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    Bradford Reporter.
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1,, 17 1 • i : n y; 10 u 12 in u is
I .j*.. j.. j: :• :• IT 1K iy 20 21 22
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. . . • 11 . _ I i I i : 1 ! '. 1 •'' 11 I. H
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L, rhh > i\£* sov j" i "r'i m - 3 :
i : - nits u. y- n : 11
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: ■ 19,20} -3 22 2.-. 21 I :.l-"ly. -7! 23j|
: - ' : "i" :
i ilifil in South "Warren, at the house of his fa
in-law K. E. A IT. us. aged '2O years six months
tw, lve days. He was a UH mber of the sth N.
V ( iv.tlrv Co. "M," he fought at the battle of the
V mess, Spottsylvniiia, C'oie Harbor and before
! burg was wounded in the left hand, hut con
-1 to discharge his duties as a soldier bravely
I prostrated by camp fever. His wife hearing
. --situation went to SpoltsylvaninHospital pro
i a furlough and brought him home in her
n.s. ih .t his life might close among those that
t< l ined him as a patriot, soldier and neighbor. A
:iiou was delivered by the writer from Isaiah
7 •• For a small moment I have forsaken thee,
;• in greater mercy 1 will gather tlice."
IVuee to the iishes of our brave soldiers.
51. 11. I.
1 I .ii. k PAST Tv.II.VE. —If the saying' he true
that "a eloek out of order is a sure sign of an ill
i emulated ••• aisehold, "what should strangers think of
large and nourishing town like Towandu.with its
i i K-k pointing to the same hour week after week
•el month after month 'i Some years ago many of
e.ti/.eits loaned money to tin borough to pur
i aa-e a '1 own Clock w hieh was bought and for a
i :im did very good service. Why does it not
i ■utinue to keep time ft It is in the care of the
ri n Count il, hut the building is county property
... is in charge of the ( entity Commissioners.—
I'. u. Ps the Council never meet, as they receive no
■ . : but we know that the County Commissioners
• : quite lit qu< ally and receive a comfort; ble
i . i a -ation for every day's service. For along
; ait wire told that the roof leaked. A new
i ... put on, aud then it was said the watt r
I i down the rod of the spire, and it scents the
i at Commissioia rs ami their t x-. utivi- officers
i t mnster nj> energy enough to employ it me
. . • t . put in -ome simple eeintrivanee to keep
•• fr< m rusting the iron works of the clock,
nty and b rough taxes are certainly high
to finish funds to keep the town clock in
a. t even t ■■ buy :t new one if this is rusted
■■is by the leaky roof, ft is evident that some
1 pnbiie functionaries neglect their business
disgrace of the town, and in order that the
■ ..1; . in y not escape, if this grievance he not ivm
ili. ii ■ our next February Court, it is recoinimn
(ed t it the Council, Commissi oners and all their
•ib : ;ii.. ics 1 •• inch ted for neglect of duty. There
ha-' o-, way of bringing all hands up to
L iiuEE ( DIMWXED.— A sad case of
[to. vning o-eurt ed hi tlie I.oyalsock creek near New
i't-rry, Lycoiuim .- unity, on Sunday la-i. Three
[•hildreit—nb.n am! two girls ■g. .l respectively
bight, six. ami. FOUR y. ais, of (ii.oiiot: LI.OVD, went
fm the iee u, ■ the lailfo; ! bridge and scon after
ii was disc..Vired that the ice had given way and
| y •i • .-.'11. t.. 1. The latl • r who had he. n
1 -. nl tliia y. ars in the army. ; ".ived home that
porning just in time to see the lifeless bodies of
I eliildn o taken from the water. The names of
p< children were MABGAKET, THOMAS, and HEKBI
Stn AND I-'ATAI. AI i IIIENT. —Wc leant that
I n: V.uisAM.a citizen of Falls, Wyoming county.
K.-.S hilled, one .lay last w-ek, by the falling of a
. Mr. V. with another man was engaged in cut-
El h - with a cross-cut saw. Tn the forenoon of
al day. a limb of a tree being blov n oft', fell
Injured an arm, so as to unlit him for labor
it. Notwithstanding this injury lie, in the af
ru. on, eoiitinued to assist in the work with one
a n,when, a tree blew down which instantly killed
lini. 11. leaves a latge family ti> mourn his nu
ililely death.
feaT" Wi: noticed a short time ago the fact
nil Bradford l{*i>orler wits soon to lie enlarged
i* i former editor and proprietor, K. O. GOOD
KMJ.. was to asunie editorial control. The
1. inlier is mvived and is decidedly one of the
: -t jonnmls of that State. It lias
g-1 i printed on a new press, new typo, paper,
uii 1 mtais.s some twenty columns of reading
"i- Tin . f T is fast attaining the reputa
j-T-:!y d* SI S'VI S, and tin public will tind at
"tfic.- ad the modern facilities for doing all
' ! :k on the very shortest notice. It has j
• iKtion and the business community of !
■adlord ( m well he proud of snch a journal.— Wtt- '
, ■/- ... -
>i.. L. I>. I'IKIO K. of the 12th IVim'a
:• now in command of the post at Charles-
IV • Virginia. A small sheet, called the "Onidem
into lin the camp, under a tent, in the field
a 11 .John Uruwn was hung the floor of the tent, I
lei the stands for the cases being made of lumber i
I..'a bom tbe bons in wliieh Ho 'Wii was confined,
f'"l'. v 1,1 ll " " (ruidon" now bgfore us. contains
in following notice of Col. Pu ia i: :
Col. L. lb I'iEia i:, 12th I'a. Cavalry, is now in
I laiiiandol the Post at ( hare ■stown and the whole
"iin effect of his presence, with that of his win
• I. is 1 ready becoming apparent, in the grcat
:• fling of security of the fi a loyal people that
i; to bi fi-undin the neighborhood, and the
of spi s mid l ands of guerillas and
-ti ,t wen- daily in tin habit of making it
r- ndezvous. One or two mm can now make
t::p between thel- and Harper's Ferry without
■ taiuty of b. ing robbed or murdered, or hav
t • depend on the tie. tness of their horse.
teif Guv. I'.VITI I\'S lecture on Teniperauce,
I'a t on it lloiisi-. last week, evinced a high or
t tab tit. ml commanded the admiration of
-•' • lieiice some of whom, during a portion of j
a liven. i iv attested to tears.
'• show. 1 how highly man is favored in the scale
tiou ; happy he might be if he did not
m ■ ' pri .■ s; that alcohoHc drinks,
L! ' x ' '■ aiv ■ll ■; nt to one's natural taste and <
' ' I to, to cheat natnre, and
io them palatable. ll.' warned young Ladies'
■ i.s. the fatal d. bisi.,ll ..l supposing they eottlil !
'• •• •' suit rs aftei man. .... M; s descrip- •'
' briate, in th ; tages of his ;
■ and of his snff< ring family, was thrilling : j
linst it and traffic of
■' shing. But hi - alii gorical'
isli. ation of the Deity with the clem, nts of
'•-< v •.< gruntl ami sublime.
♦ -
RAILROAD Act WEST. —A serious accident
1 "ii the Northern Central on Wednesday
about four miles south of this station. The
'U bound north, due at Troy 10 o'clock and
milt ■ from Granville Sum- ;
d a rail which threw the two •
tioi" tin track and ending one of the cars '
about 30 we be
,!'"r w,th I,,()sc baggage, bandboxes, 1
• manner. So far]
as we can learn no lives were lost or limhs broken,
but many were considerably bruised, and some
slightly burned being thrown in contact with the
Stove. The suffi rcrs were all brought to the Troy
House, where with the kind attention of Judge
Loso, and the professional services of Dr. A. K.
