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!,II iaL.JCWwillajiiiptthiottp a
set of Hay 13ea1e4Yaneth side ;of the Engine
says coal ialstailkalailiattilsoa at from Kt
;04/09speiteiti ,- . ,‘- '
lar4AiriAmmn whose , name 'we
Mine% leein, while attempting to atop triarn
s'ear wide!' the Harchrlteil
maa onVibiaday, Ailed, and the wheels lammed
over GOO Ot2uLlOti4. WIT Mitilating
liar -Dannerr, el Macedonia, •
itailliemium thus far an cabbages, he having
;preansisd IN With Geo welettrigNi pound"!
- 4 IdelCsli6 lan with us a turnip realurithng
The third trial of Darr Nonps,,ll.placoat. Owego : Asa week, milted
tha samo as the previous ones, to a disagree ?
meat by the Jury. They stood eleven for eien
rictiou 101110c10 fisiaartittel: • - :, •
Ms EDftotfYoirmaffolliliat
apple 'one mac! ior ihe regypt., tiPA
ahl~F one tbiiiieiggs 21 Oilhiti; s 14;
Inches hi dretaishtetted and 41 %cholla dime-
tee: 4Y..'
7 1Vilica Center.: -
. atle r Pll- fa ig iPd
to the ' COO' '8 fi, e "tdon'
and for Ilturraxis A co.
Every eine vittittltivieneltlefore purchasing,
as it hasianreptalaalie irafiroettienti that no
stoyn in thr ti n t — tat peewee!.
't"411• -• attention of
,übstiiiVeYs.tsAu)alipaiii•onic*Ch' thO nimee
XIII printed on the. liapawnta.:" The date indi
cated the time at - 11 11 3 free..
Every Iterourt.can sei at a glance when his tinitt
Wail. After the tint a JatmarY we . 'Alt dis
continue plain advance.
/don, of LeßNlig=
- ilk, Inforilikus tted he has it C411)124'40' head
which weighs twenty-two pounds. •
Mr. Prrn 2l / 2 thialm - cnigh, ;Aißikous) is his
garden weighing twenty-four pounds. Mr. &L
-anni will - have to try again.
Zzio*As .4.4 7 4u4. gel;teial"
agent of the Freedraftee Selioole, will delivlial j
lecture in the Court , Mouse, on Scuillsiy
noon pezto. at 3. o'clock. A. collection :will lie
taken AI , . Mr. J. comes well cewonuntyyled,
and hope our-people will contr i bute liberal
ly to the cause which-he repraseritli. -
StV - COM *eatbfK will soon be up
en us. 'a os e whe-}eee not already . provided
theatielverivitbtoOtiiieilSoes for
nimbi no imager Relay., but go at once loVsze
surpaareila mai - market: T Remember that be
bnn Keliart — ged Lase," apt, is now jested 'next
440 K .to TOWHEEit go. - '
Eta. R E..8um:11401 . 0s has sold his
interest in the Bakery and Dining Rooms kcipt
by Scorr kII iNGTON, first block north of the
Ward Dense, to litiine df
N.Y. 31z. B. late ids spending s few weeks
iting in the West. The business will be man
aged by Mr. Scorr, miller the firm name of D.
W. i'eurrkdA. Bed their aileertfaemest
other eOlnion. • - •
seer. CL&cE LILL'Er, a yontlg. l zinan
nh i. 'known to persons who have been in
the habit or traveling over the road bet*
thi;, p] Ice and Canton, having driven the stage
on tb_at route A s tir night hundred and twentycon
• see ntlie days, Sundayseepted,' wi Mont losing
any time, thinks ho hais dOno Zia share; of that
kind of business, and has given it up to accept
a elv:liship in 3tracoa'a Tobacco Store..
• Tlicu.sso .BilloizeT, of Ilaceilo-
Triia, italt.rms mir that on less tban one sore of
•tnnB tie has this year raised the following crops:
Siiihm . s, which he sold for $140; 6i bnithels of
um nips ; bushels white beans ; 300 heads 'of
cabbage, averaging from 20 to 24 pounds per
bead; 100 bnabels putatges; 40. bushels ears
n: besides tomatoes, cucumbers and squash
es. t numerous to Inift.itin. Who says farm
ing ' , ain't pay?
g-" We notice by our exchanges
that ninny towns and cities are infested with,
s, breakers' and sneak. thierreir, but Crouuzy
Ansuat sell_their Hata and Ciiis at such rer.
ao:mble figures,. tbat.,any one--no matter how
po ,, r moqat tfitty may be--can afford to
,buy. dealing and judicious advertising
brlt np a business 'for thiN - lirm, which
n,,th:az ..lso could do. Don't Inty Hats and
Ca.4 , ,p.uyniwre else.
BE%. He that hath, ears to Bear, let
'him-heart' !We want :2,00 out of your pocket,
and In return will give you the Itzmarran with
all thu 'Mformation yon want each !week—who
got married, whO got a foiltuae s who has valua
ble property for sale, Who has honed!' to rent,
and everything in that line of business; and,
further, will toll you the names of all the rag
riagentde gins in the county, come
—and you pays your money and you takea,your
PER iONAL—Hon. A. P. STENDIs, of
snscrmlriiin, routity, was registered at the
War I ilo i s en Mender evening.'
FILZEZE, of Bloomsburg, who ter
veld years. ago 'edited a demoiraite paper in this
1.10.4 in town this week.
FIAZEILS and. Dr. COLT attended
fhe olliew Jersey, WhielLmet at Rahway
Iss4 week. Dr. C. was made Moderator by a,
nesninives rote.
-51. H. Lamm, Esq., hss returned from s
weeierii trip ot Several ireelks. Ho expresses
hinkeed' Melly pleased with the westerp Coon
arr. - -
—E. E. BrETINGTex and limitx frith
their wires, left for the West yesterday. °.
• )2
Viir Who has riot felt with LONO-
• that "thr , s is a beautiful world: I know
• 'what to think of it. SOmetirosi it is all BlM
sh.os awl gladness, and heaven itself-is not far
off, and than it. stiddeoly changes, and is dark,
awl and-the-clouds shut out the day.
in th iiVeA of the saddest of us there are bright
sass iiko this, when we feel as if we could take
WJrld in oar arms. Then come gloomy
th , mint, w'.bt. , u the fire will not burn in our hearts,
and; all withoat and within is dismal,• cold and
1 111,1, every hearth has its watt
s ,er which the world knows not, and often
-7C4 call a man cold when he is only sad."
T. tray to promote sunshine and happi,
the house, is always to bay your Gro.
• ~r 3l.2Cann & 9iiS. Goods sold by this
hens. ant of such a superior quality that every
housewife fa compelled' te, - Ifeep good-natured;
while the prices are so low . that the husbands
have no chance to grumble at large, bills. Try
• them.
ing exchange is worthy pf , republica
tion : The fashion, and importance attached fo
it, prOTeS that Fashion "is atyroal, and many
ineensiderately become a stare to it. Fashions
that eau he followed Without breach of good
morals, manners or -macarsepience, *ler r th
propriety be followed. But can persons, a
general rule, feud themselves with a fork in pre.
ference to a knife?
The writer, at the table of fashionable pee-,
..• %has been pleased, in casting a aly eye around,
u. Ica old people feed with the knife: whetiinest
and amnse+l to seethe ycrungeronce
try t.. .onvey flue food to the month with 'fork.
• After piling and peeking, the attempt to
faded fur scut of cohesion.. After repeated at
teMpts of the kind; the fork was impatitntly
dropped and the Liffinadd / eau any. ode tell
why. any peteon shouldelistommodetheMselves
to follow arch pn inoonverdent iele, without
any benefiteieept to plqlloll/lineonaistent ty
rant, fashion? Why - altofad 4 Far= take a fork
-and crush pie: to ; piece's irintead of cutthaa it
'with a knife and conveying it to thomouth with
either knife or fork, as in , * sonceuiezrt ? If the
mouth pollutes a knife, wh,y , not s t fork l yre,
spoon justas =eh for a cup or* saucer * OO
which one drinks'! Will fashion invent..tome
mach= by iyhich liquid hap i lbe ecii into
thrsomith ektiertit Polinthi the . eiaanter?
eled~~ " i~~of_'fdLtebt of
Ale Saen ti c t i Ztr fi
The distillery ,n 1 Mutat Tasionnii, mar
I)MbMo, Winn const. refiht*ld. 4 ,gt
161 4 sniitsilsk in opt:rib:ln. Si l stbsipt
had boon mode to cop* Vib the law, sn4 of
multi the bid *Aland upon which it is an
sled; Wag a good MA; must be onideniMid.
