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In Nichols. V. A'., mi the 15th inst., by Rev. David Shep
anl. AARON OHL'BBCCK. Esq., of Orwell, to Miss
JULIA SMITH, of the former place.
On the '2d inst., SAJfUEL DRIF.FUSS, of Towanda, to
Miss MARY WOLF, of Danville.
At Jersey City, on the 15tli inst.. by Dev. David 11. Mac
Curdy, GEORGE 11. AA'ELLES, ol Wyalusing, to Miss
LAURA A. SLOAT, of Piermont.
In Franklin, on the 'ihth nit., bv Burr Ridgwav, Esq., Mr
COLE, of Erauklin.
In Dnrell. March 25th, by Rev. A. Sutherland, Mr.BEN'J.
c. MINGOS. of Towanda, to Miss LOA'ICY A. TREM
BLE of Durell.
New York fit Erie R. R., Waverly Station.
C'onimen.'ing Monday, April G, 1 s.i7. Trains will leave
AYAVERLY at about the following hours :
Dunkirk A Buff Exp 4 58 P.M New York Express. 1 48 P.M
Mail. No. 1 7 54 P.M Night Express 11 55 P.M
Mail, N0.2 7 53 A.M Cincinnati Exp. . . .5 55 A.M
Nirht Express 3 43 A.M Mail. N0.2 52A.:.T"
Emigrant 3 40 P.M Mail, No. 4 3 05 P.M
Freight. No. 1... .12 20 P.M Stock Express 145 A.M
Freight. X 0.3 0 2"> A.M Freight, N0.2 2 20 P.M
Freight. N0.5 0 05 A.M Freight, No. 4 6 25 P.M
XCUJ 'kVimcrtiscin-ute.
YJMIE propriet-ar of t'ti- e\tc:i-i\( I!" nly Made Clothing
A e-t.ibli-hme:it. would respectfully inform his friends
and the pulilie generally, t i :t he is n w opening the in i-t
extensive and liei li.ul assarfnient of SPRING AND
SUMMER CLOT HI NO, ever ottered in t iii.- market, wlii h
w,U he sold for C ASH cheaper than can be found in N"n
tfp-rii Pennsylvania. -
Persons wishing good bargains and an elegant suit, or
any |>ortion thereof, well made ol -iib-tanti it miteri il—
Coat. Vest, Pantaloons, Cravat. Collars, and in fact eve
rything i i the line, will do well t > all. lie is eoniident
hi ran sjti-fy all in prior and quality.
N*. B.—Cash paid forfjheeo pelf - wool.
April It. W,7.
I >OUTS A; SHOKS.— A gno'i nssorfnitwit at
April 14. 1357.
Sowanda Female Seminary.
THE SPRING TERM of this School, un
der the oharge of the Ml--es HANSON, wiil eftnt
misnee on MtiNDAY. MAA 4. Atr:t 24.
is. P?cw Weekly.
The PiiilnMpliia Wpukly TRJIPS.
PUBLISHED AT PHII.ADEf.PHI A. devoted t . Re- i
i publi- in Pi aioiiile-, Now-, Literature, Art- and S. i
ence. The proprii' ir- re|eetfi:lly annotiuee that ihiy
have mailt* the ueees- iry arrangemoiit- t*i eotninom e the
puhlit aiiou of a weeiCy paper with the above title.
Single copy, per annum $2 nq
Two copies. " r? 00
Five copies, '• 7 Oil
Ten copies, " I*2 o„
Twenty copies, per annum, to one address,.. *2o ou
Any larger number at the rate of SI per annum,
sent t • one a. Id re*.
Any person -ending us a Club of twenty or mrtre will
be entitled to an eitra copy. Payment in advance is re
quired in all i '.-#s.
The tir-t number will lie i-saed on SATURDAY, MAY
While this paper will conservative i i it- tendeneietr. '
m il independent in its discussious, it Will I— heariilv in ,
syntiathy with the great political rcfoVin- propu-otl by :
the N ltioual Republican in ivement o. I • i'l*iia?rt s- j
: .a- of slavery a- a political power, and the *ll >rt- mak- j
mg t * give it a national endor-euient a-a part of tlie * a- .
-t tntional law of the Union, will lie firmly re-i tod. while j
:t will maintain, in all their integrity, tin right- of ovi: >
portion of our common country- The p- •!i. yof the Free i
States must be self protection, not aggre—i *n. and it will -j
be the aim to carry this out in a frate, .ml spirit.
The TIMES will contain a large ain > ut of •iriglital. odi
t trial, and miscellaneous matter, ecru qnmdenre, ,vc.. |
* trebilly arranged, with expres- refen a eta making it !
a •> o'-.lxr and interesting. FA MiLY NLAVSP.M'ER.
fin* price of the TIMES i. gso low will p<, rait it to If*
prt in the hands of every family in the cntuuiuuity.
Send in your snbscripti ui- at ail early day and secure j
one of the be t papers published in the State of lYnn-yi j
vania. Persons desiring the Morning Times ran have the I
- tine mailed to them regularly. Term—ss per aniiMc. '
Address •• Philadelnhia M trning Times, Offioe No_
21-. < lie-tnut street. Philadelphia.
."V He Goes Bss
/ COLLINS A" I'OWKLL :trc now rrceiving
' a large stock of SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTH
ING. which they are -tiling ex lu-ivt !v FOR CASH. :I j i
they think a buil in hand i- worth two in the bush. Their I
-t • k • -on-i-t.- of B i-ine- . Bl.e k Cb'th. Fan y ('.is.-iinere
Tweed, Kent icky Jean. White Duck. Linen, Marscilcs. i
antl Brown Linen ('-OATS ol ail kinds and qualities.—-
i:. ick Cas-imere, Fancy Cas-iim-re. Brown l. : :.t*u. AVI, it
l.gien . *h! Kcutia k> J.*an I'ANTS : Silk. Satin and Mat
seiles \ EsTs t all kind ; Black and Fancy Cravat-:
'■• its] I! • c. shirts, Co''s, s ispciitlers, 11 its n ud t. ~
•! i t ryiiiiug hi the line of Men"- \n ir. 1 iieir -t t*k 1
' t!i and C.tsriiicTe-ni-- tin- rj is.-ed. and are -elli . .
cheap. AYe are-till ready to make up all kinds of G \R
ML.NTS to order tm -hurt lrtGce. and wjrninted HI T-vi ry
particular : all ' i wiii h we aie Ixiuiid t*i -eJi h wer tlr.n ,
w.t- ever offered in this maiket for Ca-h. Cutting done
a- usual. COLLIN'S Jk POAVELL.
I IW nnl i. April lfi, 1 -57.
\> Or Pictures <n Gltiss, Iron 4" -/'< t cr.
il\ A! * 0, -
fI \ Meet rollers, or Iloised Pictures,
! I \ Taker at Cr. FT. Weed's Gal e: y,
Particular attention given t • copying. Pictures
Wkcn in cloudy as w< 11 a- • it *r weather.
Hie qualify "of my pirture- i too well known to need ;
c* ,:n- nt. r .11 aiid aee lor yot r-seivs-.
R Km- open t all h ns. All w.,rk warranted.
Towanda. April 14, i-57.
nW'lN't been repaired and rs-furiiiHaJ. the ppqir'tv
tor as.-urea.the public that uopaiutwill be .spared t ■ ;
tle-erve the patron a tre of tie public.
Ti*ty, Bradford.Co., April 3,1857.
*fij\ At tlie solicitations of many singer- in diflcrcih j
*3 of tlieyonntiy. Mr. O. Bin KI'.U it ts • i*-:t*r- •
Vov"* mined t*> hold a Mi'Sh'Al. OONA'KNTfON
three days d .ration, to <*ommen.t e OIJ I i'ErSDAA'.
APRIL 21st, at 10 o'clot k. I'. M. in the ( it House. To
wmdi, to close there on AVt due-day, the 22t1. with a ( ou
•• it : to 1* continued on THUU-SDAA, the 23d. in I'at- i
ri k'- Hull, Athens, to end the - imc evening with at: fh- !
*r Concert. Stages, or. it eireumstnif es permit. Beits
'v .! lie in readiness to take singers t • Athens and back.
*.t i xceedinglv cheap rate-. Hooks t'< lie used—THE
r-'i.TW not In p i-se-sjon of tin* Shawm and not wishing
\t buy, ean be Btms-bed-by Mr. Berker wr the ttme of
t'u- I OJIVI 'itie.'i. Believing that the *xen ires, enrisi-ting
Lit---, t.'hoi ises, Hvi ,a-. ( h.i;it. and. by particular re
'.'ic-t. in his made ol singing by Hats uul sharps, will
vt* F"th ngceeahle ami instrm tin* to singei -. Mr.
