Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, November 18, 1857, Image 4

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Fattening Rows.
The hog, if circumstances are favorable, is
inclined to lay up each a supply of fat during
autumn as would render it necessary for' him
'to undergo much exercise or exposure during
inclement weather. With plenty of lard oil
to keep his lamp burning, he would prefer do•
sing in a bed of leavetrin the forest, while the
ground is covered with snow, rather than to
grub daily for a living. He fattens most rap•
pidly in each a state of the atmosphere as is
most congenial to his comfort—neither too hot
nor too cold ; hence the months of September
and October are best for making pork. The
more agreeable the weather the less in the
amount of food is required to supply the wants
of life.
Against fattening bogs so early in the Ben
son it may be objected that . Indian corn, the
crop chiefly depended on for the purpose, is not
matured: Taking everything into considera
tion, it may be better to begin to feed corn be
fore it is ripe—or even at the stage of consid
erable greenness. After the plant has blos
somed it possesses a considerable degree of
sweetness—hogs will chew it, swallow the
juice, and leave nothing but the dry fibrous
matter, which they eject from their months
when no more sweetness can 'be extracted.—
They thrive on this fodder, and will continue to
eat till the nutriment is concentrated in the
ear, and then will eat the cobs and grain to
gether, till the cobb getS hard and dry. Fur
_mers who have practiced this mode of feeding
consider it more advantageous than to leave
the whole crop to ripen, unless they have a
supply of old eorn to feed with. Even in the
latter case„ }t is questionable whether. hogs
will not do better on corn somewhat green
than they would on hard corn, unground.
True, it is not necessary that corn should be
fed ringronnd, but much is fed iu this condition
no doubt at a loss.
In many parts of , the country swine are fed
considerably on articles which are not readily
marietable—as imperfect fruits, vegetables,
Ste. Where such articles are used, cooking
them is .generally economical, A mixture of
squashes '(either summer or winter squashes, )
pumpkins—the nearer ripe the better—pota
toes, beets and apples, boiled or steanied, and
a fourth or an eighth of their bulk of meal stir
red in while the mass is hot, forms a dish on
which hogs will fatten fast. If .kimmed milk
or whey can be had, the cooked food may be
put with it into a suitable tub or vat, and a
Might fermentation allowed to take place be
fore the whole is fed out. The animals will
eat it with avidity, and, probably, derive more
benefit from it thin if it had not been ferment
ed, Articles which are of a perishable nature
should be used first in fattening swine, in or- ,
der to prevent waste and turn all the products
of the farm to the best account.
Another quite important advantage of early
feeding is the less trouble in regard to cooking
the food and keeping it in proper condition to
feed out. The cooking may be done out of
doors, if convenience•of feeding would be pro
moted by it, and there is no expense or trou
ble to guard the food against, freezing.—Bos
ton Culfieitior.
EMS FOR TRE - SEASON.-1. YOU may have
hay-stacks, perhaps, standing in your meadows.
See that they are well fenced, so that the hay
is not eaten up before the proper time. The
best way, where you can, is to have your buy
in large or small hay barns, and build no bay
stacks at all.
2. You are, perhaps, threshing your wheat
or other grain ; save dry under cover all the
straw you can. If von have not some tinder
roof; build, if you dun, a good stack of it which
will shed rain. The uses of straw are impor
tant. But if well stacked, and kept dry and
sweet, it may be preserved a year or two, and
when hay is scarce, it may save the ato.•k from
starvation. The terrible want of 1854-1►355
ought to suffice for a lifetime to teach us the
value - of straw.
3. Look to your wheatfields; sown a few
weeks , since. Don't let any beav7 cattle tread
over it. Drain all wet places, if it is not done
already. Pasture with calves or lambs-any
pieces that may be growing too rank.
4. Attend to all fall plowing soon.. On
clay soils the ground should never, even in
the fall, he stirred except when dry. Plough
ing deep in the fall saves much work in the
5. See that the pipes for the pumps, sinks
and roofs are all in good condition. Arrange
them, if you can so that none of them will
freeze. It will help greatly for this end, if
the pipes are placed as nearly perpendicular as
may be. A pump frozen up, or with a pipe
burst, in mid-winter, is a great. annoyance.
Ohio Fa)
TUC SIBRRIAN CRAB.—Every farmer should
cultivate this beautiful fruit. A few scions
inserted into the limbs of an old tree, or in
small branches young ones, will soon afford a
liberal supply cif fruit, which is an excellent
article for preserves and tarts, and brings a high
price in the market. The apples are but very
little superior in size to the ordinary red cher
ry ; the tree, is remarkably hard, resembles
the common apple-tree, and is propagated in
much the same way.
