in bullion there: : may
indepd expept, a reign ral4ar ol ii., in
that emhapploolintv, which. Awns
to us, in' never likely to be quiet
til the strong AtiglolAtleticti irin
rules it
vetoed themetropiditan e
has introduced siother Police Bill
which hopes he will meet the views of
thO Exectitkfk : ';
A bill hu4beatt - ',,repcirbidAil the
House initheriatiig'husband-usid . arife
to testify in divorce cases: - 'Mimi mui
to Prevent . Pol!gb4g out Pt*l Ca:
One of the main , points
Partioo;:lo!iiii*nkey. i 4lll ' l4l ` 7 ' 4
thole) reCeier"'tale
Numb* with I interest, by,pcseesiding
withinnix yam-
rrll7rln`" 6 l' 7 l7r7l7l - 1
S. W. ALT .•
We are not anilleientlf. skilled 'in II-
outtertopromummiresser...... s _
I.Appli . tbajnerits of the bill—bs it
certainly seems plausibks, and may,
if adopted by Congress, meet all the
expectations of its originator, which
'of epaudiilg the cluTertv without
incre x asing 'Waal nU be a
latge!eduction of interest ; that •the
,srui would sdapt iteikAo,tba,
to* of bkuitiqiel.ion
'42 t * 4l6 ** i iiNl in o l : l2/4
.*.**4 40 1 i.t*F e tould-lio
in°o4l/443Mi as them '4*iild'**
continnedlind standing iiidneement
to invest in bonds wheneest thapref
its the "tee_blieete d- , tel e i* ee .,
lied 4 be /dee thin the i d te req they
'crania earn *bomb. The following
iithe bill
'S •
pe it enacted byihe nateanif Muse
of Reptesentatives if the Mated Safes
of America in Congreet asserntied. i 4-7 1
That the /Jeeretext .
of tit ! • Ifrea l
be, aid i
he s here y,lnitboritied en
directed'W issue on the *edit of.the
United States Such innonnt i ser be
=Omary to eaiiy out the lir° ens
of this act, not ctiim' one hundred I
dollari of 'United States
notes not bearing interest ; pajable
to the bearer at the t o of ' the
miitea States, eta of such ; denomina=
tiops as be may demi evaient, net
less Ohm five dollars each; and 'such
notes herein authorized shall be 're
ceivable inpayment of taxes, internal
duties, excises,
,debbi, and dehiands
of every kind due to the trnita States,
except.duties on imycirbi, Atia which
notes shall have indorsed thereon
that they are receivable in payment
as abOve stated, Wand that they are
convertible, at their face 'hike st the
option of the holder, into the bonded
interest-bearing loan of the United
States, at the market value thereof,
when presented in sums not less than
one,,thousand dollars or any 'multiple
of one thousand, at the office'of the
Treasurer of the United State.
Sec. 2. And be it further' enacted,
That any holder of any of the bonded
loan ce the United States shall be en
titled, on primentation of any such
bend or bonds, at the office, of Abe
treasurer of the United States in
Washimiton, or at the office of the
assistant treasurer in New York, in
any, sum not less , than one thousand
dollars or any multipleof one thous=
and, to exchange the same at their
market value, which shall be deter
mined if necessary by the Secretary
of the Treamny, and to receive 'there
for from such treasurer or assistant
treasurer, who is hereby required to
deliver to such holder, a like amount
at'their face value, to the notes au- I
thorized by the first section of this
act, and which bonds shall not be re
issued, but shall_be held subject to I
such disposition as other bonds of the
United States redeemed or paid.
SEC.. 3. And be it further enacted,
That the Treasurer of the United
States, in , Washington, or the assist
ant treasurer in New 'York, shall, and ,
he is hereby required, on demand, at
the Mime of the Treamrer of "the 'I
United States, in Washington, or at
the-office of the assistant treasurer in
New York, by any holder of the notes
authorized by the first sectioh of this
act, when presented in sums not less
than one; thousand dollars, - or, any
multiple of one thousand, to , redeem
and exchange , the same, and to deliv- I
er to such holder an equivalent
amount in one or more bonds of the
interest-bearing loan of the United
States now authorized, or which may
ha hereafter authorized by law, at the
market value thereof, to be determin
ed, when necessary, as aforesaid ; and
the Secretary of the Treasury shall
determine what bonds of the author
ized loari of the United_fitatea shall
be thusexchanged.
Szc. 4. And be itfurther enacted, de.,
That the Treasurer of the United'
States, in Washington, and the waist
ant treasurer in New York shall, from
time to time, -exchange the notes
herein authorised for bonds, or bonds
for,notes, as the same shall be from
time to time respectively demanded
under the provisions of this act, until ,
otherwise vided by law, ; and any
fractional • creme between the value
of bonds and notes shall be paid in
lawful money.. And the Secretary of
the Tremeny shall - cause to be kept
a separate account of the notes and
bonds from time to time issued and
exchanged under- the proviziona ; of
this act, and shall make monthly :
ports thereof, which shall be publish
ed with:the monthly statement of the
'the Arctic
explorer, PnblPse% i t 13 9Pnw• t° 44°
a new three jams' eipedition, or one
Longer; if ireeetisary, to the regions. of
the -N441,;/14.-
two.vessel,- each O a n d
manned by twelia persons, and ex
presses. a determination to live- ipon
raw =eat and tram oil for the length
ef,time Orient. He 48' . 041:44
invouni bujelairaoxi,C6Agremi
for an appropriation omassist him in
idaproject.,, Beyond making himself
"Sotorbrusan4 foetelririg an ambitiOn
th4leade, him is that direction s `.w
know of na benefit that, is - to accrue
to any one by these, repeated knock:
ings at the Imam doors at ths north.
