Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, June 18, 1868, Image 2

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NO2IO fron't
—Thio year is the eemkenteeniel
anniversary of the admission of Minas into
the:Union, and it is , proposed to oeiebrate
it next August. . •
—The nteambea Oixtat Queen.
-while going up the Irunisstripi War, with
a-eiretts troupaon hoard. took Are ill, W!
Pepin and burned to the water's edge. Th e
boat and carp sin a total loss, but all Per
sons on board werassied.• '
—.A. C. Ho!dredge; a zclerk in - the
Ashley Howe ut Bloomington, 111. 6 while
lahortng under an attack of dart= ire
mew, jumped from the fornth‘ story of `the
hotel and was instantly killed.
—A desperate attempt to release
s desperado ..named John Price from the
military prison in
. Brownsville, Texas, vas
made cm the fith lost.
—Maj. Charles W. Upham, a pay
master in the United States Minoru fotind
dead in his bed at Maititpetier, Vt., on Wed
—Patrick Callahan, trid at 'Troy,
N. 1., for the murder of Patrick Dunn, by
shooting him about-two years ago, was con
victed on Weduciday.
---The trial of Mrs. Victor, , for the
murder of her, whom it is charged
she poisoned in February, 1867, oorameno
od at Cleveland, Ohio. on Wednesday. She
hold a policy of insurance on his life for
--The boiler in Osgood's planing
mill, at CarabridgePort, Mass., exploded on
Tuesday, partly demolishing the building.
Thomas Drinan, foreman of the mill, and
George Pike, aged' eighteen, were badly in
jured, the latten It was thought, fatally.
—Ail work was suspended in the
different departments at YOrtreas Ito -
1 on Wednesday, mil were fired every Ralf
_hour, and a 'national salute at sunset in re `
ptret to the memory of Ex-President Bu
LenvenWorth Contlery alive
oY Saturday sa, a Ciovertier Crawford ties
gone to Council Grove•to locik after the re
rotted diffictiltioe between the Cheyennes
• :Ind ICnithas Indians, and obtain' ftom
Fort Leavenworth-20,000 rounds of cartrid
gCS to ship 1:1 the Bret tram
—A Memphis despatch -says that
a negro boy wounded Gilliert Feaster and
shut Lloyd Brown, his brother-In-law, with
a Atot.gun, killing him instantly,for threat
ening to whip him. The boy. escaped, al
though the deed was donein the middle of
`lbe day; and in the cebtre of the city.
t: —A mai' named Moses Johoson
.1 . : 1 ; -- ne murdered on Thursday or Friday last
in his Louse, Brookfield, Madison comity,
N. Y., and Lis body cast into a well. He
Han fu-hbrobbcd, and then butchered with
an axe.
Tlaulthilus C. Callicolt and Col.
C. Enright were removed from the Kings
county jail to the Altsin3r penitentiery.ihere
they are to nerve out their terms of impris
onment. • •
—A man named James Malady,
turd his wife, residing near Seaforth, Huron
county, Canada, were brutally murdered at
their residence on Sunday. Their eon lips
been arrested on auspieim.
‘—The Heig ht Depot on the Boston,
Radford, and . Erie Railroad, at Webster ,
Mess., was burned on Sunday night. The
loss is $4,000. •
—The hay and grain' crops of Cali
fornia are pituffling.
—During the week ending on
tuesday 55,735 pounds of strawberries
were shipped from the depot in Princess
Anne, Somerset county, Did., to New York
and Philadelphia.. One farmer picked 2,688
quarts from an acre and a half, with an
abundance; left.
—The Legislature of Massachn
butts Las passed a law forbidding the light
ing of tpassenger cars by illuniinating fluids
that will explode.
—The Senate of West Virginia
has adopted a declaration, by vote of 18 to
2, that they will not favorably consider the
petition of spy rebel lawyer to be released
from the operation of the Test-oath law,un
leXs accompanied by a Written renunciation
of secession heresies.
—Ex Gov. Buckingham, reGently
elected United States Senator from Con
necticut, is seriously ill of typhoid fever, at
Warsaw, Ind.
—Hon. Henry Stanbery was in
Velurnbes, Ohio, on Tuesday, and the Jour.
mil, of that city, says that he looks thin,
Vale and distressed. His healthis evident
ly very poor, and the opportunity to retire
to private life and rest is to be looked upon
as a boon. - Mr. Stanbery had quite a se
vere attack of cholera morbus while on his
wily from Washington to Columbus.
—The Rhode Island Legialitare,at
its recent sessiom.pardoned Walter Arnold,
the young clerk in the office of the State
Auditor, who robbed' the State Treasury of
some ten thousand dollars, Wed devoted it
to' brothels and gambling houses, and he
was released from the State Prisols, haling
served scarcely a month for each tholutend
of Lis 111-gotten and ill4pent plunder. A
colored man who. was seat to the Provi
dence County, ,Jail two or three days since
for illegal voting in Newport was 'also par
doned and his fate remitted.
—lion. John !jells°, formerly Gov
ernor of HiSsissippi, died. recently in Hon
duras. Several years ago he wail a member
of the United States Congress—first in the
House and then in the Senate. •
—Postmaster' General Randall in
tend/etc make Pamirs his home, after his
term of °face shall have expired.
—A cow - belonging to Mr. Elias
Corey, of CODZINIUir township, was killed by
lightning on Friday t of last week.
—The good people of -Titusville
are bestirring tbeinselves with a view of
having sai old-fashioned celebration next
Fourth of hay.
—lt is estimated that about six
thousand palm:us witnessed the decoration
of soldiers' graves in Reading.
Tacks arc made at Pittsburg,
1500 of which weigh an ounce. The ma=
chine turns out 500 per minute.
Wednesday, John Efts was
killed, and Peter Ltoff badly bruised, by a
fall of top slate in the Henry Clay mines.
—The. Masonic Hall and - Etridford
',louse at Bradford, Idelietui county, have
been btunetiby incendiaries.
—The strictest present style of
gep!lemen's pants bust nature's tights by
an ineh or two. Sitting has become en im
a possibility.
—A quarry of beautiful variegated
marble has been discovered to the northers
part of Berle 'county.
—A shaft is being sank on the
farm of John Cope, Bast Bradford, Chester
county, in search of gold.
Thomas Williams. hail been
'muumuu* renominated for Congress by
the tepubliciinsof the XXIII District.
.--Tbe Allentown rolling miii turns
out 40(itous at tells per w,eit. The deny
product is 266 rale, 30 feel✓ long, vedabilig
500 pounds each.
—The amount Of pig iron. Winn'
ported over the- ,
.Lebighlt'alley Rail:obi for
the week endinif4tej 9tit is 9,695 tonal for
the season, 53,087 toa. • "
Indiod Squirt
thareday, 'June 18,1868.
retlitiNtEß ,-.4XXFAX.
-iinrArorases . cumna,
Vol. Jacob IL Cunha of Cambria Co
Union Repubiluati Oonvention.
A Convention of the baton Bepublioan
party of Bradford Connicr, to bei compooed
of two delegates troM eta erectiati district
in said txtmity, itstemble' afthe Court
EVRO Towanda BBoorrooungg on MONDAY
lUG. SEPTEMBER 7, 1868. M
to place in nomination candidates to
be supported at the etlllin,electian.