As an instance of the extreme hardiness of
the crab, it as asserted in one of the agricultu
ral papers of Massachusetts, that some limbs
were detached from a tree in the spring and
having lain exposed to the sun six week some,
scions were cut from them and set, and grew
well. A distinguished culturist and fruit grow
er, in some practical observatiOns relating to
the propagation of this fruit, says : " The
scions we have set, unusually blossomed the first
year ; and we have now ten Full-grown apples
of this kind presented to us that grew on a
scion the same season it was 'set. A few
years since we put scions of different kinds in
to the same tree, and the Siberian Crab bore
plentifully before the other kinds."—N. E,
To PHOTECT A SHINGLE Rope.--Says the ed
itor of the Albany aichrbocktr
" A wash composed of lime, and fine sand
or wood ashes, renders the roof fifty fold more
safe against taking fire from !ailing cinders or
otherwise, in cause of fire la the vicinity. It
pays the expense a hundred •fold, in its pre
serving influence against the effect of the
weather. ; the older and more weather beaten
the shingles, the more benefit derived.
Sir Foote once asked a man without a
sense of tunecin him, " why are you forever
humming that tune f" " &must it. Intimate
me,l was the reply, " No wonder; said
Foote. Too are forever mnrieringier' ' .
Untrytmbice, &c.
antesale and Retail Dealer
Hardware and Stoves. Iron
Nails, Sash, Glass, Paints
Oils, House Trimmings—
kinds of Carriage trimmings.
at Cloths and Laces, Cartilage
Ike) , and Seat Springs, Car
ders' and Joiners' Planes,
errs, Angers, Chisels and all
ter Tools—Cross Cut, Mill
I Circular Saws, Blacksmith'
fools, Bellows, Anvils, Vices,
Hammers and Screw Plates,
Axes. Broad Narrow, Loth and Hand Hatchets—Cable,
Log. Trace end Haltr, Chains, Crowbars, Picks, Shovels
and Spades.
sins; Edge Tools of all kinds, newsstand Enameled Kettles,
Shovel and Tongues, Spoons and Ladles, Tubs and Pails,
Mops and Washboards, and all other kinds of house-keep
ing Implements.
In the HARDWARE line, Brass, Brittania, Jappaned
and Plain Tin Ware, single or in setts. Bar, Band, Scroll
and Hoop from Steel of all kinds. Nail Rods, ke; Pumps,
Lead Pipe and all the necessary fixtures for water works.
Patent. Stretched leather Belting and String Leather.
and in,ooo other articles too numerous to mention, that
we arc now receiving direct from the hands of matinfac
tomes andimpoeters, including the largest assortment
and greatest variety of
Coal and Wnod•Cooking. Coal and Wood Parlor. Pining-
Room, Six Plate and Cylinder, ever brought into Northern
Pennsylvania or Southern New York ; all of which we
are now prepared to self at wholesale or retail, at as low
rues, and on as good Trmms as can be found this side of
Newliork, front the fact that all our goods were bought
of tir-t hands and in full packages and large quantities,
that gives us an advantage over smaller purchasers and
Dry Goods dealers. that will enable us to sell from 5 to
15 per rent. less than any of them, which advantage we
shall offer to any who will favor us with a call before pur
chasing elsewhere.
.t large quantity of Tin ware, Stove Pipe and Elbows
always on band. wholesale and retail. All kinds of Job
Work done to order, on short notice and warranted.
Don't mistake the place to buy STOVES and ATM
WARE cheap—one dour South of FON . A, and nearly op
posite Tracy t !doom's, Main street, in the new Wood
lettered all ortr.
Grain and'rountry Produce. old Iron, Brass, Brittania
and`Copper, Dried Fruit of all kinds, Feathers and Bees
wax wanted for goods.
10,tino Sheep Pelts wanted, for which the highest price
is f'ssn will he .
Towanda, April 2, 1557.
R. W• ..... .. ...H. M. EIEWARD— E H COOK.
3. Water et. Elmira, N. Y.
We have recantly made large additions to our extensive
stock, and have now on hand a complete assortment of es -
ery description. of Hardware, which we offer at the lowest
cash prices; consisting of Mechanic's Tools, Building Ma
terials, Iron and steel. Nail , . and spika, Ropes and Cord—
age, Paints, Oils and (has.;, 31111 saws of every size and
shape, either Mitfay Gang or Circular.
Machine Belting, of all widths, both of Tndia Rubber &
leather, Glass at wholesale. We are prepared to supply
Merchants with Glass, Nails, scythes, Pocks, A.c., at Man
nfacturers prices. Tin, sheet iron, and Copper work on
hand or made to order.