H..cKFit hone- to see all part- of the County well reprc
-<*!itet| n— them that he will do all in his power to
' • ti* (''invention a plea -ant one. Binger* are m|net-
II prepare pieces for the Concert. No special invita- |
''"n- given. Convention and Concert free to singers.
''l'Jiml Voral k liistrinui iiiitl Concerts I
Mli RKCK Kit, lire Avell known Voculist, j
Violinist, A'ioloneellist and general Musician, lm
lc r.-*r t * announce, that as-isted by a large company i
" Sin rers. In-truinental performers. and Mr. DlTTßlcn j
'•*'• TOWANDA BRASS BAND he willgiveGßAND j
' '' CRRTS in Towanda, at the Court Hou-c, <>n AYED
:> \ A EA'E, April 22d. and in Patrick's Hall, Athens, |
a 'ill l:>li.\Y the 23d. Among many other beautiful pic- .
; tele!,rated II illelujah ("horns by Handel will be \
- ;n4 a new Gallopade performetl by tlie Band, and I
K '"' d by Mr. D.TTIIICII expressly f"t* the ocra-iou.
'■'t! .uhni-sion. 25 cents ; Re.-erved seats 374 ets. |
-Ag i d,li* to arrangement, Kerry Boats, distingui bed j
iw W| '' 'arry irassengers on 'Wednesday eve at rc
||s Agent- wanted in all parts of the County to sell tick
' " ! r the Concerts. A lil*rnl deduction tnade.
Change of Programme.
a BECKER respectfully announces that he has
-t*d the order of arrangements for his Musical Con
p ''it-, a-follows : Commence at ATHENS, TUESDAA
I *:i-t., at 10, a.M., end with Concert, WEDNESDAY
E toitig. 22,1. Commence at TOWANDA, THURSDAY,
* * I'- M . . 'id FRIDAY evening, with a GRAND
OUR IX I). RARTLKTT rv. .]AS, t'Oll
KINS. In the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford
County. December term, 1856, No. 443.
And now to wit, February 14, 1857, on motion of Mr
Mertur, the Court grant a rule upon the defendant to'uo
pear and plead in this case by the first day of May term
next, or judgment will be entered in favor of said plaintiff
lor the land described in said writ. And the C m t further
order that a copy of said rule, together with a de-cripiion
u: said premise.-, which is na follows, to wit : A . i i t.iii,
lot. piece or parcel of laudsituate in the township of North
lowaud i. in -aid county,containing seventy live u rcs or
thereabouts, botttdetl as follows: Beginning at a Norway
pine corner, thence ahmg the line of AVilli.uu W. Ea.-ta
brot h - land, south one hundred and forty-live and e. half
U to :i post and stones, the south west corner t f -aitl
ba-tabroiik a lot: tiitnce by lands of Edward Patterson's p. Moatos, west firty-six arid two-tenths
rods to n corner : thence by lands of C. 1,. AVard north live
deptees we.-t twenty reds, north twenty-two de-n , - w,-t
mm teen rods, north sixty-live degrees west nineteen reds
north three degrees west twenty rods, north de
grees west thirty and nine-tenth rods, north twent v-tive
degree- west tourttcn rods, north fourteen and half tie
giees ea-t forty-one rods V. a post on the line of Marvin
Russell - lot thence by laud ot sid Russell and Eno- Bui
ley east eighty -even ar.d a half rods to the place of be
ginning—shall be published sixty days before the return
day of said rule in the Bradford Reporter.
BR.vnroitn Cotrsrv, ss._i hereby certify that the for.-
I'- S *J g'-oug is a true t op* of record.
T) , '." AI.LKN M'KF.AN, Prothonotary.
I'rothonotary sOfßc*. Feb. 23. 1-57.
] N 1 Bfc SA LI LR! i>j 1 7 /,. (ary assign
, <J P.rXU iiotccmh 1,1 tri -t to /,*. IperfiSthe
broff'i „f ht nrrrHtm-*. In the Court -i C.,mm ui I'k-as
oi Lra.ob-rd bounty of FebniarvTeiiii 1 -50, No. 415.
1 U?,'" h( '?' U - v -ive" that if. R. Mver, the assi mce
! llis exhibited his aeconnt, which has i-Ven bv
i I' I 'a o' 9nii <lu 'b l 'l'-'d, and the same will i s allowed
I and finally confirmed on or after tlie second Afondav of
next term, unless suliicient ean-elie shown to the rotifra-
I , ALLEN" 51 KEAN, Prothunotarv.
i It wanda, April 7.1-57.
i F KIIING —£ en !cil ji|'o|iorhls will Lc re
; JJ a ivt-d by the C'Mi.inissiont i - of I'.r; dl >rd C.mnt v,
at tb, tr ollh tswn f wiuitla, on A\ LDNESD AY. the 2'ith
day ot April, until 2. I'. M.. ft r the erection and cnniph
! tiou til a I*iltl*. PRt )ciF BUILD!N'G, in the borough of
ToW.iiit.a. l'lau-utiil .-peei.'ications nniv lie seen tit the
I Dili* e, ou and alter the loth iu.-t. Fr 'po-.iK will- be re
! ,4 -'* oJ ln ' ni !-' coatract'r to furuidi all the mate
rial-, t.-r all except the iron. G. H. BULL
Attest, E. B. CooLn.u-Gii. Clerk. P. H. BUCK,
• „ . . . . . Commissioners
( • ■m:nw- • tuer .- OjH*ie, T*>waiitla, April 4. 1-57.
V O lIC .. —Tlie following; persOH-S have pe-
J. ~ titioiied to the Court for License under the present
exo-ung* laws ui reterence ttavern iicen-es, ,v:
AA llliam (IJISOII t I KEEP a t.Aera in Ul-tcr t ivviisliip.
Abraham Smell to keep a tavern in Burlington hoi-..
John Diukersou t > keep ji. tavern in Warren township.
Lorenzo D. B iwmati t . keep a tavern in T w iit.i.i twp.
Ephraim AA . Bigony to keep a tavern in Trov bor >.
Leauder O. lit kok to keejt a tavern in Troy bare.
1* ram*i.- P 'iter to keep a tavern in Rome towm-hip.
Daniel cleverly jr to keep a tavern in Overton twp.
John l). Ward to keep a tavern in Troy twp.
, lDram AA . R >ot to keep a tavt.yu in S oiogtielif twp.
J4 ' ph O. Pine t" keep at ivt'fi, in li d : t- ; v two.
Valeb B. Stvcazey to keep a tavern in T .watid.i horo'.
(Biarle.- l). I rent h to keep a tavern in Hidgbery twp.
S. E. AA .ishburn to keep a tavern in l 'l-ter twp.
J tines Nestor to keep a tavern in Towanda horn.
Andrew E. S . ddiug to keep a tavern in C niton twp.
S Che-tcy .M ver to ket pa tavern in Canton twp.
N.iliian lilmsted to keep rt tavern ill Ul-tcr twp.
11. M. Southwell to keep a tavern hi Franklin t\vj.
Darius Myers t i keep a tavern ia Ulster.
Jann Ctic.3t-- to keep a tavt nt in Rome township.
Ji'ob R el 11 keep a tavern in Atlien- township. K. AA'u tdburn to keep a tavern in Windham
town -hio.
Ktlo-l I ivlof t keop a tiivern in Monroe boro.
L. AA. to keep a tavern in Athens boro.
Orrin M <ttre to Keep a tavern in Stiesbeqiiin.
At • ■•- l.i "arr er to keep a tavern in Tow and i b n*o.
Thomas R. DuvLs to ka t ivern in Athens boro.
J. I'. Ruseell aud Norton Jaqnes to keep a tavern in,
AA'yal .-i,lg.
fb Iter ,t c.i n,-11 t , -elf splritbn'4 air,l vinous liqumS
i- n:t vefiaiii dqnier- in RiJn'.eiy township.
AA'iH am M'Tgau to keen tfiif'atiilg hou-e, Ac. in Trov
A. H. ( ,t-e t i sol', -piritotis ami viupus liquors as a mta -
chant dealer ia Troy borough. *
VvWhm AY: It man (•> sell .-pjrftous and vinousiiq'uorsas
a mer n tol dealer iu Uvcrtou tow nship.
A lie iring upon these anplicati ai w ill 1* hat! Nt M..v
.-t-csion., next, and liet-iises granted unless sulScient cause
be 4a wf. to the contrary.
April 6, 1657. ALLEN M'KKAN.CIerk.
I > KG I ST Kirs NOTICES-- Notice is here-
II by given'that there have been filed aud -ettlcd in
the olii i* e! the Rt • ■ -Icr of AA'jtl-, in and for tile e unitv
of Bradford, arcomit of administration upon the follow
ing estates, viz:—
Final account of Ralph Gregory, administrator of De
borah Gregory, kite of I'ike, dee'd.
