Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, June 11, 1868, Image 2

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Nupsfmn 4.,11rAm•
L . Faishlca% -Conr . sebure.-
'day, a trotting tll4ll, Idia.ho4heat thief!
in five nor saddle, for 12,500; betrooW
General *atier_end lacyr;was won by Lucy
in three - straight beetk: Time, tan, 946.
and 222 t•
; 199
—Petri* Ross, .w bo murdered/h.
ryGanigenfrs irelind some years ago,. did
'from the' tfrffe . iita of wound ha made IA St. 1
temptingtamer 4lo/ P ea "
eat tabula to h&c:S*4 •
L •
repstring s house Dear: .
Mill crock bridgei-near Cinainnaliam slept
were thrown to the ground by the felling of
the root end all injured, two fa
resolution granting the Shore
Line Railway persgssion to bridge the Con-
necticut river at Saybrook, passed the Con
latecticat House of Repreeentatives. by 43
—Weston, the pedestrian, com•
okenoed a walking match at Itiverside.Parko
Boston, onArhursday Wok of one hundred
miles in twenty-three consecutive hours, for
a wager of $2,500.
—The Pacific Mail Steamahip Com
pany's steamer Colorado sailed Thursday
for China tmd Japan, with a large amount
of freight,. 1610,000 in treasure, and '
•.—The Annual Episcopal Conven
tion of Indiana, the State Convention of the
Fenian Brotherhood; and the State Eleetro-
Medical Convention are now in enema in
—The San Francisco Board of Bro
kers have adopted a resolution to sell all
. ruining stocks by the share.
—General Joseph Hooker and wife
and" Professor Morse are passengers by Um
stestriahip §t. Laurent.
—N4‘;% diggings have been struck
between Bogne river and Galles creek in
A battery baa been ordered to
Sitka fron l'ortlatid, by istestusblp Active,
duly 1. ' *
The ateam . ship Scotia, ' for Ea
ropelook out 51,300,006 is specie. •
--The China atearaer, Sari Francis
', vo, took out 2,000 barrels of
--Levy Patrid , eashigr of the
First National Bunt Seneca Valls, 1. Y.,
while, in a fit of tempo , insanity,attempt
od to, commit suicide b sitting his,tbroat
Sunday morning. Be I prebatly re-
The Episcopal Convention at
Kirkwood, Mo., on Friday elected Bishop '
Tuttle, to fill the plant of the late Bishop
liswies, of the Diocese of Missouri.
: --_govertior Fletcher and a number
cif prominent persons of St. Lords'have tel
egraphed to Governor Baker, of Indiana, re
questing him to release McCoole from cent_
—General Schofield, accompanied
by a portion of his personal staff, left Rich
mond for Washington on Saturday morning.
—Accoutits from Southwest Vir
ginia represent that the negraes are work
ing well. One-third ham cotton is planted
than last year. •
—General Schofield will return to
Itichtnond in n tow days, to turn over the
department to his sueoesaor.
—Sbipmenta or 'specie on Saturday
for Europe amounted to $24147•8 46 .
—lbe old !dormOn Hall at N anvoo.
ILL, was destroyed by fire n few days ago.
The HA was a very large pne, and ma built
by the loarian communionists for a dining
- room.
—The Eitertmer:Ben. McCulloch wail
burned to the water's edge on the 2dth
in the Ouachita River ; while lying tip for
the night. Throe lives were lost by the dis
aster, a Mr. Scott, of Arksissa, and Mrs.
Spin and daughter, of iabama.
--Joy at meeting a sister from
whom she had been long separated, caused
.L young W 0121813, who worked in a family at
Danvers, Masa., to become suddenly insane
' last week, and she was conveyed to Wor
cester Asylum a raving maniac. ._ •
—The steamboat Princess, while on
her way to Fort Stevenson with a load of
, Government freight, wail sunk in the Mb
-snarl 14iver near Lexington,Mo., on Sunday
night list. The boat and cargo are a total
eunecquenee of she many mar•
sera committed by the _lndiana recently in
Dora Anna County, New i Mexico, the Mil.'
gem have petitioned Gen. Giant to station a
sufficient force of cavalry in that vicinity to
presOrte order. - -
—Gen. Sanborn informa the Indian
Bureau that the Peaoe Commissionhlui re
cently completed a treaty of peace with the
°gam , as, of Dakotah Territory, including
lied Cloud's band, and no farther difficul
ties need be apprehended.
—lt is reported that in three coun
ties in North Carolina over four hundred
families have joined the Emigration Stktiety,
with a view to removal from that State the
present Buttoner and . settring in holism.—
They are reported to be of the better class
of citizens.
—Crop prospects continuo 'to iin
--prove in the Southwest.
—The sale of gold - at New York
by the Go - cep:meat in to be staiippcl. •
, 7 —Females voted at a recent elec
tion in Schenectady, N. Y.
—The June session of The United
States Diatzict Court sonunencod at"Wil
lianasport on Monday bat
cn. Grant is imbued with dis
gust for Chief Justice Chase, whom he now
regards as au unsafe man. So does the
—A few days no a negro named
Jeff. Davis was arrested in Elmira for steal
ing chickens.
Schofield'a appointment to
the War olllce is coldly received by the
Democratic newspapers of the country.
—The Roman Catholics are now
building what are intended to be the finest
churches in
—The fifteenth _annual 'session of
the -Grand Lodge of Good Template of
PennitylvaMit, 'l6ll meet at 'Muni?"
Lyooreing comity, on June 10th.
—The famous Belle Boyd, formerly
a rebel spy is in New 'York. She is quite a
aashing4ooking woman, and wears setting
of gilt bells around her neck. •
—Anna Dickinson has ,writteh
novel, which Messrs. Scribner have Wined
to Publish because Anna makes too snub"
over her oolored heroes isud heroines. •
—A majority _of: tpe Democratic
Mom of the State - iidicale the fiord ci
54 to the graves of Union !soldiers.,
The Finial:us thionghotit the coun
try ire holding festivals and fairs for the
benefit of their eanse, 'which will do it more
good than wasting- powder on the borders
of emada. •
—Ex-Gov. Seymour - denies that he
ie in favor of the fulmination of Chase
by the. Democrats. Ile favors McClellan
that and Pendleton second, rudest, saute
new and more popular Candidate can be se
.-MCfcCa.e.. 'O.M+l ^ 4/ ..~o'r'~"~'u~Sta'v~.~"~.r
~x~~~~a z~~cp►,rx~~tx.
Towauds, Thursday, Amu 11,188
National RepalbUcsa X
vox pasemtxr
--4X)I , AMER- -UM:FAX,
Republican State Ticket..
t owing:l" asosoast
Cos. jolair.ltiotidik% et Ilbsigoson Co.
• Jsoobll. Caa 014111001100.
A meeting of County Com
mittee of the Unto Bepublieso.par
ty will be held 4 the Werdlionse,
in Towanda booogb, on SounntY,
JUNE 13, 1868, at :1 p. m. A full at-
teudsuceis earnestly requested. The
following named persons compose !he
Committee K. Ladd,B. G. Tracy,
A. T. Lißey, J. M. Smith, B. IL
Vaughn, J. B. Reeves, Asa Nichols;
E. C. Kellogg, IL P. Kimball.
C. B. Law, Chairman,
4nuo 10,1568.
We publish in today's paper, the
letters of Gen. Guy, and fir.' Om,
Fax, accepting the nomination of the'
Union Republican National L'ouven
tioa at Chicago. The letter of Gen.