AXTELL, they were soon eared for and everything
that could be done toward making them comfort
able was none with readiness and good will.— Troy
• Times.
&£>'" EKITOR OF REPORTER — Dear Sir:— l
have just enjoyed the privilege of attending nt Or
well Hill, another two day's meeting of our County
Sunday School Association. It was not a regular
but a .specie// meeting, a meeting ihroirn in for the
benefit of Orwell and vicinity.
Although the weather was decidedly Mttrrhy, the
attendance was large. In the afternoon of the first
day, brief addresses were delivered upon the Econ
omy of Sunday School Labor. What our Sabbath
Schools are doing for our Churches and the fram
ing of Children to habits of benevolence. A Sun
day School patriarch who was present remarked to
me, "That was a rich feast, I never heard so much
said in so brief a space before." In the evening a
1 most timely and admirable sermon was preached
by the Rev. 15. J. DOUGLASS, of Towanda, showing
the good results of faithful Sunday School efforts.
'J lie morning session of the second day was de
vot.-d to the free discussion of topics which led to
the passage of a M vies of resolutions impressive
of the sentiment of the Association. As usual the
i closing session, in• the afternoon, consisted of a
children's meeting.
At the appointed hour, the "reserved seats"were
filled with youths and the "little ones" who listen
ed attentively to four short, earnest and instruct
ive addresses.
The the singing and the behavior of!
the children throughout were highly commendable. '
Thus ended another truly precious and profitable '
: meeting of our working Sunday School Association,
whose united resolution it is, that "we will not re- !
lax our exertions until all the children and youth
of the County are gathered into the Sunday School."
Orwell Hill, Dee. 17, ISG4. A MEMBER.
TREASURER'S Account of the Towandu
Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society :
Dr. 7b iiislt rereii'til its follows :
lHli'2. .From former Treasurer 5.17 00
Sep. .. Presbyterian ehureli col /5'2 HO
! Oet From Rev. Mr. Douglass 10 00
j X..V Children's Society ;i 08
Sep. to Dee. .From Members lit 81
i 1863. .Jan. .From Mr. Pattern's Lecture... BUH I
I •• . .From Mr. Ward's Lecture 11 56 !
May. .Mr. Towner's Concert (15 75
.. June. .Proceeds of Festival 101 Ift'
| Aug Presbyterian clrureh col 9 7(1
j Oct. .Anonymous '2O 00
Nov .Methodist church col 1(1 70 !
; Jan. t"lko From members 99 20 j
ISO! Feb Institute tableaux 15 oo !
June. Col. for Philadelphia Fair.... 900 00 !
j.. .. " .From Glee Club 11 17;
] July Sheshequili school. 3 50 !
1 NOA .Episcopal church col 53 00
Jan. to Do- . From members 151 ;!9
5971 Ift !
(r. Hi/ i ish I'liiil itt ' s ■>!' nml materi'ils. I
IHII-2 Sop. to Dee. Paid six bills SOO (Is !
! lHi;:j Thirty I dl> and receipt- . .. 25ft is |
. Oet Paid Mrs. Uerger. 15 00 !
.. •' Paid"Mrs. Bennett 15 00 j
180! .Twenty-nine bills and receipts . . 1512 77 j
June is. Nt to Philadelphia Fair. . 200 00 j
Dec. '2O Balance (' hin Bank ... 11(5 39
$O7l 4ft
Number of artiid. s s. Nt by the Ladies' Soldiers'
Aid Society of Towanda. I'a., to the F. S. Christ
ian and Sanitary Commissions :
Shirts. 2ft 1 : Pillows. Is ; Pillow cases, 30ft :
Drawers, 39 pair : Sacks 33 pair: Dressing gowns, j
! 0 : Handkerchiefs, OH : Bandages, ft Ift rolls : Lint, j
5 lb-. ; Towels. II : Napkins, lis ; Limb Pillows,
I 55 : Quilts. 1 : Sheets, H : Pantaloons, (5 pair : i
iV. st . b; : ( oats, T: Slippers, 10 pair : Needle !
i cas.-s, 10 : Mittens. 1 pair ; Cravats. 1 : Fans Ift : <
I 1 ..i latLin. lyds.: Fly brushes. (I; Bed racks, ft bhls: ;
(iatsup, 17 >|ts. : Dried apples, 84ft lbs. ; Dried I
Currants, 20 qts. : Dried Peaches, 82 b\js. ; Dried I
Raspli. irii s. ft:i qts.: Dried Cherries. 1 qt. ; Dried i
G. ab< rries. 1 qts.: Dried Blackberries, 14 qts. : j
Dried Winirtlehi rri. s. 4 qts.: Dried Plums, 3 qts.; !
( ::s i'omatocs. 20: Cans Peaches. 12;Hoj).s, 5 lbs.: j
Fasina, 1! packages : Cornstarch, 18 packages :|
Rip! " rry vinegar, 2 botls; Currant Jelly. 38qts.: I
Currant wine, sft qts.; Currant Marmalade, 5 lbs ;l
Currant Jam.D lbs.: Raspberry Jam, 3 qts.; Grape !
Jam, 5 qts.: Tin cups. ft 2 : Sugar, 16 lbs.: Tea,
2 lbs.; Lemons, ft s ; Blackberry cordial, 5 gaL;
Med. eiiie bull' s, ft : Ginger Snapps, ft bbl.: Apple
butter, 1 can : Pickles. 15 kegs.
Quantity of old linen and muslin, also, newspa
per-. magazines, phampblets, etc.
slt-s ELIZA OVEKTOX. .S rry.
AucU'ENT.— -A voung man named CLAFLIN,
I was injuied in Burlington township, oil the 15th
iust., whib hunting lox. s. l.y (he accidental dis
charge of his gnu.
fcvjy** Wk notice that Maj. ADMSOX .MASOX,
'is I in, on furlough. We are pleased to record
i iiis promotion t<. the brevet rank of Major, for a
I moi e gallant or worthy officer is not in the army.
Major 51. i- now upon the staff of Gen. MEADE.
J Bap' BRIDGE Letting, for building a Bridge
across Brown's Creek, in Burlington, lias been
adjourned by the < 'onimissionei s.until Jan. 19,1865.
Sc. Advertisement in another column.
A NEW ENTERPRISE. —No article lias be
come more of a household n eessity, than a good
Match, and nothing is more vexatious, than a poor
one. which despite of friction and perseverance,
refuses to ignite, and goes out as his Satanic maj
esty is sometimes represented in a sulphurous
-moke. To sit], ply this nee. -sity. Mr. J. (). FROST. !
has established id this place a Match Factory and |
is now manufacturing an excellent article of Per
cussion Matches, which art warranted to never try
th. patience of those using them. His enterprise
deserves encouragement.
ALLEN LYONS Dee. 17lh. at the M. E. Parson
age, LeKaysville, by Bev. (i. K. Hair, slr. Ed
win E. Allen, to Miss Mary L. Lyons, both of
GREEN In Derrick, Dec. lftth, Amiretta, wife of
Henry Gr< •n, leaving a very young infant com- '
paiiimj and many friends to mourn her loss.
PARRY At Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. llltli 18(54. Mar
garet Parry, wife of Wm. H. Fritcher, aged -57 ,
years and *2O days.
51,■< 'AFFERTY O. tober 11. 1864, of Diphtheria, 1
Endora sle( all. rty, aged 13 vears, 11 months and
17 days.
