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    Jfarmcr's Department.
Calendar ox Operations for Sept. 1359.
Farm.—The A<^rifuiilirl year nsy be said
to commence ii;is month. New plan? are to
be laid and preparations made for the coming
eeascn. Fart of the seed, the wheat or.d rje,
are to be *'sou in hope," and fields intended
for next year's planting to be cleand ot sur
face stone, diaincd, the stumps removt d, and
other necessary preparations made. For drain
ing especially, the time is propitious. The
fieds are now mostly clear, there is compara
tive lesiure where wheat is not extensively sow n,
but little rain will interfere with out-door op
erations, and the heat of Summer no longer
oppresses. Now too, is the time for storing
the magazine with abundance of the farmer's
ammunition—manure. " Well I egun is half
done," —begiu at the manure heap, and you
may expect to end well with next year's harvest.
Boundary and other |ermane;it fences may now
be erected, let them be put up as near as possi
ble, for all time.
Agricultural exhibitions arc bring held in
most counties, and claim the attention of in
teligent cultivators. Visit them and take
specimens of your best crops to increase the at
tractions. Premiums are secondary considera
tions but premium crops and stock pay the
Barns and Hovels.— If some of the stock
went through the last Winter unsheltered, re
solve that it shall be the last Winter. Pre
pare to erect additional buildings early.
Beans will need pulling and drying. When
properly cured, the haulm or straw, makes
good sheep food.
Beeves. —Begin to give additional feed to
animals intended for beef. A little extia food
now, will save many bushels of corn iu cold
Buckwheat will need cutting. It cures,
handles, ami thresh* s best when cradled and
bound. It should not get so ripe as to shell out
badly iu the field. Thresh as fast as caittd
Butter and Cheese making are supposed to
be going on briskly in-doors. September and
October are the best mouths for laying down
butter for Winter use.
Cattle.—The cows are now beginning to
sbriuk in milk, and require some of the soiling
crop to keep up a fuil supply. The garden
will furnish turnip and beet tops, cabbage
trimmings, corn stalks, etc., which should be
fed out tothe cattle. Give the animals a frequent
change of pasture, turning them upon the tine
rowen crop where it is not to be gathered.
Cellars will soon be wanted for storing vog
tables and fruits. Let them be well cleansed,
and properly regulated. There is much sav
ing in arranging them conveniently.
Coru.— Select the earliest, most prolific,and
best for seed, tracing up by a few husks and
hanging in the loft or granary. Cut and shock
as soou as ripe, or upon the first severe frost.
The grain will be heavier, and the fodder much
better than when exposed uncut iu the field to
alternate storms and sun, frost and heat.
Cisterns.—lf these conveniences for hot It
house and barn were not built as directed last
mouth, the present is a suitable time. WeiL
may also be dug.
Eggs.— Now that the fowls arc laying inor
than are wanted in the family and the market
price is low, put away a good supply lor Win
ter. We have invariably had good success
with them, when packed iu common salt.
Fences should be carefully watched now that
pasture feed is short and the corn field looks
Forests—Continue to cut away, those intend
ed to reclaim for til luge.
Grain.—Thresh early, especially if stacked
in the field where rats, mice, squirrels, and
crows feed upon it. See that granaries are in
and proptr order. Make them proof agaiust rats
Hedge Rows and Bushes—Clean up any al
lowed to grow till now.
Hemp and Flax.—Full, and spread for rot
Hogs.—Separate those to be killed this
season, and give them extra feed. They should
be in first-rate condit on when the ordinary
fattening season commeuct s. Cook the food
rather than feed it out in a raw state. They
are capable of making much manure.
Manure—Among the other labors do not
neglect the manure yards and heaps. Dig all
the muck possible befote the swamps arc filled
with water.
Pastures need examining lo see that the feed
is sufficient. A frequent change is desirable
Flow, for rye and wheat, unless it was
done last month. Turn the soil over Sto 10
inches deep
'Potatoes.—Unless for present market, or to
clear the ground for Winter grain, it is usually
better to leave potatoes iu the giouud until
I'onl ry may generally run at large, dur
ing this month without injury, and will lay the
belter for their freedom.
Root crops are growing rapidly this month
Keep the ground well stirred wirh the cultiva
tor and horse or hand hoe, and suffer no weeds
to grow in the rows.
Rye.—Sow, if not done last month. See
that the seed is well cleansed. A strong brine
will float any oats and chess among the seed
and they may lie skimmed off.
Sheep require the same care as last month.
As cold wheather approaches get them iugood
flesh for Winter.
Soiling Crops.—Cut and feed as wanted.—
Any remaining should be harvested and cured
while the weaither is still favorable for doing
Sugar Cane for Grinding should be cut, or
begun upon ul latest, as soon as the frost has
killed the foliage, which will be, in some locali
ties. There will be a large quantity to manufac
ture this season. The grinding and boiling
should follow close upon the cutting. Roil iu
shallow pans with a free circulation of uir
around them.
Timothy—sow with wheat and rye, or by
Itself for a future grass crop.
Turnips—Thin late sowings, feed early ones
and keep all well hoed. Sow more of the quick
growing varieties on vacant ground.
Wheat should now be put iu as early as may
bo, on deeply plowed und finally pulverized sod
that has received a <_ r ood coating of manure.
Many complaints of Winterkill are owing to
late sowing. The growth is not sufficient to
protect the roots before Winter sets in.—
Where it cau be ('one, use the diill iu sowing.
