Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, September 26, 1861, Image 3

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pivi<=ion No. 103, S. of T . will hold ft
. on Fridav evening, September27,at7io'clock.
Tlie Re? Wm. DEi.oKGA'Uneversalist), i
. Trenton, will preach at the Court House, Sunday
C r etu"'' W teraber 2yth ' at °' clock -
C. KITCHEN has retired from the
; /;. a nch Democrat, and HAWVEV SICKLKK has as-
editorial control of that paper.
jgy- \ correspondent of the Sullivan C<mn- !
,rat. figures up the debt of that County, to lie,
Hit first of January, 1861, iItTS 23.
phe Owejro Timer recommends draft
Idiers. ° n the ground that the Sonth are doing it.
I dwn -t the Time* man volunteer ?
JAMES A. Mc.M ASTERS, editor of theN.
y ' m;n' Appeal. was last week arrested and sent to
. . 1 ,' vette, for publishing treasonable articles. There
# now some eighty prisoners at that Fort.
&g. Volunteers sii " continue to leave this
ly for the war. One day last week, a company of
Massed through this place en route for Camp Curtio, j
. " n c.irt. TKI.VOHH s Company- They were from the
l J tem part of the county.
jtfi.SrnPEV DEATH.— Mrs. RAIIET, consort !
<•>' t>- > S. RAILKT, of this place, ilied very suddenly !
R's.mrday last, of heart disease. Mrs. RAII.KY was
. „,... in law's. Mr NKVINS. and was cm
■aratively good health up to the moment of her death. j
ye#* *i"he Democrati." Conferees of the Rep
resentative district, composed of the counties of Colnm
lu Montour. Wyoming and Sullivan, last week, placed
nomination (intMi S.Tmos.of Wyoming county,
rid L. 1.. TATK, of Columbia county. Ho it •' Bob."
ft#-On Tuesday nijrht lust, some praceless
jeamp burglariously entered SIIAWS Bakery, but as Mr.
was sleeping in the e!;iI-lishrnent. and hearing the
,„is, up. the intnider ts'at a hasty r-treat through
■ae window, I-y nhich lie made his entrance.
I jac. The mnn who " don't take the papers,"
• wn Inst week, nnrf wanted to know if it was real
!,.! I that lien. SCOTT hail taken Washington, and if
JRFT PAVIS had yet commenced .in attack upon Rirh
- i.J. He -aid that he " had heerd sicli talk up his way,
i,i "I.iw'd it wasn't so."
JSC,. POOR BISCUIT. —Ladies, if you won^
■i;lie nior'ilicntion of having poor biscuit for tea.
:"i v •11 have company, use only I>. B. Pel.and A Co.'a
■i -aI s,|, vatus. It will produce the same happy re
v,: \ : ni". so that yon may know wh if to depend up
y„a van g-t it oi any respectable dealerin the
JRIY* WYOMING CAN AI.. —The Heronl of the
'•nrt says .the great depression in business has afleet
die revenues , f the Wyoming < iaiial Company that it
• - ,t been aide to meet tin interest on its Mortgages.
i Mr ("lias. Parish has been appointed Receiver 1y the
s preine Court ot Pennsylvania, and will attend to the
isiuesh ut the ("anal.
r of the Bradford Comity Agricultural Society will
?le Id. l>v resolution of the Board of Managers, on the
. .id and 4 tii days of Octola-r next.oil the grounds ot the
• -ty. The Bills with the Holes and Regulations of
tv will Ire furnished at an early day. The Exec
•i iiiittre, will meet on Monday ihe 9th inst.,to
~ it J,.lining Committees. By order of tlie Board.
' vanda. Sept. 2, ,1861. W.C. BOP AIM', Secy.
CAP .Trnr.E WOOI-WAKD, President .Twice of
• ■ ■ i r', t composed of the counties of Columbia, Wyom
ing ■: 1 Sullivan. ha accepted the nomination by tin: de
li - a.- county Convent ion ot Berks, as President Judge.
* :it comity alone forming a single Judicial District his
L s will he less laborious, which let no doubt induced
. r to accept the nomination.
andcrstand that the people of Sullivan will strong
'GR the appointment of Wat. ELWEI.L. Esq., of this
ito till the vacancy.
Sr#-There arc unfavorable reports- rospoct
htiltecr os in tlie northern section of N"ew England.—
I Ji cm and potatoes ace suffering from the want of
ran. This i, the general complaint in Maine. New Hump
t e. and tlie northern part of Massachusetts. There is
tso m li • niplaini of drouth in Vermont .though tlie
- are IM II "iirishing. The apple crop, it is said, will
/,-• iinpiete tailure in every section ol New England.
sss~ Coal shipped by the Bnrelay R. R. A"
- ainpany, on the North Branch Canal, at Towanda,
'il:n-ok ending Sept. 21, 1861 1,4.13} tons.
'• isab'pmentM 2:t,885
tasit for the season 31.15.tftJ "
■ ' "ime period last year 22.117 •*
'"a* Si ,221J "
"wnseto advertisement in another column it will lie
'■hat Mr. C. EATON has established, at Towanda, N
--"my f.r the business education of young ladies and
f -■■-'fflea. The want of an institution of this descrip
■'-■ajs long been felt in our community, and we have
- : nbt that tin? young men of our county will speedily
'• thimsvlvi sof the opportunity now offered to ac
■re a complete business education. The course of in
- o"n wi.l is? thy same as pursued at Eastman s
•~ar,'.il(! College, of Rochester, X. Y., where Mr.