Whether or not there - iS an open Po
lar Sea, is simply a matter of onriosi
ty-,,and the 'fait of its .
,existence or
. l i° 3 l"°:ivOiad * 41 4 1 4 1-
.i4g, WOO 1 4 11 7 - be l 4lQ l ,7Or Nit;
Mastic& of ; the geographer: The
NortlOVegt: passage, mat °myth'-of
the ineleitairigator I 'es-en if it oil*
must, Sq,e,*° At; 4, -044 #/d
auger tbet for. esnimereistlorAmy
other purpose, :it .limild6be - of no
it4tilatli4 . #l ll dito l o°44••
pegs with wgat 14.04ata sittl4f sl 4o
can be transported to the Week-sad
thong of-the Weetar t= to VW` Bast,
*- t* Y•! !"llrao4 o. ;4 4 *ii y 'idtb
the eefeel***ll-i*es7,oloted
-tigS iltieltelY4 l 4 l i‘frOl
tic= Por aharg o time, areasiteethe
reelafidia aidirfitotWeeiairpadithiit
t ieP44: 112.111 '4oo3ifini:4-
- . ,
the-Trutaes and &verblteadaat gr.f,
the State Aseneto l l9. l o4:we !e
that oi Ist, - 1869, die
ber of pitie*lii
ted cluring.#o Yeer4-2i:nieless .10$1
booths, 109AiEllitiONVAkiiing t
4 61. 4 150 ; 6 18 63 18 06 1 4e1ek 85 hi
1/144 ; ', 0 1 0 140 :4' 4 1) r : 40 : 14 ;
4.10 ; g4wri i 41 0.445 - 0 . 4
- - The augiber. • the Sea.
0 4 .41*! 1 , 1 4.; N t*i:
ii,4 0 0 1 *.—P 312 04 . 1*,,
tifellthout is ,itoe
of the rat wee" 568, - sod , the- daily
aver a ge was 896 : 1 x-a :i•ir:::>.-
• eir
commul kturinuidted, muni
eithkdollais and verptreightisizeti
($91. 488 78) !lad thit ezimd4ereS
111 0 1 :€1* 11 140 . 1**9' - iiici**/
fifty. 44* 49 110 0
Sweeten' I,eents.(slll,Bs4l 17a; hair.
)elatitai in the: treanry of serial
4 5 •11#6 -_acat t = one cents
019 . , 60 ,- •
f, ~,,,,
twiieve thatt,an apF9r
'dation , of-terenty-thoniand dollars
for the support of 'the Hospital , will
be sufficient 'to enable - them to meet
011 0 1 i 3 4432a* o f the c 03141,16,
• ,
weeSaufhtiTalß. l 6..,OO° of the coldest yg, hnowil forn9Ferid years.
In this, eitY•ana Ana vieintt, the iii
tensity of the. old. w!is, AutfietentlY
meshed; but, upon ,the vast plaiiis to
the northwantof U O 9 w. here the winds
have free scope, the eStreme
. ehange
in the atmosphere , was lemfoli, and
its .effect most disastrots• t Front
ROlnwt Cunningham„ special
pendent of the TON* (if*, whq
arrived, .the city Petards)" , we haFe
the particulars 9 ne.q.eraltntal-eastuil.
ties consequent upon the terrible rig
ors of that renwUble day.
At Fort Abercombiothe spirit ther:
moulder, in the ,marked
fray-five degresiolow um). ,Thro'-
out the day high, wind prevailed,
rendering exposure upon the open
prairi9 ,
endtatible.t9 human.
existence, and in a number, of cases
fattd"to life. , Pdward ,PoWers, s sol
dier ,neesitly discharged. - Iraqi the
Twentieth - tgnited
.States Intently,
had : stetted to go front Twin Lake*
to l'ort. Ahercombie, company
with a man named ; Junes _Downey.
