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jlinrsDao fltorntnn, irbrncni 18, 1858.
In tiie House, on Monday, Mr. KEITT rose to
cuke a personal explanation, as follows :
Mr KEITT rose to a persona! explanation,
ttviog tlii-' House would remember that its
■ livecdings during the session of Friday were
broken in upon in an unpleasant manner. It
ra< due to fair dealing that he should assume
T> himself all the responsibility for the viola
tion of its order, dignity and decorum. He
was the aggres-or, and whatever of responsi
ble properly attached to that act, belonged
to him alone. It was also due to justice that
ihonld make whatever reparation it was in
to, power to the dignity and decorum of the
House thus violated. He did this in the ex
pression of his profound regret at the occur
rence. Personal collisions are always unplea
*nl, very seldom excusable, rarely justifiable,
i*rer in a legislative body. He felt in full
force the responsibility which he assumed, in
sayiug he was the aggressor—and that the en
ure responsibility properly belonged to him.
In this connection he had but one oilier remark
loffiahe, and that was whether any blow was
DIRECTED at him or not, was more than he
roultl say ; at least, he was unconscious of
hving received it. With this explanation he
rarted from the subject.
Mr. GROW said he had been taught in child
-1 that all hghts among men are disgrace
ful to hufMr: nature, and to the Christian com
rrcnity. and this is especially the case when
•vv occur among law-makers in the midst of
:• r deliberations. Hi per YEARS, and the force
location,- had satisfied him that this les-
I- VAS good and true, yet the riglit Of self-
WF:ce he recognized as one of the inaliena
> rights of man, to LE exorcised on all occa-
Uns and under all circumstances. whenever
RE.xssary for tfie protection of life r m projier
•v At THE last sifting of the Itortsc he fonnd
-elf unexpectedly engaged in the first pcr-
S-'L conflict of the session. He tendered ihe
H C.?E MOST clieeffiilly whatever apo'egy was
IU-F r this VIOLATION cf its ORDER and de co
rns. TIND no one tegretted MCE than himself
THE occasion for the violation of its ordef.
Tlii eip'an.iticm of thecbltalrou* gentleman
from South Carolina, reminds us very foroi
IMT of the chap who mixed in a free fight, and
MERGING from a fence corner, where be had
BEEN '• laid out " innocently and earnestly in
quired " :f lightning bad struck any body
NT Mr. KSIYT'S ignorance of what hurt
:M. is reasonable under the rircum-tatfces,
ND shows that Mr. GROW is able to resent
PAN tat ion manners " properly ami effectual
' The South Carolina Ircliy before be takes
toother Northern member by tlie throat,
he certain that be was not R aiseJ near
Tank!:anuoek creek, because the PEOPLE in
lis: T; inity are celebrated for their pugilistic
rerfornauces. and would " spile " without a
KWK down and drag cut. crnce a week, at
KC hardly know which to commend the
~ st. the candor and raagnariimi if of Mr
AF~T' apology, or the deed which bas brought
*■' to make it Tlie ruffian who coubi aid
:t..E BFT'S! outrage trpen Si MNER, standing ;
fanned with deadly weapons to prevent in-"
Terence, and if nece-wary to aid in the eon-
Riiffiation of the murderous and coWardly
RAN hardly be expected to entertain any
7 DEEP feeling? of regret at SUCH an occur
' - E A- that on SAT unlay morning, uuiess it
k:a Tiew of the re.ilts to himself. While
* *ili g ; ve him ait the credit DUE for his NN
-7.' led assumption cf the revponrihilily .-f lire
T ;; A2IT upon Mr. OR >W. we cannot but think
I ST ID THE result been otherwise MR KEITT ■
* "-I COT have been so ready with his apoio?
0 It ruay now be ASSUMED as a settled fact.
" 'HE WAY te GRIM? A fire-cater to Fris sec?
** ?to knock hitn down. ITad Mr. GK.'W
tlie white feather, or failed properly to
"*-Et the &xxwlt made opon bin?, the llonse
never beard *br apology given above.
A* umcb as -ucb re:m arc tebe regretted.
