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JGYTHE Reporter is printed upon Camt
,-s Conutry and Job Press, Office No. 50 Gold
r: Y„rk. Thomas H. Senior, agent.
Union Republican Meetings will be
I J,,] at the following places, to be address
• j v [he Speakers named.
' eOilE. Thursday, Sept. 20th, at 7p. in. Speak
r-0. D. Bartlett, Esq., G. D. Montanye, Wm.
A. Peck.
ULSTER, Thursday, Sept. 20th, at 7p. m.
a alters —W. T. Da vies, Capt. B. M. Peek, and
('ol. E. Overton, Jr.
I'.iviisbip, Thursday, Sept. 20th, at 7 p. m.
1 ;kers—H. Feet, Esq., J. Holcoinb, Esq., and
■ [ C. M. ManviUe.
I ATHENS, Friday, Sept. 21st, at 7p. in. Speak-
Wm. A. Feck, Esq,, G. D. Montanye, G.
'(VYivnr Khiney, A. H. Spalding.
\r VERSBURG, Friday, Sept. 21st, at 7p. m.
Speakers-Gen. H. J. Madill, Capt. B. M. Peek,
i Win. T- Da vies, Esq., Col. E. Overton, Jr.
' ~ MONROETON, Saturday, Sept. 2'J, at 7p. m.
V. [fa a- Gen. IL J. Madill, Henry Poet Esq.
' at 7p. m. Speakers —W. A. Peck, O.
p. Bartlett and S. Z. Shores,
j xeuRYTOWN, Monday, Sept. 24, at 7p. m.
i s'n.'ik(rs- Gen. 11. J. Madill, Henry Feet and
t\,i. J. 11. Horton.
] a> sEESHEQUIN, Monday, Sept. 24, at 7p. m.
''speakers—VY. T. Davies, Geo. D. Montanye and
i,. W. Kinney.
] a ; LITCHFIELD CENTRE, Tuesday, Sept. 25,
7p. m. Speakeis — Capt. J. B. Reeves, W.
I V Pavies and Geo. D. Montanye.
I uoWEN HOLLOW, Wednesday, Sept 20, at
in. Speakers— Capt. Benj. M. Peck, Geo.
p* Montanye, and W. T. Davies.
1 n I'i/l iERVILLE, Thursday, Sept. 27, at 7p.
in. Speakers —W. T. Davies and Geo. I). Mon
tanye .
1 p . i.vTE ROAD SCHOOL HOUSE, (near J. B.
Hinds') in WYSOX, Wednesday, Sept 25, at 7
' ui. Speakers —W. A. Peck and O. I). Bartlett.
A; FUANKLINDALE, Thursday, Sept. 27, at 7 pi.
Sp,-iters —W. A. Peek and O. D. Bartlett.
' i> - N'YILLE CENTRE, Wednesday, Sept 20,
,t 7 ]i. m. Speakers — Henry Feet and W. A.
j Leek.
| At FRENC'IITOWN, Friday, Sept. 28, at 7 p>. in.
*i rakers— Henry Peet and W. A. Peck,
i P. Mobbow Esq., and CoL E. Overton, will
address meetings as follows
j At UKCFTT CREEK, Monday, Sept. 24, 7 pi. in.
At i;iDGBURY,at B. Hermans', .Tuesday, Sept. 25,
at 7 p. in.
At SOI 111 CREEK, at the School House near J.
F. Gillett's, Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 7 p. m.
At Al sTINVILLE, in Columbia, Thursday, Sept.
27, at 7 p. m.
At SPRINGFIELD CENTER, Friday, Sepit 28,
7 p. w.
There will be a meeting of the
GEARY CLUB, at the Grand Jury Room, in this
borough, oil MONDAY evening next, for the trans
action of important business. A general attend
ant is earnestly requested.
E. O. GOODRICH, President.
jfesT James W. Taylor litis just opened a
new stock of Goods, bought at the lowest rates,
which for variety and cheapness have never been
equalled in this market.
1-IP The Bradford County Teachers' As
sociation w ill meet at Sylvania, Friday, Sepit. 14th,
at 11 o'clock. Addie Passmobe, Sec'y.
A® - AT a meeting of the Bradford Coun
ty Mi dioal Society, held at Towanda, Sept. stli,
■. the following officers were elected for the en
suing year :
President— Da. E. A. EVERETT.
\U: Presidents — Drs. Gustavus Conklin, Ste
aks L Chilson, M. M. Moody.
Corresponding Secretary —Dr. E. P. Allen.
Recording Secretary —Dr. L. D. Montanye.
Treasurer— Dr. G. F. Horton.
1 Censors— Drs. W. L. Claggett, G. P. Tracy,
J 1.-T. Coi.e, V. lloaiet, R. C. Rockwell.
JSf" There is nothing lost by adver
-1 L-;:ig i- a truthful saying, as thousands of suc
j —t'ul business men are ready to attest. The
1 i who advertises liberally, secures the most of
1 public patronage, consequently he can sell at
■ - profit on each article — and make more money
1 eskyeur -than the man who " don't advertise,"
j ad whose customers, like angel visits, are " few
a 1 fur between." Humphrey Brothers are among
| L-e who believe in advertising liberally, and we
i nil call the attention of our readers to their
We would also advise all who desire any
thing in tU.-ir line, to call and examine their new
p F-' i-n k before purchasing elsewhere. "Quick
- '"i : i sin-til profits, " is the motto they are sail
-1 ing under.
SB&.Tln-re is trouble in the Congressioa.
i "wigwam" among the fusumists. There was a
v of the representatives of the. different el
'Lent.s ( f the view party at the Exchange at this 1
•en Tuesday. The two political worthies
- m hrnlford, Victor E. l'iolett, and the bnmacu
• Henry W. Tracy—came oveer "arm-in-arm."—
"• Nob Mountain Senator and old "Buck Horn"
•: resented this county, and we learn that the "Old
• urisee" and the "Statesman" were given tickets
: admission on condition that they "take back
"its." The object was to harmonize the discor
h&t elements on Elwell. Tracy contended that
c-1! could not get any Republican votes in Brad
: H and that himself or Allen McKean should be
instituted. l'iolett said Tracy didn't amount to
r w of pins ; that Elwell was regularly nomina
ted should not be withdrawn.— Columbia Tte-
I ' V'KKNK COUNTY. —The Republicans of
1 rue County held their Convention at Wilkes-
I -rrt, Sept. Ith, and nominated the following
''• : Congress, James Archbald, of Scranton ;
I •• Kest ututives, Wm. Taggart, of Hazleton, John
{ Poor, of Carbondale, Edmund Heermans, of
: ' uiton ; Associate Judges, Col. 11. 13. Ilillman,
j : Vilkesbarre, Jacob Robinson, of Scranton ; Re
iilcr, Capt. Jacob Rice, of Dallas; Register,
| 'TARRY Gordon, of Shickshinny; Commissioner,
I Green, of Benton ; Auditor, Jonn J. Sharp,
j of Kingston. The names of Hon. W. W. Ketch
■ m, George Coray, and Tlios. S. McNair, were
thdrawn from the Convention as candidates for
agress, and only James Archbald, of Scranton,
-nd Theodore Strong, of Pittston were ballotted
1 t : the former receiving 00 and the latter 34
1 j votes.