When the
,two had arrived ; within
twonailes of. the Fort,. Powers, una
ble to go , further, laid down in the
snow,-telling his companion to go on
to the Fort tor. help. Downey suc
ceeded in reaching a house, where he
fell down iuselgade, hie, hinin being
partially ; frozdn, as the physicians
thought. It wits not until, bis recov
ery, after abont two, hours,, that he
gave information concerning Powers,
when several Men immediately•stad
ia...4l his relief. Oa arriving*, the
spot in the roud where Powers had
laid down he es found 'dead, .and
his body:the next-morning was , mov
ed to Pt. Aborcombie. ,
A. party of discharged . soldiers be
ing on their way from Fort Totten,
eoncituled to camp on the evening of
the 15th, when Corporal Blake; of
ConipaorlT, of, the Tenth Infantry,
and private Wieder, of. the same reg
iment„ and left the parr
ty to go ahead:to ,the next. After ,
traveling thirty-four miles, and at
about dusk, *yield down exhaust
ed in the roe& • Their ..coinpanion
owls on in search of amistance too'
mileefurilier,,to a point where, the
roads forked, and where an elk's head
.and horns, hakbeen elevated as n
sign Post.. , ,llncertiiin which - read to
follow,. the more then .61f-frozen
traveler beit a circular .path in the
snow About the , sigid . post,.ni whiCh
he walked and °ran until morning ;
onlikeeping himself from freeguig
by the most ;energetic and persever
ing exertions. After the awful night
had passed and , ha.was able to follow
the right course to the house for his
nnfortenate comrades,their careerhad
*do 'sed..They were,fonnd . in theinoW
where guiY had, ,laid , dein. Bide , by
"144 lint boleti , stiff. The. survivor
iras fearbillY,frozen sbOut lus hands
and feet.
The mail carrier for Fort. Ransom,
which between Fort. Abercomubie
and Fort Wadswortk had started for
. .4 1 .)erm'il# 6 `,93 ) Sa ri tY4r l .4g.
,o(ith 4 0 $' fFOlof , a l b! snrugi
without the, mtut, assarch *M I
14404„ttn(1,11e T artw :found dead, in, !a
snow bank,,acitiiiil;, miles from ,a ny
Several of biolgorolo4B
wq,°,Pidc°4 ll l 6l .i diffOo s of !Po* giv
ing ris e to, the , sup ! :cup that the
hdoloarifOrs:ohor,..r4iiirtion the
his,dowt, , had "thougitt to .I,facilitate
loconotion : by' divest - ang "hinnielf „Of
the.heaviei, portion of i clothing,
arid.that,: chilled and ealuinsted; he
had finally ikiiindurid aid sink amen
on the snow drift which ^olive& his
*limey's end:, Mr. Ciunntighaniiss
unable to give us the , name of this
Pletitn..7 7 •Tite 8., ?A n t Prom
As* li:Kuviee— The Nei Yo rk ice
Were/ who*CUS* l 4/7; sources -Of
.sapply 'UM failed.thno far this. win:
ter, are anshinsly casting abmat to
see *here the - next 'o4immeria stock
is to come from, and are apprehen*
ive that they wilHiave to resort to
°made for the iridispinsi 6 lo' 4 **,
line: -'l3eOnts'inivelle# sent:Mit' hy
the (MonttilacerbM i
*lt} eitu3t 'canditiotrpf all
.nom min York Ifei 4
.whidi' Oaii be
Anita ri3course Vi'Britisli'fAkm3rtea
inky be aiiiided:' Elhotdd tiMpreserit
hold weather 'the . prablein
inatdd - *By solved.- 1 miiy"be
4fitioad by.:uMy thatireimine can
alsayi-bi had 'to their aniiiietnrainf
t,`;rThti grist
caeHnfignia'=of a inn( tinting' Carne
=Watt of the ileseii iii 9n
Nair OriemM' 'vault ha'll2s,Y
gold. This would Keparei 9oi
btitt two*
.tank of sofOcial 6 7%. itif*lwhuuni
'Than - Ike irniihtbe,:o4 . ,.'...!tims:
The brcury-iota& firerreer
. !J o 9 l mpsts***Viatyl*Cilitici
ithiiprepare it in Nair Orhanii give
*PA !" thec°llS'"4lle9lt, at
SW . ' ' ".'7l
Wg tiie Unfitness Of hisooitdition;be
itrthittiiiklatitiltithiiiiiiietifit to
oletwdoconaissi:ol-Ithom4 41 . 3 .1 11 * ex".
e itt ° 412
unike,ribeastiktnel visitit - to c - i i any
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itta other
whoti*Anippoim Via,Oti
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se `- tip tit'effaisi in t6fis itentthi
inrifiettirried hin - riatittilatid. , ;
tHa=tiitiint j>bis';eutiein bad 'been
iniitTindttilitLtniti ; lnitnetr-MIWIL
Mittel; erittlitieteOnh4 'heti Oirleakin
to this littinittir entnekeiel• While
The:Hitter deriedited-theOenter tatt
Otitis money" Ile* bank - ntl Stattoo,
endiOtti portiOn'Of ithe Winder
pritolitteedn - hintse hißreineteithere
irisibitition Wilathereround
hitifliiiiididlirilerid heti I fftliiP,M lo 4
', a
ineitattre frinstiated the 'destgri.• He;
tocirthe Inothei tellietifted
and was pteparinglo'eome"Ont -for
the *nbetilkettoretieWagi4 Viten,
strings iri rii
d theothl
er Were l istittulted iritheieottii Wu*
and 'ithey
died within three days. He had left
ii=will which'begriesthed hit's - retie:Ay
to his ettrisin and'. hie mother coin
lOintlY, brit the &nth Of the • tnother
eft,Mre. Nrihey sole'heiresi.
'The murder; which is itill'ntlef
gotng4efiti atio'' at' p,'
iditonded in myeteifirdil the' death
of a s German Wonritit . at the
Wairrs Islandlfosnitid, in N t ew Terk;
whit, upon,her death-bedmade a ethi
fesidon; : acknowledging herself t 6
liavetteeiatitteiestiory tOlhorintraer,
and - 01 , 44**h 'an Seeinint:ef it`ris
led'to the arreet of erii"igrante
on"their arrival at Caso Garden not
loa since.
