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    |Swi!'W § (porter.
j(; ( 'j i}. AA E G LAERAL.
THE Reporter is printed upon CAMP
("oiintry and Job Puss, Ofliee No. 56 Gold
\ w York. Thomas 11. Senior, agent.
-;G> AFFAIR. —On Thursday night, the
- >[]■ inst.- a party of young men went to the resi
fharlts P. Babcock, near Stevensville,
!bad been lately married, for the purpose of
him a serenade, as it is generally termed a
ruing-" The facts in the case, as elicited by
Justice's court, are sustantially as follows :
'., ,if the party informed Babcock of their inten
,, aß( i he said, "come on, but if yon shoot lead
,i The party accordingly went on the night
[Vrred to, and after discharging their guns, ring
s bells and blowing horns, Ac., Babcock came
• n the porch and ordered them away. The
immediately started, and when they had re
nd hut u few rods, Babcock fired his musket
• the crowd, wounding four of the party, as fol
: TVS:
<• ; iu White, forty-four slugs in the legs—dan
J. B. Stevens, leg, severe.
Clarence M. Piatt, hand, arm and groin, severe.
K. A. Rockwell, leg, .-.light.
... , : nd White now lie in a critical condition,
iiints it was thought they would lose
.j. r Jin.! -or thc-ir lives. . j
j s was arrested and had a hearing before G. j
. Brink, Esq.. of this boro', on Friday evening, j
; tit ;'unlt of SIOOO hail was sent to jail to nn
e.vcrat next term of court.
- ■. ar comment as the case will no doubt,
U thoroughly investigated by the court. — L> Hags. [
"( l\
at 11-.hellion in the United States constitutes
a : nly the great event- in American history, but '
... the in •' t- ■•tb.l tragedy of modern times. It
.ir.ii: ned more than a million of men
drenched the land in fraternal blood, and
! nigh unsettled the eivilatud world. Covering
. vast a territory, calling forth such unparalleled
(orgies, bringing into the field such tremendous ,
; a -j. illustrated by so many battles and sieges,
1 eliciting such displays of courage and patriot
ism. it Las exhibited us as the most remarkable j
pt"]>le since the ancient Romans.
In the preparation of this work, the Hon. J. T.
IkiDLEi" bus brought, not only that descriptive
Liknt which has given his writings a world-wide
circulation, hut the experience of several mouths
jasseil with our armies, and knowledge obtained
:rem acquaintance with many of the most distin
guished officers of the army and navy. From its
ce'iamencemeut he has been treasuring up such {
material as is needed to write an accurate history
i f this great National tragedy. As a history of the conspiracy against the Union, unel a record
:Tlie stupendous military features of the Rebel-:
lion, it is all that cau be desired : full, authentic,
and graphic. While the author has avoided te
dious details and used only material of undoubted
authenticity, lie has treated the subject imparti- j
ally, and embodied every thing of importance, ap- j
pertaining to the conflict, on both .sides.
No pains*nor expensejhas been spared to make
this the most attractive and valuable history of the
war It is profusely illustrated with fine Steel
Liigraviugs of Military and Naval Scenes, together
with Portraits of officers prominent inthewar, both j
v ; th and South. A. G. NETTLE TON is agent for
ti. work iu Bradford Co., and those of our readers
.It-ire a full and interesting history of the late
•.r, will certainly avail themselves of the present ;
opportunity of obtaining it.
SnciPF. AT CHEMUNG. —A lady named Mrs. ;
ax FiiANi ES, residing in Chemung, committed ;
-.. idi early yesterday morning. She has been
: a - iiae two years,and has been very close-
Led after by her husband and family. She
went to lied as usual Thursday evening, and the]
-apposed -he was still there, until she was j
lais.-t-d iii the morning. About five o'clock her j
I "iy w.i- found suspended by a rope, in an old
Louse adjoining her residence. The body was
a'.i warm when discovered, showing that she had
.. •: i en dead long. It is supposed that she woke ]
v ry early in the morning, and, laboring under
e than usual derangement, went out and hung ,
. - it. She was about forty years of age, was
-.rr.i 1. and leaves a husband and several t-hil- !
. she was a person highly esteemed among
- ie oi friends, and her melancholy death is •
- y lepiored. The Coroner was holding an in
• -t e-u the body yesterday afternoon.
IV r.udi r-taiid that Airs. FRANCES was a sister
■-i.IW ■ f GEOUGE W. BUCK, Esq.— Rhairu Ad cert i
t rs will take is-tice that the election of County
" d intend- nt takes place on the first Tuesday in
-'i ii'. which will be the Ist day of tnat month.
avNKi— A young man named ALBERT]
X I'-EK, employed on the dam, whilst unload- '
- stone boat, on Wednesday, lbtli, fell into the j
.ter. ;! u-e the breach in the dam, and was car- !
• i! y the -win current beyond the reach of those !
the Boat. lie swam for some distance, audi
-t-x t' rise nt more, in full view of a brother, 1
• s on the same lg>at. Mr. S. was from
Stone township, and aged about I'-' years, :
For the Reporter.
As •-•-KsTiox. —The School Directors of
nnty ure to convene soon, to elect a Co.
i !>r the next three years. Would it not he j
-t time, to arrive at something like a !
'•lion in regard to District Institutes, vis
- - a -Is. grading teacher's salaries and de
- upon uniform text books? It seems that
• ( ■invention might profitably consider topics !
' to the above. The opportunity occurs only .
in tliree years, andshouhl not be lost.
"•"the Mail train coming north, over the North
- * rut ml Railroad, on Thursday evening, ran ;
1 il.t bridge over the West Branch,a woman wa6
■ ■ -*'•■• d about midway of the bridge. The bridge is
narrow, and except by her climbing iu among j
• ittx-e work on the side of the bridge, there was
- - ape from the impending danger. The en
whistled "down brakes, but the train was a
y one and running down grade, and could not
■Ripped iu time. The woman became frighten
>Le first ran to try and reach the end of the
then turned and run a few steps toward
engine, stepping ofl" the the .track, and sat
Y HI the narrow plunk, clinging to the track
1 "oth hands. Both were cut off by the wheels.
- r - lacked up, she was lying on a narrow plank,
• nothing else between her and the river below
Wo.- t Jceii into Williamsport.
:: T TIME :S IT ? —Mr. R. T. DAVIS, agent
iTiinvilles' Patent Calendar Clock, has on
- in at the Means Hotel, various styles of
and useful time keepers, that answer a
• purpose of a Clock and a Calendar. They
ifa -turc-d by Wnff L. Gilbert A Co., of
: Conn., one of the oldest and most reli
nciiUlactnring establishments in the country.
arti simple, and as easily kept in repair as
luiaon clock. We would recommend all in
i a reliable Clock and Calendar, to call on '
'''W- .t the Means Hotel, as he offers theCal
i ' lock nearly as low as the ordinary time
Any active man desiring a lucrative bus-
A 'mld do well to procure the right to sell i
c - ks, as Mr. Davis offers rare inducements
m hWai profits
Court, at E.mira, HENRY GARDNER was found
guilty of murder in the first degree, for killing
AMASA AIVLOCK by striking him with a gun upon
the head, on the 2'Jth Dec. last. Judge BALCOM
sentenced him to be hung on Friday, Ist of June
next, between the hours of 9 o'clock ih the fore
noon and 3 o clock in the afternoon. m
rlfiL, A meeting of the Bradford County
Medical Society will be held in Odd Fellow's Hall,
, ToWanda, Wednesday evening, May 10, 1866.