•TON NAS A.-TVD A S an Assistant. When we consider the
rssity of young men acquiring a Mercantile education
' l:l '' nr, unal n f tuition, (fs.ttO pays for a full
•w, including u iiij.inina) we cannot hesitate to insure
I.A TON success which his enterprise so well
• metis of Penmanship will be sent to any address,
H' i cs ting the same.
I i, v *
H ' Sftmebiicly's dead in there," was the
s n - a little child, to her companion, as they passed
H* tin- knoh of which was hung a piece ot black
■T' v Yes,
somebody i dead in there, and yet how lit
outward world, save by the
and relatives of the departed one. It tnay
H 'three or five summers—a father's pride—a
■ . J 1 ?-a pet of nttmeroiis friends, and still the
'--es carelessly on, merely remarking " some
- 'l' ad in there 1"
•p* it iv a father or tender mother, npon whom the
• and prosperity of loving children were depend-
In are now orphans, turned upon the charities
• atidh artless world, to experience its stern re
■in'] ua the crowd hurry by, no enquiries are made,
t . u ' onsolatioD offered, but merely the thought
passerby that " somebody's dead in there!"
• an o'.d veteran .whose b.iir is silvered with the
"Atnty winters—who has encountered the tem
-1 ''Ws of life, for these long years—whose pleas
";r "ws, smiles and tears, are entombed with the
' r 'mains, an<l the spirit gone to render up its ac-
BE C,OD who created it. Yet, how little we re
f tnagtiitudc of the passing thought—" somebody's
tember have ushered in with radiant splendor the third
quarter of the year, and the hours now speeding on time's
calendar are redolent with the fragrance and glory which
clings in beauty to the hill side—nestles in loveliness in
every valley—mantles both forest and fern in radiant rai
ment—and brings to the heart in hopeful gleam and fit-
till shadow the memories of other years, when youth was
in its spring time, and life floated as merrily on as a
dream of sunny May. The emerald carpet of earth lias
faded into a regal bronze—the maiden promise of April
has its glad fulfilment in the matron fruition wherein Oc
! tohor soon will revel ; while the vesper of birds, the lul
i lahy of streamlets, the harp-music of night winds, all are
| singing the requiem of departed summer. Yonder flut
| ter the purple pennons of the corn— sky sleeps
, in its cradle nf blue—over the way the maple leaves are
blushing with crimson kisses—and legal robes are donned
by our autumnal monarch. Now
1 " The arch of trees their gothic aisles display.
The curtained clouds are drawn above your head,
With this great Cathedral knell to day 1"
The sweetest of American lyrists has. as we think, j
most mistakenly termed these days the saddest of all the j
year. Not so —beauty tiiat is peerless, glory that is i
| matchless, and majesty that is imperial, cluster around I
these ideas of autumn. The hours are laden with aroma j
iof grapes—the perfume of rosy apples—the fragrance of i
blushing peaches—the splendor of starry skies which gives |
a halo to September, and sounds another heart-beat of ,
i joy over a world oflovcliness.
The Bradford County Medical Society
met at the Odd Fellow's Hall, in the borough of To wan- ;
da, on Wednesday, September 4, lstjl, at 10 o'clock A. I
' M.. the President. Dr. PARSONS, in the Chair.
| The following members were present: Drs. Parsons, of
j Troy ; Horton and Hornet, of Terrytown ; Allen, Smith
j field; Turner. Mason &]Ladl, of Towanda ; Bliss, of I,e-
Roy ; Clagett and Moody, Standing Stone ; ivifl', Athens;
Holmes, of Canton.
| The minutes of the last meeting were read and approv
ed. Dr. MASON presented an invitation from C. L.WARD,
Esq., requesting the Society to diue with him, at 1! o'-
clock. P. M. The invitation wu- unanimously accepted, :
and a Committee consisting of Drs. HORTON, BLISS arid ]
TURNER, appointed to inform Mr. WAUD of its acceptance, j
and dralt resolutions and sentiments for the occasion. j
Dr. HORTON offered the following :
WHKHKAS, As it is tiie request of the volunteers of this !
county, that a surgeon trom this section be appointed Ly :
the government, to attend them ; therefore.
Kesulveit. That we unanimously recommend Dr. E. P. |
ALLEN, of Smithlield.
Appointment carried. ;
The President then announced that the Society was j
ready to receive written reports of cases, and papers. j
Dr. ALI.KN reported a case of concussion of the brain
from a blow on the bead, producing a fissure and slight
depression of the outer table ot the cranium. After a
tew minutes, he was sensible, and then became uncon
scious, comot-ise and vomited. He was tr.-at.-d antiph
logisticaily by vene section, purging, ,t<\ Alter a tew
j days he began to be sensible and conscious, but that doub
ble and weak vision which was remedied by confinement j
j in a dark room for one week. In time he recovered with
out the operation of trepanning.
Dr. c'LAtiUKTT reported a ease of dysentery, that in a
few days assumed the torm ot acute rheumatism, and af
terwards by metastasis attacked the ultru*. producing
-evere labor pains. She recovered by the use of anodynes
and anti-rheumatics.