The following persons have been selected
as ComioitteesNilance for their respeo
tive districts,_are directed to call
meetings for the 'election of Delegates to
the Convention, at the usual place of hold
ing caucuses, between the hours of 2 and 6
p. m.. cm Saturday the . sth• day of Septum
ber. •••• ' , ,
By order of the Union Republican County
dune 13, 1868.
colaarrtzsa or i,nlft,AVzk.
Armenia—lgaihan Sher Man, Simeon Wil
liams, Davin Alexander.
Asylum —B Laporte, N P Moody, Smith
Stevens. -
4.1ba.1... J Merritt, Charles Sterling, C.
Williams, Jr.
-Athena; twp--Sann ' °Terrain's, D L F Clark,
A 0 Iblibrte.
Athens born--.N COlarris, Dana Park, IT-P
Blood. .
Albany—Beasel 11110 1 1 . Daniel 'Kellogg,
Barclay- • J 0 Ibi -Thotnis *tar, .b C
• Howes.
Burlington, t i Prime, Josephus
Cern - Jabal; 13 ola.
Burlington boro—Dr. Everett; R. Morley,
8 •
Burlingto lM n west—john "Filnekwell, Jesse B
_., Iric,Uan, EdLoomis.
Canton twp—latires L Bothwell. J - A Bode
ers, Charles Landon.
Canton boro—A J Conklin, a W •Griffin,
John Mix. .
Columbia—B F Snapp, Alvah Conrail; John
pri li t =.
—F F taitthliti, a C IlidgwaY. Ma
thew ldaratual.
Granville—Ward Warren, David Fayles,
William Woman.
Herrick--D C Barnes, Ezekiel Carr, Pem
broke Squires.
Leßoy—Andrew Royse, Robert McKee,
Reuben Stone.
Litchfield—Davidldckinney,Wm Bostwick,
S B Corner.
Leltaysville boro—R Davies, P H Buck,
Stephen Gorham.
Monroe twp—Charles Holton, Freeman
Sweet, Hiram Northrup.
Monroe - boro—S S Marian, 11 Id Coolbaugh
II C Tracy.
Orwell--Cyrtus Cook,o E M Farrar, J H.
Overton—Renbenlihinebolt, John Mathews
R H Richards.
Pike—E S Skeet 0 N DoWoli r ld H Cod
lirdgbury—Sturges Squires, James Mitchell
GIL Idwie. ._
Boma twp—Wm McCabe, Levi Tovnier, W
D Paris.
Rome born—Ll Moody, 0 F Young, John
Smithfield-0 E . Wood, John Bird, Jr., E
3 Dailey.
Springfield--S D Harkness, James E Yerkes,
Joel Adams.
South Creek—P J Dean, Ira Crane, Philo
Fassett, Jr.
Sylvania boro—Peter Monroe, Orrin Fur
man, Eli Burritt.
Sheshoquin—H Clay Kinney,' Fred Gore,
Fayette Culyer.
Stan Stone—Geo A Woods, Geo A Ste
vens, John Brown.
Terry—Col J H Horton, John F Dodge, H
L 'Ferry.
Towanda boro—ti A Frink, Frank Voorhies,
Charles Tracy.
Towanda twp—A G Mason,, George Fox,
Geo W Scoville.
Towanda North—R DeLong, Frod.Foster,
Hiram Rutty,
Troy boro—G D Long, 0 F Bayles, John H
TA Cy twp—Ezra Loomis, W Scott Manly,
John McKean.
Tuscarora—D D Black, A B Culver, Hiram
17bater—Geo W Nichols, Simeon Hovey, C
G Rockwell.
Warren—B B Howell, N Young, Jr., John
D Kinney.
Windham—Aso McKee, B Knykendall, Jas
Wyalturing—Andrew Fee, John Thompson,
W S Vaughan.
Welles—Newell Leonard, W S Bowman, A
C Brink.
Wysox—A li Hines, Dr T F Madill, Geo T
Wilmot—Capt John Brown, J W Ingham,
John S Qtuck. .
As the time approaches for the as-'
sembling of the Democratic National
Convention at New York, the popu
lar attention is awakened and curi
osity aroused as tothe probable cant
didate for the Presidency, who shall
enjoy the honor of being defeated by
Gen. Gam. The democracy appear
to be in a dilemma. Not that they
are withont aspirants for the Presi
dential nomination, but the councils
of the party arc_hopelessly divided
as to the proper person to be their
'standard-bearer. Prominent just now
'is the Cnsse movement. The rumor
'comes from _so many and varied
sources, of negotiations and 'consul
tations among Democrats and Mr.
Cmiss's friends looking towards his
1 1 nomination for the Presidency on the
DemOcratic ticket, that it is impossi
ble not to believe that there is some
foundation for the report, and some
reason to believe that a portion at
least of the Democratic leaders are
endeavoring to force his nomination
upon that party. •
Nor is there any reason to doubt
but that Mr. would be willing
to accept a nomination from the De
mocracy, provided a platform of
principles could be formed, which
would meet his views. The following
synopsis is given in the N.Y. Herald
as the platform on which Mr. Oman
would consent to run as the Demo
cratic candidate
I. The States alanerbave the right of fir
ing the terms of suffrage.
IL Congress has no power to keep the
Re g bel States out of the Union, and its do
in_so is osurpation.
la Universal manhood suffrage, , and uni
versal amnesty and restoration top Ideal
rights of all enin the Rebelli o n, are
now intik
IV. Speedy resumption of specie pay
ments, so that greenlm will be eqqiva
lent to gold. •
V.military trials in time of peace.
in th
Csoin ProPer Proportion of Bout/mums
VII. The Judiebayito• •be Independent of
V' I The President has fall power to
pardon Rebels and restore them to political
rights. Ceinfirealoind restriction lof this
power is usurpation. • •
The appirintrerninempe 'given to
Mr. CRASS as the probable Democrat
ic candidate,) iui alarmed' the friends
of. Mr.. Paintsrex, and. the contest' is
becoming active and interesting not
to say exciting and acriminons. The
two:: mien zepraseni the - extrema
of the Democracy. Mr. Piancem Is
0. K LADD, Chatrmcm.
the candidate Vol' Vie peso% iiresn
bsei, repudiation wing ; Si; represent
ed W l 4PilaieW*l She 1,4 0
Aihoice a: the large inSjoiitt erthe
Cad i‘coterof, 4ifikkrok4 l o4 84itik
Paitictitarly the' falai* 6rAii;
West. Mr. Op* on the Contrary„
is supported by the 'capitsliste of the
.thos s avlssm only desire is to sue.
reed in the coming contest. The!"
men - do not CAM for the platform c -
They are as ready, to actiniSsce in
-Negro- Saffrage-sones.
I sure , provided they ,can succeed.
Will. Qum: be:neminated f- f We
think not. The move:rhea, it lila fa
vor,, though , W seems . fortitiitah e, in
our judgment has attainedt.'proint •
nence which it dOes not really de
serve. The Democratic party; it is
true, 'ant a loss for the' prl)er per
son for a Presidential nandid tea. But
tha party has . Weyer kei lieen sp fool
ish laii.traveilook its own prOminent
men, and go outside of the organiza
tion for a recreant: Repubcan to
_makeltint their standard•bea i. The
masseh of the DeMocracy were, and
still remain, thoroughly antageuistic
to - the' measures both iinancisi and
political, : "advonated by M. 'Dates,
during the war, and to adopt him and
his platform, is . to give op all their
traditions and principles, and to ac
cept, substantially the lioeiitiim and
measures of theßepnblicsnai The
old rebel, anti-war, copperhead, spirit
is too the Den.Ogratic par
ty to permit this .