O)ItTRACTOrt's toolS—Wheelbarrows, Amvs . Sho
velA, Blasting Powder, Se.
Agent- (or Rich Si Wilder's Patent Salamander A'afes,
Fairbank's Platform Scales, and Welch St Griffith's Circu
lar %VMS. t
Large idzes up to 60 in,ll, always on hand and sold at
Factory Prices. Partrular attention paid to orders by
Elmira, April 7, last 3
NEW and singularly successful remedy oil I,le cure
of all Billbius diseases—Costivenes.i, Indigestion
Jatintike. Dropsy,lieumatism, Fevias.:Caut, Humors,
Nervousness. Irritability, Intlarnatious, Headache. Pains
in the Breast. Side. Bark, and l.imlis, Female Complaints,
Ind e ed very few are the' diseases in which a
Piirgat ice Medicine is not more or less required, and much
sickness and suffering might be prevented, if a harmless
but effectual Cathartic were more freely used. N per
son can feel well while a en-tive habit of belly prevail. ;
besides it noun generates serious and often fatal diseases,
which might have lett avoided by the timely and judi
cious use of a good purgative. This in alike true of - Colds,
Feverish symptoms, and Billions derangements. They
all tend to became or produce the deep seated and for
midable distemper+ which load the hearses all veer the
land. Ilenee a reliable tinnily physic i+= of the first im
portance to the pubic health, and this Pill has teen per
fected with consuminate skill to meet that demand. An
extensive trial of its virtiles,by Physicians, Professors,
and Patients, has shown results surpassing anything
hrtherto known of any medicine. Cures have been ef
fected beyond belief, were they nut substantiated hy per
sons of such exalted positions end character as to forbid
the suspicion of untruth.
Among the eminent gentlemen who have testified in
favor of these Pills. we may mention :
I)oct. A. A. HAY ES, Analytical Chemist of Boston,
and State Assayer of Massachusetts, whose high Profes
sional character is endorsed by the—
Hon. EDWARD EVEREtT, Senator of the United
ROBERT C. WINTHROP, Ex-Speaker of the House o
A }MOTT LAWRENCE, litinigter Plen. to England.
fJOHN 11. FITZPATRICK, Catholic Bishop of Boston
Dr. J. It. CHILTON. Practical Chemist of New York
City, endorsed by
lion. W. L. M ARCY, Secretary of State.
WM. R. ASTOR, the richest man in America.
S. EELAND &„ Co.; Proprietors .of the Metropolitan
Hotel, and others.
Did space permit, we could give many hundred certi
ficates from all, parts where the Pills have been used, but
evidence Oen More convincing than the experience of
eminent public men, is found in their effects upon trial.
These ('ills, the result of long investigation and study,
are offered to the public as the best and most complete
which the present state of medical science can afford.—
They are compounded not of the drugs themselves, but Of
the medicinal virtues only of Vegetable remedies extract
ed by Chemical process in a state of purity, and combin
ed together in such a manner as to'insure the best results.
This system of composition for medicines has been found
In Cherry Pectoral and Pills both. to produce a more ef
ficient remedy than had hitherto been obtained by any
process. • The reason is perfectly obvious. While by the
old mode of composition, every medicine is burdened *ith
more or less of acrimonious and injurious qualities, by
this each individual virtue only that is desired for the cu
rative effect is present. All the inert and obnoxious
qualities of each substance employed are left behind, the
curative virtues only being retained. Hence it is `Self
evident the effects should prove as they have proved,
more purely remedial, and the Pills a more powerful an
tidote to disease than any other medicine known to the
As it is frequently expedient that many medicines
should be takeu tmder the counsel of an attending Physi
cian, and as he could not properly judge of a remedy
without knowing its composition, I have suppled the ac
curate Ponnulw by which both my Pectoral and Pills are
made, to the whole body of Practitioners in the United
States ono British American Provinces. If however there
should be any one who has not received them, they will
be forwarded by mail to his request.
Mall the Patent Medicines that are offered, how few
would be taken it their composition was known ! Their
life consists in their mystery. I have no mysteries.
The composition of my preparations Is laid open to all
men, and all who are competent to Judge on the subject
freely acknowledge their convictions of their intrinsic
merits. The Cherry Pectoral was pronounced by scienti
fic men to be a wonderful medicine before its effects were,
known. Many eminent Physicians have declared the
same thing of my Pills, and even more confidently, and
are willing to certify that their anticipations were more
*bate realized by their' effects upon trial.
