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fradford Wpoda+,
9 69,.. Lost—a lady'a . fni cellar.. The
mier will be rewarded on leaving at th is one.
Ds- OM. enterprising townsman
11. M. WELLas, has establiabed a coal yard a
, :kinaces Eddy.
v€ 9,.. The Siisqliehanna Colleghite
ingitute win reopen with Ina= moans after
41:e holidays, on Holiday, ~Tannary S.
re' The rates of toll on the Bar
c.tay.roaa aro so high, that the Towanda Twi
ll:Ng Company 1121 their stock from this place
1 Greenwood with teams.
it 4/.. The ladies of the 31.. Church
a hold a reception at the Church Parlors len
til:. Wednesday) evening. Refreshments
provided. All are invited to attend.
W. A heavy fall of snow was ex
renenced hi this section on Saturday last, and
us prospect now is that we shall have fine
.1. ighing for the holidayi.
A DrrisioN of Sons of Tetapertuace,
Lab liiyeriburg, and one at
Both these divisions owe. their exis
to the efforts of Mr. PRATT, of Philadel
,l...a and Mr. lionsasSitowissarn,of Braithboro,
ts.„ The Republicaz&of Susque- -
i..,, couLty are to mectin Mention atldon
.. , .11 the 17th of January, for the purpose
, the Crawford county system of
11..m.nating county officers.
,NSTION.- - There will be a della
party at the Town Hall on Orwell Hill,
Ther,day evening, bee. 30, for the beneit of
tht s. F. COLT. All arc cordially invited
pi)f` COVELL & 111vEn have built an
„1.1.!1,.n t' their store, in which they now keep
'.,!zneetion with their Grocery Store, froth
of to order, poultry, vegetables, ground
1,1.,. Capt. A.YERS, one of the oldest
!:Actors on the Erie Road, who was
d about a year since, hns been reinstated,
o.ti v.1:I again enter upon the discharge of his
day. , ab,fit the first of January.
DM— WM. DELONG, son of Rev. Wm.
of Binghamton, was accidentally shot
Whitney's Poiuta few days since. Ho had
out gunning, and in getting into a sleigh
to w urn, struck his gun-lock against mama
th c, and the contents of the barrel—a charge
of --uas lodged in his forehead, causing
m0,•.. 1 ,:ite death. •
The vestry of Christ Church
•n‘, extended a call-to Rev. Wm. MeCtwerrsim
Ineoute Rector of the Parish. Mr. llIcG. has
suppl! the pulpit of the church for sec
al weeks past. lie is a young man of much
;Toads°. an able and earnest preacher, and
o..totily sympathizes with the evangelical
o.,octs 1,,f the Episcopal church.
Elegant new passenger and
• .•:1.4.• ears have just been placed upon the
b.•tween this place and Waverly. This
:ewe one of the finest appearing that runs
•be L.V.11.4„ and uo one on the road bet-
• .•rves a good train than Conductor
BILLY Wooow.tno, the faithful bag,gage
: .t, E. Is also (=Mundy worthy the,compli
:!.• • t iwstowed neon him by 'Superiutetldent
girmghim the best baggage car the
L. , ,lpanyhave. •
:-.IIL'EHANNA COUNTY.- —The Nation
?ll. 1. ,iN s fuai'llend, oyned antloccupiesl by
. (iitalos, Laid al,o embracing u miliner
;Muds store, and billiard room, was
.. on' 3b mday morning last. The building
•,.. :tt $20,003. The aindo atnotfnt of
;In. building and lintel furniture, is
E. F. SINUNS it: Co., who ocenpiod the
s 1 of the building as a store, wo arc in
... 1 saved a OA portion of their st,ek,
also -insured for airs. HAL
stook of millinery goods , was also insur 7
$71 . 10. Total amount insured by STEOTD
of this place, is $30,0*0. Whether
• ' r the loss or not, we have not yet
• —l. The fire is supposedlo have origina
a stove pipe in the centre of the build
. Democrat.
two weeks since Mrs. rowan'. G
• • u It engaged in washing some knives
1..1 been used by her husband in hutch
ru._ accidentally made a flesh wound in
in t ~f her hand about half an inch in
For a few days Mrs. 11. thought but
. too round, but it has.since swollen to
untie extent. A council of physicians
~• i. , qeduded that on, linger, at *least, will
t :aliplllajlll.- The result cannot yet
Ch *tisquehanna County Mut. Society
~ 1 hold their next meeting in Montrose on the
' 4
wing criminal cases were disposed of
. .11in 11. Ball.—Continned ' till ilex
John O. Wald, Wm. M. 1-debbins
rr ‘,.
M. Dunlap. —Continued, tillnext term.
. • Chas. Thompson alias Edson Peas.
•1• . - enb. the defendant was charged with
li , ,ing, married a lady in South Creek,
tir.t wife yet living. The jury found the
!wailty, and he was Fenteneed to un
4eTrisonment in the penitentiary at
r for the period of one year and teu
a.. Thonipsiiii ail:Fs-Edson-Peas.
•: . rh , 4 ease came on for trial, and after
tL•• jury find the defendant guilty.
iitenee m this case teas suspended.
Baker.—Larceny of a silver
•.•• `.. property of James Shorts. Jury find
,1. :.;uilty, and he is sentenced to $l,OO
a... , ; , ,ty costs, and undergo an iniprisonr
: • ~] ... , antyjad fur GO days.
`a. v+. Frank Hutton.—Forgery of a note.
i I %%as charged with forging a note
Wm. Mustart and others for $5OO.
i • pi, lied the defendant not guilty, and that
• • • ut .r. Charles Day, pay the costs.
Mary T. and Martha Long.—Defen
• • liarged with committing au assault on
• : ; Tyler iit Athens, Jury find the de
reasons filed, rule granted
• , ‘I why they should not have a new
m. v, Anthony Ih.,ach and Melvin Bolden.
an 1 battery. Anthony Bench, (Men
' '..lug calh,d ; does not nppear in ontrt
is forfeit,,,l:
s dbl.. entry. De
oo: appearing, los bail n. furii•llcd.
Jefferson Clark and Andrew I.oop. -
o• :.on Clark dots no: appoar. Audiew Loop
kr: alltl pieads guilty to larceny, midis sell
• county jail for 30 days.
' xs. Edward E. Pierce.—Defendant charg
, I ~. th a,,ault and battery with intent to kill.
Pierce shot with-a pistol a certain
b , :ad.ll..buis..n, wounding him in the head
I'M jury find the defeudaut
h‘ ,ufetwed to pay a fide of $lOO and
aud undergo an imprisontmmtht peniten.
at Philadelphia for the period of ttroyeara
1 three months.
Jolla F. Molits.--Nuisanco. The
I.:lt 1, charged with ereoing a houie Oil
Teo in TOM ands borough, closing up
. thus tonality, a It oas
lily to fpreo the reae,val of the build-
HOLIDAY STOCK. —The great centre
of attraction 'Tuesday was at the old establish
ed ("entre' Meat Market of firJz.ust & Stur-Loca.-
These gentlemen 'seem to underitand the wants
of our people to aT. They have just purchased
at great espouse one the finest Kentucky
Bullock ever imported iii this tewh. Every
lover of choice meats' especially for the Holi
days should not fair to call and examine their
prime stock because they have certainly spared
no pains or expanse is selecting a stock to
phase customers. Also a fine stock of Oysters
M tlier . vo! I, tran,ferretl I for the °".casi°°'
, qt the Fait' South sheet. The eatw oc-
•I• ~ 1 a number ~ filaysiti Ir lug, ni.d a groat
14.S,VS -WV re bwoni. Th, jury find the
'• 'davit guilty. .0.1 'anon ,11 of defendant's
nth graate,l tJ eallAl. why 11,
shall not leave a new trial.