Beaidea this, the Democratic party
is larOy___t_nade up of lidera who
have Z n. intense ,dieW and fear of
the. cAored4opulation. -Ipley are
continually, haunted .by a , vague Sp
prehension that "the nigger" may
some day be placed onIM i s tiality
with them , Whate*er ..,r4 . 46seriers
the DemoeracY may have gained from
the Republican ranks, hUs4been al
most wholly from the aryleil"lnegro
equality," and the pretentie plat this
is a " white man's government," with :
occasionally a Man who, has some,
undefined idea that the Democracy.'
are in favor of taxing bonds, and
making the " purse proud aristocrat
cy " pay all the taxes. lloriv are these
ignorant and incongruous jelementS 1
to be successfully; mulatto the sup?
, i
port of CHASE upon his piatir 11
platform 4- 7
How is the cry s of "nigger " to be
raised, when the quondaul friend or
the colored race. is the 4tandar4,
bearer. The +fort won].) alienate
the vi.te of the foreign I p'epulatio4
which makes up the bulk'oi the Del;
ocratic ',aggregate, while : it would
not bring to itisupport lot' the Den
ocratic ticket a singlei Repnblie,ae,
either black or white. , i
To nominate Judge 6I*E would
be at one stroke to Iteptddicanise the
Democratic party.' It would be la
virtual-acknowledgement 'of the jus
tice and propriety of all the 'mea
sures of the Republicana. Neither
the leaders nor the manses of the
Democracy are ready, to' do this.-L-
Such a giving way, would give tiie
lie to all the furious attacks thet
have been made upon the party whieh
has for eight years been dominant in I
Congress. It would not command I
any strength—because half -satisfied
Republicans would • say at once that . '
if the legislation and policy of the
country is to be governed tqim
the principles of the Republican par
ty, then that party is . the proper
one to be in power. So would rim
son thousands of voters who cast
their votes for LINCOLN in 1860, at
who have — been detaChed from hel
party by a baseless atisnmption at
theDemocracY would, or could, avoid
therrors which have been comrhit
te&by the Republicans/ A gretiter
fallacy than which never existedi as
can be witnessed wherever the Oe•
macros) , have gained centre' of ' y
legislature.' , ,
Nor would the adoPtion-oi ny
platform' alte4 , the eitUatiOn of 0414.
The nomination of JUdge Ca t ter t by
the Democracy, would evidence I the
weakness of Democrsitic,faith in their
own cause, and testify that The conm
try had -condemned the pail. 4114
no prOirient Democrat could chieve
success. It would be a 'virtuakao ,
knowledgement of the injusticeand
impropriety of their former actio n.--`
It would be an 'endorsement of Re
publicanism--including all the I fea
tures which it has been the endea vor ,
of Democratic papers and oratois to
render odious. It would be theicom
plete and overwnelming triumph of
the Republican party, and add
immensely to its' prestige 1 and
strength. Such folly is not common
with the Democratic leaders. 't I
• CEASE has no nacre chaneelfor a
nomination at New' York, than bat
ANDY Jowlsom, and the whole *ffair
is a diversion, gotten up, under cover
'of - which to defeat 'flummox, '
and to
nominate some man not 'now prom&
neat, such as SkirMOVR, Or,HlMDt ' ucgs,
whose record is not so offensive to
the people. Under the operation of
the two-thirds rule, Parteurrok will
be sleoghtered, and some nel,men
be honored with the nomination.
Tne Ridernerzok LAW pasec i dby
the Legislature lasi `winter wis vie
lently opposed by the Democrats,
and measures have been taken to
prevent fts operation, by thri same
party which perpetrated the mitragc
ons frauds in the: Centre Senatorial
district, by means of spuriousj:atur
alization papers. •The• law h been
. filly argued before the 81,1preme
Court at hiledelphia, which his now
adjourned .to let, when s deci
sion will be !promulgated. Tie Con
stitutional qUestion , bait biei thor
oughly 'examined,' and .the (*elision
1 0U - Probllbl.9*Orer this sad o th er
_meted pnintp. This law weld et
tem-Wally prevent , Illegal votftag , ana
would" - anksequontly 'decnikke thli
ticuitenlitic vote isome thousaids.‘'
, .
1 wan siasynojog PAWL
I - ( ....:'-..;', ...?
The Repitblias4iisitiatands before
thOnAtatry again just as it
dlarlo , 6o'and, ._:: ,leiC j litY Upon its
irt l 4.:' It 11 4 P vim , Judged t* what
upon no un
• • a' prise future. In
18. i it adetkutszl'nolitew principle.
It took its stand t
i poul its well
.... ' . .. veinertennuesidurinetßo
ity to slavery 'in. the ierritories i and.
the people_approied'44 it and elected
Republican oindidnta to the Pres
idni.nei; tiis!•iliie . '.*wiiticlu'Aie - to
stake etistenee .iron..- the. defeat
°lithe printiiple of freedom in the ter.
iitaiii3s, - and it lost thb • ptakb—slwito
r 1 Wil 'etillibriltetL t i i thhi - was ' the
p ge of events tiiivitich the Ropubli•
n party .pointed 16 1804. ' 4.16
e people endorsed_ it.. The - reao.
',nig* unable to teeintain slavery,
bier -regretting to pert with it, at
tenipted to. estiblieli iaste, in its
lio .
p ace, and the' etitiOle thereon has
1 sted neat the 'present time, but Is
w closing open a ivoord of the Re
publican" partY, 16; Ithich hi 'included
te fall establishmi4 of the civil and
Utica! rights of oppressed race,
and the reconstruction of the South
. pOn a free bards.' , k . ‘-
, /11 ibis contest ;man y other .things
have bean settled.. The Presidential
power has beep reatricted, Congrea
lonal authority vindicated; and•the
tipreme . Cotirt r e strained within
a l
Conde ;, the b b a nking . system ' rear
tganieed ,on aso heals, 6-ear
irency • made- natio nal and tellable,
ipoPnlar' liberties protected at the
!South, the sepietie authority and
Pawe!4.oe forevervii i h4 k?F til
aga a net assault f rom the' spir it of
sectionalism, theiState goveriments
Palged of oligarchy, and the &ender
lions,laid'for a systain of sniall land
holdinga at the Sohth. .Thus the R t e.
publican party .inirenchek itself- for
the ensuing campaign, aid acta upon
the defensive,. as it did ..iii eschler-,
mer case. It asks to be treated On
account of *hat it has done. It has
made the . nation greater -and -more
respected. by ilte civilized world. Ii
has built rip
l domestic manufactures
on an imbieuse scale by means of a
protective policy; It has.fatroduced
at the South free common schootedn
cation. It has built the greater part
of the Pacific Railroad, brought in
four new Statel, brought everything
back to a peace footing, and has
steadily redneed tazaticin at all
- points. If, then, we are asked why
the National Convention did not de
clare in favor of this thing or that,
we answer that the party has hither
to made its claim for support always
upon the ground of what it has ac
complished' or eisayed, and asked to
be judged by the spiiit of that. There
is very much yet to do, and the Re.
publican party is the only one compe
tent for the work.
—Tha Repnblican party of Chea
ter connpr has decided against, adopting
the Lan enter (or rather Crawford) county
system of,nonthuiting candidates for office.
