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    laws,and against all who rise up to oppose them
bv unauthorized means. Nor can the excuse
for resistance to the Territorial laws, and lor
failing to perform the dnties of citizenship
under them, that wrongs, and frauds were per
trated at elections, he admitted as a jnstifica
tion. Where elections are so Ireqneut and the
r ji T |it of suffrage so liberal, as in this couutry,
it is peculiarly the duty of a good citizen to
olicv existing authorities, aud even objectiona
ble laws, knowing that the former can be
changed and the fatter ttodified or repealed
within a very brief period. And as to dis
puted elections, they must be decided by the
proper legal authority, and not by individual
citizens or irregular self-constituted assetubla
Insubordination to uecessary and rightful
authority, instigated and encouraged by un
worthv men in the organized States, who de
sired that discord should coutinue, and were
willing to contribute to that objeQt, is the
prolific fountain from which the troubles in
Kansas have heretofore proceeded. It was
natural, perhaps inevitable, that this conduct
bv a party in the territory should provoke an
opposite party to many unjustifiable acts, and
to much imprudent and unreasonable conduct.
Thus extremes act aud re-act upou each other,
and when the laws are defied and individual
action let loose, wrongs, outrages aud violence
are necessary results.
The last phase of the Kansas question,which
is upon the constitution framed by a Territorial
Convention, is peculiarly for the judgment of
Coagrevs, to which the power of admitting
new States is confided by the constitution of
the Union The representatives of the people
and of the States in Congress assembled, will
meet that question under all the responsibili
ties which they owe to their constituents, aud
which arc imposed upon them by their oaths
of office ; and with full Information of a fiual
judgment. Events are constantly occurring in
the territory which will afford mutter for Con
gressional debate, and may affect the ultimate
To the people of Pennsylvania the admis
sion of a new fctate into the Union—into that
confederacy of which she is a member—must
be at all times a subject of high interest. And
I beiieve I express their sentiments as well
as tin* own, in declaring that all the qualified
electors of a Territory should have a full and
fair opportunity to participate in selecting
delegates to form a Constitution preparatory
to admission as a State, and, if desired by
them, they should also be allowed an unquali
fied right to vote upon such Constitution after
it is framed. Of course, those who then fail
to vote, in either case, cannot complain that
the proceeding goes on without their partici
pation. It is to W; hoped that. Congress will
make such provisions for other Territories that
the preseut difficulty will have no rcpitition
in the future.
In conclusion, permit me to observe, that all
experience and refleeCcii prove that the moral
virtues form the only firm foundation of public
order as well as individual character, their
support should therefore engage the profound
attention of Government, and the co-operation
of all good men. will be any struc
ture reared for the regulation of society, and
the promotion of man's true and substantial
happiness, unless it stand upon a foundation
more permanent than paper arrangements,
or the fleeting impulse of the hour I The
recognition of a Great Supreme Rower, which
rules the affairs of nations and of men is
the only support of those virtues which can
make a people distinguished and prosper
ous, and give to Government duration and suc
cess. Sincerely imploring the Div'ne guidance
in the performance of duty, I assume the post
as-igned me by the people, indulging the hope
that at the termination of my services I shall
enjoy the approval of ray own conscience, and
behold Pennsylvania advanced and secure in
her position as one of the great communities
of the New World—her standard aloft, and
proudly bearing, untarnished, her motto of
"Virtue, Liberty and Independence."
•BjgsS=]'OXATIOX PARTY.-—The friends of Rev.
BAR WM. DKI.OSG will make a Donation Visit for his
inn lit. at the house of George C. Gore, in Sheshequin,
entile afternoon and evening of THURSDAY, February
lili, 1858. Invitation to all.
Nct 3.i)Dcrliscinents,
Lin-ta Hose Company, No. 3,
Wi',l be given at the Court House,
$5 % Cofoanba srass jJhnb.
1. Marseilles Hymn.
J. S.u.ta,: Polka.
3. Srliottische.
f- Polish National Hymn.
8- Cap. Shepherd's Quickstep.
PART 11.
1. Pnotr Drift Polka.
2- Qui-ksten dedicated to Lin-ta Hose. No. 3.
3. Medley,
t Sturm Ofllloppe.
f> Win id up Quickstep.
•b Old Hundred.
Tie bete. 25 rents ; Family tickitu, SI.OO.
So Persons Remitting Money to Xre
. land.
I HE undersigned are now prepared by an arrangement
A with Messrs. Roche Bros. A Coffey, of New-York, t >
Vj'Vi- '"'aft- payable at sight on Messrs. Roe he Brothers
sums of one pound and upwards to any
• Mount. and also to issue certificates of passage in the
" ->'•!> of the " Black Ball Line " of New York and Liver-
Pool packets.
BRIDGE LETTING.—Seated proposals
w "l ' e receivi dat the ('onuirii-sioner's < Wire, in the
jTmigli i,f Ti wand i. until :i o'clock, P. M. of AVKDXES
, *-Ike 3d day of FEBRUARY next, tor the bflilding
v>* MUIMiK across S igar Creek, near A. M. Swain's,in
Hutlington. Specifications for the same may be
■ ii at >a:J office for ten days previous to the day ot Ict-
P.y order of the Commissioners,
- ' E. B.C'OOLBAUGII, Clerk
Office, Jan. 25, 1858.
i,, next quarterly meettng of
: .i, ' ' "unty Teachers Association, will he held in
FreJyUu-iau t hnreh in Merry all, on FRIDAY, the
Lin f FEBRUARY next, at U o'clock, A. M.
au addres- wjll he delivered before the Association by
•• ■ H. I*. KINNKV ; essays will be read by Misses MA-
T , * K' LKV COLT.
subject °t Phonetic Teaching and other important
'/'J" ' ts connected with education will be taken up and
fussed at this meeting. JAS. McWILLIAM.
■igj 6 .lßs H. Secretary.
Sent Free to any Address.
(j Si AXS - Bookseller. Publisher, and originator
LLOOK ENTERPRISE, has just issued a
• la,™!! Catalogue of bis Books, comprising
" n Vilr ied assortment of all kinds of literature.
• rih of r,ifts wi,i with every SIOOO
rji! v J' n r ,ks A giR worth from 25 cts. to SIOO
( )r j. yhvertd with each liook at the time of sale.
k'fwarrtL i ra th ' s rountr y promptly filled and the goods
is rH>i\v'i tx b rt - s ox wail on the tame day the order
xot frre. AiHtt.-i GG- I>ANS.
j Xlliscvl rtIU'OUG.
No Mistake for D, C. Hall.
HE has now on hand a large stock and a great variety
of Parlor aud Plate, and 4 different patterns of
Cooking Stoves of Diving Flue aud Elevated Ovens for
Coal and Wood— that rather than to summer tin ni over
he will sell at cn e t b.r cash or grain at the fnHowing uri
e.ea V\ heat. $1 25 ; Rye. 624 ets.; Corn. ._'A cts ; oats
37| ctH 1 Buckwheat. 43J cents and Butter the hiirhest
liiai ket price given. If you don't believe it, call and trv
P. S. Those who have accounts or notes with nim that
are due, had better make arrangements to uav imme
diately if they wish to save cost.
_T >waiida, Jan. 14. Issß.
Also, Upper Li-ather, French and American Calf Skins,
Kip Skins, a lurge assortment of Morocco. Linings, Find
ings, aud other goods suitable for the season.
