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    FOREIGN' NEWS. —The Cunard Steamship
~]})■ ica arrived at New York, ou Saturday
j a ,r, with advices to the 2tsth ult.
Important intelligence from India had reach
ed England. Lucknow was relieved, by the
force under Sir COLIN CAMPBELL, on the* 19th
of November after several severe engagements.
The mutineers were killed in great numbers ;
but the British only lost 4 officers killed and
40 wounded. Sir COUN'S force amounted to
12,000 men. As soon as the relief was ac
complished the sick and wounded, ladies and
children, were removed under an escort, to
Cawnpore. From Delhi, wc learn that four
teen members of the Royal family had been
executed. Complete success has attended the
British arms through the whole of India ;
large reinforcements are pouring in, and all
ularra for garrisons nnd outposts in distant
places has ceased.
The financial news from Europe, is interest
ing. The Bank of England has reduced its
rate of discount from ten to eight per ceut.
The funds were steady and money was easier.
Returns of the Bank of England for the week
ending Dec. 23, show an increase in bullion
of £1,302,425.
fey" On Saturday afternoon a fatal explo
sion occurred on the New York and Erie Kail
road at Piermont, by which two men lost their
lives. The boiler of Engine No. 182, which,
with a train of 2G empty freight cars, had just
started west, about half a mile from the pier,
exploded with a terrilie concussion, shattering
the engine into fragments, and killing the fire
man, ABRAHAM DALSOX, and a flagman named
WILLIAM LAKE, who was ridiiig upon the en
gine at the time.
The engine was completely torn to pieces,
ami fragments of the wreck were thrown to
great distances. The engineer Mr. ALA ERT
JOHNSON, miraculously escaped, with only a
few harmless scratches.
of Thomas Washington Smith, for the murder
of Richard "Carter at tlie St. Lawrence Hotel,
on the 4th of November last, is now progress
ing in the Court of Oyer and Terminer, before
Judges Allison and Ludlow. It will proba
bly lie concluded this week. The Philadel
phia papers state that the prisoner sits dur
ing the greater part of his time with his head
inclining against the railing of the dock, so
that his face is entirely concealed. lie does
not appear to take any interest in what is going
on. II; is defended with great ability by ins
(iht'ngn'shed counsel, Messrs, Brown and
braver, while tlie Commonwealth is represent
ed bj M essrs. Maun aud Longhead.
After a long and spirited debate in se
cret session, Jan. 7th, the Senate confirmed the
nomination of Theodore Sedgwick, as United
States District Attorney in the place of John
MeKcon by a vote of 28 to 2fi. This result
WHS produced by a reinforcement of the Ad
m'iiistration side in the persons of Senators
d ;i!vc and Hammond.
tvf An election for Mayor and other mu
ll ipa! officers was held iu the city of Pitts
burg, on Tuesday last. Mayor WEAVER the
Republican candidate, was re-elected by a ma
jority of 1,234.
t-J°The Post Master (ienernl has establish
ed a new post office in Wilniot township, to be
' if f] JYi w Era. to be supplied from the Asy
office, and appointed JOHN HOFFMAN,
Post .Master.
; Comrnissiotiers of this County have made
• e following appointments for the present
jtar ;
C ler/c —K. J'. COULBV.'BTL.
('"insel — l'i.vssEs Mkk'Tß.
Mercantile Appraiser —C. H. AMES.
[For the Bradford Reporter.j
M 2 (IOODRICH — I noticed an article in your
Importer, stating that one JEREMIAH Srr.v
of Torrington, Conn., was supposed to be
bst survivor of the Wyoming massacre
'i'ith proves to be incorrect, as there are now
;:i ? ti:ree sisters', daughters of Silas Gore,
,1 " were in Forty-Fort at the time of that
encounter with the ludiaus and Tories,
r father and two of las brothers were
among the slain. * O. G.
, MAINE LECHSI.ATFRE. — The Legislature of
i 1" p oi'gauized on Wednesday last, and Setli
Iri 1 11 '", of Saeo, was chosen as tlie President
. and J. 11. Drummond, of Wa
j.'speaker of the House of Rcprescnta
r ,
il ';' '!• S. WHlTE. — Every body will rcmem
-1 f 7'-' at temperance lecturer, who rescued
"■ "'■} from drnnkeness, several years ago
'1 "\\- Ce l ' lat ' l:ls spoken for the canae of
; "ater in every part of the Union. We
"" '"cm the Nashville Banner of the 12th
1 j Uat j, e j,
us again returned to his cups,
onee more a confirmed sot.
I>Ml\lsx 1•a Tt )R'S NOTICE.—Notk e
t-. given, that all persons indebted to the es
b re, stkins, late of She-heqnin twp., dee d,
k " t0 " ia^c Payment witiiout delay ; and all
'"g claim- again.-t -aid estate, must present
•!i. IT '."'vuticatoil, to the suWriher.
' ' MQ6BB WATKIKti, AJBilrittwte.
k-.. ~ 'j n '. v given, that all persons indebted to the es-
\ l iitrehv rge b'lelland, late of Canton, deceased,
h' : and ,B re 'l"c-tcd to make payment witlmnt dc
, -L. 1 I Ti! 0,,s ,llvin£ -' claims agaiu-t said e-tatewill
- -t raera duly authenticated for settlement.
'i.l-,-. Administrators.
jO „ :!', K wa . , .' tpJ hythe " Matich Ohnnk Beef
f 'i>J77 h Jstion. The regular market price will
I, , By order cf the Po,-d of Directors.
"'•' h s, W ' SMITH TrcMdent.
Xecu 'Abocrliseincula.
No Mistake for I), C. Ilall.
HE has now 011 hand a large stock and a great variety
of Parlor and Piute, und 40 different patterns of
Cooking Stoves of Diving Flue and Elevated Ovens for
Coal and Wood—that rafntr than to summer them over
he will sell at cost lor cash or jrrain at the following pri
ces Wheat, il 25 > live, C2J ct-. ; Corn. 024 cts ; oats
3 < jets; Buckwheat, cents and Butter the highest
market price given. 1/ you don't believe it, call ami trv
P. S. Those wlio have accounts or nofes with nim that
arc due. had better make arrangements to pay imme
diately if they wish to save cost.
Towanda, Jan. 14, 1858.
The Fourth Annual Convention of the
Bradford County Musical Association,
Will be held it the
Commencing TUESDAY, JANUARY 19. 15.*,8, to con
tinue four days, and to close with a CONCERT, at which
a choice selection of new music will be performed, the
whole to be under the direction of Mr. WM. B. BRADBU
RY, of New York City.
tjT The sessions of the Convention will be devoted to
instructions, wifh lectures, and practical exercises iu the
various branches of Vo. nl music, by Mr. Bradbury.
Mr. Bradbury's new Look, " ibo Jubilee," and tl.c
" New York Glee and Chorus Book," With selections from
other Musical works, will he used. Singers having the
above named works will bring them. Those who have
not the " Jubilee," cau obtain tiicin of Mr. J. G. Towner,
at the Convention.