They operpte by their powerful influence on the inter•
nal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it into heal
thy action—remove the obstructions of the stomach, bow.
els, liver, and other organs of • the body, restoring their
irregular action to health, and by correcting, wherever
they exist, such derangements as are the first origin of
Prepared by Dr. Jas. C. Ayer, Practical and Analyti
cal Chentist,.Lowell, Mass.
Price 25 cents per Box. Five Boxes for 1/1,06. Sold
by H. C. PORTER and - PATTON k PAYNE, Towanda,
and by Dealers in Medicine everywhere. Sly
CA RPETINOS.—AtI prices superfine and
' , ingrain carpetings;just received by
April 6, 1857. J. POWELL
1100T8 AND SHOES.—The largest and
-ILlP'most complete assortment of Boots and Shoes ever
exhibited in Towanda, to whfch particular attention has
been given in the purchase; and w'hich will positively be
..d lease at any. other establishment in borthern
teanylvaniajust received by
Art 11. - - i . POIYIII..
it SURGEON, offer; his professional servicas to
the inhabitants of Towanda and vicinity. Odice and res
idence In the dwelling recently occupied by U. Boma,
Esq.. one door north of the Episcopal Church, on Maine
AT LAW, TOWANDA. PA. Occupies the Office, in
the Union Block, formerly owned by John C. Adams Esq.
Sir He will attend to procuring Bounty Land Warrants
and Pensions. March 22,1835.
over Mercur's Store. Towanda, Pa,
Towanda, April 2, 1.8.
SURGEON, offers his professional services to the
people of Towanda and vicinity. Office at his residence
on Pine street, where be can always be found whet' not
professionally engaged.
. LAW, TR OY , Bradford Co., Pa. Office over V.
M. do H. F. Long '.store. Aug - 7, 166.
Tzocta roam
Manufacturer, Whnlemle and retail dealers in
Eatery's Unrivalled Zone Pourers,
We wish to call particular attention to Emery's , MOLT
did Thresher and ('leaner. The superiority of Emery's s
Horse Dower all others. is well known, ants our farmer~
will be pleased to learn that-they can now get an Emory's
Thresher and Cleaner equaling the power itself, and
which for simplicity, compactness, durability end Past of
operation is far a ahead of all other machines in use. It
requires as little power as a thresher and separator, and
will thresh and clean thoroughly without wasting the
grain,—say from 20 to 2.i bushels per hour. We have
machines on hand and on the way from Albany and can
fill orders at short notice.
We can &so furnish Wheeler's New Cleaner, a very
gw , d machine, and warranted ; as are all of onr
We would also call attention to Emery's crew cut or
Drag Saw Mills. It our farmers knew their value, they
would adopt them extensively in cutting up, down trees
for tire wood, shingle bolts, tc. Send for our circulars
and any information you may want concerning Farming
machinery—it Will cost you but three cents postage.
Finery's and Hickok's Cider Stills, Corn Sheller's,
Seyinonr's Grain Drills, Clover Bailors, Dog pottery,
Robber Belting. Flom - 4, de. Sc. For sale at the Tioga
Puha Agricultural Work..
n 44 12m
AthenP Pa.. Sept.." 1857.
Between J. Kingskery's 4- J. Powell's stores.
THE subscriber would respectfnlly tender to
:?;/' his customers and the public generally hissim
;IC sere thanks for the very liberal patronage ex
ended to tot the past season. He solicits a continuance
of the same.
He would say to the public-that he intend:to keep con
stantly on hand a choice selection of MEATS of all kinds,
the best the country afford:, which he intends to .ell for
very small profits, either by the side, quarter or pound.—
Please give me a call.
Ait.W - Nlepts, be delivered on short notice, when
ordered, fit any place in the Corporation.
Towanda, Veb. 12, 1k57. J. McCA BE.
,4.13 cummytmeminT,
jr l L 0 CK k W A TCFI REP AI 11 ER.-Th
undersigned is constantly receiving from New-York
by Express, new additions to his Stock of Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Silver ware, and Fancy Goods, comprising in
part—l:old and Silver Lever, L'Epine and Plain Watches,
with a full and complete assortment of Pine Gold Jewelry,
such asGold chains, Lockets, Bracelets, Gold Pens, Keys,
llrcast-Pins, Ear-Rings, Finger-Rings, etc. etc. Also, a
large variety of Silver ware,such as Table and Tea Spoons,
Cream spoons, Butter knives, Salt spoons, Spectacles, to
gether with an extensive assortment of Plated Ware—All
of which will be sold very low for CASH.