B@L> bee notice to Collectors in another
C AAIILELL I; ISH. —In Columbia, at the house of
Randolph Ward, April 14, by S. K. Crane Esq.,
Thomas A. Campbell of Tioga, Tioga Co., Pa.,
to Miss A. Fish of Columbia.
Soldiers and widows of soldiers of
war of 1812, who are in necessitous circumstances
i are untitled to a gratuty of S4O, and an annuity of
S4O, payable semi-annualy, provided, they was and
] are residents of Pennsylvania. Apply to H. B.
i McKean, Claim Agent. " Office Montanyes' Block!
i Towanda, Pa., April 16, 1866.
i , <
] COUNTY— Gentlemen:—ln pursuance of the 43d See. I
of the Act of Bth of May, 1854, you are hereby no- '
tiffed to meet in Convention, at the Court House !
in Towanda, on the first Tuesday in Alay A. D.,
iB6O, being the Ist day of the month, at 1 o'clock
p. mand select, viva voce, by a majority of the !
i whole number of Directors present, one person of j
: literary and scientific acquirements,and of skill and j
j experience in the art of teaching, as County Super- !
intendent, for the three succeeding years ; deter- |
] mine the amount of compensation for the same ;!
and certify the result to the State Superintendent ;
] at Harrisburg, as required by the 39th and 40th 1
! Sections of said act. O. J. CHCBBUCK.
Co. Sup't. Bradford County.
JBSP- Groceries at greatly reduced prices
\ at C. B. Patch's.
The subscriber has a supply on hand of nice lona. j
Israella. Delawafc, Allen's." Hybrid, Diana, Con- 1
cord, Graveling and other Grave vines, warranted j
true to name. Grape vines of any variety furnished
to order. Orders taken for Ornamental Trees, i
Shrubs, Vines and Flowers at established rates of 1
other Nurserymen. Also for all kinks of small I
fruits, such as Strawberries, Currants, Raspberries,
Blackberries, Arc., It. AI. WELLES.
Towanda, April 8, 1860.
A. B. Smith Ac Co., wishes to inform
their friends and the public in general that they j
have opened a Tobacco and Cigar stors on Bridge
Street, two doors trom Alain-st., where they will
sell, at a low figure, a choice lot oi Cigars, foreign 1
and dome-tic. Also Smoking and Chewing Tobac
co ot all kinds. .All kinds of fancy goods in the
i Tobacco line constantly on hand.
Towanda, April 15. ' A. B. SMITH & Co.
TOWANDA NURSERY.— Last Fall I bought,
from Daniel Ilarkins, his entire remaining stock i
of Apple, Cherry and Dwarf Pear trees, and re- 1
moved the same on to my premises on Towanda
Flats. lam now prepared to sell these Fruit trees i
at low rates. Prices of Apple trees at the Nursery i
25 cts. each, or iu quantities of fifty or more trees, j
§2O per 100. Best selected trees in small qnanti- I
ties of sto 35. 30 ets. each. No. 1 Cherry trees i
00 cts each, which is the wholesale price of regular !
Rochester dealers at this time. No. 2, Cherry j
trees, trom 25 to 40 cts. each. Dwarf Pear trees j
from 20 to 50 ets. each. Quince trees from 25 to
50 cts. each. Persons who are in want of Fruit;
trees, will do well to visit my Nursery, 11 miles
from 1 owiuida. R. AI. WELLES. :
Towanda, April 8, 1860.
HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE.--A very desira- J
hie property for sale at once in this boro', lot 80 ;
feet front, ovei 300 feet deep, with an alley run- !
ning through the center of it ; aline house, "a large j
barn, easy of access, with apples, peaches, grapes ;
! and other improvements thereon. Terms easy.
For further particulars inquire of J. N. C'aliff. of
| lice over News Room. Also a small farm for sale,
] inquire as above. April 8, 4w.
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance
Company of Hartford Conn. Assests over $lO,- I
000,000. Divident paid during the preset fiscal ;
year. CO per cent. It is the largest, safest, cheap- !
est, and best Life Insurance company of this j
country. 11. B. AICKEAN, Agent. I
Towanda, Pa.
Kerosene or (Joal4Dil, the very best
kind for sale by the barrel or in small quantities,
very cheap, at Dr. Porter's Drug Store.
figjy To those thinking of getting a Sew
ing Alaehiue, it is a matter of interest to know I
which is the best. The Wheeler Jt Wilson always
the most d> sirablc, is with the attachment of tak
ing the loop s itch, without doubt the machine of i
all others suited to general use. Call at Wickham
& Black's and see it work.
CARD.—AII soldiers who enlisted prior to !
June 30, 1863, will be furnished important imfor- j
mat ion. rV' ■ by < ailing at once upon the undersign- ]
ed. Bring your "discharge" with you.
•f. N. CALIEF, Pension Agent,
Office over News Room.
BGL, All men of the Pennsylvania lie- !
serve Corps are entitled to pay from the date of i
their enlistment to the 15th of May 1861, if not j
paid. Papers prepared, Back pay and Bounty and :
Pension Claims collected. All military business
in any of tin State and National Departments
successfully prosecuted. H. B. MCKEAN,
Claim Agent, Office Alontanyes' Block.
Towanda, April 2, 1866.
PENSIONERS. — The instalment of Pensions
due March 4th, 1866, paid ou aud after that date,
by bringing your Pension certificates to J. N. CA
LIFI. Pension Agent. Office over News Room, To
wanda, Pa. Feb. 26.
[New York Herald, Friday, April 13, 1866.]
am. INMAN LINE.— Her Dimensions, Ajipearance and
\oeel features. .1 list ot n,-etin Steamers on the Line,
Jr. The Liverpool, Now Y'ork and Philadelphia;
Steamship Company, which is already possessed !
of a number of magnificent ocean vessels, has j
placed upon the line a new screw steamer, the City i
of Paris, which was yesterday thrown open for in- i
spection for the benefit of a few privileged guests.
Ihe most critical could find little cause for com
plaint on viewing the many novel features intro
duced throughout the steamship to add to the com
fort of passengers, while the combination of strength
and beauty for which her hull is noticeable, could
be appreciated by such as were least versed in the
shipi builder's art.
The City of Paris has been built expressly for
speed and safety iu the carriage of the United States
imils, w hic h the vessels of the company convey for
ocean postage only. Iler dimensions are 373 feet
in length, 40 feet in breadth, and 27 feet in depth :
lie r tonnage 2.800 tons, old measurement The
hull is divided Mitoeight water tight compartments
by bulkheads, which, while imparting great strength
to the broadside of the steamer, w ill prevent her
from sinking on the occurrence of any slight acci- ]
d<-nt. Each of tin water tight compartments into ]
which the vessel is divided is filled with a steam !
fire annihilate!" aud a Centrifugal pump, that can |
lilt upwards of one thousand gallons of water per i
minute. The City of Paris is fitted with a boom ;
and topgallant forecastle, and these are united by I
a deck house, which runs along the centre of the |
spar deck. A double set of steering gear has beeu
provided wheelhousi s being erected both fore and
aft. till - eontrivai i-e greatly reducing the labor of j
the mi nat the wheels in heavy weather. The
steamship is prope-lhd by a pair of direct acting;
horizontal trunk engines, of nominally six hundred ;
and c ighty horse power, and constructed with the
latest improvements in surface condensation aud
fuel In ating.
