Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, December 09, 1869, Image 1

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Inc inaninsta , '"ltsnaidiafti ifilsei teary
rbolida7 itorigpg, by ti" If. Atvatuila E.J.
471 ." - S rif .:" T n l M l "Ef .t..'' 3 l' . "• - I *,4•' . r,
ApvlitalsEMENTS. ezciiedias Fifteen Mee sip
,nserted aim cams per line,ter nest inseetion, sad
rive criers per line fit subsequent Inssenents.
special Notices, Inserted before Marriages and
Deaths, will be domed rxMxull, Cola Per,4o2olr,
-sat Insertion. r All nesolutions' ei .Aistdatiteuri
C o mmunications 'of limited or !ratans! Intesesk
and =aims of Marriages and Deaths, exceeding die
linos. are charged TES crxrs per Una.
1 Tear.- -6 Nee., .2 Iliss. ,
Ine Column - 01 00' • $6O- :. SA
Half - 60 35 25
One Square. 15 10 T„tg_
fistriy„ Caution, Lost and Penna. and other When
not excealtreSTen ems. three weeks,
or less. $1 50
ttlintnistridoes and Executor'illotices. 2 00
mulitor's N0ti055........ 5 50
Business Cards. Ave lines, (per year). ... ....... 5 00
Merchants and ethers, advertising their business,
will be elsrged $25 per year. They will be entitled
to ~ i' ooltrom, conilined exclusively to their business,
with privilege of quarterly change'.
gdeertlaiag in all CaPeB exclusive of subacrip
ton to the paper•
roil PRINTING of every Plain and Fancy
dono with neatness and dispatch. HandbMs.
Plonks. Cards. Pamphlets, Pitheads, Fkatemexttaiki.
~f every variety and style. printed at the shortest
The Ithrotrrxi Wtice is well supplied with
Pressca,4 good assortment of new typo, and
e voltlaing in the Printing line can he Executed in
t•le moat artistic manner and at the lotleest rates.
I BWIS BREMEN, Fashionable
I/ Tailor. agoras OM' Aspinwall's Store, TO1111.11.:
a Psi. , oet.s, se.
.• TATX Dr..a.raz. No. 70 'Washington Street, op ,
,to Operslionae. Chicago. M. Beal Estate pur
s:‘,...l and stga. I nvestments roads and ß. tnoneylosn-
8. LIND.
•P'i l 21 . "49
i I a Imo. ar,ent for the Hubbard Mower. Umpire
Ithaca Wheel Stake. sad Broadcast Sower far
flirter and all kinds of Grain. Send for cif
lO B. B. Mou.nrr, Moprocton. Bradford Co.,
Jane 14,
DESTF.B., Hof iritor t?t.
r-ap cm drewinge, rpeeMestiona and all papers
• making via properly conducting Applt
.e..A for PATDSTS in the UNITED STATE.. and FOB.
e. , csie r i ATronNEI * *ELE TO MT UNTIL Parver
-• ~,,67-tf _ _
1 1:::ing 'Jllll,lE:tea my new brick shop. near my
•misses on. Alain-street. I am now prepared to do
Li all its brandies. Particular attention paid
1 , 11.11 i n -rug mail edge tools. Having spent many
in thin community. in this business. I trust
10 a saitllcent guarank‘e of my receiving a 'flier
:.e.niint of the public patronage.
Towalla. Nov. 3. IsC3.—tf
11 , 17 , 11:1S. , 1 14 Mr. BarlleS
• , :t the My-nib:nit uUI v3l - r' on the
-• oi Milling. and auarantre utl wink done by
••ni at the wry teat quality.
ltye ant ltinikuhrat Fiour, and Fed. eon-
• ...a liana and for sale at the cash price.
Ntyanstrarg, Septll.'6H. IFV1:11...1: FROST.
. F, L .
. quality Wint, Wlunt Flour "f. cwt.. Sa 50c43 00
.t .inslity Rye flour it cwt. 3 50
• M.. 4 tuft nrc and Corn reed 2 25
:ttr Insight allowed to dealers.
zrtuffing usually done at ones. as the ere
of the mill is sufficient for a large amount of
11. 11. INOIIAM.
n:.imcu. Sul:: 12, ISO.
11 4
)" , 1 gu , , , •e•NT. Lavine pnrclim•ed L
• r• hWtd the s ,:one in goo.] oral,. is no.
. t gt.o.ltlort toll to pho: groirrni Asti,
M. J. FIii:T(:IIEY.
~~j~l. -.'. 1F,1.J-1~
I, I N G
haying porgiumed the (ir!s.t MIU
- u•••eill of Tonanda Creek. generally caned
• • '•
M. have thoroughly repaired the Fantle. and
- • r••ady to do all k ode of Clinton) grinding
• II: Th. y will deliver 'flour. 'Ped. Meal.
•o, flour. or anything else in their line in any
r ['tire r1.114,7e.
• will Mel an Order Rook at the Meat
• . I , ' Kflint: rt • AM orders lett in sahl
" lv urom;.tly attended to.
a regard toilriieliti4. oe hther linet
elit ttr l Gt 53,1 hook. will be alo-we,
144.-31 n•
M ' t _7 C.
t, a ubacribar taw this runthod rot intilrmtng.tlie
• • - •: shd risinity that he has opened
ii.tchh•hment m rol. MEANS . flea build-
and that ha In now pre
' to l all work in his line. such as CLEANING
, IEING ladies' and gentlemen's garments.
.• in the neatest manner and on the most
a.:. , • tern... Give ma a rail and examine my
41)1'011.1) COUNTY
3Lll Pr. portiun, City - and Town
pr.,v , rty for saleorlll find it to their
isvin.z a description of the earue. with
at t!y d .a_!,.th-y. as paitties are constantly
I, 11. D. Mr . REA.N.
Peal Estato .Igent.
• o'r 'rank Towanda. Pa.
n.•d a Ranking , lions. in Twianila, under the
. .
.r , . pr,pyred to how Eiiitionge. an
iwk t.:4.11/. in New York. Philadelphia. and a
ne al.n Ger
loan money, n•celve dopositm
:71 was one of the late tirra of Laprte.
. Towanda. Pa.. and Ins knowie,l..:l, of
•ti of Bradford and adjoining rountieS
in the banking Inisitiess for about
. z< ViN house adtairalde one through
e. dh•..tions. G. F. ?fto4ll:ki.
t. 1 ”:••.6. A. G. SON.
If tt •
'/. l pa:l 111 o.,llutry. Which they
nrieex. end warrant
‘•: l nt.l/1,11:t nee:l lint call arid examine.
I' lo 6n:b. - cut
1:1..NN EY & 00.
ti!!;` , '. E. :I. PIERCE
1,1 from New York with a fir.t-class
La,; lawet ituported 14 . 7 . 1 es of
I; ON NETS, 111 0N S, kc. kc
respoetfully invite the Wigs of Tovran
gia here call before pnrchasiag
neat and fashionable style
Yr.t , re. if - Er-Room. over 11. N. Rosen•
Powell's, Towanda. Pa.
V" I It XI!
Y.'s .I.v I) Orli' IrES!
:Z \CY N 110I.LON
n sr; .:.0 ;Out 11 - oviai. Urea
'( ail. Lamps. Clatuneys,
(his. Varnish, Vaillee No•
- I and Snuff. Pure Wines mid
•a P.d. ,idality. for medicinal pnrimsee
aolit at the tory loyeet price.. Pre.
ininimilladed It all hour. of the
11. a call.
iitat,-3t. 18G9 -4y
I'llll,.\.ND Olt ENGLAND,
.. .
4..1.4; qk!:,.c., old •• lit, e• tit , L , ...1a " of Lie-
P.l.ferts, c.- 1 •• - every iroak.
