Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, June 18, 1868, Image 1

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Inserted at Tim C 1331111 per Um.
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-4 :rya cants per line-A. _ .
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diki V
extieding !jibes
lines are inserted at us as= per line for
brat insertion. ana rm COM' per Unerfor
Babsequent insertions:. Special nottoenin
sorted before Marriages and Deaths, :rill
be charged Timm alum per line for each
insertion. All resolution. of Associations ;
communication of limited or individual
nterest.and notion of Kertleges or Dimas
A:oo.dpi live lines, are 'classed 7sAn omits
1 Timm 6 um. znci.
One Oolumn, - $lOO $BO $4O
80 • 86 26
Onell 10 Ti
estra=cm;lLost and Found, anthillsr
advettisements, not- exceeding 10 lines,
threeweeks, or less, 91 50
Administrator's A 7 Breentor's Notices. ,9 00
Auditor's Notices - 950
Business Cards. lve lines, tperyear)..s 00
',Merchants and others, advertising their
btudneas, will be charged 1125. They will
bo entitled to .1 column, confined entelcushb•
I Y to their businersorithpiivilege of ciii,f7at.•
Iy changes.
AP' Adroit/ring In all eases exclusive of
subscription to the paper.
JOB PRINTING of every kind, in Plain
and Fanny ooliim done with neatness and
dispatch. Sandhi/hi, Blanks, Cards, Pam
phlets, ie., of every variety and style, ;whi
ted at the shortest notice. The Ruvoinms
Ohms has fast been re-fitted with Power
Presses, and every thing in the Printing
ins can be executed in the mini sztistio
manner and at the lowest rates. TERMS
TORNEY 4IT LAW—Office corner of
Main and Pine streets, opposite Padres Drug
Offers his professional eerrfas to the citi
zens of Freacbtotm and vicinity. Oath prompt.
ty attended to
T. DAVIES, Attorney at Law,
Y . Towanda, Pa. 011 ice with Wm. Wet
-4[lllll Esq. :Particular attention paid to Or
phans' Oduri business awl settlement of deow
dents estates./
/11. EMIR & MORROW ) , Attorneys
at Lew, Towanda, Penn's,
The undersigned having associated themselves
together in the practice of Law, offer their pro.
Sessional services to the public.
March 8,1865.
'PATRICK & PECK, Ariommis eT
Z. LAW. Maces :—ln Patton Block,Towsads,
Patrick's block, Athens, Pa. They maybe
nsultedott either place.
U. W. PATRICIA, apll3 W. A. -14.—C1.7
1...1... COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Tomtit
dsrPs. Particular attention paid to business
In the Orphans' Court. July RO. 1868.
-OFT ENRY PEET, Attorney at Law,
.LJL Towan la, Pa. jun 37, 66.
ncy at Law, Towanda, Pa. Mice In the
Court House. July 13,1865.
LAW, Towanda, Bradford Cci. Pa.
Genera!insurance and Real Estate Agent._
Bounties and Pensions collected. N. B —All
bosineta in he Orphan'4 Court attended to
Promptly and with care. Office first block
south of Ward House, ap stairs. 0ct.24, '67.
AT LAW, Towanda, Pa. Also) Govern
ment Agent for thfecollection of Pensions, Back
Pay and Bounty.
U No charge anlesa saccessful. 0111ce ove
he Past Office and News Room. Dec. 1,1864.
VI P. KIMBALL, Licensed Anc-
Li• tioneer, Pottersville, timdford Co.. Pa.
tenders his services to the public. Satisfaction
guaranteed, or qo pay required. All orders by
mail, addresnas above, will receive prompt
nttcotion. Oct. 2 1867.-6 m
AU •ND SURDEON, hFs .permanently located
at Wyalusing:- wbere be will - be band at all
times. 41.16'68.6m."
Pe. Having permanently located, offers
Lie prolessional services to the public.- Calla
promptly attended to in or out of town. Office
with J. DeWitt on tain at:eet. Residence at
airs. Humphrey's on Second Street.
April 16, 1668. •
• Public is prepared to take Deposi
tions, Acknowledge the Execution of Deeds,
Alortgages, Powers of tttorney,• and all other
.nstraments. Affidavit& and other pipers may
i.e sworn to before me.
Office with G. D. Montanye, corner Main and
Pine Btreeta. Towanda, Pa., Jan. 14, 1867.
TORNETB AT LAW, Troy, Bradford Co.
Practice in all thq Courts of the county. Col-
Itetioll3 made and promptly remitted.
a. a. P assess, ,dl2 W.II. °examen as
DR. PRATT has removed to State
street, (first stove B. S. 111343C11 & Co'e
Rank). Persons from a distance desirous f con
,ulting him, will be moat likely to find him on
Saturday of each week. Especial attention will
be given to surgical cases, and the extraction of
teeth. Gas or Ether administered when deldred:
July 18,1866. D. S. PRATT, M. 'D.
Bee in Goes's Drug Store, Towanda, Pa.
Calle promptly attended to at all boars.
Towanda, November 28, 1866.
1../ °Bice 1n Patton'e Block. over Gore's Drug
and ChemlcarStors. ljut6B
DRS. MASON & ELY, Physicians
Snrgeons.—Office on Pine street, To-
Wanda at the residence of Dr. Mason.
Pardo:der attention given to diseases of Wo
men. aad diseases of Eye, Ear and Throat.
E. 11. mascot, Y. D. lIENRY OLIVES ELY, Y. D.
April 9 1468.
All letters addressed to him at Sugar Ran,
Bradford Co. Pa., will revolve prompt attention.
1 4 1 RANCIS E. POST, Painter, Tbio-
J.: aids, Pe, with 10 years \experience. is con
fident he can give the best eatisfactiotr in Paint
frig, Graining, Staining, Glazing. Papering, &c.
sirPartlcalsz attention paid to Jobbing in the
country. • April 9, 1868.
JK. VAUGHAN —Architect and
• Builder.--All kinds of Architectural de
signs furnished. Ornamental work in Stone,
Iron and Wood. Office on Wain street, over
Russell k Co.'s Bank. Attention given to lin
eal Architecture, such as Laying out of grounds,
&c. , &e. April 1,164.—1 y.
Orwell, Bradford Co. , Pa t ; wiU promptly attend
to all busineirin his line. Par Uvular attention
Riven to running and establishing old or dispu.
I J lines. Also to surveying of all impattented
a ads as soon as warrants are obtained. myri
F. B. FORD—Licensed Auctioneer,
Will attend promptly to all business entrusted
to him. Charges moderat e. Feb. 13, 1668.
vir B. KELLY, Dentist. Office
over Wickbam & Black's, Towands,Pa.
AU the various styles of work scientifically
done so warranted. Particular attention It
called to the Alluminam Base for Artificial
Teeth, which is equally as good as Gold and
tar superior to either Bobber or Silver. • Please
call and examine specimens.
Chloroform or Ether administered under di
rection of a Physician when desired.
Aug. 6, 1867.—tf.
miens the following Farms, Coal and Timber
Lands for sale :
Fine Timber lot, 3 milts from !Towanda, c n.
Wining 53 acres. Price $1,325.
Farm in Asylum, containing 136 acres. Good
Wilding's. Under a flt e state of cultivation.
Mostly improved. Price $6,000-
Parr in West Burlington—on the creek.—
New house and barn. Under sane state of ail
tiration. 95 acres. Price $5,450. •
Farms In Franklin. AU under good cultiva
tion. Good buildings. For sale cheap.
Several very desirable Houses and Lots In
A large tract of Coal Lands in Vora minty
Towanda, July 18;1867.
lutorms the citizens of Sullivan county that he
has opened a Jewelry Store, In the building op
posite Welles Is keUey's atom Nabors, when
be will keep on hand an assortment of
Which will . be sold as low as at any other place
in the country. Particular attention paid to
Watch and Clock Repairing.
ar Give me a call, as many years' i'xperi•
ante will enable me to gird *stiff/taloa.