The comfort of the passengers, officers and crew j
has not been overlooked. in the after part of the
deck house is a spacious and elegantly fitted up
dining room for the first class passengers, with vel- :
vet cushioned scats, frescoed ceiling, and walls i
adorned wish brilliant arabesques. The remainder ]
of tie deck house is occupied by staterooms for ;
the off! rs and mess, bar and storerooms.the crew
finding accomodations in the forecastle. The mini- ]
attire apartments designed for the use of the "tran- j
sietit" giu-sts ire unusually complete in the thous
and aud one little appurtenances so necessary to j
i! • tenants during a si a voyage,and are sufficient
ly spacious and well lighted and ventilated. A few ]
of those apart li a iits, intended for the occupancy of j
a party of travellers, are provided with six berths ;
each. Looking ah >ve, the eye can perceive a sec- |
tion of the steel dei k that underlies the wood work,
and adds to the strength of the hull.
The City of Paris, so welcome an addition to the ]
many floating palaces owned by the Inman line, ]
was launched from the building yard of Alessrs. j
Tod A; McGregor, Partick, Glasgow, early in De- i;
• cember, and arrived at this port a few days since,
I having experienced during the passage a succes
sion of heavy westerly gales. Being built with a
! view to insure speed and safety to her patrons and
i freight, there is but little doubt that the time made
on her next trip will be put on record, as an evi
dence of the success of the builders. The new
vessel will sail at 9o clock to-morrow morning, car
rying out the officers and crew, one hundred and
thirty-four men, and about one hundred first class
passengers. She will be comunded by Captain
James Kennedy, an experienced seaman who has
had charge of the largest vessels built, including
the Great Eastern, and who, moreover, enjoys the
enviable title of commodore of the line. The other
officers are—Mr. Alatherson, chief officer, Messrs.
Frelon, Street and Di.cksbury assistants. Mr.
John Knvanagh, purser, Dr. Black, physician, and
Messrs Hamilton and Kidd, chief and assistant en
gineer, with five subordinates.
The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia
Steamship Company now possesses the following
vessels :
City of Antwerp (Now Building.)
j City oi Paris Captain Kennedy.
City of Louden v Captain J. Mirehouse.
City oi Boston Captain S. Brooks.
City of New York Captain It. Leiteh.
City of Baltimore Captain P. McGuigan.
City of Washington Captain T. F. Roskell.
City of Manchester Captain T. C. Jones.
CRy of Dublin Captain S. Eynon.
| City ot Cork. Captain W. Bridgman.
I City of Limerick Captain H. Manning.
i Edinburgh Captain J. J. Aalcrow.
I Etna Captain H. Tibbits.
I Kangaroo Captain W. R. Philips.
j Bosphorous .Captain J. McCartney.
I City of Durham. Captain G. Lochead.
j These steamships form a splendid and extensive
i line of ocean packets.
■ I>. S. Russei, Bankers, Towanda, are agents for
the above line, and furnish tickets at New Y'ork
; rates; also drafts from one pound upwards to any
; exhibition at the salesroom of -Messrs. WHEELER &
WILSON. NO. 625, Broadway, the first Sewing Ma- !
| chine, (No. 1) made by the company, the present j
number being 220,000. Let the interested compare !
j the machine sold in 1851 for $125 with those now
i offered for $55. The former owner of this ma- I
' chine gives its history as follows.
Ihe machine was finished early in lbol, and I
j learned its use from Mr. Wilson himself. I was j
: thus, you see, the first to work the V heeler & Wil-
I son Machine,and learned on the first Machine they
j ever manufactured.
i Li 1655 i earned with the machine $205, besides
doing my own housework and taking care of my
I baby. In 1650 we came to Davenport,and brought j
the machine with us. 1 believe it is the first Ala- i
] ehi _ic ever brought to lowa.
j I run that Machine almost constantly for more than 1
lourteen years, on all sorts of work,from the finest !
dress making to the heaviest tailoring. I quilted j
a lull sized white bed-spread with it which hasbeeu j
exhioited three times at the i air. It took me three !
weeks to do it with my other work, but it could i
! not have been done by hand in so many years. 1 [
] have even stitched leather with it, and "at the time
1 exchanged it, (in 1605) for No. 1'JJ,520 it worked
just as well as when made.
It is perhaps unnecessary for me to add that I
believe the Wheeler & \\ llson to be vastly superior j
to any other machine made.
Yours Respectfully
April 21th. P. L. li. ]
BSL- At ix meeting ot the Directors ot the
First National Rank ol Towanda, it was resolved,
1 bat in view ol the action of neighboring Ranks, i
the notes ot State Ranks not redeemed at par in
New York or Philadelphia, will not be received af- |
ter the 26th day ol April, except at a discount suf
ficient to cover the expense ol sending them home
for redemption ; and that we will not pay out any
thing but Legal Tender or Nutioual Rank Notts.
N. N. BEITS, jr., Cashier.
Towanda, April 22, 1600.
B£L, Proposals will be received at the
office of G. D. Montanye for furnishing 20,000 feet
1 -1 inch Oak Plauk, not to exceed oinches in width
5OOO feet 3 and 1 inch scantling—lo,ooo ft. thick
Hemlock Plank. To be delivered by the Ist day
of June next.
Tow anda, April 23, 1800.
FOR SALE. —A new Dental Operating
Chair (Archer's Patent), also a complete set of In
struments. Address, E. F. SMITH,
Towanda, Pa.
TOWANDA MARKETS. —( Wholesale Prices.)
Corrected exery Tuesday bv E. T. Eox, No. I,Brick
Wheat $2 00 @ $2 50
Rye 75
Corn 65 @ 70
Oats 35 (d) 37
Flax Seed 1 80 @ 2 00
Clover Seed, (small) ~ 800
" " (Orwell) 10 00 :
Beans 1 25 (5> 1 50
Butter (rolls) 35 (a] -10 j
" (dairy) -10 bV> 45
Eggs 20 :
Potatoes 87
Hay (per ton) 8 00 @ 10 00 j
Salt (.per lbb.) """ 3 00 j
Flour 10 00 @ 14 00 j
Ham ~ 18 i
Chickens 11 16 j
Turkeys 10 (5, 18 i
Ducks 16 (U) 18 i
Geese " 12
WEIGHTS or GRAlN.—Wheat, CO lbs; Corn, 56 lbs; I
Rye, 50 lbs ; Oats, 32 lbs ; Barley, 40 lbs ; Buck- !
wheat, 48 lbs; Beans, 02 lbs; Bran, 20 lbs; Clover
Seed 62 lbs; Dried Apples, 22 lbs; Flax Seed 56 lbs.
SMITH—GILLETT. —At the residence of the I
bride's father, April is. by Rev. J. T. Brownell, I
Mr. Win H. Smith of Wysox, to Miss Eunice L. t
Gillett of Sheshequiu.
Mi C'ABE—BARNES.—At Rome, April 18, by Rev.
Clark Salmon, Air. Wesley T. AlcCabe, to Miss ]
Delia B. daughter of Lew is Barnes.
