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Thursday Morning, April 14, 1859.
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for its safe delivery.
Republican County Meeting.
COtNTY an* rrfliirtcrf to aHcni!>le in County Meet-
Inn, on MONDAY EVENING, MAY 2, 1*59. fr the pur
now of chousing Delegates to represent this county in
Bute Convention, to be held at Harrishurg. on the Bth
day of June next. \VM. C. HUGART.
Chairman County < 'ommittee.
STATE CONVENTION. —Tie citizens of Phila
delphia ami of the several counties ol' this Commonwealth
attached to the People's party, and all others who arc op
posed to the unwise and extravagant measures of the Na
tional Administration, are requested to send delegates,
equal in nutnlier to their representative* in the tleneml
Assembly, to a Convention to he held at ILirri-biirs;, on
Wednesday the Sth day of June. 1 S.V.I. to nominate candi
date* for Auditor General and Surveyor General, to be vo
ted for at the General Election in next October.
HENKV M. FI 1.1.EU, C'liairman.
WM. R. MANN. Sec.
The bill for the assessment and recovery of
damages upon the North Branch Canal, which
wo announced last week, as having been lost
in the Senate by a tie vote, was afterwards
taken up, reconsidered, and passed, in a shape
which it was supposed would be acceptable to
all the parties concerned. In the House, how
ever, it failed, and Committees of Conference
were appointed in each house, who agreed up
on a bill which was passed through both
branches of the Legislature.
The following is a brief synopsis of the most
important provisions of the bill, which we shall
publish in full next week : It provides that the
Courts shall appoint three appraisers, who af
ter giving the necessary notice shall proceed to
assess damages, Ac., and file their reports in
the Prothonotary's office, from which report ei
ther party may appeal within twenty days up
on giving security for costs, and the Court
shall then appoint seven disinterested persons,
who shall proceed to re-examine and re-assess
damages and muke report to the Court; upon
which report, if approved by the Court, final
judgment shall be entered, ami if not approved,
an issue shall be formed, ami proceedings had
as though the case had originally been brought
in said Court, security for costs being given in
the same manner ai.d like effect as is now pro
vided for in cases of appeal from award of ar
On our outside will be found the remarks of
Senator MYF.B, made upon the consideration of
a bin to prevent the waiving of the S3OO ex
emption law. Whatever may be thought of
the propriety of the proposed measure, all will
agree that the Senator is sincere and honest in
the purposo he is seeking to accomplish, while
the speech displays a profound knowledge of the
history of the legislation of the State upon the
subject of exemptions.
Some misapprehension has existed in regard
to the object of the bill concerning exemptions,
which a perusal of his speech will correct, and
show that Mr. MYER has only had at heart the
interests of those who are liable to come within
the provisions of the law. It is a point involv
ing much controversy how far the poor man
would be benefitted by the enactment of a law
which deprives him of the privilege of waiving
the exemption act—a point upon which men
may honestly differ. It is certain, that in this
section the law is almost nugatory, from the
fact that almost all business is transacted by
means of notes waiving the right to exemption
laws. How far it may be the dnty of the Leg
islature to interfere in behalf of the family of
the debtor, is a nice point, upon which there
will be, necessarily, a difference of opinion.—
The Senator has certainly given a faithful,
though wofnl account of the evils likely to re
sult from placing debtors in the poicer of the
Shylocks of the present day, and he should have
credit for his earnest efforts to abate the evils
which he deprecates.
fcarThe four murderers, GASIIIRII.L, CROTPS,
CORRIR and CY PHl's, were hung in Baltimore
Friday. An immense concourse of people
witnessed the executions. All the prisoners
exhibited great nerve. CAMBRILL and CYPHCS
asserted their innocence to the last but CIIOPPS
left a note in the hands of the officiating clergy
man, to be opened after his death, in which he
confessed the shooting of Officer Rmno.v, nnd
expressed himself repentant. CORKIE said noth
ing whatever relative to his guilt or iunoccnce.
The negro DANIEL WEBSTER, whse
case has created a sensation in Philadelphia,
is on his way to Canada, his friends fearing his
reurrest if he remained in Philadelphia.
FCS- Deputy United States Marshal TYI.ER,
convicted of manslaughter, at Detroit, for
shooting a ship captain, has been sentenced to
imprisoumeut for 30 days and" a fine of sl.
1 he Court, in passing sentence, observed that
the verdict was substantially one of acquittal,
aad graduated the scntcuce accordingly.
Since our last isue, we have reports of sev
eral Republican triumphs, occnrring at elec
tions held on Monday, the 4th inst. CONNECTI
err was looked to with much interest. Strong
(ffurts were made to divide the Republican
party so as to secure the election of Lecomp
ton Congressmen. The result is a glorious
Republican victory. Thf State ticket, with
the Legislature, and all four members of Con
gress are Republican.
WISCONSIN elects a Republican Supreme
Judge by about 5000 majority, showing that
that State is sound.
L'TISVIM.E, elected an Oppo ition Mayor,
and has chosen a Council composed of eighteen
Opposition ana six Democrat members.
