Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, June 19, 1862, Image 3

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FISH —One day last week ths water
Shut Off the shute, and a large quantity of fisli were
turcd, among which were a number ol very fine basa.
FESTIVAL. —Remember the Ladies Fes
tival lor the benefit of our sick and wounded soldiers, at
Flremens' Hall, this (Wednesday) evening.
ggg*. FROST.— This vicinity was visited by
quite a severe frost cn Monday and Tuesday nights. We
have beard of no material injury being done.
We understand that Hon. GEO. LAN
ros will address the citizens of Franklin, this county, on
tbc state ot the country, at ROBERT METTEKH'S, Saturday,
June 23, at 5 o'clock, r u.
Convocation of the Episcopal
Cbnrch, at this place, concluded Its labors on Sunday
evening last- The rite of Confirmation was conferred up-
ON (seventeen persons, by Bishop STEVENS. The Bishop
preached a very tine and eloquent discourse on the sub
ject of Missions, on Saturday evening.
ggy POISONED. —One day last week, a lit
tle girl, about eleven years old, adopted child of JOSEPH
J'OSES, lock tender, st North Towauda, while gathering
tfitergreens. ate something which poisoned her, from the
effect of which he died. She was buiie lat this place on
JGR REMEDY FOR BOILS —lnstead of the
nseof the laucet for the suppression of boils at an early
Dr. SPooxEß.of Boston, recommends an etherial
solution of iodine (thirty grains o' iodine to one ounce of
etber), applied with a brush, morning and evening. The
same application gives relief in chillblains, and in erysi
pelas. or it may be varied by a solution of nitrate of sil
ver. It easy to try.
news room. Chicago, is displayed a sign which might be
advantageously posted in the hou-es of very many sub
scribers who pay for newspapers that many others may
read tiieni. it reads as follows, a large sponge being
hang over the space enclosed n brackets :
" Gentlemen are requested not to [ ] their Reading "
To enable the large number of volunteers now absent from
their regiments, and who are tit fur duty, to return, the
War Department has autorized the Governors of States
{ u give them passes or certificates, which will entitle
them to transportation to the station ot nearest muster
ic; officer or quartermaster, who will pay cost of such
transportation on such ciutitiration or pass, and provide
transportation fur the soldier to his regiment of station.
A. LOCAL NEWS. — The local news tnaiket
is decidedly dull—yet everybody glances at the local de
part meat, and if it contains nothing the editor is lazy.—
If he speaks of things as they are, lit: is mid. If be glos
nes over, smoothes down the rough points, he is bribed.
If he calls things by their proper names, lie is unlit for
the position of an editor. li lie d >es, he is a ratth head,
lacking stability. If he condemns the wrong, he is a
good fellow, but lacks discretion. If he lets wrong and
i jaries go annientioned, he is a coward. I'. he upholds
a public man. lie does it to gratify a spite-is a tool of a
clique, or belongs to the " oils." If he indulges in per
jsor..ilities,Jh< is a slack-guard ; if he does not his paper is and insipid. Who wouldn't be an editor?
:,sn ir. a tub, fiil it with water so that her feet will touch
the bottom, and her body be at the top of the water; then
c ver the tub up. so that -lie cannot fly out. As she can
r. : sit down without getting wet, and will have to stand
up,leave her in this position two or three hours, and
then let her out. She will not set any more— Exchange
-To MAKB'HESS LAY.— Put the hen in a tub of water
-'. he water to come about three inches over her head.—
l!' ve her in this condG ,f m for a few minutes only, then
Iremove btr ami she will lay
jgL. A Wif.D TVTAN CAPTURED. — A wild man
Iwa l.i-t week found in the woods of Jackson county. In
liiina.captuied and taken to the Superintendent of the
ip -ir, to le cared for. Wi fata ken lie wa lound lying
behind a tree thinly clad and asleep, lire imfortunab
pan savsthat,fr the p stf't teen yifrs he has sills-ted
|imost entirely up nroot . hobs and berries, and during
It .it time but rarfciy (fit with any Iwiiig. Since
lis apt .re lie his partaken ot but little Sivitishir.cnt.and
t e itiidinotions are that his life is fast ebbing .tw.iy. All
It ""-its to ascertain his name ar.d parentage have proved
I BFD- ST AW BERRIES. —The edllrtr of LITE Get-;
liti.i: mi Telegraph make tbc following recommendation ,
lon lb- mana'gaW'.etit of-st raw berries :
I " When the fruit is forming, and especially when it ha- j
Ic-mmented to ripen, the beds sboti'd be plentifully wa
tered once a day, at least. Too need not be afraid of put
rangou too much; the more the better. It will repay
■the labor tenfold. We find that rather low. m istground,
fit glaringly exposed to the sun. and mulched/".s far to
|l.r piefeired to high, exposed ground, without any pro-
PectLn. A little shade d es not hurt strawberries, and
liLobt soil, artificially or naturally, is decidedly to l e
■chosen. Tbc best uniform crops we ever raised, or ever
Paw, were produced under such circumstances. If pro
iperlv treated, there is no crop more certain tfcxn the
Ptrawberry, or easier to obtain."
ememhered that tire great National Horse Fair will be
eld at the Key store Park, Whliarasport, Pa., September
_d to thesth, inclusive. Arrangements have been made
io secure the finest assemblage of imported, blooded nnd
'at;ve breed of horses that has been collected in this
'entry. The list of premiums will be large, ranging as
B 1 rh as {2(10. Liberal arrangements have been ar.d will
B>e made with the different railroads. Williams-port lie-
Bar situate in the beautiful valley of the West Branch of
■r>>: Susquehanna, and accessible by railroad from all
WON of the United States, and is eminently well suited
Btrthe exhibition.
I Tii !• Mowing is a list of the officers :
I Board of Manug rs —D. K. Jackman, J. N Bagg. Col.
B G. Hathaway. P. II rdic, Henry Drinker. J. 11. Cow-
F.J.*aid Lyon. Gouchm I". Mason and Wm. Ca'.der.
