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~g- Rev. Mr. WOOD will deliver a Tera-
at the Court Mouse, cn Monday evening
* es '" c
gn The President of the Towanda Tem
in;c Society has appointed the following na!h*d Wcr
P", conum tt<e to circulate the Pledge in this Boroagli
,on3 , a . u j tv; _Mrs. C. M.Manville, A. Moutanye,Misses
G- Fatten C. M.Manville, W. T. Bishop, J. E.
J p"vton,W. Keeler.
We advise every yonng man and vro
.„s everv parent, to send two three cent postage
BAN ; PS to Aspkkw STONE, M. D.. NO. 00 Filth
'!! * Troy, N- V-, and get in return a copy of his
"Treaties on the Causes of the Early l'hydical Degencr
of Mnerican People.'' When received read it and
"older over the startling facts therein stated.
OUT. CANALS. —The following is an e::-
• t of the earnings of the canals (or the past year. The
''"nine* ot the company's canals were: from the
"V-anna division, $203,530,011; Juniata division, $23,"
Western division, $8,801,02; miscellaneous
14 ,- s i : total earnings, $251,681,76. The
'jleDsesof maintaining, improving, and operating the
a ] 3 were: for Susquehanna division. $75,736.5:/;
rliata division, $101,205,41 ; Western division, $22.;
-•t.i-,1 s'js 001,56 —showing a loss, during J SC
-059,"a • i" la *> v * '
C fsd,oiy>"o. _
A bill is pending in the Legislature which repeals the
new in h/rce relating to county superintendents of
e nr >r. - hoo's. 'lt provides lor the election of a super
intendent Ly lire directors in each and every county ; but
' ; nay is to come from the teachers or applicants for
schools. Each applicant l" r a situation is to pay one
foliar lor an examination, whether he receives a eeriifi"
tate or net.
Iff BISHOP POTTER, of the Diocese of Penn
tylaania. has issued an address to the clergy and con
gregations in behalf of the Missionaries of Hie Diocese,
astfiii c uiclusi n recommends that collections he made
jn evei v congregation on Sunday, Feb. 15th. for missions the diocese, and that they 1* transmitted to the
Treasiiier, James S. Bidd.o, Esq.. of I i.Uadelphia.
P;:iNT!'.fts are taxed, first, as dealers,
$lO jer annum; secondly, on paper 3 -er cent a!
valorem ; thirdly on ink ; fourthly < a type; fifthly on
tLeir income. v.-hich cow-Uts principally of expenses;
r.d lastly and worst of all. they have to pay doable price
forpap. and ireverything thev eat, drink or war—
mi to! ti p.Rte class ol .cm - '.s bour.<3 to becoin*? ox*
tinct. unless the people wim arc not taxed so severely
open tiieir ii'*ai ts. or rather iu *.r i r-cs. ami pay tuein
more jirnni] tly. C*-tne. friends. "to be o'r not to he
taxed t • death—'" that's the qui.-lion '
ggf Should iff issue of paper money in
tresse as rar-i':N fertile next six months ns it Ttas done '
f riiig the tJcva. we may see a return of the '
'.. me s.i /ken of I y D >ctr \Viiher-no-. {one of the
wgnors of the Declaration) *• when creditors Vere seen j
running away and their debtors pursuing them in j
triumph, and pay in;: then: with/ ut mcicy, :
r-ii '
3§v, IMPORTANT TO St :1001. DIRK-tors ; .e !
attention of Schoi! Directors is invited to the following '
se.-ti /:: <-fthc ■ • ram n school law passed last winter, in j
rciati-'ii t'/ their duties :
" That it shall be the duty of the board of jiiwton In ;
each sclicii <iis!rict to puMi-h an annual statement >-t :h<-
amount of money received and expended and the amount j
die from r i'c tors, and setting forth i ll the t'.ii.i'c ial op- ;
ti • nsol the district in not less than ten written or j
or ted h it. -'tis, to up the most public places ]
The rnii -e it . st be signed by the president of the hoard
and attested by the secretary. We have on hand a quan- j
;i:y blank statt merits for this purpose, which save inuca |
vriling a:: J be.Ale.
8©- Jl>T RKTKI betid s A fanner resid::;s.'!
JiLeßoy township, having for some time mfesed rails |
from bis f-:u •.. at last l.i. l the thief poiuted out in a ta- ;
titer ..•••. i :i. i::■ •r. Wh.i- the proprietor was*','. i
C.nrt, at tics place, !.i-I week, some one bored a hole ia j
rii. filled it w'th puvvder, and carefully plugged it up. j
Thanil stealer I!" you this rail, sawed it up for fire ;
wood and during the'evening placed the loaded htick in j
the >:• vc. A - effect follows cause, the consequence may ;
be easily immnginfd. The stove was completely d*:ujl- j
bh<i, the fragments scattered about the : son). The ,
qcesti-ja is :.01--:.ccr" Who stole the rails V
txri Wocsdkh S r.:!: :?s. — ;
The Wi .;• -.n 'enicr.t has just been made by the
Sarjecn meal of t'nis St..te :
Headvh AUTEas, PENNSYLVANIA Jfn.rrrA. )
HOSJ-ITAI. I'Ei'A nc :.:knt. -
Feb 11, 1.803. \
I have the honor to annoance to the ibfeods of Penn
ivivania Vul.inteeM, tint by the gr.ituitoi,* ' il o-soi the
c sr, ■,j ciicirais.-iniiers, npjo/iuted lor l'miA'cci, o
compete llc.-ord, embracing about tcr. th mtautl names,
his been made of ali the nick and wounded "/ tbt- State
re eived into the U. A. General Hospitals of Philadelphia
bvrmai,n, Chester, kc., iroin the beginning oi the
Information may be had concerning any aoMier, by
" ■ --ii;.'J./ . Parker, Esq., Chief of Hospital Com
fy' trder of the Goverahr.