ST. Lons held an election for municipal
officers. Filley, the Republican candidate, was
elected Mayor by a majority of 2,500 over
Bogy, Democrat, and 4,500 over Wyman,
American. The whole City ticket and a majori
ty of the Common Council are Republicans.
CI.EVEI.ANP, chose Scnter, a Republican,
Mayor, and elected the Republican ticket.
MICHIGAN held an election for Chief Justice
which resulted in the choice of George Martin,
the Republican candidate, by over 10,000 ma
RHODE ISLAND, on the fith, elected the Re
publican State Ticket, and a large majority of
the Legislature, one Republican Congressman,
nnd will undoubtedly elect a sccoud of the
same faith.
The trial of Hon. DANIEL K SICKLES for
the shooting of KEY commenced at Washing
ton on the 4th inst. Several days were con
sumed in procuring a jnrv, on account of a
sympathy with the accused, and the application
by the District Attorney of an ancient law
requiring a juryman to be worth SBOO. The
evidence for the prosecution does not disclose
any new facts. The witnesses are very con
tradictory in their statements of the occurrence,
as to the position of the parties kc.
The defence was opened by JOHN GRAHAM,
of New York, on Saturday. It is evidently
the intention of the defence to show that KEY
was armed, and fired at SICKLES, and also, if
possible, to introduce the criminal connexion
between Mrs. S. and KEY, as justification.—
The trial will probably not be concluded be
fore Saturday.
FOREIGN NEWS. —The steamship Canada, of
the Cuuard line, arrived Friday at Halifax,
bringing European advices to March 26. The
news is interesting. The rumor of an early
meeting of a general Congress is confirmed,
with the auspicious fact in addition, that
Austria has consented to participate It is
stated that Prince NAPOLEON is to represent
France, a nomination that would seem to bode
ill for a pacific determination. Count CAVOVR,
the Sardinian Premier, had arrived in Paris.
The Reform bill was still under discussion in
the British House of Commons. There ap
peared to be little doubt of the success of Lord
JOHN RCSSKLL'S amendments; but it was also
believed that to save the Ministry Lord PAL
MERSTOX and his friends would sustain the second
reading of the bill. An interesting Ministerial
explanation had been made in the Spauish
Cortes, in reference to the subject of Cuba.—
After stating the general direction of the Gov
ernment policy in ameliorating the condition
of the island, the Minister of Foreign Affairs
begged his remarks to be accepted in lieu of
of the documentary matter called for, as very
little of such matter existed, and the question
*' was almost terminated.'' The general uews
from the Continent is without interest.
fcj?" A verdict for $7,000 has been obtain
ed at Burlington, Yt., against the Vermont and
Canada Railroad Company, in a suit brought
by the administrator of Mr. EBKN X. FRENCH,
who was killed by the explosion of a locomo
tive on the road in July, 1855. The suit was
brought in behalf of the family of deceased.—
The Jury gave the verdict ou the ground that
the Company was guilty of culpable negligence
in permitting the locomotive to be run when
in an unsafe condition.
In the Eliot School Case, in Boston,
in which Mr. M. FTCOOK, teacher, was sued
for committing an assault and battery on the
boy THOMAS J. WAIX, Judge MAINE rendered
a decision ordering the discharge of Mr. COOK.
The Judge held that the mind of the boy had
been prepared for insubordination and revolt
by the instructions of his father and the priest
and that the punishment was not excessive
under the circumstances.
FUGITIVE SI.AVF. CASE.— We published, last
week, the arrest at Ilarrisburg, of an alleged
fugitive slave, who was hurried off to Phila
delphia, for trial before the Slave Commission
er. The case created intense excitement in
that city, and was finally decided by the dis
charge of the negro.
CaT" We see by the Adrertisrr that, on Sun
day evening of last week, while James McCarty
was quietly wending his way along one of the
streets of Elmira, he was suddenly kuocked
down by a colored man, when another colored
man stabbed him four or five times about the
breast and shoulders, inflicting several ugly
wounds, among them oue in the neck. During
the scuflic which ensued, he managed to get
possession of a hat belonging to one of the
vidians which led to their detection. They
would have probably killed him, had not his
outcries attracted the attention of a person,
upon whose approach the negroes ran, and
though hotly pursued, made such good time
as to escape. One of the negro ruffians was
arrested 011 Wednesday. The other negro en
gaged in the affray, has succeeded iu keeping
out of the way of the officers.
ftayln the time table of the X. Y. & E. R.R.'
as published last week, the Dunkirk Express going west,
was put down as not stopping at Waverly. This was
; changed after running two days, and that train now stops
at Waverly. at 3.02, P. M. Persons le ving New York in
1 the morning, can reach this place the same da}*, by tak
| ing that train.
iST'The late dismissal by the Postmaster
General, of a numler of special mail agent*, did not affect
Col BI LL. His district will be Northern Pennsylvania,
Southern New York, and the State of New Jersey.
TOWNSHIP OFFICERS. —We continue our list
of Township Officers from last week's Reporter. It is not
possible for ns to determine with certainty the number of
School Directors and Road Commissioners elected, ill ev
ery instance, and if we l>cstow those honors on persons
not legally entitled to them, they will please excuse us.