Gain is a model . for political letter
writers. it in abort, terse, straight;
forward 'and •tu the pointl and marks
its author an ta,Man of nagacitY, can
dor, and strong common sense. Few
men took% Willa ti ietteir fin contain
so much in such brief space, and this
is one of the strongly- marked. char
acteristics of our candidate—be is
not a man of words, but of • desde.—
It is this, in a measure, that has giv
en him such a hold oh the confidence
of the people. This is an age of
brevity. Long harangues are at a•
icraos is the watchword
of the hour. ,
There is one point in GRANT'S letter
that deserves particular attention—
that in which it is stated that the
Executive should carry out the will
of the people. It has been too coth
mon for some of air Presideuts tb
forget that theg were merely execu
tive officers—that, it was their busi
ness to execute the laws—that of the
Legislative department to enact
them. Once installed into office they
hnve . comtitenced to nee the patron
age at their disposal: to shape the
legislation of the country so as to
met their own views, forgetting that
the will of the people, constitution
ally expressed, is the great funda
mental principle of free governments.
Gen. Gaon says with great good
sense "I have always respected
sthat will,and always shall," a senti
ment that (Idea honor to both hie head
and heart.
The letter of Mr.. Coma is one
that will not detract jom his already
well established reputation as an
eloquent and ' vigorous Writer,,and a
sound and consistent Republican.—
Hie glowing tribute to the party that
carried the nation safely through the
dark shadow of the elaveholder'a re
bellion, and erased the foul blot that
was its moving cause, will find an
emphatic response in the hearts of
the loyal masses. Let every voter
read and re-read the letters of these
men. They will find in them food for
earnest thought and reflection.
Evsora.—Le Nord newspaper , says
that the opinion prevails in Paris
that war will break out in Europe
just before the close of the approach
ing Autumn.
The American squadron Is at an
chor in the port of Brest.
Prince Napoleon has arrived in
Vienna and been in.cloee consultation
with the Emperor of Austria.
The Pope has sent a recruiting
agent to the 'United States. Garibal-
di has written to this Government,
urging it to discourage the project.
Prussia urges the adoption by the
nations of Europe and America of a
international system for the measure
meat of the tonnage and capacity of
The Lower House of the Austrian
Reichsrath has voted to fund all the
different forms of national indebted
ness, (lottery obligations excepted ) )
placing the rate of interest at five per
cent, and imposing a heavy tax on
All persons of foreign birth are es.-
iced to Siberia ! and all native!, of
&miss Poland sentenced to leen
than twenty years' exile are to be
set free.
Later news from Central Asia is
confirmatory of the intelligence of the
Russian victories; and adds , that the
Czar's troops have taken Samircand.
Dispatches from Abyssinia report
a probability that the British troops'
would reach the ski'res of the Bed
Sea by June I. The captives bad
arrived at Sots.
Ma. STANBEUT, JoaxsoN's Attorney
_Gegen!, who resigned in order to
take part in Ms master's defense on
the Impeachment trial, was again
nouriasted, i .few days ago, by , the
redoubtabl e E itainsw, but the Senate
c ou ld n 't se e fto k od refused to confirm
hint. He retires :to Private! tire much
against his wilt.
- Ins trial of Jrsrssia.'s Davel;wideh
was to have begun at ilk/mead oa
WedneasYs WU' P 0 4 4004 111 until the
fourth Monday in Nornm ber• The
motion. for adjournment was .rnede by
Damao counsel, with the am of
the pro soontien. Chief Jnatiqs, Liu"
JAMS BotpusAX, fifteenth Preis i•
dent of the liaited States, died at his
..7/s9failleY*- 01 ,11 4k,i1k,, IA
10* I iAnd . fiellii*'44l*
*ith *um* Perel l ,4n*;-
1 y-.49tice tiiiliisrittloitlifilasieiP::: ,
Mr. Ikremiudes Mather ainigile
I ..
from the county Donegal, Ireland
I America, in 1783 ; his mother was a
ligtibis gise. He ; was born it Stony
Batter, Franklin 'county, _Pe i - April
23, 1191, and had therefore peva
his 77th fear at the time of his deth.
lege, Carlisle, with honors, at ,the age
I of . lB, and wasin the Legielate4 , at
I '33. 80 - succesaful was heitti ,4bm.
ye; that Wilma the. kgi:! 4.46414 re
'tired from Practice- practice._.' He ' ' riti
l ie
!in the ranks of the . emergency 2n
lin 1813; but. the command to'w, ich
he belonged 1001 110 attest eitiii43.
~ •
He first entered Ocingr* ioi pogo,
I Bening continuously, till 1281,_Liltikett
Glen. JACKSOX appointed. M i tt, Stir
[ to Russia. •On his re Ai 1834; he
was elected to the • U.S Bete ~ of
which body he, 'continued a nice to
until Mr. Pines accession to the Pres
blowy, in 1815, when zhe wfui , arr
pointed Bebretary of Plate. At the
close of Potes Admitilostretionj Mr.
Becauk•ds retired to private Wei In
1853,Presideut Flues appointed him
Minister to &gland. He was elect.
ed to the fresidency in 1839 - .1 - His
administration covered the 'peeled' of
the Kansas agitation, which illaiio7
ated in the civil war. Mr.BecitAndst
allowed the sleveholding interest to
throw the whole weight of hisititimin
istratimi in" it's fever, even ' 03, the
point or tudeg the national *anti
and the national armament to dset on
foot on rebellion, He is jwitlibeld
responsible 'for the war, for lit Aria
Presidential hand at that sou would
assured have crushed the ieipient
treason. But for this eta% Idr .
, li
.• Be
muddy's career would ha (i• beep
counted a highly honorabkiS;tte, It' ,
is true, many of the ideas wi.enter.
tained and many of the me tree he
advocated would be repugnaat to the
moral and political sense of;today, l
but they were the
_ideas arid meas
ured of his time, and were saiported
by him in common with . a ma , rity of
the American people. - He t longed ,
to the days before the war+which
seem almost a teat* diatatiV—itnd
he died to public notice, to 4ieterh
when the domination of tbe slave
power was broken eight years ago.
Tut Now Tastuvosv.—The Seirotta
has under consideration a 1011 pro.
viding for the organization; of the
proposed new territory of Wyoming
or Lincoln, and it will prolnibly soon ;
be furnished with a territorial gov-[
ernment. Its location re indicated[
by the apace appropriated len somei
modern maps to " Wyoming," in ad
vance- of conclusive aotiou Ti, Con
gress, and by the iegion which con.'
stitutes on other maps the south ,
western portioit of Dakotab.t It lied
north of Colorado and Utall,! west o
Nebraska and', Dakotab, South o
Montana, and least of l+tho, an
Utah As it i4 traversed by ; the lin
of the Union - Pacific railroWd it wi ll
soon attract sufficient pophiation tti
render the !establishment- Of a terri
Oriel government importn?t to th
preservation of peace and a,der, an ,
it will find in Cheyene or Lkramie ti
capital of considerable commercial
importance. The capitals dQ the sari
rounding Territories are all located
at a considerable distance frcim thfi
line of the railway in they proposed
new Territory. It remitinS to b?
seen how rapidly it will attract per
maeent settlers. It promittes great
advantages 'in its rail way 1 facilitie
but It is still inhabited by' is consiii
erable 'nuniber of roving savaged
whose love for white scalps is mor
potent titan their respect ffik treaties
' with Peace Commissioners. ki , Few del:
posits of the precious me le , havb
been discovered within its bound -
ties, but coal and iron. doubtless d
ist there, and probably geld and ail
ver mines may be found in ,its mou4-
tainons districts after' a air oppor
tunity is offered for fully p ospecting
or exploring them. I 1 1
Cuenca Union.—Both the Presb ~
terian General Assembliee, the Nei.