, al. ‘s. Ira Thetga. —Defendant ikot appear-
I,:nly AV.
• t': 4 !..; c‘ . l I , y Ow ( %Au 1.
Y ti•ritistil:red
1 Fitzgerald.
rante.l la Hie :
M-" 1 N... 1.• .1:11 . 1A... P. N!,11:01,; am It
C. (1 Nti•l .N.EI/11/3J. Gastill : John
N. a... - IV. It 111:-Hoy ca. H. r..
os rititl Tut slay of this
kt o litu l l ul, 1,:i1i11to.s; 1114 ott Tucbday
:oljoltro.,l till tst
Ens pos , 'Dia* . ark 1210Ens:--317_
DEAR itzepinza.K - Tho'"lciesl
meal interesting Nang on your mannunisi e :
tive face every week. How nice 'twould be to .
have (=Wend lines from esery_ district-41k
be a mark of personal wisdom" to knnw'onifil
self," it certainly will . be no. less wise socially ,
and politically to become as fully posted as pas
sible in whatever mama of interest:ln inti
tion of our owl breed Bradford: •
Thes4 todiss fei'lvrtiaut 4.4 our jiM
:Ashy, great vaxt,of explisitely beautiful
and picturesque sainci t irhYdolOS 1 4+04uir
dean +e ? -There is mei hairdetintmi
county, I say, which is net WorthY of
public portraiture. Our giaceitdly . ,sounded
moraines—our winding streams with beautiful
names—our contrasts of mountain and plain
with the cosy village" nestling betweenk r lms
no one all appreciative word to tell of these
charming features of our Susqueharma home?
Why, after nearly 80 years familiarity, every
ride still twinge to my view vistas of rare beau
ty, well worthy of long travel to beheld. Doubt
less the trains on the railway next season will
bring tourists from far to feast upon scenes
which we seem too stolid ourselves to admire.
Perhaps a few,such descriptive letters may
wake up the unts to enter upon this. "virgin
field." For excePtingone oilpainting of "-Wye-
lusing," in possession of Col. C. F. WISLUX, and.
the photographic and stereoscopic views by Mr.
Moan' of Dime, our topological Charms a/114-
nocent of canvass "waste Weir sweetness."
Please stop the quotation just there, because
the rest of it," desert ais," can have nothing to ,
do with the picturesque anywhere on oul? own
Susquelumna. If no others have time or taste,
do let the school-teachers throughout our comi
ty open their estlietical eyes, and give th 4 RE
swarm pictures of the beautifuL And that re
minds me of a recent visit with A. A. Simscr,
Superintendent of the Bradford public schools.
Ho has daring two past months traveled proba
bly 300 Miles, to and fro through the county,
has held 34 teachers' examinations, at which
148 males and 389 females presented themselves,
and he has issued 484 provisional and 7 profes
sional certificates.
Of these 537 pedagogic candidates, 153 bad
never taught. To these items, allow - me Uri
add what the Superintendent's modesty would
withhold. From my own obishrvations -at two
examinations, and from reliable persons else
where, I am free to Say that, for fairness, thor
oughness, and fir presentation of honest tests'
on the topics orderedtly law, Mr. llzettrrcould
not be excelled, and that ho evinced an amount
of patience and forbearance.equaled only by his
kindness and desire to do even justice to all.
He reports the teachers generally to be pret
ty well qualified for their responsible avocation,
a recent newspaper article to the contrary not
withstanding. In,his opinion the 'teachers of
Bradford would not compare unfavorably with
those of any couuti in Pennsylvania.
It rejoiced me to be assured by him that in
many sections, conntoditins and well-furnished
school-houses are taking tho places of the din
gy, ill-constructed nuisances of the not- remote
past; that uniformity of text-books prevails
widely, and that his :300 miles of exploration
brought him almost everywhere in contact nith
an air of educational thrift and desire for pro
The directors and citizens generally attended,
io eicininations and evinced hearty interest
in the exercises.
gis a fact worthy of commendation, that di
reCtorg, lxfure engaging teachers for their dis•
tricts, were observed almost invariably to IN
right course for all concerned, and promises
well for the future of our schools.
The Superintendent is busily engaged in vis
iting schools. He ought to have an ollice at
the county seat for the convenient distribution
of school documents, and for interviews on sta
ted days with all concerned in school manage
ment as they may seek information.
BlinitlUßY. —FRIEND A.INVIID: Think
ing that a voice from Itidgbary might be rel
ished by some or the readers of your paper, I
give them a few Hues from the pen of an ama
When this township v. - as tirst se tikd is
exactly known. But Mr. Lo, the poor Indian,
is said to have had the that lien out what real
estate there is luxe, and history says he melted
away before the anvance of civilization like-dew
before the morning sun. lit I have heard it
said that civilization means, in that case, a free
use of poor whisky. But the race is not extinct
yet, if we may take the words of a noted, mem
ber of the Towanda bar, as he styled a good
democrat of this town "Big Indian" in a very
forcible ma ncr. But I can assure you that
getting civilized will not hurt him, by tiny
Why they called this town Bidgbury I cannot
tell, my knowledge being limited. I don't think
it originated with 3lr. Lo or family. Some one
has Said it W - as onacconnt of the amount of ber
ries that grow on the ridges, which I think ism
supposable . icase in every sensemf the word.
The Water is good, and is said to mix very
well with whisky, as it makes the latter article
pleasanter to take, and not so dangerous to the
equilibrium of the drinker.
We have creeks here, and in high water they
make quite a nigh ; and as a general thing they
rush down stream with a vengeance. Why they
run down hill 1 don't know, but 1 suppose they
can't run up hill, as that would be upddll busi
nese. The hills are as high.ns need be for com
fort, and the laud faces the sun from all points
of the compass.
Ridglipry produces all kinds of grain in abun
dance that are adapted to the soil, and as a
general thing good crepe are the result of good
cultivation. Butter pays well here, and farmers
that have a good dairy farm areas independent
as any class of people you can find. Butter
makers feel sere over the depression in the
money market and the consequent dullness of
all kinds of country produce.
We have no very rich men bete, nor none so
poor that are deprived of God's blessing. There
are as few sheriff's sales here as in any town
shipin the county. The men are like all other
men ; they as a class average fair.' The women
ditto, only a little fairer.
The young men swear, chew tobacco, smoke
fine cigars and drive fast horses and of course
criticise the dress or appearance , of this or that
young damsel that-they saw at the last party.