Ctocks.—A large assortment Clocks just received. of
all descriptions, ranging in prices from 75 cents to Fifty
us_ Watches repaired on short notice, and WAIIIIANTED
to run well. Also, ail kinds Clocks repaired.
W. A. C. would beg lease to say, that he is prepared to
execute the most difficult John, such as can be done at no
other Shop short of New-York city,
Towanda, February 1, 1557,
H. BALDWIN, havihg purchased the
• Marble Factory of this village, under the superin
tendence of H. Hanford, the subscriber is happy to an
nounce that the Marble business in Waverly will now lie
conducted by him, He is row:tautly receiving 1T ALI A.N
AND RUTLAND M A RBILE, for Monuments, Head-stones,
Tomb Tabels, and Stand Tops, Paint Stones, Mullers, Am.
Having secured the services of G. H. Powsms, whcois weal
known to be the most perfect Artist in the State, he offers
unparalleled inducements to persons wishing to secure
any of the above articles., in cheapness, style and Artisth
cal beauty.
Waverly, N. r. Feb. 3.1857.
!. Or, Pictures on Glass, Iron 4- Paper.
Electrotypes, or Raised Pictures,
Taken at G. IL Wood's Gallery,
Sir Particular attention given to copying. Pictures
taken In cloudy as well as clear weather.
The quality of my pictures is too well known to need
comment. Call and see for yourselvss.
Rooms open at all hours. All work warranted.
Towanda. April 14n857.
THE subscriber continues to carry on the
Foundry business in Towanda, and Is prepared to
do all kinds of work in his line on short notice and in a
workmanlike manner. He will keep on'hand or make to
order Plows, Stoves, Mill Irons, Sleigh Shoes, Wagon-
Boxes, and any, article °feast iron that may be required.
Turning and fitting up work wiU be done on short notice
and on reasonable terms. Persons wishing to purchase
Stoves of any kind will and it much to their advantage
to buy at the Foundry, as they can be repaired much
cheaper. Please call and examine before purchasing else
where. Old cast iron and Grain taken in payment.
Don't mistake the place—me door east of Mercur's Block.
w I wonld also say to those having accounts stand
ing over six months, that they must be settled without
delay, and those having notes that are due will do well to
pay up and save cost. JOHN C &RAJAH.
Towanda, Oct. 22.1856.
Land, and will keep constantly for sale at TOWANDA,
a large supply of tbeiecoal, at
$3 00 per ton for Blacksmith Coal, and
$3 50 per ton for Raked Coal.
Apply for coal at Towanda to HORATIO BLACK. Coal
will also be sold at THE AIMS at
*2 00 per ton for Black.tinith Coal, and
$2 50 per ton for Raked Coal.
A liberal discount will be made on sales by the boat load
Oct. 30, 1135 G. EDW'D OVERTON, President
100 Rockßßl3,_confox_SALT; 10 b!)ls..
Rose l . lalt rot sly tArreseZni
Unsinese Caoo.
44 , k . :
Sastmetaitna Colltgiate aJustitatt,
DM JAMES IfeWILLIAId, Principal, Professor of An
cient Languages and Mental and Moral Science ;
DAVID CRAFT, A. IL, Professor of Mathematics and
Natural Science.
MISS ANN E. FRITCII7II, Prceeptresa ;
MISS 0. LOUTSS JOTILS; Instructor on Piano
DHSS itgLEN" M. c,t &TEE., Assistant Instructor on Pi
ano and Melodeon ;
and Drawing.
The Fan Term commences on Wednesday, August 26,
and will continue 14 weeks.
The Winter TerM commences on Wednesday, Decem
ber 2, and will continue 14 weeks, exclusive of a recess
of 10 days at diristtnas.
Payable invariably hi advance, or one halt on entering
the school, and one half at tire middle of the term—Fuel
and contingencies included :
Tuition in the Fifth class, (primary) per term,... $4 00
• Fourth
6 00
Third 7 00
Second 8 00
First 10 On
Pupils using seh9larships ore charged SI per term for
uel and contingents ; for instrument oil which to take
lessons, 50c, or for practice 62,00.
No scholar, whose parents or guardians shall reside
within two miles of the Institute shall be admitted to tui
tion therein upon any permanent scholarship rented or
loaned by such pupil, his or her parent or guardian.
French tS 00
Drawing 3 00
Tuition on Piano Forte with use of luatrunient,... 12 00
do do per quarter of 11 weeks,.. 10 00
Board in the Institute, per week, including fuel and .
light. 2 00
Washing, per dozen 3A
The arrangements for Hoarding will be under the entire
control and management of the Steward, while the Prin•
cipal and Teachers residing In the Institute, will be able
to exercise a constant watch over the pupils, mingling
with them as members of the same family as a Hoard
ing School foryouth of both sexes. the Institute will af
ford increased and superior advantages. Parents and
guardians may be assured that all due care will be exer
cised over the health, the manners and morals of those en
trusted to their rare, and all suitable aid rendered at an
times in promoting their advancement in study.