I P'tsident—'A. E Kopp.
■ tf Marshal —W. F. Logan,
I Trtasurer— 11. E. Taylor.
hteretury —George M. De Pui.
Further particulars will be published in the coarse of
1 <ew weeks.
Item to he a fact that the colored paper hangings, so gen-
I lr *l'y In nse for the walls of OUT houses, have ;tn nnfa'vor-
I " l,c up on the inmates from the quantity of asenic
'• -ved and taken into the system through the lungs.—
' - "oston T (.i cier says :
We are informed upon the best authority of a late
ai the West End. The wife of one of our prominent
1 wits some time since sickened and seemed to be going
jlj a decline. An eminent physician was called in, but
' M puzzled at the symptoms of the case, wliioh seemed
°f the most mysterious character. The hus
-IDd aLo began to complain ot an nnusoal feeling of de
' v ' n - At last one day the doctor cal ed at the house,
he door of the s)eeiiiig room of the patient was
ooking at the room, the cause of the trouble was
In the green paper npoa the walls. He order*
V to be stripped of! aud other paper Bubst'r
i the lady rapidly recovered, and is now eo
•'U"ia! good bea'tlF'
Dr. O. H. WOODRUFF, Dentist, office
over Eddy's Clothing Store, is now doing al! kinds of
work in the most superior manner. Beiug a skillful oper
ator he is most successful in all branches ol his profession.
We can recommend him from experience. Give hitn a
w—iw— ■■mi. ■ mi
In Towanda Borough, after a protracted and painful ill
ness, KLISHA SHELDON GOODRICH, la the sixty
first year of his age.
The subject of the above notice was born in Walton,
Delaware County, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1810.
Iu 1810 his family moved into Bradford County, Pa.,
and settled in Columbia township, where he grew up to
man's estate. At an early age he was called into public
Hie,and in various capacities served the public the greater
part of bis life. He was appointed Post Master at Co
lumbia X Roads by President Jackson. In 1831 he was
appointed Register and Recorder of Bradford County by-
Governor Wolf, and moved his residence to the County
scat, holding said office five years,during which time he
was also appointed Justice of the peace for Towauda
Iu 1544 he was elected Transcribing clerk of the State
Senate,—which office he h. M one session, and was cho
sen Chief clerk in 1645 and rejected in 1845.
In 1852 lie* was appointed Deputy Secretary of the
Commonwealth under Gevcrnor Bigler, which office be
held until 1855.
In most of his private enterprises he was still a promi
nent man before the public.
In 1833 he purchased the "NORTHERN BANNER,' "publish
ed in Towauda,and continued connected with it about two
years, when lie disposed of his i nterest in the paper and
engaged in the mer antile business.
Iu 1840 he started a new paper called the " POUTER ,"
and afterward the " REPOUTZK," with which he was con
ne ied several years.
In 1859 be purchased the " LUZERNE UNION," ard con
tinued the paper until failing health compelled him to
r-sign it to oth:r hinds, ana retire v from active duties.
lie returned to Towauda, March iB6O, there to spend the
remaii s of a life, chiefly devoted o the j üblic service.
hi all his various positions before the public Mr. GOOD
RICH proved himself worthy of the confidence, and se
cured Ihe esteem of his fellow citizens. We believe few
men have tilled offices of public trust s < long, and retis-ed
at last, with a deeper or more general respect and esteem
of hi eilow ci i .ens. As a write, he wai e'ear, logical
nnd weighty. We do not recollect an instance of his
descend ng lo sarcasm, li uy he did sometimes em
piny and with withering effect ; but argument was his
" forte,'' and often have we been reminded of the pon
der >us sentences ol Dr. Johnson,in perusing his weighty
reasoning. But whatever vein he chose to indulge, his
lung sage was al ays cbas e, and his thoughts pure.
In whatever relation be was found, he was the same
upright, generous, high minded gentleman. Love of
money was no part of his character, nor would he be ex
acting upon others in any respect, to subserve his own
purposes. He lound pleasure rather iu contributing to
the happiness of others.
The subject of personal rcl'gion engaged his attention,
at times, many years before his decease. The writer re.
members with great pleasure the interest lie took in an
adult Bible L', and the knowledge of the subject
under examination, be was accustomed to manifest, sev
eral yeiirs before he indulge d hope o! his own acceptauc e
in the sight of God. A lew years before his death, he
saw his way char to makeu public profession of religion.
It was under the ministry of the lute Rev. l)r. JOHN Dor.
RANGE, of Wilkes Banc.
As might be expected, h's religion was not one of form
m ucly, nor of impulse. It was the religion of the under*
standing as well as of the heart. Few listened to the
word with a nicer discrimination than he, or relislie . the
simple doctrines of the cross with greater zest. His dis
ease was of such a character in no small measure obscur
ed the manifestation of the spiritual life ; but it was ob
served that during his long, and exceedingly trying sut'
ferings, his faith did not fail. His habitual desire was to
depart and be with Christ—and the expression of this
■lesu e became more frequent and more earnest as he ap
proached his end.
He had been an indulgent father, and a tender bus.
band. It seemed meet that one who had always shown
suiii ready consideration for others, should have occasion
at last lor a return of kind attentions. His pr.ilractcd
sufferings afforded occasion for such attentions and cheer
fully were they given by his family, who were with him
but especially and most devotedly by her, who now in
her widowhood, mourns his hiss.
Mr. GOODRICH was twi -e married, and was most happy
in his matrimonial connections ; and we have reason to
believe that the Christian cximple of his companions
a.i* among the most effective of the human means used
in bringing liim to the foot of the cross. We are here
reminded of the apostle's interrogation, "llow knowest
thou. O, wife, whether thou shaft save thy husband ?"
A large concourse at the tuneral testified the respect
that was felt for the dead arid sympathy for the surviv
ors ! To the Great Comforter we commend them for
effectual consolation.
In Wy ilusing, May 3. 1T,2, Mrs. CHARITY DONLEY,
aged ; 3 years, 7 months and 17 days.
