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    •- ra ri Ito.
Pair . The Wilkes-Baxre'Daily Union
stir Material for the new wood
paremekit.nn Main Street, between Mesrartints'
rornur and State Street, is being prepared.
se- Work has again been cinn-
Inenct.d on the Episcopal Church. The walls
are being laid np with white sandstone. 7
liar We trust that persons who
have interested themselves heretofore in get np clubs for the; itnrowran, will endeavor
•o increase their lists this fall.
tOr The new Atlas of Bradford
'ontliy, published by Bizas, Maas do Som.;
will be (layered to the subscribers in a few
H. D. V. PEAT; superinten
dent of the Susquehanna Division of the N. Y.
& Erie u: R., hal been appointed superinten
dent of the. Towandatoal Company.
Sir The Catholic Church is nearly
enclosed. It will be one of the finest church
edifices in this sectioh. The cost of the build
ing will reach abont $50,000.
itir Mr. .BiEcant's ,big beet is.beat 7
en. J. P. KIRBY, of Wysoz, just brought one
414) our sanctum which weighs 15 pounds and
mensnres,S2 inches in eircuinference.
its. The Scranton Journal says the
,tonc gothic rltsidenco of GAILDIczn ILVADEIISON,
at Green Ridge, now nearly completed, is one
of the most beautiful in this section of the State.
air If any of opr friends have a
digpomtiok to sondmi Any more "big things;
we beg leave, very medeatly, to intimate that a
nice hirkey would be (wife acceptable, if "hand
ed in " about the 17th inst.
Stir The shooting match which
took 17hito 'at Greenwood, on IdAday last, was
gw'tt .14 , Cr.;ely attended. Mr. CL I AVE4O; of this!.eceeded in carrying off Nix "gobblers,"
I.i:D• LAPLANT one.
To any person who will send
hundred subscribers before the first of
January mat, we will giro forty dollars' worth
of to be selected from the catalogue of
J. H. Lirmacorr &IC°.
ItSl.. WICKHAM t 4 BLACK are agents
for the great Singer Sewing Machine- In an
other eolturot ,nay be found a testimonial from
a lady stitkr i. widraNuainted with machines of
varioras mainithotnre. Bead it.
OW - The, Pa. & N.Y.R.R. Co. have
etCzb(ished a general brudness office in the
ITavtity Hotel, and appointed V.M. Cuinnermt
ngoand our Mend CRAB. A. WARD, formerly
hitake4unn on the Towanda train, abaistani
r.— Warfel:, Eaterprin.
Bar IBA W. CORBIN, of Potterville,
says ihat ho raised a blood beet this season
which weighed eleven poem's, and a white tur
nip woighing 1. j pounds; and that his neigh
bor. RA - . Mr. Cvsnst.i.x, raised cabbages weigh
ing :11 p, naiads each. Potteryille is ahead.
reir Sack and frock overcoats are
both fashionable this BPason. Single breasted
sa-I, coats are shod, and with ly fronts, while
the frock is shorter, double breasted, and with
out N'ilo ]wickets. The materials are meltons,
Lim ra &ma rough materials of various shades.
Lve- Rev. R. CRITTENDEN, S. W. Ai,
40mm cos . , and G. H. WOOD, were. elected dele
ga,.., from this place to the Stide Convention
of 1%-ring Christian Associations, now in
s..a:n at Williamsport.
Ito- Fon You.—We this week corn_
menu sending bilb to all subscribers who are
in arrears for the Its/mu - ma, and expect prompt
RINK, 4t. TiIOSU TOM neglect to, sand in the
dm: berme the first of 'January; will
h.‘,• meir papers 'discontinued. The advance
int .inunt system will hereafter be invariably ad
A ua..n meeting of the several congregations
ut Dmaila will be helil on Sabbath evening
nt the Presbyteran Church, and will be
add, by airs. Di. H. BLVOTIAM, agent of
tb. ,ve institution, in behalf of, this noble
and psiriatic charity. Semicee commence at
Any N(1 husband or lover can ever
half a 21reciate the charms of his adored one,
until he taibmess of her ania.of those exquisitely
co!. wed, whet mounted, ivory miniatures. They
rival na :ore in beauty, and exceed her in per
feeti,a fe;.• like everything else obtained at
li s taroui & Gnarly's, they are without fault or
*.g.- Gen. CAILEIION, and other
re.-.!itCy visited Watkins Glen, and
pr onced it a'" big thing." Had these gen exteprlecl their visit to this place and ex
a:Owed tite iatensiro and attractive Hat, Cap
and Fut Stort. of CLONNICK k max, we are
the, would have decided it a bigger thing
if ony one doubts this, let them
ea:it a , ..1 .lamine for themsclvels, Their stock
.11.10 And c•triipri,et. i ery thing in
their line
tee" SII.AS H. SHORES, of • Shesho uship: has kft at the ItEPottrEtt office
•.•,:. n,, neighing 1. 'minutia web and mans-
13. 2 imrhes 111 fiqrcmuforenee. The onions
re gi . own from the seed this season. Mr. S.
y. • 11 - 113.1.11-y sows his onion seed the first
ni April or May ; - arter covering the
tn!mps the earth doe7l solid, and that
. e • I r fails of getting a good crop.
A newspaper, in one year, is
, IliAtt.q.'s sehoofirut to a child, and every
fAr,. a•a.t c msider that a substantial infortna
:le, is : - ore., •' , •11 %it!, this advancement. How
nt , ny who refuse or neglect to take in
t •,•••... 1.11,14 r. s•ntnd,' lico newsp per, and
I • N tweet} dollars in books of any kind'
tutlieK, ,% unit] gladly have given thou
.:OWt. Odt d llsrs to reclaim a son or daughter
,gn•wantly and thoughtlessly full into
t._ 1, •II .1
P i:SON A L.—A number of Boston
t.e .:I,stn,ng them the HomaurEnALLEN,
: t.wn laNt week. They were on their
T•. COULIV t, examine the coal
;I. wo9n, has returned from Watkins,
N.l. 1 . , 1 1 1 handfed barrels fine apples.
.Vc ar. giatiiied to notice that Hon. Cuss.
tt; • now District Attorney of Philadel
pbt heh appoolt , A our old townsman, Major
Jo, T. u:;t , or his assistants. We c0n
;41,,•41.4 Maj. P. on his good fortune in being
rail' •i t responsible a posititm, and Mr. Gm
liONS Ne,,nring a non an well tilted for the
L P. W'ir.t.brron, of Wellsborongb,
• re.ident-of this place.
••: . ..littendont Cos has so tar recovered
11 , t I, 8 tilers; as to ho able to sit up. We hope
T•• !inn out soon.
W. H. SnAw , who has been HI or the past
fl'A “evkS, is slowly nvoTerilig. t
, I ,, !iN PAWN. an "hi citizen of this phov, l
.inploied as bools-keepl.r and cashier 'at
• 11,: - ,11c House, Willirpugpqrt, at a salaiii,f
ihrr annum. upright
n:1 , 1 ' • 11 , , ,ntryeri..r st, a book-keeper.
A. 1.1 uwiu, r.t one tune a professor
th , sn,.hnchopna Collegiate Institnto, is now
:Iga gi .1 in St at,• Normal &Imo' at Blooms.
I.urg. Pa. •
T. halt gone, West on a trisiness
'' Bus!! 14:LAN0 is again eniplop'd in Pow
e.•.".that iv itt go•ltt to
A., to to take rtinri.t, of n large
M. M. Stht.nttio. o the thin of T trum
ngvreas;y ill at 1:w Moans House.
wel Mrs. eits . q., of thiA
•-• i..6r.5t..51 their tits Wetlllifig Alott
daY eveaum last. May they br, permitted to
epitiorat e their g , aldert one.
as. Giumrg,4 PArrox's block
Bridge &riot, la rieeiring a coat, a paint'and
sand, which will materially improvethe apsa
awe at one of the finest blocks in town.