_ The very great success which has attended the former
Conventions of the Association, gives promise that this
will be one of superior pleasure and profit to those who
attend. Ample provisions have been made to furnish
members from a distance with comfortable accommoda
tions, at reasonable rates.
Admission to the whole course :
Gentlemen $1 00
Ladies 50
J. G. TOWNER. Chairman Com. Arr.
C. U. CO BURN. President.
W. C. BOG ART, Set, Jan. 1, 1858.
' Also, Upper Leather, French and American Calf Skin-,
I Kip Skins, a large assortment of Morocco, Linings, Find
ings, aud other goods suitable for the season.
% I of onr own manufacture, constantly on hand,
tj •**■*.ind made to order, all -if which we offer : t re
duced prices. HUMPHREY WICK HAM.
Towanda, January 5,1858.
DISSOLUTION'. —Notice is hereby given,
that the partnership heretofore existing 1 ctween the
subscribers is this day dissolved by mutual con-sut. Zae-
I elit-us Amiable agreeing to settleaiul pay ail the debts of
j the late firm, and he is also authorized to igeeire all ac
! counts and debts owing to the said firm.
j Granville. July 24, 1857. ZACCHEUS ANN ABLE.
! T IST OF LETTERS, remaining io the P.
j Id O. at TOWANDA, quarter ending Dec. 31, 1957.
j Angel Mary E Lord Mary
' Burke Patrick Lxie h Samuel
| Biles Miron Madden Ellen
Bradening S A D Merrit Anna
: Belotir Julia Mrs Meentir Ann
! Bowman Jacob Moore George 2
I Blanding John Manon George
| Bowmuu J A McCeny Lenora
! 110.-toii dniia L Miuthing Wm
j Brown J-din J Marely M
: Barret John Mack Sarah Ann
j Bambooi-James Mitchci W
• Burch Egbert Moore Mary
; Burtlutt ft 1* Murphy M-.ry
' Bi-bee C! irinda Melntire Mary
j Claftin Ciara McDonald Morris
! Covev Hannah Morris Leonard
j Canny Chat lotto M.> Wharton .fumes
j Douucr Albert II McDonald John
DcLancy Arthur Moor Henry S
Dcrrant James M X rton Sarah
Davidson S A Ximan Matilda
I Dilzt r Frank Northrop Mary L
| Deazy William Kagleo Julia
! Diltz Flarriet K Xorthrilp John
DeLoug Mrs M Old R D
Elkau Moses O'D.iy John
i Klkan S Patti-on John
Elliot James Po-t L H
E.i-tabrook Francis E Per ival Mary A
i Fi-h Daniel Potter Morgan
Joseph Robert H Pattison Wm
Johnson James Pierce XV A |
Johnson P II Pattison II G
Gir.trdin Dr Reynold- Ann
French W B Ross James H
Fowler Win Kigley Matthias
I Flint & Co l'. i-.-ell Wm
Ferguson Mary L Sul-Uirv D C
FoLeyJanies Smith Eli/.abeeli A
Galespy Mary Strait Clinton
Guinslia Samuel Sawyer Mrs E
Green Simon 2 Spencer Joseph
Graham M 2 Sanderson Janus
Griffin Morris Samuel- John A
High E M Sickle Jaceb
Horton Elma Si hie Peter
H ighson John Smith Riley 2
Hall Tim- G Htrope Lemuel
Hughe- Thomas Skim Win
Haley Win Stephenson Wm
Irwin Martin Mi.-a Spencer !>
Kerr W T Thompson JamC3 2
Kin-man James Taylor Jesse
Lynch Bridget , Tracev G J
Lines C 1' Thayer W S 1
Lowni Chas R Wiilcock Alexander
Lyman C A Wordeti Henry 1
Leffcrts 11 M Wright H X
I.oney John Walhorn Solomon
Lynch John Whitehall An.-cl
Lym h Michael H. B. M< KEAX, P. M.
*j-Person.- inquiring for letters will please-ay they
are advertised.
LIST OF JURORS, drawn fur February
Term aud Session-, 1858.
OiiAXn .Ti'Rrtiis.
Armenia—(lf) Field-. (Smithfidd—tra C Rnilock.
Asylum—Geo S Gauibie. r.ith (,'rk—\ il riiouip.-on.
Athen-t-.vp B P Snyder, Troy horn'— Wm B irger.
John Griffin. ' Towanda b—JDOorideaongli
Athens horo"—L If Sherman Towandi X—Geo Mills.
Clitts Comslo'-k. Ulster—John Conkliu. Edw
Durell—Ulys-e- Moody. M'alker.
Monroe tp—l.ynian Marcy. Warren—Evan Howell, Frs.
David Uidgway. j Allyn.
Pike—John Baldwin. j WyaUsing—Stephen I.yon.
Rtdgherrv —Mill- (.'arr. ! -Yella—Decker E Ayie.s.
Springfield —X Vv i'otter. [Wysox—John B limes.
Armenia—lt Montgomery. IGrwell—l-aac Lyon.
Asylum—J il Staiford, \\"ml-die-hequin—ES King-Lf-rv
f'a—more. ! Ralph Gore. John Randall
Athens tp—John T Brink.' Chas Chnffee.
Curtis Thurston. (South Cri-ek—Afl Turner.
Athens bo— Charles Brook- i"-niitlili' I-l—Xeton Wood.
F. X. Page. G B Perkins, jsylvauia ho—P Pc tc jr.
Burlington—ll W Bennett, l'owunda bo—J Collins, M
Burlington W—John Bloom.! C Merc ar.
Durell—Richard <'.ilt.ert. h'rov tp—rage Morgain
Franklin —Benj Laugdou, El l't scarora—Harry Aoklty.
Blake. Warren—Philip Davis, J P
Granville—Ro'iert Bailey, L Roger-.
I) Taylor. * Wells—Orr Smith.
Derrick—Xel-on Keelcr. Wilniot—Hiram Stone.
Leßoy—Edniuud Kelly. Wy-sox—John BSmith, J M j
Litchiield—llus M'Kinuey. j Reed.
Albany—John Matthews, J Pike—O J Wanmr.E Keelcr.
Wilcox. Rime—L Yougbt, John W j
Asylum—Geo II Morrow. Woodbnrn.
Athens tp—l-aac, Gregory, Springfield—Altnon Berry.
Daniel McDuffic 2d. * Standing Stone—P Worth.
Athens Is*— H C Raird. -ylvanialio—Xl! MeCollnm
Burlington ho—Job Morley lSouth ('reek—ll fhompsoii.
do W—Huracs Brown.i I'ovvamU bo—ll S Mercttr.
Canton—l)ll D mrt. Towand.t tp—Murray R atts,
Columbia—C J Bradford. H L ijcuU.
Kurd! —Simeon Decker, I? Tnsrarova— C W Browning;.
racl Smith. Troy tp —Ahner t lafiin.