Tbobukway of bums Mum. in Diatoms,
ht gall* efflogg ,
brick work fir the new aciiiiit'Odm.
Plet*l.ed the cootie beint 111404 - 1 (. 1. -
One of our townsmen received a present last
week frosnitiiinknotni Elaine; save that it is
77 1 0401 1 # 1 3 1 P °10 09P 1 Y 3 kcIrIVROPIP e rt
with back charges on it. The present, .a ionic.
.finy *dr Orptne•tioni*ainnetotown in
a large pin•-bot,i and perloopsiwas sent to ye.
Zirs;Z i t=C ' W " mea pee " r
rock i t
41. 4
fro, when thitylthe itieirslitidVan opportunity
is deidred: to obeYthoWnetion'olf the oldlidi
to her Imabatad who kidnv etlri oTadried his sTibint
.lirk s 7 lci fs 3v , 1 c P' , 4
e . grading for the iailroadsWitCh at lifkint
Qaab hehilintshed **IA" coMplettitn.,
-JudgealintaaktiteretialreAlilie' !house find
outbuilding's* hisdirm nese -the - springs,' so
f h M 4 Rirt r ' ve /t. r "PrW e '.
Wieland die rentidadei "Of Diiro Pautwah
posseasio* l ntelities tittPdc'dtwOis farm. Large
'additions Ire - .to =be made !WA)* ' Minnecta
Heueetl l o l 1S ii to 1 , Palk to accommodate
The telegraph office is , tilled by "Tu.= ti*
and the mail is received titiongh the accomrlo.
g mid agent' Wrice per day. ; • .1.
A few dart wince, 'pun ICEt.w, az., of Oran
' A1ii,"11,4 bii hinkaA _ottio; 4141 e !at
weak in
' Tia:leteks .wineo, - 4,*.li*iiii4; of. Ali
was thrown trcito a !non bys runaway horse,
ilti rosined airfite - IWlnklei-44d0 "unjointed
and limb broken just 'above the ankle Joint. :
OlL'lB,lBffit. s - ' ' ' 'NEnar.
W. L. ilorprxroi.
, MR' Emma: ' ALBA I ITPTeOPIvti
r geogiaphlcal nimNbf ortrcormty,thrilitikycmr
total axrrespondenta;aii iiPay is
ibiebbjeet of this article. qty etarnt*lt Ittuttiore :
'ciiiksillsky Of the larfiana, silisrAtit since;
Isndthatl tpllnsonirtil lifln-neluaw)
aignitiee "to drink." The person *nod
' the wings informs me that this name was
pfied with the &bete eignificatbiti in vre ;so
the signification, "clear water," is tirioneous,
although generally cimehtted to be correbt.
; Arpin is -bon* the Indian, 1 4 Wynn/city" not
Itrysinkhtg - ." , .We make this statement oti ro
-Ihai4 liithoftif; Trona' ni.taiait lestu that
the worditgaifiesq•ptrioe of gtapes.r:
C. L. Vizir; Of Your - place; hail shown"ine.
copy af the Horatian Prayer-book,twhich was
taken from an Indian grave on Fox's flats, Just
"belair . yoni town. The work is pziuifd in, Cikz:
man. I have been shown many other relics,
pliee, and heti ,
sure of examining this ancient burial-place,
wanderink., Bleached remains ' of the Indians
may:tibial:CU along the riiei bank it any tilde.
Indian Pott t itlN battle-axes, tomahawks,-fie.,
are found frequently. • •
On RESinzin llosrmi,iimap of 'Pennsylvania,
published in.1792,3th0 map may be seem at C.
L Win's) appears the -mama "Letrome," at
them9nth of theAorth branch of finifar. Crook.
Viirsome one Ore me fhe reason bor if nee?
'Leßoy, Oct. - 16,•1869. A. T. LuAzr. •
. •
Editor: Just look
over the plaice of Wytiox to that towering lodge
of rocks beyond, while I relate ti reminiscence'
of "mild Lang sync
In the summer of 1804, on a thmatty, seine r
boys verging on manhood had fiend their why
up the bill In the base or toot of that ledge near,
ono of those notches or recesses that you can .
see in the lase of the ledge:
Ono enterprising, ambitious youth, by the
name of HULLX afterwards known as Col.
Mrs, of Towanda, said that be could arab to,
the top of,thoso rocks, and world do it for a
dollar. dons L. Emorr, formerly of home,
told him that ho had no dollar to give, but ho
had a new silk handkerchief that cost a dollar, .
that he would giv , o to see hire go tip. Idi4r said.
he would go it for that, and immediately com
menced the task. • The boys snppoiod that ho.
would go but a short disnince. before he. would
give it up for a bad job.. Bat. not liw r nti, tip,
he wont, till hoot some half - Way to the top.
Hers be stopped to rest and take a view 01 the
situation: - After a while, without ever looking
hach,ihu commenced his upward cents , ' again,
and finally reached the tiummit, and was greet-'
ad with . a shout'of applause 'from the bells be
low,:irho had Shied with al noel breathless anxt;
ietyarhile be was
,issirformlng 'this cs
plat back to his eoutpaniknot. be bad
Sogessolust-the southern end of-the -ledge,
which took something:over. half an hour ; so
with the tuns he was elhnbing, it was ; an hour
or more from the time he started. He was ask
ed what he Ihcinght,of his situation while' he
was resting up against the rooks.- He said he
thought that if he had all the silk handkerchiefs
in the world, and the whole world 'besides, he
would freely give the whole to be placed once
more safe at the foot of the ledge where be
,started.from ; but made up his'inind that it was'
easier and' safer to proceed upwards than to
return downwards. For in going up he could,
see the projections of the rocks, and where to
place his hands and feet, bit in going down it
was different. . Therefore, he concluded his
safer course was to go ahead. And now, though
dauhtleas some °tat polarity of .at least one
of the individuals that I have mentioned are
living, I hope that what I have written will not
Ctitliie quite se mtich,axcitensing - as what Mrs.
grows said about Lord' BYRON has. Finally, I
guesarhereienot mush danger, so I wiltlet it
slide. Some of your correspondents have been
writing about big things-,bigopples,.hig brier
bushes, he. Now if they will tell a bigger Story
than I have, and have it as true as mine is, I
own beat.
Tioga Co., Pa., Oct. 21, 1E:69.
WARREN.—WeII, Mr. Editor, the
REPOUTEn has conic, to hand once more, giving
us the welcome intelligence that Jowl W. GLA
RY, ourotoble florernost r is to be our standard
bearer for another three years. May his life be
spared not only three, bnt.m►ny years to come.
All honor to such men as he, who giiide our
armies to victory in battle, and in peace leadus
in the ways of prosperity. Hope the democrats
wont kill him, as they did thC sainted LiNCOLN
after his re-election.
How can we forget—how can the country for
get—what wee done by the dentocrateas a par
ty during the slaveholders' rebellion?
How they did everything . in their power to
paralyze the government and encourage trea
son I When our bravo boys came back, maim
ed for life or only a wreck of their former selves,.
froth starvation in rebel prisons, all the pity
democrats had for them was—" Good enough
-for you-; hc;pe every one who goes South •in
Luccou's army will fare I. ion *op
Mr. Editor, we heard from dot:batiste alk the
North linoand agairt; and yet, in less than
five years after the deep-throated cannon of
red-handed treason.liad ceased to roar, limes
same rebels, and their coadjutor, at the North;
have the impudent , * to4: 3 llemand possesidon• of
the governmont—ask honest, liberty-loving men
So yote r lbr them. • ,
How impudent and barefaced the devil and
his imps can be! Well, we have fleeced them
soundly—in Ohio as well as Pennsylvania.
Let them cry "Nigger, nigger!"' till they get
hoarse. It will do diem good. •
In your last paper, Dr. RSDOWAT, of Rome,
speaks of an apple weighing If* musses. Try
again, Doctor. Here in Warren we can show
Ton sPPtee weiSldrilt 29 ounces, and n o mistake.
If you don't believe it, come and see. Warren
is not to be outdone in apples, potatoes, or pn
cabbage beads. I don't meat those that run
about on Itew "lege, and squawk or ctrkle,".
as the Southern lady (?) and of chickens, but
good, honest, bona tide krout. What would
you think of ttinie gond, sound, honest cabbage
heads growing on one single stalk? Yet such'
you catisee,. by coming into Warren and taking
a peep in the garden of your humble servant.