Pupils boarding in the Hall, will furnish their own bed,
bedding, towels, A:c. and the table silver at their option.
IClo pupil taken for less than half a term. The boarding
bills for the term most be paid - in advance or one half at
the entrance, atll* remaining half at the middle of
the term.
Pupils entering, the Institute are pledged to the obser
vance of the regulations, and none" will be admitted on
other terms.
Special exercises are arranged without extra charge for
those qualifying thetn , eires au, teachers for common
S. F. Col.?. Secretary. C. L. WARD. Fregident.
August 12, 1a:17. A. WICKIIAI4. Treas.
A. M. Warner's
Neu , ,4. Splendid Jewelry Store, one door north
of Potions Drag Store,
— HAS just been opened with the largest and
0 ' '.. J m E r \ s A I T:IIr ev e sth r o e ft is e redo of
tcra l d S is H c i r l i l m N i n A n g ti L n E g
21, public. Indeed, he can safely say that with
J h e a vr% We lry n lin in e,
-A, in
o te pe te ni d ug e
e of ew hi e s ta new ie s t t b o e re
inasmuch as along with the choice and elegant assortment
he gives the most reliable assurance of an almost incredi
ble reduction in prices : the riehaud tasteful articles have
ing been all bought with ready cash.
A. M. W.. when he reflects how, for the past years,with
a far less attractive stock. he Mis enjoyed so large a share
of public patronage• flatters himself that the immense in
crease of Good.:' he now offers, which have been bought so
much more advantageously, will enable him to increase
the generous confidence which has hitherto been vouch
safed to him. He therefore solicits a continuance of the
favor of his old customers, and invites the public general
ly to come and see the;.fitshions
continue to he distinguished:by the skill and despatch
which has heretofore enabled it to enjoy the enviable rep
utation of being the most reliable in town.
Towanda, September 24. 155.
respectfully inform his friends and the
public that he is now receiving, at his old
stand-one door north of Laporte. Mason .t Co.'s banking
house, a large and extensive assortmint of
Sofas, Mahogany Chairs, of various patterns,
Rosewood and Mahogany Side and Centre Tall.-,,
Dining,Tea and Pelubrole Tables. Stands of-every
kind, Cane. Flag and Wood seat Chairs, high
Chairs, Children's Rockers, Bedsteads,
Bureaus, Lounges, Gilt and Rose
wood Picture Prames. Iron Hat
Stands, Corner and side do.
of walnut and Mahogany ; Cradles, Cribs, Wardrobes,
Cupboards, looking glasses, Scc.
ajr•COPFINS. of every size and quality, and will at
tend on all occasions when required.
The public are invited to examine my assortment before
purchasing elsewhere,ll4 I will sell cheaper than any other
establishment in Northern Pennsylvania.
Towanda. Augur{
TIIE subscriber would announce
the public that he has now on
td, and will make to order all
ih as Sofas,Dlvans, Lounges, Cen-
Card, Dining and Breakfast Ta
. Mahogany, Walnut, Maple and
1 \
terry Bureaus, :tan of various
tds, Chairs and edsteads of every
Anil will he made , of the best ma
terial i 0.... _ _ manner, and whirl.), they will sell
for cash cheaper than can be bought in any other Ware
room in the eountre.
READY-141.k1)El'OFF1147S, on hand on' the most rea
sonable terms. A good •HEARSE will tie furnished on
Funeral occasions. JAMES MACKINSON.
Towanda, January 1. MT.
West side of the Public Square, opposite the
Court House.
BBAILEY & NEVINS are just receiving a
large additiOn to their stock of Provisions, Groceries,
Yankee Notions, Toys, Fruit, Confectionary, drc., which
will he sold wholesale of retail for cash, or in exhange for
most kinds of country produce, at prices that cannot fail
to suit purchasers. Consumers or country dealers would
do well to call and examine our stock and prices.
Black and Green Ten, Rio and Java Coffee, Chocolate.
Cocoa, Sugar. lilolases, Syrup, Ginger, Pepper, Spice,
Cloves. nutmegs. Mace einamon, Ground Mustard, Pepper
Sauce, Soda, Salerattis, ('ream Tartar, Sperm and Tallow
Candles, Bar Soap, Vinegar, Starch, &c.