" 'cgaling from the reputation of Congress
damaging cw character abroad, there is
a general expression of coalmen- j
: '-"oo 'or Mr. GROW, and a feeling of satis
that bis arm shoold have atrirken down
mi who was a party to the outrage upon
1 * v u. Of all the Southern men in the
*®e, Mr. RENT is the nwst dictatorial, the
**•*' >apercjiioos, the most offensive in his
it-ward* Ncwthern men. He seeks
-'rty "rpcvtunity to nrike it apparent that he
1 - 1 iiieta m contempt, and considers them no
vr than tlx? slaves opon bis rice plantation,
"c a? these m-.irafestatitwis were confined
• t-tt&tions c< voice and wvirtr, he has
ii-iu'gcd, and we rejoice that the fkst
* otr y; v-rtoeuy has been taken t© learn
*5 ifia; freemen weald net submit t© hi® wir
•isetce whea ccxspled with persona? indig-1
" ,J il? do the Sorffberti members the ju
g* -o tay fhef , t ch ,• not the character of
E-j'Xfity cf the roenifiers from that
luieed. though tbe " free fight ~ on
assan ed a sectional aspect, many
r me ® eondetOTi .Mr. Krrrr's contact.
* f> .'mee h, pmrishnsent rriven hia bv
We should deplore this affray, did #tf not
think its consequences in the futnre would be
most happy. There is such a maxim as con
quering a peace. It needed just such an oc
currence to show the Southern men that they
have a mistaken idea of the prowess and spi
rit of Northern representatives. The prompt
reseutmeut and plnck of GROW, and fbe gal
lant onset of P -JTTF.R, the WASHBURXS'S, and
others who dashed into the midst of the excit
ed Southern group, will not be forgotten, nor
fail iff be appreciated. We have no fear?
that such a scene will again be provoked. It
has been customary, iu the past, in order to
I awe and subdue the North, to talk about "the
■ halls of Congress being deluged with blood,"
by exasperated and sanguinary Southern mem
bers. There never was such a fair opening
: for that terrible result, as presented itself on
i this occasion. A Southern man knocked down
I —nnd a body of Northern men invading the
portion Of the House occupied by Southern
ers, with hostile demonstrations, might have
provoked a bloody conflict. But instead, we
i have an immediate cessation of hostilities, and
the singular spectacle is presented, of the Sou
thern men, going over to the Republicans, ex
plaining and apologizing, and a general and
hearty good feeling immediately resuming its
That Mr. GROW is entirely blameless in the
affair, is universally conceded by all part'tr.
We know that his political opponents here ap
plaud his spirit and pluck. If there is any
. fault found, it is with the forbearance he ex
ereised towards the insolent and drunken black
guard. who evidently sought an opportunity
to insult and assault him. As proud as his
constituents have been of the ability which
lie has displayed iu Congress, this affair has
heightened their admiration of him, for it
proves him to be a man who " knows his
j rights, and knowing dure defend them." It i?
uot that he felled the ruffian to the floor, but
that he has shown that he pos-es-es the kind
of spirit which the North is anxious to ?t-e her
Representatives exercise, in not submitting to
j dictatorial bellying.
fctr-Th: attempt, on the part of the Frta".
dent, and the Democratic leaders, to make Le
compton a party test, is already producing its
legitimate ccnseqireneesr. A portion of the
party, headed by Douc.i. ts, WALKER and FOR
| SEY refttrc to aid in forcing upon tiie jieople
j of Kuusas that iniquitous scheme, and pro
-1 ft-ssing ureat reverence for the doctrine of "pop
! ular sovereignty"* inci.-t that it shall te fui'y
' and fairly applied. On the other hand, the
Administration and its sattelites, are making
pretty free use of the party whip, cracking it
fiercely over the heads of those who are not
willing to aid CALAOIW in tbe scheme to de
fraud and disfranchise the people of Kansa?.
The party organs are denouncing and reading
out of the party all those who do not support
tbe Administration measure erf admitting Kan
sas with the Lecompton Constitution, and pro
nouncing them to be renegades, traitors, Black
• Republicans, Ac, Ac.
