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, Oi n-berv. on the 10th inst.. by D. H. Bumham. e-q.,
' \VM HARRISON HAYNER. of Chemung. N. \.,
t iiiss SARAH E. BROWN, ot the former place.
i oith in*t.. bv Rev. Wm. Svm. Mr. REUBEN C.
°VOSIII ,10 to MS- PHEBE ANN LUNDY, both of
Standing Stone.
-The Republican Voters of To wan
da Boro' are requested to meet at
h P f.raTid JnrT Poora. on SATURDAY, MAY Ist, le
f.i) Ihe hours of 4 and 6 o'clock, P. M.. for the purpose
Ti , tire delegates to represent said Borough in the
C jUEty Convention, to be held event ng. May 3.
J. 11. XKVINS,
T„wanda, April 26.1658. Coin, of Vigilance.
Arrangements for 1858 !
. % SOLOMON has just received the most exien- |
Al. sice and elegant assortment oi
Spring and CJlothing
Tfroff' red ia this market, which was bought for CASH !
'•1 will he said at prices which cannot be equalled else- 1
* iv'- us de-irnus of purchasing any article of Clothing
,Lt-. ucteii i yivt him a call, a-, he pledges himself I
j i cr-oM anxious la buy shall go away without be-
n cr -atistied..
V A a d assortment of Gentlemen s FLUX ISHiNU :
(jljitPS '.' ll tic kept on hand.
Tuwaiida. AprilJW.W>*- j
TiLoni ! FLOUR! —A first rate article i
J[ , f Western F1 air, may be had at SOLOMON'S in Mer- |
ar's Blcck, lower thau can be purchased in this viciui- •
''■ V April M.JijSfh _ M. E. SOLOMON. !
p l,,im tlw public, that having leased the Ward House I
j term ol'ye.u, and thoroughly repaired and newly |
• the "same, they invite the patronage of travel- j
'-is Ad others, with every confidence that their facili
ties are inch as to enable them to render satisfaction.—
"her a--are the public that no tff.ri shall be spared to
•A .1 f. r the Ward House the high reputation it has
ft !' U" enjuved \ 11 edci't which to- personal wants of
their ricstj'will be carefully nUetid'.d to, while every
. >• the market ail' rd.s will ia appropriated to make
Tat le ail that could 1A? desired.
HV hall pay parti !.\r attention t > Un- acsoinniod i
t,c aof J'.rs - n. d witnesses attending Court: who will
he boarded at the loir price of 62£ cents per day.
rr The Bar - Weil-to. ked with an t.xcell-ut assort
ffi fM ; I.IQI'OIH. We also oft'r to the public a large |
i,. rt:r.<-nt t Liquors. by the quart, gal! m or barrel, of
a - tv not t' : i c excelled, find at prices as low il nut
laser than can be i btained in the cities.
iu.'d.ap. Fimira arid Binghamton Ale, by the quart,
gal. qi cr b.'.rrcl.
Tmraada. April 27. 1858.
"l ii II I 1 of Out* for which we will
#)■ " " ' prtv 'a-h on delivery.
Towanda, April 26,1858. _ BAILEY & NTVIXS.
i noitsi'. HARNESS AND CARRIAGE. Inquire
A at tlie Presbyterian Parsonage, in this Borough, ol
I rinda. April 28, L's6. J. FOBTKR.
Having just returned from the City is now receiving a
splendid assortment of
Spring and Summer Goods,
Towkkk he invito, particular attention. Being fully
aettrmincil u it to be outdme either . t
of articles offered fr-ale, and hiving had -utfb'b-nt ex
pc < ice in his Imsinc >s t > warrant 1; a in tying that he
'at der very gieat inducements t > <::-1 .•!!• :-.
He nfcrktbe very smallest Bonnets and the very large t
Hip Skirts; also, th ieof a medintn size. \ m ist tie
gut it.' , laid, 15!,. 1; and Brocaded dress Silks.
Lavas, Bareges, ChftHte*. BeLaines, Brilliant* and
t".r. ;ct;- j;; •. '... ,tbe : t kinds, nrd the cheapest
ltd best lot of PRINTS ever offered this town!—lf
it •; • and •-. Ours: ck of
<r K o C /•; Ii I E s
fc-.i•!;••: ir< a -'!• ted with great care, and cannot
nt• civ- s.i'.i-f;! -tinti hthas t ; pri cs and qualities.
!: ym want the orth of your money, po to No. 2. Pat
- * il.. K. Many t ink.- Po pa-t favors, wo hope t >
Ef:' "..r -h:T" of Putlonage.
_Towau : . •..* 27| 1858. WW. A. ROCKWELL.
—A great variety niav lie found
b- c " WM. A". BOOK.WELL'S.
Apr'l 5) . l ; 58. _
\ ; -H.S. Lnc -. Edgings, Irtings, Win
* do Draperies and Eaihr<iiUr;os of all kinds.
DIBBOXS, Flowers ai d Head Iress - it
pN ARE A com j • etc assorimcai iuay
A!. f mud at the stcre of
April2l,lßsß. WM. A. ROCKWELL.
CTOXE \V A 11 E Aa'at va iety it
k ■
j 1
PIIH u.-tial ii-.-ortLicnt < f Iliinlwarp, Nails
lA\ A COFFEE.—A choice !<>t of prime,
,V DELISSER. have just
l - ceiniuen ed t" publish an cr lurged series of
A per:-" i! f.flcng established re|nitati n, and high
1 ■ 'UiarU'r.eontprising thern-art i-thleprodn. ti'ms
■>' ma.-ti r-iu' id- nr' Europe (from the Engli-h Reviews
* • M .< rio- truly va!u.ihk puMi uti-ui stands
•!sl k,t!i for the sterling excellence of .is liters
8 ' 'Oi; .. ;t s cheapness it wbi ti it is offer'.!. All
* i profit with pleasure ,u their reading,
1 L:UtW I. '.ig Age th ir wishes tully Hit liii
j, - ••• is u-- !u ;• 1 eo i:i the world if
y■■ v)chui,, and attractive a variety ..1 really
- 'iiis p. i i.lical; and in aiidith- 1 to thi- fact,
'■■". over one tliird more in qmitity t!' in any oth
-the yearly; being 41 i l ' pages—tor only < >
.• ? Lr...Uin.
"niargtil Series comufncd April 3. a::.l offers a
N .
i'Vaziet can up jj ihis as t > the intrinsic literary
■ 11! 1- the very c-'cam .it is boa'i (.'it' best und
'*!*>( periodical in the i~ii!d
'D" an imber—l2 cents.
. "-S v rk 1- received the universal approval of the j
'"•a..! .if many of our mo-t eminent wm, in- !
. - .nt \-i-,C!,ar; -I! >r K- it. J JSG
t, 11 ill. G. 1
. J. ! : . Ra mml,Beii t A. Potter, Rev.
j-^Barnes, Pc. '
bti'ia?. c p ibloMti in, one of the very best ever is- •
I - ■ --.'ier. The pc oiiar merit .il this woik 1 ■ns.-t in,!
'-sing the cimi est art', lcs Irom the nuui'-rouft j
j. .i' r 'b Is. T!ic selections ;;ie a!way well made, !
u'. "'"'aitis si. ha variety of matter that the taste- of
?; r.f readers appear to le consulted. We ire
Will tind si-r 111 it Hie carefully written articles ol the 1
3 fp aa 'l the lighter and c.itci tainiug papers of
8, 4 ' T:i>re are n" lers than ti ft y periodical*
'' it:", nteiit* <n" the Age are tak-a, and with j
'.FY of matter which they embrace, we in IV sale- ,
'kat d is a icork that should be mtlcumrd in every
TvT^"" r "' a £(fww.
fc: .fgc is altogether unapproachable in value
q -as a reproduction of the niost elegant peri
' trrature ol the day. — Churchman.
|C:;- no periodical iu this country, or in England,
.7° or 'U *° comprehensive and so satisfactory an
L. ; ' itentaro politics, and science of the uM,
I Bcjt ygll y named Living Age.- J. G. Whither.
• ' :n- : t .01 1 p r.i.u:it:it \.d ic. it bears
-Curt lioston Lrdgir.
7 ' lril .1 most desirable substitute in a house-
*4*ey Cxis?nslre voitunes, — Salem Gazette.
I'R '. ( l! LD'LI.Y informs bis b .rmer 1 nstomers and
I FMdie generally, tkat he has removed his
|->\., ' ,r s ' ,!; th ot Tra v A Moni e s store and immr-
I 1 D ■ • Half's Store and '! in Stoic Mainst.
ff'• abb to pleasi ftil who may favor bin
ilUrrhanbi?tr, &~c.
