Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, November 03, 1855, Image 3

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    Cenal 2U>vcrtisemcnt9.
/j HKRIFPS SALE —By virtue of a certain
0 writ of Vend. Exponas, issued out of the Court ol
1 wnmon Vleas of Bradford Connty, and to me directed
■ hi. exposed to public sale at the C-mrt House, m th
Towanda. on Monday. November 19, 1855, at ]
• i,„ K I'. M-the following lot, piece or parcel of land ait
" | it.iifield twjt., and bounded on the north by land
"j!, | ' east by land of Edward Barton and Jame
1..11 South by land of John Layton and Hen y Key
* .',l west by lands Win. Spencer, Ernly Drake, and
7),,! | ,u ,11. containing 160 acres more or less, about 12.'5
* improved, with a framed house, a log house,a .ram
'"urirn and shed and an orchard of fruit tree! thereon.
1 i'i i One otlier lot, piece or parcel of land situate in
t i -lifield twp.,bounded north by lands of Jonathan Hunt
• i, v lands of Jonathan Hunt and John D. Koriright,
' ''".l, "in- lands of John I). Kortright, and wert by land ol
T.'lm Rogers and Johnson Rogers, containing 53 ac s
, rt , less, atsiut 17 acres improved wi.h a log house, u
j'l'e .table utill a sawmill thereon.
■ S. ize.l .ind taken hi execnt'on at the sui. of Errstow k
KiVi.v v-James Lurcock.
Kir - JOHN A. CODDING, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. Towanda, Sept. 24,1855.
v.c ice is hereby given, that an amount equal to the
~m- will is- retpiired to be paid upon each sale when
"nick down to the bidder, and upon failing to complv
" tli tli l - regulation, the tract of land will again be ouer
,,l f„ r -ale. JOHN A. CouD .vfl.
CJIIEKIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of a writ of
(j fj. issued out of the Court of (jtimmon Picas ef
BnuKord couii.v. to me directed, T shall expose to public
,t the Court House, in the bom' of Towanda, on
Saturday the Ist day of Xoveinlier, 1*55, at 1 o'clock, P.
M 'he following described lui, piece or parcel o.' land si -
in Athens twp., bounded on the north by lands of
t'. de- If"X r. cast by lauds of T. C. Roberts and Ira Klsbree,
Mrtuh bv Franklin Murray, and west by lands of Jo. ephu.s
Vauvevtitou, containing about 40 acres, more or less .about
I', teres improved.
Srizt d and taken in execution et suit of X. C. Har
ris v-. !'• T. Vanveciiton. J. A. t V )I)1XG, She iff'.
Tiiwanda, OctoU-rffl, 1855.
SHERIFF'S SALE.—By virtue of sundry
writ- of Vend. Exponas, issued out of the Court of
I'uiunim, Pleas of Btadferd county, and to me directed,
he exposed to public sale at the Court House, hi the
of Towanda, <>n MONDAY December 3a, 1855. at 1
,; „ k I'-M-. the (ollowiug lot, piece or parcel of land
. it,- in Athens twp.. bounded on tlie north by land of
P :i Sherman, east by land of Lyman Ames, soutli by
i iiid "I I'eier Cr. in. and on the west by land of £ asttis
tv',l utt containing altout 33 acres mote or less, about 2
v.- improved one log house (hereon.
lot. piece or parcel of lend situate in Athens
... hounded oil the north bv lands of Erasius Wolcott
1,.,,] jvl, ? Sauford. east by Era-lus Wolcott and Jacob
K kt ialall. south by land of Selinus Califf, and on the
v tbv land- lielonging to the e tr.e of Plumley Gille t
,i, M.'.-mitaiuing about 50 acres more or less.
lj„SO—une other lot, pice or parcel of laud situate in
Alliens twp.. bounded on the north by lands to
t!w e-tate of I'himley (lillett. dee d., east bv lands of Se
7u> ( a'iff'. South by the Athens and "Smiifiheid township
Aim. and we-t by land of Lyman Ames aud James Green,
. ait. •:: about 5s acres more or lc- s, about 25 acres irn
,,r..ted. a few fruit , tx'es the aeon.
' s, i/fd awl tak'-u in execution at the suit of Welles k
Harris vs. David J. (illicit.
