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• . 1 ;
• '
•'-hiOdii7'.ove l Akng
nbout 12 ceebek;
fraine building ft*Fily*tifiled i by.o. D.
7iarllett now oirned by C. W. Sniith, -- aciu r i
pica by Smitlx;& reSidtiateand
•, TRIXIQOP!cgtd 01-
gai. 9 rtere. ' t
The building Vriiii . destie f iCiV:*iin t aitht
has' ill; insurance of $lOOO upsnr • the •Orcild
iog•but loses his tieruseholti goo3s.aiid 8%
tuxcs. .
Randall & Compton have 'en histizince
61,800 upontheir stock which Probably
cover their loss, and ranch of-their`-St*
was rt. ll2o Yel L . : • : ~
Thn-ilre:is.supixeed to have been ear 44;
by the burning-out of the chirrmi3i.':'•l
ger' - Mg.. -B. Mcini, of Libbrtpr;
Tioga Co. Ia:, ad - vortises
. a . valuable
for sale, which see on: third page.
~A $
one - Fishing tO in4chaiie such a farm Would
do well to go andisee it or. make further 41- .
,iuiry. Never mist a geoi bargain. •
EVERY OATURDAY.—Thig populai
Weekly presents its readers just thoso pOr."
lions of European current literature which
every intelligent American ' wishes -and ,
needs to see. Omitting the heavier papeS•
discussions of topics of local interest; it
gathers from all sources tilts ieadable, aad
instructive articles which express the best
e , trrent thoUght of England . mad the C0n0.,..,
neut, and with _ the utniodt • promtliess
places them 13efOre American readers.
good story, any popular% sketch or 'essay,
any interesting semi-scientiac paper;j any,
striking poem, or literary intelligence
peering iu a-European periodical, is sure to
reappear speedily in the pages of Every
~ittirday. It is published by Ticknor and
Fields, Boston.
sa The following, frout the Wells-
Imre' _Herald, is'a deserved compliment from
a political adversary to oar candidate for
Treasurer :7-- •
Among the Republican nominees of Brad
f)rd county, we notice the name of Charles
N. Morey, Esq., of Orwelt - for Treasurer.—
We are personally acquainted with this gen
tkinau, and can traly say, that he is one of
the most honest, upright, competent and
faithful citizens of .Bradford. county ; and
should he be elected to that office he will
undoubtedly perform the responsible duties
of the same, by receiving and distil:lrking the
meuey.vntrusted to his charge with an eye
t ) the- ißterests of the whole county ; for
w-• believe that his conscience as a pureand
faithful Chriltian, would notpermit him to
Flo otlerwise than discharge the duties of
his position with perfect fidelity to -the peo
ple for whoin he would be _chosen to serve..
Were it, not for his extreme radical views,
and did he not. train in such obnoximis-com
pany, we would say amen to his election.
CO — SoLomoN &Son have re
uluved lo their nett Store Means' block.
They have now one of the most elegant&
..,,unaollions places of business in town;
which they have filled with a new Steck of
Clothing. Particulars in their advertise
meat Lext. week. -
Stro:/g, an old gentleman entirely blind,
from Friendship, Allegany Co., N. vas
molt to -Dr. Up Do Graff, of this
yesterday, by the citizens of the fArmer
place, for the, purpose of having an,bpem
lion for the iemoval of cataracts: from his
eyes.. The Doctor having been 'informed
of the inability of the old : gentleman to
pay for sucli services, very generoMily per
formed the operation gratuitously, at once
restoring him to vision.—Elmira Ga.= tie.
ts. "It is time our people under
stood and .practiced more generally Life As
surance.".—Dr. Franklin in 1789.
11. A. BrumAzis is agent of ths, - Ilatual
Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn..aad
ready to insure all who may call on blin,
at Dr. Pr.wrr's office, State St. ir
cieursiou train containing ten passenger
eftr's bound for the Masonic Pic Nic at Ha
- yaua, ou Wednesday last, just before reach
ing Millport, was met by. a flagman waving
‘a danger signal. The Engineer immediate
ly signaled down breaks and the speed Of
the train was materially lessened. Another
movement of the flagman was interpreted
to Mean that he could proceed safely when
the speed of the train was again increased.
On rounding the curve - justheyond, the last
end of the freight train which left ElMira
an hour previous was seen just ratead but
to late to prevent a collision. The .Fire
men and Engineer leaped from the Engine
and saved thems'elveS. The passengers in
the Caboose attached to the freight train
also saved themselvei by jumping from the
car. None but those riding on the plat
form between the cars were killed or in
jured. The names of those killer were
A. E. Tannery, Lock Haven, Pa., and
Trauklin True of Elmira. The wounded
w( re D. W. Kingsman, chest injured, ribs
-and leg broken; Benj. Hancock, compound
tincture of leg ; RichaiTLyncla, crushed
about the pelvis; • Joseph Thomas, flesh
wound of leg;,the above were 'from Elmira,
and Warren,Lartiard of Simpard's Creek,
bruised and injured about the hips. The
wounded 'were immediately eared for by
Dr. Pollard of Now York. tprs. ~ Freneh
aud Decker of Elmira und - Dr.'W. B. John-
Son of Waverly. We learn that a number
of others were more or less brlttised among
them Conductor Wentz, but not seriously.
It is nuderstood ; that the Cause of the de
lay on the part of the freight, train was
caused by the car .coupling giving away
breaking up the train- three times after
leaving Elmira.
ta,,, A man named LEaoY Lituga,
iras in town. "on a tight" on !Saturday and
took the evening trainfor Alba. .We saw
him at tie depot and noticed he was too
unsteady to stand without, lurching. We
now hear that he got off the train at} Alb - 1,
ant was proceeding afoot along dia l 'trick
to Canton, and when near tlie latter place
wril run over by the 9:40 train.'' Hal lived
till six o'clock in the moining.—Tra
- For the ESP°
PRIZE BANNEis -- -At the Cony" itittin'
of the Bradford County 13, S.. Asko.' "tion
• held in WysOx last. week three pri# Van.'
nem 'were awarded to the thief),Sunday l
Schools in the Connty wilich':iePorted the
highest presentage of attendapee durink
the east three months as' follows : N. S.l
Presbyterian 'f Chttioh S. 'Wyson; boiler - 1
unraber Die, 197, 92, Itummerfteld Union/
S. S.:batmer;umter two; 97, 89„ - 'Presby
terianChnr Stevensville, number
three, 96, 5.
Eleven othir sehooh; reported very com
mendable diligence. : It will be observed
that two of the harmers were teien by de
nominational schools. • j' •
The nest. season,,„it is the design Ofllle
committee to extend the time 'for I:onipetl
tion, aid the prizes, for obvious, imisOnS,
will be aWarded only to Union tind 'Mission
• Sabbath Schools,
The ConVentiou at tiV,yiox waa f 4 Of
interesi tdt the
extra ..ant
if 'Oct!,
Pg* ,
a( i aid
w9r444,43 itF!l
ftli g4),Vk'
the Cbaht -
ken ts
, .114/9k 2 49'i
pnclenthor w 1
phi are intelligent
- , 63 4 11 :. W and '
delight of a I
.when the'new.;
-,' • , :pfie Monti:mu
idna , ''lll's 1,
g 074 1 ,0 3 P 1 .4# 1 ./
I." ceederf. l ,4l l , '
and Chirgynn _ -;conoeits
i t
. .frei'F 0 %94- elPft.s. b ' : See )ix4 M . - 11 606 ,
Ctfilie.lVilisboro...44llit ys of hini . :l
“The'secret of his t - pcpalaritirlies'
ha his singular faculty of onamg absorbed
into the spirit of, his .s his unaffected
style, flue emnesidon, au l adinimble' enun-_
elation ,a ccompanied b y .a Voice of exqtllsite
melody; tinder such contro as to obel the
voice of every emotion. .
.e world 'ir o in
'deed bettered ''by his " g, allied 'with
the purn and gentle spi rit f his mum.'" -
Kr.'s appointm ts - ere as . follaws.
I .
This will be,* last visi t. " ditr.counti s ex-.
cept to!sing_in Towanaa's e future time.