Parties wishing to join - Pia
Faro. L►noascx's Dancing &boolorM pkaie
leave their names at Cram= k Ammar% Bat
Store, Ilizacm's now block.
*a. liAtrr, the candy man,,has got
fully estill4thed in the store formerly occupied
by :ens C.uarsx. He keeps a tine assortment
of conketioher7 'and fruit. He also intends
keeping up a Brit class saloon, whein ladles
and gentlemen can always be accommodated
with oysters in every style, and ice cream.
sm. To find' a man "without spot
or blemish" to wed the princess of Eluffrkosect.
pied six years• time, caused four civil wars and
four hundred insurrections. The three million.
young men who wmged but failed to win her,
alp accounted for their disappobituomtfrotn the
fact that they could not reach aUIDiNG Gui
nn's in time to be photographed, that being
the only place where spots and blemishes are
either obliterated or made to give additional
charms to the features.
Mir Ma. &wren:
. The beet Mr.
Krum thinks be beat everybody with, is a
dwarf beside one my father raised. It weighed
fourteen pounds. When Hr. KHMER boats that
beet, I will try and beat his beet. I have a cab.
bago which weighs twenty-four and one-half
pounds. I hope Mr. K. is not discouraged, and
that we shall bear from hinisoori. I hare some
turnips yen may hear from when gathered.
Me is not to bo outdone in beets or cabbages,
nor "tall briers." . Yours to beat,
Me, Oct. 30, 1869. 8. 11. Bancuan.
Y. R.R.—The express freight trail), which loft
Waverly on Monday morning, ran over a cow
near Falls station, below Tunkhannocki about
six o'clock in the evening. The engine and five
cars were thrown from the track. The fheman,
Jous Scusron, was_ killed, and the - engineel,
ANDIUM RODENBArGIi, had - his; limbs badly
scalded. The conductor, Mr. Towns, received
several severe burns on hishands in attempting
to extricate thit engineer. No blame attaches
to any one on the train. Acting Superintendent
Rictus, with Dr. Lum and others of thisplace,
immediately re aired to the scene of the disas
is. Now is the time to put in your
cellars vegetables for winter's use. And you
want a good and cheap article; in fact, you
want your money's worth, and the place to get
it is at MCPARE ok. '3lEis Grocery Store. Any
thing in their lino they kaapeonstantly on hand
(which by the way is some trouble, for the eas
terners order by the wagon load). The best
sugars, teas, coffees, spices, &c., canned pro
serves and fruits, cabbages, potatoes, cranber
ries, and —well, we haslet the room to spare to
give even a partial list of the. many articles thit
are necessary and must be had in keeping house,
which can always be obtained at McCanz k
Mu's. It is said that their flour trade is im
mense; and they never recommend an article
that is not the best quality. Buy your grocer
ies of 31eClnr. t Mix.
' I Many of our young readers in
this village remember EDDIE Drrnucn, who a
few years sine(' lost both his sight and his hear
ing. Below we print a letter recently written
by him to a childrun's paper, The Youth's Cabi-
Hsi, in Pittsburg, Pa. It will be read with in
terest by his former playmates:
niIIADZLIITLA, Sept. 2, 1869
1NOTI11:11 "scum' :tort."
How do you do, littlefolks? Ileard that you
feel pleased to hare this paper to Yourselvek
and that there arc no big folks to read them. .
Well, there was a long letter in the August
paper that I had, written by a boy named "Bill
Stone." He seemed to be a blockhead in his
spelling! There is a boy in this Institution by
the name of Treldworn, do any of yon-tbutk his
oars are ears of era? Thera are some. boys
here from Pittsburgh ; one of them was once
called by the boy .:. "Dirty Pitts."
Well, t must say good-bye. lam
E. K. Dirrsien
Dent and Blind.
—.Dear : Being one of the =morons sub
smibers to your valuable paper, I see that down
your way people are inclined. to boast of their
long vines, large vegetables, 5-e. I snppoSe
that is human nature the world over. Now, I
live in Syrscuse, N.Y. and do not know as I
can enter for competition; but, nmertlieless,
I would like to have my say (with your permis
sion). -•
I have in my garden a small pear tree, act out
about five yeaas ago, and on which grew 25
pears, which, thrown into the scales, weighed
19 pounds. The largest measured 111 inches
in circumference, and weighed 144 ounces.
The pear is the Beurre Did variety, a late
standard. There arc tkose who may not con
eider them of extra size, and all I have to say
to such is, that when they pick the same num
ber of pears from a small tree without sorting,
and find them weigh more than mine, they will
have an extra nice lot. YL . nrs, &c..,
WYALUSING.---Wr. Editor: "We
come, coma again," not " with songs to greet
you," but with dull prose. The "internal im
provements' in our tows since my bust, may be
summed up about alter this sort—T. I. Lacer,
N. J. GAYLOUD, and C. F. Sinners, arc each put
ting up a good frame dwelling.
The depot is up, but not . enclosed. It is
litipat2 feet, and will be covered with slate.
R. F. BulzEu has moved into his new claw
room, where he looks as " liappyastu."
The red bridge across the Wyaliming has been
improved ltd.'s-I.olly by being replanked.
Messrs. WELLES are at work with quite a force
of men and . teams, repairing the late damago
tee their mill-pond. They do not not intend to
rebuild the dank this tall.
But the neatest improvement consists in a
very beautiful new post-ufliee which oer Nastty
—Mr. (1. 1.1. WELLES Jost completed for
the delivery of the mils. It voutnins 184 box
es, Mantling 23 loek boxes. For beauty of de
sign, workmanship and finish, I have aeon noth
ing of the 'kind that excels it iu our larger towns.
Next week you may expecte little temperance.
Nov. I, 181 W. JAY
DUES IT PAL—The intempenge
youth of twenty less a chance of living 1.5 j years,
while the temperate youth of the same age has
a chance of living 41 yenta, or nearly three times
as long. Think of this, you who drink ; you
give for the pleasures of dissipationstwo-thuds
of your life. Will it pny tee make such a sacti
flee ? But it is not- merely the time that you
lose. You lose a good learns, you lose the com
forts of health and influence and domestic hap
piness, the joys of a pore conscience `..and of
God's favor—you hese the jays of an eternal
heaven you might win but for drink.. Well it
pay to make such a sacrifice ? Could you know
that when a third of y•eir future life shall be
spent, some enemy would pursue you to death
if you remain within his reach, would you not
put impassable: barriers of space and conceal
ment between you and your deadly foe? The
impassable barrier bctwecn man and his deadly
foe, intemperance, is lot?! abslinenie. Will you
not, my/friend, interpose that barrier between
yourself and the cup of death? Will you not
lay aside this brief exhortation to take the sol
emn pledge? Will you sign the pledge with an
earnest sense of its importance, and strive man
fully and religiously tee keep tt
••Where are yon going so (ast, young man?
Where aro you pink!". fast,
With a cup in, oar hand, a flush on your brow?
Though pleasure and fun may aecouirany now,
It tells of a sVrruw to come hy-and-by,'
It tells of a tang, that is sealia with a sigh.
It tdis of a shame at last, ydaing titan,
A withering shame that will last."
Impoirmsr.—Recent failures among
imp,:rtera of Vey Ganda laming thrown sudden
ly on the market large amonuta of goods, great
dcpression in prieca has nee , asarily followed;
and having availed "unwise,. of opportunities
offered, to make large purchases at. the reduc
tion. t.e non•'afer
Dresgpoods at 1 pei yard worth 25 dB
French Merino 4 at,sl cents per yard worth 'I.
"15 pioect+ cents per yard worth . gd
100 pieces Dclnin.• at p.•r yard wqrth
20 and 23 cent..
Many other Drew' (total,' in sante prupgirtion.
Also, 2.."0 pieeas F.'itt Colored Prtnta at 8 cent(
der yard.
We fumtre our engtoui.o7,4 erat the &Wye
named goof I* are great borgainm, and worthy
their immediate attention.
Nov. 1, 1869. Point!, & Co.