Al-ont the suit of I.ueius Freeman vs. Pav'd J. Gillett,
Al.Sti--The defendant* interest, supposed to be the
nr.,! Aided half of the following described lot, piece or par
,, i.,f iantl situaie in the boro' of Towanda. bounded no. th
bv Henry E-seinvine's lot, east by Maiu street, south by
I,of jnlm F. Means, and west by-Second street, cou
nt urns one hundred ami seven feet front and two liun
.ami ninety-tour feet deep, be .he same inoie or le s,
a : improved, with a large trained Foundry building and
>ll> hine Shop. Ac., Ac., thereon.
.tbSii— One other lot. pieoe or parcel of land situate in
th,- bur..' of Tow anda, bounded as follows: Beginning on
i a-t line of Third sireet. on a line lietweeu lands of
.b -i F. Means ami t>. 1). Dai , lett, thence easterly 14. eet
- tin ,ear of J. M'lntosh's lot. thence three and half Jc
t r, we-1 vi fret to a corner, thence north 86.J degrees,
w,-t 147 feet lo the east line of Thiid street, thence north
v.i-t "ib feet to the place of beginning,•cotH.-in
-147 by .vi feet of land, be the seme more or less, all
: i|i nvrii. with a two siory framed dwelling horse auu
-m.dl out building the. eon.
Sr art and taken in execution at the .soit of Joseph
Powell vs. 11. 1.. Lame.aux.
Also Sainui-i Bunting to the use of Joseph Powell vs.
H. I- lanieraux.
-Tlie following lot, piece or parcel of land situate
. sn.ulilieJd twp.. I.UIHIS] aortli hv land of L. S. (,
ta-t iy lands of 17.1). Brig ham. south by tlie road leading
j ini Alliens t<> Smithlield, aud west ley lauds of L. is.
t.ales, coni tilliii? S-' acres more or less, about 4 acres iin
;s"i>sl, NiH-m 1 !. a board shanty ami a framed barn
IL-st tfne o'ls-r lot, piece or parcel of land situate in
> :! ricld twp., bounded and described as follows: Re
's' at a hemlock sapling ou the south line of lot No.
li" f-.r the northw"-t corner of lot Xo. 5, Bingham lands '
- it> F. Vuick. thence along said line east 115 and 7-10
i - Is-s to a h.-mlock for the northeast corner of said i
" - i it. thence on the west side of X'elsou If colors lot
l"7 awl 1-1 it roth to a stake, thence west 42 ami 9-li) per
• • ■> a heiiilork. thence south 1 and 1-4 degrees, we l
".-I-1' t..e pl.ire u lginning, containing 75 acres.
in .(■ cr less, about 20 acres improved.
seized and taken in execution at I lie suit of Guv Tracy '
v-. Luther li. Child.
\ -■ it tlw suit of D un dla F'ord to the u>e of Franklin
-V tli'.- vs. I.utlier H. Child.
I I—The following lot. piece or parcel of land situaie
in 71 Into! twiL. liuund<vj on ihe north by landsof Samn '
;i .•.i riy. wet lo lauds of Alvah He.itU. soutli by lands
l. iivanl and Kiastas Shcpard, en t by Daniel Well,
ci J Tlimuas Stevens, containing about Hi acres more or
iicout 2t> acres one log bouse, log barn,
i"g shed and orchard of iftiit trees thereon.
-si-ized and taken in execution at tlie suit of John Hor
1-ti vs. David Dennett.
31.50—1 he dcleiidants interest in t'>e foP owing lot,
I'ks'e w parcel ol land situate in Smithlield twp., bounded
"the east and ..tilth by the highway, on the north and
• si l.y lands </ Robert Tracy. containing about 8 acres
li; .re or less all improved with one framed hou.-s-. framed
• aril, blacksmith siiop and lruit trees thereon—-(Alvin
trnxbl's Jot.)