_%l Of stf own manufacture, constantlv on hand,
made to older, all of which we" offrr at rc
duced prices. HUMPHREY WICK HAM.
Towauda. January 5. WW.
that ttie partnership heretofore existing between tLe
subscribers i* this day dissolved by mutual consent. Zar
cbeus Annaliie agreeing to settle and pay ail the debts of
the late tirm, and he is also nothorized to receive all ac
counts and debts owing to the said firm.
Granville. July 24. 1557. ZACCHKUS ANN ABLE.
I IST OF LETTERS, remaining in the P.
J O. at T<>WANDA, quarter ending Dec. 31, 1857.
Angel Mary B Lord Mary-
Burke Patrick Lynch Samuel
Biles Miron Madden Ellen
Bradening S A D Merrit Anna
ltelour Julia Mrs Meentir Ann
Bowman Jacob Moore George 3
Blauding John Manmi George
Bowman J A McCeny la u-ira
Boston -iiilin L Miuthing Wm
Brown John J Marely M
Barret John Mack Sarah Ann
Bambour James Mitchel W
Burch Egbert Moore Mary
Bartlett D P Murphy Mary
Bcbee Clarinda Melntire M try
Claftin Clara McDonald Morris
Covey Hannah Morris Leonard
Carney Charlotte MaWtiarton James
Doaner Albert H McDonald John
I'cLaucy Arthur Moor Henry S
Derrnnt Jauies M Norton Sarah
Davidson S A Ninian Matilda
I)ilzer Frank Nortbrup Mat v L
I>eazy William Nagiee Julia
Diltz Harriet B N >rihvap John
DeLoug Mrs M Old R I
F.lkan Moses O'Day John
Elkan S l\itti.-<-u John
Elliot James Post L 11
Kastabrook Francis E Percival Mary A
Fish Daniel Potter .Morgan
Joseph Robert II Pattison Wm
John-oil James Pierce W A '
Johnson 1* 11 l'atti.-on II G
Girardiu I'r lieyimltis Ann
French W B Ross James H
Fowler Win Rigley* Matthias
Flint A Co Russell W m
Ferguson Marv L Sal-bury DC
Folsey James Smith Kiizabceh A
Galespy Mary Strait Clinton
Galuslia Samuel Sawyer Mrs E
Greeu Simon 2 Spencer Joseph
Graham M 2 Sanderson James
Griffin Morris Stirim-?'- John A
High E M Sickle Jo -h
Horton Elma Sihle Peter
Hiigb-ou John .Smith Uiiey 2
flat! Tbosti Stronc Lemuel
Hughes Thomas Skim sYnt
Ha lev Wm Stephenson Win
Irwin Martin Miss Spencer D
Kerf W T Thompson J:m-.-3 2
KinimHi James Taylor Je-se
Lynch Bridget TracevG J
Lines C P Thayer W S 2
Lowm dins U Will. ock Alexander
Lrmaii C A Wordcn Ib'iiry I
Leo el Is E M Wright ii N
Loney John Walboin Solomon
Lynch John Whitehall Ansel
Lynch Michael it- it- MeKKAX, P. M.
"*4-iVisons inquiring for letters will ph a-c-s-y they
an- adverti.-el.
lIST OF .1 UIIORS, drawn for February
-A Term aud Sessions, 1 sSS.
Armenia—t) D Fields. jSiuithtieid —Ira (R' "'k.
Asylum—Geo S Gamble. j South (hk—A H Thompson.
Athens twp.—B P Snyder. Troy boro'—Wm B.nyer.
J hn Giißin. jTowunda b—JDGo -de.iougli
Athens Ixiro' - T.TI ShermaniTowanda 77 -Coo Mill*.
Chas Comstocp. Ulster—John Conklin, Edw
Dnrell —Ulysses Moody, Walker.
Monroe tp—Lyinan Marcy, Warren—Evan Howell, Frs.
David 11 ui.L'- -y. , A! yt.
Pike- John Baldwin. IWy.ilusing— Stephen Lyon.
R'.dgbcrry —Mills Curr. j '-Veils—Decker E Ayit-s.
Springfield —N W l'ottcr. |Wysox -John 14 limes.
Armenia—R Montgomery. iGrwel!—lsaac Lyon.
Asylum-—J H Stat ford, Wir.iSlie-iicqniu—US K. ugslury
Pussmore. i Ralph ti >re.John Rauiiali
I Athens tp—John T Briuk. ( in- Chaffee.
Curtis Thurston. j South Creek—-Ad Turner,
i Athens ho—t hurlcs Brooks.jSiuithficid- Newton Wood.
F. X. Page, Glt Perkins. ISylvauia bo—l' Pci k jr.
Burlington—fl W Bennett.. jTuwamla bo— J Collins, M
ll'irlingtoa W —John Bloom j C Men nr.
Dun |l—Hi-hard Gili ert. i'r>>y tp- riv Morgan.
Franklin —Benj Langilon, El ih -i arora -Harry Ai kly.
Blake. [Warren —Philip Davis, J I*
Granville—Robert Bailey, I.j Rogers.
D Taylor. ' i Wells— Orr Smith.
Herrick—Nel-on Heeler. | Wilmot—Hiram Stone.
I^ltoy—EJinund Kelly. jWysox —John BSmith, J M
l.itclilield—Hus M'Kmney. j iieed.
Albany—John Matthews, J|Pike— O J Warner.F. Heeler.
Wilcox. [Rome — L Vought, John W
Asylum—Geo H Morrow. Woodbnrn.
Athens tp—l-aai 1 Gregory. Springfield—Almon Berry.
Daniel McDuffie 2d. | Standing Stone—P Worth.
Athens bo—ll C Itaird. jSvlvaniabo- NII McCollnin
Burlington l>o—Job Morley.jS uith t.'rct k II l b imps >n.
\V—Horace Brown.| i'owanda Is)— 11 S Men ur.
Canton I) II Duart. jTowxnd-itp—Murray Watts,
Columbia—t) J Hr.oBYr.R | lILSi ott.
Eurcll—Simeon Decker. Is-jTusearora—( 5- Browning,
rael Smith. i i'roy tp—Abner t iatlin.
j Granville—D B H->s 1 Warren—EC BulHugtoo, J
Herrick L M Stevens. I ('Manning, Tbo.s Youiig.
j l>eßoy—C Chaaptl, Jamc?Wyalusing— ''lint->n Lewis.
Baglcy. j Windhain—P Kuykeudall.
I Litchfield—Abnt Carupl>ell. ; Wells— Aison Laf.ew.
OATS, Corn. Rye. Wheat, Potatoes, ami a -mall quan
titv'nf Rye straw will be taken at the BARCLAY
i MINES in exebange tor COAL.
Dec, H, IS">7. G'-n. Sup. Barclay it- U. A Coal Go.
V GENTS, ATTENTION !—Do yon wish
to find good employment, and make money with
'little or no investment, and without interfering with
voiir regular business? 11 }ou do, read this advertise
ment. '
C. E. T.nnft A Co., of Broome Street, New i ork.
are manufacturing and selling massive gohl Pencils lor
.4.5 each, (which are cheap at that price.) and they throw
in a girt or prize with each Pencil, worth from $2 up to
*5, $lO, sls, S2O. 5, #3O. #SO. #75. fIOO. S2OO and *SOO.
