Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, October 03, 1867, Image 3

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    ~;a of :r a~ A ;a~!•stii~ir+=c~"+?~c_a~tik
d p 1 tpobitn.
is ,a i è* th
TI3WANDA na t cmoer.-7
Boini,Thnark ;pow.,
•prreaohing. Sundays' at 101 lain
x. Stutday School, lit v. is; 'Trayer .
fleeting every Thursday waling: •
M. E. Ckarch.--Ilev; I t T. Swims., Pas
tor. Preachingivevy liWriday at 101 AAL
a nd 74 t;. Sunday_ Soho* 11 P. is:.
Prayer Meeting every Tbrusday . evening.
Presbyterian Once 4.4-Itev: Vs. - „Main:
Pastor. Preaching avail , Sunda' at 10/
4. 11., and 7 . Sunday, 84001,14sCac.
Prayer Meeting Thursday evenings: •
b:p;Rmixti Chnreh.-11.em'T. D. Hamm Pas
tor. Preaching every. Sunday at 194 .1.-x.
.and 3p, tc. 'Sunday *boot 14 P. id.'
sir H. A. BUBBAIIi - *gent. :for
the rhcenix Mutual Life Incomes - Co.,*
Ibuiford,Oonn. 7 Applications for Thimenos
eall be made to him, at Dr.. Pratt's Ofce.:
FINZ Owis. l —Mqaers. BRAMEIALL
Co WILL are agents for,tha side o; Grapes
from the Seneca Lake Ntujiaiy of 8.13.110wx,'
tar, and',lutva for sale some splendid frta,
put up in five pound boxes. •
DamcAnow.—The union ChurolCof
North Orwell, will be dedicate& on Tina&
day„Octolierl7, services to commence, at
10, - ft. m., bedication setmon by lee+. H.
J. caims, of Wysox. '
Rintroneirrio Soltpsg*.—Vr; Up De
Graft of Elmira, N. Y., nix Saturday made
fur a man in that city a new nose, the orig
inal one baying been destroyed by `cancer.
he material for the now ; organ vaa taken
from the subject's ,forehesp. Rid*Fluty
is getting to be quite a common thing with
skillful knugeons - now-a-days.-:-/fochesfer
TEOI7, a little dangnter of A.J. Tamar, had
It narrow escape from drowning on Friday
last. They were riding in a skiff on the
viol at this place. when the boat tipped to
me side and they were precipitated into
the water. Sherirearms, and another
gentleman, happening ta see .the accident" .
procured a boat, and went to their assist
:uiee./, The little girl when taken out of the
water, was unconscious and Mr. WIRD was
considerably fatigued from his exertions
in keeping himself and the little girl from
staking. The girl was taken .to her home
where the proper remedies were applied,
and she is again quite welL
lowing extract fiom a letter received by
Scpt j . JAMES M. WALD, from a reliable gen
ttemini in Auburn, N. Y., dated Sept. 21st,
we have the following good railroad news:—
" I am happy to inform you and your Di
meters that the City of Auburn has • sub
se;rebett $500,000, to the stock of the South
ern Central Railroad, and . that the contnict
to build it is signed, to be completed within
eighteen months, work to be commenced next
It has been a long and bard fight, but we
have come out ahead."
This insures-the completion at an early
- day, Of the road which forms a connection
• withittie Pennsylvania and New York Canal
and linilroad Company, at the State line
near Waverly, now under construction
along the Valley of the SusqUehanna, and
secures the most' practicable and ahoriest
route from Philadelphia to the lakes via.
the Susquehanna Valley.-
iifir Mr. Joss . Mow has been fOr
feW days engaged in delivering to subscri
bers beautiful lithrographic representation
of "Towanda, the County seat of Bradford
Co,,"i Copied froin his .painting which was
exhibited last spring. - • . _
The picture needs no praise from us. We
can justly say that'it is finely executed, and
is remarkably faithful in, its delineation of
on village, the general effect is pleasing,
much more so than we expected, for we did
not know until informed bythis picture that
- Towanda was such a beautiful place. .W e
.agreeiwith the spbscnters that the work is
lwell done is a credit to all concerned and
does . honor to the artist.. . A great many,
1s o - f
this w •
copieork ought tribt, and un
donbtadly will bisold thronght the County
and elsewhere. it is ;an elegant ornament for
the parlor wall, and would make a most as
eittage preamt. We advis4 every citizen
th get-ontiNpr more, iopips. The *tire is
4 .
to b&Seen at l'7o DIM where copies
nlyi_be bad s
_at HARDING & ' Slummy's,
and al 0. - t. ' & Cosa.
, ..
We are pleased to be able to announce that •
the Susquehanna Ckoll•giate Insliinte•at
place has opened fo the 'fall term Hader
very encouraging; ts. Most of Our
readers are aware that I: :v. Bearcurn F. COLT,
the original founder d first Principal of
this institution, has la • y returned arid ta
ken charge of-it e number of pupils
who have greeted • • at the beginning of
the term, is larger' •.n than has been at
any fall' term for man yearepast, and the
frit:um:lll.ot the lasiUde feel lia.stred that it
to be once more highl • sucoessfril. We be•
sptiik for it the earn = and hearty support ,
I• of the citizen,- - of To • ads, as well as of the
CoF4y, perhaps a statement of some
fa cTif in :.regard to it y interest our rea
It is not generally
vial allays of this
cellent Management
ALMA rilpettAM haV
and prude mid ,
it is Emhstarrilitily out
or three hundred do
in4demandit *tins" t
arises from the lint -
the school during the
this amount in - •
debt of between foni
tars lays as a heavy b
exty, all of , which is
institution was nev- ,, i
financial condition.
• serve as an Onlaollllllll -
something for a •
so much good in our
tributions are wan . 1
old debts... Ate ftnita — .;
or mismanagernent,
to lend a helping . • i
Lion the people of To
fished, (excepting
" feel emleailet
go towards it s im
most hi:melees of all: .!
Wteen.Yearg ego
et - 4'lll4lWe was
of Towanda, aided
throughout the Co .
were purchased, the I
_owned by their • i
tral always rentlizt
heaticmal p
signed; A Ix* gill
long Anil gay two
inidgbf, wee , •
just thirteen yearn' •
hult4i 4 te
educition,we cannot adinit .thit the
inono o .o 1 4 01 ' . ' 4 4- *Nti4 have
hCen bestowed. on
!hat 41 116 20 8 ROPY It
Towanda. =4* deaceof theft
lilienditres an cianmuniiiitis - •
their institute. .At this I day ten bread
laird could" be . !melt at any nOdensible
plebe in the barmith of il twainli;aintini#
li htulding areoto.4`foi o r - inun of *Ow
that could possibly be. procured by sub.
kiiPtion fijr NIT Wind*
therefore think. thoie with yesis ago.
made this grovision for
.tiit til isdruaitketot the
children oqowands ol viehlitT: Th
did more for us than we radios be Me
or willing do for ourselVei: WS
then at' heat sitetain 1 4 601 libloit
vita** Belong had the benefit
'lt would ;be difitenitlie 114 oam to sc.
eonit for the fact that&i a mb:d has been
so poorly patronized and -et the close Of
the last tern, it hadtha names, of so mill ,
`plumber of pepilsim its :Mlle. Pornmetely
for our plesie the truitaai wire 'riot 80 fax
discouraged as to close the sehooL have
enlisted the onetime of lar. hors who hike
employed als e flichmt, Minter pf first daze
teachers, and his well known item, elk
density and tact, and the anspicdous aim"
mencementihe has made; give ns assuien...
cra that thin Institotels about to begin
more snccessfol career than it-has ever en,
jOyed 7 1 • • . -
The r inal ug has been lately repaired and
quite neatly) fitted ep, at an expense of sev.