ALSO—One ether lot. pk-ce or jmicel of land situate in
tvniilitif-1.l twp., Iriiiii'letl north by Aloiifetia Ses-ley. east
si of John Watkins south by the highway, and west
id ol Hannah Arnold, containing alruit acres
•cor le-s. thirty acres improved, one framed
I'-c and orchard ofliuit trees thereon. (David A ruolds
N ' ized and taken in execution ;tt the suit of Welles A
.1. to !,,<■ use of Jesse Sliat.ling vs. David Arnold and
AH m Arnold.
ds" Ihe defendants interest in t'ie following de
• (til't. piece or parcel of land si ma a' in Wyaiusing
1 --hip. I oiuidi d north l.y latitis ol El Lis Vaughn, east
iiiuls Jnlm Bartiey and Sanford B. Overton, south
■ '-the public mail, ami west by lands of Sanford B. Over
enntaiuing thiriv acivs mone or less, all itup.oved,
* 4 snail iraim d house, framed barn and some fruit
iter- trees thereon.
jij.,l taken in execution at the suit of Tracy k
l!e-iry Donley.
7 - i—Tin- following lot, piece or parcel of land sitn
.r i'i Springiield twp., hounded on tlie north by the Conn
• -v-ei - jjuhlic highway,east by landsof James Ph'lips,
- an.] west by land. ~f Thomas Pyiu: and Elarn Ben
'iiiaining a I suit 50 acres more or less, about twelve
>- s'nprove-.1, (Hit* framed house, trained cooper shop,
"••'i "frit and iruit trees thereon.
'.- V . hi executton at the suit of John Mo
7 , TI" So( ''. Pierce vs. Samuel Faulkner,
-c" Tin-de.endants interest in tlie following lot,
t.' r l' jr "f land sifuitc in Leßoy twp., bounded on
- N fib and east by lands of John Hammond, south by
■ i *aiuid eret-k, and west by lauds belonging to the
ifl ■! vi-|,.y Hiiic-imh dee'd.,containing about 20ae,*es
H *7* ''vs-, all improved, tlvee log houses, two framed
| t--T 7" hlacksmilh shop and a few fruit trees
■ Aln i—One other lot, piece or parcel of land situate in
I ' ,w l > -.' M 'itnded on the north by lands of Wm. Btin
■l 'ct by lands of V. Bruce, south by land of Jesse
fl ;V a : u ',' u "l W( ' s ''}' landsof P. Shoemaker, Philander
■ H-'Xtun, and 1-v lands n- ir or formerly own
-7 ' ''"Her. ontaiuing alxuit 50 acres moieor less,
I'" • 7'p * r< "' '" ) l ,rove< l> " n e log house, log bam aud
I in execution at the suit of edebiah
sl o'sii' tv''" "■* ? Pomeroy vs. Ellis Hogelitnd.
Hr 'i ii lot, piece or parcel of land situ-
I f.7 w bounded on tlie north and east by land
■, . --7 10 fe estate of Sarali Butler, tlec'd., ou the
I 1 : 'i v'n Penjaniin, and ou the west by laud
I g, •, seventy-six acres more or less,
H .g'e,' !, vt ?' r, '' i improved, one idauk bouse, log barn
■ uaii ir.-e- thereon.
■ c.i,.iid Liken ja execution at the snit of S. S. Brad
"l Vlsif"to, 71' V'l'amlje.-lin vs. Samuel Cbilson.