NEW ALBANY, Sept. 18, 1860.
-Jr. GOODBICH — Sir : The campaign was fairly
h aed in Albany township last evening. Although
■ ■ was a "mistake in the printer," in adver
ting the meeting for Tuesday, instead of Monday
>iiag, us announced in the Reporter, and al
| agh the rain poured down in torrents, yet the
I ■; 'ie was well filled with a highly intelligent uu
uce, who listened attentively to able and elo
nt addresses from Capt. B. M. Pecs, Col. E.
• -Mox, Jr., and W. T. DAVIES EsiJ., of Towanda.
'ie political (juestions of the day were fairly and
-"partially set forth by the speakers, who were
P jtieutiy applauded.
I ><u may look for a good report from us this
A\ e shall give Gen. GEARY, Judge MEIW.TR,
• 1 the County Ticket, the largest majority ever
■ diu the township.
boys in blue," are fully aroused, and are
■'lined to show to copperheads and rebels that
| - l . v vote as they fight—for the Union.
Yours, Txao,
TION. —The members and friends of this Associa
tion Monroeton, Sept. 25 and 2G, in con
ference upon measures best adapted to promote
the religions instruction and salvation of the youth
of our country.
TUESDAY,— Meet for organization at 11 a. in.—
Afternoon—Meet at 2p. m., and have addresses
on the following topics :
1. The value of Responsive and Concert Exer
cises. Rev. T. D. HOSKINB, Towanda.
2. The Revival and its Lessons. Rev. J. T.
BROWNELL, Towanda.
3. Children's Meetings. Rev. W. HARRIS, To
wan da.
1. Sabbath Schools in Winter. Rev. H. J.
CRANE, Wysox.
TUESDAY EVENING. —Sermon by Rev. J. A. NOCK,
Athens. Report of County Missionary.
WEDNESDAY, 9 A. M.—l. One hour of special
prayer for the conversion of the youth in our Sun
day Schools.
2. Statistical report of Sunday Schools in the
county, showing the number of church accessions
Arc., during the present year.
3. Discussion—What aspects of truth are best
adapted to bring the young to CHRIST?
WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.— Childrens' meeting.
Brief addresses and scripture examination of Wood
side, South Branch, Woodland, Greenwood, High
land and Monroeton Sunday SchooLs.
The presence and co-operation of Ministers of
the Gospel, are not only always welcome, but
earnestly solicited in these conventions. The re
port of revival resnlts, and the addresses thereon
concern the deare st interests of the Church of
CHRIST in our whole county.
COURT PROCEEDINGS. — The following cases
were tried in the Quarter Sessions, during the
present term: —
Com. vs. Sanford Phillips. —Defendant was in
dicted for larceny. The evidence showed that he
took an overcoat from the office of Isadore Solo
man, in this borough, and pawned the same. The
jury found him guilty, and the Court sentenced
him to the Penitentiary for one year.
Com. vs. Jacob Armstrong. —The defendant, who
is a "colored individual," was indicted for assault
and battery. He was employed at the Means
House, and getting into a "muss" with Alice
Bristoll, scalded her very badly with hot water.—
After hearing evidence, defendant withdrew his
plea and plead guilty. Court sentenced him to
pay a fine of $lO, and costs of prosecution.
Pom. vs. Geo. A. Jfolden and Octavhis Jloklen.—
Defendants were in dispute with John W. Sweet
as to the possession of a piece of laud in Asylum
township, in the course of which the defendants
were guilty of an assault and battery upon Sweet.
So the jury fonnd, and the Court sentence Geo. A.
to pay a fine of sls, and Octavius a fine of sls, and
costs of prosecution.
Com. vs. Timothy Downs. —lndicted for stealing
some 40 yards of dress goods, the property of D.
F. Park, of Athens borough. Foun l guilty, and
sentenced to a fine of $lO, and one year in the
Eastern State Penitentiary.
Com. vs. Timothy Ilerrijan —The defendant, who
is a hard-looking specimen of a " short boy," on
the 2nd day of last July, made himself particular
ly disagreeable by entering several houses in Ath
ens township, and frightening the women. At W.
K. Walker's, a watch belonging to W. by some
means got into Kerrigan's pocket, and in a scuffle
at Mr. Watkin's, it was discovered. Jury found bim
guilty, and the Court sentence him to pay a fine
$lO and enjoy a residence in the Penitentiary for
one year.
Com. vs. A. J. Cole. —Defendant indicted Tor as
sault and battery Ac., upon Mrs. Heavener, of Sbe
sliequin. The jury found him not guilty, but that
he pay the costs of prosecution.
Com. vs. Geo. W. Jones. —lndicted for fornica
tion. Jury found the defendant not guilty, and
County for costs.
Com. vs. Minerva tknje.—- The defendant was com
mitted to jail for surety of the peace, iu threaten
ing to burn the barn of Bowman, in To wan
da township. Some two years since she plead guil
ty to an indictment for larceny, upon which sen
tence was suspended. The Court now sentence
her upon that indictment to one year's imprison
ment in the Penitentiary.
On presenting petition, the Court appoint J. V.
N. Biles, town Clerk of Wyalusing, for balance
of year.
On presenting petition and approving bond,
Court appoint Charles St swart, Constable of Der
rick township for balance of year.
| Inquisitions on the dead body of W. L. Harts
horne, of Windham, Alonzo Elliott, of Standing
Stone, and Asa Pratt of Canton, were approved by
the Court.
Transfers of Tavern balance of year
were granted as follows :
M. & F. Watkins to H. E. <fc S. Watkins, Ulster
E. Cole to John Cole, Franklin twp.
J. S. Hill to E. W. Wolcott. Bnrlingtown twp.
E. C. Oliver to Wm. Vanßrunt, Wysox.
Wm. Van Brunt to W. J. Crane, Wysox.
In the matter of Bridge views on Contract with
J. S. Hill, and David Rutty, Court appoint as
viewers, Hiram Lewis, Eleazer Pomeroy and G.
B. Davidson. The report of viewers accepting
1 said Bridges was filed and approved by the Court.
In the matter of view for County bridge over
Wappasening Creek, in Windham township, the
Court appoint as viewers Wm L. Frisbie, Cyrus
Cook, A. G. Matthews, Henry Taylor, E. M. Fer
rar and A. Darrow.
On petition of sundry citizens of Wyalusing town
ship, for a change in place of holding elections in
said township, from J. H. Black's, to the school
house near J. 11. Black's, Court order an election
to be held for the purpose of voting upon the
question of change on the 3d Friday of January,
and direct Constable to give notice at least fifteen
days betore said election.
