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    Jfarmtr's gtparhiuut.
Kohl Babi.
' Tliis is au odd name to many, though not
more so tlian was ru-ttt-lia-ga only a few years
since. But whatever may be thought of the
name, the tiling itself is excellent. \\ ith in
it takes the place of both cabbages and tur
nips, and is decidedly superior to either of
those articles—to our taste and digestion.—
Several subscribers have enquired " wnat it's
like ?" " how it's grown ?" " how it's cooked ?"
"how it tastes?" Answer. — Kohl rabi is a
kind of turnip cabbage a cross between t!ie
two. Imagine a short cabbage stalk with a
round turnip upon the hp of it, and about a
dozen small, long-stemmed leaves growing out
from as many points of the turnip, and you
have an idea" of " what it's like." It may be
grown precisely like a turnip, and quite as ca
sily. If wanted early, start the plants in a
lio't-bed, and transfer them to the open ground
as soon as danger of frost is past. It grows
faster than cabbages and is even more hardy
We sowed seed in the open ground where they
were to grow without transplanting, on the
JSth day of last May, and commenced cooking
on the Ist of August. To cook them we sev
er the heads from the stalk, remove the leaves,
cut into quarters, or into six or eight prices,
according to the size of the head, and boil in
water until cooked through, which may be
known by trying them with a fork. They are
served up with drawn butter, or cream gravy,
similarly to turnips. They arc sweeter than
cabbage, and more tender and less strong to
the taste than most varieties of turnips. IN c
find them more agreeable and far more diges
tible than either cabbages or turnips.
PIG MUCK ! DIG MUCK ! !—We have very
often referred to the value of muck and swaiup
mud as fertilizers for all crops, and on all
soils not well supplied with organic matter,
and especially of the great utility of mixing it
in large quantities with the yard manure, but
we eanuot return to this topic too often. If
we accomplish nothing else than to stir up far
mers to appropriate to their fields a moiety of
the rich stores of organic matter now lying
useless in the swamps, swales, and low spots,
we shall not labor in vain All these black
earths are the remains of plants, and, as we
have formerly shown they furnish just the ele
ments to nourish our plants of every kind. If
already attended to, note is the time to dig
out and pile up large stores of these materials
before the ground gets wet. The ear'.-
ing to yards and fields can be done at leisure,
in the later Autumn, or Winter months. Re
member that one load of manure and two
loads of muck are better than two loads of
manure not so treated.
SOMKTHIXG ABOUT Scnoous.—We know a
man w ho last summer hired four eolts pastured
on a farm, some five miles distant. At least
once in two weeks he got into a wagon and
drove over to see how his juvenile horses far
ed. He made minute inquiries of the keeper
as to their health, their daily watering, Ac.,
lie himself examined the condition of the pis
ture, and when a dry season came on, made spe
cial arrangements to have a daily allowance
of meal, and he was careful to know that this
was regularly supplied.
This man had four children attending school
kept in a small building erected at the cross
roads. Around this building on three sides i
a space of land six feet wide : the fourth sdc
is on a line with the street. There is not a
shade tree in sight of the building. Of the
interior of the school house, we ueed uot speak.
We wish to state one fact only. This owner
of those colts, and the father of those children
has never been in that school house to inquire
after the comfort, health or mental-food
daily dealt out to his offspring. In the latter
part of the summer we chanced to ask, " who
teaches your school ?" his reply was, " he did
not know, he believed her name was Parker,
but he hud no time to look after school matters. 1 '
—American Agriculturist.
FI.OIUCUT.TCRE. —The plants being '""lit of the
house, there need be little said at this time.—
The required attention is in giving water ac
cording to their different constitutions and
habits. Where there is no rain or river wa
ter, it should stand at least one day in buts or
cisterns, to take the chilly air from it, and be
come softened by the surrounding atmosphere.
This is mora essential to the health of the
plants than is generally supposed. The small
plants in dry weather will require water eve
nings and mornings. Give regular syringing*
as may be required. There are frequently
rains continuing for several days, which will
materially injure many plants if they are not
turned on their sides, or defended by sash or
shutters, until the rain is over, especially small
plants. The syringings should never he done
till after the watering at the roots, and they
should never be more seldom than every al
ternate evening. Turn all plants frequently,
to prevent them from being drawn to one side
by the sun or light. Carefully look over them
at these turnings, to detect any insects, and
observe that the tuberous-rooted or deciduous
geraniums are not getting too much water,
thoy being now dormant.— American Farmer.
FEEDING HORSES. —Your remarks in relation
to the amount of hav and grain which a horse
will consume per day, have attracted my at
tention. The actual amount of food consum
ed by a horse will depend upon his form and
disposition. I have that horses of a compact
form and quiet disposition, weighing about 1,-
200 pounds, and exerting a force equivalent to
moving 150 or 200 pounds at the rate of two
miles per hour, for tea hours per day. and six
days per week, will require each twenty
pounds of oats, fourteen pounds of hay and
seventy pounds of water, with a comfortable
stable, ami to keep them iu good order. Then
also, much of the condition of the horse will
depend on his having a driver who knows how
to use him without harshness.