Instead of relating upon the man who culls
you vidian, a liar, or ft thief, coolly inform him
that you have not sufficient confidence iu Lis
veracity to believe him.
An untarnished character is of vastly more
importance turn, plcstp bjois
xfilfecf Uanrous.
' nr
, HI
Wjgj >
where you can tind a very line assortment of
WATCHES AND JEWELRY" of all descriptions, also a
good st. sk of CLOCKS, prices ranging IT >ni 10 shillings
up. and warranted to give good satisfaction or uo sale.
1 am also agent for the sale ot D. E. LENT'S celebrated
Barometers, which every farmer should always have. Pri
ees from $1 to -.0, according to finish REPAIRING
done as usual in a ueat and workmanlike mannerand war
ranted. W.M. A. CHAMBERLIN.
N. B. The person that took a Breast Pin from my shop,
July 3d, to show to his wife, had better call and see me iu
re card to the matter, perhaps it will save him some cost
and trouble.
Towanda, Nov. 24, 1868- W. A. C.
A. 3VX. Warner's
New d' Splendid Jewelry Store, one door north
of Potions Drug Store,
_ HAS just been opened with thelrrrgest and
Jfl most choice stock of FASHIONABLE
QfWw JEWELRY ever offered to adisciiminatiig
BBC-J j) public. Indeed, he can safely sny that with
Mf, the opening of his new store has been in
•'* auger. *od a new era in the Jewelry line,
ina.-much as along with the choiceaud elegant assortmei.t
lie gives the mo-t rep. Lie assurance of an almost incredi
ble reduction iu prices : the rich and tasteful articles hav
ing been ail bought with ready cash.
A. M. W.. ivh. ii he reflects how, for the past years,with
a far less attractive stock, lie has enjoyed so large a share
of public patronage. Hatters hinisolt that the imm( ns<- in
crease of Goods he now offers, which have been bouglitso
much more advantageously, will enable him to increase
lie generous confidence which has hitherto been vouch
safed to him. He therefore solicits a continuance of the
favor of his old customers, and invites the public general
ly to come and see the fashions.
continue to be distinguished by the skill and despatch
which has heretofore enabled it to enjoy the enviable rep
utation of being the most reliable in town.
Towanda, September 24, 153.
THE subscriber would annoum e
---—-r- to the public that lie has now ■ n
c -*™ J '" ! and. and will make to order all
J' J I'such as Sofas, Divans. I.o<inges (Vu-
ItSjSy tre, Card, Din::_ and Break!..-t Ta-
Mahogany, Walnut. Ma;'< and
■ 4. Cherry Bureaus, Stands of variou
* _JL- V kinds, Cliairsand Bedsteadsofevc-ry
description, which are, and w ill be made of the bo-t ma
terial and workmanlike manner, aud which they will sell
for cash cheaper than can be bought in any other Ware
room in the country.
READY-MADE COFFINS, on hand on the most rea
sonable terms. A good HEARSE will tie furnished iii
Funeral occasions. JAMES MACKINSON.
Towanda, January 1. 1137.
fl D. C. HALL
a P -eo Ml- ! -•!.• and lb ; ;l Denlci
H •: I ware and St \o-. lion
t J-- n -i~ Nails. Sash. G!u.-s, Paints
/ v L ml Oils. Hoe , Trimmings—
f""—- - — —— ell: •• '-ii •. i trimming-*.
13 PSK ' -o:-
s •*-, nn 'l -"Sot ' . cm Car
i-'-uttio" and John rs' Planes.
- y V ■'■■■■ -. A - '
Tools, Bell
' llamnv-vs and S row Plates.
Axes.Broad Narrow, Lath and Hand Hatchets—Cabh
L g. Trace and Ha'.tr, Chains, Crowbars, Picks, Shovels
and Spades.
sors, Edge Tools of all kinds, Bra.-s and Enameled Kettles.
Shovel arid Tongues. Spoons and Ladies. Tubs and Pails.
Mops and Washboards, and all other kinds of house-keep
ing implements.
In the HARDWAREIine. Brass. Brittania. Japnaned
and Plain Tin Ware, single or inset:-;. |; ;lr . Band. Scroll
and Hoop Iron, Steel of all kinds, Nail Rods, Ac. Pumps.
Lead Pipe and ail the necessary fixtures for water works.
Patent. Stretched Leather Belting and String Leather
and 10,000 other articles too numerous to mention, thai
wc are now receiving direct froin t lie hands of mauufai -
tarers andimporters, including the largest assortment
and greatest variety of
Stoves 2.t per cent. less thou usual for Cash.
or (Sain at the highest market prices.
Coal and Wood Cooking. Coal and Wood Parlor. Dining
Room, Six Plate arrtl Cylinder, ever brought into Northern
Pennsylvania or Southern New York; all of which we
are now prepared to sell at wholesale or retail, at as low
rates, and on as good Tkhms n< can be found this side oi
New-York, from the fact that all our goods were bought
of first hands and in full packages and large quantities,
that gives us an advantage over smaller purchasers and
Dry Goods dealers, that wiil enable us to sell from 5 to
13 per rent, less than any of them, which advantage we
shall offer to any who will favor us with a call before pur
chasing elsewhere.
A large quantity of Tin ware, Stove Pipe and Elbows
a.lwav son band, wholesale and retail. All kinds of Job
Work done to order, on short notice and warranted.
D-m't mistake the place to "buy STOVES and HARD
WARE cheap—one door Soulh of Tracy A- Moore's, and
Powell's new block on Main street, in the new Wood
Building, lettered allnrer.
