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    Meeting of Young Men.
ft meeting of the " Young Men" of Du
.'! t ,iwnsliip, convened pursuant to notice, at
\ . White School House, in Frenelitown, on
Uui.ltiv evening, -lurre 30th, HORACE P.
\| ( ) ( )pY was called to the chair, and E. L.
appointed Secretary.
: pj lt . object of the meeting having been sta
. i bv the chairman, on motion, Edw. Hornet,
Y \ Moody ami Wm. Barnes were appoint
'.,l committee to draft resolutions.
l ' q*| a . committee having retired, ad Col. li.
] o''T.Tb being present, was called for, and re
„,j](Jeii i" usua ' earncst an d eloquent manner,
~,, jting ns to united action the present strug
„!c tor Freedom, aud against the ruling power
j our government
q'l,,. committee then came forward and re
,! 0,1 the following preamble and resolutions,
Lhieli were unanimously adopted ;
q'imt whereas, the time has arrived in the
t.ktorv of our country, when it is necessary for
!. s c nators" who have the " moral courage" to
,-press their principles upon tile Senate floor,
to carry arms to defend themselves; And
M ii. rca-, certain outrages have been committed
ii lM iit the free people of Kansas, whose cries
f'.r aid ft'" l " our Government have been miiiu
tired. Therefore,
Uewived, That wc disapprove of the policy
of tbe present aouiinistratiou, aud of the plat
f„rin tidoptud by the Cincinnati Convention,
•lud will use all fair and hoiiorabie means iu
to the principles therein presented.
: j ;,■>< !ml, That we heartily coincide with the
principles set forth in the platform adopted by
i io IL publican National Convention ; and hail
with pleasure the nomination of JOHN C.
KUKMONT for President, and WM, TI. I).VY
r., y f or Vice President of the United States.
iU.-i'aril, That our worthy Kepreseutative,
(j. A. onow deserves aud shall receive
„nr earnest support for the bold and fearless
manner iu which he ha- discharged his duties
j:: t'ongrcss.
/;, ~ h-e4, That wc approve of the nomina
tions made by the Uniou State Convention,and
,-q-,-i illv tliat of our worthy townsman, Col.
j; JiAi'n'itTK for Surveyor General.
That S. .Si. Laporte, B. K. Boss,
i ll Passage, Theodore Clark and \Y. R.
daks Ite appointed a committee, whose duty it
.-hall be 1" call meetings at such times and
; are- a- i li< v limy deem proper.
p, . •/, That tiie proceedings of this meet
■e lie signed by the otlicers und published iu
the lop ' an<l .1 r<eux.
11. I'. MOODY, Chairinau.
]■]. 1.. Brew v. Secretary.
Buchanan Defining his Position.
Mr Buchanan addressed the Keystone Club,
residence, at Wheatland, Pa., on the Uth
uil.. as follows :
If e,ilnnet i < f Ihc Keystone Club —T give you a
• -! li. artv and warm welcome to uiy abode.
I. eiigratulateyou not upon my nomiuation, bnt
a the glorious privilege of being citizens of
nr great Republic. Your superiority over the
jn*iiji4ef other countries has been fully demon-
M i d by the conduct of a vast concourse as
uibled during the just week at Cincinnati.—
Fpon any similar occasion iu Europe the vol tin- ,
k!To\]ires>ion of the people would have been
•' owned in martial music ami their actions
"intruded by au army with banners.
Haw unlike the.spectacle at Cincinnati,where
.'ate- from the people of the different States j
in convention under the protection of the ,
•v.-ion;.n and laws, aud harmoniously delib
vratcd rqcn subjects of vital importance totlie !
"iiiitrv. Gentlemen, two weeks since I should
... made you a longer speech, but now 1 have
'■•■a I'iaeed upon a platform of which I most ;
.wriily approve, and that can speak for me. j
i* '-U ! !i' representative of the great Democrat- j
• jwrtv, and not simply James Buchanan, I !
J xjiiare my conduct according t<> the plat
. f tliat party, and insert no new ptank
retake oue from it. That platform is sufii
■oitly broad aud uatioual for the YVHOLE DK
MI"R.VNC PARTY. This glorious party, now]
wc than ever, has demonstrated that it is the
':..-• coiKorvativc party of the Constitution and
r " the Union.
FRKKUOM IX VIRGINIA. —The citizens of Fau
iii<T Uwinty, V a., ha*c held a public meeting
' rdn e.\press purpose of uttering denunciations
aaiinc Mr. J. C. Underwood, who appeared in
ivejtublicau Convention as a delegate from
ir.iu i The resolutions which acre adopted on
'vasion are not rituarkable for moderation,
i o" (leeiarc i\ a libel to impute to Virginians
:iV weakness like that of a love of Free-Soil
y 'nnc ami are loud-voiced in praise of the
' : *i :i Hal the demonstration did not end here.
A onitiiittee was appointed to wait UJKMI Mr.
! "K'nvuijd, to inform him of the sentiments of
1,1 meeting, and to hint that "it was tlceined
Mil advisable" for him to Ira re the Stale as
}">-ible. We do not learu that Mr. Uu
r*""'i lias let obeyed this peremptory mau
-1 Tlicoriler savurs of the tone that Border
n.ii, b- employ in Kansas, aud tbe result may
' r iar. Mr 1 uderwood may find it essential
■ sffefy to withdraw to some other locality
Aich In* . an exercise the privlege of thinking
■ aiaking a> he pleases. In any event, his
- in-tanee to show that persecution for
( inn < sake is not yet done away with.—
: ; !yillation of Riiflianism from Kansas to
-siiiia ajip ars to aggravate the severity of
syniptoias.— Tunet.'
. On Saturday last, 28th ult., as
Stephens, a well known citizen of the
part of f.uzcrne county, was riding in a
• with Win. G. Jones, on the road back
' I'ark, aud about two and a half miles
j' village, he was shot dead. Jones
1 • ii gnu shot, and turning his head slighl
u Stephrix leaning over, and without
"• gto look for the murderer he drove rapid-
home. A Coroner's Jury assembled
; iri:iy evening, and after a post mortem
-"-•'Mti.jii id tliu* body, adjourned. The Jury
" '"ion ail Sunday, but nothing was eli
-0 l! -v the crime on any individual.
# wauda Market-Wholesale Prices.
11 '* lVf . k'y t>v E.T. F<>X. Healer in Provisions anil
'■r. ' i-rii-s, Mo. 1. Brick Row.J
!rfUl ' I'ri'-e.). fj 1,1,1 *7 AO fit; 800
<K> " 22 00 fell
V klialci, . 125 Of. 150
" .... 38 bt,
... 30 fef,
" 50 (<b
' Yin,. " .... —bC 62}
*.. " .... 37 She. ——
'P'L , " 1 50 'fef.