Rome - Judge of Elections, Reuben Vought: Inspec
tors, Thomas Vancise, E. M. Towner; Road Commission
ers, W. W. Wood burn, John A. Moody ; Auditor, Win.
McCabe ; School Directors, E. A. Ridgway, J. S Parker,
Asa Fuller; Assessor, John Vought; Constable, H. W.
Drowning ; Treasurer, J. L. Barnes ; Clerk, K. W. May
Shesheeptin —Judge, Horace Kinney ; Inspectors, Elias
Ball, 1.. P. Horton ; Road Commissioner, Z. B. Spalding :
Auditor, Jabez Tomkins ; Justices of the Peace, Martin
Rogers, C. H. Ames ; School Directors, Wni. Delpeuch,
Wm. Snyder, Jr.; Assessor, Abijah Mead; Constable,
John Brink : Treasurer, Geo. C. Gore ; Clerk, O. Gore.
Sylrania Brno 1 Judge, L. N. Tinkham ; Inspectors,
Horatio Allen, S. I). Goodrich ; Overseers of Poor, Henry
Card, James H. Nash : Auditor, E. G. Tracy : Justices,
N. H. McCollum, Peter Munroe ; School Directors, Peleg
Peck, Hezekiah Peck; Assessor, Peleg Peck, Jr.; Con
stable, L. 1,. Gregory ; Burgess, Curtis Merritt: Council,
N. 11. McCollum, Peter Monroe, Silas Smith, L. L. Greg
Smithfield. —Judge, W. 11. Phelps ; Inspectors, John 11.
Chapel, Orville Kellogg; Road Commissioner, Samuel
Gates; Auditor, Harry Durfey; Justice, Augustus Phelps;
School Directors, John Smith, Jr.., James Fritcher, A. E.
Child, Israel Phillips, Buckley Tracey ; Assessor, E.G.
Durfey; Constable, T. J. Wheeler ; Treasurer, John I.
Sconton ; Clerk, S. R. Crane.
Springfield —Judge, Curtis P.Fuller : Inspectors. .Inn.
W. Hoggins. Robert Allen; Road Commissioners, John
X Cooley, N. S. Hosley ; Justices, 0. A. Vincent, S. D.
Harkness ; School Directors, I). H. Brooks, Woodward
Berray, Jr.; Assessor, B.K. Adams ; Constable, A. West
brook : Treasurer, Francis Itipley ; Clerk.lrvine Burgess.
Stamling Stone Judge, B. W. Ennis ; Inspectors, W.
11. Gordon, Jared Hart ; Road Commissioner, Charles
Roof; Auditor, F. S. Whitman; Justice, George A.
Stephens ; School Directors, George Stevens, George E.
Van nest; Assessor, F.S.Whitman ; Constable, Nathaniel
Moger ; Treasurer, A. C. Stevens ; Clerk, Asa Stevens.
South Creek —Judge, John Dean ; Inspectors, Joseph
Dunham, Heman Lewis ; Road Commissioner, S. B. I'et
tingill ; Auditor, Cyrus Berk ; Justice, Linus Williams ;
School Directors, Ransom Tanner, D. If. Gillett; Asses
sor, Wlll.J.Evans; Constable, Ira Crane; Treasurer, Jesse
More; Clerk, John F. Gillett.
Tusearora —Judge, John Clapper ; Inspectors, C. H
Johnson. Reuben Madison; Auditor, N.I. Coggswell;
School Directors. Levi Wells, Theodore Silvara; Assessor,
Belbec Wood ; Constable A.J. Silvara ; Treasurer, James
Black ; Clerk, George P. Taylor.
Toiranda Tirp —Judge, Harry Scoville ; Inspectors/"}.
1). Mace, J.L. Bowman ; Road Commissioner, WAV. Deck
er ; Auditor, E. W. Hale ; School Directors, H. L. Scott,
A. It. Bowman, Daniel Decker ; Assessor. Samuel Dirn
miek ; Constable H. M. Goff; Treasurer, L. D. Bowman;
Clerk, Miller Fox.
.North Towanda —Judge, Jesse Woodruff; Inspectors,
W. W. Eastabrooks, I. H. Stephens ; Road Commissioner
Wm. Barnes ; Auditor, J. C. Adams ; School Directors,
W. W. Eastahrooks, I. 11. Stephens ; Assessor, M. H.
Alloway ; Constable, Chester Bennett; Treasurer, W. 11.
Foster; Clerk, Wm.Sluyter.
Towanda Borough Judge, B. F. Powell : Inspectors,
James H. Nevins, Geo. P. Cash ; High Constable, G. 11.
Eaton ; Auditor, O. I). Bartlett; Justice, N. N. Betts ;
School Directors, W. C. Bogart, E. H. Mason : Assessor,
W. C. Bogart: Constable, A. J. Noble ; Overseers of the
Poor. Wm. Mix, C. K. I,adU ; Town Council, Wm.Elwell,
E. O. Goodrich, Harry Mix.
Troy, Tirp —Judge, Martin Rockwell; Inspectors.Jas.