Grain and Country Produce, old Iron, Brass, Brittania
and Coppc-r. Dried Fruit of all kinds. Feathers and Bets
wax wanted for goods.
10,000 Sheep Pelfs wanted, for which the highest price
n Cash will be paid.
Jte" No credit given over four months, and all hav
iag a< ount.s i r notes over due had better call and pay
immediately, if they wish to save cost.
Towanda", October 13,1851.
One Door North of the If 'ard House.
\\J I" BE you can li. d a idistant supply of Bread, Rusk.
V ♦ Crackers, Cookies, Jumbles, and all kinds ot Fauci
Cakes. J
mr OA STEPS furnished by the quart or keg, or cook
ed to order.
b*r Particular attention paid to filling orders for parties
Returning our sincere thanks for the liberal patronage
bestowed upon us during the past year, and hoping by
close applicati ,n to business to merit a continuance of the
same, we remain as ever, your humble servant,
March 10.1157. H. A. BURBANK.
Towanda Rlarblc Factory.
( Near/1/ Opposite the Baptist Church.)
The subscriber lias opened the TO WAN-
M ARBLE FACTORY, where he will le
'Vf/rUM St-tu-s. manufactured from the best qualities
Vl> wrought into such styles and designs as will
; suit every variety ot tu-te.
'♦ L| Persons w.sliing to make their selections
can do so whenever in Towanda, by lulling at
this New Establishment.
The superior quality of the stock, the artistical beantv
of the work.and the promptness with which orders will
be tilled, will offer inducements to visit this new shop.
F. H. BALDWIN, Proprietor.
Towanda, July 20, 1150.
Hon. Nathan Bri-tol, Prof. C. R. Coburn,
C. H. Shepard, Cashier, Rev. Julius Foster,
It. G. Ci-ans, Merchant. H.S Mercur, Merchant,
-Vlpin A' Donhleday,do. Montanyes, '•
lie v. O. C cane " T. M. Woodruff, Sheriff,
•' Win. Putnam, C i. A. M'Kean, Prot'y,
" D. A. Shepard, Hon. D. Wiiinot,
F. Tyler. t. Bank. '' J. C. Adtma.
cheminu. " Wm. El well,
G. 11. Buck. Esq. E. A. Parsons, Ed. Argus.
w vsox. E. O. Goodrich,Ed.Reuortcr.
V. E. Piolict. Esq. .
Fair Warning - !
ES iiuvih| dissolved partner-
AtX ship, it Will i- necessary that the accounts of the
lute ii'm shoul < >c It expected that ail having
unsettled acc tuts will call immediately and arrauce the
same, aud these having notes overdue must expect to pay
them. A compliance with these requests will save usthe
uucessltj of xukiag coste Jane 20 1559.
IVTo. Pattern's Ulock, Sowanda, Pa.,
Have recently added largely to their stock of
They also have constantly on hand
At the lowest rates, a d BURNING FLUID, of superior
uaiif3*. ni inn uetnred ( npressly l'r the gat-jet Fluid
Lamps. They also keep all the Popular
of the day. Every article goiug from thi- store is war
ranted as" reprc-ented. and if any prove different. they
will be cheerfully taken back, and the money refunded.
Towauda, Feb. 1, 1-50. Dr. E. I>. I'AY ME.
i. \ MEXT.—To all wanting farms, a rare opportunity
in a delightful and healthy climate 25 miles southeast of
Philafelpid i • " the Camden ami Atlantic Railroad. New
Jersey. An old c-tnte consisting of several thousands of
acres of productive s il lias been divided into Farms of
various sizes to suit the jmrch lser. A population of some
Fifteen Hundred, from various parts ol the middle States
and Mew England have settled there the past year, im
proved their places, and raised excellent ci p*. The
price of the land is at the low sum of from sls to S2O
per acre, the soil is of the be t quality for the production
ol ICheal, Clover, Corn. Peaches, Or epes and 17 geta-
Oles. It is considered the best fruit soil in the Union.—
The place is perfectly secure from frosts—the destructive
enemy of the farmer. Crops of grain, grass and iruit are
now growing and can he seen. By examining the place
it-elf, a cornet judgment can lie formed ot the produc
tiveness of the land. The terms are made easy to secure
the rapid improvement of the land, which is only sold lor
actual inipro ement The result lias been, that within the
past year, some three hundred house* have been erected,
two mills, one steam, four stores, some forty vinyard and
Peach orchards, planted, and a large number of other
improvements, making il a desirable and active place of
The Market, as the reader may perceive from its loca
tion. is the t< —t in the Union. Produce bringing double
the price than in locations away Imm the city, and more
than double the price than the West. It is known that
the earliest and best fruits and vegetabn s in this latitude
come from New Jer-c-y, and arc annually exported to the
extent of millions.
In locating here, the settler has many advantages. He
is within a !• w hours ride of the great cities ot New Eng
land an l M 'idle States, he is near his old friends and as
so jution*. he is iii a settled country where ever : improt
went of comfort a.irl civilization is at bar.el. He can buy
every article he wants at the ■ hen pest price, and sell lus
,u since for the highest, (in tlie West this is reversed.)
be has schools for his children, divine seirice, and will
enjoy an open winti r. and delightful climate, where lev
er.- ~rc utterly unknown. TI ies-ilt of the change upon
those firm the north, has g ru-ral v been to restore tliem
to an excellent st ite of health.
In t'o w.iv of building and improving, lumber ran be
obtained at the mills at the rate ot sln <>r fls pirtiiou
s-iul. io ihs (mm tie-Li i. k \ i i opened in the [ lace
every article can be procured in the place, good carpen
ters arc at hand, and there is no place in the Union where
buddings and improvements can be made cheaper.