Surgeon General, Penn a.
I©* SK: I.IN'G IJIQUor TO MINORS. —Itte ro
ca" . nf a cotemporary on this subject are a? applicable
lit I wanda as they arc to the local ty to wnich they
*ere origina !y applied, and we have good reason !■>
'tate that the practice of selling liquor to minor?
an alairuing extent just now in this ]>'acc, and unless
are prepared to see the iNhig generation a gencra-
E'Q of diunkards, steps cannot l>e taken a moment too
•oon fur checking the evil. We have in our vision two
three houses where youths, no matter liow tender their
fwrs. are supplied with liquor just the same as adults.
The consequence is, it is no unusual thing to sec boys
a "e children, reeling drunk around our places of public
Mi i.sentetit, and very frequently the liquor overcomes
'hem to such an extent that they have to be carried
- mo! We have no language strong enough to express
Wrcontempt for the wretch who, for the sake of mak.
hq a lew cents, won Id sell liquor to a boy. It is bad
fx ;gv, (pat grown up men are supplied with it ; but to
tel: hij.ior to minors is one of the greatest offences that
can be committed against society, and if justice were
"- n, the law would punish it as such. As it is how
tter, those who furnish poison of this kind to boys are
•Alie to indictment, and whenever a case can be made
°against them, they should by all means be prosecut.
It is only by tiie watchfulness and exertions or the
themselves that the evil will be remedied.
s3?* Daily we receive the sad ti (linffs of
lit devastation of war, and new hearth-stones are made
itto.u'e by death s uuiugs. The following communica
ton has been handed us for publication
" " hen the call for volunteers first aroused this north
tonntrv, few towxs responded with more enthusiasm than
fyu. k. Her sons, patriotic and liberty-loving, aban
donlcg the plow, the shop and school room, bidding a
san "-d farewell to home and its tender associations,has
•tited to the field of terrible strife. Many, too many of
alas ! neter to return. Illocher, Hurst. Fuller,
"N'ber, Itcardsley—brave and loved boys—we shall see
l " tm a '> more ! They have fought their la-t battle, cross
! °e la,t river, stacked their arms, and received a final
'"barge. Henceforth the clangor of war disturbes them
To this gloomy list, we are now compelled to add the
Davir LiTHROP, son of ltev. Wm. Lathrop,
a well known Baptist clergyman, who has yet two other
sons in the army. Davis belonged to Capt. Tark's Com"
pany, 141 st Regiment P. V., died in camp near Freder
icksburg, December !), 1862, of typhoid fever, aged thir
ty-on- years. Last Sabbath, the 2Jth, a vast concourse
oi people assembled in the Herrick church, and listened
ton funeral discourse delivered by I'c v. Mr. STONE," of
Erne. Tearful were the eyes and son iwful the hearts
' there assembled. Virtuous, industrious, beloved iv ail
| who knew him, the memory of Davis, while it summons
I up recollections both dear and melancholy, will long be
j cherished by n'gt-d"parents, lb? brothers and sisters, by a
| now widowed wife and fatherless child—by neighbors
| at home and by companions-in arms abroad.
This sacrifice of sons aud husbands upon life bloody ul
! tar of war, can be endured if the country be saved there
by ; but to make tlie sacrifice and no great end accomp
lished, is intolerable. Whether saved or lost, green be
the wreath that twines the brows of these fallen vrariors.
Let poetry embalm their virtues—let history recoid their
J deeds and sufferings, while sculpture rears the irhp'crish.
| able monument upon which coming generations may look
: and grorsa fa mil liar with those patriot heroes— these inar
j fy'rs who died that their country might live.
Nob'-- sous! brave men! illustrious d*ad! Valiie!
| Vulttt !
| Oh ! little we thought as with heart rending parting,
I We gascd on our loved one in youth ure-,t bloom ;
! That our hearts would >o soon be enshrouded in sadness,
| Our brightest hopes v liish our joy t urns to gloom.
j His form cold an 1 s'ii! in Virg'rfia is lying,
And the eyes are MV bin that in beauty cbone :
1 The piuo bouuiis above nim i.i s.idness are sighing,
I -v Anu the are moaning a uirr-e o'er his romb.
j Tl.'.ucrh bitter the cup wlr't'.i our lather hath giver,
We'll drink it with patience nor will we complain—
Th'-'igh we ndss him on cai th yet our treasure's in heaven,
Aud we know that our loss is his infinite gain.
Then cease my sad heart from thy tears and repining,
Though ke-n betiiy anguish, still hope in thy grief ;
Though the tire, oi afti>tion the g-Id is relininiug,
And grace shall sustain us and bring u • relief.
As my thoughts go to the spot where in peace he i s
And sigh o'er the sod-avheiT his ashes repose,
In hope of reunion we'll cease from our weeping.
For death has been cenquer'd since Jesus arose.
And when the last trump o'er thr ear!': is resounding'
My dear companion in triumph shall rise ;
The Savior with myriads of angels surrounding.
Shall bear iiiui away to his buL.t :U llrv skier.
His body and soe.l then in bliss reunited,
Away to the regions of glory will .,
Where the sweet bads ot promise by death are n-t
And loved ones shall meet to be parted no more.
'Mid the fair blooming fields and the evergreen bowers,
My companion transported with pleasure .-hall roam.