TOWANDA, I)cc. 22,15G4. j
The citizens of Bradford county who are liable to 1
Dr.ilt. are hereby notified that by applying, previously
to being drafted, they can procure Substitutes for three
Vi- at amm li less price than they can lifter being
dralted. ami by so doing will be accredited on quota,!
and exempted Irom further dialt for the lull terra ot en
listment ,1 -aid Substitute. Substitutes furnished lor 1
one. two or three years, at short notice and on reasona- !
hie terras. Apply to .J. A. McWIbLIAMS, j
Recruiting Agent. Baldwin st., Klmira, N. s'. |
Dec. 29,181.4.—1mp.
liospectfully inform the citizens of Towanda that they !
have purchased the well-known Market of M- ssrs. Mc- j
("AUK and will continue to carry on the business at the i
Old Stand, on Main Street, next door north of Dr. Dor- i
tor's Drag Stoic.
They would .-ay to the public that they intend to keep !
on hand a choice .'election of MEATS of all kinds, which
they will sril at the lowest possible prices, either by the
siiift quarter or pound.
Meat*, delivered on short notice, when ordered, at any
place within tiie corporation.
Dec. 29,186*. C. H. STRATTON.
,■ wnu ' ( ' respectfully inform her old friends and the :
pnldic, that she will reorganize her class of instrumen- j
la I music, at Momoeton, Dec , 12. She will he ready to
attend to her pupils either at iter residence, or her room ,
over Tracy's Store. Music also on hand for sale,
Monroe, Nov, 6 1864.
p 0 VV E L L is (! 0. ,
Having recently made large additions to their
SII A W L S, <f- G. , ,(■ C .
Are now prepared to exhibit an attractive stock of
these Goods,
And offer them for sale at the
LOWES T M A R K E T P 11 I 0 E S.
They have also just opened
The early part of the season a large stock of
L A I> I E S I> 1! E S S (i O 0 T> S,
Which comprises a greas variety of
Ac., Ac., Ac,,
To wliicli spei ial attention is invited.
December 12,1864.
PURS ! FURS ! ! FURS ! ! ! PURS ! ! !!
NPOYS! TOYS!! TOYS !!! TOYS!!! ! ;
The finest assortment ot
For the coming
.[For Sale.
A subscriber offers for -ale his Dwelling Houses and
Lois iti Towanda Borough. The House formerly occupied
by me, on the north-east corner of Main and Franklin
streets ; a framed house, two stories and basement, with
a well, and in good repair. Will be sold with or without
, the corner lot.
I Also, the dwelling house now occupied by me, on the
north-west corner of Second arid Franklin streets. It is
a two story house, with basement, and lias a barn upon
the lot, with wetland cistern, and an abundant supply of
Iruit. Terms made satisiaetory to the purchaser.
Dec. 1, 1864. JAMES MeCABE.
SALE.—The Furniture aud Lease of the Ward
House, at Towanda. Pa., are now for sale. The house
is being thoroughly repaired from garret to cellar. It
is located at the county seat of the large and flourish
ing county ot Bradford, and is doing a good lucrative
business. It is the Stage House for all stage arriving
at and departing from the town. The property consists
j of everything necessary for the complete furnishing of
a first class house. Good Spring Water in the kitchen
laundry and bath-room, in fact, everything desirable for
a first rate business stand. To a person desirous of en
tering the business, an excellent opportunity is now
; ottered. POWELL A SMITH,
Towanda, Nov. 28,1864.
j US E FO R sAL E .
r; A dwelling hou.-c standing on the east .-ide til second
street below Elizabeth, in the borough of Towanda, is
offered (or sale by the subscriber. The house- is pleas
antly located ou a large lot, aud is conveniently arranged
for either a large or small family, it has a well of < xcei
; lent, ttnlailiitg water near the kitchen door. There is a
| good barn and a variety of be ning fruit trees aud choice
! shrubbery upon the lot . Terms can be nmde easy lor
, the purchaser. O. R. CO BURN.
Nov. 17th 1864,
Ihe subscriber offers for sale a good Grazing Frarn,
; situated in Terry township near J. P. llorton, laying
along the main road leading Iroin Tcrrytown to Albany,
containing |4 i uores, about twenty acres unimproved,
with an unfinished frame house- and about DO Iruit trees,
a school house and other improvements thereon.
Terms to suit the purchaser. Enquire ot W.JACK
SON, Sugar linn. Bradford county Pa.
Nov. 17 ls6l. ' t lk
The .subscriber offers for sale his House and lot situated
iat t lie month ot Wyaln-iug creek, with a large building
: suitable lor a store or other business, pleasantly and con
veniently located, containing about 1 1-s of an acre.
Terms to suit the purchaser. Enquire of
Sugar linn, Bradlord Co. Pa.
Nov. 171864.
The subscriber has TWO GOOD FARMS one situa
ted about one mile from Towanda borough, in North
Towanda twp., on the maiu road leading from To wanda
to Waverly. All improved, with good house, barn and
outbuildings. Also, a choice variety oi fruit or all
kinds. The farm contains 50 aert q and is under a good
state of cultivation.
The other, situate in Ulster twp., contains 2so 180
acres improved—on the in >iu leading from Towan
da to Waverly, about lour miles lr< m Towanda, with
a large new barn, a Louse s.uv-mill, and other out build
ings Well watered, enetd Ac. About 10 acres ot
good timber land. Terms to suit the purchaser.
For further information iimuire ot S. W. ALVOKU, at
the Post Dili c. or mi the premises of
Nortli Towanda, Nov. in. A. E. MENARDL
▼ - flic subst ribtF ollcis ! r safe ]ji.s imiiiliii# lot in
the borough ol Towanda, situated on Second street, first
lot above the residence of K. O. Goodrich. A good Jiarn
is erected on the lot, ami the jr-jierly is very desirable.
For terms Ac.,apply to J. F. Mc&us, or
Dec. O,IBCI. " F. K. POST.
AT TE N 'i' IO N F A E M E RS !
The undersigned otter at private sale about 500 acres of
j in bits to suit purchasers.
j These lands are situated between three aud lour miles
, Iroin the Borough ot Towanda, in Asylum township.
They are well wati red, well located, with deep rii h soil.
Nearly 156 acres are under the plow. The balance is
i with Oak, Pine aud Chestnut in quantities sufficient to
: pay one half of the purchase money.
Terms one half Cash or Government Bonds, and hal
: anct in instalments as may be agreed upon.
! Situated in the Borough of i'uw.tmla. Tcnns as above.
Apply to Mrs. M. A. CASH, Administratrix', or to
I GEO. I*. CASH. Towanda, Dec. 12,1864. i
f I THE >1 BSCRIBER offers for s,il> his
X dvclling house and lot on lid street, north-west ot :
C. L. Ward's. The property lias on it a large and new
j ly buili barn, a good well ot water and cistern, a very
; fine cellar, and some tine fruit and shade trees. Inquire
j of the subscriber. DANIEL 11 Alt KINS.
Towanda, .Dec. 19, 1864.
Organized under the Laws of New York.
FRANCIS A. PALMER, President Broadway Bunk,
New York.
NATH AN RANDALL, Ex President United Plates Tel
cgraph Company, New York,
ALBERT 11. NICOLAY, ol Albert 11. Nicolay <fc Co.,
Brokers and Auctioneers, 52 William St., N. Y.
EI'GENL J. JACKSON, ot Polhauiius A Jackson, Ban
kers ami Brokers. 45 Exchange Place. N. Y.
EDMUND ('. STKD.WAX. Secretary New York l'stro
lenm Stock Hoard and Broker, .'ill Broad St.. N. Y
ANDREW MEHAFFEY. Philadelphia.
FRANCIS A. GODWIN, Philadelphia
ROBER I ( LAB KM i.N. of Clarkson A Co., Bankers, 121
South Third St.. Philadelphia.
JAMES M. CLARKE, Oil City. Philadelphia.