.eral hundred dollars,. paid for with !n idea
prycnred by Mr: Wiliam from'S distance;
and we only wish we lard a feW more equal.
ly puldio spirited citizens to lend him a
helping hand in such good works. There is
always opportuniti,of help,iiir, any such in
stitution, and of adding to the comfort of
its hard working said often ill paid teacheis.
Nothing in the world so valuable is half as
cheap as education. Shaply paying your .
tuition bille does not cancel your debt to
those who eineate your children: • 'We COM,
mend Mr. dour and his assistant teachers
to - the kind attention df 9ur • citizens, aid
we. Can assure him that, he has hosts of ,'
friends hi tits:place and Conty who warm.
ly sympathise .with him in his noble elf*
to build up 'obi schOot s aid`whO wlll . mans;
feat it in a itubstantial Wiener by sending
their boys and . girls kith:lt to be educated:
The borough aflowande aline could imp,
port thia Institute, and 'with the completion
of our rail- ads now in progress, and the ,
prospective, growth of out town and the in-!,
crease of the• population and wealth of the
- surrounding country we see no reason why
Mr. COLT cannot within s few years build
up here aS'7,ery'lruge, first; class,
' .TEAclizes ExAmstAnm . ewill be held
1173 follows I - ? ,
Orwell, October 9, Orw elll kiltrichool lama%
Herrick, se 10, Landon" "
Standing Sb6e, " 11, Stevens "
Wyalusun,g 12 Wyalusing . "
Tuscarora a 14 Spring bill •
Camptown ," 16 Cam_ptou r "
Wilmot` "16 Sugar Run i • AI
Teny-te ri Tarrytown . 1, ee
Asylum!• " AB- ii
Towanda 'eejl9 l -2 4 rugh I se"
ROIXte " 2i , Borough ' I • 'ee
Litchfield . 4 23 Center__ , H SI
Windham '1 24 - Cmkendall 1 44
Warren " 2p "
26.80r0 h '
Bowen Hollow • "
Lelia:yr/Te l ee
u4 ismey
Shealtegmn•.ee 29 Lower , " -
&hems " 39 Borough ' -_ se
Smithfield , 0 31 Oen_ tar . '— • . u '
Bidgliury, Nov. 1 Burnham es
South Creek" 2 Gillett 41
Wells " 4 illowly hill , es
Colprabia Oil Anstinville - " " ,
sprinOeld i o 6 Center ; "
West Burlington " 7 West Bar. Cen. ss
Wpm es
1 1 3' 2
, val barg I ,
Ulster ee I ....,..--
Burlington '" 14 thrtra win;
Albany and Overton " 16 Bahr
Mouroe born " 16' BoroOsh
Pranklin,l 4 - 1 18 Carney 1
Granville "119:0entes
14193 , I , 20, comers .
Canton " 21 Borough- I
Troy ds 22 Borough •
Special. Orwell, Nov. So, Towanda, Deo.
14, Troy, Dee. 21,- Tow:nide,' Jan. 4. __-
Teachers attend the regular examine
tion 'nearest;Wu' residenie,or plaoe of teach
ing. Special moons are for those.pre-
vented frota attending the regular annual
examination; and these must
present the Usual Written request from tl4
board of diractorwdesiring to employ them.
Rwtyniflattemis will °ordnance. at 9.a. mi.;
non admitted unless 'nnavoidably
detained.. h propose to admit no more than
twenty, to any one olass:1 - • I
Thelki: Whits - the [removal of previs
ional oertiSgates, and those from abroad
cannot be endorsed. I'
CertificS valid in this County must be
procured re commencing school . Selux)l
Directors. requested to be preseltduring
enaminatbnis. 0. IT,. Omniarrar,,
Sept. 21sk 1867. • County Supt.
iranzir;'SePtember 1.867.
Tau Amaluca2( Comma Srovs has
just been awarded two that premiums, one
for Cosa and; tine for woed, at our County
Fair, and the fo ll owing . telegram has just
been received from the State' Fair of New
Jersey :
Fun Gaordaie, Minas, N. J., Sept. 19.
To Maw, Pfickard & Altiony,"24
Tae AmeriCan Cooking Stove was alias%
dad twremiums- over all others, at,
our Fai r. • _ •
Dom & Sons. •
Thus itwMbe am that the' superiority
of the American is tio marked . and. decided
that "bane* end wherever it IS put on ex
hibition analoomes under the examin ation
of practice:l;lnd - scientific men, it sweeps
the board an d takes all eel:maul:Ens.
The. Stovie are for sale by .thidding
Russell, Towanda Pa. Oct.
4, own that the th!an
lation - wider the ex
. t:its Treilinrer,
been so, ttdielously
ted, that we may say
la debt. At ineettwo
wit Pay all &W
-and the whole of this
patronage strait 62
year which kit it
Some yam* ago a
five thousand dol.
en upon the 'prop
now paid. and the
A , , . _
bir , , e assortment of Frame's
ti V ite.i , atifAmmto % & we
rxes PhO phio Booms. Will soon
have on some 'eltgant liksmes of To
rians Wilma; *minable for lllonafi tiew_of
Towan da. 1 I-' • - '''' , Oct 2.
before in as 'good a
Ie hope this fact will
Vent to our people to
fool whio'hhas• done
• •nunnniq.. No Omi
t° pay off any stale
I any one is disposed:
d to the best
• dahave ever ‘.,
Churches) they •
ecuatributionis' - '•
ememt Ind . t
• wiee the' iii&teht
• - Snininekainui Oak
• • • • - • 14 the nifirann
many : hberid persons
• . Ten acres' i of land
whole 'of which is ntid:
lion, and ire /ZOO*
tos wkinh it'van • de.
k building rnigkb , ' feet
• andthisokool
. glifirsta.