I'arti- ! account o I.ucv and D.ivhl St t'tle, administra
tor- . li. hard Stu'.'e. lute of Bane, d-v'd. .t com t of J iseph A uridvke, administrator of
Th Miles, Late of Canton. dee d.
Final aeconnt of A. AY. and C.ith rhie Ayres, cxreutor-
OfJolin A. .Vvres. late o AA'eHs, de.-'d.
Partial accohnt of Kliim C •-■. and A. D. Spalding, ml
miui-trators of John oil AA'dl'mru* 2d. late of Trt v. tlee'd.
1' iitial account of L. P. Sialford and John P." Brown,
admin frators of Hiram Brown, late of AA'yal using ds- d.
S.ipplementiiry acci'itnt of (ionlt.ii AYib-'ox and Robert
Sill m. executors of Thus. Wiic* v. late of Athens, dee'd.
Final account of B irtnn. Joseph and 1.. S, Kingsbt iv,
| t'Xt :t r of Jo-etdi KingsAiery. l ite ill Sh • heqi'in.dee'd.
i laa! :i' i oaiit of 111. li. Braut. administrator of M:tr
| ' a- l.yuett. late i,f Warren, ti. c d.
1 *tal a- oititl of E. I{. A'a: hit a !C. A'auii-rwort, ex-
In' ibs.s .Sin .'1 latk , lite oi f ai-tira. tlet'tl.
I datc.ot of B i-coitt Taylor, ( at >r of John Tay
| it r.-fa;-- ot Wyalusing, dee'd.
•2d Partial . count of D,.:L 1 Strong, executor of John
| ♦!■; ig. late of AA'ells, dee'd. at e i iiit R. C. Us .-ley, administrator of AVra.
[ Chil ■ ui. late of \miihfieiil. tie 51
i I . 'e . ouut ol S. B. I.Htlirop. uiliuiiii-trat ir of Malvi
: i.a A. ReaHs*. lirts* of C a.tint. decf. sed.
Final a- .ut ot I'. K. M iyuai.l, udmini.-trator of Nn
| than Maynarid. lute of !! lae, de "ti.
I And tin; -anie will lie presented to the Orjdian'- Court
| f Bradford, oil M unlay, the 4th divot Muv. for foiitirm
| ati and nllav inee. " JAMES li. AVEBB,
j Towanda. Apil 1. I 57. Rcgi-jer.
pllOC'LAMATION.—WlitTiittf, tire Ilott.
1 1) AA'iD AA'l 1 Aft >T, PRE-ident .1 dgeef th'r !2th Jn-
J.t ial Iti -1 :;t.i lii-it'atg oi .the G'.Uilt ies t>t lb. ll'ortl and
S.;s piebiii us. ai d fRn-ni.!'- A un \ Cite; ns. in: 1
JI.UIN I. i-v..;. A-sociatt* J. dges. in and ;*r - hi unity
of Br. dea d have i mod their precept- .rig date the
271 1 . day -0 l eu. A.D. 1 -56. t ' lae il-1 eti .1, "1 li:•!.i ■ i:g a
i' rt ot Oyer and Termine.r. General (Ja.ittei s. -i.-a- i-f
the l*i-: e, i.'miinoti I'D a-and Orp: an'o remit, i'ov,.u:-
'la. fot trie County of Bradford, on the hr-t Ahuulnv. the
44h diy ot MAY next, to continue thrc week- .
N the i- therefore hereby , hereto the C Tuiipr-" and
h. t. c of tl i 1 Vt,. e red Gonat ies. oi the County ot
Rr.d. d t!i t tliey hi ;!| .; AiJ Ihere to tWlr proper per'-
sa i.ttt Li h*k u tin ia-.!o I viitl day. with their
re-- rd-. iS t ii itP'nu.and the r n lembriiin e - to do those
tiling-which to theii -Si- t: ay,,ei t . .ta t" be done ; and
tht*.- vvif i ar- bo "n T i.v pwotutHrifi: e or otid-rA i eto pro
se •••ilu i/ti. t the piisuiei-r.Tio are or may tie iii the jail
0 - :\il L'oiitity. er who shall be bound to iqqtear at the
said aeirt. are to lie then r.ud then M pio-e ute against
tin in !, il be jii-t. Jur us are requeued to be pniietual
1 i tlirir attendtuee... inwahly t" VWir notice.
I' -ti ii at T-'ivanua,. the 2th of March iu the year of our
laud, one thou and eight hundred mid titty -even, and
of the independence ot the United States, the eighty
lir-t. JOHN" A. (.'DDI>I N'G. Siieritf.
i hereby i.utli rized to deduct five per cent.freni the
State tax of every individual who -hall pay his or her
State atid Coimtv tux iti full, on or before the 2bth day of
June next, and the -ante shall be allowed y.n in your -rt
tii-iiii nt with the Treasurer, provided the same is paid by
von into the County Treasury on orbeforfe the 23d and
*24 th days vf June ia"\t.
By order of tlie Ouiuniksloners,
K. 15. COOLBAL'UU. Clerk.
Uorntnissiotler's Ofhee. M irch 31. 4857.
IOST. near the residence of the subscriber iu Utii.ui tp.
j Tioga County. Pennsylvania, on or about the lOtli of
January last, a L AND AA'AKRANT, No. 42,3'a7, drawn to
my-r lf" tor 160 acres, under the act of 3d of March, 1 5 55,
for -ei vi. es in the war ol ]sl2. Said warrant was assign
ed by tne in blank. All persons are cautioned against
purchasing -aid warrant, as it is my intention to apply to
the Pension for a duplicate of the same.
F, binary 21. 1*57. JKWKTT SPENCER.
A G-reat Bargain for Some One.
nPIIK subscriber having purchased, repaired,
J.. and fitted up in order for business, the Grist Mill
formerly owned By 11. M. Peek, now ofiexa it for sale, as
he desires to remove West.
Sai.l mill is made to run with steam or water, is located
iu the centre of a thickly populated fanning country, and
is believed to be one of the best locations in the country.
It has in it three run of stone, two bolts, hulling stone,
smutter, and all the necessary fixtures for a custom mill.
C tunc, ted with it are twenty-five ai res of laud, some ten
at res of which in timbered, suitable for wood. The rest
is for pasturing. There is also mi the premise* a mill
house, a wagon shop, and two buildings formerly occupied
by merchants.
Tin- terms will be made easy for the purchaser—say one
fourth down, and for the balance time will 1* given.
East tamithfiiild, Jan. 16, 1857. :
"OUR E CiDER VI >EG A R - A good arti-
I. clc at < FOX'F ,
CIIKRIFF'S SALE.—Hv virtue of sundry
kJ writs of vend. exponas, issued out of the Cottrt of
Common 1 ,eas of Bradford Count v. ami to me directed
V l )ubiio sul< ' ,l " MONDAY, the 4th dav
ot MAi , A. P., fs.)7, nt 1 o'clock, P. M.. at the Court
How*, in tup borough of Towanda. the following describ
ed lot, piece or parcel of land, situate in Ali>auv two.
bounded north by land „f M. 11. Codding, east I y'lun.l of
iV re podding. <y L. Hatch, and west l.y } a :,<| of
• 11-iu q. Containing G.J acres, more or los, about lour
acres improved, and a small (rained house there 01.
tseizod at.d taken in execution at the suit of F. \. Wit
eox A Co. vs. Calvin Hatch.
The undivided one-half of the following dc
scr.l ed Iyt. piece or parcel ofland situate io Monroe two.,
bounded on the north on the north by land ot <). s, hra
der. on the east by lands of J. Ingham and (J. F. Mason
on tne -.nith by G. F. Mason, and ou the west by John
Schradcr. Containing 120 acres, more or less, about 2.i
acres improved, one framed house, uue log house. framed
barn an Iruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of A. M. War
ner, to the use. of Da /el Itartlelt, vs. Charles 11. llrown.
administrate rot William Piper, deceased.
ALSO -1 he following deseri! Ed lot, piece or pared of
land situate in Smilhlield twp., bounded north by lands
ot 8. li. l iolcoinh. east hy lands of David Brown. south
by unseated lands, and west by lands of C. M inn. Con
tain iag 4 ' acres, more or less, about 40 acres improved,
- teamed i.ui ding, 1 framed barn, and other out, two apple orchards, and other fruit trees
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of 11. B. AYil
liebn vs. .1. <. Peterson :i!uPP!lWt<Mi O. Fivm It.