ANDREW MEHAFFEY, I'hilldelphia.
A. V. STOUT, President Shoe and Leatlier liank. N. Y.
WILLI AM 11. ANTHON, New York.
; CLARKSON A CO., Philadelphia.
j No. 52 William St., N. Y. No. 121 Soutii ad St.,Phil*a.
Capital Stock, 500,000 Sharps. At the Nominal Par
of $5 each—Subscription Price, $2 per Share.
Slock Subject lo .Yo Further Assessment. 50 000
: shares, or SIOO,OOO. reserved for Working Capital.
The New York and Philadelphia Petroleum Company
Las been organized with the greatest care, by esperienc
i ed capitalists of the two Cities, whose names are united
j in its on n.
/' trill he Managed Exclusively for the Interests of its
! No pains have been spared to place it on a genuine
! and substantial looting. Most valuable and extensive
tracts of Oil anil Coal Laud have been secured in fee.
• and the leasehold PROPUCING INTERESTS in the heart of
the Ibnango County {Fa.) Oil llegit.n. Attention is in
vited to the following Schedule ol .he Company's IV
: perty, including Fee Simple Territory, Leaseholds, Pro
ducing Wells, and wells in the various stages of eomple
! tion :
I No. 1 .—Thirty acres of bottom land, IN FEE, on the
Alleghany River, having a water-fioutage of nearly one
! mile. New 10-horse power engine and fixtures. Two
wells sunk to the depth of 3UO leet, and already filled
, with Oil. Room for forty more wells.
! No. 2.—Three hundred and twenty acres of rich Oil
Land i.v FEE, lying nearly opposite the above, h.iv ing a
, milfol water-frontage on Prathcrand Bennett Runs.—
Well supplied with timber,
j No. 3.—One-sixteenth lease interest on the famous
; "Widow McClintock Farm," Oil Creek. One well down
j and testing ; another just ready to tube ; a third just
started. Two first-class engines. Tubing tools, fixtures,
• team, wagons, Ac.
No. 4.—Same interest in lease on the well-known
" Hamilton McClintock Farm." Oil Creek. One well
| now being tested : already yielding twelve bairels d aily
and rapidly increasing. Others going down. Two en
gine. with fixtures complete.
No. s.—One-tweltth of two leases on the Clay Farm,
near the great William and Stanton l<;0-barrel wells. On
tiiis property is "Sherman Well. No. 2." now down 500
feet, Engine, Ae., Ac. Room for more wells.
No. G.—One sixteenth of the fee i t Fiity-sevcn acres
of Coai Land, adjoining the Cranberry Coal Company's
beds. This property is of the utmost value to our oper
ations, supplying us with Coal at all seasons, and when
the works ofother Companies are forced to lie idle lor
i want of fuel.
From tin e estates.the Trustees are atsttmed ol their
ability to declare Large and Regular Monthly Dividends
at an early day, and for the speedy appreciation of the
Shares to a Market Value tar above the Subscription
The investigating Committee, sent from New York
and Philadelphia, whose tavoralde Report is printed
. with the Prospectus, speak in unlimited terms ol the
| Company's priperty aud prospects.
Books for Original Subscription will be opened on
Wednesday, December 7th,at the offices of the Company,
I and at the New York, Philadelphia, and Boston Bank
! ing Houses named below.
Prospectuses. Maps and detailed information at i it her
: Subscription Office.
The public are assured, that, whether for investment
or speculation, no better security than these Shares can i
| be obtained.
! F. A. Palmer, at Broadway Bank, 237 Broadway, N. Y.
Polhamius A Jackson, 43 Exchange Place. N. Y.
Albert H. Nicolay A Co., 52 William St., N. V.
Clarkson A Co., 121 South Third St., Philadelphia.
J. G- Martin, Banker and Broker, Boston,
i Steuart & Co., Bankers, Washington, D. C.
IJ is hereby given that all per ns hid- ■ .t'-d to the c*-
tateof S. S LATHRoP, late of Orwell, Pa., dee'd, are
requested to make immediate payment,and those having
demands egaiust said estate will present thciu duly an
thenti.ate 1 for settlement.
Dec. 8,1864. Executors.
1 EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Notice is here-
J by given that all persona indebted to the estate ot
NANCA T, DECKER, lati-ol Springfield twp., Bradford
County, dee'd, are requested to n.ake payment without
delay and ah having claims against said estate are re
quested to present them duly authenticated |.r settle
Nov. is. 1864. Executor
A 1 >.MINISTRATOJi'ri NOTlCE.—Notice
ax. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
estate ol BULKLEY TRACY, late ol Smithfield twp., ;
d( c'd. are requested to make immediate pay., nt, and
thus, having demands against said estate wiil please pre
sent duly authenticated for sell lenient.
December 1,1864. Administrator.
jpXECUTOR'S NOTICE.-X. tice is hcre
-lai by given, that all persons indebted to the estate ol
.JOHN T. MORRIS, late of Pike twp, deceased, are
requested to make payment without delay, aud those
having claims against said estate will preescnt them
duly authenticated for settlement.
Nov. 15. 1564. Executor.
is hereby given, that all persons inct ted to the
, estate ol JAMES liltOWN, late i i Lii-lilield, township,
dee'd, are requested to inakn immediate payment, arid
those having c lames against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
Nov. 15. 1864. Administra'or j
EC F TOE'S NOTICE- Vol ice is here-
J A.iv given, that ali persons indebted to the estate of ,
TIMOTHY CASE lut.- .l Troy, deceased are request
ed to make immediate payment, and those having
demands against said estate will please present duly ,
authenticated for settlement.
November 2.b 1664. Executors.
ETXECCTOR'S NOTICE- Notice is herc
-Li by given, that all persons indebted to the < lata oi
JAME.-S B. BOP THER.iate,of Smithfield,tie- •-axedare re
que.stud to m ike immediate p..yment, and those having
. demands against said estate will please present duly
: authenticated for settlement.
November 29, 1.504. Executor.
■ft (,; administration of the goods, chattels, A-. of !
i JEHIAL Mi-KEAN. late of Burlington twp.,deceased,
have been issue i t<> the subscriber. Ail persons imlebi- j
ed to said estate are requested to make payment, and all
persons having demands against the same are notified to
present the same lor settlement to the subscriber.
, Dec. 29, 1364. Adm'r.
J. A. is hereby given that ali persons indebted to the es
tate oi .<. J. GIBSON, late ol Sheshequin, deceased
ar<- requested to make payment, without delay
and ti. -e havingclaims against said estate must pre.-r
tin m duly authenticated lot settlement.
Nov. 29,1864. Administrate!
il i- hereby given that all persons indebted to thee
tate of Wll.Ll AM • R,; SEXTON, late ot Orwell twp..
dee'd., are requested to make immediate payment, and
all having claims against said estate, must present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
Nov. 28, lsf.4. Administrators. <
dt-.-'iriptiim and valuation of Real aud Personal Pro
perty, Trades, Professions and Occupations Offices i
and Posts oi Profit, Money at inter* st, .V i nJudgments.
Mortgages, Gold I,ever, Silver I.ever mid Gold and Sil
ver Watches, valued at over S2O, Ac., as returned by the ,
several Assessors for the County of Bradford for A . D. I
, mi „ _
—2l y. 'J-. L. !
j [ F7 r_ r| g| ■ j
78'Armcuia.-..' 18050 29311... ...
234 Asylum 93026 12909 400 : Ml' . 2 1
1 14.Athens Bo'. 111914 11730 675 .. 13 ...