One of the most virulent, violent and un
scrupulous of all the Administration print?, is
the Prnttsylcanian. Not a spark of Northern
feeling ever animate* the breasts of its cewdoe
tcrs.wiio seem endeavoring to find that " lower
deep" of iiifa;i?y and subserviency by tracking
and pandering to the slave power. It freely
denounces FORNEY and those democrats who
| oppose the trx-indle, as " Black
Republicans" —a term which the ren uJcj-
HJ supposes i* an extinguisher. A meeting of
the " Democrats who voted fur Jam ts Buchan
an in was held 0:1 Monday evening, at
Philadelphia, over which J OIN W. FOSXEY
presided, assisted by one hundred and. sixteen
Vice Presidents and eighty-six Secretaries. —
The meeting was aUressed by F P. SUNT 'S,
late acting Governor of Kansa?. was principal
ly of Democrats, and is represented as being
[ vert numerously attended. The P ni
a% in repeating its proceedings, anuowceu
IN COUNCIL !"' It further says that " The
President cf this of Black Republicans
and their allies, was Col. J r?N W FORNEY.
the editor of the Black Republican orgau of
j this city *
The " Prrtf — FORNEY'S paper—maintain.?
1 a dignified silence as to these epithets and de-
I nuoeiatkm? iodoiced in by the Pr*msyf~-: rt ir>
—bnt gives nrtice that attempts to make par
ty tests am! place rfiptuocrats ontside tbe party
pale, will provoke a retort at the polls, ami
that tests wifi be oruie at tbe ballot-bcrt against
those who are now endeavoring to apply theia
to Democrats now.
These indications shovr the quarrel iu tlie
I ranks of tbe " harmonious Democracy'' deep
ami irreeoßciiable.
One branch or tbe other must succumb, ami
after doing penance, seek for absolution ami
1 forgiveness, k trrtainly will not be the Le
j comptonite* liecause tbry care nothing for the
popofor will, looking to the Administration
alone fcr favors anil rewards. The other
! braneb Va? gone t<y far !o retrrat. and !h*-i?
| ©nit safety in the overthruw of tIK Calh h>-
ITKS. Ostracised and proscribed by the Ad
ministration, and denounced by its pimps,
they are consigned by the faithful to rank?
of the " Black Republicans." How they are
to become reconciled, is beyond our compre
hension. That the fued will enter into the
comiug election, cannot be prevented.
Tlie editor of the I.yci mivg Gazette,
in speaking of the affray iu Congress, says
'• Mr. GROW is from the fourteenth district of
Pennsylvania—better known as the " Wilmot
district"—and is a red-hot abolitionist."
This remark of the Go3//c editor only shows 1
what a wide diversity of meaning n given to '
this " wolf" term of Abolitionist. In the eyes
of the Washington I'nion and the I'envsyl
ravinu, the GoreM-ismi " Abolition,"" Black
Republican " sheet, and the Democrats of Ly
coming, who recently denounced the Lecomp
ton swindle, are in the same category, and
recreants and traitors to the Democratic faith.
The Onztite and the Democrats of Lycoming, j
will soon experience, if they have not already
learned, that it is a very easy way to UrtfWer
arguments by crying out abolitionist—and a
Ten common way, too, to stigmatize and de
nounce a man who refuses to go all lengths
for the South.
Mr. GROW is no more an abolitionist than
the editor of the Gazelle, Gov. PACKER, Sena
tor DOUGLAS, or ar.y other freeman who dares
to oppose the attempt to force ujion the peo
ple of Kansas a Constitution against their will.
In the estimation of the Gazette he may l.p :
but a-; the standard changes with different lo
calities—we haTC no objection to the appli
cation of n term, which is just as freely ap j
plied by the National Administration satellites ,
to all in tbe petition occupied by the gentle- '
man above named. Which we suppose, would
iucitide the editor of the Oizitte
COURSE OF LECTURES. —The celebrated New
England editor, J-oet sud lawyer, JOHN* G.
S\XF, will read, his poem." THE HR.R V," A* the
eighth in the Course of Lectures, o i Wednes
day evening. 2t:h iust., at the Court Howe.
The following notice of the lecturer ami his
poem, is taken from the -V. Su a:—
•• Joha U. Sax . t'ic j-t of tin- evenia?. th<-u ia
tnvlmrU. The snliject hi< wis "The Pre-,-,"
ndvH buM tbe >atiie :."1 ham ireu- ;
toni" fr-r w!,! h M:. I- . e!t hrateil. Vrt !ae finer a::-i
-r |xrti<vn-wire net negle U-d. Mr. Sa\<- r< ad his
with admintlde etf-T; and wa- fr. jaeuliy iuter l.y the laughter which (;-> wit bjweil
deserved a; j.i.i..-e."
