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    - Fatal Affray.
Ex Gov William Bibb, of Ohio, (no
residing in Illinois,) shot two men who we
luirt of a gang insulting and dissnrbing h
household at midnight, on the 20th inst. T1
Roekford Republican gives the following a
count of this deplorable tragedy :
" Our community was startled yesterday a
teruoon by the announcement that Ex Go
Bibb, now a resident of Seward in this eouj
ty, but formerly of Ohio, of which State "
was Governor, had befcn molested at Ins re
dence bv a mob of men, and had fired upt
and shot two of them, kiliing one man instarj
lv. The particulars as near as we have be|
able to gather them up to the time oi goi^
to press, are as follows :
" It appears that for sometime past, a go
deal of coldness, and in many instances actr
bad feeling, had been growing up among so
of the Governor's neighbors, as against hi
self and family, springing, it is said, niorg
le-s out of jealousy of his pecuniary circu
stances, and a belief that lie was somewli
aristocratic in his tastes ami associations. 1
return of his son with his wife 011 1 hursd
night from the East, whither he had been
get married, was fixed upon by the rowdy p
tion of the vouug men of the neighborhood
a proper occasion to manifest their ill feelin
They accordingly prepared themselves w
cow-bells, guns, tin-pans, and other articles
dinarily used on such occasions, and repaii
to the "residence of the (iovernor at a late h
in the night, and commenced making all mi
ner of and outcries, assail
the house with stones, and firing towardj
with their guns. After enduiing this assij
for some time in silence, Gov. Bibb made
appearance at the front ot his house, audj
meliorated with the mob, requesting then#
desist. This request was received with lit
intrs and bowlings, and ai. increase of clan
After a little time he again came
remarked that patience had ceased to heap
tue, and that if they did not desist and 1$
the premises, he would be compelled to|
violence. This threat only seemed to eg
perate the assailants, who replied that T
had come there to fiirht, and were only
iag for Inm to comment or words to suclr
port, lie then wc ' 10 t house and bros
out a double-barrelled shot gun, firing onef
rel at the feet of the ring-leader? of the \
which took effect upon one of the party,- 1
pling him in the leg. At this some of n
dispersed, while the others rallied and tie
a rush upon the Governor, who raised hi in
and discharged the other barrel at the e
most man, hitting him in the head and kig
hi 111 instantly, whereupon his assailautsd
denly decamped.
" We gather the above facts from a rh
bor of Gov. Bibb's, and give them as r ed
without vouching for their entire correess.
The affair is a very sad one, and has eted
much excitement in this community."
RAILROAD. — An accident of a most soivtul
character haj.pened to the half-past'ear
o'clock passenger train for the We-this
morning, after the train had j.roccedt"dollt
a mile out of this city. The hind axle the
front truck of the next to the last ca;avc
way at the point mentioned, causing ' car
on the side which broke to sink at once, ow
the truck out of its position, and causing to
break through the floor, at the sauiioie
precipitating the car off the track, ii fa
embankment. The consequences, aswclAe
expected, were disastrous. The seats ifee
v'ur were torn from their position, and tfen
in every direction, and many of the
severely wounded. Two men, *. ho walk
ing on the platform, were suddtnl4pug
apart, one taking one direction and timber
another, and botli were badly wouude The
train had just begun to attain a gooffetal
when the accident occurred. .Siiiguiarongh,
none of the cars were damaged cxc- Gg tbe
last, which was smashed in slightly ate side,
in consequence of shoving by the c- Tbe
car was the one through from Ri.bnrgh.
The wounded men—tenor twelve Riumber
were immediately brought to aiaga's
Hotel, in tliis city, and the m >t
assistance rendered Most of the *'"e al
ready able to be about, and several W goue
to their homes. The most serious injured
one is Mr. Holms Norton, of TreuffiN- J.,
who has several limbs broken, and injured
internally. He is, however, in afa Way for
recovery- The track was cleared'! a few
hours after the accident, and the trnlfrocecd
fcd on its way. The down train was *jf detain
ed for some time in consequent jAmong
the passengers in damaged ear,' 4* "on.
1 hoinas If. IJenfon, of Missouri, vQ'escaped
with very slight injuries.— llurriWg Tele
gi'fij'h. May 27. J
THE WAG F.S OK Six.—MoKim, ninrder
fT of tlie late Samuel T. N reeeiv
fti sentence of execution on the tLv of
August next. It is stated thaty oriirintil
reward of 52500 offered for the d'V' Mo-
Kim, has dwindled, in eousequeiHM fLt* with
drawal of a number of pan ie.-^f 10 offered
iiatidsome stmis for his capture 11 to ; )00,
for this there are two claimants. 1 heir names
are Kuons arid Wolf. The lath I crson will
not in any event receive any jci Dn of the
amount, as his creditors have naffiled what
ever may he hereafter
wliieli is now in the hands of iWoftieials.—
I lie Governor has already sigrif the death
warrant of the murderer.
Hrigham Yoin'g, —The rerrtf that this
Hophet had fled from Salt I, a |-if contradict
"l. Several reasons are p-iven dij the rumor,
among which are that ' ~| tjtarted him
*(lf* T ' ow of the ,1., utKii) 0 f M'jorernnieDt
to reduce him and his I Tower t# suhjeetion,
in order to deceive the Prc.Hff't and g r uin
iime to prepare more tlioroidflv for resis
tance ; another that it origj ns tfl "from his iro
ing ou a secret exjjedition sonify here to the
Accounts the most ho"®hle and dis
r-tts ntir are received by every front that
wiit>e than heathen land. 'Pipfcahits of wild
ieast> are not more disgust!ne than those of
the Mormons, if these report- he truc-and
there ts little room to doubt t '4m.