The subject of this n'tiec in >ved from Oswego county,
N". V.. some twenty-six years since, then a widow with
six chihl en, five of which she brought with her and set
tled in Wyalusing, this county, where she has since re
sided, living most of the time with a son who has sup
ported her declining years. Shu was for many years a
profe.-sed Christian, treading her even path of life with
industry, tempc-rencc, frugality anil Chri-tian faith and
patience. She lived beyond the allotted time
j 'J'ing uniform good health, with little exception, up to
a short time previous to her death, when the worn out
wheels of life stood gently still, und her freed spirit as
een ed to its maker. S. F. B.
In Monroeton township. May 23 of congestion of the
the lung-;, HENRY S. SALSUURY, aged 53 years.
\J WAREROOM—ELI BROWNING lespectfnlly in
toians the public that he has purchased irom -fames Mm k
insnn his stuck of Furniture, and rented his shop & rooms
and is prepared to offer to purchasers g eat inducements
in all articles in his line. lie will manufacture and keep
on hind at all time* a stock of
■ -if a fir'* J 'fh-rr-_ T a b) e .i ,£c.,il-c.. of
iir ei -ent styles and prices, suited to
the wants or the country. He a.*ks
2 1 1. j' f ilie attention nl those wishing to
a|E If j&f 'J I[7l buy to the articles kept by him as
*' e ' s determined that in the quality
|r-"j fciji ig/niT •- j j* - ; i nl his work, the excellence of mate
r' sJ" 1 * 1 " 1 rial and the prii-e not to lie nuutd >n
* S . Mi}' any establishment. Beingsaiis
fied thaf the READY PAY svstem is tire best for both
purcliascr ami sYlier, his busine-s will be conducted upon
thrt sy*tcm. He witl. however, take in exchange for
woik all kinds of Country Produce, at the market price
0 rall kinds, done to order, in the best manner, at reason
able rates, and on short notice.
ear The Undertaking Department will be conducted,
as usual, bv Mr. Mackinson who is prepared with a new
and splendid Hearse to attend to all calls in bis line.
Towauda, Apii! 7,1862
VV tinns, ihe summer number contains four large
splendid fashicn-plates.three fiill—teed patterns of dressc?.
comprising the new French Waist,an elegant Sleeve, and
a Misspa Sack and a sheet ot new and beautiful Braid and
Embroidering Patterns.together with nearly one hundred
engraving*- of all the novelties lor summer honnets.i-luaks,
trimmings, children's dresses etc., nnd val ,able informa
tions to Milliners, Dress makers, Mothers, and ladies
generally, presenting the largest and be*t Fashion Mag
azine in the World, published 4i3 Broadway, and sold
everywhere at 25 cts., or Yearly $l, with the following
valuable premium;
Each \early subscriber will be entitled to a receipt for
the selection of 50 cts. worth of plain patterns, from the
designs in the book, or from the show room,or they may
he ordered and seut by mail any time during the Year,
hy paying the postage. Splendid inducements to Can
vassers. Summer No. now ready.
Blackberries, Raspberries aDd Wbortleberries.^ob^ajp
1- KINS, for s8 eat 65 cents a piece. Also, a quanti
ty of Tubs at 33 ceuts a piece nt (>. H. DR AKE'S
June 11. Carrage Manufactory in Towanda.
With your WOOL, for which the hiirhest price in
CASH will he paid by \V. A. ROCKWELL.
X 1 en that an application will be made to hi 3 Excel
lency, Governor A. G- CUUTIN, for the pardon ot Mar
tin Love, now confiued iu the jail of Bradlord county for
petty larceny. LEVOANY LOVE.
Columbia, May 23.18C2.
XJL FICATON of the different persons engaged in the
sale of Goods, Wares, and Merchandise, in thu county ol
Bradford, for the year 1862, with the amount of Licenses
thereunto attached :
Page .k Morley, 12 12 50; LB Gardner 14 700
C Gomstock, 14 7 00 T L Woodruff, 14 7 CO
C Park & Son, 12 12 50 B F Buck. 14 7 00
Henry J Fritcher, 14 7 00; A K Tanner, 14 7 00
E Averill, 14 7 On! A H Voorhies, 14 2 00
H Garner, 14 7 001 STANDING STONE.
G A Perkins, 14 7 OOi James E.--py, 14 7 00
N G arris, 14 7 00! George Stevens, 13 10 00
West Drake, 14 7 Oil! Henry W Tracy, 14 700
Welle*, Blood &C 0.14 7 00! SHKSHEQUIN.
F M Page. 14 7 00! Kinny & Gore, 14 7 0 )
ATHENS TWP jEßiigham, 14 7 00
AP. Lincoln, 14 7 OOj SOUTH CKEUIC.
David Gardner, 14 700 J M Youngs, 14 7 00
Anson Beidleman, 14 7 On; SPRINGFIELD.
LParshall, 14 7 00[ Hurmon&Voprhiesl4 7 00
ALBANT. j Dailey & White, 14 700
R B Lancaster, 14 7 OOj SMITHFIELD.
S D Streiter, 14 7 00|M Btillork .t Go., 13 10 on
ASYLUM. j Diirfcy & Fritcher, 13 10 00
Ulysses Moody 14 7 00jC B Riggs, !4 700
BUKLINGTON. jE S Tracy, 14 7 00
J F Long & Sou, 13 10 Ooj TEKRYTOWN .
JS Hill, 14 7 OOjJohn M Horton, 14 700
S W Miller. 14 7 OOj TROY BOKO.