The young ladies—why bless their hear little
hearts—"they dr4srfalr I have not a word
to say against them, and would say nothing - if I
They are sunshine and happiness, full of
mirth, fun and frolic, unless at timeswhen they
are unhappily disappointed. Then they are
transformed from the maiden fair to the maiden
foal in short order.
ilidg,bury has tiVo places or centers for doing
business—Centreville and Benny Creek—or
Peunyville, as sometimes called. Centreville
boasts of a store, post-office, and cooper shop;
also a justice of the peace. Scully Creek is a
business place—has two stores, hotel, and two
'blacksmith shops, all of which do a thriving
business. EvsNs k Coders have lately erected
a new store and tilled it with now goods, and
are supOying the wants of their customers in a
most dhliging manner. Old CHAIILEY runs the
hotel. lie is a fat, jovial, good-natured' fellow,
and when not crdssixl with any trouble, waits
on the wants of all who call' to the general sat
isfaction of the public.
Major J. C. Itonmsox owns and runs the oth
er store ; is also postmaster and town commis
sioner; is a man of good business capacity—s
man of many, friends and few enemies. - He is
doings good paying business.
You will hear more from me in the course of
the bolitlays„
Dec. 15, 1859
C 3; Although the rush after Toys
and Holiday Goods has been great and goods
carried off by the quantity, Yet the store of
WICKHAM k BLACE looks as though they could
supply a great many - yet. Having &eight a
portion of their g.sxls at a great reduction from
regular price,4, they can give great bargains.
They keep a great variety, ranging from' one
penny up tb fine parlor and china vases,
They taCe 1 h - . 11 cf Plated Goods from
R.Yiens Br.ont
'•••7 l.4 frli -0 1't.i3
*ammo. or 00212nktli
im.rmeethlg of the Comfy Conrentkon
me't ak.W.yaloikkg9l Wednesd#, Dec4 ls , Mk
iCLWXItIL. - thusitht the Chair. 'Meeting opened
.7parnal of, last "Onion read. by
t=4 , l) ol4o 4iceowing ilYnaliPeos
• cbsnniittee on Credentlies.-- 7 11rother Frank
Stalford, of Wyaluehlg ; Ai:other itingaknry,T>.
Wanda vaister *Kean, of Central Lodge.
Ctonenitielon Reaolutioni--Efo.
216, - of Wfa#,langi - BictC. E. Ingtei*FtkTc*'
liandii Bra. H. Webn,lbautkurld.:?
- aontatittee onnusineas.i.: Brothers Mk Heave,
Athena; Wm. Threniaans, North - • Towanda;
Hamner, SpringhM. — • •
Convention adjourned to meet it 2 o'clock,
163. z
Almonwolf EIEBBION.
Convention metptirsuant to ndlouramelit at
2 o'clock, p.m:, G.W.C.T. in thothair. Open
ing in due feint.''T -
&Mites@ ofrinitiliteibuido the icdioldng .par,
tial report, vir. : . -
.1. Report of committee on credentials..:
2. Report from Lodges. .
3. Report ofoommittessn res olutions.
Report of 00113iti . t* OA - Th.;
teen lodges represents&
There being no delegatai ?Om 'Central Lodge,
No. 605; on motion of Brother Reeve, Sisters
L P: McKean and Addle Guier were made dele
gates by the Convention,
On motion, Brother Guyee was elected as a
delegate from Northern pidge.
On motion, the ionstituticni of this Conven
tion was read by the W.C.T. ,
Under the head of Reports from Lodges, Bro.
C. E. White reports trim North Towanda Lodge
that the Todge is in a good condition. Number
of members 60.
Bro. KingsburYreports from Northern Lodge
that zaste and pride have much to do to ke e p
.the lodge from advancing. • Number, of. mem
bers about 100. They hope tiiiin — pro .
Brother Webb from-Smithfield Lodgereports
200 members, and the lodge in a flourishing
condition. No violations except drinking sweet
Brother Tower from Martha Washington
Lodge reports 127 members; have a fine lodge,
making it a litcrary inititution. All the preach
ers at the place are with us. .•
Brother Benedict from Franklin ... dale Lodge
reports someirolahle in the lodge, but are com
ing out of it apdthope to be successful. •
Brother Eaten' of „ Vojan Lodge reports the
kidge in good working orders has 130 members.
Brother Sumner of Springhill Lodge reports
favorably; that they have only violations of
constitution by drinking sweet cider.
Brother Ackley of Wyalusing Lodge reports
132 members, and in a favorable condition, hav
ing the sympathy of the churches and the best
citizens. Brother Porter also reports from said
lodge ; also Brother Sumner.
..Brother Stowell, of Sugar Mun Lodge, reports
the lodge in a-floorishing condition.
Brother Dartt of Canton Lodge reports . 230
members; a good working lodge and in a flour
ishing condition; about 30 or 40 'Good Thu
plars taken. .Not troubled with aristocracy in
the lodge.
Brother Friable of Terrytown Lodge reports
53 members, about the - same as six months ago.
Brother Woodburn, of Bomo. Lodge, reports
the lodge in a tlomishing condition,
Sister McFsau of Central. Lodge reports about
72 members; and in a good condition.
Convention was then addressed by Brother
Chase in reference to the state of lodges, and in
regard to the eiretdatian of the Keystobe Good
Committee en Resolutions offered the follow
&RAT'', That ministers and church mem
bers who withhold their countenance - and sup
port from our organization neglect a plain
christian duty.•
Resolution disenssed by Craft, Sumner, Webb
and Kingsbury, and adopted.
2.. &voiced, That as determined, practical
temperance advocates, it is our duty, and we
hereby pledge ourselves to use all proper means,
and so far as in our power we are able, to see
that the present laws restricting the sale of ar
dent spirits are* enforced ; but we oil not relax
our eliorts until we secure a more thoroughly
'prohibitor) , liquor law, .
The second resolution was taken up and pret-
ty thoroughly discussed by Brothers Kingsbury,
Webb, Crag and Tover,after, which it was
On mo on, all Good Tomplars present wen ,
allowed to take part in the discussions.
Convention adjourned till 7 o'clock, p.m.
Iu tho evening a public meeting was bold,
which was ably addressed by Brother Crum..
&ssion.—Convention assembled at
ten o'ele4 G.W.C.T. in the Chair. Opened in
due form.
Minutes of yesterday read and approved.
Brother Dartt offered thefollowing resolution
relating to the petition for prokibition:
WHEREAS, We regard it as important thatonr
petitions for prohibilisin be presented to every
voter in the county, as well as to those that - Will
be voters within ono year; therefore
Resolved, That the executive committee to
req'nested to arportion the county info small
districts, and designate to each lodge Ake terr_i
tory they are expected to canvass—that the let
ter "V" be placed opposite each voter's name
and "W" opposite each. name that will be a
voter within one year, and return the saute by
the 20th of January next to our Secretary at
Towanda, and that we request him to forward
the same to our Representatives at Harrisburg;
and report the number of names so obtained - at
the next m eung of this Lodge.
Agreed to..
Brother Craft offered the folloaing resolutiOn
relating to correspondence with other Countx
Civaveetion Lodges:
Resolred, That this Convention send twe delit4
gates to attend the next session of the District
Convention of the Luzerue District; twol dele
gates to the next convention of the Susqiiehan
us District ; two delegates to the nextliven
tiou of the 'Logs District ; that these dele ates,
with the consent of the various bodies to whi U h
they are sent, represent the interests of tlus
Convention, and invite them to send delegates
to the meetings of ties Convention who shall be
entitled to sit as corresponding members.