Dushore, Oct. 0, 1867.
E. O. Gooratiotti Pu
• On Main Street, rear the Court Roue. 1
C. T. BIRTH, Proprietor.
Oct. 9.1868:
Having purchased this well known Hotel a
Bridge Street, I have refurnished and refitted
It with every convenience for the- raccgrcmodi•
Non of all who may patronise me. No pains will
be spared to make all pleasant and agreeable. 1
Nay 3. We-V. J. 8. PATTERSON ,Prop.
Haring leasai this Hasse. 'coots ready' to ed
tommodste the Trarellbsg public. No painS
nor expos se trEll be spared to eve satisfaction
to those wno may give bun s tall. 1 4
WNorth Mae ot the utak - square, eased
Hennes new block [now
Al' • '-
The undersigned having pithead the BOOK
respectfully Invite the old palms of the entab i
Mauna and the public generally, to call end ez
amine oar stock. -
May 58,1887.-13•
Respectfully Inform/ the citizen of Towanda
Borough, that he Ima opened a
In Phihney's Building opposite the Mews Rime
and solicits a share-of public pltronage.
He is prepared to cut 'and make.garments In!
;the most fashionable style, and the most dura
ble manner. Perfect satisfactibn t will be gear.;ateed. 1
Cutting and Repairing done to order on shot
notice. Sept. 10, 1867. ?
opened a Banking Boma - in Towanda,itin-1
der the name cf G. P. MASON & CO. ;
They are prepared to draw . Bills of Ex-1
change, and make collections in New Y a trk,]
Philadelphia,_ and all portions of the II ted'
States, as als&-England, Germany, and France.
To Lo a n money ,'- receive deposit , and to do a
general Banking business.
G. F. Mason was one of the late firmi. of
Laporte, b son 4!!t. Cu., of Towanda,Pa., end
his knowh ge of the business men of Bradford
and adjoin;ng Conntietwfd having beehe
banking business for about fifteen ram. ma ke
this house a desirable one, through Whicto
make collections.
Towynda, Oct. 1, 1866
1 . .
H. B. cKEAN, REAL Esreis Aaairr.
1 -
.Valna e Farms, Mill Properties, City and
Town Lola for sale. - 1
Parties having property for sale will find it
to their advantage by raving a descriptioniof
the same, with terms of sale at this agency,las
parties ariii, constantly enquiring for ferias &o
\ i
H. B. McK.EAN, 1
Real Estate Agent.
Office Mantanye'a i .Block, Towanda, Pa ..• 1
Jan. 49, 1887. -
Having entered l into a co•partriership for the
transactioa of the PHOTOGRAPHIC business,
at the rooms formerly occupied by - Wood atid
Harding, would respectfrilly call the attention
of the publlc to several styles of Pictures whiph
we make gpecialtles, as : Solar Photographs,
u 4 s
'Plain, Pen Bed and Colored, Opaltypes, Porce
lain Pict . &c., which we claim for c
and brill' cy of tone and Artistic finish, can
not be rice led. We invite all to examine them
as well as t ih n : k more common kinds of Portra is
which we e, knowing full well that tbs.)!
will bear e closest inspection. This Gallersr
claims the highest reputation tor good workp
any in thisliection of country, and we are de
termined by a strict attention to business an
the superior quality of our work, to not onl
retain but increase its very enviable repdtatiT
We keep constantly on hand the best Tarte
of Frames and at lower prices than at any otb r
establishment in town. Also Passpartonta
Card frames, Card Easels, Holmes ' Stereo
scopes, Stereoscopic .Vies, and everything el'
of importance pertaining to the business. Gi
us an early call, ' 1
N. B.—Solar Printing for the trade on the
most reasonable terms. D. HARDING,'
Aug. 7.9. '67. . . F. SMALLEY:-
tallied a License, as required, of the
Goodyear Vulcinate Company. to Vulcan*
Rubber as a base for Artificial Teeth, and h4s
now a good selection of those beautiful canted
Block Teeth, and a Superior article of BM k
English Rubber, which will enable him to an -
ply all those in want of sets of teeth, wi
those unsurpassed for beauty and naturals
Pearsuca. Filling. Cleaning, Correcting irreg.
charities, Extracti and all operations be
longing to the Su rgic al Department skillful y
performed. Cholo orm administered for the
extraction of Teeth whew desired, an article
being used for the purpose in which he b
perfect confidence, having administered it wi h
the most pleasing misfits during a practice f
fourteen years 1
Being very g tefur to the public for their
liberal patronage ereOfore received, he would
say that by strict atkefition to the wants of his
patients, he would continue to merit their mt
fide.nce and approbation. Office in Beidlemau a
Block, opposite the Mans House, Towand,a,
Pa. Oec. 20, 1867,,-3m. i
J. S. Fawn, 11. D., would re ap tfully inform
the inhabitanta of Bradford Con ty that helm'
' permanently located In Towanda, Pa., Be
would say that from his long and ccessfni
l a
practice of TWENTY-FIVE YEARS urati n
he is familiar with all the di ff erent s les. f I
work done in any and all Dental Retablis en
la.pity or country, and is better prepareetli n
any other Dental operator in the vicinity to 'do
work the best adapted to the many and ditihrent
cases that present themselves oftentimes to the
Dentist, m i ke understands tho: z art of making his
own artificke 'teeth, and has facilities for doing
the same . ' TO those requir ing under seta Of
teeth he would call attention to his new kind ot
work which consists of porcelain forlboth plate
and teeth, and forming s continuous gum, It M
mortdurable, more natural lit appearance, and
much better adapted to the gum than any other
kind of work. Those in need of the seam ate
invited to call 'and examine specimens. Teeth
tilled to last for years and oftentimes for life.l
- Ether, and " Nitrous Oxide " a 4
ministered with perfect safety, as over four hue
dred patients within the last tour years can ter
tif fimce in Patton's Block. Jan. 23,1860
The staseriber would Inform hts friends and
the public generally, that he has now on hand,
and Is prepared to bad to order,
Democrat and Lumber Wagons, at rednc -
prices. I have enlarged Fay shop, i•E adding_
superior Paint and Varnish room. _ The dine
eat departments are under the charge of
I wouldinform the public that I have secured
the services of Vr.JAB. W. TUNISON, formerly ,
of Waverly, who has charge of ,the Painting
Department, we are now . prepared to do all
kinds of Painting, havin g. Just Bemired tks
largest and beat selected stock of paints and
varnishes ever brought into the county: Ord
ers solicited and all work warranted. Repair
ing done on the most reasonable terms
mourniza VaSBITLIGR.
April 25,1868.-6 ms.
MISS GRIFFIN—Having enlaro-
ed ber Ifettelghthinenti Is there
by enabled to tarnish s larger assortment of
goods than heretofore. Will. I& WWI p
call and examine her present stool of /Sprig
and Sammer Bonnets and Rata.
*wads, April 14,1868!_
Biped will deliver to order to Toms*
Pittston Coal at $8 per ton. or id_por ton at his
yard in Wyo.!. (Mien lefts% Taylor & Co:
store will receive promptettention.
Wynn, April 3.1668 —lm.
at ' DrankaU • Cowell'i Chtap Mors. 1
V. Z. Ban=
r 1 ' 7 rf N 1 ! . . V T M r 1 . ' i M M 11
Usher. - ' , I
Medd goftrg.
0 1 , • 1 . 7 v - • Itil' Town*
GI gi me back my on 1-.,
on •
0 l .re me back life's Prbzw, ...
Gay ports and frolics ;
.The .. .. . on . the neW VI , hay.'