This is the conclusion I have arrived at, af
ter thirty years' experience, with a great num
ber of horses on my hands most of the time,
the cost of keeping horses for farm work is
expensive, when compared with the cost of
keeping oxcu or mules.— COß., in Mich. Far
BSf* 1 he Country CeutUman savs, spcakin"-
of thumb pruning, that every one who raises a
fruit tree should remember "that it is easier to
rub off a small green shoot than to saw off a
large limb ; aud that it is better to give a well
tonued heud to a youug tree than to mutilate
large one in nttemptTng to cure carfr (Mor-
fttmlgmbiec, &c.
f .Sr Wholesale and Retail Dealer
;■? 'd in Hardware and Stoves, Iron
B"n"lifft n -ffiji't"!''"' l Sails. Sash. <'. lass, Paints
' 32 '' and Oils, House Trimmings—
: r all kinds of Carriage trimmings,
fPWHllilwli'e Stma Seat Cloths and Laces, Carriage
giiaflSii'krv anil Scat Springs, Car
's' [-.enters' and Joiners' Planes,
and Circular Saws, Blacksmith
J Hammers and Screw Plates,
Axes. Broad Narrow, Lath and Hand Hatchets—A able,
Log. Trace and Haltr. Chains, Crowbars, Picks. Shovels
sors. Edge Tools of all kinds. Brass and Enameled Kettles,
Shovel and Tongues, Spoons sud Ladles, Tubs and Pails,
Mops and Washboards, and au other kiuds oi house-keep
insr implements. . . _ ,
In the II VBDWAI.'E line, Brass. Brittama. Jappaned
and Plain Tin Ware, single or in setts. Bar, Band. Scroll
and Hoop Iron, Steel of ail kinds. Nail Rods, Ac. Pumps.
I eld Pipe and all the ticcessarv fixtures for water works.
Patent. Stretched Leather Belting and String Leather,
and id.OOO other articles too numerous to mention, that
we are now re-iivinp direct from the hands of manutac
tur.'rs andiinporters, ineiuding the largest assortment
and greatest variety of
Coal and Wood Cooking. Coal and Wood Parlor. Dining-
Room. Six Plate and Cylinder.ever brought into Northern
Pennsylvania or Southern New York ; all of which wc
are now prepared to sell at wholesale or retail, at as low
rates and on as good TKRM.S US can be found this side of
New-Y< rk. from the fact that all our goods were bought
of first hands and in full packages and large quantities,
that gives us an advantage over smaller purchasers and
Drv Goods dealers, that wiil enable us to sell from 5 to
II per cent, less than auy of them, which advantage we
shall ofter to any who will favor us with a call before pur
chasing elsewhere.
A large quantity of Tin ware, Stove Pipe and Elbows
always on hand, wholesale and retail. All kinds of Job
Work done to order, on short notice and warranted.
Pon't mistake the place to buy STOVES and HARD
WARE cheap—one door South of Fox's, and nearly op
posite Tracv A Moore's, Main street, iu the new Wood
Building, lettered all over.
Grain and Country Produce, old Iron, Brass. Brittania
and Copper. Pried Fruit of all kinds. Feathers aud Bees
wax wanted for goods.
10.000 Sheep Pelts wanted, for which the highest price
in CASH will be paid.
Towanda, April 2. 1817.
R. WATKOrS 11. M. SKW AllI) K. U. COOK.
3. Water st. Kltnira, X. Y.
We have recently made large additions to our extensive
stock, and have new on hand a complete assortment, of ev
ery description of Hardware, which we offer at the lowest
cash prices; consisting of Mechanic's Tools, Building Ma
terials, Iron and steel. Nails and sjiika. Ropes and Cord
age, Paints, Gils and Glass, Mill saws of every size and
shape, either Malay Gang or Circular.
Machine Belting, of all widths, both of India Rubber A
leather. Glass at wholesale. We are prepaied to supply
Merchants with Glass, Nails, scythes, Forks, Ac., at .Man
ufacturers prices. Tin, sheet iron, and Copper work on
hand or made to order.
C< >RTRACTOR'S TOOLS—Wheelbarrows, Ames' Sho
vcls. Blasting Powder, Ac.
Agents for Rich A Wilder'* Patent .Salamander .Safes,
Fairbunk's Platform Scales, aud Welch A Griffith's Circu
lar saws.