It • sa:p al h ►
and Rim been!an: y ew a r tii
wo tftemilsei ciloch 0:9106144'
:ma* *Oh*
Whin*. of tbli
•Notut' 0.
goblet! Steroscopes, Stergsoo
pio Car d Frames; Clad Easels Pais,-
Mkita N at HakDING & &waxes Gel
.rit 44 I ;. Oct 1-•
• .
sir We !are producing name of the,
finest Plot e, from Miniature and Card to
• 81se. erhr made in Northam Pannql
'L;; • o . lolPareelain *tame, Soler
• ; •
opephil plain, *Mika at odor*
either from dife or copied from otherfin•
tares. •'
Copying done at remarkable vadat&
Ooe. 2. - Mimeo & faxmarr
Loer.--On Stuiday, Sept. 18, 1867,'
"betviean 1:1103? andllarth Towanda, ft bun*
bleak PUS& Eihawl_; the plaids imp end of
name tradann. The Andes 'Mlle
lantaaded Viewing Mat the BairoAni dt t
10 61annaL -- - ArnsenttleraLum,,,
Pe' ;Sept; 19 1867. •
s~ ~ ~~-- rrrv.+c S
' ~'a;, r~t ..'4;''.4.~ ,t'. .. '~a . ~~';i?~~~:a':%",ice: r~~c 3>r~.
arOosilsßobkir iu4
daiwth dip • *al evecbegare—
, ALV:4O
ar'is ispir an d Ei l vdoix t s , (keuut 7. lo_
on' Pfriatt just - oliimut
ma troll selected ***of-It I Pea!
and fitstiouosz, of all .Wl*lllo2l boo hoon
bought st prioeu urtdohu**-4 1 •1:1
lawAlgures as the tauie goods could, OATS
beta:. gurebanit for' bistbre the soar.Wl
and ezandne. Ammo ?k'!.141111116
lie. A. J: SWAItt mopen
her Select School, in Canton,- az: y,
00. 1411:. 1867, and oontinne . 3mtil tlnne
Meek . Obsess TM be formed for the bow
-1 dial Shoes desiring to quilt themsekel
or tasting. Turnmt (SU: term at 11
weeks : Oman= English fSS 00; Mew
English, Qs& branch extes}llo etc French
0118 00; Begins= in Davin 64 00; Orsycon-
I Sag, llikroslnomorinin and Ads:wood Dran,
big 114 00. N. 11.' mtun be inid befc:rw
Our old friends and cnointers
ets fall stook of. He:delve
in our now. Sent& store on- Pine street .
Olvdt 100 feet vest of B. T.. Phs's ~eorne
book of Etwell'sstore—vitere we invite all
bur g w4s = '
G it Busiesta.
245 Fillids• Aug. SC l i 186 t
Mir Our heavy ;loss by fireoonipels
as to ask ell pe indebted to us to make
a strong &NI to help us now. ..ife need
it noir, and shall feel „very grateful to our
triends, It they will remember nu at thin
-time with material aid. • I
Comma dt B
Towanda, nu& 18, 11367.. ,
Pis This *lib lined 'with T.
and does not make water ixdsoll as the
water does not come in contact th the
lead. It is recommended by the Croton
Board of , New York, and by the - Water
Boards and Physicians of all the .rincipal
cities. It is cheaper tan comm.n lead
pipe. Specimens may be seen at ,o store.
Misesars 82013111E1 & Co.
Towanda, Ang: 26, '67. ,
pr. my de ter will give' me no
pesos, she say ve many broad acres of
land,beddes 1110,000 in Government B
and yet won't buy her a Piano, what steal .
I do? The echo answers: Go to Dewitt and
Dittrioh,_Temple of mimic and get her one
of those amlatirring Mang Fortes,whose
bass sounds like the mpg thtnder oi
the booming of cannon, ose treble is
more Musical than-40ha n dmew, and
?roam like a river of water," will flow
through your household. llistruments to
rent or for sale on instalments. Organs and
Ifikodeana n i ec aat bargains,. orders from
teachers solicited. Sheet Music
sent by .
. School Cards, of all kinds at
asoss & Oo's. Book Store. '
, -
Sun role Wantatir, connecting
with trains East and West. leaves Town&
evEz i f ft ionting at 7 o'clock. and Will call at
dw for passengers if names and ad
dress is of
at the Past Office with Messrs.
Alma & Barba.
Stage returning leaves Waverly on arri
val of evening trains from East and West.
Aug. 1, 1867. - •
MUSICAL CONVIiiTION.--Will be held
at Wyabish commencing , Tuesday
eveidng, bet 8,18, at 71 o'clock,' to
continue three days osing 'with a -con
cert on Friday evening, Oat; 11th, under the
directions o rAluandan, .' of Wyalnaing,
Mrs. J. B. Bmonea, Pianist.
' Admittande to the fall convention.
Gentlemen, • $1 00.
adies, .. •
• Ckausert, 85.
The 711mpte Choir will be famishedfor the
use of Conventionfras of charge. , I;lierygmen
are requested to mad this notice to their con
gregations and attend free of charge." ; The
friends-of Mr. Sumner ando lovers of good
music are requested to d. The first
session free to everybody, during which an
address will be delivered. subject, Music.
Wm. W. ,Wszia, "
N. L GAMOW, Com.
Sep. 17, '67.3t• .7. R. Tinos.
Hatinggyen up our RETAIL TRADE, we are
new enabled to give our whole attention to the•
selling of
And other goods in our, line, which were par
'chased for CASH, from first - handa;and which
we offer to the trade on desirable terms.
We desire Weal!. particular attention. to our
stock 'et •
Bought directly - from the IIIiZORTEPS, con
sisting of
Mitch we ofibr jkt
GOarenteeing the quality In
. aU easel.
We areL receiving additions to oral stock
in all DKP , all oflwhich are bought
With special reference to the mints of this war.
ket. •
One of our firm being a resident
buyer in New York, of many rears
experience, enables us to \ take ad
vantage Of , any favorable 'changes
in the Market, and to keep our
stock-always full aa complete.:
Our btudole matinee edited to oer facili
ties, stabiles tor to oar - great: Inducements to'
by mill, or otherwise, irfil receive
prompt tioarettol attention:
Towands,J3ept. 1. 1867. •
TIMSOtaIMONTiIei Ccoliartner•
A! ship heretofore adstiop ander the name
of Gore & Poise% is this day dissolved by mu.
teal comsat. AU debts flak to and by said
Arm will be settled by W.: H. H.. Gorivat the
old stand; - Passes babied to the above firm
are requested to mate booed atepares.
.Towanda, Sept. 2,1887. • ,
The sedaslitned will centime theleulnees
st the old stood, where he bops to see ids old
egetomen and se, sway new ones so will rotor
his with s all. He trIU hop ootudantly „on
hod w bosh apply , of Dross,. -Pants; 011 s,
Dro Walk Posey. sad Toilet Artie-he. wet or-
is7edesyls alolloawhkdi b 3 sold pri low
es the market will allow for crab. •c -
W. H. B. GORE.
„ . .
T.A ~•
. MIL MITI -. .Thitl;oll, • .!!..
Would take this k ateuttly , of ankh:4 the
friends who so a ssisted l them it the i ate
sad mould ;ay it, has aolsetioisly la
with • thsit-•:berutets,* • Width theystil
eo .r. it — ialie tart - ,(koss • Als - ,,(to.'s Sock !Blom la
Aistion'ittliock ! • . •
A6g.12, 12W, !!-- „,!!
E itTAY.—Conn to the enclosure
- of tie wilewriber In Radek , tainiehlo,
;boat the lit day of Jam lonell Brown Year.
Ulm • White in the (NOM. The owner !a a.
Cito won propestr.• pay duties, orid
e% deer ewer. -
- •
immestligiatusiA - • •
la ci"
Ntw 2naitiiistnwits.