Talk no more of long briars, large apples, or
large cabbage heads, until yon elln beat us here
in Warred. '
The writer las many bends of cabbage grow
Mg in hie garden in Werien'Contie, which to is
confident will overgolai pounibt, the .eight of
fir. Mums's. When they are ITithilied and
weighed, you shall. be informed. They's:B%h?
the ..Fekkr,Leant4riet - i-; heads almost a pei
fc'ci cone, and very solid and fesefiezt Theseed
i!mok oppoettiiiiNgvamr.i.p.vicf,
Roesla . ' • •
o .7,3nhailaa., paw dila
clAira—Bilmoaata p4te4.-erbich *Aka
the fair thing : u butter *Amnia%
__initial, salted and wodo for rec:lft, in from
_twenty to iblety allantet. - ; We doaldpaut . app.
lA, to boy ale moue ticuumead, tont 'to fay
Woe theagetrea. :It hal sib to lulp- may.
:thh! that saiaoth4ongned Moots I'M. upon
sipa, as way lmovito ttie r soUow.••
those 4arhini a siid *Wig
e osounoall Omni to B. *B. IP:ea
Isar town, ittio ara ikamtiatariag t hese atrea..
*amble prim. Pale bow baloatty.
Amnon . ire ilarthirtlzeitioral, and pea
4ace to tlerialboad foc,aldiaaant, - returning
vith coal and other ncaautrica
- A 1219 Bin*
Ammtit.—Hoiv the beautiful sun
gaols gladden the heart:with thelrlinfiaenos,
giving Joyand barvinesif end swalsinithe mitt.
ing heart tannic so camerae in fiarniony.
Thelei"innberate: a b<ro t 0 ,w
; can WA' ccou'd Orado.. l ll9Marci-;
the resi&mee of tie. bride's
father, in Orwell, Thursday, Ogt, ; n„, at it ;o'-
clock a.m. L b f oif „Amok. Mr. J. Lantos
CoiuniloigeltfAinir" 09011.
TOIII/110oikize *one of our most i!neriital
o,CoßifOgrartiii aro 04
to offerorr band Istaions over this
CP 3 , l 4latthali4arikAW:i/W *ll4..fltfr
" Urns" lams:law Alle t ‘ ai Ira:Wm lin
moots as the , Weddiat eakelltor devoured 1 .
thatlaltafi- •, = tr F ‘7,-
,Alsikut.4ltte ritakWited thla
bora 1, Oct. 21, by Rev. . wage,. .1.111.,
az= Groton. N.Y.,:to Mho Hi m&
DAVIS, of this place.
Others are nearly' i!Wand will be reported
We regret ituil9c l .4° OK 1 0 dos lll of Kre
A. H. dawn,. „411,„Iiiiiommea as pattern
linkup in Wooten sonchinephopiand Oct. 1101,
while working adtb a circular am, aceidentslij
cut off about a quarter . of an heal:ilia the.end
9:1 1 1 5 , 1 1 12 l b- GTO ." 0 9 1 /4 woOkoMit I _9 1 4:
doing well tiff lig Priefai night;wben was
taken with, Nookijor,'l and though the beat
medical aid was called, he could get nee
iiod l 33l l l l o:4 ( "ko.*.ii* today
morning, 21111 inst., at 9 o'clock. His from&
was attended
,o'clock; ptesday 'ltems:4
with masonic ceiemonies. N/P•
MONEOETOi.—SincO yon last head 1
from me, 'sweat pcditkal battle has been fought
and a glorious victory won for the cause of jus
tice and HOC' the loyal:4041e 'of tennsyl
yards have again declared tlist,tney, arc dining
jio twist the teaks Skate - for; three yittii lon
ger in the bands of Joan W. Gussewho liu
tun. thinotiglikt trientimitirM4 trtui: '"Twen
ty ruinous" is a line thing for a milroadman to
liave,hiit IRA Aititliiiit for a dovernor. In our
b g cn ig i bj; c4 cM i r th 9itif . 1 4 1 ,14 114 0r ° '
iiten , back' • by t e whiszy ring, to
contend with. lliit we were glad to see enough
that. '144. welling io e,x4140 0 thair auf
(rage to put them down, and renatWethetlafichsi
;tofficeiby eluting others in their. stead. Mid
ygenow vtv"eta.opeti
ed, ind - vatioris'OttigimproMments going, on,
even if there is.vaiiiiineb liquor sold or u
many justices' °mull. We know it's hard so
times to submit tio.l4lnAidtithisiPbendlYtittdre
the defeated parties have (in their °pintail) 'as
many Claims' on the lidoPie j ai 10100 of our wor
Sullivan ii brio Railroad is still Progress
ing. The bridge at %smooch is finished, and
the track is laid nearly up to Wataix's in Al
i bany.
rThe. young ladles Omer deiefve marl
credit for Weir fadiring efforts airaiiing money .
to pay fur the organtn the Presbyterian curch.
Every dollar, so tar, has been raised by them,
and I believe it ik nearly paid for. I think' it
would be a good plan to give the repairing
the elaitich thitiOt it is ever expected
Mr.,8., N.,putritd . s Am ll y ar e selliUg their
:goods 10-dar; with the intention of leaving; the
place. - Mr. litsratuM, from Athena, is to occa
py the hone 10t vacant gy them. We under
stand that he is o:stirdzig 'businetia mart,' , and
we welcome him smong us.
Oct./6, 1869.
star,We . find the ,following notice
of CLUITENDEN's " Scripture Models" in &record
lumber of tho l'7ow York Obserter':
• EICRIPTURIC Menu.—Grest success •has at
:tended the now method of teaching 'by Object
Lessons in our imolai schools, and praisewor
thy efforts have been made to apply • the same
method to teaching-lit theilabbatti-school. Thai
last attempt of this kind, and one whiclipromi
ises to bo very successful, is a set of beautiful
mealain bronze of the fardittme of the Jewith
Tabernacle. These models comprise the Bra
zen Altar, spoil which the burnt. Offeril i was
Laver the ver of Prase; :the Geld= tar,
,oh whieb intensewas burned the Golden Can
' 'dipstick, .or ,Lanipstamd. in which light* were
constanburning ; the. Table of Bhew- broad ;
and the Ark of the Covenant, containing the
Tablas of the Lim A brief examination of
these models *Quldgivesclasofßundayechdl
am a eteirer idea or the articles twain the Je
wish Taber:94e than all _hotel careful desewip.
Non, and as everythiligiutt&A.Thber#l4ll,Pavat-.
end' hiss sacrifice, the value or these
models for the illustration of .00spel truth ,can
hardly be over-estimated. They have beerede l .'
vised by Mr. B. Carrrmsozw, of Towanda t tein.,
and are for sale at A. D. Itmenoi.mes, in this
city. commend: them to every Sunday
school jo ate land.
The advocates of- wine-drink
ing abrays point to wine-drinking countries, to
prove that the free tea! , of wine as a beverage
does not tend
,to '
promote - intemperance. The
following extract from a Tivoli by Rev. K. H.
Jusser, of. Susquehanna county, a missionary
in Syria, does not accord with this theory :
" Wine , Drtaking.—The grestAbesetting sin of
the village is wine drinking. In every house
there are several huge earthorn jars filled with"
wine, and they drink it daily. Several men of
the ifillagit have become drunkards. At every
meal wine was brought, and almost forced up.
on us, but we refused to touch it. We read to
them Prov. xx. 1; Proy. ; Isaiah
zzviii 7';-Prev..itatiL 20; and Flab. 16.
"They admitted that wine was intoxicating,
and that their village had a bad reputation for
drunkenness.. The Itomen seemed delighted
at the thought of giving up wine drinking, and
one said : ' Your words about the Virgin Mary
were hard to bear, but if the mon will give tip
wine, we can give op the Virgin.' This part of
Lebanon is famous for its vineyards and wine,
and the people are more given to excessive
drinking than those of any district I have hpown.
If they voll,not' give this habit for' the sake
of the gospel, I shall have little hope."
HAIIi'LETT—COOLBAITOH.—At the residence
of the bride's parents, in Wysor, Oct. 19, by
Rev. 11. 3. Crane, Mr: Charles E. Bartlett,of
' Morristown, N.J., and Miss H. Idluise, oldest
daughter of H. J. Coolbaugh, of Wysox.