Granville— D B Ross Warren—EC Bnffingtou, J
Herrick—L M Stevens. C Manning, Thus Young. :
Iwßoy -C Chaapel, James '.Vyalusing—Clinton Lewis. |
Bagiev. Windham—l' Kuvkendall.
litrhftelli —Ahua Campbell. Wills AI.-oii lamew. |
O ATS, Corn, Rye, Wheat, Potatoes, and a small ouari
tity of Rye straw will be taken at the BARCLAY I
MIXES in exchange for COAL.
Dec, s, 1857. Gen. Sup. Barclay R. B.ft Coal Co.
ANEW AND GENERAL assortment |
of Boots and Shoes, Cloths and Cass:meres, and
everything in this line, for sale by
Sept. 15, 1857. W. A. ROCKWELL. I
\J Yankee Notion-, lainking Glasse-, Wooden Ware, :
and everything you want may lie found at the new etore
Iff Sept. 15-1857. WM. A. ROCKWELL. :
TS NOW RECEIVING a lin-re stork of
-I FAMILY GROCERIES, which are offered for stile at
as low prices as the same quality of Goods can be bought
anywhere this side of the City o'f New York.
\J SHLLF PF.I T? AND FfTRS, st Xo. Palt,m s (
Block. augl7 M'M A. ROCKWELL. I
PROCLAMATION. Win: tus, the Hon.
DAVID WILMOT, Pre-intent Judge of the 12tli Ju
dicial District, consisting of the Counties of Bradford and
Susquehanna, and Honorable* Jons PASSJIOKR. and
JOHN P. I-ONO, Associate Judges, iu and for said county
of Bradford, have issued their precept Leafing date the
'2Jth day ol Dec. A. I>. 1837, to me directed, for holding a
Court <>f Oyer and Terminer, General Quarter Sessions of
the Peace, Common Pleas and Orphan's Court, at Towan
da. for the County of Bradford, on the first Monday, the
Ist day ol FEBRUARY next, to continue two weeks.
Notice is therefore hereby given, to the Coroners and
Justices of the Peace and Constables, of the County ol
Bradford, that tln-y Le then and there in their proper" per
son, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of paid day, with their
records, inquisitions,and other remembrances, to do those
things which to their office appertains to Le done ; and
those who are Loninl by recognizance or otherwise to pro
secute ag.iin-t the prisoners who are or may Le in the jail
• of said-County, or who shall be bound tc "appear at the
sum court, are to be then and there to prosecute again-t
them as shall be just. Jurors are requested to be punctual
in their attendance, agreeably to their notice.
Dated at Towanda, the 4th of Jan., in the year of our
Lord, one th<ra-an<f eight hundred and fifty-eight, and
of the Independence of the United States, tin- eighty
\ first. THOMAS M. WOODRUFF. Sheriff.
Q HKRIFF'S SALE*—By virtue of sundry
0 writs of Fieri Facias. Issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas of Bradford County, and to me directed,
will l>e exposed to public sale on SATURDAY, the 80th
day ol'January, 1838, at one o'clock, P. M., at the Court
House, in the borough of Towanda, the following des
cribed lot, piece or parcel ol land situate in Shesheqttin
twp., Bradford c,unity, bounded us follows, to wit : Be
ginning at a hemlock, a corner, thence south 'ja° cast
318 2-10 perches to a hemlock the south east corner of
the warrant, thence north I£° e„-t 17s 4-10 perches to a
post south east comer of the late Peter Allen slot, thence
north sh 3 west 01 0-10 perches to the south west corner
of the Arunah Wattles lot, thence south 1° west 63 per.,
to a beech corner, thence north 9s 0 wot 50 perche- to a
comer of lot Xo. 1, thence north 1° east 102 4-10 perch
el to the north line of warrant a post a corner of lots Xo.
1 and 2, thence ou said warrant line north 89° we-t .',O
perches to a hemlock sapling, the north east comer of
Isaac S. Morton 's lot, thence by said lot south 1° wed
IL2 4-10 perches to a rock oak sapling south east corner
of said Isaac S. Hortou's lot, thence north 89° west 126
3-lt) perches 11 a po-t on the south line of Isaac S. Mor
ton's land, thence 1A 3 west 115 4-1 perches to the hem
lock, the place of beginning. Containing three hundred
and sixteen acres and fifty-eight perches, be the same
more or less, about forty acres improved, 3 framed hou
ses. 3 loir houses, 2 framed barns, 1 saw mill, a small gro
cery Luilditig and a tew fruit trees.
ALSO—AiI that lot, piei eor parcel of I m.l situate in
Shesheqnin twp., Bradford county, bounded as follows,
to wit : Xorth by lands of C. Smith, east by laud of Rich
ard John-on. south by land ol George .-smith ar.d we.-.t by
lands of Martin Bogers. Containing a Lout twenty-seven
acres, about twenty-live acres improved, a framed" house,
a framed barn and an orchard of fruit trees.
ALSO—AII that lot, piece or parcel of land situate in
She-he.ioin twp., Bradford county, bounded as follows,
to wit : X nth by land lately mvued by S. F. Wash burn,
east by land of Benjamin Smith, south by land in po--os
-i-ia of \\ . Stephenson and west by land of Keubcll Voung.
Containing fifty acres more or less.
ALSO—AII that l"t. piece or parcel of land situate in
Rome twp., Bradford county, bounded as follows, to wit.
Xorth by the Towner 11 ill road, east and west by lands
lonuerly owned by Jnd-on Holcnmb and south by burls
ol John Pa-sn ore. Containing tiitv fei t front bv 150 feet
back, more or less, ail improved, with a blacksmith .-hop
Seized and t>kvn in execution at the suit of Montanyes
A Co. vs. Benjamin Stephen sou.
TIH >S. M. WOODRUFF, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. .Tan. 5. 1898.
CIIKUIFF'S SALES—I >\ virtue of writs
ot vend, exponas issued out of the Court ol i.iiin
icon Picas of Bradford County, and to me directed, will
lie exposed to public >ale on MONDAY, the Ist day of
February, A. J) , 1-5-. at ! o'clock. P. Si., at the Court
House iu the borough of Towanda. the following hit,
piece or pari 1 1 of land situate in Orwell twp.. bounded on
the north by lands of Judson Kasterbrook-. east l>v lauds
ol Major t>. Darling, sjuth by lauds of Roger Spher. and
wr-t b\ lauds of Alien B 1 wen. Containing vcvcntv-five
acres, more or less, about fifty acres improved, a framed
house, a framed barn and shed, and an orchard of fruit
trees thereon.
S. iaed and taken in execution at the suit of Charles
James vs. Abio/iua Bogers and Alva Bogers.
AL>U—A pi. ,c or parcel of 1 ind in She.-heijuiii town
ship, hounded u nth and cast by lands of Klias rost ..south
and w.-st by lands ct \Ln. B. il nt-m and Sarah Smith.
Coiit iiiiiug 50 acre-, more or U -s, alwut 45 acres there.i
improved, with a framed luuse, u log hou-e, a trained
burn arid an orchard of fruit trees.