—GeneiAl 'Forrest, of Fort Pillow
infamy, sayd that " the only hope of a res
toration of good government in this coun
try is in'the' MONIS of the National Democ
racy in the nest Presidential campaign."
Persons who agreed with Forrest during
the war, will certify to the truth of his
statement Bare.
—A Republican society, called the
Tanners,has been organized in :Ogdensburg.
They suppert Grant and Colfax and parade
in leather &prone. •
Inomination of Grant and
Colfax has already driven the Democracy ,
behind their ezdrenelimemta. Before long
they wN be in fall retreat end in Novem•
bar wi l reeeh Appomattox. -
—The :17eienal ilepublican,of Wash
ington, heretofore friendly to the President,
and by some considered his organ, has
placed at the head of its pages the Chicago
nominees.; So it goes.
4Organist for the campaign. Ev
ery distriei shenbi promptly form Grant
clubs, for Sxperienos in previous campaigns
Las demonstrated that such auxiliaries to
the party !are largely conducive to Its sue.
—The Republican member of, the
New-lbrupshire Legislature have re-nomi
nated the lapwing ollioers : Secretary of
State Hon. JOhn D. Lyman, of Farming.
ton ;113tate Treasurer, Hon. Peter Sanborn,
of Concotd ; State Printer, 001. John It,
Clarke, Hancheeter ; Warden of the
fate on, Hon. Joseph bfaYo, of Con
ceityalllandigham threateU - to cre
ate . le in the
i is Democratic
tly HatbitaCotbne
war for the on was a murderous out
rage.\ . •
—Ross, FoWit, and Henderson, be.
ing 04 of rem= naturally gravitate
to the ItemOcratic They will male
shining lights among the tp whose great
est distinction grows out ot treason
to the eirintri•
-,-Tlr Freeman's Journal, -
maths !Catholic organ of New Yorlt'iskys .
10, proposition to nominate Chase by Ihn s
Onnoeratic Convention- at New York, "does
not rise to 'tile dignity of being ridiculous."
—(ore W. Woodward would
like to he United States Attorney Geoerat
but fears he could not be manned if nom
_, is inmored that the Democracy
think ey cannot win on the "Whiteiman'a
ent" platform. and are now going
in for egrb Suffrage. Anything to win.
—The ! Republicans of New .York
UV°F lim caztdidates for the gubearuato.
Tied Among the most oolupio.
nous .lOhn A.. Chisvold, General Sickles
General Pan Wyok and Welds; Hutchins.—
Geme;l3likks will be pressed strongly by
We 0 d ;Army of the itegmblie, it is Bald,
Newton Pettis, bite been nom..
inatof for &maims in the Ciewford district.
—The following nominations for
Osegtme bee been made in Phileaelphle:
Mak Oblet-ileejamin L. /km.,
Ekaind ovetn;
mod Leonard *env
ibtrifg edge W., D. Kelkw.
Th.:ill:it district le • zwer seprimated by
the 80141 Smug Randall. en SIGNS
ftpaheiia. The district ie *dowdy
Demorste: bleeste..:o2teille,ll,yets end
&Derain•onembeti et the mend Cat;
re* ontw• hope dos i d.. U sitw
them by icteend majonitles.
,tom. Washiniltm! ,
vraiii,exis, 4 hooftli;
tioraridinii**** of ib4
0** ,0 ,1! V i e**
kid% 441****ailk , 4 !t
Pla a ,2 011. 11 Pitat
ztr ibsehmh odor
novo dually to
Asa ocoon tgll SI to ottildt
the &sad Atka** to •legoeoeststion is
Cicareeirial lenito the 'lira
states ot. Rooth We* South Clarana.
Loidsholo t Goats% Alum; s INA*
Ago t iProadi*da tillit**ol#o l 4l644 l,
the'riesithet cB. vigetady. - was MI
fttaidast.' tither sseatiral pars*
Wig tobailiteabilitattitthe lakemobel
&aka ion don& , 164iiimil by
a unsatitatiaeal 4Laioatta win id a vela maw
MIAs% smiths Mita tbeastisamad
be admitted to =ripesiatetkit before ttbe
dose of the present swim The fret saw
eke of the 39th emotes, It will be teoth.
leeted,siblithid for MUM** bi the Orb
ena Ade lifaletna. lbw , wealthiest
lothwaiiit di Nikki's* lots a tbs. Ciei.
stilettos; which vaa so eidoesity pat sad
614 that Lulli. 'eleetioes lot tamales of
Mamas *eh issued :in the FA of '1864
in vbith tberehielples of that ametulment,
iu ioothreifitatietioa to ati *mop" Aritimr
hieing*, toimigle - Clear ;and vita &lima
isus,the Republicans miatehdng the anierat
meat, and the 111614 Deatial* and Coni
narratives,comithied imdei the laid tif
Ammer lotnias4' moth* 'll. l the: lcyl
Pa* rammed to the proem (Anita*.
one bundled aria Welts ir 010: 010,
Aired and. ninety Mambo* compodn,q it;--
me people of tile' late Mild Wes main:
Wiling an. o2 lo4 l 'eationt*
.ttpantirls tasit=through the adtioi of
iithill," 0 1 11 0 -- thelk i rO kiikainj O B Y
inCUNOgnals tiound,bilhe **c if tlOl
*Olio entaii!O retionefrabOott is ilea*
as possible upon this thetni, kftislaticua
Nta.out of th isPoo44, 2-101101 "0" ftriktin
as ,of pewit,, the meatus known at,*
AOCMtgiletbit'PC 4l- 0 Claagreaii: 11; a t ,
Acts *snit to, 10, the !bit"
whichhave held electiens mita ib1i: ; 066. 4 1-
40nietion,laxs.'each: contain s PgrdPkin it"
quiring the ritification of thet Noruteggth
Article as a cenditlon precedent to admit
&gig Ularounition- The Wales litchi&
ed in then Acts, in addition to those Which
hue heutofore p ratilled; this Article, will be
iiikeleit to Onstitute its Part of , the or
ea* ifir , iskinll nelfmatiliettßn a formal
which the loyal maal*,.. are in du-
Ay bound to autain their representatives in
Congress. It is "uponthis line," with the
compering hero who led ournrmies in the
fteld,sgainst the' marshalled hosts of Rebell
ion, as our standard-bearer, that the battle
mist be fought out at the ballot box in No
vember, against the Igmlbhied foe who has
fought Reconstruction ' upon the basis of
loyalty all the way through. The,Repubil
cans must become aroused to thei import
ant* of the issue ; the battle will be vigor
ously contested by the oombined, opposition
with high hopes of success. Republicans
must not shut their eyes' to the fact that
there Is en element. which hastithesto claim
ed allegiance to the principles of. the patty,
now only waiting a favorable opportunity
to strike a fatal blow. It is now the study
of Democrathaleaders, and shelved Repub.
Han aspirants for place, to settle a candi
date, and a policy for adoption by the Dem
ocratic National Convention, which is to
assemble in New York city, on the 4th of
next month. which will **mend the sup.
port of both these elements. Thorough or
ganisation, and vigorous work, will secure
a certain and triumphant Republican victo
ry, :while.indifference and apathy will, as
surely result in defeat. •
The Senate =Thursday last warmed
the appointer* of Non. Rune= Minim
of 11071 and, as Minister to England, iia
place of Hon. ChIAII2I2I Puma Amass ra.