V.>, ■'• • 1 no or,
fi It* ... 14 Cff. 17
, •* 6 (if. 10
•-if.,; y""iW' r s . . " Bbe 124
y Hung ' " WW ly
"... 12 Ml iHj
Eiiiii/.eli. ... 10 0$ ——
G f ' ! '* VDLE6 and Hrse Ralccs fbr
*E<. 1-. 1- „ H MURC'UR
Dr. T. DEARDOKN JEWBTT will be at the Ward House,iu
this villajfe, until the 24th instant, fur tbe purpose of cur
ifrfs persons aflicted with .Stuttering and Stammering, lie
has ample testimonials of his ability to do so, from which
we select the following letter :
HARKISKURO, Pa., Feb. 3, 15,55.
Dr. T. D. JEWEW, Elmira, N. I'.:
Dear Sir—l take my pen in hand to inform you of the
success of your treatment iu the case of my friend Potter.
1 saw bim a day or two since, and though 1 have known
Win for year-, 1 was pleased ami surprised to find him
speaking us ituciitlv and easily us myself or uny one else.
This was the day alter you left this place. * He wished me
to express to you li is gratitude, und try to induce you to
return, tor several persons afflicted as he had been were
unable to see you. Among them are two ladies who are
desirous ot becoming acquainted with your panacea tor
impediments in speaking.
Hriow, Doctor, will you not come und relieve these al
tlieted persons, us you were here but a short time ? Will
you not visit us again '! Aud 1 will assure you u warm
welcome, and plenty of business. Write to me soon and
favorably if your engagements will permit, and believe
me, Truly yours, jntylO L. A. CARMAN.
On Wednesday, 2d inst., in Towauda. by Rev. J. MeWil
AUN OUT, both ol Monroe.
ill Franklin, 011 the 21st nit., bv dtuurt Smiley, E-KI., Mr.
ORRIN L. WATKIXS, of Granville, to Miss MARY
ROCKWELL, ot Franklin.
Oil 1* riduy, 4tli iustunt. at Greenwood, by the same. Mr.
tsitli of Monroe.
CAMP MEETING.—The undersigned would
inform the public generally, that arrangemcuts
are being made by a committee chosen for that purpose,
to hold a Cump-Meeting near Ffenchtown, in a must beau
titul grove on land owned by Bartliolomew Uiporte. Said
meeting toopen by a sermon, at 7 P. M.. on Tuesday, the
id ol Sejiteiuber next, aud close 011 the tollowing Tuesday
morning. The public generally, and especially all friends
of camp-meetings from far and near, are earnestly invited
to furuish themselves with cloth tents and a supply of pro
visions, and come thus prepared to rvmain with us during
the whole of the meeting. Competent aid, both clerical
and lay, from abroad, will be expected.
L. WOOD, Chairman
Liberty Corners, July 1, 1556. Com. of Arrangement.
* application w ill be made to the next Legislature of
Pennsylvania for the incorporation of a Bank to be called
the Ni>Rl H BUA\( 11 BANK, with banking privileges
| of Issue, Discount and Deposit, with a capital of one hun
! died thousand dollars, with the right to increase the cap
ital stock to two hundred thousand d'Jlnrs, and to la* lo-
I eated in the borough of Towunda, in the county of Brad
j lord. July 1. 1856,—6111.
; -i. Y application will be made at the next session of the
1 legislature of Pennsylvania, for the incorporation of a
! bank to fie called the" KEYSTONE BANK, with banking
j privileges of Issue, Discount and Deposit, with a capital
I of one hundred thousand dollars, with the right to increase
' the capital stock to two hundred thousand dollars, and to
be located in the borough of Athens, in the county of
Athens. Pa.. July 1, 1536.—6 m.
Stuttering and Stammering Cured !
DR. T. I). JKWHTT has taken rooms at
the W ARD HOUSE, where be will remain from the
j 3d to the 2 Ith of JULY, and receive persons afflicted with
j the above difficulty, and cure them of the same without
I pain or surgical tqicration. The following letter will show
; in what high estimation the Doctor is held where he has
j been and practised this wonderful art:
MKADSVII.LE, Dec. 21, 1855.
Dr. T. D. JEWKTT— Dear Sir : I take the opportunity to
write to you, and express my gratitude for the great
! change yon have produced iu the speech of my son. 1
would have been willing to pay you double the amount
which I did—yes, ten times rather than have him back
| where lie was before you saw bim. lie is no more that
, stuttering and stammering lad of Judge Fuller's, but lie is
1 now a plain, distinct spoken boy, that's not ashamed to
] -peak to any oue. And I hope you will persevere in your
course, aud you will ever have the goodwill of
Your humble servant,
Watches, Jewelry and Fancy Goods.
' \ M. W A RNER has just reeeivuil a large
l \ • and splendid assortment of WATCHES. JEWEL
RY ,V FANCY GOODS, which are offend for -ale on the
lowest terms. Call at Warner's, Main st. above Bridge.
Towanda, July 8,1856.
I" ™ / just received by BAILEY' ft N'EVINS.
i- hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Maiviua A. Rogers, deceased, late of Canton twp..
are hereby requested to make payment without delav;
and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Jnlv 1. 1856. Administrator.
T.\- i- hereby given, that all pcr-on- indebted t*> the es
tate of SAMUEL STEY ENS, deed, late of Pike towu
twp, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate will
I please jiresent litem dnlv authenticated for settlement.
July 1, 1856. Administratrix.
MACKINAW TROUT—Some very fine
. ones in half Uirrels,also Mackerel in half and quar
ter crt rels, at jl- FOX S.
_l_ County, ss. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
To the Sheriff of Bradford County, Greeting : We com
mand that you attrch Patrick Maddon, late of your coun
ty, by all and -imrular his good- and chatties, lands and
tenements, moneys, rights aud credits, in whoso hands or
pos-ession soever the same may be. so that lie 1* and ap
pear before our court of Common Pleas, to be hidden at
the borough of Towauda, in and for said county, on the
tir-t Monday of September next, there to answer Whitman
Phillips and Elijah Sheddon in a plea of trespass on the
ease upon promissory note, Ac., not exceeding three lmu
dred dollars, and that you summon all persons in who-e
hands or possession the siiid goods, chatties, moneys,right?
and credits or any of them may lie attached, so that they
and every of them he and appear lelbre -aid court, at the
day and place aforesaid, to answer what shall he objected
against tliein, and abide thejudgmeut of the Court there
in ; and have you then and there this writ.
[L. s.J Witness the honorable David Wilmot, President
of our said court, at the borough of Towunda afurcsaid,the
26th day of May, A. I). 1856.
ALLEN M'KEAN, Prothoiiotary.