The i Mmble in the woodLi
The loirg, bright summer $
The Olnistmas Eve'sdenestio play ;
The ter in the fields,
Whe autumn frdts INFO red and ripe,
And pes were hanging' 7 and west
Fro every &army vall 1 , .
And in the orchaak rom4,_ ?Ilr_ ha* -,
The ow pears were thiclaV spread,
And pi pins, streakl u #ll4. would hp
Wi l orry breeze d o'whead,
And y baskets, sl4e laden
W wild nuts fromika °inhabit'.
01 gi me back mi youth 11 \ ;
Nor ealth nor-wild Mn l i do /I crave;
Nor h or, praise, or bun** I ;:,i,; s ,
For the deep and g4Mig grave
Must l ose above this frame ;!
1 1 ,0 n
Butr!atlier give me 'my youth—
its joy , its innocence, its thl
0! FAvii:e back iffy yo I i •
Fill e dull eyes a I with light. ;
Let . Maim white hairs be ' away,
And let the goblen oflyore
Above these Morphs play ;
And let this old andll brow,
/lough dby many a y , -
Take the bright look of ago,
Bo whibi, so pure and eleaa ; i,
And let this sunken chedk resume
Its rosy{ health, its glowiliq blOem. -
Home iif my childhood! hitpli,y spot!
Beyorul the dreary waste of bears,
In memory's faithful glass, ' how bright, '
How pair your humble rapt ripperws I
I now behold the rustic porkb,i
And,lose beside the dale, 1
The of e lm, waving still 4 wean
As in the days of yore. i
I see th w
reathing smoke ascend.
In nz e columns, np thri ski ;
I see th 6 twittering swallowi skill
Arotuld in giddy circles fly.
Bat, no 1! that joyfurltinie gone—
. Has gone forever by ; l:.
And life and earth are fa dg fiat
trponfthis glaiing eye ; I
And soon the imprison'd seal ithall mount ;
In . - 1 .. om, to its lasta ••,. =it
One slope of a hillines s the junc
tion o two rivers, arid !hut in by
please t woods, lies the dean, well
to-do li tle town of Settle. 1 A Roman
. town, t en in the time of I the Carlo
:vingiatis a royal residence, and later
'the seat of a bishopric the Senile of
to-day has a little fallen from its
high estate ; hut has wisely taken' to
businet4 in place of departed Kings
and Bi hops. Quiet and !well an
ducted as it is, thepi e ler 'who
tempted, say, by its riatut, ruined
f o rtific dons. should st dy the topog
f Seelig, would d !connected
with oee of its "plc s !''d a hideous
story, strangely out of lk ping with
the was and aspect of the! place.
At the close of 178tt,
a t enlis, like
all othe g r French towns,, w , just be
ginnin , to feet - the am emhnt of the
reat revolution, ga t ingi daily in
power. At Paris, th , Bastilo bad
fallen, oulon had beenl hauled to the
e," the peoplegbad i" conquer
ed " the'r King, and tli " baker, the
baker's wife, and the ittle appren
itice " lad come back nwillingly to
Paris amid a crowd of hoWling fish
women ; but in the pr vinCial towns
the new order of ideas is , still corn
ipatible enough with lcAalttand the
(agitation of Paris re he Senlie as
yet only in the form of Patriotic man
life itati 'us and pompons eloquence.
On the 13th of December, a Sonday,'-
i on
tow was all alive with the ex;
!pectati nof a great remony. A
'Bart of militia had re Mkt been en
irolled ; the colors wereito be blessed
tin the thedral, every erapn of eon
aeque had been i vited to the
izeremo y, and every one else was
loletermihed to witness e procession,
tihich `s to include II the public
bodies nd functionari .' th e
pssion was to start f omithe Town
all ; detachment of natji onal cav
alry wee to lead the an then the
corps 4:1 the Arquebuse,and l the Bow,
in their - handsome uniforms, with i
drums rind fifes in iron ; next a com
of fusiliers wit the public,
functionaries ; then th colors, with 1
6 guard of honor; do inglwith four
\Compautea of fusiliers nd &essence.
The little procession as to start at
noen oiva signal give _by is mortar,
to wfq4 the cathedral bells would
answer I - i
i The eather was so incertam,
Cold, and dark, that ialthhugh the
procession ,as mustered, od every
thing was :re dy for aistart, a little
delay took plc while the respective
advantages 'of - tw,o di erent routes
were discussed. One o thebe wound i
through narrow a4te the other
road was straighter d wider. At
this junctures little n, Billon by
il i a
name, arrived on the seen • -although
evidently intending to be s ectator
1% 5%
only, , he was strangely *ruin about
the route to be followed. i
" why , Billon, how'ti alit?" ' aa id
,f. Ham lin, one of the Iprin ipalOar
sonages,;. "you ought, to be in mil\
form, ad in company.", j
"Yo know how they ti,eated me
at the quebuse," said! Billion ; " af
ter the nsult put upon aka, I could
fake DO art in all th s. tea,
poet do ea occupy r , _. i
i .Wh , - you know, !my !place is
pretty ell everyarherei---frent, rear?'
1 "itr t me," said Billion ; keep in
the rear it will be beatifor ou. But
What's at abput.the road ou're go,
ing to •e 1' It would bo a shame
"not to g by the wide streets' where
emery y expects you!' 1
.1 "So
bo lk
think, Billon ; but I'm not
master. Come, come, fon home and
areas y rself ; don't Ile churlish on
such a ay."
1 Billon; however, taking' his leave
Of M Hamelin - only went off to other
officers, to whom he else recionnuend 7
ad the - ide streets. 4untl then as,
goon of (ck, an nese brough t
_Amok, expregt
Order' to go by the Kaolin ?stet as
Billon hid so urgently idyl ed tho
news flOr round, and B i llion hearing,
It, , a met atm_
look at the 'men' 011E844165* "
'Bieul-ifiehel - Billon-' wair; wtilook ,
mab3ri HIM* ist an . angle formed,by
thtt atteels Da.Chatel and Dein Ton
nailer*:. .4 staid, imseryce: ‘ ,FtluOP
could' hardly in "his'. wartik recommen:r
datioiti of aiiirticidir rontelninifign
ented bi the- wish - to, see - the inniiii
sion. Ta get at his motive we must his past history. -A tittle thin,
sallow man, marked , with the small
'pox, with baiter Air, tmdecided toter,
such Wail smolt iii4e4.o, - iikiliValat
'sad arid iiterp,:fiiw; - nOV 4 4C 1 44 1
kindled by, ;the lashes of a fair of
brilliant eyesr Neat end Ahnoet. tit
gent in dressof.'eteigent,',l4o4eAll,
of,. agreeable and . evetild ' "OAT ow
*creation, he was well kiown and a
general favorite at the cafe of Gag
non', the' principal; , one in thit`tewni
Some few were ,ahikliyg4 liy. tlii) Ref=
sistence, almostingry at tunes, with
which he advanced his opinionte, ; still
Billon never,qUite fergot . - hfs peliehed
manners, :and his enemies were f(*.
These said -ttiat, -polite • oa f he was
abroad, he; was a domestic t3 , racti . t,. ill
treating hiiii*ife; 4 `peeit, geed, ' Mild,
insignificant creature. 'A great friend
of Billon's was Desroques. ' &printer,
wit() when in the courde of 1788 the
watchmaker's_, habitual . melancholy
increased; did all he ccinldio - enliven
him. With thin 'view, he, after Minh 1
persuasion, got Billon's consent to
have his name-pat np as & candidate
for the honor . , of being..admitted to
the select Company of the Arquebase- 1
Dillon was an excellent markiinitto t
and that together with the recommen•
dation of his friend, secured , his'ad
mission. to the company.