Mimed. I
Rumors of changes in the Cabinet are ent
rent. Mr. Gummi of Cincinnathenel of
the mimed for4he President in the
u 7 t
peachnient trial is said to have been -
thud the Secretaryship of the Treasury,
and Mr. Evince of New f York, mother of
his counsel, has been tendered the appoint
ment of Attorney General in place of Mr.
Sense u, who restyled to act as counsel
for the President; and was renominated for
the phre, and rejected by the Senate.
•Mr. Rounes, Commissioner of Internal
Revenue,fias tendered his resignation to
the President, through Mr. hicCuragern,
Secretary of the Treasury, by a letter stat
ing his reasons for his resignation to be
' that be was placed:in a fe/se position before
the public, by being made to appear respon
sible for the appointment, by the Secretary
and the President, of dishonest revenue of
ficers and agents, over whom is had no
control. Secretary McCaw= returned his
letter with a statement that it was Were
speitfid in its tone, incorrect, and unjust in
its allegatkons, and he therefore
present it. Mr. Rosins again sent the let
ter to the Secretary, and declined to modify
it unless the Secretary would state specifi
cally wherein it was incorrect, unjust and
disiespeetfed, and the Romney again re
turned the letter of resignation to Mr. ROIP
nirs to-day, with a statement specifying in '
what particulars it was "disrespectful,-in
correct, and unjust," and thus the matter
!stand'. The object in this , piece of legs?...
demein on the put of the President, is to
prevent Mr. Rouses' resispation until after
the adjournment of Congress, and then to
appoint during the recess, n man through
whom the whole patronage of the Revenue
department can be subverted to the pur
poses of securing the triumph of the Demo
critic ticket. Mr. Romans cannot be used
for this purpose. In this connection it will
be well to note the fact, that during the
that three months of this year only abort
$3,300,000 was received from the tax on
distilled spirits, while an honest enforce
ment of the lmi would have yielded fill
$20,000,000 for the quarter. In this may
be found a reason why Anosaw halms is
still President,' as weal as is reason why s
successor to Mr. Rosana is desired without
haviiirto pass the Ordeal of the Senate.
The tea on distilledspirits if collected by
N l3 set
odiclals throughout the United
would soon supersede,- in a great
m . • all other taxes. Although oily
enforced it has reduced the nation
al millions in the past three
months. ,
The co , toss witness, Woosaar, has
been released - the custody of the
Huse, upon his ,-• ...: - as to the points
involved in his to answer, and for
which he wan held as in contempt of
the authority of the • Ills answer
newt., that the large emus of ' money,
(some $20,00%) wee stolen from during
a drunken slue indulged fa by and
others an the occasion of the of
the President.
'A Joint resolution proposing a new article
'es an' amendment .of the ConstitntiOn tar
been presented in the Nouse eat
Lai 'ofado .-- preposes thinks the dice
of Pieddent s one twin office of four yarn,
m i nd the - Ineombent ever iitar ineligible ;
shandom thei 'ciao.Of 'Prod*riride'nt,'road
daintiest/ with the systems Of hiligion4plui
friths tholes ifProd' delit eirectlybithe '
hassle of the TOWS. Thli m 'ii ea
done& by General Glaser, and is *tired '
the Itepahlthias generally here." : /tilie Peo..
*would urge its adoption tiiikogresstr,
itgtild'* &Oa tie* 'presage& tie *Meer'
risen dirinithe *sent session, to . the Lev' ,
Wilgus of the several States. I!*mid pi
title resieitha from the Ite4tient; ego
bithyoaabtive 'esibieding thepitrot
ids ~ntrauL.tia
1 4 1 404Chnuiblualk
admittiogibe - !States of North and
io'uth Carolina, - tionielana, Georgia,'
*an:midi - to refiresenti
.**4o!*#.t- Atom was then
papiedamitiobeCto thdresident for
44. 1 4Pr0*, 1 4. lit recites #44, these
84 .*:141 -4 4 413.11 ::- 4 1 4141 4. 1 0 ,1
reptibliCit*-fil. him; Ana obelhbe
untitled iovepreiiefliatitffia; sonneas
theft. liegislaturei live - ratified' thi)
.ii_ . oo l 9 , 4E' ' P?i o 4 6 i . 44 1 0
WlXtbAgongreett.', Abe pro. Oles
a ciamilltalei NW ere ba so amended or
&aged se todepaire,amr citilertacluit ct
cithosna ottbe United: Bates dam fight M
e vo teataid State, who - anientitied to vote
by the Constitution lbereofberein *wk.
ed, laoept pradshmentl .of.,airietis are
now Wrath* at common bor. rthereef theY
Ala WS been dal; convicted under laws
eqmpl]y twlicable to ap, the Inbabitants
said Nap • path& tUt any altsration of
said IlmatUnlione, prospective in iti effect,
may be niade 'with mad 'to the time and
place decadence of voters
_and the State
°Mania shall be entitled and sdmit- t
ted to w this far th er !M
-dasln o. Mat Abe first and
third sad aabdivisioaa> of action 17 ofeo
fifth Miele of the Constitution °laid Stato,
snot the proviso to the itatt
deg be willand.vcdd, and Suit the Selma
Sam* et odd State by soltimnpnblie act
shall declare the meat ofr the Stale to the.
foregoing faidsmatal condition. , •
it farther provides - for the early '
compliance with the tering of road
'mission by the assembling of Ruch of
the I.egistainres 'th& Stafee i eS
tiqt 41, searpozi twenty days
from the time :Me sot takes effect s ;;
and 'when the,' terms" specified 'are'
comPlied'''*ith the officers of each
State Anti qnelified tinder She - State
Constitution shall be inaugarated
without delay. It is also made .the
duty of the giesident,within ten days
after receiving _ official information
cf,the ratificttion of said amendment
by the Legislature . of either of said
States, to hem a proclamation an
nouncing that fact.
Correnn " Idouts.—the New
York News, a copperhead sheet: is
frightened at the depraved moral
character Uf the next Democratic
Convention 4 It fears that yielding
to the gratification of their evil de
graded,l yet natural passions, their
delegates may neglect their, dutY,
and not nominate its favorite candi
date: It says
"A conizdriey, a little out of the toitisd
line of parclan intrigue, had been started
to•ddmi the nominal= of the Ron. George
IL Pendleton by tbs Democratio Conven
tion.. This sehemeis thoroughly organized,
and line piing 'of money have already been
subscribed to canyikinto effect. The con
=l:l4propewe, upon the assembling of
io I nvention in this alty,to cultivate very
intimate social relations with all delegates
lm to be friendly to the nomination of the
trrortte son of the West,' and, under cover
of the miracle= of conviviality and pod
fellou phi to ply them withthe Anent wines,
and entertain them with rich dinners,intro
ducing them to all the fascinating influen
ces Ur our demi-monde and of our double
monde, as well sa to the pleasurable
excitement of_gaming tables and all the
elegance and lio4 of fashionable metrop
olitan dissipation."
' This is a sad coment upon the par
ty, who have been denouncing car
tuption, and proposing reform. The
harlots of New York city will welcome
them, the winesellera will rejoice at
'their coming, and the whiskey ven
ders will be glad to receive the'
drunken, • staggering copperheads
who will make the night hideous with
their traitorous yells for Jeff Davis,
Pendleton and Repudiation. So
prophesies one of their journals. Mrs.