The Sheriff is directed to attach a certain, lot, piece or
parcel of land situate in the township of (iwrtori. Brad
ford county aforesaid, and is also direet*d to publish a co
py of the writ in this case for six weeks in the Bradford
Reporter and also in the Bradford Argus, paper- publish
ed in said county. Order made by Judge in vacation.
July 7. A. M'KEAN. Prot.
SHERIFFS SALE. -By virtue of a writ
O of li. la. issued out of the court of common pleas of
Bradford County, and to me directed, will be exposed to
public -ale at the Court House in the borough of Towan
da, t one o'clock P. M.. of Monday, Angust 11th, 1856,
a piece or parcel of land situate iu Athens township, and
bounded north by lands of Ira Elsl rce, Krastiis YYoleqtt
and others ; we-'l by hinds lielonging to the estate or heirs
of Mary Caton : smith by Ira Klsbrcc and Bnrnsidc ;
and east by land of Ira Elubree. Containing about 250
acres niorn or less, about inn acres improved, one frame
house, one frame bflrn, one corn house, and two apple or
ehard- thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James El
dridge, now to the use of Francis fylcr vs. James I lionip- ,
son. J. A. CODDING, Sheriff.
Sheriff"- Office, Towanda, July 8, 1856.
JIST OF LETTERS, reraaiuiug in tliu F.
J O- at TOWANDA, July 1, 1856.
Beloud Henry Kennedy Patrick
Barten Win. Kenny Marvan
Bennett Orrin N. l-ane Daniel
Beizer W. Manold Henry
Bogar J. i>. M'Crneken Sarah
Baldwin HeiiEyC M'GiUH. W.
lb Ist Wick Madison M'Doneli Denis.
Bowman D M Meehan Daniel
Bowman Clarissa 2 Musselman Jacob
Barrett James Newel! Albert
Beers Louisa A Beckham Giles
Brav Anne Piatt Elizabeth
Connelly John Power Joseph
Cipp Mrs. FA Rogers
Collins John Root Augustus
Coolbaugh John M Scovill Harriet
Ciirren Almira E. Streoter Orlando
Decker Eiuily Scott Catherine
Denis Mary Scott John H.
Duiidon John Snook Tunis
Foster Lot 2 Scott llcniy
Fox Wm. Sch ley el Nikolai
Gr-dis Joel Sailor John
Golf Win. Taylor II J
liorre A S Thompson Ellen
liaverlv Daniel J Thompson Mrs. Elizabeth
Hughes Thomas Updyke Hamilton
Morton Richard \\ arnor Jacob.
Morton l'helie Whitney Alonzo
Horrell Isaac Wuud Nolde P.
Ifungerford Isi<*v K. Young B. F.
Jones Em " Vandyke James
Vankurin John G.
Persons calling for an* of these letters please mention
♦hoc h," adMitiMd H C P"RTLi; P M 1
Cegl QVboertiemeuts.
Proposing Amendments to the Constitution of
the Commonwealth.
R'°iv*tl by the Senate and House of Representative,
oj the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assem
bly nut, I but tbe following amendments are proposed to
the constitution of the commonwealth. in accordance with
the provisions ol the tenth article thereof.
There shall be an additional article to said constitution
to be designated as article eleven, as follows
. ACTIOS 1. The state may etc tract debts, to supply
casual deficits or failures in revenues, or to meet expen
ses not otherwise provided lor ; but the aggregate amount
of such debts direct and contingent, whether contracted
by y.'rtue of one or more acts of the general assembly, or
at different periods of time, shall never exceed sevenhnn
(lied aud fitty thousand dollar*. and the money arising
from the creation of audi debts, whall le applied to the
purpose tor which it was obtained, or to repay the debts
so contracted, add to no other purpose whatever.
SUCTION 2. In addition to the above limited power the
state may eoutract debts to repel invasion, suppress in
surrection, defend the state in war, or to redeem the pre
sent outstanding indebtedness of the state : but the mo
ney arising from the coutraeting of such debts, shall be
uppiied to tiie purpose for which it was raised, or to re
pay such debts, and to no oiher purpose whatever.
SECTION 3. Except the debts above specified, in seo
tuuis one and two of tlua article, no debt whatever shall
be created by, or on behalf of the state.
SECTION 1. To provide for the payment of the present
debt, and any additional debt contracted w aforesaid, the
legislature shall, at its first session, alter the adoption of
the- amendment, create a sinking fund, which shall be
sufficient to pay the accruing iutcrest on such debt, and
annually to reduce the principal thereof by a sum not less
than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars : which sink
ing fund shall consist of the net annual income of the
public works, from Time to time owned by the state, or
the proceeds of the sale of the same, or any part there
of, and of the income or proceeds of sale of stocks owned
by the state, together with other funds, or resources, that
may be designated by law. The said sinking fund mavis?
increased, troru time to time, by assigning to it any part
ol the taxes, or otliar revenues of the state, not required
tor the ordinary and current expenses of government .and
unless in case of war, invasion or insurrection, no part of
the said sinking fund shall be used or applied otherwise
than in extinguishment of the public dept, until the
amount of such debt is reduced below the sum of five mil
lions of dollars.
SECTION 5. The credir of the commonwealth shall not
in any manner, or event, be pledged, or loaned to, any in-
I dividual, company, corporation, or association ; nor shall
I the commonwealth hereafter become a joint owner, or
i stockholde, in any company, association, or corporation.
I .SECTION ti. The commonwealth shall not assume the
debt, or any part thereof, of any county, city, borough,or
township; or of any corporation, or association; unless
I such debt shall have becu contracted to enable the state
I to repel invasion, suppress domestic insurrection, defend
I itself in time of war, or to assist the state in the discharge
ol any portion of its present indebtedness.
SECTION 7. The legislature shall not authorize any
I county, city, borough, township, or incorporated district,
I by virtue of a vote of its citizens, or otherwise, to become
■ a stockholder in any company, association, or corporation;
or to obtain money for, or loan its credit to, any corpora
tion, association, institution, or party.
There shall be an additional article to said constitution,
to be designated as article XII, as follows :
No county shall be divided by a line cutting off over
one tenth of its population, (either to form a new county
or otherwise.) without the express assent of such county,
by a vote ot the electors thereof; nor shall any uew coun
ty tic established, containing less than four huudrcd square
From section two ot the first article of the constitution,
strike out the words, " oj the city of I'hiladtlphia. ami of
each county respectively from section five, same article,
strike out the words, " of Philadelphia and of the several :
counties;" from section seven, same article, strike out i
the W'ords, " neither the city of Philadcljihia nor any,"
and insert in lieu thereof the words, •* and no and
strike out section four, same article, and in lieu thereof
insert the following:
" SECTION 1. In the year one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-four, and in every seventh year thereafter, rep
resentatives to the number of one hundred, shall be ap
portioned and distributed equally, throughout the state,
by districts, in proportion to the number of taxable in- !
habitants in the several parts thereof; except that any '
county containing at least three thousand five hundred J
taxables, may be allowed a separate representation ; but ;
no more than three counties shall la* joined, and no coun
ty shall be divided, in the formation of a district. Any i
city containing a sufficient number of taxables to entitle !
it to at least two representatives, shall have a separate |
representation assigned it, and shall lie divided into con
venient districts of contiguous territory, of equal taxable
population as near as may be, each of which districts shall
elect one representative.