Saturlflay, Sept. 28, . E d's Smith fi eld. i. •
Monty, Sept.r3o, Alba. ' . ' ''' .
. I . -
Tam ay, Oct: 1, Leßoy, - -.
Wednesday,' Oct. 3,11 - etan, . 4
' ThitrOday, Oct 3, Asyl .
• Frialy, -- Oit. 4, Wysox.
... .
Saturday, Oct. 5, Potte ' la;
- Monday; Oct. 6, Camp
. _
' • - .
' fiptcial No ites.
I TEACHER ' S &Amman° Ns will be held
'as follows : ,
Orivell,'October 9, Orwell hill school bongo.
HerrA, " 10, Largo nl 4 •
Standing Stone " 11, Stevens . 1'
Wy=ng ." 12 Wyalusing ^
'Fa ra "14 Spring hill • ~
Camptciwn "- 15 Campto
Wilmot 11' 16 Sugar Bun 41
Terry " 17 Terrytown
Asylum 11 18 Laporte.
Towanda 19 Borough •
'Roma "=22 Borough- . . ' •
Litchfield " 23 .Center . '
Windham' 41 24 CuykEnd 1 •
Warren, "25 Bowen :Ho w
Leßayrsyille. " 26 Boroug
Sheshequin "29 Lower v ey '
Athens " 30 Borough
SmithW.ld "31 Center ,
Ridgbtry, Nov. I B
South-Creek " 2 Gillett
Wells .k 4 }lowly hill
Columbia' " 5 Austinville
Springfield " 6 Center
West Burlington 0 1 , 7 , Wes
Wysox " 12 leisburg
Ulster "13 V' e, ,
Burlington "14 uthers •
'Albany and Overtdn'tt 151BaL
.Mcuiroe boro " 16 Bozbugh
Pranklin " 18 Carney
Granville " 19 Center
tatoy,l" 20 Corners .
035b:in' " 21 Borough
Troy " 22 Borough -
Special. Orwell, Nov. 30, Toivandsr...
14, Troy, Dec. 21, Towanda ‘ _raiW. -----
Teachers will attend.tWregulaf examina
tion nearest their residence or place of teach
ing. Special examinations are for those pre
vented 'from i attending ,thiii regular annual
examination, and applicants at these must
present the usual written request from the
board of directors desiringto employ them.
-tivarninations -`mill: commence at 9 a. m.,
none admitted after 10, unkiss unavoidably
detained I propose to admit no more than
twenty to any one class.
The lsui prohibits the rclinoval of prink',
- tonal certificates, and those from abroad
cannot be endorsed. -
Certificates valid in this County must be
procured before commencing school. School
Directors are requested to be presentduring•
examinations. 0.. J. 011IIIIBUCX,
Sept, 21st, 187. 1 : I County -Supt.
1 .
*Ladies using Se' ing Machines
will find a new and usefearticle for Tuck
' L a r to laar any kill m gat e W . 1 & BLACK's.
! 3
A large lot of Lamps g B kets and Japan
are Just received at WI & Braces.
. ,
Nei. Payson, Dunton nd Scribner's
w-llystem of Penmanshi , superior to all
others, at Cross & Co.'s N w .13dok Store.
. -
, .
To TEicHERS.— Page Theory and
Practice of Teaching Wi ersham's School
economy and m e thod of traction at An-
VOIID & BLllMaeli. . .
Ig.. L. L. Moody witsell. hia entire
stock of Dry Goods , Boota dShoes,Crock
ery &c., at Auction, comm acing Sept. 23d.'
Sept. 19. . • 1 ,
• , l
- is.. A superior qualty of Stamp
ing Paper and Envelopes, always on hand,
at C. F. Cross A: Co's. 800 Store.
• ler Alvord & barbe are now open.
ing a large and Bele: assortment of
Bookil and Stationery • which have been pur
chased for cash, and be sold at greatly
reduced prices.
. •
• Itia. We have -lately. received an
elegant Stamping, Press, from the city, and
are prepared -to stamp paper and envelopes
in all colors, or talein, aa.maY be required,
in the most fashionable and artistic manner
at C. F. Cnoss & Co's. Book Store.
o •
GnAra• VINES.—Do Pin want any
Grape Vines ? B. M.' Well , : can Empply you
with any known cultivated ive variety, and
warranted true to name. Aug, 28.
S. Z. Suss Ea, {is - th
Traveling Agent for Life an
Agencies, i and Real, Estate
office. - • Hon
Tow Anne, Jrai 25, 1867.
t any of these ?
with good and
and warrant
• - • ' Atg. 28.
- Pram ; PLtTMS Ong :
CIMILMTB. &C.—Do you vi
R. M: Welies can k3tipply . •
thriftz trees,of any vane.
Isar Theory and Prae,
ing or the - monveti and ,m
&hoot-Keeping, V David
Eißressly for Teachers,. a
New , BooleStoro. • I
• .liftrawn CONVENTION.
at Wyalnsing Pa., coMm
evening, October 8, 1867,
maim three days . and do
cert on Friday . evening, Oct
directions of B. !Semi%
Mrs. d.. 8. Sumo:salamis
Admittance to the fall co
Gentlemen, - •
Concert, •
' The Temple Choir 11131 be
tnio of Convention free of
are requested to read Wan
gegaiong and attend• free
friends of Mr. Stunner tut.
ransie are fregnested to; . : ?
session free to - everibody,
address will be de li vered,
"%rat. W;
• " R.J. GA
Sei6,l7, 'V. sr .1. R. Ti
Me.., Tho ale - in:ter L structor.voii
" in mL Abe. !APlTclies , 'W Um, Schotiar
3. /3
404 nompipea- .- A. ... direetiozCfor
hirdeit. at Owes 00'1{. : . .k. Stoze. ' !
• air C::l' .. 43 olio' le, so. , are IlOi
. .
prepared to react e
,Sabscsi . _ .n 8 to all the
ii; If Thsl l 7; sTA Weekly ' ‘ ; 1 ". - `AtirVide4
Magatzum ike. They d - :-,. qo keep 71. reg
ular News BOOM in- • , - . ti. 031 with. their
_JR _ytin want
got,. ..91 strong Strawberry plants that
will be sure to. live? $.-.3L Wzr..tas can
supply Ahem toyou by the dozen, hundred,
9r thousand. , -He growing upon his
Own .grounds, t he Jignoplturist, Juounda,
lienrues ;White; •Wilsciii's :Albany,
Link Downer's.Prolifio, New Jersey and.
Brooklyn Scarlet, - Pihnore and Metealfs
Early Seedling ; and an fin orders':by
Stage, 'Express Or Mail. _
Pte. This pipe is lined with Block. Tin,
and doetknot make water poisonous, as the
water does not come in contact 'with- the'
lead. It is recommended by the Croton
Board of. New . York, and. by the ~Water
Boar& and Physicians of all the principal
gities. It tis cheaper than common lead
pipe." Speeiniena may be seen at our store. '
BlAssueri, Phuntmes & Co.;
Towanda, Aug: 26, '67.
ser My daughter will gii,e menu
shemays I have many broad acres of
.4d,besido,a $lO,OOO in Government Bonds,
and yet won't buy - her a Piano, what shall
X do?- The echo answers: Go to Dewittand
Dittrioh, Temple of music and gather one
of those soul-stirring Piano Fortes, whose
'bass sounds like the roaring thunder- or
the booming of cannon , and whose treble is
more musical than-40 hand organ's, and
like a Jiver of water,"
through your household. Instruments to
Ptor forsale on instalments. Organs and
odeons nt great bargains; orders from
teachers specially solicited. Sheet Music
scnt'by mail. ,
AlUpersons, in central and southern Brad
ford, who desire to buy anything in the line
of Fruit and.Ornemental Trees, shrubs and
vines, also FloWer :plants of any liply
kinds, are hereby informed that 8. . M.
WIFLua, of Towapda Home Nursery;- can
supply any thing they may want, and at as,
low prices, -for good stock,
as it can be
obtained from distant New York Nursery
men. .