COBUIIM.4-PUNHAM.--Ore ilia 13th . Lust tit
the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev.
G. M. Life. assisted by the Roy. M. Carpen
ter, Mr. Sidney Coburn, son of the late Prof.
Charles R. Coburn, and. Miss Lucy L. Dna
ham,both of Nichols.
BEECHER—JONES.—At Owego, 14th inst., by
Bev. J. C. Beecher, Mr. Myron Beecher, of
Dice, Bradford county, Pik., and Mrs. 'Ellen A.
Jones, of Orwell, Bradford county, Pa.
MONTANYE—FREA.R.—On Thursday oye, Oct.
7, by the Rev. W. E. Parson, of Washington,
D.C., Mr. J. D. Mooting., jr., of Towanda, to
Miss Frank Frear, of Owego, N.Y.
HOLCOMB—MoNXlL—:Atthellarsonage, Hon
roeton, Oct. 21, by Bor. Halloc.k Armstrong,
Ur. J. N. Holcomb toLlNisa Rosati McKee,
, both of Leßoy.- , - •
BRADLEY—DODGE.—At Smithfield anise,
Oati•2l, 1869, by Olveses Moody,' Esq.; Mr.
BUM S. Bradley, of Union, Broome- minty,
N.Y:, to Min Dora B. Bodge, of Eltdifiran,
lloga county, Pa.
BitINB-1-tABBNAL--At the blidds house in
Litchfield, Oct 9D b 7 Bei. D. Petioneus,
George Brink to Mies Plush. OtrUdts Claimer,
both of Litchfksid.
vine, Sept. 25,1009, by Rev. J. W. Raynor, M.
John H. Stevenson, of Pale:Title,. and Miss
Racluiel Ann Yip 'Matter, of Orwell.
BOGRIIS—KEEWL—In Leßsysville, Oct. 23,
1869, by Iteir,ol. W. Raynor, Mr. Orlando
Rogers and Miss Eleanore Y.Moster, both of
Hetrick. •• - • !- _
CORBIN--!OOOS- At th . o..reeidencii: of the
• bride's father, in Orwell,001:91, 1869, at it
oclock saw._ ~ b rßer. J. -W .Rayner, of Lo-
Bsynille, Mr. J: Leroy Corbin, of Athens, te
Miss Lettie " Cook, stOrwell. . • •
.11ARER-4AGE;;--At the Keßweliefreeit
sn Leltaysville, Oct. 2. 1869 br 8.. L
Walwortb, Mr. James IL /Qat of Parting,
Ontcheas - minty, N.Y., and Anus A.
• Gage; . ;
LYONEt—PARRIL-At the boleti& Mi.7ofiain.
pion in Lellaysnikt, Oct. 111, '1869. , ..-I>Y the
c isiorko, Mr. John . Lions and lbw Laura A.
Parks, both of Orwell. • '
OUISTEAR--,LANE,At. Up bow, 1 1 4 0 6:
el Wittig fhtlasari-in -3feiitross, , oo.lo;l '
:.'Bev. Olosidesd, of Boston, Bev. D. : 1k '
*ted (brother., of or, to
atis.j.,tilingifer of M ai d -LAW 1 '
'WAIN. 'Thor- - -IfWA - -- ith-
..,. Adhcritt.
er, by Rev. H. H. Gay, Mr. Beetl•-i E
t a l ti tiM n 3WiffiftibliK, Cl' AO: '-11.11 er
oak, Pit. ,
• 1
•- D
i l initia: " Ww= " Amilittros:
•Hrzet , t o , l RitPri - Puntroviff
lattAZATO l ntat tl 4
ply toll, A.lkperrnir,, or Oro. lfuli , cna ) :llcepe.
t;-.011411•01.0=41V VO,
till lsi titMag a rar m
of Kent:wig Jean. Any person keying Janie
at Cowell ifiAtypniftm aritii the Zenon=
omce, will be suitably rewarded. t
OFL / 869— tr• / NIL 0011114 1 -
is. The ,simnaltilesaion the
Biabacruniquaigoraiicamithiii, to be
tield at Woos on the 12th and 13th of Noretn
ber. A general attendingiqo desirable.
L T lam tleoyi
'.TO oor:WAhltrit ;I 'amMr. 4
'ithladrint tit oenttudict*enti . ' • Mails i n
vim eommuniestioititall6 - lakt" thiougli
the pram Mr. Solomon whiles me to in fornt
ioliNiat tkel'OttiAlattotWlte r ialrelied to
your owner Ifr i . o tri t t e was sot intended at h :
t '
VOIDS ine Pi rge k no MV
stiti W. .asaertimilst f lhill ' ' .
'. - - - I,itiorlim trotted Apim i ,
1144.2"r0ar track Hader i 'hairy pa, ,hra I
Yon should have addeks goododaylandr
, 1 -MotOod4otoo
in 2.4M - tinetirolbt_m
.-. inch ;a1 KM-diCahn4def
of pialhamitAbvili , of Towen
whnerp for tru tersely
qUitPt4l. l A
your. 001 0 4 11 , *ANAL 1 I
hid • heavy task, with Othekedight rodierb the
upper end covered ankle,. deep with Ovate.: :
lid. You say if you , er ne' kept for a hamblipg
purposes- you , would consider it no tion (to
your AIMS follehoto balked bona f. .donot
know as I have bees kept kw that purpose any
more than psi hare, and I think my owners'
*zone wrapping W roy ,servicesmill
'os largess your otoronVolthatigki he l e
you have done' more business this season
all the other haricots% the comity.. As to foie
your otivet‘mokit of, y iris not . straw you,;
any, nutca s e uss to At out or *Of fattlieelta
get to the alf-miler pole: "As ' to'rity ' mix
hau-bred horse, I have to say, my sire was
bitltottlitir Salim on.tho WI Of NAdfit''
could beat your sire any way mum, Gwent
when he wets_ pulled_along by big months
_ th ga g
* thelrearblugi' , As to mybst dant; lauti
'and fOrciet Brier, that was_ given . am' 'memo by
your owner, Mr. Mirka. Mr. Solomon wrote to'
my former owner , John McCarty, of Newta l
is Jow l y thigg%t a rk ,rethtton to lilt
and could get ho ; cousequenta=
do - no better Asa up with the one furnish=
ed Parka. i Subsequently= Mr. Solomoi 1
mm furnished my correc ra ggree from
Strublo,- thp map ;who me, throuo Mr,
W. lititer. - 'Even Miry lett changed
twice, it was not done to
yrai rsple. I know
fkAtikra. that la ounott la, Whoa° Pedi
gree hal been thanked several es. Pint she
was celled Old .14,_ by
_Billy Button ; now
shothMgirigeri Abdaikh.m. , 41 - - ,
I have now hid the whole truth before the o
public, and I shall leave it to them tojudge who
is tight: , Is- esinchudon, Itrirehl saY to• you to
B l est your owner to con fine himself to the.
hereaftekend / be satisded.
, tho'Correspbndence as' far' as - I am coo :
corned. PATCHEN. -•
't - AlilAtpersons‘ inti4e64d fti r tee
raising, or in the manufacture and use of Bea
Him, are simulated Oiliest still° WardHorme
in Towanda, orilreftesdiiy; 06. 27 at 2 o'clock
pan.; for the. pose of comulting in reference
A4.l9afterao l ßtPr. B !°''P re e r n mrned•
• 1; LEONARD, lg
.-a gcpa
tak ail dlikay. „ LINN.
Smith Branch, Oct. 10, 11303-21*
Paarr havelos t rece ived a new stock of winter
MOM** 3 .
4 ' smd. examine.
Rooms over Traces Store, Ifonrocton.
Oct. 16, 1869.
wir Lost, on the 17th- instant, be
tween`Monroeton and Heine,a Satchetcontatu
ing a black alpaccs dress and some other arti
elm 1 The 9adffi, will be suitably- rewarded by
leaving it at this office, or at the Poet-office in
Amp.. , - „
Weiro.—Nine Teadhers with No.
1 certifiestes, to teach three months in Albany
toomdlip, at thirty dollars per month. Address
Ono. H. Knimau.„ Now Many, Bradford Co.,
Pa. Oct. 21-454.
There are several male and female Teachers
at the Suehanna Collegiate Institute, who
desire w inter &hada Etuirdre of Dr. COLT.