We have in store a large stook of
tBOP' ...AMUIS' Wiliti.-4 . "reelitiet : '
iatliAligier loWitthwiiikii ii
(sali ft
IL& Sawa * CoAVllask4iirlromr•
dooll opsolliotthoOS mi 171411111111
. .fortatt IrtM
st one md table 104 , • sio fiiiii Ong
MODS: cluitth rnet.d . gra (
bit neohorfor;:SloirWaquAttho- - i
atom fa ohiont pod ~,. A*, tclih.-
biz mitt baloglho ohosid lhoolt:z." ' hire
Tis stoneita too delliereVaponi - Ahol Woe
the Ant , Of Itiorerlottt Awe- woiht 40 bitjxhiir ( •
asoosthwoiodlotabc thomittor: , '%4 l7 t:=
, Pirmo ti to bo.'-uodo-hr-tmistOnAttitiotr:
-61 . 1 9 1 / 04 br to I # o tabnilair If !SLIM. 1.::, .5.... i
_ . .... , -1 •
..-...:A“- " • OA; aviia,- , q
: _ ~ _ .
. 7- - l'. , , .Chilrotiri , BolfiltogVoittalttoiri-"
: mormar; F10pt.,17, mirk; _-4, ......::, ,- 14cra ~.„
till MEN, :AO
- 41,07.wiank
,hattng atahlfsbethinwelt
at W *ming, that
informs the tittle=
of thM vicinity that: he — le WreparWlks l l
all kinds of :
Chi tails:ate it 110 MI) - Ail I llliMithiettAtittik
=onlninelf. lam - enabled' ta oiler better
to than dealers 2who hire their work
&nal- llerclants; /egged :with everythhig la
the line at the knrest- rates.' Everything sold.
gavetrOughs and Tin Hoofing pat (Wiwi*
most approved style, arid cm short notice.
- Give
me call. Shop in Welles' Storollonse
over Chamberlin's Store:
• • it' P. straws.
Sept. 10, 1867. I
Respeettally. inform ttusir aiudomeire an 4
public seawall'', • 'that although 'the lirptcat-
dosed serious and , temporary intrriotioa
Aid have ,puretnuied s a tar New
Goods, ball; a new
Ind are fairly Ileanstmcted and ..doing,busi
mums again:
The frontof our store is now on Mo i st:reel,
abont. DO feet from Main street, at T. Fox
[now Powell.] old oorner. If you 'Mild go
into Powell's and walk straight ;through the
wall or the back end- of his store, ygal would
Butyouftelf mom; the . stores, pots, kettl
awn's, bellows and-vices of our new stare. But
as you can't , got,throngh the‘a 11, just well[ up
Pine street to our Bhebaug, where we keep , a
[aline of Hardware. We have a greal vane.
ty of -
Among them 11 the
. .
A complete assditient of
Iron, Steel, Nails. Window 01 rss, Bash'. Se ro
arme,.oll.•Table and Pocket - Cutlery, Farm- ,
ing Tools, Carpenters and Joiners
Txdr, Blacksmith Tools, Paul, - ••
Lead Pipe, Pow, Clans;,
. , nstols
We are 'agents for
-• • -
'Elmira Rolling Oc?;!, ken.
And do aU sorts of JOB WORK ht our line.
Cash paid toraOld - Iron, Cut and ;Wrought
Scrape, Copper, Brass, Biteep_Palts. Bans, Fors
Feathers, Bees_ Wax, &c. We' buy clean,
cheap. and are•content with small profits.
CODDENG aussita.
'Towanda, Sept. 12, 186'4
\. •
[Next door to Fox, EiteTenii, Itercui& Co;,)
Have just received their
From New York, and the attention of the pub. -
lie is invited to the !age and attractive stook _
-of Ready Yale Men's and Boy's-
Now of4red to the public tk-the lo4est market
prices, and which will be sold chisper than.
any other store' n this place or vicinity. t They ,
have just opened a fine assortment' of Goods,
suited for the season. Call and see the new.
stylea,cothprisinethe - tollowing articlesi
. _
• I -- '
Doeskin', Pilot • Beaver :Overcoats
110 skin and Cassimere
PANTB'-A.ND;:v - zs:~i
Of. cies fiy m e : and boy! viler, and hate
Plain and Fancy Casaimeres, Shute, Linen and
Muslin Shirts; Undershirts and Drawers,
Overalls and Over-shirts, Linen and ,
Paper collars and Cull,. Swap
den, Gloves, Ties, Traveling'
Bags, and a good stock of - _
Having a man constantly In New York, send
irig them goods they are prepared to sell to the
trade reasonab ly, and to satisfy yonr
call and see them, find convince yourself . of the
fact, that they sell the cheapest. • 1 .
Next 000 r to Fox, Stevens, klerMir. 'Co;
,Twanda, slept: XS, 1867. e
HI6NA.I3LE tAthallitild I
iswis nia44El • ,
ItelpeottallY lamina the 'online' of Towanda
Rommel, that he lum openedm .1 • - . •
TA \ ILO/Z SRO 11 ,
In Phinney's Building opposite the Moans Rouse
and . solleits a lama of,pnblc paircinago.
gals *pared to ent and ;make garments ln
the most - bahlonable style, Mid the moat dura
ble manner. Porreot , satiorptioti will bo pas-
Cutting and Repairing don, to ; order on shiirt
notice.• • .Sept. 10, Ina.
The andersigled hezeb give vintiee Woe&
: ' -
'Was abd the p t bit( they will
oommettee sellistaftee s_ ay: 44. -13, 1811 t
theism*. stook of ./LEI;MABDEE, !Incubi.
D It'i'Goo - 1) 3,, - GE O I C Eit I E S,
umwm,.wqs '/c Id 1 0 1011fIC
An mow, iIW rAPingt ' 7
v. •• 4 •,,. -- - ,,7 •-•.1 :7' . ••
• ; AT COST FOS' itElpr PAY,.
4 rt
~- *: -;•`:" : 1 . . ; -.: "''
itnif ainthiiiliC;
kalital Bafes AT* ea) •: I -
Such as
-.4.....,.:,......4.. .......;:,... , . 7 . 7 ; .--,.....:.;...; 4.
: :-' ,2 -:- . a.. r . fil:',,=. - ..- . .Y,, , , - It - Ittat, : '0 1
.27. - .AII,NcsM
- - ,
.N P'f,:t ,A: : '(
~i-•.Fµ t ..R .
- - ,
._ • .
' "• • . :Plii i P: . .
V '
: ' , ....i , .....'"'
',-. gi
.: '..
ic.. l
U 1
F , )
' O Ol.
1-1. .
~ ..
~:~, ~..
;,..74.,: n .:.,,.,:;'7 !.
:t-: . :;; ' a ': 7 '-' '' . .. 'r:
~ F
,47, - (t . ~ .4.
.1 j '• I,l'
-_,_.,: f•: ft ,.
!.1.1:310 •
i~~ ?.
r •_ •
.~ut _
.F;.~ »',T ~,. t', S p iry J._
i ~
a •
f ' i l II ,
1 ~
.... i .
~. , ~,....
, ..,...:.,.,
_ .
b •
. co
~ H 7 r~
~. V
. -
'ovine Or mow:
toklitasurcia olorintwr
. 4 sZ4-4,. NiT:i
- "fihf w'r.."ugs
ara eet, o. 0 - too -
tgi~nt New : Bak - iona m i o do
Ntore, where every thtvin - the - Boo*
- .