But the melancholy,,shaken off fur
a time,
_returned with greater fore
than ever, and was increased by the
occurrences of the year 17e9: The
watchmaker had lent a snit of money
at an interest of ten per bent. By so
doing ho laid himself open to a
charge of- usury, which was made by
his dishonest debtor. To lose hie in
terest and to be branded as al/surer
was too much for Billon, who told'
his , friend DeBroql3o3 that this was
the final blow ; that he would not
survive the iniquiteue sentence. Tinie
might have brought relief to his die
eased mind, es his friends In,no way
lost their esteem of. him.;. ; but ,the
commander of the ArqUebudein t g Ai rrd.
harsh nano, convoked mee . ,of
the company, at which the expulsion_
of Bitten ' was: voted secretly; l' This
decision,acted on in a brutal manner,
filled op „ re the - measure of . gillim's
wrongs against soCiety: , For 'Borne
d&ys ea did ; not ' stir from '' • Ome,
where, howevei,he was seen at work
as usual, and , he appeared ' i. lose
gradually the sense of his inierms.-
But although he dropped 'ln at the
cafe as before, and resumed .his 'old
habim, Billon Was revelving schemes
of vengeance. At one time ho thought
he would, kill; the commander of the
4rquebuse, but he' was only one, and
Billon's vengeance demanded I more
victims. I
The revolutionary excitement prom
ised to. bring Hilton his earnestly de
sired opportunity; - militia corps and
political clubs were instituted, and to
them fl eked citizens of all grades,
whonr social: jealousies had hitherto
kept apart; even Bilion called into
the ranks of the national guatd,found
that he was no longer shunned by
those who had taken the severest
view of his scrape. But the vindic
tive watchmaker wae not disarmed
thereby. In the mouth of drily, ' l7O,
ho made thefirst of several mysteri
rions expeditions to Paris, returning
with chests of merchandise, which he
kept carefully in his own bedroom, to
be unpacked by him alone without
witnesses. His wife saw with as
tonishment the arrival at the house
of a quantity of stout beamtohe des
tination of which was'qafte unknown
to her. A carpenter wartrought in,
and worked under Hillon'ii direction
at fixing poste and cross beimin
ibe roorn, i from which Madauie Hilton
was carefully excluded. To her ques
tions Hilton was elute, answering. at
most by a maliciouti smile ,• one day,
hoviever, after iseeo - g him furbinbing
and arranging a number of guns, she
ventured to make ',inquiry agisin.—,
France will be' invaded," replied
Hilton ; "it is the diity of every good
citizen to be ready. And now,:mind
your household affairs, and leave the
restto me," p ushing her by the
shoulder from his room. He still
went on with his prep
down doors, which he fitted with
slides, through which 'the end a a
gun barrel could -be passed. , The
fluor of the room was taken up, and
between the joists Dillon firmlyfixed
a large chest of powder, on which he
then placed an immense weight.; He
spent nearly six months in these
preparations, which were concluded
in December, without any suspicions
having been Awakened. , , . 1
the evening' of the 12th BillOn
showed great anxiety lest his friend
%Brogues shmild take- part in the
ceremony. The printer ailed a little,
but it required all Billon's persuasion
to extort an unwilling prelmsse.from
his friend to stay at home. On the
morning of the 18th also, Hilton made
Desroques again promise that he
would not stir abroad.] Other friends
has-also been yrarned -by him ;
Let ns now return to the iroces-
Bien which ice have left sit tho. Town
Hall. Twelve o'clock fairly struck,
\''t got under way, and the beating of
e drums and the children's cries
ca e to the ears of - Dillon, who was'
hurrO homewaids. • He had ! sent
out wife and, servant, and :the
house wa\enipty, ' Hiving 'entered;
he locked the door, and' threw 'the.
key into a a \ r . k corner; then, "going
upstairs to hieroom, he opened the.
slides which helsad made in his wine
dow blinds, and look one afteethe
other several. gunsf one kind and.
another, ,which he loaded and placed
ready to his hand 'on the table: Al
most as he finished, the cries of the,'
mob came to his ears. Billon fatce $1
last look around.,'On a tnh i t "4, ,near,
him were some . Op& ~o f . pa , oil
which'on the preceding night he \ had
written in :large letters, verses, tea,,te,
'and incoherent, sentences. On one
was written, "I shall be .greatike the .
Eternal. Like. Him 1 shall be terrible
in my veng eance "; On another, I !Xne
'_shall rush in with the ferjr . ef lions,.
and you shall be 'swept slay as
j7, T. ap 1111-;biSIMO alts
t•r. '• If. tft,.. .1 ;I! . ' ) r A..jfi.t." 411,
"7.) A:1112 1 3A )rf
gnats" , -Ily the iddel;dt-thesetlara ,
htimoraturepitaphetrhimbelf:n t''' , N:fi
_l:But - the' prooeslion - ,Ans r reached
BilloU's tense ;',llhotAletaelikeent , of
natittistuavally bat: even lialuelit,
and theitlompanktneUr the Arquebus
are advancing:A& *heti* heard; fora
moment:it- is thought that ague has
gone o breathiest only;ltutuee of
the-dr ins of--thuArquebuse has
fallen' Ili a'bulls& in liii head., , ,Ate
i m
other AI .trWitile&WOlemisinfonn.nre
ttenditiOnnt: '4l4: 4 l.rnellnec nutl.sok
otheritteppOen..of ... 40 4 4 ; 4 1nellese
Wis.-, ,rder ': is itee' A v id e v` 4 ' at
work;..w WA d'initsY. Lethere:te!!
aintleeekir Li;the confusion ihot AM*
shotrWeir#ninl— - , ', l '' i.(: , 4 , ‘ , ! 14- , l f y
A)o oo Prai -0 81 04 13 iMt; ;Yeas}R9
Blat- , lo,nOtlea . thak,e.mokecame.froin
the vilmlOrt, 4! Billinee44 l 2l9-Bino
lieed,ln the: r oPPeillteimlife‘v AP :ftielt
ed tik,l4o rpomirikdimml t top t aud
at*• i Ait, Billoati t ehtlt,thre,, sending
Ufa Plate 144 4 40. 1 14 -Silleefte
,his-trun ei,et,et - ,ppre, end' ledges s
ball in. his ; but .. Spore leltieds . .fOr
nnotherihet., MetuterldleitALDu gsty
let, (*lumina 4 ,09 *litlo .491 7
dered )4. Thai 'nin break inßilloe I
due l - 'A r#Bl(is **Ai', the'riOillig
hut while tuan attack' the, door and
'others the ,yri.desibi' Bilkie,n atilt at
work, and et; i Ch'shot ' fr esh . Yictinie
lall„ IL'DiiLtiirne;'lllll4tes'iild -eO4-
I,, l i c ovii ihiqe: belle iti; hie idlest, 1
an o d Islip - WillieWtiteerhni a idOid .
The watchmaker Wit terra* 411 A
idiot: IL Der4ndes, in' his 'tire Sees
the gun. levelled it 'hie cheat ' ; ; he
binds ferWard i and acitiee phete r the
la hie skill'', -. I' ' ' ' • '''. s ''''''' ' ''..
' The. orioi - '4 laet: kivei''-'44 -40
ifie &old rush iii,, lit' Mende it
their heed: A reconirdocir leading
to the' dining reoln' le' itsistin i rd
M. Lanier,
- berrying tip"
a '
• stai • use
leading to 'the' fleet floor, is stopped
- by another 'door, leading- to it room
lookifigl oil 'the street. 'A vigorous
blow w ith ;he, butt end of a musket
opens this our also', but the room' is
empty ' This and the iinat room are
ransacked; lint discovering Oothing,
the etermingtarty return to a pas
sege, and tryi g- 0 door there, • find
that it is ce ;ly ' barricaded.' This
way,theri,-to the munierer's retibat:
M. - Hamelin
_goes down and brings
backs sapper, wholn-':vain plies his
hatchet. Aluraged at the delay, M.