Don't cry out " Humbug! Lottery ' ' it s n>> stieli thing.
The Pencils are sold at their rash value, and nil the pro
fits over the first cost are thrown into the gilts, which
actually cost the purchaser nothing. Ihe prizes are dis
tril-iited < n a simple plan ol drawing, width would take
too much room to explain, but which II.IS never tuiicd to
give complete sati-taction. \\ e have drawn aud sent to
purchaser- is 3 gold watches oi various prices, il pnise
of gold dollars, Ui's gold lockefs, 850 gnl 1 ell lias, and a
corresponding uum'ocr of ot her prizes, within I w > inuith-.
TlfUrfE ARE NO BLANKS, but every p' r
drawc a prr/e worth #2 cert.iin, and it stands thousands
of chan es to i>e a higher figure.
We want a good agent in every neighborhood Mn .mgh
out the country, to solicit purchasers, and any agent, to
'H- successful, must have a Pencil au<> prize to exhibit.
We pay agents yi rasp for each piTrcirr.ser If obtains,
and the first person in any neighborhood who applies for
a Pencil and gi!t, will receive t'lic tgcncy for that focali
tv. Should ;in agent obtain a valuable jirize to exhibit
with his Pencil, be would have little difficulty iu obtain
ing scores of purchasers, and making i* a paying business.
We ask nobody to send their money fciif they know
what prize they draw. Any person wishing to try their
luck, can first send us their name and address, and wc
will make their drawing and inform them by return mail
what prize they draw, v?hen thev can send ou ami
tlie Pencil and prize, orjnot, whichever they choose, we
give tliis privilege only once to a purchaser. Alter
fir>t drawing, every purchaser will be required to nciul
in advance, through the authorized agent. We w:ii sfua
with each drawing the number talren out, with full lies
cription of the plan of drawing.
Jan. 20. 1858. 302 Broome Street, New York.
iB hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of George McClelkuwL iaie of Canton, deceased,
are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate wul
please present them duly authenticated tor settlement.
v r J v AV. JfrCLEIJ AND,
Canton Jan 14 !?o* Administrator:-
Ceo, al.
PROCLAMATION. —Whereas, tlie Hon.
DAVID WILMOT, President Judge of the 12th Ju
dicial District, consisting of the Counties of Bradford and
Susquehanna. and llouurubles JOHN P.VSSMOIIB. and
JOHN F. LONG, Associate Judges, iu aud for said county
of Bradford, have issued their precept bearing date the
27th day of Dec. A. D. 1857, to inedirected,for holding a
Court of Oyer at.d Terminer. < ieneral Quarter Sessions of
the IVace, Common pleas mid Orphan's Court, ut Tnwftu
da. for the County oi Bradford, on the tir-t Monday, the
Ist day of FF.HLIFL ARY next, to continue two weeks.
Notice is therefore hereby given, to the Coraners and
Justices of the Peace and Constables, of the County ol
Bradford, that they 1 e then and there in their proper per
son, at 10 o'elo. k in the forenooii of said day, with their
records, inquisitions,and other remembrances, to do those
things which to their office appertains to is* done ; and
those who are bound by recognizance or otherwise to pro
secute against the prisoners who are or may be in the jail
of said County, or who shall be bound to appear at the
said court. are to lie then and there to prosecute against
them as shall be jnst. Jurors are requested to be punctual
in their attendance, agreeably to their notice.
Dated at Towauda, the 4th of Jan.. in the year of our
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight, and
of the Independence of the United States, the eighty
SHERIFF'S SALE.—Ey virtue of KM miry
KA writs of Fieri Facias, ISSUED out of the Court of
Coinßioii I'leas of Bradford Gouuty, and to UE- DIRE ted,
will lie exposed to public sale on SATURDAY, the 30th
day of January , LSSN. ut one o'clock, P. M., at the Court
House, in the borough of Towauda, the following des
iribed lot. piece or parcel ot land situate in Sheshequiu
twp.. Bradford county, bounded as follows, to wit : B< -
ginning at a hemlock, a corner, thence south !IS° east
31N 2-10 perches to a hemlock the south east corner of
tiie warrant, thence north H° EAST 17s 4-11 nerehes to A |
post south ea.-t corner of the late Peter Alien s lot, tlicuce
north N!> 0 we-t !'l TL-L'L per. LU -to the south west corner
of the Arunah Wattles lot, thenee south 1° west 03 per.,
to a beech corner, thence north !S° west 50 perches to a
corner of lot No. 1, thenee north 1° ca-t Is 2 F-IO percb
e< to the north line of v. uraut a post a corner of lots No.
1 and 2, thenee on said warrant line north H;i° west "ID
perches to a hemlock sapling, the north east corner ot ,
Isaac S. Horton'S lot. them eby said lot south 1° west
L'! 2 4-10 perches to U rock oak sapling south east corner '
of said 1.-nae S. Horton's lot, tueuce north N'J° west 126 '
3-10 perches to a po.- t on the south Hue of Isaac 8. Hor- I
ton's land, thence LJ 0 west 115 4-10 perches to the liem- j
lock, the place of beginning. Containing three hundred
and sixteen acres and fifty-eight perches, !• the same
more or less, about forty acres improved, 3 framed hou- :
SES. 3 log houses, 2 framed burns, 1 saw mid, A-mall gro
cery building arid a few fruit trees.
AL>'o All that lot. piece or parcel erf laud -itoate in -
Bheshequirf tWp.. Bradford county, bounded as follows, j
to wit : North by lauds of C. Smith, east by land of Rich
ard Johnson, ,SOUTH by land of George Smith and west by ,
lands of Martin Rogers. Containing about twenty-seveu !
acres, about twenty-live aeies improved, a framed, !
a framed barn and an orchard of fruit trees.
ALSO - VIL that 1 t, piece or parcel ol laud situate in
Sheshequiu tn p., Bradford county, bounded as follows,
to wit : North by land lately owned by s. I'. Washburn,
I U-t by land of Benjamin Smith, suui-i by laud in posses
sion of W. Steplieuson and west by land of Reuben Young.
Containing liny acres more or less.
ALSO—AII that i *t, pie- 1- or pain lof land situate in
Rome twp.. Bradford county, bounded n.s follor,to wit.
North by the T ovner liiil rond.ea-t and we-t by lands
formerly owntd bv Jud-ou Ibdeomb and south by land
ed John Pas-im ce. < 'out fifty feet ti -ut by i ft it
back, more or less, all improved, with a blacksmith .-Imp
Seized and taken in execution at Hie suit of Montanyia
A Co. v.-. Benjamin Stepliensuii.
Shi rid - Office. Jan. ISJs.
OItFRIFF'S SALES.—IS} virtue of writs
O of vend, expon as i-sui d out of the Court ot Com
mon Picas of Bradford County, and to me directed, will
be exposed to public sale oo MONDAY, the 1-t day of
February, A. D., at I o'clock, P. Si., at the Court
House in the borough of Towauda. the following lot,
piece or parcel or land situate :u Orwell twj>.. bounded on
the north by lands ol Jiid-on La-t Tbrook.s, east by lands
of Major B. Daring, s c-ih by laud- of !( r Spict r, aud
west by lands of Allea Howen. C uitaiu ug -eventy-five
acres, more or i- s-, a! out fifty am-- impr--v--d, a framed
house, a framed barn and shed, and an orchard of fruit
trees tin reon.
rfi izcd aud taken in cxi ■ ution at the suit of Charles
James vs. Abrazina Rogers ami Alva Rogers.