Resolred, That each of the delegates selected
'be furnished with a copy of this resolution. •
Brother Craft made very ,pleasant remarks
upon the object of his resolutimS, after which it
tray adopted.
Brothers Craft and Sumner were elected
attend the Luzerne district, Brothers Tower sind
11. B. Ingham to attend the Susquehanna con
vention, and Brothers liingsbury and Dartt to
attend the Tioga convention.
" On motion, Canton was selected as the place
for holding next melting.
Adjourned to meet this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Afternoon Session.—Convention mat pursuant
to adjournment, CHasE in the Chair.
Opened in usual form.;
Committee on resolutions report the foll ow ing, which were taken lip in order aid 'discuss
ed by G.W,C.T. Cussr,'Brothers Sumner, draft,
Kingsbury and' Webb, after which they were
unanimously_ adopted :
Resolved, That we recommend greater activi
ty among the Good Templar' of our county in
looking after the interests - of' the young ; and
that Juvenile total abstinence societies be formed ,
for the protection and encouragement of the
Resolved, That we consider the formation of
a third, or temperance political party, at this
tune, as inexpedient and premature, and calcu
lated to retard rather than to hasten the on
ward progress of the cause.
Resolved, That wo_recomnaend to the .subor
dinate lodges of our county to employ home
red urers to preach, the gospel of temperance to
all the inhabitants of the county during the
present whiter.
Resolved, That we heartily endorse our official
organ s -the Keystone Good Templar—and ret•ora
raondt to every Good Templar in the Unied -
States as the cheapest and best temperance pa-
Brother WEBB offered the following, which
was unanimously adopted:
per in the State.
Resolved, .That the thanks of this Convention
are hereby tendered to the citizens of Wyalus
ing for their, hospitality in providing far the
needs of their visiting friends ; also for the use
of their ball for the session of the Convention.
On motion of Brother Sumner, the following
resolution was unanimously adopted
Iteso:ce 1, That in our G.Vf.O.T., Bro. CHASE,
who has presidedat this Convention, we recog
nize the "right man in the right place," and
hope to greet him at all our meetings.
By request of the Convention, Brother Sum
ner ai.d wife favored us with a temperance song.
The G.W.e.T. then entertained the Conven
tion.for half an hour with some very interesting
remarks in relation to the Order, and also in
exemplifying the unwritten work of the Order.
On motion, adjourned to Meet at Canton on
the third Wednesday and Thursday in :.;.. h
next. S. ‘V...%
NY" A vary littitii.suiue suit, midis
uovelty, is ol.the "Burnt.° MUNI)" Black Al
paca. Tli's material is superior to all other Al
pacas ; it is of firm texture ; its color is rich and
durable, and neatly-trimmed, makes an sane
tiro street dress.--*-FasPrion Article in N.Y. F.ce.
Peel, Oct. 1, 1869. -
Taxt.oh & Co. Agents, Towanda, Pa;
es, sod thrmlyidootillitesti of ttestly liar
her delehlatheen 4 4o o 4 l4 . B
died at VMhnuPeri ;Mondq,lBthliiit,. -
g• Zug4:114•1.91- 14 :0114.0 01 ,*$4,
langs. = His fatal was attanded theleir"
dance of laslsthilir s lajb#l44,4lo#l4y.foli
lowing. This . "wielirott -are istelit
by the spoiler, death, imd their thristaluur 1111
hsin 4Ort - PkithS *Mw ass , St l 9 7 th i nk A
the 0464 preddris dePcidteti
in the cold rue whin
- The Catholic fah:Outiintetthroughilvetiun
ings; cloidug Monday this week. We are not
able to givo correct alumni of the reeeipta, but
it iisiPo944 t o "t l ;':4Oit "di*
cane wee run up to abOuiriiio9-...iitd.,!fre
Our merchants and Intaittess Men and to keep
closed doors Christmas % aostsin the duke ui
oPluduld!Y to enjoy theuTho. ITes, _-
We see Watitin` buij . iLlishing ;tali
graph line, and presume the -down- tom% office
L or will bp soca to working order...
' Mrs. ft: A Horr has sold De r matins* ostatp
lishment to Mrs. WACHINZR, of rents Yin, N.Y.,
sini will hereafter carryon I.ntentess here::
S. D. Fannin his just' ritiaincefroM . 4alt -
York with lots of notions and gift books just
suited for the holidays. He alio imepit Intept 7
sines and periodicals mid the liziortrint,'Which
can be obtained of him at any time. Sm.
MU-We have 'already character
iieti "Benno Baise" Black Alpaca as the
best In the market. •
_ , •• . . •
This tine fabric his been still buil= iinixolpi
ed, in body, order and lustre, so that it is now
as substantial as a poplin; it undies r ik beautiful
dress for the 0118012, and ono as indispensable
as a black silk to a lady's toilet.—ilarper's Ba
' its,. A dress of the "BUFFALO
BRAND" Black 'Alpaca, with pannier over-skirt
and hill waist, trimmed with black velvet rib-
bon, wigs much admired.
The material, although comparitively - cheap,
base soft, Smooth finish and a pleasing lustre,
much like tine black silk.—Fashion Arficiefrom
(he Neu York Herald, Apt. 24, 1869.
- TAYLOR & CO., Agents, Towanda, Pa.
Age. The most sensible and accept
able Christmas,preseut you can make to your
wife, or (iri case you aro "alone in the world")
to your mother and sister, is a Lite Insurance
Policy; and the best place to procure such a
document is at the office of T. I 3 Cann', Tolson
da,-Pa., agent...for the New York Lite Insurance
Company. Go and ace to it at once.
Ver . On-Tuescl9 , evening, Dec. 14,
District Deputy. Cuair organized a Lodge of
Godd Templars at Stevensville. The following
officers were elected and installed : W.C.T.—E.
W. Burrows; W.V.T.—Mrs. J. L Stevens; B.
J. 11. Ingham ; F.S.—Elmer Stevens ; T.—W.C.
Burrows; C.—H." Stevens; M.—A. Munroe; L
o.—Lovisa Keeney; 0.0.—J. L Stevens.
ler All are invited to examine the
immense and attractive stock of holidays goods
at C.trats' Book Btere. His ehromos and lith
pgraphs-are superb, and his stock of gold pens
'for lades and gentlemen is the largest ever
offered in Towanda.
TIIIIIISDAY, Dec. 16, 1860
The silent marbles rest . .
On lips so lately
And names they = ule t d o i- hear
Are wsed for many a yeat• - r - ---c
On the tomb.: - .
TaTioxi & Co., Agents, Towanda, Pa.
alp..We again call the attention of our readers
to the fact that, they can find the finest assort
ment of Holiday Goods in Towanda at theßOok
Store of C. F. Caws, which he is selling yap
those caning to Towanda during tho
Holidays, should not fail to call at the store of
TAimonia GORE, {late Jenny Commis) and ex
ammo their stock of Holly Made Clothing,
Gents Famishing Goods, &c.
lIE-.House to rent on William St
POSSO3BiOI2I given at once. Enquire of JOAN
Towntida, Pa.