In the matter of petition for an Independent
School District of Monroe Boro and Township,
Court appoint W. H. Morgan, Harry Mix and John
A. Codding, Commissioners to determine the
boundaries of said School District, <&c.
J'hebe Vandyke, rs. Bond Commissioners of Canton I
Ttrp. —On petition of Phebe Vandyke, setting forth
that she sustained damages by occasion of laying
out a new road, Court appoint Wm. A. Thoiwis,
Luman Putnam and Randolph Manley, viewers to
assess damages.
DEATH OF JOHN C. ADAMS. Esq.,—September 10.
Mr. WATKINS announced to the Court in some very
appropriate and feeling remarks, the death of
JOHN C. ADAMS, Esq., a late member of the Bar of
this Comity, and presented the following resolu
tions which had been prepared in pursuance of a
resolve of a meeting of the Bar held at the time of
his decease :
Resolved. —That the recent death of JOHN C.
ADAMS, Esq., onr brother member at this Bar, has
induced the most sincere and lieart-felt regret.—
His ability and integrity—the uniform amenity
and kindness which characterized his whole inter
course in this Court, were such as gave him a po
sition of unusual influence, and brought around
him a wide circle of attached and admiring friends.
Resolved. —That as a token of proper respect
toward the deceased we respectfully move the
Court, that these resolutions be entered on the
minutes of the present term ; and that the Clerk
be desired to communicate a certified copy thereof
to the widow "and family of Mr. ADAMS, with an as
surance of our condolence under their late irrepar
able loss.
Mr. WABD seconded the adoption of the resolu
tions in eloquent remarks, and was followed by
and 11. I'F.ET, who all testified to the Ligh quali
ties of the deceased as a man and a lawyer. Judge
STREETEB then spoke as follows :
| I knew Mr. ADAMS well by reputation. My per
i sonal acquaintance with him was slight. For many
| years past I have known him as a member of the
j Bradford Bar, of high standing. He had the rep
utation of being a man of integrity and ability. He
appeared but once in Court, since I came upon the
Bench ; and he was then much enfeebled by the
disease which finally terminated his life. In the
trial of that case, he evinced vigor of mind and su-
Eerior attainments. I recollect his manner weli,
ecauso it was his fust effort at the Bar after I
came here,and the last in which he participated. In
his argument of law questions he was terse and
forcible, and in his address to the jurv, his stylo
was rapid, and sometimes vehement, and always
Prom the remarks which have been made and
from what I have heard of him, I think I may truly
say of him, that he moved in the higher walks of
the profession ; and that his character as a lawyer
was above reproach. He was ardent and ambi
tions. He was eager for distinction, and loved to
triumph in his f'orsenic struggles, but he never
" stooped to conquer."
It gives me pleasure to be able to speak thus
highly of the deceased. And I trust all the mem
bers of the Bar will agree with me in saying, that
he was an intelligent lawyer, a good citizen and an
upright man.
It is ordered that the resolutions be recorded
upon the minutes of the Court
ties owning this county for the sale of this Gate,
have called on us at our office. We have seen a
copy of their patent papers, and can assure our
readers that it is all rig lit. They have met with
good success on the east side of the river and re
fer to a few of the parties that have bought farm
and township rights :
Judge Passmore, l'v>f. Towner, Messrs. Du
rands, A. B. Matthews, L. Frisbie, Daniel Bailey,
Albert Conklin, Minor Taylor, ltobt. Nelson, Z.
Cook, George W. Prince, Joseph Coleman.
0. D. Cass owns the towns of Rome, Herrick
and Wysox ; Charles Eas toil) rooks and Charles V. I
Prince the towns of Orwell ami Windham ; J. M.
Daws the town of Litchfield : Messrs. Taylor Bra.
& Beardslee the to wn of Warren ; Win. Durand
the town of Standing Stone ; E. J. Easterbrooks
A Brother tlnf the towns of Pike and Wyalusing.
The parties are here tor a short time, and can
be seen at the Eagle Hotel. Aug. 29.
W ICKIIAM it BLACK uro again on hand
with New Goods, just suited to the season. Call
and see their stock.
Machine is the best investment to bo found.
Wheeler A Wilson's, lor family use, is by far the
best. For tailoring get Singers, Call at Wickhaiu
A Black's and see the work for proof.
TEACHERS' INSTITUTES. —Teachers arc T>-'
quested to meet for drill instruction and mutual
improvement, at Springfield Center, on Monday,
Sept. 10th, at Leltoy, Sept. 17th, and in Herrick
Church, Sept. 24th. All should attend. It is ear
nestly urged that they be present at the opening
on Monday at two o'clock,and remain till the dose
Friday noon. Able instructors will assist, and no
effort will be wanting to make these meetings prof
itable to all who attend.
Teachers will bring text books, note books and
Invitation to the public is extended.
TOWANDA MARKETS. —( Wholesale Prices.)
Corrected exery Tuesday by E. T. Fox, No. 1, Brick
Row :
Wheat $2 50 (a) $2 75
Rye 85 (g, 90
Corn 85
Oats CO (J, 65
Flax Seed 1 80 @ 2 00
Clover Seed, (small) 8 Oil'
" " (Orwell) 10 00
Beans 1 25 (.•• 1 50
Butter (rolls) 30 © 32
" (dairy) 30 ©. 35
Eggs 22
Potatoes 1 50 © 1 75
Hay (per toil) 8 00
Salt (per lbb.) 3 00
Flour 12 00 © 16 <K)
Ham 25 © 28
WEIGHTS OF GRAlN.— Wheat, CO lbs; Corn, 50 lbs;
Rye, 50 lbs ; Oats, 32 lbs ; Barley, 46 lbs ; Buck
wheat, 48 lbs; Beans, C 2 lbs; Bran, 20 lbs; Clover
Seed 02 lbs; Dried Apples, 22 lbs; Flax Seed 56 lbs.
HAMMERLY—SHARER—In Brooklyn Susque
hamiali Co. Aug. 10th by Rev. S. F. Brown, Mr,
1. Fred Hammerly, of Amboy, 111. to Miss Laura
L. Sharer of Pike.
REASOR—LAYTON.—On Saturday, Sept. Ist,
1800, at the residence ol D. S. Snover, in Buffa
lo, N. Y., by Rev. S. Y. Hammond, Mr. Daniel
Reasor to Mrs. Sally M. Layton, all of Litch
field, Bradford Co., Pa.
TROUT—In St. Louis, Missouri, of Cholera, Wm.
Trout, Jr., aged 16 years, one month and 13
days. He was born in Towanda, Bradford Coun
ty Pa.
NETO wtboertiscmentg.
TO LUMBERMEN.—Wanted, one or two
X good nieu of capital, energy and experience, to j
stock and run a first class water mill. Apply to
Towanda, Sept. 17, Isfiti.—3t.
(CAUTION. —All persons are hereby for
) bid harboring oi employing a bound boy l.amed
LEWIS BAILEY, who lias absconded from my house.