CALL and see some beautiful patterns of Lamps for
—distilled from Goal ami not explosive; cheaper than I
any light yet discovered. Both Oil and Lamps, with
Wicks and Shades, furnished very cheap at
April 21,1858.
New Spring and Summer'
HS. MERCUR has just received a good assortment '
• of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods.
Groceries, Hardware, Harness and Carriage'
7 rimmings, Crockery and Glass H'arc,
JJovts dj- Shoes. Hats Sf Caps, Paints,
Oils, Wooden Ware, fyc., t )-c.
Many ot which articles will be sold for cash at lower
prices than were ever before offered in Bradtord C'ounty.
Towanda. April 20. 1858.
I A DIES Skeleton Lattice extension steel
J Hoop Skirt* .a _ MERGER'S ST(>RE.
! DRECKENRIDGE l liumitiatingr Oil and
| O Lamps f..r .-ale by H.B.XEBCUX.
1 | ADIES Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs at G j cents 1
j -*A each, U hite tiottou Hose at n 4 cents per pair, j
I Handsome Lawn.: at 0 j cent-per yard, and tin- be-t U,j
j cent ( a 1 icons in the State, vv.ll be found at tin* Store of
I Towftada, April 21,1868. H. 8. MERCUR.
T>IRD GAGES uf alldescriptiou,Uempand
1 II Canary seeds. Bird-nest s. Cuttle Done and ether
j Bird tixen's at No. 2 Pattons Block.
_ April 21, 1858. WM. A.ROCKWELL. 1
V LARGE iisscirtincht of Ladies Fancy j
Baskets, Childrens Willow and Empire Cabs,
| Ac., fit No. 2 I'attons Block.
j April2l,lßsß. WM. A. ROCKWELL.
\N extensive vari< tv of Crockery, Glass,
Yellow Ware, Fluid, iaiap wicking Ac., at No. 2
i Block.
April '2l, 1858. WM, A. ROCKWELL.
| /"TARPETIXG —Fine Inffrafn, Yeuitian,
YHemp atid Rush Carpeting, Mats, Rugs Ac., at No.
2,l'atioiis Block,
April 21.1658 WM. A. ROCKWELL.
riTiE elieajiest and treti'-rnl variety of Moots
J and Shoes ever oHe red in Towanda, at No. 2 I'at
tons Block
April 21,1858. WM. A. ROCKWELL.
IY'KLIT. — Prunes, Iuisit*is, dried lL.rrics,
aj | !"s. Ac., ut No. 2 l'atton- Lloik.
1 fprll 21,1888. W. A. ROCKWELL.
ILLINOIS Tintulb) Seed and Oiiio Clover
reed foi sale ut No. 2, Puttaas 81'.c!..
April 20. 185'.'. WM. ROCKWELL.
j \TACKINAW TROUT, Mackerel, Codfisb,
-■ 1 f.r 0.1!" at No. 2, Ratlins Block.
April 2fl, 1856. WM. ROCKWELL.
Spring aiul Summer Millinery,
FOR 1858,
ICc. 5, Union Plock,
HAVING made extensive arrangement- and improve
ments in ."ir MILLINERY DEPARTMENT, we now
curd allv im in all to favor us with a call before purchas
ing SPUING or SUMMER MILLINERY, feeling confi
dent we can make it to the advantage of all.
j Will be full and complete, with everything iu the line of
I Millinery ; such as Straw Bonuels, Bloomers, Flats and
j Gyps : ctt<- of :.i! kinds and -ty lea for Ladies' or Mioses'
' wear, by the d..zeu or case.
Ii :--! s and Flower- by the V-.x. Ribbons by the piece
or cartoou. lilond-, edging, holing- anil Straw Biaid-l>i 1
tiie •! ./en nr plot e. In nn< t Frami s. Crowns and Blocks
ibv the dozen. Reeds and covered bone- I v the gross.— 1
Band boxes by the nest or gross. Foi lt .n.s. Crapes 1
Li--es, Cron n Lining- ami Cape. Netts I.\ the piece nnit
in fact everything requited in the Miilirery line in the
, greatt -t abundau.c and ut the vcrj lowest CITY WUOLK
Will rni'.-race a tull and rrmpVte a-v.-fmenf of *ll of
tin above inctuioneil arti. iv- at price- to suit the turn -
! All bonnets bought at the-t- re will be trimmed free of
eh: rge in the latc-t -1 vie and best maimer. Goods bought
by parties bom out 01" town, will be packed and deliver
ed to the • ia t eo or car Uee ot cxpeu-e.
A. T. MARHII &. CO.,
; No. 5. Union Block. Eln.ira, N. Y.
People of ]>nullbrd Couhtv
J.V particular, at;d readers of tLe lit] titer
. in general.
MARSH W CO., OF ELM IRA. N. Y. send greetings
t<i you a id yours, and de- re t > inform one and all that
, they 'an and wil; make it guat!;, 1 1 your advantage t>
I purchase every thing von want in the shape <>t DRY
| wholesale or i. tail of them at No 5. Union Block, iu thc
a! re-aid village of Elm ia. N. Y.
Tiico tacilitiv.- are .crtaiuly iin-tirpa-.-ed ; as one meni
i ber of the lii in is on the spot oil the while, con-tilting j
' the tit. and want-of their numerous ct;.-t> ment, whilst :
. another of the firm is daily iu tlie auction room* and im- i
i porting houses in New York < ity. securing the newest
i and m >-t desiral le go .d- ftt the very lowest rate®, (a- 1
■ they buy exclusiveh for c;v-li) ami a- they -ii! for ca-h
!;. tin y liave no 10--' to inak<- up, and 01: eqneatly
! can ftftd d . -cl: - i Clteftp at I kfj COUipetittOß. Time j
: and -pace preclude the possibility of mentioning half or
' quarter ot tiie many induicment- which are off red to all j
| to trade ut their popular e-tabli.-limeiit, and tin; NEW ;
\ IIV KitTi-ttHKNTs v II from week l ; week give but a li.nit
| c 1 idea of the many advaiit:i"e* to tie derived bv calling
| on ' A. T. M VKSII A CO..
No. 5 Union Block. Elmira, N. Y.
i U.S. For further par'.: ulur, sec N< vv \>!verti- incnts, ,
j ssk these who have ealh d, and go see for ynorsclves. j
IvJcw Just Hear what IVlarsh has been
and gone and done
-1 <T—Went to New York on Monday night.
12d Bought lots ol New Goods ot'"the very latest and
m i.-t de-irable style-, a few of which will be mentioned j
' in our new advertisements, hut tu -t of which mu.-t tic j
sen in order to be appic-iated.
3d- We intend our -t n k shall be more extensive than |
ever, and ia t. thoogii 11 >t le.-t. we di.tll
att-.l as 1 heap a- we can afford to and pay enr clerks j
e.lO qh 11 k.. p them hoiie-i. We would jest say
o fa - : :;tie- . unti.. eto! c - tch that '.y w ill be ~ .tabled
to o;lcr extra inducements to all to Imv Dry Goods of
M VRSif Co.,
No. C, Union it! •• k. Elmir*.
Wc 'vc got 'em !
j r pHOSK PATENT ELASTIC SKII.TS. with self-ad
1 ju-table bustles, utadf by Doug! 1- A Sherwood, New
! York f'ifv, are emphiitieally *!:e b p -t thing ever got up
in the shape' of Skirts. To be had only of
M kRSII A CO.. Ufti n BS >ck.
1 STLFNI'ID NEW (5 Ot lAM: MELODEON, will be j
j 1 sold for II 3, which ia f3O less than the regular price. I
: Also, 1 sc itid-hantl da., been used but little ; regular
j price J75, mil . . .-old for ? >O. by
A. T. MARSiI r. CO., 5 Union Block. |
MOKE of those Fancy llead Dress l'ius j
.ut JIAR.SII &< O. !
! o NEW pieces sples-did Biaek Dress SILTS ;
■O at 6a, Bft pad 16a • ywi si XABSH &t 1 S- I
lO'l'S of Linen Tapes in nl! widths ; also, '
J extra wide twilled Cotton Tape-.
1) EEI)S ! Plain Hrass Hoops ; Spiral do ; j
V patent covered Steel Hiop- lot- and lots 0 f >ai
ju.-t te. . ived. MARSH A CO. 1
I 7^DOINGS, Inner'iug.-, Bauds, C'oilars. Sleeves and ;
L Sutu ot the oevveat style- just opeued.