ALSO—TV follow in g dtsneriM lot, piece or parcel of
land situate in AYifmot fwp.. bounded mirth bv funds of
AS .1 ogham and Mary A Ingham, his wife, east, south
ami west, by lands of Alary Ann Lanning. Containing
1 .'ftcrew, mere or less, about 5(1 acres improved, a log
on; e, a log burn. nd a few fruit trees thereon.
Sensed and taken in execution at the suit of Charles F.
A\ cues vs. ('lnitios Hinderer.
ALSO— LLo following described lot, piece or parcel of
land situate in Standing Stone aid Wyahising townships
b .crwlcd north bv lands of William <'• riffis and Charles
s piircs, ea-t by lands of I. Middaugh. south bv the Sus
qi.-hnnna river, and west by lands of E. W. Baird. Cmi
t.titling about 130 acres, more or less, about 3b at res im
proved, with a framed-honse, a framed barn, two small
shoe shops, and a lew fruit trees thereon.
(seized and taken in execution at the suit of X. Qver
fli hi. now to the use of John D. Squires vs. Idoyd I.
AA ashhuru.
Al-o, 1 1 tlie suit of.). 11. Madill, executor of A. Madill,
deceased vs. L. L. AVashhnrn.
ALSO —The following desrjihed lot. piece or pan-el or |
land situate in V ilmot t iwnßnip, bounded as fellows to
wit: Commencing nt the public highway, at a stone
heap, thence running north by the road, t:t° east, and
0- per., thence by the same 7>.]° east, thence 3? perches
to a stone corner, thence south, running 155 perches to a
stone or stake, thence west by land of C. F. Welles. !)7 i
per. to a stone corner, thence north 1-0 per. to the place |
<o beginning, t outuiuing-4 acres and 112 perches, more i
or less, about 40 acres in:proved, one framed house, one
trained barn, trained shed, one saw mill, and a lew fruit
trees thereon.
Fc zed and t ikeu in execution at the suit of Moses Ei
lenburger, to the use of I'. F. Eileuburger, vs. Philip Ilott
ALSO—The following lot, piece or parcel ofland situ- i
ate in Asylum tvp.. hounded on the north by lands lie- :
1 uiging to the oslate ot 1. ingiiam, and P. liertron, east !
hy nind ul ,1. M. Gamble, south by J. 11. *Si 15. Stal ord's '
hind, and on the we.-t by lands belonging to tin- estate of i
1. Ingham, deceased, and I-.. llortoii. t'outainiog noont '
IG2 acres, more or less, about no acres improved.
Seized ami taken in execution at tlie suit ol Moutanves
A Co. vs. Gideon Kiteh.
ALSO— Tiie foil iwing lot, piece or parcel ofland situ- I
ate iii cant m twp.. bounded on the north hvC. ('. Wright
east and south by lands off. Rtoekwell and .1. M. Peck, i
and on the west by lb and <'. Williams. < 'ontaininguhout
56 acres, more or le-s. about 12 acres improved, one log I
house and one log shed there on.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of (Dudley A
C"lw< li vs. Henry llaight.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or parcel of j
land situate in Canton twp.. hounded north b\ lands of
Irad AA ii- >a. east by the highway leading from Troy to
Canton, south hvlind-of Nicholas Evi-rhart, and west
by land- ot Irad AA ilsmi. Containing about $ 'if an acre,
lit) tlie same more or less, ail improved, with a framed
house, a trained I urn and some fruit trees thereon.
S.-i/i-d and taken in execution at the -suit of IraCrofnt's
administrators, to the use of .Al. L. AA oo.ster Vs. Asel
AliFf>— The following 1 >t. piere or parcel of land,situ- j
ate in AVilniot twp., hounded on tlie north bv lands of AA'.
Thompson, on the east hy lauds of .1. P. Hut m, on the'
south by lands of S. Butler, and on the west by l.uid- of
tne plain till". (S Jiillhouse). Containing SI acres, more i
or h---. aliout 4n acres improved, one framed house, one •
framed Intra, one saw mill and an orchard of fruit trees
A LF() -One other lot. piece or parcel of land situate
in AA ilmot twp.. bounded on tlie north by J. P Horton
4" Hir.iin Horton. east and south by lands ot C. F. Welles, j
and west hy lands of J. L. Jones. Containing 'JOOacres,
more or !e—. about 50 acres improved, four plank or
framed houses 2 log houses, and some fruit trees.
S. i/i-d and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel !
Ilillii v-. llciiry Gay lad aud Baton Edwards.
A LSI i The following described lot, piece in- parcel of ■
land in Rblgburv twp., bounded north by Unit- of j
K. C. w!d, eu-t by F. lyilres, sO'fh bv lai d; of S.
H.-vu. and wc-t by lauds of A. D. Smith. Containing 50 i
acn more ir le-->, about 15 acres improved, with a fram- !
ed house,frame.! barn and .-lied, an apple orchard and
other fruit trees thereon.
Seized and l .ikt n iii execution at the suit of C. F. AA'il
s n vs. Miles Squires.
ALSO —The following lot. piece or parcel ofland situ- j
ate in Asylum twp.. bounded as follows, to wit t Begin- j
uing at a post, the northwest corner of G. 1! liter's lot.
thence moth 11! per. to a hemlock, the north corner j
of the tract thence t i-t 60 per. to a hemlock corner bv |
the Holh-nh.u k road, tlieuce along the same south Li 0 .!
cast 112 |.i r. to a Lei ch. northeast corner of (I. Cotter's !
lot, thence along his north line, west ss per.. 11 the be- j
ginning. Containing 51 acres ami 54 per., more or less. I
and ising the land, conveyed by T. Harris, by deed dated I
the 2<!th day of De-. 15.",:,, to AVilliatn Sullivan, recorded !
in Deed Book. No. 24, pages7s.
Seized aad.l then in • xuriitirm at the suit of William '
Sullivan vs. Dertnis Cok ly.
ALSO—The following described lot.piece or parcel of j
laud situate in Franklin twp., bounded as follows, to witj J
Beu'uiniug at a hemlo k. the north-west corner of a jot
occupied by J.Cam i, and bought hy said Camp of J Heed,
ruutiuig thence U ii th 31° eas-t 212 rods to an old birth
c rnor. thence south 5" >° east 334 rials to a post, thence
s iiilh 31 west 212 r ni-tp a post, theme mo th ssJ°
west 34 rods to a po.-t, the east corner ot Hay thorn lot,
them e north 31° oast IP:; rods to a post, thence tenth
5 -.l° v\e.-t to the State road, thence south westerly along
said road to J. Camp's moth line, them e north .>4° west
along said Camp's lim-. -AA p>.r.. t-> the place<d' beginning.
Containing, (agreeable to G. F. Mason's survey for C.
I Vine.) 332 aeivs. lie the same more or loss. The above
de.znulicd lot being eomjosed ot lots No. 1 and 2, and
frai tioiial parts of No-,. 7 and s, about 3 res improved,
and 2 log h mses thereon.
AL.Sc)—One other lot. pie u; or parcel of land situate
in Fi.inkliu tu p., hounded a-follows, to wit : Beginning
t L. !>. AVe-t's -oath east corner, touniug thence south
5I- Olt I'is rod-to an old in rde stamp, theme north
31i° east 152 r-als to a post, thence north ss(° west Ids
rod-to i post. L. D. West's mulli®a j t corner, tlience
south 31.1° we t 132 jier., tothe p!a-e orheginnlng. Con
taining > 2 and 35-100 acre-, lie the same, more or less, it
hi in .' the e i t part of lot \o. in.
S /. 1 ind t ikett In iv :ution at the suit of Brown A.
Ho kwell V-. Ceorge AA'alker.
ALSO—The following deserilied lot. piece ov jiaree! of
land situate in Hcriic.k twp., bounded lioith hy lands of
Owen Dougheitv, east hy John M't'aua. south bv E. Sill,
and west, by hmiis of C. Sill and A. E. Dupont. Contaiu
ing DO acres, more or less, about 46 acres improved, one
log h<m-e anil plank house, a framed barn, a framed corn
house, and work house, and an orchard of fruit trees
ALSO—One other lot, piece or panel of land -ituate
in Derrick twp.. hounded north by lauds of J. Sill, east
by Angle, south by J. f.nskcy, and west by lands of A.
E*. Dup uit. Containing 121 acres, more or leas, about 50
a res improved, a fronted house, it framed bam and bed
stead farton and an orchard of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of M. J. Ma
dill. executor of A. Madill. dee'd., vs. George Sill, Edwin
Sill. Ilutier Sill and Joseph Sill.
AL.S( I- The follow ing lot. piece or parcel of land situ
ate in Home twp.. Bradford Co., bounded on the north by
lands of I'eter Lavtnn. east l.y lands of John L. Cannon,
south by lands of Moses Moody aiul west by lands belong
ing to the e-tate of Daniel Keetfe. Containing about six
ty-six acres, more or less, about twenty-five acres improv
ed. one framed house, a trauied baru and an orchard of
fruit trees thereon.