Fos SALE Cur.ap.—Being about to
remove Iran thhi place, I offer my dwelling
house and I°k-situate on Chestnut street, for
Bale at a bargain. Enquire at tha - Post-ales,
or on the premises. _ • - - D' W.
Oct. 'l, 1869.
, •
ter' You can' Saco' fifty' i;etitti on
every pound of tea, at Bramhati'm Ametican'Tes
Store, Griffith & Patton's new block, Bridge St.,
'Print* at the Bad, _White and Dine Store.
Sept. 9, 1999. BILIIIMALL 8c BIDOZWAT..
, es. You can save money on every
thing in oat line at •the Bed; White and Blue
Store. 1y i awksatiaty yoanolvos.
Sept. 9, it ,Baattgalt. do t RIDGEWAY.
ma. At the Red, White aid Blue
Stowyo - u` will find" Crackers, Curdles, Nuts,
Dried and tanned Fruits, Tobacco; de., whole
ask and retail, cheaper than OP cheapest.
' Sept. 9,1869. • -Dassorsu.*d Itrritorsr.
Good, reliable. worms agents
wanted for a Brit ohm Life, Insurance Com•
pany, in exery,town and township in Bradford,
Basquehantutoind'Tioga Counties. Per parties,
slum, address O. P: Crum, Towanda Pa.
, .
A Music, Jaw Lox ids SALE os REXT.
—First lieuacrucirtli ofT. D. Mdrioir un See,
and Street. Enquire at. the Red, W hite and
Bine Tea Store.
Sept. 9, 1869. ' BILUMALL & RIDGEWAY..
is., The eelebrited Meticsil Coffee
fir sale at the Red; White gild like Store.:
Sept. 9. 1869. - 41,ahmigAu.,!, BmoswAT...%
" A Bneitielm Education Will be of sdirontago to
every auto, wh*tover his tutu° oocopotion nay
The Wyo Wag Commercial College, establish
ed in 1863, and connected with Wyoming Semi-
PIM wfferti t a thorough and complete course of
instruction er those desiring • eommercialedn-
Its location in the beautiful and historic Val
le of,W oming, with its canal, three lines a , 1
and se coal and othisilitudness 1
operations, afford rare opportunities for ming
men desiring situations
Ch graduates gridlastai are... filling Isisitimelof gust alt
country. !smog man, 'liars i•nded
this Institution from Mississippi, Kansas, Min
nesota, and nearly every State in the Union.
Our tuition for the regular Business Conroe is
from fifteen to twenty dollars Less than at other
CommercitalColleges, , and lot advantages haw
are in every rpped
We *offer all the side:tended by any Commer
cial College in tho'country to graduates in ob
taining situations.
Students of the College have all the advan
tages of Oat!! minuy in regard to library, lit
' Zillion for he regillar Business ,125.
Telegraphing In connection 'therewi th , 110,00-
Telegraphing idono, 125,00 . 'Stationery for full
Business Course, 215,00. Board per wee td:
Sendlor ,Catalogue and , ern of Pen
manship. Address /. - 11: &mows, '
Prin. Wyoming Commercial College,
Sept. 43,1869. . ' • Kingston, Pa.
It alwilyirgivesmi pleasure to call the, attention ,
of our medal to articlei of real Merit. In this
eo nection, we advise our patronaw)ao are aboul
ipurchase a Pimso, Oman orlieldideon; to call
rfrrnact. l & Coy Moils Maw.' at sTowan-;
da, before buying elsewhere, as the instruments .
sold I* , W. D. 4. Co. are , rmllY
_the only fi rst.
claim every respect. The Dec ker Brothers,
Haslet k Coniston, and Cowed flyers' PLUMB
bars now-been. bedbre , publle. Sir twenty,
years mid more.' The k Co. and
singer Orgtins smditelteleona for sisteen'yesia.
- M1 of them artilmoim to be as near pettion
as it is possffile to make than, and 'an) giving
the Most entire satisfaction' tool/ wholimensed
them. Our memoirs low, and will jell Pianos
from $290 to - 41,500 ; Onms fromlWO $1,000;
Melodeons-from $72 to $BOO. Bheet . llusiancl
Inpiructkm Books,fur Organs, Melo
' lleent; arid' ViolbkalwpYr en 'hantE' To- i a n sie
*ho would, Nee is , r==tit,frenn Mkt
not mentioned shove, we est give .ue :tont or
ders,and you shall have them on short notice.
Recollect, ladies and gentlemen,; that Professor
W. Dlrmunz 'bas had experience for over twen
wiragiirga is the above business. • Tuning andro.
done, ifinnted.., .•_ - - •
Those who have waited so long • for :the cele
brated "BriCfmarken Polka," may have it now
at our Store for 02 cents per copy. It isitgood
piece of music, besides having a collection of
.42 foreign posts!e stamps rated on Um out
_ „.
T 1 1 111 F E s
Corrected eves, Wedssriday by C. B. PATCH. gab.
changes deny t
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Satter (rolls) 1 . 1
34 , 44 40
Ire" ipt Sot. ` = • - I 111
ratabrea, 11 beak
' Flour, IR barrel 5 0 0 10 OD
Maas m. • " .'t
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. 11rlid Apples n lbs.. Yliz a lma se
VW, /UAW:IW lie I::
Task odors mei bap **awl from
. Waded stock
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rhe alkyl= in Welded
Nada Ai It Isis at les.
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W7.°4 31 = 6 2:o111:- d°
do Nk Mauling ,
.11:1,101‘erjlenkooll"Aiiimiratritmtr5 •
•• do S. rtfaiWin. Varney • do
49 do Lonor.,Pomoro do ,
~rtek COnton.
_Woe * • * .
'll. Otaihine. Comm do '
•do .8, West satltoatoa Centre do : •
.. do Winu Inther's Kips do
'ilo AV PILE 2,1: -. 0 • ;(... I tioV
1 do 11. do • i
46 18, Pike, Leitureville do -
do 111,
c Ttiae6ore. Coggswell do I .
dit.c 11,11piadap, dco ,- P
do 17. Tam. Tverslown '
do 18. Aaftum, Centre . do 1
T. s l9, .11001naton. T Ircflor.ft
• Den * . .4.1 h; *Pm *
era ifeii — to prevldarea
with pe=acil and alith and
Iptact i lhaei 3 4 " gi rpm& sit kia=
tea Oa" tho
amply. oWhiele,toPniolioilial low* eut
UM page ot the shoot lama.. filordesewiu colti
amssolat 8 o'clock a nt. Teerhele mat procure eon.
1. 0 0 1 4 , 0 1 0 1 : Ads - e= l : t reicevaliMeind
acluxd. Alt Dow valid la Ws
= . lll pa Ike Prat Monday of Tune nat.
other Meade of Education are fe
-12,11.4110 attend.
r - IA; 4.111211tt0
• kid.Jf. ANA I = cm* sapi;
How can .anyperson nnandacture peaI:CUOMO,. I
at le 'Oenti 0 - pounittrlusn inter is vrortb i
16 cents at tbs Iteentay.Ansleas It is terribly Mel..
How can any dealerretsil such a all. dampened to
his customers and lama cesseamos rOld ottiffencet
How cab any constants expect to manse pure
Confectionery MI to*-61ve and th irty . centouper
irbalka latelt tenant be nostallidiured
than thirty tO •l
cents per pound, consisting
of Cllffiall buds. bunt almonds, and such dam ot
Willa' a kw days we have been offered cassia
baditoitn. foraticiro cents pm' pound. and Choco
late Ormout at twenty cents, andthe agent adman ,
Ma k that they woe addlerated parbentiarith
Teeti - AThin anal it is tact that tons of this cheap
Contectionery me -madtratal.aold In Ode beinstry
every year,
it. and the mummers aro the only persons
.eh year
the beavilt of item ado Waalisre article'
qf . will -Warml 010 71 1 1 4 0 1 Votw'
dint *Malone
y Are and free frail• eveyi inyvv
a &mat .
•5 A. RM.
tttoee 14111e* welded by , Jaen Carmanalain Street.
&Towanda, October 21.1869. ,
Y. coumrs., sox & ova
ko E
omuirp, YOH
Published in January. liTyry laver . qf dowers wish'
i lelttiffilikkiVillV cr wr oc . teed Of v71 6 ;111 0 1
wa atiri a " heituz. ' 24. '"'
•L <7) TR :
Testify to tbopir 411.1!.i ., [1(1414 . 1431/4lie appreoiatlcrn of
'the - Inn a -
CORN= or 3.oinc oviarto PUBLIC SQUAIIP,
non in'odi4inaNk. and lan
- -
— AffelAgintaslcreszciitieof " '
B PeCid Mite 6f
In all Itries—orn impdttitl ,fl
Pull Ilne 4
- )
eAitprrg, on. CLo7Ft AND .SIATTINGEti;
,vLorms, gASSEIfERES,
• .