Dr. lin Lit es , a case of Alcoholic Poi*oning , iri a young
mail, aged 16 years. He became comoto.-e within two ;
hours after taking five drinks of whisky, was left by bis I
companions in his own lather's barn, about 12 o'clock at
night, to get sober, and was found dead in the morning.
A port mortem revealed venous congestion of the brain,
and an alcoholic scent in the ventricles, and over a pint
of liquid in the stomach with a strong alcoholic, smell.
This case strongly bespeaks a moral warning, as well as
a caution not to leave a person in a like condition unaid
Dr. HOLMES als > reported three eases of Cbowea, two
of which were connected with deranged menstruation,
and the other following acute rheumatism. All soon re
covered under a treatment adapted to indications without
specifics, which is the true principle of treatment in all
diseases leaving specifics out of the question.
I Dr. llouET.a case of a little boy, aged six years, that
j hail nearly severed his fore linger wi.h an axe, excepting |
a small portion of skin on the inside. It was immediate- |
lv ptiieclly adjusted, uud by eoid water applications was
! restored.
Dr. MASON, a case of fracture of the skull, in a lady \
aged about thirty years, with slight depression of the out- i
ei tal-ie. In jumping Irotn a carriage she fell, was not
. un.-.mis':ions. was treated antiphtogistically, and recover- i
ed. As the doctor had been censured lor not trepanning,
lae jjneiety debated the subject, and unanimously sustain
ed him for not operating, as well as to recommend the i
rule not to operate until the symptoms are sufficient to
warrant it.
Dr. ROCKWELL communicated a ease, read by Dr. MA
SON, of an inei.-ed wound ol the abdomen, with a portion
ol the omentum protruding, which tailing to return, the j
doctor cut off. with very little hemorrhage and then dress- \
• I the wound the man was ut his labor in ten days. |
The Lecture, Essays, and Medical discussion were post- !
; potted to the next meeting.
Mr. H. M. MOODY, student of medicine with Dr. ALLEN, '
read a very interesting paper on Sulphate of fjuiuine,
which reflected much credit on the author. This exliib- j
its the tight Hpirit in medical students.
The I'resideut then appointed a Committee, consisting
, of ,Dr.s. HOLMES, BLISS and IIOMET, to nominate officers
for the ensuing year.
The Committee on nominations then reported the fol
lowing. viz :
President— Dr. C. M. TURNER, Towanda.
I ice President— Dr. E. G. TKAUY, Sylvania.
'Jr. Secretary —Dr. DANIEL HOLMES, Canton.
Cor. Seaetary— Dr. V. HOMET, Terrytown.
Treasurer —E. 11. MASON, Towanda.
tin motion, the report was adopted and the Committee
j discharged.
Dr. MASON moved that the list of officers reported, be
unanimously elected, vita voce, which was carried,
I A Committee, consisting of Drs. ALLEN and LADD, was
appointed to conduct the newly elected officers to their
respective seats.
Dr. TCKNKR, the newly elected President, after lie l tig
introduced to the Society, gave a brief address, making
some very appropriate remarks, and promised his hearty
! co-operation with the members, in all its interests.
Tlie either officers being duly enstalled, promised, also,
to exert all of their energies to co-operate with the Pres
ident and members, for the very best interests and good
of the society.
' Then, by the request of the Society, Dr. PARSONS, the
| retiring President, delivered the Annual Address, which
was very appropriate for the occasion.
| The Society tendered its thanks to Dr. PARSONS for the
i interest he had previously taken in its labors, and tor the
• promptitude and despatch with which he has discharged
• his official duties during the past year, and may the tho'ts
of his many virtues buoy up bis drooping spirits in his
1 declining years, is the very best wish of" the Society.
The President then appointed Dr. HORTON Physician,
and Dr. LADD Surgeon, to the clinic, which was announc
■ ed the next order of business.
Dr. LADD presented a case of cancerous tetter of the
skin, on the nose, extending to each cheek—lady, aged
about fifty years—had existed a number of years. Sev
eral irregulars had warranted a cure, but failed.No cure
was promised and no treatment recommended but palli
Dr. HOMET. a ease of single hare-lip—child aged three
years ; operation recommended.
Dr. MASON, a very interesting case of supposed her
maphrodite ; child aged two years, which was pronoanc
ed a male ; an operation had been advised by a quack,
j bu". the Society discountenanced it.
Other cases of minor importance were prcsentod, but
i none worthy of note.
Tlie hour of 3 o'clock having now arrived, the society
proceeded to the residence of C. L. WARD, Esq., where
I the members were received with cordial hospitality, and
partook of a sumptuous repast, after which the following
J sentiments were offered by the Secretary, Dr. HOLMES, J
and very appropriately responded to, viz :
" The Medical Profession" — by Dr. HORTON.
" Our Country"—by Dr. BLISS.
"Onr Host and Hostess" — by Dr. TTRNER.