N. 8., What is sti/tW. re important, he war
rants his frees, &a. to live. Do not be per
suaded into the fallacious belief; by travel
ing agents, that they can supply you with
anything desirable, for with -any better or
cheaper stock, than, you can obtain from a
responsible and knowiatimerymen almost
at your very door. •
Bar. Cen. "
se— School Cards, of all kinds at
Cross & Co's. Book Stime. '
STAGE FOE WiIiERLY conitecting
with trains East arid West, leaves Towanda
very morning at 7 o'clock, apd will call nt
dwellings for passengers if names and ad
dress is left at the Post Office with Messrs.
Alvord & Barba... -
IN -- ; -
Stage returning leavesi. Waverly on arri
val of evening trains irons East and West.
• Aug. 1, .1867.
now in his emp . kiy a gentleman, of experi
ence in the business, to obtain orders. He
will canvass Eastern, Western, Cential and
Southern Bradford. All persons so dis
posed, can have an opportunity to patron
ize their Towanda Home Nursery. If the
agent does not call uponyou, you can write,
or call at the Nursery for what you want.
Nursery Catalogue to be had for the asking.
TUTTLE.—MILLS.—In Steti:Hville,on the
25th ult., by Rev. T. Tho m", Mx.Harvey
'Taitlo o t() Miss Lodema Mills, ` both of
Pike, Bradford Co. , '
Sept. 18, 1867, by Re'v. J. B. Lake, Mr.
Walter Caldweirto Miss Sarah Fairelfild,
loth of West Franklin.
SEEPEINS—McVANNAN.— At the tiame,
time and place, by' the same; M. 3. H.
Simpkins to Miss Mary C. AtcValman,'
':ooth of Burlington.
BARNES—BALDWIN.—By the same, at
Same time and place; Mr. H. Barnes of
Granville, to Miss Emma Baldwin, of
West Franklin. -
FORBES—AMIS.—At' Rome , M. E. Par
sonage,, Sept. 19,1867, by.Rev.A.C. Sper
ry, Mr. Geo. k Forbes, of Rome, to Miss
Rahn M. - Allis, of Orwell •
ALVORD.- - Er Smithfield, Sunday, Sept .22,
4867, Royal S. Alvord, aged 61 ye s. ,
Ntl33 Zbvertto' cmirito..
CAUTlON.—Whereas, my wife RA.
CHEL having left my - bed and board with
out just cause or provocation, I hereby forbid
all persons harboring or trusting her on my so-,
coont, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting
after this date. - JONATHAN HARRIS.
Granville, Sept. 22, 1867.-IV'
1 •
Having given up our RETAIL TRADE, we are
now enabled to give our whole attention to the
selling of
Fire Instsance
busines tit this
...And other goods in ;our line, which were per:
chased-for CASH, from first hands, and which
we offer to the trade on desirable terms.
sto lye
,of desire to call particular attention to our
ck , -
'co of Teach•
oda, of: Good
P: Page, A: XL
Caoss Jr. Co.'s
Bo tight directly from the" colt
stetting of
Will be held
jug. Tuesday
t 7k o'clock, to
. '
Which we offer at,
with a con
llth, under the
of licryalusing,
1, vention. ‘
L . . ':led for the
rge. Clergymen
' 4 , ea to thsireen
; f charge. The
lovers agouti
. d.: The Ault
. g which an
I l bjeet, hfluda. i
. r, loom.
, i
i • 1
4:ltiararkteelng the . (iitallola an tasei..,
Ste are daily receiving additions to guistock
in all DEPASTMEN.TI3, - all onwhieh are bought
with special to the wants of tide mar.
One of our firm being, a'resident
buyer_in New York, of many years
o4erieppe, enables to take adT
vantage of any favorable`, phones
in the Market, _and to keep our
stock always full and complete. • -
Orir business experience added tenni ruin.
UK snablen_na to offer great la:quanta to
'dem by mail or ',them*, receive
pf and careful ? ittentlop f ,.- • .
lowands,l3ept. 1; 1867.
Laisitatoni s
k of
tili - Villi_444o
T. Foes comer.
take Toiavitellt
Welles hula.
frees, arid! tie;
'Nis trees halve
,soil sine tii4l
ides beibV vat
wall )41*db traumas*
worth twkie,
*trees `:yon caw
Aug. 284
JW.• We need
grabktd Ow
nber ne at tins
We have In store a Jorge stock of
,:i~;s:.hcuk,~, ~•- ,_ r? -, .t;u_:?::-; ~a~~:iakrX'-_,Lf i ,;.
~ F , V' i~ F ~
-rtta. n.
-1) ' =ALS'wtlllocliti , . p
.ar to 0.. Stkettiii • k
• • • 11,..k0.'n- Sank—where, • • I t •
and ape . 1, °Wenn 'be eeeni totthe •• r ■
.611..0441 aeltntank'i= halke_111) 1 1 =Set
e f i brilar balldfog tb , be enintetnient,
st a.
ning the - eopereburch.••••on Main joining
in thehormt vekt i relematk4^,se_poide l
oho be received ler -prepping `and laying t
anithteter a r
and ley the atone per perkh—eeparatel .
atone b:k• • deltretsitonwfttw•lot bet e
ibtiket- Merck nine snLewirk co n.
minced Innnedlabdrlbereafter.w.7.- • •
.:Payments* be made In cub; whenritnrktts
eti np letedir l a inid bli nelitgitirinh m ,' s ' — '
• :-.••••- :;rri
• i Cludrinsalkilldho , UOßmittai,
IV, :11
~ , - . :-,, i ...i.•
,mEN„., woNEL:.-01
t r.' 411.1 t
- • OWL/Hifi WANTED;: 1
I N Y_ Als ..I ZkU G, •
: 1 1 lAi d
• • io 7 piladimii Tllir.w.l4. qq%).
at W,yaltabgiagectrally intatits thweitizemi
this- viclgt_
wikinds of ty lit
On•the shortest notice. As mim Imo the
goods myself, lam enabled tr; 'offer better la
ducements..than dealers''who' itikki „lbetework.
'done. Merchants 'Supplied Wlth every thing in
the line at the lowest ,rates.' Everything sold,
FAvetron ha and' Tin Gonting pnt dn'in the
most appro ed style, and on atiorknotice.
Give me call. /Mop in 1\ 1 0 10! Htorik Howie
over Chitm erlin's ,
Wyal lii k`: BULTZEII.
ft Ittremul.
g A R . A
.A l. . .
• , • • 2,
gesysc,t,Mll; inform their Customers • -
' " — Mid tlie
pub letenerally, that altho egh ,the Are , cc*.
stoned seriotut Mu, and temporarY lute _ ptlon
to our business .-.. '•- . .• -; 1.
" 'WE STILL stray EI"
vizne o
have I
And na rehaned 'a large ego. k of New
floods, built a new
. - SH A N.T Y S T 0 - lit'T
en's are faisly o ßeconstructed and" doing buil
flea again. ,
Th frot O p k.
ow I,
abou e loo n eetfrom o Mak s n reet n T s
Pox ,
[now Powell's], old corner. If you should go
into PowelPs and walk straight through the
wall of" the back end of his store,,you would
find youtselramong. the stoves, pots, ketti es,
anvils,. bellows and vices of our new st :re. But
as you cult gotfthrtmgh the ws It , just walk up
Pine street to our. Shebang, where we keel , a
full line of Hardware..We harp' a great varies
ty of - I' ' =I
4 I Among them Is the
Iron, Steel, Nails, Window Glass, Sash, Nero
eene Oil. Table and Pocket Cutlery, Farm.
ing Tools, Carpenters and Joiners
Tlole Blacksmith Tools, Pumps,
Lead Pipe, Powder, Guns, •
Pistols, dim.
Elmita !'Mill Co.'s Iron:
And do all sorts of JOB WORK is our Mai.
Cash paid I,:r. Old Iron, Cast and Wrought ,
Scraps, Cop*, Bran, Sheep )'efts, Bags, Furs
Feathers, Bees Wax, dm. We bay cheap, sell
cheap, and are content with small profits.