Mr. and Mis. suw, wtio, *hue in
tins' country, , were residents of '
ark, Where they'weie supported" by
Nu i s daily labor; Dave gone Intel
to GermanY to settle.. up the estitte,
when, it'is their intention ,to'
to this wintry and settle inNewnik.
--LNetoierk (N. Register.
_ Acrun4a Tns Rio= Dineeno;;.- 7
The Board of Trustees of the Agrieul-
Wal ColletT 'Of Pennsylvania at their
,meeting, On_the 11th day of lan
nary, 1870, passed ii "relk!intion in .
which, not only the farmer, :but: all
who need food :and raiment are inter
ested: "We therefere give a copy of
the ;preamble and resolution's.
Wivus, In Matt cd: the frequent
, , ,
and increasing impositions upon the
farmer's community,
,by, the sale of
worthless artificial fertilizers awl the
exceeding importance of aidingin the
introduction And use of the very best
arti4es, bY a!lbielk4 l 43 t 9 t4e- test of
acttud esperiment,-. the , Agriimltural
Qollege of Peal* lyar4 has,. at, the
instance of the Pennsylvania State
griculturalA3964tY, undertaken ap
plicationsnf said tests upon the three
several experiMental farms connectol
.with that institution. .
Axe WHEREAS, Intim langumze of
the Professor of Agrict4ture :," There
is no, reliable and' certain test of the
value of any fertilizer except the use
of it and no•other on the same identi
cal-plot. through a series of crops.",—
Resolved, - That" the ,Prefessor of 4-
riculture be and is hereby authorized
and ; directed to, have one or more
Pluto upon each of t h e,. first lien; of
plots, commencing •at 27,127, 221,
327, and 427, "respectively devoted to
every fertilizer .presentod by the Man
ufacturers thereof. Provided, howevr,
er, that in order , to secure -the benefit
of this test, •the.. manufacturer must"
'Present fertilizers of his, own maim
lecture to the salve of not less than
fiftyrtive &liars at his ordinary selling
prices,, md transmit the same, at the
cost of the college in'such quantities
as the Professor of Agriculture- shall
direct by rail to the- , Superintendent
upouthe reSpeativefanna • •,
• --Sold listate for Sale. .
valuable Wat e r
'Power. with aboO 'and bonne. with 3: acre of
laintstor used for general Naelptanitldng scrooges.
Loottion good.- Power la permanent and free from
IT high water. ' A-go odhome lomtitm for maim.
fartarin gunroom. 'Alma and of an acre
of land, with bariVaMl frail.. Tams made easr.
Per further paritealara inantro of tho. subscriber
'on Ma prennoww. or
GEO. T._MUM Ignig.
• fibnderwi '- ' •-• • - ' , Deadfall .q.r; Pa.
.A.FBALECRUP.IitaiIo ill•Braith alte
aigood-olforo foe_sap : Ofseap a vod, BoolavEauf.
- Medi aadidiebnatOrahop, orft I% scrag
.af lalaa..obrogiod WOW traSitara; and :aasidTof
goo trees daereoa., rproparat fa ,located
to Ithealavdo towtaddak,' Bradford county. - ra..
4:111 tha.tiver road. , arid Baer a good .aoboal sod
church. Posaai ten; Immofttely: .For
ther,partleulars of the ropr.' 0: w.
;Wand. 'la, .1" deral Worts. Or Wm.
9 7. 44 1 9 a14, 4 Pa. c. 9. W:VPIcENT.
WIABE . Aarni with
to' Pit ` tor it: 'A re
serndltaaber lot: an: two. Nam Ltattla haft In
awes. Itseh nattll,..teith .buenteat. li onse
outtnounis, two' otaims (rammer two 'hewn.
Uhl Ilte4.:Jittaatt. tat2gwalk.,Oinnect; wren talks
from Owego.. Sernta may. It not sold .ban will!,
Tented to wpm*, -that' will. World the Wood and
!anthem .% Wotan grogettetalew - 111 Fee
etitetkolanaddees s. a
9 : 11W1x.1. Mk; , .111kaatern,
We offer ler sielstii , lirri >itindied `good /WWI
and PLAMTAIMPAM in 014 iii; and do Carolines
well located and healthy, nom with good invrovei.
WasteteMid antgalated«arbliti *OM OM wardiasp.
and on airy Was" • • The prices mos hone
Fifteen &Uri per aers;and twee rAtwill VOIMI than
poyiler the toga of tote pelperty, Mitwilitdre par- •
dams to patMowe hero who bate bought ot , =
in the past ibw InontluNissid are oared an
of ovarlinnsir coati particeitandarniebettoa
is.. lhidicat.".,_Watro pow; phoitiking colony :d
te go OMB 'nett *tag.- 'A' good
- 7.0pp1i7070 all lota atbleni plateltig
party, wfil visit the -south the Of estuary
vellirotate Von goatlegoosa
at hong applytng
nen& fahao arm of driAotneaSine. Oak. Ca and - Cypras thnber on navigation"at &Dui la 50
to $5 2 01 0 4 arm Ten= easy and all titles gingsa•
Dealers tit Mad testate, tit irshant amt. '.