The latter was, on behalf of the parents, replied to by
the son, Mr. HARRY WARD, in a few brief and noble sen
timents, which not only done lionur to the parents, but 1
also the occasion. J I
The Society then adjourned to the Library, which prob. j
ably is not surpassed by any private collection in the I
State, being composed of Literary, Scientific and Medi- ]
cal works, and spent an hour in the examination of its J
extensive and variable eollecfionsof works, among which J
are many specimens of the earliest exhibitions of the art J
of printing. And this vast collection, which lias been j
procured at an enormous expense, from Europe, Egypt, |
and in fact from all parts of the world, is rendered doub- |
ly interesting and instructive, by its numerous living rep- |
resentations of past ages, customs and times, that books !
cannot describe.
After which, the Society re-organized, and unanimous
ly adopted the following resolutions, viz : J J
I. Resolved, That this Society truly and gratefully ap-
I preeiate the courtesy ot Mr. C. L. WARD, and family, and
I that we extend to them our warmest acknowledgements,
i 2. That the war now being waged against our govern- I
1 meut, ha been undertaken without any apology OR ex- I
| euse. and lias for its only object the overthrow of our free I
J institutions ; therefore.
Resolved. That we will give to the National Adrnini.s
' tiation our most hearty co-operation and support in the
I execution of all necessary means lor its entire suppres- >
sion and the total annihilation of fitaon.
The President then appointed Dr. HOLMES, Lecturer, !
I and Drs. MASON and ROCKWELL Essayists, for the next I
I meeting. The subject ol blood-letting, in acute diseases,
i was chosen for discussion , at the same time,
j Dr. HOLMES proposed Dr. JAS. DAVISON, of Canton, for
J membership of the .Society. Deferred till the next meet- '
| >"?• : .
On motion, the Society adjourned, to meet in the bo- j
rough of Athens, on the first Wednesday, (the first day) i
ot January, ltsfi' Ift o'clock, A. M.
DANIEL HOLMES, M. D., Sec'y. ! I
SLtto aiftmfsfmntts.
j aJT TIOX. Whereas .by an net of Assembly of the Com-' i
monwealth. entitled '- an act relating to the elections ot
I this Commonwealth." it is enjoined upon me to give pub- ,
i lie notice ol such election to be held, and also the enu
i mer.ition in such notice what officers are to lie elected, I,
| A. H. SPALDING. High Sheriff of the County Bradford,
j do hereby make known and give notice 14 the electors ot !
: said comity, that a General Election will fie held in said '
j county, on TUESDAY . the Nth day of October, in the
several districts in said county, to wit: F
lu Albany, at thesub district school house, nearCatnp
• bell's mills. ' r
t In the school house near Simeon Decker's, s
I In Alliens bom', at the house of E. S. Mntlhewson. j
i lu Athens twp., at the house of J. it. Hunt, in Alliens |
Bom". . |
In Armenia, at the house of John S. Becker.
In Burlington tioro' at tlie hall of Henry Vosburg. j
In Burlington township, at the house of Roswell Leth- i
er. '
In West Burlington, at the house of Ezra Goddard. | '
In Canton, at the house of S. C. Myers- "*
In Columbia, at the hou-c ol Jamas Morgan.
In Franklin, at tlie house ot Benjamin F. Taylor. : 1
In Herriek. at the school house near Daniel Durand's. !
In Litchfield, at the house of Bloodgood.
In I.cßoy. at the school house in la-Roy. v
In Monroe, at the house o| If. R. Rockwell,
Iti Monroe horn", at the house ot M M Coolbnugb, !
In Orwell, at Orwell hill public school house, j '
In Overton. >t the house ~t 'i Waltman, '
In Pike, at th" house ot D Johnson, ,
In Rome, at the Academy.
In Uidghtiry. at the house of B Herman. j
In Sheshequin, at the \ alley House |
in Sinithtield, at the house now occupied by John Scou- j
j 1 In Springfield, at the house ol W. 11. Root, now occu
; pied hv Jesse Hammond, j :
In Svlvant : IMUO', at the hou-e of C. Merritt. _ ; J
In S'liith Creek, at the school house near A Gillitt's, |
lu Standing Stone, at tie- house of S Stevens,
lu Terrv. at the house ol E J Sliepard,
lu Towanda bom', at the Grand Jury room, in tlie Court i
House, in said bom -
In Towanda twp.. at the school bouse, near II LScott's !
In Towanda North, at the house ot S A Mills, f
lit Tmv boro" at the Eagle Tavern.
In Tmv twp., at the house ol V M lamg. in Troy boro' !
In Tiiscarora. at tlie school house near James Black's, i
In Ulster, at tlie house ol S H Holcob,
In Warren, at the house of R Cooper, I
In Wells, at the house of L See ley, I
LU Windham, at the house <•! B Ktiykendall, N
!n Wvalnsing. at house ot S. 11. Black.
In Mdmot.ut the house of A. I.Stone.
In YVy-"X. ut the house of J M Reed,
At which time and place the electors aforesaid will
i elect by ballot. ]
tine person for President Judge ot the 13th Judicial I
! Pi.-triet. composed of the counties of Bradford and Sus
quehanna. ' t
i Two persons to represent the county ofjllrudford in the ,
! House of Representatives nf the Commonwealth of Peutl- j
I sylvania. I
] "one person for Associate Judge of the Coontyof Brad- I ,
i line person for Treasurer of the county of Bradford.
| One person for County Commissioner fur the County 1
' of Bradford. i
| One person for Auditor of the county of Bradford.