At the end of section seven, same article, insert these
word", " the city of Philadelphia shall he divided into sin
gle senatorial districts, of contiguous territory as nearly
ei/ual in tacable population as possible j but no icard shall
lie divided in the formation thereof."
The legislature, at its first session, after the adoption
of this amendment, shall divide the city of Philadelphia
into senatorial and representative districts, in the manner
above provided ; such districts to remain unchanged un
til the apportionment in the year one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty-four.
To be section XX VI, Article I.
The legislature shall have the power to alter, revoke.or
annul, any charter of incorporation hereafter conferred
by. or under, any special, or general law, whenever in
their opinion it may lie injurious to the citizens of the
commonwealth ; in such manner, however, that no in
justice shall lie done,to the corporators.
IN SENATE. April 21, 1556.
Resolved. That this resolution pass. On the first amend
ment, yeas 21, nays On the second amendment, veas
Pj, nays On the third amendment, yeas 28, nays I.
On the fourth amendment, yeas 23, nays 4.
Extract front the Journal.
April 21, 1856. (
Resolved, That this resolution pass. On the first amend
ment. yoas 72. nays 21. On the second ameedment. yeas
i;;t, nays 25. On tin* third amendment, yeas 04, nays 25 ;
and on fourth amendment, yeas titl, navs lit.
Extract from the Journal. WM. JACK, Clerk.
Filed April 21, 1850. iSec' the Commonwealth.
Harritburg, June 27, 1856. )
Pennsylvania is :
1 do certify that the above and foregoing is a true and
correct correct copy ot the original " Resolution relative
to an amendment of the Constitution" as the same re
mains on tile in this office.
; • • v In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
; L. S. ;hand and caused to Is* affixed the seal of the Sec-
retarv's Office, the day and vear almve written.
A'. G. CURTiN,
Sxrretvry of the Commonxvealth.
IN SENATE, April 21,1856.
Resolution proposing amendments to the Constitution
of the Commonwealth, being under consideration,
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the first amendment ?
Tin* yeas and navs were taken agreeably to the provisions
of the Constitution, and were as follows, viz :
YEAS— Messrs. Browne. Ruckalew. Cressweli. Evans,
Ferguson, Flennikcn, Hnge, Ingram, Jamison, Knox*,
I.aubach, Lewis. M'Clintock, Price. Sellers, Sltiiman,
Souther, Struub, Taggart, Walton, Welsh, Wherry, Wil
kins and Piatt, Speaker -21.
X AYS —Messrs. Crabb, Gregg, Jordan, Mellinger and
So the question was determined in the affirmative.
On the question.
Will tnc Senate agree to the second amendment ?
The veas and nays were taken agreeably to the provis
ions of the Constitution and were as follows, viz :
YEAS Messrs. Browne. Bnckalew, Cressweli, Evans,
Hogo. Ingram. Jamison, Knox, l.abauch, la* wis, M'Clin
tock. Sellers, Shnnian, Souther, Strauh, Walton, Welsh,
Wherry and Wilkins—l'J.
NAVS —Messrs. Crabb, Ferguson, Gregg, Pratt, Price
and Piatt, Speaker-— 6.
S<> the question was determined in the affirmative.
On the question.
Will tin* Senate agree to the third amendment ?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the Consti
tution, and were as follows, viz :
YEAS— Messrs. Browne. Hue kale w, Crabb, Cressweli.
Evans, Kerguson, Flennikcn, lloge, Ingram, Jamison,
Jordan. Knox, LauUiiieh, Lewis, M'Clintock, Mellinger,
Pratt. Price. Sellers. Shtiman. Souther. Str.uib, Taggart,
Walton. Welsh, Wlierrv, Wilkins and Piatt, Speaker—V*.
X A vs—M r. T ! regg— 1 .
So the question was determined in the affirmative.
On the question.
Will the Senate agree to the fourth amendment ?
The yeas ami nays were taken agreeably to the Consti
tution. and were as follows, viz :
YEAS— Messrs. Browne, Bnckalew. Cressweli, Evans.
Flenniken. lfoge, Ingram, Jamison. Jordan. Knox, l-au
bach, Lewis. M'Clintock. lhrice, Sellers,Shaman,Souther,
Strauh. Walton, Welsh, Wherry, Wilkiusand Piatt, Spea ,
ker —23.
\AYS Messrs. Crabb, Gregg. Mellinger and Pratt—4.
So the question was determined in the affirmative.
Journal of the House of Representatives, April 21,1856. ,
The yeas and navs were taken agreeably to the provis
ions of the Constitution, and on the first proposed amend
ment, were as follows, viz : , i
YEAS— Messrs. Anderson. Backns. Raldwin, Ball, Beck,
(1 vioming.) Beck. (York.) Rernhard. Boyd. Rover, Bu
chanan. Brown, Brush. Calkwell, Camnbcll.Cartv,Craig.
Crawford, Dnwdall, Edinger, Fausohl, Foster. Gctz,
Haines. Hamel, Harper, Hcins, Hihbs, Hill, Hillegas.Hip
pie HoJvomb, Hunsecker, Imbrie, Ingham, lnnis, Irwin
Johns. Johnw.n, Laporte. Leho, Loujiakcr. Lovett, M'Cal
iipmt M 1 arthv, M'Conib, Maugb Me near Miller, Mont- I
Legal Hd##rtiißcnto.
gomery, Moorbead, Xuiineiiiacher, Orr, Pearson. Phelps,
T'urwll. KuMJ-ey, Reed, Kciulmld, Kiddle, Roberts, Shenk,
Smith, (Allegheny,) Smith, (Cumbria,) Smith. (Wyo
ming, Strouse, Thompson. Vail, Whallou. Wright, (Dau
phin,) Wright, (Luzerne,) Zimmerman and Wright, Spea
NAYS —Messrs. Augustine, Barry, Clover, Cobourn,
Dock, Fry, Fulton, Gaylord, Gibbouey, Hamilton, Han
cock, Housekeeper, Htineker, Leisenring, Magee, Mauley,
Morris, Mumtna, Pattersuir, Salisbury, Smith, (Philadel
phia.) Walter, Wintrode and Yearsley—24.