ALSO —Due other piece or parcel of land in Sheshequin
towj-bip, bounded north by lauds of Benjamin Stephen
eon,ea-t by laud of Win. T. Patterson, south by lands of
AJjiaui Patterson. Containings'Jacrc.s be the -amcmore
or less.
Seized and taken iu execution at the suit of Joseph
Powell vs. 1,. lb post.
ALSO —A piece or parrel of land in Canton township,
bounded north by lauds of John W. Griffin, east bv the
IJUbllg road leading from (Canton to Bee. il Fiats, soulii by i
1 mil-, o! Charles Stockwell, and we-t by landsof A. IL.ty.
Containing about 55 feet fruit by 3ffi)"icet bade, ail im
proved. with a fraiu. d dwell,l g in. c there, n.
S,- zed and taken in execution at the suit of S. Il.Xew
tn mt" the u.• of Edward Vundiue v-. J. Mimtrd.
ALSO—A pie c or parcel of .'and in Wiimot township,
bounded 11.1 th by land of Ge- r.e K ierl v, east by lands of
John Bates, south by lauds o! John Dirflenbaeliiw, and
west by lands of Charles Morning-tar and Vibcffer.
Containing 107 acres, more or less, about 30 acres im
proved, with u framed house, a framed stable, a log barn |
and au apple orchard thereon.
si zed and t sl-:-; iu execution at the suit of P.M.James
v.s. Arthur M.Uiett.
Ai.SU—The billowing lot. liiece or parcel of land situ
ate in Athens twp., Bradford county, bounded on the
north by 1 aids of Edward Pcrkin-. eu-t by lands of
Ginbs, south by uu-eoted i.tud or 1 mil known a- the C'a
ton tlact .mil on the 'v-t by laud bi ionging the heir- ol
Horace H'iiliston, decM. Coutaiuiug about fifty-seven
ai res, more or less, about forty acres improved,otic fram
ed house, one framed baru, one lVaiucj shed and fruit
trees thereon.
ALSO--One other lot, piece or parcel of land *itute
in Athens twp., Bradford county, bounded as follows, to
wit: On the north by lands of Yates ,A Co., ea-t by land
belonging to the heir- of Horace Willi-ton, de 'd., tonth
by tlifc public highway and on the wo t by land- of Cor
nelius Uiiiisiki r. Containing about thirty acres, more or
less, about twenty acres improved, with one log house
with a framed additjon and fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken ill execution at the suit of (J. A.
Sehovee to the u-c of Stephen St. John vs. A brain H ;u
ALSO—The following lot, piece or p iro-1 of land -;fu
ate in Franklin twp.. Lradtord county, boinidcii on the
north by laud o! John M' Daniel- and .10-iali Ilaine-, east
hv hind- of George Lain/, >onlh by land of Aliira Gay
aud we-t by land of John Knykeiidall. C.uitainiiig about
one hundred and twenty acre-, about eight acres improv
ed with a few fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—One otln r lot. piece or parcel of IJIUI situated
iu Franklin twp., Bradford county, bounded on the north
by lands of John Luutz andSamut i Amiable, east by land
of Horace Willi y, south by the Towanda creek ami west
by land of Horace Willey. Containing about one hun
dred acre-, more or less, alwut thirty a> re- improved,
one (dank hoii.-e and framed iiarn, one M o ksiuith slioji
and a young orchard of trust trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph
Powell v-. Win. E. Gore.
ALSO—Tlie I >ll iwing lot, piece or parcel of land situ
ate in Canton twp.. Bradford county, hounded on the
north by land- of Win. S Baker and Kiug-bery. Newman
A Co., cast by land- of Kitig-berv, Newman A Co., south
hv Tioga Street anil west by land- of King-lxry, New
man A Co. aud Wm. S. Baker. Containing one fourth
of an acre, more or less, all improved, with a framed
hou-e thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the -nit ol'S. 11. New
man to the use of E. Vandine v-. A. M. Kramer.
Sheriffs Office, Jan. 5,1858.
tOr Notice is hereby given, that an amount sufficient
to par rdl cost- will be required in every ease where land
is sold, also satisfactory security or money paid on all
bids made on land-, at the time of sale, and unle—,
are compiled with the land will be again expo-ed to -ale.
Pleas. Xo. 581, September T. 1.857.
To HARRIET MOODY, the defendant in the above
suit: You are hereby notified that Ulysses Moody, jour
husband, has filed his petition again -t you he a divorce
from the bonds of matrimony ; and that an alias subpoe
na ha-been issued returnable to December Term. 1-57 ;
and that a court of common pleas will be held for the
comity of Bradford, at the Court House, in the borough
of Towanda, on the first Monday ot February next, being
the Ist day : you will then and there show cau-e. if any
von have, why the petition and libel of the said Ulysses
Moody should not lie granted, and why the bunds ot ma
trimony should not he di—olved.
Sheriff's Office. January I, 1858.
A EDITOR'S NOTICE. — In the matter of
X. Y the estate of Ita le Rosenrrantz, Jec'd. In the Or
phan's Court of Bradford County.
The undersigned, Auditor appointe<rtn distribute the
balance of funds in the bunds of the Administrator of said
estate, recommitted to him for di.-tribution, will at lend
to the duties ol hi- appointment at the office of Wm.Wat
kins in Towanda Borough. on Saturday, the 3oth day of
Januarv, 1858, at 3 o'clock. P. M„ when aud where" all
jicrsons having claims upon said balance are requested to
present the same.
Jan. 1, 1858. G. H. WATKINS. Auditor.
To All Concerned.
THE Subscribers' liabilities are such that lltey will ei
ther be obliged to soil the Judgments and Notes they
hold against their cnitomer-, or enforce collection. M e
hope onr friends will pot drive us ♦ such an aUeroafi""
tn Mriv attention to this notice i requested
' Aug. I i. 1=57. MdNTtNTKt
Q FECIAL COURT.—Notice is hereby iri-
Ug ven that a Special Court of Common Plea* will be
lield in. and tor the County of Bradford, commencing on
i MONDAY, the lsth day of Juriuary next, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon, at the {.'ourt Mouse, in the borough of
Towauda, and to continue one week, at which the Hon.
Robert <>. White will preside, for the trial of the following
cases, to wit :
C. L. DeChastelleuX Vs. Ira Jennings, et el. Ejectment.
S. V. Shipman vs. David Wilmot. Appeal.
A. li. Smith vs. Samuel Kellum. 2d. et. al.. Ejectment
Subpoenas made returnable on Monday, Jan. I*. 1*57,
at 10 o'clock. A. M. ALLEN' M'KE AN.
j Protb'y Ullice, Nov. 17, 1867. Protlionotarv.
IICENSES. —Notice is hereby friven, that
J the following named persons have filed in the office
of the Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sessions their peti
tions for licenses under the existing laws of the ('ounnou
weaith. and their several applications will-be heard before
the Judges of the Court of Quarter Sessions on .Monday,
the Ist day of February next, at 2 o'c.ock in the alteruoou
i of said day:
i L. Kirkpatrick Athens Township.
John Howard WYalusing Township.
Nicholas I). Snyder Pike Township.