The reader will at once be struck with the advantages
here presented, and a-k himself why the property li is not
bet n taken upbeh-re. The reason is, it was never thrown
in the market; and iinlc-s these statements were correct,
no one would be inc ted t > examine the land before pur
chasing. This all are expected to do. They will see the
land under cultivation, such is the extent of the settle
merit tlnit th< \ will no doubt, meet persons, from their
ovn iieighbi rlin d : they will witness the improvements
and can judge the character ol the population. It they
come with a vi< w t . settle, they should come prepared to
stay a day or two and be ready to purchase, as locations
cannot bo held on refusal.
There are two daily trains to Philadelphia, nnd to all
settlers who improve, THE RAILROAD COMPANY GIVES A
THE TOWN OF HAMMOXTON Tn connection with
the agricultural settlement, a new anil thriving town lias
naturally ari-<n, which present* inducements for any hind
of business, p trticulurly *1 re < and manufactories. The
Shoe business could be carru d on in this place and market
to good advantage, el-o coit n business, and manufacto
ries of og/ iculturat imple mints or Founde i its for carting
-mall articles, 'l'fcc improvement lias been so rapid as to
insure t constant and pe-maueut increa-e of business
T wn lots of a good size, we do not st II small ones, as it
would effect the improvement of the place, can be had at
from $10(1 and upwards.
The Hammontem Farmer, a monthly literary and agri
cultural sheet, containing full information of Uammonton,
can be obtained a ; 25 cents per annum.
Title indisputable—warrantee deeds given, clear of all
incumbrance when money is paid. Route to the land :
leave \ ine street wharf. Phila leiphia. b r Uammonton by
Railroad, at 74 A. M., or 4.1 P.M. Fare !•() cents. When
there inquire For Mr. Byrnes. Boarding conveniences on
hand. Parties had better.'-lop with Mr. Byrnes, a princi
p il. until they have decidt d as to pun !, i-ing. as he will
-how them over the land in his carriage, tree of expense.
Letters and applications can lie addressed to Landis A
Byrnes, Hammonton P. 0., Atlantic ('■>.. New Jersey, or
>. B. I'oughlln, South Filth Street, Philadelphia.—
Maps and information cheerfully furnished.
Hayrnoud's Latest Improved,
Price of Hand Machine $27 00
Withstand ,nd treadle, tools, Ac .. i'!s 00
1. year of eons'ant use, have been pronounced the iiest
Machines in the world, and have been used entensively in
the cities of St. Louis, Mo., Cineinutti, ().. and Chicago
111., among the first families, and are preferred to the high
er priced Machines.
They will Stitch. Hem. Turk. Fell, (lather, and Em
broider. with perfect satisfaction, and especially adapted
to family use.
They will sew all kinds of goods, from t e finest to the
coarsest, better than any Machines now extant.
The following are tlm advantages they possess over all
other Machines.
1-t. An}' person of ordinary intelligence, can in one
hour, learn to use them successfully.
2nd. They arc simple, strong and durable, easilr under
stood and managed, and not liable to get out of order.
3rd. They use cotton from the ordinary spool without
4th. The stitch is stronger and more difficult to rip
than any other made by Machinery. The two threads are
double looped into each other, and firmly tied and knot
ted at every stitch, which is the best and most elastic
stitch ever made.
sth. They sew with cotton, linen and silk thread equal
ly well.
tith. They finish their work. There is no occasion to
fasten the thread at either end of the seam, as is required
by olher shuttle stitching machines.
7th. Every Machine is made to run by hand or foot
power, thus combining the advantages of both methods.
All persms des rous of purchasing the best and cheap
est Machine ever invented for family use, can n nv have
an opportunity, by addressing or calling on the subscri
ber, B.F.SHAW,
Ulster, Bradford County, Pa.
X. B. These Machines are warranted, and any person
purchasing them can return them and get their money, it
alter one month's trial, do they nut give satisfaction.
May 3, 1*59.
IT. B. if'KEAN",
da, Pa., for the following reliable Companies :
Girard Insurance Co. . . . Philadelphia, Pa
Capital, $300,000.
Great Western Insurance Co. - Philadelphia
Kensington Fire Insurance Co., - Philadelphia.
Capital, $3 00,000.
Towando, May 30,1559.
climate. See advertisement of Hammonton Lauds,
in another column
Tcr ItouDg Ladies.
\nSSES CHUBBUCK respeetfnlly in-
ITJL form the public that the Fall term of their school
will commence on Monday, the 20th day of AUGUST,
in the room formerly occupied by them.
Thankful for the liberal pati onagc extended to them
during the past year. Misses C as-urc their patrons that
no pains will be "spared to merit. continnnneeof the con
fidence of those who may confide pupils to their care.
MISS FANNY L. CHL'BBUCK will have entire charge
of .Music ; and a limited numlier of scholars only will be
First Clasu —To include the elemcntry English
Branches $4 00
Second Class—To include the more advanced
English branches,w it h Mathematics and Latin f> 00
Third Class —To include Mathematics, Moral
and Mental Philosophy, Rhetoric, Botany, Ac.,
with Latin .' $7 0o
Music. —lnstruction on the Piano, with use of Instru
ment per quarter, $lO ; French, per term, $3, and Draw
ing $5, extra.
Each pupil will be expected to provide herself with a
desk and chair.
jfeJ-Any information in reference to this School may
be obtained by applying t.i 11. S- Mercur or E. T. Fox.