:1 • biojim
All kinds of =ATM ADD MOE 1121 DING&
Trunks, Valises and Traveling !tags,
bekiw OLLS =D wel l:LAM: ll = 4 a) Vann kat and Priam
Sonernieived. 100 dozen
All glans aelt seallag. at illanlital*r'• pry
In fine, I stork btCkiodeine,ttent Una stet lm.
equaled this aide of New York city. The pntdia. are
• July
eordleay ineiledto ezUsualesendnegoode ancjMin.
.OR,, STOLENi- , -Fiernk
1.., toe and bora fa =on Maw idea. Oa:
I. ow EOM =1.8., yam pm. marked oa .
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o a oboobWoad VB. ADZ babellatkol All PIMA •
1112 an& vin be =WM , ' muds&
JBlOB ........"'"
WI - Basilian. Ihi' 'Oil i'is-on ‘1"1.
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AztibalirralMl444 lo . •
TIL.TI fyr ,
'4ll ~i,LrYr,•`!
Deafen iin-Hardviarelitover
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trade` ls er ts'.'the an d «n :
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addition t 43 tilos .
• ,r):1 •
1 1:. 11:1:i! i:11';-) ,:f! . l i,,. , : .1'
whiail t , 1 91 1 1' 84 ; 411 erg to 17.
.Ttle celebALl
- , Faig
ted : Tl
whisk by actual &e test was found
the safest, oil among all sold in New
rT' Y.! : LIM:1 7, i 1 , . 4 ,,,,,,,,, 1'4 - , - 1 i
tiakaouteao of . , mce,ry,,bairel are
) ;
.451VY!4 1 Y uk ( * wqro,i4 l t9 P14!,.4t..t;1ght!
barrels, - ; Oil will burn longroni
.andeher the 'mielc klearthas,auy-13d!I
Wp : afilif . sl.4e,4tion to our stock of
! rj:; - , -:. -+-
.2 •,.. "l:
. f , 7
We have the. .1; 1 k •
0 R I:E N TIA L ,
We have tho-very best
&El yet produced.'
maintains ; position aa the moat
STOVE in market.
With the lath improreatenti lire
can be keptiongeribart in any other
stove, We . 1t1443 have, the
sad.many otheCpatterns, ,tall excel!
en t, f o rt li f ir fi ve Pri"`lss
Ciatomers 'alvrnytii, find onr
stock of
nom. itINWAIIa, TANNING muaa,
M 4 01M . I M
or set up within - the - bord, Unita*
Russell & Co
1•777;A:i , :
'110 4 .4114; "Oz. lelya
ommil 3 - 1 1 1, i fi ,
l '? . l IIT I II: )
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- ,t)l•3!llo,cr.irfli c.)•.! . f ;— :::'1 , ,"• ',.; ...0!: ' ij.l ...
k1i.,1- f 4 '; , :,',i , .!2' , .: 1. ,.....','::' , ", ';i-);;.; 4 , : :'
01 - Q ,
~,,v ~-.,./ :, r) --:i ,:-::: , ,i.,ia..,- ...
'1'1.4 t-i> • ...4, !..• 7 ... 5. t ff . , : ••••,, ~..,: _
~,c4 ,
F..,E,:::-'!Ji ; „'-' I , i,i; .417 ..., `,i" - , : : i :I .)' - - —.• : , Ai. ...
% , 11.
.I.f oil
~ f
. . . ..,.... -.H.,;..ii, ;.!:"-• ',• ;.',. ~ -- -,;,
I ._
r ; ,7,,:. ~ . ;- r .
. f
I : .... • Oil i 7..
~ t ,, ,J.,. ! ;..! •,,: , .., :1 ~ ,..i.u;,1,,1..:.7, - , . ...,1 - :
~.-1,!.., . . • , ...,-.;..,...4 . ,t,.,..,.:,i,• , .., , -;.,.; :- . .F.. ~ •
-.11,- -- - --, -1 ".
4 ..,....1 .. , ...v.,::. , ... .:::-.,,- 0,,1 ?.'$ 1 - .'i , i
• -.' ~.:' •:.
ev 1.14 .0.::-
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;:-ç'.: ...7iri'i
ir i p -I - ii r.rl:l '
, t :I'-:.,:,: ;;li.
iii . ...15 1 ;:t! it;,
~ I.
5 L.:
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,-,• ;
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tl .
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o fi 0
,1 1, f; ._) -s:•1' ..o r ,l : 1.,,- , t , . ."'";)
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~,..: .•iff.'.:];:: . .... • .., Rt.
. E. 4
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. e);
3 •. • . p.._-' , ,,. .;.( !.-,.. •' • i •., .•
'l,pa ..• ii ) ' 07, 4 -
. d
~.1 • •• -
X - ' • -st
I=l ~- .
C.) .•
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1 Z
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ft 4 • ... i
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. .0, • D: - n
g 1 ,1 :' 4 i , ,E;
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.• :-.{l, • • . ..11 1 :1 - • - 'fi ,, .','
. k 4
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.." 1: 1 • 0
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.. 5...:
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y.:. .; : A t , ti: 4 1 •
§ '.•, - 1 '", ' •- - r 1: 1" - 4 •
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13001`'B -D' 'S IliCe r I
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?fie larget . st,a4 iu0 . 1,3t coins
sortment of .go9dir .this line ever
'offered in. Towanda in now being re-
ceived at
We call spacial' attention to o*
stock of
,-,AND, • BOYS'
WlVltrigizig all kiade
All tho latest - Mid' 'shoat popular
etylei '6f .
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Cil i
.// 2 Coat; :4 French and (Moire Kid,
At all times. enstemets will fi nd 7
our assortment of goods, unrivaloi
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in this market , and the prices' at the
o~vest 9gdr 38.'
We offer in our
iLammillv attractive stick ` of
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We &in. the . attention of Hoise-
te r n to otlr,itutiseyariety of .
wriage anaje!titi Hartiess,
Saddle, Bridles, Blankets
This department is diNetly over
our Shoe Store, r
o:nd lit times
be fully stoclfek,withnil.: ooas be-
'ouging to the Harue.m trade. Any
thing in tlio. lino • will b! ..... 91f01e cm
short notiui , and b~• experienced firs.
class workmen..
Oct. 13, 180
pa. & CANAL te MR. CO.—
Leave Tcnranda at 7:00 Lai. 4:00 and 0:28 , 1;:sa.
Returning, leave Waverly at 8:40 a.m., and U:43.
7:05 p.m.
/gime Tyiranda..r.,-...:.
' Arrive•Tunklatniock.
Pittston •
• Wllkes-Ltarre..
•• • Manch Mtn*.
•• Allento wn
•• Bethlehem....
•. Ealltoll
•• 'New York
Leavo New York
Ys -
-''" Enebiladeltfm... ptd . ....
White Haven
~" -
'4 Pittrton
. _Arrive Towanda
Pea:angers for Harrisburg and Pittsburg wpf
as at Allentown. bnYe time for riPr_r and
rate Through FAA ErPress , with niceP a cars
attached, at 8:10 ITIMC evening.
' And all points, West nnalgorthweid.
nAwnrisux Guam. maw.
- And all point i South and Sonthweat. -
Nara iicli nreitanni CCV.CII9B AZT, Jarn Tnnoron
UT:sort cats.* . Rocnuairs, Rcitralo., Dvs
On and after liatillay,....tuat 30. 1869. trains will
*win Warerly nixatt Ute.Ulowing Punnt.: via r
• • CMG . VEST
4:25 eau., NIGHT EXPILESII 4 (Mondays nee - Pt/Alm
Rochester; Buffalo, Dunkirk, Cleveland and Cin
cinnati, connection with the Lake Shore anderand
Think Railways all Buffalo. Dunkirk sad Cleveland
for the West. and at Cincinnati with the Ohio and
lifintisaippi Railway fto the South and Southwest:'
also M lamka for also ton WiWanua
port,.and at Corning tar B . • • - L • •
1:50 a.nt.-41IGHT =PEWS, for Roehoefer,
Wel% Dunkirk . thareland and thneimiettthik-Z
ing direct- connection with Arsine of- the Grand
Truakand Lake Shore 'Railways at Bitliklef-Dtui
kirk and'Clevalsnd for a110 1, 11 ,4 1'
i West, and at Cin
einna with the Ohio - and ppi forfor
• the So tt
uth athtfloothwest ; also *.ira Can
andaigua; at Corning for Bloomy.