Large sizes up to fit) inch, always on hand and sold at
Factory Prices. Particular attention paid to orders by
Elinira, W>rll 7. 1956. n-U-]2m
4 NEW and singularly successful remedy for ti.e cure
A of all Billions disease-—Costiveness, Indigestion
Jaundice. Dropsy. Rbciimati-m. Fevers,'Gotit. Humors.
Nervousness, irritability. Inhumations, Headache, Pains
in the Breast, Side. Back,and Limbs. Female Complaints,
Ac., Ac. Indeed very few are the diseases in which a
Purgative Medicine is not more or less required, and innch
sickness and suffering might be prevented, if a harmless
hut effectual Cathartic were more freely used. No per
son can fee! well while a costive habit of body prevails :
besides it soon generates serious and often fatal diseases,
which might have been avoided by the timely and judi
cious ue of a good purgative. This isalike true of Colds,
F< veri.-h symptoms, and Billions derangements. They
all tend to become or produce the deep seated and for
midable distempers which load the hearses all over the
land. Hence a reliable family physic is of the first im
portance to the public health, and this Pill has been per
! fected with consummate skill to meet that demand. An
i extcn-ive trial of its virtues l>y Physicians, Professors,
and Patients, lias show.n results surpassing anything
hrtherto known of auy medicine. Cures have been ef
fected beyond belief, were they not substantiated by per
sons of such exalted positions and character as to turbid
the suspicion of untruth.
Among the eminent gentlemen who have testified in
favor of these Pills, we may mention :
Poet. A. A. HAYES, Analytical Chemist of Boston,
and State Assayer of Massachusetts, whose high Profes
sional character is endorsed hy the—
H >n. EDWARD EVERETT, Senator of the United
ROBERT C. WIXTHROP, Ex-Speaker of the House of
ABBOTT LAWRENCE, Miuister Plen. to England.
fJOHN B. FITZI'ATRICK, Catholic Bishop of Boston:
Dr. J. R. CHILTON, Practical Chemist of New York
City, endorsed by-
Ron. \V. L. MARCY, Secretary of State.
WM. B. ASTOIt, the richest man in America.
S. LELA.WA Co., Proprietors of the Metropolitan
Hotel, and others.
Did space permit, we could give many hundred certi
ficates from all parts where the Pills have been used, but
evidence even more convincing than the experience of
eminent public men, is found in their effects upon trial.
These Pills, the result of long investigation and study,
are offered to the public as the best and most complete
which the present state of medical science can afford
They are compounded not of the drugs themselves, but of
the medicinal virtues only of Vegetable remedies extract
ed hy < hemieal process in a state of purity, and combin
ed together in such a manner as to insure the be-t results.
This system of composition for medicines has been found
iu Cherry Pectoral and Pills both, to produce a more ef
ficient remedy than had hitherto been obtained by any
process. The reason is perfectly obvious. While by the
old mode of composition ; every medicine is burdened with
more or less of acrimonious and injurious qualities, hy
this each individual virtue only that is desired for the cu
rative effect is present. All the inert and obnoxious
qualities of each substance employed are left behind, the
curative virtues only being retained. Hence it is self
evident the effects should prove as they have proved,
more purely remedial, and the Pills a more powerful an
tidote to disease than any other medicine known to the
As it is frequently expedient that many medicines
should be taken under the counsel of an attending Physi
cian, and as he could not properly judge of a remedy
without knowing its composition, 1 have suppled the ac
curate Formula? hy which both my Pectoral and Pills are
made, to the whole body of Practitioners in the United
states ana British American Provinces. If however there
should be any one who has not received them, they will
be forwarded by mail to his request.
Of all the patent Medicines that are offered, how few
would be taken it their composition was known ! Their
life consists in their mystery. I have no mysteries.
The composition of my preparations is laid open to all
men, and all who are competent to judge on the subject
j freely acknowledge their convictions of their intrinsic
i merits. The Cherry Pectoral was pronounced by scicuti
| lie men to be a wonderful medicine before its effects were
; known. Many eminent Physicians have declared the
same thing of my Pills, and even more confidently, and
I are willing to certify that their anticipations w ere more
than realized by their effects upon trial.
They operate by their powerful influence on the inter
| nai viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it into heal
; thy action—remove the obstruct ions of t lie stomach, bo w
| els, liver, and other organs of the body, restoring their
irregular action to health, and by correcting, wherever
they exist, sucli derangements as arc the first origin of
Prepared by Dr. Jas. C. Aver, Practical and Analyti
cil Chemist. Lowell. Mass.
Price 21 cents per Box. Five Boxes for tl ,00. Sold
hy H. C. POUTER aud I'ATTOX A PAYNE, Towanda,
and by Dealers in Medicine every where. 51V
/ URPETIN'IiIS.—AII prices superfine aud
\J ingrain car|ieti!igs, just received by
April 6. 1*57. J. POWELL.