School body in session at Harr
burg, and the Old School lit Alban ,
have voted in favor of the basis f
of Union proposed by the 'joint Co -
mittee, by large _majorities. It n w
remains for the Presbyteries to t
upon the subject., and if three-font s
of these on both sides vita in fa • or
of Re-union, the organic, , union 'AP
go into effect. The actual nylon, hc:sr
ever, of the two Churches cannot be
brought about, in case the Presbyte
ries vote affirmatively, till ono riar
from this time, and the,
General Assembly will meet in
Spring of 1870.
I Tda election in Washington vty
on_ldonday was closely centestsd p but
resulted in the election of the lae
pUblican candidate for Miyor by sev
enty-four mojority. Thu Councilion
joint ballot shows a Democratic ma,
l i d
lority of three. i
The election in Oregon is fermi
to have gone Democratic by a ut
1000 majority. The rote in -: is
sparsely populated State is influenc
ed in a great measure 4_ 00i0114$-
ronage,.sad the facilities for fraud
which such a new State affords, h kv,e
doubtless been
,systematically , 6id
successfully employed..
Tug &publiettik ; Senators hel , a
micas on Thoradii. and nondaited
GORRAN, of California; for Scare
tag of the Senate, in. Ooze of J. W.
froansr, resigned.' Mr. 001111.4 !U
the Republican candidate fur Go er•
nor of California /ant fall, and
• 71r8ped# 3 8 , " * OKI noxahlbli+l,'a
diet JeCtice blite . '° ' '
1 am tu. ,A,..
l'71`"0 .11betnatig.; '
leildukg Republica orip+Lof West, lik i pnb,
"nalir bbu ielli nto o ut vialbst*****la'
I. to, the ceme ilt i the leil,r44ol , Union
Thili i ,i, 4 . i
.f „ 7 . tgr .hielitylatiiiir.iieinfi l
B.nitliii "Diiiiiieratti" . );Ues,3 eei 12 (a' .
• te a' , yoS grees f from _ ~-.., , f4 '
844 e,:.. ~.-1 - ' 1 r-`74-1 Tn 4.,
-A large Republican ,ratillas* •iion
i. L._.
wan held at DEW. YawnSOO;
...,Z7 6- sight. Asnoog the speakers- was , ex
leaVinelibtoillantulssil Ilandins -1:-. - , s j
-Tie RaTiblieirs "Coni4sitieti - ist
e Nli ' i toletre heliallgenciii; In
n , Gen_ i . .P- 013 4;4 411 904,
.. 1. 4
t mem of 'woven, ler. ge.elec.
#The an of UnOints and !TekiNna
ddicart Con mations woe fully indo
ed. i i
. 1 '
I _r
1 --General Charles _ F. Matidersen,
iho was appointed a; delegate: Ikons the I
ldo seventeenth distriet,Ati the**. York
6onservatire Soldiers' ConrenUcks;lLas de
lined in a letter hi which he sap that he_
filial continue to light 14n the old - lhieCend
tote sad work for Ghost ! Oblfot sad victorjh
i —Let ,ther9 tm," illmPO'-aY4 per
eet orgaidiedloo of tf liesnilli,eaa, 'PeitY
throughout the land, and nett Norember
gr. tOn t hPS.
_ext 4 ePl{f/4 68 4 113 P 8. 04 - ;
• e *bat • Appozikon,Cottri, *we was ;to
more oonnsgeouo friends of the Seuth.,
laut ditch of treason. 1
eandidateslof President and
riles President are very nearly of -the same
,age, and inay fie ltirarlea c es in 'the prime
;of intellectual' and .oysicuil mardiood.-L-
Phut Irak tatty-sit' oil the' twenty-sesioiiin
!of April last, and Coifai fortes five . an the
Itwentpthlrd of Ilarell,litift. •
'— e.oWe re'glad know that (feu.
idamns 8 Negley, of Allegheny county, will
receive the CongressiUnal nomination. At
the delegate election Lon Saturday a large
majority of those choSert were la friends.
Ine was a gallant solaier, , is eitiniable
I gentleman, and will Make a good Congress
maia :
.The Richmond Dispatch thinks
the chance of harmonizing the two - wings
of the Democratic paZty is almost hopeless.
It sayi the WOx Democrats *odd vote for
General Grant rather 1 than for Pendleton ;
and the Copperheads Peace Democrats
would rather that Gran t should be , elected
than Rannoch. ) 1?
.-The-vote by which the nomina
tion of jlenry Stanberry to be Ammer*
General was rejecte4n the Executive !wo
oinn of the Senate on , Tuesday stood : Per
confirmation, U, inaliuling Senators Hen
derson, Ross, Fowler and Sherman ; against
contimation, 29—a1l Republicans.
—Hon. John Hickman announces
to hhi fellow-citizens that he will not
candidate for renomination to the Le'
tnre next fall.
—Gen. Grant is graid tu.ltfin.*ur%
lyre Tipt of telegrams from- all-quatjers,
pledging him such a s•nto as never wasigiv
en before the re-election of Abraham-Lin
--Gen. .IgcC4ellitu is credited with
a purpose to teturn 4) this country in Sep
tember, and activeV advocate the election
of the Democratic candidate for President,
whoever he may be.
—The Republioun party of Illinois,
en massy demand tho resignation of the rec
reant Trumbull. I
—Ex-Go; . . Orr, :has been Suggested
as one of the United Mates Sulam from.
South Carotins; . •
RE136118 at Worthington celebrated
the President's acquittal by the same
conspiou.ous demonstrations of satis
faction. with which they used to ox.
tilt over Union re ernes in the armies.
In:the came spirit the Philadelphia
Democracy talked of burning` the lin
k% League CIO; Hoare, and in New'
Yolk threatened ito mob the -Tribune
office for the word " treason" - mita
bulletin oard. These straws 'show
hOw the corrent, kit , set throughout
the rebel States, l iviien,
that loyal Unionimen have no longer
the protection of Fan American Senate.'
We' to 111 iiiif9ly.lanticiptitf the rimist,
sicienirig reports: of outrage and,
crime. , ,The " Lost Cause" is more
than half redeemed -rebellion; allied
and sustained* the fresh treason Of
the Capital', it on‘
the maatei:y o(.t,tiq f 44 001 1. • •
At the session of the Massachuw
Bette 'Medieel iiociety in - Boritonrat
the 8d inst., Dr. John M. Harlow
gave the' histeiry of a mat, milted
Gage, , who whDe blasting :thelte at'
Cavendish, Vt..lin 1847, had li'tntiO'
iron three feet Seven inches longlitudj
one' and a quarter inchen'thick,nnd
tapering to a kioint, freed through
his head, it entering the-left cheek ,
and coming out about the centre of
the top 'of hid, head. Dr: , Wairlosi,
who attended the man, gavel in de-,
ten' the daily S ymptoms of hU . pat ,
ent, and Said ' hat in fifty-nine 'days
be wan able , walk and tide,' and
was soon ttea ly ae well - as before,
although his intellect- was somewhat ,
affected: This is considered the most i
rentarkable calk° of the recuperative 1
powers of natuke, and has been doubt
ed by Many IProminent surgeons.—
Gagedied May 21, 1861, twelve years
six months and -eight days after the
injury. " Dr. Harlow , procured his
head, and . hits ,- presented the skull to
the Warren Museurn of the Harttnid
Medical College.. Di.i. Bigelow' said
he saw gage :twenty yearn ago' and
was then satisfied of the reality. cif
this wonderfnlease. He also said a
tube of iron = five-eighths , 'of an inch
in diameter' aid about' , five feet- long- -
passed' through a miner's heady/Add
blasting opal in Ohio; and Was pull.'