So th?question was determined in'the affirmative.
On the question,
Will the House agree to the second amendment ?
The yeas and nays were taken, and were as follows,
via :
YEAS—MESSRS. Anderson, Backus. Baldwin, Ball. Beck,
(Lycoming.) Beck, (York,) Bcrnhard, Boyd, Brown,
Brush. Buchanan. Caldwell, Campbell, Catty,Craig,Kaus
old, Poster, Getz_, Haines, Haiucl, Harper, .Ileins, liibbs,
Hill, Hillegas, Hippie, Holcomb, Hunseeker, Imbrie, Ing
lium . Ihiiis, Irwin, .lolins, Johnson, Laporte. Lebo. Long
ukcr, Lovett, M'Calmont, M'Carthy, M'Cumb, Mangle,
Menear. Miller, Montgomery, Moorbead, Nunnemaclier.
Orr, Pearson, Pnrcell, Ramsey. Reed, Reinhotd, Riddle,
Roberts, Shenk, Smith, Allegheny.) Strouse, Vail, Wbal
lon, Wright, (Luzerne,) Zimmerman, and Wright, Spea
NAYS — Messrs. Augustine. Barry, Clover, Kdinger. Fry,
Fulton, Gaylord, Gibboney. Hamilton, Hancock. Huncker.
Leisenring, Magee, Manley, Morris, Momma, Patterson,
Phelps. Salisbury, Smith, (Cambria,) Thompson, Walter,
Wintrnde, Wright, (Dauphin.) and Yeursley—2s.
So the question was determined in the affirmative.
On the nuestiou,
V\ ill the House agree to the third amendment ?
The yeas and nays were taken, and were as follows,
viz :—
\ KAS- -Messrs. Anderson, Backus, Baldwin, Ball, Berk,
(Lycoming,) Beck, (York.) Bernhard, Boyd, Boyer, Bu
chanan. Brown, Caldwell, Campbell, Carty, Craig. Craw
lord, Kdinger, Fausold, Poster, Pry, Gctz," Haines, Hamel,
Harper Heins, Hibbs, Hill, Hillegas, Hippie, Holcomb,
Housekeeper, Imbrie, Ingham, iuiiis. in\ in, Johns, John
son, Laporte, Leho, Longaker, Lovett, M'Calmont, Me-
Comb, Maugle, Menear, Miller, Montgomery, Xuuueuiaeh
er. Orr, Pearson, Phelps, Pureoll, Kamsey, I'eed, Riddle,
Shenk, Smith, (Allegheny,) Smith, (Cambria.) Smith,
(Wyoming.) Thompson, Whallou, Wright, (L)auphin,)
Wright. (Luzerne.) and Zimmerman —64.
NAYS —Messrs. Barry, Clover, Cobourn, 1 >oek ,DO wdal l ,
Pulton, Gaylord, Gibboney, Hamilton, Hancock, Huneker,
Leisenring, M'Carthy, Magee, Manley Moorbead, Morris,
Patterson, Keiuhold. Roberts. Sals bury, Walter, Wintrode,
Y earsley and Wright, Speaker —2s.
So the question was determined in the affirmative.
On the question,
Will the House agree to the fourth amendment?
The yeas and nays were taken, and were us follows,
) EAS — Messrs. Anderson, Backus, Ball, Beck. (I.ycom
"'!?,) Beck, (York.) Bernhard, Boyd, Boyer, Brown, Bu
chanan, Brush. Caldwell, Campbell, Carty, Craig, Craw
ford, Ilowdall, Kdinger, Fausold, Poster, Pry,Getz, Ham
el, Harper, Heins, Hibbs, Ilill, Hillegas, Hippie Holcomb,
Housekeeper, Huuseeker, Imbrie, Innis, Irwin, Johnson,
Laporte, L.ebo, Longaker, Lovett. M'Calmont, M'Carthy,
M Comb, Maugle, Menear, Miller, Montgomery, Moorbead,
Xuiiuemacher, Orr, Pearson, Phelps, L'ureell, Bamsey,
Reed, Rein bold. Riddle, Rotjerts, Shenk, Smith, (Cumbria)
Smith, (Wyoming.) Thompson . Vail, Walter, Whallon,
Wright, (Luzerne,) Ycar.-ley, Zimmerman and Wright.
Speaker —69.
N AYS— Messrs. Barry, Clover, Cobourn, Fulton, Cibbo
ney, Haines, Hancock, Huneker, Ingham, Leisenring,Ma
gee. Mauley, Morris, Patterson, Salisbury and Wintrode
So the question was determined in the affirmative.
Harrisburg, June 27, IKSG. (
Pennsylvania, ss :
I do certify that the above and foregoing is a true and
correct copy of the " Yeas" and "Nays" taken on the
Resolution proposing amendments to the Constitution of
the Commonwealth, AS the same appears on the Journals
of the two Houses of the General Assembly of this Corn
wealth' for tlie session of 1856.
[L.S.J Witness my hand atltl the seal of said office,
this twenty-seventh day of June, one thousand eight hun
dred and fifty-six. A. O. ( URTI.Y,
Secretary of the I 'ommonin alth.
EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. —Notice is here
by given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of CYPRIAN BARNES, deceased, late of Orwell
Tw|>., are requested to make payment without delay; ami
those having demands against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
June 21, 1 *56. Executors.
UXECUTOK'S NOTlCE.—Notice isliere
' by given that letters testamentary upon the estate
of Samuel Huston, dco'D., late ollTowamla boro', have been
granted to the subscribers. All persons indebted to Said
estate arc hereby requested to make immediate payment,
and those having any claims upon said estate to present
them duly attested for settlement.
June 24. I*"> 6. Executrix.
-TV is hereby given that all persons indebted to the es
tate of SAM'L C. QUICK, deceased, late of Asylum
township, to make immediate payment, and all persons
having demands against said estate, w ill present them du
ly authenticated for settlement.
June 10, 1656, Administrator.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate ot Luther Roekwell, dee'd., late of Troy township,
are hereby requested to make payment without delay: ami
all persons having claims against said estate will please
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
June 10, 1(456. Administrators.
-L\. IS hereby given that all persons indebted to the es
tate ot 1.1 DWIG R1 N'KBOLD, dee'D., late of Overton twp.
to make immediate payment, and all persons having de
mands against said estate, will present them duly authen
ticated for settlement.
EDWARD RIXEBOLD, Administrator.
Overton, June IS, 1856.
AIDI TO R'S NOTICE.—/ the matter of
the folate of J. J. 11'arford deceased. In the Or
phan's Court of Bradford County.
Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned. Auditor
appointed by said I 'ourt, to distribute funds in the hands
ol the \diuinistrators of said estate, will attend to the
duties of his appointment, at his office, in the borough
of TowanUa. on Monday, the 30th day of June, L 856. at
one o'clock, I\ NL, when and where all persons having
claims upon said funds must prvscut them, or else he for
ever debarred front the ,-aine.
May 20. 1856. G. If. WATKINS. Auditor.
A DMIN'RS. NOTICE.—AII naßßpßg in-
IL deUed to the estate of OWEN CAKR. deceased,
late of HKItRICK township, are hereby notified to make
payment without delay, and all persons having demands
against said estate are requested to present them duly au
thenticated for settlement. NANCY CAKR,
February 26. 1856. Adinistratrix.
A EDITOR'S NOTICE - In the Orffmnif
TV Court. tin he matter of the estate of Amos Green,
The undersigned Auditor, appointed to distribute the
funds in the hands of the administrators, raised by sale of
real estate, tvil! attend to the duties of said appointment
at the office of WM. Elwrll, in the borough of Towanda,
on Monday, the 21st day of July, 1856. at 2 O'clm k. P. M.,
at which iiuie and place all persons having claims upon
said nriney must present them, or et-R be forever de
barred from the same. 11. It. M'KEAN,
June in. 1856. Auditor.
ance of an order of the Court of Common Pleas of
Bradford County, there will be exposed to public sale on
the premises, at 2 o'clock I*. M. of the 19th day of JULY
next, the following described tract of laud to w it : A lot
of alsiiit 11J acres SITUATE in the township of Ridgbery,
bounded on the west by land of Jacob Richardson, north
by laud of Perrin Biirnliaiu, east by land of Sandford
Richardson, south by land of Jacob Richardson, with
about nine acres improved and a small young orchard
thereon grow ing. TO TIC sold as the property of James
Evans. 2d. a lunatic. I>. 1\ HILDIIETH, Committee.
Ridgbery. June 9, 1856.
1 V is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate ot Tims. A. Strong, dee'd. late of Wells tp. are re
quested to make payment without delay; and all persons
having claims against said estate, must present them duly
authenticated for settlement, to the snbsertlters.
February'!. 1856. Administrators.
actmd measurriniml anil surrey throughout the Conn
ty, made under the direction of J. I f. Ft AFt K A' R . The
subscriber will publish shortly a NEW \N COMPLETE MAT
OF litis IIFORO CMCNTV. The'survevs are now in progress.
All tlie Public Roads. Railroads. Stations, Post Offices.
Churches, Schoid Houses, Stores, Shops. Mills. Private
and Pnblic Houses, fee., an- to he shown on the Map. in
addition to the usual topography o| Rivers, Creeks, I'onds
and Mountains. The names of the property holders gen
erally, including those in the County who subscribe in
advance to the Map, are also to lie inserted in their res|iee
tive places.
scale, will IK- inserted in the margin. Also views of pub
lie buildings and private residences.
No more Maps will tie published than subscribed for,
and at only one price.
The Map will contain some 16 or 18 square ('< et. To be
engraved and delivered to sabscribers handsomely colored
North Hcetor, N. Y . May 2*. 1656.
DRS. G. M. & G. P. CADY would respect
fully announce to their friends and the public thai
they have ju-t opened a new and extensive DRUG STORK
at NICHOLS, N. Y. Their stock is new and carefully
selected, and consists of
Drug's, Medicines, Chemicals, Paints,
among which are lead, zinc, chrome green and yellow,
india red, vermflnon. Ac. Oils and Varnishes,
a variety. Dye-stuffs, including logwood,
camwood, fustic, cudbear, gran
ulated tin, indigo, Ac.
BRUSHES for paint, hair, hat,
clothes, shoe, teeth, fee. Window glass,
putty, caujpheue, burning fluid, alcohol; tan
ner's oil: very pure LIQUORS for medicinal purposes ;
Patent Medicines, perfumery. Lupin's
Extracts for the handkerchief ;
Taney Articles, Yankee Notions,
Snuff, Cigars, Ac. Ac.
To Physicians our stock offers inducements as being of
the beat quality, carefully selected, and sold cheap.
Give us a call, and see if you can purchase as cheap
elsewhere. G. M. & G. P. CADY.
Nichols, June 13, 1856.
J -i at the store of 11. S. MEKCUR.
HAS been newly painted and refitted entire, and will
commence regular trips between T'oW ANDA AND
ATHENS, on MONDAY, the 9thinst.
Coaches will leave WaVcrly for the boat every morning
after the arrival ol the night and moming trains, messen
gers reaching Towauda in time for the stages south.
Going North, the packet will leave Towanda, at 1 o'-
clock, I'. M., enabling passengers to take any of the even
ing or night trains. POWELL A SMITII,
June 5, 1856. Proprietors.
Passengers for the West can procure through tick
ets for all points, both by Railroad and Steamboat, by ap
ply ing to the Captain on the boat, or either ol' the propi i
etors at the Ward House.
kT School Directors can be supplied with copies of the
School Law at the office of WM. ('. BOG ART, Esq.. of
Towanda Borough ; and also, with copies of the Report
ot the Superintendent of Common Schools, with the Ap
pendix—the latter embracing the Reports of the different
County Superintendents.
Such school boards of tlie County as have not been sup
plied with the " School House Architecture," can procure
a copy at the same place by leaving a receipt for the
same. This is a valuable work, and only one copy can
be supplied to each district. It is intended for the school
board, and not for any one individual, and it is expected
the book will be carefully preserved.
Mr. BOUAKT is the Secretary of the borough board, and
lie kindly offers to distribute the above documents for tlie
County Superintendent, whose residence is live miles from
the County town.
June 9,*1856. E. GUYEIt, Co. Sop't.
Another Largo Arrival of
HS. MKRCUR is now receiving the largest, best n
. sorted, und most desirable stock of Goods that has
yet been offered in Towanda. Consisting of everv variety
Crockery and (//ass ware, Bouts and Shoes.
Hats, Caps, St ante (Jowls, Carpets, Mat
tings, 1 1 ooden-icare, Groceries, Paints,
II indotv-Cluss, Oils,\aUs,lruti,
Steel, Pish, leather,
which will IK? sold at wholesale or retail at very low pri
ces. Tin- public are very respectfully requested to exam
ine the Stock.
Towanda, April 21, 1856.
Y_/ and beautiful assortment of Crockery and Glassware,
fust received by may 12 H. S. MKRCUR.
I L A large additional stock of Common and Saddlery-
Hardware, Joiner's Tools, Carriage Trimmings, Iron, Steel
and Nails, just received by " H. h. MERC'UR.