I shall not be responsible fos any charges made by bim.
Warren, Sept 1, lMiti. ELI A S I.UNN.
T>UBLIC VENDUE.—The subscriber hav-
X ing decided to remove to the west, will sell at pub
lic vendue ot bis re-idence in Towanda, Saturday, Sep
tember 29, the loliowing described property, to wit
1 bay horse, 1 bay mare, one 1 liorse democrat wagon,
one 2 horse carriage, one pair bob sleds, one 2 horse
democrat wagon, one ret of carpenter and joiner's tool*
and chest, together with my entire stock of household
goods,consisting ol stove, tables, chairs, bedsteads,
bedding, mattresses, ataiids, and various other articles
too numerous to mention. Tcinis—All sums under flO
cash, al Isums under $lO six months credit with approved
notes. G. M. HALL.
A. R. Moe, Auctioneer. Sept. 20, 1800.
DISSOLUTION. —Notice is hereby given
hat the partnership lately existing between A.
Sterigere and S. 1). Stcrigere, of Albany, under the
firm ol A.& S. D. Stcrigere. was dissolved on the 12th
day of September, iB6O, by mutual consent. All debts
owing to the said firm are to lie received by said 8. D.
Sterigere, and all oeuiauds on said firm are to Im pre
sented to said S. LI. Slerigere for payment, as li e is au
thorized to settle all debts due to and by said company.
Sept.. 12, lKOfi. S. I). STERIGERE.
X\ safe and effectual remedy for Diarrhea, Cholera
Morbus, Dyseutery, Colic, Cholera Infantum, Cramps.
Spasms. Griping Rains in the Bowels, and the best anti
dote for CHOLERA.
The Great External Remedy of the Age. A certain
core for Neuraliga, Quinsy, Croup, Sore Th oat, Rheu
matism, Pleurisy,Crick iu the Back,
Spinal Irritation, Cramps. Spasms, Numbness of the
lambs, Chilblains, Ringworm, and the best external ap
plication for Dyphtheria. For sale by dealers in medi
Orders directed to J. A. Roy. Wellsboro, Pa.,orW.
D. Terbell, Coming, N. Y., will receive prompt atten
tion. Sept. 20,1860.
HONS.—The examinations of
I J Teachers for the several districts of this county
will be held as follows :
Warren, Friday, Oct. 5, at Bowen school house.
Windham. Saturday, Oct. 6, at Kuykendall school house
Wysox, Wednesday, Oct. 10, at Myersbnrg school bouse.
Towanda, North and Borough, Oct. 11, at born' a. liool
Ulster, Oct. 12, at Village school house.
Shcshequin, Oct. 13, at Lower Valley school house.
Standing Stone, Oct. Id, at Stevens school house.
Asylum, Oct. 17, at Laporte school house.
Terry, Oct. 18. at Teirytown school house.
Wilmot, Oct. 19, at Sugar Bun " "
Albany and Overton, Oct. 20, at Bear school house.
Franklin, Oct. 22, at Varney school house.
Granville, Oct. 23, at Taylor school house.
Leltoy, Oct. 24, at Carner school house.
Canton an i Borough, Oct. 25, at Boro' school house.
Troy and Borough, Oct. 26, at Borough school house.
Litchfield, Nov. 5, at Centre school house.
Athens and Borough, Nov. 6, at Borough school house.
Smitlifield, Nov. 7, at Centre school house.
Springfield, Nov. 8, at Centre " '•
Bidgbury, Nov. 12, at Burnham school house.
South Creek, Nov: 13, at Giile'.t " "
Wells. Nov. 14, at Kowley Hill school house.
Columbia, Nov. 15 , at Austiuville school house.
Burlington's, Nov. 10, at Borough school house.
Muoroe twp, and Borough, Nov. 17, &t P>oro' school
Herrick, Nov. 20, at Herrickville school house.
Herriek South, Nov. 21, at Camp " "
Wyalusing, Nov. 32, at Camptown school house.
Tusearora, Nov. 25, at Spring Hill "
Bike and Leßaysviile, Nov. 24, at Boro' school house.
Orwell, Nov. 27, at Orwell nill school house.
Teachers will attend in the District in wlieh they re
side or expect to teach Should any one he pi evented
from attending souie one of the above, he can v com
plying with the requirements found on the Lhrhpage
ol the School Law, be inspected at one of the following
places : Towanda, Dec. 1, Troy, Dec. 8, or Orwell Dec.
2!). Examinations will commence at 9 o'clock a. in.
None admitted alter 10, unless unavoidably detained.
Teachers must invariably procure certificates valid in
this county, before commencing to teach. Directors
are requested to attend.
Sept. 20,1866.—3t. County Supetiutendeu .
Ci ROCERIES of all kimld are selling
X cheap at FOX'S.
Cjumpljreij Brothers' Column.
.1 '/ 'A') OH ' .•!
•, :-I gfllfctt- •it U BMIO lWo
to JitWlttO'A/S fes
Rgo 0 T S
:-,•;!••• '• • iß'! ' i- V, /v.l.
/..IIA' ' / .1
„ flRiI .
■ '•{ ,M O/ H3U A 1
SHOES 1 - , ,
T -
Have just completed arrangements with some of the
Of the country, lor a supply of
Which, taken together with work of their
Knab'es them to ofl'er to the public the most
Bvcrexhibited itt this market, at prices whicii
We don't ask any one to
for it. hut invite all to
That we will
We would say, we are prepared to furnish any amou nt ol
The attention ot
is c ailed to our
Wh re they ai I find anything used in
Fiom a
In the
Will he found everything in the line of
Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac.
Towanda, September i, ISG6.
Oculist, Aurial and General Surgeon, Elmira, N. Y.
Treat* all /liseare* of the Eye, Ear and 'lhroat.
THE BYE.—He will operate upon Cataract, Artilicia)
Pupil, Cross Eyes, lachrymal Fistula, Pterygium, Entro
pion, (inversion of the eye-lid.] and treats all forms ol
" HO RE EYES," sn< h as Grannlated Lids, Purulent
Ophthalmia, Opacities of the Cornea, Scrofulous dis
eases of the Eye, and all diseases tcr which the Eyes it
THE EAR.—Treats successfully Discharges from the
Ear, iVoises in the Ear. Difficulty ol Hearing, Deafness,
[even when the Drum is entirely destroyed, will iusen
an aitilicial one, answering nearly all the purposes-)! the
7'HE THROAT.—Ulcerated Throat, Enlarged Ton
sils, together with
in all its forms, permanently cured.
GENERAL SURGERY.—He will operate upon Club
Feet. Hare Lip, Cleft Palate, Tumors, Cancers, Morbid
Growths, Deformities from linrns, and Hernia, and per
forms PLASTIC OPERATIONS— Where the Nose, Lips
01 any portion of the face is destroyed through disease
or Othenvisej by healing them on anew.