*Mai id the tietie, the mfriblii reit mate al
0 40MEa t. declONdreill bead* a
euethan on Me imeMme, oa ZIMUIDAY. YABCIi
10,111711 IbMilem iefromakiteny
oa'the bsek&al thi ensguehmum Mtn, And on the
111.111/ mid leading 'from Ibminds - to Atheas.fri
Imbessilommidp, mad angslis, no am* lid*
stmet,9o mree pada good frogegremed.
'on lfri4tpdamytifr toed tempeditenng bowie,
ag o odoesbantsatirtlise fruit
*eft The bon Is eviheade otm sad M men alegg.
ed leekiimft ibir
'oleo: >ra p S ion verpoiriC , Tenns vale
• "PP*"
m= r ,n, 3*,25.
, .
stwiusa.—, antonibaliagriim
110siniirrProtitaillistedliniiiidirtireft Ova&
. 0 044WatifiltNOM Aid (=Ws
ihreilkosidredusm tweertfr acne =galie& desist&
4dl4l:6llmtev litifereltdmikeeltribuiNLlO! metal
-11101 IC S Vlthei nli tahilik i"GI VIII==
1 00 1 11 , 11•01 10 1 4. 4... 1 11.
07 1411", em I 1k
.. _4l= jwar A VII I %
. 1.
11114011wismamiss. Es. - 40111ditiast
,lihrautirpa t Fifßirs7lo9o6.,-DulhlitArt.Bbiab*
• '4 . • ,1P
sM/ 610-417 * i
1 - 41 — tasuis - eitilitaar.—llimatlO m.: toner a
ale es sae.soare as lbs.;lbmßeelkolisat
be.. Itatiattlbs.B Deas.lMs447llalareasd
lba i bad 44 lbs4Ddel 114•Orm. soknoN a
IDdstAppift Itii:IFIL1140111111116:
;1 -- J.,fit.i:,"l sr.
;:jr, • .
'lA t ,•:',.."
..e9*YENIAN'4'IIa> , EVEiIar , on.
1,1-1; rh, 7rit star "3-04
..,-141.1.30c .114
73{2; i ;Ott
! :1141HILIMEIM. 1 '
wk ., l 4,11.
Mairsiel Mak Zoosisat winery. At
my useful ant .emainente: U *an Vagid
Dab say able istrisralutre ot UM lame ant
ids ..117 on>priftipsir roadams,Dakeii
.3.00. • • • Dbl:l6mt
W.KIEJAEIir - , 1'
1 ."0
.-111 4 LEW,131) , 111:.:Y Altp I , ll' '
Tea hakrurratthil Zt st]ioaiaafistoeah
, t l,O l ti t
pp. father wilco :
n,*1 111 ":=W ) •ti
0,741. 2... ,.
ormizlles. 3 awl 4 . ; Wild. .
;4 42( 1 1 P 61. 1 .... f !.••••/•••• ;•• 6 60 .
" The t Oinalle4o7
&Mid* Cloatutt/tita the Butocittlballi t
Pat tt0n...35 60110 Oh, Writ dm aiming in... 110 eta.,
_ o
.45 as
4 4 N. ~e sa •:
cure IrtniTylock; De Odlera: °Y ro. • 0r°4r2.1 Fruit
i be a s r l3r 4f r . I al". ißalkfane. P 4, ,e4 011 9 3 a1. 03,33
,Towitt4ro,p4„ 11: 1111:13X8.
: •
...A•tergs - tshik of wirer*? Teas; coealathig off
yomol'airsoN; , • • •
" - • GUNPOWDER, " •
, ' ' • -
" JAPAN '¢lD
A. 1,1 .4. 3:
• 4 1 1, V4 - •. - A: 4 S -
Jai* reeelusi whici'oirA T powia. ismi
cheat, very cheap . snit 'aratrinited: to 'eve 'satisfac
This Teases !wisest. Ceti iridice. •
• • •• • • wigs , * Knits.
Alto ti 11111 lotOttment of "
Ttorit; FEED,- • •
•• - :IsrEAL,'&e.; y•
WliicL anitvlll len stptior's to Nutt thOttineig.
Mak Z 1870-2ut -LONG ik KEELER.
- '
c 4, -
Z A ~,
Ey • ' •
1:4 - X CO • ,
A • x.
ks • • •
urllo`g. ‘,ariocou
4ni Ohl iU niter.
The very beet qualities of
BLAos, BROWN, & Scoicu
kit icalitrfety o! the !nod popn.
.T11,1'7.: •:.--.. 1. - :-:,7Li - : • _
s %: Y:~. ~l ti
• • • - E 6,1:.::•
ausesst awtdesorie*Erl,
-• J fr •
COMMON' 'CLAY.' •••••
tilted& pm Ito tap.
Wigs the Teats el dealers. this
alkd (tante,
`WitOtESALE iTICES; Dec. 3. al op.