ed mit 'by a ',fellow nxiner: ' Theis:
lured man wan introdrated to the an
dience,-and lir. 1 Jewett, -the attend
ant.physician;! recounted the case in
detail. -The- young , man's mind his
not yet'been fully - Teetered. :1 -
' ' , 1 - 1 l' ' % , r. , •, ,- - , ,
gChntanta . ii4froinialtie
alitiee it §feretryiit
We on littitiiie,f.ot laid **telt. Bpi
vet liejoikqestrerti). Stoneman enecieeds'
sada in itio Firm, ilivnit
...stfremWmoble to - the - people
iop their wrateacisttleitiritriala %mail
any other time. The document wit ,
ordered .rinteLt, I The bill to re elate
rt f l o i r ni 7 °lna& ecru
iblican St*
nod to Augtuit I
Ii 4414 i!li7
to prOvtaa-ittempproir gtorlttaittot
;for the Terfittxrp pfltAgerausgitas
:collet] up:' Anamenduttalrepoliegl
1 to subetitatc,tte, name iikbtociak , for
1 W ai 071 . 1 7 a Th in e g t! \g ati7 0 v.r t% 19 ,Fi t° 41 111 9 .. ",fr 1
4 .' s t
ougi4itia;' ilitalf;,' tr*rtyybe r , .
i l l
were withylroire A 'k 719tritpiter 2
mitted to - i4ritalie l A - eltii fi rlip ig
up relative 4o zthe trestmtfut-Tbflth*
Indians of:that frettkorigielitt witta
the hill . struitpasee(h. , (Altil Mtemilli tare
call up th e billfes 7 4lKß.,Aidndeslon - zof
thelSenthern 3ifitatea hasing.foihitst ,
motion` - to adjourn prevail cm ,
The4)l4o no?atisterliteleetion: moo'
came np.forfiuthenr,,vettsidet*tinetitt
the geese, • 4114 1, ,iirs ~ X 0.4404, ,the
6 4
member whose seat is contestql a -,
dressed. the.lliitia if liiiittleta •
port of hiechilm: - ..ll:eiiirs.f.emiii' .. ~,
, &usrict and Diatir''sficlitilplavbf Of
the.contestant. "The' Previdtfei iiiiesitOn
having been seconded, a vote on the
resolution - resulted,- , in , depriving Mts .
/Lomax of hia,seatp,,and - IV .te
1fe.6DELAN0....34 0 : Lana' ,g4ntlemant
then came
,: for wail and took-thanath
of office- I 'Ur- i Woo offered , ' a
preamble and icsolutaeilit itenottenteg
the - death of Elsrfelittlent,Bucuassuii
declaring that the , Howie,united in
haltering his purity of (shoran*, and
his patriotic motives, and appointing
a committee to ,attentibitifttpciral..-6.
Mr. WANSWOIitH objectedto the phrale
"patriotic motives,"aed tailleaWains"
emir% refused , to modify' his resole
' done, they iittrO, lab); !It the talole—
Yeie 11 , 1. 1 ge. ; . 47 r _
•Su949 l l l eFt l f
knioletion was ad o p ted authorii i
66'Speakerld'apimint,'U'i ltk,
respect to ~ one who had hold-anal
high' oflices,under, the• Gerernmeup o
00031aitles of seven 'tet;etteed , :ll , 4.
funttral O. Mr: 13ticumart. A recess,
until 7 ',. - 10 o'cloai was thou' token.-'
The Bodge Met in 'Coininittee' of the'
Whole in theleVenkug' for debate on
the new,TaX Bill,and.•btr. Woon spoke ,
regarding the, 4evemie. and, Sewlq,ek
sxstem of th cLyerntfient,:- After, '
;Horeb Turthei debate' on the bill,' tfie
Ronde adjourned' ' ' '
ThiusdaY, Rate 4, 1868'."
In' the Senate the 'resignation of
Mr: Yawn& as the Secretary of the
Senate wan accepted,, and-Mr. Grimm
•C.' GoasAii,of California, elected in his
Place. Mr: Beexusw annoneeed the
deth of Fa-President Beenixd,brieflY
alluded• to ther.thany places of trilst'
the deceased had held i and moved that •
out of reispeot, memory, the
_adjourn. 4, proposition to
adjourn te• Monday' was negatived,
after which Mr. Buditeilit's motion
was agreed to, end the- Senate adz
journr.d. • • • t , , • •
In the Hones Ohl was paved to,
enable the Secretary of ,Warlo carry ,
out the award made the'leiti of
Gideon FISRER fcir damage/3'dond'hitii
by rairtroops during •the Creek War;
the sum allowed not to exceed $16,,
000. A bill., was. passed ,makiug a
grant of laud" to the State of Minne
sOta, to enable that
.State to build a'
dam and a 'lock in 'the liiitaissippr
Itiver,between St. Paul and St. Antho
ny, for the purpese of improving the,
navigation. It is estimated,that th e
Work will cost $320,000. The Re:
construction Oemmittee repciiteol
backihe bill providing ••for the- ad.:
mission of Arkansas with • ihe Senate:
amendmentsi, with a rewnmendatki,
that the "ainendmen is be not 9ecurred
in. ' The reamiunendation was agreed
to 'end a Committee of of Conferente
asked for: The House then went into
Committee of the__ Whole on t the Tax ,
bill, and was addressed by -bleefirs.
Mr. Molts', ILtrigAnn, /tumor( and
otbers.• The debate . having "been'
'closed, the' Committee proceeded' to
consider the bill hi detail Mr. Bums
moved to strike out the, Ist .seetion,
Which creates, the Internal Reveoue
Department, and give the Commis
eitmeie TlM:must powers:' This 'gave
rise to considerable • debate,- and sev
eral amendments were offered. After
krecess, the debate was renewed ie„
evening session, and the . Keeent
revenue system denounced in nnmess=
need terflns. 'Mr. Bums finally With-
drew his•motidn - .. A vote•Wea• take*
on Mr. G.pitisLo's, motion to,continue
the office of Internal Revenue Com
missioners without. creating the
bureau, and it -was rejected. The'
section whisk gives, the.Commisaion
er power to appoint Revenue officers,
caused' much debatel• :but witliont
disposing of it, the House adjourned.
•- •t ' • ' 'Fridap, Scue 6, 1868. •
in'tlieSenate Mrriminietir billed
up the hill relating to 'United States-!
currencY,ldgether With the substi
tute offered by the Comnilttee, which
protect, that' any contract hereafter I
made which specifies payrrieht in' gold
shall he legal and may be enforced.
Mr. BAYARD desired to so alter the
substitute as to' make" it retrOsetive,
and considerable debate followed on
; Mane:Mon to that-effect. The amend
nient was rejected, and the bill pas
sed. A committee of conference on,]
the pas
bill "wenbidered: '' The
House bill for the admissiihi 'of - North
raid Sauth Caroline, Loulitiatis,' Geer-1
gin and •Alabama was takeetfp. - Mr.