SWEET.—In Monroe, on Tuesday, 10th inst.,
after a short illness, in the 10th year of her age, j
Miss LaDesha Sweet, daughter of Air. Hiram ;
Sweet of Alouroe.
it is seldom that death in cutting clown one at so j
early an age affects at once so many hearts and |
brings sorrow to so many mourning friends. The \
dee ) grief and affliction always occasioned by the \
sudden departure of those who die in the bloom of
life, in this case many considerations combined to
enhance. In the tender relations of the family
Aliss Sweet had by affection and dutifulness, bound
to her by the strongest tie the love of parents, who
cherished her with parental interest and endear
ment more than ordinary and whose solicitude and
sacrifices were repaid by the light which she shed on
their household and by the hopes, alas! so soon
blasted, which gathered around her. By amiable
ness and generous kindness and a genial disposi
tion she drew to herself the affectionate esteem of
those of her own age and these traits of character
united with a womanly demeanour and discretion
won for her the admiration of all. She had been
for nearly four years a pupil in the institute in To- j
wanda and was a member of the advanced class of ]
young ladies in the school. Nature had bestowed ]
on her superior intellectual gifts, and with talents |
cultured by much study and training, she bid fair j
in a high degree to wield in society the influence |
of a refined and educated lady and to adom that |
elevated position. Iler connection with the Insti- 1
tute during so many terms greatly enlarged the |
circle of her friends among the teachers and pu
pils ol the school and many at this time widely 1
scattered will mourn her early death. Though un
obtrusive she had won a large number of friends
in the t -wn and it was a touching tribute to her |
worth, which was rendered by the presence of so 1
large a number of school acquaintances and friends
from Towanda, who assembled at her funeral, and
who by their unaffected sorrow testified their deep
an i special interest in the solemnities of the occa
sion, and their heartfelt sympathy in the sorrow
that pervaded that large assembly. To all that I
was winning in her character she added the oma- ]
ment of Christian grace in her faith in the Lord I
Jesns Christ, and her interest in his cause and her
solicitude for the spiritual welfare of others. This !
was particularly developed in the recent gracious
revival with which the community was blessed, ,
and it is this that affords, under this sore affliction,
the truest consolation to mourning relatives and
friends, and the highest motive for submissive ad- j
oration under this mysterious dispensation of God ]
"whose way is in the sea, whose path is in the |
great waters and whose footsteps are not known." j
IpoiDcll $c €o.'b Neto ooobo.
j Have now in store the largest stock of goods ever exhib-
I iled in Northern Pennsylvania. Additions will con
! stantly be made to this stock daring the season, and
I it will at all times be foond FULL AND COMPLETE
j in all its departments.
; We invite the particular attention of our customers to
j our magnificent display of
! Which we offer at prices much below those of last year.
| We have given special care to our selections in this line
and are now able to exhibit the newest,most fashionable,
and most desirable styles to be obtained. Our new
stock (comprises all colors of Plain and Plaid French
Merinos, Empress Cloths. Str'ped Melanges, Striped
and Plaid Poplins, Taffetas, L rmas, Tinsel Poplins, Paris
Crepes, Reps, Plain and Brocade Alpacas, Poll de Chev
res, Delaines and Armuses, Bight Plaids for children's
wear, and a great variety of other Drees Fabrics.
Black French Merinos, Bombazines, Tamese Cloths,
Baratheas, Mohair Lustres, Black and White Check and
\ Striped Poplins and Alpacas, Double and Single Fold All
j Wool Delaines, and a full line of those High Lustred
Black Alpacas, at a great reduction in price.
Beaver Cloths, Tricots, Velvet Cloths, Cassimere Sack
ings, Plain and Twilled Black Broadcloths, of all prices
all colors of Plain and Fancy Sackings, Opera Flannels,
i Ac., Ac.
Ladies, Misses and Childrens White and Colored Cot
ton, Fleeced and Merino Hose, Ladies Merino Vests
and Drawers, Gloves of every description at low prices.
Bleached. Half Bleached, and Unbleached Damask Ta- |
ble Linens. Napkins, Towels, Towellings, Scotch and
Russia Diapers, Bleached and Unbleached Huckabacks, j
Clashes, liisb Linens, Ac., 10-4 and 9-4 Sheetings, j
Pillow Case Cottons, Couuterpanes, Draping Muslins,
Shaker Flannel Sheetings, Rose Blankets, Ac., Ac.
Esquimaux, Moscow and Castor Beaver Cloths, French
and German Black Broadcloths, Doeskins, Fancy Cas
simeres, Tweeds,{Meltons, Satinetts, Union Cassimeres,
Jeans, Ac., Ac.
All qualities Plain White, Shaker and Welch Flannels,
Fancy Shirting. Miners, Red and Gray .Plain and Twilled
Flannels, and a full assortment of
At the Lowest Market rates.
We are now opening and desire to call special atten- :
tion to onr unusually large stock of
As we make this department of our business a special
ity, we have given it much time and attention. Our se
lections have been made from the newest styles in the
market, and our Cloaks are manufactured in a manner
that cannot tail to please, and give entire satisfaction,
Having made our purchases before the recent great ;
advance in price, we'are able to ofter decided bargains i
in Ladies, Misses and Childrens Double and Single !
Shawls. Our present stock tar surpasses in extent and j
variety, any purchases we have ever before made iu this
line, and we have availed ourselves of the most favor
able time to select the choicest and most desirable goods
in the market.
We have now on hand a good assortment of these cel
ebrated Skirts, In White and Colored.
The Engenie, Empress, Paris Trail, Multiform, and a
variety of other popular makes of Skirts in all sizes
for Ladies Misses and Children.
Brussels, Three Ply, Extra Super, Superfine. Ingrain,
Kidder,and Hemp Carpets. All widths Floor Oil Cloths
Mattings, Door Mats.j and Rugs. Anew stock just re
ceived. \ '
Having made arrangements with manufacturer's to
supply our sales with the best quality of Boots and ,
Shoes, we shall at all times be able to furnish our custo
mers with the best custom made Shoes of all kinds,
for Ladies, Misses and Children, and Boots for Mens and
Boys wear, at reasonable prices. We shall also keep con
slantly on hand a complete assortment of Mens.Womens
and Children's Rubbers and Ar> 'i Overshoes.
A splendid assortment of Mens and Boys Hats and
Caps just received. Having closed out our old stock
almost entirely previous to our late purchases, we now
offer an entire new stock ot the latest styles.
We are now receiving large additions to our stuck ct
Wall Papers, Transparent WindowHShades and Trim
mings Window Papers, Ac., Ac.
SHERIFF'S SALES.— By virtue of u writ
ol Fi. Fa., issued out of the Coutt ol Common
Pleas of Bradford county, to me directed and delivered,
will be exposed to public sale at the Court House in the
Boro' of Towauda, MONDAY, MAY 7. 1866, at
one o'clock, p. m., the lollowing described lot piece or
parcel ol land situate iu Smithtield tp.,aud bounded as
to wit: On the north by land, in the possession ot Eliza
beth Decker and the school house lot. east oy the public
highway, and on the south and west by lands ot Sevel
len Wilcox. Containing four acres more or less all im
proved. with a framed bouse, small trained barn and a
few truit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Harris A
Saltmarsh vs. William H. Huff.
ALSO—The following described lots pieces or parcels \
' of land situate in the boro' of Athens, as lollows to wit.
Lots No. 72, 73,82,83, 45, 47, 48, 49, 53,54, 55, 88, -9.
1 39,40, 30,31,33, 90,23. 24,25,2(1, and 109, according j
to Plot and Survey ot boro' ol Athens.
ALSO—Two other lots situate iu the boro' ol j
da, bounded as follows to wit: noil by W. 11. Dodge, i
east by Front street, south by luuds ot M. C. Mercur, i
west by lands ot Hiram Yaw and Reed Smalley. Being
100 tcet on Front street and about 100 feet back. Con- j
turning 5000 square ieet each more or less.
Seized and'taken in execution at the suit ol M. W. !
Wheeioek use vs. Chauucey N. Shipuiau, Charles F. j
Wells and N'athauiel C. Harris.