*mi.—A *mi . .rieg
kvt of duty kapiiinea hi" our town on eleetkna
day. The State and judicial tickets shortly pre
view were sent via Elouth'Alraik to
denertof a well . known Republican, *acting
that they Ursa& be promptly delivered at the
polls: On the morning of election ,tliot did not
come ;:accoullipgb , , one of - our stirring politi
cians went to investigate the delay of. their ar-
rival. The getitleman in whom charge they
were given had gone from home; and the , lady
of the house had entrustedthem, just previone,.
to thliare of i remarkable strong Liam man
on his way to the ballot-b=- Our .Ilopuldican
had met the gentleman shortly alter he receiv
ed the package, and;- hurrying back, overlook
him and aiiked him to transfer it to his keep
ing. After damning a few' moments, andsay
ing itwaxin his power to have destroyed them,
they were given to our man and arrived at the
polls at tea o'dock, a.m. We think the disap
pointment of en expected nomination to county'
dike) should never be allowed to) interfere with
Feisty reepomdbility.
Quito an excitement has exiided the past week
in our vicinity, in consequence of a sheeting of
fair. Ea. Ikeinnicre; a malicious, bullying no
gro, working for Bum Pantos, and Emma)
Pica (white), abio living near the village, have
not of late been particularly ilind of each other.
rn:acii defined extra muscle, and although of
ten bullied by Roancerat, could not sustain eon
fiacnce sufficient to fight him even-handed.
Lately, in the absence of Mr. Firms= and wife
over night, the negro was left in charge of .the
premises, and told to see that everything was
kept in snug condition. Purism and the hired
girl at this place were 'quite intimate, and on
the evening in question he called to see her.
When the usual time of retiring came. around;
the negro insisted on having the lights put out
according to orders, and removed tho remain
ing one from the room. This was considered
an unpardonable affront by Thence, and he
swore vengeance ; and the Sabbath succeeding
procured a pistol and gave out threats of shoot
ing the negro... A colored friend was informed
of these threats, and immediately gave him
proper warning; and when Plasm came along
towards evening, the negro stepped from the
house towards the road, at the same time in
quiring of his enemy the reason of his murder
ous intentions. By this time they were nearly
together, and he was answered by oaths and a
bullet which took effect in the right eye, pass
ing below the brain sad creating an aggravat
ing and perhaps fatal wound. On Friday ho
was carried to Elmira, to receive the treatment
of an experienced surgeon, Dr. Swum% and is
doing well. PIERCE was secured by Hr. FRENCH,
and the next day sent to your place for county
rations. .
French Mills has lately been visited by M.M.
POYE/1014 the redoubtable "Brick" democrat.
His foster mothei, Mrs. tirry M. Warr; now
from the West, but formerly of the State Line,
is visiting at a brother's, Aux A. nor, and
"Pox " came up to see her and his . boyhood
home on Seely Creek, about two miles below
French Mills. 'limit looks rugged and frilly
competent to turn Ategoat BsLxorr •into /ann
ary. .
Dr. Mammon, of Elmira, has a largo farni in
the centre Of our town, on which are beautiful
living springs of water. Near one of those, and
nearly adjoining the firm-house, ho had a trout
pond constructed last season. This
tlcient in size, and this fall it has been enlarged
to nearly twice its former capacity. About 300
brook trout now comprise the floating stock ; a
few are of quite an eatable size, many small _
and others little.
The clouds seem to carry an unusual surplus
of rain-water this All. The huskers of corn
end buckwheat Hailers have been greatly inter
rupted by the general dampness.
We have had some plagued cold nights too,
notwithstanding the farmer has said—" Boys,
when you come from the barn, Just bring an
armful of straw for the hogs." The ground has
been frozen to quite a thick crust where uncov
ered. •
The squirrel tribes arc making themselves
unusually Scarce in our region this autumn—so'
are the pigeons ; teat we are not parhcniarly
fund of the hitter bird; their meat and skin is
kio•dark—the, former,'- especially. The black
and gray species are splendid game, and we
wish they might come around.
Cider making has_ commenced, and the mill
runs lirtskly round. Bee those Good Templars!
how they go for the press!. They call it apple
juice three days old, and rejoice in the delusion.
Rome of our citizens are agitating the idea of
changing the name of our village from French
Mills, the common, to Wellsville, proper; and as
Oasis tkrozz has already so lettered his hotel,
the place will probably in due time assume the
name suggested. JOE CUMMINGS.
Oct. 23, 1869.
• Hon. P. member from,Chemung Co.,
N.Y., to the- Assembly of 1830, lately related to
us the following incident, which ono evening
made the house lively, and at that early date
evinced that factious spirit which ultimately ri
pened into full-blown rebellion: Batas Ben
ison:ins, democratic member from Orleans coun
ty, like Mr,J—s, was of the Progressive anti
slavery stamp, fearless in debate, and gifted
with those line, statesmanlike qualities which
has since become the bone and sinew of our
Republican party. One eveningldr.Bunnocons
arose to address the Honee upon an exciting
-question then atissne, and by his thrilling style.
was commanding the rapt attention of the whole
body, when a Mr. Sroar (pro-slavery), taking
exceptions to his argument, arose and walking.
down the aisle occupied the third seat front of
the speaker, and turning, looked him angrily in
the face, and exclaimed, "You lie, sir!" On
the desk by Mr. Bonnovans sal's tumbler, and
catching it up he hurled it full tilt at Mr. Sronr,
just grazing his head and nearly making a long
Story short. As may be expected, this retort
was unexpected, and the excitement intense for
a few moments. The sergeast-at-arms was call
ed, order again restored, and the gentlemen to the House.
When returning home from the store the oth
er evening, we met two nice in • buggy. One
was loaded with whisky and leaning upon the
form of the other, she' seemed anything but
pleased with his double Warden. Too many we
notice who lean from the same cause, and just
by -reason of euqpnragcment from friends.
Whisky and betr drinking is looked upon with
too much of indifference by mane who 'are oth
erwise exemplary. Reiirctablo young men are
continually exposed to the infinence of- theme
geollemm, who occasionally "take a drink,"
merely to seem independent iind prolong the
existence of an old-time custom (mostly ems).
They want people to understand that they aro
their own-masters, and not to be identified with
those known as working temporatice pewde.
.This good and liberal citizen who inilniges t:e
ealionally in strong drink, as an example ter
the rising youth, is the most subtle and danger
ous foe which attends the cause of temperance.
When entreated to give a portion of their iwincy
and labor towards a-practical effort for the good
enure; they arc not sure as that. ould be a
way to effect the desired reform, -and wind up
with the (to them) comforting assurance that a
drink of Old Eye now and then don't hurt any
one. This now and then drinking would seem
rather figurative, and those who listen to such
arguments are encouraged to indulge, and be
ing unreproved by these patient men, soon loso
all shame, squander their last dime fir whisky
and its slaves, and become era they are aware
a eonflrmed, brutaliied sot and clog to, their
-former friends, and the disappointment .of
retital hope and affection.
The negro shot by ED. Primer., died in Elmira
on Thirsday last. Jos Costinsos.
: Nov. 1, 1880.
. ipa„:"The melancholy days have
come, the saddest of the year," and yet they
are the pleasantest and most Invigorating of all
the sesame. he who cannot enter into the
Spirit of autumn has something wanting in his
composition : to make him truly appreciative and
happy. The only unpleasant thing about the
season is; to know that it is so soon to be fol
lowed by thernele and piercing•ldasto of winter.
SS. The New Empire Cook Store,
on eirldhition at MAMMAL!. BISON. it Co.'s Hard.
ware Store is indeeTA novelty. This Stove has
many new and valuable improvements that no
other store in the market has ever had. All
thaw, who intend to invest in a stove, slnnild
cal-chilly examine the Empire before purchasing
any whew.
Ser — WooDronn & CrAnx; south end
or Ward Mose, nave opened an extensive as
sortment of Boot 4 and Rico es imitable f•••• t 'i
and winb r trear. Persona &sill-in.-
good bargain; abould not fi n t., .• „„ es
tablishment. All the bkte:t c „,: 'Apt
CM hand, or madtto order.
staix—imast.4lthe Central Natalia 0
tab. Oat lift,llo,„bylieff, J. 1.. W....tbark. Mr.