TRUirinta explairiefftblit iThOtinimittee
Alab %ma had been *littleketkitit,and,
hy - mistake ' Plorida'o' inserteir "
Wu :sox moved to insert Alahame,
Which' 'gave the W" •a debate - which
occupied the remain,der t ff titenession..i
Without reaching smote oar the bill,
the Sehate adjourned.
the House' ' 'a numbst of Ovate
matters_ were disposed of. , -Among
these- was a resolution •"whicir was
adopted; directing the President to
advainie Timirfs'lP SiEVZlitic bf
the navy, twenty-one ntinibitrii ton the
liiit 'of Captains, •frirftlillantishitt'effi
eient service. The Houselheii went
into Cenielittie•iir the'Wholiktm . the
'Tax Bill. Discussion ;coPthe:Aixth
Section,' which provides• that the titei-
Flue Commissioner shall - brie the
Ai-revenue eilibets;
*as continued. Mr, Boras•-thought
Omit-the :first section -` of :the 141), by
creating a Department of .IRevenue,
le kits' 'Med want' office Comtaissiorer
„Rotuss,and invested in the President
the' Power tO• appoint the headoCtiset
Aepartaskent,thereby giving liLe4ottn
'sat control of all the revenue offices.
Numerbuhlailehameittit 'the. Mx
estrous were made' sWi'rejeatoto
Motion to , strike out the secithili
45'. - A: propoaltiou to strike out-the
seventh section which' - pooh* for
bonded“tititrehOdeee t ' goo 'dee tv• sii
7467...iu55ed during the entire . At,
'Without a vote , being taken. " The
m r
kt of theihnsfere T - Ooratnittee
e ditertfin , maje received
. 1 , pardon •V grief emu-
sevel W...! hk
"%- i t a i#V °n
ilogaiiinc;thell . Algebiu•
tldiiNfratibiloldfi l %Milli 'five
:of the Cbmboldlo sliomit. thtthill
ighiOltailekg) git (901iltrre-
IG ef9 , 4"to ol "gale 4 1 94.-
limp. rof into ir ikona'
;Wag p' P .. w in if pen sions
ilithlsaindithiedill ibillWti DPW
iessuriedibitedismitsionAniolthifl'ax :
WA li ffi r ka,9.gigil*alitkiexutsAdik
A niftiVia r ttcrt rte c a
deigiiiif iiffeEtr i fi
ta. l aciii 9
tfordnee OnaiiiiiteeitinAlitalkalMW
l)illaisbatitexi ,air ephclarhibh 410.1
,‘.,, r r r r ilt,P 2 ?Vl94• . 4‘l ia rtVASl l l i g . • '
4 i.ti ! i l i e r ik t e ig w i r VgiAttllk.,,79 l
; witr Lib 'Oa i arc OUS el ournc”,.
Abailtidia~olihViii% 7..:"''''' it
.ginin v.r , ..- ~ ,, i _d_ifirto I.> 4 - 1. Li v
IiaittPLIVIDOIVASi t tti 1 46 r iWitik-k
teyriblerand fatair , efpidentio bathyal'
e,Mlit.-AlogAgtthe , caYliaja.thei N o ttie.:
,eiseViArkißqiltßglP,,, t/Iti
lit, ano they ara tintit i pi rvaly.
I iinfbiegthird i er 6 ,Vis iii 'OW
neighborboattof Dafitytthrtilitti ale&
within tea days. Aim same album'.
ill sicePt44 AA* io *at ,posicookar
rwlianaa#TAO 6 thilw*g ol oo4eAti o ck
several pada Of illiaois. "Dr.
Johlik.Oo Dediitto;hai'ziade ieripiit
63)6001111ga' eibiteligilettitietilitik g
Clay 01010.;10bjetti t-iitinvilta ' cs
0A6;4P'11,3e m o b ttqui..ftl,Plado t.40u1
,thereli no 4 iao f gYl h me ween A id
eatatrhaiilfested i tire 'itid:thli ride.'
llest of itrissiik that; ;Made anohluitt-",
:ages Among,: the °attic of tEnglead
d,,FINtg, PO MT B T. I 4- 11 4 0 §1, 41 Akki G6
(except kin its ,martisfity i ). ~.hicylar i tt
like t h e - efildemiel ileti ci,.ineamonia
thatiereat4d satinet' islainfiirifisg;
aohusetta In 4854;iti its itieeptioi or :
diliNtion, Rr , 41 gegmtal etabraoteris
4 e 4 / 1 14 5 1 ; 14 4 i O R.l 9 r
lunge W undiittealdthepatl e 4 4
deathl4' hose 'that — wire examined, -
and , aathe apriptomeweretimilar fry
all, all may haste 'died of such infltun.
niatioy.l Dot the, epidemic, or,Ctakta"
gious characteristics of pietiro-pnea•
monia need i not be inferred to axial'
here; and' nitlitior heed be felt 'be
cause some niffrriv-ilaVe had acute'
inflammation,of Abe longs,
Seward is Jeperted to Imre said to-,
day that he dealtedio'ietire tient - the
Gabliciet'l There pa:Arability` al
otherichangenin the Oabiiiiitdirectly;
btitittohat %stunk tbwreorganissition•
oCtile.,AdPli);(ltP4i o ti 4 9 9189 Me 0.9
deferminek noria h settled defioitely.
who the neW"iiienibeiii are to be;
thOugh 'mines 'of tetitlemetOlf
standing and national repritatiOn aro:
mentioned 14 1 4 PPOCeSSOPito the nevoid
popithins. to . ,ranatcd. Senator
Grimes . packe d, tiPall his • paPerti,&c.,
today ' arid left for neon* BOY
lington; ; Iowa ; : where ho
bia seat if ilia, ,health does. notAta ,
Prove, WhielLitlf, not likely . 10.
Senator kiendorsßii proposes .to. go
borne to people and by to
stem the torrents of - resenterient and
denunciation ' , from bier:old , ' patty
friends. It is not onlikely.;that ,ho
will : accede to, their Aemith( l ,Leut , % . 4 3-
sign his _ seat. ' None of Ur. Kosie.o;
bfi.. 'Fowler's old friends' belieye they,
Will ever return' •to 'their: `Stikteii.—
Senator Trumbull trien't6 Weather ; it
out. but has a very hard time of .
FtYerY, trim &04e4i 9i
petitions . , and Letters, urging his
mediate, tesiginition: Senator Fen-
Betides Says: he Shalt fibitte
that be. tisane. longer any-position or
intluence here, and' la- tired of: publio-1
igct, Hq -kiwi 99., Pfßikeetiatetition.p.r!
resigning ; . lint:,he will . probably .
think' definitely when he "returns to '
York Bun telTuaday.
the Senate _
‘ited fileetet, .
The bill (or: the
The progressive ...Felon&held ,
their 0442 4 40 ,areVlYPtin.Lat.
1 49figwood• 0.4,00 Ye A:MLA
last week, ~fit
on the 4th
dayfOTh'e .
attendance , lvae
monies , owe adopted on.lntempetaa ,
Per Tobabco 41 0 ,A ruin,,. 410/Freok.
oleo, Women's Rights, the )3a114t; to
theßle&MittiNfeatnichiof Ciltakete,
• Capitalltad liaber; - the Indians; *Fa)
a metric:mist to Otingressia twit behalf
and letter s te the, tritoes, ;AA DA
Pence,Thee° plied „for* . ...eatpeat
and . elocitiest r emarks in the oaseepf
rOforiii: s iieid'adOpied on
thelosa the illeetitig has sustained , in
the death of six of the early and an.
tiva colaborexe.
kn l tespeetym .of, i the„x,omaios .