ALSO—A pie■ eor parcel of land iu Shc-hequiii town
ship. iiomi hti u rth and ea-t by lauds of Elias Post.- cath
find west by lands of Wm. B. Morton and Surah Smith.
Cunt lining ">() acres, more "r less, alout to ;u res thereof
iiuprov-d. with a framed house, a log house, a framed
barn mid an ol hard of lr. it trees.
ALSO One '.her piece-or parcel of lin linSh -hc-piin
township, bounui d north by iand of Benjitinin Stephen
son,east by land of Wm. T. Patterson, south by land - of
Abiam Paitcrsoii. Containing 50 acres be the saint- more
or !e-.s.
Sc-i/.i d and t then in execution at the suit ul Joseph
Powell vs. L. I>. Post.
abStl —A piece or parcel ol 'ami iu Canton town-Tin,
bounded north by land-: of - T W. Grifdu. eat l y t'iie
public road le oliug ti -m Cant-oi to Butch Flat-. - -th by
lands of Charles 11, and vvi-i l,y lands of A. I)oty.
Containing -diont 55 feet fr-mt by 3-).t o-et back, all im
proved. with a framed dwelling house thereon.
Seized and tak- :i i:i > x-cution at th -nit of S. If.New
man to the u.-e ol Kdw.tnl Vundiue Vs. J. >. Min.ird.
ALSO—A pieie or par- il land in Wilmot township,
bounded II rth b-y laud o! Oe rge Kberly. ca.-t !.. laud.-of
John Bates, south by lands ol John Dii ll'. uhaehi r. and
WEST by lands of Charles Morning-tar nnd Miheil'-r.
Containing lU7 arc-, more or iesj, abmit 3D acre- im
proved. willi a fram'-d bouse, a framed stable, a ' ig barn
and tin apple orchard hereon.
Scizi d and taken iu execution at tlie suit of l).M.James
vs. Arthur Mafii-tf.
ALSQ—The following lot. Mere or tmrc-l of land situ
ate in Athens twp.. llrailtoid county. I>--.aided • ti Cue
11-irth by iulid.- of Kdward Pel kins, cast by lauds ul /..
tlihbs. - I *li by IIU-cat- d land or land known THE Ca
t >n t'act ami oil the west by bind belonging the licit- !
Horace Wißisti ri, dee d, ''ontaining about iHty-seteu
acres, more or less, about forty acres fram
ed house, one framed barn, one framed shed and fruit
trees thereon.
ALSO One othfir lot. piece OR parcel of land situate
in Athens twp., Itradt rd county, bounded AS follows, F->
wit: ORT tite north bv lands of Yates >V Co., "A-D by land
belonging to THE B*-irs of HOME" TV illi-tun. dee'A.. S.oith
by the public highway and on the wo ' by lands of i'->r
ncliii- lliiu-ikcr. Containing aboi't t'uiitv a res, more or
less, about twenty acres iu'proFed, with one log h u.-e
with a framed a-lditiou aud fruit tre> - llu-i eon.
Seized ami taken in executioc at the ->: it ->t L. A.
SchOTci; ta the u-e of Stepbeu St. J>>lm vs. A bra to Han
ALSO—The following b>t. piece or parcel Of land situ
ate in Franklin twp.. Br.olmrd county, biumled on the
north by lau<l uf John Mei'mills :uid Jo-iali Haines.ea-t
by lands of (Jeorge L'lit/. -> .'.h by laud of Atlira Gay
and west by laud f John Kuykeudall. (.'ontainin.' about
one hundred and twenty a< re.-, about eight acres improv
ed with a few fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—Due other I t, piece r parcel of land situated
in Franklin twp.. Bradford county, bounded on th" north
by lands of John Lautz andS.nnuei A unable. e:t-t I>\ land
of ilora e Whiley. smith ! y tb- l'v.- ;( iihi ert'-k and we-t
l>y land of Horace W'iliey. Containing about one hun
dred acres, nmre or !o-s," b>m thirty n> re- impMt'cd.
one plank h >u-o ami framed barn, one blacksmith shop
ami ay ning orcimrd of fruit trees thereon.
Seized ami taken in execution at the suit of Joseph
Powell vs. Win. E. Gore.
ALSO The fol! iwi ig ltd, piece or parcel of land situ
ate in Canton twp.. Bradford county, bounded on the
imrth by lands ot Win. S Bikcrand Kingsbery, Newman
A G >.. cast bv lands of Kingsbery, N tvnrin A Cm, south
i> v Tiuga s-Jrcet and t ly lau>!- ol Kingsbery, Nov. -
ni.m A Co. are! W'm. S. Baker. Containing one fourth
of an a> re, more or less, ail improved, with a itauteu
House thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at thr -ciit of S. H. New
mau to the use of E. A'andine vs. A. M. Kramer.
Shortr.s Office, Jan. 5, 15.".8.
rT Notice i- hereby given, that nn .amount sufficient
to pav all costs w 11 lie reqiiinal iu every case where laud
is *<> id, niso satislactor) security or money paid oa all
bids made on lauds, at tlm time of ..ate, and unless, terms
are complied with the land will b>e again exposed to safe.
TitUS. M. \\ uuDUUFF, Sheriff.
I J MOO DA' v-. HARRIET MOODY. In Brad. Com.
Pleas. No. 581. Scpteml>er T. 1857.
To HAURAET .MOODY, the defendant in the above
suit: You are hereby notified that UO-es Moody, your
husband, has fifed lii- petition against yon for a divorce
Irotu the Is.uiis of oevtiiim-iiy : and that an alias subpoe
na has been issued returnable to Decent!" r Term, 1557 ;
and tiwt. a court of common pleas will be hchl fur tin
county of Bradford, at the Court House, iu the borough
of Towanda,on tlio l'ist Monday ol February next, being
the Ist day : j";i will then and ihefe show cause, it any
you have, H ltv the petition and lib-el ot the said I lys-e-
Moody shoulff not be gr.mfe.l, pud Why the bonds ol ina
triumny should not be diswdved.
1 THOS. M. WOODRUFF, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office. January 1.18.VL
\ EDITOR'S NOTICE. — In 'fit matter of
J. \ the estate of J"tint RosmeraiUz, dee'd. In the Or
phau's Court of Bradford Connty.
The undersigned, Auditor appointed to distribute the
balance of fimds in the hands of the Administrator of said
estate, recommitted to liinr for distribution, will attend
to the duties of his appointment at the office <>f Am. Wat
kins in Towanda Borough, on Saturday, the 30th day of
January. 1858, at 3 o'clock. P. M-, when and where all
persons having claims upon baid balance are requested to
preseut the same.
Jan. 1, 1858. G. n. WATIyINS. Auditor.
To Ail Concerned.
TUr- Subscritiers' liabilitiea are such that they will ei
ther be obliged to sell the Judgments and Notes they
hold against their customers, or enforce collection. Wc
bore our friends will not drive ue to such an alternative
4o early *-tnrb>n to this notice is reqaesW.