Will attend to the Amputation of Limbs, "W
and General Surgery in all its branches.
INSERTS ARTIFICIAL ET ES.—Giving them all the
motion and expression of the natural, defying detection,
they are inserted without removing the old one or pro
ducing pain.
The Doctor's collection of instruments comprises all
the latest improvements, and is the largest in the State,
the superior advantages he has had in perfecting him
self in all that is new and valuable in Surgery, warrants
him in saying that everything within the bounds of the
prniessiou may be expected M him.
lie institute has been greatly enlarged, so that we
can now accommodate an increased number ot patients
troin a distance. Comfortable Boarding Houses attach
ed to the establishment.
No incurable cases received fur 7? eat mem or Opera
lions. If a case is incurable he will be so ."Formed.
Institute ou Water street, opposite the Brninard House
Elmira. N. Y. Feb. 2 1H65.
May be consulted in person or by letter, at his JC
deuce, East Spring Hill, Bradford county, Pa.
An intelligent community require a medical doctriu
grounded upon right reason, in harmony with tuo
avouched by the unerring laws of Nature and ol the vi
tal organism, and authenticated by successful results.
Hence we si licit an examination ot our system. Claim
ing that all distunes cap le successlully treated with
truly Hygienic Ageucies.
No D'.ug poisons will be given. Asa graduate o! the
only College in the world where health is taught, we
so.ili take especial p-iiu-. to explain to the patients the
u.>lnre ol the di.-ci-- the laws ol lile and health, why
it it is unnecessary nu dangerous to take drugs, and
how to preserve health and long life. Will visit pa
tients, and give directions lor home treatment, when
East Spi'inghill, May 1, bti.—ly,p.
Thousands are suffering with lingering uud painful
miladies who can be perfectly cured in a lew treat
me ts by'this practice. tsuch is Dr. Coulter's success
in controlling llle w rst forms of chronic diseases; that,
alter au ' Electrical Diagnosis,he wiii opak aktee a
11 n>- by special agreement it the patient desires it. No
d iuoring the system with poisons, as all cures arc per
formed by" Galvanism," ■- Electro-Magnetism," or oth
er nwditii .iti" 11 Electricity. The following diseases
are in i m ineatly c;. ltd by Electropalhic treatment:—
jj1,.... .a, Gout. Dy oeusia, Catarrh, Asthma, Bron
chi! i 'congestion of Brain, Kidney Complaints, Dia
betiMeivur a! Diseases, Liver Complaints, Spine Dis
eases' Scrofula, Cicero. Weak yis, aii Cutauious Dis
eases'' Palpitation ol Heart, CJuiu.-ey, Head Aches, all
Female Complaints, Neuralgia, St. Vitus Dance, Lock
Jaw Epiliptie Fits, Consumption, (Ist stage) Paralysis
or Palsy, General Debility. Prolapsus Ani or Piles,
Pr vi'ltcr will remain three weeks. Rooms on first
11- -r 'of Means Ho"* 0 ' Towanda. Consultation free.—
r l la •< :->r wlii be at teuueed tales.
Sept. 13, l'-ttlfl.
DIl. PIIATT lias removed to State street
(first above U.S. RU-M- & Go's Bank). Persons
from s, diiturxe doirous : . ulting him, will be most
likely to find bim on Saturday; A each week. Especial
attention will be given to surgical cases, and the extrac
tion of teeth. Ga.- or Ether administered when desired.
July IS, 1860. D. S. PRATT, M. D.
dept. s—First Term begins, Wednesday.
De-. 7—! Term ends, Friday.
Dec. 10 Second Term begins, Monday.
Dec. 25—Christmas Holidays begin, Tuesday.
January 1 —Christmas Holidays end, Tuesday.
March 22- So >nJ Term ends, F iday.
M ,r< b 25 Third Term begins, Monday,
luue 27 Commencement—Exercises of Graduating
Cl.i>s,—' Thursday.
The Examination of the Graduatiug Class wiii occur
one week previous to Commencement.
For Fail i i Spring Term, including Board, Room
Rent. 'iV.'i.ui, Rook Rent, Fuel and Washing. .SSB 00
For Winter Term 60 00
For Pa Students. Tuition per Term 8 00
Book Rent per Term, 1 00
Total Expenses lor a, 176 00
A'.. Extra Charges.
Student's moms are furnished with Stoves, Chairs,
Tnblcs. Stands, 1' , Bedsteads, Mattresses, Pillows
and one Comforter. All other things needed for com
fuit and convenience must be furnished by those occu
pying rooms. All articles of bedding aud clothing
should be d -tii.- tiy walked with full name,
F. A. ALLEN, Principal.
Mansfield, Aug. 26, 1866.—3 in.
) respectfully luiormed -hat the liook-Bindery has
lieen removed to the Argus Building. 3d story, where
will be dune
In all its various branches, on terms as reasonable as
•' the times " will allow. The Bindery will be undea
the charge ot
An experienced Binder, aud all work will be promptly
done, in a style and manner which cannot be excelled.
Music, Magazines, Newspapers, Old Books, &e., bound
in every variety ol styie. Particular attention will be
paid to the Ruling and Binding of
To any desired pattern, which in quality and durability
wi! be warranted.
All work will be ready for delivery when promised.
The patronage of the public is solicited, and perkct
satisfaction guarranteed.
Towanda, August 2, 18ti6.—tt.
LlNES.—Patented November 7, 1865 .—This most
novel invention prevents ail incidents by ho ses. With
it, the running away, or kicking of a horse, is utterly
impossible. A mast valuable art'cle for all who drive
horses. Bee Agriculturist for March, 1866. Ilecom
i. ended by Wilkes, if the Spirit of the Times ; Bonnet
ot the New York ledger, the Editor of the Field, Tin J
and Farm, and many other celebrated horsemen.
The subscriber owns the patent for Tioga, Susque
hanna and Bradford counties. Individual or township
rights for sale, on favorable teims.
Harness makers who wish to make the lines for their
customers who buy individual rights, will be dealt wilh
By a slight alteration, the safety lines may be at
tached t almost any bridle.
All persons are cautioned against making or using the
bridle or lines, in the counties aforesaid, without au
tii ority Irom the undersigned.
Wellsboro, Sept. 5,186G. —tf.
DISSOLUTION.— Notice is hereby given
that, the partnership lately existing between D.
Henry Bar stow and \V. 11. 11. Gore ot Towanda, Pa.,
under the firm of Barstow A Gore, was dissolved on the
lit hof September, 1866, by mutual consent. All debts
owing v the said partnership are to be received by said
W. H. H. Gore', and all demands on the said partner
ship are to be presented to said W. H. H. Gore for pay
ment, as he is authorized to settle all debts dne to or
by tlie company. D. H. BARSTOW,
Sept. 11, 1566. W. ii. 11. GORE.