Ohevarter,sitisti titimMease strength,
seizes the itaushet, aed with:his,rst
blow-dashes _hi the ' panels of the
door, whick.ii , then Seen to:be s en
tifically barricaded: Rapidly cutting
down the oh/airlift' te. further pro
gress, Chevalier, .cries'imt that there
is fire in the rogue beyond, and'sends
for the :enigine. 'The .room'is at last
enterer/on - 0 Billet" has fled's moment
ago only, fir the door of , his, rum is
heard to lose.- While' some, try, to
break in , is-„door, others strive to I
put out the fire. 'Billow, meanwhile,
knowing that the door on which ho
hears . biotin : rattling will . hold !firm
for awhile longer, , - . makes • ready to
gain whin, by a back staircase. But
he hears steps ; his retreat is out off.
Rapidly . ehuttieg the - door which
commands the hack elaircase,he puts
the muzzle of 4 gun 'through one of
the holes which he has taken the pre
caution toinake,and as his assailants
_come up, fires. .ite man fa'ls. Billon
opens his door, and ie making fur the
loft, when aM. Reedier seises• him
by the teroat., With a blow of a pike
tol Billon.knocks down,Rouiller, and
brandishing two other..loaded weap
ons, goes backward ,up the narrow
1 stairs. Perfectly calni and collected,
be fires, at hie -, pursuers whenever
they make a dash at : ,im, and at each
shot some one Tails. , ,
, Meanwhile, M. Lanier,. has_ distiev
ered that the' fire is ' Pinuing over a
frightful mine—a large ,e ‘ hest firmly
.fixed in the flooring . 2"Quielt, quick,"
calls Lanier,."bring up the , firemen;
droWn this infernal room, or we are
all, dead men."' Overhead firing goes
on. Dillon has reiched the left, and
behind the shelter ottrosstteamwstill
Scatters, death. Bat M.• - De la, Bra
'yere 'dodges liiin,.. and; seeing,' hie,
chance, runs in Ina' ClOtiett- ivith Ida
man. "Let one go," cries Billon,'" let
me go, and! look to -you:Ult. 'the
house_ will Wei op." 'Pvegot you,
and - I don't let you go," answers De
la Bruyere ;! but almost before'the
worde are outof his month, the floor
- shaketi beneith his feet;cthere is a
hideous crash, a shower of beams,
stones, tiles, plaster - '
and bricks, and
the murderer's' work is' comi;leted."
For awhile there is a terrible ii•
lence, but presently those 'who have
escaped the cloud of projectiles draw
near - the hOrrible rum. , Willing arms
work for heurs, and frightful' deaths
and miraenlortk es e apescome to light.
Among the' last is that of. De la Bra
yere, who at the' final moment ' had
closed with Billed.
n iThe upper part 1
of his body had bee protected by a
sort of arch' formed bifalling beams;
the rest of him . was' covered with
ruins stained with lie blood: "My
heart's' &W right,* he cried, "saw
away this' beato,. and I - insurer: for
the' rest." :-.Near hini, herribly ming;
led, lay Billow still kept ',up his
wonderful. energy, end iitruggling to
free himself: But some or the work
ers recogiaizing 'him, dashed out his
brains. ' • i . ,
• The short' December day had clop.
ed in eaters , the list - cf. the'dead and
i s
wounded could be co pleted. Plenty
six six perns kiiled,an forty wounded,
that was the that vr tilt of Billon's
last days.' work.' - M. De Is Brayere
survived for more an forty years
the day or . which
.= her bad so bravely'
wrought.' Be lindeufwent the most
torturing operatiousyl but came:out of
all - with 'the - lons of i an .eye and the
splintering off seine Cones.:. His wife
died, overcome by fright and by self
reproaches for having persuaded. a
friend ,ozi Stop : in .c ults ou,the day
which .was'fatal to him.. , But the list .
of *tiros walk not, tfie only result xi
Dillon's , ,,,crime. , An the _rocrroir, of
olk i
the /3. 1 4, PoitOill 4 .. COO r 4) *".0 6 0/'
barded - 1 .04 1
Wn• ,1 1 . 1 A:Aouse :-was,
blowrtali-te,,pieces, i.xtpsis ti ,ethers
had; bticiiidnAteli . tßiweik-Aind ,one
hist4illia io;Atoge*ers. , ,Orualoing ,
liil4-1 1 rliii:,wim in it 'Pie,at
a. distfact 3 of metre !lotaiwolivadroll
1 .7a#nt , b wat, * f.,
iii actual, s Y to ,. n de e l elP om ,
; 'lle vad4bitil4elY,
fki, 4slie.PMO t .
ii oti . g.the ' aims gathered tqgptheT:
tO\Witaess hp acreinguY, Scatce a l
pane cf gl sjOiii )4 whiole i4sthio:'
towii\a h 84 ihickTiailit; "and
:,14.4A f 4b.4 .4 pir
bane* tot ''tiretlii3, l twenty fear Mid
thirtyldrAmendeltei,fht were found
ithi,he,wallaof the peighboring hp.
this 101.97.rie caused by
deeirbetioii'of prciperty;'evea in feral
Hide Whele no Weed deplor
mt—iFifty ramifies ;Were' **medic'
indigenceotud the. State' lutd to come
the aid of private,enbeenberaiwho
'Mei/414 rehire. this mieety.. il-
Wee widOW, peifeatli innocent of all
knowledge' or her linebend'a - mechim
ations„was dragged to prieon,•from
Which ffiti.e ralsased ,a , fortnight
!spx. .As,,spaa 48
; Oho.. WakfiroP. 4 5 4 0
eotliht - perMlsision /the rei.
iniunii'Of her linebend,Whibh had been
dragged through; the - 631dslito • the
Bellows; sad then left to wolves and
birds of prey. The, : nneatiefied, re -
.of,,Senlia had only le ft , ad'a
Mirk 'the' inineltheolie of the' Witch-
Mblier: l reeled te'lhe greMid,
andla acciordanee . with , an old; ens
t°24.l4lt.vras, ,Own on its site. ' The
oritiee,of. tbe , city . odered_thqt
he space should forever, ' remain va
cant, di) that tlievety meiaorY of the
crime :nightlife Out But to thieday
thermidefled epee. -between , - two
etteete le,ealled, by Ale name. of the
mad cir maddenect wetatimiket. •
, • r•
t.An-oldTdiscoptooted couple, ;who
4acl,h,rd work to .,l l -
series of life, • Were constantly torn
piiinink Of
~ , thei Inns end' &Enrol of
others, 'defied of 'seeking 'by' Divine
help:to rectify theirown,. , t,,,
trouble pad serlow iu the
world is
,through . Adam and DM"
- theiild gentleman would exclaim.—
" It I had been Adini, T would never
Wive:allowed woman to lead me
luto.such a scrape." .=. • . •
A wealthy . . and. pions lady lived
near, who bad , frepently relieved
the old 'man'. and his Wife. One day
when 'passing, she overheard them
grumbling, as 'tenet, about Adam and
Eve. She felt anxious to convince
them of • the importance of being con
tented With, the station in which
Providence had placed them, and bo w
wrong to bethus constantly murmur- -
lag at their lot in life.
The next_ morning the lady's ser
vant in livery, came to the cottage
wita a message from hie mistress ire-
Anekinitheold:ccinple to go nP to
the mansion: •
The looks uf. discontent vanished
fur once, as, the old folks were do.
,with such a mark of distinc
tionfroM one so very. rich. •
On arriving at' the mansion, the
lady reoei+ed them most kindly, and
thus addr&eed them :
1 ; 1 ,1 have pet apart two rooms in
my house, and so long as you attend
to my wishes, you will be allowed to
remain here, and have everything
needful for yotte ieomfort . 7 'But if you
disobey any of my rules you will be
immediately turned out and sent back
to your mud cottage."