Taylor. Uel Porter; Road Commissioner, John McKean ;
Auditor, Archibald Maynard; Justice, Lewis P Williams;
School Directors, Alfred Parsons, Amos Price, E. Loomis;
Assessor, Darius Manley : Constable, H. N. Fish ; Treas
urer, Chas. Strait; Clerk, L. T. Loomis.
Troy Rorough. —Judge, Harmon Huntingdon ; Inspec
tors, John H. Grant, Austin Mitchell; Town Council,
John E. Goodrich, D. W. C. Uerrick, C. F, Sayles, B. S.
Dartt; School Directors, C. C. Paine, E B. Parsons, B.S.
Dartt; Assessor, N.M. Carnochan ; Constable, E.C. Wil
j liams ; Burgess, Horace I'omeroy ; Auditor, L. A.Sayles;
Overseers of the Poor, Wm. Morgan, Andrew Case.
Ulster.— Judge, John Mather ; Inspectors, C. W. Hol
comb, A. P. Shaw ; Road Commissioner, Chauncey Rock
well ; Auditor. R. McKinney ; Justice, Thomas Mather ;
School Directors, Chauncey Rockwell, R. McKinney ; As
sessor, B. W. Itusscll; Constable, George W. Nichols ;
Treasurer, Edward Walker; Clerk, S. C. Hovey.
Warren.—Judge, A. D. Corbin ; Inspectors, Jno.Sleep.
cr, O. P. Taylor; Itoad Commissioner, H. P. Taylor ;
Auditor, J. J. Corbin ; School Directors, Ira W. Corbin,
J. H. Carey ; Assessor. Harrison Whittaker ; Constable,
Itobett S. Corbin ; Treasurer, John W. Murphy ; Clerk,
H. C. Allyn.
Witmot —Judge, R. M. Dodge ; Inspectors, A.W. Bart
lett, Joseph Asheraft: Road Commissioners, Elmore Hor
ton. J. C. Crandall ; Auditors, D. H. Corbin, Aaron Per
ron, John Voce; Justice, Samuel Norkonk ; School Di
rectors, Wm. Norkonk, Reuben Barnes, Wm. Passmore,
Panl Quick, Elmore Horton ; Assessor, Wm. F. Grant ;
Constable, B. P. Ingham ; Treasurer, Joseph Gamble ;
Clerk, A. J. Stone.
Well*. —Judge, Elijah Ferguson ; Inspectors, Moses
J. Carr, Humphrey Wilson ; Road Commissioner, James
J. Osgood ; Auditor, A. Swayze ; School Directors, John
A. Roy, Humphrey Mosher, E. E. Dillison, C. C. Updyke;
Assessor, James Wilson ; Constable, Wm. Bcekwith ;
Treasurer, R. R. Beckwith ; Clerk, John W. Pellet.
IVindham. —Judge, Charles Washburn ; Inspectors, W.
Doane, Nelson Loomis ; Itoad Commissioners. Stephen
Morey, Loren Pear ; Auditor, Silas D. White : School Di
| rectors, J. B. G. Itabcock, H. Darling, James Olmsted,
Austin Elsworth ; Assessor, Wilsey Rogers; Constable,
J. W. Warner ; Treasurer, N. C. Elsbree ; Clerk, Samuel
Wyatusing —Judge, C. J. Homet; Inspectors, Charles
Biles, G.R. Acroyd ; Road Commissioner, Ransom Fuller;
Auditor, John A. Bailey ; School Directors, J. D. Camp,
George Summer ; Assessor, Jonathan Homet ; Constable,
James Lewis ; Treasurer, J. F. Chamberlain ; Clerk, J.V.
X. Biles.
IVysox.—JnAfp, C. J. Owens ; Inspectors, C.U.Shores
James Khultz ; Road Commissioners, G. King, John Al
len ; Auditor, L.S.Case; School Directors, Joseph Smith
Geo. Gard ; Assessor, H. Strope ; Constable, J. B. Hinds:
Treasurer, W. A. Benedict; Clerk, I. P. Spalding.
Itey-Tlie School Directors of the several
townships should not forget, that their annual reports are
to be forwarded to the County Superintendent by the Ist
day of June. The department is determined to be more
particular in regard to this matter than it has hitherto
been. The four months certificates should be sent in as
soon as possible, so that the Treasurers may draw the
State Appropriation, and be prepared to pay off the or
ders for the winter schools. It is hopes! that those docu
• ments will be forthcoming without delay.
XOBI.K, of this place, aged about three years, was on Tnos
day. severely scalded by accidentally falling into a pail of
hot water.
S&- A miner named JOHN FERRITOR was
ladly injnred at Barclay last week, hy the falling in of
the roof of the " breast'' in which ha was mining.
[Correspondence of the Bradford Reporter.]
lLuuusitiKO, April 7,1659.