• .NraL - Nlas andifflaallaraTany, WOWS* ?
LEST' ,PASIG-~1 4 ,o lll rirrlMP. oll S,./ 46 '
Taaaaaajiii 1811,
by Bev: WaLlgartb.NoWSZAM.oo3o6.
tcwl k Cit lM 44 °4 l4 -TI-rIM Otlas
HOBBIII-141011.,-Attllo boins the brid e.
Lather' in Mathequin f OeL 9D, 1869, by liar.
Wm. N. Mott& Hr. Hobbs, of Nino.
*eh, N. Y ., and lam Dam Buck.
KENNET.:-EINGSBUST.L....ti litteshoolti, Oct.
len ume, Orrin D.& Kinneyand Hiss Alice
0., &atwitter of Lemuel & Kingsbury. *.-
Hill, Oct. IV Her . W. B. Westlake, Mr.
Alva O. Sm ith. of Towanda, and Miss Louisa
L. Handers; _ Waverly, N.Y. •
.- - ,
WERD-BONFOKY.-At . the bride's home in
Isms, Pa., Oct. 51,1969, by Hey. O. L. Y.
Howe; Mr. P. L. Word, of Towanda; to Min
. .
Celestla C. Bunfouy.
HIL 3 / 4 .1M-LABOOIL-In . OrmrslUe Centre, at
the bones 'of Levi Taylor, Oot. 1868, by
Rey. A. Oreenlaw;Horace 11. Heald, ibrmer
ly of KeUoggerille, N.Y., to Mims . HattM
Lamm, of Onset& Centre. .
ROBERTEL-In Wyainaing, 0ct.29,1869,L0etta
Z., only child of George A. and Ruth Roberts,
aged 1 year, 3 months and 19 days. •
Montrose .Republican please cop".
MIL-4n thish Oct. 80, 1889, Elvin; T.l wife of William in the 19th year of
her age. . •
_...: 0 :-
p l y
and Booms to let. Ap
to W. A. 11=1=6 or Gra &chola, Home.
Oct. 26, 1869.
Lour.—On Mondithilit, between
Towanda bm.h sad Scorers in Towanda twp.,
a bundle con taini ng two blankets and three Jude
of Kentucky Jean. Any person leaving tho same
at Cowell & Myer% Storeor at tho ltarowrau
office, will be suitably rewarded.
Oct. 26, 1869-2 e. . Wx. Cowan.
sa. The' annual session of the
Bradford Comity Teachers• Asaociition is to be
held at Wyso: on the 12th and 18th of Novem
ber. A general attendance is desirable.
. A. T. LruAT, Body.
- . Sisammtme, Oct. 98,1869.
Masses...Wm/mut k Brace—Omds: I have
used the "Binger" over a year and it -has not,
been out of repair, being over ready. lam se
quainted with the merits of the Howe, Wilcox
At Gibbs, Wheeler & Wilson, and Diamond Ma
chines, and pronounce the Singer superior for
simplicity of construction and for doing all kinds
of work, stitching. the daintiest and heaviest
fabricsequally well.
I should not hesitate to recommend it as be
ing the very best:
• Very truly yours,
Mrs. C. H. An s.
Finn ion SALE.-150 barrels very
choice Winter Apples for sale at the - Fruit Store.,
Also a large supply of canned Peaches and To
matoes Just received, very fine, at Ciao. H.
WOOD'S Store, nest door to. Elwell Home, To
wanda, Pa. -
A few bushels of Qiiinces.on hand at the Fruit
Store. . Nov. 1, 1869.
M. All persons interested in Bee
raising, or in the manufaclure and use of Dee
Hives, are requested to meet at the WardHonse
in.Towands, on Wednesday, Oct. 27, al2 o'clock
p.m., for the purpose of consulting in reference
to matters of interest to all Rarities concerned.
S. W.,
soar WAN'Tco.—A good blacksmith
immediately. J. P. Lnwis.
South Branch, Oct. 20, 1869-21* •
• ".
PIINZT have list received a new stock of whiter
millinery. Ladles, please call and examine.
Rooms over Tracy's Store, Monroeton. •
Oct. 16, 1869.
Kir- Lost, on the 17th instant, be
tween Monroeton and Rome, a Satchel contain
ing a black alpacca dress and some other arti
cles. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by
leaving it at this °Mee, or at the Post-oince in
home. - Oct. 21-Iw*.
WANTED. —Nine Teachers with No.
1 cerOficates, to teach three months in Any
township at thirty dollars . per month. Address
Geo. H. ii&NDALL, New Albany, Bradford Co.,
Pa. Oct. 21-4w*.
There are several male and female Teachers
at the Susquehanna Collegiate Institute, who
desire winter Schools. Enquire of Dr. COLT.
Fon SALE enzAp.--Being about ttr
remove from this place, I offer my duetting
house and lot, situate on Chestnut street, for
sale at a bargain. Enquire at the Post.oftics,
or on the premises. D. W. (ions.
Oct. 1, 1869.
tar You can save fifty cents' on
every pound of tea, at Bramball's American Tea
Store, Griffith Jo Patton's new bleck, Bridge St.,
Towanda, at the Bed, White and Blue Store,
YoU can sago money on every
thing in our line nt the Red, White and Blue
Store. Trv_i_t, and satisfy yourselves.
Sept. 9, 1869. REAM:HALL & RIDGEWAY.
ie. At the Red, White aLd Blue
Store you will find Crackers, Candies, Nuts,
Dried and Canned Fruits, Tobacco, &e., whole
sale and retail, chaper than the cheapest.
Sept. 9, 1869. BILUILIALL it RIDGWAY,
—First house north of P. D. Morrow's, on Sec
ond Street. ?..nquire at the itea, White and
Blue Tea Btore.
Sept. 9, 18 1 11._ lIIELUILtALL 4E RIDOEWAY.
Ifs The celebrated Mexican Coffee
for Hale ut the Red, White and Blue Store.
Sept. 9, 1869. BRAXIIALL h. RIDGEWAY.
"A Business Education will be of advantage to
every man, whatever his future occupation may
be."—Freediey. .
The Wyoming Commercial College, establish
ed in Ite3i, and connected with, Wyonting Send
nary, offers a thorough and mplete course of
instruction for those desiring 'commercial edu
cation. . :
Its location,in the beautifrd and historic Valt-'
ley of Wyoming, with its ca I, threo, lines of
railroads, and 11111UlenSP coal and other brisines.
operations, atrord rare opportunities fur young
men desiring situations.
Onr graduates arc Ilium : positions of trust all
over the 'country. Young men have attended
this Institution from Mississippi, Kansas, Min
nesota, and nearly every State in the Union.
Our tuition for the rowdier Business C.iurse is
from twenty dollars less than at other
Commercial Colleges, and yet advantages here
are in erery rennet unsurpastect
We offer all the aid extended by any Coninier
cial College in the country to graduates in ob
taining situations.
Students of the College have all the adven
ts:es of the Seminary m regard to• library, lit
erary societies, &c. ,
Tuition for the regular Business Course, £.23.
Telegraphing in connection therewith, 1110,00.
Telegraphing alone. 125,00. Stationery fur full
Business Course, 115,00. Board . per week, lg.
Send for Catalogue and epecimens of Pen
manship. ,Address K S. Eirttiour.,
- Prin. Wyoming Commercial College,
Sept. 23, IND. Kingston, Pa.
It always gives us pleasure to call thdatituition
of our readers to articles of real merit. In this
co nection, we advise our patrons who are about
to pttrchase - a Piano, Organ or Melodeon, to call
at W. Drrratcn & Co.'sflusic Store at Towan
da, before buyinwelsetrhere, as the i nstruments
sold by W. D. & Co. art, really the only &et
ch= in every respect. The Decker Brothers,
Hsllet & Canute; and Conrad Myers' Pianos
have now been before the public for twenty
years and more. The Pelauloct & Co. and Sha
ninger Organs and Melodeons for sixteen years.