Thank I thank you kindly,
`madam," responded the old man.
Never i fear ,oar doing anything
against your wishes, ma'am," added
tb.bVld woman.
" Very-'wel.o said the lady, " then
you will find a home here for life.",
Everything necermary for their
comfort was provided, and all went
bh well tor some time. There was
one thing that somehoW puzzled them.
• For several days there was placed
on the • dinner-table a covered _dish,
which they were desired not to touch.
"My lady desires me to,say, that
every dish is at your service except
`that one," said the 'servant.
On one such day, having nearly
finished their hearty'repast, the curi
osity of the Old woman was greatly
excited as to the contents of the for
bidden dish, and she sa.d to het hus
band : „ • . •
" Whatever can it be ?"
"Never mind," said the - old man-;
' we've had a capital dinner without
' "As the lady - time doing us good,
she' might as well iet us taste every
disk'', added . the'old *maim'
" Why,: yea; 'she iniglit na 'well have
done handsomely,* rejoined the hue
" There can be no harm in looking,"
contidued the old woman ; " the lady
wilt never be any wiser for. that.".,
The old man., was silent, and silence
, . ,
serves to give, consent. , :Ile wee al
mop& aA cariona as hie wife about the
strange dish. The. temptation ; was
'strong, and the longer it - wits parlied
about, the more irre sistible' it be.
" She'll never know- are have look
ed," repented the old woman, as she
gently took hold of the ;cover, and
-very cautiously vaisedit'on one side,
and there, stooped down to peep an
'! Oh l ott 1 oh I" exclaimed the ter
rifled old woman, as she started back
and upset the dish cover on the floor.
Out jumped a mouse I
• The upro‘ir roused the lady of the
konse, who, suspecting what was the
matter, was quickly at the door.
"What l - is this the return ,you
make for my kindness ? You, who
were so.veady to:: blame Adam and
Eve for:-eating the forbidden fruit,
could you not obey, my trifling re
queist T'--You'lciaVe now"forfeited the
privileges I conferred -Open yeti, and
you mnst' therefore -leave my house
iuimediately;and return to your mud
cottage.. Never, in future,
, blanie
Adam and kve again for w hat you
, evidently_ would 'have done , bad you
beeulti thelr places
Aar instructor in a school kir young
ladies in Berlin has been discharged be
oanso, he; gave, as a subject. Tor many;
Septlinesky and fee - Biwa the Oghtp,f . an
- officer of reavalo.7 . ,
. .
bia.:Roaumos , thinka • it a &nal
sive evidencept-draidim *as wlum he aem
a man "sticking a postage istamp behind
his. left „em s and attempting to < got into a
letter-bos to go by midi train."
JOSH. Buissai defines a " thorrer
breadlisness loan! air?" wan that knoim
enuff about Menthe, mil there karat mug,
body ateelfrom,bili, and omit about law
so th at iiiislan'dci Ms Wolin' *Or."
" FA'AuplsF ;1644,i cobbler's ai
he iras pegging away at an old shoe, "1467
say that trout - bite like "eveirldng now."—
Well, yell," k replied •Uie old gentkanari,
‘flatick to Tour =TX and , therweallite
lir.7'oadiratittemakit slow sttay
alio* saktheitel y r to` th
hstin at:the eed ;
Ottu.).! VOltlctiVelthe Pal 4 4 1 4 gethkilmA.
BM a gominiethodt'pmil#l.
I .
c;lN*.Auchoricirwii d,v ancsif i i ,
„40•1.! ,, - y-r••• ; :i. .1 4 4
--- •
• • ,
Jir; Nun.
! ,- 0 , 11 •••••!'' •
Pam Orris, boximuncrPious • •
• Mich is thei Elfide itentuely;) -
MaY.24 1869.
- I. wow at Chicago:one day; tad that
oqe day me. My , ears '
sttinied"With - rmini.. for - Grant ; wiclr
ever way • I turned my eyes I saw
nothin but Grant. badges and .Grant
medals the, bands
~irnz ali playin
the Star *angled Banner and Mai,
and' even the street organ grinders
had attathed"their 'lyres to the same
Ablishun,melodieti -
- On my'srrivall askt a vishps boy,
wich I knowd wuz -Dimekratle • from
the fact that his little shirt wood hey
hubg dint nv hie little, Pants of he'd
bed - our 'shirt, 'et he 'Coo& show me
where,theAblishun elonvenalkun.vols
a lioldinf itself;
" I '
.kin my,. old, bufferl'
It's in that yer bildin,"
cele spoke; to a rather gar
gas edifice with a: steeple to it
i t entered: it, and:was surprised,
not, only at the. fewness fly the dele
gates on the door,; hut flit tkir po
exiolYer "appearance, '.They wuz all
sotetim 'tookin' chaps ';with: geld siec
taeles, black coats, high foreheds and
white neokercheis this," thot
I to iniself, "the uniform delegates
wear at Ilspublikin doirchithens 1"
Atibis . inni - I turned to a man sit•
tin beside me; and in 'an undertone
sat wish war, shed- on the last bat.
lot, Colfax or Wade f
" A ir," eed he,
son postmaster ?"
"I am," !led defiantly: " How
didet;determine that'pint 7"
" By
yoor breath," sed he. "Yoor
mistaken in ,thellace, my. friend.--
This is a Me thodist Conference"
" are you 's John-
That wikked and perverse boy bed
intennbnelly deceived Ina.
Unable to obtane admiehtm into
the. Opera House,l whiled away the
rosy hours a visitinhthe: desegashen
rooms. The Ingeany delegaehen of
fered me water when I intimated I
wnz athirst: The Ohio delegaehen
knew me on site and rekeated me to
dust, and the Calirornia.deiegashen,
nv wich I expected better things, hed
the impudence -to offer me wine 1—
Wine 1 Wine 1, to feed sich a uose
ez I carry about. Wine to satisfy
the cravens nv sich - a- atnmiok es
mine Faugh I. And the man who
did it bed bin Californy twenty years!
Digested, at the thinness nv the
beverages I retired into nfriendly
hostelry. kept by Dennis OiShaugh
mosey", and at his hospitble bar. so
laced myself. with three fingers nv
Kentucky sustenance.
There wnz noerithbosiakim among
the citizens tie' Chicago with I-nater
ally fell among. The a'loon keepers,
wick in remembrance nv the Demo
kratio Convenshnn tiv 1864, had made
extra preparashuns ' win gloomy, sad
'and' disappointed. The placeS ' garn
ieht for the occashnn, *az cad and
lonely. There wnz an entire absence
uv the gentle gargle whit is to me
so pleasin, there wuz none nv the
radiance born nv the barl with I am
so' accustomed to. No, Chicago wuz
no place•for me.
Its the last Republican con venshen
I she! ever - attend. The idea uv a
confrence slain in the came city with
a convenshen 1 The idea of minglin
politica with• religion I Will there
be confrencea in Noo York in Jooly 1
Methinks .not, onless indeed my
church ,ehood decide to hold one.
On my return we: wuz a settin in
Bascom's a discussin the nominash
ens. Deekin Porgram woz indignant,
" Good Heavens 1" sed he with hor
ror in his , sainted. face, "Kin it be
that , eny profess _ in .nashnel views
wood offer etch a insult to Kentucky
ez to nominate sick a man ez Grant;
who, sword in hand, aevastatid her
fertile fields and piled the bodies tiv
her nootral eons who - resisted his ad
vance mountains high ? 'Kirk it be
" Baeyy, Deekin," replied I, "'gid
dy I etiddy 1 Don't take poeishen
rashly. It ain't improbable that we
may hey to nominate Hancock or
some other ,soljer. In that event—
I've sed eiiuff."