of StePhen A. Douglas was - Made on
the ldlieit4 - 'O6 - paratei l y to their re
moval'to)•the.;toinbilereoted to hie
memory. • Uporit xemoving, I the,•
covering the.. glass.,,the - ffice of. the
illust r ious Senator was roMel to, he
a-'•reraitilibl' state ot - presciirsi-•
lion, Wilmot atii' natural SA when
ried•beven years , agq The complex,'
iou,in.very.. :. f air, , thq contour'. of -the ;
Load 4tßii.r,acPAPParcPtlY P4P4P4
and the "exPiession quite natural mid
pl tartly' ii!. - coOiiiablel The half beam
hd bladnand , glosily- as. crier, intd the;
raimea6:ns,t4ew'spud tifly ate Mims
fiAtt, iast, ou,, pot „ i present4g,the lefrat t t
evidence of mildew ofdifooloixtide;
, • - it-ttt rt--. .1•1=01,
bini 2 =-131ere are
sixteen don:Melvin 'the Statell'Pennw
aylvanii whiolr are , withal:it debt,Tirri
Bedfor‘ t ng4iF),Sxadfatd t ..o ll 34b,rias
Indlana, tuaerne, librieenr:
Pike'; Sb~erseti,llntdri,Qeliniigo;Weat
moreland. Cameiorr county has”the
1 9 4 410-4 1 4bts4gAPP• -IPM l 44oo. l Atiqwes
$3.5094,6Q1, 54 whicli m4p1457.4 QO9
mere Tian the Vtale" . '
:0 . 6 . 1i:4135',42§;(159. , "• "111O' aline dtintil.
iina whose! debts:or:tied a-raillionrof
dapara l areA•Mlegb#o, $430Q,4441,
'q,;lßelifks, l o B cP.49A
•5 0, 10'. •,
Irtivp 1 4,4vir ., c.,A 43„,.
sir The rt. • wor 811p0111/9618,
WidaY'76hl9lsV 1818 1 be l
kots binta to•lddltiat ORA Wildri;
AdalllBr , lriattndifiptlB o 3,4olWSol4 •
!9144 110 :0 1 1Pte4:-MakiK 4 1':ttgiitlY 11 14
—Abundant Uwe, ikh the 61 7 670
loon of fruit, inn 11 , 4
ulterol! i r dietweimie bees
that the peach oroplifitibeirlbSOM
'yield of nitalliteldinirsitithilnistall?
A. daeLlasie.oirtfosh, Tisittadija
Savannah betwowkilevoioe4 laoneiadifiZe
was kill e d. It si. ij .,l'; .0 1..rrn,:i.7i30 n I,af
VT iktiTE:
Perms coming to
to Oro nuns ciAU.
Towanda. Jane
• I :r r NNW Yi:rdi7; .
• • %."TO fog Er
*gum' s!" 14BA.
Haring ' the seoomicodstions for pu
pils, desires lo inform her patrons , that she is
able to oiler the advantages of be: 'lnstitution
Franc Is the language o tbe whoa
Madame ,to J. B.
Move Bag ri Fan •,
and .O. Goodrich. Towanita, Pa.
-Janktt - • - '
tr2denos forme-oned y bold
earrezetßUse %pie Wag
111 resatersittaelb eintrthitathaalarge
dot with
To ohoice trainti _shad trees. Good
tarn. any person" dethlog a home this af.
flab a One billindidaki a pleasant
WA der &bola). for twos and particulars
.1 1 311 a;r:0.,06
I l igiaitha,AVl l4l6l : ft4493RlAfritki•
, -10 TTAs - okns ;,,AuFvfmr.lov .;
fxt Ne„nlHit „*‘,l
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n .11;vp
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fasagoolalwii.orr z
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0-vry-x - B . "t
-4C!) f'd fey
anjthing 10_11 . ) warit La tho Cigicerf ltaa.,ape
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i ittftt‘n ., p Etitalk
'^c4l `r.l r 411.01 rii tplmi
4P 84 47 1 74i B qilA- 411 0 C if ‘ r L W? , •
IMlKTrivklijEt (TANNED A:1 liEfP.4,
110.131( -11141715 : TN Tlitug 0U'..50*." •
:444'RAY:3 1 #g..54Clit:PICA 1 414tEli
' •
St'' 34 '4,l6l3.lcdo;:eitroeicilliSl T ' 0 ; 1
the l list r insmlsii - Vt ?
. tolsr , " :
I! ) s , lcar:4 Swim!
OARCR4N 5M01C.MG103.1A.C90..,
, f rAb01eivqe144.1110844.,1..".' li . • r•
everitloug in ih , oofto44Bitraid PRO.
16011111bilt tho TilattiNo; bi,Mitnatteetb
Onitotgor,low BgildlemaWs
.Tofttft;'liune'll3Bl6B. elf.
:..! z..,
141 fli
1 1 ' I
i_ n•
EOi. . Ira
, 1 RAA;rII -. W A , T . ;-,
• , iv and •afte±:, llooday: Say ; . 11th, 1868,.
„- will retire WitierlY,' at'about the follow
log snare, eiNl7 - 1 , (it • . ;•,: , • 3.•••! ',, t.. :•..
• . Onto 'emir. .
li3d aAril, Night! 'Waren,. Ittendayi: neap
tail kPE i 'Bocbastcb , Ballido, Balananca . and
Dunkirk; malting pirest Connections With trains •
of Gni 1 Atheatic and: Steal Wester*, Lake Eauire
and Grand Trunk &Always, for all points West ;
emit 'Mira 'foto - Canandaigua: , •
• ..!457, ;a; ,m,.. i .Nigtit dress , Daily, for
Beet:ester Buffalo, Badireasiiia Ohm:kirk and the
ent,-,ocomotetlagisstabove. • . ..- , .... .
8:25 p. ni., Nail Trath, Eitintiays a:wanted; for'
Baltklisand I Dunkirk oonnectleg at Elmira for
Conan daignk r-
r1:68 Ontl''• Eliiiirl'Aceoniniidathiti Belays
7 i f - a ,Da r' .
'. u f n a e tap 1
ttti ).
l) t
- West., Conn tlnt Elmira orC dali
at ,Eslatssea ntl_hrlititrtie
And ' , Great ,
Western ;Railway, and tit . Buffalo with the .I.ake.
Shore and' Grand Think Railways, for all pehitir
Wieland 800tb.1 ,, •,••,if • • (- i,-. • " - .1 --,
10:33 p. m,, Eipmse,,,Nall, BunolaYs ,4:
cepted,-foillualei SalaMneatind Dunkirkiisou.
aectitlf. With tatins (Or the West, ,
9 10a m.'Wligreight. &easy* eieeptea: - : :
2:10 la
,p. ~ igraita Train. Daily, ; Os, 014
West ~
ltEitops at Warerlyron lßandays poly. ~ ~ i, ! , ,,
. : . . 0012 M SAO'
-5:141 a Wt., • Cincinnati Exproni, hforubiyeet 4
aea cornice :Owego for 'lthaca i at.
Binghamton *
for yricase ; at Great' Bead for
Botantowisidthiladolphini•atoisackesresea-lor •.
it= pniy, d. Graycoact. for Newburg and
8 .m, lattilttatOPn t!' c P i n l r a q , o n, Sfiß ,•
days xcepted.' ' ' . ,
~ ' •
1410;. p. Ar t decOmmedittlon hid ma
es y. :
, 11:13 a. tn., Day Express, Bndays excepten:
connecting - a t - Bitighemten for a Syracuse; at Gt.
Boadfor ficimiton,• at Lackswixen for Manley;
and at 'Jersey' City. With midnight'' envois
train 41.Iliewz Jersey Ittillom4. tor philadelpitia,,
Baltimore Mid Washington. •
e'Srpl - art4•Neir -;York • ad. -Baltimore , biail,,
Bandayewxcepted., •,, , _ .