.....,.,....r.:„..1 Liik of l'aelc.efe from or 40 London,
- ,,i :A . ,. :•• .
It ell I.tancee t...., Ett;:',24.1•1. Iretral and firotiand•rey•
Ar • ••a t.:,,,n1V.1.i.
fnrt' iliSl^:Sli^A , 3tl7 . JLt Willituu. L• Onion;
I • f.4 - Itr.7, New Yok. n.• -
IL- F. lIASi Bantam.'
' • • - Towanda, Pa.
S. PECK, mmriwnietrr
• !NI. 11.Aranasz. Towanda. I'&. ][ills - in'tilt
4 '. 1 7;1. avx.l 1.1.,iaer...a act le the beet
• • I w :;.;'lc P.l the att..nthr2 of mill Ovra*rst4
, •
vq;l . l - ::K 4.TE11 WITIEZL.
et ph) aheerNilty,grent htrength
•• developtcz the grC...ateort ahmust powe.rror
- 'mutat:lz ntider ,barloratt,
' , t p. owe: except disnintltion
1 , 11 6.110 let,rxt.ien in mai frame". or addl.
I , .ht ‘441 71C h11:70:- Iri,v bead. awl =sac of
I whit-AK will br farnialtrel'
t ua 0 Vte ecrat.of triF rater tirat-tlaP.3
••'; , 1 p,rf.,:-.31 all that
1 • " ' 111 h" Taa , h"" for
.• •
4:r 5 r i i rr t p,. tht. tm,10:•-%
PECK. Towanda, Pa. '
T.1?..50 c.ito ix, emu in opetatiou at, I
Wells' hill, Towanda. tsp.. .2"4434
cjnipo4oLl of Iron ax tkoo•
1- ,
- 1
.•t i:tl;l'4'" 1rr;21.: ,rt•
ALVOItII> Ar.,.107-4 41U04;(11%;',
. .
r P.' NvniuseroN,
South side of Mercers New 111446 up stein.
Dec. 1, '69--.30x•
. ar Law, Towanda. Pa. Moo with f9l.
Dakar', • Esq., Ito. 5 Iklek Row. All bulbuls mt.
lartstod - to ram will 1a promptly attended to.
Slily 1, 1869.
.1.1. Law. Towanda. P. NW 21,4 a
;scam AT Law. Towanda. Pl..Oma comedy
occupied byjimi Z., C. , =rah 1, 16.-
rm.VI=MT Law- Ofiko—ainor ot Mita sad
e ms .. ogootti Pallor% DAS MGM
. Law. Towanda. Pa. . Olfice twto the V.
kery. south of. the was Me" axer opposite tie
Court Home* too MOM
• NTT AT LAWadrlot Altar:ow tor lira&
ford Vmtrty),'Ttcy, ootionstoado sad prompt
ty remitted. ' fob 11,19-4 t.
AT LAW. Towanda. 1%. Ns limbo afaantion leT•
SD to Orphans' Court hosiduree. Conmancinit and
Collections. kir Office at the Reigtirtrw sod Bacot ,
der's Oboe. south 4 the Court Sour.
Deo. 1. 1864.
-1-J Kr LAW. Towanda, Pa. All Mathieu entwined
to hie care will receive prompt attention.. Otter to
the office lately owupted-by Mawt narrow. eolith
of Ward House. up stdra.
NITS it UM. Towanda. PR Thettudersigned
baling associated themselves together in thapreetice
of Law. offer their Torg:dessicsaal services to the public.
March 9. 1165. .
Law. Towanda. Bradford Co., Pa.
Particular intent:on paid todoticetionaand Orphans*
Court bunnies,. Ofilco—lifercur's Raw Block, north
aide Public Squat. W. 1. '6% •
AND CarliniLoa at. Lasr.Tosranda.ll. Par
ticular attention paid to business in tho Orphans'
Court. aP , . 4 / 13 . '
_ _
• Law, Towanda. Pa. Office with Wm. Wat
kins. 11. N. Particular attention paid to Cttphans'
Court bualneaa and settlement of nta' estates.
- T
• fice over Wickham & Black's. Toisan
Particular attention is called to ALVIC as I base
for Artificial 'Tenth. Having used Oda miter* for
the pant four yearn. I can cordideidly recomniictid it
an being far superior to Rubber. Please call and ex
amine specimens. la - Chloroform administorsd
when desired. may 20, IS.
DR. H. 1% ESTON,
Otliceln Paitun's Block. mar Gore's Drue and
Chemical Store. Jan 1, 18.
T. .VID 81.Tuazoar. Towanda. Pa. Moo sib W.
11 . Kelly, over Wickham Black. Bealillace the
Means Kong, ap,r16.401.
I_./K. A- ft-U:l.llE7r, Physician
and Surgeon, Sagas Bun. Bradford County. Pa.
Office at residence formerly occsigad by Dr. Sly.
1111. STEVENS, over BROWNS (late
Goems) Drug Store; Patton's Block, in ettices
lately occupies' bs Dr. Madill end Dr. Weston. 11$11.
TT V. BEACH, M. D., Physician
• and Surgeon. Towanda. Pa. Particular laden..
tion paid to ap Chronic Diarasea. and Diaeataia' oC
Female.. Mae at hi. realdatice on state at,, two .
doors cust,uf Ur. Pratt. n0r.11.151L
ate of t 1 . ttcpllegu of ..Phyucleins and Stergeow,"
New fort city. Chas 18134, Ores exelueive attention
to the peactiee ontle profession. Wino anti rewlilimew
H on Ow th o e 's. ,lastgru keope of Orwell Hill. acljolulng Henry
jail 14, 110.
TB '. CAM , NC E,
• Aomm.--Ofact forme:fit recopied by Manor
morrow. one door south of Ward Muss.
July 22. 1869.
, nom.* Pa., with Cm yearn expellent*. is cos.
Went he can sire the bast sat:sfaction in Painting.
Graining, Staining. Giulia:. Papering. Ito.
Vt. Parlieular attention paid to Jobb ing in the
sountry. 1.119,'6g.
MOB, Monied Auctioneer. '
All •ralla promptly aftandad to and mittathottos
goamutml. Call or , Illidllllo. A.. LILO; Montostol‘
Bradford couuty. Pa. 0(146A9.
. AND BIYLLDEIL AU kinds of Architschval D.
sigma furrealisd. , Ornamental trait in Stone, Iron
and Mood. Mil on Main Street. over as Post-of.
Ace. Attention given to Enrol Archnocture, such as
laying out of grounds, tn.. es. spr. 1. 'l7-ly
You will tiud Granite Monuments. both Quincy and
Conenni. Marble and Sate Mantles, and Coal Grater
to fit A cargo amsortment constantly on band, cheap
ua the che.lsegt.
4, ch - ron,t Camptown. Bradford Co., Pa. Thank
ftil to Ma many employers for past e. would
respectful* inform the citizens of jteadfotd County
that he is prepared to doany work lu Wehrle of bnal
ness that may be -entrunted to him. Those haling
disputed fines would do well to hare their property
surepyeel before Allowing themselves to
feel agrievetl by th, , ,r neighbors. All work warrant
ed correct, pm far as the nature of the rase will per
mit. All unpatonted lands attended to as soon as
warrants are obtained. 0. W, sTErzii
reb. 21. 186e—ly. -
of Bridge and Water Streets. Towanda, Pa M.
13. CALKINS. Propr!, tor, aar.lated by L. 7'. Born,
furmorly of .• Itoyae House," Borlington7Pa.
Feb. 24, 1862—tf
largest Are
Oct. 8, 1866.
Rairrusarm. Pe. The subscriber hating looted
this benne, lately occupied by A.; C. Bentley. and
tb°rou g hly repaired and refitted It. la no t e ready to
.amumthodate - the traveling public 'Every endeavor
will be made to aatleythom wbo maytirror him with
a cal. A. G. REYNOLDS.