I Mr. E. 0. GOODRICH :—On Saturday morn
-1 ing, the lstinst., an alleged fugitive slave was
' arrested in the public market of this borough,
handcuffed and hurried off to Philadelphia,
for trial before a slave commissioner. The ne
■ groes name was DAW DANGERFIEI.D. TheDe
• puty Marshal who arrested him was the noto
' rious JENKINS, who tried a few years ago to
arrest a fugitive at VVilkesbarre, and came near
killing him by shooting him while in the river.
t The crowd present were quieted by the alloga
r tiou that they were arresting him for murder.
Great excitement ensued when the cheat was
discovered, but it was too late to render assis
tance. DAN has lived iu this town about seven
years has a wife, married here, and has buried
his only two children, the last one a few days
ago. His trial at Philadelphia caused the
most intense excitement in that city, and has
resulted iu the negro's discharge. The war
rant claimed that he escaped from Virginia
four years ago, while he proved that he had
been iu this State over six years. "Whether
they got the wrong darkey, or did not keep
the record right, is a matter of little conse
quence now. The excitement has resulted in
reducing the colored population in this town.
The FRY divorce case has not yet passed to
a vote in the House. There are certainly two
sides to the case, and the vote will be close.—
It is claimed on one side that every public con
sideration, as well as the interests of the par
tics themselves, require the divorce to be grant
ed. Ou the other side it is said that if they
are divorced, it will be at the expense of his
character. Mr. GRIGG, the father of Mrs.
FRY, was at great expense in procuring learn
ed counsel from Ohio, and in hiring newspaper
columns, through which, to mould public opin
ion. FRY has been equally vigilant, but has
less money to spend iu that way. While Miss
Gossip would insinuate that money is used in
such cases among Legislators, I am satisfied
j that however much may be used, the members
| never see a cent of it. The article is used in
■ an entirely different way, and a pressure is
brought to bear upon the legislature by borers
' who are hired for tiiat purpose. The method
• j of forcing bills through the Legislature would
form a very queer chapter in political history,
, : and may some day be written.
, Ihe supplement to the exemption laws pas
• sed finally, and simply allows the debtor to re
tain the S3OO, now exempt, " out of any bar.k
. 1 notes, money, stocks, judgments, or other in
• debtedness." The section making that sum
i permaneut, and depriving the party of the
i right of waiving it, was stricken out in the
, | House and the Senate concurred.
r ; The Free Hanking Bill has finally received
[ | its quietus in the House by a vote of 31 yeas
. j to 54 nays.
The bill to change the tax on trades, pro
' fessions and occupations, from one dollar to
: | fifty cents, for school purposes, has been about
•! killed in the House. The law as it is now con
strued by the School Department, is equivalent
; to levying a specific tax of one dollar on every
• taxable inhabitant in the Commonwealth, and
| j it is causing much annoyance arid difficulty all
; 1 over the State. The present bill proposed to
• | bring it back to the act of 1854, which gave
I more general satisfaction.
, i The bill to give Justices, with a jury of five,
. power to hear and determine finally, crimes of
• a certain character has passed the House by a
. vote of 34 to 20. It applies to about twenty
couuties—Bradford among them. I would give
you a synopsis of the bill, if there was any
. prospect of its becoming a law.
The bill for fencing the Williamsport & EL
' roira It,. It. lies dead in the Senate. From a
careful polling of the Seuate it was found that
; it could not be passed, or eveu reconsidered,
• and so no attempt has been made to reconsider
it. How long must people suffer these evils
and annoyances, simply because the railroads
• control legislation.
The act to incorporate the Towanda Gas
. and Water Company has passed both Houses.
Au act to legalize the township election in
; Terry town has also passed.
The General Appropriation Bill has been
! returned from the Senate with many amend
| ments, about half of which have been concur
. red in by the House. The rest of them go to
: a committee of conference. It will not require
much time to adjust it.
A bill to reduce the State tax from two and
- a half mills to two mills, passed the House
> unanimously. This was decidedly a vote for
[ bunkum, and should the Senate "do likewise"
it will be regretted, for in less than two years
the Legislature will be compelled to raise it
again, or let the State debt remain undimini
, shed. Woe to the man that should hereafter
■ vote to increase the State tax.
The Personal Liberty Bill, which prohibits
. the use of our jails for securing fugitive slaves,
i and forbids persons holding office under the
: State to aid or assist in capturing or returning
them, was made the special order for Wedues-
I day eveuiug, the sth, but a majority of the
, House which did not like to face the music,
t contrived to crowd other business into its place
I so it was not considered, and many speeches,
; no doubt, were badly spoiled.
The Damage Bill is now being hawked about
between the House and Senate on two or three
very important points The principal ones are
the trial by jury and the statute of limitations.
Its fate is hardly foreshadowed yet. The trial
by jury would have been comparatively safe
had there been less excitement at home upon
the subject. The impression here seeuis to be,
that the entire counties through which the ca
nals pass are iu a state of wild excitement up
on the subject, and that a trial by jury, under
such a state of feeling, would be unsafe. Some
men have zeal without knowledge.
I have just lime to say that the difference
between the two Houses is reduced to one
point, viz: the statute of limitations, and that
is in a fair way of being adjusted.