'hk Lames Cased is- Hm-a —Most of the
'D'--mills in Connecticut are busy preparing
shirt - raS rr ' lo °l ,s which ladies wear in their
, i . ,e . Winsted lUrr'A says that the
. '* W mill at Plymouth i engaged upon
• ot iit or SI,OOO pounds of these strips of
it-7 a " lt . a " av eraire of 700 pounds
Wit n M . nt t0 ew by railroad. . The
boons f tm In , l "f. are u 'so manufacturing brass
hon so k a(iies Sa y, however, that the steel
not bcnd or
PERSONAL ENCOUNTER. —A frat a? occurred in
. the Post office, at Philadelphia, on Monday
between WILLIAM RICE, editor of the
*'wennsylvaninn , and GEORGE NEBIXGER, Esq.,
4 somewhat noted democratic politician from
<e of the lower wards of the city. The nl
-1 feted canse of the difficulty was an article
Ifhich appeared in the Penvsyhanian, denoune
-Ipg in severe terms certain political move
•ents of which Mr. NEBINGER is the reported
l.Madcr. Blows were exchanged, whep friends
•terfered, and the affair ended for the pres-
! r Pratt was killed on the 14th instant, near
Wau Buren, Arkansas, by Hector McLean, of
ew Orleans, whose wifewas deluded into go
to Utah with a party of Mormons, taking
with her her children.
I; It is stated that J L Getz, Editor of
[the Reading: Gazette, will be appointed Di
rector of the Mint in the place of Col. Snow-
I We have some returns of the Virginia
State election. They are generally favorable
§0 the Democratic party, which, strange to
lay, has carried the city of Richmond, hereto
fore overwhelmingly American.
I figgp* Fayette McMullcn, late member of
Congress from Virginia, lias been appointed
[Governor of Washington Territory, and has
fcccepted the office.
New York & Erie R. R., Waverly Station.
N?ommen< itig Monday, May 25, 1 *57, Trains will leave
WAVERLY at about the following hours :
Dunkirk A Buff Exp 32s r.sij Cincinnat i Exp... .4 27 A.M
Night Express 335 A.m j Night Express. ...12 34 P.M
Mail 10 32 P.M Chicago Express.. .0 1? A.M
Emigrant .4 42 p.MiSteamfaoat Exp....] 07 P.M
Accommodation... .7 55 A.sijStock Express 4ii A.M
Freight, No. 1 12 10 P.M Vccommodation.. .0 55 P.M
Freight, X 0.3 Oi-'-O A.M j Freight, No. 2 1 25 P.M
Freight, X o.,"> 2 35 A.M' Freight, No. 4 4 35 P.M
In Warren on Tuesday 2d inst., by Rev. S F. f'olt.P XUI.
]>. MORROW, of this place, to Miss HARRIET K.
PITCHER, of Warren.
At Monroet -a. on Tuesday, Mav loth, by Rev. S. W. Al
den.D. E. LYON, to Mi- ELLA id PPINCOTT, el
dest daughter o! H. S. Sulsbury, Esij.
Nero AOucriiocmaiis.
On Friday. July 3,1857.
Ai'Snppir ir >m oto 10, P. M. Lunch and spiced meats
from 12 to 3. A. M. Music, FRED. I.AMEREUX, and
others, ol Canham's band, and T m Cauliam. himself, if
he is in the country*, (to use his own words for it.)
Bill 12 50. ' 8. F. WASHBURN, Proprietor.
ir The above bouse is situated on the ea-t side of the
road from Towanda to Waverly, in the village of
UI STKK. Pa., eomai oily known a-the " Barley Sheaf,"
and now kept by S. F. WASHBURN, formerly of the
Valley H"u>e, Sheshoquin. The dining room has been
enlarged -•a- to a -co am slate ag > >dly number. A good
time is > outideatly expected. Come and see.
Julie 2d, 1?57.
I :. I 7J ox
TS NOW RECEIVING a large stock of
A FAMILY GROt E!i*:s, which are offered for sale at
I as low prices a? the saint quality of Good? can bs bought
anywhere this si ie of thi city of New York.
June 4. 1?57 FOX'S.
Prunes, liaisons, &., at
June 4,1857s FOX'S.
' .• June 4, 18f. FOX'S,
lightning ani Destruction!
rpHE subscriber, gratefu fur past favor?, takes tits..
JL opportunity to mfonn he ciuixeiis of Bradford and
adjoin i-a • .unties, tint he t? again started his team- in
lla% ing had several years xpericuec in the business,
he fet 1? c uifiiJeut that he on supply those in want et
| Rods, with a superior articleput up strictly upon seieuti
lic principles, and at prices at cannot tail to suit.— If
! there any of the many rods pt up by him in any way out
of repair, by being in forme*.f the same, it will afford
| him much pleasure to put tlnu in proper order. All or
der? fay m i l or otherwise pi aptly attteuded to.
LelLiysville. June 4. 1*57. F.GREGORY.
r T"8111-7 well known and well estblished EAGLE FOl'X
_L DRY. situate on Main Str6 in the B Tough of To
u .nil. i near the terminus of theiarcl.ty Kail Itoad. Said
Foundry i- in good repair and Is suitable Lathes. Ma
chinery, Ac., to do a large hubiess. Any inlorinatiou
re.-pcrting the business capacity t sad Foundry, can be
bad hy calling on JOilX litVIXL wli is now running
For Terms apply to the subscript a* his residence in
May 2.1, 1-57. J. >. G|ODEXOL'GH.
\\ r E AltE NOW OFFEUXG a very
A V large and well selected sto M BOOTS A XI)
SHOES direct from the Mainifacturers,hi' - h we oflerat
extri mely low prices tor HEADY PA Viand invite the
pubi; to call and examine lie fore purchling elsewhere.
June 2d. 15;,7. HIMPHUKV .WICKII \M.