ALbO—The following lot piece or parcel ol laud sit- j
uate in Ulster twp., bounded as lollows to wit: north by
laud ot Ralph Russell, east by the Susquehanna River, j
south by lauds ol John S. Anthony and West by lanes oi
M. G. Vausickle. Containing 125 acres more or less, !
about 100 acres improved with a trained dwelling house
framed barn, cow shed and an orchard ot truit trees
thereon, being the same lately owned by James Park.
Seized aud taken in execution at the suit ol Waver iy
National Bank vs. S. Northrup.
ALSO—The the following described lot, piece or par- ;
eel of land, situate iu Burltngtou twp., and bounded as 1
lollows, to wit : North by lands ol James Boss, east by
lauds ol Henry &, George llill ami J. W. Park, south by
lands ol i'hilo Beards ley, and west by lauds ol siias
Belts aud Horace Burns. Containing 107 Vaes more or ;
less, about 75 acres improved, with .-mall liauieu house, i
trained barn, log house, lug ham aud two orchards ol
fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken into execution at the suit oi Albert i
T Wheat vs. Frank A. Beardaley.
ALSO—By virtue of a writ ot t end. Ex., the follow- |
ing described lot, piece or parcel ol land situate in I
Athens twp,, bounded as follows: north by lauds of I
John P. Green aud L. O. Sueil, east by lands ol D. C.
Kimball aud Ira hlsbrie, south by land ol William ;
! Phelps and west by lands of Page A Bristoll, W. U'.
; Wo Icon, Ira Elsbree and A. t. Elsbree. Containing
two hundred and titty acres more or less, about Liu;
acres improved with a lramed house, lramed haiu, shin j
gle mill, hog pen, coin house and truit trees thereou.
Seized aud taken in execution jl the suit ol Job J*.
Kirby's use vs. F'raukliu Murray and Jolm Grilliu, i
Adui'ts., ol Rachel Muiray, deceased.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or parcel ol
land situate iu Granville twp., bounded as loliows: north '
by lauds belonging to the estate ol Dr. Bovicr, dee d.,
east by land ot Joseph Fleming, south by the public i
highway and west by land o: David Cue. Containing
acres more or less, about 10 acres iuiprovee, ,ih a
framed house,farmed baru and a tew iiuit trees there a.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit ol Lyuiun
Rockwell vs. Green K. Rockwell.
ALSO—I he lollowing described lot pie eor parcel el
laud situate in Armenia and Troy twps., bounded as
lollows: uoib by lauds ol il. A. Case, east by laud ot
Wm. S. Dobbins, south by land ol A Bumliam and j
west by laud ol J. J . Green. Containing 84 acres more J
or less.
Siezed and taken in execution at the suit ol Pomctoy
Brothers vs. il. B. Strait,
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or parcel ot j
land situatejin Monroe twp ~ and bounced a.-, lollows: j
north by lands ol FTeemau Sweet, east by laud ot J. R. :
Cowell, south by land ol FTeemau hwect and wed ly
land of said Freeman Sweet and land hereinafter de
scribed. Containing 50 more or lens, about 15
acres improved with one liuuied bouse, framed baru and
a lew truit trees thereon.
I ALSO—Une other piece or parcel ol land situate iu
j said twp., oi Monroe, bounded as lollows, to v. it: North
i by laud o. Freeman Sweet, east by land u. said F ret- I
i man Sweet aim the above described lot, south by lan i .1
.-aid Freeman Sweet, and wc.-t by laud belonging to C al
Company so called. Containing uU at it- more or less,
about ten acres improved with one tog huu.e and apple
orchard thereon.
Seized uuu taken into execution at tht suit oi J. L.
Rockwell to use oi L. C. Kellogg vs. Geo. K. Elliott.
Al-bU— the lollowing descrined lot. piece or parcel of
land, situate in Monroe twp , aud hounded as lob iws :
Beginning at i corner on the line between E. C. Kellogg
and David fiidgwiys, on the east side ol the turnpike,
near the school house, Ibeuce soutti east 24 perches
to a stake,theuce east sixty -tour perches to a white oak,
thence north 24 per. to a stake and stones on sulu K I
logg a line, thence west along .-aid Keilngg'a line, thence
west along said F_etlugg's line sixty-loui and ptuhts,
to the place oi beginning. Containing 9 acres ana l(i2 ,
per. more or less, all improved, with one lramed i.uu ■.•. ! ,
lramed baru, saw mill, and a tew truit trees thereon.
Seized and taken into execution at the suit ot W", J. ; '
Gaskill vs. George Ilessey.
ALS The luiiowiug described lot. piece or parcel ol I .
land situate iu Ulster twp., and boundcu as 1011, w - :
North by puolic highway leading Horn Milan to Smiti.-
lieid.east by public highway leading liom TowanJa to
Athens, south by lanu ot Widow Harsh, and west by
laud ol Butler Viucent, Containing ij .uies oi laud
more or less, ail improved, wit i one lramed lavuti
house, cue Lamed dwelling house, one Lamed barn and
a tew truit trees thereon.
ALSO—Une other piece or parcel ot land situate in 1
said Ulster twp., hounded as lollows : North by lard
ol i-amuel Hull, cast by thepubl c highway leading livui
Towauda to Athens, south by land oi Widow Flood,an 1
west by land ot Samuel Hull. Containing one acre ot 1
land mote or leas, all improved, with one traimed steam
Grist mill and Shingle machine thereon.
Seized and taken into execution at the suit ol Harils '
A Saltmaish vs. Darius Myers.
April 9,1866. Sheriff.
AJ as Jurors for May Term, istid.
UnA.Nl>' JI'ROKS. 1
Athens boro', Dana F. I'aik : Athens twp., Fran, is J
Motley ; Burlington twp., 80.-, ell Alien : Taut hop.', 1
Jesse E, Bullock, John Mix; t aun.u tvvp.M. !.. ] ... k
ard, Win. S. Jayue ; Colunn ia, N'dsou \Y. d. s iu .1
Xiukhaui, John Morgan ; Granville, H. . Spalding ;
Litchfield. Stephen Evans ? lionrt e twp.,B. C. .v ..f, • •
Orwell, L. H. Bronson; Like.:uei Bods ; R un
A. W . Taylor ; Sheaheqnin, Millet Smith : Troy two., ,
Hiram Greeno. Olivei Williams : Ulster, A. B.Smith :
Wysox, Henry Van Bruut ; Wyaiusiug, Daniel Brown ; '
W an en, Joseph us sleeper.
Albany twp., E. W. Burdick; Athens twp., Haw ley '
lozer; Athens boio',John Sutli ; Asylutn, E. 11. De-
Loug: Burlington boro", A. J Ross; do. twp., Burion ,
uustiu; do. west.Wm. Ardway John Eglin;Canton bo.. J
John tan Dyke: Canton twp., John G. M.. >n 11-. i ■- j
S. Mauley, David Durat, Deny Lewis ;to uuibia. >.to. ! ,
Card; Frankliu. J. Dorsey Johnson, N'elsu Gilbert, p. j
Greenjr; Granville, Valentine buxton, CN. s..\h : '
Heinck, C. S. ."squires, Barney Call, A. R. Brown :
Litektield. 1. L. lirjuk, S. i>. Canucr )t. iiiiuiii • '
i.eliaysviile, A. L. Baldwin; Monroe t\v; .. J. >. - j *
berry, Wiu. A. Kellogg, J. L. Rockwell; R.dgben v, G. ! '
E. chawbeilin, D. li. Bumliam, A. 11. \o Hi:.- : if me '
twp., Geo. Brunt; Suiitbiield, John Bird Edwin Bi ikes- i '
ley, Jesse buuintr; btuudu.g fctoue. Geo. W . >.,une- I ,
James Espy; Sbe.-lu.qum, Jesse Brown, Stephen N ■■a el; '
South C reek, s. B. Peltingill; To wan da b. :o'. S, \\ ill is '
Rogers; Troy twp,, Leonard Vauhoru ; l'u- :u la, v,, > .
lingtun Barrowcf U : Wyalubing.J. D. Camp : V>y.-o.x.