MISS HUNT'S SCQOOL.-Circamstances
having delayed the erection of the new school
house. Miss limit, will re open her school for young la
dies at the old locati n, on Monday, September the 17th
Terms: —English Branches $5 50 to $7 00. French and
Latin, extra, each, $2 50 to $4 00. Also a charge for
hid. " Towanda, Sept. 13,1866.
E STRAY.—Curue iuto the enclosure of
the subscriber in Smithfield twp., August 6, 1566
two small two year olds—one steer and one heifer—
deep red. The owner is requested to come forward,
prove property, pay charges and take them away, or
they will he disposed ol according to law.
sept3,3t. J, 0. TRACY.
TION.—Whereas, by an aoi. of Aescuih y (if tin
Commonwealth of l'eunsylvauia, eetitied " an act reia
tirig to the elections of this CoiumouweuiUr,' it is ea
joined upon me to give public notice of such electi 01
to he held, and also the enumeration in such uotici
what officers are to lie elected, I, J. M.BMITH, lligl
Sheriff of the County of Bradford, do hereby raaki
known and give notice to the electors of said connt.y, oi
TUESDAY, the !th day ui OCTOBER, in the severa
districts in said County, to wit.
In Ailia Borough, at the house formerly occupied bj
D. P. liuapp.
In Albany, at the ckool house near Wm. Barnes'.
In tlie house ol John S. Becker.
In Asylum, at the school house near Simeon Decker's,
lu Athens boro', at tlie house formerly occupied by E
8. Matiiewson.
In Athens twp., at the house formerly occupied by
J. B. liuut, hi Athensboro.
In Burlington boro', at the house formerly occupied
by L. T. Royse.
In Bailing tou twp., at the hou3e ui James Wilcox.
Iu Burlington West, at the house of Ezra Godard.
In Canton boro', at the Central Uouse.
In ( nton twp. at the house formerly occupied by 8,
8. Myers, in Canton boro.
lu Columbia, at iho house oi James Morgan.
In Franklin, at the house uow occupied by 8. S.
In Granville, at the house of Betij. P. Taylor,
iu Herri* k, at the school house near Daniel Durand s.
In Leiiayavillc boro'. at the house formerly occupied
by J. It. Fletcher.
Iu the house lormerly occupied by Cyrus
In Leltoy, at the Centre School House.
In Monroe twp., at the house formerly occupied by E.
11. Eoukwell.
In Monroe boro', at the house formerly occupied by
Ethel Taylor,
la Orwell at the house of Francis Woodruff.
In Overton, at the house formerly occupied by David
In I'ike, at the house of Travel" Bosvrortb.
iu Borne twp. at tli Academy in Borne boro.
In Home boro', at the Academy,
in the house of Beuj. Hermans.
In Blieshequin at t.ic Valley House,
lu Springfield, at the house formerly occupied by
Jesse Hammond,
in Standing Btoue, at the house of iiuou 'evens,
iu Bmithiietd, at the house formerly occu,: u yJ.
J. Ceroalu.
In bylvania boro'. at the house of Curtis Merri'.t.
in south Creek, at the house of J. t. GUictt.
lu Terry, at the house of Jacob Prutehey.
In Towauda boro', ut the Gruud Jury Boom.
In Towanda twp., at the house o! 'f. U. Jordan iu
Towauda boro.
iu Towauda North, at the house of 8. A .Mills,
In Troy twp., at the house of V. M. Bong in Troy
iu Troy boro', at the house of V. M. Long.
In i uscar ra, at tlie school house near James Black's
lu Ulster, at the house ot 8. B. Holcomb.
In Warren at t .e house oi It. Cooper.
In Wi!idh,.m, at the house ol li. Kuykeudall.
In Wyalusing, at the home of J. 11. Blark.
lu Wiimot, at the house ol A. J B".one.
lu Wyaox, at the house formerly vUp;~dbyJ M.
lu Wells, at the house of L. Seeley.
. At which time and place the electors aforesaid will
elect by ballot.
Due peisou lor Governor ol the Commonwealth of Penn
One person lor ite.pre.seut .tire in Congress from the
13th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.
Two persons to represent the counties ot Bradford and
aullivan in the Legislature ot this Commonwealth.
One person lor Associate Judge tor the County of Brad
One person tor High She iff for the County of Bradford
One person lor Protkonotary, Clerk ot the Court ol
Quarter Sessiuns and Oyer and Terminer of Bradford
One persm for Kecurder of Deed®, Ilegister of Wills,
and Clerk of the Orphan's Court of Bradford County
One person for Commissioner of t :i e County of Brad
Due person tor Auditor lor the County of Bradford.
One person for Coroner for the County of Bradford.
And in and by said act, i am further directed to give
notice" that every pei.->n excepting justice ol the peace
who shall hold any oflbe of profit and Trust under the
government ol the United States or this State, or of
my incorporated district, and also that every Member
of Congress and of >he Legishtture. and the .-elect ~ud
common council of any city, or commissioners of any
incorporated district, is by law incapable ol holding or
exercising at the same time the office or appointment
of Judge, Inspector or Clerk of and election ol this
Commonwealth and that no Inspector or other officer of
any such elect ion shall be tbea eligib'e to any office
then to be voted for.
By the 4th section of an act passed the Ist day ol
April, IsiO, i: is provided " that tlie 13th section of act
passed July 2, Isiffi, entitled ' An act relating to the
elections ot this Commonwealth,'' shall not he con
strued so as to prevent any military officer from serving
as Jhdge, Inspector or Clerk, at any general or special
election of this Commonwealth.
An Act to change the time of closing the polls at the
Genera! and Township Elections iu the County of
Section 1. le it enacted by the Senate and House oi
Representatives ot the Commonwealth ot Pennsylvania
in General Assembly met and it is hereby enacted by
th e authority oi the same, That ataii General, Special,
and Township or Borough elections hereafter bell in
the County of Bradford, the Polls shall bo c I sed at six
a'clock in the alternoon instead oi seven, as heretofore
provided by ffiw.
A further Supplement to the Election Laws of Penn
sylvania :
WHEREAS, By the act of the Congress of the United
States, entitled " An Act. to amend the several acts
heretofore passed to provide for the enrolling and call
ing out the Natiunai forces, and tor other purposes,''
and approved March third, one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-five, all persons who have deserted the mili
tary or naval service of the United States, and who
have not been discharged, or relieved trom the penal
ty, or disability thu in provided, are deemed, and tak
en , to have voluntarily relinquished, and forfeited their
rights of citizenship, and their vigil's to become citi
zens, and arc deprived ol exercising .oiy lights ol citi
zens thereof :
And tchertas, Persons, not citizens of the United
States, arc not. under the Constitution and laws of
Pennsylvania, qualified electors of this Commonwealth:
Section 1. lie it enacted by tlie Senate and House of
Hip* e-.nita'ivis of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
in General Assembly nut. and it is hereby enacted by the
authority of the same. That in all elections hereafter to
be heid in this Commonwealth, it shall be unlawful for
ibe judge or inspectors of any election to any
ballot, or ballots, Irani any person, or persons, embraced
injthe provisions .and subject to the disability, imposed
by said act ol Congress, approved ilarcu third, one
thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, and it shal; be
unlawful lor any such person to offer to vote any ballot,
or ballots.