" „g.1t.185T. JIONTA.vm
lICKNSKB. —Notice is horeltv jjiven, timt
-J the following named persons have filed in the office
; of the Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sessions their peti
tions for licenses under the existing law- of the Common
i wealth, and their several applications will lie heard before
i the judges of the Court of Quarter Sessions ou Monday,
] the Ist day of February next, at 2o'c.ock in the afternoon
! of said day:
ton A TAvr.u.N :
1. Kiikpauh k Athens Township.
John Howard Wya'tu.-ing Township.
Nicholas I). Snyder Pike Township.
(). W. Xorthrup. do
, C)h'b 11. Kwazey aini John Holmes Towanda BotV.
James m. Keeil." .Jft'ysox Tiwruthty),
Ann Whalou da
John S Tiuitfipsou Wyalusing Township.
Dav'd Conable Columbia.
(). b. Morse .. .Leßoy Township.
Hugh M. Holcorub. ...Loßoy Township
M. P. lforton . Asylum Township
Bud Smith Cnnton Township.
John Wallace Ridgberry Township.
Alexander Stirb n Ridgln-rry Township.
John Dougherty Monroe Boro.
Ceo. H. Kstell Towanda Roro.
Ceo. W. Davis Ridgberry Town-hip. ]
Stephen Felton Totvanda Boro.
John C. Wilson T iwfcmlat Boro. ;
Horace Tuitle Canton T..ivnship.
Clerk's Qlßct, January 5, (KM.
SHERIFF'S S A EES—liy virtue of stmilry
0 writs of Vend. Kxponas, issued otit ol the Court of;
Common Pleas of Bradford eounty. and to me directed,
will lie exposed to public sale at the Court . ou-o, in the
boro' of Towaiida, on FRIDAY. February 5, ISSH, nt 1
o'clock. P. M-, the following lot. piece or parcel of land
situate in Pike twp., Bradford county, bounded tu the
north by lands of Snyder, oa-t by lands of the estate
•>t John Ford, dee'd.. south by lands of Lyman Buck arid
the public highway and wc-t by lands of Biuicon Taylor.
('(Uitaiiiing about thirty acres, be the same more or less,
about twenty-live acres improved and an orchard of fruit
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George C.
Atwood vs. Alpheua C. Ford.
ALSO The following lot, piece or parcel of land situ- !
ate in Litchfield twp.. Bradford county, bounded on the j
north by lauds of Joseph Kershaw ml William Bostwh k j
eat by lands of Joseph Kershaw ami Joint Warner, south |
by lands of John Warner and on the west by lands of Win. I
Bostwiekaud Andrew C. Biainard. Containing about |
tiftv-live acres, more or less, about seven acres improved I
one log house and one log shed or stable thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of W.S. Tan
nery to the use of Nathan Kdminster vs. John Hubbcil.
ALSO—The follow ing lot piere or parcel of land situ- !
ate in Ridghitry twp., Bradford County, hounded on the i
north by lands of Daniel Dewev, east by lands of William
Easton, south by lauds of S trail Brighatn and Parvin Co
vell and we-t by lands of Manser C'hamberlin. Contain- |
ing titty one aen -. be the saiue more or h -s ? a!l imj>rur- i
1 d with a framed house, a big house, a framed Lam, a ]
saw mill and a few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Charity
Gravi s, administr itrix of Abner Graves v.-. Clt.u!es l'ot- ;
ALSO—The following lot. mere or parcel of land situ- {
ale in Gianvilic twp., Bradford e anitv. hounded on the j
a .rtli by land of L- D. Swain, i .i-t by lan 1 of Geo. John- '
son, south by laiel of A. J. Robison and wc-t by the high '
way. Containing about lifly acres, more ~r less, about
twenty-five acres improved, oue framed house, log burn
and IV :it trees thereon.
Seized and taken iu execution at the suit of Meeker.
Herbert & Pet kins vs. X. X. a irmcy, garnishee of 11. S.
A LSD The following lot, piece or parrel of land situ- j
ate in Albany twp., Bradford county, bounded on the j
north by lands of Juno- Wilcox, on *t by the south or
Fow'.er braneh of the Towam a Creek, south by lands of |
Joseph White and west by lands of I'ric-tlv or '
the Coal Company lands. Containing about one liuii- |
died forty acres, about s,- verity-five acres improved,
one Trained house, one framed bam. one framed horse )
shed and au on hard of fruit trees thereon. j
Sei/.eil aid taken in execution at the -nit of Joseph I
Meiiai ti. adiniir. t rat r of the estate o, Minor Wilcox vs. !
H. ,-k yin >ur Uliinjiei. j
ALSO. Tip- following lot. piece or pared of land situ- |
ate in Albany twp.. Bradford county, bounded on the
north by land- id" Myron Kellogg, ea.-t hy land of Myron
Kllo.g and Daniel English. -oath by 1 uids of tin- ieirs '
of Jacob Miller, dee'd., and we-t by the Barclay Coal 1
lands. Containing one hundred acres and allowances,
more or le-s. about thirty-five acres improved, with a log
house and b g bar: thereon.
AI.SD—Due other lot, piece cr parcel of lind situate ]
in All any twp., Bradford county.b vimied moth by lands
of I:ivi 1 Miller ami James Mm fortune, ea-t by lands ol
Atitasa Haneovk, south and we-t by Zadoc Corson, Coli
t lining one hundred and seventy acres ■ mre or less.about
one hundred '-m improved, a framed h0;..-e, a framed
barn, a 1 ig blaek-mith shop, tiiree apple orchards and :
other fruit trees there in.
ALSO—One other lot, pie -c or parcel of land situate
in Albany twp.. Bradl'iinl i.oantv, l;ot uti-.d north hv hinds
oi Mieftmld Wilcox, east by Mifbm D ike- J•• ':
di un 1 Sinus n C'iupni..a. south by lands of Wills Wil
i ..x and S. I'. and Win. Means and ivi-st by lands of John
Hanson. John Holmes and James and Benjamin Wilcox.
Containing one hundred and sixty rare-, in ore or less,
i ue hiimh• d aiai-s improved, two framed in i -i s, one log
liou-e, tw i framed liarns. one b!a ksmith shop, and an
apple orchard and other fruit tree- thereon.
ALSO—lne other lot, piece or parcel of land situate
in Albany twp., Bradford eounty. bounded north hv land
of Sheffield Wilcox and Milton ll.ikes, nouth by Joseph
Mellarili and wi -l hy lands of Z. Gillett. t' at.oning Jo
acres. riiore or le--, about eighteen acres iioprovi d.
ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of land siiuate
in Albany twp., Bradford eounty, hounded on the north,
west and - iiitii by Warrantee lines of a tract in the war
rantee name of Henry Stark and on the east hy land- in
possession o| William B. Ifidf-nyiler. being part ot the
-aid 11a !in the warrantee name of Henry "Bark. Con
taining about one hundred acres with a log horse in tue
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of 11. H. Mace
v.-. Rol'iu Wilcox am! Sheffield \\ ileox.
ALSO—The billowing lot. piece or parcel of land situ
ate in Athens twp., Bradford county, hounded on the
north hy lands ot fates ,V Co.. west hy land- of Edward
Williams and Smith Griffin, on the south by I. yds of
Smith Griffin and land helongiiijj to the heirs of Horace
Williston. dee'd. and the public highway, on the ea-t by
lands of the heirs of H. Williston, dee'd., Geo. Woleott
and Abiain Hnnsiker. Containing about two hundred
and fifty-six ai r'-s. more or less, about one hundred acres
improved, one framed lionse, one log house, three framed
burns, one framed shed ami fruit trees thereon.