417 Athens twp. 337680 23058 23117 .. 3 1 . ,
261 Albany 60285 82t(P 1496 350 .. 8 ...
45 A Ilia Boro'.. 8442 13051 200 .. .. •> 12
1 222 Burli'ton T. 948101 118801 365 270 .. 2 ... |
62 " born lt>73.' 30-5 250: 160 1 4 3
200 • west 71466 12-5-1 2380 450 .. ■_> 5
338 Canton Twp 147650 17515 300 457 1 lj 2
lit Canton Boro 26050 3830 4170 160 .. 6 10
2.53 Columbia... 155216 19716 4520 1285 1 2 6
202 Franklin... 58303 11299 50 420
2221 Granville... 108293 14600 356>. 11.5 3 5:
233 derrick 68949 13M;4 loot)' 275, 2
214 Ia- Roy 68091 11078 .
22.', Lit Illicit!.. 111 137 13926 1500 205
; 64 Lcßay-ville. 17-.-I2 54-6 26'.0, 250 2 2 2
pis Monroe Twp 81379 10335' 650 570
i 54 Monroe Boro 15740' 1972 200 22.4 ..... 1
313,0rwe1l 145656 16751 H25,240,.. 1...
75 Overton 22627 36.58 ...
i 378 Pike 169453 26474 2200 825 . 1 2
31s Ridgbury... 122421 19477 4350' 450!.. I
i 225 Borne Twp.. 95538 112901.. ..! ...j...
58 Rome Boro'. 10161 2540
429|8mithfieM.. I J997251 26092} 55151 780 . 1 ... I
i 366 Springfield..) 173506 22155 2599 245
161 6'intli Cieek 72140, 8775 575 s'.
49 Sylvunia.... 18173 1900 200
315 -dieshequin. 171112' 1868.4 5700 7'4 .. 2 2
191 Standing S. 1 82493! 14353 1420 436 .. 2 7
! 227! Terry I 572-46 8981) 400' 790 .. 1 4
115 Towanda T. 80263! 6789 2650 2.4.. 2 ...
29- Towanda il. 196.367 2<u;35 76' " t.o 5 ;; 3
9.4 Towanda N. 62040 573.4 2500 20< 2
360 iruyTwp . 1J13195 24734 2050 71 6 5
208 j Troy Boro'. I 77325 13700 6400 605,.. 31 20
: 219 Tiiscarora.. 77551 12655 1
211 Lister.,. ... 103967 11800 L' 2 350 .. 3 ...
340 Warren [ 158138 19358 1700} 145 .. 2 ...
j 238 Whtfiham,.. I 132163 21777 11990) 815 .. 1 2
300 Wyalusing.. 13243(1 22836 >230 147.4 2 6 3
238 Wysux , 16-720 ls3ll 4300 750... 5 2
229 Wells 108-64 1435- 1100, 50'
20- Wilmot .... 61004' 10030
! Offices and Posts of Profit : ver S2OO, State tax 2 per
cent. Towanda l-oro' 1000.
Trades, professions occupations over S2OO, State tax 1
per cent, Athens boro" 1.50 : Towanda boro' 24'-U ; Troy
boro' 950; Wyaox 300.
We the undersigned Commi: -iouev- of -aid County do
hereby eertily the above to be a true and com t state
ment of the returns made by the several Assessors of
Bradford County, lor the year 1 -6.4. And ire also give
not'ce that we will meet lit the Commissioner's Office in
Towanda, on Tuesday, the 27th of December, 1664, fori
purpose of revising am' equalizing said -Assessment.
Given uud-r our hands and offi' ial seal at Towanda
this 6th day of December, 1-64.
Attest. E. B.COOLBAPGH.CIerk.
JaL. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the j
estate ol JOSEPH QUICK, latent Sinithlicld towns! p.
deceased, are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against said estate will present ,
them duly authenticated for settlement.
Oct. 13, 1864. Administrator.
(EXECUTOR'S NOTICE —Notice is here
t-4 by given, that all persons indebted t the t fate of
Sewell S. Latlirop, late of Orwell Township, deceased
are requested to make immediate payment, and tlio-e
having demands against said estate will please present ;
dnlv authenticated lor settlement.
Dee. 13.1864. Executors.
EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. -Notice is here
1J by given, that all persons indebted to the .
estate ofjEbeuezer llorton. late ot Albany, town-hip,
deceased, are hereby requested to make immediate
payment, and those having claims against said e.-tate '
will present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Dee. 13, 1864. Rv< .tor.s
A UI) I TOE'S NOTICE.— In the zxutUr of
1 \ the estate of /.ymun Blaneslee, late of Ft'n twp .
demited. Elmira titakestee.widow aad a mi nstrntri
The undersigned,an Auditor, appointed liy the Or
phan's Court of Bradford County, to dispose oi excep
tions to the appraisement, and valuation •> property to
the slid widow and administratrix, wiil attend to the
duties of his appointment at hi : office, iu t'.e I rough of
Towanda. on FRIDAY, the 13th day o! JANUARY. A.
D., 1865. at 10 o'clock, a. m., when and where all per
sons interested are reqnind to attend.
Dec. 9 1864. Auditor.
-iA is in rehy given, that all pr i sons indebted to the es
dee'd.. are requested to make immediate payment, and
those having claims a; .:in t said estate must on. eutthem
duly authenticated for settlement.
! Dec. 27. lsii-4. Administrator.
is hereby given that all persons indebted to times
tate of PHI LF.TUS VAN DYKE late of Canton, ike'd.
are requ -ted to make immediate payment, aud all having ,
claims against said estate must present them duly au
thenticated lor settlement.
1 Dec. 27.1864, Administrator, '
♦ ' I
ORPHAN'S COT I',T SALE—liy virt-ne of
an order of tlx; Orphan's Court of Bradford county
the unacrsigned Executor of the estate of DARIUS
M ANLEY.dee'd., late of Tiny twp., evil! cell en the
premises, at npblic sale, on WEDNFSDAY, January 19,
lhß' 1 o'clock, p. in., the following hit. piece or par
| eel of land, situated iu Troy Iwp., and hounded as fol
! to tics, to wit .
Beginning at a corner of G'lias. G. Mauley's lot UJIOIJ
the road, thence along the -ame south 34j* treat 32 pet.
south fill 0 tWSt 77 per. to a Corner Upon said Mad;
thence north 7IJ° west 72 per. to a corner, thence no tb
H° oastß7 3-10 par, to a corner ol said Cbas. 0 Man
ley's lot, and tLeucc south 89° east 123 7-lU per. to the
place of beginning. ('"Utah.big 57 acres MM IIP! per.
ALSO— "ther certain lot piece or parcel of
land lying and being, in (ha twp. pt Troy, and hound
ed on the ive t, north and cast by lands of I). If. Man
ley,and south by the mountain load leading from Thom
as' to Aunt la.'.iiid contain in nine acre- more or less.
The e\i part of same Improved.
IERMS.—i'2.S to Lc |>aid on day o r sale, on each of
the lots, one-halt on the confirmation of sale, the bai
lance in one year thereafter, with interest.
Doc. la, 1 .4. Ext.-.iter.
an order of the Orphan's Court of Ilradford coun
ty, the undersigned administrator or the c-tate ol ED
WARD WILLIAMS, dte'd., late of Athens twt>.. will
sell On the premises, at public sale, on WEUIfffiDAY,
January 18, 1*65. at ! o'clock, p. m., the following lot,
piece or pare. lot land, situated in Athens twp., and
bounded as follows, to wit ;
I Beginning at the south-west corner of lot No. 2 rnn
; ning north 14° e.i>t 17!) 2-10 rods to the northwest oor
i nerof lot No. 9. thence north S-jr" 1 west A3 0 10 rods,
thence south IJ° west 179 B-10 rods to the patent line,
thence south eat 43 0-10 rods to the place of be
ginning. Containing fifty acres, . c the same more or
TERMS $25 to be paid on the day of ;ale. one-half
or the balance on confirmation, and the balance in one
year I row the date of sale, with interest.