And in and by said act. I am further directed to give ' ,
I notice " that every person excepting justices of the peace
i who shall hold any office of profit and trust under the j
; government of the Uni'ed States or this State, or of any
! incorporated district and also that every member oft "on- j
; gress and oi the Legislature and the select and common
i council or any i ity, or commissioners of any .
i ed district, is by law incapable of holding or exercising
i at the same time the office or appointment of Judge, In
spector or Clerk ot any election oi this Commonwealth |
' and that no Inspector or other officer of any such eicc- i
j tion, shall be then eligible to any office to be voted lor. j
Bv the 4th section of an act p'assed the bu-t day of l
! April. l-40. it is provided " that the 13th section oi an
' at passed July 2d. ls:tt) entitled " An art relating to the |
i elections of thin Commonwealth," shall no be construed
I as to prevent any military officer for serving as Judge, ;
Inspector or Clerk, at any general or special election ot
! this commonwealth.
i In the Ist section of the act. first above mentioned, it is
I enacted that every general tad special election^shall be
i opened between and 10 in tlie forenoon, and continue
without interruption or adjournment until 7 o'clock in
the evening, when the polls shall Is- closed.
Bv the IMb section of the ict of February 3d, 1846, it '
shall lie lawful tor the inspectors and judges <d any gen
eral election which shall be hereafter held in the Armenia j
election district ■ f Bradford County to close the polls ot
such election district at five o dock. p. m.
By the 11th section of an act of 18.73, it is provided
that the polls of the election district ot Tuscarora twp. j
te closed at five o clock, p. to.
It is further directed, that the meeting of Judges at j
the Court House in Tr.wunda, to make out the general;
return, shall be on the fid day after tlie election, which j
will bo on the 11th day of October.
It is further directed that the meeting of return Judges
for the Judicial district, shall be he'd at the Court House
in the borough ot Towanda, on the 7tii day alter the elcc
tion, which will be on the loth.
A. H. SPALDING, Sheriff. !
Towanda, f-ept. lfi 1861.
I to dispose of his farm ill Litchfield twp . i
Bradford ty, Pa., offers the same upon j
terms which are worthy of the attention ot \
those wishing to put chase. This farm is within two miles |
of tlie X. V. <Y Erie Railroad, and distant live miles from :
Waverly and Smitliboro depots, contains about 170 acres
of land,'mostly improved, in a high state of cultivation,
and lias upon it good buildings and orchards. It is well
j adapted for tillage or grazing, being well watered and well ;
j located. The attention of those desiriousnf purchasing j
! a farm is solicited, in the confidence that no greater in J
dueements can be found elsewdiere. The situation is de
lighttul, the soil fertile, and the neighborhood embraces j
schools, churches, &c., while within a short distance are I
several large and flourishing towns. The X. X. A Erie ;
R. K. affords admirable market facilities. Title uriques- |
tionable, and possession at the option of the purchaser.
Litchfield, Sept. 18,1R61. ;
" ' eultics in making collections, the subscriber has
concluded to hereafter sell goods only for CASH- All
persons with whom he has unsettled accounts will please
arrange theiu either by payment or uote, immediately.
H. S. MEIiUUR. !
Towanda, Sept. 17. 1861.
T T WOOL, for which the highest price in cash will
be paid at PATCH'S.
Towanda. Sept. 18,1861. I
HONEY. —A few MMli boxes, extra aiee,
for sale cheap at FOX'S.
Towanda, Sept. 18, 1861.
The best Soap ever made for all uses, for washing ;
clothes, for the washstand, cleaning paint, glassware, 1
crockery, table and kitchen utensils, sold at the same j
price as common soap. UST Call in and get a sample ,
tree of charge, at FOX'S.
• Towanda, Sept. 18,1861. |
From 83,000 to 84,000 I
Fashionable Furniture?
Having Wight recently the
Athens Cabinet Ware Rooms,
Ami entire stock of FURNITURE from ihe late pro
prietor, It. M. WELLES, it will he sold for CASH
and very complete, has been well
selected, and is well adapted for the
wants of the country. N'. 11.— It is a
common remark made bv visitors to
this cstaidishinent, ''Why, I had no
Idea yn had such a large and splen
'O'l assortment, of Furniture. I have
t seen nothing like it short of the city."'
Wu haVi * BEDSTEADS from 12,.10
•<! upwards. COTTAGE and other
fiftr""CH AIRS, in great variety, from lt,oO
\\ Lr to $2.1.00 per set. TABLES from $2,10
V upwards, and
Everything else in Proportion.
dor* Hs" EB
In every style, size and price, to suit the meansand taste
el any and all customers. Call and see our stock.
Athens, paJuly 24 1801. F. X . PAGI-
What Everybody Oimlit to Know!
That aco. P. Cash has a First Class
I WORK better and cheaper than any other establish
ment in the country. That he can put up sets Of Tomb
stones at any price from fi to SSOO. That he warrants
his work to "be well done and t-> give satisfaction. That
be can furnish Marble Table-Tops and Mantles as cheap
as they can be obtained In X'ew York or elsewhere.
Come to liis Yaid liefore purchasing elsewhere. Pat
ronize a home enterprise, and not roti away to York
State and get inferior work done. And tina!lv every
body ought to ere'-t a suitable memoiiul over the re
mains ~i their loved friends.