Or At a meeting of Lin-ta Hose Co., No.
0, tin* following resolutions were unanimously
adojited :
RrtolriJ. onr thanks due t<- the arather* of
the T-'wanda Bran Kan--! fcr tbeif Bberatßj in civ;nc a 1
t'jncf-rt f roiir lieuetit. and thit .- will ever hid in re
utrme this c.-ti, r •: apoii"t their kMaa.
Rt'.Jrrd tjiethanks i f la H-—e \.. ?.
be [ire-K-un-d t • S. P. Putoji,CkW <•( the Phi;- j
adeljihia Fire I*e}iartinerit. f-r his ra'ualde service- ren- '
den-d in th ■ necutiat' 'i- f>r tfe- ;e.e< i-.a-e- >f a Hose '*r- ,
ri.ic . and for hi- unif r:n ceurtesv and promi'taess .sur
iu({ the whole transaction.
—Tiie Democratic friends and neighbors of;
Gen. PA KF.H, held a meeting at Williamsport. :
on Saturday evpi?in2r. Feb. G, at which HENRY :
WHITE K-.p jwc^ided.
SjKeches Was nradc bv*Judge L;.z?.p. CLIN- |
EVERY, Esqv, fiuaSlv adjourned with three
cheers" for SrErHEV A. DOUGLAS.
Amoiiir tbe resolutions adopted, were the
following :
Resoletd, it was premised and expect- 1
ed by the Democracy cf thi.'county, that the
election of James IJuchanarf to the Prcnden
i y would le a triumph of the principle of }*•}>-;
ular sovereignty over that of conarressiona! tn
terveution ; that he world insist nj<on fair '
piav i;i Kansas ; that election frauds and cer
tificates would be cro-hed ; that I/ccmpl
and Calhoun, as e<piai!v guilty with Lane and
Robitisoa, Wouhl be disnti-Ted ; that the un
just laws enacted by a legislature elected by .
Missouri votes, would lie re|Kraie>? and nwriifi-!
eit t ail :!>a: slavery diottld n -t jtrcvail there
again?! the will of the majority. I'mier these
promises and expectations we tricnaphed at that
election, and without them, we most hare been
defeated. We shall stdl ia'xrr to make good
oar vow? te the people.
Rfs>-1 rrJ, That the aiimission cf Kansas, as
3 State, ctsler tin? s<?s:ahei Lecompton c>n
stittition. be s violation of the princi
ples ar.d pl-siires of !he Democratic party .
in direct conflict witb tre Cincirrtti fdntLrm,
file Kaaaas-Nebraska re, tfc" irtangorai ad
dce* of the President, the protsises made t©
the peotde in I Sod. and present public cpin
-I.m : bersrs"? it is nororioo? that a:d cotrtito
tion is not the work of t!:e citizens of that
territory, nor has it been •ar.ctioned by a rrf
jcrity of tie3i. IkM it .s % bantling eoueeived
in sin and brought forth in iniquity.
Rfsolre-i. That we retpKJt ocr represenfa
tive in Corsrres?. t<r the admissicti ©f
Kansas, as a J*tate under the Lecompton con
stitution, or any ether eonsfi'trtien whi-h has
not been made by a convention elected tinder ;
laws ami regolatioas which aff:>rJod the whde
aeojiie of the territory an opportunity to vote,
and which subsequently ha? not heen sancti'xc
ed by a nr.jority cf all the V-e/i Jfdt iohsbitanfs
a! n fair election.
Ktsctred, That in tmr opinion, the adtti
si on of Kansas, mode? the Lecomptoa fraud, j
will net localize, but nationalize, the question.
etfd be sach m act of rggresstovr and
a will pfoiba-o reristaiKe and may le.l fo a
general civil war I
Monday, February Ist, 1858. The several
Courts of Oyer and "terminer, Quarter Ses
sions, Orphans' Court and Common Pleas,
were couveDed and opened at half past ten
o'clock in the forenoon. Judge WILMOT Pres
ident, LONG and PASSMORE Associates, all
present. After the transaction of some prelim
inary business, the Court adjourned, to meet
j again at 3 o'clock in the afternoon ; at which
time court being called again called, and hear
j ing being had on the applications for tavern
j licenses, and licenses for eating hrfdsefi; Ac.