J Lawns. Delaines, Muslins, Ac., Ac.,i great variety
and -tvle. ju.-t received hy
rriii,. sulis'-riher will -ell TEX AG/<K3 of in lots if
A uivenieiit size i;• ■ • ciinirtahle Hointf ads—all of
said i -t- lying within the limits of this buNgh—ituate
on tie wr-t >ide ut Main -triet, in the mo li-iraale part
n! tic t iwu for private residence-, and with! I'ruu live
to tea minutes walk o. tile h i-ine-s part "illie village.
As tlu- land i- too valuable for farming juirjA-e. and i.e
ing desirous t' -re the borough pi igre— uliapulation
anil prosperity, the subscriber offer < the pro pity for -ale
as alu-ve. All the necessary streets and avenue will be
opened for the convenience of settlers and purA-crs.
Towanda, May 20, 1k57. JOS. KIXGIERY.
subscriler is now in receipt of a large #1 general
Including Dry Goods, Hardware, Grot-era* Crockery,
Hats and Caps, Liots and Shoes, Xails, Fisk&c. Also,
an extensive cataogue of
School ana miscellaneous Books !
Stationary. A*c., wlti h will la-disposed othn the m n st
reasonable terms. H respectfully ask- Iff proportion id
the patronage of his Lends and the pnblJ-
May 26,1857. JOS. IINGBBERY.
IXE A SEFBISCt js dissolve* by mutual con
sent. 1 la- a. -founts owi% .„ sai( j fi r „,must be settled by
the Hits I DVV iff JUri , lex t, <ir <*sts will be made.
Either ot tue late tirm wil.ttcml to (heir settlement.
_Towanda, May 27,1857-j _ ANDREW SBEBISCH
Arc now receiving a lar^R" ( l selected assortment of
Cexisting of
to which particular atteW 'Texpe, tIYHy invited. Par
ticulars next week. 1 Towanda May 4, 1857.
BOOTS A SHOlft A ir&od assortment at
April 14,1857. i
HAYING been repai4 nf l re-furnished. the. propvje
tor assures the pui?¥ iat "9 F ,u 'ds will be spared to
deserve the patronage public.
Trey, Bradford 3 !°57.
Nero 'Abncrtiscmcnts.
Largest Stock of Dry Goods
e. t. mmm & goj..
ARK now prepared to exhibit their stock of SPRING
• AND SUMMER GOODS, embracing tbe latest styles
K.ich and Fashionable
The whole comprising the largest and best assortment
they have ever had the pleasure of offering to the public.
Our stock has been selected with great care,
And purchased at the very lowest
And will be offered,
" Cheap as the Cheapest, and a little Cheaper!"
Owego, May 7. 1857.
1857. ~ 18571
More and More New Goods !
Just opening a full assortment of
Which will be sold Cheap—CHEAPER THAN EVER!
Give us a call: You cannot lali to be suited for quality
and price.
/tTfPatton's Block, Corner of Main and Bridge sts.
Towanda, May <4, 1857.
fat-at TOWANDA on the FIRST OF
Williamsport. April b.iss7.
VN fc A aid singulaiiy suceessiul remedy lor tue cure
of all Hillious diseases—Costiveness, Indigestion
Jaundice, Dropsy, Rheumatism, Fevers *tlout Humors,
XcrvotiMu-- IrritaUiiitv, luDainatioiis. Headache, l'ains
in the ilrea-t. Side. Rack.and Limbs. Female Complaints,
Ac., Ac. I nleed very few are tiie diseases in which a
Purgative if' diciue i? not more or less required, and much
sickness ami suffering might be prevented, if a harmless
but effect ial Cathartic were more freely used. No per
son can feel well while a costive habit of body prevails ;
besides it soon generates serious and often fatal disease?,
which might have been avoided by the timely and judi
cious use of a good purgativ*-. This isalike true of Colds,
Feverish symptoms, and Hillious derangement". They
all tend t" become or produce the deep seated and for
midable distempers which load the hearses all oer the
land. Hence a reliable family physic is of the lirst im
portance to the public health, and this Pill has been per
fected with consummate skill to meet that demand. An
extensive trial of its virtues hv Physicians, Professors,
and Patients, ha? shown results surpassing anything
farther to known of any medicine. Cures have been ef
fected ocyond belief, were they not substantiated by per
sons of -neb exalted positions and character as to forbid
the suspicion of untruth.
Among the eminent gentlemen who have testified in
favor of tlie-e Pills, we may mention :
Joct. A. A. HAYES, Analytical Chemist of Boston,
at;l State Asayer of Massachusetts, whose high Profes
sional character is endorsed bv the—
Hon. EDWARD EVERETT, Senator of the United
ROBERT ('. WIXTHROP, Ex Speaker of the House of
AllHoT 1' LAWRENCE. Minister Plen. to England.
+JOHN B. FITZPATRICK, Catholic Bishop ol' Boston:
Dr. J. R. CHILTON, Practical Chemist of New York
City, endorsed fay
li.m. W. L. MAIM Y, Secretary of.State.
WM. B. ASTOR, the richest man in America.
S. KELANDA CO., Proprietors of the Metropolitan
Hotel, and others.
Did space permit, we could eive many hundred certi
ficates 110111 all parts where the Pills have been used, but
evidence even more convincing than the experience of
eminent public men. is found in their effects upon trial.
These Pills, the result of long investigation and study,
are ofleied to the public as the best and most complete
which the present state of medical science can afford.—
They arc compounded not of the drugs themselves,but of
the medicinal virtues only of Vegetable remedies extract
ed fay Chemical process in a state of purity, and combin
ed together in such a manner as to insure the best results.