CAUTION.- \ man calling himself Thomas, ami hail
ing from Bingliamtoii, has been obtaining order- tor
work by representing that lie is agent for a manufactory
in Towanda. Beware ut him !
Some age': ;t of calling on the friends of
the deceased for work, i. f ire they hare fair!;
their ileail <>nt of their eight. frown i io!i men.
When you get ready, call on the subscriber and examine
his stock.
X. B.—Country produce taken in exchange Tor work.
Don't forget the'pla'-e. Eagle Marble Works, opposite
Gen. I'atton's residence, Towanda, l'a.
ACEN'TS— G. W. Brink. Leilaysville; B. Overfieid,
Me.hoppen; J. H. Webb, Smithtieid Summit; U.S. Dart,
Towanda, June 12, If(II.
Sept. 10, 1881.
JL ceiving ait extiiiMve ami well helt'cted >tock of
Purchased since the late depression in prices, and com \
prising all the usual varieties of Gents., Ladies, Misses j
and Children*
Suitable for the season. Also, a large stock of
The quality of which is too well known to need further
recommendation. Also, a large stock of
Sole and Upper Leather,
Kip Skins, French and American Call Skins, Harness
Leather, Morocco, and Linings, Ac. An excellent assort
ment of
Saddlery Hardware, Harness Trimmings, A., Ac.
I have established a
And will keep on hand Double and Single Harness, Sad
dles. Bridles, Halters. Martingales. Whips. Ac., and will
make to order any work in this line, nil which, as weii as
my whole stock, will In-sold lor ready pay,at remarkably
low prices in order to meet the exigencies el the times.
Towanda, Sept. 10,1861.
5,010 VOLUNTEtRS IfilED!
srjrsy mmm
: I TION into the state of affairs in Bradford county,
we' have come to the conclusion that every family want
Having made our late purchases accordingly wc are now
opening a large stock ot Dry Goods, Groceries. Hard
wan-. Crockery. Paints, Oils, Nails. Glass and Sash, lis
pecial attention is called to our new stock of
&c., &c., &c.,
' Which we CAN and WILL sell for cash or ready pay at
' prices which will astonish the natives, and our old cits
turners in particular. TRACY' it MOORE.
I Towanda, June 10, 1861.
Come Along ! Everybody !
At the building formerly occupied hy J. 11. .Vet-in.,,
on .Main street, opposite the Court House.
. brands of Coffee. Tea, Sugar, Ac., all very cheap,
Resides a splendid assortment of Spices, Nuts. Candies,
! Fruits, and Confectioneries, and a good assortment in
the Provision line. Tobacco and Segars of every quality
aud price. He will also pay the
Highest Price for Butter and Eggs,
And sin-h "t'-a, <• >. „f country trade as the farmers
may have to , r of.
iOf- lie would say to all if you want any thing in hi
line of trade, give him a call, and you can lie ucconimo
da:e,l. H.H.STEVENS.
Towanda, Jnne 111, 1 SGl.—tf
OWING to the fart that all confidence in
the present Credit System is destroyed the sub
: scribers have determined to sell goods hereafter
Exclusively for Ready Pay.
I All those hav'ng unsettled accounts with ns will oblige
j us hy settling the same at once, and all Notes and judg-
Iments due us must be pa-d soon in order to save cost.
N. R- No respect of persons shown.
Rulington Aug 14, 1661. J. F. LONG & SON.
Alreadyadmitted to be
The largest, safest and most approved
An established reputation for keeping the best medicine,
In its facilities and apparatus for compounding and pre
Conducted by thoroughly competent persons, who devote
the most careful attention,pay the strictest regard
to accuracy, and use only selected arti
cles, and medicines of unques
tioned put ity, has become
TSIil SA3R BBS® 37388
With prices revised to correspond with the market.
By recent arrangements with the Manufacturers, Impor
ters or First Holders of Goods and Cash Purcha
ses, the prices will always tie at the low
est poiut for l'rime Goods.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass,
Everything in this extrusive stock tall be sola
Cheap far Cash !
Of Soaps, Perfumery, Brushes, Combs,'
Pocket Knives and Razors,
Lumps and Materials for Litjltt.
AH the Popular Patent Medicines,
Tooth, Skin &. Hair Preparations,
Fancy Articles of all Descriptions,
Eclectic, Jlatanic and Hamiopathic Medicines
Spirts, Flint Suit, I.amp Shades and Garden Seeds. '
Constituting the moat complete a-- : !ue-nt embracing
the great wants of the People, reduced in Price,
and revised ior the Gash System.