BOOTS AND SIIOKS.—The largest aud
most complete assortment of Boots and Shoes ever
| exhibited in Towanda. to which particular attention has
in the purchase, and which will positively be
soWJless than at any other establishment in Northern
! eunsytyanu. lust rs.t jrt'i l\
Aprils j POWELL.
iJit3iac9s (Cariie.
A- SURGEON, oltbrs his professional servicos to
the inhabitants of Towanda and vicinity. Office and res
idence in the dwelling recently occupied by H. BOOTH.
Esq.. one door north of the Episcopal Church, ou Maine
tj AT LA IV. TOWANDA, PA. Occupies the Office, in
the Union Block, formerly owned by John C. Adam* Esq.
IfHf will attend to procuring Bounty Land Warrants
and Pensions. _ March 22,1X55.
over Mercur's Store, Towanda, Pa.
Towanda, April 2, I s . n-43-tf
DR. E. H. MASON, ph ysjcia x axd
SURGEON, otters his professional services to tin
people of Towanda and vicinity. Office at his residence
on Pine street, where he can always be found when not
professionally engaged.
FA LA IV, TROY, Bradford Co., Pa. Office over V.
M. A 11. F. Long's store. Aug- 7, 156.
Manufacturer, Wholesale and retail dealers in
Smery's Unrivalled Horse Powers,
We wish to call particular attention to Emery's Splen
did Thresher and Cleaner. The superiority of Emery's
Horse Power all others, is well known, and* our farmers
will lie pleased to leuru that they can now get an Emery's
Thresher and Cleaner equaling the power itself, and
which for simplicity, rompactnes .A, durability riul rune of
operation is lar a ahead of all other machines in use. It
requires a* little power as a thresher and separator, and
will thresh and clean thoroughly without wasting the
grain.—say from 20 to 25 bushels per hour. We have
machines on hand and on the way from Albany and can
fill orders at short notice.
We can also furnish Wheeler's Nno Cleaner, a very
good machine, and warranted ; as are all of our ma
We would also call attention to Emery's cross cut or
Drag Saw Mills. If our fanners knew their value, they
would adopt thein extensively in cutting up, down trees
for fire wood, shingle bolts, Vc. Send for our circulars
and any information you may want concerning Farming
machinery— it will cost you but three cents |Mstage.
Emery's and Hickok's Cider Mills, Corn Sheller's,
Seymour's Grain Drills, Clover liullers, Dog powers.
Rubber Belting, Plow*. Ac. Ac. For sale at the Tioga
Point Agricultural Woiks.
Athens Pa.. Sept. 1, 1857.
McCA B E ! S
Between J. King sherry's Sf J. Powell's si ores.
ttSESfBS THE subscriber would respectfully tender to
customers and the public generally liissin-
Jt If cere thanks for the very liberal patronage ex
tended to him the past season. He solicits a continuance
of the same.
He would say to the public that h<> intends to keep con
stantly on hand a choice selection of MEATS of all kinds,
the best the country affords, which he intends to sell for
very small profits, either by the side, quarter or pound.—
l'lea-e give me a call.
4*-M eats, &<-., will be delivered on short notice, when
ordered, at any place in the Corporation.
Towanda, Feb. 12,1857. J- McCABE.
w. iL
v_/ undersigned is constantly receiving from New-York
by Express, new additions to his Stock of Watches, ('locks,
Jewelry. Silver ware, and Fancy Goods, comprising in
part—Gold and Silver Lever, L'Kpine and Plain Watches,
with a full and complete assortment of Fine Gold Jewelry,
sm-h as Gold chains. Lockets, Bracelets, Gold Pens, Keys,
Breast-Pins, Ear-Rings, Finger-Rings, etc. etc. Also, a
large variety of Silver ware,such as Table and Tea Spoons,
Cream spoons, Butter knives, Salt spoons. Spectacles, to
gether with an extensive assortment of Plated Ware—All
of which will be sold very low for CASH.
CLOCKS.—A large assortment Clocks just received, of
all descriptions, ranging in prices from 75 cents to Fifty
•5 Watches repaired on short notice, and WAKRANTKD
to run well. Also, all kinds Clocks repaired.
W. A. C. would beg leave to say, that he is prepared to
execute the must difficult Jobs, such as can be done at no
other Shop short of New-York eitv.
Towanda, February 1,1857.
11. BALDWIN, having purchased the
• Marble Factory of this village, under the superin
tendence of H. Han ford, the subscriber is happy to an
nounce that the Marble business in Waverly will now be
conducted by him. He i> constantly receiving ITALIAN
AND HI TLANI) MARBLE, for Monumeuts, Head-stones,
Tomb labels, and Stand Tops, Paint Stones, Mnllers, Ac.
Having secured the services of G. M. POWERS, who is well
known to be the most perfect Artist in the State, he offers
unparalleled inducements to persons wishing to secure
any of the above articles, in cheapness, style and Aitisti
cal beauty.