,\l„SO—One other lot. piece or parcel of land situate I
in Home towu-hip, bounded north ami east by lands he
longing to the estate of Stephen Cr.inmcr. dee'd. south
by the highway and west bv lands belonging to the es
tate ot Stephen Crantner dee'd. Containing about eighty
eight feet trout and 'u.e hundred and fifty feet deep, ail
improved, one frame*] house and a few fruit tree thereon.
ALSO—Due zither lot, piece or parcel of land situate
in Home twp.. bounded north by the highway, east,south
and west bv lands belonging to the estate of Stephen j
Crainuer. dee'd. Containing about fifty feet front, by one ;
hundred and fifty feet deep, all improved, one framed |
store house, one framed horse barn thereon.
ALSO—One other lot. piece or parcel of land situate in
Sltesheqnrn twp.. bounded north by lands of John Mur
phy. east by ; lands of Ge'orgc Khmer, smith by lauds In
posses- inn of Charles Chaffee and wost by lauds of Benja
min Stephenson. Containing about 20 acree.iuore or less.
Seized and taken in exeetition at the suit of Gilbert
Prentiss t k Tutti- vs. S. F- Washburn..
Al-o ut the suit of George AA*. Tuttle vs S. F. Washburn
and Hiram Frost, co-paituers, Ac.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or parcel of
land situate in Hidgbery two., bounded north by lands of
John King-ley, eu-t by* lands of AYui. Stephens, south by
lands of Aaron AA'. Bui uham and west by lauds of Robert
Milter and Joel Peterson. Containing one hundred and
fourteen aetes, more or less, about sixty-five acres improv
ed, with a framed house, a framed barn and an apple or
chard and other fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of AYest &
A'oorhis vs. Aaron O-trander.
ALSO—.The following lot piece or pared of land ritu
ate in Franklin twp., Founded on the north hv land* of
Edward Overton, east by lands of John Knykeiidall.south
by Daniel Cokuly and on the west t>y lauds of John Smith.
Containing about 1 hundred and thirty-touraeres.inore or
less, about forty acres improved, two framed houses, one
framed barn, one saw mill and an orchard of fruit trees
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of W. A. Park
to the use of 11. ('. Porter vs. P. K. f'aliff.
ALSO—The tollowin'f described lot, piece or parcel of
land situate in Smithtieid twp., bounded on the north by
lands of Henry Quick, on the east by lands of John Wat
kins, on the south by the public highway and on the west
by lands ot Anthony Chillis. Containing nliout twenty
ifiree acre-, about eighteen acre- improved, one framed
hoiwe, one framed barn and a fe\y fruit trees tiiereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Welles A
Harris vs. Hillings l'teree.
ALSO—AII that certain lot, piece or pan el of kind
sit .ate in Smithtieid twp., bounded north by the high
way. east by lands of It. \t. Randall, soutii aiul west'"in
lands ot Augustus Phelps. Containing half an acre, more
or less, ail improved, u framed lioiise and a board slird
Seized and token in execution at the suit of Jonathan
King vs. U.S. llolcomb.
ALSO—I he following described lot piece or parcel of
land situate in Tincarorn twp. boundid north, "east and
west by lands of Abia! Kinney, aotith by lands of H. W.
1 racy, containing one acre more or loss, ail improved,
one trained house, one framed burn and a few fruit trees
ALSO—'the following described lot piece or parcel of
laud situate in Ttiscaroia twp. bounded north by lands of
Charles Smith, east by lands of Abiai Kinney.'south l v
the Meredith lands, west by lands contracted to George
Campbell, containing ."io acres bo the same more or It is,
about 25 acres improved one framed barn and a fi iv fruit
trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Dennis J.
Owens vs. ( Nurse and Orrin linker.
ALSO—The (lefeiulaut's interest in the following des
cribed lot, piece or parcel of land situate in Canton twp.,
bounded on the north by fords of W.S. Baker and lands
belonging to the estate of James Parsons, tleu'd, east hv
lands of Solomon L. Oillct. south by lauds of Judson I
Daun. J. M., ('. E. Kathbone. and Towanda street
and west by Troy street, lands of Harding A Li e, .1. v.'.
Turner, Mix A - Hooper. F. O. M inlv, (!. W. Griffin.Chas.
Stock well, and the estate of John 0. Ross, deed, S.inmel !
Ow and Nathan Tuttle Containing about tweiitv-six
acres, more or less, excepting from and out of the same :
lot No. 1, (as laid down on a map of the above dc-i li'.-cd
promises, dated October 1. K54) on the north side ot To- i
wamla street owned by George Mead Also lot N'o. 2, j
owned by I'. E. Ratliboiic. Also lot No. 3. owned by John ;
j \V. Griffin. and No. 4 and 5, owned by Daniel Wiicojt, N'o. j
i 'I owned by H Town-end and N'o. 7 by J. M. Lighton, No. j
i H mined by Sarah A. Randall, No, 9 by.T. W.(iriltin. N'o.-. '
i 10, 12, 14 and 1 bv X. Tuttle, N'o. Is hv M. 11. Case and
i E. W. Ci dwell. N'o. 11 by H. S. Elliott, K' >. l:i by Rev. I'. !
' Camp, N'os. 15 anil 17 by J. Vandvke.jr.. N'o 10 by —— !
Cantield, No. 33 by Samuel Benedict, N'o. i!7 by J. It. ;
; Wright, No. ilt by F. It. Vandyke, N'o. so by Thomas Ho- I
1 gers, ilec'd, with six framed houses, one brick house, two !
irallied barns and out buildings and truit trees, Ac.
I thereon.
( Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John E.
Goodrich vs. Henry Kingsbery.
ALSO By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, all the fol- 1
I iwing de.-cribed lot. piece or pai'-ei of land situate in
Herriok twp., beginning at a hemlock, south east comer
of lot NO- 47. thence north 2.'!0 perches to a hemlock, j
south east corner of lot N'o. 20, them e east 100 perches i
to a hemlock, lor a corner of lot N'o. 22, thence south 220 i
pen tie- to a hemlock, for a corner—northwest corner of
lot N'o. 45, thence west 1(10 perches to the beginning.
Containing 220 acres, strict measure, it being intended to
include the whole of two lot-, N'os. 2- anil 2.1 ; about so
acres impr. ved, a log house, two framed houses, one plank
house, two framed barns, a framed bed-leul factory, a;
framed corn house, a work shop, two jpple orchard- and :
other fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the s.dt of Amelia K. ;
I) ipont vs. John Bcidlcnuin, administrator of George Sill,
ALSO All the following described lot, piece or parcel
of land situate in She.-heqniii township, bounded as fol
lows, to wit: Beginning 12 and 2-10 per. east from a
from a chestnut, southwest corner of a lot heretofore deed
ed io said Johnson, thence east 145 per. to a post, thence
soutii '.14 and 9- 1 i per. to a pic t, noi the.i-t corner of n lot
run out to C. Wheeler, thence north to 0 west 120 and 5-
10 per. to a post, southeast corner of I. Johnson's hit,
thence north 12° west 127 and 0-10 per. to tile liegimii ,g.
Conraiuing Ol acres anil 40 perches, strict measure, be tin
same umre or !essY2o acres improved, a log house, a log
barn, and a few fiMTf trees.
Seized and taken in execution atthe suit of Pierre Jo
seph Del'aters and Jeanne Antoinette, his wile, vs. Win.
John-on and ('. B. Rice, terre tenant.
ALSO—That certain Church building, situate between
the public square and I'ine street in the borough of lo
wanda. Containing in front on said public square, for
ty-tour feet, and ill depth sixty-four, and the walls of
which, from the foundation to the top are about thirty- j
live ieet high, besides a tower or steeple in the trout part
of said building about seventy feet high above the sur
face of the ground on the outside of said building, and J
the lot or piece of ground and curtilage appurtenant to
-aid building.
Prized and taken in execution at the suit of John Ib-i
--dleniau vs. The First Presbyterian Church and Congrega
tion of Towanda and 11. A. Carev.
JOHN" A. CODDING, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. I
Towanda, March 29, 1557.j
Ci" N-iticc i- hereby given that an amount equal to the
costs, will be requited t • be paid upon each -ale when
struck down to the bidder, and upon a failure to comply
with tiii- regulation, the tract of land will again be otter
ed for sale. JOHN A. ConniMi.
I IST OF JURORS drawn for Miv Term
J-J and Se-.-ions, lt-57.
GRAND jrnoKs.
Athens tp—Ewd Ovi-u.-hire.lßidg'oury—Samuel Tubb .
11. 11. Green, J S Woleott.l Miles K. S piires.