" Well, at 'all evence," eed the
Deekin, " its ai most hoomiliatin thing
to bev thrown-in our 'faces a infam
ous proposishou to pay a debt inktir•
red in a infamous' attempt te eeklock"
gate as—tO pledge-our labor to pay ,
a debt anconstittsmbnally inknrred,
at& tin—" '
" Deekin," sod I, " yeor zeal Ido
admire, but yoor reely. indiscreet. It
maybe, found necessar , in order to
carry Ittoo York to nominate Bel
mont's man, who will be pledged to
this very thing. Go a little slow?'
".Well, however that may be, it's
a burnin shame to throw into Ken
tucky's face a Abolishnist—two nv
em in fact—and—"
"Deekin," (I spoke this time se
verely) 1 . yoor very indiscreet to-day.
It's possible,-and I may ear Prob
able, that that noble patriot, Cheef
Juetis Chase, who hez bin's friteful
Abliebntat, and who, of he rips, will
olivue reasons ,_ make ne s - waller
at the beginin '
porshen nviis her
esies, may be our candidate. Say
Deekin, that yoo'l hev to take
'back." ,
Peelin,that rite here wuz a splen
did chance for an improvin discourse
on the riacher, ()Nicks and aims uv
Democracy, I opened out onto em. .
,",Dimocrisy," I remarkt "is die
tinguielied cheefly for its elasticity in
adaPtin means to •erids. One wood
suppose that Post Of is its chest
end.--, In one sense -it is. Dimocrisy
is willia to sacrifice anything which
it hez for Yost GEIS. It mite raise
Deekin 'Pogrom's' ire to' sejest the
nominashen Iry Hancuck, on akkennt
uv his slawterins,
or Belmont's can-
Mite on akkount nv hie insistin on
payin off the nachnel debt, or Chase
who hen bin in his:day suspected
bein Witted with .Ablishnism. But
my brethring let it be remembered
r that success is `the main objick. Suo
c,ess is wet Hamm. wants, that I,
:Dein continyood in.oms, may hey the
metres to pay for thelikker I conloorn
trild' timid the necessity uv 'being
continYrioally' reheated to' chalk it
down, which practis' he esteems
gustio, one , whiclt mostly in•
crews hie labors, Captain litcPelter
•winte success' that he may continyoo
tolivi Assessor* Collecitois Ind &
Immo offbeat with which he kin di
tide .the. profits E nv ;the 0,0 0 tail On
the, widskey be makes, Aid Deakin
Pogramjrants success that he may
hey hie' nigger', agin; or et least that
he may bey the privilege nv hirin
em 'for $4 per. 'month; •dednetin 25
cents per day for each day's absence,
Iritikont no Bnrow conker or other
military satrap harogin about to mc._
leiat tir make afraid* Suacese is the ,
main' pint, and -of Hancock the;
way, walk ye-in it—ef Chase or Bey'
moor is the , way, :walk ye 'ditto,,foi
with either nv these men all these
things , hey. When they come
to unthey leeve they former selves
behink ' -
Bet geethinisl„hear one say, Han
cock is a eoljer,Sisymour , a anti-repn
dieter, and Chase a Ablishnist I Wat
nirthat They ma y be' wit- they
li k e when they go into offis,--asso
siashen with us fetches em sooner`or
later. Kin yoo tech pitch -aid not
be defiled ? Doolittle,. Cowan and
Dixon was Ablisbniste. Whe ju they
split from., mutt
they fell into our embraces—they he-
Came ez satisfactory DemOkrata,ei
Inood 'wish. The road down - is a
easy one td travel. It's easier' to
Slide. than to' limb, 'with in the reti•
son. why so - many more are damned
than saved. Democracy, like
cam's new likkar,. holds a man : when
it gits him. Jansen wan a good
ennff ablishnist till , he called onto to
us for help,.and then' he woziost—
Let Chase stay with us a week and
he'd forgit till his old ideas, yoo bet
fihood yoo -poke that silt*: pitcher at
him the niggers give him at Cincin
nati, for defendin a fugitive; he'd
swear like Peter be never 'ANA,—
oily diferin frOm Peter in that he'd
stick An it. And there, is no hold
back for the principal ones. Thor
remorse kind o' i Myna em deeper,-
, till they . linally , are worse. than en
tho they origi nally uv us. Let
us, my breth rin, never reject any help
we kin git -Let it come m any shape
and from.: any source, it'll finally as
similate to us .and` and be uv ns. Re
member Johnson, : Cowan, Doolittle
and Dixon swore when they started
at Philadelphia, that they never cood
go into the ranks -nv the Dimocrisj •
in a year they wuz Makin . spescheti
for us in Connecticut. •
Ez 1 - conclooded my remarks, my
circle all agreed that it was safe to
take whatever we cool git from the
enemy, and we retired, I feelin that.
whatever other localities mite do the:
Corners wnz safe; Wat outrage ;
it, isjthough,that the Ablisbniits hour'
inated sich a man for Vice President
ez to make Giant perfectly safe from
bein removed ez Linken wnz. Ef
he's elected he'll serve out his time
(Wich is Postmaster.)
- Siniamv lifiram.—Mark Twain has
been visiting the great Bible House
in Now York, and describes its inte
rior madhinery thus : on the
fifth floor is a huge room with nine
teen large Adams's steam presses, all
manned by women (four of thenrcori
foundid pretty,' too,y snatching - off
Biblei in Dutch, Hebrew, Yam yarn,,
Chkrokee, etc., at 'a rate that was
truly fructifying to co,semplste. (I
don't know the meaning of that word
but I heard it used 'somewhere yes
terday-, and it struck me as being an I
unusually good word. Any one that
I put in a word that doesn't balance
the sentence good,, I would be glad
if yoit would take it out and put in
that one.) Adjoining eras soother
huge room' for dryin,s the printed
sheets (very pretty girls and Ahere,
and young,) and pressing.them (the
sheets, - not the girls). They used
hydraulic presses, (three of the pret
tiest wore curls, and never - astgn of
a waterfall—thq girls I mean)—and
each of them is able to down with
the almost incredible weight of eight
hundred tons of saul , rumonpure
grimace, (the hydrittlica Lam refer
nag to - now, of course), - 'and - one has
got blue eyes, and both the others
brown. Ah me ! I have got this
hydraulic hi/einem tangled a little,
but I can swear tit it is no fault of
mine. You 'needn't go to blame-me
about it: 'Yeti have got to pay just
the same as if , it were straight as a
shingle. • I cruet afford to go in. dan
gerous, places, and their get my wages
docked in the bargain. ,
Onirosmos.—l don't like
the girt,. Girls is different 'from
boys is, Girls don't - play marbles,
arid also girls don't play hookey.—
Girls sometimes gets whipped, but
not so much as boys ; their clothes
ain't so. well suited for it, that is the
reason I suppose. I never see no girls
play base ball, but they say they, do
in Boston. There is plenty of, girls
in Bosten,and big organs. Laat,year,
when I was young, the teachermade
me set with• the girls because I was
naughty. I cried. ;boys like
girls better than little boys. I went
to a sleighride one night with my silt.
ter Nancy and Tom Sykeli. We
mere going to Rockford, and when
we got up. by Chase's tavern,. Tom
askednie to look in the bottompf the
sleigh for hiswhip ; while 1' was
looking he fired: off s t or p e d o . I
asked him if he had any more torpe.J
dos, and he said no ; bathe fired off
another when • I wasn't looking.—
Girls don't like to have men kiss
them. They always say, "don't"—
If thy wasn't fools they would turn
their beads the other way,. but they
never do.that. I saw Tom Inas Nancy
once, and I went. and" told mother.
Then myi mother, put me to
bid: When a girl takes out her
handkerchief in the street to wipe her
nose_the 3,oling men who darn their
living by Istancling in front of the ho
tele alwaya wipe their noses at .the
same time4if they see her. Girls get
married sometimes but not always.