O. W. NorHrrup do
C)leb B. Kwnzoy and John Holmes Towanda Boro'.
James M. Reed Wvsux Township.
j Ann Wliabm .- " do
! John S. Thompson U'ya'using Township.
| David Conable Columbia.
1 D. M. Morse ... .Li-Roy Township.
] Hugh M. Ilolconib Leßov Township
! M. P. lforton Asylnm Township
i iiuel Smith Canton Township.
John Wallace Ridgberry Township.
Alexander Mtirtou l.idgbtriv Township.
John Dougherty Afonroe Horo.
Geo. 11. Kstcli Towanda B wo.
1 Geo. \V. Davis Ridgberry Township.
, Stephen Felton Towanda Boro.
John C. Wilson Towanda Boro.
Horace Tattle Canton Town-hip.
I Clerk's Office, January f>. 159.
SHERIFF'S SALES.—Uy virtue of snndrv
kj writs of Vend. Exponas, i.-sued ont ol the Court ot
Common Pleas of Bradford county, ami to me directed,
will !• exposed to public sale it the Court . ouse. in the
boro'of Towanda, on FRIDAY. February 5, I*s*. at 1
o'clock, P. M., the following lot, piece or parcel of land
situate in Pike twp., Bradford county, bounded on the
north by lands of Snyder, east by lands of Hie estate
of John Ford, dee'd., south by lands of Lyman Buck and
the public highway and we t by lands of Simeon Taylor.
Containing about thirty acres, be the same more or les-,
| about twenty-five acres improved and an orchard of fruit
1 Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George C.
; Atwooii vs. Alphou- C. Fonl.
ALSO—The following lot. piece or parcel of land sitn-
I ate in Litchfield twp., Bradford county, bounded on the
north by lands of Joseph Ki r-haw ki.-I Wiilium Boativick
east by kind- of Joaeph Kershaw niJoha Warm r,aouth
by laud - of John Warner and on the west by lands of Wm.
Bustwick and Andrew ('. Braimnd. t.'oiit.lining about
fifty-live a lu.-. more or less, about even u res improved,
one log liou-e and one log shed or -table there tl.
Seized ind taken ino xwution at th- -u >t < f \V. S. Tan
nery to the ( : Nathan Edmin.-tf r v-. John li b', ell.
ALSO Tiie following I.t piece or our- el of land -ita
ate in liidgb iry twp., Bradford County, bounded on the
; north by land- of Daniel Dewey, east by lands of William
Ei-ton. soat'i by lands of S nail Brighain and I'arviu Co
veil and we-t by land "f Mauser Chamberlin. C >ntai:i
ing fifty-one ac re-, be the same more or less, ail impr v
--j ed with a framed liou-e, a log house, a framed burn, a
saw mill and a few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at thr suit < f Charity
Graves, administratrix of Abner Graves vs. Charles Pot
; ter.
ALSO—The following lot, piece or parcel of land .situ
ate in Granville twp., Bradford coni'ty, '-ounded on the
north by land of L. I'. Swain, east by land of Geo. John
son, south by land of A. J. Uobi*oa and v. i -t iiy the high
way. Containing about lilty aavs. more or le-s, alcut
twenty-five a- K -improved, one framed house, log bam
and fruit tf"a* thereon.
Seized and taken in rxccuti n at the si t of Me< ker,
Herbert A Perkins vs. X. X. Fiuncv, garnishee ol H.
Holes imb.
ALSi )—The following lot. pie e -T parcel of land -it- - j
ate In Albany twp.. Bradford county, bounded on the j
north by land* of .lames Wile v, ea-t by the south or '
FowVr lirmclt of the Towanda Creek, south bv lands of I
•Joseph White and west by lands of ——• — I'riesiiv or !
the Coal Company lands. Containing aljout one liu.i- !
died ui.t forty a-'re-, alxmt seventy-five aere- improved, i
one framed house, one framed bain. ■ tie framed horse i
shed and an on-hard of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the -nit of Joseph I
Menardi, administrator of the estate of Minor Wilcox Vs. |
H. Seymour Phinney.
M.sit -Tim following lot, pie.-e or parcel of kind .situ- |
ate in Albany twp. Bradford county, bounded on the ]
north by land ;ol Myron Kellogg, ea-t by lauds oi Myron ;
Kello. r ur.d IVuir-l llagtl-h. * e.fii by lio-ls -i the iV.irs ;
of J:-,-oh Miller. d'-'-"d.. and we-t by the liar-1 -t- t'oal j
lands. Containing one hundred acres and allowances, I
ui r or h —, about thirty-five aei es improve J, with a log !
lio :-e and log barn ther * n.
Ai,S()—One otin r lot, pi.-*e or par.-el •>;' land si'nate •
in A:lany twp.. Br idl ed nnty.b. una. d north :.y kind* '
of David Miller and Jnnr-- Mo-lnri.tne, e.i-t bv land- of,
Aiiihci Haiicoek, rontli and west iy Zadoc C'or-on. < n- ;
taining one hundred and seventy a re* -nore or !*-*, about •
one hundred acre* improved, a teamed house, a framed '
barn, a log blaeksmiin shop, -three apple orchards and '
other fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—One ether lot, piece or parcel of land situate
in Albany two., Bradford county, bounded north bv lands
oi Sheffield Wih-o.v, ea.-t by Milton liak-s.J i-eph "Menar
di and Simeon i liapinan. *nnth i'y lam's of \Vtl|> V\ il- ,
> px and s. • . and Will. .Means and we-t by land- of.! >hn i
Han <m. John Holmes and Jalnesand Benjamin Wilcox, j
Containing one hundred and -ixtv re, re or lc-s. i
one- hui iin.-dacres inipmved, two i'raroi-d h"ii.-c-s, one log •
house, two framed ba-ns. o;;'- l;l n k rniili -hop, and an
apple orchard and other fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—One other lot. piece or parcel of land situate
in Albany twp., Bradford county, bounded n itli by I ind
Of Sheffield Wilcox and Milton Hake-, south by Joseph
M.-n irdi find west by lands oi Gillett. Containing 20 .
acres, more or less, about eighteen acres improved.
ALSO—One other lot, piece or par id of land situate
in Albany twp , Bradford comity, bounded on the north, !
west and south by Warrantee I.nesol'a tract in the war
rantee name of Henry Stark anil on the east by land- in
p.,, ession of William B. Rcifsnyder, t>eiiig part of the '
said tract in the Warrantee name of Henry Murk. < on- '
taining about one hnndred acres with a log house in the I
Si i/ -I ami taken in execution at the suit of H. 11. Ma< e
vs. I! -Ilin \\ ilcox and Sheffield Wiicux.
ALSO—The following lot. piece or parcel of land • itu
ate in Athens two., Bradford county, honreled on ttie
north by land- ot Vale- ,V Co., west by lands of Edward
William-and Smith Griffin, on the south by lands of
Smith tlriflin and land Wlongin* to the heirs of Horace
Wiiliston. dee'd. and the public highway, on the ea-t by
lands of the heirs of H. Wiiliston, dee'd., Geo. Wnlcott
and Abeam Hun.-ikiv. Containing about two hundred
and fifty-six acre.-, more or less, a'uout one hundie,-} acres
improved, one framed house, oue log- house, tinea framed
barns, one framed shed and fruit tr< thereon.
ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of land situate
in Alliens lb TO. Bradford comity, hounded on the north
by lands i-i funic- F. Welles, jr.. on the east bv Main
sired, on the south by Ellsworth and on the west
by the Chemung River. Containing about one-fourth of
au lu re, more or ie-s, all improved, one framed house,
one framed barn and fruit trees thereou.
ALSO- One other lot, piece or parcel of land situate
in Alio in, Itoro.y Wool lord county: imuuded on (he mifih
by laud-ol Vbraat Sm-fl, west by Main .-tnt. south Iv
lands of I)r. Thomn- Huston and east bv the Susqnehaii
u.i river. Containing about one acre, ncro or le-s , ; ,!l
improved, one framed house, one framed burn and fruit
trees thereon.
ALSO- Oue other lot. piece nr parcel of land situate
ill Athens born., Bradford county, bounded on the north
by lands of Chester l'ark. on the east by Main street, oil
(he south by lands of K. Brooks and on the west by the
Chemung River. Containing about three-fourths of an
acre, more <-r less, all improved, one framed house, fram
ed ham and truit trees thertsin.
ALSO- Defendant's interest in or.c other lot, piece or
parcel of land situate in Athens twp., Bradford county,
hounded on the north by land of John Wntkins, jr. arid
the public highway, ott the ea-t, south and west by lands
ofJoh-i Watkins, jr. Containing about tliree-fburflw of
nu aere, more or le.-s.ull improved and a saw mil! thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Bank
of Port Jarvi.-, vs. CViruelius Hundker.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or ni'-rel of
laud -it iutci] in Warren township, bounded and described
as lidlowi. to wit : on th® north by lauds of J . Anti-dale,
ea-t by the highway, souih by J. Brant, and on the west
by land- of G. H. Brunt. Containing about T an acre,
more or le-s. ail improved, one framed wagon'shop, and
one framed blacksmith -hop thereon.
ALSO—One other lot. piece or parcel of land situate
in Warren twp., hounded ami described as follows: on
the north and east ov lauds belonging to the estate of W.
Roger's dee'd., south by *he highway, and wc-t by land
of G. H. Brant. Containing about in rods of land, more
or le-s. all improved, with one framed black-raith shop
Seized and taken in execntion at the sait of M. C.BOWCD .
J. A. Bo ,ven and Wm. W. Biker vs. Luke S. Brant.
T. M. WOODRUFF, SlierifT.
Shcrifi's Office, Jan. 5,1*58.
.I\. Bradford vs. Swivel Tenant. In the Common
Pleas of Bradford County, 2io. 3J7. May term,
The undersigned, Auditor, appointed by said Court to
distribute funds raised by Sheriffs sale oi the real e.-tate
of defendant, will attend to the duties of his appointment
at hi.- office in the borough of Towanda, on the
13th day of January 185b, at 3 o'clock ia the afternoon, at
winch time and place all persons interested are required
to present their claims or eise br forever debarred from said
H F M KT VV A ii'r
Pe.-fmbpr, 11, l s '.7
A EDITOR'S NOTICE. — In. the mutter of
-£\ Iht Etfale of iteboraJk C. Gregory dtctaied. In
the Orphan* Court ol iiradiord county.,
The undersigned Auditor appointed to di tribute funds
in the Land- of the .vhm'r ol uld e-t itc attend to
the duties of his appointioetit at the office of Wrn. Eiwell
Esq., in the the boro" of Tbw.inda on Thursday the Ssth
day of January A. D.l 858, when and wfjeio all persona
having claims upon -aid fund are requested to present
the fiuuie or else he forever delrarred the re fro in.
U. D. MoNTAXYE, Audit er.
December 24, 1H57.
A EDITOR'S NOTICE.— In the mutter < J
1\ the Exta'.e of 'l\fphena Smith dtctaied. la the Or
phans' Court of Bradford County.
The undersigned Auditor appointed to distribute funds
in the hain't ot th e Administrator of the said e tate will
attend to the duties of his appointment at hi* office in the
uoro'of Towanda, on Wednesday the 2till of January,
lssß. at 9 o'clock A. V., when and wl'.ers all persons
having ekriias upon said fund ore requested to present the
same or else be lorcver debarred therefrom.
T. D. MORROW, Auditor.
December 22, 1*57.
AUDITOR S MOTICE.— in the /natter </
the Ertatt < f Paul Jjt Hilt deceased. In the Or
phans Court of Bradiord County.
<.. The uuder.sigiitd an Auditor appointed by Court
to distribute funds in the hands of the Lxeutor of said
estate will r.Uenil„ to the da'.is ot his appointment at
j his office in tin- Boro' or Towanda on Wednesday the 27th
| day of January. A. I>. I*6* at one o'clock I*. M. when und
; where all person* having claims upon said fund are re
] quested to present them or be foiever debarred tbere
j from.
O A. OVERTON, Auditor.
December 21, 1*67.
A EDITORS' NOTICE.— In the mutter of
J. A. the extute of Ira Grineuld, die'd. In the Orphan's
! Court of Bradford County.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by said Court, to
j distribute the funds in the hands of the administrators of
I said estate, will attend to the duties assigned him at the
; office of Wni. El well, in Totvanda, < n Friday, the 2"tb
; of January A. I>. IS5*, at one o'clock in the" afternoon,
! when and where all persons having claims are requested
to present thorn, or be lorcvei deban-i d therefrom.
Jan. 1.1858. 0. D. MOST WYE. Auditor.
I IST OF JURORS drawn for Special
Court to be held January 19, 1*69.
Athens bom —Aaron Stone, K M Wells
Durell—Wiliani Bowman
Franklin —'Davit) Alien
Leßoy—Judson Ilolconib,
Litchfield—Josluh White,
Monro twp—Samuel Cole,
Overton—Orlando Heverlr.
Dike—Wm II Brads haw, ll Beechi r,
Rome—o C Worthing, l'receptor lorhes, S Gore, Peter
SpringlielJ—Jere Adam*, Amos Knapp.jr.
Smithyeld—A: t.;-'i:y L Child*, liarn.'.n S King-icy, A
N 1,1 arris, Wallace So -it. im- >.l J
*!■• -I- -Jumts.Si'-etwood, Ji.o.M Keap, Edward Brig
ham. H< bert Ch tndler.
South Cheek—Mcrritt Glvnt-s.
Standing Stoue—My run Vannws,
i'nwamhi boro—Jet* Culp,
l'vwr.nda Neil!.—l-a.i, diver.
Troy boro—William Farnsworfh.
Windham—Jan es M Peck, J W Warner,
Wyalusing—Libs Vaertn. Jr.. Lewis Bile,
Wy*i x --Elijah Bouvclt, LI-.itrotitl Whitney.