MOSBS T. CARRIER, Proprietor.
fTUIE Proprietor having recently leased the tavern stand
X familiarly known as the OLD MEANS STAND, situ
ate in the lower portion of this village, on Mutn-st., takes
pleasure in informing the public that this hotel has been
thoroughly fitted up. painted, papered, Ac., and furnish
ed with good furniture, with otln-r important changes for
the convenience and accommodation of citizens and tra
A nd further, the proprietor begs leave to av. that from
the experience lie has had in the business.he Hatters him
self that he is capable of catering to the wants of all who
will favor hi in with tln-ir patronage. It is his determina
tion to please the most fastidious at all hours.
The most accommodating assistants always in atten
dance. Please call ami try us.
Towanda. May 20, 1856.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Butler Sill, deceased, late of Derrick Town
ship, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
April 7. 1850. CHARLES STT.L. Admin'r.
rpiMOTIF V SEED—A quantity for sale at
A the spire of jet H. S. MKRCUR.
FJTHK Mibsrrilier gratefully announces his thanks for the
X lils-ral patronage received during the past year, and
respectfully solicits a con tin nan re of the trade, which he
will endeavor to merit by keeping his Stock continually
replenished by CASH purchasrs, with a large and pure
assortment of GOIHIS. which several years experience has
enabled him to " buy at the lowest rates" of the " Impor
ters and Manufacturers"—by selling low—by adopting the
CASH SYSTEM entirely, and by making a general rediic
tion of price*.
Consequently, the creijit system will cease on and after
the first day of January. 1856.
#- All persons indebted are requested to make imme
diate payment. 11. C. POR'I'KIL
Office and Drug Store in South end of the Ward House.
December 2n. 1855.
Now Prices ami New Goods!
\T the Corner of Main and Bridge streets, in Pulton's
New Block, where they will exhibit and offer for sale
a splendid stock of DRY GOODS : consisting of the latest
styles of Ladies' Dress Silks, such as plain black, watered,
laventine brocade. Ac., changeable, China and plaid silk,
a splendid style of striped pongee silk, of all colors and
shades. A splendid stock of Crape, Siik, Stella, and
printed Cashmere SHAWLS: a regular assortment of
DRESS GOODS, consisting of challys. de laines, horages.
lawns. Ac., from aSO cent calico dress pattern up to a f7
silk dress. In DOMESTICS, our assortment is complete;
we have a large stock of prints, ginghams, checks, tick
ings, bleached and unbleached muslins, Ac. Also a splen
did assortment ot EMBROIDERIES, such as French
needlework collars, sleeves, Swiss and jaconet bouncings,
needlework edgings and insertings, linen thread laces,
cotton embroidered lace curtains, jaconets, dotted mulls,
grospart muslins. Arc., too numerous to mention.
We have also an elegant assortment of Honnets, Rib
bons, Homers and Hinders, Head-dresses, hair fronts,
hair lira ids. fee. to which we invite the attention of I 'oun
try Milliners and the Ladies in particular.
All of the above articles we feel assured we can offer to
the public at astonishingly low prices, and arc deterniiu
ed not to lie undersold by any establishment this side of
New York city. We would invite the citizens of Brad
ford county and elsewhere, to give us a call and examine
our stock, and satisfy themselves about our prices before
purchasing el-cwlicre. It is a true saying. " a penny sav
ed is two earned."
To the GENTLEMEN in particular we will say that in
connexion with the above, we have a regular Tailoring
establishment in the city of New-York, and have taken
particular pains to get up a splendid stock of SPRING
AND SUMMER CLOTHING, which we offer to yon at
prices unsurpa.-sed at any otln-r establishment- linr as
sortment in this branch consists of Infant's, Boy's and
Men's Wear: al-o a general stock of Gentlemen's Fu rn -
i'hiug GIHHIS, sm h as Shirts. Collars. Cravats, Stocks,
Socks, Sn-pernlcrH, Ac. Also, a general assortment of
Hats. We are prepared to take measures for nice suits, ;
and furnish them on short notice and warrant them a I
good tit and satisfactory in every respect. In short, all
the goods sold by us will lie warranted, and exchanged or
taken back if required. We flatter ourselves that we have !
one ol the best cutters in tlie city, and sonic of the iK-st '
workmen employed, and can give satisfaction to the public. )
Refi-renee of our lirin can be had from Renj. Bentlev.
Alls-rt Chamberlm. L. Senile. Wm. K. Hatch, R. B. Little, !
John K. Dean, Esqrs,. Montrose, Pa.
fowuiiihi. Api il 9. Is.ui.
V_' SHLLI LliS, tor - ale 1-y H. S MLKCL'R. |
& c.
is N)U IfflCfcn Ing an xe lent-j-sortmcut of gent ,
JJ boy a, Indies . children* Mul ins-es' A fitful
ES. Also, Shoo Peg*, 1 ad, linings unl i unlui/s lo
Winch lie invites public attention.
*" All iiersons having uiisetth-d account* or notes doe
the .subrtenber. are inv ileal lo m )k* payment. 1 hoec con
venient may call on G. Frisbie, v-q. or 1". Humphrey, in
Orwell, prevtmis to the 15th of February next. after which
time delinquents may expert special invitations to visit
Towanda. J. D. lit MPIIP.EY.
Towanda, Jnhuary 'J, 1
A-- a If you procurt of I)K. H. C. I'OBTER,
Sentli store in the Ward House,
Equally adapted to Loaves, Hot lb>lls. Biscuit, Huekwlicat
ntid-ether Griddle Fakes, GtfigP-bread, till kinds of Sweat
• 'tikes. Batter lor Dumplings, 1' tddiugs, I'ot pics. Ac. Ac
l'riee rents. March 2'J.
lOSHI'II K INGSBEL.Y hits jnst returned
•J from New York with an stuck of
lor the early trade, and those wishing to get their spring
clothing made up in season ran find the most choice ma
terials at his store. Towauda, MHIVII
K. J'. I-'()X
IS now receiving a tine stock of GROCE
RIES and PIU4 VISIONS which will lie sold at the
very lowest price. He is also anxious to buy for C" \SII
any quantity of Butter. Kgp.! .atxi and good Wheat, nt
the highest market price. Will those who want to buy
or who have product- to sell ple isc give him a cull?
AM'iW STOCK. OF TEAS, warranted as
u-ual to give anti-faction, or the money returned.
Also. Sugar, i'otfee, Molasses, and in fact most everv
thiug ju the Grocery line, for si le cheap at FOX'S.
DRIEI) PEACHES, n few very nice ones,
also Dried Herries at * POX'S
/ CANDLES, both Sperm ami Tallow by the
yj box or pound, nt FOX'S.
FLOUR of different qualities, Corn Meal,
Bran and < 'hop. Also mine very extra Family
Flour warranted ol superior qui lit v for sale at F >XS.