Waverly, N. Y., Feb. 3.1857.
I > Or, Pictures on Glass, Iron 4" Paper.
I \ Electrotypes, or Raised Pictures,
I \ Taken at 6. H. Wood's Gallery,
5" Particular attention given to copying. Pictures
taken in cloudy as well as clear weather.
The quality of my pictures is too well known to need
comment. Call and see for yourselvss.
Rooms open at all hours. All work warranted.
Towanda, April 14, 1857.
IHIE subscriber continues to carry on the
Foundry business in Towanda. and is prepared to
do nil kinds ot' work in his line on short notice and in a
workmanlike manner. He will keep on hand or make to
order Plows, Stoves, Mill Irons, Sleigh Shoes, Wagon-
Boxes, and any article of cast iron that may be required.
Turning and fitting up work will be done on short notice
aud on reasonable terms. Persons wishing to purchase
Stoves of any kind will find it much to their advantage
to buy at the Foundry, as they can be repaired much
cheaper. Please call and examine before purchasing else
where. Old cast iron and Grain taken in payment
Don't mistake the place—one door cast of Mercur's Block.
SOT I would also say to those having accounts stand
ing over six months, that they mnt l*> settled without
delay, and those having notes that arc due will do well to
pay up and save cost. JOHN CARMAN.
Towanda, Oct 22, 1856.
hand, and will keep constantly for sale at TOWANDA
a large supply of their coal, at
$8 00 per ton for B/acksncith Coal, and
$8 50 per tun for Raked Coal.
Apply for coal at Towanda to HORATIO BLACK. Coal
will also be sold at THE MINES at
s*2 00 per ton for Blacksmith Coal, and
$2 50 per ton for Raked Coat.
A liberal discount will be made on sales by the boat load
_ Oct. 34), 1856. KPW'P OVERTON, President
fOO BBTjS * COMMON SALT ; 10 bills.
IV A.." Rock Salt for packing salt, just received by
IV- 10, Dad. BAILEY A NL'V"F.
jsuisqutjiaMra Collegiate institute,
ItEV. JAMEfi McWILI.IAM, Principal, Professor of An
cient Languages qnil Mental and Moral Scienee ;
DAVII) CRAFT, A. 8., Professor of Mathematics and
Natural Science.
MISS ANN E. FRITCIIER, Preceptress-;
MISS KM 11.IE A. BUTLER. Assistant ;
MISS (). LOUISA JKNKK. Instructor on Piano;
MISS HELEN M. CARTER, Assistant Instructor on Pi
ano and Melodeon:
and Drawing.
The Fall Term commences on Wednesday, August 26,
and will continue 14 weeks.
The Winter Term commences on Wednesday, Decem
ber 2, and will continue 14 weeks, exclusive of a recess
of 10 days at Christmas.
Payable invariably in advance, or one half on entering
the school, and one half at the middle of the term—Fuel
and contingencies included :
Tuition in the Fifth class, (primary) per term.... $4 00
•• Fourth 6 00
" Third 7 00
" Second x 00
•' First 10 00
Pupils using scholarships are charged $1 per term for
uel and contingents ; tor instrument on which to take
lessons. 50c, or for practice $2,00.
No scholar, whose parents or guardians shall reside
wit inn two miles of the Institute shall be admitted to tui
tion therein upon any permanent scholarship rented or
loaned by such pupil, his or her parent or guardian.
French $5 00
Drawing -'5 00
Tuition on Piano Forte with use of Instrument,... 12 00
do do per quarter of 11 weeks,.. 10 00
Board in the Institute, per week, includiug fuel and
light 2 00
Washing, per dozen 30
The arrangements for Boarding will be under the entire
eontrol and management of the Steward, while the Prin
< and Teachers residing in the Institute, will he able
to exercise a constant watch over the pupils, mingling
with them as mcmliers of the same family; as a Board
ing School for youth of both sexes, the Institute will af
ford increased and superior advantages. Parents and
guardians may be assured that all due care w ill lie exer
cised over the"health, the manners and morals of those en
trusted to their care, and all suitable aid rendered at all
times in promoting their advancement in study.
Pupils hoarding in the Hall, will furnish their own bed,
bedding, tow els, Ac. and the table silver at tiieir option.
No pupil taken for less than half a term. The boarding
bill* for the term must be paid in advance or onp half at
the entrance, and the remaining hall at the middle ot
tie* term.
Pupils entering the Institute are pledged to the obser
vance of the regulations, and noue will be admitted on
other terms.
Special exercises are arranged without extra charge for
those qualifying themselves as teachers for common
S. F. COLT. Secretary. C. L. WARD. President.
August 12, LSS7. ' A. WICKHAM, Treas.