Near file river oi ii'c lie wiil ga !icrl : -e fiowers.
That bloom on its auks as it llows from the Throne.
And soon, when released from these regions terre-tiul
We'll ire ot bun above in tin- home of the blest ;
M itb him we wiil gatlier tin- li /wcrs o< I -ti I,
In tn(- land wlieie the weary . ,o - , r shall rest.
!:• Dike. Feb. sth. bv lav J. G. Sal/in, Tr. ALOXZO
STEPHENS ot Bingbamton N. V. aud Miss SAUC'I
li. £H Li, 1 oi
In Towanda, Feb. f, 1- i, J )IIN BEITTON, aged C." i
lu Wyalusing, Jin. 12th. i Diphtheria SARAH J !
VAN AUK EN only child < f Joseph V. and P. A. Van I
Auken. aged live ye-t'.'s. live mouths, and three days.
In Wyalnsing Oct. 11th, 1862, of Diphtheria AAEON
aged ii;'ti(•: . :.<• Nov. 7tU MAitV, aged thir.eon
ciiii'ii'tu ui Jar P. -Aii*l Mary l>il- s
Tiie lr ith of John Ingham tmk place Sunday ?.!'•: j
norm, T'oh. l.t, ! v '-5, ia the mii'.-t o! family, at bo j
tc.-.ido.: ! i 1 gh.iiatown, af:r a lingering illness oi |
a'-.ut ten years. lie was a lo.i ve oi i. ■i . b 'Uiity, Penn '
s\ Ivaula, came to li/bt • !a— when a boy r.early 14 yt n:>
oi age. A fsAffier and mechanic by occupation. He has
■.vi'.niosod ti.e cb.iva s In c>/-.:.ty from its first s.-t
--.lement He erected the house in which be died, and
was surrounded with all ti.e necessary conveniences o!
this Lie. aiwu s .* nrcmfiering the poor, the needy, tin
op pre.- cd aud ftTrrii:.'. ani whatever he eoubl do hi
their relief. Was done with alsrcit y and joy. He possess
ed a heart ready t > /' . . • in,/ • -,v..!i c..ivrs, aud u ■.■uai
;ty v.iib li en*/• ! j>.-t. ii- conv- i-eu ireeiy with his c.:a
ily on tiie sui.jcct of his departure. When in comfort. -
i-le health, and r.rrar.; .•<; his temporal b i-iness with ti.e :
ntmost composure, and at last quietly-yielded aphis j
life '. > hisCrcator at the age or 78 years, 2 months and quiet and nnot trusive in bis manner, he made no
fyud pretentions, yet few in all the relations of life, cx
hibit ir.- re |rs :• •' t' ? cl'rtsti n Ins
thro ihy eras ox; ansive, fce was frr.'y the friend of Gon
man. IN: i.a*l a iiC-iit. av.u a Ivm oi reiie-i lortlie
wants and woes of universal humanity. He possessed a
dicer ui disposition, and was always ratSy to deny seil
when it was necessary to care for others. His family
\v re nev r afraid '■ > 'p-'.i t..■ r u -t- ls Vj n.ui. If t.. ;■
radar- vj y harri. It) tc'.i IF i. If they had c
.. I / V a J > : : ■ If • id ( •(
faith. The cheerful flow of Ills spirits, the quiet, yet
real zest with which he entered upon, free converaati ra
made his youthpcrrenlal previous to his last illness.—
Whatever infirraiUes the j ressnre of protracted disc -
may have shperimtyced they can forget, and remember
onlv that kind hearts,and warm pulsations o! love which
beat beneath lb-m all. lils history Is fragrant wit.. J
many pleasant recollections, and hiu fain'.y andfiivud i
i',l iove to ch'-i i-b bis mc mory.
They think of him now, as departed from this earth,
only to enter another room of the Creator's mansion
where the friends gone fefdre, are congregated, ani
awaiting bia. There is nothing melancholy in what
we call death, bat which most truly Is, transition, Lav
in**" the worn out mechanism of tbcbotfy, in its resting
i.bice, with congenial ek-r.'-nU* (rem which it originated,
but the enfranchised spirit rejoicing in rest, fruition .and
prog: " "•
6-2T Ti.e fo'lowirp: lines t>y "J. B " were
writ!, n *•" c death of DORA LOCKWLT.L , and dedicated ;
to lic-r parents:
V.'ccp n.t. d< ar parents, <*ry your fears,! DOHA tests devoid of tears ;
Nd swelling tor/?i!, death-like paiu,
Shall ever seize lit:- form again.
He- bodv lies beneath the sod
H rsoulh s goR6 to bcr GOD—
Kbc feels when He Hi; trump shall raise,
fS-ic will forever slug His praise.
T' • lives, her spirit's fill of lore.
How sweet to bar t he joy® above!
The pealing anthems i.,1 her car,
The bliss oi Paradise is there.
No trior:- Vcf foots'eps vou slial bear,
fsiv et meniory still so ill ehni-ii your car—
-Bhe I .is >;oi,e to join those bio-soms (air,
Who just iike her atfitctea were.
The sell snni n sickness bade t'ic-m come,
To taste a sweeter, better home
Diphtheria was the cause ol all,
Alas! how oft these lambs-do fall.
It's culled the flowers from out the place,
And cnlied the loved ones of oar race ;
Your chargf give up then to Gon s care,
And strike to meet the loved one there.
Your child, dear parents, hope to meet
j In y:i ler world before GOD'S seat:
Ma-- Peace your inmost souls possess.
Aud GOD'S rich grace forever bless.