This train - makes a direct duly connection
With an lines to the W est and lionthweek and Is pro
vided with the new AAP improved day and night
Coaches panther to thethwid Osage, running throe
to' Roehester. Buffalo, Dunkirk. Cleveland and Cin.
alma% and thus forming the- ONLY DAILY LINE
from NewYoth to Cincinnati and the Southwest, run
. ning through IWO mike without change. .
8:28 a.m.—MAIL. TRAIN, Sundays excepted, for
Buffalo's:ad Dunkirk.
exernted• - •
Bill p.m.—EX. •1141 L,. gander excepted. for
iblo. Dunkirk Old Cleteland,tounacting with trains
' for tbetWest. A Sleeping Coochls attached to thy
train at New York, running through to Meadville.
3:Sleeping Coaehla also attached at itusquelazina.
through 10 Buffalo:
gundiya excepted.. • •
ClOp.m:—Extawrr TB daily for th e We;ef.
1;10 a.m.—MONT EXPRESS, Sunday* excepted.
at WOW York withafternoon trains and
steamers Boston'and Newl= r i or t eines; 'afro '
• wetted, at Binghamton for :at Middle•
' teem for Unionville. and at Goshen Monty:pm
' Sleepily Cogan* accompany that-train from Botha.
lo to New-York. .
Qrastßeed ond:tie
ceptal, connecting for Ithaca; at Bingandon few .
a ls =4 4 ll74t at lrtr and Warwkl, and at
thty wittvafternoon end eteility txdaa , of
Near Jersey Itatfroed'for Baltimore
Sleeping Coaches accompany this trith feonildied
villa to New York.
swiexcePte& - : • - • I
nen ptu
m. nk
'=DAY EXESESI. Sundays incepted. cos.
netting at Middletown far Bnionville, and at Jar- ,
lei City withyrames* train of itew Jet. I
say Railroad ro ved his. •
New and imp-11.1wwa Coscheesceous.
puny this train trcan Buffalo to Bew 'York.
12:45 p.m.—ACCOIOIORATIDE nALW„ dilly. con.
sectlng at Owego Tor Ithaca. •
6:40 pT.Y. HAMEiM el ; . eacePta4
9:06 p.m.—LIGHTNING
a dall ny y..coucii-
Mg at Paterson tot H City with
Horning Express Train ewitt
Of New Imsey. Z Banned toe
- Baltimore and Whittington • 'and ad Beer York with
Horning =press traintorlCoton and Raw Entilattd
. .
Sieepin o Vortirs acosairirthia toga throcisip to
6;45 p.m.—WAY 'FIiEIGHT. Sundays melded. •
lOw e d ievised and lllete ••Pecket 'Bane Table"
orysmenger-Trairmonl3l) th e Erie Rahn/ and coo•
tostitimillseik has reenter hem published, mut can
be procure
pe d on application to Le Ticket Agent at
the Com tc
8. RIDDL r
F E .' MM. R. BAIR.
cietil Marl 4 Peril rnser AO.
_,leg :
llb* m Is%
and CHILDIUI26I Sham;
Serge, Calf - or Buff.
Whirl and Ri)bes
ConinwucinfOtept. 13. 1869
4:20 "
6:00 "
6390 "
. 9:25 "
Una at Pittoton
6:55 LIU
7:45 "
• 10:00 •-
10:45 ••,
.........17:00 m.
1:32 fan
2:150 ••
• 2:10 ••
• . ... 6:313 ;"
Dined White Have
" 4101111 • ,
3 lIEBIFF73,OALFIB:— . . - By virtue of .
its rll ct Veratlno., leveed oat et the Court_
ottiotumirn Pleas of Bradf ordpubli county, aod to mee dt. -
- leetalorill be noosed to at
810emalues itore In P0i , .1.U 0
a, Orinal Waked/ter
Cu liaturdey; Sca‘.so. Mee* (Minds p.m:, the fol.
C k
lot, pleosorateriel oflio4 situate - =
=, bounded ott - the north by land ot •
2. B. Powell, east by laud at A:A. - Alm math by -
land of W. D. arelfee, and welt bY the fe=tlr
rwayleadlng north and mouth through
,t , 4 of in acre of 80, more oriole, all ha
'proved. Tlth a framed tannery_ lade feet Nome,
• with loath house; wheel honer, maohieney ettithed ,
~.also water peirllege to Fin Om maw
MdO—one other piece alma In old toot:Aim
bounded north by land of W. IX Chaffee, Namur h r .
land of Z. Werkhetter and wed by the public high.
ray; eon 11 of an sere of land, more or leas,
all lanirored, frame house, thane barn, and a .
few fruit trees thereon.
Ar.Bo—daotbar pleoe of load In Ornetl. Warren
sad PAM town/Olaf, bounded oar* by um - public
blghway kadlag from PotterrllletoCeo.„Petalleton'il,
audby lambi of Irma Xambeater. south by-biado of
W. D. A. Cludros. and meat by Lad of A. 41. Beek ,
'oft ; containing Itraeres of land, ~ wore or less,
.01Xoni aere lmptorld
6etee4 sisd,takess esocatiouat the gator Bead..
lay St Cook a Jobs Illinban and Elzam P. Kimball..
WK. 08137 1 / 3 . Ober M..
Simia n s Office: Oct. *7. 1669.
virtu of an order Wand out of the Orptetnet
*nit of Bradford etsaith the undersigned. admin.
jettstoreg the 'estate of SAM= BENNE= deed,
will well stipulate Ws on the pranises, on Timms.
DAY; NOYY.fIDEB 10, at two o'clock. P. in.. the f O l- - -
heeding Ihree:hind lot, phew, or parcel of,latut, situate
inPiM s townalap, bounded as follows Beginning
at aMM and stones on line of land oiLlfywen
Ste the eirstre at the highway lading tem Ste-
Teninalle to Temeanxia. and hang also sasses of
- AsSaut Burden from thence on the Weal Adam Ibir
deirtunth 48 degrees-mud lit Nadas to a post;
theme south 26 denotes east SO perches to a post; `
theola 42 derma met at to the: line of Bolivar and
13 Wittman' Lind ; thanes on the line at the maid
Stevens math 14 - degrees e i r ri =o pdrebes to
Le=er of at Beth theme south
weed 1 parebee to &rock for a corner on
Ban of lands of Blenstiltill Cot theme on the line
of a d, anspeery north 88 digress meta 4.10 per.
to •• pad on aline of Myron Stevens'. land; thence
on the Used Mid Menus' Ltd meth ST degrees
meta perelamto the plamof beginning- Contain
of g sass and 120 perches • Teserring therecut
the standing pine Wilber for the benefit of Adana
21:111116 1 4156 pald'ettiien' the property is
struck dam. and of tbabelmice on apoilzmation,
and the balance in six months with !Merest.
oetnn - BOSTON Bi.on IT. Adm'r.
O Mr e! I L S.-
SALE.—BYCOURT .otI..Orphan.
Doman/ BradfOrd county. the undendmied. execu
tor of the estate of OZOBAIE. KUL dammed. will
*epode at public add on the premiere. on FRIDAY.
-NOV. I.9th. 1189, 02 reelect p. re., the following de
scribed let. piece or parml of Lad. enroll e in WYrio
Miring 'tarp., bounded en follows. to wit 1 . North by
lands 8. Cox; gut by W.D. Hai, earth by F. =el.
and west by the flogneharma river. Containing 44
aorta crr thereabouts. about Wanes - thereof with a
framed dwelling bonito. framed barn. and a young
, O
'rchard of apple and h trees
, Tagatg-4100 to ' bepeac paid when pr therm oper = ty is struck
down; $5OO on confirmation of sale and the balance
with latereat from confirmation within one year
thereafter. ' ' , ../11018 A. BILE&
lii6o. + . Brocutor.
0 11111
virtue of an ender lamed out of the
Condi of Bradford county, the undersigned
trator of the estate of THOMAS VAllii, demised.
will expose at public rile on the premien". on nu-
DAY. NOV. 191 h. 1569, at o'clOck p. mi. the follow.
describedlot. piece or,. parcel of land situate in
Slieshequin township, and bounded •as follows
• North by lands of JoelldiAltee east try Charles H.