Towauda. August 1, 1359.
Williamspcrt, Locoming' County, Pa,
Rev. JOHN IT. D \SHIELL, A. 51., (Principal ) Moral
Philosophy and Relic Lett res.
J. W. FKRKKK A. M., Mathematics.
C. R. Z. CHIEGXER, A. M-, Am ient and Modern Lan
gll tges.
GEO ROE W. .JOHN. A. 15.. Natural Science.
WILLIAM LKJHTON, Instrumental and Vocal Mario.
Miss MARY lh CUSH.iI AX, Preceptress.
Miss LAURA M: V AN NESS, Painting and Drawing.
Rev. Jn'lX 1. V \ LLA I E. I leparatory Department.
Mi-s EMM A MANLIN, Assistant PnpiL
S. M. GIUB3, Penmanship and Book Keeping.
D. SHOWERS, Steward and Treasurer. '
1 i.c seminary Year is divided into three unequal terms.
Pupils are received at any time. Deduction for Abeem e
i- made ou recommendation of the Faculty to the Trea
Fall Term will begin, Angust Bth, 1359,
and end December 21st, 13 weeks.
Winter Term will begin January sth. ISGO,
end March 30th. 12 "
Summer Term will begin, March 31st l fi Go,
end June 21-t. 12 "
Biard, washing, and fnrn
i.-hed room, $2 35 pr week, or $93 70 pr yr.
Gas and fixtures, 15 " " G 30 "
Tuition, per 12 weeks,
Preparatory Peparinent, $5 00
•' G 00
Scientific " 7 GO
Scientific Lectures, (extra), 1 00 24 50 "
Classical Department, 8 00
Incidental charges—Heating and Clean
ing Public Rooms, Ac., SO cents per
12 weeks, 2 80
Total charge per year, $132 30
Music, Drawing, Painting and Modern Languages,
Book keeping, Ornamental Penmanship and Wax-Fruit,
No Student admitted to recitation until all bills are
settled or arranged with the Treasurer.
Bills payable in advance, per term.
Student- -limild bring with them towels, napkins and
bedding. These and their clothing should be well mark
This School has many advantages; the Location is
beautiful and health}', and has direct cnmmiini ath-n,
twice a day. with Baltimore. Mew York and Philadelphia.
The term- are cheaper th in in the major ty of sell mD—
The Buildings are spm-i'ms, lighted with gas. and well
supplied with school and boarding requisites. Night
Watch. Brothers and sisters may be educated together.
Studies are liberally arranged t > suit preferences or in
dustry. Daily prayers, with singing and the reading of
(rod's Word in the Chapel. Mar.s-ly.
(Collegiate Institute,
OLIVER S. DEAN. A .M. Principal Professor of Ancient
Languages, and Mental and Moral Sciences.
WM. H. DEAN. t. IL. As. • :.itc- Principal, Professor
of Mniliem iF's and i:! S e.
Pivt. CHARLES 11. ( OIJCUN 1 ■ nty Superintendent.
General Director of Normal Department.
Mrs. ANN ('. KEI.IJ GG. l'n- , ptrcss.
Miss ANNA M. 1 EAM. A--i- 'it Pre eptri-s.
Mi— MAR) IL ALLEN, Tenia! <f Vocal ar.d Instru
mental Music.
The Fall Term commences WEDNESDAY, AUGUST
24, and will continue 14 weeks.
[Payable invariably m advance, or one-half on entering
the school, and "in liali at the middle of the term—fuel
and eonlingencies included-]
Primary, per term $ 5 00
Preparatory 6 00
Higher. Bt year, per term 7 ()'
Higher, 1-t and 2d year, per term 8 09
i la -iciil, Ist year, per term 7 00
Classical, 2d and 3d year, per term s 00
Collegiate, per term 10 00
X. B. Pupils will be classed by the most advanced
branch they respectively pursue.
Pupils using scholarships are charged $1 per term for
fuel and contingent-.
French $ 5 00
German S 00
Drawing 3 00
Board in the Institute, per week, including fuel
and light 2 00
Washing, per dozen 3s
The Collegiate year i- divided into three terms of 14
weeks each. The '-nniver-aiy exercises will be held at
die close of the Spi ing term.
Instrumental Music will not, as heretofore, be t a tight, in
the Institution, hut by special arrangement—a i ia— will
be taught in a hall adjoining the grounds of the Institute,
by the Teacher of Vocal Music.
This arrangement has been adopted for tire past term,
and experience lias proved it to be eminently superior to
the plan pursued in former years. Special pains will be
taken to secure the greate-t progro-s tlmse wishing to
t tke lessons in this branch. Terms w ill be as heretofore :
Tuition on Piano Forte, per term $lO 0(i
Use of instrument for practice 3 00
Pupils boarding in tiie Ilall will furnish their own tow
els. Ac., and the table silver their option. It is desira
bie that they aho tumi-h their own bed and bedding
when it is convenient, but when otherwise, these will be
furnished at a slight charge.
It is strongly recommended that students from abroad
should board ill the Institution, as better opportunities
lor advancement in study are thereby secured.
Xormat Department Special exercises nre arranged
without extra charge for those preparing themselves n-
T<■■o'hers of Common Schools. Pr.ff. C. K COBL'RN. the
able and well known Superintendent of Common School
in the county, lias kindly consented to organize the Tea
cher's class, and direct the course to be pursued.