PXECETOR S NOTlCE—Notice is licre-
I J .1! pr-r-'ubs indebted to the estate of
FREDERICK FISHER, dec'd of Month Towanda, must
m.tke immediate payment, and all person* having de
mand- ::..-.,i,!-t - '.id c-tate, will present thr m duly authen
ticated tor settlement.
August, 17.1857. Execi t'rs.
I,EXECUTOR'S NOTICE.—A!! >er-os iii-
J J dwt-i to lb estate of SILVS Tlli.'S, d"'eased,
l ite of Ilerrick township, am hereby notified that pay
ment mu*t • c made without delnv, and all persons having
tl im* aeainst s-.ri 1 estate are requested to present theui
duly authenticated i -r .settlement.
Septeml ir 26,195?. Executor.
il i- hereby given, 1' at- all persons iutlelted to the 1
estate of RUFUS WHITE, dec -cd, late of ;n ;
twp, are hereby notified to make payment without delay,'
ami all persons having demands aga.nst -aid e-tate uie
requi sted iu pre-cut tlien. d 'v authenticated for settle- •
December 21, 1857. Administratrix.
..A \i- he, -by .sveu tin t all persons indebted to the es '
tate ol it iii-:ord i'-. Ikiii< v. deceased, lute of Pike twp.
are rerjue-ted I > make payment, without delay ; and ill
j- rsiio. i'.uing claims agnm.-t -aid est ;te will p,t a-epre
sent them duly autbentk a ted for -ettb lueut. i
P. 17. BUCK.
October 1.7. Ih.-T. AdniTii.-trut- re
TT'XECrCTOirS NOTlCE.—Notice is Lere-1
IJ by ,-iveo that letters te-' rttary v.pon the ,
of I-Ilijnh Lucky, late <-f Sle ueqoin* d have I' m '
granted to the subscriber. AH persona indebted to paid j
estate are hereby requested to make 'mmediate payment. .
and tho-e having any dain - up n .-aid e -ute to present .
tnciu duly attested lor settleici-ut.
Bept. 1.6. 1-77. Execntore. j
PXECUTRIX NOTICE.- -Notice is here-
I J bv given, that all persons indebted to the estate of 1
JoIIN CHAFFEE, doetu-ed, late of Warren town-'
ship, are reque-ted to i-.akv payment wTtii >ut delay; !
t lose having deun-nds .'giinsf -ai<i estate will present lhe in .
d'aiv authenticated for settlement.
Dec. *, I -.77. FANNY CHAFFEE. Executrix.
I V i-, hereby given, that all p-'r-in* indebted to the es
tate o! Hi rum Gilbert, deeea t-.J late ofDureil twp.,are rt
quested to make payment without <l lay : an 1 all persons
li iv iug claim- i.gniurt said estate, must pie-ent them duly
authenticated for settlement, to the subset ibers.
XuV. 3,1857. B. LAPORTE, Administrator.
J. JL is hereby given, that- all persons indebted to the es
tate of CALEB EDO vKTON'. late of Athens Borough
deceased. are requested to snake |.irust .it without de
lay ; and all person- having- i.iiuisuguirtst -aid estate wii;
please pre-eiit them duly iuitkenli.'utr.! *'■ >r settlement.
Nov. inter 12,1337. Administratrix.
V i- hereby given, that all persons indebted to the e
tate of Eii.-i- Thompson, dee'd. lute of Shc.-beqiiiu town
ship, are hereby requested to make payment without d®-
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Pec. 1, 1-37. Administrators.
1 I DITOR"S SOl ICE.— In tkt matirr of
-s * the estate of lOrhrril Nlrubfe, decearrrf. IntheOi
p'u ins' Court of Bradford f'-iunty.
Nt ii-. ; is hereby given, that the Auditor appointed to
distribute money iai.-cd l-y U:e sale of leal estate, ii. til -
above estate, will attend to the duties of hisapp
at the oftiee of 1. X. Lruus. in the borough of Athens,
on Friday, the 23d day of January, l-*is, at 1 o'clock.
P.M. All persons having claims upon -aid nmra y must
pr'-sent tliein, or ei-e be forever debarred from the -anie.
ike. Id, It-.">7. I. N. EVAiRj, Auditor.
of an order of the Orj.bans' Court of Ifri dford Coun
ty- wW lie expose,| to public sale, on the premises, on
SATFRDA V, the lc.tii day of January. l-.*.s, at loVl-iek.
P. M., the following described property, late the estate of Hoard mat!, deceased, late of Windham tow ship
situate in -aid Cm ; -hip, in said County hounded on the
east by J-.lijiah Shoennil.i r. "n the soutli by Orsemns Car
penter, vv st by lands which Abel and lienrv Bo.iidnvtn
contracted to purchase of said Ephraira" jjoardnian.
north by— Containing fifty acres with ah mt fwonty-tlve
acres improved, with an old frame house uud a framed
barn and a tew apple trees there a.
WILLIAM Li (J A P.I'M AN", Adin'r.
Windham, December 10, 1*57.
T> EG INTER'S NOTlCE.—Notice i> hen-
II hv given that there have been filed ard settled in
the -iftice of the Itegister of WiiU in and for the county of
Bradford, accouuts of administration upon the following
estates, viz :
Partial account of Angelina Lyon, administratrix of
C !>•'. Lyon, Lite of Pilre, deceased.
P;rti:.i account of K >:t Richard--, guardian of J. and
C. M. Vought, minor children of Nehemiuh Vonght, late
of P. me. deceased.
Final account of William Tloardmtn, administrator of
Epbriam Itonrdtnan. late of Orwell, deceased.
Final account <u Pcleg Peck and Wm. G. Rmdford. ad
mini-trutors o Griffin Bailey, late of Columbia, d* d.
Final account of Harriet E. Whituioie, Bdniiai -tratrix
of James If. Horning, lute of South C-teelr, ilec.-.v ed.
final account of P. Forties, H. Hicks and Irene John
son. administrators o;" Peter Join'son, late of It ime.-loc'd.
Final account of Cornelius Quick, administrator ot Sa
muel C. Quick, late of Asylum, deceived.
Final account of Anna Sidle, oue of the executors of
Ifeory Si hie. late of Rome, deoei ed.
Final account of Rollia Wilcox, administrator of Har
riet 0. Miller, Inte of deceased.
Final c.couut of Bra-ted, administrator of James
Bras ted. late of W< i! t, deceased.
And the une -vill tie prc-ented to the Orphan'- Cou-t
of Bradford. ovuPv. on Monday, the Ist diy'of February
ncjC, fir 0.-ifirmstine and sl!<v- aB ,-
JAML N u. tvt ss. r„- ttr
Register's Ofyf-e.January t, P'r'.
iflcrct*aafcier, &~r.
Foundry Property for Sale.
THE subscriber become the owner
of the well knot* n and valuable PoMidrv, Machine
Hud Tin Shop formerly'< trued by I. L. & li. L. Laiii
oreux. and situated near the Barclay lisiirnsd. and net
beina acquainted with the buaino-s id pren&red to .eil t..e
same 1.1 a laig-.'Uiscotiiil below its actual value, the ca
tabll iLmeut It now iti complete condition for doing k
huge lun.mes For pa t e.Liie inquire ol Col. J. F.