! Dec. 15, 101)4. Admiuistratoj.
ORPHAN'S COURT SALE. —By victor <jf
an order of the Orphan's Conr' of Brad ord connty
the undersigned administrator of the estate of JAM Lis
| FOSTER, dee'd., late of Wilmot twp., will sell on the
premises, at publi- sale. • i WEDNESDAY, Jin nary is,
i-3.5, at 1 o'clock. p. in.. the following lot, pit eor par
cel of land, hounded as follow, to wit :
Beginning at the north-caul corner of the lot hereby
tic ribed. being the south-east corner or fteo, H.irper
laud ; ll ■ nee south along toe publi.: highway 42 p-.-r. to
I a .-take ana stones • thence west along the Hue of Ira
! Brown 76) per. to a po-t and -tone- ; then eh north
' said Brown' land 12 per. to said Harper's land ;
I then c aiong the same eaat 7t:4 per. to the place of i e
■ ginning. Containing 20 acre.-, be the -ame more or !e- j ,
■ all improved, one two story tnu-ie dwelling house, neai
!y finished. an old board huu-e, oue barn and other out
bid dings, and a quantity of 'ruit trees then .u.
TERMS.—S2S to be p-id on day of sa'e. .>nc-h .if of
the balance on conlirm-'iliou - I ale, and toe balance,
I with interest, in one year thereafter.
Dee. If, MM. Administratis.
,'n order f the Orpn-in'- I - art of Brat":', rd '-omdy,
the undersigned administrator of the estate ol A I, A NSON
j MILDER, dee'd., late of Litchfield twp., will sell ou
i the premises, at public sale on WEDNESDAY, January •
Is, l>i;">. at 1 o dock, p. m., the following lot piece or
i parcel of land, bounded as follows, to wit :
Beginniug at a stake and sh nes the -outh cast corner
j o l ' a lot of owned by B. Keeler : thence north 89)°
west 77 (MO rods to a corner in JaeobCampbell jr. .north
I fine : thence by Laid of A. Daskum north 1 35-60° east
I c 9 24-60° east 6 rods to a post in fence corner : thence
| north 1 65-60° ea-t9 7-IO rod- to a rh slant stomp, a
j corner of said Daskum aland ; tneucc 38fi 5-50° east 26
rods toa .-take and stones comer of said Dasknm's '.and; :
thonce by land of-aid Daskum and 1!. R: Kinney, north
1 42-3f)- > east 100 rods to a st ike, tiie nor:h-east corner
of S. D. Kinney's land : thence north.2? east 22 4-10 j
rod- t a stake ;: nd-tones, co. n. vol'Samuel ovev-h: e's
land ; thence by .-aid Ovenshire's land south so 3 east 42
rod- t<> a post bv a large oak tree, tee north-west corner
of B. B. Keeler's land : thence south IJ° we*: 134 2-10
! rods to the place of beginning. Containing thirty-eev
j en and ihree-fourth acres.
TERMS,—S2S to be paid on the day of sale, one halt
I o: the balance on confirmation of sale, and the balance,
with interest, in one year thereafter.
December 17. 1-34, Administrator.
ORPHANS (JOl IIT SALE.—By virtue of |
an order ot the Orphan's Court of Bradlo d eoun
| ty, the undersigned Executor of the estateof JAMES
EV\XS. dee'd . late of Itidaimrry twp., will s -II an the
1 premise-, at public sale ou WEDNESDAY, January 1-.
i 1-3.5, at 1 o'clock,p. m., the following lot, pie evr p.u-
I eel of land, bounded as follows,to wit:
Beginning at the north east coiner of said lot, (being
also Kinney DeWitt's north-wi -t uurnerjrunning thence
south 1° 15 minutes west 132 rods to a botch stake with
I stonesarronnd it: thence north s-' (5 ruinates, wc-t
; 62 rods toa corner ; thence north 1° 15 uiiuutes, east
132 roils toa post with stones arronnd it ; I. -in thence
-outh *B° and 45 minutes, east 62 rods t ith" place of
; licgiunii g. (' ntaiiiing "i a res, be the same more or
j rly all improved, with a framed hon.-. ahd log
! bar:; tliuv in.
TERMS.—S2S to he pod ou day of-ale, one-half of
the balance on confirmation ol sale, and the balance,
with interest, in one vcar thereafter.
Decernoer. L">. 1 -Sl. Executor.
0~ (UPIIAN'S COURT SALE.—By virtne of
an order of the Orphan's Court ot Bradford cottn
y. the nnderaigned adinnistrator "i the estate -i HAN
FORD KLNNES , dee'd., late of Litchfield twp . will sell
on the premises, at pnblTc sale, on WEDNESDAY. Jan
nary 18,1665, at one o'clock p.m.. the following lot,
piece or parcel of land, bmiudt d a- follows, to wit :
All that piece, or pur el of land lying and being iti i
the township of Litchfield, lb ginning at a -take the
south east corner oi .Stephen Mi Kinney's lat.d. thence
by the .-.. me n i 'i -a 3 5 nun .te • ivest -4 7-1-' rod- io u I
-r.ik ■ corner : thence south 1° .5.5 minntes, we-t 59 6-10 I
rods to a stake in A. Branson's dee'd , laud, n >rth line :
thence south SS° 5 minntes, east 1 7-lu rods to a pine j
stomp, n rth-east corner of said Branson's land ; thence :
east 1° 5 5 minute-, we-t 59 9-16 perches to -i stake and j
stone, north-west corner of Joi I Campbell's land; thence
5-8° 5 minutes, east b4 rods to a stake and i tones it the :
west line nf v. Vfil!":-'- dee'd., land; thence by the I
same, and land of S.Ovenshirc, north 1° 55 minutes,
oa-t 11- 5 16 rod- to the beginning. Contaiuing 3' ogre- •
and -I perches, be the same more or Ic--.
TERM 1 -.- $25 to be paid on the day of sale, one-hall 1
ol the balance on e nliniiatioti of s..le. and the balance,
with inter -t, in ore year from the dav of sale.
Deed tfier. 1 <. 1-54. Administrator.
V/ <- f an orcer of the Orphan'sC irt of Bradford Uo.
the nii-h :• i.pied administrator of th- istate ol YBKA- i
11 \M VALt.ER.SCH VMP, dee'd., iate of Orwell twp., '
iv'.:: -■ 1! - u the premis -. at publle -ale, o:t WEDNE- 1
DA) JA X( All) 25. 1- 5, at 1 o'clock. p. in., the fol
lowing lot, piece or parcel ol land, situated in Orwell
tp.,aud bounded a- follows, to wit: Beginning at a
stake and stones on the highway, said highway leading
by and from Van Elect and Beecher's :uiii throngh ian
terv lie; then e South -0)° we-t !y !an!( of !!. U. |
Chaffee and B. Lyon, 120 pr. to a maple: thencenorth '
33° - ist by lands of C. R. Darling, 117 pr. to a stake !