Flour, Buckwheat Floor, Rye Flour. Corn Meal, Feed,
Pork, UIIIIIX & Shoulders, Mackerel, Codfish, Shad. Lake
Trout, Plckeled and Smoked Herring. Cheese, Rice, Beans,
Onions, Putatbes, Butter. Lard. Crackers, &c. &e.
Prunes, Citron, Figs, Eng. Currants, Raisins, Lem
ons and Oranges, Green and Dried Apples, and Peaches,
Almonds, Pecan nuts, Prazil nuts, Grenoble and Madeira
Walnuts, Filberts, Pea nuts, Chestnuts, Hickory nuts„&c.
&c.—Boys' Sleighs, Tin Wagons, China, Pewter & Wood
Tea Setts. Dolls, Trumpets, Toy Guns, Accordians, Bar
monicas, Glass, Paper and Wood Inlaid Work Boxes and
Tbilet Cases, Toy Bureans4Secretaries, &c, Pearl, Ivery,
Papier Mache and Leather -Port ?donates Wallets, Purses,
Ivory, Hom and Wood Pocket and Toilet Combs, Tobac
co and Snuff Boxes. Cigar Cases. Tooth, Hair and Cloth
Brushes, Fancy Mirrors, Perfumery, Hair Oil, ke.
Foots Car, Letter. Commercial Note and Bath Post
Paper, Envelopes, Waters, Sealing Wax, Ink, Inkstands,
Wafer Cups, Sand Boxes, Penholders, Pens, Waferscales,
&c. &c. -
TABLE AND DAIRY SALT, Salina and Rock Salt, and
Caynga Ground Plaster. BAILEY & NEVINS.
Towanda, November 26, MM.
FIRE INSURANCE.—The undersigned is
agent for the following safe and reliable Companies:
Farmer's Union Insurance Co. . Athens, Pa.
Capital, $200,000.
Slate Mutual Insurance Co.. Harrisburg, Pa
Capital, $2,00,000.
Girard Insurance Co. . . . Philadelphia, Pa
Capital, '6300,000.
These Companies insole against logs or damage by fire
on the most reasonable terms. Dwelling Houses, Furni
ture, Warehouses, Merchandise, &0., and Farm Property
insured for any length of time. All losses will be pmmpt
ly paid. • C. S. RUSSELL.
Towanda, December 25,1856.
`l l OB BAWL
• THE subscriber offers for sale the HOUSE
andIAJT at present occupied brhim,situated
f Second Street, corner of Jefkrion, near the
Collegiate institute. The lot is ilafeetin front
and extends to Third Street. The property
will be field cheap,' poesessiaq &elk lrentedtately ; Or ;
farther Forth:Airs Inquire on to premises.
Towanda, idyl, 1857. • JAS. WIVULLig
Fronting the Public Stowe.
HE subscriber, thankful for the liberal patronage of the past year, intends to keep constantly on hand a hilts
sortment of the very best articles usrally kept in our line, which HE WILL dispose of on such terms as will be say
lafactory to all who may patronize him. The purchases are made entirely with cash In hand, and for the CASH - ow
customers will receive the benefit of a good article at a low price. All articles shall answer our recommendations,
and are warranted as repres'ented.
Ir?.. Medical Advice gratnitonsfy given at the Of flee, charging only for the Wichita
The stock consists of a complete and select assortment of
Pure Wine & Liquors, for Medicinal use, London. Porter & Scotch Ale,
The most approved Trusses and Abdominal Supporters, Nursing Bottles, Nip ,
ple Shells, Breast Pumps, Teeth Sings, Syringes, Catheters, etc.
American, English Chinese Razors and Knives,
Superior TOBACCO Qc AM:112 1 l----Choice brands of Pure Savanna, Principe
and Yara CIGABAS I
Paints, Olts, Varnishes, Windo sw Glass, BruShes, Perfumery. Sharing Soap,
Fancy Articles. &c. &e.
Hair Dyes, Hair Restorer, Fancy Soaps, Shaving Cream, Tooth Powder, Extracts for tit
Handkerchief, Italian Whisks, Port monnais, - . Purses, Bay, Colonge, Rose cuni
Lavender Waters, Tobacco and Snuff Boxes, Indellible Ink, &c.
Black and Green Teas ; Rio and Java Coffee ; Molasses, Syrups, Sugars, Spices, &c &
Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, &c. •
Towanda, February 1, 1555. H. C. PORTER, M. D.