Towaada, Sept. 1 . 2, 1867. - •
L l O T H I
[Next - door 'to Fox, Stevens, Efereor a Co.,]
From_New York, and the attention of the pub.
lic is Invited to the large and attractive stock
of Beady Made Men's and Boy a
Now offered to the public at the lowest market
prices, and which will be.sold cheaper - than
any other store In tbis place or vicinity. They
have just opened a 'line aSsortmenrof Goods,
suited for the season. Call aad stk. the .new
styles, compiising the following articles :
Doeskin, Pilot it Beaver Overcoats,
Of al! grades f9r men .and boys •
wear. and have
also a fine assortment of r•
Plain and Fancy Cassimord, Skirts, Linen and
•Muslin Shirts, Undershirts' and• Drawers,
Overalls and Over•shirts Linerf and .
• • Paper. Collars and Wk. Super
dere, Gloves, Ties, Traveling
Bags, and a good stock of ,
Having a man constantly In New York, Bead
ing -them goods, they are prepared to sell to the
trade reasonably, and to satisfy your desire,
call and see 'hem, and convince yourself of the
fact, thatthey sell the cheapest.
Neit door to . Fox, Stevens, Herein' it: CO.
Towanda, Rept. 19, 1887. • '
• , „ •• LEWIS REHBEIET , •
&spectrally !Mims the citizens , ef' °lends
Bornzgh, that be has oneits • •
In Phinney's Building opPosite tholifeans House
and moUeits aihare of. public patronage.'
' He IS prepared to cut and, maktgaratents In
the most fashionable style, and the moat'dora.
We manner. Perfect satisfaction walla) 'va
ulted. • - .
Catting and Repairing done to order on 'abort
notice. • • Sept. 10,1867.
The undersigned hereby give nOttCe j to lbeli
friends pad the public generally, that gay' Will
Icommenee.selllog after atilt yy, al 8,1867,
their entire stock' of ' MERCHANDISE consist
tng (11 •
D GOoD, cittoptitits !
HotßinvißE. DRUGS d d BiEthabbs •
, _
• 5
4T, COSI ' FOR . R.E4D r
• • S,LONG-RBOrizety
tailitigton Boio , , A0108%41;107,
_ , •
‘ -
A complete assortment of
We aro [agents for
Stemaniffacture . !
Have fast received' their
Nokia and Casslmere
Bach as
." - '.. ,-, .•:•" - :f.,."- , , ,,, ''1 ,- •" ,, " , '.,....,.,,..,.:,•: 7. '"!.,,..7.;;: - , '.,.:f:.'f , 7::7: , :'
4 , 5, , 1;, , ;1'''' , .t'!4 ,, ,'',: , ',; , ' ~ - 7 •1:41':;, ' , ,, .,,, & .,,t., • , , 4.:7,z7:1, , , w ,;--`,. ,'"'--''),'"'-,--,' .'','' 'r - 4- , -,-' , -,.
~~ r :..~
1/910 . 10: 1 4)4 1 , its3.9F6-
,4 16 1 P1,./YRKTloilifi!
- pleasure in informing'
tya,t e: ej pelt UI i ; LOW
114, an 'a& eorner. of . Brage
Main fS'ireat,`Ao. 3 Patton's Bloc
on RkgatairNefil.'''Bookikand if •
Storey " to/4m4- t wry tleing in the Be..
statiootr,,,q.m m i c line may
r" . •• • ",1 •
found. Also Statuary, .Paindagit,
i s
y ~Aztat)
Go4l Pens, , Spectacles,.Eye Glass
fi' GlassiS l Op T eiCit'ffilit.sses and a
gens7l, assortmcnt of guided Iti - .
struments, Yankee Notions an d
Fancy Articles.'
" r' ' li
Our - Goods were all elepted in the"
city with oreat care
, by experiencid
hands and' bOulhi ' with oath at al
very lot t) Afttre with a :stew to'the
wants of this community. -
We feel confident we shall be able
to offelbargaine to all.who fad-
or us wit 'ele.4-ilt patronage. °Call
1 • , -
and see us.
Mix . ra ,Ranaonz, ,TC). •LL wit°
'11141) IT.--012088 Co, have just
opened a splendid 'New Book and
?!nsie Store, in Patton's' Block,
Towsinla, where they are selling
everything in their line cheap for
Cash. Call and see them and eat-
isfy ymirialf that stieh'is the case.
JuneV, 111387.
' • • Miditlleaouo.
4 •
W M. A]:. E , It 14 11,
Res enlarged his store and is daily adding
largely•to his stock. the line of Watches
he keens the
Arid a well selected assortment of SWISS
WATCHES, all warranted to ran well or the
monep refunded- He keeps on hand a large as•
sortment of the celebrated j
And the
Suitable for olllees the Parlor or Kitchen. As
usual a'good stock of fine
In the plated, line:he has Bogen Brother
Heavily plated
kmakfast (i4Dinn e'r..ea,sNrs,
Eligaat liable pLite 'dotage wall
• Handsome Cake Baskets,
ilekle Stands, Tea Bells, Ace.,
CHAMBERLIN is now keeping the. -
Family Sewing ffachii6:
These Machines are superior to all others for
tardily use. for the following reasons :
They sew with two threads ileect , from the
spools, and requir e, no rewinding. ,
They bre more easily understodd and used,
and less liable.lo derangement, than dther
chines. ' •
They are ,capable of executing perfeeLy,
without Change of adjustment, a much greater
variety of work than other machines.
The stitch made by these machines-is much
more firm,hl!stic, and durable, especially upon
'articles which require to be wsslted and,ironed,
than 4nrother stitch. : .
This stitch, owing to the manner in which
the under thread, a nnwrought, is much the
most iflanip eta Beautiful in use, and retains
this plunipness and beauty, even upon articles
frequently washbd said -ironed, until' they are
worn out.
- The structure of seam is such, that, tho'
it be out or broken ;at intervals of only a Jew
stitches, it will neither open, run, nor ravel,
butiremaini firm and durable. , . .
,_ . .
• Unlike other machines, these ,fasten. - both
,ends of the seam by their ()tin operation.
With these machines, wit
-4 e silk is used upon
the - right or face side of the seam, cotton may
be - iavotupon.the other side '-, withoatlessening
the strength or durability .l the seam. This .
can be denfkon 11Q other ma tine , and la a great
saviii - g4ipen all articles stitched or . made np
witlfsMr. • - .
These machines; in addlt.ipn to !belt...sod . dor
Merits' ail institithents for sewing, execute . .the
most beautiful and permlinnt embroidery 'and
ornamentill'work: -
You can, get Sewing Ma6hine Needles, and all
articles pertaining to the e busineis . .:
311 tr S C!- ~ • '
,You can get at Cll 'S one of ,
No bettei made in the States. Warraited sev
en years, and to stay is tune longer tban.any
other: Keeps on-hand the American; and Treat,
Lindsley & Co , celebrated
• • •
.P A 17, L
.0 R 0) G
'Which for sweetness of tone and style of finish
cannot be surpassed. Are suitable fotZburchee
Lodges, fiemluarles, and the home circle. Also
aseneral.assortmelit of,-other [musical imam !
Meats together witlt - Villits-Vlelineello- fittings
Bridges, Pieces, Bows, Bow Hair, Keys,
ilea4tote.,4e. • -
BemeMber that! "dolnot 'detlind the
sale of Musical hasty:Laiants for a living, conse
quently act *Matto hlPat a Very small ad.
4 ,1 ' WATCH 'AND. cop' titkPAIIIINE34
Done in the best moaner, as usual, at low rates:
Tom!** Jult./ 8 1 . 4 8 0h 1 .4 - :1
V# R . PcP l4 4l?! !
The and would respectfully giro no
their friends the ienerally,
that ,a 0 100811 11 . 0 , 101 4 ,
(0 11, E , ,T - 2 41,
,j ;
' At'thelr Store alter the
FIR T 01 1 -SEPTEMI.EitIitg.T i I
And all accounts due us, are e xpected to beset
tled by - lhe 16th of Au g ust.. 4 !