MI of them are known to be as near perfection
sit it is possible to make them, and are going
the most entire. 'addiction to allwho have used
them. Our prices are law, and will sell Plano
M om $390 to $1,500 •, Organs from $OO to 11,000;
Melodeons from $75 to M. Sheet Mtudc, and
Instruction Books for Pianos, Organs,. Melo
deons, and Violins, always en hand. To those
who would like instruments from other makers
not mentioned above, we say, give ns your or
ders, and yon shall have them on short notice.
Recollect, ladies and gentlemen, that Professor
W. Drrrawn has had experience for over twen
ty years in the above business. Tuning and re
pairing done, it wanted.
Those who have waited so long for the colo
braW, "Briefraarken Polka," may have it now
at Mr Store for 69 cents wry copy. It is a good
piece of music, besides having a collection of
49 foreign postage stamps printed on the out
side: - W. Turnuca & Co.
conedea ee ry num.)
to changes ris il y by.C . B. PATCH. sult;.
Wheal, IP bill&
$1 50 git 1 50
Buckwheat, P bvb" I 12
Corn. VI bush - • 1 16
Oats, It bush/ ' 45
Beans. 11. huh _. 200
Butter (rolln It re as
do (dab% II th ' 354 40
P,ggs, 111 do: ,
Potatoes, Vi bosh 25
' kr HI
Flour, '5l barrel s oo ® fo oo
Ham 111iti 20 @ 22
°mous. It bust' 1 00 66 1 25
Warmers or Onarw.Whaat 80 lb. ; Corn 56 lbs. •
Bre 56 Its.; Oda 12 RIC ; Battey 46 lbs.; Buckwheat
48 lbs.; Beans albs.; Eno 20 lbs.; Clover Seed 60
lbs. ; Timothy Seed 44 lbs. ; Titled Pomba, 33 lbs. ;
Dried Applss 22 lbs.. Max 1•6 66 lbs.
--- "?!•7*"
NEP/ . .11:111,40MY GOOM !
Wodil fermi Igio IWO ietonwd Soils
we , wild* M is sod a M u selocted Moot
Oft NW AIM orbich Abe
sow ollml for liwir tomwetiow wig be Aw e d
1 1 N 414 1 111° M7— x ?" 1
ism-4r •
.3.4 lallieri=coolUmlaiebiod lo tho
mob ot IP ot
dool000k:_iout mks WWl* Munk, and olk
woos blvft dolma *Waal odd Wan mot pm
sent Ulm tot/ sultoctiodaa the oditooseaili.
to lowa illotorb.—No.l4.ll term
Yea eritehi hereby .nottled that Catharine. A.
rowely at
hiand.OaltblLOokhae l =l
so Use cowl at mama ass,pl or Ikednard 4:conr.
tee a evolve hoes ems books el and Ur
men mut Ms aupoiated Monday the Oh el Hot
lide. kor beezing the ma Ortheeine. ha the pteunase.
at which than be
place you can attend it think
0d.111.41 - ' &Mt
To Marsh M. TeasesAro. 4$ May latta.ll6L
Ton are b&st sodded thst John Reeves. Per has.
bald. has imbed to,thdeoureof outenton Pot of
Iteedfoed annoy. he a Motor boo the bond§ of
meattlestar. and ets odd omit bee appoLated Ilan
de% the nth of Deoember.llas. fur besting the mkt
40m In the' retentses, et stick Itstaand place rat
:,an attend It Ton, Ihtnk proper.
Witt. GEOM.
WEAMINATIONSI--:The - annual
-ILA enminations of Teachers for the genial DM.
Weis of this 0811 2 tr. wW to held se follows :
October lh Warren. Bowes Holum School house,
" 80, -Wisp&
1 = m 2eye=
do Manding , . a d o
November 1. MAMA. awe Run . • do
do nag imd Orerton. Sari do
de .11, Pnatito. Votary do
de 4, lenoy. Camas do
" I.43 =lB. b = h re do
do 1. dot '
do I. West Darlington. Centre do
do • I.
Beefington, Lathers M sdo •
do It Eserkkollemp . do
do ' 12„ OrWell, opera 11111 s do
do la, Pike, LelMysvilie do
do 15, Tuscan" Comma do
di 18„ Wyskidng,Ounptown . do
do VT, Terry. Tonromi , do
do 18, Asylum, Centre do
• do 19, Monne,ll o 2reeton do
do 20, Towanda. Collegiate Inalr
Spada' enadantiou at Towanda, Dec. Mb, to be
held et the Collegiate
Ap=c) tegnnested to provide themselves
paper. and With Reeder, and
to attend In where they reside or men
to leech. Those who attend the spedalminWon
will Comply with the retetands found on the
129th page of the school le Exercises will corm
mane at 9 o'clock a. m. Teachers mut procure ear
tilleates valid in this county beforo commencing
school. All profeedosal tee now valid In this
county will exWe on the lint Monday of June next.
Directors and other Mends of Education are re
spectfully invited to attend.
Sept. 211.
k. A. MENET.
County Supt.
How CM any persou nownhicture Confixt.irniery,
and sell It at 15 cents a pound. when =gar ii Worth
16 teats at the Itellnery. Nato It Is terribly adul
terated)? . ,
Iloy can any dealer retail such a die compound to
his 'madames and have a conscience void: of offence?
Bow can any consumer expeCt to pure
Confectionery at twenty-dye and =Ma per
pound when a pure article cannot be manufactured
leo than thhty to forty cents per pound, mudding
of castle buds, burnt, lmonds, and curl clam of
Within a few diya we have been 'offered cassia
bud!. etc.. foe baleen cents per pound, and Choco.
tate Creams at twenty cents, and the ag.nt arknow
lodged that they were adulterated ten percent, with
Tens Jab. ;'end it is fact that tons of this cheap
Confectionery am made and sold in this cquntry
v ial ured by very year.
it.and the oonsumerst are the only persons
Noletr the ben.fli of these wko wig a Jr.un article
of lir/seri. wo wat warrant every artiek glair
nee aeture Strid=e and free from every Ingre
dient deldtricn u to
Store formerly minded by John Carnien,lfein Street
(Towanda, October 21. 1569.
Y. O'KEEFE, 50N k W.%
GAttDEN, FOR 1870
Published in./wintry. Tway lover of flowers wish
ing fhb new and vslusble week, free of cluirgo, should
address edi t Y. frICEP.FE . SON k CO., Ell
usrlifer k Darres Mock. Rochester. N. Y.
Oct. 21. 1812.-41uu.1.
"Testify to the Adr dealing and public appreciation id
the Arm of
I,I[OI•7I I .A.N . TES,
Ful) •tnch of Staple and Fancy
- ! I
An elegant assortme tof
S'peoull hirw of
all atylea—own tauportlliou
l'ull ha. t
5111:1,1 , AN
+ •
An ears stock of
Trunks, Valiges and Traveling Bags,
OILS AND PAINTS. quality' gituranteed. and prl
Wow. the general maid.
inef received. 100 dozen
All glass, self scaling, at manufacturer's prices.
In fine, a Rock of Goods In extent and variety riu=
equaled this side of York city. The public are
cordiafly invited to eaU and e sat:ulna goods and prices.
July I, 1869. 1101(TANYE&
the canal bent In Wyse'. on Frld#7 night. Oct
1. nue BLACK XII= about S yens OW, Marked On
r ght aide ot nut with an El I monument matt o n shodlder and hip. Any Infonnatlon in regard to
said mule will be liberally rutudrd.
. Wilkes-Bars. ra., OA 2,1110-2 w
Coddingi .
We invite attention to the
as the best in use. We-have a great-
er variety of all kinds of• Stoveg than
'ever before
Remember if you 'want the 180
that you eau see theiii iR ntjtual op-
oration, at
We amk attention to our stock of
will keep a continuoppi lire with al"
most on attention at all. :and with
the lea q possible ‘‘!ast.: of fuel
THE .1:111.7,11ICAN
maintabis it 4 i, Nition as the most
STOVE in market
With the late improvomonts
_can be kept longer than in any other.