I 'V 7 ~ following lot, piece or parcel of laud situ
■ ,7.7 '"'"nded on tlie north by lands now in
I itr.,; 1 , " Jyhnson, east by landsof Samuel Van
,l '47 ■ i . ,' i< ' :i j am !" Ackley farm originally, now
I ' -7-71" 7' 'fratlley, south by lands of Means k
■ Llhvidr*k*' ''- v t,le . VV '". Morrison tract, now own. d
I 7<a .-j-,. 4 '. ' ""faiuiug alxiut 430 acres in ore or le-s,
7 r7' r<;s .", n lT" v ''d, four plauk aud framed houses,
M tbu. n 4 ; "" n lht '' e ""-
I *77 tw,, i ,e !' t,,er P ie '-e or parcel of land situate in Dn-
I ' s;l li on 7 1 '" on the north iiy lands of Emma Jane
9'J 'i. Aii ~e a* t ''T tbe Susquehanna river, on the south
H vt. ' ,u "l fbe west by the Sarah Morrison
I "" n 7 acr e more or less, about 70 acres
iiit,!'''.. , e saw-mill,oneGr : t-mlll,seven dwel
■ : * ' f, bhz^lr !rame ' Jarns '^ wo blacksmith shops and
ill j!S! ter Elands lying in the Susviuehanna
■"• ■f 'ttv l.i . <ai(l m 'jls und known as the Gordon
H* partly in " ''°'4taining alout forty acres more or
-■ * ®*Proveu t
-■ tlx IH. e * ecut ' on at fl |e ■'uit of Sanders k
ALSO—Tt. f n '"' iUU Peters vs. Lsrael Smith,
all " - "'taat.. ' W '" ? deserilted lot, piece or paicel of
7 1 "'! .V 7', ~ ,' t tw l'-. istunded on the north by
I k M i 7 iU 'J er l" ,0 l and J. (3. Brown, east iiy land
I cH-ati, V VIV a ,mi| el Haggerty, south by land
I 7^''?''Hi- iinna Wt 7 l • ' kelson Vanderpool,con
■ ; ti/, l ai rt '" '""re or less, about fifty acres
H 7"*'! -1,7/ .7," , K one plank house, one log
fft 't she-] n,i * "team sawmill and a plank
5 a an or-.-hard of fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—One other piece or parcel of land situate ?r.
W ilmnt twp., hounded north by land of Patrick M'Guyre,
east by land of Daniel Welles, south by lands of Edward
and Erastus Shepard, and west by land of A. Heath, con
taining 60 acremore or le-s, ten acres improved.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of C. N. Ship
man vs. J. S. Carter and C. L. White.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or parcel ol
land situate in Franklin twp., bounded north by the Tow
anda Creek, east by land of Charles Stevens, sou h by
fends (owners name unknown,) and west by landsor Win,
Williams, containing 130 acres, more or less, about 40
a res improved, w ith framed houae, a log b n and some
iVuit trees there on— a so, a framed house used for a horn.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of E. Cham
pion now to the use of J. D. Montanye vs. asonie Paine.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or parcel of
land somite in Wyalusing twp., bounded rorth by Philip
C. Angle, east by land of John M'Allisterand John Terry,
south by lauds of Richard M'Phet son and Charles Hornet,
and west by lands of Nelson Jennings and Patrick Bovl,
containing 7.1) ecies be the same more or le s, alsnit *
acres improved with a log house, a .ramed barn, a coin
house anu an orchaid of fruit trees 'hereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John Holly
vs. E. D. Holmes.
ALSO—The following de cribed lot, piece or parcel of
land situate in Athens twp., bounded north by lauds of
Neal M'Dvfiee, east by lands of Samuel S. Clark, south by
lands of Daniel S. Brown, and west by lands of Morrison
Gardner, containing 42' acres more or less, 12 acres im
proved, with a framed .mure, a log barn, and some iruit
trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of David Ga d
ner vs. L. A. Gardner.
ALSO—The following lot, piece orparcel of land sHu
aiein BuiliugUia-fwp., (now West Burlington) 1 unded
on the north by lands o r Ezra (Joilard. east by lands of It.
H. Ward, South by the highway leading >rom Burlington
boro' to Troy, and on the wc tby lands o" H. K. S.eveOs,
containing about one acre more or less, all improved, oue
framed bouse, framed bare and fruit trees thereon.
Hotaed and taken in execution at 4 he suit of Nancy
W ooo'ii to the use of W ip. H. Peck vs. Harrison A m
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or pu'ccl of
land situa'e in Alliens bo r o : hounded north by land of E.
H. Perkins, east by Uie Susquehanna river, south by land
oi Edward Drake.and west by Main stre; t. containing one
acre more or less, all improved with a ramed house and
barn the-eon.
Seized and taken 'n execution at the suit of N. C. Har
ris to the use of 11. W. Patrick vs. John M ; ers.
ALSO—Thaundivided one half of the follow'' lot,
piece or parcel of land si-uate in Litchfield twp., bone
on the nor: h and esi by lands belonging to th; e >oi
Renbin Park, d., outh and wc tby land in po >e ..sion
of IDram Rogers, containing about two acres and loti per
chcs, more or less, all improved, w : i!i a saw-mill, one two
story named building lately occupied as a store and dwel
ling house, two irumed or plank dwelling houses, aud
board shanty used for a hat shop, and a few unit trees
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of H. W. Pat
rick vs. Or on Rickey.