MESS P< >R K, Cheese, Hams, Lard, Brooms,
and an asaoitment of Wo. den W are at FOX'S.
BUSHELS goo J Potatoes wanted
Jl "* . ".immediately at K< >X'S.
FpXTRACTS for flavoring, for sale cheat)
J nt FOX'S.
FRLSII PEACHES and Tomatoes, in cans,
warranted perfectly fre-L it FOX'S.
ORANGES, Lemons, Nuts, Figs, Raisins,
Bruues, Dates, Citron, ant otiier fruit in their sea
son at FOX'S.
\,\ H ITE FISH, in barrels, half barrels and
1 * by the pound, at snyll FOX'S.
J J). HUMPHREY' is just receiving age
• m ral assortment of BOOTS A SHOES, suitable for
the spring trade.
A No. an excellent assortment of LEATHER, comprising
I*o sides Sole Leather. !•'.) sides Fpper, '2OO Calf Skins,
together with a general stoed ft kippa, Linings A Kmd
'"V s . _____ . iowanda, April 3,185 C.
N E W G O () D S .
George Ifichols
IS now receiving n very large and general assortment of
MERCHANDIZE, among vvl ieh may lie found a splen
did variety of plain and fancy Silks, Tissues. Bareges.
Challies. Organdies. Lawns, Muslins, and other DRESS
GOODS : crape silk, broeha, Stella, cashmere and printed
Shawls, Mantillas. Window ib-y r- Linen and Embroid
dered edgings, silk, straw and i'aney Hon note: Broad
cloths, C'a-simeres, Veatings, aid all styles of Nt.miner
Cloths, Hats, Caps, Boot-, Shoos, C.npetings, Crockery,
Glassware. Drugs, Medicines. DvestiilVs.Oils, Faints. Hani
ware. Iron, Nails, Class, Wooden ware, Groceries, Ac., all
of whit h will be gold on the most reasonable terms for
cash or trade. Home, May fi. 1
lightning rods!
tTMIK siih-criber having had two years'experience in the
J. Lightning Boil trade, in nbil about Philadelphia, has
now commenced the business in Bradford ami adjoining
• utilities. He will lo hii.-iucss near home, and use noth
ing but the hesf arti.-le of Rod Mud I'lalintipoints, all war
ranted such, and elected in the ni'.st perfect and substan
tial manner, and as strictly upon scientific principles as
any line of telegrash. Persons wi.-hing their families ami
property protected from this destroying agent call do so
by applying to the subscriber at Lekaysville.
T.eßavsville, May 13, T*M. ' p. GREGORY.
[^ISII.— No. 1 ami Mm kcrel and Codfish,
"V nmylt MERGER'S-
* at M. K. SOLOMON'S Clothing Store, one door
Sfiuth of Mereiir's stnnL Towandn. May 20. 15,50.
-FA. A Shoes and Findings now receiving at
Aug- 2'L ls..ih HUMPHREY'S.
COLE EITII ER Just receiving' an ex
-0 cellent lot of superior Rf LE LE ATHER, to whit h
public, attention is respertliillv invited.
Nov. 22. 1835. ' J. H. HI MPHREV.
B KINGSBURY A SDN beg leave to call the atten
• tion of their friends and customers, as wellasull oth
ers, both Jew and Gentile, wis ling to Ituy Goods ('HEAP,
to their well st lech tl stock ol FOREIGN AND DO
AI EST I(' DRY fit >o/)S. cc nsi-ting of a great variety
of /antics < rooilx, .Silk* Shatrl*. Dr l.ahics. Chat
lies. liurcjtrs. Cluimbrays, IMCIIS, Brilliantes, etc., etc.
Also, a choice selection of Merrimac, C'hocheco, and
other styles of lost-colored l'ri its.
A large and complete assortment, of Yankee Notion*.
Hosiery. Glori t, /tress Triton ings, IVkite Goods, Den
ims, Tickx. Drills, f.inens, Cnnhiirx, Rleaehnlanil Hiotm
Sheeltogs, Cotton Yarn, 111 •/., Ball*, 'Twine, Carjiti
H 'urp, <Yr.,
In uildition to the above art eles. there will always be
found a full assortment, of GROCERIES. Urockery uud
Glass-ware, Boots and Shoes, bits and Caps, Nails, Fialt,
Pails. Tubs, Matts, Ac.
The undersigned feel a pleasure in inviting the public
to an examination of their Spring stock, U-lieving that
good Goods and low prices will insure a speedv sale fo
ready pay. A. KINGSBURY A SON-
Towanda, April 11, ls.",fi.
lAHK subscriber calls attention of the jmb
. lie to his SPRING STOCK OP GOODS comprising
the usual variety, nnd which will l- sold at the lowest
possible rates for cash. O. D. BABTLETT.
Towanda, April 24.1*51.
Books and stationery.
lartfcst assortment of ROOKS and
. STATU i VERY everolfcred in this market —compris
ing a very complete stuck of School t 'las-ical and Mi.-cc't
lancotiH Book.-, and a very full assurtmcnt of Stationery,
just opening ami for sale iiiius utllv cheap at
April 24. 10. 1). lIAIiTI.ETT'S.
fp H 1] only complete sleek of Paper Hangings
.L to In.- found in this regit n of country, comprising
manv new and beautiful pattc us, for sale low at
April 21. 1-m;. t). D. BARTLETT'S.
Lawns, Shallis, Bareges, Otc.
Til E finest assortment in town of French and
1 American Lawns, French. Scotch and American
Ginghams, uhallis, llareges, Brilliant- and Prints at
April 30, 1 MERGER'S.
Book Binding.
PPHK nndt-rsimiiod has the agency of one of
I. Hie best Biiii'n ric- in X. V. City. and is ready to re
reive Rooks Pamphlets. Maga tine*. Ac., to he libund in
any style desired, in lln neatest it ml most substantial
manner aud at very low rate- -hall be forwarding a lot
very soon —so -cm! in your vol nines, o p. BABTLETT.
April 24. ls.tib
1 EST received a now supply of Pure White
• I Lead. No. 1 snow white Zinc, Copal. Deinar, nnd
Harness Varnish and Japan, by U.S. MERGER.
L> titv of good Butter Tub* and Firkins, just received
and fprjiilc by nmy'Jfl H. S. MERCI B.
lINSEKD, Lamp, Tiutners', and Neat afoot,
J Gils Xb'oliol, Gam pit iut and Burning Fluid for -slo
h v ' H. S. MKBCUR.
(^ANDY' —A large slock alwavs on hand
J and sold at wholesale at ivedl trs' tWicya at FOX'S
\.' SAMI*. put up : 'i 10 !'•• .a- U . to| by
Mtv - 1- • . F T P(X.