!dove. We also have the.
and many 'other patterns, all omen-
ent, for their respective prices.
Customers will always' find our
stock of
or set up within the born' limits
NMUi. POyolDElt.
kr.; Se
Just, received.
• S
YOUNG Amßtca,
Coddinp. & Co.
4_ ,- 40 0 3 11 li aid - o I ,
i 1 I
Ili /!ll 2 -.
• ~,,glt lite l :
~,... d , .. 0........
E.. - ..,..
.4 Pi
- .
m 0
al. -
&C., &C
_. .
.. .
r -
E 5
.. -
4 . 7. !
I • . 4
no ''
•C 7:4
1... I.'.
. 4
~ = • . t ,
Afi rP
E. ict cz
..1. i
:z . a
Ey M
. -el
- zo.':
.....4 . ....: .
. . . ..
f-. N. Z .
~..:-.... .
0 , : .... M
.....:.., :.-, 2.
...... -
~. z •-i zr. -.... r.
< 5' • , 4 ).- F. ',.?..... .
... z: ..1-. ........
P' . ..;• '"E
0 -....
O ' _ 44 6.- .
41 c
v._ . . 1 4
.- ui
..-.. , •
.4 r. 0 x
.. e•
• ~..•
: = c r. 4 g ',.‘,..'
g Q : • • 4 .' .....
. ,
g n . . VI .7- . .' Si
i l R i z r ,
• I 5
In ' ' 1 ' E' q
tlt ,
. i
C. : . 4b. 8
_._Z• P 8
B s D. .
t .-„,, ' 6l - 7) •
-.:4 --e
• 0
3 E . .... .... ..... i
N. . 0 ...Q ....
. 4o• Ai
_ 4
, r•
;. - 4 .
4' ,
F- .: • 2 ...„. 1
: 2 '''4 2•
2 ..
1 . g
P. 1
.. . 14 4 .....
A • tm
, ..
. j:. '•
1 '4 ;"
1 -. • - •
0 2
. .- :8
. 'it.
• 74d
- .....
W .
... ._ 0
1.. ...... :1.
1 s o d
I• 4
- L - . y
A " •
0 ~
i... .•:-
- , w : ,
• .. I=l '.l
W J'
2 -,
ai E--,
E. 4
1 --.
c; ~'
, G • ;II
, vz ' ..,
ti C
, 11
Al~ente. -
BooTs- A:- wri , rt o cypi!
th ,
, .
thelardc:,t, Eig-
sorttuent of.vmds Allis Eli!
offered in To w - an . (14.. 'is now, being re-
calved at
• •
We can tipecinl attention to our
stock of
nearls , comprjsing all Ciude of
, • ~.„
FOIL 41'1
All the latest niegt'p . Oufar
styles of
LAD - inc •
and Cnu.nindx'shnKi,
in Got, Fr6netrand (love ,
Sinc,:Calf or Bull;
At all thuea- ewst . cm,tali , will lied
our assortment of goods, unrivakd
in this mallet and the pi-ice:Taff,*
low . est figures
We offer in our
au untNntilly • attritictixe of
TRA , iI4.I . Nt: RialeuLts,
• ILUINI::•iti
_•We call the of
wen to our ionuensa variety of
Czei•Lizige eetul Team Hanlcss
Steddh::4,Brifiles, Blankets
. AVi)ips.
This ile,partilji:.lit .i-; dirv.etly over
Our Shoe Store, ^••.l will r.t ;ill tim
be fully mloeti , Nl with all.
otip,,ing to til t : J-I.";iles.;
thing im \V;11
shaft ho .i . ...:.t 1
()rt. 11. 1.`-qt.
px. & It.i: co„
•til Ti:Auck.
I'.i•:.l'(. •f, 1T:
Leave Ton ands ut :MU 43i0 and 633 p.iii.
Iletunring, leave Waverly at 8:10 a.m., and 1a:45,
7:e5 p.m. . , .
4, , •
- 4mixo 1. ,, 1:1fri Itll.l
Leave Towanda, 4
.. - t ...,.... .V:3O a.m.
Arrive Tunkhauliock - 4 , 11:53 ••
•• Pittston ' • • 4 115 p.m.
- Wilkes-Barre ' ' 1,13 ••
.• slazich Chunk. -
4:20 ..
, •• AnclitOwit - 5:4•7 "
'• Bethlehem,,... ' .C.:00 ••
'-'' - 5:31-• ,
•• Phlladelptia ' • ......•'8:2.1.••'• • '
- New Yor,k r 9:23 •••
- , Dim, et Pitt,ton. -
Leave New York. I; :55 3.10
.• Thiladelphiai - : 7:45 ..
Eaton . .
... .......... ... 4 .,.. .. .. '.. 10:00 .-
1101dd:tem , 11)::0) •,-..
- Allentown ' 10:45 .•
.. Itanch•elmank.i ..-. ............ .....12:00 111.
•• White Haven ‘ 1:32 p.m
.. Wilkesd.tarre ' ' 2:50 .•
.. Pitteton . i '. 3:10 ...
- ,Tnnkhennoek.' 4:21 ..
Arrivli Towanda ',-.
, 1.;:3$ 1.
- Hine at Millie Haven.
Vas..rtetere.: for Harristittrg and thth.letrg will
change ears tt Agentatru. have t:me for' supper And
blze the Thromth.rast Expre.., sleeymg cars
attaelte.l, et ii:4o same evettM:t.
1300 uzivEz. . MILES WIIIIOIIT •
13il0All I - WAGE—DOUBLE 'lltkiT
And'all points West aud'NorthWoet.
• uAusrrEzn O.ILION. =ULNA.
-' And all points South and Southwest.
NEW ♦\l =Tor= COACH/4 Am: 1:1L - 7-7
veTnTrt MAIL To Itcareqiza, IlvivAli% .Dl7*
On and after Moudai. - . August 30. 1869.-train: will
}CANT leTaverly at about ILO following Loarv, ; WEST
4:25 aau ~'NIGHT EXPRESS (Mondays er. , :vpiolaor
llochest , r, Buffalo, Dunkirk. Cleveland and Cin
cinnati, connecting with the Lake Shore and Grand
Trunk Ilailwayaat Buffalo, Dunkirk and Cleveland
for the West, and at Cincinnati with the. Ohio and-
Misaissippi Railway for the South and . Southwest;
also at Elmira for C also fo.t.Williams-
Port, 9natakCorning for Blom =R. •
4:50 a.m.—NIGHT EXPRESS, daily, for Rochester,
• -Buffalo, Dunkirk, Cleveland and Cincinnati, mak
ing direct connection with-trains of Hui Grand
Trunk and Lake Shore Railways. at Buffitki, Mon
kirk and Cleveland for all points West, and at Cin
cinnati with the Ohio and Mississippi Railway for
the South and Southwest f also at Elmira fur Can.
audit:gnat at Corning for Blessing.
ws. This train makea a direct daily connection
with all lines to the West and Southwest; and lapro.
'faint with the new and improved day and night
Coaches peculiar to the Broad - Guage, running thro'
to Rochester, Brifildn, Dunkirk; Cleveland and CM.
cinnati, and thus forming the ONLY DAILY LINE
from New. York to Clnciruaah and the Southwest. run.-
ning through 800 miles without change.• 4
8:28 a.m.—MAIL TRAIN, Sundays ex - Opted, few
Buffalo and Dunkirk. ,
- 5;35 p.m.—ELMIRA ACCO)ISIODATION, Sundays
8:41 p.m.—EX. MAlL,.SnndaYs excepted, for Ba
fain. Dunkirk and Cleveland, connecting with trains
for the West. A Steeping Coach is attached to Witt
train at New York: running thmigh to - Msadyllie.
A Sleeping Coach is alsci attached at Snkgnehlima:
running through to Bnffalo.