ALSO—The following lot, piece or parcel of land situ
are In y-ox twp., hounded on the notb by lands of Ly
man Trumbull and Re, >and Whitney, 'as-' by land of
Squire benjamin, .-.outh by lands o- Joshua I, 'nphereund
Jo eph Conklin and we thy lands of Joseph Conktin aud
Ponieroy Gorslinejr.. containing about .">0 / acres more or
le i, 44 ac e imp ived, wiih out tog hoieaj, framed barn
and an oreh -rd of re' tiees thereon.
Seized and iaken m cxeeulion at :he suit of Mver and
Allen to Ibe use of Cooper. Sloner & Smith, now" to use
oi H. W . Tracy, aud now to the use of Charles Bennett vs.
Wm. Ca'-I.
A I.SO—The defendants interest in the following lot,
p'ece or pan el of land situate hi Smithfield two.,bounded
on the nor-.i. east south and we tby lands belonging to
K'chaid M. Kelly, containing about e ; ght acres more or
I ss. aoout three acres imtiroved, oue sieuin saw-mill, with
machinery aud fixtures attached, one plank house, one
board shantee and log barn thereon.
Se'zcd and mken in execu Jon at the suit of I. L. A H.
L. Lame eux vs. J. S. Peerson.
A (.SO—The following desC'ibed lot, piece or parcel of
land situate i t pike iwp., l.oniKled no.tfr by lands of J.S.
Ruber.s, cast by lands of Ha inan Reiggs and J. Burrows,
i.otiih by lands of George Lewis, and west by lands of
Henry Li. Stevens, couiaining lot! acres more or less, with
SO aerss iiiiireved, a framed house,a trained bain,a fram
ed horse ban. and oilier out buildings, an apple orcl);>- d
aud other fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken jn execution at the suit of D. Ba'lev
and Son to the use of A. S. Smith vs. G. H. Lewis and H.
C. Coolhaugh.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or pareel of
land situate in Kheshcqiiin twp., bounded north by lan *
of (loff, east by lands of John Hoi on, sonth by
lands of Samuel Van sice, and wesi bv lands of Abigail
Swain, conainurr sixty-four acres more or less, about 40
acres improved, with a framed house, a framed barn and
a log op and some fruit frees the.eon.
Seized mid taken in execution al the suit of Silas Payne
it >w t > the use of J. W. Woodburn vs. Abraham Payne
and Hansom Pavne.
ALSO—The following lot piece or parcel of land situate
in Shesheqt'in iwp., bounded lioilli by lands of John Mc-
Keao,e.isi by lauds of Richard Johnson, south by lauds
of Roswell Goodell. and we t by lands of George Rogers,
roiii.-iii ng about 26 acres more or le-s, about 16 seres im
proved, three log house , oue log shed anda few fruit trees
the. con.
Seized and takenm execution at the suit of Storrs A
Jones to t'ue u.-e of E. J. Cuinribe'l vs. I'h'lander Morris.
Also,at the slot of Sioris.c Jones to the use of E. J.
Campbell vs. Hezek'ali Mo-ris.
A!-*. at the suit of Alien & S orrs to the use of E. J.
Campls-ll vs. Hezek'ah Morris and Philander Morris.
A LSl)—Tile following desi tibed lot, p'ece or parcel of
land situate m Heirick twp., bounded north by lands of
A. 1!. Brown, e:isi liy lands of N. B. Wetuioie, south by
land <of George IYrkin*an<l we tbv lands of Nelson Ma sb
rontaiuiog about | of an acre, ino e or less, all improved,
with a raiued hoti.-e, a blacks uiih shop aud a few fruit
trees thereon.
Seized and >aken in execution at the suit of Cha'les
P'att, now to tlie use of George ('. Atwood vs. Volney D.
Sheriff's Office, t
Towaiula. Oct 27, 1566. J
mr Notice is hereby given that an amount equal to the
costs, will lie required to be paid upon eaeh sale when
slr -ck down to the bidder, and upon a failure to comply
with this regulation, the tract of land will again lie ober
•d for sabc J. A. CODDIKG.