9:17 0 , m., I.4ghtlibig 'Expresc'sondays . ex•
cepted,,conriectingot JerfrayGlty with , nimuliag
express train of New Jetseyasilroad for Bait
moreia*Washisignan, and st,•llaw Emit _Witia.
mond% r t eximam trains for posters ; and f. the ,•,
1.08 a„ ,tit.. Night- . Dalli,,, con.,]
riectjag at Gelyctairt :for • Warrick f 'mill' at
New ,Yorit with t afternoon trains aid, steamers j
'for Boston and New England Cities.
• 4'.36 . p. M. Warpreight, bundayeeseepted. , •
' ws. A Pas e 4 and complete” •! Pocket Time
Table' oat:Wer :Tram on , ;thh Ribb-Salll'
way - and 3 onnecaing , Liam.- him reaently., hem.;
published,. and can be procure on application '
to the Vela kot:the.Vompan, y_. : ! ,-.;,. ~..
WY. It, B ,_;_ ~ ,_ 4'. RIDDLE,
•Geri'lPseelA t, - NeW-Yorik.f tfiett7.l3ol: '.
131tI1ii 1 • PITIA - - - - AMY '' . ERIE
„L, !AWL!, z . - i .—Eistamer tipui Intd.4 Irtircti
and director' ' ..tween APhiladelp_Old, Bahl
inoteMitttlabitt;7lllhipet, *MSc Omar.
011BegiOns 01: Auk* ... , pfpopielv , ,
tan ens on all la OW uom s. • .
. -Ott and .wites: S.OND.t.Y., :MAE . rl last • 1045 if
the trains "on - the Philadelphia' .t. Erie Rail,
Wool ifIX rual as follonisi: : , >. ./...: : • .-n. 0: 1
1 , . . i wass•Trow•-- -- - • • -
Min irrali leitlei Philadelphia.: . :11;15 7.14
. 0 ,1( ! .• , _ 1 ,14 .• , -W.illbunnport...... 43.20 4,.
',, arrlite at Erie '' 13.50 P ; ld.
Erie' tiPresstatres Philadelphia...42:ok noon.
.. • Willianisport.. 1100 P. M.
!' cis : " 1 , . isiiliiii it 'Erie: TV:. '.1 . 11n05 riC• W. ,
Unidyn. )4.111, leimpa ...Philadelphia.... a oct. a. 144 ,
. witnamsport: . • ' CACI). OW
*swaiTnat.Look 6ttien...1:415,p. fn..
AdViitaln ;V lie s EA = ... tr%:::..; ..IVOii it, ta - .
~; .! 4 . ! Willianuspqrt,:ls p. In,
' • '
!. ' ' a Weald Philadelphia: : 7410. a. ni.
Erie. BOP* 'l= 84 0 .• ' ' .v. 40 P . F.P2
• PI . WillialOrt... 8:55 nod
. 4 irrlves at Philadelphia 5:00 p. 131
lai/ and Pinyon connect with Oil Creek and
A llighenjitli*o Bail Boil .' 'Bisrgatte' Cheated
V.briniElk r_l,-. , ;--4‘, -, e
-.: ,
2.4.. L. YLER, QnT3up't.
,~ .
Mgt{ GEMT. " ItAr llth, IEISB.
• reggae , -Linn trims TaICHOUTA
t•WEStf.Tl 6 hiildelplll3,NCW-Vdtk,llCading
111 e.: vet Aablanct, Libanon, Allen
town. Futon Ac.
'llMtrlatodig fer breti-York', sai.rol
loain At .240 4,2 5 5 nat1,8,10,a );0 7, Md 1 3 40. m.
2;05 and 44. p. it eM.; ittehtin 'ltith"almilat•
%ant tut Ann Fenitaylvinlit &acrid: en •
riving at Na -1(00: at 5.00 and 10.00 al 11.50
a) ut.Vild 5.4 , 7.18 ind, , lolo 1 1 1 10 : SleePlag
qua, *mom , lag the. 2.50 , 03
p^. In:, , thOnt'enange. •
.ietiv4 , • 4 .ttrg-. for. ~Beading, •• ttatritlq,
na'• nem Asldand, Pine Grove
' ilPhtledelphlaiae 830 al. m.,
p i os and 440 ,p,,pi.,atop::f at, Lebanon and
all Wa y The 4.10 'AC Vilitinardg
btcae 4 oulpi-Ptd pltie, and Velumtla ,
For `Pcittev e, ElebtiyikiH Haven and Auburn,
via litany • litsdignageelansa•Bail:likottywo,
'Harriet:4ra t 3.55. p. Betuming Leave
seoeil`cirkla 9.0(V a. th4li 'noon saa!
040Q,p. eepbg.Clora feintAPKOM 1 4 8
0.00 m: t} p. tn. trams witii)
out )' ff. , ' • 1 •, t; ;
L Way P lager Train leaves•P lilladelpida at
7.30 a. in/; , . • , riling (now t . .eattiogitAsl3o
atoppia ,at all et:Alone ; Pottavi o at. 8,
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1111.13. T. F. & . A.• MADILL,
PllVOlCldiwasvgi EIZURGEONii,
Mace end residence in Wrkut, Pa. Dr. T. - P.
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every mummy: Dr. windi
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V. ILIIDILS., X. D. 'M. L.
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10i,u4n4 mill* signalers of 4 Josiah
Bacon, Trees.- GOOdltaratiatel 'Val. • C 10.," ak
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Tommie; Jame, 1868.2 t 1: , .. tit At .
AND WONENcItit ebb,
„LOT gg 6 E 24 • 37 *P , filtaTt
• •.
By lion. Hyrax t . ; Daum; thairmah of the
Military Committee in Congress. The only
work of the kistilutre44lll44 OA sanction and
by the authority ofillen. - Grant hiroseU. It is
Mist. and is. Abel most inteneely interesting
Issogrodbr rine patted- ha America. • The
, slither oasof most': brilliant writers in
ure country.' fAxestowill ;this' tide the selling
work of Ore seism Termwthe most liberal.
seenti - thohie ofe
P mit AWlNl , ZE ply.soon CO .to
Pnblliben; Tf9,'Aameoa fit., PhiladeTibla
eptil 30: • • ••• _ •
NBW ow., NSW
.1. .et , i
r-9 rEr 7r. A. P I E'S !
,74' , Romuagavi rranion, far' -mit'
.W.Alaig.L. • AtiiioliTHESTs , Fulistrust;,
Sitlesed — ttilble inarlret.7lltave the beet 'apbols
tet et in , the "tioetttiy; - and gisnatactlf:re elir4rpti
uphollteml, Worki •*.
pone to order. Having an expel knee of 20
years in the twines* can conlideatly laope to
please all who patronize me. ,
Don 't target the place.
~No. 155, Main at:,
tiro 'do. ars . •aotitti of •Deldieonints Block, Town -
awera., - •
'Towanda,Kay _
Pairtibix Asso - rt;netat aocids
; 1 4+.Y 1 !;4, -- =', - 'f3ltrStk :Tip..',-Roomg.
*O. • •
•, •
ria el
York 4 B.Qr. '
;ni te t , i r ia
•Y;111;i 'I! ,
AEI J*4 14 4 34.1 1;
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IiTO-.:.D:R A,,1"....:
mama ARA
that * olescUally
Is Ilse goo la dosi/
llonsebstll 6 rota6 e a st ?6"
Anil; i 668. • ALVOrw.
• ,AT
- Consisting - of
A large sad very
14 an* Ling optnti, • at tOk , abovestorb,
46.1: fiCretOrOtt; kept
- ;!, ,
,-, ' ,': . ~ itii '1 ? O, toitirl
From 38 centA t , ) $2 laz yard, - ut
Wiiuko 5h:41;'.149 :S' .Fiztures,
, .
eveesi description
2_ • .