Mucus, • r ihe*nb.s'TiUr. Jos. KIXGSEEKY.
j Townoih. I>ec. 22.
rPHE subscriber desirious of settling tip liis
1 CJ'HiV riTomit, request* a!Fprr-jR* indebted to him
to call and nettle the same by note or payment, by ths
15tli of January IS6S, and *art cu.-t.
| Toivundn Dec. 22, IHC.7.
"V"OTICE. —Tiie annual meeting of the stock
I -L v holders f the " Barclay Railred * Coal Com patiy''
i will bi- hebl at their office V. W .Comer < f lib & Walnut
I street Philadelphia on M met ay January llih. 1 se, at 11
o'clock A. M at whVh time and place an tJeeti'iii will bn
held f <r a President and twelve directors, to serve for lbs
ensning year. lly order.
I'iiilft. Dec. 21. le.CT. if. Stll \W, Secretary.
bmi3U3 li" ?D^7SiLiL
4 BE now oft rfng their stock of WINTER CLOTHING
A AT CI 1 ¥ COST. FOB CASH, and will show np to
their customers ii is e,o, and no humbug about it. The
reason of e.:r doing so is. we are in w.ost of inenev and
m? h and to sell at s"ine price: the stock consists of
(tverco ts. Gents business <:.>ats, black (loth do. ball
i" t do. Li >ys business at.d Over coat-, Punts ana Te-ts of
i all kinds a.ol quality, white and fancy shifts. wool under
j shirts and ITSwets. Collars, Cravats, Suspenders, GenVt
' white and colored Ho-<-. Hats and Caps. Cloths and Caa
-•itner<-s • f all kinds. We are still making up t. or-'cr
! and ail wlin wish to get particular fits will do well to gi'o
I u-' a call. We have come do*u on pikes in ini.s one of
; business, mid warrcnt every garment to tit or no ?• Be.
ft?* Cutting done at this Establishment y- up -.1 ; all
thi se is ho ov.-e us by book account or note wilt do well to
come up and s. tile and save cost s.
■\iiv.2.:. IV7. CHU.IV3 A POWELL.
S! 57)00
Would respectfully call the attention of the public to tha
fact that he it now offering
To tho:,e wLshing to buy GOODS FL'R CASH.
Prices lleduccd 25 to 50 pr ct.
Those wbihing to know what
Are. are invited to eel!.
Towand*. November 50, I - 57.
MR. CHARLES QUICK has tufcen
iu-u-i- p.arti r* in tin- village of TOW AND A.
wiitn* he b prepared to furnish iIUSIC fu. publ o
or pruMti |.ni ties. Ir on one to five musicians. Mr. Quick
will teach all tlie fashional 1c dances of the da\.
A'l communication* addressed CHARI.ES (JI'TCK, To
wandu. Rr.idf.Til Co. Pa., will be promptly attended to.
i a PI AN <s tuned and repaired on short notice.
Tovanda, November 25, 15",7.
'IHIE I'h.esf A—i riuient of WINTER GOODS in towu
I. v i! l.e for '■'! at ti cst are of Win. A. Rockwell, one
do. r pc-i-th of Bridge street,
Many thanks fur th'- liberal share of public patronage
whii.n has been extended us; and wo shall endeavor to
(ontinio- t give uisfacli >n both as to the quality and
prices of mir Goods. fail and see.
Towanda, Nov. 19, 1867.
J. IT. PaiNWE7 tft CO.
ED PRICES. Their stock consists of
Hats, Caps, 33octs Shorts, Hardware,
Fish, Wails, Grlass, Dyes, 4cc.
C'.f"Person ; wishing to buy Goods f.r CASH, can snvo
25 per cent, by pim-hasing oi us. The go-,d- will be sold
to make it an obji -t to c:,-!i buyers. Vou will liud us ca
the west side, corm r ■! Main and Bridge streets.
Towanda, November 12, l^S".
MO X T A X' Y 15 S
Are uw receiving their Fall Stock of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
'feb S fjjoe /iniiingj /: IrntUt,
H hick will b* sold ct Greatly Reduced Prices.
Cor. Public Square and Main st.
/. r. MOM i.\f TOWANDA. (j. n. MONT tsrr, JH
E. n.MuNr.iNvi:. I SepU-mber 8,1X>7 | F. P. MO.NTANYK.
TlxT, will be fonnd at Ids , quart, rs in
I J_. Patton's Block, until Decernb<r :.rxt.
Ton li'id t. Nov. 2, 1857. JOHN M ACKINT t?IT.
nml French Merinos, DclJ: a< s,
lj DcLaines, Alanaccas, Thibet C! G.-. •■".■ : b r- 1 . a
Plaids (a new and fashionable article) Print-. (L "vhrms,
and in fart ail kinds ot Dry Go -iD innv be h i r:.- :• at
Sept. U, 15.,7. WM. A. Roi KWELL'S
liiTAXTED.—S6O l>!ilnTs of Wheat ?.t
' * the market price.
Towanda. Oct. 2f,. Is.-,7. BAILEY NEVINS-
The Latest City Styles and Prices,
TA e.'tfnlly inform the citizen* of TOM I'da
\ V andudj '.ilia. 1 \i. initv, that she has taken the Mil
linerv Shop tiv.inf r'y oece.< I<-d by Mr<. L H. Ma on. where
ihe is jiiepaif <] to furnish the Ladies witii tiie I.VTEST
STYLES of Bonnets, Caps. liead ,t Ac., and
fit a, low prices can fa- lennrht in any Millinery Cstah
li-.i.iic it thi< side of New York.
ly.EAt lIiNG AND TBTMMINt} done at the shorte-t
notice. "I Re l,:.d'p will ple-i t call and examina our
st.o< k of BONN .rs hefo.r purchasing el-ewheve.
October 14, 1*57. S. PAWLING.
J V\!KD nKKRIKS.—A cjnantityof Diied
JL Berries for !e nv
To-., hh: N v. 4 MM. W. A. ROCKWELL.
MOHA llt IJHAIDS fiiir] Twists for tho
_U< t .r. 1 h Xih WM. A. IRQ UK WELL'S.
Lfimbrr V/tTon for Saia.
s'V 1 ur.tcv Pro.bee ; enou :, .e of the s ,h*cri v .er>.
r "ion 1 ;.\ .y, 2. IS.'7. ' BAH.FY fe NEVtKS.
.1.9 Bo irdt-rs caa Sad accommodations through Decent
l er Court—enquire of the subscriber.
Xatra-.ida. N ,v. 2. IX>7. SIDNEY S. BATLFY.
Q AliT.— loo B'IIS. Salt for saie, at No, 2,
ko Patt u|N Block' !,v
T'iv nda. N"V. 4 i 5,",7, W. A. RjDCy.y".T,.
a l . ' " ' ted * lot X *r c i btcne Haccf sfd k
e I s "*- wm. v