Bills are now being passed through both
branches with inconsiderate haste. The con
sideration they receive is abont equivalent to
the Clerk's marching through the Hall with
them pinned to his coat tail. The Legislature
is not unlike the boy who played in the forenoon
and tried to do his stint in the afternoon.
Philadelphia still has the floor.
Yours, truly, PETER KLAUS.
The Lancaster Express of last evening gives
an account of a desperate affair, which occur
red op. Thursday, 011 the canal near Marietta.
A canal boat was passing up the canal with
about one hundred and fifty passengers, who
were asleep in their banks at the time the
fracas commenced. Henry Pierce, a colored
desperado, who has been twice in prison, and
was concerned in the Sebastian murder, with
out any apparent cause, commenced firing a
revolver in the boat. This unusual proceed
ing waked up Franklin Mosey, an assistant
constable and pilot of Marietta, who threw
his feet out of his bunk, and asked what he
(Pierce) was about. The reply was, " look
out! Pse comin at you again," and another
shot followed,which took effect in Mosey's leg.
The affair having now assumed a serious aspect,
other parties were aroused and an attempt
made to secure Pierce, who fought like a tiger
and the revolver was not secured until he had
discharged four balls, and was too weak to
resist any longer. He was terribly beaten,
and was taken to the York county prison,
where he has since died of his injuries.
A correspondent of the Cincinnati Times who
has just returned from Kansas, says the river
towns in Kansas and Nebraska are now crowd
ed with strangers of every nation, tribe and
people, wandering about with a forlorn look,
bearing rifles on their shoulders, and making
enquiries in regard to routes to the mines, out
fits, &c. All the hotels are crowded to reple
tion, and every Western train and steamboat
is filled with people. Trains are now starting
daily for every important town on the Missouri
river, in lowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.
While traveling five or six miles on the great
Military Road leading from Fort Leavenworth
to Fort Laramie, recently, he met four trains
on route for the mines. In two of them the
wagons were drawn by mules and oxen ; in the
third-eight men were attached to a hand cart,
which contained their outfits, and was so con
structed as to float over the streams. They
designed to draw it the whole distance—2ooo
miles to Pike's Peak. The fourth was composed
entirely of pedestrians, with their packs upon
their shoulders. What will not mendo for
gold ?
A Bill appropriating $5,000 for exam
ining the extension of the Chenango Canal 011
to Athens, Pcnn'a., the New York lias passed
both branches of Legislature. The provisions
of this act require the ground to be surveyed
and examined, and the tost of running a ca
nal through the same estimated. If this bill
becomes a law, as we presume it will, nothing
more being required but the Governor's signa
ture, the survey and estimate will be made and
reported at the next session, when immediate
measures will be taken for a speedy completion
—conrecting the North Branch with Canals
of New-York at an important poiut.— Waverly
THE mo. SHIP A HUMBUG. —Some of the
English journals indulge in the most extrava
gant anticipations of the exploits to be per
formed by the mammoth steamship Great
Eastern, particularly in time of war. She is
first pronounced capable of sinking whole
fleets by the fire of her batteries, and also by
running them down. Then she is capable of
landing an army of ten thousand men, who, in
the language of the Illustrated Xrws, can be
peifected in drill on board during the passage,
and be ready "to step from the deck to the
field." The Boston Traceller says :
" All this may be realized, but we appre
hend there will be found some difficulties in
the way. What, if in a violent storm in mid
ocean, the great steamship becomes unmanagea
ble and goes down with all her living freight
of 10,000 men ? As to an army ' stepping from
her decks to the field,' there will be few har
bors in the world where she can take refuge,
and her men will have to be landed, in boats,
which will be as much exposed to fire from
the shore as any boats coming from smaller
vessels. There are few beaches where a
landing can be effected which can be approach
ed by her within several miles. As to runn
ing down and sinking every vessel which she
sees, the low and stroug prow of a much smal
ler vessel, striking the great hull of the
mighty steamer at the water line, may do her
some fatal injury ; and it may be found that
she is not so easily and readily haudled as to
bo available for all the deadly purposes which
are contemplated."
TV HEAT IN* ILLINOIS. —A man who travelled
last week through six counties in Central
Illinois, reports to the Chicago Tribune that
Winter wheat promises to make a fine crop,
and that the farmers feel greatly encouraged
at the prospect. The Cariinville Democrat
says of the wheat in that portion of the State
(near the capital) that the crop will be little
short of an average crop, although the breadth
of wheat sown last Fall was much less thun
{feaT* Four persons of a family named POTTER,
were burned to death in the house occupied by
them in Lee, Me., on Wednesday night.
In Springfield. April sth, ADDI X. VINCENT, in the 72d
year of his age.
Peas, Blaekeyed Peas, Marrow Beans, Button Onions,
Onion Setts, and a choice selection of Garden Seeds at
April 12. FOX'S.
Butter, Cheese and Lard,
Tit. DUNNING. their sole agent for Bradford county,
. will spend MONDAY of each week at (' LUMBIA
X ROADS, where he will at all times pay the highest
market price for BUTTER : commencing April I*, Isj'j.
J. B DUNNING, French Mills, Pa.
ilrtu afttocrtfsrments.