9:10 &in.—WAY FREIGHT, SuridaYaexcepted- -
4:lop.m.—inetruorr, TWIN, daily for the WeSt.
LIP a.m.—NIGHT 'EXPRESS. Sundays ereepted..
connecting at New Nark with afterncion trains arid
steamers for Baskin and Now England 'eines; also
-connects at Bingharaton"for Albany: at -Middle
town for Untoireills, and at OmMen for ditendgenn
Sleeping Coaches accompany this train from Buff&
lo to New York. .
6:49 a.m.—CDIGINNATI EXPRESS; Monday, ei
oepted, connecting for Ithaca; at Binghamton tar
. Syracuse ind Albany: at Oreat Bend - far Scranton: -
at Oraycourt for- Newburg and Wararkk, and •at
Jersey City with afternoon and - evening-trains of
New Jersey Rail:rota. for Philadelphia. Balt:Oho&
and WaWhington. •
Sleeping Coaches accompany this - train front Mead
ville to New York.
Sundays excepted.
1237 p.m.—DAY EXPRESS. Sundays excepted, mt.
'meting at Middletown for Unionville,' and, at Jer.
84 City with midnight express train et New-Jer
sey RailrOad for Philadelphia. '
New and improved Drawing-Room Complus zrectin
pally this train from Buffalo to New YOrk,
22:45 p.m.—ACCOMMODATION TRAIN. daitv,cor...
necting at Owego for Ithaca.
6:40 p.m.—N.Y. MAIL, Sundays excepted.. -
9:06 ‘ IITNING EXPRESS', daily, connect-
Mg 'at Patersonjfor,Newark •, at Jersey City' with
Morning ErpreseTribin of .New Jersey Railroad for
Baltimore and Washington,. and at New York with
Morning xxpftss train for Boston . and Nett England
titles. '
Sleeping Coaches accompany this train, through to
New York.
4;45 p.m.—WAY YIIEIGUT, Sundays excepted. -
le-A: revised null complete .• rocket Time Table"
of rasisniger Trains on the Me Railway and' con
necting lines, has recently been pnbltsbrl, and gin
be procured on application to tie Ticket Agent 'of
the Company.
Gen't Supt. Gen'l Pamer
13.A.Lti.t=-By *file of
aJ a spit of Yen&2mpt, 4c - the _Court. .
rectal, will bo.exposeateis radio saltawa Watcher
,on tittar,farlioi. 22. IM rags
ret O, at • p..a. the tot-
itniiiiK4ausdbadlotasfssiaiipialiaitMain In
Orwell torarnaldp.-aisd es the nag* hy"land, of
2. H. eurt bY`tanif of A.4..11.11,20 tooth
land at'W. - D.,Chstlis. said rest by the pablio - bleb.
usyleadlnghofth awl. south *Melt Pottervllle
non It of =acre oftand.WaSia Oiless:111 bn-
Peolikuith • ,Isainut tidaParrlasill ks square.
with leach holm. wbeel boom foichlissfy attached
—alas Tatar priologe to inn therauww - • -
other Owe of land in nahlitintit ;
- botut mil by La id of W., p: Magee, ao
landulli..Werkbetsw„, Ott Wont: high:
Pf as sae staid, Taw ac
as mntu lot' s from boo* frainerbark and •
for fru% treasthoison •
dLIKI---Ashitber.ldeca of land in OrFdl. Warren
and Piker fonsahhos, bounded 'Woe& by. dm” Wilk
oast by lands °Mani litanchsater. south-by lends of
W. DJ AV A. Clltatble: saktusanby lastorf.A, If. Zeck
-494t111113* / 454 .0 , PAW:m.9ft .•• 4.!
a n acre *nom
Schad taiga - 1111.4il . kailbsanitof Hands=
f• 7 k Cook vti John siinban aad Mann P. KbAball.
' WM.OIifYFIB, secrifr.
Etherik's OlDrn..oot. 27;
NJHArs. , cotrrtTlSALE—By
' of ao•ida' r Unlit int sf lei Orphana'
ignitor of the estate of , deed.
will sal/ •Cpnblidials oat An Min a:4 on WED2I22
5.1:8YOUAll 10, at two o'clock: p. nu,the fol
lcrOlng deperfbed lot; pfeee, or pared of' Icadditnate
in Fake Vens. km:laded asfotknis Beek:using
ata ataksano konea.mlins °Claud of krona Ste
vens hitkreentrisofiM 'Udglisny'kikllngfrotaige
'7olaTtooo an 2: Wig *kW* caner of
Adam Snyder; Rom teens oa lb* Unapt lawn kg
dernaitte4l2degran ore .818 patibecr to s post:
04800;121•111,24 a
but *LA paeckeska pent:
"tbance 48 &reys to the' Una of Bograr snd
2 Nirelireess• bud ; llbasn• an .fts-Insieg_tbs saki
Starcatui 'oath 82ktdegroas east 18 210 psalms to •
potteornertif boa Ottani Stridtkandi thanes sank
30 dagreesweitlB2 perclak tog task for • woof on
linoof lands of Skim NM Cp-; thews son an line
of said ca pen north 80 din meat 42 210 per.
_Ws ppit on ia /ins of Myron kod; Unlace
-Meal of. old likerene land north, 37 degrees
niattgaperches to alie plsoi'of Ingisnityr: Contain
ing GO sorsa ski 130Perchnsi referring Ilinkont
of tbestandbaspinotkabar forlhe 13•!aetit of Adam
1,..dt 7. 4:: -
T2B ILB—sso to be ptiCwhea -Übe propertr Sr
`track doern, end R; of Inerbelence on conftneatioty.
and thobtliace fa fat moan vaalattrea. -
aio an prdor *used out of the Orplunts*
;Court of Bradford county, the enderaktied. nem
' tor of thieestate of (IMUMBILBIL fladetied. will
expose at public age on the pramLica, as FRIDAY.
=NOW 12th.1809, at 2 Weld* p;'211.; the following do.
onlbed lot, piece or parcel of- bunt. Elting* bin's ,
hieing top., bounded as follows, to wit North by
binds S. Oox; east by W. D. Huff Keith by V. Illleo.
_Routs/fest by. the sla g
acres or thereabouts. about 2S acrea thereof with s
frames& ditellitin house.. Hamad barn, ar.dWynenu
. orchard of appki. and Fault trees thorecw. : •
- ; . TEBSts—sloo to. be paid when property. Leetrnck
Acorn:- 1300. on confintagion or ask loathe, balance
wtth interest from confirmation within one Tear
theta-eller. - • - • JArbf - A - . NEM
Oct. 24,1864: • • ,; . • *sees or.
rhino of.ha order hutted oat of the ='
cant of Beedford county. the an
triton of the estate of T1IONA13 1 = "1 . deceased,
will triunes et public rile on the prieldame. on
- 10th, 1860; at o'cliwk.p. en.. the follow:
inq deeeribed lot plere or parcel of bred eftnate in
Slicshoquin township_, and bounded la follows :
forth by lauds of Joel McAdoo: east by C 7 an H.
Shepard:• eenth by Sabin , Brontildee: end wept by
the public highway.. Containing 491 acres-more Cr
lesg, excel,ting 4 fir aes bounded as follows : teg!o
-nlng ate comer on mutt side of highway minty::
throrictE.Shcshconin Valley ; thence an eastor;y
course tdong Slra. Brundlege's land 03 0-10 perches
to a corner: thence a northerly tonne along Charier
11. Shepard's line 10 reds and. tiro 1.4 a ;
westerly to jlato of Imenning.
TERMS-0100 to be patd.on the property bein g
- etmek down, the resitine *3OO on the confirattation
of sale. and the residue in one year frota cot:Paine
tioe, Allh interest from confirmation., •
- 711„I l Ltlf SITYLF.R.