004'1012m . y - and mai* hheiniqr6
l P r.
/mad &dua!"
folci•PiOttit.Bpeitaeloi . t
t la ie►;''Opera Glasses, `and a‘
- general
GO* were ageeleeteci as go'
city with great care .by experienced
handa criid hought, with 4aBl a.
very low figure. with a uiew to the
wants qf tisfe'echnnOinity.
We feel confrkat we shall be able
to t offer bargain# to, all who tal faw
:6i'' its :' wit . ihek i4i f oynioe . . -'- '
mil see us.
Tam is Pralsoau. i. To ALL Inlo
READ V.-•-010118 & Co., !Lave just
opened a splendid Neiv:Poorand
Mute:Store: is Patton's BloClc;:
Toirailds, ..ivhero .Ukey are, selling
everything in their' line cheap for
Call and see theta and eat-
Uty yoluseif . t4t snob i 8 the case
.Towsnds, Jude 27,1867
19lar IL A. - C'EA.MBERLIN,
yy .
eularsd • his store and is dalky -.adding
argoty to'hisitock, In- thf 'of Watches
heeps the .
And a well selected assortment eir SWISS.
WATCHES, all warranted to ran well or th - -
monep-reconded. He keeps on hand a largdas=.
sortnent of the celebrated 4 n.
And the
Snitahhirer offices the Parlor or :Kitchen.' An
• ,7 mil a good stock of Sze
InVie platedßne. he has Rogers Brother
Heavny Plgted
Breakfast & Dinner Castors,
Elegant treble {►late dgonble wall
C E .1 3 4 ,T 0
,111 E
Handsome Cake • Baskets,
4 , Ptokle &wide, Tea Ile4s,tte:;• ao.,aeo;
CHIMIII4I.I.Ii it now keeping the
011.0yEll• a BAKER'S
Family Sewing Machines.
These Machines are superior to all others for
family use. for the following. reasons :. .•
They sew with two threads dieect, frodthe
spools, and require no rewinding. •
They are more easily understood sanitised,
-and-leseliable to derangement, Op other ma-,
chines: ' ,
They are capable of ' executing perfeet.y,
w' out change of adjustment, a much greater_
variai t v of work than other machines. ,
' . TbeAtitch made by these. machines-m much
-idorefirm; el -stic,•and durniiie 'especially upon
artieleaxig,ch require to be washed and ircivad,
than any - otber stitch. - • -- .
Thiliatitea„owitig to Vie - manner in which
the under thread' is• unsought, Is - mach • the
moat plump and , beautifel in - and retains.
thlirplutspeess and beauty, ,even upon articles
itrimontly washed and: tronedo:untll they are
Itstructure of the seam is such, that, the'
It be cutlor broken at. Intervals . of only a lew
stitclies, it will neither open, run, nor. ravel,
[ bat remains firm land durable. " •
' . Unlike other:lmaehlaPV these laden •• bath
endsof the seam by their ownoperation. '
With these machines,while silk lalzured upon
• the right or face side of the seam, Cotton may,
• bettsed Num tie other' side without tempting .
the strength or durability of the seam, This.
Can be doim on en other machine, and is a great
Baling upon all ' articles stitched or made. up
with snit.
-.'-• These marines, In additiim to theirsuPerior
merits as instruments for sewing, execute the
MOO beautiful and - pertnanent embroidery and
brinime,Mit work. ' •
• Yon can get Sewingalbino Needles, aurall
articles pertaining tot e niachine business. .
tr O'f d"c -.
_._.„ - ,
PiAMOS, • OID:I4MS AM): 3f.pL9pEciplo..l
fort can get at CliAtillidlL'S one df- •
IN .- . , . •
__ • .
• - . . •
~ - .
No better Made in the Mattis. '.. Minuted say
' en- years, still to stayin Atlllevlimiger than any
other. 'Keeps on hand the Arnerican, fradAreat
' Idndsleyl Co , celebrated ' - - • --
PA BL 0 - 13 0 13'0 A .I%l T ki
iwich ioi war:4l3la of tone rind style offinisif
'cannot he surpassed. Are suitable for Churches.
Lodges, itentinaries, slid the ttoniccircle. 'Alto
a geaeral assortment of -other musicat instra.,
meats together Beth Violin, lirlolinoello Strings .
Brid i tes Tail i Plecesi Saws, Bow Hair, Keys,
Demember thatl ,,, do `not depend` up - on the
sale of Musical Instruments for a living, conies,
queatly am willing to MIL at ,a, :Vrty, small ad;
r ace * 1 L...' .
Done in,the beet manner, as usual. at low rates.
• Towanda, July 18, 1867. .., . • .., -• -. -
NowicE. •
I The tnaii;ii ir 4;ned would risT4ctfully give !lo
tto to their ends, end the public generill7;
Oat no goods will biaold
A'T s iCiT - A •
At their MLitt after the :
Filig i r• or , sgrirtisitEitcl4txt,,
And airaccounti-due dif, : are expected to be -
, the 16th ot. Aped._ ,
• t• -FOX, STEVLSS, 611111103111 a 'CO; 1,
Towanda. July 18;1867. ,
• 14ST.- —Three notes; one givir,bn
. 1 3.J'A.-Leilir, dated Oct. 10; ten, mi. 'silo
one given by J. G. Keeleri . dated Karat 1;11366,
sllllW,lnd enit given ty- J; GI -Keeler, dited
414,10, 1867, tor $47 O.' The finder bo
ireirarded by reterning the IMMO td "' •-•
TRAY. , :—Came .te:the enetesure — `
_of thasubsoriber. hi Pike abont the
Oath of Jane. a %small palr - Otlsrell . *otoliad
Bet Irearlttist Steel"; • 'The owners' reridested'•
'tg,proire pmperty. pay charges aid take them
'away. ' A yokel!, 3 year old Bolls tor sale. -
BoPLII, , .
pit .intwmn mom mem
1 4. ,010,4014itthicinpolf,
aituatekliwpo l --- tgisaCoon
4 /,'Pe..,'ContOblinftll9 o "o44w . . OtMcfland, 200
sweillmproved,toll ballwoollo good timber well
#lol93.laLswillwincw AMR
61 114 101 ‘ ;11 1 0;j41 0 4 -1 7 -10 4# 111 t 11
. Mee : tipple% aclir Taft Or tam-
Mir, imal4ll.lP good J hood.
end aldogiimMethetint SulithigiaWaMurg,
one of the largest coal works lc! th e 'Awe , sod
lie miles trom the .11 , 'Um:sport, & Mlmira g.
tr,;_tniotto diumelupliocbtoo t ithallit9lls; ,
mantises ore - latwkstbor Moispritaliwi
fogOtumMer'ocidaimgwis, ltial IA by It
legt*lt._ll:9lhgnlinut MOMS for 60:10W11, , war
o .