HOLCOIEB—HAVE!B.—At the house of the bride's
lather, in Meter, by Bev. 8. C. Hovey, Mr. Orrin.
H. Macomb to Hiss Mary E. Havens, both of IX
LUTES—KINNER.--In Ulster, Nov. 28, by Rev. B. C.
Hovey, Hr. John M. Lines of Towanda to Miss Ba
rah E. Mauer of Hypo:.
SPALDING—ANGLE.—At Mr. P. Angle's in Herrick,
Dec. 14, 1869, by Rev. 1). Dook, Mr. John J. Spald
ing of Tony, and Miss Maims-Angle of Herrick. -
VERBECK—COTTON.—At the M. E. Par s onage, in
Athens, Pa., Dec. 8, by Rev. D. Personelle, Mr.
John Verbock of Sheallequin Pa., to Miss Catha
rine J. Cotton of Wei/field Pa.
JOHNSON—REDOGTON.—On the 14th inst., at St.
Paul's Church, by the Rec. Oeo. P. Hopkins, Ed-
ward F. Johnson, and Lanza M.. youngest dough,
ter of G. F. Reddington, Esq., all of Troy.
.SCOTT—VENCFENT.—At the residence of the bride's
father in Mansfield. Pa., Tuesday Dec. 14th, 1869,
by Boy. L. D. Watson. Mr. Morgan .H. Scott of
Towanda Pa., to Miss Dlrwina Vindent._ •
THUHBEII—HALL.—In Towanda, Dee.. 15, 1869, by
Ray. W. MailatherY , Mr. J. Lewis Thurber of
Antslen, N. Y., to Bliss Meths Hall, of this place.
MAYNARD—In Towanda 'rwp., on Dee. 5, 1869, Mm.
Eve, wire of D. D. Maynard, in the 19th year of her
ABNOLIi , —In Leroy. at the residence of her eondn
law Allyn, MN. (irate Arnold aged 78
TEMPIatANCE licalcz---The Mends
of Temperance are invited to meet at the Pres
byteriau Chnrch at Menroeton, on Tuesday
evening next, to effort to organize a
Division of Sons of Temperance. Past. Grand
Worthy Patriarch Pm= and Mr. Bnomtaxxn,
are expected to be present.
MTowanda Division S. of T. will
hold their next meeting on Wednesday evening
next, instead of Tuesday, AB business of im
portance is to be transacted a, full attendance is
Dar If you want to give a Christ-
MU present, your best thing to do is to go and
get one of the Singer Sowing Machines. Ex
perience has proven that it is the best in use.
Go to the agent and see them work.
ST. Jon ' s DAY • FESTIVAL. —T)iere
will be an Insta ll ation of tho o ffi cers elect of all
the Masonia Lodges in Bradford and Sullivan
counties at the Magonic Hall, in Towanda, on
Dec. 27, 1889, at 5 o'clock, p.m. After the core.
monies of Installation, a Supper will be served
at the Means House at about 9 o'clock, p.m.
All Masons aro cordially invited to attend,
whether they have receitud invitations by print
ed circulars or not.t - -
Tickets for supper may behad from MAY mem
ber of the committee, at Que. F. Cnoss' Book
Store, or at the office of Means House. Price
$1,50. W., W.M.,
G. D. Mortara; P.M.,
W. H. H. Goss, "
Wir. firmssolc,
B. F. Vomiting.
Dec. 16, 1669
l).. The Bradford County Medical
Society will hold its meting at W-yalnaing on
Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1870, at 10 o'clock, a.m.
11. Mmer. M 000; M.D., Presl.
E. I'. Au.r..v, M.D., Sec'y. Dec. 15-2 t.
air The distinctiveness of s the
"I.IR,FALO BRAND" Black Alpaca consists in its
fineness of quality, beautiful color and great du
The texture is like rich silk, and it makes
nearly as handsome a dressat less than half the
cost. We advise ladies to buy this Alpaga, as it
will outwear a half-dozen dresses of OthYr ffim
sy Alpacas that flood the market.—Mme. De
moreses Magazine of Fashion for Norember,
1869. TAILOR & CO., Agent; TOMUIII, TR.
Those interested in forming a
company °Militia, subject to the laws of the
State of Pennsylvania, are. requested- to meet
at Illyersburg, Dec. 25th, at ono o'clock, p.m.,
to-complete the organization. ,Bv order of
H. C. SrgsEtts,'Capt. of Co.
STRAYED OR STOLMi froini the Rib
scriber on Thursday 9th inst., &rod cow. One
eye gone, sod a brass ball on one horn. A lib
eral reward sill ho paid any person returning
bar. C. M. Tr:tom - T.
South Hill, Dec. 15, 1869.
tea. Lost, near Mrs. -.Gillis's, on
Friday, Dec. 10, a Pocket-Book cOntainingabont
thirty dollars. The tinder will be rewarded on
leaving it at this offico.
Seir Among the - very best of the
medium priced goods are the BuiraLo'fisiwn"
hick Alpaca. These are exceedingly fine in
eider and - quality, and made of the very finest
material; they are almost as handsome as a
black silk, and furnish a dress that will outwear
several-two dollar silks at about half the cost.
—Fashion Article in N.Y. World. TAW.= A
Co. ! Agents, Towanda, Pa.
IS. The celebrated 141exicau Coffee
for sale st the Bed, White and Blue Store. •
-1 %MONO CO ,tit' t7uissos.
"AiX/4 110 011==ir
OfimArym s.Comnerelslo)ll4o,establish
. 11=andetameekkwithliriafts moms.
Ofieri tbOre ee - otllllo
Par Bloat,
ix* si wYci ttr l eZcZ na liZgtei d ia
operations, abed rartfties for young
teen dadringsituatkms. • , .1
.Our graduates sae 011 in% popitioni'd=l
Awes the coutdrt Y. ,Lout haY
this Institution from MuVpi,/lstwas,
itootag Indawriltate m the Unicut.,',
Our tuition for the nlat BusineasCourse is
from fifteen to twenty lesethan at other
Ouninerdal Collegey4 3 4jile_,Pitafte t hen
are A- A' .
:We offer all the aid extended by any Commer,
derCalw IR the cotTtry to grld_ustas in , ob..
1 411 3 31 aenhrAt igL i gchlgo= the
taps of Welk:Mary in regard • to lihzazy, lit
att fortha • dnn ese
Telegraphing in sonnet:Wm therewith,
frilibh 2 K ~.dtationcry for full
Conroe, lia,oo. Board per week, IL
Send tbr . Catalo and specimens of Pen
ntmeshita, - - Mean
PrintdistrOommatelat Oaths*
Sept. M. Kingston, Pa.
Coo%a►vitb ad.
Wilkos•Barre, Pa., otters for sale the valuable_
Real Estate . formerly [belonging to Elalomar
iildtcoutkillie4 *WA lt• SCOUreaCAW
Iping bOanty, Pg.; bontabinit. t .urrisk
aim& 78 improved,' good soil, well tim
hered, good water power, &a.. The farm' is on
the river,-good bmidW gm, 'orchark , neves fail
running water at the door. Beatititally
ted, convenient for business—worth 320,-
000; will be Stdit tor Alit,ooo4 Terms 4eigy„ , liar.
gain for any one. Dec. 2,18&1.