The Constables from the several towrfsirip*
' made their returns a.i required by law, and the
Constables elected at the recent election, as
they were called, came forward and gave their
; bouds and took the usual oath of office.
The following Grand Jurors appeared, and
were sent out under the charge from the
Court :
Ira C. Bullock. Foreman ; Francis Allyo,
I John Baldwin, Wiiltara Burger, Mills Carr,
John Conklin, J. D. Goodenough, John Griffin,
G. L. Gamble, J. B. Hines, Evan Ilotfell,
Stephen Lyons, Ulysses Moody, Lytuan Mar
ry, N". W. Bates, David Ridgway, B. P. Sny
der. S H. Shearman, A. A. Thompson, and
Edward Walker ; who were in session until
Wednesday noon, at which time they were dis
charged, having completed the business sent up
before them.
During the time they ttcre in session, the
following business was bronght up before them
and was disposed of, as follows :
Com. rs J. If k ilon. Larceny—defendant
charged of stealing honey from Robert Pruue,
of Burlington. True bill.
Com. if R. Lulhe. Assanlt and battery,
' charged to have been committed upon one
William Dull, of Burlington son of Joseph
Dull. No bill, and county for cost.
Com. rs. J. -V. tislis. Larceny—defendant
charged with stealing one axe. the property of
M. Slater in Wilmot township. No bill.
Ct PI. rs. R. C. Smalley and Ardrnr Sr
lich. Assault and Battery, Committed upon
Michael A Sullivan, in Towanda boro. True
i bill.
i Cot. vs. H'arren Pk/lps. Assault and
Battery, committed upon liiram K. Stevens of
West Burlington. True bill.
Com. r: l\~m. Ttrry. Assault and Battery,
aliened to have been committed npou Nicholas
O. Coleman, of Wyalusing township. Grand
Jury return no bill and county for con-:.
Cm. rs. Jam's lJrakt. Larceny—Defen
dant being charged in three difb-reut indict
ments, with stealing various articles of mer
chandize, from the store of V. M. A 11. F.
Long, in Trov boro', upon all of which the
Grand Jury return true bills,
j CV 7i. rj. Alichatl .1 1' hon. Larceny—De
fendant indicted for stealing two grind stcmes,-
fifteen bushels of oats, six meal bags and two
| and a half bushels of Barley, the property of
jS.W.A P. F. Borneroy A Co. of Troy boro'.
. True bill.
Cot. rs. P>:tr Johnson. Malicious mischief
| —defendant being charged with administering
■ poison to a imre. the property C? J. W. Pen
| bon, of Wilmot township, and causing her
• death thereby. True bill.
Coir., n. Jhn SnUican. Larceny—Defen
: dant charged with stealing of two buffalo
1 robes the property of Samuel Waloridge o?
J Towanda. No bill.
In the matter of the apjdicstiou for Rome
Boro. Petition, application and survey, filed,
whereiu certain citizens of the township of
Rome pray the Court t<t incorpcrate a vil
lage out of a portion of ttae township taken
from the central part thereof, to be called
Rome Tillage, according tar fbc survey fih-d.
setting forth the boundaries, Ac. Same day
applvation is approved by the Grand Jury,
j and confirmed ni. si., by the Court.
During the first week the following business i
ia the Sessions, va? broirgiit before the Court
and Traverse Jury and disposed of in order as
follows ;
Com. rs Jrrsmuth Ulciw. Larceny—de
fenriar;! being indicted at the {.resent |
for stealing honey froui Ivjbert P.-mie, of Bur- j
boston. Jury -worn, and after e bearirg de-1
hudai.t withdraw? the plea of "Not Guilty,'' !
and plead? guilty and is sentenced to pay a
fine of enc dollar, costs of prosecUficr.i and un
dergo an iinpsisotunen* m the county ]zif for
three tncntns.
Cert rs. If" arrsnPir'ps. Assault *r<d bat
tery committed npon Hiram K. Stevens of
West Duriiugton. Jury sworn and returned a
verdict of guilty. Defendant sentenced to pay
a fine of s2o.v>o and costs.