Thi- system of composition for medicines has been found
in Cherry Pectoral and Pill- both, to produce a more ef
ficient remedy than had hitherto been obtained by any
process. The reason is perfectly obvious. While by tin
old mode of composition, every medicine is burdened with
more or lets of acrimonious and injurious qualities, by
this each individual virtue only that is desired for the cu
rative effect is present. All the inert and obnoxious
qualities of each substance employed are left behind, the
curative virtues only being retained. Hence it is self
evident the effects should prove as they have proved,
more purely remedial, and tbe Pills a more powerful an
tidote to disc,ise than any other medicine kuown to the
As it is frequently expedient that many medicines
I should !><• taken under the counsel of an attending I'by.M
--j c ian, and as he could not properly judge of a remedy
j without knowing its composition, I have suppled the ac
. curate Formula; hy which liotli my Pectoral and Pills are
| made, to the whole body of Practitioners in the I'uitcd
States ano British American Provinces. Ifliowi vcr tlu-r
--should he any one who lias not received them, they will
he forwarded' hy mail to his request.
Of all the Patent Medicines that arc offered, how few
would he taken ii their composition was known ! Their
life consists in their mystery. 1 have no mysteries.
The composition of my preparations i- laid open to all
men, and all who are competent to judge on the subject
freely acknowledge their convictions of their intrinsic
! merits. The Cherry was pronounced by seienti
ih- men to be a wonderful medicine before its effects were
known. Many eminent Physicians have declared the
I same-thing of my l'iils. and even more confidently, and
t are willing to certify that their anticipations were more
than realized hy their effects upon trial.
They operate by their powerful influence on the inter
l nal viscera to purity the blood and stimulate it into heal
thy action—remove the obstructions of the stomach, bow
els. liver, and other organs of the body, restoring their
irregular action t • health, and by correcting, whet ever
they exist, such derangements as are the first origin of
Prepared bv I)r. Jaw C. Ayer, Practical and Analyti
c 1 Chemist, Lowell. Mass.
Price 25 cents per Itux. Five Boxes for fl.Off. Sold
hy 11. C. PORTER and PATToX A PAYXE. Tuwanda,
and by Dealers in Medicine everywhere. 51y
AUDITORS' NOTICE. Joseph Menardi,
J. * adm'r of .Minor R. IVilcor, dee'd.. vs. Samvel Y'uti
ll i t l.,. In the court or Common Picas of Bradford Co. N'o.
141 December T., 1856.
The undersigned Auditor appointed liy said Court, to
distribute the funds rai-ed hy Sheriff sale of defendant's
real estate, will attend to the duties assigned liiiu at his
office in the lioro' of Towanda, on Monday, the 2>th day
of June, A. D. 1857, at one o'clock in the afternoon,
when and where all persous having claims are requested
to present them, or be forever debarred therefrom.
May 10, 1857. G. H. WATKINS, Auditor.
A UDITOR'S NOTICE.— W. A. Park, to
f V the use of H. C. Purler, vs. David Calijf. In
Brad. Common Pleas, Xo. 1152, May term, 1658.
The undersigned an Auditor appointed by said Conrtto
distribute funds raised by the Sheriff"sale of defendant,a
real estate, will attend to the duties of his appointment at
his office in Towanda horo' on Wednesday the 24th da v of
June, A. D. 1857, at one o'clock, P.M., when and where
all persons interested are requested to present their claims
or be forever deliurrcd from any share of said fund.
May 10, 1857. G. H. WATKINS, Auditor.
i- \ Executor of Alexaitder Madilt, deceased, vs. /„. 1..
IVashlmrn. In the Common Pleas of Bradford County,
Xo. 417, December Term, 1852.
The undersigned. Auditor, appointed by said Court to
distribute funds raised by Sheriff's sale of the real estate
of defendant, will attend to the duties of his appointment
at his office in the borough of Towanda, on Monday, the
22d day of June. 1857, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, at
which time and place all persons interested are required
to present their claims or else lie forever debarred from said
May id, 1857. G. 11. W ATKINS, Auditor.
and colored cloths and cassimers, aud an endless
quantity of fancy cassimeres, tweeds, Kentucky jeans,
cottona'des, linens, Ac., cheaper than ever before", just re
ceived by
Aprjl 6,1857. J. POWELL.
V_-' tons for sate by BAILEY A XE'IXS.
m jec -m mr o Ji- ass
/COLLINS & POWELL arc now rooeivincr
a large stock of SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTH
ING, which they are selling exclusively FOR CASH, as
they think a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Their
stock consists of Business, Black Cloth, Fancy Cassirnere
Tweed, Kentucky Jean. White Duck. Linen, Mar-eiles,
and Brown Linen COATS ot all kinds and qualities.—
Black Cassirnere, Fancy Cassirnere, Brown Linen, White
Linen and Kentucky Jean PANTS ; Silk, Satin and Mur
seiles VESTS of all kind- ; Black and Fancy Cravats ;
Gents J Hose, Shirts, Collars, Suspenders, Hats nnd Caps
and everyihing in the line of Men's wear. Their stock of
Cloths and Cassirncres are unsurpassed. and are selling
cheap. We are still ready to make up all kinds of G AR
MENT'S to order on short notice, and warranted in every
particular ; all of which we are hound to sell lower than
was ever offered in this market tor Cash. Cutting done
as usual. COLLINS & POWELL.
Towanda. April 16, 1 5 57.