and -t- aes on the s.-uth side of the highway, -aid high- j
way hiding to Warren tp.; thence north 84° we-t j
• i-7 1 pr. to a -take and -t mea on th - north side of -ill
highway: them e north 2i° east by land- of ('. R. Dar
ling, 40 pr.; thence north 14J 3 eaat by lands of C. R. A :
A. Darling 71 pr, to the centre of the highway, said I
1 ighway leading Iran Windham to Potterville : thence
south -7°. c i.-t along the centre of said highway 19 6-10
pr. to H. Darling's line : thence south 0)° west by said
line 16 or. to a stake and stones the south-west c >rner -
of H. Darling's lot : thence north 85° east bv south
line if said Darling 31 2-10 pr. toa stake anil'stones,
south-east cornier of -aid lot; thence north 74- we-t by i
e.i-t line of -aid lot 50 8-10 pr. to a stake and stones,'
the ncith ea-t corner of said lot; thence north 26° cast
by the east side of tne pond 30 pr.; thence north 47° i
ea-t 10 pr.; thence nortn 65° east !-■ pr.; thence north ;
71° ea-t 8 pt.; thence iuirt!i 7i- c east 17 pr. to the - rath
west corner of R. & U. Humphrey's land ; thc-uee -oulit
57° east along said Humphrey's'-outli line II pr. to a
slake and -tines ou line of Eery (' k'- land ; thersci
-ontli 33° east by said Cook's land 134 pr. toa stake- and
stones qn the west side oi creek ; thence south 16 3 ea-t I
56 pr. to a stake and -tone- ou the north side of high
way. said highway leading to Warren tp.; thence sonth
73-' eat along the centre of siid highway 18 pr. to tin
centre of the Potterville highway; thence sonth 164° :
cast along cent i k of said highway a3 pr. to the north
east corner ol V an Fleet A Beecher's mill lot ; thence
south -7° west by dam and pond on the north side ol
said lot 134 pr. b> stake and -tone-, the north-west c >rn
erot mill lot; thence sonth 3° ea-t along west liner
mill lot 41 pr. to a stake and stones the sooth-west con
er ol mil! lot ; thence north soj 3 ea-t along sonth !i:.i
i f mill lot 16 pr. t • a -take and stones in centre ot Dot
terville highway ; thence south 3° east along centre f
-aid highway I pr. to place of beginning. Containing
98 acres, more or h ss, rt- crving all rights ..nJ j.riv
; -ui if ne granted to J. O. Fio-i ana A, G. Matthews,
75 acres improved, 1 framed hone, 2 framed barn- :>>:■!
fruit trees tliereon.
TERMS— SISO to be i<aid on property being struck
down, one fourth of balance on confirmation of sale, and
tbe balance in five animal instalments with interest an
Pee. 19,1864. Administrator.
Olii'H.W'S (JOriiT SALE—TIy vii ttic d!"
an order of the Orphan's Court of Bradford Conn
ty, the undersigned adinistrators of the estate of JOS
EPH MILLS, deceased, late of Lei! y twp.. will sell en
the pre- -es, at public -ale, on WEDNESDAY. January !
18, IS' ,5. at l o'clock, p- m.■ the following lot, piece '-r
parcel ol land. situated in la; Roy twp.. and boiiuded as
follow-, t i wit :
Beginning .it a post and -tone- in the south-e ist cor
ner of Christopher Smith's lot. thence Jong lot No. 5-
-outh 2° 13 minutes we.-t -7 mis to a po-t in tbe line j
• f Roswell Rogers'lot. thence along the north line of
-aid lot north,B7° 47 minutes we-t 19s 1-10 |ier. t i a i
euilock in the south-east, contr ot lot No. 38, thence
long tin) cast line o! lot No. 38, 2° 13 niiuuti - ea-t -7
i an -1-> a pert and stones in the sooth-west eorner of
Ch ri.-t •_ her Smith's lot, thence along a line of said!
Smith aonth 87° 47 minntes ca.-t 121 5-10 per. to the
north-west corner of the school honse lot ll per. toa
•o: r. thence along -aid 1 tls pev. '.or corner, thence
-ouUi 10 per. to a corner in the line ot said Curistophcr
Sm'th'e land, thence-outh si 3 47 njiuntes east 31 i-10
per. to the place of beginning. Containing 10- acre
apd 32 perches.
I'LRMS.— $22 to bo paid ou the day ol -ale, one-halt j
f the balance on confirmation of -ale", and the balance,
with Interest, in one year thereafter.
Dec. 22,1864 Administrators.
SALE.—The undersigned wishes tn
JL sell two good llorse-.
Towanda tp.. Deo. 19.1884. HARRIET MEANS.
A UDITOIPS \OTrrK.— Tri fhe matter <f
A of the elate of 11', p. MR KE an, deceased, fn
the Orphan's Court of Bradford County.
The undersigned, an auditor, appointed by said conrt
to distribute funds in the hands of the administrators
of -aid estate, will attend to the unties at his office in
tin- borough of Towanda, on Saturday, the 2kih day
of January. 1805. at 1 o'clock,p.m., and all persons
having claims upon said funds moat present them, or
else be forever debarred from the same.
Dec. 21, 1-04. \V. T. DAVIKri, Auditor.
A f TUTOR'S NOTICE.— In fh< moHor of
i l of the estate of Richard R. Rerkwith, deceased.
In the Orphan's Conrt of Bradford County.
The auditor appointed by the Or
phan's Conrt, to distribute funds remaining in the hands
of flic Administrator of said defeased, arising from the
ale of real and personal estate, will attend to the du
ties of his appointment at the office of Morrow A Peet,
in th borough of Towanda, on Friday, the 27th day of
January, isos, t 1 o'clock, p. 111., and all persons hav
ing claims upon -aid money's must present them or else
bo forever d bar red from the same,
D c. 21, 1g64. P. D. MORROW, Auditor.
AUDITOR'S NOTICE. — In the matter of
t'rioh Hunt, prancii Heskins and tVilliam if.
Hindu . truntei t/ c., ot. I ho.-. 'J'. H'itnaan. ft. el.
In the Court of Common Picas f Bradford County, No.
523 Dec. 'i'., 1869. a.alitor appointed to distribute the
proceeds of the Sheriffs Sale of defendants real estate
will attend to the d it.-sol his appointment at the office
in the Boro' of Towanda, on Friday the 27t!i day of
January. 1-05, at 1 o'clock p. m. and all persons
having -laims upon the funds inut present them, or
else be forever debated from the same
Dec 21, 1-64, Auditor.
A EDITOR'S NOTICE.- -Tn thit mdttef of
1 a t!,e. tub of P. (('. Cox,dee'd. In the Orphan's
Court of Bradford County.
The undersigned, an Auditor appointed by said conrt
to lii.-ti i'nute money- iu the hands of the administrator
of said estate. ■' 11 attend to tlie duties of his appoint
ment at bis office iu the Borough of Towanda, on the
2 th day of January, 1 3-, at 1 o'clock, p. m., and all
per-on- having claims against said moneys must then
and there present them.
Dec- 21, 1-34. J AMES WOOD, Auditor.
A a vs. M. //. Alloto'ii/. in the Court of Ciimrnon
Pieasi of Bradford C uuty. No, 6-0 Mty T., 1-62.
Thenndetaigned, an auditor ifp in ted by said Conrt
to distribute fuuds arising from Sheriff- sale of defen
dant's real es* ite, will att nd/.t-> the duties of such ap
pointment at tbeoffl e <4 J. C. A ian s, esq., in the Bo
rough of Towanda, on Thursday. January 26, 1-35, at 1
o'clock, p. m., and all persons interested are requested
to attend. JOHN W. MIX,
Pec. 21.1964. Auditor.
an order Of the Orphan's Court of Bradford county
the ii.! -reigned adruinistrat r ol the estate of JOHiAH
11. LITTLE, de'd., late of Troy twp., will -el! on the
prera -, a' public sale • i WEDNESDAY. January, 18,
1-35. a' ! O'l lock, p. m.. the follow lug lot, piece or par
eel of, ii randed as !o!i->w-'. to wit:
Bounded on the north by Si.gar creek, one the east by
laud-of (}. !•'. Veil-. •.tl ■■ - u'.h by land- of omfort
Deters, on the west ir lands i)f Reilx-n Wilb r. Con about lorty acres.