Feb. 1, 188 `m'
Haring leaned this House, to now ready to accoramo•
date the travelling public. No rains nor expense arfli
beapared to give satisfaction to those who may give
hide a call
North aide of the public swum esd of lawi
cur's new block..
TEL. •
Having- onichaaed and evirotighly refitted this old
and vrett.known stand. formerly kept by Engulf Orly
118: at the month of lhantmeriSald Creek. ta ready to
give good accommodatimutimd satletaelory treatment
to all who may favor it M with • call. i. ,
D. W
PA.. JOSIDAX k Hoama. Proprielors.., This
ppinlat 'MO baNing been thorol fated mad re.
hrd, and frirniabed throughout with bee and else
gent Furniture. riil be open Air the reception of
guests, ou'itticarddr,M4T 1. 180, Vetting expense
nor pains has been spired in rendering Ws HMS
a model hotel in all -its - arrangements. I superior
cant, Old Dorian Ala, for invalids, just received.
April 48.-1869..
The Forty-eighth Term of this Institute opine
Aloud lath, 1849. under the charge of A..J. Lab,
It is one of the beat LITEBAIMINWITMITIOXs of tits
co/darn secedible from all pots, signs eltnated at
, WAVERLY. Tzeok co.. N.Y. , - -
The departments complete., The o cleasloal" -
embrsces;all those studio required for Moleskin to
our bed /Colieges. m thorough drill In Al*
Modern Liinguago.
The i4lish Copree comprehends both the coo:
men branches tan ht in ,Eleinenterp.dchools,,,,and.,
many ofihilitglier branches usually pnrauod in the '
Colleges. In the CommerMal Course the instruction
is es thorough and coraidelii nein our most encase.
fu: Commercial Colleges. -
Instruction upon the Piano and *Mon by the old.
method ; Whim by" Robbins' New Rtherlcan klethod."::
by Which pupils am amulet, sirtiortedge bf nrusieln
one-third the time which it Idtberto requite& • '
The rates of tuition are very modosteßoard ob
tained at rewiatoble prices ; dotted uninberef psi
, pile can be accommodated In, the families of the. In,
st Ceders. - Rowe Can be progated In Which SitntlentiO ,
can beard themselves and loon the. expenses onc-'.
halt . . - -
Nocuol cid. as nepal, organized at the beOtwing
or the FAR Tenn. In which tomb - of the .first=
cants will receive foo hots-net/outer tourken
For pa/ARM= address the Principal :at
NS. Infogmadouldrelegtecie to Room and * Boarl
cap alsci be Mdained st. Waldo t Tracy's/Wog Stomy
-t. 1.
NFATON KINNEY. licsidnitotßeard IsrErtachiecc
4 July 15; 180,4
of v. iirnßc h •4 no.rttei,
- 1 tTe.:i'xl.:3,.. f“1
,i 1:.; ' -
Aug. 10, 1868-Iy.
on Main Street. near the Court House.
C. T.
z•;,r • • t 1;, Wlr
1',11.1' :-..;. "Pl.,;',•:::!..1 - i - th -1:.
s• - • 'l+ ; ".• '
The 'inns finedinitAbitwitten
With t *is of Elver *MI; `: '
The free& green — ' foliej*,
,is fringed with &pane ambito;
And far above, ba r ter the tornoit
The showering lark-notee breati
And the 'grit efteet,dy doida eireYwher&-;'.
• iiiweetruy , 44, freaked , ; • ',!
Aeon ireete - atealili:Ver tie dewylmd
, Elvin Its inane in the ihteireytalith s,
And leiitters irletitune cin c erelffuind•
Brent is the'breath id' thy:month ;• '
And the' tramiloni loughs, al. they
away, ; • • '
mmv►nrona Emetic maks; = -
Ana bright oath° brooklet the imnbeamti
Sweet m lady, *wake!. . =, . =- -
The Arm that 14 hi : ha - dint* ripaSe
-Throngh-the long, tone hours ell night,
Now laughs ip-the bistro that annifenthrows,."
And ripples in rosy light; • "- • -
And the hills that loomed like shadowy ghosts
' A clearer outline 'take ;
And the white sails glimmer along the costs--
Dear my lads, awake I • .
The violet lifts ite eye of trine •
To the hooding blue above; '
And the reties, bathed in a drench of dew,
lire breathing of boallty and love ;
And the WY stoops its tiel'ut to kiiia
Its shadoSs Within the late ; • •
01 never was morning to lovely*, CAC—
Dear my la ly, awake!
Awakit! for a music is flooding the air,
- And melting Wong the deep;
When liatureis all awake and to fair, .•
0! why should my lady - deep?
A passionate sigh begins to start
• From the depth of each thicket and brake—.
A sigh that ends echo within my heart
-01 sweet ,my lady, awake!
Awake! and come where. tlr: zephyr mores
In T ipples across the grass ;
Awake! and come tei the lake that lures
To tuirr ar your farm as you past
Aud..cuoac, 0 COMB to the heart that pines •
- And languthitta for your sake—
And,bright-cYea shall blind each dei , drep that
Dear oty lady, aw.,kol
(For !be Hs►nrusn ItzPorrrat.l
A Serial for the Young of, both 13exes.
Well, lay dear fellow; I - will begin
right where I left off, so that there
won't be any gap in your education;
for'it would lie a pity to ha've occa
skin' to use first- that very etiquette
which you would be thus deprived of:
I care not what may be the opinions
of other writers, I think it no slight
affair, no easy task, to be , a perfect
gentleman. Perfection consists in "a
notltiplicitly of accomplishments.—
Drinkdeep of the wells' of literature.
To be critically conversant with, Ned
Buntline and Midshipman' Easy,' to
'have the• whole vocabulary of slang
phrases on- yoUrtongne's end, to eat
and• smoke tobacco genteelly, to have
concise and at the frame time" corn-
prehensive views of matrimony, 'I say
to do and to be all this, even, is scarce-
to be accomplished inthis part of
the nineteenth centtrry. We know a
great deal, therefore flinch is required
of its Just take a retrospective glance
foie moment into the log cabins of
our grandsires. Bea,in what igno
rant simplicity they sat in darkness,
taking their :whisky " straight: and
manufacturing tobacc o - quids out of
the raw material. Now we salt in
the unfathomable mysteries a the
chemist, the scientific dram-mixer, to
take the measure of human endu
ranee, and prepare with India cockle
and arsenic aceordingly, and if our
good grandparents were to come
among ns, they would hardly know
whether they. were eating • tobacco,
dried herring, or lobelia.
It is well. I only mention it to
prove it, not to condemn. Men like
to die young' now-a-days: I don't
know but they are better prepared
than they used 'to be..'They endea
vor to hasten the happy day wheit
they can lie down to pleasant dreams
in thelarms of delirium tremens. It
will'be a happy death. I know of a
good many who are preparing to try
it on.
The, world is one vast news-room
and book-bindery. 'What excuse have
you for being ignorant ?
- And yet it requires some little taste
to select properly. If you are at
- school; you ought to be regular in
your habits. The forenoon might , to
be devoted to leavy breakfast ' and
light reading, such as "Red Knife,
the Revenger," or some such criet
ing, and - at the same time instructive
matter; -the fternoon to epistolary
Correspondence with' -your female
friends, and the •evening to French.