Are Fresh, daily prepared, at d unrivalled by any in the
For Family U.ic,
Known a* Safe and Reliable Remedies, are warranted for
what they are intended to give satisfaction,
viz :
Dr. Porter's Pectoral Syrup price 37$ cents
Dr. Porter's Family Embrocation ■' •>'" "
Dr. Porter's Tonic Kli.xer '• An "
Dr Porter's Worm Syren " 25 "
Dr. Porter's Comp. Syr. ilypophosphites.. " Inn "
I Dr. Porter's Uterine Tonic no "
I Dr. Porter's Blackberry Balsam " 21 "
| Dr. Porter's Tooth A'-he Drops " 25 "
Dr. Porter's Cephalic Snuff " 21 "
. Dr. Porter's Tooth Powder •' 25 "
j Dr. Porter's Trieogene • 21 "
Dr. Porter's Trieophile " 21 "
j Dr. Porter's Shampoo " 21 "
Dr. Porter's Horse and Cattle Lotion " 37£ "
Dr. Porter's Horse and Cattle Powder " 2"." "
Dr. Porter's Bed Rug Poison " 25 "
l>r. Porter's Black Ink " 21 "
Dr. Porter's Cleansing Fluid " :;7i "
Dr. Porter's Rat and Mice Poison " 21 "
Dr. Porter's Citrate Magnesia " 21 "
Medical Advice gheu gratuitou>ly at Hie office
Charging only for Medicine.
iti'Thankfui for pa t lilieral patronage would respect
fully announce toliis friends and the public that 11 > pains
shall lie spared to satisfy and merit the continuance of
theircontideiice and patronage, ut the
Cash Drug- Store !
Comer of Main and Pine streets.
Towanda. Sept. 6, 1661.
And other Hardware, and other varieties of merchandise
too numerous to mention.
AiT YVe earnestly desire all persons indebted to ia to
make an effort to help us in this our trviug time of need.
Towanda, Sept. 3. l'-fil.
mw Eijjiois?
X and extensive assortment ol Sofas. Mohogany Chairs,
Mahogany and Walnut Rockers. Boston Rockms. Fine
Cane-seat. Wood, and Knsh-l>"ttom. Hair. Cane -eat and
Cane-back Rockers, Looking-Glasses, Cord and,
Picture Frames, Ac.,
Cheaper than the Cheapest.
Please rail and satisfy yourselves.
Towanda, Jnne 26,1661. * " CHESTER WELES.
Special Notice.
A seems to lie the jieeessit.ies of the tines, and for tin
own business scenrny, I have concluded to sell Goods
I believe I have as good credit-customers as any one. and
i most of them prompt paying ones, but future prosperity
in I think requires that Groceries and Provi
sions should he sold for cash.
1 hope, by attention to business, and an earnest desire
to please, to still retain all of my old patrons. who are indebted to me will oblige me by
I settling up at once. E. T. FOX.
T ugust 1. ISfil.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of ISA AC NICHOLS, late ot Pike twp., dee'd., are
requested to make payment without delay,'.and those hav
ing claims against said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement. JOS. H. MARSH. A dm.
Pike, Ang. 20, 1*61.-fit.
is hereby given, that all persons indebied to the es
tate of THOMAS SMEAD, late of Smithtieid twp., dee'd.,
are requested to make payment without delay.and those
having claims against said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement. JAS 11. WEBB, Adm.
Post Office address, Smithtieid Summit.
Smithtieid, Aug,20,1861.
JttcrchanM?e, arc.
EMERY BROS., Proprietors,
Emery's Patent Changeable Rail
road Horse Powers,
ALSO, LEVER POWERS, for Pour, Six and Eiglit
Horses, of new and superior construction, to
gether with a great variety of labor-saving
I JL is hereby given that RAYMOND M. WELLES, ot
I Athens, Pa., (who was until recently the senior in< mber
I ol the firm or Welles, Blood A Co,, ot Athens.) is the on-
Iv authorized Agent for the salt- ot EMERY'S HOUSE
manufactured at the
For the county of Bradford, with the privilege ot selling
for the roan ties ot Tioga. Susquehanna, and Wyoming,,
iu Pennsylvania, uud the adjoining comities iu New
York State.
ALL licenses and contracts heretofore existing with
other parties for their inanulartiire and sale in this terri
tory having expired, the public are untitled that they
will he held responsihh d recti v to the Patentees for dam
ages for using any other Imrv powers, threshers. Ac.,
made and sold to "them by nth. - parties and in imitation
ot and infringing upon the letters patent held by EMERY
For description of prices, terms, Ac., see the ll
luntra'.ed Catalogue of the Albany Agricultural Works,
iiirni-hed gratis on application to EMERY BROTHERS,
Albany, N. Y„ or R. M. WELLES.
Atlicns. June 'it;,
Collcgialc Institute,
P.ev. J AMES fMcWILI.: AM. Principal, Professor of An
cient Languages, and Mental and Moral Sciences.
SAMUEL L. FISI.KR. A. B. l'p.lessor ol Mathematics
and Natural Science.
Prot.Cn A RI.ES R. CO BURN, County Superintendent,
General Director ot Normal Department.
• C. E. EATON, Professor of Peuiuanship uud Book-keep
Miss N ANCY BALLARD. Preceptress.
Mrs. HELEN A. ADAMS. Assistant Preceptress.
Jli.-s MARY B. ALLEN. Tea hcrol Vocal and Instrumen
tal Music.
■ Mr. I>. CANFIELD DAYTON, Steward,
i Mrs. D. C. DAYTON, Matron.
The Fall Term commences WEDNESDAY, AU
GUST 21, and will continue 14 weeks.
[Payable invariably in advance, or one-half on entering
the - hoid, and one h. ' it the middle of the term—fuel
and contingencies included.]