The timesliall come, it faithful thou,
Whfeu you around the throne shall bow ;
Sha'l .-Jug and shine and sweetly sound,
| In diadems o! glory crowned. :
I BRIDGE LE iTi NG —Sealed proposals
) will be received on the ground, at the place,on Fri
day, Ihe 6th :y of March, 186), until 2 o'clock, P. M ,
for the building and completing of a bridge across the
Tow-iUda Creek- near the house of N. Gilbert, in Frank
lin township. Specifications may be seen at the house ;
ot N Gilbert and at the Commissioners' office, for eight j
o js previous to Unletting. nE( .
Towanda, Feb. 0,1863. Com inb?-ionorg. J
PLASTER FOR SALE —OayujjaGround ;
Plaster lor sale in lrge or small quantities, at ■
MAsON'S MILLS, in Monroe. All kind-* ol Gram tanca
in payment. J. S. SALI3BUBY A CO- |
' Monroe. Oct. 22.1883.—tf.
C *W nil. D i •. M, t i,;L
HAN IXG pnrchased tvo Store and exten
sive stock of Goods ofT. HUMPHREY, in Orwell,
I now offtr great iuduci-meuts to those who are in want of
MY ftK(i(iPRTP9
Roots, Shoes .A Leather of all kinds. The highest price
paid for LTTTL'IL EGG s *. HIDES & WOOL,
t Orwell, Nov.s, 15c.2.—n23-tf.
iwSaaiiiYJ EiUunuiili. 5u.,
Will Insure against Loss or Damage by Fire on proper-
I ty in Town or Country, at reasonable rates.
| I ); i: i.e. CO us : G M. ILilh-tiback. John ItichnvJ. ?am"'
: Wadl/.tins, L. D. Shoemaker, D.G. Dresbuch, U.C. Smith
jit. I). Lacoe, Geo. P. Steele. W. \V. Ketcharn, Charles
Dorrance, Wm. S. ii. M. Ibivdiug.
L. D. SHOEMAIVLE, Vice Picsid't.
E. C Sifitn. Snc'y.
W. ftt-LihO, 'ireasurer.
Application for Insurance in the following Companies
.Etna Insursnj e Coin pan j-, Hatford. Assets. $2,265,175
Fulton In uii.nce(bimp-.iuy New York, Lush
Capita! .* $200,000
Royal Insurance Company, Capital $10,000,000
Liverpool A London Iheurance Company.
Capital *. $6,000,000
j.:: r. INSYBAN*
Connecticut Mutual. \ - ts $4,500,000
(.'amptown, Nov.s, D -:.
T-2>f n -"-T *' -a r ffs r? r; eg?9 f
L-5s- W itit A... A 'oa, :i (-"-fB Ai * a
| i\T "Vi7 GOODS,
g i £ F. cn ui ?i u-R is ~ r.TftRP
110 TIIINII\ RII 11K S i • 2 -I
<j Ltj k2 i U k- 7 'J h " /in n ÜBui iL.
| A i .i.sct! tin' int * I est ol Mr. !'.: -( x> int lie above well
e v !.i'.ii-:i:in-.:i. , uUic iuce to our old custii
• iters and the public generally, that he will continue ti.e
If >ok and Stationery busim ss at tin- old Bland,and hopes
by strict attention t / ineos, to merit a share of public
i'; - . .-ar -' ' -r ..: ...;• goous, tve hatter our
>vl, tin; v,.- c ,-j < ' r rre.iVr iuJui-cuicnts to purchasers
than any other establishment in tLi s section of country.
Please give us a tall before purchasing elsewhere.
Towandi, Dec. 40, ! ?62.
O -i—i O '~J -t±. J—i-'-T C2r
I .—.
' JL to buy well-made, durable and good Cuing
m S£!?:•'
: tlifaSi ht\U by yLy s liEsstJ^
IT v CAT AlfA"\T's!
j/ i, j_j. I j .>' i J V./ \J jA O
\J JLjC/ 1 Ail J- 1 vJT OJ. \J J- JuJ,
S?A A r ~ : r A"" *■" 1 ™"7 A r'-" ~ 7
i tvisl n r , C i ,
.'.l *>'3 Au U Uui .J w'£i-3
i . - - ,
ft. **■ " Tr
to cJ. w
"11*23 & CAPS
Anu EiCatAor of 0.11 Linus.
Having bought early in the Meson, r.t low prices, for
rash, we wiil sell cofrespohdlngly cheap.
Come one, come nil und examine our goods* us
fort.iin "ivc vf-ii a oiler luticle, lor Icf3 moiicy l:iiUi
can be obtained els *.• here*
Remember the place— at M. E. SOLOMON'S.
Towunda, Oat. E i, lsG2.
Hides, Sheep Felts & Woo!,
p i r- oro PT/akj
lv:. u.. o'——wiYis-. i 4
; Snyder SLouse —T/averiy, 3j&". IT.
i ys A I>lll CK HOTEL, Four Stories high,
1 (near the Depot.) has elegant parlors, large airy
rooms, well furni>hed, is owned anil conducted by C.
VVAKFORO. V, ';!> a desire to please first class patronage.
(Open for night trains.) Board $3 per week; meals2s
i nits ; hot>'s kept do to To cts per u.iy. Stages 80 tun
twice a day. _ .. , Tr
Passenger trains East—Express, 12..12, 10. >7 A...,
Way 2.22, Mail 5.32, P. M., going Wfcst—Express 4.2,
i W.iv O.2'J A. M., Accommodation 1.22, Express 4.56,
' Mail 6.55 P. NT. C. WARFORD.