W'I.MIOW DRAPERY, both p Msiiu
, II and I.ave, of splendid styles. MARSH k CQ.
i>LAIN all w '°°l DeLaines of every color
and be-t grades for only 3- a yard usually sold for i
•i" ; also Figured ones same price : also a splendid as- j
sort.neut ol the newest I'e siah Figured Delanncs t<r on- .
ly l6d .1 y,l,d tust opeued. MARSH k GO. |
rpUE latest stvlo of II ATS and PAPS, at ;
X March 10.1 W. MONTANYES-
ON Tuesday. Murcli 23, between this place j
and Browntowo, a BLACK I'GIi'fMONIE, vvith j
i übvit :crt.ntv-;tvi *••;.. in silver ivi u itt-a, cac of ?5, (
vl },m d $27.
I'M. JA< rip MM \N i
i:. 'f. i- ox
TS NOW KECEIViXG a large utock of,
: A 1 AMILT GROCFIRIE3, whluh .ire offered for -ale at ;
as low prices a- the same quality of Goods tnu be bought 1
■ an v. -here this -id.; ol tin- t'itv ot New York.
I? I ELD PEAS, for sale at
X March 25. 18.58. FOX'S.
HOMMONY, SAMP, Wheat-Grits, Ont
meal, Tapioce, Rice Flour, Maccaroni, Vermicllla,
j Corn Starch anJ Farina, for sale at
! Mar.di 25, I*sß. FOX'S.
X MUSTARD, ground and whole, at
I March 25. 1858. FOX'S.
I v Sauce, Tomato Catchup, Pickles, Saidiues. Ac.
i March 23,1858. FOX'S.
seed : the best Field Bean iu the country, at
I March 25, 1658. FOX'S.
"A PEE SUG A R. ftt
. March 25.1656. FjOX'S._
ries and Apples, at
| March 25, I*s-. FOX'S.
_ MARSH & CO."
I .13 grade from it to $6 a yard at MARSH A CO.
Tict*a Point
Agricultural & Junction Iron Works,
WELLES, BXsOOTi Af Co., Proprietors.
r l'!lF, subsiri! >r would re.-pectfully inforni liia friend*
i cu-tomcra, and the public generally, that lie ha
! formed a co-pattnor-hip with Mi. Joiix U. BLOOD, of Al
i bauy, N. Y.. (who iu- lur -cveral years beeu Supci intcn-
I dent ol Messrs. Finery iirotliera' Agricultural Works,)
i and with Mi. i.L N. BLOOD, ol Worcester, Mas-...
! (Machini-'t and Tool Builder, and late Superintendent of
I the Anierieftri Hoop Machine Company of Kitchtiurg,
j Ma -., under tiie firm tiume of WEi-I.ES, Bl.Oul* & Co;
i and that we leased tor a term of rears the extensive
I ; nil well known Iron Works, of UV -srs. Sbipman A
i W elles, at this place, and united the Tioga Point Agn
) cultural Work-with the same. ! r the luanulactutf of
, Agricultural Mui hitios, Implements, Ae., among vvliich
will be Fuiery's-ICndiess Chn'i Railroad Hor e Powers,
Threshers and Gleam rs. Thresher;- and Separators, For
! t ible Circular and Cru—cut -aw Mills, Cider Mills, Dog
[ Power*. Clover Duller-, Fed Cutters, Fanning Mills.
1 Flow.*, Ilai row-. < i.Uivator-. s nu le Machines, KirbyV
i Mowets ir d Reapers, Ac., ol the mo ' improved liatteiii*
! and construction. We are prepared t•> do aii kinds of
; Machiuery Casting and K( pairing, at.d have lor sale a
I h ige stock of first via— Steam Engines, Machinery and
i Cu-t: ic>, manulactuied by and belonging to Messrs.
| Shipman ft Welles.
Both ol the M'-s-rs. Blood are skillful and experienced
1 prjcli al mechaiiics. Our Machinery" will nearly all be
I new and with the latest impi vnnents, und with the en
i couragemcntafforded by the patronage of a discerning
| public, we expect to have tiie reputation of doing tirst
class work und making the be-t Agricultural Machine*
I in use. ' R. M. WELLES.
Athens, January. 1658.
Our pu-t inuividuftl experience in the manufacture,
j sale and use t Agricultural Machine* and Implements,
' and also in general Machine und Steam Work, with our
excellent facilities, allmled by Machinery, principally of
our own construction, with the very latc-t and best iin
proveme.its, and also for procuring the very best mate
rials arid stock of all kind- at cheap rates, will enable us
1 to manufacture better machiuery, at same prices, than
I that of other manufacturers, and also compete with the
I world in prices and quality and material and workman
ship of all kimls of Agricultural lmpliuieuts, and in all
kinds of Casting and Job Wink.
We shall pay especial attention t<> the manufacture of
the very la -I ot I'iow- and Plow Ca-tingw Wc intend to
j make ca-tings It all the leading plows in use in our vi
; cinity, ami -hall take great care to u.-e only the best ma
j teriai. Our plow wooder is from the best and most ctic
brited Mrtern manufactory. W invite ail intm-sU'd in
" home luanuh.ctuics " to call ami -cc our woiK*.
R. M. Wei.LLS,
; J. I*. BLOOD,
b. N. BLOOD.
so i uiu ii u; .y tITt: k,
| Also, Upper Leather, French and American Calf Skins,
Kip Skins, a large assortment of Morocco. Linings, Find
I iag-b and other good- suitable for the season.
i \ j of our own manufacture, constantly on hand,
in '. made : > order, all ol which we "ft 1 1 at re
dm id prill - HI MUIIEKY fy Wit KH AM.
T'ouai; la. January 5. ls.ts.
-77awill be found at lii- <■ld quarters in
j ICittoiißlock, a- I- lore, puuianeutly.
Person-from a distance will jilea-e send wold In fore
i coming, a- busiuess ha- liecotue a- lio'iri-liiug as loriner
ly. The mo.-t binding kind ol warrautee will be given, if
required, for good refia'dc woik.
I Towanda, March 1. I*sß. JOHN MACKINTOSH.
; YI (,)"N r r AN Y ]-: s
Are now rccciving their Sjiring and Summer Stock of
! Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
i'oob k .fijnrs, |l; OP /iniiiiiijs 'C, jLTntjjrr,
Which will be sold at < heat hi Red wed Pries.
Cor. Put die Square and Main -t.
j. n. MOST WYE. i TOWANDA. \i. i. MONTAXYK, jk
jL. D. MONI A N VE, ) April 12.1856. (K. n. MUMTAM'K.
L^XECUTOR'B NOTICE. Notice is hcvc-
I 1 l.\ given that all ; ersons inde'ited to the estate cf
j WILI.fAM BRINK, late of Pike tap., deeoa-ed. must
' make immediate jniyment, and all per ons having d'-
! mind i"ai:i-t ci'l e-tate, will pre-ent them duly authen
ticated for settlement.
April JO, 18 6. Executor.
, IpXECCTOR'S NOTlCE.—Notice is lier< -
Ij >y given, that all per-oii-iiule'itcd to the t .-tateof
! NAN'"V MILLS, deceased, late of Canton t>wn-h ; p.
1 are requested to r.- .ke payment without delay; those
j Inn ing dc.nands'jgain-t-aid estate will present them duly
authenticated for-clllcrncut.
I April 26,1858. WH- s. JAYNE, Executor.
J 1 is In vi-by given, tlg.t .ill pel -oil- indebted to the es
tate of Win. V. Clapper, dee'd.. late of Tuscaiora town
ship, are hereby requested to make payment without ib -
l.n ; and all pet.sou* having claim- a miu-i said e-tate will
pi ~-r present them du! y anthertlieatc d for scttlemcuL
April 27. 10-58. Administrator.
]S now receiving n lrircre stock of SPRING
_ GOODS. eotni<ri-i!i.g everything that i- new and do
| sirable, which will be sold as usual, at prices far less than
j at any other establishment iu the country,
Believing that long credit* and the abuse of t'ue credit
i system generally, have been the cause of tin great com- j
J mercial revulsion which has brought the whole country lo
' the verge of bankriijitey. and that acontiuuauce of the.-e
1 causes niu-t in a still greater degree produce the same
results : and belicviu that it is far better for both the
merchant a d hi- cu-tomer, that the evil rhould now be
corrected, I take this method of announcing to my cus
tomers and the public that tny business will hereafter
be conducted strictly upon the ready pov -y.stem, and
shall endeavor to make it an object to tho-c wishing to
buy good- for CASH, to favor tne with their patronage.
Towanda. March '23, 1858. JOSEPH POWELL.
A TTF.NTION* is called to tiie fact that
I il c. w. ROGERS is now jin town, and offers his scr
j vices to those wishing it, in tunics: Pianos, repairing
and tuning Melodeour, Ac. ile can also furnish the
i above Instrument* "heap as the cheapest. All liutru-
I merits fully warranted. Calls from the country pronipt
i Iv attended bo.
His partner. LEVI WELUS. iu Tusoftror*. can also be
■ called on in any of the above departments.
Towanda. Feb. 'J, 1858.