WEST BCKLINOTON. j Perinea & Go. 9 25 00
R Morley, 14 7 00| Nichols & Long, 12 12 50
COLUMBIA. jSM Leonard, 12 12 50
A B Austin, 14 7 00JF J Calkins, 14 7 00
CANTON. ; Gurney A Mitchell 14 7 Go
Andr's & Rockwell,l4 7 fl(-Max veil ,t Leonardl2 12 60
J Vandyke, Jr., 14 7 00:G P Btllard, 13 It) 00
A Spaidiiig, 11 7 OOj FI. Ballard, 14 7 0U
J S Baker, 14 7 00 E H Dewey, 14 7 00
D Wilcox, 14 Ton's w Paine, 14 7 00
A Doty, 14 7 OOjJewellJt Domeroy,l4 7 00
E W Col well. 14 7 OCi! TROY TWP
SW A E Newman, 14 7 Ooj Re ten Stiles, 14 700
J E Bullock, 14 7 00 TOWANDA.
W S Baker, 14 7 Oo'J DHnmphrey ACoH 7 CO
J M Foster, 14 7 00 W \ Clmmberlin, 14 7 00
FRANKLIN, ICB Patch. 14 7 00
Barclay Goal Go 14 700j A F Cowles, 14 700
1, D Taylor, 14 7 OOj-b'sepb Powell, 8 30 On
K Meloy. 14 7 00: li IV Eddy. 14 7 00
Wni II Fhilnips. 14 7 001 Tracy ft Mocie, 13 10 00
lIFKHICK. 'HW'Nobie, 14 7 LO
Stevens A Gogsrwtll 14 7 00 J M Collins, 14 7 00
George Nichls 1 % 14 7 OOjCodding & Russell. 12 12 50
I.EROY, |T F Miidill. 14 7 00
Lnmb A Kilbuin, 14 7 O'-'A Wickhain A 50u,13 10 00
l'E Barber, 14 7 OOj M iies Carter, 11 700
LITCHFIELD. J Colli. 14 7 00
John McKean, 14 700 i M E Solomon, 14 7 00
EG Harsh, 14 7 0- Wm A Rockwell, 13 10 00
MONROE. .J Beidleman, 14 7 00
A I. CramnerASun.l4 7 00 Hal) <k Smith, 14 7 00
lIG Tra'-y, 14 7 o'> ; J A Record, 14 700
l.vman Blackmail, 14 7 null S Mcrctir, 12 i 2 50
W A Park, 14 7 OOjH C Porter, 14 7 00
OVEUTON. Montanyes, 12 12 50
Charles Hercbimci',l4 7 Oo' Parsons & Alvoid, 14 7 00
OXWELL. \ M Warner, 14 7 to
T Humphrey, 12 12 50 Chester Wells, 14 7 00
SSUronson, 14 7 O't ULSTER.
II Gibbs.k Soil, 13 111 0"l Newel! Rirny AG0.14 700
Lyon A Taylor, It 7 ooj Amasa Wat kins, 14 700
G J Norton, 14 7 0U ! WARREN.
PIKE. Robert Co iper, 14 7 00
Stevens & Burrows,l4 7 Of). Talimadge.t! J>wen.l4 7 00
Bailey A Brother, 13 10 (\ WTAI.UMNO.
L H Bronson, 13 10 00 I/iff 'tv A Ste"uus,l4 7 00
Gll Little, 13 10 00 Averv A Gamb, 14 700
LL Bos worth. 14 7 00|KM Bishop, * 10 10 0"
ROME. Xngustus Lewis. 14 7 00
ti L Moody. 14 7 00 G M Bixby, 12 12 50
George Nichols, 14 700 wvsox.
V E A J E Piollet, 13 10 00
Jones & Owen, 14 7 00
J. J SOIL? enfe ized n the sale of Nostrums, iu the Coun
ty of Bradford, lor the y -ar 18G2.
ATNENS. jFLßallard, 5
G A Perkins, £ TOWANDA.
TROY. T F Madill, 5
Gurnsey A Mitchell, 5Gi C l'-irter. 6
A-J Breivei - and Distillers in the County of Bradford,
fur the year P G2.
Snyder A Kfsbree, $25 . .\Loder, 15
A Brace, 25, Henry EssenwJn®, 15
F U A G F Veil, 23
Ai of the Kiting Houses, Ac , in the County of Brad
ford, for the year 1862,
ATHENS. 'T B Pardcn, 10
Michael Wal-li, $10; TOWANDA.
BURLINGTON. i f V Wilson, 10
C D Ross. 10 JC Wilson, 10
CANTON. J W Shear. 10
H Tnttle. io lames Xe-tor, 10
E W Wob-ott, lo \ D ShijimaD, In
II T Beard-ley, 10 \ EKv-mer. 10
-• ON ROS. jJohii Conley, 10
H II Ingham, lot ULSTER.
R R Uuckwell. 10 J Smith, 10
ROMB. jU Shaw. 10
J R Harding IOiH S Davidson. 1'
TYOY. ; Plowman A Claire, 10
Morgan Davidson, 10J WVALCSIKO,
A 15 Eckart, 1"! William Ustick 10
s 1, Gable, 10-
I J Bankers in the County ol Bradford, for year 1862.
Lnpnvte, Mason A Co., $25 Ponteroy Druthers, 25
B S Rns-ell & C >. 25i
N dice is h" r e' y given tint an appeal will be held at
the Cuminis-ioners Office, in the borough r.| Towanda, on
Saturday, the 2-ith day of June. Any person feeling theni
selvts aggrieved by the foregoing anpraLement can at
tend if thev see fit. D. )1. i! VILEY,
Leßaysville,May 21.1-62. Mer. Appraiser.
17. "ST. Si B. RAIL B.OAD.
MoNDAV, MAY 5, IMI2. Trains will leave Wa
veily at about tlie following hours, viz :
Buffalo Express. .4 18 P M N*. Y. Express... 11 33 A M
Night Express... 3-l A MtNight Express.. .12 41 A M
Mail 5.55 P : steamboat Exprest-5.08 I'M
Way 9.10 A M Way 1.50 P M
Way Freight ... !)•'2.5 A M Cincinnati Kxprvss 421 AM
Accommodation.. 1.07 PM j Way Freight.... 3.10 PM j
The Nigh Express—east and west—runs every day i
Cincinnati Express runs Sundays, lint d >cs not ran on ;
Mondays. Night Express ot Sundays runs through to
Buffalo, tint does not run to Dunkirk. Mail remains over
night at Elrnira.