TEIiM.-i.—s2s to be j aid on day of sale, one-half of
the balance on confirmation of .-ale, and the balance,
with interest, in two •. i J annual payments thereat r.
Dec. I"-. 1864. Administrator.
Jx i-hereby given, that all persons bid bted to the es
tate oi HENRY A RENNET lateoi Wyaoxtwp.deo'd>
;re requested to make immediate payment, 'and all
having claims against said estate will present them
di v a.itheu'i ati-d for.- itlemvnt.
Dec. -, 1804. Admia'lor.
XX. Is litrvby giveu that ii! per- n- iiniei.'e-J 1--the
tate o! GEOI.GE NICHOLS,Iate of Wysox tp., dee'd, are
requested to make immediate payment, and all having
claims upon said e-tate will prc-ent them duly authenti
cated for settlement.
| Dec. 8. 1864. Administrator.
Haul lioatis.
]):; N \ S v LV \ \ I A II A 1 E ROA I>.
MONIIAV, Octohei 3J, 1.-4.—The i'a-seuger Trains
of tin- Pennsylvania Railroad CouipanywiH depart from
Harrishurg, and arrive at Philadelphia and i'ittaburd
as follows :
Through Express Train le.ives Harri-burg daily at
2.15 a. m..and arrives at West Philadelphia at 6.5.5 a. m.
Past Line leaves Harri-burg daily (e.\ ept M muayjat
8. a. m., and arrives at We.-' Philadelphia at 12.40a. m.
I'a -angers take Breakfast at Har. i-burg.
Mai! Tram leaves llarri.-bnrg difly (v.vept siumlay.-)
at l.:! p. m.. and arrive at west Philadelphia at 6.25
p. m.
Piti sbnrg and Erie Express leaves Harrislmrg daily
(ex'--pt Sunday-y a : 11-5.5 p. m , and arrives at West
Phihoelphia at i.2n a. m.
linrrisburg A- ommodation Train, leaves Harri-burg
daily (except Sundays) at 4 p. m.. and arrives at West
Philadelphia at 0.30 p. m. This train has no connec
tion from the tVest
("oluia da Ai 'ommodi-.ti)in Train, leaves Harrishurg
daily {< x.\pt -mday) at 7 a. nr., and arrive- at Lan
caster at 9.15 a. m.. connecting (except Mondays)
with tha i-'a-t Liu-, east.
Pit'-burg and Erie Express leaves Harri-burg daiiv
(ex- pt Sunday-) at 12.5.5 m.. Altoma 6..'h a.m.
take breakfast, and arrive at Pi tsbure at 12.-to p. m.
Baltimore Express Train leaves Harrishurg daily (ex
■ept Jlonday) at 2.25a. m.; Altoona. -.15 a. m.. Like
breakfast, and arrive at Pittsburg at 1 .fn p. m.
Express,teares Harrisborg daily at .1.25 a.
m.. Altoona at -.1.5 a. m., fake f-rt.ik.'.i.-t, and arrives
at Pittsburg at 2.f0 p. m.
East l.ine leave- Harrishurg daily (except Sundays)
excepted) at i p. m., Altoona at 9.10 p. m., take sup
per. and anivi - at Pittsburg at 2 a. m.
Mail Train leaves Harris! urg daily (except Sunday-)
at 1.40 p. in., Altoona at 7 55 p. m., take sapper, and
arrive at Pittst urg at 1.30 p. m.
Mount Joy Accommodation west leaves Lancaster at
1! .20 a. m.. connecting there with the Mail west. leave-
Mount Joy at 11.51 a. iu,. and arrives at Harri-burg at
1 p. m.
The Harrishurg Accommo- utionTrain from Pittsburg
tvliicli arrives at. Hairisbarg ct 6.30 p. m., stops there,
passengers for East of flarri-burg lay over until 11.5 ,
p. m. ' SAMUEL P. YOUNG,
Supt. Middle Div. Penn'a R. It.
Hani-burg, Oct. 27. l-',4.
I. ROAD— line traverses the Northern and
Nortliwc: t counties ol Pennsylvania to the city oi Eiie
0,. Like Erie.
It has i'ofij leased l>y the P> nnsylrania Rail Road
Company, and i- operated by them
Its entire length war opened for passenger and freight
I- -nes. October 17!h. 1834.
Time ol Passenger trains at William-pert :
Through Mail Train 7:10, P.M.
Klmira Express Train !>:sfl, P.M.
Accomodation ,s::;o A. M.
Through Mail Train, 5:25 A.M.
Elmira Expres- Train 7: IU A . M.
~ omodaiion 6;fmP.M.
Passenger cars run throngh without < barge both ways
:>< i vcen Pliiladelphia and Erie.
Ll -aut Sleeping Cms on Express Train- i lit waj'S
In' - n Williamsport and Baltimore, and William-port
and i hikidelphia.
I n information respecting Passenger business apply
at the s. E. Corner 11th and Market streets, Phil'a,
And for Freight bnslness of the Company's Agt nts:
Kin. Jr.. Corner 13!h and Market streets,
Pliil. lelphi.i : J. W. Reynolds. Eiie ; J. M . Drill, Agent
X. R R. Baltimore.
H.H.HOUSTON Gorki Freight Agt. Phil'a.
H. W. iHVIXNI'.I', Ges'l Ttckel Agt. Phil'm
JOS. D. POTTS,Gcu'I Manager. William-port.
jjant" (flooUs, sVc.
171 WCY (I0()D> & DIIKSS & CLOAK
I ■ s>rms the Ladies and Citizens, ofTowanda aud vicin-
I ty, that she has opened, at the hue stand of Miss.
Dailii.-., next door so itli ol I'ateh's Grocery Store, Main
-'.reef, a
• hi ii -he will keep weli snpi lied with an assortment
the mo-t Kasli n T ie il x-ds to lie procured in the
Ne v York market Great cure will be taken in select
ng to meet the wants alike, of the most fashionable, aa
of the m st plain and economical.
DRK S S <£ CI. <> A K .1/" A KI N 0
in ill it- bran lie- will be done by competent and exper
ienced persons, on re—onahle terms.
'l'he atten lion of the public gencra'lv is solicited to
my-toeK.-3'' ( ,U: '.ii: UK*, thi ■■ c- r m -E ietu-Mg. wall
an ■ > pains will lie spared to deserve and
secure their patronage.
STICIIIXG d ne on :■ sew Tig niaeliiue, to order. —
Al-o STAMPING neatly done.
Towanda, Dee. 1. lsi',4.
There ia a Lime Kiln at the Barclay Company - Ba-in
n Towanda, where is kept constantly for safe, Fresh
lurnt White l ime Stone, at 40 i ts. per bushel, and IS
cuts per bnshi! for slacked Lime. Also* Syi.uuse ™a
i.ime at two lollnr-per 1 arrel. and Eire Brick, at 8
cuts each. Drain Tiles 2, 3 and 4 inch., at J,.! and 4
en s per foot.
nm p *.5.(H)| Lump Coal $5,50
inn Of Mines." 1.50 Run ot Mines, 500
Ine Coal l."°! finhCoal 4SO
VII the at,"ve for -ale at the office ot Barclay Coa,
,'ouipaiiy, Towanda.
Towsnla,May, fs, 1964.
IM7STRAT MARL.—Caiuc mto the aelo-
A -urc ol {he snhacriber, Oh or about the 1-t of No-
Tdiobw. a small ITOB Gfey M.ur, abdot t'i r years old.
The owner is requested to coiuo forwiml chanjea
and take her away. EDW. WRIGHT.
Springfield, Pee. 1, 1864,-Sw.