( OHOEMAKEF? rs* F 3 everything in
' L? THRTR '.QW CF BUS: L"1. 'F
i ~M jxh 1 i'- 14 TANYFF.
1 by given that there have been filed and settled in j
! the nffi'e of the liegl der of Wills in sod for tbe county of ;
; Bradford accounts of administration upon the following j
estates via :
Final account of Sophonia E. Jackson, administratrix :
of Joseph FI. Hamilton, fate of dee'd
Final account of Ilcnrv Gibbs and Humphrey Be l. I
( with. Executors of Cyprian Barnes, late of Orwell, Ccc'd j
t Final account of Cliarles Siockwell Guardian of Eras-j
j tas Manley minor sun "f Asa Uauley. tiee'd.
' Final account of Sarah Stone, administratrix "f J. F.
j Htcnc. late of I.cror. dee'd.
Final nocouiit of Win. IT. Peck Guardian of Hublard ;
! Williams, minor son of Johnson Williams 2d. dee'd
Final account of Stephen Biiuk, Executor of John
I Ford, late of Pike, dee'd.
Final account of Elijah and R S- Shoemaker, Executors
ol Eunice Shoemaker, late of Windham, deed.
Final account of Samuel Davidson, Administrator of
Scely Goble, late of Litchfield ueo'd.
Final account of (). W. Northrop and John if. Brls
; ter. Executors of Irene Whitehead, fate of P.i.e. dee'd.
And the same will be presented to the Orphan's Court
of Bradford county, on Monday, the 3d day oi .May next
for confirmation and allowance".
JAMES 11. WEEIi, Register.
Register's office, March 30, 1553.
MARSHAL'S SALE.—By virtue of n
. writ of Venditioni Lxpouas issued out of the Ch -
j cuit Court of the United States, for the Western District
'of Pennsylvania, and to me directed, tin-re will be expos
] ed to public sale, at the Court House, in Will awsport,
Pennsylvania, on SATURDAY, the Sth day ol MAY next,
:ut 2 o clock, P. M.. the ioilowiuy described pi"| erty. to
wit : A certain tract (if laud, situate in Springfield town
. ship. Bradford county. Pennsylvania, containing two
hundred a. ita.more or less : one hundred acres, no re or
; less, cleared : bounded on the north ly land of Stephen
i 1). Darkness, on the cast by land of Jacob liarkne-s and
j others, ou tire south by laud of T illman D. Deaid-hy,
' and "U tlic west by lands of Jacob Darkness and other"-.,
i with ttie appurtenances, consisting of one dwelling house
pointed white, three barns, one wagon shed, one corn
j ii'jiisc, and other outbuildings, alc j an orcnard of aj pie
: trees. Seized, taken in execution, and to be acid as the
property of John H irkness.
j Marshal's Office, WUiiinyort, March 31. 185:.
I I CENSES.—Notice is hereby piven, that
.J tiie following named persona h;.v filed in the office
I of the Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sessiei.s their j.eti
| lions lor licenses under the existing laws of the Oon.m u
, wealth, and tl.eir several applications will be heard before
; the Judge.; o: the Court oi Quarter Se-aioua on jf inday .
, the 3J day of May next, at 2 o'clock in the aiieiiioon cf
! raid day :
j Nathan 01 instead Ulster twp.
j John Dickerson Warren twp.
!S. Cheslev Myer ~. .< ant n twp.
| Joseph (j. P'uc Ridgbrry twp.
, Will. imO. Guusaules Ridghury twp.
William Gibson .. Ulster twp.
j Ethel Taylor Mot.roe hero.
! Orson lii .-key . R .me boro.
' John Lacghiin Towanda boro.
Moses T. Carrier Tow.mda b'-ro.
I 1.. V\. Bicchajd Aliteua boro.
! Nathan Mitchell .... Athens tap.
I John 0. Ward .Troy twp.
! 11. A. Phelps Athens bom.
i Ephraim \V. Bigouy Tr*-y boro.
j Jason Chaffee Rome twp.
; J. M. Horton Asylum twp.
Stephen A. Mills North Towanda.
H. W. Root Springfield twp.
J. I*. Strong Columbia twp.
L. F. Goetcliina Srlv.uiia boro.
J. S. Thompson Wyalusingtwp.
fUtniel v anilercook Towanda boro.
M. R- Buss SmltMeM twp.
1 11. \V. Noble Standing Stone twp.
! Reel A Ackky Athens tap.
' Horare inntv She-;hejuin twp.
S. F. Washburn Ulster twiv
Reuben Moilty Burlington Boron l n.
Daniel llaverly Overton twp.
Darius Myers Ulster twp.
; Jacob Ilichard-on Rids?) erry twp.
! William P. Newberry.. . .Canton twp.
j Jacob Richardson Ridgburv twp.
i James Nestor ... ... Towanda boro
1 William Morgan Troy b"io.
Clerk's Office, April <5. 1-> U .
J V is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Levi Ennis. late of Standing Stone twp .de-hi.
i are requested to make payment without delay ; and all
j persons having claims against said c-t st-, must present
• them dtilv authenticated, to the sab- r:'>er.
j April 8.1538. Adin in i stratore.
1 1a. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to ;no es
I tate of John t. Ball, deceased, late of Try, township,
fare n piested to make payment without delay : and all
! per.s-.-ii.-i having claims against said estate will pieasepre
' sent them duly authenticated for - itu me it.
C. H. i \ M I'BEEL,
I April 12,1858. Vdminietraton.
! 1 I>M IN ISTR ATO R'S N OTlCE.—Notice
1 1\- i- here! y civ. ii, that .ill ; ■ rons in h-bted to the es
, tate ot Win. I'illM'Eß, di e:i idi.te of Franklin tp. arc re-
I quested to make payment withor t d<! ir; and alt persona
having claims against -aid e.stati . mu-t pre out the in duly
authenticated for .-ettleaient, to the subscribers
Bfarch 3,1R.17. Administrator*.
x V i.s hereby given, that all p< rsons indcbUd to the e>-
i tate ot EDWARD HANI.OX, 'ate ol Ridgburv,dee d,
I are hereby requested to make jmynivfit with ;.t de
| lay; and all jieisous having claims -against -aid. tate will
please present them duly uuthenticuti >i lor scttk inent.
MARY H.\NL<.x.
j Adniiiiistratorx.
! il- 1- hereby given, that all pers.-ns imlehtrd to the
estate of PETER NEII.Y, de nased, lati of Litelitield
J twp, are hereby notified to make payment u it limit ileiav,
l and all persona bavins demands against -c.:d estate 'c
requested to present them U i.v autlu nt :-:ated for settle
ment-. " ANN J. NEII.Y,
Petirotry 10,1858. tdrainislratrix.
jl \ i. hereby given, that all pi ji del-ted to th
tate of Isaac Vlh u. late ol Windham twp., dec. asp.!,
refpiested to make juiyinent without delay; and all per
soiis Lav ngviaims against sunt estate, must present them
duly authenticated for seitieim-ol to tin- sub-ci ii-er.
April 6,1858. A Uuifd-tiatrix.
In Bradford County Common I'leas, No. 1 <il. fontcmbcr
To all parties intere-tod interested la th's n ?. t !:<•
notice, llxt ! y virtue of a writ-1 p-irtiti-m i ■ acJ out of
the Coast of Common I'leas of Bradford t canty, and to
me directed that an inquest will l hi hi n tin pre ni i ■.
on Saturday the 17th d n of A.u d, A. D.! at 1 •>', i isk
P. M., on all tital • ertaiu lot of laud i i ijte i:i Orweil
township, bounded and de-evibed a> follows to wit
North, cast, south and weat, by lands of the estate of
Sauiuel Matthews de-cased. C.nt lining a ;;t eig* t
acres, ioor< or less, for the purpose of making partiE ,i
of the said described real t-.-t ite to anl iiioong tl;opartie.i
nieuti uicd iu the said writ, if the sarue can t-v 0 a • with
out prejudice or spoiling of the whole, othet wise t > val
ue and up;.rai-c the same according to law, r.t whi- h
time auu phtcc jou uc required to attend if you think
1 1 '" TIIOS. M. WOODRUIT, FherifT.
EcerilT.i office, March 2, Is.OS.
i L i -htrelry given, that all persons iud ' ted to iht e -
j tate of I'AEEB EIMJAKTUN, latent Athens Borough
[deocttcd, are roqueatei to make payment with it ac
| lay ; and ail pers jus haviugcluims against said estate will
i please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
j November 12, 157.7. Administratrix.
"PROCLAMATION. —Whereas, the TToTT.