.titisperd: smith by Sabin' Brundielae; ion& west or the - public high:cur.. - Conta i ning 12 - acres More or
lees, excepting 4 gem bounded as follows: Buhl'
.sing at a corner on cast , aide of highway running
through sbeelfequin Valley; th ence an easterly
course along Mn. Brundldge's Ind En 540 perches
to I corner: thence a northerly course along Charles
11.liempard's line 10 rods sad two • links then.. -
westerly to plate of beginning.• •
TERMS-9100 to be, pild on the 'Property !Awing .
Arndt dawn . dawn. the residue 4300 on the londemation
of male, and the residue in one yeas from conlenue
ton, with interest frcm confirmation. - -
hOct. 18, 1808. - Adennistnitor.
V virtue of an order issued out of the 011i/cans'
Court of ,Bradford county, the underlined execu
tor of the estate of RE IJ- J. HOAGLAND, deceas
ed. will expose at public "sale on the pseneses, on:
FRIDAY, NOY:l2th. 1869, at 2 o'clock p. m.. the fol.
lowinsidescribed lot. piens or parcel et land. situate
in Leßoy township, bounded as follows: Beginning
at a post on the bad of Town& Creek thence
south 107 perches ou line - of P. P. -- to• 'till
ecir's corner; thence west 34 yperchcs to a stake :
thence north 167 perches to•Tcsrands theme
down said creek 313; perches to place of beginning,
Containing 34'; acres more or bee.
ALSO—One other lot. piece of land. situate In said
township. bounded as follows ; at the
south-west corner of the. Crsnmer now Schrader;
lot; thence by the web line 6871 i" degrees east 110
3-10 perches to south-welt corner" of lot No. .38 :
Thence by the west line of said lot north 2 decrees
Catt 130 3.10 perches;;,thence north 171( . deg. west
100 perches to the north-east corner of lot No.
thence by the east side of the isms north 37X deg.
cre.C3 3-10 perches to the lino of C. L. Ward's land;
thenci' by the same south 2 degrees 134.10 perches
to the place of beginning. Containing ST am•cs and
130 perches.
TERMS-160 to he paid on day CT tale; IMO on
coullrlastion of sale, and the balance in one and two
Lars tbereafter, with interest front confituurtion of
Oct- 14, 1869
nllPHAli'fc COURT sAix._ Dv
virtno of an order leaned out of thc orpi.a:.- •
Court of Bradford crunty, the undereign,l ,i.tcr
r.f Hiram K. Stereo... Lit , of West Butlinnton. *.i.
nil] expose ..ta. Tulilla Sale .ow the prrmirc,.. ‘.n
THURSDAY, DEMI - MR 2, 1809. at 2 o'clock, p. 1,1.
the following described lot. piece or parcel of land.
situate lying and being in the township of Weet .
Burlington, bounded as follows: On the cut by
land belonging to 'George W. Goddard, on the south
by lsade.belon g WO. P. Ballsrd and Bingham L.
Rockwell, on the wed by lands belonging tc Warriu
Kellogg and Benin' Montgomery, on the north by
lands of said Montgomery and Goddard. Contain.
ing the same more or less, mostly im
proved. ;
TERMS.—f,SO to be pild on the day of sale, and
the balsnee -In one year with Interest from day of -
sale. • ' MEAN PUTNAM,
1:15 p.tri.
grow.ille, Oct. 11,18411.
11:4- Notice is hereby given that aft persons Indebt
ed tn this estate of P. B. PUTT, late of West Dm
lington, derailed, must male immediate payment.
and persons UM; claims apailust Judd estate,
Must present them duly authenticated for settlement
Brrsy MAW.
Oct 21. 1560
,Dei t meire es. Leant; fitriyip.Nis, 531. Septem
ber term, 1861. In the Cant of Common Pieta of
Bradford coomty.
The undersigned an Auditor appointed by said
Court to dietribute moneys in the hands of the Sheriff
Waft from ghenrs sale of dekedsnts personal
property. will attend to the duties of said appoint.
ment at his otbee in thb Borough of. Towanda on
"11EDAY the sth day of BOVEYBEit. 1359. at 2 'o
clock p. which time and place Al persons has..
hp claims to said money are required to present the
tame or be ciebarrat from comingin upon and fund.
Oct. A. 1869.-4 t. Asditor.
Notice is berebi 'given that iL pawn Indebted
to the estate of Etannza. HAILXV, lute 01 LeßoY***4. ,
twp., deemed, an Invested to make tnneediate pay
ment, awl: all perms baring .claizna snirt and es.
Wel:Dust be present Odom ant sen
- .
It. D.Aun.EY.
1r; F. 8011 MON.
Oct. 19; 180
Notice is luireby item that all persona Indebted
' twee estate pf Mama 8. Sszsans. late of Oran vlllr
tip., decemod. are requested to mate immediate
payment. and all persons having claims niplimt ialil
, estate twist presemt thens duly anthentkate for settle
ment.. .4 , LITMAN PUTNAM.
Oct-14. 1462. • •, Eiointnr.
App:ication for Incorporation for the Methodist
Dpiactipal Church of West OrsiniDe.
• Notice A hetaby given that the above Associations
lave aererally presented to the (knurl of Common
'Pleas of Bradford County. their Merles of, Associa
tion asking for a decree of Incorporation, and the
-- ted6 Court bating - examined the same, end finding
them correct, wll2 decree that they be' tecceporsted
aYed for, on XO6 l / 6 7.. December 6, 11162. at 2
o'clockp.m., imiess cause be shown to the contrary.
W. A. THOMAS. Prothonotary.
Prothonotary's 017 Ice, Oct. 16.1866.-St
Beal aide for Sale.
The subscriber* offer for sale their Farm sitaated
Sheshequin township. about i mile from Tansy
/louse. and about one tulle from the Depot of the
Pa. & N.Y. ER. Co. a< Ulster. ConLintng Mures.
106 aerra'hoproted, with reeling dwelllliinngg house
sad one tenant borne, large barn 30430 feet with
good stable and cellar under the whole of tt. frame
canahouse and einem, together with a thrifty
young orchard of choice fruit trees in good bearing -
thereon: Plenty of good spring wafer at both house
and barn. The farm hstrell adapted for either grain
raising or for dairy purposes. It is in a good state
of improvement - rid win be sold on - reasonable
terms. For further particulars enquire of the sub.
scriber on the prems.
faraliequin. Ya., Oct. 13th, 1864—if
1.1 roe asz.s.—.The subacribers offer fOr sale their
fine Dairy Farm, situated two miles east of Green
wood:Ms:Han Co.. Minas; Said farm contains
- three hundred and twenty acres chalice land. describ
ed airfollows 1411 sere, choice gmbered. 100 scree
meadow. and OD BeresAnder the vbs.'. Good dwell
Ung-houseendoutbuildings, large cattle barn woo.
and goodhorse berm.. The finest Wee spitelli
the country. running through a commodious spring
home. Is caplUe of beeping 75 oasis, and hs- only
ISI, miles from Abbott's Cheese rectory. Terms one
half cash. balance In eary payments at 6 per cent. In
terest. References—H. M. Geradd. H. tl. McHenry.
Greenwood, McHenry Co.. 111.. ur Y. 8. APR. gheshe
quirt. P. B. AYER.
May 8. • S. S. AS.
The orntaralber offer, for.ale Ils ham in Can
ton.- containing Abaft elghtpall acres. mime aerenty
improve& - The improvements are one dwelling
house, one barn. one nank.honse. oos tinbalin
rood moiling order. with I.lhoise portable - agme.
car Able of tanning torn ; It an also be min by water
apf Mora of the year. Clonnected with the maw, all
th,. area/airy machinery for manufactrutng wagon
haw, in good order. There fa also • thrifty young
apple orchard on the twecalaes. and Giber fruit trees
around the house. The I. lodated about two
miles from Canton village. and Veda one lanallred
rode of tho Willianue;Port t Elmira Mt. for term:
all on C. Stockwell, at Cantm. or the abecriber on
the premises. ANDILEW
May 9, 1889.
in Burlington torrniaV. peas Pie Ova sbot
MEL containing If sem. 111 nworso. good build
ings. p
leasantly • good dotard of fed
Imes. The whol launde r a good"statii of COW VII
tiOP. POT paltadan4 engage of Sam= Bun.
on the r Bkpt. 11, 1164—it.