V fieation of the different persons engaged in the sale
of good-, wares and merchandise in the County of Brad
ford for the year 1857, with the amount of license there
unto annexed:
I I There Sold. Xauies. Chits. License
Albany I) Kellogg A Co 14 7 Oo
Asylum J W Denison 14 7 Oq
John Horton 14 7 On
Strong A Terry 14 7 On
Athens boro. Geo A Perkins II 7 qq
Geo B Perkins 14 7 qq
A Averill It 7 Oq
PW Meeker 14 7 Oq
C Park & Sou 12 12 5q
F N Page 10 20 Oq
C Comstock 11 7 Oq
Joseph Parsons 11 7 qq
Athens tp... D Gardner I t 7Oq
A Beidleman H 7 qq
Burlington ho A F Long A Son 13 10 00
Merry, Wilhelm A Co 13 10 00
A S k 8 11 Morley 13 10 Oq
A Pcckham 11 7 00
Miller A Morley 14 7 Oq
Canton 11 Lockwood It 7 Oq
Go-line A Tracy 13 10 00
W S Baker 13 10 00
Mix & Hooper It 7 qq
Newman & Manly 13 In 00
J Vandyke jr 14 7 0q Doty It 7 Oq
N Tuttle 14 7 qy
1) Wilcox 14 7 00
E W Col well. . .14 7 00
Aaron Spalding It 7 00
E Vandine It 7 00
Columbia...A B Austin 14 700
Durell I! Moody It 7 qq
Franklin... J M Martin It 7 qq
K X Frisbie & Co It 7 00
Granville.. .1. D Taylor 14 7 00
WII Phillips 1:; 10 oo
Hugh Maloy 11 7 qq
Herriek < barles I'latt It 7 00
CornwallSteveus It 7 00
Leroy l'arkhur-t launb & Co 14 7 no
Ezra Holcomb ..11 7 00
llann-o to. .fiuittf A I'ranmer 13 10 00
Brown Rockwell 13 10 00
11 S Pliinuey 11 7 00
S S Hinman I t 7 mi
Smith & Lyon 14 7 qq
Newton & White 11 7 qq
Orwell II Gibbs A Son. It 7 uq
Potto!* A Lyon II 7 qq
T Humphrey 13 In oq
SN Branson it 7 00
Overton....Wm Wuitman VJ It 7 qq
Daniel Heverly jr— .... 14 7 00
Pike Stevens A Burrows 14 7 00
D Bailey 13 In 00
Baldwin A Bobbins. It 7 00
G 11 Little 13 10 00
Bosworth A Pierce 14 7 00
Ridgbery.. .11 G Cornell It 7 qq
A J1 Voorhis U 7 qq
B F Buck 11 7 00
Rome George Nichols It 7 00
J W Woodburn 14 7 00
Fox A Thatcher 14 7 oq
Standing Stone.. . .11 W Tracy 14 7 no
George Stevens 14 7 00
John Espy 11 7 00
Sheslieipiin. Kinney ,V Gore it 7 On
Smithtield. J W Phelps A Co 14 7 On
Durfey A Friteher 13 lo 00
M Bullock A Co 13 In oq
! Springfield.. llirarn Spear 14 7 on
Daily A Hart 13 10 00
Troy bo \ 11 Case 13 10 00
O P Ballard 13 10 00
H. S. Leonard 12 12 50
Spalding A Newberry 13 10 no
S W Paine *. 13 10 no
Xcwberrv A Peck 13 In qq
]) W C Herrick. 13 lo qq
Siiencer A Paine 14 7 oq
V .M A II F Long 12 12 50
S W A D F Pomerov 13 12 50
F I. Ballard 11 7 00
! Towanda bo () D Bart let t 13 10 00
S'CAW Means 13 10 00
E T Fox 14 7 00
Bailey A Xevins It 7 00
DC Hall * 13 lo 00
Collins A Powell 11 7 00
Humphrey A Wickham. 12 12 50
W A Chaiuberlin 14 7 00
Montanyes 11 15 00
Joseph Kingsbury 13 10 Oil
Jo-eph Powell 10 20 00
• H S Mereur 11 15 00
M E Solomon 14 7 qq
Tracy A Moore 14 7 On
Pattern A Payne 11 7 qq
Gut ten berg Roscnhuum A C 0..11 15 qq
IIC Porter 14 7 on
E A Parsons 11 7 qn
.1 A Record... 11 7 50
Ulster.... A Newell A Co 15 7qq
J A T Slather 11 7 qq
Gibson 3- Gosline It 7 (iq
Warren J P Rogers 14 7 Off
J A lde 14 7 00
Robert Cooper 11 7 00
G \V Tahnage 11 7 00
Windham... WII Russell 14 700
j Wyalusing.. Wells A Bixby 13 10 00
George C Atwood 14 7 00
Cyrus Avery 11 7 qq
3V Taylor ; 1 7 qq
Wysox V E A J E Piollet 13 10 00
Jesse Allen It 7 qq
j Wells John Brownell A Co It 7 00
: Wiluiot J L Jones It 7 00
| A List and Classification of the Deer Houses,
Eating Houses. Ac., in the County of Bradford for tin
year 1857. under the acts of assembly of loth of April.
Ist.) and 31st March, 1850.
1 Athens bo Career A Snell 8 5 00
J:w 1! Wilson S 5 00
Geo Averill s 5 oq
Canton Horace Tuttle s 5 qq
A V Trout * 5 qq
Litchfield.. .Cornelius Harsh. s 5 qq
Monroe bo.. Anthony Mullen. s 5 qq
Sbeshecpiin. .Edward Briglmm S 5 00
Smithtield.. Ileebe Gcrould 8 5 oq
Towando bo. II A Burbank 8 5 00
John Lauglilin S 5 00
Miles Carter 8 5 00
R C Smailey H 5 HO
James Thompson 8 5 00
Troy bo Nelson Fish 8 5 00
Wm Morgan 8 5 00
A List and Classification of the persons en
gaged in the sale of Nostrums, Patent Medicines, Ac.
in tiie ( ,'ounty of Bradford for the year 1857, under tlie
act of Assembly of April 10, 1849.