He will also be present to conduct its exercises as often
as practicable, and will deliver frequent lectures on the
Theory and Practice of I'oacbing, as also on other subjects
connected with Normal training.
Those persons, therefore, intending to engage in teach
ing lor tiie winter, will find it greatly to their advantage
to be present during the Fall term. "
Prof. Cohurn's connection with the institution is not
such as to in any way interfere with the discharge ol the
regular duties of his office.
No pains will he spared, on the part of the Faculty and
Trustees in sustaining the high repulatatkm the institu
tion lias hitherto enjoyed, and in tendering it more wor
thy of future patronage and sn j (port
WILLIAM H DEAN, ) n . . ,
Aug. 9. 1859. OLIVER S. DEAN, ( 1 nnc, P a,s -
J PARED to construct Hay Scales upon an improved
principle, where simplicity, accuracy, and durability are
so combined as to excel in at least simplicity and dura
bility any ot t lie scales now in use. Also repairing of old
platform scales dune on reasonable terms and with dis
patch. Address G. W. JACKSON,
June 6. 1859. Wyalusinc, Bradford Co., Pa.
-D Office in Patten's block, corner of slain and Bridge
streets, Towanda. second floor.
Retail prices of Coal :
By the single ton $2,25. $2,00.
Orders sold at the Office, and at O. D. Ilartlett's store.
COAL will be delivered in town, at 25 cents per load.
Towanila. July 13.1353. C.en'l Superintendent.
DEALERS. The subscriber having located perma
nently in Herrickville, tenders his services as Land Sur
veyor, to all who may need them. He professes to be
thorough in his profession, and having had ten years
practice and being provided with a first class Vernier In
strument, by the arrangement of which, he can gieitlv
expedite work and overcome the numerous somces of er
ror so preva'ent in the ordinary practice, and the cause
of so much litigation in this country.
Orders by letter properly attended to.
„ . L „ H. 9. HANN V.
HerTickville. Bradford County Pa.—May IF
Busfitrss CTariis.
AJIF SUR OEON, offers his professional service* t<
the inhabitants of Towanda and vicinity. Office and res
idence in the dwelling recently occupied by 11. BoOTU,
S.sq., one door north of the Episcopal Church, ou Maine
Etreet. _____ _
NEY YS A T LA II" Office in Union Block, former
y occupitd by JAS- MACFAKLANE.
over Mercur's Store. Towanda, Pa.
Towanda, April 2, 19. n-43-tf
.1. * SURGEON, offers his professional services to the
people of Towanda and vicinity. Office at his residence
on Pine street, where he can always he found when not
professionally engaged.
IJ. L.I IF, TItOY, Bradford Co., Pa. Office over V.
M. A H. F. Long's store. Aug- 7.158.
AT LAW, TOWANDA, PA.; will pay prompt
attention to business entrusted to him. Collections made
on reasonable terms, with prompt remittances. octlfi
T?LH ANA N SMITH, 1 laving returned to
IJ Towanda, has opened a Law Office over Mereur s
Store. Dec. i. 18,57.
J', 1- p) TIST. permanently located in rowanda-
I )FKI( E one door south ol Bailey&Nevens'.
Towanda, Feb. 19, 1k59.
#-(>:iice. No. 1. Brick Row, over 12. T. Fox's store—
i ntrance first door tn Pine st. July 19.185 it.
TTTR have put our marliiiu i y in the very
T V liest order, and have engaged the services of two
good and experienced workmen.
Having abundance of machinery, room and power, shall
be able to do work as last as it cmnes. and will card load
from a distance as soon as brought. Cloth dressing, dye
ing, Ac., will also he done in its season. I shall give the
business iny personal attention hereafter, and will guai
antet all the work well done. INCH AM
Camptown. May 10. 1959.
-j. respectfully inform his friends and the
that hc is now receiving at his new
stand one door of Mont&nyes Co., a large ami ex
tensive assortment of
Sofas, Maliotrnny Cliairs, of various patterns,
Rosewood and Mahogany Side and Centre Tables,
Dining.Tea an.' l Pembroke Tables. Stands of every
kind, Cane, Flag and Wood seat Chairs,high
Chairs, Children's Rockers, Bedsteads,
Bureaus. Lounges, Gilt and Rose
wood Picture Frame. Iron Hat
Stands, Corner and s'.Jc do.
of walnut and mahogany; Cradles, Cribs, Ma rd robes,
Cupboards. Looking glasses. A c.
*g-< 'OFFIXS, ot I" TV size and quality, and will at
tend on all occasions when required.
The public are invited to examine my assortment bei ore
urchasing elsewhere,as I will sell cheaperthau any other
establishment in Northern Pennsylvania.
Towanda, May 30, 1859.
Are agents for the sale of
Cumbincd Thrrshrr and Winnower.
(With Vibrating Separator,)
Single or One horse Power and Separator,
LAWRENCE SAW-MILLS, (for sawing wood, Ac.)
All the above machines are manufactured by Wheeler,
Mclick, A Co . Albany. N. Y., and are warranted to give
entire satisfaction or may be returned at the expiration
ot a reasonable time for trial.
S. HORTON &. Co.'s
Constantly on hand.
ftTf'Farmcrs and others wishing to procure any of the
above articles, will do well to call upon us before purchas
ing- June 28. 1859.
New Arrival of Clothing !
z. m. coLiiiivs
I slock of Spring and Summer Clothing ever brought to
this market .whiclijio is now selling at greatly reduced pri
ces. His stock consists of Brown Linen Sack Coats.
Brown Linen Frock do. White Linen Duck do. Queen's
( loth do. Spanish Linen do, prices ranging from $1 to $3.