Those that 'don't get married 'don't
want to. When they ' get married
they havicweddiiig cake"; butt don't
see any fun in getting married—es
pecially to a - . •
"My friend," said a seedy individ
ual to an arrivudntartire at, the ,ferry, "I
wish you would lom me a gutter to cross
the fermi ; I habit got *dollar in the worbl.'
Well,. I would like, to know ".war. the ra•
tt " 1 0 14 diffarende it mohair to a man
w haw% got &dollar- in the world iridoh
a* et*.. r river ho is on • -
" WQ1:1.0 I were a man to exclaim
ed a atziarg-minad woman In her Insband's
imaring. "Wald pa tore!" was his soy
. .
,t9;turio . iSslgludies:r 4l1 11 11
4 19aiglibirOf D P•
Soui one calla tbil glue; id 4444*
gide hitadobs Wow pips.
To esea-- trouble koutuu
glom iogn 0w 1 0 ain•Ot . 4 1 ‘ -}
Sprzasu for tbo leaf)
at. Pahornel—i , Oai who lond Mi fellow
Orr_West the "grass ividowein
growthg iioe!—lrestilett ad Wilms blab
.' "Qtrarr is s m4Li: ito its&
a fool himself to meddle:4 s ion
nude m a n? . , • yoa•wast to seas pretty tolera
ble iP6ol3len of naity somata—yogt ow
Tug made of the cotton-mills is
to be made !tibia beads that nu;
the maelg - •
A 1301*—the man who peraiata in
talking about himself when you Irish to
talk about *kJ: WE -;
what is revenge r "it is
when your dedily scolds me, mad I hit him
with the broomsthgt.".
Arlndia-tubbar omnibus is about
to be patented, whigh, when maw fall, will
hold a couple more. - .
Tug song of the repentant husband
after knotftiag wife dowsi— ,4 wine rest
in altia bosom, aay ova Orlalata dean"
• Hens, who is &judge of 'morshi 118
well at money, says Altatiotiog binder to
another ntowlilvite is not a "legal tender."
, Tas! for short dress
"A. thocusandjwirs smear men watehal
Before the Weed., Paraglime
But while onwlitilewep he emiteheA,
It oped szukebot. Ala wee bemire?
- liisusta,Panitps thinks four-fifths
of the hada of tide country is absorbed is
materiel-iateresta. Does this iwoonat foe
*the dullness in spinet= sad pulpit?
"Hiram," said a down East limier
to his " hired man," who was waddni
Sea "it looks as if it night ads.
Ton lease off work and go Oily dig • - esiWi. ; " ;
" Mywheer, di you know for What
we calla our bay Sens "Rally I do
not." " Veil, mica you ; des • reason we
calla car boy /Lesiz-det fah his name."
Laimaxiaut amputation Harriet"
Beediar's toe has arrived, Meth from Floe-
Tux most thorough "elevator". in
fashionable hojel Is th e dark who makes
out, the bills. • - -
A - Gizz. with a " ringing laugh"
caused an alarm of fire out West,.
took her fora belle.
1A: sum has been admirably:definZ - f
ed as "anything made known to anybody
ins whisper.,
Emma_ says' that it is jastiftable
to steal a thm.or • phrase if pan eon
prove upon it.
Cos. by a freedman : Why is a can..
dle w?
Beca me it ith a 4 ilog nose
eu /Jim. like eontented::-
man weahr , -
. To be always intending to live
wear life, but hem te. find time to set )
about it, is as if a man should put off eating
hem one day to another, till be is stored
Tag love of goodness only becomeii
real by doing good. The mews santration
of duty,Without an effort for its accomplish
ment, will but resolve itself into cant or =-
meaning phrases.
CONCERNING the practice of sleeping
in church, Henry Ward Beecher says : '*U
a man sleeps under my prrenbingl &mat
send s boy to wake him up, but feel - that
a boy had better come and wake me up."
A GENTLEMAN hiring a servant after
patiently enduring the usual catechinu:-..
when asked, 4 'And, lune/yea any children?"
he replied, "Yes, I have five,bat can drown
two or three, if ion insist upon it." -
" Ang 'ion not alaiimed at the ap
prouah of the King of Timor& said, a
minister to a sick man: ",0h no ; I have
been living six and thirty lens with the
queen of terrors—the, king cannot be =chi
worse." 404-
Tint' Saturday Revieta says that
ocriedderhig how many idlotio awn there are
in the world with whom good women have
to live, it is a biasing to the good women
that they Should not be able to know an id
iot when they see One. : ' ,
A. DISGUST= Virginia politician;''..
named Bohn Hodgkin, publishes the follow
isg card : "I this day error my conneo--
tum with all political arganiastums, and
shall hereafter endeavor tow more atten
tion to my future OSITIIiiOn."
gi Wuo Hies is that house,Patrick
"'Hr. Ferguson, that. dead.* "How long •
has ho been dead?" "If ho fired tilt next
Christmas he'd been. dead* tireirentantia4'
Whs4 did be die oft" He died at s Ma*
, , .
"Wa Fhall. hum what are the ne
amities of life," amid a pantry grocer dar
ing a sours storm; "is no are will venture
forth tositiy, neap to ratan thaw* In
the evening he lama the/tamest of, his mho
were yellow snuff_ and ram.
Boss person asked Charles James
Fox what wen thetta=f that
in the Padua : "IBA with
cursing as with - lgrament." - The mein.
lag," said he, u I think is dela - enough
man bad a habit of swearing. ; the
A IST man will concede that it looks
very foolish to see abU ti nn iu r heavy sled
up a steep hill for the pia of
Ming down again. bat that is a wge
by the aide of the yotmg man who wo rks
bard all the week and drinks his-money up
Saturday night.
' Ir is a very judiscreet ,And- trouble
some ambition which CMS so much about
fame ; abcort what says of us ; to
be always looking in the floes of others for
approval; to be- always anxious about the
abot of what we do or say ; to be always
shonting,to hear the echo of our own voices.
." SIRE, one word," said i soldier to
Frederick the Great, when presenting to
him a revisit of a beret of lieutenant. "It
you say two," answered the Prince, is' will
hate you hangett." "Sign," replied the
Eddie; The Monarchtised at his
memo. of mind, immedi gesintsd his
request. - •
A ataz who sent a See gallon tug
irett A n.
far whiskey; and was charged the liquor
dialer far six ga ll ons, toldtha that he
didn't cars so much about far an ex
tra gallon, but the " unusual
strain wpon the keg. '
As exchange in speaking of the'
magical strains of hand-ortpan, - says
When the , organist played Old Dog
Tray, we noticed eleven pups sitaing in
front of "the machine on. their ham►ches,
brushing 'the team from their eyes With
their fose-pess."
Ogg evening after a Illireary march
through the desert, /Ishmael was camping
with his followers, and overheard one of
them say, "I will loose my camel and com
mit it to God,". on Mahomet spoke,.
'fi e nd, tie thy canny and- commit it to
UNDER " Wants " in a city dail a
isdy advertises that she - " wanten gen e.
man for breakfast and tea." This ul
propensity to cannibalism accounts, in
some degree, for the decrease of -;
far, it the woman didn't Snide her man the
second meal, what would beams of ilutl bl
mapper time,"
. As Irish woman, who is alwaia'at
war with her oaighbors, end whose tronbka
ern new at an end i ves comphialag. tabor
milkman the other maiming about nary
thing rising to each high pawn To show
has iitat such was not the ein4 h• add
" Modem, the price of milk knot ease'
$1 No, bedad." .he answered;' "nor. the
ammo naytha."
WHEN Sheridan , kept iiimhool he
had in one of Ida
peeshot who all**
read pakidgell forw. I 1 350 p." ar
t:hailed the; wag of a teacher' :sat ahall
not make game of the
. „