gothspind: , noceseatratObalidgek
Zsliboa 'lllll - sheilwitli a dalWigiiir , ,Thir
will with ciwirything 41e lass
as follows : 12 cows and all airy Mencils, 1
ppm of youngbassia satirieimae, 3 war
gong. I cast ir &Minna, Mild Mowing
Raping Machine. combined, 2 Horse rates and
rotk*Tgariingetill,.Marroirs, clgowavl&e., 3 &ci,
ind isver thing-that - is :Irontiatma s
farm, and mostly alt near. Price $32 as! ears
Including nil ; $3,099 down the balance to 'nit
. the's:whaler, ,Fur Audis,/ informatkin address
H, S.. ROW; t4gerl.9,'Vogitel.,
Aug. 29, P,7,!-.3m
TOR S,ti.riE;4l 7 ,ll4i-35tibriCiikoMeiriii
touters oi, the estate of Wm. Girard, nrcr
Lir sale,' Ow ..fliouse •-totiaimelO. captor of
Ira3aklili sad 13econd' streets, - Toiririda. The .
house Is nearly new and contains 19 roma be.
sides cellar and Wdod house. - The . lot: is en
closed with a goad picket fears well painted,
Oahu% wet Ain& *Warm ; Parsons wishing ,
to purchase a home will do well-to call and ex
13e4re purchasing <. elsewhere: 1 Enquire
of J;
.3KK:119, or o n the'premisei.
' ' •
...,1191enators. T
Sept. 17;18Sr.
HousE . ANR -LQTg.
The subscriber Ohm • fer.sisle; a new . House:
located on Ratldoad , streerps South Towanda.
'nearly, - opposite the bilck -yard. The house Is
20x.W, nearly finished,Vllh a good cellar.. The
lotkure +50:200 feelakch,, l o.nd . wilt ,he sold' r.ep
arate orgogelher. Possmalou glrcit bnr:tdi
-ately. Apply to Dr. Pratt, or the lieu !
, Towanda, Aug. W, ;OLIN
FOR : A... valuable -Hotel
Property with' On tstitillatied boaineir, at
Altki Ik)ro'. Apply to
, • ' moNTAiriA ,t, vri4
A 4.21, 1.1367. . .
OW SALF.,-138:scies niiimprow
ed•liuid ilirOeied wiito Pine, one nine froal
CatttittOirof four naffei from the -Soottailutnisv
Apply to MONTO YE & WARD.
Towanda. Aug". 21,186,7.- I
A PPLICATION Ot . Afilito l 7-
ED FAIIMS are isereaslisg. Parties bay-
Jai Real Estute of that „character tar sale will.
dowel', to ledieeatries arid - .. ticriptoral at oar
dim . •
Ailg. 21; •
- pow uNT.-=;.kvalutitlit faim
.1; nate on the Junction and Breakwater . W.
IL;fonr miles ,tram —norgetown. 'county seat
of Basset Ounaty, Delaware, containing $OO
acres 160' improved -balsitce,t timber. Good
'dwelling,. barn, stabling and out4suildings,
over 600 peach - and apple trees; Unreal fenced
Will be rented for six years.
For further inrormation apply ": to, or address
%Vat.. itiPEDICEII,
.11eal - .Figate Broker,'
Lewis, Delaware.
July 11,1861.
FOR ALE. CHEAP.---An Imptoi-1
Awn t 17 actin ; Sheatiegnit.t 45 aorta;
",12 sere of good eliesatit bonding.
timber,ad railway • ties.' ';11: notibre- - bftrded•
hods in good rep.tir, living spring in kitchen:.
Bam 36x66 in .good repair; :About 75 fruit'
trees. Jeriee $2OOO. A pply to
• • : • • i ONTANYE '4,611D.
`•'-.Tnirands, July 25,'1867.='- - •
• situate in Asylum . township ; 80 acres.;
604nrea.improved; A GOOD FRAME .110IIBE
with 14 . apartments ; Two orchards •, lone liv
ing springt.g . Fame ,Barn with b asement,
36s40—Feriliale. Price .113,500. -(Dart
main). . Apply t,?
!rewinds, 'July. 11 , -„
Subscriber offers for sale. his firmAn
Wyks, nearly opposite Toriratica.. 'This farm
-eodtains 120 acres of land in a high state of im
proement; with p splendid dwelling house;
barns and outbuildings. • It has a large never-•
faillog_orchard stocked with good fruit of es.;
eitidescriptlon. It is iti - agood neighborhood
within easy reach , of the church- and school
privileges of loivaida borough. ' Vor terms of
sale, enquire of the saliscriber on thep
Wysoz, April 8, 1867.—t1• .1
i. 'Aborit finirmilek A from: Towanda; on the
Eiaternliableof , the Susquehanna Riser. - Con
taining kW:it:IVAN acria.l. Framed - house and
barn, a limo barn; corn house and good apple
orchard thereon. For terms and particulars
inquire of WiL - J.DELPEUOR. of Srieshelluill,
or JAMES - 15'000,-A ,rowandan.
Jiinal3; 1867. ' '
• • A It 1 71 •‘ . ..j..A.,1 1 / 4 1.D R. 14 S . 1 •
. .
Farms in Tolbot and adjoining_ -etitiMietton the
Eastern Shore of Maryland: • '
Desir.ble Farms near .*Ealt • W ; liter 'GAMS,
Mikan(' Oyaterrin the 4reateat &bandit - me .
Most fertile a .11, producing Grahi: and, Vegeta-,
hies of every kind. A. delightful elhaate'aulla
, hie -for Peaches. Grapes, and :everx„viiiiety:cit.
Fidit, : with a tide of : emigrsitkiii- pouring in
:from tho North, make it - a great ;in
ducement to any persOn contemplating a change
.a" 'mild and 'healthy' : climate ::: Circulars;
maks,ltisdWogpeatif _firms, and p dens, sent
frke upon - applicatioti.t‘ -me st Easton", Tait ot
county; Maryland, or 'to: Edward Oirertrlt;.lr..
- •
Late U. S. Apity tuftaeciy connected with
BittgharaTstatel.andllgejley in NortE ern
-,Pennsylvanta. ." Ang..B, 1867.
1110\VVI 5 ROPERI'IES':-T0W9141-
DA.-11• hd jdiog tots. on •• ombard-and•
Third Sts.. .Price.trant 0350 to $7OO-
'6O Louten *
oriritaiirlud , 2ilreets. Price.
$3OO - t0•350.
Fifteen lots on Bridge street: ,7 • •
Reslibuic4. Good house tutil. good .
.nqigigbiorbood.. PrWe 32203; •,.
louse and lot on Third street,, opposite col=
lege. Price $lB6O. .
Twal.rats a feet frimt. by 100, feet deep , site College.:
lrpply to ' tditliTs •YE rk. WARD.
Town properties Tend, - bought an d sol d.—
Rentals: obtained. • •
Ten .minutes walk • from - the' 'Borottgli. Prloe
.$4;506....-Eart may remnia4 f;•:?,1 •
. w4REN -
Tovianda, July 25,1667.. r •
Opera the lollowtrog' Purina, Coal and Timber
Lands for sale :
Fine Timber lnt, 3;nlllAsi Troia Towlanda; osn
taining 53 acres. Price $1,325. ,
Farm in Asylum . . c )ntaining 135 acres. dood
- Under_ a„,fit :state of cultivation.