Cow rs. WUltfim Gihs*?n. I rdrfTeo for sell
ing liqnor to minors and men of known intem
perate habits. Bill foond at September Ses
sions ht, February 2d, defendant appears and
pleads guiitr. Sentence ef the Cow! suspen
ded in cvnseooence of the ill health of Defen
Ctm %s. R. C 5-/'Vy Andrm St
bk\ Assault and Battery alleged fit have
been committed Mie**<l ff Soßisae
I IndicG-i it 1 V prc-nt f?ej*kw. Jwrv w^ni
and return a verdict of not gniity, and the
prosecutor for costs. Whereiiptm tlie said
Michael 0. Sullivan is sentenced to pay the
costs &c., and in default of payrareut is com
mitted to jail.
Com. tf. James Drake. Indictment for lar
ceny brought to the present Sessions on three
bills for stealing goods of V. M. Long and
others in Troy Boro, defendant appears and
aud pleads guilty upon each.
Com. rs. Michael McMakon. Indictment
j for larceny—Bill found at the present Sessions
wherein the defendant is charged with stealing
two grind stones, oats, barley Ac., of S. W.
and I). F. Pomeroy A Co. in Troy boro, de
fendant appears before the Court aud pleads
Com. rs. Kenovoer I Yormlcy. Assault and
battery alleged to have beeu committed Upon
the complainant Hector Owen, in Ridgebery
township on tlie first day of June 1857, True
Bill at September Sessiou last February Jd,
Jury called and sworn, and return a verdict
ot " Not Guilty," defendant for the costs,
whereupon the said Keoower Wormly is sen
tenced to pay the costs of prosecution and
stand committed Ac., until the sentence of the
court be complied with.
Com. vs. Peter Johns<m. Malicious mischief
defendant indicted at the present Sessions on
a riiarge of killing or causing to be kiiied a
valuable mare, the property of J. W. I>cDni
son, of Wilmot township, on tlie 10th day of
November last, Jury called and sworn, after a
hearing defendant withdraws the plea of Not
guilty and pleads guilty.
February 2d, on reading fcttiFFOa Ac , R. R. i
Palmer is appointed Treasurer of Leßoy j
township for the en nng.
The Court also approve of the apjiointment
William B. Horton as a Deputy Constable of
Shesheqain, and Thomas B. Merril a Deputy
Constable of Litcfc field.
February 3d, the Court appoint O. A. Vin
cent Esq , Town Clerk of Springfield town-hip
on petition to supply the present vacancy, for
the en>uitig year.
The Conrt having finished the business iff the
Session?, on Thursday in the afternoon adjourn
ed over to Monday the Bth, at 10 o'clock iu
the forenoon for a hearing of the caasex upon
the trial list la the Cctnmou Picas.
[For the second weelf* proceedings, sec the
[From the Albany Eveaine Juomai ]
A Graphic Descriptive Sketch of the
Scrimmage in Congress.
Did yon ever see LAWRENCE M. KF.rrr ?
Did you ever watch him when parading the
hall, his head thrown bick wttb the conceited
air of a London cockney, his lasxivion? eye
staring brazenly at the ladies' gallery, his
thmst-out elbows see-sawing like dancing
Jack's under a vigorous pnlling of the string,
and daintily treading the floor, nrochg? a pea
cock with tail-feathers w?Je-spTead would do
if suddenly stricken with the spring-halt ?
KFITT have been a " nigger driver "
ere he came to Congress. Ills vulgar swag
ger. authoritative -hake of the head, and whip
hke jerk of tlie arm, a* he marches up and
and down the sfi-rex cli the Democratic ride of
the chamber, crying out to his party toUeague*
in-harp tones, " St*ad rrp !" "Go through
the*te!lers "Sit down " Don't vote !*"
" Vote no !" all indicate that he has officiated
a- whipper-in of a gans? of riares on a cotton
or rice plantation?
I-a?T night, during the tires*ne prcreediugs.
Krrrr was an usually ostentatious and noiry.
strutting arootid tbe area to front of tiie Chair,
talking snd larfirhing loodly. blackguardiniz
member?, and regulating things generallv. till
he made himself so offensive th'tff the Speaker,
with marked emphasis, repeatedly pronounced
his trivral iwotion out of orsler. while not a frw
gentlerrx-n in the galleries higed for the privi
lege of leaping ->n tlie floor ainf " takiinr the
conceit" eat of tlie imbbHeg poppinjay lielow. i
A 'MUt 1 1-2. GRC-V croasied over to the
D-*in"cratic siile of the Chamber, to confer
with HKKXXV, Douglas D. tnocrat. of Penn
sylvania. Having finished Ne conference.