A. Til. Warner's
Xetc Splendid Jewelry Store, one door north
of Pat tuns Drug Store,
HAS just tieen opened with the largest and
JKR most choice stock of FASHIONABLE
LjjjjsJEWELRY ever offered to adiscriminatiug
"jl public. Indeed, he can safely say that with
gvg yjfafe the opening of his new store has been in
augurated a new era in the Jewelry line,
inasmuch as along w iili the choice and elegant assortment
he gives tbe most reliable assurance of an almost incredi
ble reduction in prices ; the rich and tasteful articles hav
ing been all bought with ready cash.
A. M. W., when he reflects how. for the past years,with
a far less attractive stock, he has enjoyed so large a share
ol public patronage, flutters himself that the immense in
crease of Goods he now utters, which have been
much more advantageously, will enable him to increase
the generous confidence which has hitherto been vouch
safed to him. He therefore solicits a continuance of the
favor of his old customers, and invites the public general
ly to come and see the fashions.
continue to be distinguished by the skill and despatch
which has heretofore enabled it to enjoy the enviable rep
utation of tieing the most reliable in town.
Towanda, September 24, 155.
respectfully inform his friends and the
"■ '-*• public that lie is now receiving at his old
stand one door north of laiporte, Mason k Co.'s banking
house, a large and extensive assortment of
Sofas, Mahojranv Chairs, of various patterns,
Rosewood and Mahogany Side and Centre Tables,
Dining, Tea and Pembroke Tables, Stand* of every
kind, < ane. Flag and Wood seat hairs, high
Chairs, Children's Rockers, Bedsteads,
Bureaus, Lounges, Gilt and Rose
wood Picture Frames, Iron Hat
Stands, Corner and side do.
of walnut and mahogany ; Cradles, Cribs, Wardrobes,
Cupboards. Looking glasses, Ac.
WCOFFINS, of every size and quality, and will at
tend on all occasions wlien required.
The public are invited to examine my assortment before
purchasing elsewhere, as I will sell cheaper than any other
establishment in Northern Pennsylvania.
Towanda. August 8, 1855.
TIIR nb"rllicr would announce
the public that he has now on
''' jgSjjsSS! and, an '' ,v '" niake to order all
fpC Pll"., | 'Tj kinds of CABINET FURNITURE,
0! §Nf ft as Sofa*. Divans, Lounges. Cen
-16; |g| Ml jaj-tre, Card. Pining and Breakfast Ta
*s^6''' e- Mahogany, Walnut, .Maple and
J nCherry Bureaus, Stands of various
—F ■■ ii ¥ kind ' lnir i mil Bedsteads of every
description, which are, and will be made of the best ma
terial and workmanlike manner, and which thev will sell
for cash cheaper than can be bought in any other Ware
room in the country.
READY-MADE COFFINS, on hand on the most rea
sonable terms. A good HEARSE will lie furnished on
Funeral occasions. JAMES MACKINSON.
Towanda, January 1. 1857.
I Vest side of the Public Square, opposite the
Court House.
BAILED A* NE\ IXS are just receiving a
large addition to their stock of Provisions, Groceries,
Yankee Notions, Tovs, Fruit. Confectionary, Ac., which
will be sold wholesale of retail for cash, or in exhange for
most kinds of country produce, at prices that cannot fail
to suit purchasers. Consumers or country dealers would
do well to call and examine our stock and prices.
Black and Green Tea, Rio and Java Coffee, Chocolate,
Cocoa, Sugar, Molasr-es, Syrup, Ginger, Pepper, Spice,
Cloves, nutmegs. Mace cinamon, Ground Mustard. Pepper
Sauce, Soda, Saleratus, Cream Tartar, Sperm and Tallow
Candles, Bar Soap, Vinegar, Starch, Ac.
Flour. Buckwheat Flour, Rye Flour. Corn Meal, Feed,
Pork, Hants A Shoulders, Mackerel, Codfish. Shad, Lake
Trout, Pickeled and Smoked Herring, Cheese, Rice, Beans,
Onions, Potatoes, Butter Lard, Crackers, Ac. Ac.
Prunes, Citron. Figs, Eng. Currants, Raisins, Lem
ons and Oranges, Green and Pried Apples, and Peaches,
Almonds, Pecan nuts, Prazil nuts, Grenoble and Madeira
Walnuts, Filberts, Pea nuts, Chestnuts. Hickory nuto.Ac.
Ac—Boys' Sleighs. Tin Wagons, China, Pewter A Wood
Tea Setts, Dolls, Trumpets, Toy (inns. Accordians, Har
monicas, Glass, Paper ard Wood Inlaid Work Boxes and
Toilet Cases, Toy Bureaus, Secretaries, Ac, Pearl, Iverv,
Papier Mache and Leather Port Mouaies Wallets, Purses'
Ivory, Horn and Wood Pocket aud Toilet Combs, Tobac
co and Snuff Boxes, Cigar Cases. Tooth, Hair aud Cloth
Brushes, Fancy Mirrors, Perfumery, Hair Oil, Ac.