The reason why. I would recommend
French is not it is of any
more practical- value than Kickapoo;
but from this, that at the rate of pres
ent female education,• in two more
generations you can'tfind a young
dy. that can speak English. Ifni* you
ever thoug,lll of that r ixty dear friend?
lam glad tbat'my kit has been =cast
on earth while yet some of :them can
understand:English, for that is ;ay
best hold. '
-The. art of conversation` consists
properly srt- offending -.your inferiors'
and. disgusyrig your :superiors' ~ t rn
every occasion: • . i
Pick up the discussion of religious
belief every time you can leateb two
persons of different denomination" to
gather, and-of polities,-too, Whin. you .I
are in the presenceof yourvangnish-
ed 2 enotnies And-if ibelatliersofi all
your friends. present 'werti.hanged for
high% treason, conversation:' ow rthat
subject will be intemstinebeeimse
they will all beret home` 'on- it,-and .
doub diScass it :with; .soroe
fueling and understandinL •
you ake a call, %forget
to take your cane, cigar (or e.layilipe);
and if you babe a terrier- pup,i take
him along toe.
Anyounglady of sense woni,
lily herself in. turtling 4:14 of
doors if you didn't
It does uty,ott: LC) a!young
mono= the b rett with li4clothesbm'
a :bottle-of Jockey Club Ant his person
as perfurnery cloud of werke round'
his head and three Paps at his .heels.*
It looks like, business.
' `Lim , . intensely :ford of-.ambition:
! Do :your_best, If yeti are ona , salsryof
I , wl
_ 0Ct:1,~~.a,4,,,..tJ
ilr T
to [ 4~
~ .~. }S: .".) .t.. 'l.
firer Inindind' dear
AterAotheis thairloor,o44*, or
somebody think - 10u door.'
roVertYieiiliorfloiietitet* 'creak.
Doiet 'ebinthit clieninkikt
w o#Efng ent:wna.' Three
111Vare _enough ; then'
Mote than Uri that!' tor land irtjtt
yon birie enticed before Eftoal!kt.'"Stive
a Renhy . for • thei iuiai ei , If '.yias
Rhona save inn* be Veit the
eakoon'keeper'and-li radii "Don't
be `afraid-to tak•:) a edeWipies.,
very different *inn being i'dibiluird.
-I brie . Wen goOd vibiteke
soeiateliiees,l3tat kw*. but' few
tirttokatvii.' • "
Thbreare t Ortly islew` oflhetiV to
knew l' itey longMims&
on earth tO' get acquainted:: AlinOst
city-ono 'dui get 'prorneted frond the
one position to the other. Buttress
men like sociidglimemi:` ;`Bahre_virtmld
prefer that Wier .people ti
should talccitheiti, than theirs '
pily-thera tike.enlyleir such men. A
man 'dr' that can't ink social glass
isn't fit `for the lociety'ef any sena&
oung lady. =lt makes him eloquen t:
Re may ' talk some things thai are'
better adapted to the bar-room, but
then-he isn'eto hiatus' for that, it , hi
the social grate that is 'to 'blame:" If
1 you 'are "in litinor," cf.eonrie you are
excusable.' ' If I were going , to do _a
mean trick Or say a mean' thing, I
Would get "in liquor" first. It don't
cost much to get "in :liquor;' but it
sometimes`costs is great deal to- get
out. Tobacco and 'fancy drinks - are
the component parts of L gentleman.
It is a' very beautiful adriniture. A
man - after holies been 'brought up in
it is hard toirean.
There are a 'Many Constituent parts
to a pedect.gentlernan, but if all ac
complishments were to be stricken
from civillzed life but' two, L would
say in tones of thunder, " take' from
me my garments, my money, my rep..
utation, my morality, my all, but give
me, 'in prosperity and adversity, my
pipe andhowl."
cmost humbly beg pardon; my at
lectionate and attentive friend, for so
long feeding you on the busks of my
subject. I shall now begin to throw
Atom. T hays been giving you shucks.
I am now about to fling in the ker
nel. I have kept you wandering, as
it were, on the margin of some •am
brosial and aromatic garden, now I
shall fling open the gate and invite
you to wade in.
In facr; t to be brief and. unambigu
ous, I shall now take you to the ely
elan 'fields of matrimony, where the
sweet strains of gentle discord rise
like an incense around the hymenial
altar forever. •
I fondly hope that you do not go
Unprepared. Younow know how to
dress, to walk, to talk, to work, an&
td-Rot -to -work, and what more. shall
Yo. can burn tobacco and eat it,'
too, if -Yen please; you know how to
Spit, and shear,:; you: know how
a cigar ora clay pipe (I prefer to see
the clay pipe) adorns the' unadorned
beauty of the person,' and choice lit
erature the *Aurally barren mind.
Should I hesitate, thewin saying that
you are ready te,receive instructions,
on that' subject which • has occupied 1
thetninds.of the best men of any age
or of any clime ? Young man, , ant I
assuming too nmeh When I take it for
granted that-at some Period of your
life you will want a wife.?
Assuming this, as I becomes
me, then, to give you the 'keys that
unlock tbagates to that mysterious
realm. In theory . this seems on easy
'teak, though in practice, a celibacy of
two score years attests how herculean
it iv. As I have `said before, I think
it is for want of proper information
on the ,subject that I am yet single.,.
handed, forbad I received the light'
of the. experiences of the past as' is
your privilege, it is certain (so far as
certainties may be said to exist in the
region of metaphysics and intangible
agencies) that I should now be en
gaged in the delectable employment
of what is called" domestic felicity,"
i.e., settling milliners' bills, and dis
charging servant girls for no other
crime than beauty mad - amiability!
Pardon me for thus reverting to
myself,, and remember that is a kind
of remorse that gnaws at my vitals
and forces me into this seemingly ego
tistical state.
Remember that it is not what has
bept that disturbs .the - serenity of .myi
declining years. It is "what might
hate been."
Bat enough' of this ; .1 must to my
task. It is not incumbent on me to
enter into an argument to prove the
utility of wives. I ' • ,
As-,fm. back , through .the. shadowy
arches of the centurinsas Homer and
Confucius, their utility is; conceded,
and they were particularly. disposed
in their favor, though. J. think. Conk'cins meant to be understood quali
fiedly when he said- that her boson:
was the "resting-place of secrets."
Let us reagenit to easy! and .certain
Xever marg.& woman, that :knows
bow-to do anytlaig,'. much 'less that
ever does anything. •
A.wile, ought took:now, as -near , to
fkg possible. Thecless she
kiows the more she will • think you
IMOW (Verily CO 7
.I r et therware sante things she ought
to. nOisagatia• • -' •
_ She ought, to
.unaterstind every lati-!
8! a PeAcept.' hex own.l: ~ , ,
:Shia_ ought, tolnow Ihr neighbor's
busine;w, ;mid where, her, -is
after nine o'clock. •
.14;f Y , ,,3 1 f:1:7r1 , 17;*4) i ...,.,:rO
- 1 , : - SJ ,;;;;:-.;-...k,4:-",,-;,,.
bile ought tit, know euongki about
arithmetic: to figure house-rent {and.
dry - Vodg bill& -1 ; ,:f ,
~ 4 0i,a8 . for -we." wontil sooner see
tbs world gyp back into chaos than to
see any of mi friends monswowas
that knows, how to work.. I 4?n't
think *Ones* wade to wnik;lnlS
giria - Can:finthat.
But, there' is One rule that:xi:Oat not
be, forgotten , for; Qn , tll~t 1;04E4
tlia law ikuiV‘LteProfits: .r r -
- :. IS is- just' esuirtn
nuM7 'a rich girt an: a ppor rms. It
may: creme nlittleAongber tOliee with
gienn Jou, kcan „outlive
have seen a, s
tin4e -
very impertinon to eolith.*
into the-habitiloryour intended.':'Let
things take -their,-courier-f Yon kill
learst':herl `Afay4..:` she .mill
handle.the_cuirling tong; iuore dm;
it. ,
. • .