Oct. is. twat
virtue of an order issoweimt Ofthe'Ort,hans'
Court of Bradford county, the underlined execu
tor. of the estate of BM.T. h 110.10LANT), deCCIM
cd, will expos- at pubre cele otrthe p set.. no
FRIDAY, NOV. 13th. Imo, at 2 ov. f k Tho..
lowimr dc ,, , , rfhed Ie t. eor parcel al land, sitnal ,
to Leßoy township, bounded anfolloiret. - Thsginteitut
at a po-t 'Le tan% of Turmiula Crock the C"
ninth 1(7 're of P. WW - i!-
eox'a corner; thence west 34?; patches to a Make :
thence north. ler7 F to Towanda Creek: then ,-, •
down said creek tlxrohre to ere: , of begienthr.
Containing 34 erica more or lest. ":" , • —'
ALso_one ether !rd. piece of land, situate in
township, bonded as, follow* :'•llettimatne' at the
r..mth-west cort, r of the Crammer .Itiou Baader)
let; thence by the northl tie IS degrees east 110
340 perches to Bunth-west corner of lot -No., ax :
th , ure by the west icre cf, said let math 3 (tern,.
east 130 3-10 perrSrs: thenee nor'olll.l., - deg. we •t
porehei to the north-east. corner.,of lot )f., 4:
C., u.r by the east aide of the name north 37,5; deg.
tris,t 3.340 perches to the line of e„/„: , Ward'', land ;
thojc,i by the Dame mouth 9 degre,si 13 . 440 peed,,,,
In-tic- place.ef beginning. Contalnirg arrea and
TO-PPrehefl. r
TEll3lß—lZo -to be paid on V ic ld IfhO on
e2r.firruntion of male. and the ha luTne and two
yr ore tt erraiter,' with ante_ - eat tram end:Mallon of
0.1 14. IMO.
IS tile of nn cut of the titp . ..ans"
(141.1 rt of Bradford ec•nnty,..the-nadersilted car•-nt,,r
.4 mi. am i Stevens. late of West leannsteal:der . .l.
v.lll expose to Public. Kris- on the premites. on
THITESDAT, nriouron 2, MB, at I o'clock. p.
the followinifilescribed lot. piece Or parcel of land.-
sitnate lying and - being in the township of West
Boellngton, -bounded as On. the east by
laud bylmming to George W. Goddard on 'the south
by lands belonging to 0. P. Ballard - and Bingham - 1..
Itorlovell. on the west - by hathobelonglng to Wren
Kellogg and Burris -Montgomery, on the north by
lands of said Montgomery and Goddard. Contain-
Utg 100 sews, be the same More or less, mostly Int
TEM9...-$5O to be paid one the day isle, and
the balance in elm year with interact from day of
Opinrl.lP. Oct 11. 1801. - lessentor.
EX'CI UT 0 R'S .N 0 T GE.—
Notice is hereby given that all persons imdebt
ed to the estate of P. B. PRATT. late of West Bur
lington, decessed,must make Immediate payment.
tend all persons having ciatms against said estate.
'hurt present them duly authenticated for settlement
,_Oct. 21,1869, c Executors. ,
OYITOR'B • NOTICE. 0/w-h.;
DeSsamore :Ir. Louisa thrifey.=-No, 531. Septem
ber term, 1867, In the Court of graunon Pleas of
Bradford county:
The undersigned an Auditor apPcftited *by sail
Court to dlstrilinte moneys in the kande of the Sheriff
arising from Sheriff's sale of defendants personal
property. will attend to the dudes of said appoint
ment at his omen in the Bora:4th of Towanda on
FRIDAY. the sth day of NOVEMBER. 1869. at 1 0
elochlt na., at irbieh time and - plaos persons has-.
WIZ claims to said money ire regairedlo present the
taw or be debarred from coming in upon said fund.
Ht `IIT mer.
Oct: ft, 4t.
XEO T 0 - WS. • N'O. TI OE, --
Notiee is hereby given tyatall pttsOns trulett...l
to tho estate of SAMUEL BAILET, late of Leßoy twp..
dOceared. arci requested to maketmtnedlaPt pay
mont. and all persotys having claims against saides.
tat , mu4t-ho prov :• r.tthsvuadnifauthenticat. ,ll..r
Oct. Is, lerAi.
- v..w.EcuToirs . N.oTter. -
listlee le hereby given add all Neon!! indeby-i
to We estate of Huai Y. errersaa. lags of tiranvir"
fwfa. deceased. are . minesiel to make lum ta
payment. and all pe r having elahne astalnst es I
estate meat meant them dmiyanthentleate for metes.
Oct. it. 1869. Esacntor.
JL. Ap4catiOnlor Incorporation fur the-Mvittecit.
tplacopal Church of West orunrillt.. •
Notice is hereby given that the above ArioEiation.,
have severally presented to the Court of Common
Pk" of Bra dford County. their articles of Amocia.
tlon asking for a decree of Incorporation. and the
said Court having examined - the acme; and Undies
them correct. will decree that they be incorporated
as prayed for, on dlondey, December MA at
o'clock p.m., nnlerga arum be show tothe contrary.
W. A. THOMAS. Prothonotary.
Prothonotary'a Office. Oet.;18,
The realraerlbers offer for sale tkieti Ferns, situated
in ftheabegnin township, about mile from Valley
Bouve: and about one mile from the Depot of the
Pa. i¢ NO,. BR. Co. at Mater. Contlss agree.
/KA ii , ctres-inirroved. With ime large dwe ing house .
and ono Tenant house., largo barn SOW feet with
goOd Stable end cellar ander the whole of it, frame
torti,house and granea7, together with • thrifty
young orchard of cheice fruit -trees in good bearing
thereon: Plenty of good sprin g water at both house
and barn. .The farm is vrelladivied for either grain
or for dairy pm-posit. It is in a good state
of improvement and - will be' sold on reasonable
terms. For further particulars - enquire Of the sub
scriber on the premiere. ' •
..-- • .
CLE(TON and DANLEL 64)11B.
Lulu. I's., Oct. 13th, 11160-4 f . t .
. . .
rem aar.z.—The subscribers oderlor ale their
fine Dairy Finn, situated two miles east of Groen,
wood, McHenry Co., Mugs.% Bald Win contains
three httudred and tweniy acres choice landoleacrtly
ed es follows IGO toms choice titubereat; Urea
meadow, and 60 actea rustler the plow. 'Geed dwel
ling-house and outbuildings; large cattle - barn 36:60.
and good horse barn.' The finest &Ina springs is
the countri.euruung through a coromedbras spring
bonze. Is capable of keeping 73 caw., and is only
miles Prom: AbbittraTheese Factory: Terms one.
half cash. balance hi eser payments at 6 per cent. be
teivat - Itererencez—ll. tlertiuld..U. S. Mcgein7.
Greenwo64l,..bhihiii-y ea. 111.. o n.r Ayey.iitieshe.
Stay S. ise*--tr. • R. S. AYES. ..
The subectibecoffens fur aalo big' farm in Can
ton. containing about eigitty•Mc acres, Kano eaTertty
improved. The improvements are -one dwelling- .
house. coo barn, one milk-bona°. one saw -mill in
goad running order:with 11-home portable engine
big of running mill ; It can also be ruct-by water
'rtlon of the year. Connected with the same, all
L umeasarY machinery for trannesettuing wagon
liuba.'in good order. There is also a thrifty
applo'!orehard on the promisee, and other fruit=
arotutd the borne. The farm is located about ton
miles-front canton village. sod within. one hundred
rode of the will - lam/Tart & Elmira Alt. Fog terme.
call oif C. dt!stwell. at Canton. or the subscriber on
the proud:tett. AisatatE'W TITpER
May 0,180 t".•
1 4 7 013 sAI.E.,-A FAR3i . SITUATE
JL in Titglington t0w.u..14, near the/ everals4
containing 27 songs, ail improved. gond
itytx,.lrkw+anUy situated, a good orchard of fruit
trees.. The whole is nadcr s good state of cuitirr
Neeu• rim Parttrolarr, °wintry of lihrawaan limit.
on Ow pi...mi..... Sept. 15, 1W42,51.
`:~n./'u/Y~ I ~Y
r. nopr:so,N, •
1 • Icxoritorn
Real Estate for Bale.