- 17
Juit iApoWtt,
In end Iva. variety.
• . .. •
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1" 44 CAPS
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0 13 A9 Pli cimEt ' E°ucAs H
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Mill It 'lag at a
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filtadlef- 4 .IIIILTRQ
.2.E=NA. tv
il, WAREHO - 1:1,5E
41 41 -!
0 .;
Nag gs, 76 ind 10. Tem Street'
O W I K- T _Y •
c • r...1,41,, , :f•-:..1%.1t
441 E. sagitps,llllllBll thicoghout tb
With and ' tofibes through the
ittt ha 1171.11 tate regularly
Wok. fllll4ll , winitee on cargo. prices
and - gustioteellit Wel( teal to' be pun ane
,freah, and also to give entire ottislictin or
lbws nn lbezeturnad sad' the money refugia&
Sentember that by ow exiles liwensunter
pays only - ORR PRoOPIT, instead of seven or.
eight, as litmus do when be anthems et the
°eager, gram. ..:WE DEFY. CORPETIVON:
We Wil'epecial stteation not only to our stand.
W 4 gessia,bit onilaneybrands of . Oolong sad
Young Dyson Tess--peeellar Itarow—aad teas
shay lap , from 'Jape*. Oar totes Depart ,
went la watugel oleo the system Of Me
ppllt,only,ead, all oar coffees are old ao tbeir,
Wepnly Wks petal. .= _
AU crat Importation of our teas end coffees'
stir be of car rigida/ appointed agents;
All par goods are goods pat up by on :selves
in one pound packaga. at oar warehouse In
Ner Toth, and , rdwßed at W. R. R.'(1088'8
Drug Store, No. 127 Main street, at the small
advance of 5 cents per pound over our Mew
Voiriwieef.' 'This Wings the goodie at the
prices they can be purobasild for over our
cAnatere, will), the ireght added.
, „.110011. AT PRIORS.
tlinOnall), 6084 70., to. so., per -
Wiriseit: : • (Gwen aid wan), 60e..
70(1, - 8004, 90..41 per lb„. bed. •YOUND RY.
BONN (Green) 80a.; 904 $l, 111,10,
SSA' pet lb:. bist. • 111Pilii/Al. (Oren). 90e.,
$1,21,25. ElftlitiBl/ BRILULYABI (131 act).
70a., 800, - 800.,41, $1,10,01„W; best. JAPAN
500411,1425 per lb. OUIPOWDZII. 61,35,
-Wilper lb.. &Kabuli Royune Young Ryan,
in original Chinese 'packages it 60 per pack.
age. Oalumlo Chinese
WI T Sl at er to
PA OY 910r7ennong ong (Elk)
61.25 per lb. Matta. Moyne Young Hymn.
(Green) SPSO r lb: Uncolored Japan Teas,
0 0 dais Inn sp an pat op espremly for us
Tokobanta LAO ww
_ _LBOUND ClOYM...Pure Moe 20, Ili sad
10 ante per lb. Ran Old Oeirentnest Jan.
40 cents per lb. Royal Club. 25 out. per lb.
licurniain Plantation, 80 pests per lb.
- 41iiirire ct"lmNstlaei sail bogie Owitpettin.
Ytt oar geode War, onr .Trodle Mask oa each
bag. ./loathen sp gemdeo, , 61Ant.
will be
We ak pleasure. in informing you
that weiave just opened in Towan
da; on the corner of Bridge and
Main Street, /go. 3 Patton's Block,
on Elegant New Book and Music
Stare,. where everg thing in the Book
Stationery and music line may be
Amt.' Also , Statuary, Paintings,
Gold - Pilaf!, Spectacles, Eye Glasses
Spy Glsses, Opera Glasses, and a
general assorltment of Mionea/ in
struments, Yankee Notions and
F r aney Articles.
Our Goods were allzelected in the
city with great care by experienced
panda and bought . with cash at a
very. low figure with a uiew to the
wants of this community. •
- :We feel confident we shall be able
to olfer,bargains to all who will fan
'or us wit their a pati.onage. Call
and seel us.-
TLU ra Pzitscnia. TO .All. Vino I
READ IT.— Coss 3:: Co.; have just
opened a splendid New Book and
'Music Store, in Patton's Block,
Towanda►, wheio they aro selling
everything in their lino cheap fur.
Cash. .Call and sec them and iat-
isfy yourself that such is the Cabe
VgR .86 - B A( E S
730 Chesnut. StivA, PhilaaeliAia • -
i Wry corgi:reckon tbe tepweesi 1 alive of the
Over all other 'tewinz-maldnels .
An inssrtment of these celebrated mschiu t
constantly on band and for said by
TOWANDA, J'.t• '
- Feb: 6. 1868:-6m.
N snafactored by C. L. PERRIGO &CO
- Groton„ Tompkins county, N. Y.
In presenting to :he attention of the fan ners
et the country, the above .firat•class Mowing
Machine, we invite examination of its many
eibellencies, and claim for It the following nu
periorities : Ist, Beirig high geared, it will
eutheavy, lodged or fine grass, better than any
'other Mower; thequick motion of the knives
preventing clogging or stoppage. 1..1 Cotta
for rough pr stony greeted : the. guards -being
placed near to each other to protect the knives
and prevent Injury to "the machine.. 3d, For
billy arid dream meadows.-superior by reason
that the wheels track Inside of width of cut,
holding ,the machine .to Its position better than.
thire that track routside, or upon( a swath.
The Young Warrior Mower, as improved, b 35
been before the public ,tor three seasons, and
hundredi of farmers will testily to its capabili
trio perform the work assigned it. These Ma
chines as now manutactured have several-fm
provements over last year's machines.
• Ptah the many testimonials we' select the
following I
-.Messrs. Peamsts k Co.—! haire had one of.
your Mowers toe the past aasoS, sad take plea
sure in saving that It works to'my entire maths
tactlon. It not only does its work well, but it
Is the best upland Mower now la use. •
II • F. - RANSON, Smithfield, Pa.
.Feb. ISth, 1888. . •
C. W. 110LCOMB, Msteri BrsdlOrd" County
is agent for this Mower. lone (,1868.-4t'
intaysOir, ORWELL, ' Pd•,
°Bens to builders roost -complete alock of
Builders lisrdware, Sash, Glasi, Nails. Oil s
Pilate, Varnishes, Blinds, Trimmings, Butts,
Door Trimmings. d.a. _
Gutters, pat on bi experienced workmen and
et the lowest rates. Tipkerla_g and jobbing,
sap,beilers, Bap spilt", e.. Bowe's Boring
Mari ek; none - better. Universal Clothes
Wringers; is use. Wheel Baker cud Cont .
. billed Plaster Bower. worthy th e attention - et
the in'elligent farmer. Hubbard's Mowing SA
chines, durable and desirable. 4or 4 foot cut.
Tables, chairs, bedsteads, spring bed bottoms ,
and other L " •
', , t
. • -
Farmers will rind ,this noon the best scalar
Cris Pens,.iiiikk ant Strain Psi% sea "en'
dieertptlen ei•-lin Ware. Vicar sad SA
(tiara out '41E04: Seed. Spinning Wheels,
Flax W h e els .•Sesis, Wiled flogs, Flies,
Field Rollos ;ad Plaster Sowers tarnished io
oriel. at biked p osaible prices.
. ALSO— Cern Shelia-Ts. Iltof dela Ilisoldeal ,
Orting' Berra.
• 'Orwell; Feb. 20 • , 1888. _ •
_ RIGREST PllElll[lll
at the
Paris,lBBl t . that attesting