Cobb and Andrew Johnson will doubt•
less hold their reins of power and
their orders will be obe7ed willingly,
cheerfully, by the servile 'ark:meek
en. The people can not,dare not,nor
will they support a ticket selected
under such influences. Should Pen
dleton not be chosen, corruption and
debauchery have won the day .
Da. Mama Superin
tendent of tbe Binghamton, N. Y.,
Inebriate Asylum,. has written the
following statement in reply to an
inquiry respecting the assertions of
temperance lecturers, to the effect
thit the Asyltunwas overrun with
'applications for admission from wives
of ch. rgymen and professional Men
and . fenieles generally
Theleport of the temperance lec
turer,lwho stated "that the Asylum
- at Binglamton,N. Y., contained 1,300.
rich Men's daughters, who had been
sent there to be treated,lso ministers,
400 doctors, and 600 lawyers," is as
far from the truth as anything. could
be. The story has been the rounds
of the papers,not only of this country,
bat of Europe. It has been denied
time - and again,but temperance lectur
ers will, continue to repeat it.
There ' has never been a female
patient admitted to . ' this Asylum.—
There have been fifteen or twenty
lipplications • for the admission of,
females during the past year, and
most of these - were opium cases.
During , the last eleven yearn I have*
been in charge of 'an Inebriate Asy
lum, (ten years in Boston and one,.
year here),and am well satisfied that
the per centage of drunken women
our cowety. ie., very mall indeed:—
When there is one, it is an anomaly,
and quite ikokrate as high crimes, of
any kind.. ,
But the statement of this lecturer
as above reported is so prepoiterous
and absurd that, any common mind
will reject it at once. This Asylum
is devoted exclusively to men, and
there 'are now sixty-out patients here, -
thelargest number ever betel.° in the
Asylum. During - the past year - one
.intudred. and sixty have been admit
ted here, and of 'that 'number three'
were ministers, four doctors 'and - five,
lawyers. So by" this you can lee'
how near the.ttruthare the stories.--
Thie , is bad enougb,bnt, for the honor
Of our country and - the hope of Chris
tian civilization,
.don't let us publish
lo s the world snob abominable:state
.me 'to as the above. .
• stir I is suggested by the Lobs
non 'Co' andlte endorse it, that
Chief Juitice Chase having lost the ,
inspect and co fidence el-the think
ing people of the . ntryty bedrag
gling the judicial e ins in the dirtiest
pool -of - political intrigue, Should ,
resign his place on 'the Supreme.
Bench. The 'party-that laced him.
there 'despises his recreant to phi--
cipltat Ssinneerely as it don his
hitegritY. The honor of men co et.
Od i wfthethe :judb3htry should be
*tite.-goidie suspicion:
A I''' ' " Putt' ' . tins 1
ant OF SYLVAN .-- o
men hav, won , the lastieg'gatlfkl. ...
of the loyal people, of Penneyltila
and the Nation dAitie thel of
war and turmoil ' 1 . 4'441 wed ,
atteMpti of the "Amnon - ralk i ';* OP
'troy our nationil,sgqteitz
~ ...'-'-jc'Alk
loyal Pennsylvaniql/r / a - 44141101 tit I
theto,and will never cease to dolhem •
honor. - ,
In the, early part of the war, Slues
I , , Atoo4-1,1/ ill ' . hrptlLAlLikt
WitilfepartMent, - and hit- foresight
and wisdom was diiiitledtitilfitf4l ,
touktbe.lead fel advising the freeing
of the slaves. and their employment
in the loyal army as defenders of the
59 1 1 1 .417- .... lic_OW....Mgrn olokriLthan
thau'los compeers; and was obliged
to wait ,futAigirad6ptiPlill o o ls s a g"
gestions: 'Sitito'l that tile, in. the
Eienatel, , Ami has. Asteadily I ottot*ed
ti t
those measures w ich dwgresi has,
from ti th e to tiiill, Opted for the restoi
ration'and'Ove &en '4 IW:revolt.
'Mg Stitesi - DOA g tboiterp!isehnient
trial ho was alwa, s on the right side . ,
never fallitig , tei• ustaiur byhis , vote
and his influon ; eVeryL-means to
bring a - gbilty Y resident: to , wrjust
pnnishinent. -II htii ••firnilyi J nobly
done his duty 'a d - will: , have his re;
ward:_ Vesf Or , 7'6 , 11061in.. •• • -
As U . suo,,— ' i W Pantie of the-riots
at Washington'" , ftei 'electiOii 'lops
out to tie, as Os ral, the DemocratiC
fetidness for "w Moiling a, nigger”--i-
Stint* Deride ti,' of
, the ' sort:iiho
believe _Pat th s iS "s white' Man's
goiernment," : a d' would be iiftmense-
ly disgraced if „black men had sox
share in it, became "incobereiii?! in
view of'early retinue which promised
a Democratic victory, Said thereupon
proceeded to ktiock dowir, beet 'and ,
outrage coloO people,' as'the moat
exprensive method of ' uttering 'their
feelings. The colored people retort
ed, as white men sometimes will,and
the result *SS a riot,There, are
worthtss blaclisias well is worthless
whites, but it is to the credit of ;the.
colored'PeoPie that' they :leave never ,
taken the initiative in an' eieetien
riot—that' Peeuliarli'DemoCratie in
stitution. 'Lb , ro:gh all the excite
ment about their political status they
hive generally conducted themselves
in a peaceable •and creditable , man
ner. , .
, A A •
ie.. General. Butler expects to be
able to make a final report this week
°nide investigations of the alleged
corruption of Senators iu the matter
of impeachment.. Only one or two
more witnesses are to be 'examined.
The report is expected to be very racy
and interesting. Although it will .
not shoW.conclusively that any par
ticular Senatfr was bought up, yet
it will show that there was in exist
ence here a cOrrupt'ring,composed of
the most important of Presidsut,
johnson's officials, whose purpose
was to secure Johnson's accquittal at
all hazards, and that money ,was
raised for that purpose.
&Angola+/ref - Delaware,' =arid Vick-
era, of Magland i spoke in the Senate
against the admission of the Southern:
States.' Senator Morton, of Indiana,
advise& that r ''the Senatori from
Delaware' and Maryland- should be
carefuthoW they talked about negro
suffrage u and Sambo, for the chances
were rrovvi that on tde 4th of July
next their , party would be placed on
a platform of universal suffrage and
universta amnesty."
pass Co
time for 1
died is
Ix Btu..—The - opinion cuutiu
l.revail among members of
' that the Tax bill will not
Kress, owing .to want of
otlf Houses to apt upon the
It is thought,however,that
E the section& with regard to
and tobacco may be embo
seperate bill and become .a
N. N. C: FoartEsr,the hero of
the For , Pillow hntchery,is one of the
Democr Jib delegates from Tennessee
to the eiv York Convention. His
servicet43 ithe party consisted in the
murdering inibold blood of a regiment
on two of unarmed colored soldiers of
the United States after they had sur
rendered as prisoners of war.
tO 1 20ntrtiinnitnis.
'void, TO RENT.—lnquire of
Towanda Jane 11,1863.
Pe e a G inglT;t i otYlor dinner ; will
to gire 19,a call.
TO_ 4. :Tune It , 1868.
J 4. ---The celebrated Italian Jack
Imported from Italy by Mr. Gista, of N.
T.. and sought to thisiconnty 0.8. Davis.
will eta diloc mares the ensuing season at the
barn of he subscriber
t i at Leßaysville. Said
Jack r thirteen h nds high, finely prop r.
tinned, I black.