Brown Linen Pants, Fancy Linen do. Check Marsailles
do, Tweed do. Fancy Cassimcre do, Black Cassimere do.
White and Fancy Marsailles Vests, Figured Silk do.
Black do. Black and Fancy Farmer's Satin do. Fig
ured Silk and LJneu do. Black Cloth and Fancy Cloth,
Dress Coats. Business Coats, Silk mixtures do. Plain and
Fancy Cassimere do, Tweed do, Kentucky Jeans do.
Shirts, Drawers. Cravats, Suspenders. Collars. Linen
and Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs, White Shirts, Fancy do,
Marsailles do.
Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vesting^.
Black and Fancy Cord Cloths,
" " Cassimeres,
" " Vesting*,
All of which I am ready to make up to order on short no
tice. and warrrnted to lit every time or no sale. 1 have
secured the services ol Mr. Pennypacker to carry on the
rAILORIXG BUSINESS. To all you that want cutting
or anything in that line will please give as a call.we keep
none but the I est workmen. CUTTING done on short
notice. Thankful for past favors, lam now ready to wait
on any one who may give me a call. Don't forget the
place one door south of Hall's Store.
Towanda. May 10, 1959. J. M. COLLINS.
*1 • respectfully return his thanks to the public for the
liberal patronage he has sustained, and as the citizens of
Bradford and surrounding counties, can appreciate good
Goods at low prices, he is now prepared to ofler greater
inducements for their patronage than ever. His stock
consists in part of
Book Muslin, Hoops. Hoop Skirts,
Poplins, Lawns, fhallies, Stair Carpets.
DeLains, Chambrays, Jacquard Diapers, white,
French Chints, Jacquard Diapers, brown,
Table Covers, Linen Collars,
Jaconet Muslins, Book do., Irish Liuen. Dimity,
Swiss Muslin, Cambric do., Crape and Crainbric Collars,
Nansook Muslin. French Veils,
Dotted Swiss, Organdys,
Victoria Lawns, French! Scotch and Ameri-
B ivadere Swiss. can Ginghams,
White Gotten Girders, French Lawns. Robe Lawns
Swiss Sleeves, A! 1 Wool DeLaines,
Camliric Bands, Bayadere Savella, '
Cashmere Shawls, Dmhleskirt Robes,
Stella Shawls, French Prints,
Silk Mantillas, Y'elvet Ribbons,
Parasols, Belt Ribbons,
American Prints, Oil Cloths,
Bonnet Ribbons, Ingrain Carpets,
Taffeta Ribbons, Venetian Carpets,
Cloths, Cassimeres. Denims, Stripes, Ticking, Sheet
ing, Shirting, Boots, Shoes, Huts, Caps. Groceries, Hard
ware, Crockery, Ac. Call ard see what bargains can be
had at No, 3, I'ATTON'S BLOCK.
Towanda. April 2G, 1859.
GTO YES FOR SALE.—A Seeontl Hand,
O No. 10, " Queen of the Weet" COOKING STOVE,
in good eor.iliticiu—also a Sheet iron Air Tight STOVE
will be olilcheap. Apply ,tthi-' office N0v.10.185f.
THE snhfioriher continws to carry on the
Foundry business in Towanda, and is prepared to
do a'! kinds ot work in hi* line on short notice and in a
workmanlike tnar ner. He will keep on hand or make to
order Plows, Stou-s, Mill Irons, Sleigh Shoes, Wagon-
Boxes. and any article of cast iron that may be required.
Turning and fitting up work will be done on short notice
and on reasonable terms. Persons wiMihig to purchase
Stoves of any kind will find it ranch to their advantage
to buy at the Foundry, as they can lie repaired much
cheaper. Please call and examine liefore purchasing else
where. Old cast iron and Grain taken in payment
Don't mistake the place—one door east of Mercur's Block.
I would also say to those having accounts stand
ing over six months, that they must Is? settled without
delay, and those having notes that are due will do well to
pay up and save cost. JOHN CABMAN,
i'owanda, Oct. 22, 185 G.
HPHM undersigned respectfully informs his friends anl
J the public generally, that he has opened a new
in the Fiundry. first door below Mercur's Store, where
lie is prepared to conduct the business in all its Various
Tin Ware and House Spouting of all kinds, made to or
der. on short notice. Stoves of various styles constantly
for sale. Paiticular attention paid to Jobbing. Old Iron,
Copper and Brass taken in exchange for goods.
Jane 1.1858. JOHN CARMAN.
r T'MIE undersigned having purchased the above wclJ
I known mills and attached to it a Steam Engine, and
also put every thing connected with it in perfect repair,
with ail the modern improvements now in use in first
class Flouring Mills—would respectfully solicit the pa
tronage of the community—trusting that the reputation
the mill has heretofore borne may not suffer in the hands
of the new firm. It shall be our aim to do all work en
trusted to us promptly and in the best possible m nner.
Customers from a distance may rely upon having their
work done at once, so as to make but one trip " to mill."
Mr. FRO>T will continue to give his own personal at
tention to the business at the mill.
CASH paid for all kinds of GRAIN ; also Flour. Meal
and Feed fur sale at the lowest market prices.
Nom it TCWAVDA. Oct. 6. 1858.
Patronize a Home Enterprize !
A Book-Bindery in Towanda!
\\JK would respectfully announce to our friends and
\ V the public generally, that we have connected with
our Printing Office and Book A Stationery Store, a Plain
and Fancy BOOK-BINDEItY, and earnestly solicit the
patronage of all who desire anything in the line.