Mostly improved . : Price $6,000.
Farm inW . Burlington-=on.ert the Creek.;—
kiew'houso and bank ..Under san etate'of cul
tivation. D 5. mores. - Price4s,4so:
u, - : . . . Good
!Iranklin. under good coltlva?-
11,;,n..,G00d buildings, For sale -
iSeve're.l,:lrery desirable Menses. and Lots in
Towanda. . • • I • • ..
...Ailarge tract of Coal La i la in lino county.,,
Towanda, July 18,1861 •.
withMl, etitilpmettt .
• laso a pair ,of
liorszi; rlrill'ho sold dm • to
,; , :!fowaiiitv:lol9: : 2s. - 18 . 67 • • - • , •
JOHN 6.01T.1L10N
' - - • 1 .
Hawing leased thicli•ras Ow si .., nadir ,to 10-
• 44 eri,
conim%ciate the l'nsvcil • g ,obli . No palm
nortzpcose will help*, . to ;iv aatiat action
to those w nmay_giv et,hl.. -aeon. ,
.- -
.3 r North aide'.o( the • .010.41E1114s east of
Mercox's neW.bloaltiow ..uildiag . .
nATJTIONIrIy-ongviiry.' ed
lii k yiari, livisgiett . honk, thi ne to
'caotton trsm astsiti 'cock - M1.(14g
bits on toy s ceesint, ail ib all ray f no - debti eon.
tracted by hitn. -AB AM sevE!tcqpb.
•ToWaviti,Pept. Ift, 1 . • .
--.YOUIC . G..TAI.
Li. mad 044(10
'Wagon, foxed 10.
Tawandi4tfoOpt. 10;180
• ,
A.has Lett my
jvist cause or prov.
'and Koebld ail pergotts
"Oa uly sqconut. 06.
n'contragtipg atter 41a
• +owanda Sept 17,186
.A3A: cost.iti thh
7-:,-„,-: , ,-......,
siThilipeitiik::o„ - -viitie _ or .
_An* Of Y0049144V1.44/, 04 1
4 0 magma PleZb r . <-. 4 °A 4 WP J .
it it..**posatiel. , i Abe Pm di r
..__igisfill us' - Ail ',TT - • -4` 1 ,
wiDTA* -6 4 61 fi1l ' " • '.' 7 "1
9*lCksr,-. •awAtik: . , .
gt- -by ' ot• Mut - • . 9 ' , ?ma" ' -
..,.. 4 / 1.1... 140,4 141 0 1100 . 1 , 41 1 ",
vrite......,00,-3,..„ ~..-.
.INg•Afwer, . am- nun, or it!. fr.
linisa y ,4 l s4 l o - 5..* 10 . 4 . - 1 0 '0 1 .;'.*)1 6 .11, , ,;;
''7----f &aner l4ll"ges ° i"ecilirAll"°4"
Be 41 tiro., v . Jamie 'lie tt?. -
•tf AlllO,--The Mikados .. .Mt plig,:i. u;.yarivi Pr • '
latiCaltiMe ha - Tat 10., aoundaneatifilfWii
- leads of ILO. Alat l : B John Grim. „James 'sr:, .
CleKind; Mow B ' o.eonarilllaggies;itild •
the reAlle Idgterey. ASIA tOr the peedel4.lo?,-
Irsz and. Sugar Cree4„-soath by land 9 . 1!(g011" .. .
as Potter and west 1 j John In4W. 7., Wallin-, .
ing about 40 acres oil Wad, utorefor lfsi,' - 411.: •• 1 - '
Ewith a laid' ..'and lamed mete hbu;e ,
a as the Kest Troy Horner Piro rism‘d
framed-shbp," few 1114 inset and tz4tting. . •
perk thereon: •.4 1,. - • ...- ...; ' • '-
_Sidra and'atheu in a:edition ettnetli ce-,-, '
W. H. Peck and John 9, Ward sr . it. U.Vaei..'
ALSO—The followil g lot, lows or par'is. Vol • • •
hind situate•in Smithdeld two.,lglaudtt tiatlCer ,
by the p u blic squareimd the highway, eat by '•
the_Qublic 1441 ,1 1.1 3 ead1ng to 614tlington lb/to
41011Utby lanastit a. Plzen's, sun, *taly law .
Of Id. ftlbck: ' twat/alai; eali,..icre ot WO,'"
mai, or ,leas; all homily/id, with' , one!, new
framed tavern• house, lamed' and 4- 1 01 ,
-Indt trees thereon. , , . ' ..".1,.•.;
abed and.telten hi ; exec. atka :tha,takit Pi .
Alvin Arnold vs: N. F. Tuttle'. "-', -• ' - ,-'
,Al2O-41to following lot, piece or parcel uf '
land anoxia in West Burliagton twi, .. winded
no,tizyby lads al the Widow Preys* east by'
~ the Norman McKean lot conth by the, Nat.
1 t.m . lot, and west by land, of Grist. '; oul. '
10 aeres of land, more Or lark: all ire
17' - . ;with a log holm analog hOtettlatteen. . -
Seized and-taken is execution as the salt or 4 „
J. Madison Ayres vs. Lewis Johnson sad Geo.
autiuson.• Mao 8.. N,. Allriniall - 1,111: kikllF ill -
ALSG—The followhig lot, piece or parcel or. -
laud onus* in. Ulster twp.,; • hounded Wirth- by•
!mu of logeph Kitchen, eitstbrlaatil.ollicir•
man Shaw Oiatit by 'a road laWeg !rota Idea
tunate46Acomb's _Stem intl. sad west by
publictursi: leading from Teesside to mitt 5
ens.- Coat:doing *an acre pi lad, more or less
-rill. Improved, with two framed dwelling houses,
one lamed barn azd a few unit Wes therWs:* '-' "
v l3eized lug& taken 'in execution at ;tha I nuit 0
g,, Wolcott Ts. IL LOIS. •
' '• ' ' - WlW.:(iliffPltiliiiitr., '
Sept. H. 1867 . , .
~., - 1 ,,, ' :
~ -. •
obis lax Ansi
QI3PRIFF'S SALE.—By virtue •fa
A Writ of. Vend. Eipo. Issued catt of the
Court:or thinunon Ogee of • &Ward 'County;
and tome' directed. '.there wilt 00 'exposed to
public sale at the Cixtrt House. in the Borough
'of Towanda, on B4TUBDAY, tin lith day df
, OCTOBER, 1861, at '1 o'cloch,• p. Vin., the fol. -
lowing described lot pies, or parcel of laud W
hat* in Athena twp., bounded north. 11 hind of
Henry A. Miller, met by lands of . Wm. Dinelep
sogh be public highwey leading Prom Ath-
ens to Lltchdeld, and west by landeM -saki ..
Henry A, Hiller. Containing two acres; In As
or less', about one acre improved, with alteme4 ' ,
Mose and an old fackemith shop thereon. '
Seize, and taken in execution at the sub ; dr
Joint W.Echouteeill nve vs. Spinel Tracy Jr: t
•ALEK:-- 8 .1 virtue . of a writ oT Pi.' Va., wiii- -
be sold it Umlaute time and place theftdiss,-
ing described lot piece or parcel, of land elwate,
in Alba boko' bounded north by thepablio high '
way leading from' Alba bore to ArnuAda.'east
by the public highway leading from Ea4ton td .