Lelta ille. June 15; 1868,-2**
Agiopportunity is now offered the farmers
otaktilford to improve their stock oy breeding
to - .
11ED KIRK, 2173 A. 14 B.
A thmatigh-bred Short Horn of good pedigree
running back to the herd of Mr. Bates.
Rate of !service $5,00, cash down.
As bat few cows can be served the present
sessokisdl who desire to obtain service should
call soon or address,
Jo lb, 1868.3t*. Idonrocton, Pa.
Sp` M . O 411 N.O TICE
The anhacribera having built a New Shop,
and saindied • themselves with the latest and
Most approved tutiotinet7. and the' very beat
materada for the purpose, are now prepared to
manufacture and offer to the public, a anperior
article of their Sarsaparilla and Soda Water,
good at all , •tirriesosn'd - so indlapenalbly meet
sag far health and comfort, during .the heated
,terps and warm Summer months which are
now stpcin us. ' "
Thankful to a generous. public for the very
liberal patronage we have received during the
short tinie We have been engaged in • the busi
ness here., we are determined that no bllort op
oar part shall be wanting to merit and secure a
continuance of the public patronage, commen
surate with oar'lncreased facilities for supply
ing them with what they need.
All orders in our line will receive immediate
and prompt attention. s „
Opposite Depot. Towanda, Pa
June 18 1868.-Bm..
The subscriber would beg leave to Inform
his patrons and the, public generally,,thit in
the Bradford Reporier of 'May 28th, ult.l ap•
peered a card under the caption of " DENTAL
CAUTION," and over the signature o " Josiah
Bacot, Treas. Goodyear Dental Va 1..,"
thit the subemriber had obta a li
cense from said compasy (rand and that the
ante was Anil and, vold. Pie charge is jabs
sad libellemse. • The subeCriber would inform the
public sad his patrons,. that they need not be
deterrOd thereby from coming to his office for
work, as .he MA continues 'to' make rubner
plates and all other kinds as heretofore In:Pat
ton'. block. I have also a superior metal as a
base which I am using with success, which will
nrove to be as popular as rubber. on simount of
i ts wore
perfect adaptation, durability and
cheapness. J. B. 8111111.*
Towanda, Jtme 4,1868.2 t, •
NOTION.—We have • thie day 11(1-
.11110,0 d PEED. A. CAM to a partnersblp
In our badness, which will be continued under
the firm name of Bramhall, Cowell &
Apersons indebted to the Jets Brill use ret•
to call nd settld the same by the first
of - June next. o r they willbe left for collection.
Tbankful for put:, loon. we 'respectfully
u continuance of the.sante.
Towanda;ltay 11 ; 1868: - _
'---- -- Nem- 2thittilimmiiiis.
P '11: - B LI 0 DRAI. ..
; - : , ',Fittl in artriber berths.
_purchased the Dna V
mimed by O W. Delano, respectfully
rill ai r public tbat,he Is prepared - to do all
fa Ids Ihre and wm attend yromp
orders. -Eforisebold goods, carefully
I. Charges resiodeble l3 .
."0. ALVORD.
BAKER, Master killwright,
fa prepared to attend to aU busboy la
promptly - Winded W. Jane 4,1864-71 n,
qTAGE NW/74 Ogig• —
a..; 1 coac, liddman Ishdelni;d
hones, and Nunes; Nab, pi' ' , Wobble
at onaddxsea.W...ll.l4l4lll9. Orman. A..
June 11;1888 ' , '
norstamivs AND,BURGEONS,
011iketrit realdairmr ,Illptcri IX, Tar.
Madill can be consulted at Gorn's Drug Noe
le Ted, , Avery Rtatards7;% Dr. Xs: A.
MAIM g ive
_ Modal attention . to "diseases
agile Mier Ear,; .Throat and Lungs, baring
made a speciality of the above diseasesior the
put eight years.
T. T. marnat, K. D.
June 11.7868.
. ,202' MADISON Ann& •
~• 2 401 1 "1 0 ' - 1 ";
Omit= inciabsed the". Verottur.odatictit pn
pits, desires to Worm her patrons that dab
able to offer the advantages _Other Institution
too larger nu nber of Young Ladies.
Free= is the language qt. the ecbooL - -
'Madame refers- by
_para = llel .to J. H.,1
Hove Oreenwood,,Wie.;ll6 Mallory Esq.,
and E. O. Goodrich. tqwanoa; Pa.
, 2 •
SATS:—'lli6 e - ry
railiterxie formerly :mud by Hon. Dirld
Wilmot now by G. 14. Wood; - situated on the
co;per of Pine and Poplar, streete, containing •
1/,rooms, with all modern amvenionees . Large
lot filth reholte knit and abide- trees. Good
bart , To, any person desiring a home this at:
bards &tine opportunity :or.imairlog &pleasant
"sad desirable. one.. For terms and partleubsrs
aPPI7to . .;
mOSTAI'iY As WARD, Agents..
Towanda, June 11,1888. .
'ffruss 401 lAIT AT ,PUBLIC
Ou SATuttw, , Jgzta fi r
;_ 1868, Ur,
Gso. P. Germ will ?voile 'to public
sale his linuse and ilot situate neat
dig weidend of Poplar Street., (south
aide). . •
. . •
The public are invited to examine
the preinises, during ;the 'week pre--
ceeding Bale
TERM'S -L—sl6oo cash and $lOO per
month with iutetestAintil balance i
paid. 5 per cent. diticoilut on all
cash in excess of $lOOO
Towauda; June 10, 1568.-2 w
01 ; OREI
A l and very.
Desirable' Assortniont. Goods
L uuw being opluu 1 at t atiore store,
They have out heretofore kept
Alove tor filo porpatic.
Nay bu fuung
ftind3B.ceuts . to $2 per yard, of
Window l Shades & Fixtures,
01 cvcry descripti9u
C R - 0 0E ER,Y!
Just insin.rttd
lucndlca variety.
1-r...A2I'S, CAPS
From the, otylet •01:18r2 to Ist:s.
Thew - goods Will . Le sup at a
We cordially" intt•e oar
And the ptiblie gtneteity, knowing we
To do x.,
m itr A. N "JE 'S.
Tow l anda, Hay 5,1868.
Best quality . Winter. Wheat . Flour per
hundred $7 50
Best quality Bye Flour per hundred- ' 400
00131 , Nes1 and Aye and Own Feed 3 7#
'AU fair margin allowed to dea en. - 'We pay
cash for pale... Wheat •$3 5,0 to 'll3 00, 11 ,10
good, 11 40,0 sl''93. • -
Custom grinding usually done at once, as the
capacity of the - mill is sufficient. for a large'
amount of work. • B. B. INGRAM.
Camptown, May 7..1868.
MISS E. H. BAITS. M. • D. .- _ ,
(Graduate cif Woman's Medics! College,
Philadelphia, 01ua1854.] Office lied residence
No. It Perk-street Owego. PerMaler atten-
Wren to Diseases of Women.' Patients
at their bonne If requested !
Kay 28,1868. , • - '
411; .• I 4
ie e ifita , ztiai4O -.., , To: 4 1,
-- - ‘r.iio ~- ', '- , • • -
.• • i
i .k.A. . tirAitt -lat gE
.. ,
IT. Of:a 7.41 2rft:41..! ~:*' :PI T. 1 31,..