T ICF.NSES.—Notice is hereby <rj v „ ,
J.J tb- following niuned persons haveii'ui that
of the Clerk -f the Court uf Quarter °®<*
tionn for Lease under the exitiug laws of ou H""" Petj
wealth and their several application, will be
the Judges of the Court of Quarter on Mov? for *
the Md .y of MAY next, at 2 o'clock, in Da L
haul day : ,M: af teriioon of
John O. Ward... bom
J. S. 510 an......... " • -Troy
John Lauglilin - At beri(, '
S. Cli'-slry Myers bo r ,^
Hamilton Dick'nson ii*
Joseph O. Fine
John Wallace p.'^lfbory]
Benjamin Herman , i^Kborw
John Muller Morton
John Wendell Wy."
John A. Conley *
M. T. Carrier bV JDe .
Aaron K. Ingulfs. \\ °wand boro.
Orr Wilson X",■**".
John Kendall ' " '2," ;*-°lunibi4,
James F. Strong " uw and;boro.
John B. Dickerson "luinbia.
J. M. 80wman...., \* J. n .
John S. Thompson °*anda twp.
H. A. Phelps •*yaliwnr.
John M. Pike : t ieu sboro.
H. W. Root * A ' Wo.
Jesse Hammond Holcorab "'dffWy.
Riley M. Ross A".' ■ tanton.
Stephen A . Mills NNMUT?' 4 K*o
- Mitchell J'' ''
Orson Rickey s tw P-
Nathan Olmstead
A bram Fox, J r -"later.
Marios Myers...., "
Daniel Heverley. Jr "
Kthal Taylor. * w " "^rton.
Charles (). French '"' r °e boro.
Jason Chaffee ~. ™™?bury.
Shuble Bowman. T
Clerk's (llfice, ) ALI EN iI'KFAV 7 tWp '
_ AEI!' 6 - I * a - 1 W
TAISSOLUTION —The partnerslfijTh^r
M.J fore existing between COLLINS A POWFII
day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will k
after he conducted by J. M. COLLINS. ,\ u ' ***"
ed to the late firm are respectfully notified tliiUln
their accounts are settled by the 25th, thev will..
with W. C. Bogart, for collection as .soon 1, ZV*
allow. j. ( 111
Towanda, April 1.1853. ]>. POWFU
QHERIFI- 8 SALES.—By virtue of Fundrv
kJ writs of Vend. Expo, issued out of the Court of
mon Pleas of Bradford County, to me directed and deli?'
ered, will he exposed to public sale, at the Court H,„
in the Borough of T-.wanda, on FRIDAY the <;th h1! ;
MAY. 1-SJ, at 1 o'clock. P.M.. the following
1 lot, piece or parcel of land situate in Monroe bom
ed north by a lot belonging to the Baptist Church J,i
burying ground, east by land of J. B. Hinman south h.
land of Mrs. J. H. Phinney and Jedson Blackman
by land of Jedson Blackmail and the state rmd. C
tai.iing 12,71s so..are feet, more or less, .11 imp £
vod, with one framed shed thereon. *
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Brown A
Rockwell vs H. K. Fowler.
A LSl)—The following described lot. piece nr parcel of
land situate in Rome twp., bounded north bv land of V
than Stafford, ca-t by unseated lands, warrantee nameun
known, south by land of Isaac Decker and John IWsmnre
west hv land in possession of Vincent (Sibbs. Containimr'
about forty-eight acres, more or less, about forty sere,
improved, one framed bam, one framed shed, and corn
i house, and a few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Harris A
i Page, to the use of F.N. Page vs Marsena K. Drake
! A LSO— The following descrilied lot. piece or parcel of
land situate in Burlington twp., hounded north by land of
, Karl Nichols, east by laud of Morgan Waters, south by
J land of fallen Nichols and Morgan Watera, west by the
■ public highway. Containing fifty acres, more or Irs.
1 about thirty-eight acre- improved, one framed house on.
i framed barn, and a few fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—AII that certain lot, piece or parcel of land sit
; uate in Burlington twp., bounded north by land of In
! Weed and Irenw Randall. east by land of Strope
and Edward Overt on, sonth by land of Edward Overton
and John Leavitt, west by land of James NichuLs and Ed
ward Overton. Containing ninety-eight acres, more or
Seized and taken in execniion at the suit of J. H. Pliin.
ney A Co., to the use of Richard Patrick assignee uf J.C.
Meeker A Perkins Vs William Mead.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or parcel of
land situatt in Canton twp., bounded as follows : Ik-gin
ning on the west line of land owned by William H.Smith
at the southeast corner of X. 11. Hitlnk's farm, and run
ning thence south 21° west along the west line of land of
said Smith and Isaac Williams 61 per to the northeast
corner of Wm. Fitzwater's lot, and thence north fi-j°
west along the north line of said Fitzwater's land and
land of Wm. S. Fellows 252 per to a stake and stooei
standing on the east line of land of J.ired and Jacob
Beard-ley, thence north 2J° east along said lieardsley's
line I 2-lOper to a stake and stones standing on the south
west corner of Myron Fellows land, thence north "St 3 east
112 per t i the west line of X. H, Hickok's land, then e
south 2£° west along the west line of said Hickok's land
to the southwest corner of said Hickok's land, thence
south CBJ° east along said Hickok's south line to the
place of beginning. Containing seventy-seven acres and
seventy-five perches, more or less, about forty acres im
proved, one barn, a framed house and a log house,
and an apple orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Chester
Thomas and O. P. Ballard, to the use of O. P. Ballard TS
George P. Channel!.