X DAVID W'IEMOT. President Judge of ti.e l'Jth Ju
dicial District, consisting ol the Counties of Bradford and
Susquehanna, and Houoraides Joux PX.SSMOKE, and
JOHN F. LONG, Associate Judges, iu and for said county
of Bradford, have issued their precept bearing date the
7th day of April A. D. 185F, to nte directed, for holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer, Geucral Quarter Session.- of
the Peace, Common Picas and Orphan's Court, at Towan
da, for the Couuly of Bradford, on the tir.-t Monday, the
3d day of MAY next, to continue time weeks.
Notice is therefore hereby given, to the Coroaeiwmd
Just i es of the Peace and Constables, of the County G
Bradford, that they be heD and there in their proper' ner
; son, at 10 o'clock in the forenocm of said day, with their
records, inquisitions,and other rcmciubrau- vs. to do those
1 things which to their office appertams to be done ; and
j those who are bound by recognuan- c or otherwist to pro
i Beoute against the prisoners who are or may U. in the i til
j of said County, or who .-.hall be. bound to appear at the
I said court, are to be then and there u pre t. :te against
j thnn a' shall V-e jnst. Jurors are reipiestrd to V-e ptinctnal
! in their attendance, agreeably to tiu-ir uotice.
i Dated at Towanda, the Gh of ApriGlr. the year of our
lord, one t'oeuroud right Lutdrad led filty-o.ght tr.d
• i the L it, r, d*:rc cf the Untvd F etc?."the t-
I find* THOMAS X. WCKMDLITP, Fherlfli.
IIER IF PS SALES.— Br rirtw of sundry
i CJ writs ol Vend. Exp"., Usned out ot th*-court of Com
' mon Pica. ofßradf rd Co- nrt. t< mi- d.n .Jet? and de
lire-rial, wiil be exposed to pu'Hi • sale at tl e Court Hon -e,
Towanda Ib.tough, c;i THURSDAY, the "' th day a .
APRIL. IsiPL at one o'clock. P. M. the f' llowu.g !,.♦
ultccor parcel cf land situate in 8.-rlingt-m t'.vm, B: iu
rord co'iuty, bound'd <tbe north by lindcf r. S- Ayre-i,
on the east by lcr.d of Willi .iu Gibso'a. ou the south by
land of P.<.swell Luther and Alexander Lane and on the
wet by land of Alexander Lane and Mvron 1 rnri-. Con
talning *io acres mort <>t less about V" •* :ea ;ni:.i- vc 1.
Seized taken in exi„ution at the 3 uit of l".vid J. !
Crawford vs. Z. R. Tiavls. i
ALSO—The fellow, in v lot, piece or pared of laud fit*.- .•
ate in Burlington a:.u P.'cst B. Gington twp*., iK'tmdfu 1
on the north Ly Silas B* tts and Newel' Hoi'vncj.k,. •-t
by Ph 1 ' B'.-atu-ky, on the south i y Addison U'Keuiiand
Jeremiah Lovcl.tSid and on the west Ly lands of John
Bloom. Containing about or,e hundred nml fi.ty a- re-.,
uioie or less. a')>>ut thirty aores iinproved-
Seized and taken i > execution at the suit of J. C. A!
1 drich v.. Be jam in Nichols.
Ai.SO —The following Int. piece or pu'-ci of land itn
atln C nt n twp... Brr.df -rJ county, bounced on 'he
north by the highway an-J a lot occupied by H-uwc- ft
tit, and ea-t by laud of l-'ri-deriek Bl.i k anil 'lheoJ -re L.
Pratt, on the south by lauds of ( . F. Stllard and Wi! van
Vw.-dyke i-mi Ilveihart, and tbe we-t by land-i of J
G.Seudder, Doty and Wilcox, Wilson A Vandyke. Ever
j hart and highway leading from Cant- ato !■ xtewn up,
I Sullivan Co. Containing about two acres, in'-re u r i.
I all improved, with out trained store hoc.-.- and framed
| barn urnl shod there, u.
ALSO—One other lot, p'e.-e or pa reel of litul ,-ltuat' i
iin Canton twp.. Brad .id.--e.ntv bounded ou then th I
! by land brl ■ 'in:* to King e*y, N v -.lav A Co., i-u-.; 1 y
: iai ds cf A. N. Sp..iu;iig. south ov the highway and west |
1 by latul ot K ng-a.i'ry, X< wri an i Co. C <nta uiug about |
! eight rod.-, airiaic. more or leas, u'l improved, with one
j framed tru re n.
; AI.SG —One other lot piece or prrcel <<f land situate |
| in the village of t'ii t IU, iu the t-.'vvii-hip of Canton ,
| county and State afoie aid, I auiiued -a lh> o rlh by la .d /
I belong rig t-- tue (.state oi' J. C. Ko-e. de J.. 1".. \V. Col- 1
j well and M- H Case, e i-t 1 v Ceiitie street, eontli by land |
j btl- nv.i g to James (• Randall nr. d Sam. ■*•! Owen and on r
' the west l y lands of &1111 I*! U.vei! -uul the eitntc o; J. '
|C. Lose. dee d. Containing about iwo anea, more or i
' le—. all improved, with one iramtd home and fruit tree: j
J tlll'l e.)ll.
;—One other i"t, piece or jiarcei of ante
: In Cant - u twp , Brad'oiii ..ou.dv, ... mailed ou the north
jby laud oi El.a. Rockwell, east by land of W. Griffin, 1
i south by the hi- hvvuy lead .- r Jront Un .. t -wn-h.p to j
| Canton "and on tin-, v.vsi by laud oi J. \V. (JEfiui. Cm
j Mining tw- tv Hi-res, n.ere or less.
Ft:.' dand taken . • wrnti u at the suit cf R*ukwell ,
; and Wint ,n vs. ..ath n Tutth*.
j f>. zt.d :J i. n in c.v-sutiou at the suit cf Stuns. '
! Stair A Co. vs. Nathan Tattle.
i A1 SG—The f.-liovnug ia. piece or pane! oflmd situ- ,
l ate in li dgl a .t.vj , Drudfoid touii*. • , bouisde i -n the I
' i firth y lai.iis ••;' Viuf.-'.t Owen, on Ihe i i-l by l.mdi of j
j HiiU'i aiid Vincei.t Owen and Isaac Baldwin. i:j the!
south Ly hu doi KM uicel Gt a-aidus uU the wi-.t Ly {
j land of Son tl To s ')-, ('...taiiuog nb-ut one hundred ;
j and twenty re., more or lesa, about verity a. r*a in*-1
pi . v*d. -uc fi.imed li'.o-i-, oil.,- i .g h >ase with a framed ,
! uddit ■ n, one iiatiu J l aru. two 1 g barns and oti.n oat :
building)*, Iwo apple or> bards and other fruit trees.
I Seized and taken In exe .mion at tbe aoit ot James H.;
, Webb to the use oi V. Mtrvur vs. Alphe .s G. Mar reliuu.
ALSO—The following lot. piece -r parcel of laud situ
| ate in S..uihCTttk t\ p.. I!i. i rd c :.ty, bounded us
i follows, to witßegianlng at the centre" of the public !
' r- ad, from ti-er.Ci ■auth by line or lianis-'Q Ward tweu
' ty-scven and ei. iit t i.'.'as pircLcs t > the south west C"r
--| ner ol tin Kenick i t. tin are north To west along south
i line of said Ken ick I I .74 r-10 i- •!- to northwest corner
jof the Charles White lot, from thence sooth 11 rods to
the centre of saui public p 1 and from thence an ea-ur
■ ly course along -aid i ad t. the place of beginning. Con-
I uiuitig five ...its and loi t \ six mote or leas, be
ing a part of whut is k -own a* tiie Charlc-s White lot,
I No. 6 on E. Overton's tnap. about three acre* improved,
i one framed lioutt. Iran:- d -.t ible and fruit trees tucreou.
Si-i.'i d and taken i:i execution 'it the suit of Decker A
Ornc!] vs. Una- F. Campbell and CatLari.c Caiiahe.l.
j ALSO -The following lot. piece or j a>ctl of land situ-1
; ate iu V. el is t wp., Bradi'ord county, bounded oa the north j
Vy land*, of HUT ,ih:.-y' 11, West by kinds in >- i
I si'M ! Charles fjniitli, Gt*orge Bevkwitli and James Gris
wnid, s.ath *y land f Jatne*ifirisw dd and the highway j
. > and on the < '.si 1 y lands ol N-hcmiiL It.thboue. Con-!
. ■ taii.'.ng svwiity-twr a..res. inoi or ivs-,. about •
I II- K - improvt 1 ;:T framed HW c, ba,.. a. '. af- W
■ fruit trees lln i i-on.