.;1. 4 A; ; + . 4 4 , - .1. • - '4l - •
; . 4 *-iiiiaLtileiziarrimEntatirros
lox :114ciateeie4o03411i.ehould
totieti.thercouirts 'Ap*
get* d&OrcelOroila; ten
,t? , fifteen
inh ' li t' ol o4o igal 4o 4 o l a7S l i al t
rOltO 1 ,P;1111 1r 11 111Lt .f4r# 1 4 `00 01 4
Btit l P4 l 7 ‘::; r
: So
tiglifi*n4 l .*:!4Ko
tei Boo* what lai,e
004440 OW".
Wily, *W*63.: fidcpPlui Pulp/
&Avery Oenci sea
foll,flie - 9491* pfk,
*WOCK /11 P
' tee th from: the 5 0!.. e, me*
mule: c.tiuyiebeeked th**the
ithishind qf • m4rimon ;Respect&
WO have eatelittlhe 88E20, 41e,:*e :
havb - sieliod
,4?; linewiediv
thieugh ettp,w,i Wire
14* the'ilame,, ' O O O 9O, 4 ,i,delPaci
dOwn the, fewitied - ide"nio aW a i
from the state Of mithileet . Who
shall be first: o fl'in'g • - Di, ket
it acquire` such velocity that' to, hope
will be to tope oiget,Tit hope?.
Yes, hilindik! f both sexes, these are
tehder ties;
It is mita than that
shall never meet)nora.
Treasure these, pioierbilind
cepti up layout...heart of .fiestits, and
your sneeess life shaWbo Youisuf
fieient revierd. ; ' •
' As tar ink if the lightWhieli I have
thrown odt on the coasts of life
warn ono benighted ~bark oft the
breakers otarrot, I 'am a . .thensand
tittles teplicl.
• ' (Par the lysoirtzu.]
On the 16th of November,
brothers and sisters 'of the Jesse Stu
devant ' met at their "Old
Iforuestend on North Flat, opposite
Laceyville, Wyoming county; to hold
their Thanksgiving. • 9'
Seven brother and two sisters, of
the aggregine sae of '5lO yearir, to{ av
erage of nearly' S - years each, with
30 children and nine grandchildren
now compose the family. The rem
inisce'nces of their youth were not de
void of interest.
As pioneers in a wilderness, and
by loss of slather early threwn upon
their own resources' for help, a reci
tal of their privations and hardships
seemed almost incredible to the chil
dren, and marielous indeed to the
Luzern, county then included
Bradford, Susquehanna and Wyom=
ing counties,- and the river was the'
highway Irian ," Northern Bradford
,(then buzerne) to •Wilkes-Barre, the
countysest: Aireuewal of such re
collections should not fail to imprese
the favored of - " to-day ". ;with tl4
cost - and worth of • our • government,
and the duty , of cultivating, a love for
our country and those • institutions
which have enabled us to advance to
comparative comfort, so short a
time. The. Thanliagiving dinner was
followed Uy p song adapted to the'oc
.casiori, and Dr. Cogswell gave the fol-.
hrptu r s, si f ie f ra, Children and Fiiends
On this clay set apart by our State
and. National executive ,as a day of
Thanksgiving,, as a family, we ,are
privileged of meeting together here.
To the carelesi observer, our Meet,
int and greeting at. the "Old Home
stead" may . be considered of little
importance---yet the Aggregate of our
lives is made up of • parts, „which if
examined separately might seem un
important, but when properliadjusC
ed and 'their relations considered,
give form to our characters. Must
people overlook the minor, incidents.
of, their own lives; until they learn
hew these little things have shaped
'their career'.
The railroad switch is
but a point, though it determines the
course the train . shall take ; so our
meeting here, though
may set in, l motion influences that.
shall reach to those who come , after
us. -WC:feel our responsibility, and'
are fearful. in describing incidents
which go to make up the life orchar
aeter of thiise with , whom we asso
ciate,' where 'we find ,much, were it
stated in detail, that is potent for
good or evil, lest we should careless
ly perform our undertaking.
Ours is ne , ordinary Meeting. The
Past has, its representatives .hare in
the persons Of these fathers and moth
ers,. and though we , see . much all
around that reminds us of , the rapid
flight of, time, their presence, so ripe
in years, Assures U r .; that \
_ "Yuiio has bid his hand \
Upolieach heart gently,'not canting it, •
Bat ass haryeilsys his open palm',
17pou his , harp, to vary its vibrations.c'
la.this 'union'? of, hearth, by,,thi's
Family Gathering, let us` realise \ no
common union. The voices of 'these
fithersiMid - motheri of three scam
yearn, as echoes of the "Past,",greet
their, children as th e representatives
of the. Present, and the grandehildien
as the dawn,of :the fast. approaching
Future:, TO-clitjc . therefore, at our
Old liiiiiiestft4_ with, thanksgiving
we celebrate the Union - of the Peaty
Present,' 'and Fu ture, Union-
in the iepiesen,
tatiVecluoxicteisof Pode4taXhildre 11,
and Grandelnidreri. " Such
however short tint Pr esent, is
eeParibly, - ;."cOnnecte4 ' with the (
and Ffittnre, ; to laird' it ,e105444=
Abe ;
Our brief _associations.
with Abe past, we find much to in- ,
spire oar. hearts With trotittidi kith*,
AlithorOr all Good for His kindli'
benefits and care. ; The privations of'
our youth have been Succeeded by
compaiiitiieednifiirf,' and . the' Wood
land of chireni4reineitibriiii* , ,inka
as we with ''lndiatts
bealt of limy; hai 'been traitiferin4
into fertile
• e' hkie witnessed` . ouf;constry
palling n -Oriel 'triale . Of'Youth
icniard national MaiihnOil,lii f ite
*ion from the body politic theta&
cancer that threatened its , lifeTwith
hopeful prospect 'of
Multiplied ihmioverieein the arts and
' saienceritavellighistni&ont borderk
The -railroad, the telegraph,-thei sriotw
ins machine; the sewing machine, aid ,
- - nornbertese otherilabcaving Ana ,
Chines: have been added fhthita 4 kot
,iliprOventente oni4iinteinl
In lorance.: A
lirop)rtien, - he labor- halo' been',
:ranitiidied.4 l The State *iais,;
~ai~~.~s-i~:tY~:~:,t~g .
N:ll l .n.r,
. -. .
; ji,l-yt2,i;
lEdMin :9'; 1869.,
th 4, sclaiol-hOusei,k;, iha,;poor, „the
hiolitilogoiKd th books,b
0 0 - :rinjii4 Our 7Ootk are now oho*
se plenty as the leavea . of autumn. .
-Wus poe . 4eciltion.. .shichat
cued, and an intellige nt
footriondootialf tho =IV= Of.
needs. - The Whit his brought sun-;
*Via: Pkedilitwei'inil - owed mule
griete u A4 PUP , and cottage.
Of thosi.osq . a; who,,rtpresent .tn•
ftiont, PIAUI*
blends with Past, it:
‘ may be ask
lid---what are,our'dame and aims?
Our answer is:, We,' need a holier
arlillion, a killer Ideal; to., nerve _,us .
heroic should;or r isNe: deera
huae;riches, 'Persoiial happineii, sha
dowsi of which human aped is the sub:
stansmp aild.caUnt no privation or toil
too 'severe, if thereby we could:extend
the empire. of :human happiness
"..Oura is called lte ° of hiegin
k ,;~
_ =~> -: ..
MEM ffd
Futareois rovesenteti
these grandehßiiren, should be reck
oned an'age of hilManity.