Foots CAP, Letter, Commercial Note and Bath Post
Paper. Envelopes, Wafers. Sealiug Wax, Ink, Inkstands
Wafer Cups, Sand Boxes, Penholders, Pens, Wafer scales'
Ac. Ac.
TABLE AND DAIRY SALT, Salina and Rock Salt, and
Cayuga Ground Plaster. BAILEY A NEVINS.
Towanda, November 20,1855.
INSURANCE.—The undersigned is
A agent for the following safe and reliable Companies:
Farmer's Union Insurance Co. . Athens, Pa.
Capital, $200,000.
State Mutual Insurance Co. . Harrisburg, Pa.
Capital, $200,000.
Girard Insurance Co. . . . Philadelphia, Pa
Capital, $300,000.
These Companies insure against loss or damage hv fire
on the most reasonable terms. Dwelling Houses, Furni
ture. Warehouses, Merchandize, Ac., and Farm Property
insurer! for any length of time. All losses will be prompt
ly P a 'J- , T C. 8. RUSSELL.
Towanaa, December 25, 1556.
IJ J1 THE subscriber ofTers for sale the HOUSE
ffffA a d LOT at present occupied by lain.situated
rlllE on Se< " u 'l Street. comer of Jefferson, near the
jiitjßKCollegiate Institute. The lot is 4b feet in front
S£J!aaiid extends to Third Street. The property
will be sold cheap, possession given immediately • for
further particulars inquire on the prrmises.
Tow-..nds, July 7.18J7. JAS. M'WILT.IW
Fronting the Public Square.
THE subscriber, thankru! for the liberal patronage of the past year, intends to keep constantly on hand „ full
sortnient of the very liest articles usally kept in our line, which IIE WILL dispose of on such terms AS will b-sat
isfactory to all who may patronize iiirn. The purchases are made entirely with cash in hand, and for the LASH ost
customers will receive the l>ene/it of a good article at a low price. All articles shall answer our
and are warranted as represented.
Medical Advice gratuitously given at the Office, charging 6B |y for the Sttdiciwi.
The stock consists of a complete and select assortment of
Pure Wine & Liquors, for Medicinal use, London, Porter & Scotch Ale.
The most approved Trusses and Abdominal Supporters, Sfursingr Bottles, Nip
ple Shells, Breast Pumps, Teeth Rings, Syringes, Catheters, Ac.
American, English Sf Chinese Razors and Knitet.
Superior TOBACCO A SNUrF!—Choice brands of Pure Savanna, Priccipt
and Vara CIGARS !
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass, Brushes, Perfumery, Shaving *oap,
Fancy Articles, &c. &.c.
Hair Dyes, Hair Restorer, Fancy Soaps, Shaving Cream, Tooth Powder, Extracts for lit
Handkerchief, Italian Whisks, Port monnais, Purses, Ray, Colonge, Rose and
Lavender Waters, Tobacco and Snuff Boxes, Indellible luk,
Black and Green Teas; Ilio and Java Coffee; Molasses, Syrups, Sugars, Spices, St c 4t
Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, kc,
Towanda. February 1, 1855. H. C. PORTER, M. D.
The Mammoth Hardware Store
Is now receiving a large and well selected asfurtment of '..... Sfaf
Foreign Sf Domestic Hardware BMBgSujli
Consisting of
HOUSE TRIMMINGS, of every description, Jf
Carpenters, Cabinet makers, Black smiths and Shoe makers"
In faci almost everything that the industry of the country requires. In V
addition we are constantly receiving and kv on hand a full stock of
Strides and American Iron, Horse shoe Iron, JVail rods, J-c.
M arrantf.-d of th best quality, and sold as eh. aji as can i-e }>urchased of any establishment west of New York, lis
Parker mill Nails, l.cad Pipe, '.las,-. Sash, Putty, \\ hite Lead, Linseed Oil, which is warranted perfectly purt.
Saddlery Hardware, and Carriage Maker's Goods.
Parlor and Cook Wood and Coal Stoves, Regulators and Sheet Iron Stoves. Stove Pipe, Ac. Now receiving* i
supply oi the •'< lehrated < '.ink stove (lot EIINOR, which is pronounced by all judges as the best cook Stove in#
market. It is especially adapted to tbe Farmer's use.
As we have the largest and most complete Hardware Store on tbe New York and Erie Railroad, and we intendß
purchase goods in the best markets, and by keeping a full assortment, selling as cheap as possible, we hope towns
the patronave of those doing business in this market. STORUS & CHATFEU 1
Owego, N. Y. Oct. 21, 1856.
& , PAT TON Si P I V.Vf;,
THo. % Tat tons' rlock, Towanda, Pa.