Towanda. July, 8. ,
I_OST.--Three notes, one given bi
LOwis,dated Oet.10; 18118, fin 11110
one given by J. (1. Keeler, 4140 Harchl.lB46
ors 00) and onniven by 'I. !Keeler 01103 .
July 10:1887, for $47 69. The Linder, will
rewarded by Teterning the same r. , :
E. B. Biellf.
wY51014146 147. Vat' z7 l- •
PSTRAt—Came . to: , the-enclosuro
4.141.01 Almirtibecriber;ht PllceAwpJ:' about the
20th of June, a small pair of well matched
1tedA041444 The owner is requested
to ptutui pro ; pay charges and take them
away. - Ayo eot3 year old Bulls for sale.
I , ' 6, ABA WABlira.
pitosoceivirmatma OP ALL
xlAweirattitilem the . zapa RON.
• _ • .
: - --:--, ,, -,.. - ..,-?,,,, , ,,:-::..!--..,x
IP:ARM:WC% 1414 r, tAlt aSi B ':s
GAIN. As the absorber 'wish' . : ;
obtuse his;l24gleggi tbitufavr Gars ids I
for sale, Altana/1a - I,4llant/Inp.;;Tioga, Co ; ...-
414 RAF: 4 194dintgiffAllamailliallait L0W,3•0
A lly
491 1 1 1 00 1 Pmetlis g9 4 _ 0 44. . ir 4ll :
A ka W= 4 ii rltiag 4 T ll ll l l ,
/19041 - 44010Aftdellota c/irtittplo)6iat
• lisaft2PAUfnfllkks7a le ituudnelEbbPakec,d.
- and a good mariet'sevaa muss Prom Elosgbarg
one of the largest coal worki in the State;-aaci.
Om , law Alma tha NiEllsialPoralibi Agralra Al:,
11,, baddy to church andschool. The_ Improve,'
•atia4 ai. 012 4.0 1 441 1 R-003 7 - hones Comfortal
for a naniber of years, oaa. ham 4 balltso,4 PI
feet wlt) underground stahlasfor SO cows, w i
pm ibel m vs -otlniageemory lot ;' , 1P9.11414 .
also a vod -HUI seat, with a dam bout e t
farm IrM • l*sold wlt i lteyagthAuLon - the •fala
akfollovrs t... 13 cows and au didry 'Aeneas' /
Spam* young horses, 3 *Mil 0 Mauer, 2 nap.
gsmia' alit ft on fi eld roller, 1 Eagle blowing - 0
Raplamjfachina cam bited,2 ligte rake aid'
forks; Trantiagmill, Harrows Plows, .tc.; 44
5a 2 44k.- 11 4.-*Tet t 14411443- Wading 04:a
firm, and mostliall new. - Pride $32 an este
inowiarali;, 000,donn :Ale balancelci suit
tie' urchmer. or information I ,,addresi
H, MOTT, Liberty,' Vega Co., Pa. . . i
.4. .214.'074,4m .: - :„ . - •, - •.;
OR SALE,--Pie_slabseril)ers, Ex
bentors,erthe estate eof: Wm. Girard; olihr
for-tisle,the -Home:and Lot situate corner bf
Priinklln-and &coed etreeta, - Towanda. The
honsels nearly new and- contains 12 rosins be.
sides,cellez and wood house.—The lot is Ml
'closed with a good picket fence , well psi n tea ,
goo& As% well:mut Pereon's wlehhig
to purchase a homy wUI do 1 , 4 to call and ex
amine before' purchasing ekeirhere. Enquire
of J. WOOD, or:in the. premises. ,
' if. BALL; -
Sept. -17;1887.
The aubsciiber offera'for ,
sale, a new House,
located on Raiidoad street - in South Towanda,
nearly opposite the • brick yard. The howl° Is
ox3o, nearly finished, with a good cellar T/Io
lets are 80x200 feeteach; and will be sold • Sep
elate or together. Possession given immedl
ateif. Apply to Dr. Pratt, or the , subscriber.', .
Towanda; Aug: 29, VI.. ':JOHN ICING.
.:•SALt.,=-A. valuable Rotel
Property with an established baldness, at
Alba Bbro • Apply to -
Aug. 21, 1667
Li OR SALE.-183 acres unitaprov
.s; .ed fund timbered with Pine • onewfile from
Comptow r n;,totir miles • from the Susquehanna.
Appfytot ! !.110141124.NYE & WARD.
Towar.da. Arlin 21;1867; . •
za. ED PLUS are Increasing. • Parties hat:
lag Real Estate of that character for sale will
do.well, to leaTe eatrles and descriptions at ohr
- • • ,
Mig:111, 18-67."
OR:RENT.-AValuable fikurksit
F,-zate:utillurliuictio4 and Break.wistii
IL, fear miles from ueo'rgetown, county peat
of Sussex County, Delaware, containing 300
ecru, l5O Improved balance timber. Good
ciatelling,..barn,. stabling ~.and '_out.tudi dings,
over 600 peach and apple trees. Is well fenced
Will be rented for six years.
For farther information apply to, or addrus
lies! Estate Broker,
July 11, 1867.
L'OR SALE CHEAi'.—An improv
ed Ft= ; 77 acres ; Sheshequin ; 45 acres
cleared ; 12 acre : of good chesnut building
,timber and railway ties. A doable boarded
house Lin good repair, living spring in kitchen.
Barn 3600 in good repair. About. 75 • fruit
trees. Price $2OOO. Apply to
- Towanda, July 25, Hu:
situate to -Asylain township ;,80 acne
60 acres improved; A GOOD PRAIdE EtousE
with 1 . 41 apartments ; Two orchards ; ,four liv
•lng springs ; a Flame 'Darn with, Basethent,
`36.x40-Por Sale. Price 84600. (prt niay-71e
main)c Apply to'
Towiulds, July 11. 1867.
• V The subscriber offers for sale his !arm in
Wysas ' nearly opposite Towan• a k This farm
, dtaitis 120 acres'of. land in a high state offm
proxement, wite -- a Splendid dwelling,hcuse,
barns andontb!Tildings. It has a large neger
faillngorohard stocked with good fruit of 'e
description. It is. In a good neighborhood
within ft.uv: reach of the 'church and school
privileges, of Towanda borough. For terms of
sale, tc, enquire of the subscriber on the prem
Wysox, April 8, 1867.—tts •
About four Miles ,from Torianda, cm the
Easters hank of the ihequehanna River:. Con-
Mining &bent 180 acrei:- 7 Frinied= house_ and
barn;4llo . zeb barn, ; COlll hopse and good apple
orchard thereon. For terms and particulate
inquire of WM. J. DELPEUOH. or Sheshcqnitt
or JAMES WOOD, at Towanda. .
• •
Jane 13;1867. -"
Fermin Tolbot and adjoining counties on the
Eastern Shore of Maryland. : • • • .
Desk-hie Farms near Silt Water, Garbo, -
Fish and Oysters in the greatest abundance:—
Most iertile a ll,' producing Grain and Vegeta
bles of every kind. A delightful climate stint!.
bk.:for - Peaches, Grapes ,and every variety of
Fruit, with a tide of emigration pouring in
from the North, combine to make 'lt's great in
ducement to any person contemplating a change
to a,, mild 'and healthy - climate. Circulars,
maps, and -catalogues of farms, andprioes, sent'
free upon application to me- at Easton, Talt of
countyi Maryland, or , to Edward Overton,lr..
.Towanda,-Pa. •
hiAs. G. B. OVERTGN: -
Late U. S. Army, formerly connected with .
Bingham Estate Land. Agency in Northern
Pennsylvania. . • Aug. 8, 1867.
..1„:_D41.-11 building lots,. on ; ortihard :and
Third Sts. Pricy from $350 to $7OO.
60 Lots on Main and Railroad streets. Price
$3OO to 350.
Fifteen iota on Bridge street.
TOwn Residence. Good house. anil.good,
neighborhood. Price $2200.. •
Home and lot on Third Street, opposite col
lege:. Price $lBOO.
Tio•Lots 60 feet front by 10b - feet deep ~ op I) ,
site College.