Lsacb Wood; Weils, James Brink; Wilmot. C>. 11. Mor- ,
row. TKAVEJIS JL'j Olts. —2d WEEK. *
Athens boro ,A. li. Spaiuiug ; Alba boro', Aluei t i i ,
Li Hey; burltngtou twp., taiaouel Guyer; Cui t u twt.
Wm I'. Avery, Robert Liiiey ; Ueiruk, 51. Slot urn •' I
Litchfield, Ellas 8. Hadlock; Leßoy, H. W. Darkhurst I ;
l.etoy Holeumb; Monroe twp., Benj. North; Gnu •. 11.
P. Kembait, Geo. Lyon jr, c. J. Chubbuck ; Pike, El- i '
more Briater, John N. isarnes; Smitbfield, C. B. Biggs ' '
South Creek, Ira Crane ; Sprmgheid, S. I), liarkiio-s ' I '
Sheshequtii, Horace Kinney, Jobu Smith; Towainmim.l ,
W . J. Noituu, 11. C. Porter; W'yalusing,E. l>. Slai.oi-J ; i
\\elis, JciUicd 1. 0.-good ; V\arreu, Kobert Ooibiu, Wm. i
tiowell; \V \>K>X, Jt s. Minlu ; Wilmut, Kra.sius Uu;<;K. } 1
Jobu C ome.-ka; U'indliam, 11. b. Elsbree Asa McKee : '
Ridgoury, Gscar Laruaou; Rome twp., J. L Parker* i '
Tu.-.curota, Henry Ackiey ; Terry, Uriah Teiry : Hoy !
twp., Jacob A. Linderman. d. 51 sMi i il i '
April, 10, Isoo. ' sheriff. |"
A Commencing May 7.
Com. Pa. Ex. ltel.J. 1 .D.siyer vs. Jos 51.E1y, injunction 1
Lydia Muiison vs. Amos Baker i--ue
Emma J.Hewitt et.el. vs. Samuel Keliutii Vt'.ai ejectuie't* '
Dknial Curran vs. Mary Ann Bishop debt
Shipman & W'elis vs. Rogers Fowler do. '
Sam 1 Schrader's adui rs vs. Thomas D. ud sci. la.
... n ~ vs ; same ' do. '.
Wm. B. Ciymer vs. Perry ( obb et al ,, i.t
w ill. Peet S use VS.b. H Canfield et. al .debt.
t. . i age vs. i. P. Blood
H . A. Hood vs. Shipman A- W tils' . do."
Clark A linker ?g, Abraham Stec rs et. ;•!
Ice. Dibble vs. lb.cid B.Palmer .j ctment. | '
Auios GriUethet. al. vs. A. H. Spalding appeal.
1 oi.y Chi,son vs. John W, Sweet replevin } i
Geo A liolden vs same ejectment'
A. A. Worden vs. H. B. Vaugilder appeal ' 1
a ,V iV ? U!,e vs - Jus Lee (lunatic) trespass. ,
i. I>. liall v> Caroline Hall .• ejectnit-nt. 1
Juo. C. Wells assigns vs. .Shepard A Hathaway.... do.
dam bchereuger vs. Melvin B. Owen et.a1...... deft. 1
Augustus Lewis vs. D 1). Brewster cj. ctuient
David Barber vs Wm. Collins s*i. in.
Coin Pa. vs. p. p. Sweet et. al do. i
N. C Hairis vs J. K. Wright Gar. 4c ait. ex. j .
l. S. Russell use vs same do. j
N. t . Hariisusevs same appeaL I .
......same vs same do.
John Saltmarsh vs same . do. !
Bobt. Campbell'sadrn're vs. John S. Madden... do. ! .
John B. Luckey et. al. vs. Valentine Smith.. .ejectment 1
S. N\ Bronson vs. N. N. Parks appeal
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, i i 1
Bradford County ss. j
-übpoenas for FIRST WEEK returnable Thursday. 1
May 10, and for SECOND WEEK Mondiy, May 14. at
10 o'clock a. m. E.O.GOODRICH, j*
April 9, IStiti. Prothonotary. | '
-t Y is hereby given, that all persous indebted to the |
c.-tate of Charles James, dee'd, late ol Rome borough, are
reque.-ted to make immediate payment, aud those Uav ]
ing demands against said estate will pre-ent them dul\ I
a'. 'henticated lor settlement.
March. 27, 1866. Administratrix. j
J. V u w-. Carrot See s tiy the pound at FOX S. (
SEEDS for sale by i
March 7,66". E. T. FOX.
j of an Act of Assembly passed the 13th day of March,
1 1815, and other Acts of Assembly, will be exposed to
Public Sale at the Commissioners Office in I'owanda
J Borough, on the secoud MONDAY in JUNE, A. D.
1806, the tracts of unseated land described in the follow-
I ing list, unless the taxes and costs upon the same are
I paid before that time.
No. Acres. Warrantee names. Taxes.
91 Andrson Joseph, 8 90
107 Barron John jr., 10 40
81 Pear Able 8 19
i 93 Rush Moses 9 08
250 Wagner A Hines, 24 08
168 Welling Charles, 328
i 400 Edge Samuel, 72 10
171 Edge George, 30 80
! 400 Hardy James, 72 10
400 Hardy Andrew, 72 10
400 Hardy Simon, 72 10
400 Hardy Nathan, 72 10
400 Hardy Paul, 72 10
400 Siddons Samuel, 72 10
; 400 Siddons Joseph, 72 10
325 Siddons James, 58 60
175 Siddons Peter, 31 56
120 Beck Frederick, 3 06
300 Antis Henry, . 63 45
202 I let is Frederick, 14 24 j
387 Douglass Andrew, 81 78
4074 Morgan Jacob, 86 28 i
413 l'feiler George P" 29 05 !