FMK' Ns:ice:at Kum, t
ATHENS, PAL, Dcc. 6,1869.
The annual meeting Stockholdersgo; th
election-of dizactorirwili he held it thheolilioe tz
Tuesday, Jan. 114870, at '1 o'clock p.m.
• E. A. Beau:am
Dec. 9, 1869-7ta4 - cubist..
oar The annual meeting of the
Stockholders of the Pirelllatiotuil Bank of Tot,
wandklbr the election of diroctars; will he keh.i
at the Bank on. Tuesday; Jed. 11, 187% between'
the hours of one and three p.m. _ 4
Doc. 7, 1869—td. N . N. Berrs,dr.aishier. •
NEW YEAxes PAlrrir.-4 New Ten's
Party will be held at the West Franklin Hotel
on New Year's eve. The : company of yourself
and lady is solicited. • H. L. Ssaceiox.
N.B.—There will be a Shooting Match at the
same place on Christmas day. Dec. 9, '69. .
.. , .
ltiiiir The " BUFFALO 136 ND " Black
Alpaca is acknowledged Jo be the ,best sold in
Aniel-ica. It is rapidly taking the place of black
silk, on account of the high price of the latter.
The popularity of these goods hatt_extended
everywhere, as that it is as necessary aas a black
silk to make a lady's wardrobecoiliplete.—ffoine
Journal. Tavvoi Co., Agents, Towanda, Pa.
NEW YEAU'S Pagrx.- 7 --The company
of yourself and ladY is respectfully solicited at
a New Year's Party at the Dolma, House, Le-
Roy, Pn., on Friday ere. Dec. 3l, 1869. usic
—Smith's Cotillion Band. M
. Bill, t 2,50. •
Dec. 9, 1869. . C. 1). Hotcomn,'Frop'r.
ADJUSTABLt A 2& Cnints-DAsum
IE makes more butter of a better quality, and
churns in leas than halt the time. Inquire of
or address E. J. Allis, South Hill.. Township,
rights for sale by the subscriber.
Dcc. 0,1769-4 t.
tae.. At the Red, White 'ar,d Blue
Store you will find emetic:a, Candies, Nuts,
Dried and Canned Fruits, Tobacco, itc., whole
sale and retail, cheaper than the cheapest.
•Sept. 9;1869. BRAMIAEL ErDRWAY..I
liar The public are invited to at
tend a Now Year'a Party to be given at the Un•
ion Hotel, in Rome borough, on Ftiday even.
in Dee. 31, 1869. Dill; 82,50,
Dec. 6, 1869: ,
Ur Notice : The unpaid Deedti
and =aunts of H. J. • Madill late, ReFister
& Recorder, harp been left with the nneraigned
at the Register & Recorder office for collet
tionl. Al persons interested please take notice.
Dec. 15th, 1860-3 e. .1. N. CALLFF
• Now ilavertisemeAts.
P.trmovs or At.t. 271 T. Lama STYLES You S.V.E.
Rooms over POsi Office—Mrs. Hoyt's old stand. ,
. Athens, Dec. 20. 1869. Agent.
The subscribers :no now doing boaluena In their
line of the BEST QUALITY at the Ilynnsuuno
Wheat, Bye, and Buckwheat Flour, and Feed con
atantly on hind for rale at market rates. •
Also a large quantity of CIIBMND PLASTER 0
superior quality from the old Tian= area.
Myerahurg, Dee. 20,r69. i WEB k FROST.
Bold cheap, at COWELL & 111YEII13.
Wooden Ware at , COWFI I 8: 'MYER'S.
• COW ELL k =Era.
Lsithate on Main Street. Enquire on the premie.
es, or of M. H. Ltsmo. Possession given immedi
ately. ! 'W. T. BISHOP.
Towanda, Dec. I, DM
Succersors to J. M. rolltns,
Would call the attention or friends aid the public to
their large stock of
, . ..
which having been purchased fur cash, they are pre
paroi to null chdaper thaii any other - thorn In North-
ern Pennsylva ia. Our stook consists of
of every style and price, such as
Cumcsn.Las, SATEN'Ers,
With the largest stock of
Men's, Youths', and Boys' Clothing,
ever offered In Towanda.
A full liaa of
Abel a large sleet of
CLOTHS, IrEST/NG'B, rizmAtoms. SC.
- All Goods warranted as repprtnesented. Can aid ex
amine our stock before parcLadn g. -Remember the
place 96 Main strut, one doornorth of Chamberlin's
Jewelry Store.
Towasula. Dec. 2, 186.0.
First block north of Ward WM", -
baked dally and sold at wholesale and retail. We nee
the best materials and our work is always neatly
done. Dealers are invited to amine our wholesale
prices. PANTLIII. PIC lUCS, kc. supplied at rea
sonable rates on short notice. In our
we Mier superior inditeementa to all irho . want either
a lunch or a good Meal. Indies can step In and
quietly enjoy a cap of Tea, undisturbed by noise or
rowdyism. Meals at all hears of the day or evening.
OYSTERS, on hand dming their - mason and nerved
out by the dish or sold In quantities to snit. Of
CONFECTIONERY w e keep an assortment equal to
any in this part of the State, and sell at wholesale
or retail.
Also a general assortment of GEOCEIIIIIR. Prices
as low as the lowest.
Towanda. 'Gb.
I have !red a large and full assortment of IR
MO=r , or the Dried Flowers of. Everlasting,
of a most beautiful variety of colors. I am now
preparcdto farnish. for partiesoreddft.a, or toner
al occasions, on abort notice, W Crosses..
Anchors, hand and basket Boquets. Also the Ramo
with natural flowers. I have also a few imported
Wreaths - of Crowns, formed of Immortals!. •
No. /.11111g Inches in diameter, - ,21 30
No. 2, ten • - . 400
All orders will receive rola - hi:attention, and prices
Nov. 15, Hal. Limit lux.
_ oifrirLif
frog GMT
. -
1 I•'
1: - , ,.:r.n.:,.. , 4, - 0
. . _
_ ~ I
e FBATfi' 13-o-
% 1 7.1&..- 1 2 LiC>Ri.43O,CO)E3.
.--,, xl-.l.'.'z, - , - ,, - .',k::::,;:ii,,..-: : f. 4.-.-1
We take pkiture In calling` attention. to our vex/
pllteap and iiidatailidatdaltaff •
I,i-St, r - ,
Bit I N'T*lt - G (i'D 8
. .
Of wrfeaT dew :riptlon. wh'ieb we hare bought at very
low Ow" apd ott aate for the comlug violet;
We ere Agents for the celebrated-
p ~, 94 'l',l N q 8,
E. J. Atari
oi all descriptlows
Bk;AVE:II.I3, VELVETthiS or all colqtraer-
The largest and must compleh, assurupent uj
Pa ieley, Ilrutha . a fed ;Yu° lea Shuttles
A NU hut ot
)1 ,
Nv00.4 , ,k1;N GOODS
tinder wear. A full stock of
Kam whatyou Avant and get what you waut at fair
We have also ou sale the
at the ace. Considered so by all buyers. in color
durability, nrzune of texture, and weight.
ltetuetulmr the
;ritn. A r, -, 0 .ti P;.:: "
.... _. _ _•J_~< _
" .4
To Le 'mud..