A'-O —i hie ot her lot, piece or parcel of laud situate
in Athens Boro. Bradford county , bounded on Die north
by lands of Charles F. Weile*. jr., on the east by Main
street, on tie- south by KIDw utli and on tir. west
hy tin* Chemung River. Containing about one-fourth of
an acre, more or less, gji improved, oue trained house,
one framed barn and truit trees thereon.
AI.S<)- Due other lot. piece or parcel of land siiuate
i:i Athens Born., Bradford eounty. hounded on the nofth
by lands of A brain SmJi, west by Main street, smith by
lands of Dr. Thomas Huston and east by the Srsqiiehan
na river. Containing about one acre, more or fi-s, all
improved, one trained house, one teamed burn and fruit
trees tht-rrrj.
A L'~o- C'ne other lot. piecA or fatted rf land situate
in Athens Intro., Bradford county, bounded on tin- north
hy lands of Chester !':irk, on tin- east by Main street, on
the south Ijy lands of K. Brooks and on the west IJV flip
t licmuntr l!lv i-r. Containing about three-fourth* of nn
acre. more or less. nil improved one franCd Irons?, fram
ed h.irn and fruit trees thereon.
A 1.-O" Defendant's in fori -t in one other lot, piece or
par el of land situate in Atliejn two., Bradford county,
h ,muled on the nojili hy laud of .loliu Watkius, jr. and
the puldie triguway, on the ea-t, smith and west l.y lands
ofA'-hri Wat kins. j-. Containing aimC three-fourths of
an a'-rr, irmre orlcss all rmprovdand a saw mill thereon.
foiled and tit ken in execution at the .suit of the Bank
of I'ovt Jafvis vs. Cornelius Utuisiker.
A I.S'Y—The following described lot, piece or parcel of
land situated in Wsrren township, bounriedand described
•as fid Intra, to wit :on tli? north hy lands of.l Antisdnle,
east by the highway. south l.y J. Brant, and on the west
l>y lands of (}. H. Brant, Containing about b an acre,
more or less, all improved, one framed wagon shop, and
one framed hfaeh miili shop tin iron.
Al.nO—due other lot, piece or parcel of land situate
in Warren twp., hounded and .ies. rihed as follow.- : on
the north and east by lands belonging to the estate .if W.
linger x dee d., south by the highway, and west by land
of tr. 11. Brant-, Containing about 1(5 rods of laud, more
or less, all improved, with one framed bhe k-mitii shop
thete ii.
Seized and taken in execution at the -ait of N*. C.Bowcn.
J. A. Bowen and Wm. W. Baker vs. Like S. Brant.
T. M. WOODKI'FF, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office, .Tan. o, K>.
-i. is hereby given, that all pi rson- iiidrbb dto the es
tate of Benj. K. W.rfkins, Tateof ShPsbcquiit ffp., dee'd.
are requested to make payment without delay : and all
pPr-on? having claims again-l said estate, must present
theai duly authenticated, t > ths subscriber.
Jan. 11. H'rt. Mo Slid WA 'PK! MS, Administrator.
¥ r Stone Lime just received, and for sale for Cash or
(train Lv
Towauda, Oct, 2G. is.l7. DAILEV A XtlVlXf?.
■'Tfeititifi CATTLE wanted l.y the •' Mauch Chunk Beef
Association." 'The regular market price will
be paid. Cash. Bv order of the Board of Directors,
hi. H. RAICH, Sec y. 0. W. SMITH. President.
Mauch Chunk. Dec. fi, 1557.
lAA BBLS, COMMON SALT ; 10 bills.
lvv Bock Salt for packing salt,just received by
Dec. 10, lsdti. BAILEY jfcJVEVIN'P.
OILS," FAINTS. GLASS, &c„ sH eLes,
for rale at .
6ht 12 157. Jft ACT A MfIOBE fe-
\ UIJITQUS NOTICE— In tU nutter of
ix the i: slate of tkbvrah C. Cre gory deeta.rJ. fn
the Orphans Court of Bradford coui.ty.
The undw-signed .Vnditor appointed |o di-trtbtV-' tonds
in the hands of the Adm'r of said estate will attend to
the duties of his appointment at the office of Win. Elwell
Estj., in tiie the horo'ot lovvani'.i on Tlmirday the Jbth
day of January A. D.l BS$. wheu and wlier all persons
LaViftg claims u]on said tund arc reonestt-d to present
the same or else he forever debarrt I therefrom.
G. D. MOXTaXYE, Auditor.
December 24. Ida7.
NOTICF.Z Notice is here-
J by given that uB persons imiebtod to the e.-tate ot
ttCEDF.FUCK FISHER, dee'd of Booth Towattda. must
make immediate payment, and all persons having ile
inand- against said estate, will present them duly authen
ticated for settlement.
August, 15. KIT. Excentms.
EXKCrTOirS NOTICK. — All pcrsotis iu
dt-iiU'il to the estate of SIL VB TITEB, deceased,
lute of Derrick township, are hereby notified that pay
ment must Is- made without delay, and all persons havii g
claims against said r-tiV- are refpiested to present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
750 PR A R PI. ATT.
September 2>5,1®.'7. Executor.
fx. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
estate of REEL'S WHITE, deceased, late of Franklin
twp, are hereby notified to make payment without delay,
and all persons having demand s against said estate are
requested to present them duly authenticated for settle
December 21, ls.>7. A.huini-tiatrix.
1 X- is hereby given, that ali persons iadelited to the es
tate of 1 km.-ford B. Bailey, deceased, late of Pike twp.
are requested to make payment without delay : and ail
persons having i laim- against said e-tate v. ill please pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
P. 11. BECK.
October 15. 1K57. Administrators.
OXECUTOII'S NOTICE. —Notice isheire-
M.J bv given that letters te-tamentary upon the estate
of Eli/ah Lucky, kite of Biiesbeijuiu, dee'd, have been
granted to the subscriber. All person-indebted to said
estate are hereby requested to make immediate payment,
and these having any claims upon said e-tatc to present
them duly attested for settlement.
Bept. 15. 1W.7. Executors.
LtXECCfRIX NOTlCE—Notice is here
in Ly given. that ali persons indebted to the estate ot
JDtfX CHAFt'EE. deceased, late of Warren town
ship, are requested to i-ake payment without delay:
th'isi iKiviugileiiiandsagaiiist slid estate will present tlien.
duly authenticated for settlement.
!••••. s. 7. FANNY CHAFFEE. Exeeutiix.
\ I ) MINI -ST KA TO II"S N ()T1 (' K.- Not ice
j. \ is lien hv given, that till person- indebted to tiie is
tateoi Hiram Gilbert, decea-eillateof Duieli twp.,:-re re
-pie-ted to make payment without delay ; and all persons
hiving claims a gain- 1 said estate, must pt< -ml them duly
authenticated Tor to tlie attbscfibers.
Nov. 3, 1557. B. LAI'OHTE, Administrator.
J.\. is hen tiy given, tiiatail persons indebted to the es
tate of C \LEIi EDGAK'I'ON, late of Athens Borough
deceased, are requested to make payment without de
lay : and all persons h.iviiig i biiiri-sgnin-t sal? e-tate will
please present tbeiu d dv nutlientieated for s-ttk-meut.
Xovemlier 12. 1 -57. Administratrix..