Athens ho Geo A Perkins 4 5 00
Burlington b0... Merry, Wilhelm ACo I 500
Canton WS Baker 4 5 oq
Granville WII Phillips I 500
Leroy Parklmrst Lamb A Co 1 5 00
Rome j w Woodnurn 4 5 00
Standing Stone. .11 \V Tracy t 5 Of)
Springfield.. . Hiram Spear. 4 5 00
Towanda bo. .H C Porter 4 5 qq
Patton A Payne I 5 00
Troy b0... .C Drake ... .* 4 500
V M A II F lamg 1 5 00
8 W A D F Pomerov. 4 5 60
Ulster A Newell A C 0...." 4 5 qq
A List and Classification of the different Dis
tilleries 111 Bradford County, for the year 1857, under
j c--M e acts sYsßembly °f April 10, 1849, and March 31,
Springfield Wm Brace 10 50 00
Troy tp Orwan A Spalding 10 50 00
S M Leonard 19 50 00
A List and Classification of Hankers in Brad
ford County for the year 1857.
Towanda bo. laiporte, Mason A Co 1500 45 00
Bi~ Notice is hereby given that an appeal will lie lit til
at the Commissioner's Office, in the Borough of Towanda
on FRIDAY the 29tb day of MAY next at 1 o'clock P.
M., at which time and place any person aggrieved by the
foregoing appraisement and classification can attend if
they think proper. A. D. MONTANYE.
Towanda, April 30,1857. Mercantile Appraiser.
CARPETINGS. —All prices superfine aud
ingrain carpctings, just received by
April 6. i 5.57. J. POWELL.
BOOTS AND SHOES— The largest and
most complete assortment of Boots and Shoes ever
exhibited in Towanda, to which particular attention has
been given in the purchase, and which will positively be
sold less than at any other establishment in Northern
Pennsylvania, iutt received by
April 1557. J. roiTOL 1
-5 V. hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of ChumplinG.Brown,dec d late of Smithtield, are re
quested to make payment without delay ; und all persons
having claims against said estate, innst present them duly
i autlientieated for settlement, to the stib-i rilters.
Feb. 12.1857. Administrator with will annexed.
EXECUTOR'S NOTlCE.—Notice is here
by given that letters testamentary upon the e-tate
of Brayton A.Baldwin dee'd.. late of Franklin tru.liave been
granted to tlie subscriber. All persons indebted to said
estate are hereby requested to make immediate payment,
and those having any claims upon said estate to present
them dulv attested for settlement.
Dec. 22,1858. Executor-.
J J debted to the estate of AXTHOXV ANGLE, dee'd.,
late of Herriek township, are hciei.y notified that pay
ment must he made without delay, and all persons basing
claims against said estate are requested to present them
dul v authenticated for settlement.
Mareli 2.1857. Executor.
II is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of BENJAMIN B.VBCOCK, late of Windham towu-
I ship, dee'd.. are requested to make payment without de
lay : and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them dulv authenticated for settlement.
Feb. 16,1R56. Adininistrator.
JJ hv given, that all persons indebted to the estate of
Mrs. ROXY BURf'H. deceased, late of Mi)XROE town
ship, are requested to I'.ake payment without delay:
those having demands /gainst said estate will present them
dulv authenticated for settlement.
I'cb. 2ii. 185(1. CHARLES BCRCH. Executor.
A is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of ISRAEL BISHOP, dee'd.. iate of Wy-ox t ovn hip.
are requested to make payment without delay ; and all
persons having claims against said e-tate, must present
them duly authenticated, to the subscriber.
March 12,1857. GEO. T. BISHOP, Administrator.
.a is berebv given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of DAXIEI. MILLER., deceased, late of Albany
twp, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said e-tate will
please present thcrn dulv authenticated for settlement.
March 29, 1857, Administrator.
J. V is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
estate of SELA GOBLE, dee'd, late of Litchfield town
ship, are hereby notified to muke payment without delay,
and all persons having demands against said estate are
requested to present them duly authenticated for settle
March 27. 1857, Administrator.
-XIl. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Eunice Shoemaker, deceased, late of Windham tp.
are hereby requested to make payment without delay;
und all persons having claims against said etate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
March 31, 1-57. Administrators.
-TA. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of JOHN OXAX, late of Athens twp., dee'd. arc
requested to make payment without delay ; and all per
sons having claims against said estate, must present them
duly authenticated lor settlement to the subscriber.
March 2-, 1857, Administratrix.
NOTICE.—Notice is hcro-
MJ by given that all persons indebted to the estate o(
JOHN FORI), deceased, late of l'ike township, must
make immediate payment, and all persons having de
mands again-t said estate, will present thc-m duly authen
ticated for settlement.
March 14.1857. < STEHHES BRINK, Executor.
1 A is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
, tate of ALFRED ALLEN, dee'd, late of Warren twp.
! are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and ail persons having claims against said estate will
plea-e present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Orwell. May 3.1*57< Administrator.
/ CYCTlOX.—Whereas, my wife Elizabeth,
\J has left my bed and board without any just cause oi
provocation, 1 hereby forbid all persons trusting her no
my account, as I will pav no debts of her contracting nf
i ter this date. " WILLIAM PATTERSON.
South Creek, April 29, 1537.
SHERIFF'S SALE.— By virtue of a writ
of vend. ex.issued out of the Court of Common Pleas,
to me directed, I shall expose to public sale at the Court
; House, in the borough oi Towanda, on SATURDAY, the
6th day of JUNE, 1.-57. at 1 o'clock. P. M., the follow
ing lot. piece or pared ot land in Wilun t township, boun
ded north by lands of Era.-tus and Edward Shepard, east
i bv C. F. Welles, south by Henry Yetter, and west by the
! Tern-town road. Containing 50 acres, luoieorle.-s 15
j improved, a small dwelling house and a slab barn thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit ot Patrick
| Family, to the use of John McMahou, vs. Matthew Mc-
Sheriff's Oifice, Towanda, May hi, 1857.
SHERIFF'S SALK.— By virtue of a writ
] O of Vend. Expo, issued out of the court of common
I pleas of Bradford county, to me dirertcd and delivered,
j will be exposed to public sale at the Court House iu To
| wandalb> FRIDAY, the 19th day of JUNE next,
j at one o'clock iu the afternoon, the following described
I lot. piece or parcel of land situate in Leroy twp., bounded
on the north and east by lands of O. S. Morse, south by
the highway and west by land of Caroline Sanford. Coii-
I tabling about one half acre more or less all improved, one
i framed duelling house, a framed barn and a few fruit
: trees thereon.