Nov. 25, 1 ST.2. __
Good Flour aid Good Bread!
rV LIE-} HAVE POOlt BREAD ! Ask the lady of
• the house, and you will invariably receive in answer :
! The flour is poor or the yeast is poor. _
To avoid these irubles buy your fiour always at FOX b
• and use Strattons Yeast Compound, to be had at ti.e
same place; it always gives satisfaction.
The lies! quality of VVneat and Buckwheat flour and
i fresh ground Corn Meal, all allow prices, at the Cash
j GfocbrV Store. H. T.I-OX.
Jan. 28,1862.
sirable let o! land in W'yalusiug twp., containing
ONE ACRE, with a framed dwelling, outbui'dings and
a variety of choice fruit trees thereon. The situation is
•in enviable one h ■ a m ih.ui'c or grocer, it being located
! near the North Branch Canal. Tor terms nndjtny other
; information that may be desiitd, apply to
| Jan. 13, ISC3. 'lowanda. Pa.
("LVUTION — Whereas, ray wife CATUA-
I W RINE. has left my bed and board, without any just
cause or provocation, I heieby forbid any person harbor-
I iug or trusting her on iny account, as I will pay no debts
; of her contracting after this date. _
Wilmot. Feb. 2.1963. DANIEL HOGAN.
Of the Receipts and Expenditures of Bradford County from the ls£
day of January to the 31&*£ day of December, 1862. inclusive.
j Auditors 100 00
, abmssots 1452 03
I Bridge Contracts 2080 04
; Bridge Views 30 00
Crier of Court 105 00
i Constables making returns and attending court '570 00
' Counsel* 70 40
" in Criminal Suits. 75 CO
Cost in Commonwealth Suits 1041 07
' if. Civil Suits 50 04
! District Attorney 107 CO
Election Expenses 740 00
Fuel and Lights 130 70
| 'lrani! Jurors 647 40
; Traverse Jurors . 2501 90 '
I Insurance upon Court House 131 75
j Justices Inquisitions 43 SO
j balance due E. Overton, Jr , for ser
vices last year.
Account with the Several Collectors of Cunn'.y Tares for the County of Bradford.
Townships Boro's A Collectors' | Yet Charged. Received. \Ezonerd. l'er Cent. \ Returned.
Monroe borough, M Terwilleger, Lsob $6 51 I >0 51
Bidgbury, Jesse Hammond, 02 12 52 12;
: Towand i North, j All Kingsbury, 70 83 70 83;
! Albany, G M Cranmer, 1859 132 01 ' 137 91
! Asylum, j D L States, 1860! 84 14 ! ! 84 14
I Burlington West, J C DeWiit, i 64 51 j t 64 51
: Litchfield, D McKinney. 22 73 20 00 i 2 73
• Monroe borough, KR Rockwell, 12 23 7 uoj 6 28
Overton, 1 James Ileverly, 31 53 25 00) C 63
Rome, j Simon Russell, 07 47 75 Cf.i 2 Bo' 19 01 |
Shesiiequin, j John Brink. j 212 57 212 97!
Athens borough, Wra Hancock. ISCI let 09 164 09
Asylum, 1 Wm M Decker, 13 70 13 70
Albany, ' Clark Seewt, 12 33 12 36 j j
! Burlington township.; R M Prnyne, ' 170 97 176 97
" borough, | F Whitehead, I II 59 11 59
: Canton, j S Lindley, j 2.' 36 22 30
j Columbia, M 1! Siade, j j 76 CO 76 CO
Herrick, J J Anderson, j 43 33 48 3°
; Leßoy, HE Palmer, j 31 31 !
Monroe township, J L Cooibaugh, ! 24 41 24-11 : 1
" borough, Jos Griggs, i ' 707 ' 4 34' 27' 236
Pike, It Brink, j 255 80 ' 220 CO, ' 35 80
j Rome, F C Cranmer, 165 23 ! lt)0 00' j 65 '/>
Smithfield, JW Phelps, 247 77 247 77: |
I Sylvania. P. M Itoss, 21 52 j 1H 54 , 2 33
Standing Stone. Jonathan Wood. 1 16 13 i 15 11' 1 02
Terry, S Bowman. : 23 6,2 i 221 12 43 8 98 ;
Townnda North, j D Vennedy, i | 66 OS ! 66 03 j
Tuscarora, A J Silvara, | S3 16 | 61 62! 1 54.
Ulster, ! <1 S Nichols, i 14 93 j 14 .*>
Windham, JV. Warner, ' 91 53 i 61 o2 3 531 19 49 ' "38
■ Wysox, I J B Hinds, \ 71 01 1 7! CI
Wells, Aivaii Xoung, C 9 72 59 42 1 30!