417 Price John, for 1862 and 1863. 27 24
417 Price John, for 1864 and 1855. 88 13
324 Wister William, 69 36
181 Witzell John, 38 21
200 Beck Henry, 14 10
400 Anderson Samuel, 38 40
391 Anderson Joseph, 29 55
361 BenuerJocoh, 34 69
396 Beuner Jacob jr. 37 4.5
78 Casiator Frederick, 7 48
172 Ellis Marcy, 16 50
97 Gray William, 9 04
400 Hampton Robert, 38 40
50 Hopkins Robert, 4 81
200 North Samuel, 19 20
400 North Teter, 38 4u
400 Shotts Peter, 38 40
400 Rhotts Frederick, 38 40
400 Shotts George, 38 40
280 Wallace Mary, 26 88
100 Woodruff Hannah 9 60
313 Cetz Henry, 63 87
343 Betz John, 63 67 !
343 Beta Joseph, 63 8" '
343 BfctzJ.nues, 63 87 i
400 By son Henry, 74 40 j
375 Cooley Samuel, 69 66
400 Cooley Joshua, 74 40 '
400 Ca>tutor Harmon, 74 40 I
400 Cast-it or Joseph, 74 40 j
342 Edge Peter. 63 87
100 Ellis Marcy, 18 60
172 Edge George, 31 99
313 Fritz Samuel, 63 67
100 Hardy .-amuel, 71 40
375 Hardy James, 69 66
225 lEudy Henry, 40 06
390 Harris Ann, 72 55
400 Holliu|worth Stephen, 7140
375 Moore George, 69 66
400 Moore Paul, 74 40
393 Moore John, 73 16
200 North Samuel, 37 20
400 North Jolinathan, 74 40
200 Palmer Thomas, 37 2o
100 Seeley Peter, 74 40
400 Steley Joseph, 74 40
400 Rtelev Henry, 74 40:
225 hiddons Peter, 41 79
75 Siddons James, 14 00
100 Temple George, 74 40
4uo Temple Samuel, 74 40
106 Temple Peter, 74 40
160 Woodruff Hannah, 33 48
72 Koekr John & Co., owners. 1 64
150 H.umway A Barrowcliff, owners, 363
56 Field Henry, I 42
35 Porter James, 88
272 Baldwin James, 15 10
337 Cortright Cornelius, 13 18
383 Cortright John, 21 26
231 1 .ivenport Daniel, 12 84 j
301 Davenport Cornelias, 16 69 j
AERO—In purs mnce of the provisions of the Act of '
General A -embly, pas.-ed the 29th day ol April, A. I).,
1-11. xetioii 4Nt, at the same time and place will be
exposed at Public Rait, the traits or parcels of land or
real estate designated in the following list, unless the
taxe due upon the same or costs are paid betore that
< Q K,
S, £ c. j P* p- o -
1661 ruts J A H. 1 lot, 1 lot, 45
Beebe Arthur, 32 32 1 47
Camp 11 W., ]£ 1J 42
ISC3—Boyington 0. G., 100 100 9 00 !
Nichols Edward, 100 100 900 j
.... Way mon Orlando, 09 -60 1 60
1864—Babcock William, 10 10 34
Boyington OG, 100 100 24 50
Beeman John D, 106 106 14 54
Gard John, 118 2 146 26 96
Nichols Edward, 100 100 22 00
Hinman J. B. M., 100 100 17 50
1863—Ballard O. P., 3 13
Rto< kwell Charles 200200 300
1861—st ckwell Charles, 200200 30 60
Ballard F. E.' 80 80 10 05
... It'll!c Michael, 30 30 371
... Cain Michael, 30 30 360
Strait E. 8., 60 * 50 8 37
1-63 Ward ( I, . 400 400 9 90
1864—t'ook Jo-aph, 50 50 99 ,
Ileweti Charles, 49 15 34 129
.... Me A fie. 134 131 1 80
Foster John. 50 50 1 35
.... 1 amlerpool William, 24 24 05
... WardC. L.. 400 400 8 10!
l-ej— Ward C. E. * 35 35 61
1-64 Woodruff J. F., 54 54 204
1.861—810w James, 37 10 27 1 54
18C3—Armstrong Geo, 27 27 88
M Carty John, 30 30 1 60
... Tubman Henry, 25 10 15 7-
.... Walsh Themes, 40 40 55
1663 —Huxton Clareuden, *32 32 110 1
Eel ley J. 8., 66 6G 2 39
1863—Lunger William 125 5 120 462
1863 Kellogg Moses A H. C.850 850 7 65
1663—Campbell G. W., 50 50 55
.... Hiiim 11 A Park, 400 400 640 '
WlliMii.!- Augustus, 50 50 80 |
1.861—< im Henry, 50 10 40 1 35 1
HinnunA Park, 150 400 36 00 1
Willhiiae Augustus, 50 50 450 1
Camp Levi, 50 50 30 1
home .
1863—Cannon JE. estate 20 15 5 190
I*64—Brooks Salomon, > 5 48 i
Brigi im Charles, H'setlt-, H'seJclot
Fay Justus, 16 6 111 75
Hunt B T 25 25 48
Powers Jeliii, 30 10 20 1 45
Ricky David, 11 19
1863—Baker S S 49 7 42 3 04
1864—Griffin John, 25 25 68
1863—Clymer Thomas B 90 90 4 g-0 i
.... Marshall James 50 50 1 76 .
Harwell WP. 100 100 2 14 i
Hathaway A Griffin, 440 440 639 ,
... Bough to nE F 50 50 277
1864 Clymer Thomas B 90 90 38 50
Churchill Orville, 32 32 258
Call: a Eliza, 10 3 7 60
.... Gustia Samuel, 34 34 l 40
... Hathaway A Griffiin, 440 440 91 95
Marshall James, 50 50 99
Preston Euenezer, 100 100 270
Sullivan Dennis 50 50 1 88
Webber Ira, 4 4 66
1863—Boyce James 1 lot 1 lot C 6 i
1864—Baxter Charlotte 20 20 86:
1864—Bishop Andrei?, 12 6 G 75 j
1803—Crow Edward, 100 100 110 1
.... Chapman EG 32 18 14 58 i 1
letter Gabriel, 100 100 294 ; 1
1864—Bennett Charles, 50 55 16 74 !
Crow John, 100 100 14 40 |
Dodge Wallace, 32 32 102 j
.... Johnson Rj? 5 5 27
... Johnson Charles, 9 6 3 28 1
Shoemaker Ira, 56 8 48 129 S
Yetter Gabriel, 100 100 ISO ' 1
.... Cramlall Edward, 60 5 55 144
1864—Overton Nelson, 20 20 54 j
1863—Adkins F B 50 50 165
.... May Wiliiam, 86 10 70 233 1
Shafter Jacob, 2 09 '
1864—Barnes Dovatha 100 100 ISO
.... Chnnhill Asa, 56 56 108
Dickerson Perry 40 40 72
Jakoou Blias, 25 25 45
.... May William. 86 10 76 lai
Lewis A bra in, 140 140 252 j
MeKernou Thomos. 50 5 0 90 1
.... Phelps 8 D 114 114 2 04!
.... Shoemaker Mary A 10 2 8 23!
18G3—Hatluway A Griffin, 900 900 49 48
1884- Hathaway A Griffiin, 900 90 217 47;
—*No. A res returned by Collector.
N l> —Notice is hereby given that an amount suffioi
ctent to pay taxes and cost will be required in every
case where the land is sold, at the time of sale, and un
less terms are complied with the lauds will be ag in ex- I
po-ed to sale. J. PERRY VANFLEEI, Treasurer, j
Treasurer's Office, April 2, 1566.
REGISTER'S NOTlCE.—Notice is hereby
given, that there has been filed and settled in the
, office ot the Register of Wills, in and for the County of
>j Bradford, accounts of Administration upon the foliow
i i ing estates, viz :
. j Final acc't of H. C. French adm'r of John B. Strong,
: dee'd, of Welles,
i I Final acc't of P. W. Maynard adm'r of Patrick Mur
j phy, dee'd, late ol Rome.
Final acc't of J. W. Irvine adm'r of John B.lrvine,
• i dee d, late of Towanda.
Final acc't of Eseck Wood adm'r ol George Nichols,
: dee'd, late of Wysox.
Final acc't ot K. M. Pruyne adm'r of Charles i.iglt.
i dee'd, late el Burlington.
Final acc't of E. E. Allyn adm'r of U. J. Bowen,
1 dee'd, late of Warren.
Final acc tol John W. Payson adm'r of I. J. Allis,
1 j dee d, late of Orwell.
Final aoe't of H. W. Camp adm'r of S. A. Warner,
dee d, late of Herrick.
1 Final acc tot Alvina Blakeslee adm ix of Lyman
1 Blakeslee, dee d, late ol Pike.
Final acc't of E. Werkheiser adm'r of Abraham Val
-1 lerecamps, dee'd, late of Orwell.