Oh, the work before us serving
man; in . promotiug his welhuaand
elevation, there are, fields of labor
wide as the world; and noble as: the
human mind can comprehend. ,
Therefore, before we - separate, let
us resolve as'a family, bound by ties,
to a common brotherhood, to "Go
forth.l Be brave, loyal, and success
ful. r
Striv . a" to light freak "beacon-diva"
littered to Truth, and may their lames
extend the world around, until -the
nations of the eafth shall join in the
contest for. Knowledge, Truth, dun=
Lice,. Love.':
`When the lliniloo priest is about
to baptize an infant, he utters the fol
lowing beautiful sentiment: "Little
babe, thou enterest the • world weep
ing, while all around you smile:
Contrive so to live, that you may de
part in smiles, while all around you
The ancient Egyptians, at their
general festivals and parties of pleas
ure, always had a coffin placed on the
table, at meals,containing a mummy
or a skeleton of painted wood, which
Herodotus tells us was presented to
each of the guests, with_this admoni
tion: "Look upon this and enjoy
yourself, for' such will you become
when divested of your mortal garb."
This custom is frequently alluded to
by Horace-and Catalina, and Petron
ins tali' us that at the celebrated ban
quet of Trimalcion a silver, skeleton
was placed hu the table to awaken
in the minds of the. guests the re
membrance of death and of • deceased
friends. •,
In Carazau, a province to the
north-easfof Tartary, the inhabitants
have a custom, says Dr. Heylon, when
a stranger of, handsome shape and
fine features comes into, their houses,
of killing him lathe. night notout
of desiro.of spoil, or to eat his body,
but that the soul of euelt a comely.
person might *intent among them.
Among the superstitions of the
Senses. Indians was one remarkable
fur its singular beauty: When a
maiden died, Alley imprisoned, a
young bird until it first began to try
Ate power of sons, and then, loading
it with messages and caresses, they
loosed its bonds over her grave in
the belief that it would not fold its
wings nor closk: its eyes until it had
flown to the spirit land and delivered
its precious burden to the loved and
lost. . •
There is a curious tradition, both
of St. Patrick .in Ireland, sad of St..
Columbia in lona, that when they at
tempted to found churches they were
impeded by an evil spirit, who threw
down the walls' as fast as they were
built, until a hutuan victim was sac
rificed and buried under the founda
tion, which being date, they stood
It is to be feared that there is too
much truth in this story. Not, of
course, that. such a thing- was= done
by either a Christian, Patrick or Co
lumbia, but, by the Druids, from
whom the story was lathered upon
the former. Under each' of the
twelve pillars of one of the Druidical
circular temples in- lona, a human
body .was found to have been buried.
ANINTEnonse 11 ?cieattr , —The Pail
Mall, Gazette relates that' at Rains
gitte,'on the 12th of September, the
wind,- already high, became more like
tropical hurricane than an ordinary
storm, and according to the custom
observed there in ' bad Weather, the
Ave Maria ,Stella Was sung at Dena
diction by the' Catholic choir in the
monastery for all . who might be in
danger at sea. At
_the ,sailie time
that the voices of the monks in choir
ascended to heaven, the voices of two
priests and foniteen nuns were being
\raised in: Prayer from the midst of
the angry waves, in imminent deli
' of being vet* . helined
,ges,',° t4° .vlO
- of the storm. The ' fervent pray
er areas from Lange 'Dutch bark, a
I few days out of Itotterdate,,laderi with
merchandise, and:bound for theis-,
lant . l of Java , with twentY-fiiePeom
gers on , board, smog whom were
, threereligieuse of tb# Society Of Je
sus, four and ten ' Slaters
of 'Mercy. For f0tY•4414 10 ,°?... 211 " .
/01111101111i' dia \ they remain i s prayer,
without foo4, **AY:Cahn aid re-
signs , in ilaiiger \Of' momentary des:
The captain had
l ost reckon
ing;. they were driving helplessly he
fore the wig, and When, after the
long night 'had passed, e, dawn AR
:owed and they thought to have
found themielves' o ff the coast of
France, th eyfiicOveredthemselves
to he 'close thic: tloddaik, Sands,
with the'White CESkOf RlLlU 6 gateiliato
'via& in the &alai&
'dreil_yards. ake,iA another ship, in
:danger like:therasetires, Wait seek to
strike orik 'sand bank and disappetul
their &in hirwever; cleared tile
-sandifik'sitfety, le*. hoins aft
ter was broughc-without the , lose of
'a ainglehte; -int,b , . , ltaiusgiste harbor,
whereithe shipiireeked pilgrimsWerei
ihibly*tertained at
triontisieri; and the same
•Voiees thathad =raised " in sup:
1 4Aieujion under 6 eh 'dlifereut eircum
ideates andithlractini to esek other;
rnow 4oiried hi grigeful unison . in
1011mA - wig the , i f Te Nunn t t in 'Sall*
Olt; the obi hien& &mike trust,
gioßlit*Otfkraeo eet the newest, „
Wlwn We • -• After eIL
teveihEet is *beat
Or the ainlY !ide'le
ova AI Wise the reaching
Ot Wet - IWe ithescileifisiteseblug
litho its lod;e aivd *tun' and rid,
r4l' the wiairy fed Mi. bed
Thera sic 14v.deep is Ufe's chalice
Must the shadows then mans us /
Atulihe suubeams ne'er come to us?
While our last pass by the daisies
Httall our imam Wet' oxilmt his Praiirt?
them is smite joy,, wino reut, , -
F9r thu "ari , ";# 9 141 bCgt • '
lr'isr bolter, Shszi Am old or. cvest,
Is the ►oviug Friend the truest,
prei alas and storbiello sees us,
FiOdi the danger too lie frees us; .
And amid our faithlesss - Naming
Reeils a watehfuluesstuswerviug,
And Ho shows ns pesrect rest, '
For jhe liesty-abut the best
Thursday, Dee.% was the tenth au.
niversaiy of the execution of Old
John .Brown, and the • Philadelphia
Bulletin uteri to 'it in a very sensible
article, which we reproduce:
it is over ten years since old John
Brown of Ossawataraie, with a follow
ing of twenty-one men, whites and
blacks, made his mad attempt to ex
'cite insurrection in the United States
and creates go% errauent for the abo
lition of slavery. On the night of
October 16, 1859, be seized Harper's
Ferry. On the following night, a
force of one-hundred 'United States
marines, with two pievis of artillery,
commanded by CoL Robert E. Lee--
afterward General-in-chief of the
rebel army—compelled him to sur- 1
reader, all, bleeding and hacked with
bayonets. On the 81st of October,
1859, Brown was convicted of treat,
on, conspiracy, and murder' and on
the 2d of,December following he was
hanged at Charlestown, Va., amid a
pompous show of Virginia militia
called out by the redoubtable Gov.
Henry £ Wise. Thursday last was
the tenth anniversary of the death
of the brave, misguided old martyr : .
Nothing was gained by Virginia
or the South, or the cause 'of human
slavery by the hedging of John
Brown. It was one of the many
mistakes that the Southern politic;
ions made, in their efforts to resist.
the march of civilization. Brown
might. have been punished by impris
onment, or he might have been mag
nanammudy pardoned, and, in either
case, public opinion would have been
influenced favorably towards the
South. But Virginia and the whole .
South were thrown into such a panic
by 'the crazy undertaking of Brown
and his little party, that nothing
would satisfy them but his blood.
The petty affair, which could have
been put down by a squad of experi
enced policemen, was magnified and
even glorified by the consternation it
created, and by the tragic termina
tion that was given it by the melo
dramatic politicians of Virginia. The
little tragi-comedy of Harper's Ferry
and Charleston was made the prelude
or prologue of the tremendnowi_ po
litical and military. tragedy of the
Southern Rebellion.. The conor..m
name, Joha Brown, became exalted
as if it were the name of a saint as
well as of a hero. Through' four
long years of civil strife it was. a
watch-word and a. •
rallying cry for
the t ()idlers of the American illepub
lie. In public meetings, in parades,
in - bivouacs, and in advances toy
bloody battler, the idea tharflie soul
of John Brown was " marching on,' 1
while hia body was " mouldering in I
the ground," was a real source of
imipirszon, especially • with the com- i
men soldiers. The history of that
strange chant of the• Union troops
ought to be ; written,-' if there is any
one that knows it.: The quaint Old
negro melody, with its refrain; of.