; Armenia, J B Morgan, 1862; 84 47 ! 77 4 • 2 92 4 03
■ Asvlum, 1 WM Decker, 303 45 i 271 40 10 99 16 14 85 01
i Albany. jJ V Rice. i ; 252 87 ; 233 ?>' 805 1124 1
Athens town-bin, David Gardner, > 1426 52 1345 66 10 14 70 82
! " borough, II W Rockwell, , : 460 19 . 424 87! 12 3s; 22 44 '
Burlington, R .'•* I'linne, 1 3-0 9l 177 00 i 804 19 24
Burlington borough. F Whitehead, j 73 00 , 37 52 41 4<
i Burlington West, Airwsi Creeno, j . 342 20 ! 2 U 2o; 266 16 98 j 11145
| ronton. R\V M'Clclland, 779 11 724 921 5 97; 33 22 ;
; Colunibia, M S Awes, 741 53 763 10i 1 4- 37 00
; Frai.kiin, i> W C"kely, 250 19 195 5o; 3 12 11 35 20 22
GratiVi ie, D vid Savies, 424 54 399 30! 3 79 21 04
I Herrick, JJ Anderson, 2: 6 12 243 00! 5 22 14 Ci *5 16
Leßoy. RR Palmer, 293 22 • 145 00 4 47, 14 44 . 129 31
Litchfield, li B Wokott, 465 S3 ! 4SO 561 315 23 15
Munroe township, i JI, < 'onl'-angli, 356 63 j 2..-S V - . 2 71, 17 70 i 33 01
borough, Jam Magiil, 74 79 ! 70 37! 62!" 371 '
Orwell, 1 J W Puvson, j 570 58 j 557 04; 3 74; 23 20 j
Overton, B .7 '! -Govern, 100 80 M 96! 4 00 4 84
! j OVv N-cthrnp, 764 52 1 393 CO' 4315*
: itidgb'.try. Anson Webb, 513 13 4- • B:>' 6 SS' 25 42
Rme town.s'Jp, W II IV. r!:*, 4 .7 68 3- 00j 1 7 2j 85 75 1-
'• lcro-igh, 1 Vv'ni Forbes, j 54 f*2 47 00 1
! Sir'thfield. ! J W Phelps, t 7:'5 39 521 23! 5 29, 39 45 ; 230 42
j Snrinciield. { It P Strong, i | 657 73 630 so! 3 631 33 21 J
! S-r.i:?. Ceeek, 1 Ira Crane, ! > 320 20 21-4 51 15 70' 15 80 !
S.-irv-ii. i D S Alexander, 83 83 79 14; 52j 4 17 j
• Siu-bc.uin. ' Geo Childs, I 694 34 657 70j 2 CI 34 63
; Stunning Stone, j (>••< W-..J, j j 25! 60 ' 270 Co 264 17 45 615:
Terry. I Fk: ;! Bowman, 26128 154 8-! C7- 12 73 i Ci 8a
Towanda township, J M Swartwood, : 206 62 274 80! 72: , 14 47
Towanda borough', Geo E Fox. ! ; " 895 41 C-4 4-j 4 7V' 44 53
To wan a North, R L Kennedy, 1 246 22 77 00 j 1 4' 12 25 155 57
Troy township, J H Ward, 717 97 707 70; 2 Si 27 31
! Trov borough, Win Morgan, 314 12 2'- . >■:)■ 2 7'. 15 t>7
Tiucarvra, ' A J Silvara, 364 00 I 215 fin; S 6? ' 17 SO 123 12
Ulster. Geo W Nichols, ' 422 61 ; 12 s?; 7 7m 29 75 21110
Warren, J a rob S Aliyn, ' ' (.79 79 ! 64 '7:! ; 34 09
Windham, James Newman-, j 57.5 64 623 74 4 3' 27 57 ,
Wv.ilusing. John G Kce'.er, ; £59 94 A37 SI; 3 s: 23 31
Wvsox, w John B Hinds. | i 62 99 ■ 377 13j 4 73, 31 23 21C 87
Wells, James Mitchell, j j 450 22 , 422 21; 15 05; 22 2J j
Wilmut, , Ud .vard Meets. | ; 299 CI ! 257 26; ; i 62 3:
121.6'.':' 96 C 17.375 15i 224 12! 939 7 2.854 7.
/Jr. brands Watts, Treasurer in acct tci'.h !kt County of Bradford for 18G2. Cr.
Ru c upon duj. ' at?s for previous yeai*3, $2,505 57! Returned uncollected previous tb 1562, 436 ' ;
I.'uplicates tor 1-12. 19,2 ; T- 4-t | " " for 1862, 24' i 7
Amount received upon Unseated Lands, C 52 73 l Exonerations given Collectors, 224 22
Amount upon Seated Lauds. 371 73 ; Pei.vulura " " 93.1 ' 7
| R e . ssussmer.ts 26 44 t Orders Redeemed in 1862, 16,651 52
Fines and J tror Fees, 208 C ! j 2 per tent. Commission upon same. 333 05
Balance of Money Raised for Paying Eouuties, 277 00 | 1 ** " " " 319,378 *3l 1* 378
! : ;; tider.tal llccv <i!>. " 172 23 ! Amount in Treasury, January 1, 2,653 78
j Abatement upon s ate T: _ Si 2 j
.Vmount ia Treasury, Juauary 1,1-62, 1,2 01 j
$23,903 87 ! $23 90S 87
Jjr. i , is Watts, T.- usurer, in acct with lite Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Cr
1 .e upon dnpli: ' ; for previous years, $ 4.103 22 ! Returned uncollected previous to l-:2, $ 1,016 49
l!nj-ates for 1-.2, 14,5-1 59 j " " for 1862, 2,611 22
Amount received upon Unseated Lands. 501 93 j Exonerations given Collectors, 1f.9(7
A.mount upon Sea'ed Lauds, 74 4u | Percentage •' " 711 00
I'.c ft'sessuicnts, 20 53 : fctnte Trworer's receipts, 13.451 sr>5 r >
Incidental Receivalft, 5 23 I 1 per cent, commission on 814.883 59, 148 R4
I L'ueCommonwealth, January I,IBOS, 1,283 Ir
$ 1 u 2 .-2 (.7 ! ?19.232 ' 7
i Dr. Countv Orders in account with the. County of Bradford, for 1862. Cr.
Orders issued in 1-52. $16,651 £2 J Orders redeemed in l"02, $1G,651 72
j• j r hers J air ...vrf. 1,1 &, r. lOi-tidersou totaOii • *rg, o a,i v,aryl,rcsC3, laJL
31S °44 i 316.844 6-
Dr. Funds raised for paying Bonniies to Volunletrs, by llesolulion of JulytS, 18d2. Cr.