• .; •-.
yam yoR • sAiLik.rittuit,4l•
• 2.7 Amami tomato; aridhrd ea; 'else
bow Seadaira 4: pd
LIU *Wa d. mei. avow
thirty:llva improtelk utal goesinuenv iadziona
ovelardilievecie. Via msWed eat piseimillyfillixe.
ated. For lave: WmleW L .tultdt! k aa Pil
I aid Levi Obi* peistimee -4 -4 -4 , - 1 ' •
• issolicit Uri di book motifs
oubit bkielUedbilbilribo kit day ofTebautiVar
Olibmibmi.:: Mier thatoszebn*
.b• cowirdid swan Qs Ann item of lllo-
wan' t 00, At* ladiry est; MIL -
JO= muumuu. .
• . at onnttliimelts- ,
h . Colatiqs.
;FRuirt , , mps vyAit,
„ -
'54 1 1074 , 04i: 0,11 vlicc4lM 4,1111.
THAT fitLigifitiTEDlNELP
inf o ropr. at . ikliti"11111,
i, 4 .
_.porcesuowirtic-frfroowita& •,n)
' 4441414 M 1 , doWilie Ir
_ .
• ,
' .
The largest ana
• -.4,
sortment of goods in this line ever
offered in
~ , .
We call special attention to our
stock 0f.14 (Lso
MEW • BOYS'. ,
, :.,..,...-...-:.,.,.. ~,,. 2r,•;;; ...r. ~.....,
. J # 2,3 4 . 4i . j0hi v......i ii 0 i 1 i ,-„, ; ,.
n....J.,.. i t ,..., .Ot t
f ,, , ,trt f , ........„• ~%- i rliq ;5.4.1. iq ; -.,
gitigkv.,:itillitirliANTi'r ,WOBJE7
. • -0 r
1 741 41M
in Go
Serge, CaTor' Batt
15 - 4.14.1.:4itii =.l 7f i
Atall times en.stomeni. will find
our 'suisottingint of pods, `
ti ~tS • -
in this market and the prices at the
lowest figures:.
)Ire offer in Oft
,au tuiuiluilly attractive stiwk - of
'7's.vintx,No POs.',urricitutti;&9,
We' i'XAl:ltile 7 iittention •of Horse-
Men b:liimuw variety of
find Team Hairless,
::: 9 0 ( Ye l 'iPridlea;Ph4 11( des
NVilifog 'tin(lltotieft.
- 341 1 .0.*43 , ,` over
siioOtdre, Wid is:in,strau times
be • ertooked •'•with ell •
knigint; tathe Harness trafle. Any
thi4 iii the line :wiliTi;e'' ilitie ilizi..'
8110 4 12 94 00 and by expenenew 48:
dimki v;ol*el►.
Oct. 13, 1t169.
B 1 ,1 1 : Y Y E A R:l3--
MOH,: *.the *Wog and putopc ineeelattot of
the era • .
MOIsTI I .4fTYMS . ,
Tn i l " x 4 t.141° and Fa",
do elliont sasottment:cf
! Sk,;.'.tli ) e':gf,,,. '
bIiOdORY Aki puss WAS,
111.11 M
E.l ~lia,~ 'ii,,, ~ Y'F v
; , :p.1:....,, --- ..„1,:;-, 1., :
•, } ? 31 ! 1 :4 1 MR 1, ,J k.•:,
t . '. - ) . i
‘ . .1 ' frii 07 11 4) 0..F1411LE 8 ..
: - ' •-. .:4 ~ ..-L !.- , ' ". l':: 'li't:• - , '
::;-:-?, ii.
SEELY! Ani.utetsav atzurvAnz. ,
• -
' pworom xitia
- '' '
1 J''^
- ;„ 417011
L+. Y4fth I3tOTHIENG:
1 -, :.! , BOOT1E1 ;AIM ..SHONS-;
; - -
• .
To* Vallsea - and Traveling Saga.
4 -1, • -
ems AI .
D llNSliiqualt i aaa tefra
%If; :17:i • 7'l; , . ',... t':::.
..'"S'ait tied:cid. vie dessitY',
„X4PF,C 4 7,;:17 _17.44-111
frfq . " ; :;•i•
110•11f,1-0-3.2."0 as
ti lowa soak et awas utaztaitank - nrisifis.
S u rel-tbisi side of New, Tack city. Tne ;antic. Ate
• itrtietionellindenendseg.
Allier- • ISM ;I.‘ • aminr ti
f.- ~ ..~:~. .:, U~ «x.
o*anda is no
'cc-latest isnar' blest , popakir
;. •
m t i5 15 .,•4„..,-
IdidVansannes - Shoes,
14 *I r 0 1 '.'. 111 4 10c1,
41 0 9_1113
in 'll/R4les—own innton,
cO 27 A g2BSWEIIe4
'~_.lli ~.=ik77
la r a,
i , e
r t"
kibthiltaiten.l l :da ,
f' 'S' t
~; ~.
,4ussell & Cos.
We invite . attention to Anvil&ls
a 7'• : iiersarnor
I enythtn g•of the kind befoze offered.
It is so consbrull
tutiaa - ot
iro •-
knife win en long or snort % an
rr . ,(14 I • -
feeds without . trouble.: Call - and see
17, 1 1'.1.41.: ( Y1 i
orsend fin a eiretdat ' s. , We c&o lamp
‘''',.:.4.3 - 7(10:;:',X,:t1k4. (- : -, 'z.. ..? !i - '
. : 77:
t .i. q s:- ,-: ..
b0P1.N.02,.-titEilta *, .', l :,' , l;,, , o
. ,
tinuelo:Hell the ;;
El. rA S H 0 W.E 1 1 7 IN Ai
•- M A C4gi E!