CIT \'S. MIN'GT. Gen'l Snp't,
to Collectors.
\ROU hie hereby Authorized to deduct five
JL per cent, from the State tax of everv individual ;
who shall pay h s or her Stale and County Taxes it: full,
on or before the 21-t day of .June next, and the same shall
be allowed you in your settlement with the Treasurer, j
provided the same is b.y yon paid into the County Treas
ury on or before the 26th and 27th days of June uext.
By order of tbc Commissioners,
Commissioner's Office, April 10. 1862.
xl MULES, well broken, will be sold at a bargain.
Rome. May 20 1*62. L- D- PRINCE.
RIAGE, in pretty good condition, for sale at a bar
gain. E - T - *' OX -
Towanda,May 28,1562.
by "iven. that all persons indebted to the estate of
Rr.Uß'i.V GRIFFIN, dec cL, late ot ShesKcqn'n township,
hereby requested to make immediate payment, and all
persons h-ving demands against caid estate wi 1 please
ore*ent thent duly authenticated for settlement.
May 13. lX'j2. JOHX V. GRIFFiN. Fxecn'or.
"VTOTICE.—J. CORN has bought the en
-I.N tire i-tock of Ready Made Clothing. Gents Furnish
ing Goods, Hats and Caps, and all the rights, title and
interest and claims of JOHN SHLAM.and is ready to sell
off his old stook OF Fall and Winter Clothing 10 per cent,
less than first cost, and "he will be very thankful to all of
his old and new customers, if they will give him a call.
N. B All the debtorsof the establishment are request
ed to caii and pay their debts to J. Corn, immediately.
Remember the place*—One door South of U. 8. Mer
. cur's store. J CORN.
Towanda,January 15.1892.
Is now receiving a new supply of
Purchased since the late reduction in prices.
rpilE special attention of customers from Ii sections of
X this and adjoining counties is invited to this
Large, Choice and Attractive Stock,
which will be offered at the lowest prices.
Towanda. April 9. IBt>2.
The cheapest in the market, for cash at
(Corner of the Public Square and Main Street.)
12 1-2 Cts. Per Yard
And other Goods in proportion. The public are invited
to call ahd examine for themselves.
All persons knowing themselves indebted over six
months, will do weli to call and settle
March 17. IRG2.
New Spring & Summer Goods.
moved to the south corner of the Mercur Block, are
now opening a large Stock of
©m ¥ <&©©bo $
Clcthing For Men and Boys.
Our stock of Spring and Summer Clothing, is all of our
own manufacture. Consisting in part of,
Mens C' <N from to $20.00
Mens Pants from 0,75 to 10,00
Mens Vests from • o C,OQ
HTf Mens, Boys and Youths Clothe- made to order, large
selections oi l-'abrics alway- on hand.
The publicare uvited to give us a call, as we arc de
termined not t.> be undersold tor cash. Most kinds of ;
Farmers Produce taken in exchange.
N. 15.—Also sell FINKLK&LYONS celebrated Shuttle
Sewing Machines, making tne iock sti<-Ii alike on ijoth '
sides. A. WICKIIAM & SON.
Towanda April 3, ISC2.
Townndy, April 8, TR A r Y & MOORE.
Garden Seeds of hist years Crop.
Xof almost every variety, in large and small pack
A large assortment of Peas in packages,
3" Please c.ii! and make you.' selection of seed-, fr >:a
our assoi tment at i OX S.
T-wnndu April 10. l Ci '2.
New Arrangements.
L ed a Copartnership. will • ..minnc the Lu.Mne.-s for
uieily carried on by J. O- liCMl'li iti.'f. in the stoie op
posits the Court House, where they will keep constantly
on hand a general assortment of
and a very large stuck of all kinds nt LK.VT HER requir
ed tor a country trade. A full assortment ot
Shoe Findings, Harness Trimmings,
GUA>3, GROCERIES, 4c., 4c.
We expect to increase our facilities in t It e m-innf. ctur
ing department, so as to Legible to sup- ly dealers with a
superior article, at prlc—• rivaling al! c-inpetiticn, and
especially •• foreign,' 1 '.dic ing it of vita 5 , importance to :
<• immunity to luster domestic productions as lar as prac
ticid le.
IJav ng purchased the stork of Harness nod Saddlery
owned by Messrs. Gulp 4 Kirhy, and rented the shop j
to met' v occupied by livcui, a c oiVci tor sale a large stock
and will make to order almost anything in litis line. ;
We respectfully invite put,lie attention to our whole
stock in its various branches, tnis'ing tiitt Ly stri• t at
ten'om to bu-iness-and zealous exertions to supply the
wants <d community, we shall ntvtit and receive a fair
share of public pair mi ,e.
We arc prepared to make to order anvlhingtn our line.
Also, do nil kinds of repairing "it i cry shot t : otice
Ofji" Cash pari lor Sheep pelts. Hides and Skins.
.1.11 IICMf H KHV, Ill.v It. BULL, /. E. UAYTON.
Towanda, April 25,1562.
Men's a:d Boys Wear.
Cheapest stock in market ever offered !
A and deniable goods should not fail to see my stock,
it they want t> save money fc.v buying goons r.t the low
est price which cau be had, at the clothing store j
No. 2 PATTON'S Block.
Towanda. May 15.1R62.
JRj. " W. ~ EDDI ~
Where he has bought for cash a remarkable stock
of GOODS which he would call theattention of the pub
lic to. asking them to give his stock an inspection before
purchasing ; believ becen give them better bargains than
lias ever been offered in this mai kct before. I have a gen
eral assortment of
I would call particular attention to my sto. k of FUR
lIATS, which are 25 per cent, cheaper than ever sold in
tho country. Also the
which la all the rage in the city—a fine article. I have
tho summer pattern of the celebrated
from Philadelphia. Ceil and see. No charges to show
Goods. R. W. EDDY
Towanda. May 14,196!