Final acc't ot Theodore Watson adm'r of Wm. Teeter,
1 dee'd, late of Springfield.
Final acc't ot O. J. Warner adm'r of N. B. Chaffee,
1 dee'd, late of Orwell.
1 Final acc't ol John McKean adm'r of Samuel Wells,
dee'd, late of Armenia.
Final acc t ol Wm. G. Bradford adm'r of Heman
Morgan, dee'd, late ol Wells.
Final acc't of Eliza B. Smith adm'i of Alex. L. Smith
dee d, late ol Wyalusing.
! Final acc't ol Martha Miller admix of Daniel F.Mil
ler, dee'd, late of Albany.
Final acc't of Jabez Case adm'r of Uel Williams des'd
| late of Troy.
Partial acc't of Eunice Turrel and L.P,Stalford adm'rs,
of James H. Turrel, dec d, late of Terry.
final acc't ol John Morrow adm'r of John Bacon,
dee'd, late of Wilmot.
Partial acc't of E. P. Stafford Guardian of Viola and
Harmon S. Allen.
final acc t ol James Smith Guardian of Huston D,,
Ida E. and Annie E. Shores.
final acc ts ol Samuel Davidson and Cyrus Bloodgood
executors ot Eleazer Wright, dee'd, late ol Hitehfield.
Partial account ol Lucretia P. Stevens, guardian of Les
sie and Willie Allis, minor children ol H.K.Aliis, dee'd
ALSO—The appraisement ot property set off by the
Executor or Administrators to widows or children of the
following decedents :
Estate ul D. C. Miller.
" " Hiram B. Joiner.
'• Ansel Tiilutson.
" H D. Uifford.
" " Richardson Wood.
'• Julia A. Drake.
' " J. W. Decker.
An 1 the same will ue presented to the Orphans Court
ol Bradiord County, on Thursday the 10th day of May
ary next, lor confirmation and allowance.
. *i . y 0 „„ N.C.ELLSBRE,
April 4, 1866 Register.
XX.herGby given that all persons indebted to the estate
, ot CA L V J X LEWIS, deed, late ot Springfield twp.,
are requested to uiake immediate payment, and those
haying demands against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
April 5, lStifi. Administrator.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
estate of CHAKLES D. MILLER, late of Columbia,
dee d., are requested to make immediate payment
and those having demands against said estate will pres
ent thein duly authenticated for settlement.
•^' ,J * Adiuiuistrator.
_LJ is hereby given that all persons indebted to the es
| ttate ol HEM ON MORGAN, late of Armenia, dee'd, are
requested to make immediate payment,and those having
demands against said estate will present theui duly an
thenticated tor settlement.
April 5,1866. Executor.
J-*- hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate ol ELIJAH AEGEK, late ol Orwell twp.. dee'd
are requested to make immediate payment, and those
having claims against said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement.
April 5, 1866. Administrator.
NOTICE—Notice is liere-
J by given, that all persons indebted to the estate of
WILLIAM N . WAR D. late of Troy twp.,
deed., are requested to make immediate payment, and
tho-ekav ing claims against said estate must present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
A pili 5, 1566. Executors.
B.K. Ross, N. P. Moody. F. X. Homet.and others,
have presented to the Com t of Common of Brad
lord Co., the charter of the '-First pociety of the Meth
odist Church of Asylum," praying the Court for a de
cree ot incorporation, and that the same will be heard
on Monday, MAY 71h, 1866, of which all persons in
terested will please take notice-
April 5.1866, Prothonotary.
i\ G. F.Mason, E.H. Mason, C.S. liussel. W. H.
bhaw and others,have presented to the Court ot Common
Pleas ol Bradiord Co., the charter of the " Fir-i Uui
versaiist Society of Towanda Bnro," praying the Court
lor a decree ol incorporation, and that the same will be
heard on Monday, May 7th, 1566, ol which all persons
interested will please take notice.
April 5, 1-66. Protbcuotary.
J. V. li. Hill. —No. i6l Dee. Term, 1865. You are
hereby notified that Mdria Hill, by ber next Iriend. Jas.
Smith, has applied to the Court ol Common Pleas of
Bradford County lor a divorce from the bonds oi matri
mony, and the said Coust has appointed Monday, May
7th, iB6O, at two o'clock p. m., at the Court House in
TowuLda, for hearing the -aid Maria Hill in the premis
es at which time and place you can attend if you think
proper. J,M. SMITH,
April 5, 1866. Sheriff.
-AA. gar it Hmly.— No. 192 Dec. Term, 1865. You are
hereby notified that James Henly your husband.has appli
ed to the Court o! Common Pleas of Bradiord Co. lor a
divorce from the bonds ol matrimony,and the said Court
has appointed Monday, May 7th, 1866, at two o'-
clock j). m., at the Court House in Towauda.for hearing
the said Jame Hinly in the premises at which time and
place you can attend it you think proper.
Aprilo, lsoij. J. M. SMITH. Sheriff.
J.m Tui-k—No. 130 Sept. Term. 1864. Y'our are
hereby notified that Reuben S,, your husband.has
applied to the Court ol Common Pleas oi Bradford Co.,
fur a divorce trom the bonds ol matrimony, and the said
Court lias appointed Monday. May 7. iB6O, at 2 o'clock
p. m., at the Court House in Towanda, lor hearing the
said Reuben S. Trask in the premises, at which time and
place you can attend il you think proper.
Apiil ".. iB6O. J. M. SMrTH. Sheriff.
ii is hereby given that all persons indeited to the e
tale ol WM. ZANEK, late ot Albany twp.. deceased,
are. requested to make payment, ' without deiay.
and those having claims against said estate must present
them duly authenticated tor settlement.
April 10, 1">66. Administrator.
A DMINIS'R'S NOTlCE.—Notice is here-
by given that all persons indebted to the estate ol
JOEL STALFORD, late ol Wyalusing twp.. Bradiord
County, dee'd, are requested to make payment without
delay aud all having claims against said estate are re
quested to present them uuly authenticated lor settle
ment. E. P. STALFORD,
April 9, 1866. Administrator.
J\. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
estate ol ALONZO LONG, late ol Troy borough, de
ceassd, are requested to make immediate payment, and
those having claim against said estate will present them
duly authenticated tor settlement.
April 17, 1866. Administrators.
fa hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
estate of 511AE P. SLADE, late ol Columbia, twp.,
dee'd, are requested to make immediate payment, and
those having demands against said estate will please pre
sent duly authenticated for settlement.
April 17. EBENEZER LILLET", Executor.
oi administration ot the goods, chattels, Ac. of
GEO.W. JOY'NER lateoi Troy township, deceased,
have been issued to the subscriber. All persons indebt
ed to said estate are requested to make payment, aud all
persons having demands against the same are notified to
present the same lor settlement to the subscriber.
April 9, 1866. Administrator
TV is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Charles Drake, deceased, hate of Granville,
are requested to make immediate "payment, and those
having demands against said estate will present them
dulv authenticated for settlement.
March, 27 1866. Administrators.
t A is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the *
estate of PETER V. BENNET, late of Rome township,
deceased, are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
April 9. 1888 Administratiix.
ij ure of the subscriber, in Monroe twp . April 9jh,
1866, twelve sheep and six lambs. The owner is re
quested to come forward, prove property. pay charges,
and t ike the same away,or they will be disposed of ac
cording to law. JOHN G. GALE.
Monroe, April 11, 3w.
cheap, wholesale and retail, at FOX'S.