Tostrpropeitle3 fouhd, bought :end sold,—
obtained; .
Ten urinates' walk from the Borough. Price
$3 t 600. Part , may remain.
~ToWanda, July . 25,1807.
(Airs the Farms, Coal and Timber
Lands for sale i- • • • - •
„Fine Timber lot, 3 miles from Towanda; 0! e.
53acres: - Price $1,225.”
Farm in A_s_ylum, containing 1.35 acres. Good'
buildings. Under a see state of cultivatiOn.
Mostly improved. Price so,oop. • - _-
Film in titre:it Ber,lington=on the Cfeelt;:—
Newiltouse•and barn. Under aline state' of cut !
tivation. 95 acres. Price $5;450.
• Farms in Franklin. All under good enitiva;
tion.• Good building's:. For sale cheap.
Several very desirable
_Houses and Lots in
AAarge tract of Coal Ltindadu toga county.
Towanda, July 18, 1867. . .
poR . -13ALE:-A goOd'ainal
with - full .equipraent. , Ab3o. .a pair of
llorisei• Will be sold cheap. Apply to
• •
Towan_di. July 25.. - 188.7.. • -
E L N Ir.LL, HOUSE, j TowaNim,
Havaig leased this House, is now ready to ac
cotnniOdate: the Travellbig ablic. - -• No pains
nor expense will be - spared to give satisfaction
to those w o may give him a call: - • •
thlr North side of the public Square, east of
?itsrsAl's new block [now building].
CAUTION. son' , Henry;*aged
to years, having loft his home; 'this is to
cagitorall persOns from
or. trusting
blm cal roy account, as I shall pay no debts Oen
tractoil by him, ABRAM 13,A.VERCOOL,
Towards, Sept. le, 1807. - • .
YOIJNiI - PAIR OF ' ittups;l
kind and gawk aim - , Also Haineas and
Vragon,toi,sole. , • , E. T. FOX.-
.; - .Tiwanda•SePt4o;',l667. kt.•
. .
.WTION.:--4Wliereas: my wifete-
V lowa A.Wi left, my bed and boardiWithcait
any :jest couse:lor provocation, I hereby caution
'sid forbid ail persons.harboriog or-trusting her
'Oll my account,. as I will pay no . , debts her
4inatcatiltitafter this date. •
' Tolvanda t aept. /7, 1867,-
aist„at the NEWS EDON
401,1 N C. W11,90N
- , ,,,j,-,. , ..5*L . )
SitHERiRTP„S.' :Srari.A.l3 , ,y add,* f
writs of Vend. Exp.,: band oat Of
of ' tom Mon Aileen,* elrfecipird, county, the •
will be colstlatO•rtfdlic rale, at the Con
House, in the Borough of Towanda. on ,S .
Atillatethefith day,,ot MODEM, amit. s L
reelcoek,; Aesicribcd 144 4
'Plebe or parcel of land sitilate- in
Weeded north by 4. 0 11 - 410 e
by land of AClSlcOrptalkerntattesetith .by laud f
Andrew Brinnan,'vrest by the_ highway. Coli; ,
4444, aboat of:. ageo,„„mere or lam a
• At* ?eatd,e4 iP 1 # , U 1 4 4 ,0 ,461 1T5 1 •t;•4 1 •Pow 44 /P ,
thereon. ' •;? .• • ,
"441;taiie z u ekhculifti ' t suit of
Ifeichenter Bro., ,riadroc4,A. o lAcksoa..
ALShiAlui.fellootisig,lot;igehe .or parcel 'pi
- land situate la Troy. r twp., WOnd-W aorth)4 ,
lands of D.P.Altstiti; Jahn Grist James q•
Clelland,Heray Boggles, Leonard B uggies, d
the public teat !by,' the public big -
way and Eager Creek, south by land of Nichol
ea Potter and west by John Leiner. Contain,
iv about 40 - acres ot Unit-more or less, nil fdv
roved Attie - brick- attd,frareed. taverirhOßle
[known as the East ;Trey. Honey two liame4
barns, framed shop, few trait trees and trotting ,
park thereon: •- I -
Seized and taken leetecntitin at the stilt of
W. H. Peck and John. O. Ward vs .11. D. Cash.
- ALSO—The followiLg toti piece ,or parcel of
land Mute in Balithfleld tarp., bounded Wirth
by the public square and the highway, east by
- the - public highway leading to Iturltugtow Bwo
/oh% by lands of A. Phelps, and -west by laud
ofH.-Bullock.' Coiataining one acre of land,
more or less,- all imProlved, with one new
framed tavern house, framed barn and few
fruit trees thereon. - 7 •-' r •
. . . .... . . . ,
Seized and taken in- - execution, at-the snit Of
Alvin Arnold vs.,N. F., Tuttle. ' •
't .A1130.:=-Theloilowlng`llt,picie' or parcel of
land idbaste inilleit Burlington twp., bounded
north by lands of ' the WldOt kraym.o, - & et by
the Norman' McKean fat "-south, -14 the) mat-
AYres kit, and west brland of ; - tir bit.i • ; en:-
taining 10 aeros of land; more * or iota, il li . lol--
'proved, with a log lime and log &met ereon.
Seized And taken in execution at thelilt of
J:liladison Ayres Is.' !Awls 'Johnson an Geo.
Johnson. 'Also S.. N. t Asp enwit 1 l ',lr >. . /
e w is
Th l , ,
ALSO—e ,following lot, piece
_or pd'r el Or
- land sitaate'in• Ulster twp., '‘ boa nde 1 mtt:L . by
Janis-of, JOsep,h Kitchen, east by:hinds dr•N or.
rtian, Shaw, so titliliy a.rold•leading from Main
road .to liolumulPa Stela, Milt, - ;tad west by
public. highway . leading ftein Towanda to Ath-
ens. Bontaining ian acre cif land, more or less
nil Improved, with two trained dwelling houses,
ono framed barn and a few trult.trees thereon.
Seized and taken in exectition .at the suit or
E. Wolcott vs. S. It. Silk. • -
WM. GaiE'FIS, Sheriff.
Sept.l2, 1807
is hereby given that..ill persons indebted to
the estate at HILAN 11. EitAFFEE deejd., late
of.Sheshequin. are requested to make immedi
ate payment, without delay ? . and thoseihaving
Maims &pins:, said estate must pieseht them
ditty aathe-ticated for eettlement. - • "•
Sept,-26, 180
thy. is hereby given, that all persons indt bt
ed_to the estate of WM. 11.. WELLSIANI„ dec'd.-,
Lite of Iliaands.Boru' r ate requested to "make
Immediate! payment,- and ilk persons r having
claims against said estate will' present them du
ly authenticated_ tor eettlement.
t..a.A.1.4b,i,a, S. W.ELIALLIf,
Ad in I nj stratrLs.
2E4 1867'
DMINIS'RS, NOTlCE.—ticitiee:js
.41 1 1.. hereby given 'that airperaons Indebted lo
the estate of Peter 'Hastings, deo'd., late of
Windham twp., are reipaested to make payment
without delay, and ttio - se having claims agaiust
irs:d estate most present them duly aathentiea
ted for settlement. .
Sept. 2,1867
:4ie hereby giien that ; •ail persona indebted
to thr estate of LORENZO GRINNELL late of
Wells, dee'd; are requested to
mm e q . im
mediate payment; and all having c • upon
said estate will present thpm duly nt,'; enticated
for settlement. ---•—
10 , 1)A GRINNELL,
hiecutr ix
Sept. 12, ISO.*
Notice is herebi given, that a:I,A tons
indebted to the -estatt of IL J. EICNERING,
late of Orwea twp t - e- deed., are requested
to mak, =lei:lMo "Appetit and thoscimv
big demands again,: said estate. 4111 piment
PemAtaly authenticated for seitlethent. .
" • -SAAC. MARSH, ' - •
Sept 1867.* • 7 -Administrator.