Guy Smithtieid— Nelson Kee'er.
Armenia —Nathan Slierman j Ebeuezer B. Titus.
< 'anion —Tuoms Wi!lia;i:s.jshe.shei|uiu—Obadiah Guie.
Eli-h i Bloom. (Towanda lio—A. J. Easter
j l.'oliimbia -John II Killgore.j brooks, John Wi soa.
Franklin J C Ridgway. Tiiscaivra—Che.-ter Wells,
Lcro_\ Ezra Ilob -unb, Cyrus SUumw.iy.
Litrhfielil—S McKinney. !We-t Burlington-- Joseph
Orwell—Alonzo Potter. Hilton.
Pike —Kimeon 'fay.or. jU'iudham—Jonathan Payne.
Til v vjsnsi; ji koua -PII'.ST WKKK.
Asylum—Jonatlialt Terry.jßidpf.i ry -S. S quires. \. D.
tl'hiMlcs Thouipson. I Smith, Henry Peterson. It.
Athens tp.a—tfiMi. Ti. Easter ! Miller.
brooks, J.T. D. Myer, Da-iSoutli Creek—John Pitt,
vid Gardner. A HchileuiniiiKniitkfifhl—T. H. Seward.
Burlington—John Arthur.(Springfield—John Voorhis
l>. M. Alexander. Istauding Stone—F. Is. Whit-
Bnrlingbm Wp-t—C.Taylor. man.
Canton—Lewis Wheat. W.Troy tp M. Smith, Joab
C. Pierce.P. M'Clelland Kiuyon. S. G. ('ir,ison.
Columliia--Andrew Jackson Towanda tp. -Wm. Di cker,
Durell—lt. I.aportc. Geo. W. Miller Fox.
Arnot, Madison Decker. ITowandabo.—ll Essenwinc.
Franklin—K. F. Kairchild. Tuacftrora—Beta Cogswell.
Leroy- Eve ett Wilcox, Al-! I l-ter- -John S. .Anthony,\V.
trod Fellows. | MeCarty.
Orwell Abel Darling. W.jWarren—David Brainard.
W. Wiswell, Ja . O. Frost. Windham—Joseph Webster.
Pike Isaac Lines, Travel- Wilmol—X. T. llortou, Pbi-
B i-worth. Simeon Brink. lander White.
O. ii. Caufield. Wysox—Geo. Granger.
Armenia- Ibdiert Mason. Rami Jason Chaffee.
Asylum—John M. < i liable. Sniithlield— W. Brown,Jon;:
Athens bo. A. O. Hart, than King.
A tin 11. tp Robert Sitton. Shesheijuin -lieu hen Young.
Burlington -C. R. Keouton.(standing Stone -A. Euni-.
Burlington >o.- D. A. Ross. Springfield—T. B. Heard lee.
Caut ui—John Mix. iTowanda bo.- J. P. Kirby, I.
Columbia—Win. Smith, W. S. IV-t.
Mnslier, A. B. Austin, (Towanda tp P. 11. Scovell.
Dure'i -Daniel Holland. 'Towanda north. M. Bust-
Frauklin—lra Varney. ! wick.
Granville—ll. 11. Kiuyoa, G.i Troy tp.~ R Stiles,,!. Hunt.
It. Vaiuiest. (Wells— L. Grinuell. Ja-. H.
Orwell—Win. Smith. Minor Brink, Jas. J. Osgood, W.
Taylor, Chas. N.Morey. j C. Killgore.
Pike—S. li. Clark, L. Lewis.' Wyaluaing—S. Acklcy.
Asylum—Geo. 11. Morrow, j car Voting.
AtUetis tp.—XL Wheelock A.isiicslu-quin—Wm. J. Del-
Knell. j pencil.
Athens ho.—!,. S. Keeler. (Smithtieid -11. Quick, liollis i
Burlington—lra A. Weed, i Alien.
Canton—James Ketchum. Springfield--W. Berry.
Columliia -F. T. Cornell. |Standing St me—G. Brown, j
l>iire!i-Wm. Cooihaugh, R.lTowandi bo- J. W. Wilcox,
Bull, E. M. Bishop. • Jos. Kingsbery.
Franklin—Nathan L. Dodge.(Troy tp J. O. Ward, John •
Granville— M- C. Wilcox, L.j I'orter.
Taylor. [Troy bo.—Win. Morgan. !
Hi-irii k—M. Blocum, E. B.| Warren—Uenrv Whitaker.
Mint/. j Windham- W." Wlo-elhouse, j
Itidgliery—-Jaa. Mitchell, M l llenj. Kuykcndall.
Cove if. j Wysox—F. R. Myer. Harry :
Rome—F. W. Maynard. OH-| Sti-ope, Wm. Goodrich. ' (
Wyalusing—R. Fuller.
P'LECTION. —The stockholders of the To- i
IJ wanda Bridge Company are hereby notified that an
Election will tieholden on MON!)AY.tlie 4th day of MAN'
next, at the office of Wm. C. ltogart. in the Borough of j
Towanda, for die election of a President. Treasurer and !
Six Managers of said Company. M. C. MERCER,
Towanda. March 30, 1x,7. Secretary.
To the School Directors of Bradford Co.
("1 EN'TLEMEN' : In puretiauee of the 43d sci tiea of the !
T act of fitli May, l c st. you are lierebv notified to nu-i t
in Convention, at tin-Court House, in the Borough of To
wanda, on the FIRST MONDAY OF MAY, A. D. 1#57,
being the fourth day of the month, at one o'clock in the j
afternoon, and select, viva voce, by a majority of the |
whole number of Directors present, one person of literary (
and scientific attainments, and of >kill and e\"erieni e in ;
the art of Teaching, as COUNTY SUPERINTEXDKN f, |
tor the three succeeding years ; determine the ammuit of j
compensation tor the same, and certify the result to the
State Superintendent at Ilarrisburg, as required by the |
i'dth ond 40th sections of s ud act. E. GUY BR.
Highland April I i-'-r County '•'iprriateadcu*. i
1 JL is hereby given, that nil persons indebted to the es
tate o! Champiin G. Blown, dec d lateofSmithfield, are re
quested to make payment without delay; and all persons
having claims ag;;int said estate, imist pre-ent them duly
autlientii ated for settlement, to the subscriber .
| Feb. 12.1*57. Administrator with will annexed.
i LWFCUTOirS NOTlCE.—Notice is licrt
: 1-d by given that letters testamentary nnmi tb<- e-tate
jof Br.i> to;. l .vin dee'd., late of Franklin tp..l. ve been
, granted to the subscrib- r. All persons Indebted to said
estate are hereby re-punted to make immediate payment,
and those having i laims upon said estate to present
them dulv attested for settlement.
Dee. 22, lx.'.d. Executors.
' 1/NKCUTOirs NOTICK. —AII pcr-ous iT>
|ia oetdeil to tie i--tile of AN'TIH iN'Y AN Gf.K. de< "J.,
i lite of llerri- k t.-unship, art- hereby notified that p.iy-
I ment nm-tlie ncide without delay, and all per.-on.- having
i i.iims amtiii-t-aid e i.ite are requested to preseut them
| duly authenticated for settlement.
_Mar. li 2.1857. Executor.
' XI is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
! t; t- of BENJAMIN BA BCOCK. late of Windliam towu
! ship, dee'd.. are requested to make payment without tle
| lay: a-id all persons h tying -!ain: against said estate will
! |dease jiresent tle'-m duly anthi-Titi- iited for settlement.
Feb. 16. ! -"id. Atimini-tr.itor.
| XpXECUTOR'S NUTtCE.—Notice is here^
lj by given, that all ner.socs indebted t-1 the estate of
Mrs. ROXY BI RCH, deceased, late ot' Jp i\ROE t.-wu
ship, are req .e.sted to izake payment without delay;
t!i' -e liavingile inatnl-. again t said estate will preseut tbun
tlulv authenticated for sertknient.
Fib. 26. l-si;. CHARLES BITRCIT, Executor.
i- hoiehy K*VCU. t Jutt all pi r>ons indebted tu the t-s
--tatc of iSil AKL I>lSH(>l*. (iOc'd., liitc of U town
are cl to make pay men t without clcl.iy ; and all
]'i*roons having claim* said cst.ite, pre. cnt
thorn duly aathenticatcd, t the subscriber.
March 12, 1- 7. <;!<). I". BIfiHOI*, Vdmiuistral 1
TA is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of DANIEL MILLER,, deceased, late of Albany
twp, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said - date will present them duly autlieuli- c.ted for setiiemeut.