- all all kinds al
..raat bargativ
.1: pitlYscriptiuuxj
et)3lE A*)
. „
. -
;) a t -1 T; '.7.
~rARDw ABg Dim; ST9*,_
• •
71'4 co _
, • _
Hay" kilin*ived it • lair 'Tipply, of
i y'~:: ~-
•, : ;
: - •:
BOYS' SLED:44, f SlUisS, AND
si,,4lqa BELTA, 41 great variety.
Remember.. if you wont the 1869
Yon can get:Alton at- ~
FEED arryEgs
Just recoirel
National Horse Nails, by the box,
will keep a continuous tire with al
most no attention at all, and with
ce, least possible waste of fuel
maintains its positiou-ias the nos
perfeil -
• ,
Fl.llS',l: COSS,
1 . STOVE In nvirkiii.
With the bite improvements fire
eon be kept longer than in any other
stove. We also lave the
and many other patterns, [all excell-
ent, for their reepnOtive prices.
or set it'?" «ithin the boio' limits
Codding, Russell & Co.
Towanda. lAA: 1. 1863.
L - 't" -- ..
ii...- 1 gil l
./ ; i .
I COD . a - :1 - .111 - 41 ii_l
' • --II '' in lawf '
• •. - . •
' . .
• •
•_•. l• • -••.;
•b 4 G.
&c., kc
4. - ; • • F -- .! --.... z
0 Fzr • 'S k..,
..., .
....) p...
re: r a
• - % 4 ••••
~., " e. -,2 ...4
''''' -t."6.
.. T .I
• 0 grl
• W
0 .
.. Z
E .
• r 4
r Z
• . •
4. •
0 e a
rr r r
I et 4. 4
I -
,E 4 4)
! ,
cn A
1 7q
. • z
-F .P. 74
a Z All 43
F 0 WI
. .0 ;T`i . .=
. 0 44
• 1 IS
e 4
g :z:
0 , 0
..b 0
:... . • • ,
.. F . ~...,
: ,... 4
. • - g i
a , ..e
a . :-.
- . E. 43.... z " ..,..
0 • 1 0 .• 1 :
E ' °
a it
0 • .1::
-Q a
F 4 a.
E 4 e. I
'6 I a.
il .4 • .
' fr 4
- Cg ..4
W 4 el--
" -
RUPTCY« , -11 - 113TRI
41 *Art of the Vatiftt.ftes WA' lhisern
tell ot n!! ii t r jai Us P. •
re lic =stricese lasttringra,ts.;.
41, asakeavist bee Imet WWI Wield t,
Court the Mob WEIL I; liedrirell.' at dos
Couati,of lade at
.dortaildss n ;
saidpietrict. who hoe besiodM • bdsignlVl $0"
on pdidonot Itielkeditcan sad Wilt
de* sod the deliwaryee . is
odd latabinpi, td him or to ' The tritaio
ter of say property Whiny' aro - tishiddist: br bar, ,
A coselsedy at tbe Aneditosil Mi=
prim their debts and choose - out or
.121lialiereet Undid et a 'Clad 4 / 0 Benkrerte7
to he hob:lewd Tairsad‘'Pena'n i tri the 6th &ITO ,
Janual7: 1910, abldivldoeird: this alba dn.
o_o.o Usti /Wide* isa.
Mat. a sidPfetriet. A. KIIIDOCS; • -
B. Itirsbd as Modlager, . • f"
' 4l
ovitANs): . cotirr.fulx 4 Lß e Y ,
virbia of an tinier lestieV the ait el Ospiam - -
Courted preeterni ceiteinW undandgeted. exam. -
tor of the, of DEBOBA,BlllMdetresaed.wll7
expcne at de as the prauerskllll2llllllDAT. -
JAL MX 1971414 2 Wale* m w the•toikrytud
scribed Int. piece of parcel 87 kW: Waste • In- the
13ercentkot Calton, and - boundados die Thaaffalpas -
el. W. Orieln.,cealba saat_by - Machado OW. on
the s=ll'll Undue 7. 0, Wrlobt, autos tbe wed -
bk. lands Johnktles,milMnet. &boat ans.battet au
acre of land; with a trained bowie thereon: : •
TEIIIIX—SSO to be pill - on ilbaymerti being
struck ddwn; and Wars* en confirmatton at sale.
7.8. MAW. -
Adatireatratar. • ,
EitreA 11169.-F
A trIaTOIt'S IitYrICE.-- Wm. Sn y.
A. der and Oberfiait glee Ezenderie. f g adds
Stspierrderaueifel, , IPA* OrPbMke P 2ll l l , of
BrWord cow*. • .
The tinderethed , st Midday scbated. by' Mild
Court to dienterbefe,ht Ute. ll of OD Ex
enders' or -4 attend to the :de
fies of fdrippentenent si blitAlliCe to the bertemb
- of Towanda; an TUESDAY the MEW' of/A.WaditY.,
1870., at _1 - oktrolt. p. m.. inters venom brio:
chime iptteet MA fend tout pinment them or eleo
be form!' debarred therefrom: - '
W. H. TEM:PIM - -
j ; _ Auditor.
Dec. 19,1869.-4 t,,
elit ba
the eatat r % Wed that idln t r ic rebt. ,
btui deed, must males boinealaia game,
arid an venom having claims 'plaid old estate.
In* presetd tum dayardhenticated for settleserd
Dec..i4. VIM*
V,-The -Forty-eighth Term of this Inetttnte' openo
August 18th, 1869, uncle: the charge — or A. J. Lunt.
It Is One of Ihe Idrrauart I...rirtrrtrro3we of the
country; Iletattailde from all parts; and la situated at
. _
• r
r • MAMMY, nooA co., its:_ .
The - tieparietinteitre complete. Tlyt - •• CLassical "
.embraces • all those studies required Mr admission to
our best Colleges. Also, • thorough die. is the
Modern Leattges..
The biglish Courie comprehends both the cow
mon'brinebes taught to Mieraellksr7 Ilagsgst u and
many of the higher branches usually puwaed the
Colleges. In the Commercial Course the bistnactictir .
Las thorough and complete se in our most -success;
ful Commercial Colleges.
Institmtion upon the Piltio and Organ by the old .
method ;; &hut by.. Bobbins' New American Method."
by which pupils can acquire a knowledge of music in •
one.third the time which it hitherto required: l
The Tees of Within are xerjmodcratc.. Moardeb.
tsined at mum:table prices ; -a limited number of pu
pils cen be accommodated in the familles.Of the In
structors. Boobu can be procured In which-students
can board themerivee and lessen the expotutiw
Normal class, as usual, organized at the beginning
of the Fall Term. In which twenty of the first appli
cants will receive free instruction for Amrteen weeks.
For particulars address the Principal at Waverly.
Inforniatloti in referents:. to Rooms aridlioard
can also be obtained at Waldo tc Tracy's Drug 14tore, •
85 Broad Street. •
• .1. LANG. A.ll.. , Prinellal.
NEWTON KINNET, Pre.+ldent of Doard of Ttsteee. 1
July 15, 1136 t)
E' COAL ,Y4t , 11 IY!