4L. is - hereby given, that' all indebt
ed to the estate •of Theodore Arnot, late of
- Monroe deeeassd,are requested to make immedi
ate ,paymhnt, and those having- claims against
said egtatt 'preSent them duly authentleat
ed for set lemch:.
ept.l6 l ; let 7
IL.. Notice heYeby given, that all persons
indebted ;to •the estate. of Frar.eis Hornet,
deed, late of Wydlusing,. are requested to
make iintitediat-2;4payment, and thyslk huh&
demands sgain4- 4;tict est.tte will present them'
dull. authenticated.lqt-settlement. • .
Administrator. -
Sei)6. 17, laG7
rfiis . is to give notice, That on the 3cl day, Of
A rtgOst, D , *.eir, Jarrant . Bankraptcy
was issued against-the estate of George P Tracy
of Monraeton, in the• conuty of: Bradford, in
thelltate 'of Pcuroylrania; who
.has been ad.
:1 p
judged a Bankrupt op his OWtitition'; and
thatthelm: .
ymeut.of any debts and delivery o I
any progeny . .t;clonsing to such Bankrupt to
him' or lorkisigse. ; uu tra sfer of uny pr o •
party by htm.:4 , :rc• torbidden by-law.; that a
Meeting ct th - 6 `cretlitoes of said Btu's - rapt to
prove tueir depts and te , choose. one Or /110 re As
tfignee.wof his est te, will ho held at a Court of
Bankruptcy Itolden at the office of the
Register in thL tntrc lions,, - is the Borough of
Towanda, St) ',V ARI) OVERTON, *Jr.
Register, on the 'iatt.oay of OCTOBER, A.
D., D:67, at 2 o'c,:cek. 4). al..
United Stailcs Marshall as . Messenger, Wes.
tern District of l'enns}iv. '
ept. 1ti x _
.Thi3 i 3 to g,;(.,e notice, That,. on the 26th
"day of Auguat, L). P. 37 a warrant in Bank
ruptc7y was N the estate of'William
All'ark of IL:: tu..1.-aiip of Monroe, in tlie coon
'ty of Bra.Vor‘:. un,l State of , Pennsylvania, who
has. been aqjtidged a Bankrupt on his. own peti
tion ; that the, payment of any debts and de-
Ifierybt any property belonging to such`Bank
kupt t 3 him or for his use, and the.trYnsfer of
any propertyly are forbidden. by law;
that a meeth]g of the creditors of saio,Bank
rupt to prove their debts and to chooser bne or
more Assignees of his estate, will beheld at a
Court of itankimptuy to ‘be holden at, UnSoirice
di the Register in the Court 'Dense, Ili the 80.
rough of Towantaa, before- ItiIiVAIZO
TON, Jr., Register, on the 7d cday •ofi October,
A t D. 1867, at lti o elock.a. na.i •
, Tl.lOblA A. ROWLEY,
United States i::r:lial'as Messenger, West;
can District of Pennsylvania.'
• • • " BY'E. B. COcIL.BAIIGLI,1); piny
. _
Sept. 3, IS67.—tw., • '
pXECUTORTS''NOTICE.--:-Niatice is
14 hereby given that p.ll , persons indebted to
•he estate ~of' J. ILAUTIN, late .of
Aspinai lisp.; deed, are reiidested to Make im
mediate %payment,. and these' hating claims
- against said estate must present them duly au
tbentleated for settlement..
• '
dug• . 2 .1867
, Netiee is hereby given , that all ppeersons
thq estate of 1 0/14.CE KIN ,
Lite of Sheshegaia, deti'd. • are requested. to
make grnwndiate payment; and those having
- claims against said estate will present theta duly
authenticated for settlement, • —• '"
Admixdatratra.: •
Aug.` 20
'or - G . 4 1 1 1 k
:old eland. I
:ark toque.
14IITION:-L-HTLe co-partner
eretorore 'existing tinder the name
Powell, is thi.lday dissolved by mu•
t. lA,il.debts dao to and by :said
• settled by NV - . IL FL Gcre at-the
Petsons indebted to the above firm
tjed to mike immed ate payment.
W. IL li. 'GORE.'
,'Sept: 2, ISO.
..fasig - k;ed. wilL continuo the business
stand, where hp hopes , seetis old
and as many new ones as will•favor'
la call. Ile wilt linen constantly on
sh sappy a.Drags, Paints, Oils,
I,.Fancy and Toilet Aztleles , and ev
il ti 11141 b - sold as low
ket•wt /1 allow Tor craft. • ,
. H. t:
The on
at the old
custom -
him with
hand a
Dye Stuff
as the in
I. • - • .- -- 7 - :
OLUT - l0 X.- , - Thd ::co-partner.
a* rt.t 4 .10/ e existing-tinder the name
a. Harding, is this day - dissolved by
- molt. MI debts due . and by the
w ill 'be -set: ie i by :fdrl. Harding atihe
in debte-d to the above are -revested
bete%) the 'first of October.: mall
unpaid at that time will he left, for
• . •' • • GEO. H. - WOOD;
..' D. HARDING,'
A = .
a, ug. 19, 1867.- • • - ', . -
- s ti
of IVood.
mutual c
saida m
old, stead.
to pay ul
COM tic
ty fur Bale the at • ,
•• V I A/V4l - :.,NAP
PAO . MA .
• • ItATIOSr-4TheriiiiraY nit as iertmeeta•
.tdy of thqComataillealtb efilennaylyania, en- .
MGM . " ria ant , ebithrg'' of this
w ilco
of too to - give
putabilloilce ot such% he the
aim the entantratkia *ranch - notice what °Ancor
are to b 4 111%1011,:1; WILIORDIFIBLiIIeir Hiker
id of Um, count? Or B 10 1 04: de -blizeb7
.known and give notice, Jewell's:tient of said
&nutty; oa-TUESDALY; the . Bth day of.ool'o
- Pete* Ilisiduta 41 1 4 Catlittil to.
~ , ,
• la ABA Borough, at thp house formerly °deli.
• piedirt /4; P.: Knapp la ..., • • •,', t
AllwoNy t &kat 1 4 1 )4 *ow ileFI -1 94 , 4 11 1
-,l2.4trznenla, at the bourse of John' 15: Beelier.
•, la Asyjatur'ai ihet 10001; • bemire near ; tititteoq..
la A efti bora' ak GI - I'l6l4dr, anniati:Oece•
god by E. Matiewaua... • - , :
slum twp., totula"ocoopied
by J - Start, ha Albans barter". •
bOrP 4 , at the bonne- Tattierli!t,,.
. cooled bir L. Bopp. •
Pi . 0 1 0. 110 *
BerlirrEten _West; at tlie.hOusi cd Zara
Godard. •
la Barclay at - tivi Smoot
In Canton bOro', at the Coatis Moue . . •
la. Canton twp„ at the, rmerly ()CPU-
Fleet:oy S. S. Myers, In Canton bore. 1 _ -
In ColumbLi, at-the house or Jiturcimoillan: •
, In Franklin, at the • lipase now AcCapiettby
.8. B. Downing.
tit . .
. 'fa Granville, el/Daiwa! Benj. F;
la-Rezrfak s rat athool Immo near, Daniel
Durand's., • .
In Leßaysville bora', at. the Wait. forme r ly occupied by , J. B. Fletcher. • •
In lAtchrield, at the hot* formerly occupied erne Blciedgzood. - • ,
In Leßoy, at the Centre School House.
-la Monroe twp., at the house , lornierly occu
pied R. Rockwell. ,
In Monroe bozo', at the Longo formerly, inCli• •
pled by Ethel Taylor.
/ir Orwell at the hotieesol , Francli Woodruff'.
• In.Overton, a the house fornielly occupied by
Duvid Waltman.
la Pike at the-.hone o. Travex Bosworth.
In Rome twp., at the' my ki Rome boiu
In 1 . 192 e, bonnie!, at :he AsFaeiny. • •
iiißygyary, fii " ol;:honie penr, Herman ,
is Blugheinizi, at the Panay Rein.
In Springlield, at the house prinarly eeenpted
by Jesse Bamommd.
Ia atandlng Eitofirt, at the honse,of 81pronSte.
vene._ - -0 • \-
In Smithaehl, at the house torinerty_ occupied
by A. J. Gerontd. • •
In Sylvania hero'. in' the hoop( Curtis ?der
In finals Creek, at the bond of J. F. Gillett.