March 29. IS'.T. Adniiniatialor. j
i- bcrr'iy giv< u. that all per.s .a- indebted to tie
estate of SKI.V GOBLE. dee'd, late of Litchfield town
ship. are hereby notified to make payment without delay,
and all persons having demands against said estate are
re-quested to present thc-m ei-dv authenticated for s- ,tle
March 27, 1557. AJlil'.ui tr .tor.
a. A lieiei-y lieiei-y Liven, that all juisons indebted tu tilt es
talc of !v:\i e Kh'iem iker, dcct-.ised, late of H iudliaiu tp.
are hereby ,equi-te-i to make payment without delay:
a- d nil pi . siiis having claims against said estate will ; present tLeuu du'v authenticated for sctilcuieiit.
March 31,1557. Administrators. |
\ DMIMSTRA i'RIX NOTlCE.— Notice |
s 4 i, herei-y eieiii. that all persons indebted to the es- :
t.itc of JOHN ON IN. late ot Athens twp., nee d, arc !
requested to make jiay,nent without delay; and all per
son- having el -ims again-t sai-lestute. must present them
dulv authentica'.i dl ir settleme:.t the subsci i: <r.
March 2s. 15;.7. Adruinlstratrix.
A UPITOR'S NOTICE.— In the mntt r<j
the. evtute < J \liK n -? Jluynartl, tlce , d. In the* Or
plriu-' ( ot itradf- rd County.
Notice is hereby given, that tl"- Auditor appointed to
ili-tribute money in the hands of the Admir i-trutar of thi
e-t ile, evil! at lend to the duties of liis appointment at hi
o'li o in the borough of T -w uula. on Thur-d..y. the !'th ot
April, 1857. at 2 o'el-ak, P. M. All persons having claim
upon said money must present thetn, or el-e lie forever
debarred from the same. P. D. MORROW,
March 9. 1857. Auditor.
\ UDITOR'S NOTICE.- -In the m itter of
- A the i f Iltrluk Pratt, ufctaiti!. In tlie Or
ph in-' Court of liradl'iiril County.
Notice is hereby given, the Auditor appointed to
distribute money in the hands of the Adniini-trator of tin
alw-ve c-state. will attend T<> the duties ot his appointment
at his office in the borough of Towanda, on Friday, the
Kith day of April. !>.>". at 2 o'clock. P. M. All persons
liaving claims upon said money inu.-t present them, or
1 cl c be fore ver debarred from the same.
March 9,1857. P. D. MORROW, Auditor.
4 UDITOR'S NOTICE,— I* the natter of
it the e<ttilr of Pan -om /'. Arlums, iltcrused. la the
Orphans' Court of Bradford County.
Notice is here'-y given. that the Auditor appointed upon
i exceptions filed to the final account of the Administrator
of this estate, will attend to the duties of his appointment
: at his ofli- r in the borough of Towanda. on Saturday . the
l!th d.iyot April. 1557, at 2 o'clock. P. M.. of which all
I persons i-oii- er ied will please take notice.
March 9,1857. P. D. MORROW, Auditor.
A I'DITOR'S NOTICE.— John Hans n :
a! the u*e of IF. Uitirtl rs. tiollii IVileox. In Brad
I 'oniiiion ideas, N' -. IHB. February term, 1854.
The undersigned an Auditor appointed by said Court to
dißtriiiutc fund- raised by the SHerifl'sale of de'endont.s
jr-.1 i tate, u r.l attend t - tin- ,b,i of his appointment at
I t in- office of Win. Klwrll. Esq.. in T"wanda i -iro' on S -tur
i day the 11th day of April, A. 1). 1V.7, at one o'clock. P.
! M.. when and where all per cinaiutcrcstrdare requested to
| to attend, or be forever debarred from any share of said
■ fund. H. B. M'KEAN, Auditor.
Towanda. l'eb. 23. ls;sfi.
! 4 UDITOR'S NOTICE.— Tn the nr.tter > f
j . V the eetcitr cf I'nork S. Fowler, dee'd. In the Or
! plians" Court of Bradford t'ountv.
Notice is hereby given, tiiat the UTiilersigned. Auditor
; appointed by siid Court, ujion extoptions tiled to ti.r ae
! i-o.nit ol Win. Gursc-iine, Executor of tbo said e-tate,
, -• ill attend t • the duties of hi- appointment, at the oiin u
| of Wui. El well. E-i..o!i Tuesday, the 14 th day of April.
,1- 7 *t 2 o'clock P. M.. when and whore ;.l! •j-crsoiis can
i alt- -id, i: t'-i v think proper.
l'cii. 27, I*s:i. 11. B. M'KEAN, Auditor.
HE.KIEF'S SAt.E.—Rv virtno of a writ
j x ' of Tec art Facias issued out of the C--urt of Coin
j :u-m pl-' to mc directed, 1 -hall expose to pii'olic
; at the ( 'irrt H-'iise, in the lior-eigh of Towanda. on Fri-
I day the loth day of APRIL, 1557. at I oY'oek. P. Jl .the
j ivllowing do licrß.cd lot piece or par- >•! of land situate in
Albany twp., Im-iiitl ,1 as le-li.-ws : Be im-iiiga' a -i-o.e
| heap in t'u* niid-lte of the south brr.n- h of tlie 'i'owinda
| creek -ii- .r Klieffii id Wile.ix's,thence by iaml ot iienjaiuin
i Wilcox north 574° w st 30tt perches t-> at-me heap cor
; ncr : tin nee by the Coal Company's land south 32° we t
I 52 perches to a stone corner ; thence by the same s-nth
• 59° ea.-t 3J3i perches to a stone corner in the middle of
j the smith branch of the Towanda ere- k : then, >■ ab-ng tlie
• enirc of .said - ink -.i perches to tile p!.' e of beginning,
i Containing one bundri d acres, ni -re uric --.being pailaof
; two traits i f iaml in the warrantee name of Frederick
i Cast itor and George Barnes.
I Be ,:ed a- d taken ill execution nt tlie suit o( Joseph Me
i nardi, administrator ot Minor R. Wilcox, vs. s-amuel
! dyke.
AKo. bv virtue of a writ of Vend. Expo., at tlie suit of
! John Hanson vs. Samuel Vandyke, garnishee of Minor R.
M i'cox, deceased.
Towanda. March 1(1.1857.
IX i- hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of SUSAN McAFFEB, dee'd. late of Towanda twp.
are hereby requested to make payment without >ie
-1 iv; and nd persons having el.vlms against -aid--tab will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
March 14. 1V,7. JOSEPH UOMKT, Admiiiistr.itur.
NOTICE.—Notice is licre
-1 J by given that ull persons indebted to the e.-tate i-f
JOHN FORD, deceased, late of Pike town-hip. mu.-t
make iunnediate payment, anil all )ier-ous having de
mands against sahl e-tatc, will present them duly authen
ticated for settlement.
March 14. 1-57. STEHHEN RRINK. Fx.-.-utor. I
of an order of the Orphans' Court of Bradford coun
ty, will l-e exposed to public sale on the rn-iiii-e-, on
Katurdav. the 2d day of MAY next, at 2 o'clock, P. j
M. Do- billowing preq erty—
All the intere-t Owen Parr, deceased, had lie fore hi
death, in the following lot, piece and parcel -f land in
Herriek township, bounded as follow-: Beginning at
a po-t and -t me- in tlie highway leading from Hiram
Camp* to William Griffis ; thence ahuig tlie same north
21° ea.-t 31 re d- to a corner,a hemlock tree ; thence north
(id rods to a post and stones ; thence we=t 7d rods to a ;
beech tree for a corner; thence north ffii rod- tu a bi-ech
corner ; theuce 6m rods to A post and stone : tliciv r south
7* roils ; thence east 50 rods to a hemlock ; tln-uce south
77 rods to a post and stones, and thence ea-t >1 rods to
the place of lieginning. Containing Mo acres, more orle-s, .
about 40 ai res improved, one framed house thereon erect
ed, and about 50 apple trees growing tiiereon.
And also one other piece of land situate on the west and
adjoining the above described land, containing 14 acres, I
contracted to said Owen Carr by William Miller.
NANCY' CARR. Administratrix
March ?*>. 1a57.l a 57. of Owen Carr. deceased.
illiscc! anci3n3.
farms for Sale in Wysoz.
undersigned offers for sale TWO VALUABLE
I M.'JIS id v \ s<j.\ lowushiii, Bradford County, one
; " r tlitia > oittallling !W'IH, all under Bond improve
j men t. *it h tiro d Wit -houses,two huge barns,on bard*.
! Ac., km MI a* the " C'oimlins Coolbaugh Farm," late
j Chester Pierce's.
Tint other, adjoining the above, and lying opposite
| Bowman's Eddy : containing 40 acres, all improved, with
I dwelling-house, ore bard, .V<\. thereon.