GROW vrsa passing down tbe aisle to ihe area,
on his way back to his scat. Just then Gea.
QrmfAN a?kcd unanimous consent to submit a
s motion otrt of CTtfer. GROVT, according to
the n?nal co?totn. otjecld, saying. " I objoct.
Mr. Speaker : let us go* ©a iu the regular >r
tlef." Kr.vw.whr fwo or three desks
from tbe aisle where GROW was passing, said
to Grow, m the most insolent manner. " l> —n
you, gr? o®er to yonr own ride if you want to
object. Toe hite no business here any way."
GROW replied in an off-hate] tone, "This is a
free Hall, and a mm has r. right to lie whe:-
he please? in it"—-til! reutiiuting to walk
slowly down the asrie. Ktir? rushed to the
area, and turning rotwj faeetl cp the aisle just
as Gjww readied the bottom of it. With e
-wagerr, Ktrr? raid !o GROW, "What do yon
mean by the answer you gave me V Gstow
coolly replied, " I n*an just what I -ajil. t?Sht,
this is a free HsTT.and a man has a right to be
where be pleases in it r KZTTT retorteil." I'll
teach yrtt," and seized GRJW by the throat.
GROW HfKffcetf away Ms hand, stepped back a
foot or so, and steadily eyed bint. KEITT ad
dressed him in intense awger, saying, * I"SIYT
' yoa know, you d-d BUti Rpabl;can poppy."
GROW now retorted with emphasis, " I b art a
right to be teArf ! please, and be vkrre
\ I piea?e in this Ha'l." Instanth Kzrrr again
-eized GROW by the throat, and GROW as
\ qaicDy kiHxdred off his hand wUh bts Vft arm,
| whicv'riewfd K cXrf rca*d. Amd at the
11he saole tone ffcwTf Mm a KMYT I-T-?W with his
| ppht h-' v., shpK r-7 hfhtmi the I?''
VOL. XVII!.— KO. Bt.
cir. Kerrr fell us Nfftldeirlv as ff Struck with
au axe. As he tfas going down, GROW GITVE
him au emphatic shove between the shoulders,
which caused him to strike hcitd foremost,
with his hethf Upwards,, presenting to the
gallefies the ttfipt-iirsuce of a man trying to
plunge through the floor of the House into
the vaults beneath.
A hundred accounts of this affair have gone
out. The above I give on the very best au
thority. The daveliolding version of Kzirf's
fall is, that HE tripped ami fell. HE WAS
And now the mclet became general. As
KEITT fell, GROW was seized by half-a-dozen
Southerners, among whom was BARKSDALE, of
Mississippi. They assert that their sole ob
ject das to stop the fight. Some believe them.
But, in the twinkling ot an etc, from forty to
fifty Republicans came dashing across the
half to the scene of the encounter, beaded by
JOHN le. POTTER, Of Wisconsin, who leapt
into the midst of the fight, ht the side of
GROW, with the hound cf a tigef, and com
i me need hitting f>£ht and left mnemg th? pa-
I triarchs with great vigor. 3fot exactly appre
ciating the pacific nature of BARKSDALE'S dem
onstration. POTTER gave him two or three
" settlers,'' tvhich B.?RK3uci.t, in the pell-mel!
gcSng around him, supposed wfcre dealt by
EU'FFC WASHHTKN'E —who jut then happened
!to be in the vicinity—whereupon Patriarch
BARKSDALE set himself in hostile array against
Puritan Ktritt". Jnst at thi* jonCtote the mass
i of belligerents and |*aee-?nakera were crowding
between BARKSDALE and POTTER, the latter in
the meantime having seized the former by the
hair —which, by tne by. proved not to be the
bona fide hair of the said BARKSDALE, but a
wig, which the said POTTER had torn off, and
for the time being converter! to his owu n>e.
(these WASIIBLRV.S afe ail " bloods, seeing
the bald BARKSDALE in conflict with his brother
EUHC, felt his paternal spirit stirred within him,
and rushing upon BACKS DALE, brought down one
or two blows "on the top of his head where
the wool ought to grow."
What became of KEITI after GROW set the
law of gravity in motion upon him, nobody
seems able to tell, except KEIIT himself—and
ihe won't. The that was seen of him af
ter his headlong plunge, he WHS sitting on a
sofa, in ft safe corner of the hall, pale and hag
gard, looking Tike a whipt roOster tfho feels
, no disposition to " go in " and reuew the fight.