' Money borrowed for said purpose, 120,477 09 | Paying 808 volunteers $25 each, 20,271 09
i Amount paid Treasurer, 277 CO
555 v Count), dn bcrc-by certify that the above 1- a true and correct statement of the receivals and expon
_ / dituu-s >.l said County, from the fust day of January to the 31st day of December, (inclusive,) lib 2.
Given under our hands and seal of Office at Towanda, January 21, 1593.
W. n. DECKER.)
15A.40 LYONS, / Commissioners.
Attest—G. E. Fox, Clerk. J.CAMPBELL, \
2i ew Arrangements. \
J_ ed a Copartnership, will continue the business for
merly carried 011 by J.D. HUMPHREY, in the store op
posite the Court House, where they will keep constantly
on hand a general assortment of
and a very largo stork of all kinds of LEATHER reqnir- ]
cd for a country trade. A foil Assortment of
Shoe Findings, Harness Trimmings, |
We expect to increase oar facilities in themanafactnr-;
ing department, so as to be,nbr-* to supply dealers with a ;
superior article, at prices rivaling ell, competition, ar.G j
especially'' foreign,' 1 believing it of vital importance to i
community to foster domestic productions as far as prac- j
ticul'.e. :
Having purchased the stock of Harness and Saddlery J
owned by Messrs. Cuip & Kirbv, ar.d rented the shop i
formerly occupied by theui, weoner iorsaiea large stock j
ami will make to order almost anything in this lice.
We respectfully invite public attention to our whole
slock in its various branches, trusting that by strict at- ;
tention to business and zealous exertions to supply the 1
wants of community, we shall merit and receive a fair
share of public patronage.
We arc prepared to make to order anything in our line. ,
Also, do ail kinds of repairing on very short notice.
JS3T Cash paid for Sheep pelts, Hides and Skins.
Towanda, April 25,1RG2. j
_|. AND THEIR FRIENDS.—The undersigned having j
had considerable experience in procuring Pension Bonn- !
ties and back pay of soldiers, will attend to all business j
in that line, entrusted to his care, with promptness and i
Persons wishing to confer with me will please call or j
address me by letter at Sylvania, Bradford county. Pa.— j
Charges reasonable. GEO. P. MONROE, j
Kelers by permission to
H. B. CARD, County Treasurer, Wellsbboro, Pa.
D. P. POMEROY. troy. Pa.
A. H. SPALDING, Sheriff. Towanda, Pa.
Oct. 22. ISQ2. J
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
esia'eof Richard P.. Reckwith. late of Itidgebury. dee'd.,
are requested to make immediate payment, and those
having demands against said estate will preseut.them du
ly authenticated for settlement.
Feb. 6. 1663- Administrator-
Office Books and Stationery 171 f
Prisoners' Support in Onnly Jail 4''<7 36
Prisoners Support in Eastein Penitentiary 573 24
Conveying Prisoners to Eastern Penitentiary 690 00
Printing 385 50
i'rothonotary and Clerk of Se siuus 461 29
Repairs upon Public Bhildihgs 173 03
Sheriff for summoning Jurors 160 00
Township and School Tax 112 H*
Wild Cat Certificates 3 75
Volunteers and Support of their Families 500 37
W. H. Decker. Commissioner, 376 00
I. Lyons, do 362 00
Josephua CatSpbell, 'do 64 no
1 W. A., (late)do 222 00
E. H Cooibaugh. Commissioners' Clerk 600 u0
W. \V. Eastabiooka damage for Budge giving
away 175 00
Sum Total $16,631 52
J. m. -COLLSLa3',
(First door South ol Coddiug & F. isscTs.)
\ an unosnal large stock of Clothing, Cloth, Car -it- -
Vesting', Gent's Furnishing Goods, Hats A. Caps, which
I will be sold at greater bargains than before.
o' r D ChT.T''"J
vOii Or O I Gwiv
• Will comprise almost every article worn by man or bov.
EIFiSZBJESS SUETS, GO&X3,] l a iLl- 2k
"wesir, Shirts, Collars,
Jiuspertders, STeck -ies,
Gloves, Wrappers, Seeks,
; Overalls, Boy's Pants an 1 Jackets. Especial attention
| is called to oar New Stv>^-'
: Which are read} - to make up to order, on short notice,
I and warranted in every way, or no she, as we have some
I eight years experience in this line of business, my cutter,
Mr. I'ENEPACKER, \v li be on hand, at all times to do
; cutting for those who wish it done.
j If yon wish to buy clothing cheap, ami get as good as
I represented, call at * 1
; If you wish to get the worth of your money, and buy new
! fresh Goods and fair dealing, call on us and you will be
j satisfied. No trouble to show goods and no forcing to buy
Goods sold for cash only. J. M. COLLINS.
J Towanda. April 21. lst)2.
REV. S. F. BROWN, Principal.
will commence DECEMBER I, ISO 2, and continue
; 10 weeks.
| Town's Speller, McNallev's Geography. Greenleafs j
j Common School and National Arithmetics, Brown's j
j Grammar. Daviea' Algebra, Geometry and Surveying, j
1 Parker's Philosophy, &c.
Common English Branches f4 00
I Higher Branches 5 25
Ba" Board convenient at reasonable prices.
Camptown. Nov. 13. IRG'2.