! Seized and taken in execution at the suit of T. G. Irwin
' to the use of X. M. Pomerov vs. Geo. W. Browning.
Sheriff"- Office, Towanda, May 26, 15, ,7. Sheriff".
!J. A vx. Miles Squires. In the Court of Coin. Pleas
1 of Bradtord County. No. 33. May Term. 1856.
| Notice is hereby given, that the Auditor appointed by
i said court, io distribute funds in the hands ot tin- Sheriff .
| raised by the sale of defendant's ,eal estate, will attend
1 to the duties of his appointment >it liis office in the boro'
of Towanda, on Friday, the 26th day ol June. 1-57. at 2
| o'clock, P. M., when all persons concerned must present
I their claims, or else be torevcr debarred from said hind.
May 16, 1857. P. p. MORROW, Auditor.
A large additional stock of Common and Saddlery
; Hardware, Joiner's Tools, Carriage Trimmings. Iron.Steel
] and Nails,just received by 11. h. MKRtTR.
-L cle at FOX'S.
MIIS, TRACY would inform her friends and tlie pub
lic generally that he has just returned from the
city with a beautiful and well selected assortment of MIL
LIXKRY GOODS, consisting of Silk, fancy, ueapolitan
i and straw bonnets, trimmed ami untrimmeil.of great va
riety : also caps, head-dresses, Ac. Ac., all of which she
now offers for sale at her old stand in Monrocton, with
the fullest confidence that she ran please her customers
in regard to quality, style and price. Bonnets cleaned,
pressed and trimmed in her usual good style.
Monrocton. May 4, 1857.
BUILDING NOTlCE.— Seated proposal*
received for building a Meeting House in LeUays
ville, Bradford Co. Plans and specifications can b- seen
at the Store of G. 11. Little, from the 12th to the 1-th of
M AY, until one o'clock. P. M.. at which time the job will
be let, to the lowest and best bidder. The builder will be
expected to furnish all of the materials.
T.eravsville, Mav 6, 1857. Building Committee.
18] SPRING TRADE! [57.
ffffllE proprietor of this extensive Ready Made nothing
X establishment, would respectfully inform hi- fjlends
and the public generally, that he is now opening the most
extensive and beautiful assortment of SPRING AND
SUMMER CLOTHING, ever offered in this market, which
will ,e sold for CASH cheaper than can be found in Nor
thern Pennsylvania.
Persons wishing good bargains and an elegant suit, or
any portion thereof, well made of substantial material—
Coat, Vet, Pantaloons, Cravat, Collars, and in fact eve
rything in the lino, will do well to call. He is confident
he can satisfy al! in price and quality.
X. B—Cash paid for Sheep pelt- and wool.
April 14. 1857,
j.'ETffi aud Tallow bj the j
Farms for Sale in Wf Sox
The undersigned offers for sale TWO VAIA'ABI R
FARMS iu Wysox Township, Bradford County, oi„l
of them v.sitaiuttiif 100 acres, all under good improve
meat, with two dwelling-houses,two large burns,< n balds,
Ac., known as the " Cornelius Coolbuugh Fnriu," late
Chester Pierce'-.
The other, adjoining the alaive. and lying opposite
Bowman-'a Eddy ; containing 40acres, all improved, with
dwelling-house, orchard, Ac., thereon.
The above are very desirable properties, handsomely
sitimfrd ou the Wyso.v Flats, on tlie east side ot the Su.--
quehanua river, v. itliin about a mile of ToWanda and whl
BE SOLD on roa-otiable trims. EDWARD OVKP.TGN,
March 25. 1-57.
TOSKI'II I'OW E1,1., as usual, i* t nrlv on
hand with the large-t, cheapest nnd best .-elected
etock of SPRING COOPS to be found iu 'fowauda, com
prising all the new and desirable styles of
to which the attention of the public is respectfully inrit-
Towuiida, April sn. I*6#.
T 4IMES" DRESS forge Mi
-I J fawhimiaUc assortment, never before equalled in To*
vv.mdu, of inureantique. bi-maele, ended undplaiu black
SIL\S ; plum and striped Poplins, Deleges,(TKinLj,spritig
Delaines, Organdies. French printed Jaconet!*, Lawn* of
ail price*, whirr and colored Brilliantes, Berates, Ciuj e-s,
! r.nch, S- > a■ 1. and dome-tie Ginghams, Trench, Eugliah
and American Prints, just received by
April b. 1K57. ,f. PoVTFXL.
VJ HA WES.—A great varictv of Rr.'rthe.Stel
ko ha, plain and printed Cashmere."Thibet, black Silk,
and white Crape Shawls, ot'all prices, just received by
April . T-. 1 7. _ J. POWF.LL.
J A French and Scotch embroidered Jaconett and Book
Muslin Colhus, Sh'tTCH. Bend-, T jouncing*. Edgings and
Inserting* : Linen ami ( ambrlc nnhroidered Handker
cbiefs, real thread Bobbin, Smyrna Linen wrought, nnd
Cotton Edgings, Gimpuire, Brussels, Black Silt, nnd Bu
gled Lares, just received by
April <i. 1*57. J. POWELL.
OARER HANGINGS. —A large Block of
.1. new and desirable styles of wall papers and border
ing*, transparent window' shades and trimmings. Buff
Holland, Ac., ju-it opened by
A |rif 1*57. J. POWF.LL.
ble and single fold worsted and linen and worsted
da ma-k-, morn ijs.cott'Gi damasks,bleached nnd unbleach
ed table linens, Marsailes quilts, toilet covers, and a va
riety of other goods in this line, just received bv
April C. 1*57. ,1. PO'WFLL.