"Glory Hallehijahrie familiar enough.
But bow, or when, or by whoui it
was applied to the- fate bf I ! Yohn
Brown, and made into a hymn - that
was the real battle hymn of the Re
public, in its years of terrible trial, is
not known, and probably never will
be known. Still, everyone feels that
in some providential though inde
scribable way, John: Brown, who
was'hung in - Virginia in 1859, was
an actor in all Ore scenes of civil
strife, between 1860 and 1865, and
that his soul was marching on and
guiding the nation to the triumph it
achieved over the rebellion and slav
ery. Robert E. Lee, who captured
him, and Henry A. Wise, who hung
him,-must have had visions of the old
man in many of the scenes through
Which they partied in the four years
of bloody rebellion. - -
As I typical, representative abol
itionist, john Brous of Ossawatamie
was very much in advance of most of
those Who avowed themselves aboli
tionists when such avowal was con
sidered either fanatical or =treason
able' He was willing to risk Iris' life
for the cause; and.when that life-was
dinuwided, lie gaveit up' With a mangy
ly dignity that was worthy a nartyr
in the holiest causer :lithe hadilie f el
and been liberatedi`thei abolition of
slavery would' probabV - not ' have
been accomplished as soon as it Was.
The first act of rebellion': 'reknit the
authorityof the Union took place a
little more than a year after his death.
The chain of .events from Harper's
Ferry and Charlestown to Appomat
tox is a well-connected' one, and all
future hilitorywill inelude the name
of john Brown in its accounts of the.
great revolution by. which African
slavery in America - Was abolished.
The small 'affair' at Haver'srerry
7;la little spark, but it. kindled a
L fire which swept " a ll over ihe
Southern State& ~ - ' ': '- ," '
\ , . 4 ....ese.4
'V• es Wtrat—lt isstated
that, iikThiladadpids, the aunts velocity of the
wind•4W it Of, satire Iry Aatenae tote abent
eliven in lions; at: Toronto its average
relileiti' fa ltitnnrinea; and at sea Ma estimated
, Zvi foThring appears! in ik, 'daily
, T aper: k` Wanted, Girlsfo; Cooking." ; Basewe
a cannibal among us? , ,
. .
',..:0 ;.. '..-- i,,
, •-•, .
I . - - -. ' •
. : ''".
- 17'f4i
OXit pep Annumr in -A.iiTstinice:
SHALL z pun TO uaE T 0131000?
DY tpafl!,lr SISUC,
ApOrrapondent solicitaticr candid
opuui~TToo `
n, through Ths/44,i've 8 / 436 '.
#7, the use Cof
,Tebacco, • - We, shall
give it won*.
_'We and not diBpoa
.to -take - 011 the
.question,' a lt hwe enter;'
fain' very positive eonvictiaus : o the
mischiefs which attend its-,nae.'
is Usual in all •disteuistiens, two en
treines are deVeloPedin- the"' contri .
ersy respi)* tobacio.
regardshe u se of tobacco as ail etil,
an evil.only,,iimi that Continually ; it
holds - that there is no such .thing as
moderation in: evil Laisithit the Lust
use of the weed is pernicious, imPar
ing the health and ahortsming the life.
On • e other hand; - .the advocates; of
smo , and chewing take the . bull
• -
by the- , orne, and _undertake ,to de
' inotntrate from the latest'grounds of
piqoiology,.thit tobacco is en skide
whose use in. due , moderation, econ• -
omizes the nervous force, .repaiii
cerebral wastes, and prolongs life—r,
We shall not take. part. in - the con
troversy. Theta are several grounds
on which we would diastole& young
- men who have not formed the habit
After AIL
After sll,
After all.
of . aping tobacco from ever learning
to Imo it. • • •
I. It is not necessary 'to health or
to comfort. No one - has la natural
craving -ter it. On thabcontrary, it is
utterly repugnant to a natural appe
tite. It offends the senses and every ,
vital organ. Meir are obliged to train
themselves into iteuse. The stomacti,
the heart, and the brain - e 'retest
against it, and Subinit, at 1. , only
as they would to any other ii edicinal
agent." That - it may become, after
long 11.4 e, ItereqSary to comfort, and
- even to the health, is saying of it only
what• ma : lie said of opium, of strych
aline, and of arsenic, all of which are
[ employed for the very sank: purpose
that tobacco is, !,viz to produce ex
citement.' But the need is secondary,
artificial, and acquired. No man in
health carealto use tobacco because
lie [ needs it.. The habit begins in
puerile imitation. It is an apish
trick. Boys revolt against boyhood,
and think they are meu when old
enough to copy the faiths of .an im
perfect manhood. They are very apt
to, crawl into manhood through the
dirty door-of vice.
It may be said that, though there
is no natural craving for any particu
lar drug, like tobacco, yet in a highly
artificial state of society men crave
stimulants, and that tobacco, alcohol,
&c., if used with rigid moderation,
adapt themselves as artificial supplies
to an artificial want. .
That wen living raider the highly
exeitin , * n conditions of modern society
[need certain stimulants, we are not
disposed to deny„, But in Selecting
- One should avoid those [which are pe
culiarly liable to abuse, and employ
those which experience has shown to
be safe. • Tea , and coffee are useful
etimifiants. They - are not degenera
ting. Whatever, use tobacco and
"wine are . alleged to' have in repairing
nervous wastes, tea and coffee will
serve in like manner, without the
'temptations to excess which go with
these more violent drugs.
' '2. The habit of using tobacco leads
men to vulgarity., I do ;not by any
means say that every user of tobacco
is vulgar, or that every one who be
takes himself to it will, of necessity,
become vulgar. But, as a matter of
fact; users of tobacco grow indifferent
to the feelings of others, and habitu-
ally keep before the eyes of their
companions disgustful things; which
true refinement would hide, or sup
press. Even brute animals, moved by '
mere instinct, learn' to hide the excre
tions of the body. The much abused
pig prefers cleanliness. Give hiin
pure water a clean bed, and he will
keep * himself clean...
Brit, whatever rare and polite ex
beptions there maybe, it is undeniable ,
that the users of tobacco become in
different to others' feelings, and shock
the tastes of men with scarcely the
consciousness of., offending, The
chewer squirts his.saliva as if he were
a liquid artillery man. The smoker
carries in his hair, his raiment, and
in his breath the fetid odor of tobacco.
To some the fresh sineke of good tit.
bacco is not' disagreeable. But the
residual smell which lingers in the
pipe, on the clothes, or on the person,
is disgustful to every one. " If one
will use tobacco, he should, at least
thereafter carefully parp and purify
himself. But I have observed - that
' persons who in all other-things have
gentlemanly instincts, in the use of
tobacco seem to lose delicacy and
generosity. I,see a great degree of
selfishness, and of indifference to
others' comfort and 'feelings,. in the
use of this article. Ido not say that
tobacco brutifies men's feelings. But
I have noticed that users of tobacco.,
are, as a class, less careful of offend-' I
ing the tastes of others than are their
fellows Of the same rank in life who
do not. use it. ,
• 3[ Tobacco has, upon some consti
tutions, amost deleterious effect, even
when used. moderately. No one can
beforehand tell whether he w . be its
1 4,
victim. That it acts upon Y as
an insidious nerve , poison, le. • to
dyspepsia, to headaches, to +.arious
derangements of the nervous system,
:seems beyond a doubt. Thousands
of persons, after long suffering * " have I
found themselves, restored to health 1
by simply discoutinninethe use of
tobacco. That, in such- cases, there
is an-Ufflnity - between drinking and
smoking, can hardly be doubted:—
Thaton some cases, it leads to in
temperance, seems Clear, .