SHERIFF'S SALE—By virtue of a writ
of Aid. Lev. Facias, issued cut of the Conrt of com
mon pieas of Bradford county, to me directed, will be
exposed to public sle on THURSDAY, the 26th day of
• Line, A. D., 1862. at the court house, in Towanda. at 1
| e'ei ck.p m.the following described iot,piece or parcel of
liriusituate la Athens borough, bounced as ciluus, to
v.- t: On the north, east and we,t by C. t. Welles Jr., on
the south by Hopkius street, being 90 feet front by 75
; deep, ail improved, framed house thereon.
ALSO—Another lot of laud ia Athens boro', bounded
north by J. B. Brockway, east by Main St., south by
' Joint Jones,aud west by tuire of F.ustis Davis, being 6o
eet front, by 260 deep. All improved, framed house
. thereon.
j ALSO —One other lot ia Athens boro, bounded north
! by Win. Kill end others, east Ly Main st., south by J. B
Brockway an 1 * ..est by lauds otM.S Rogers,being 44 feet
t.y 100 feet. All improved, framed building used for a
Cabinet shop.
A LSD—One other lot in Athens boro', bounded on the
nnrili by lands ot Satteilce, E by Main st., S. by C. N.
Shipmati, and west by C N. Shipmau Containing
about on-third ncre, a'f improved, framed house, small
framed stable and fruit trees thereon.
ALbO—Une other lot in Athens boro', bounded noith
byC. N. Ship man, east by .Main St., south by Peter
Meeker, and west by C.N. Shpmsu. Containing about
otie-lhiid acie, all improved, framed house, small framed
stable and a few fruit trees thereon.
ALftO—One other lot in Atheus boro', bounded north
by S&tterlee, east by Meeker 4 Shipmau. 60uth by Paine
sr., and west by Wells Wilkinson. Containing about I
acre, all improved, framed bam thereon.
ALSO—une other lot in Athene boro', bounded north
by Paine and Satterlee cast by Wiik nson,south by Paine
street and west by IV. Colt-man. Containing about 4 acre,
framed house and bain.
ALSO—One other lot in Athens boro'. bounded on the
west by F. Tyler, on the north by Guy Tozer, on the east
by Main st., ou the south by (J. F. Welles jr., containing
ten acres. Ail improved.
be iced and taken in execution at the suit of Farmers'
Union lnsutauce Company to use of John Salfrna-h vs-
Chaunt y N. Shipmau.
ALSO—by virtue of sundry writs of Vend. Expo., will
be exposed to public sale, at the same time and place,the
following described iot, piece or parcel of land, situate in
Franklin twp., bounded on the north by the highway and
lands ot Akiru south by laud of M. Marshall, east
and west ly* land of Ahira Gay. Containing 4 acres,
more 01 less, all improved, framed Louse, board shed, a
saw mill and fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Brown 4
Rockwell vs. G. W. Hollord and Almira Holford his wile.
ALSO—The follow ing described lot, piece or parcel ot
land situate iu Kidgbury twp., bounded west by the high
way, north by land of Geo. Mead, east by land of Peter
Milter, south by laud of A. ii. Voorhis and land belong
ing to the M> thodist Church ; containg 2 acrc.-i, more or
less,ail improved, a framed tavern house, a framed barn
and fruit trees thereon.
Seized and takex iu execution at the suit of E. Pome-*
roy v C O French.
ALh-O—By virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa., will be exposed
to public sale, at the same time and place, the following
described lot, piece or parcel of laud situate in Windham
j twp., bounded 011 the noith by lands of Polly Crandall, P.
| Doaue and S. Felton on the east by lands of Poiiy Cran
dull and Win. VVbeelhouse, on tbe south by the highway,
; aud on the west by lauds of P. Dnaae, cJutaiuiug about
50 acres, ab>ut 35 acres improved.
Al.6U—His interest being one-half in village lot. in
Athens borough, bounded on the 1101 th by land of John
Drake, east by Main st , south by land of Edward Her
! ink, and we-t by Chemung river. Containing about two
• acres oi iind. t rained house, framed barn, and store
I house and shed and iruit trees thereon.
.Seized and taken iu execution at the suit of Win. H.
I Russell vs Samuel Crandall.
A. 11. SPALDING, Sheriff.
Towanda, June 3, ISG2.
SALE. —By virtue of a writ
fr of Fieri Facias issued out of tbe Court of common
i pleas ot Bradford county, fo me directed, will be c.v
po-ed to public sale 011 WEDNESDAY, the 25th day
ot June. lsH2, at 1 o'clock, P. M., at the house of Precep
tor Forlres. in R. ire, the follow ing described jot, piece or
I parcel of land situate in Rome b ro', beginning 011 the
j east side of lite highway at the onth-west corner of L.
! L- Moody's l it. thence along the highway south west
, 109 feet t a p Ist. corner oi F. C. Cranmer'a lot. thence
1 south 6">j° east 205 leet to a corner in line of J. Pass
mure, thence amah 24j 3 east 10c feet to s corner of LL.
! Moody's lot,theme west along said Moody line 205 feet
I to the place ot beginning; containing 2.590 leet, strict
| measure, with .1 framed house, framed barn and fruit
1 trees thereon.
ALSO—One other lot in Rome boro' bounded north by
1 laud- ot I'estus C. Cranmer. east by F C Craomer, south
by Stephen Cranmer's c -tate, and west by John Pass
j more, eoatsining alout I 4 acres more or less.
ALSO—One other lot oi wood, or timber land in Rome
' w;>., bounded n rth bv lands ot VV VV estate,
! east by tbe highway, south by J W Woodbum and west
i by Marcus Upham's cstiu *. contj'.niiig 6 acres, more or
| A1 ?. r > - Fre.--oiF.-.rbe's interest in the real estate of
' Amest Forbes di'c'd., lat*- o c R.iino twp., consisting 0!
j 10 acres and 50 perches of Improved land, bound d north
I. v ntfr s H or. tßarncs.east by J G Towner, south by
; i i.'id of Deborah Ann Ru-sell, wet by land of Philander
j Towner, all improved.