_ The above ate very de-iralle properties, hand-omely
: situated on il e Wy-- \ > !:t-. 011 11 E ea-t side of the SIIM
ip e! anna rive r. v. ithin a! out a mile of Towunda and v. LU
:be soi lcu rea unable U-ima. EDWARD OVERTON,
j '■ / toils for sale by BAILEV A NLVI.VS.
SPRING WHEAT, and about 01 e hundred biu-lieU
■d POLAND OATS, a very superior kind, for sale at the
: Y*''"dside farm, near Tuwanda.
Mar t. M 7. K. W. HALE.
lU'TIOV. —The co-nart>K?rdifnh'Te
tofore existing between [. r. H ALL and f. S. RUS
SELL. itsi ih r the firm ot HALL ft RUSSELL, is this dry
tii-.-o vil by mutual < on-i iit. ike books and paper- of
tao !ii;n may be found at the old -t iml, w here one of the
partners may he always !• font I, and with whom settlv
tuetii hi* tba.e imic-a. i uiu.l 'a; made immediately.
It. c. HAI.L.
Tow-and.t, Mar It 11. lsf,7. S. KUHSF.EL.
The b'teiac-- will be hereafter continued Ly D. C. Hull.
I.A titv of good Butter T 1 a and Firkin-. just re<eivcd
and for sale by miv 'O H. S. MblttUit.
New Store in Overton !
"VITLLIA M WA LTM AN would respectful
f T ly inf'tm the citizens ot OVERTON and the sd
j-'iuing i iwushi; s. that lie has opeiitd a NEW STORE la
the HKVERLY SETTLEMENT, where offers for sale a
well select* d a-sortiuunt, consisting in pait of
3ry frfccds, Groceries, Hardware, Fish,
Crockery, Boots &, Shoes, &,c.
In fact everything adapted to the wants of the surround
•lug coinmuiiitv. purchased li.r cash, at the lowest rates,
aid fa- Ready I'ay wiil be sold as low as at any place this
side of the great cities.
He w iil make it an object for FARMERS to cull on Lisa
with their ii.a u. Batter. Chei-c, Eggs, Maple Sugar, Ac.
for which be allow the highest prices.
Overton. February 17, 1e67.
ill leal TOWANLLV on the FIRST OF
■ ■■ JUNK next.
Wiiiiaiu-port. Api il u,la. r 7.
Stew KI IL?ve
rpriErißM or MONTANYES a CO. has been dl<-
1 solved by mutual con ent. W'M. A. ROCKWELL
having withdrawn. The hu.-ims.- will ht-icafter be ion
i!c< ii '! c::.\r the name fit' MONTAXYES—-having a*so.
cnite-d with the firm .f. L> MONTANVE Jr. and F. 1). MON
TANA \Y e tru.-t with fur pre-eiit facilities lor the pur
i Li ,ds. that we < uti make it an object for CASH
' L'-TOMMRS to examine our stock, which has been laid
ia with g! cut care to suit the fall trade.
ttu All account- due the old iirut, as also notes that
arc due. iff < rpecied tc be j.aid Without further rot: re.
Angus*2s,lß>. MONTANA ES.
V/ i 'LOVER SEED. Also a quantity of Tiinothv See-1
lor -ale l y JOSEPH POWELL-
February 4. lff>7.
Shew fall
T > KINHSBERV A SON, betr leave to
1 • call the attt r.tion of theii frit uds and customers, m
well a- i ll others wi-hilig to buy Loods Cheap, to their
well -i-lecied -to, k of Foreign and Domestic DRV-COOL'S,
couei.-tirg of a great variety of
>hi'.wl.s, I'arnrnetta.s, French Merinos, Cashmere,
Woo] Plaids, Wool DeLaines. ,te. A!-o. a choice selec
fion of Mcrimac, < hocecc and other -tvlcs of fast c oloit-d
A large and complete assortment of Yankee Notions,
Hosiery, Gloves. Hrr-s Trimmings. White floods. Ac.
Heninis. Ticks, Prills, Linens. Cambrics, Bleached and
; Brown sheeting. Cotton Yarn, Wick, Batts. Twine, Car
pet Warp. Ac.
in addition to the above articles, there will always be
| found n tall assoument of GROCERIES, Crockery and
; Cila-s W.irt; 1! • t ~:.J iuoc-. Huts?,!:. 1 . Car,-, Nail-,I'LsL,
i P-ints. Tubs. Matt--. Ae.
Returning if.dividually o!,r thanks for past patronage.
, we would a> a firm, respectfully a-k the attention of our
old cv-t"Tr.iT. and the public generally, to an inspcetioa
I of ■ :r extensive New Fell and Winter Flock.
Towanda. Sept. H>, leoO.
REV. S \MVEI, F. CfH.T. Principal. Professor of Natu
ral. Mint.! ami Moral Science ;
REV. JAMES McWIEI.IAM. A. M., Professor of Ancient
Languages and Belles Lettres ;
1 CTT ARI.FS it. COB! RX, A. M., Professor of Mathema
ti'-s and Va-ter 6f Normal S Lool;
MISS K. M. COFJ, Precept ret®:
MISS M'iii.lE \. IiUTLER, Assistants;
Miss 111.!.FN M. CARTER. In-tmetor on Piano;
Mr. CANI'KLD DAYTfiN, Steward.
Tl.c Spring Term couimelices on Wednesday, Aprii Ist,
15.",7. ami vv.d continue Ui' weeks.
'1 lie Fall T' :m coniinerues ou Wednesday, August2f'th
j and w 'll <-oiitiiiue 1 • wrek-i.
i The Winter Term commence- Novem'ier lb. and contin
ues 11 weeks, besides 1(1 days recess at Christmas.
Pay able invariably in adva:: < -Fuel'and contingencin
all inch: led:
Tuition in lie- Fifth c!a.-s, (primary) per term,.... $4 (H)
Fourth . f. 0D
" Third 7 Oft
" Second *> Oft
First 10 'JO
i Pupils using scholarships are charged $1 per term for
1 fuel and contingents ; tor instrument on which to take
lessons, "iftc. or for practice ♦-'.OO
| N i uli -e parents or guardians shall rcsid
; wit! in two mile- of the Institute fdui'l ! e admitteil to tui
tion therein upon any permanent s, hoiarship i-nted or
j loaned l>y such pupil, his or her parent or guardian.
KXTS: v-s :
; French fi 00
! Drawing. 3 no
Orr.amt atal needlework and embroidery,each.... 300
Tuition on Piano Forte with use of instrument,. . 12 00
do do per quarter of 11 weeks, 10 .
. Room rent f>r lodgers. 1 7j
i Board in the In-titute, per week, including fuel and
Bgbt 2 00
i Washing, per il oten .... 3d
\rrangt-mcnts have been made by which the Stewar t
wil! boatd Ivith males and females ui the Institute, afford
; tog tlo-tii separate r n-iti- for morning and evening study.
| P 'pil- hoarding in the If.ill, will furnish their own bed,
bedding.towel-, Ac. and the table siivf r at their option.
No pupil taken f.-rL—s than half a tenn. The boarding
iiilis far the term juu-t be paid in advance ; or one half
thereof at their entrance, and the remaining half at the
middle of the tenn.
Pupils catering tite Institute are pledged to the obser
vance of the Regulations, and none will be admitted on
other terms.
Especial excrcitcs are armigcd without extra charge
fur those ijuulify ing thenL-elve• as teachers for common
S. F. COLT, Sc-. C. L. WARD, rresider.t.
March 2t). ls>7. A. V.'icaiiAN. Treasurer.
-C r II you procure of PR. li. C. PORTER,
South store in fii - Ward IJotsse,
Equally adapted to Loaves. H t Rolls. Rlscuit, Buckwheat
and other Griddle Cake-. Gingerbread, all kinds of Sweet
Cake-. Rafter for Dumplings, Puddings, Pot pies, A •. Ac-
Price 2a cents- ' March 2'.'.
1' 'V ' Rock Salt for packing j ist received hv
Dec. l'J, 1856. BAILEY A N'EVINS.
I\t I F.T.I "RIIY.
Mlli 5 . L E. "WHEELER would rre]icct
fullv announce to her friend- and the pnhlie gener
ally that she will open a shop in EAST SMITHFIELD.
oue un th of the Presbyterian church, where willbcfoußd
To which she would invite the attention of the Ladies.
REPAIRING Particular attention paid to this hrareh
of the business. Abo, Dresses, Basques, Talnr s, Ac. made
to order. Smithfii-ld. Mor -b 31,15.57.
CI ANDLES, both Sptrm and Tallow by the
} box or pound, at FOX'S.
'Mm* pes, tver. ard oti-er reltrv *-iuitd. for wh'eh
the high- • • r'.c -v ill V paiti at ' MONTANTTS