. . ift. y-should,one incur the remotest
{ danger, by learning to use a disagree= I
[ - able"narcotic agent that ".a healthy
man has no sort of need oft .
4.. There is -an argument ofperson-,
1 al liberty and of persona Fixity that
has always 'seemed to us should be.
l'sufficient with a generous and bona.-
' able nature. The habit of using to
bacco once formed, is welkiighinvit' t
cible Now, no man of self-respoct,
not already 'entatql‘cl, should „amuse
, to go into bondage, to lxicome &slave
to matter Of enjoyment.
There is, also, a moon of personal,
- cleanliness. No man who habitualtly
uses tobacco but Offensive. to
delicate ,safes." It is a matter of
proper ride for One to be (vivacious
that Ins . persen is - pare, his. skin
'sound, his Mouth clean, his f- ii . cool.
. ~ .. ~^~,.,:e : ~^—~alW^'xv!aV+s!"d:..y'a.2•rr.: :~.519R r.`~~,R.;s •s~..v - i:~ -^
- -' , "NUMBER -29.
'144 : 144 4
an& ;I,lLatte Pi At •
wear itithy cad, bow ninth leas
should he be militia toesa lay
riser Now and - glen s - tobacco
May, by ' peat earklbide the ef
f ntik my, his mom: -Mut in • far
the greeter number of bmbinces, erten
among well-bred people, one eau at
ones seem susdl; bath, the signs--
and effects of thepolsotie weed.
We hardly hope to influence any
one on whom the habit hi fixed. We
do hope to dissuade am m . young men
fawn form i n g a habit which v utterly
unnecessary to health aria comfort,
which in most instances is unwhole
seine, which sacrifices personal chitin
linens,- addicts one intiroilly tols
sensuous appetite, and which changes
delicacy and kindness to a selfish in
difference tel the comfort and wave- •
mesea of all who are brought in con
tact withns. _
Spurgeon says: Nobody-is morn
lib an honest Man than a thorough
'MI6; linetryon see p Man with a I -
greet 'deal of relleondu*yed in his
slooptartiiknr, you uuw&pmd upon
itbsa,~eepa s very snail ,stock of it
*Alin. Do not chooie yourlfriend
by his loob; handsome feet often
1 path mu' Don't be fond of
compliments; remember, "thanhatou
pussy,d thank yon piny," kill the
eat.• •. %believe iti thkimaa who
talks 1 7 20 di sunn ing Cate are very
seldom mousers. - fly no means put
yourself in mete tparson'e power;
if you put jam' thumb
_between two -
grinders, they are":l:m apt to ;bite.
nothing Without seeing* sign
nothing wilhout reading it, an 4 make
sure that it means no more pen' it
says. 'Don't go to law • unless Jou
have nothing to lose; hiwyeeto braises
are built , on tool's heads. In any bu
siness, never wade into watett where
you cannotsee thebottom. • Put no
dependenie upon the bible CAf , a bag;
and count money after your own kin.
free the Beck open befme jou btry it;
for be who trades in the darkileus to
be. cheated. Keep clear of the man
who does not value his. min' charac
ter.. Beware of every luau 'who
'swears; he who would blat4khems his .
Maker would make no bones of lying
or stealing. Beware of no man more
than nonfat; we carry our worst en
emies with us. When a new opinion.
of a doctrine comes before you, do
not bite • ;II von know whether it is
bread or and do not be sure
that -he gingerbread is good becausc
of the gilt on it. Never shout hallo!
till you are quite out of the woods;
and never cry fried fishAill they are
caught in the net. There is alwayb
time enough to boast—wait-1i little
longer. Don't thiow away dirty wat
er till you have got clean; ikeep on
scraping the roads till You can get
better work; for the poorest , pay is
better than being out of emplment,
Always give up the road to buN•and
madmen, and neverlght with a coal
heaver or contend witho base char
eater, for they will be slue to blacken '
111 s .- friends, rao not wish -it said
that . I left no - ipression of opinion
in Ohio in regard '-to the Fifteenth
Amendment. b elieve in it, I be-
here iurgisino the black man of all
the States a right to vote.
.1. MAMA
understaild the earnest desire on the
part of some men to: depriye the black
man of franchise. • I believe that a
negro is a man with a soul as white'
as yonrs or mins. 1 , I behemoths& God
made him and Christ died /whim. I
don't believe the crown of thorns that.
pierced the broW of the Weenier
drew out from his . saintly forehesd
is crimson tide for the salvation of
the white inan, and the nails that
smote his hands and. pierced 'Pabst,
drew from thence a darker Ade for
the redemption of the black man. As
near as I can I would look' on all the .
world as God looks on it. The black •
Men of America, have earned the right
to vote. They were our comrades on
many a battle-fiebt--fand when the
conflict grew fierce and hot, when our
lines were decimated- and we were
looking ankiotudy_for help, we never
asked the color of theignad- or divi
, siun that swept by or over us .with
levelled bayonets, and
~cheers that
shook the earth.' What difference
did it make to ur whethetthe cheers
of victory that came out of the battle
cloud sprung from the throats of men
whose skins were white and fair, or
welled up from bosoms duskyis the
nighty Vhit cared we irhether the
blood that . was reddening , the • field
around us flowed from the veins and .
arteries. of men boasting n long line
of Saxon ancestry, or ,gashed from
the stricken heart of Men whose blood
had -"own fiery beneath the sultry
suns of ? We straggled for
victory and shouted for loy as the
brawy slaves - of the Sentb, with teeth
firmly clenched And dusky bosoms
heaving with a sense' of manhood, ,
swept by and went crushing through
the lines and over the ramparts of
rebellion! My friends, se fir as .I
am concerned, I'll never hiok, at the
color of a man's face, wW: ' stands
pointing with his battered ba y onet to '
Malin , ' deeds of citizenship, written
r, upon the 'scroll of 'oral in the bleed
of his race and peoide: . My political
creed is simple, and can be stated
The man who isgoodenottsfsta, - efais -
my danger on the toattle-field, as Milling
to die there, I/ - need be,, as myself, is
good enough to stand up beside me and;
A Timm who had a load on "fetch- 4 !
ed up " suddenly against the, side of
a house in. Eighth street, which had
been newly painted.. Sh "
self by a vigorous effort, he took a
glimpse at his shoulder, another at
the house, a third at hie halide, laud
claimed: .;
" Well, that is a fiery Careless (risk
in ' whOirv er 'night for painted t that house to
leaie it denoting ou '
people to run again' st"
The following is told of ,Professor
Adams, of Amherst: A student was
called to 'describe the peculiar. char
acteristics of the shark Ete was • a
fluent speaker, and answered et some
length. - "Incorrect!" said the Pro
fessor. • Unwilling to 'a4mowleclge
h ix ignorance, the student tried agam.
" Well, to till the truth, Professor,.
, don't know anything about.. it."
I Oarrect." _ '
84xv., the jokier and po l t,LWae once
talon p, trip nn a, steamer, when be
Pal in Tt,Ah a. lively young lady; to
whom Fe made Inmaell very !kW/PA
blc: Of course he made alk.unkr,Br
0.41 upon &MS.* 4o said
partirig: 6Ood-bye, Sun: •
fee.-_Hoon be kartirff the:
"1,11, - nalsti," eat( • ci ,m):Egerate
punster; Isms not, a rimartman
already - you maybe 'luxe; , 2 :f"r
geitinf ; you."