Al,K()—The following described lot. piece or parrel of
land situate in Shesheoain twp., bounded as follows : Be
ginning at a chestnut, the southeast corner of K. Chan
filer's lot. thence east 7S per to the southwest corner of a
lot deeded from De C'ater's to Truman Willoby. then re
north 171 0-10 per to a post for a corner, tiieuce south 31
per to a dogwood for a corner, thence east 42 per to a
chestnut for a corner, thence smith 13s <j-I0 per to the
place of beginning. Containing ninety-one acres and one
hundred and seven perches, more or less, about fifty acres
improved, one framed bonsc, one framed barn, and an or
chard of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of F. X. Page
vs Thomas Edsall.
Towanda. April 12,181#. Sheriff.^
sucoxn WEEK.
John Krskine vs Charles Sill, et al.
Oeorge Sanderson, et al vs Jacob A Wcller. et al.
<filbert A- Tuttle vs H A KifF.
Kinma Jane Smith vs Samuel Kclhim, et al.
William B Campbell vs Charles H Ames.
E F A- P r. Ballard vs Sidney Hajden.
!>avid Barber vs Chester Thomas.
Benjamin Northrop vs Kichard Lyon.
Barclay Railroad A- Coal Co. vs Abrara Edwards.
Clarrissa ('.race's ailm'rs vs Edward Maliood.
E J Rineheart vs Otis P Lyon.
Davis Fiztsimmoos vs Amos Knapp, Jr.
T B Bnck vs fsaac Palmer.
same same.
Woodruff A- l.ewis vs Empire Insurance Co.
Archibald Forbes vs Win Gibson's ev'rs.
Benjamin Vaughn vs Charles Hinderer, et al.
Daniel Sweeny vs Abijah Parks.
Benjamin Buniham's use vs Isaac Walters.
Israel Smith vs Samuel Kellum, 2d.
Adaline P> Morlev vs It W al.
Samuel C Means > use vs Horace Wiliey, et al.
Elijah Horton vs Henry P Shaffer.
Martha Stowell's trustee vs John A Codding, et al.
J J Boswell's use vs Rollin Wilcox.
Jesse Spaulding vs Orson Rickey.
same vs John Arthur.
John C Parks vs John Moore.
Benjamin F Taylor, et al vs Martin Wilcox.
Job P Kirby vs Jesse Spaulding.
William A Park vs Daniel Strong.
Bass. Clark A Dibble vs same.
Loop A- Allen vs same.
Mary A Richard Catoti's trustees vs Moses Bobbins.
Win Gibson's ex'rs vs G H Gorsline. et al.
M II Landing vs Sarah A Emery, et al.
William 15 Darlington vs Chauncey X Shipman.
William Peppers vs Decatur Peppers.
Ransom Ac la vs John W Sweet.
Matthew McMahon vs .1 P Horton.
Timothy Hill vs R Wilcox.
The Commonwealth of Penn'a vs Charles Sill, ct al.
John Raymond's adui'rs vs Isaac Raymond
same same.
M C Merenr vs John Valliloe, et al.
Cyrus Shumway vs Silas J Bowen.
S F Colt vs Susquehanna Collegiate Institute.
Joseph Ingham vs Barclay Railroad A Coal Co-
Matthew 1) Bishop vs Alfred Gore.
II M Moore A Co vs Jerome Woleott.
Moore, HubbU A Co vs H S Davidson A Co.
Charles Drake vs The Farmers Insurance Co.
George II Morrow, Ac vs Erastus Sliepard.
Addison Alger vs Joseph Seely, et al.
J L Gorsline, Ac vs A J A G II Gorsline.
M T Carrier vs John Kendail.
Michael Coleman vs James Thompson.
S Hutchinson A Co vs Alanson B Smith, et al.
Vaa Duseu A J agger vs same.
Wilson, Jackson A Meinell vs same.
Charles H Shepard vs same.
Samuel F Ripley vs Hiram Spear.
Seely J Farr vs Henry Parsons.
Weverley Bank vs Alanson B Smith.
Cortlandt Palmer, et al vs Harriet Mean*.
II M Moore, et al vs Alanson B Smith, et al.
Jefferson B Clark, et al vs same.
Cecil Bank vs Aaron Peekham.
Daniel Bailey vs Samuel Stevens' adm rs.
BRADFORD COUNTY. SS.-Suhp<unas fc^ r ' he .
week returnable on Monday, the hth day of 4 )> .
10 o'clock, A. M.: and for the third week on the
ing Monday, May. ldth, at 10 o
, .... rrvthoHi-larS-
April 12.