ALSO—One < • her lor of timber land, being a portion
j tin estate I'f'Ari. .'tt Forbes dec *d.. and bounded north
I by land of Alzhu Drake; east by Rozlna Forces, south by
j 'he highway and west by lands of Win. MeCabe, being
: ame lot of timber In .1 set off to Preceptor Forbes, con
-1 tain ing 7 acre- and !•" p.-iv be*, and called lot No. 4.
j Si zee and taken i:i execution at the suit of J W Wood-
I bum v Preceptor Forbes.
A. H. SPALDING, Sheriff.
J Towanda, June .1, 1 c 62.
|/ 1 UAKDIAN'S SALE —lit pursuance of
j Y3T of an order of the Orphan's Court of Bradford Coun-
I ty, there will be cxpo.-ed to jmblic sale, on the premises,
at one o'clock I'. M . on Sit inlay, Jane 21, Istjg, all the
right, title and i'lterc-t of the minor heirs of Horatio B.
Bi. wen. Lite ot Warren towHsliip, in a certain tract ol land
' situate in the township aforesaid, bounded and described
as follows : Beginning at stake ln north line of
; Jacob D. Bitrbaiik's land and corner of land ot Win. Kin
j iiy Jr., then e north 3i 3 east lh 9-10 perches by land of
! r iid Ninny to stake a i l rbiues in Centre of highway.
thence 92° east 10 j.ei die;-along sa'd highway to a spring
] ot water, thence north ;7" cast 25i perches to stake and
I stones, theto e south 3A° we-t 30 6 10 perches by land of
I Win. M. Chaffee to stake and stones, tire nee north Hs°
j we: t iihiiigtlre north lineof J. I). Bur suit's land 32 2-10 j
| peiches to pi 1-e ot begiuuing ; containing 5 acres, be the j
: same nt >re or less.
ALMJ—Another tract of land situate in the same town-1
j ship, bounded a- follows : Beginning ir, the centre of tbe 1
( highway, north east of Win. M. Chaffee's shop, thence by 1
| the centre of the road north easterly 12 rods to the corn- ,
er otCalvin Dodge's lot, thence north-westerly by the
| Mid Dodge's Kne near the course of the mill road sixteen
| rods, thence 2b 3 west 21 r to the centre of the
| highway west ot tlie said Choree's shop, thence east by
| said highway 1 1 r "Is to the place of beginning ; contain
; ing 14 acres, be the same 111 oe or less, ail oi which the
: sa 1 Ilorvlio 15. B oveii Pied seized.
TKUJIS— One-half on confirmaticn of sale, and balance j
1 in one year with interest from condrmrtion of sale.
LUGiND.Y BOWEN, GaartFan of
1 Sarah A. Rowen, Cyrus F. Bo wen, Martha L. Bowen.
I May 19. G;2.
j HUIE tindcrsiffneri lias been appointetl the
j ' pert of tiie Insurance Company of North Ameri 'a,
i located at Philadelphia, is now prepared to take risks,
|in town or county. This Company is one ot tbe oldest in
I the United States, having been chartered in 1793, it has
• a capital of $590 ()UO. and is managed by a board of Di
j rectors of the very character for honor and in-
I tcgrity. All losses are adjusted promptly. Its rates are
; as low as those of any good Company, and property hold-
I ers insuring in this Company may rest assured that they
can rely ou the perfect safety of their policies in case of
loss. li. S. RUSSELL.
At the Banking Office of B. 3. RUSSELL 4 CO.
March Is, lsi;2.—n4l-tf.
ll times, the subscriber lias a little
CS H >
Farmers 5 Produce !
And has on hand n large stock of
To be exchanged for the CASH.
! Towanda, May 20, 1P62.
! is herey given, that all persons indebted to estate
| of Henry Ransom, late of Orwell twp., dee'd., are
requested to make payment without delay, and those hav
j ing claims against said estate will present them duly
I authenticated for settlement.
March 11,1*62.
WOOL, for which the highest price in cash will
■ be paid at
| Towanda. 13,1361. PATCH'S.
Having made arrangements
With a Solicitor in Washington, we are prepared
I to prosecute claims of every description against the Unit
-1 ed States, especially those arising out of the present war,
• for bountv, arrears, widows and invalid pensions.
I Towanda, May 12.
j "TkRIED BEEF, for nule at
1 U rox's.
.miscellaneous. _
V Dialetrias. Peonies and Flower Pots, lor sale at the
Garden ol HARRY MIX.
Isabei'a. . 20 eta. each. Concord ... 60 20 " *• Hart'd Prolific 60 •• '
Delaware 100 " " Brown's Ca'wa 80 "
Rebecca...... 60 " W Sweet Water so
Catawba 20 " " Diana 60 " "
No'n Mu-eadine6o •• •••
The grapes of our own country are quite distinct spe
cies from the wine Grape o! Europe, and are usually
stronger in growth, with longer ami more entire foliage,
and in their native state with a peculiar foxy oJoror Sa
vor, and more or less hardiness of pulp ; these trait*,
however, disappear in process of cultivation ; and _w
have already obtained from the wild type new varieties,
of high quality, and ot superior hardiness and productive,
ness in this, our northern cliiuata, amoug the be 11 know
I offer for saie at exceedingly low prices, all o! which 1
warrant true to name.
At juices that will satisfy the reasonable, all sizes, frotrt
3 to 14 inches.
Early '-Vinutngstadt Cabbage b cts. per do*.
" Ox Heart " d
" Sugar Loaf " fi
'* York " '• "
" Large York " * t>
Large Early Dutch Cauliflower C '•
Walchereu Brocoli 6 *'
' Late Dutch Cauliflower 6 " '*
White Chinese Tomato 6 " "
Earl v Purple Egg Plant 10
Large Round Purple Egg Plant 10
Large Sweet Pepper Plant 10
Large Bull Nose Pepper Plant 10 " "
Red Cherry Pepper Plant 10 "
Fejee Island Tomato 10 "
Lyeester's I'eifecttd Tomato 10
Red Cherry Tomato 0
Large Smooth Yellow Tomato. 6 " "
Large Smooth Red Tomato " "
Is a varietv introduced by Capt. Frazier, of Philadelphia
from the Fejee Island, large size and beautiful piuk col
or, very firm tu flesh, and considered one of the best ev
er introduced.