Aber havingadd and tested these
muchbiee for the past" yeir; they 'feel
justified in for em a
justified : th
degtei of perfection' which is no
eicelleil if pien - txittilea- byany other
known machine. Mr. J. P; Calver
will. , pit. np these machines for a
ratumable-trial•• at any. point where
jades Wißlrto pmfisse
zn. . -
. .
Fl 4
• ,
. -I4
1 • -
0 1 •
a, 4;
z , 5 .. ---4
• ;04 -4 e v 2
.34 -- !,
frl A i 4 4
0 v. !
• 1 *. 4
. . '".•
0 -
.• • •
• 5 •
• ...,. -
•g: • •
. .
. . •ti
AND -curnts
it-„ ,- •.• .
I,2*E:7r, ispaz?. Dun; AND • PLASTER.
Cothl tog ~ Russell's* Co.
towanoi. ion. 23, IVO
evt . the
isitiswww, m
. . .
. . .
-Aarniamws upprrainseve com a .
The tituiere WM iewt.
'fßabeefs* keseil the Coetirese am
Leek he the ries Ba
iff llb4" 1 1,11jus ink led .
a wag omaiamie mil Office own! pre ttuim
am, to the eithees of To am
te• with the ditiereet kinds mod sties otthe sun,.
=mid coda opon Um most rraecroshla terms in sor
Wean". itemised- . Pekes et the Yard u iart4i.
notice - -
it to
Smell Egg •
Barclay!' Lump . : ........... ........
Bun ........ ......... '
rine or ...... ........ 3 SD
........... 3 re
...Tim following additional thaeXe wilt b e , •
delivering Coal within the bN-0.2,3h "
Halfper cuts. ?Nero for carrying in, u
." -
oar Orders may tw leftit t e YaZd, ,wArr of goad and Elizabeth Streets. of at if : C. D r ."l l ' J "
Si g,„ "°. 04era Mut in all tateebe umenpare,4
the cub. WARA t LIB,
Towanda. ICor. 1, 180-I.f.
---- -
-. a new and complete siaaartusent of -
ill A. ' Rd W A z
bar row and vt - t, to th A po ,
'kat pdass that defy cvnitpetttiun.. Auy oft ,
of Stoves can And with us the latest iniptoT u Z
and moat detdrable..ol7lvi• . Our Cott Mot:,
AMERICAN IMPROVED, is aelruovredg,4
era and tie -publie In- genand, to be superior ill ty.
lug end euebat quiithee, to anything- nov c trot
ket, We have •
- Cairmyrra's „ Tanta.
!feast Snore AND Nana,
Buis, Hou.cs
Gi ve n o a c i a We are prepared to mama Ito
that weenn sell as ellesP.. +Ltd a little•eheapir,
Jay other plate In the county.
. .„
Canton,' Jan. 12, 1870
The ILeiding
Tug Angarcin ,-Srocx Jornvat.—h froeeo
tmosably,contahaing 32 large double column
devoted toi Farming and Stock
regular departments for the Practical Fanccr.o--'
man. Stock Breeder. Woes Chimer*, AIM
Keeper, kc..-2.c., Am.. Illustrated 'oath nuentroesi ut -
Engravings and bound In handudoely
Harmers will dud in this monthly a vet,- cgc,..,
aid In all the departments' of Farmice tad beak
-Breeding. It has a Veterlnary hepartuirstater
the charge of one of the ablest Protewni, tt ,
Muted States. alio ZIISICern through Ile ketch:.
free of charge. all questons relatan , to Seri, Ic.'lceC
or Dbr.aed Horses. Cattle, Sheep, Sent or 1, tft
Thus every Subscriber has a Iloree and Cattle
at free.
We are now prepared to otter the Au Enzcta an),
ZOLIMAL az a/rec . gift - for one year, to alb e
Um (or renewals) to March tint, whd
inurediatety and pay s2(n advance, ~
portunity which the ir.tellinent people eters
no doubt duly appreciate.. Hand In yr,u,
acriptiona for the lizeozerati at t , nct art THE
&rota JOURNAL free for one ye-mi..
streauiv being offered at
C 0 W LL &;:11YER
at prices that cannot fail to satl.ry all that 1147 et
determined not to be undersold by any one rt, i
bare enlarged their Store by building so u e rt
now time room for the fresh supplies that ire
received by them. They hare eor,met,
dote a Market where they Dow keep fresh triers:
sell by the gustier or piece, sod a All
aeries and rrovialone, to which rnsy would etid the
attention of all cash buyer,. tome and ext/unt e
Goods and Prick-a, before purehasom ,riot,
yourselves. We guarentee all goods to taw tuts
asthafaction. We era Manila] to cur e.ret•ir..rsn r
their past liberal patronage and to;hs,t c connate&
of the mute. coWELI. k 3111.1.