... ',:- .4`r.nt A i• , - Pr; .1.: -: . ,t:- i-J- , :v.. I; ~
. •
--, T V , • l l‘ %ICirls 1 / 1 11% ..., 4 1 10,.0.-4'i
1' i - . lAint - ,7 3 0 foe; /Erect,
• • I
,s#l 4 l-i-ifi , liii-k,.16 0 . &;l€-: II . et I 1' , ,Y., ,
kietio ll 'llii 4i:tit/ilia tiirrittAi4 si.
mi l ta
orNSITINUI P A4` ''. int Cottbus MI*OIV - tom
Mk: - .214.1.0445. . 671 mkted i
lima, a sit ranee h pogo ' pricer,.
'and guarantee! g
o p. , taw to be prwitintrd , -
fradwandrolell ter est)re satisirction, or -
Ere, can be return AA the.meney intittetted..
Remember that by our /*Aka the consumer
pot only. ONE PIWFIT, insford pt severs as
eight, as he must &when he adittioma of the
ordinary grocer. 'WE DEFY COILVETftION.
: we call special attention not inf stand.
Sid 'goods, but our fancy brands of 00l , and
Young Ilyson Teas.: -.1r *collar gas tow-
Slaty days Inkal -Japan. - Our- OWL* Depart.
meet is , lnanagel also-.on the 'POLON of.. ours
Omit euty,ind all our coffees are sold uu their
merits. - we OM suit a trial. • - ' •
•1 , All out hn kw of our - tali 'and coffees'
can bkhade our regular appoint ed agents-
All our good! are goods pot up by oarrielvca
In one pound : priekager: at, our warehinote in
New York, and -retailed at: W, 11. li. wimp;
Drag Store, No. 13T Kahl' street, at the email
advance' or 5 "cents • per pound over • our, New
York prices. -This s-the goods at the
iIeCCII they can be pun tut over, Pin'
-counters with the freight a ded.
r ~ ..,
- OOLONG (NlAlek), ioc, 76., 80., SI par
lb„ best. • MIXED ( Given Illon and ack). Coe , .
700;, 80e:,: 90.. $1 per lb., bed. YOUNG HY.
SON . (Gresa) Ski., 70c., 80c.; 09., 41,•81,10,
$1,20, per lb.. best. INFBILIALiIIreen).
$1,51,46; ENGLISIT BREAKFAST (Black).
The., 80c., 80e., It, $1,10,11,20; beet. JAPAN'
90c.. $l 8 1 .25 per lb— GUNPOWDER, $1;1.,
11)50 per lb. BEantuog lloyttue realm Dyson.
in original Chhiese. packager' SI 90 'Per Pack
age,- Kiangsk -ocdont iz in originil. Chinese
packages $l,OO per pa e. • ' •
FANCY BRANDI3,; hsgyottgOeluog ( B lky
81.23 per lb. Nankin &lune Young Upson,
(Green) SPLO, per lb. . Uncolored Jose rcas,
(80 days teem Japan) `Pet op - espresely for or
In Yokohama $1 40 per lb. -
GROUND COFFEB.—Pare RIo, 20; 2", lad
3$ cents per lb: Red ON Goverment. Java,'
40 cents per i 3. Boyal.Clab. ZS ants ,per lb.
Maintain Plantatlotr,'6o tents per',lb,
Beware of hultadozur ant bogturceiuMmied.
All war goods bear our Trade Nark on each
beg. No others are genuine, 514M._
We take pleasure in informing you
that we have just opened' in Towan-
da, on the corner. of Bridge and
Main-Street, 16. 3 Patt'on's Block,.
on Elegant New Book - and Music
Store, where every thing in the Beok.
Slatigneril and music line may bid
found. Alto Statuary, Paintings,
gold Pens, Spectacles, Eye Glasses
. G-laertes, Opera 41-lasses, and a
general assortment of Musical in
struntents, Yanks° Notions and
Fancy Articles.
city tiitlegreat care by
hands and bought with cash at a
very low. figure. with a aim to the
wants of this cominunity.
: -We feel
.confielent we shay, be able
to offer bargains to all who will fav
or us wit their a patronage: Call
and see us.
Over an other r erring -ma-blues .
An apartment of these celebrated maddst
constantly on hand and for bald by
Feb. 6, 1868.—,6m.
. :
Gutters, put on by e, x pe rienced workmen and
at the lowest rate. Tinkering and jobbing ,
sap boilers, Bap spites, &c:. ilowe's Sewing
Machi 'es, none -better. Universal Clotho
Wringers, best_in nee. Wheel Rakes and Com.
blued Piaster Bower, worthy the attention 0 1
thein , elligent - faimer. Hubbard's Mowing MA
chinetrAlarable and desirable. 4 or 43 foot cut
Tables, chairs, -bedsteads, spring bed bottom ,
and other
carmen: will And .thie season the test 'quail!!
1-Tin Pans, Milk and Strain Pala, and eTeri
deicription of Tin Ward. Ptonr sod Salt.
Olds r and Timoft• Seed, Spillnineill'heels.
Flex Wheels, Reds, Wheel Wheel Heads, Flyer'
Field Rollers and Paster . Swum furnished to
order at lowest possible prices.
ALSO—Corn Sheller'', ifortking
Cutting Boxes.
Feb. 20, 1868 ,
LOOK Ar 011 : 11 ,PKICEi3
Our Goods Were all seleeeed ris tlii
CR O•S'S t f• CO. .. .
Wai' rr.— Cosa 4, Co., -have just
opened a splendid Now Book and
Annie Store, in rattott's Block,
Tuwanda, whero They . are selling
everything in their line cheap for
Cash. Call and see thenisand sat-
isfy yourself I hat such is the case.
730 Chesunt Street, Philacielphm
ll.lnferreiLun the repreneu :dive ut the
at the
Parls,lB67 ; thua attesting
141.1 1 P110 ED - MO WEB!
M unufactured by . PERRIGO aCO
Gyoton, To ..pki county, N. Y.
In presenting to the attention of the far , ner,
rf the country, t e above first-class Mowing
Machine, we Inv! • examination of its mane
excellencies, and ha for it the following ,t"
periorities let, it lug high geated, it will
cut heavy, lodged or fine grasi, better than any
other Mower ;' Lb quick motion of the knivc ,
preventing clogg gor stoppage. Id Better
for rough or stool , ground : the guards being
placed near to each other to protect the knive.
and prevent injury to_the machine. 3d, for.
hilly and uneven meadows. superior by reason ,
that thec wheels track inside of vildth of oat
holding the machine to its poldtion- better than
tho.e that track outside, or upon a swath.
The Young Warrior Mower. as improved,
been before the public forthree - seasorus . And
hundreds of farmers will tes til y to its capabili
ty to perform the work 'segued It. These Ma
chines as now manufactured base several in
pavements over last year's machines.
From the many- testimonials we select At.
following :
Messrs. Pasarao Co.—l have had one oi
your Mowers for the past season, and take plea
sure In saving that it works to my entire Katt
faction. it not only does its work well, but it
is the best up land Mower now in use.
M. F. 11..iN8011, Smithfield,
Felt. lath 18Git.
• C. W. HOLCOMB, Ul-ter, Bradford Croon.
is agent for this !lower. June 4, MS.— It'
1868 1
Offers to builders most complete 'tea
Builders Hardware, Bash, Glass, Nails. int s
Paints, Varnishes, Blinds, Trimitlings, Bets.
Door Trimmings. &e.
-/ t"