SIONS.—The undersigned will attend to preparing
claims for back pay, bounty aud pension
' '
A'-?f : agJw^^F'artajEe^g^M^
(li'!io'fsa f > d'vl Rt 'u'l. Xo -1. P .Hons Bh'f:, Corner
cf .Main an.J liiid.;r Sis., TV: .nclj. Pa )
DR. T. F. Proprietor.
X informs t -I - u V,; ■ f}..;t no I. >.s purchased the above
Drug >', ar.i haviiy? thoroughly rctttted and enlarged
t.and increase Ihis tac.. tics lor''impounding Medicine*
1 is prepared to supply every want ci the puolic, in U
My'Htock, almost entirely new, has Leea .-elected wilk
care, and esnbru- esa t 11 assortment of all articles belong
iug to the Drug Tradi.
aw received nonthljr, of Pure rad Reliable Drugs and
Medicines, will h v.i.i be ,1.1 at pri < s th-t cauuot f&ii
to su.t our patron.'?. My si • a consists of
Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals, and
Of every Co.- rip: ion, an-1 tie to.-i onaiSiy for Medical
patent Medicine
Botanic <s• Eclectic Medicines, TUdoit's Aloa•
holic and Fluid Extracts,
Al'rtloiys ami B>>*n hd. AH the best Tmeses,
Abdominal Supporters, s!>'>tt!iirr Br.tees.
Breast Pumps, Nipple Fbails & Shic!• s,
Nursing lbittles,>y ringes, <hatiiters,
Pocket Knives, Surgi al instruments of late style sad
best jria I 1 . ■ \\ i ;.,;wG i ai'' r put.
ty, &e. A* large -apply of
23 33 TJ SHE S
For the I!.:!. Hair, And Sh es, P ! Rii g, V.trnl-hing sad
White Washing, al -> t ,r the Teeth and Nans.
of every variety. A large assortment of
I SiJj'l J Ij'h
Pare Essei ti ! C lis. Fine Perfamery ruj Toilet Soaps,
Bafihlo and Ivory Combs, Hair Dyes, Oiiaaud
lavigorators. Kerosene, Burning Fluid,
Lam; s, Shades. Chimneys,
Wicks, Ac.
Choice r ioEtceo, Cigars cc Snttffi
AH the Dye Staffs, Fish Tackling, Ammunition, Ac.
Bird Cages, oi every style 1 variety, Cups, Nests and
tSs Dr- HADILL trill be foond at his o.Tice, in the
Drug Store at ail times, when engaged in out of door
pr.iiti tteu 1 v. 1 e-v..:n:ue :nu proscribe tor patients
:n Awtcsw, free of charge.
Phj : :Tan <suppli< at reasonable rates. Prescriptions
are illy i mpounded. The public are coruuHy invited
Lu examine and test our stock and learn onr prices.
Towanda, June 24,1862. T. F. MaDILL.
"fresh arrival
P." " 2 " r "" ""it I "-3 it? v ?r> r." C- "* s° Ia; fa
if 2 \ ? l\sn f i mm
Ein.iu> b-iiif icii-.cAili L? ISS 111 <Ut •
Jd t . inks * i the pul for lb< ir patronage daring tho
pasty ar, and ask ti same discriminating public to
■- •• k : lamination before buying, bp*
I th in goods a..J prices. I
ill sell nvy siick as low, :or the quality, as any one in
tho com . c .... usual, of ail artwies in
the Gi nrtment. All Wool Caa
simerei . Mixed do., and some of a lower
as well as the
Doeskin CoEls, Pants & Vests,
Silk Velvet and Grenadier SHU Vests, all of which goods
'v. ii . .:. - lot .ity. "Overcoats, all grades
Draweis, Siupeotea, Hs
sieries, Collars, Neck Ties, Fine Linen Skirts,
Canes. Umhrell , Gloves and Mittens. &c-, Ac. I wonld
call espe ialatt ilionb my large stock of For llau,
• I flatten ysel i sella little lower than the sama
goods tun he bought it, town i mean what I any. and
ive us a call, an . If we ilun't scli yon
'■■■ ■ u leave it • ii! : e cur fault. We charge
nothing tor snowing goods, i have the Fall Styie of the
Celebrated Oakford Silk Hat,
; won ; Itioa, which net'n no puffing to those wh
l have worn them. Respectfully,
il. W. EDDY.
Towandn, Oct. 14. 18G2.
PAnOO prices.
Cents Furnishing Goods, &c.,
~s\ /T \
SSTo. 2, Patten's Ziocli, Pa.
If Conf? and Pants von wl-h to buy.
Just call at Harks' .-tore and try !
Hi"? Coats : t well and neat—
-1: . I'. :,in town, cannot lie best-
Hi? price l " are exceeding low.
" Cash Sales, Sm 11 profits," Ids motto,
Rome-r.hcr, if yon wish to trade,
Money saved is Money made.
By pi: .." hug at Marks'store
You rave _ : per rent, or more?
Tc ' t■ti - fact and prove in time
Slorcirutu than poetry iu my rhyme.
Nov. 2, 1885.
CA* 'aid fop. Amy quantity op
Dressed for the New York Market. Also, for
eiiEt UH,
lly E. T. FOX.
Towandn, Nov. IS, l r C2.
y XECUTOIUS NOTlCE.—Notice is here^
-*-J bv given, persons indebted to thees
tnic of NATHANIEL TERRY,Iate of Terry twp.,dec'd.,
are here >y rc<| .tested to make immediate payment, and>e iitiv nig el tints against said estate will presenttheiß
duly aulheutieatcd lbr settlement.
Jan 7,18 G.T. Executors.
STAMPS, ot almost all denominations, kept oa
band and for sale by B. 8. RUSSELL.