The Bubl-qril , er Las just establisted 'new tlOal
Yazd in the rear of the nEyOVIEB Officu and,OrtoEtt's
4 frun Shop; and designs to kesp in plipply the beet
Anthracite Coals at alrtitnes. .
Till further notice
Snail Egg; or No. tl. - 4 3 00
Store; or Nat+. 3 and.. 4. mixed #6 00
Chestont; or No. - 5 550
.The foilowin, dildilional Zairgem r.lll be ir.nde ru:
.b lire within the Boron& 11121..h4 :
, - Per t0n,..50 eta. Extra fo: cart' , iug iu...a cit. _
• lirit - -35 '') N , -'• -- . ' " •` l7 !
O'er Orders, hu4 be Left et 1.1 o.: "DIA, White ra,l,
Mut , ' Tea Store of Bakatiats. & Ritg:rw.ty, on
8ri0 4. - , ...t.razt, or at my Coal °Moe.. Slenttr's
Ne.v Muck, next doer to o.ll—Wood's 'Treat Sterc.
Cr, U rdcrs rand*. In Al 1141.19. - be an-morel:lied le
the cash.
I bave ereeted a
fur cciuveLic=e. iu the street on - not - th,:d:
Firenian'a nail and near the Elwellllolo.
Warranted to weigh comet.
Towanda, Pa.. Nov. 14. 1869
The undersigned, having leased the Coal Yard and
Dock at the old - Barclay Basin," and just completed
a largo Coal-house and Office upon the premises, am
now prepared totignish the citizens of Towanda and
vicinity with the different kinds and Sizes of the above
named coals upon the mostreasonahle terms in any
quantity desired. Prices ht the Yard until furtlivr
notice : ' . .
Largo Egg, , ' # G RI
Small Egg 6 00
Stove 6 00
Chestnut 660
•• Barclay ' Lump- CPO
.... Run of Mines 060
Pine or Blacksmith 3 00
The following additional charges will be made for
delivering Coal within the borough, limits :
Per Ton —3O cent& Extra farinuning in. 50 mute
Half T0n..35 "2S
Qr., Ton... 2..5 14 41 •' •• 25 •. -
Orderi may be left at the Mud, corner of Rai--
rood and Elizabeth Streets, or at H. C. Sorter's Drug
le, Orders moat in all cores bo accompanied with
the cash.. WARD & DIVM.
Towanda. !;04 : . 1. 1860—tf.
A ROUND 1.111! WORLD !" • -
Is now publishing a series of Letters from the 'Rev. .
Dr. E. D. O. PRIDE, who 14 making the tour of the "e
World, by way of Califortis. Japan, China. `
Egypt, hc. !together with various other correaPoll
- all the Netts, Religious m: luVr„ and a
great variety of the best Reading, and he
leeted. Now Is the tinte,_to.Umow oldest and
BEST FAMILY litwarizza. We mate the following
liberal offers to 111rw'SonactisEns. We will send tbe -
binw Yomq"Onstateztefor MP year to '
• One new subscriber, and one old, for. $5 50
Two "atribecribing •• 5 09
Two " • and one old, ^ 750
Three" " 700
Three" -- " and enelold. .. oso
Pour • 900 -
• Four l and one old,. .. 11 50 '
Five • •• - 11 00
Si: " " 14.0!
And to any largeer number at the same rate. ham
pis Ospies Free... Terms, $3 50 per annum, in ad- •
vanes. Send by diet. draft, pose-office order or rojv's
tteett letter. SIDNET E. - MORSE, Jll. lk CO.
37 Park Raw, New Tort. '
For the Information of those tel c :i have taken out
Policies of Life lama:nee, and th about securing
we give below a Tabular statement of thirty-three
Life Insurance Companies, which him paid during
the year 11368, to their etockholderl, an. average dhi
dead Lf 18.31 per cent. on the,
capital stock of each
of these Companies, together with the amount of
cash dividends paid to their stockholders during the
years 1866. 1867 and 1868.
Several of those Companies are doing business in
this county. The - will tee that seyeral of
then ecompintes claim to be PV RELY _ MUTUAL.
Read : „
• _ .
g pa ltsl ia %
MIXES Or ' CourANirs. -1?1 Ca lA Solder , -in 3
1 • o - Capital. ye s
• F. °
7 1867 if 1965.
NEW, Ymut Coatra.mrs..
Ara. Popular, pure stock 1866 $lOO,OOO 211.668 69
Atlantic Mutual, mutual, /866 110,000 12,833 12';
Brooklyn. mutua1... ...... 1864 125,000 40,623
Continental. mutu al 1866 100,000 28,000 do
Equitable, mutual 1859 100,000 -23,674 83
Excelsior, mutual.... .. .. /867 125,000 5;403 12
Germania. Mutual 1860 • 200,000 73,578 95
-.Globe Mutual, mutual.... 1864 100,000 23,201 50
Great Western.muttial.... 186 5 115,000 20,125 00
Guardian, mutual 1859 125,000 -26,230 00
llama, mutual 1860 125,000 .62,043 67
Snickerbocker, mutual... 1868 100; 49,994 00
Manhattan, mutual . . ... 1850 100.000 116,000 00
Metropolitan, mutual' 1865 100.000 14,090 00
National Life, mutual 1 186 3 18005 10.660 23 -
New York State, pure stock 1866 120,000 18,640 00.
North America, mutual...ll B6 l - 100.000 88,000 00
.Security. mutual 1862. 110,000 31,399 tio
tutted States, mutual .... /850 200.000 103,964 33
Universal, pure stock ' 11865 $lO.OOO • 42.067 00
Washington. mutual.... .. 1860 125.000 31,966 09
Widows & (h-phanismutal 1 8 64 200,000 59.774 74
World Mutual, mutual.... 1866 200,000 14,000 00
&teal. mutual - 1839 $102,168 $44,850 00
Anchor, mutual 1866 100,000 7.073 00
Berkshire. mutual 1831 33,000 9,573 84
Charter Oak. mutual 1850 200.060 36,000 00
Conn. General, mutual.... 1865- 251,000 31.350 - 09
F.conomical, mutual...... 1866 100.000 14,000 00
Ilannemann, mutual 1563 200,000 29,200 00
John Hancock. mutual.... 1862 100,000 15,202 00
low Jersey Itntnalonntual 1883 125,000 13,450 00
Moult Mutual, mutual.. 1 1852 16,000 18,000 00
Total ' .4.337.7684,136,70963
. _
-c .r
It thus appears that In three years more than One
-4FI of tha aggregate cash capital of these Cont
i es. was. paid back to their stockholders. Of
ne, this money must have come from the Policy
hiders. This may be veryene for the stockholders.
•.ut how about the policybolders f Persons Maur
should-examine the workings of the OLD CON
NECTICUT. MUTUAL LW., of Hartford. if they
want to make a sure and cheap investment. It being
the only Purdy Mutual Company doing business
here; and every cent. of its-earnings, over and above
its actual expenses, go to the policy holders.:
H. B. MeIkEAN. is Agent for the Connecticut Mu
tual Life Insurance Co. Office over 3lsesn k Co'..-:
Banking Manse, Towanda, Pa.
Int,. Call and see hint before you take out xvefti y
lu any company.
.Towanda. Nov. 3. 1863.—tf
-- •
Iug TEA very chew.
PELTS at cowrw& lirum