Section 2. That if any such judge and inspectors of
elec ion. or any one of them shall receive, or consent
to r e c e ' v e, any such unlawful ballot, or ball As, from
any such disqualified person, he, or they, so attending,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upm conviction
thereof, in any court of quarter sessims oi this Coni
mouwealth, he shall, tor each offence, be sentenced to
pay u fine o: not iess than due hundred dollars, and to
undergo an imprisonment, in the jail oi the proper
county, or rot less than sixty days.
Bkctjon 3. That if any person deprived of citizen
ship, and disqualifi d as aforesaid, shall, at any elect on,
hereafter to he held iu this Commonwealth, vote, r
tender to the officers hereof, and otter to vote, a ballot,
or ballots, any person, so otfeudiug, shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof, iu
any court ot quarter sessious 1 this Commonweal!b,
shall, lor each offence, be punished iu like manner as is
provided in the preceding seotiou ol .his act, in the
ca.-e < officers of ele-.tiou receiving such unlawful bal
lot, or bal.uls.
Section 4. That if any person shall heieafter per
suade, or advise, any person, or persons, deprived of
citizenship, and disqualified as aloresaid, to offer any
ballot, or ballots, to the officers of any election, here* 1-
ter to be heid in this Commonwealth, or shall persuade
or advise, any such ottrcer to receive any ballot, ov bal
lots, from auy person deprived of citizenship, and dis
qualified as aforesaid, f-uch person, so offending, shall
be guil'yot a misdemeanor, and upon conviction there
of, in anv court ot quarter sessions ot this Common
waaith, shali be punished in tike manner as is provided
iu the second section of this act, in the case ot officers
of such election receiving such unlawful ballot or bal
An Act regulating the mode of voting at all elections
in lire several counties of this Commonwealth :
Section 1. He it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
in General Assembly met. and it is hereby enacted by the
authority of the same. That the eprlified voters ot the
several counties of ihis Commonwealth, at all general,
township, borough and special elections, are hereby,
hereafter, authorized and required to vote, by tickets,
printed, or written, or p rtly printed and partly writ
ten, several y classified as lollows : One ticket shall
embrace tlie names of all judges ot courts voted for,
aud to be labelled, outside, ' judiciary ;'' one ticket
shall embrace the names of all state officers voted tor,
and be labelled," state : one ticket shall embrace the
names ol ali county officers voted for, including office
ol senator, member, and members of assembly, if voted
for, and members ol congress, if voted fur, and Le la
belled, •' county one ticket shall embrace the names
of all township officers voted for, and be labelled, town
ship one ticket shall embrace the names of all bo
rough officers voted for, and he labelled, " borough
and each class shall he deposited in separate ballot
The meeting of the return judges for this Congres
sional District, shall be at the Court House, in Tunk
hannoclt.on tlie seventh day after the election, which
will be the 16th day of October.
The meeting of return judges lor this Representative
District, will be at the Court House, iu Towanda, on the
seventh day after the election, which will be the loth
day of October.
The meeting of return judges for the County of Brad
ford will be at the Court House iu Towanda, on the
third day after the election, which will be Friday, the
12th day of October, at 1 o'clock, p. m.
September 12,1SCG. Sheriff.
A DMINIS'R'S NOTlCE.—Notice is here
by given that all persons indebted to the estate of
JOHN' HOWE, late ol Warren twp., Bradford
County, dce'd, are requested to make payment without
delay and all having claims against said estate are re
quested to present them July authenticated for stUle
mnit. GEO. LYONS,
Sept. 13,15C6. Administrator.
JA- hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Jouathan Payne late of Windham twp.. dee'd.
are requested to make immediate payment, and those
having claims against said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement.
Sept. 13,18GC. Administrator.
£egai. *
JCi is hereby given th'.toil piwna indebted to the fo
es tate of Job Hutef, If - or Athe:>rp., aec*d, Are
requested to make iicrai da at. p i.yiaoß',ar.dthojf hading
demands again, i .-mid will them duly an
therdlcatca for settlement.
Sept. 13,1£6 G. K&ecuUix.
ADMi NibT it ATO i I'SN OTJ o£. No ft "
is hereby given that ail persons indebted U> hie
tate of David S. Rorlon, late oi Wysox tp. dec u, a ■
reqoested to make immediate payment, and At having
claims upon raid estate will present them duly anthi-ari
cated lor settlement. „
Aag.'2'J, >666. Admisn'ru'or.
ADMINISTRATORS xotice.-x. tr l
herfby given (hat'ail persons indebted to At-1 'to
ot Absalom J. Carr, tteo*} late of Albany two.,
are educated u> puke immediate payment, ami Mm*-
having demands, b-' tin -sud estate will .pro.- w. '.Leiu
duly authenticate for wit t lenient.
li. li. RICHARDS,
J. It, UAiiK.
Aog. 2H, Hon. XAaihHra'-Q's
Ax. is hereby given, that ail persona indebu d .•> •; ■
tate Sally Ol instead, deceased, late of Ck.U,
are requested to make immediate payment, and t :,•>
having deitouda against sudd ,<>uue will present tin an
duly authenticated for settlement.
Aug. 2s, leuo. Adiumis'-ru; >r.
is hereby given, that all persons indc'H,l ' the
estate oi JUUh HE VI JULY. J ite >t Overto . *,wp..
de'd, are requested t> ..iik'i i.uaodiale j -,y mi
ho-t hiving demand against said • lte w pb ,
eetit duly authenticated tor set' ;8i nt.
kl. O. K.KLL soil,
Sept. j, IS<3C. Aurnia ••!:
is hereby given, that all persons ui.cmv i ► the
estate ot J. VV. TYRRELL late of Or.v.d!
eeased, are requested to mate immediate puyut-nf aid
lhase having claimaga.ust st.ii estate wib pi AO t toesn
duly authenticated for settlement.
0. ft. G RIDLEY,
Aug. lti, IbGG. Adrainistr t'.or
is hereby given, that a . --oils indebted M the
estate ot b. B, FOSTER i&teotNerUi i'owaoda twp
dec'd.j are requested to maU- luiucutaie pay turn,,
and those having demands ag.uh said estate wi
cut thetn duly authentic-ten lor eesUemcct.
Sep*. 20, isad. Aiimiointrftt es
ADMIN iS'i katok'S NOTlCE.— Notice
is hereby given, that ail j - .:; ie:d -. u.
estateol ABSALOM J. iiAitlS. Ut <>. Albouy ' twp..
deceased,are reqaeslcii U> make iaii . aUaUi paytneiil;
and those hav.i.g elai...- ..gainst -..,u t ■ wiii y. .-.nt
thtin duly autlu utieated tor se-ttiemeut.
li. H. ItICfciAKDS.