Having -ecured the services of one of the best binders
in the United States, we flatter ourselves that we can give
universal satisfaction both in workmanship and price
Therefore we present to the public the strongest assuran
ces that we are prepared to bind in a workmanlike man
ner. all kinds of BOOKS, among which we may name
Bildes. Histories. Music. Magazines. Pamphlets, Periodi
cals, Law and School Hooks, to order or pattern in
French, Italian, German and English style ; in
Velvet, Silk, Cloth, Leather and Paper.
upon the most reasonable rates.for CASH, or ready pay
*rGive us a trial.
Particular attention given to re-binding Books. All
work warranted to lie properly executed.
Plain and Fancy Paper Boxes made to order.
Jan 1,1858. E. A. PARSONS.
£3" The attention of the public is requested to the very
general nd ex- client assortment always on hand at the
Argus Book and Stationery Store, first building north of
the Ward House. Call and examine our stock.
Kew Store! New Prices!
it. w. NOBLE,
JVo. 5, Brick Row, Towanda,
v PK YLER. now offers to the public a well selected
stock of \\ iues. Liquors, Tobacco, Havana and Domestic
Cigars. Consisting in part of the following:
BP \ NDlES.—Hennessey. Otard. Cognac, and Dupuy.
GIN >.—Holland. Rose, and Schcidam Schnapps.
Rl M-s. -Santa Cruz, Jamaica, and New England.
WHISKEY'S. -Bourbon, Scotch, Monongehala, Old
Cr -'.v. and Old Rye.
WlNES.—Champaigne, Claret. Sherry, Madeira, Bar
gundy. Port. Muscat, Malaga, Domestic. French cor
dials oj aii uianus.
CIGARS.— La Victoria. Washington. Light Guards.
Rio Kund '. Henry Cfiv, La Fontica, La Isabella, La Flor
d < 'ubuna. Principe. Vara. Principe.
Tt B YCCO—A good assortment of Ciit.Chewing, Smo
king and Manufactured Tobacco of various brands, al of
which will be sold at the lowest prices for Cash, or to
prompt payers. All kinds of produce taken in exchange
for Goods.
X. B. A large lot of Jugs, Demijohns, and bottles of all
sizes for sale.
Towanda, Feb. 22,1959.
r~) ESPECTFUI.LY informs his former customers and
i. tbe public generally, that lie has removed his
To one door smith of Tracy A Moore's store and imme
diately opposite 0. C. Mali's Stuve and Tin Store Mainst.
He flatters himself that from his long experience in bu
siiiess he will tie able to please all who may favor him
with their custom. Owing to the loir pressure in the mo
ney market, he will make Coats front 50 to $4 50each
and other work in proportion for READY PAY'.
Country Produce in payment, will not he refused, if
ffered- Towanda. March 20, 1858.
Greener &. Co.
Piano Forte Manufacturers,
No. 51, Water-st., Elm ir
1 ment of our own mnnufatenred Piano Fortes, which
have now tieen in ue for years, and have been pronounc
ed by Mons. STRAUKOSCH and other eminent Artists,
urisurpa-sed in touch, tone and durability, we have a large
stock of the world-wide celebrated
' <k Sens," Boston: Grand
and Square Piano Fortes,
who have received thirty-four medals in Europe and Amer
ica for the best Piano Fortes. We have also
Raven, Baccn & Ce.'s.
fiano Fortes, wlii.h are undoubtedly preferable to any
other makers in New Y'oik.
Being manufacturers ourselves, we get the aliovc In
struments on the most favorable terms, enabling us to
sell them to dealers and Seminaries at their regular whole
sale prices.
Carhart, MTccdham & Co.'s, 3YTclodeons.
Mr. ( arhart being the original inventor of the above In
struments, and the -ame having all the valuable improve
nients, it is only jii t to say they an- not to be excelled.
A large assortment of SHEET MUSIC.
One of our firm having had long experience in this
branch, parties at a distance not aide to visit our Ware
rooms, may rely on his selections.
The ties: ot Dalian Strings. Violins, Guitars, etc. Par
ticular auction is paid to the selection of BRASS IX
STIII M ENTS for Bands.
All Piano Fortes bought of us are WARRANTED for
three years.
Pianos and Melodeons TO RENT, and sent all over the
country t extremely low prices.
Parties wishing to purchase Piano Fortes, or any other
Musical Merchandize, and save from ten to fifteen per
cent., will please call, or address
May IG, 1859. 51 Water Street. Elrnira, X. Y.
WM. DITTKICH, is agent for the liim at Towanda.
Opening ct the North Branch,
© is @ W 01 2 Sf © J
.' ! • ED from New Y'ork with the largest and most
complete assortment of
Ever exhibited in this market. He has also a large and
heanl rill - OTtm nt m'GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING
GOODS, which hive been selected wiih special reference
to the wants of this market.
I)ur st i ick iif SI M M Kit ( 0 A TS, comprises an endless
variety of Dress. Raglans, and Sacks, at prices ranging
from rl 2"> to $. Pants and Vests in proportion.
As our Goods have been purchased for CASH we are
enabled to sell them at prices which will defy competi
tion. Wi? cordially invite our old customers and the pub
lie generally, to cull, see und judge for themselves, feel*
in# confident that we shall be able to please the most fas*
tun OUR.
ar UEMKMRER THE PLACE- No. 2. ration'* Block.
Towanda, April SB, W M. g. SOLOMON.
1 I received at vrpcrw'S.