All this time the Speaker was calling loud
ly to " order," rapping incessantly with his
i gave!,- gnd shouting for the Sergeant-at-Arms.
j This colossal functionary seized the mace
i (which looks like an Indian war-club, with a
: sirraH nreta'ic eagle perched IhereOu ) and
! Tushed among the struggling, surging, tossing
j members. For r En, seeing a big fellow with a
I bl edge on joining in the meUt, was aboat to
' wrench it out of hia hands, when the shrill
| toice of the speaker (Col. Oer has a voice
' like a steam whistlr,; urging on the Sergeant,
suggested that the individual might be GLOSN-
I BRENNER, whereupon he struck out in another
| direction. PUTTER is an athletic, withy man,
! at home ht n " muss." He got one or two
hard hits hinrse'f, trhieh he promptly repaid on
. the pot ; and it is believed that the Chivalry
will g-re him a wide berth during the remain
der of the session.
In the thickest of the fight was seen Parma
LOVFJOY and Quaker MI/TT, draggling to keep
the peace ; though there was a lurking glance
iu LOVFJOY'S eye. Which tended to prove, that
on due provocation, he would, like him of old,
try his hand at blowing Agag iu pieces before
the Ixird.
As evidence c* the spirit which pervaded
the free men in the hall, I will relate a sceno
which is said to have occurred Itctween MONT
GOMERY of Pennsylvania, and BOCOCK of Vir
ginia. Their scats adjoiu, and are near the
spot of the encounter. MONTGOMERY is a
Douglas lA-raocrat, an able lawyer, and a qui
et. gentlemanly person. BOCUCK is a good
hearted fellow, but lie feels the blood of the
Virginia F. F.'s coursing rd? reins. As HARES
DALE seized GROW. MONTGOMERY started to
wards the ni-ie. BAR OCK seized him by the
arm. Turning fiercely upon him— M. is a very
large man—he said to 8., (you may fiii the
blank with a most intense phrase,) " Let get
my arm. . or I'll knock you down V—
BOCOCK abstained.
Some hands were laid 0:1 knives and pistols.
But, none were drawn. Oi.e I republican mem
ber, with a Coit in his pr*-ke;, anticipating a
bloody issue, mounted a chrfir. sethathe cou! 1
see to Jo good sertice Wjffcrr.f Sitting hi-r
friends. A Repnldiean reportt-r in the gal
lery. who happened fti fnd a lofcg inife in hi
pocket, tried to efirvb cfnwn npou the floor ;
but. finding tbi* in van. lie pressed to drop
his knife dowg. when a friend suggested that
it might fall iefc the bands of L-fe enemies ;
whereupon Ire &?" .P-Wn his Inife and took up
his pen.
To detail a!! this fajs <en?s tret* ; and ret,
the whole affiir occupied only three or four
mimr.e? A r ter it tfas crer, a feefirg that %
great danger had 1 gate a som
bre hue to thought firt face*. When all had
psr-ed. the Sjwaker. who had borne himself
Srrrfy thrctrgh the vl'rj ccne. was pale and
r-Trvruv The firp cf nSSir* ,fnfi- Lecomp'on
itc were at id th*- bi
'T -Vie. daring the rktCrSning hoar< of the
night, was b'~ed some teeth rather
than f ftonth. If the morui!
straggle, which ;rt o*.e moment wan anticipat
ed, had ccsiHi*nccd, aad blood had l>ecn
the Antk I< coraptonifes would have made a
cf-an weep of the Hall All concerned may
know tnat thesp gentknien arc in no frame o(
to submit quieflv to insult.
ine South is co*td. I know srhak ? saw
—COWED. The promptness with wWefl GROW
knocked Krrrt down in the tors attdft of the
Southern s.d ■of tlie C iimitbe i tne alacri
ty and fire with WHIEO some fifty BEPUBIHRR.S
hounded aciwv?* If all to join the strugsk
appalted tho Sfhreholders Father Girgcvw-.
sahl toHiiT, " I have at in this Htxv* rwert
tr VMW, mf I never saw the Stave Pjwvg
AOfupletcl; Uflled and eovej ti durm: tk.-
finteu hour?' < ...ue?> "