J. U.,
Aug. 20, lstiu. Ad mlu is Irate i rs.
Joi" 3ale.
SALE. — Otic "iv t.ea a Tctit.ui
. -mnt Mil!,' in line '.vurkiug order, au v uu&de- ,
Birii gto purchase with a vieW to e-'n-ua- •*'!! liird it
to their iuUlest to Caii on or apply ' A. i>. S.\H. (1,
Ulster, Pa. Aug. -s, . ... - AgiJ.
er Flue Boiler, in lirst rate order, lot siV i-ueap at
the Wavei.y t' ani g Mill
JEi"iHNG>, i.YMAA Ale.
Waverly. N. Y., Aug. XA loud.
V —The siOiK-nbere offer i• -r sale t. i: msti o■■
known as the -Jiimca McU-abe house. nd • nicrg,
owned by Wni. (Jlrard, dec U,-Huate .; n:.o
Franklin aad Seeond sts. Teims Of e ;deku'jv.h
iy enquiring on the jiremises.
G. ii. ii A1.1.,
MAIiY 1. GltiAli-',
Aug. 7,15G6 8 ectttors:
P 0 U SALE O 11 R SI N T .
A Valuable Hbte! property, the Bradiord lior .i ■
:rtc-d 011 the south side* f ;"e depotW.iverly I- Y
Connected with it are tw > barns, a large Garoea, Unit
;rcc*s and two wells of suit water, i -rm- .aq—c
>f C. r. BMlitM, Proprietor.
May 24, 0o. —tl. •
lAOR SALE —Thfe sttbpCfrtdr ofiUi-s tox
JL sale a valualdo Building' Lot, ei' n Pi..:.k':iis
stt vet, about <me humlred una ti. ye. aoa. Mains .
There is u barn on tL- 1 ■,. mid it u....i,. .nd.i. ~, *
work for a house, it will be sola 'i . vitt. the
rouse UnisheJ. Fur inrther partic i .u owe of the
•uosciiber at his residtn .■ on tile prctu
G. iIALi..
Towanda. Jane 2u, 1 ftipj.
SALE.— Mnciiiitc uiid
Horse Power complete, for ii.'.", ca-U. Enquire of
>V. Braiuhall, one mile from Franklin <• ■ 'Ann lortneriy
iwued by ( . E.h hite. July ii, tahd.
flaviugthe ageney lor the sale • - veral thoo
saml acres ui the choicest blue Tiu, t* t untis in the
smte of Michigaii, ! ant prepared to ode. great iudu A
ucnts to tho-e who wi hto invest their m -cj wher it
rill pay. Xiiese lands are among the ha., pine tra s
n the Sagiuaw atnl Muskegon Valleys, :■ atedon good
boating streams, and are now needed 1- i 'umbti lug
inrpobos. Business men and eapitalistb will do well te
xunhne them be.ore iuvesGug tbt ir elsewhere,
•'or particulars inquire oi' or addre.-s
June '22, lsuti. ihtchheid, ilradhwd County, t'a.
fi.VRM FOR SALE. ---The oubricin-ei oi
fers for sale the farm on v, Li -h he lives u Asyimn
wp.. containing about DO a res. al! ime Said
arm lies on the west bank ot t..0 Mr- joe -. ma River,
t 1 .out 1 miles from X'o.vauJ . h ... i go • . state •>!
•uitivation, well fenced and watei.-d, .u. itag- i
.'Uiidmga tiwreon erect, i, wit Ii an aim an • ot ir it.
A'iii be sold uti taiasouabie U-nns at uu urn hetwee.i
.bis and the 1-t of December, and ii u uj . stdd it
vill be tor reut. He will give posse- u ;ie ..I
.uis, and toe buildings u.xt dp ring, • i turtocr
larticu.ais address thesiittsonber at i ..... . .iradiord
d.mnty, l'a. SAM CGI. . I.UUM., July 2P. ls< u.
E iv B o o K s !
Rave been ad pted by the School T i r tots . f Towanda
Borough .usText, Bouks. ichet to .:.s,ii[.s destriii:.' n
thatige their Text Books, can be s* : j-.i. d a itii tbe.-e
woks on lower terms than any other Publishing 11 1 i -e
Read the following te.siaai. uiai from ih Cointy
Superintendent. and Mr. K/Ugslxuiy, Pi.c ipaltu the
Towanda Graded Sc.. .1 ;
MAY, I fG.
1 have examined Sander's Union !:• adto with niu,-h
satisiaetioh. The stlectious are adiuu.Mic. well graded
interesting and of high moral tone. TN Readers are
aot ex ceiled by any with which 1 iqiiamted. lean
die. riuiiy recommend them tor use in the schools ol
this county. O. J- '• HUBBUCK,
County Superintendent'.
?•' iv, iken.
After a canelul car mi nation of t. ader's Union Sp< ii
er and Readers, I am '• .y peir-u..uvd timt tLe> ore
much superior to any ethers with which 1; in *
?d. lnitli in iheir attractive appearance, and in theirad-
Dnirabie selection and arrangement of matter.
Principal High School, 'la-wand .
For further particulars call a* the llouk Store of' AU
rORD A BAHBLR. T ..vind.t. Pa. Aug. 2a.
-11 pos.ds wiil lw reci ived by the t mlerstgned, up to
the first d..y i September uex*. tor fu ui sliiti ; the iua-
Uiialaud buiHßiigA Drivers ii.-t Church In 'i
I'lans aDd specitieatioi: can be seen at the . Piec ol Dr.
li. H. Ma. on. Uius may in do lor Mnue, ilriek or
Wood. Church to be liuished bj tiie lir.-; day oi Au
gust. 1887. i y order of the Trustees.
G. X . li Ai ON , President
Towanda, July I'd, XhuO.
TALOUR ! FLOUR ! FLOUR !-lit view
J. oi the high price ol wheat we have been endeavor
ing to produce an extra quality ot ltye Hour tor those
of our customers disposed in economise. We ui-w.uiuke
it so white as to be scarcely distinguishable from i 1
wheat lionr. Try some.
Flour from White Winter Wheat, also 8uch.....t
lionr. Corn mea! and different kinds of Feed lor -
Cash paid lor all kinds of grain.
li. B. INGHAM.
Cascade Mills, Camptown, June 11, fold.
. Camptown is iu ope.','ion, luniished tbrouehont
with the most complete, thcroug ily tc ud, and : .dily
approved machinery and fixtures, nov in use m the
United States ; nuiaterrnpted by
/nan ON i.oir i FATER.
Flour, Feed and Meal, always on hand at prices cor
resuending to the cost ol Gram. n B INGHAM
May 7, 'o6.—W*
Just rcceiv
■Bought for Cash,
Thankful for past favors, I would respectfully say to
my old triends that I hope by staid attention and lair
prices to merit a continuance of their favors.
Towanda, Feb. 2. E. T. FOX.