4 I > MIXI ST K A TOR'S XOT 11 'I -N< t i#*
f i- herebv ji\-!i, that a!', persons indebted t-- the es
tnte "f EBas Yhompson. 1 'd. late of BhesLeqnin towa
ship, an-iu-ri l y re>;u: -ted to make payment without de
lay; ami all hiving **!air= < ag i::.-t s*:f esUte will
nicu-e present tlicm dutv authenticated for settle meat.
Dee. 1, 15",7. Administrators.
13 K(j ISTKK'S NOTlCK.—Ntiliee is Iwre
-1 V by given that tiierc have been tiled and settled in
the office of the Register of Y.'il's in and fot the e-a nty of
Bradford, accounts of administration upon the following
e-t;lt'*s. viz :
Partial account of '.tigeline I.yon, a iininiotratrix of
Cab-!, f.yon. late of Ihkc, deceased.
Partial account of lbd.ert Richards, gnardlau of J. and
('. M. Vought. minor children <>f Nchemiah Vought, late
Of Rome. dcveaSf J.
Final a>count of William Roardinan. administrator of
Ephriam Bouidman. lute ol Orwell, .ii-cea-ed.
Eina! aiMuint of Pelt : Peck and Win. G. Bradford, ad
ministrators <>i Gritiin ibiiiw late of Columbia, dee'd.
Final amount of Harriet E. Whitmnre, administratrix
of Jaiue- !i. Darning, luf of > •• i*.li * recK. deceased.
Final nr. ..tint of I'. F-iCies. H. litcks and Irene John
son. administrators of Peter Johnson, lute of lb one.dee'd.
Final account of 15.mi lies Quick, administrator of Sa
muel C. Quick, late'of Asylum, deceased.
Fiual account ot tuna Bible, one d the executors of
Henry Sihle. late of Rome, d d.
Filial • oimt of ibdiin Wiiox, mluiiuistrutor of Har
riet Miller. late of deeeasi J.
Fiiijil :!>•• ouiit ol Julia Pra-t'd, aduiinistrator of James
Bra-ied. bit.- . f W.-ils, dwea-ed.
And the same will he presented to the Orphan's Court
of Bradford county, on Monday, the Ist day of February
next, for continuation and allowance.
J A AILS il. YYEB3, Register.
Reg!-tor's Oliii e. January I. 1-..5.
Tioea Pcint
Agriculliiral & Jimnioii Iron Work>\
WELLES. BLOOD 6t Co., Proprietors.
bTAHE subseribfT would respectfully inform his friends
L and customers, and tile public generally, that he has
formed a co-partnership with Mr. Juuv !'. BlOoh, of \l
- N. Y.. (who has for several years been Bupcnnfen
dert ot Messrs. Emery Brothers' Agri -idtural Works.)
and with Mr. Bami'kl X. Bt-oon. ol Worcester. Muss..
(Machinist and Tool Builder, and late Buperintemlent of
the American Hoop Machine Company of Fit. hbnrg,
Ma--., under ihe firm name of YVEI.I.I's, BLOOD ,V Co;
anil that we have leased for a term of rears the extensive
a nil well known Iron Works, if Mes-rs. Shipmmi A
Welles, at this place, and united fl.e Tioga Point Agri
cultural Woik- with the saiue. for 11 re manufacture of
A Machines, Implemenfs. among whi -h
will lie Emery's Endless Chain Railroad Horse Powers,
Threshers and Cleaners. Threshers and Separators. Por
table Circular and Crosscut Saw Mills. Cider Mills. Dog
Powers, Clover Hollers. Feed I utters. Fanning Mills.
Plows. Harrows, Cultivators, Bhiugle Machines. Kirl.y's
Mowers and Reapers. Ac., of the most improved pattern
and ronstrnetion. We are prepared to do all kinds of
Ma hinery Casting and Repairing, and have t'-r sale n
large stock of first class Steam Engines, Machinery and
Cit-tings, iJtati'sfaetured by and belonging to Messrs.
Sliipman v Welles.
Both of the Messrs. Blood are skillful and experienced
practical mechanics. Oar Machinery will nearly all be
uCw and with the l.ite-l improvements, and with the eu
ciiurugotweiif afforded by the patronage ot a discerning
public, wc expect to have the repatati 'U of d dug first
class work and making the best Agricultural Machines
irt use. It- M. WELLES.
Athens, January. IT5®.
To Dkalkh®. I'AiiMimw and At ill Owsrits :
Dur iiast iiiuividaal experience in the manufxetnre,
sale ana use ot Agr'r cultural Machines aid Implement-,
and also in general Machine ami Steam Work, with our
excellent f.i'illtb -. afforded hy Machinery, principally of
our own construction, with the very latest and bc.-l im
provcuiiiiits, ynd al-o for procuring the very be-t mate
rial- andst-K-k f af kinds at cheap rates, will c able lis
to inanufhetare bitter inaeliiuery. at same prices, th in
that ofoihei nainnfro ti r.'rs. nud also compete witli the
world in prices and quality anJ materia! and workmm
siiip of all kinds of Agricultural lmpllsaeirts, anfl ii till
kiii'Vi of < la-tiiig and .k 1) Work.
We sh ill pay e-pe ial attention to the manufacture of
Hie very best of Plows and Plow Ga-ti:igs. \Ye ioleiui f <
make ciistings f< r nil the leading plows in use in our vi
i initv, ami sllall take great care to use only tt be-t ma
terial. Our plow wonder is fri in The be-t and most cele
brated ea.-li in niJuiifiH Tory. We invite all int -re-ted iu
•' h mic niauufajturea '' to call and -ee our works.
R. >!. Wki.M;?,
J . p. BLOOP,
S. X. ill.Oct).
JOHN KKXI>ALTj wituld re.pert
fully inform the public that having leased the
!!J>' : , c i-,'•■_- and comniodi-ms house formal'? occnpi
by him. it* the lower part of t:i<- borough,
£ irhb h has been enlarged end thoroughly' rc
pnfre'7. b.e is ready to offer to hoarders superior areolao
He wonl l partiguh-rly (Dfonn Jurymen, and otiif - at
tciirtitig < onrt, that he will he pyepnrrd to acoonuuodale
them upon the most reasonable terms.
He soMcit- a -litre of pubiic patronage, anifidCiit that
satisfaction will lis rtudeitd in every respect.
Towaiida, January SO, Ftf'on-
A UDITORS' NOTICE. — Tx the natter ct
f \ Vie ectilt of Jra Gi iswotd, dec''l. La the Orphan -
Copirt of Bradford Countv.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by raid Court, to
distribute the fund* iu Uierwids of the adtnmis'rators of
said estate, will attend to the- duties asiigned him at the
office of Wat. Elwell. iu l'owauda, on Friday, the 29th
of January. A. D. isad, at one /Rcjnek ; u the ehernooQ.
■waati and where al! pemoni hiving claims ere -.eq'ieeted
to pye.-entth--:-.or ! iforfwari^rad*i*re.aron.
Jj.l.tsV G. X) MfNTANiTI, < .Mit-r.
iHcrcl)ansief, Cc.