F-dzt-d take:, ]n cn-i tion at the suit of William i
S. Inialis vs. Bt-iijamia 1 .gal's.
Ai.SO- Tiie f d'lo.v. IT!d,iit ec -r jar tl of land -itu*
at- in O: well twp., B. - 1 .i-<... tut. oaamlcd utliei.>rvh
t v tiie a .1: line o." Oi wc.l town.-!,in. int by lands el
1 : Huny Buliu-g.s a Sidney Ibv uaid s ih Ly lands oi .
! Jam 's 1). N well and H :uinbrey Be kwith and we-t .y 1
j the pebli. highway C t.taii.inff uSntly acres, insre or !
less, id out Surly acres improved, me framed h iu-e, a .
tea:.. -I turn and aa orchard of fruit tret--.
St ho Jan 11 ken in ex* Titian nt ilit -.iit of C- L. Wai 1 !
1 to t'.e i so of J si ph I'oweli vs. sic*ll S. Latlir.p and |
! Wyllls Hrowuson.
j AIJSt > -The following ct, piece r r parcel of ]j*.d situ- |
' ate in Wi -i 11 rlioglontwj).. Biadfurd cum :y, bond. j ,
: j on the- north by land* of W. Sawyer and Marvin Rock- j
well, ea-t by A. Cunii'tju. ou th- sooth by lauds of Ortin
I Wc. tgate :- d ou the west by O. Bc-h y. Containing i
i 1 ninety-seven acres, be the mine m l*s.s. about forty
. acre.-, tki.rc-it imp: -vi I, one lug bou.-e, one framed barn ;
: and a few truit trees thereon
j Se.zei". and taken in exe* t tion at the mtit ..f <>. P! l'en-'
| diet -it to use of Calvin Dodge vs. F G. Crofut and G. 1". '
1 Croft.t.
Ai-F t—The fallowi !•.' 1 t. p't-ee *r parcel of laud situ- !
■ at*- n A u yhtm Ivp.. Bradford county, h* ~ndvd on tbe i
north li\ laroisoi John V<> • and John Wandall cast by i
! land i f Boulieu Barnes, south by th'- F illtvnn Co inlv {
' line, nt;d < n the wi*i ly lands e-f Bcrjr.ii in and D. !
. Vaugltti and J"hn Voce. Costtaisiing :ie huudtel j
i and eighty-fiv.- acres, more or less, niiniit one hundred !
; acres iu.; i -.vtd, oi.. house, mu- framed barn with •
| shed attach*''!, onefr.unr-d wag-Mt Icnisc u.'J ••:!.*•? out-!
i buil'luors nud an or. hard ot truit Decs thereon.
! Seized and fak uin c.\eianion ai the auit of C. & A. j
. 1 Ri -hnionil vs. Josi-th Stowtll.
I ALSO—The following i it, piece or pgrcel of hrd *itn- |
i ate in Ridyoury twp . Bradford county bounded n -rth !
' ; l.y land of B. F. B i k, east bv the llerwick lurupike. I
• si' an-1 west by h" lof J !!. Wilkinson. Cuuta'.uing
' i lirtif an acre, more or less, all iinproved, with a frame-.
! house and a blacksmith -Lop thereon,
j Seized rid tkn iu omi -Tion at tbe suit of O.ville
i Chamloerlin v : . Aurcu I'erttins.
M.-It- The tell .wing lot. pi •- or ptr*el of land itu
ate ! a Troy twp., Bradford coonty, bounded as follows, j
to wit: Be j.; i: tii ••' on flit* west line of the lurm of the ;
I late Samuel Alk-u. dec'tl., in the centre of tb<- jmbße 1
! toad lead tig from E. ' Troy t ■ Granville Centre at the j
i south end of the watering trough near a novae Bow or
• i lut: ly o.n i jiici l\v Hiram Lament, thfnci eisiw. :dlv bv
a e p-'. :tie' v (tl. tin south lim* of the late Sonne! Al
ien. li' c'd. at !•-: id and the u rtli line of Slirlfield I'e.r
--j pie's hind, to the west line of A'-ijah Parks' land tin :V e i
j northwardly to tl:" wet line of Ahijoh Parks' land t • '
a point fri'tii which a line vscstrrlv to the afuresri'd r->ad. >
I and from thence to the place of 1 cit'invig wi!! en !?sr. |
■ I Containing scTcnty acre*, more or lesa, about thirt** wrei:
' | improve 1 with a trained house, u tranicd haru ami a few |
" ' small fruit trees. [,
1 | r*ei/> d id taken in cvrnti *:* et t'.ie r:it of L'-.iwanl j
S;. aulding to the t..-c of M'm. 1' Ne .via.: v vs. Ai. \V. Jan--.
ALSO—Th foil win: lot, piece or parcel ol land*itu- j
| in |b>rlingtou Boro', Brad.or 1 county, hoatided u irt:
:.-.v ttie.-' iie mditwl by land- of S. 11. Hill, on tl .; j
-n th ' l,t• ; i s. H. I'll! nud John !'. Lent: .a*id on the i
west by lauds of John F. Long. Containing about hall j
an a-we. he tae same c. re or b--c. all hupr-viol with a i
framed dwelling a framed barn tLu a few fruit!
tree- tucreou.
S-i/ed nnd t?k**n iu e\ -ei :i,.n at th* suit of Samnci j
'j M -K< un t ■ the u-e ol Jer. Adam.-' now to use of John j
I W. Pell* it vs. 1.. D. Tavl r.
! A ESt i--i be toho'viiig 1. piece or parrel of bud si'-'
! r.ate iu Wihivt town .hip. Brad bud Co-'uty. ho indtd i-u
the north bv Itndi !h 1 fa th' Estate < f 'lhe-n.e- 1
! Steven- ch-i J. east by 1 nids t-i Cuariea F. Wells, soot.
by lands "oi ! rast Fi M Lit -1 o*i the we t by land,
lof Fimucl lltlihouse, and others. Contair.uv: Hi, it on
j hundred arrcs more m !,•>.:.:>outfi ':\ acresiinpr*>vd tw .*
frami -1 h one frauit 1 bai u, c--rn house and other out
■ biiiUiigs, aud one apple orchard and other irtiit fees
■ thereon. i
AI.SO--Dcfer.dat.ts interest in one ctlier 1 piece cr
: parcel oi l'-nl sit art* in tVi'.-act t-'-wn-'u", Rr,di-. u- •
I ty. boittidcq on th** north'iy Ir.n Ix of F-a-t-s Fb.- id,
■ and the highway leading fivnn the ALiany road, t-i the i
i 1 r: IV'!:town road c-i tby tue highway i< :i 1' f fro® : -
: o'i hanna l iver tu Albany ; south and w t l y !.n*i. <f
Hiram and J. I'. H-irti a and iniacxtcd 1 d Containing
i ahutit thirty a'rree moK or ie- i, about liftetn acres or
: proved, ono st-.aui sa-v m-.1, two Iranjtd hu-.,*s and.
' trained barn and other oat bunding* then oa.
| Ftiztd at >| taken tu execu -m at the suit <f Mw Eil
ea'x-.ger, aow t- the use •. f H.J. Madii; v* LlwaiJl.
• bhepanl.
ALSO—-The following Id, pi*ce or parcel of land sit
' uate in Canton township, Bntdi id county, bounded on
j the Noilli by i.uid.-of J. M". C.rlifin, f..i.,t ly the puMic
i road loading fi--n ('ant-m to i e.uh I"! to, south by lauds
by Ch"*. stock.*i 11, ,:ul we tby lands of A. D -ty. Can
• tuining about fifty-fit • i•* in iront, f-y three linndrid
feet tack more or loss, ah improved with a frame dwelling
j hi u-e there *u
Seized and taken ir - Tc-.gti >n a* the Rult of S H New
man to the n.-e : E. A andlne vs. J.S. Minard.
ALSO The f diowing lot, pie- uor parcel of 1 iml - it
: nate ID AVcst Burlingtoii townchip. Bradf'r.l ejunty.
hounded on tbe n- rlh i y laud of VEcu Henry, on ll.e
we,t l\v laud of Edward Swain, south by land of Viidr< w
Kwaiii. and or. th- eisl by lai.dof Benjamin 1.'0,s au-l Ue
highway, t 'ontai :i g ghout f >tiracre? mere er leu.-, about
three acres improved and one log lionjie thereon
i Seized aid ttken in execution at the suit of I) H
Swccmv vs. A. B tViitk ns.