The Mammoth Hardware Stor
OW= 09 350 WO
. Is now receiving a large and well selected asfortment of
Foreign eis Domestic Hardware
Consistin g if
IIuUSE TRIMMINGS, of every description,
Carpenters, Cabinet makers, Blacksmiths and Shoe makers'
fn fad almost everything that the indu9try of the country requires. In
addition 'ream constantly r.•ceiring and kee l ) on hand a full stock of
Swedes and itinerien'n Iron, Horse shoe Iron, Nail rods, ej•c.
Warranted of the lest quality. and sold as cheap as can be pnrchased of any establishment west of :New York. AN
Parker mill Nails, Lead Pipo. flla,s, Sash, Putty. White Lead, Linseed Oil, which is warranted perfectly pure.
Saddlery Hardware, and Carriage Maker's Goods.
P.irlor and Conk W..0il and Coal i....t.,ve5. Regulators and sheet Ir o n st o e t ,: . st o r e Pip e , A l , N ow r o,,einz a , e
supply of the celebrated Cdok stove IIOVF.RNOR, which is pronounced by all judges as the best eooltove in thf
market. It is especially adapted to the Farmer's use.
As we have the largest, and most complete Hardware Stern on the New York and Erie Railroad, and al intend C
parelaas , r goods in the lot markets. and by keeping a fall ii,srt
oment, selling as cheap tv. posldble,we ho ,e to wt. , '
the patronage of those doing tm=iness in this market. &TOM& k CHATTED.
Owego, N. Y. Oct. 21, Is:al.
Nar mea lit4r-. OZ. CAP U S
COLLINS & POWELL are now receiving
a large stock of SPRING AND, SUMMER CLOTH
LNG, which they are selling exclusively FOR CASH. as
they think a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Their
stock consists of Business, Black Cloth, Fancy Cassimere
Tweed, Kentucky Jean, White Huck. Linen, Manwiles,
and Brown Linen COATS of all kinds and qualities.—
Black Cassimere, Fancy Cassimere, Brown Linea, White
Linen and Kentucky Jean PANTS ; Silk. Satin and Mar.
seiles VESTS of all kinds ; Black and Fancy Cravats ;
Gents f Hose, Shirts, Collars, Suspenders, Hats nnd Caps
and everything in the line of Men's wear. Their stock of
Cloths and Cassimeres are unsurpassed, and are selling
cheap. We are still ready to make up all kinds of GAR
MENTS to order on short notice, anti warranted in every.
particular ; all of which we are bound to sell lower than
was ever offered in this market for Cash. Cutting done
as usual. COLLINS & POWELL.
Towanda, April 16,1857.
If you procure of DR. H. C. PORTER,
South store in the Ward - noose,
Equally adapted to Loaves, Hot Rolls, Biscuit, Buckwheat
and other Griddle Cakes, Gingerbread, all kinds of Sweet
Cakes, Batter for Dumplings, Puddings, Pot pies, &c.
Price IS cents. March 23.
10. HEAT GRITS, Samp, Hommony, Gm.
•ham Flour, Oatmeal, Rehm; Tat don, Mammal,
VerniicUll, Rice Mary Corti Starch, ants varietP_of Kind
las goods, at pmell
SFELTON would respectfully inform the
, public that he is now ready at his old stand. grok r
Hall ,ic Russell's, south side of the public square, to f"'
i.h those wanting PURE LIQUORS, with almost era!'
thing in that line. He has lately made large additioo It
his stock, purchasing of the best importers, and in di
original package. He bawon hand, and for sale in 14
quantity from a quart upwards :
Brands—Signotte, Cogniac. old Hennessy. and Otte.
Gin.—Swan. American, and Scheidam Scienaor'-
IP7iiskey.—Scotch .01d Rye, Monongahela and Reculrie
Wine.—Currant, Port.and Brown Sherry.
Fresh Carnphene and Burning Fluid kept coastantll e s
hand. Also OS per cent. Alcohol.
CIGARS of the best brands. Jugs of ell sizes;
flasks, and a large quantity of empty barrels.
Binghamtrin Ale by the gallon or barrel.
Those favOring me with their patronage may becCt .
that all articles will be what they are represented•,.: j ,
N. B. The person who borrowed my " Wantage nog P•
requested to return it.
Towanda, January 18
application will be made at the next session of ?,
Legislature of Pennaylvania, for the incorporation
Bank, to lbecalleu the " BRADFORD COV+ITY BASS;,,
with 'banking privileges of Issue, discount and deP! . .';' i
with a capital of Two Unwired Thousand Dollam_Ll
the right to increase the capital stoat to Three Flo m
Thousand Dollen, and to be located in the Wow
Towanda, in the county of Bradford.
' Timanda. June 12. Pat -
J. - .dist 111