In-Terry, at the house. of Jacob Frutchv.
In !Towanda boro'. at the Grand Jars Nonni. -
In Towanda twp4at the house of T. B. Jor- 1
damn Towanda lxwo.
In Towanda North, at the house of S.
In Troy twp., at the bodge of V. bI. Long in
Troi bore. '
In Troy boro', at the h ouse of:V. K. L'ong.
In Tuscarora, at the. school house. near James
Black's. • • • •• -
In Ulster, at the house of S. B- Holconib;
•In Warren, at the house of R. Cooper.,.. - - -
In Windham, at the house of B. linylmaall.
Wyalnsing, at the house of .T. H. Slack.
In Wihnot, at the house of A.. J. Stone. •
In Wysox,at the house formeily oocapiediY
J. H. Reed. S
In Wells, at the house of L. Seeley. '
At which timele d place the electers afore
said will elect by ballot. , •
One person for Judte of the . ; Snralme Coyrk-ol
•Pennsylvania'. :
Two persons to represent the' counties of Brad-
ford and balliran! in the Legislature .ot this
Onen person for Trammed. of the Couity
ford. -
One person for Commissloser of theConsAf,of -
Bradford. . '• • ' T
Two persons for ' Jury Ccmraissionera for 'the
' County of Bradford. .
One Person for Auditor for the'Connty
Bradford.. ( .
And in and by said act, I am further dixectedl .
•to give notice' that any person excepting jus- •
See of the peace who shall hold any office et .
profit and trust under the government- of the
United States or thls State, or of any iricorporf.. i - .
ated district, and l also that every Member ail and of the Legislature, and the select'
and common council of any dity, or commis
goners of any incorporated district, is by law
incapable of holdtng or,ezerolsing at the same
time the office or appointment ot.i.udge,lnspec
tor or Clerk of and el( tam' of .this Common
wealth and that no Inspector or other officer of
any such election shall be then eligible to any
office then to be voted for.
By the 4th section of as act plased. the lei #
day of April, 1840, it fa providedl that the.l3th
section of an act passed July 3, 1863, entitled •
' An act relating to the eiections. 01 this Com
monwealth.; " shall not be construed so ag to
prevent- any military ,billcer from serving as
Judge; Inspector or Clerk, at. any-general oc
special election of this Commonwealth. -
°n Act `to cliauge_ the time of eloaler - the
polLs_ot the General and Township Elections !n
the Benin) , of Beadtord. -
SsorroN 1. Be it :enacted 'by the gindit'and
House of Representatives'of the Commonwealth "
of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met and
it hereby enacted by the authority'rof the
same, , Thne at alrGeneral, Special, - .snd'Tostip .
ship or Borough elections hereafter - held In tho
County of Bradford, the Polls shall be cliimd at .
s i x o'clock in the afternoon Instead of- seven, as'•
heretofore provided by law.
• .admixtistra r.
A further -Supplement to tho Piet/don Le.WS
of Pennsylvania : • •
wilEnx,ts,By the act of the Congress of the
United States, entitled " - An Act to amend the
several acts heretofore passed to provide for the
ennouing and railing oat the National- forces,
and for other purposes'," and aproved March ,
third, , one thousand eight hundred and sixty
five, ell persons who have deserted Odle military
of loyal service of the. United Slates, and who
hare not teen discharged, or relieved from the'
penalty, or disability theitin provided; - ark.
deemed, and . taken, to, have voluntarily rei in
quished, and forfeited-their rights of citizen -
ship, and are deprived of exercising any-. right'
of citizens thereof :
And whereas,, Persons not citizens of t he
United States are not, under the - Constitution
turd laws of Pelansylvarda, . qualified electors of
this Cemmonwealth :
Elitcrion enacted by- the ,Senate owl
Hause.qf Representatives of the COMMOntetetilli
of Pennsylvania in General Anon - Wm pie; unit
it is hereby enacted by the authority of the sane,
That in all elections hereafter to be -held in this
Commonwealth, it shall be ` unlaithil for the
judge or inspectors of the election to receive any
ballot or ballots tient a:type/sum or persona em
braced in the proirisiona, and-subject to the dis
ability imposed by said act pf Congress approv
ed March 3,1665, and it shall lie unlawtol for
any such person to offer to vote' any billet, or
ballots. - - ,
Snelling 2. That it any such judge and , in- -
,spectors of election 'or any one. of- them shau .."
receive, or consent Ur receive, any such uelaw- • .
lel ballot or ballots, froth any such disquutliifeir
person, he, or they so offending, Shalt •bp guilty
of a misdemeanor. and upon convittion thereof v
litany coart-of quarter sessions etuhis Com- ,
monwealth, he snail, for each offence,be ient u
ced to pay agile of not leis than 3100, and un
dergo an tinprisocunent, in the jail of the prop- ,
er county, for not less. than 80 dAys •
Starnott 3. That- if any person d eprived of
citizenseip,•and disqualified • as aforeses.d ;shod
at any election,ite:eattex to be held In this co
monwealth; (pita or tender to the. officers th' - -
of, and oiler to vote a ballot, or ballots, aey Inlr
sun, so offending, shall us deeined guilty cii li
misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof, in'Arty
court of quarterseesions of this Commonwealth
shall, foreach offence, be punished is like milli
ner as is proVI - - ... in the•preceding *seetionpii
this act, in the case of officers of election rece►tr-
Ing such unlawful ballot, or ballots.
. itiE4TION 4. That; if any.perseia shall hereafter
perguade. or advise, any perscin, or persons de- "
prived cif citMenship, and disqualified es afore
said fonder any ballot or.ballots, to thwollieeri.. ,
of any election, hereafter tolie held In this Cor- --
ineinwealth; or shall persuade; or advise, any
such officer to receive any ballot, or ballots,
f rom any person. deprived Of citizenship, and "
disqualified as aforesaid; such person, so offend.
lug, shill be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon
. conviction ,thersot„ -to any court of quarter -es
stone of tttli! Commonwealth; shall be Punished
inlike manner as is provided in the second see-
tion Of ills eel, in the Case of -officers - of such
election, receiving such unlawful ballot, or firl-
lots,. A . -
-' •
•. • -
- Ily anct of Assembly of ALaretp, 11;1;6, en-'
titled- qrt - Act regulating the.mode of voting at.
all ele.ctliia,in the several I:cantle's of this com
monwealth; It is enacted. as tollows :
Birefioxli. lie it exactert by the Senate.and
House of Representation of the Commonwealth..
of .Pennsylvania is General A Saab!" met, and •
if i s howl enacted by the audio: y of the . saws:
-That the qualißed voters of the several el:elte% '
of. this Comeniewealthr..atill gerteral,towfufilifi -
borough, and'special elections, are hereby „here
tifterauthorized and required to vote,by tickets •
printed of writtee,severally classified as 'ol lows t
One ticket shall embrace
"landam of all upges -
of cohrts to be'votedlor, to be lab: ; out-
Fide, "judiciary: ll - ode ticket ahall - embi ce the -
names of all state officers to be voted fot and be
labelled ostate;" one ticket . hall embrace the :-_.
names of 'all comity officers voted fbr, including
office of meter, member, and members of as
sembly,lf voted for, and members of f oongri as, '
if-voted forjand bo labeled "county," one tick
et shall em race the liftmen of all township of,-
ficers voted for. and be labeled otownshin" one •
ticket shall embrace the eahres of all borough
officers Voted for end Shall be labeled 'abOrougti" '
and each ChM shark deposited in "sepatate . -
Wcit-beies. „
- The meeting of retina jjudges for this Dopier
aentative District, will be held at - tba;Court
House, at Towanda, on the seventh day after
the election, which will be tut.tho 14th day-of
Oataber.. - ,' •
, Tho meeting of return lodges for the Coinfy
of Bradford will be at - the Court Rouse in To..
wands, on the atter-the election which
.wia be Friday, the lltfi day of October at 1 Q!
chic, pan. - • WIL OU&
. Sept. 21,19137: •
04 - fiiik;