Troy, south by land of C. G. Manley, and de
the weet,by land of .1. D. WitheraL, Cl:gnaw ,
log 100 squat° perthes M land, - more` or leer.
all improved. '•
' ALSO— One , other lot piece or prutel of
• situate Ulna born'' bounded north by land or
J. Lough/testi, east by lands of J. B. im,ytiolde
and?. H. Dariow,'wenth by land Of 'C. U. Man'•
ley, and west by the public highway. Cmitain
ing 4 of 1111 acre: - more or less, all buproved.
•with a framed dwelling house, na..edirva, Sod
Tot bt fruit andornamental trees thereon.'
Seised and taken in execution st the snit oc
Hiner Porter now to nee 01 N. Pomeroy vs. -
James rellows,'J. G. - Merritt and O. W. C..
ALSO--The folioirfng described lotpiec el
pateel of land situate in Monroe buotrclail
northerly hythe Berwick TurnpliteltemlinAireur,„
Monroeton to Burlington, easterly_ by lands of
Joseph Hontet and J. B. 13m!th,. southerly tr,l '
lands of 13.,16.- Hinman, westerly' by land of
Bomey, Containing 70 acreeof hued, more or
less, nearly al improyed, with a tram ed home.
framed barttlind a few fruit , trees thereon.
Based and taken in; execution it the suit
Jerre Adams' Executors Vs. Dennis Lewis.,;.„- .
ALSO—The following dishribed lot ppe:te tor
parcel of land sitnate la West Burlington !Iry ,
bounded northly' the highway,. Cast by
lands of Fowler Swain, south h i t lands 01 tieo .
Johason, wetly lands of Theodore Curtis.—
Containing al acres Of Lard, more or tesv, •
about 30 acres Improved, with a 'frame 1 hous'e.
framed barn and a few fruit treosthereou•
Seized and takenin execution at the soli ot
E. Pomeroy's use vs. Oecirge:Perrs, A. J
Wieners} Edward Swain tetra taunts." •
WAf "l lIAPIt3,
Towanda, Oat. 2, 1867. • - ' _
lakereby given tbatall perkal Indebted it'
the 'estate of ,HILA.Zir D. CHAFIE deed,; late
of She.shequln. are requested toin ,ake intwailj
ate payment; without delay. and.those having'
chains against ' said estate _must 'present ttiim
duly authe Dade for retttettieat.
' .1111ZA, CHAFPEE.
Sept, 26, 1867. , Adoilnlstratrix.
~{ .~
Ice - talleanby given; ttiat allpepeonolnd bs
ed co the estate of WM. H. WELLS - PlO:teed.,
late of Vo andis Dad, are iequesVd• *to itaake
immediate -payment, and ill peraiina barring
claima'hgalnst Bald .estate will yre9attiMtet4ida l
ly anthentlented• for retanneat
• ; CLMITtan S.
Sept. 26; #867. • • 2LON.,
'Xi is hereby given that all •-paivotti litdet l o '
u. •hr - estate of LOng,NZO GRINNELti p.m;
•30'4. 4 tre I ret tn"ted-41n.
mediate'•paymesk inid al itstving- ' s nr,un
'said estate will !remit !hear duly *l,' ,
for settlement:.
• • • Eleitt.'l2. *VW'
A .1) ,19 N iSTRATOR )
AlL:Settee is hereby Oren. .that a:', •.
tadebted' to . the estate' R - .
tate et''Orwell - tlitr:i deed.; 4rs• requeit
to "make : •iumediate' payment end thrx
ing demands' again.y said estate .wjlta • .
-them duly authenticated tot settlement.:
Sept 16. 1861. t.
NOTIGqI , --Nutive.
.(1. is heieby giveti r that all Orsolis ladebt
ed . 14. the
,taw of Theodom 'Azuot, • LaW'c.f
Monroe deeaMd t aret requested to faake hauled
ate ,paytoeht; had those baring ashes agittio.t
slld mintte . 'will preseut them
. dui autheutirit
old tor eettregierkt.
.L - 3.. Notice Ls hescky gfveri, t.tat- all ieers,m,
indebted:- to the. , estate,- of -..Fraucia
deed, late of W,Yelugug; are , r44.. , .;•' ' •
make immediate -Laiment, and tLux .
'against _Rata estate- will_preiesni,
duly authenticated for settleinent.:
- EIIWdUU 110;4C..t,
• 4 L. D. CIL% .1113Elt:-.I.N.
13,4. -
.T Ais is to give taitice, That, wn- the a;{
Angust„.A. D , a warrant • in Eit3ko4 3 llc.i,
was issuL4 soirist the ei,144 . ..4i 44 444rga.r. 'leery
'of Monrilettm,An the coo ty -co
..ttrauford, .0
the State of Penusylvaula;lw,h4 •• tele'Leen ,
Judged a liankropt on . his Own pistipoo ;
,that the payment of any debts cod delivery
any property "belonging to such t.
4init or for his use. and the tra..afer of '14,-1.1/1""
- party by. him arc forbidden'' , by law ; that .
meeting . Of the_ ciedlleisof said g •nkraii4- 44
prime tr.eir debts and toethoose one or moue a.
signees °this eat te, will be helii - ittl co•iri-
Bankruptcy to be holden at - thi3 offieg oi
Register in the Cohrt Rouse. in th 4;
Towanda, before EDWARD. OyEgTi o;, 4 •
fleeter, on the 23d way:. of
1A67, at 2 o'clock. p.• m, •
United States iLamhall A 8 liteithenger,;Wes
teniDlittict of Penns
Fept..l.6, 1867.--4 rt " .
Jus beret," given that all persona -indebted to
lie estate of J. it. late .ol
Agyitorl twp., dee'd.. are vegetated to make Im
mediate-payment, and 'tttoe.e baclog elaimri
agalust said Walt? mest.preeent • Them . dety att.
thentleated for seqierteoci , .
• 7 . - • B. LAPII4TIi,
Ang 22,18 b? ., • , • • I.aventor,
llama! aid
. T. FOX.
. .
Nettee by hereby- giihu.. that all iler M , HS
indebted to the estate 0 , 110 % . ,CV." , t; 11 , 11.1gY ,
late :of Shepbecioin, .are tegiutittee
mike immediate "paynient. and those Wank
claims against said estate will prpwal thrt;dely
authenticated fefeettlement.
•-•- • - ANNA" P.' V. 1 1 41
- Aug; 29,1867'- . . Athntaintratrix
iteeily wife 11E4
- .
d taardmithout
'ti. • I 13ereby.eintIon
• oc
debtsvt ttastiag her
ETER' A.l! NT.
Am- `hereby given - t t all perms indebted to
the estate of Rased bl'lllnuel.,deed, Jaw of
ULAN' twp., are requested to - mate paytneht
without delay, and these harlot cLdma against
geld estate mat present them td ll 4 withattlea•
spitniasuinFiens. • .
Oat 330117. • Aeadidigniton.-
BROW. :Gllll -NEU; -
•• • ExeciraiX
t:18, 1867;