' Dee. 20, 1800, •
_ _
. _
How C 2ll any rem in tnanufaeture on,f,t awry.
and sail 11 at 15 cents 4 pound, when eut,tre.,e,ef,
16 mita at the 'Settnety. naldtas It it t , :r.tly a4t.-
How can any i t tglCr retail en•-L a :At
his caltetnent and have a eon.: e nee loaf of ta,.-o,
Now can any consumer expe:t to ',met,. purr
Cenfectioncry twenty-fi:e awl atrty ;e7
pound, when a pure article cannot br r...autu.atu:
less than thirty to forty cents per pound, etnn,sts/
of cassia buds, Lurid. 'almsnde. and eu.±
Within a few dAya irk! I.l.lite Len ,ife: - ,,e.,,...:
buds, et..., for fifteen amts per pozina. &:“...,"....
late Creanis at. twenty cents. and the ant is ,
leilged that they were adultert.d' ten por ~:4, - ::...
;Terra Alba ; and it is fart that ton, of t!ne,Lez ,
etinfeetioerivare ;.a.sde autt 0011 m 0, c . ..0ril
erverryear, and the consumers are the -duly 1 , ;:!., , ,
injuredhy it. _
Nate. or Me !Kipp of Mt re elo • mis', a Pure,a,i, e.
of COP esliourrif, we will fe. 7r, •
:r lr . j e r•te. , ef ~
Mara art
Maure Strictly I 7ire awl Pre 401,1 rvery I.:,
Jient deldcriouxita health,
A. 111.P.T.
Store formerly ixnpit.,l by Johnt arloutt.)bulirr , ‘:
Towand2. October 21, lYG:).
Wu nave extended our Hues through to tWil,•:!'
N.V., and are now prepared to receive and turvel
money mid inerclAndize, and. collect note e,
cluv:los, with de:env:tell and at low raft:4.
Wo run: careful. eud esperirnord nu.sreil;:cr,
through between Philadelphia acd New Yo rl: aadN;.-
verly dally, erupt Sundays, ink - Wing juc tllo
prompt delivery.
irk, SPECIAL RATES will le: allowed ri-gn!ar
pera ofEntb:r and Eggs, and paitien!ar atest,i
given their proa;il deanery ira 4-1;/
i JOHN 5.1.11L11.
um. E. P.lllK,.t?ct. Supt.
Getkeeel OPACt —:t2o ellertErnt
Sept. t!'.., MO, •
KID.. • •
Shortent and moat drect line to Philadelphia, Bi
tinaorc, WashttigtOn:limd the South:
Peseengora by thl route take Pensayintra t
New York • Railroad train. passing Totsroli,at 9
make dope connection et Itethlehtis Inth Er
press train of. North Penn'a Itntinml, sal aern•
Philadelphia , at 8:25 P. 31.. in time to tak^' n~Fti,
trains either Tor the South or Wct.t.
Citypaaacnaosenot are at the Der.t eqtrnni
ill trains to convey passengers lo the VALTIII4
and to all parts of the city.
LeaseliNn:thPentVa ,•,rn , i Yelv
and Atuericau streets, at iti. L
krriving at Towanda 6:30 P. 31.. .au.
Mann Biggsge Fawrse coilecio aol dehro ,
gage, 0150+ No. 105 Sdath Fifth f t_Fhdri.7 = 1
ifttlilOßT ACCOMMOD kil•Wrn
' Freight received at Front and N.,bir pt, P&
delphia. and forwarded br Daily Faq Fre.gns
to Towanda. and - all point* to Nu! , i netratnra
with quick dirpateh. ELLIS CI. ;BRE ,
Gen. Ant. N. P. R. R.. Front and Irmo.- st..
Jan. 17.18711. 4. - Pcilatir!Pt
QrSFERS I FISH .1:01) CL.LW. ,
Each in their ecason
The oubtaiber■ will keg, cunowney
furl stock of
OysTEns, .Fpitt Am; Cuvs;
at wholesale and istull where parteN
plied n* reasonable rates. Mao a full toti 1 11- s"
cans:sting of
• . .
Market first cornii iouthoi Ward 11"4,... 114.n.g.
Towanda. Pa._.
5ep21.6.34ni . Br..kro
LIME ! ! I . I JIT! !
The nutleralou4 hereby anuounc,s to t
that he keeps constantly on hllll.l at hi/ Kit-%
tIICOIVNTOWN, a full .Papply frr biznor
NEW . YORK LIME, v.bich he sill ilesr 3 •
can be , bought at any upint along the Cala ] . .
Miry I . 111169-4 t. DAVID BRIAO.
- i••
Match 10, 1869. • LO.NO k SE.ELEIrn
LET MIME, at Mc:CABE k..i1170.
1. large or small quart:tee at
May 29.
- - - -
LWire. at c. B. YAMS.
May 20,. 1 --
- .
Fiat. Codtlelt and fferring• *
. • McCABE f: 315 - -
itew, ready lat of April ;
Iteb. McCABE ZS.
Preparation. at " C. B. PATCH -0 .
Hay 20. •
-- •- - --------- -
.IV_L Flab. Maelcinair Trrut. 'Ciaroes Piellel al
a"ked Salmon , Smoked Halibut. ani pried Beef. at
plEnCe . 1 / 4 TRIP?.
IL Tun
C. li.