ALL '>— The foil iw iag let, n'e-'e ov parcel of Land sit |
nate in DureH townsfcio. Bradford county, bounded on
the North by land? of S ilmT.'-n t.ole,an the f-xst by Imdfi
of Mi bard ffuretf on 'he ■ rtii b* - the pul fi hlghwav.
i 1 en the **fc: t hv ia .1s hi Purging to *ht heirs of Jn'.u t'silc
dc-rexse 1 ■ C- ntaining Mut ten 1-. LLc MITS mare
•! or le**. s'! im; ravel ate fram'd ja ,te, one framed b,ra
and fruW tr.e; :'i ri--n.
fi* 1 :'• 1-i-d'a}.*-: a a* f' e er.* "f *T T Jfj
1 Fs'r. of AiiKvttkr-Jit jJ! "'-iltrtQ. '. >.
U— ■MM——MI" r
1 ALSO The h'll>*iu: 1 V J,V cor par *1 of !sid •"
| r.te in Cxatun tup-. <?'■ r.l countj, bounded on the
Iti :*.!: bv lend- ft! \Vm * Baku aeil imp-! ery, Newm. a
I .v Co., by lands ■•! Rlns-l-err. N< irmsn s C .. e
|, Tic fe a w.-t by lui' of KingaUiy. Kt
: man A C • ,r.<! Wm. S. Daki r. Contsiulng ouefi-uiih
| of r.u serf, moit ui lesa. all improved, w.'.h a ttwnoU
I house lift reon
i nizeU Alio in execution at the flitt ofS. 11. New
man t-i the -?<- K. Vadir.e vv. A. M. Kr nt r.
ALSO—Tuoi'u: wiug li'i, ! !•<• or pan.*-! of land *it
! 4 t< :i"i j I'.-a:..' i;.. -r.'•.J oa tie a..i11. by
'.jail.-- of I. r. . .Ti . • '7 Of H HI!!, * by
' lands oi J. Hbl and .tl trust '-y tLt paUi-. high
I way. Cotttaliilag aL ~t . ~-i> acri mt r
i twenty live f" S :.iil r .veJ a • <!. a :r?:uCi' lioj-c, a fmui
1i J I pr. nr.'' e few y it.g Unit 1 rce< tbvrenr
1 .• '. I; :• c lot. f e.e-r panel .f laud
iiat. ID luxo*r>ra township, bounded on tfie north by
Vndi of M. Jfv | 11, > j-t lends ••!' O Warner, maita
by lam)' ol c. Smith, and we-t by Iti'oi of J. Biivubey.—
Coutsluin ; t v r.t v :lu- u> it :.v ;c or k->. improved
u;.. f. init: ~;;:o |vi a mated ban, tr.d few tree*
tberc " .
ACS. ■—<>;. c otl.i r lot, pleui or jarctl ©: Jwud nit-iaw
•1 T r . '. >5.; i. bJ ati e With bv iaiidj e'
jJ. B. StunJe. -■ ' esit in.t snith by l da S- D. Stnrd
1 viuit, aal'Ji. tfce wtl ovIUIKIC of il C'l-iriiy. (.<>ctain
-1 : '• '.nnt ro >r I>t>. übowl lai;rwV
| .;J, :vttj one frntrn d !i >t -e tbfTc<
S u.ed nflil taki-a In e.xpcta-i n tl t\c 3> it of hlarii
| l*i* ktU, to ti c in. '<! ft. sUllist .b .rid J.<. f-h ai.
i I'iitiiCr.-f doiujr 1 -ii. >, (ijnii rtbc Lr.u of Stiff well ai J
I Kioxrn t t hi- a v<f 0. I. Sit Am in f. ■ i.-n-e of Htnry
! yeekinwji. 'J. L- Kl.a aiid Cticiloj P. I. Ki}*jr, LW
! p\jtri*-r doiu_' b*. l' to- . dtf dim o, boti.umr., fbu
tt'id liijili'V. v- H. M- S:!fa:
AI o< .1- .:: - ; .Ii lot pie •** or percM oi lain) *!tn
j a!-.' in Uiafiujtofj i vj>., lfraU: .d a*. v 'Uty, hounded > a tho
uoith >:y of U.iniioii !' d.' >t by land , t Jar: i.i
I Xkl ' iii". PM.tb by !'•} ut Joel inbblt u.d w-.-t by lar.4
lof Cbailt-a H. .aooi.loa. ' ontn aiaif about fiity.three
1 a : lva~ o t '•■...'.>• Cvf acrca itt.r*.vd,
I oce pi ink hoa.-'t had fi i t tw' tbrrron.
Sei:rd and taken in • tr'oth'B at salt of tVTl'aiia
Lai-a 11 the :: eof H li. Wiibc.n. Ti. ItouUn Booth und
1 Uonjiii'.in F '.t, torn !• nar.t.
A -Tbe toflow ir:l pic e or pf.r ti of lar J *ltu
nte In Albany iw •.. Pridfoiu county, bounded -n the
! n-.rth I . hutoi >f Myron ivcll . if. caai by lands rf Myr< 1
Keil jj|r l>ati:t i Kt.jC i'i, v t' .; inutlsnf the h> Ira
o Jacc-h M.i.c-r. tico'd . t-uu m.t by the Parcisy CVel
i I.iLdc Containing ' .ne hntd'cd acre* w.d .!!< w.t c.<,
more or aboi.t thirty *\c a rei impiottd, witn a!
i hou c eand 1"K 1... n tbicrooii.
I A! SO—• t e other !'t piece or parcel rf ltrd ai'nate
in it.any tp.. lira ii' Oil "or.ty, boandt-c' north by ianOa
: Li.'.-. .d ,u.i.e.'-:.u Ja:-'--. M- ! :!"?;• c.t i v la: of
; A*r-ti i.' .ucotk. - nth and w tby Zad>c C'r- n. Ct.
I ttliiin.; fi i- Ir lid ml atd #c verity . rw, more or le-a. abr.i t
i one humi ed ac: o improved, a {ranted h.u-e. a fnui,rd
1 barn, alog bl :tl-.i.ith 3bo£), three apple or.h&rli nad
! other fruit tnes thereon.
Aldt.O—tuic oti r r i t, pice or parcel cf land e'tnate
! in AH-nv l"♦!'•. li:i dtot-J county. Ir coded north ht lance
.oi Sho.ii -bJ Wile •*. r. tby Mi ton II Jo. -- 1 flensr
• di anil Simeon t hapmun, south by larid* c* V'tih V J
: c i.\ and S. C. arid b\ m. Moans and weut by lauds ot John
Hanson, John Holmes and .1 a nits atd IteriJanjin Wilw x.
! Cont lining one l.undicd l td sixty acres, more or less,
. one hundred acres im; rove i. two trr.rui J lr.n-.iiN, one !
; bouse, two barns, ftj.c l !uck.-rn:tb chop, tr.d t.u
1 apple orchard and other fr..P trees there-'u.
ALSO- Out other lot. piece or pr.rce! of land situnte
i in Albany tvrp., Bradford . ■.ur.ty. 'oounUed north hy land
! of Sheffield V.'H-.-ox a. d M.lton liakts, sotth by Jostnli
Mcmirdl and west hy lands of 7 Clilett. Contaiiiing 20
j acres, moi'- <-r less, about t-igiilevn acres inrprnved
i AI.SU—One other lot, pie.c or } arcel of land sitcste
! in Albany twp., Brad.brd c-iantv, bounded on the north
; we t and south by Warrcntee lint-p or a tract a the war-
I rantct name ■>: Henry Sta: k : L-:1 oi the east by lands :a
1 po -essi'in < f tVilliom It. Heifsr-yder. being- pert of the
said t at in the warrantee name .! Henry Stcrk. C- n-
I taintng übjut outhuutir.d seres with * log boose In ih
Sc-izid art-11 tkm in execution p.t tbe sail of 11. 11. Ma'e
: v . It ,li:c Wiljrx and Sheffield Wilcox.
XOTiru TO PcncHAflEPS.—To preys jit mlhunderetni-.d
' Ing. n >the is hereby givea tuut purchasers at Sbeiiil a
' salts w .11 be rs-qni.ed to pay the amount iiJ ut the
! tl;e land Is sold. IthaslK .-eme iirprra' o-ly peceseaiy
to adopt this r :le. and >t wi" be 'tii -tly adhered to, OJC
| ci-pt in'.ni'-!W..crt the u. u creditor u;.i
I la entitled to the fund a* pbdvlded in the Ist rection cf
rise net of As smblv, awpr ved A; ril 20. I*4 which :
: w-.- • Whenever the pitf chalets ol real eatati. at
;• >r h.iiis' Co-irt or Shci iiTa s.iit, 1 '.'. u; i'si -'s.a th
j projjer t,. rj<> entitled, sw n 1 Hi -rcititr-r.t < reee!\->
I Um wj. ;•? or My yniihwi o: tne pr ireMM vt wil *• w. it
I ii..i>c Hie duty oi tiro, i.dujui. t:l d. tituutor
. it'-jfr ' fr.-u *:• i,- <■■■ ! .-..1 v. to r. reive the receipt
.f snch purchvec or pnr-li.iicrs fr tbe amount which
• h- or f-.ey-.voalu appt J: , ir >rn the record .is ac..rea,.a.