HITE GOODS.—Every quality aud
T " price of Jaconetts, Cambrics, Bishop* and" Victor
ia Lawns ; plain, dotted and embroidered Swiss Muslins ;
check striped Cambrics and Nainsook muslins, bril
liant*. plain and figured laces, embroidered and lace cur
tain*. al-o white and colored corded skirtings, just receiv
ed by
April C. 187,7. J. POWELL.
sea and Children.* white, unbleached, colored ami
mixed cotton and lisle thread Hose*, of ever v price. Men's
and Boy * bleached, unbleached and mixed cotton half
hose. Bents ami Ladies kid, silk, li.-lc thread and cotton
glove *, of every price and color, just received 1 v
April. 6.18.17. J. POWELL.
/UV.VR MEETING.—A Camp Meeting
will be held l,y leave of Divine Providence at FrencL
town,on land occupied for the satne purpose last Septem
ber, to commence 011 Tuesday evening, June 23, and ter
minate on Tuesday morning of the following week. No
NEAR THE GROCND. All are respectfully invited to attend.
In behalf of the Committee of Arrangements.
Townnda, Hay 27. 1856. L. WOOD.
ASSOCIATION.—The next quarterly meeting of
the Bradford County Teacher's Association will be held
in the Presbyterian Church in Rome, on Friday, June
12th, at 10 o clock. A. M. The Rev. Mr. SUTIU BLAND, of
rowanda, w ill deliver nn address before the Association
on " Love of Science an incentive to Study," and an ad
dress will also be delivered by Dr. E. COBURN, of I.eray*-
ville. Essays will be read by Misses E. MATHEWS aud
X. COKSS. A Ifenort will be'prescuted "On the peculiar
ities of the School Systems aud their results in tue fieve
ml State*.'' Various important topics connected with
the subject of education will be taken up and discussed
by the association at this meeting.
Towandn. May 27,1557. ltec. Score tare.
IS now receiving a large and general assort
. meat of MERCHANDIZE, embracing every desirable
variety of Silk. Challips, Organdies, Bareges, Lawns and
uther dress goods. Silk. Crape. Broche, Stella. Thibet,
Cashmere and Printed SHAWLS. Silk. I .art,and Fancy
MANTILI.AS—Satin. Silk, Straw, Neapolitan and Fancy
BONNETS. Silk. Lineu end Cotton Laces and Edgings,
| French and American Flowers, Bonnet and Dress Trirn-
I mings, Window Drapery.
A complete stock of Hosiery, Gloves. Hats. Caps, Boots,
Shoes. Crockery. Glass. Hardware, Iron. Nails, leathers,
| Shoe Findings. Carriage Trimmings, Paper Hangings,
, Drugs. Medicines, Ac.
i Botnr, May lit. 18.17.
REV. SAMUEL F. COI.T. Principal, Professor of Natu
i rat. Mental and Moral Science ;
UFA". J AMES McWILI.TAM, A. M., Professor of Ancient
Languages and Belles Lettre.s ;
i CHARLES R. COBERN, A. M., Professor of Mathema
| ties and Master of Normal School ;
| MISS E. M. COE. Preceptress ;
j MISS HELEN M. CARTER. Instructor on Piano;
j Mr. CANEEI.P DAYTON. Steward,
j The Spring Term commences u Wednesday, April Ist,
! is.l7, and will continue 13$ weeks.
The Kail Term commences on Wednesday, August 20th
j and will continue 11 weeks.
The Winter Term commences November 2.1. and contin
ues It weeks, besides 10 days recess at Christmas.
i Payable invariably in advance—Fuel and contingencies
all included :
! Tuition !u the Fifth class, (primary) per term $1 00
Fourth .* f. Oo
" Third 7 Oo
" Second 8 o>
First. 10 Oil
Pupils using scholarships are charged #1 per term for
fuel and contingents ; for instrument on which to take
lessons. 50c, or for practice $2.00
No scholar, whose parents or guardians shall reside
within two miles of the Institute shall he admitted to tui
tion therein upon any permanent scholarship rented or
loaned by such pupil, his or her parent or guardian.
French 5 00
[ Drawing 5 oo
j Ornamental needlework and embroidery,each 3 oo
I Tuition on Phiuo Forte with use of Instrument,,.. 12 (si
do do per quarter of 11 weeks, 10 ..
1 Room rent for lodgers, 1 "a
I Board in the In>titute, per week, including fuel and
| light 200
Washing, per dozen 38
Arrangement* have been made liv which the Steward
will board both males and females in the Institute, afford
ing them separate rooms for morning and evening study.
Pupils hoarding in the Hali. will furnish their owu bed.
: heddmg.towels, Ac.and the table silver at their option.
No pupil taken for les than half a term. The boarding
• bills for the term inn.-t be paid in advance; >r one half
; thereof at their entrance, and the remaining half at the
, middle of the tenn.
I'upila entering th* Institute are pledged to the
I v.tnee of the Regulations, and none will be admitted on
' other terms.
Espeeial exercises are arranged without extra charge
for those qualifying tltria-chcs as teachers for comui"U
S. F. Colt, Wee. ('. L. WARD. President.
March 20. Isf>7. A. Wuuciiam. Treasurer.
I ' " ' Roi l, Walt for packing salt, just received by
Dec. 10, 18.1 U. BAILEY A NLVINs.
"\fllS. L. K. AVHEKLKR would respect
i* I fully announce to her friends and (he public gener
ally that she will open a shop in EAST SMTTHFIELP.
one north of the Presbyterian church, where will be found
To which she would invite the attention of the Ladies.
REP AlßlNG—Particular attention paid to this branch
of the business. Also, Dresses, Baqnes,Talma*. Ac. made
to order. Smithfleld, March 31.1857.
ItJ The ouly btock In Towaudi. worth meotbnt^^o*i<i