Foundry Property for
fPfIE su'• -eil>cr livi;ig l>eoouio tbe owner
JL of the w< !lT;nerni nnd r*'?n:iMe FontjJry. Machine
and 'fill Shop formerly ovynPtJtsy I. L. A H. J-. Lapi
oreuX, mid '._•<! near the Barclay Railroad, ai.ti Bet
being ft-.iftmintt d Willi the bi.hii.c.-s is prepared tu r.tU lev
I siune hI u laigc discount Ltlotv f- 3 sctinif Talie, tI:C e
' tublivliim-nt is now in romp. iv condition l .r dolcrj m
i large luskitm. For patc-ikm icanii* aCCoLJ*. F
!, or ti.. ü iinr. JUS. KIXGSBER'i .
! r wHiido, ivo. ■>•.'. la:7.
r f*I,IE 'f settling aphis
I Tfii.k accounts, reqne*W Aii p r sor,s mdetted
to call and Buttle the Hanu by uvte or payment, by Uu
l.ith ! January lsj.S, and si*r < L _
I Towartda f)cc. K, IftiJ. •' ■' ■' ■ ■ •
| "VTOTK'IrX —The animal meeting of the stock
I d.l holders of the " Rarebit Ifculroßrf* florffVArtrtnjr"
, will be ltcid at their office N." W.Comer of 4ln * walnut
I st.cff rhilHth iidiia on Mayday January 11th. Rvis. at ii
I oViock A. NL ■<* whfcli time and pin - ' an electi'.n wiil be
j hi i-1 for n Presirrent and twelve director*, to serve tor tlr
j e i-iiinu vt-'r. Ry order...
phila.'ih<_■. 21, !Hsf. ft.&tL\W, Secretary.
IsLilliliß X
\ISK now ottering their stock of WINTER CLOTHING
AT CITY COST, FOB CASH, and will show up w
j their customers tt is so, and no Lorn bag el-out it. Xhs
| reason of our doing so fs, we are tu want of Atouey and
i are bound to sell at some price: the stock co"-iies of
Ovefi oafs, Cents business Cnatfs, black cloth 'iv. Sati
net do. lieys Lu.-ine-s and Over-coat-, Pants unci A -*t of
all kinds and quality. white and fancy *hirts. wool under
| shirts and Draweife,"Collars,Cravats. ftaspemlcre, G na
while an 1 c'd owl Hose. Hate and Caps. Cloths and C.---S
--' sinieres of all kinds. We are -till rmk'nif up to order
j and all who wi.-h to get particular tit* will do well to give
I- a* a call. We have come down on prh's.s in this line of
business, and warient every garment to lit or bo sale,
ty Cutting done at this U-fabfistrm-nt a* usual; ell
j tin -e wlv> owe u* by book account or note will do well u
! come up and o. uie and save costs.
I Nov. 2d. I**7. COLLINS .1 POWELL.
j Would respectfully call the attention of the public To the
fact that be i* now ottering
To those wishing to buy GOODS FOR CASH.
Prices Reduced 25 to 50 pr ct
i Those wishing to know what
An*, are inched to call.
| Towshlrt. November 3u, 1-57.
<£>s!*+• MR. CH ARLES QLICK !in.* tnkcu
' 3gagf'. heu-HuariC's in Hi vilh.u. of TOWANDA.
i where he i-' pr-; tired to fnrni-fi MUSIC 'or pubi c
jor p ivute parties, ir-ia one tolive rtmsiciau*. Mr.
; wit! teach ail the f..*heui d !e ilea. •- oi the <1 iv
) Ai! c luinitnicatloii* addressed cn.M'I.F.? vl'fCK. To
w i da llndt'.rd Co. Fa., will be promptly attended to.
k#-I'lAN>k luned and repaired on short notice,
i Towanda. November 2.. 1*57.
1 'pilE Finest Assortment of WINTER GOODS in town
JL wi'l be found nt the -tore of Win. A. Rockwell, one
! door north of Ifriilgt- -licet,
j Many th .tiits ft f!ie liber.d share of public pntrotifty#
i whi.-h has been extended and we shall entberor to
! cntiuue t cir-. >,-.tist:iction b th as to the quality
. price* of our i -■ :*. Call and sue.
I T'Wanda. Nor. 10. UM.
ED rillt ES. Their stock consists of
Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes, Hardware,
Fish, Kails, Glass, Dyes, tftc.
nrPrrsrTH wishing t,> b* floods for CASH. <nn ir
25 per curt, by purchasing of us. The goods w ii! be s.ii
to make ii au'ohjYct to .i-h buyers. V.m will linti us ou
the west side. corner ot M Jin and Bridge streefb.
To wan do. Xoftniler 12, lej,.
Are now receiving their Fa'! Steel; of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
Iruofs k Ijjnrs, ?Ijar .filings fc Iratprr,
Which trill he sold at Greatly 71 edneed Prius.
('or. Public Square and Main st.
k. r>. movtinvf. f September 8, lt>s7 ] v. . montaxve.
TJST. will V.e found at his edd quarters la
—-TULA-. I'att,in's '.'.lock, until December next.
Towaiidn, X"V. 2. l-'A. AOTi.V M ACKINTOSH.
IpXGLISII and French Meriios, Doßuirt*,
J Del-iiines, Alapaocrs. Titilxt Cloths, Shepherd's
I'l.nds (,t new and kvli! uvtblearticle) Prints.
and in I'm t nil kinds of lh v Goods may be hid '. hear ut
Se >t. 15. 15,7. ' IV M. A. ItOfKWLTJ.y. _
YVTAXTFI).—fOO llushcls of Wheat ut
t the market price.
Tcrwanda. <let. % I*s*. BABJCT & N'FVIXS.
She Latest City Styles and Prices.
Ims & Bmmb, ■
A yori.l'ri -peeti'niiv in bum th® citizens of T •*■-■- U
V Sl:.<l idj inin : viclui'v. thai she fcv tiher -h® V
liner \ xiiop termer! v oecupiff! by K H. Mas .a
■he picpattd to furnish the Imdic- with the T. • -
■s'ld l.iiS of Ih-uiicts. f'.tjK,'res-c. A®., A< \
at a- low prices a< can bj hon rlit in any Millinery ©stab-'
lishmeot this side of New York.
HLKAt H'XO M> TItIMMIXG done at the shorts •*.
notice. 1 .i® f/idie W! p! ra 1 ! and examine our
stack of BONNE r - bctic.j purchasing elsewhere.
October It. 15.,;. ' S. 1. \I!I,INC.
DRIED BERK IKS—A qwu.tity of Diiod
Berries for e.,l© by
Townndo. Nov. 4. fe>7. IV. A. ROCKiVELT,.
A JOII AIR BRAIDS and Twists for tho
iL hair, et
Sent. 15, 15.57. WM A. RPCiCWELL'S.
Irtrnbe p W.i?oa for Slrtlo.
4 Nil v TAG IDRsc LrMUEB V. AGOX fa;- ;ik,
J A for Country Produce; enquire of the uh- c; .b* r
_Tow.tndn.X v. >. 15.57. BAILEV •" XriVIXS-
L>OA RDING COr p .T ~fV? can "".d ccconrnjndd'.ifitjs through Decern
bar of the std^riUer.
Tcr-auda, Nov. 2. I:Q7. SIDNEY S. BAILEY
ALT —IOO BMs. Sals for sal#, at Mo. 3,
LN Pattern's Block' hv
Towmdn. Xnv. 4.15.57. TV. A POCh'trrT T„
x -* s 1~ Orlti Beet* 'ffsredai* it
Bey*- fi HST. "Wjf A KOCKWTT.L 3