: U :.-e cutttl. 1 . reive : ?r n dvd that this -ectl.>.i
' n't Lc "o c-.otrcoJ s. t pp-1 '-it the ri.-'ht o said Sheriff
' i-L:: . sr. tXi :nt r r r pc-rson afor< said to d
i m.scd and T-;Cr : .\<- .it the tun o r.i'.e .a sour snlbcVut to
c vv. nil !■ ■ji-t-- r-.t,tied t ' b-r paid ontof theprKce<'.a
| of h.ud sale ; and provided that before i-ny pur
j chi-cr or purchaser* h ii res tive tin benefit of thi- e-e
--i to n. he or thev -h ill nrodsce t j the Sheiiff, or other per
, sou tin in-kin# s.tid sate, it duly tt-itili< d stateiii'-nt tr< in
the praper records, tinder the Land fnd o"iCiu! seal ot iha
prnper uilicer, .-blowing tli it he 1-. a la-u creditor, inlltied
:l > iectivt any part of the pro i JT; tic sale ./a'' -esai L - '
j T'-wr.i.d i, M:r h Is, lWt. Rkftflf
j T IST OF JITIORS, drava fut Mnj
; J. J l'erm and Se-.-i- - ;. l-'H.
ii> J:"ttni-..
Athens- Currac Hcrrick. | B Williams.
Bnrllngtoi tj F. Cnstin.Jj[Standing Stone—Ja fajlor.
j D .riingiou west J ifhicit-j^ji;inrucid—l icio* French.
\w ii. jr. janeshi quia—l)avid Horteia,
' C-'i iui' .a— \!v:n Finnan. ( C\\ 15 iii:s.
Fr.ei.k'; l: br'l Vi-vtcer. * f ia not tli—llhodui- k
: :,':-!i:ie-!l- 'y . x b n 11. i tirtm? r.
j Orwell m.bin FrLshie. jWy* -< Frank lir- en.
' ::;.1... -;rv—lle.-t-. r U eu.r ' •VTir- t-J G Crai.caF.DiiaT
I 1> II..!!. i Welles.
1 Sirithleld—V S Vincent O; •> nneii—Bilery Golfin.
; iv Bird, Wm S l'icr< e. 1 Win d, IU Lores PuarL
Wjalu.-iti,' Ttleo Hines.
IKlvresf :i-!:or,- HUT WICFjr.
Armenia-- John 11 M ruuu. ! Ja ue.s d 80.-worth.
A-sl im— \r n Lshy, K1 .H.-ict-—Jaa B Ueiuoney.
ii ore-H'it iii. 'ititi'-liiiry- Geo I>ildfne.
Athens tw . Mhcrt Tn/ei Shi-lie]ain —Jeice Brown.
Buriitign i twij—las Vv i! S - ail v'tvek—li \V Iveed. C
co\. K:i ill ii-i <i • r ! J lVan
jit rangtoii west - la! rin thjitH'idiiig mr—Hnrth'do
: C"f' I on—v Ui- ains. Sila-i jio-VT I'tilvt-r. Hlt \nh>.
Tat-l-'ird, J Vuiaivkejr 1 S.t it.::iu 1>- r-— : as H NawU.
j Williams. ,'S-iri:igfie!<f--(Ti-.e ft Oatos.
!• : i Chutiib rlin. i oyp.vr I! .fue R w kweil.
• lai-'-'i A till ••no, A 1 (• H S lin id-son.
For-...!• Mott. ('.v.. -;, n,
j •ireit o—E..a Mc'tovern. • "Y lb.wen
!':!;♦ v a'k. \ 1 ii?. Weil —N.nhau ahwpard, X
1 Smith, Deuit-ni Jfthti>ui, J !iv:
Wyalcsi ig -Alm-m Fulhr.
OKCCMV wni:x.
Albany—Us Tvllig -. '{ mt ,T '-*• fj~. w-r.rr.
j Atben* tp—Frant-ia Tyl ;. J.Hi • ittjrSfld -L' wis Utm),
• ibirlingt ,r. oor-v -I'lcrig. ; T:i e Watson. Che
. ! ab'it-t. ii ip M in re. t.r H. :k:ic s.
' U-'■ ; oa w t.-t -II K S.e S-cth< .• k—l.twie Fasaet,
! tr- .. Divid Belven,
' Cn -i'-n —J hn V." Gri:lin, " iot -ue—William
i i vwreu | IliMdeVi
;C. 1 V A Boil 1' |t dI b L Seott.
j (irauviUe—Stephen i> i'dJ jf.ftra.nda north—F Watts.
I lli-riick—Jhu Alien. jrcyiirp- Vih-u T.iyl'tr.
i i eriiy Austi T ilol.-or., I 1. -nr.'-. - Vincent Owen,
j M-.r-e. ! 'cr- <\ I! Vandyke.
| I.itchlicW ph tbtrk. 2'i; 'v'ett—l.vniau Fmv-h.
i unveil "an- ' Stevfi". W-. vx- Jha Ca-.kllu, Jew
| rike- \|*l M ' -iv. Henrv ** Aflen.
A-I --.Mi' I. Sic-> i, i Bp'y ■! i.-og—(■'j'v'n Camp,
1* l.iie.s. cIIM at^o.uerr.
Warren—A M Beard, hy.
rainn vrnn-i.
".!' toy -Win. V rtia, I. )hf r " -n • few's, .fame*
lasis. i B Fltt.-l cr. ti !'Jonea.
I Athens tirp—H Shin in. iC -i.-ba. v- Levria Mochcr,
.tot— i. • J I-mi- irtrmtm, Sarjia
B |,r HnTton t-- .l Fi-ift i Sf.'ven.
j Mv-l-m Bih.i.d. .1 -aa V viol', lib -!l ram Carpen
liiii rd. i trr. H ivi-y l'irrce, U G
. l .ni'di- rTV o j Ourfcy.
' Mi.'-i'a—M it '• 't-hwil. : l'r.vv tw ; —IV! C Porter.
I'iraiiviih l.-: i. cF' t.tum. T-nv.n,d i > r - v.'-Vi-Vham
' 11.-r-i "k- \\ mV' -bit. ! r c.vaii-i i t wp—W H IV-k r
!I !. H V.V M r-!b '1 t<>* I bii fbr -rt, W-.i.
i oiroc li-in. S.> linr Pl iwiina.
M :.rc< twp J .V-,.. it—Nathaniel I'aik. I
Frreina-t Hw-cwt. I if" tnklln.
Orwell -Jim - r< N w,tv. 5! --It ram Strayrcy.
OveC'in—('hrmlian H. v rlv V.r.i'ii.ioi- -Ibiniel Shoeßia
kH-. ieffi-rs - r ■ , -.1 .
fX TIIK MA JTI4R <-i ih® (Hit# ul I't-ii r
JL>n ii- taxi i, hitc of Ihitnc tiven.-.hiiv, in tin
t)r|ihiii>" ( Urt of Hisdlind Cftunfy.
The -r.-ic-. . 1. :r ..'-tor ippointed by said court, to
.Tcii . .mil lj i-t the acvctiut of Prece,.-or Pmhf,
Hut'i Hi' k- .ii'il I.'-tie h: .-n, adriiinistrato.n with the
will .h. >e.%r of tii< raid I'titer Job rise i. iia.i • > reprut a
di.ti-ibuti 'ii of the lialmce iu the hands of the sai-i ad
on -t i ot'i. - iic:r; y gives nivtice that he will aMend to
: the rl itn-s of his apiiointmctit at the oilice of Will am
Wot!: c .fj., in tbe Iter u.cU of Tow unla. >.i Vlom'ay .
Apul i., Isys. at ! o'li v-k, lb >f.. -.t -which time nd
jda-e all 111 -ins irCrrr.-tcd :rc ti vtified to st'jn l.
x J lb GOOI*LMt)VGH, A idit-ir.
T-iiraiida. March i. li'.k.
a. s hereby r:y;ired t bib t nve jwr trout tbe
St i ctaxoi io u ai.b • iy pirs mwo eh-h pay bit rr
But* a: d t "-:-t \ •K B :arl •Mm |he late
day ->: J-mc mxt. no • aire shall be a:h>avd yw ila
yoiir wttie neat with *b T'catitrcr, prov ui. 1 the MIT* •
'[>*• i into the rftn-'ty Triu-sviri nu r.r fore to.- i"'d and
-L*h day a <f Just neat. Yoo i e ~.-i t> i
pr citiu - our colh-> *1 -n a-. i- t ■. ■of h. t . ; .. . <*. r
at that time
! B*. criuT the v r-r
p. p c*n- :i . V , T -U
1 ■ - -,'rr -"-T •. Man '• ; , '•