Large size, flesh abundant and firm, it ranks with the
Fejee, and many think it best of all. Color, pale purple .
These varieties are new and have been distributed spar
ingiy. Robert Buist A Son, of Philadelphia, told me no
better variety could be raised.
A few dozen of choice and rare variety, having the
quality of blooming the full season, from white to the
darkest color. Depend upon it, I offer Roses of real mer
it, both in Europe and America, a very decided acquisi
tion in the line ot rosea. Pi ice from 60 cents to $l.
Rise scented, pink, large size, beautiful and flue shape.
White do., very large and splendid, both of which are a
great ornament to a flower garden. 26 cents each.
Oneof the most graceiul flowers that decks the floial de
partment. 25 cents each.
The finest variety, all in pots, juices that shall be
satisfactory. Call and see theiu.
In pots, 12J cents each, which can be turned out with
safety, making an early crop, so much desired.
Fifty rents per hundred. All sweet potatoes are raised
by setting plants. All may depend upon a supply this
Spring, in tine condition to set from the 15th of May to
the 25th of June. This gives ample t.nie tor the potato
to grow as the plant is quite old— even three degrees
south of us they do not set belorethe Ist of June. They
are of early cuituie, and three plants to the hill, and can
be raised in Bradford county. Any Information w; uted,
inquire at the garden
All late cabbage plants, out door culture, 25 cts. per
At 25 ct. per hundred. Thousands in fine condition to
set from the fifteenth of May to the first of August.
ttiT Much pains will be taken to make j>lant3 strong
and sto.-ky as possible, by transplanting, Ac. Plants,
Grape Vines, and all I sell, may be carried any distance,
as they wil! be packed in moss exceeding well.
tp I have h good pair of TEAM HOUSES, a very ox
cellent Lumber i VVO HORSE WAGON, and team bar
i ess to sell. Terms teatk- known to the applicant. A
go id bargain ottered. Call and see them at my barn.
Towauda. April IS, 1902.
(First door South ol Codding A Russell's.)
fj r.:i unusnnllarre stock of Clothing, Cloths, Cascniers
Vesting.-, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Hats A Caps, which
will he sold at greater bargains thau before.
Will comprise almost every article worn by man or boy .
Vests, Shirts, Collars,
Suspenders, Neck Ties,
G-loves, Wrappers, Socks,
Overalls. Boy's Pants and Jackets. Especial attention
is called to our Nc-w Style of
Which are ready to make up to order, on short notice,
and warranted in every way, or no sale, as we have some
eight years experience in this line of business, my cotter,
Mr. PENEPACKEIt, will be on hand, at afi times to do
cutting for those who wish it done.
If you wish to buy clothing cheap, and get is good ax
represented, call at
If you wish to get the worth of your money, and buy r,e
fresh Goods and fair dealing, call -oa us and you will b
satisfied. No trouble to show goods and no forcing to buy
Goods sold for cah onlv. J. M. COLLINS.
Towanda. April '21.1**62.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the ts
tate of 1. H. STEPHENS,Iate ofNorth Towanda,dce'd..
are requested to make payment without delay,and those
hiving claims against said estate will present them duly
authenticated frr settlement. JOHN* AFcMAHON,
April 10. 1*62. Administrator.
IT^STRAY. — Came into the enclosure of the
J subscriber, on or about the 2.1 instant, a YEARL
ING BAY C'Ol.T. The owner is requested to prove pro
perty. jiay charges and take it away.
Orwell, April 23. G62 J AARON COLE,
pAUTION — Whereas my L vifeSAlit
\JANN, has left my Led and board without any just
cause or provocatioc, I hereby forbid ail persons,
harboring her on my account as I will pay no debts of
her contracting altei this date.
Warren. April 30.1-t'2. HORACE ARNOLD.
4 EDITOR'S NOTICE —/ the mutter of
_k JL the estate of Albin litidd, deed.
Notice is hereby given, that the undep-tgned, an Audi
tor, appointed by the said Court tb distributc the mouies
in the hands oi 1-1. Pomeroy, Trustee, raised by the sale
of said decedent's real estate, will attend to the duties of
his appointment at the offiee of Parsons A Carnarhan.iu
Troy borough, on Friday .dune 0, 1862. at 1 o'clock, when
ami where all persons having claims on said monies must
present them, or else be forever debarred fn>m the same.
W. 11. CARNACIIAN, Auditor.
Tray, May 26,1862.
-irY. is hereby gven, that all persons indebted to the es
tate 'if PERRY C. HEATH, late of Einithfleld tp., dee d.,
arc hereby rcqueslted to make payment without dehiv.
and all persons having demands against said estatel will
present tnem duly authenticated for settlement-.
May 26,1862. Administratrix.
EXECUTOR'S NOTlCE.—Notice is hcre-
JIJ bv given, tint, all persons indebted to the estate'of
LEVI i). LANDON dtceasdd, late of Canton twp.. are
hereby requested to make immediate payment, and ail
persons having demands against said estate will jilease
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Canton, May 13,1662. Executors.
The copartnership heretofore existing between the
subscribers under the firm name of Goodrich, Newbery
A, Peek is this day dissolved nv mutual consent.
The notes and accounts of the late firm are in the handa
of F. A. Pierce for collection. All persons indebted will
please take notice and save cost.
Troy, April 7,156T
Stoppod Tcdalingr
THE undersigned having concluded to quit the ped
dling hasiness, will close out the ballanee of hiastock
at a verv low figure. He will al-o call in a short time on
bisold customers, and hopes they will be prepared to set
tle up. fcAMUEL PREIFCS.
Tcwanda.May 22,1063.