THE subscribers would respectfully inform their friendsjand the public that they hav -furmed a co-partnenkif
the D ug business, and are now receiving at No. 4, in Patton's New Brick Block, from the cities of P&-J&
pliia and New York, a large and well selected stock of American, French and English
SURGICAI* INSTRUMENTS, and a variety of the most approved Trosf
Abdominal Supporters, Ac., always on hand. ►
London Porlcr and Scotch Ale, and Pure Liquors, for Medicinal purposes
Crushes for the Hat, Hair, Teeth, Nails, Boots, Painting, Varnishing, Whitewashing. U
The Lovers of GOOD CIGARS and TOBACCO, will find a large variety of choice Ik"'
na, Yara and Principe Cigars, and the finest brands of Tobacco and Snuff".
(ampheiif—Particular Attention paid to the Manufacture of BtRNING FIJIIK
And a fine assortment of LAMPS, of all sizes and descriptions, Bird Cages, Cups, Nests and Seed
All of which is offered for Rale at greatly reduced rates. Our stock l>eing large and mostly purchased free A
Importer and Manufacturer at the lowest rates, and with Cash, enables us to seii at reduced prices, that mo>t be*! i
tisfactory to all. We invite the attention of the public to an especial examination of our stock of good? and pik* 1
Our Goods are selected with the ntmost'eare and warranted to be what they are represented ; if any shooMpj'w
the contrary, we are not only willing but request'our customers to return them, and the money shall be refunds-1|
MR. PAYNE will give his special attention to the preparation of PRECCRIPTION'S, which will be .•.>inpoaa"F|
accurately on tbe shortest notice. JOSEPH G. I'ATTOV j;
Towanda, June 2(>, 1556. EDWARD D. P.VY>'&
COLLINS & FOWELL are now receiving
a large stock of SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTH
ING, which they are selling exclusively FOR CASH, as
they think a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Their
stock consists of Business, Black Cloth, Fancy Cassimere
Tweed, Kentucky Joan. White Duck. Linen, Marseiles,
and Brown Linen COATS ot all kinds and qualities—
Black Cassimere, Fancy Cassimere, Brown Linen, White
Linen and Kentucky Jean PANTS ; Silk. Satin and Mar
seiles VESTS of all kinds; Black and Fancy Cravats;
Gents i Hose, Shirts, Collars, Suspenders, Hats nnd Caps
and everyihing in the line of Men's wear. Their stock of
Cloths and Cassimores are unsurpassed, and are selling
cheap. We are still ready to make up all kinds of GAR
MENTS to order on short notice, and warranted in every
particular : all of which we are bound to sell lower than
was ever offered in this market for Cash. Cutting done
as usual. COLLINS & POWELL.
Towanda, April 16, 1857.
If you procure of DR. H. C. PORTER.
South store in the \i urd House,
Equally adapted to Loaves, Hot Rolls, Biscuit, Buckwheat
and other Griddle Cakes, Gingerbread, all kinds of Sweet
Cakes, Batter for Dumplings, Puddings, Pot pies, Ac, Ac-
Price 25 cents. March 29.
WHEAT GRITS, Samp, Hntiiraony, Gra
ham Flour, Oatmeal, Farina, Tapioca, Mucratvni,
Yermicilli, Rice Flour, Corn Starch arid a variety of "Itm Junell FOX'S
Q FELTON woold respectfully infers
f- * public that he is now ready at his ohl stand. •?*!
Hall & SiKWill, smith side of tile public square, 1,1
Ish thnsr vanting PI'RE LIQUOBS, with almost? .
tiling in that line. He has lately made large
his stock, purchasing of the best importers, tad.'®
original package. lie has on hand, and for sale *
quantity from a quart upwards :
Brandy. —Signette, Cogniac. old Henucssy. ana t
Gin —Swan. American, and Schcidam Schnapp*-
Mhixkry. —Scotch .Old Rye, MonoitguhflaandnO -
}Vinr.— Currant, Port.and Brown Sherry.
Fresh Cumphene and Burning Fluid kept consW .
hand. Also 95 per cent. Alcohol.
Cigaks of the best brands. Jugs of all siKS'vj
flasks, and a large quantity of empty barrels.
Binghamton Ale by the gallon or Imrrol.
Those favoring me with their patronage may
that all articles will be what they are represented- ji
X. B. The person who borrowed my" i
requested to return it.
Towanda, January 18,1856. |
application will be made at the nextsessi- 1 "
Legislature of Pennsylvania, for the itic-orp'''*
Bank, to beoallc. the " BRADFORDCOUNT!
with hanking privileges of issue, discount a" 1 r :
with a capital ot Two Hundred Thousand
the right to Increase the capital stock to '' ir v. we d !
Thousand Dollars, and to be located in the w
Towanda. in the county of Bradford,
Towanda. June F2. J*s7. —^
fa at