Primary. per term ? 4 10
Preparatory.: 6 00
! Higher, 1-t year, per term 7 00
Higher. Ist "and 2d year, per term 8 00
i Classical, 1-t year, per term 7 00
! Classical, 2d and 3d year, jm r term 8 00
N. B. l'upils ,!i be <!i.—ed by the most advanced
I branch they respect vely j ursne.
Pupils using - ti :.u -hi; - are charged $1 per term for
' fuel and contingents.
Frcn J *' H
German 3 0®
Drawing 3 00
Board in the Institute, per week, including luel
and light 2 10
. Washing, per dozen 33
The Collegiate year is divided into three terms of 14
; weeks each. The* \n:iivers:uy exercises will be held at
! the close ol the Spring term.
No deduction w ill I" rr .do for absence, except In case
of protracted illness of over two weeks.
Instrumental Music will not, as heretofore, betaagM In
i the Institution, hut by special arrangement—a clam will
: be t.mght in a hall adjoining the growndswf the Institute,
: bv the Teacher ot 3 oca; Mn-ic.
j 'This arraugenu ~th - bccii adopted for the past term,
and experience has proved it to be eminently superior to
the plan pursued iu l"im< r years. Special pains will be
taki n to s' me the gimitr-t progressol those wishing to
i take lessons in this 1 ran h. Terms will heaahtwloitts :
Tuition on Piano Forte. |>er term sll 00
I Use ot instrument on which to take lessoaa t)
ilo for practice 2 00
I Pupils boarding in the Hall will furnish their own tort
d els, Ac., ami the tabli -ilvi r,u tie r option. It is desira
hie that they also furnish their own bed and bedding
when it is convenient, but when otherwise, the-e will bo
f j furnished at a slight charge.
It i-strongly r< commended that students from abroad
should Itnurd in the lc-tit .tiu. a< better opportunities
f>r advancement in -tudv are thereby secured.
Normal Department- Special exercises are arrangeo
without extra charge for those preparing themselves as
T' ud ot Cm: me i: -'mo is. l'rut. ('. It. COBI RN. ths
able ami well kuo.v a .pi :,atciai. Nt ot t ' ininun Schools
in the county, ha- kindly <mi-intei'i to organize the Tea
cher's cla-s. and direct the course to l>e pursued.
He will also be pi -cut to conduct it.-' verci-es as often
as practicable, and will deliver frequent lectures m ths
Theory and Practice ot Teaching, as also on other subjects
connected with Normal training.
Those persons, therefore, intending to engage in teach
ing lor th" winter, will ti"d it greatly to their advantage
to be present during the Fail term.
Pro!. Unburn'.s connection with the institution is not
such as to in any w ay interfere with the discharge of the
1 regular duties ol his office.
No pains will be spared, on the part of the Faculty and
Trustees in sustaining tin high jvpnlatatlnn the institu
tion has hitherto euh'\cd, and in rendering it more wor
thy ol future patronage and support
JAM ES Mi \Y 11, EI AM, PrincipaL
I Tliresliinir Machine Agency.
.1. in the unity ol Bradford and the neighboring coun
-1 . ties in Pennsylvania and New York, lor
Celebrated Threshing Machines,
: too well and popularly known to need any description
I from me, and I will only saythat they continue te do
: serve the reputation they have enjoyed for ten years of
being the " best Endless Chain lior-e Power in use."'
These Powers posse-s conveniences and advantages pos-
I sensed by no other power.
This a new Machine, and has not before been intro
-1 dncrd into this region. It has no endless chain straw
. carrier, but separol' - all kind- of grain thoroughly from
the straw, by a combination of Pitts' Endless Canvass
, Celled Apron, a new Improved Revolving Picker, and
the well Known Vibrating Riddle. It is a simple, durable
and efficient Machine, will thresh rapidly and clean thor-
I oughly, without wasting, all kinds of grain, it will not
choke, run easily and steadily, without jumping, and is
warranted to be superior to the common Rake Cleaner
| now in use. It remains only to be seen and tested, to be
pronounced by every experienced hand at threshing, to
, be an admirably contrived and constructed Thresher and
I Cleaner.
i are not excelled hv any in market, are well constructed,
• | simple and durable, iam prepared to supply all kinds
I "1
| at manufacturers prices and terms.
8s" For further information, Illustrative and descrip-
I tive Catalogues, prices, Ac., apply to
R. M. WELLES, Agent.
Athens, Pa., July .JO, 1801.
! /"111 \ NGE of time commencing Thursday, July 11 lSfll.
V Trains will leave Waverly at about the following
s hours, viz:
wf-twart) Borvn. ' r\TWARr> nnrs't).
Dunkirk Express. I P.M. N. York A.M.
Night Express... J.IO A.v. Night Express.. 11.17 P.M.
Mail 7.58 P.M Steamboat F.xpr's 4.J9 P.M.
Accommodation.. .9.3"> A.M. I'incinnati Expr's 4.28 A.M.
! Express Freight.. .5.33 P.M. Fast Freight 9.32 AM.
Fast Freight 7.17 A.M. Way Freight fi.OO P.M.
, Way Freight 'J.IO A.M.j
ftw. The Express Freight, Fast Freight . Cincinnati Ex
press, and Fast Freight (going East and Wet.)nin every
day. The Night Express, Sundays, runs only to Elmira.
The Mail train remains over night at Elmira.
CH A S. MINOT, Gcn'l Sup'W