TAROCLA M ATlOX.—Whereas, lite lion.
A DAVID WII.MOT, President Judge of the Pith Ju
dicial Distrii t. cou-i>iin r of the Counties of Bradford, Sits
ipiehajina ami Sullivan, end Hons. Mvkov Bu.i.akii and
II aKB v A< ki.kt, A social e Judges, in and for said county
of Bradford, have isuied their precept bearing date the
20th day of Oc .. A.D.P..66, to me directed, for holding a
Court of Oyer and Terminer, General Quarter Sessions of
the Peace. Common Pleas and Orphan's Court, at Towan
da. for the County of Bradford, on the first Monday, the
3d day of December next, to continue two weeks.
Notice is therefore hereby given, to the Coroners and
Justices of the Peace and Constables, of the County of
Bradford, that they lie then and there in their projier |>er
son, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, with their
records, inquisitions,and other remembrances, to do tbose
tilings which to their office appertains to be done : and
those who are bound by recognizance or otherwise to pro
secute against the prisoners who are or may lie in the jail
of said County, or who shall tie bonnd to appear at the
said couit. ore to be then and there to prosecute against
them as shall lie just. Jurors are requested to be punctual
in their attendance, agreeably to their notice.
Dated at Towanda, the 21st of Oere'ier, in tbe year of our
I.ord, one thousand eight hundred ami fifty-live, and of
the Independent* of the United Stales,"the seventy
ninth. JOHN A. CODDING, Sheriff.
REGISTER'S NOTlCE.—Notice i7here
by given tbat that there have been tiled and settled
in he office of the Register of Wills in aud far the county
of Bradford, accounts of administration upon the follow
ing estates, viz :
Partial account of Go. don Wilcox and Robot Snilou
executors of Thomas Wilcox, dec'd., late of Athens twp.
I'a.tial account of Andrus Cose, executor of Laura Me-
Kean, lau: of Troy township, dec'd.
Final account of Benjamin Saxi.on and David Palmer
adminGtrators of Henry Saxtou, dec'd., late of Granville
Filial account of Theodore Wilder, guardian of James,
Adaliue, Cornelia, aud Theodore Sehenierhorn, minor
children of Matthew Sehenierhorn, dec'd., late of Spring
field township.
And the same will be presented to the Orphan's Court
of Bradford county, on Monday tbe 3d day of December
next for confirmation aud allowance.
JAMES 11. WEBB, Register.
Register's Office. November 1, 1855.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Bradiord County, will lie exposed to public sale
on the 24th day of November next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., at
<he house of John Griffin, in Du>ell township all that
t ret. p'ece or parcel of land situate in the ownshlp of
I .irelt, aforesaid, and tiouniled and described as fallows :
•ginirng at a hemlock, corner of land now or la ely of
John Wood and John F. Zelln ; thenee no th 87i°, west
116 perches to a post; thence south 5J°. west 168 pe.-
chesto a hemlock in the w. rant line ; thence along the
same, south 48°, east 108 perches to a post; thence north
4°, east 158 and 8-10 percne- oa post ; thence: ortli 89j°
;■ 58 perches to a post; th ee noith 54 °, we tBO per
ch to' he lie Inn* ig.eonL inlng 120 acres or thereabouts,
tieing the same land which El'phalet Mason and wife by
deed dated April 25, 1840. conveyed to John Aekley, who
bv deed dated September 14, 4841. conveyed the same to
Daniel Keefe. About 27 acre •of said 1 id Is cleared—
laite tie prepe iy c.' Daniel Keefe, decea :d.
Terms made k" wn °n day of sale.
(!>ateCatharine Keefe.) (
Ortolier 29,1855. Adm'rs. estate of Dau'l. Keefe, dec'd.
Wheat—Rye Flour, Corn Meal, Feed and Bran, at
AurusUS, 1855. Ft)X S.
SOLE LEATHER—One Ton, a prime ar
ticle, for sale cheap, by TRACY A MOURE.
Cegal SHtocrtiementa.
BY virtue of an order of thfe Orphan' Court
of Bradford Connty, will be sold at public sale on
the 29th day of November next, at 1 o'cloek, I. M., at the
hou.-e occupied by the widow of Amos Green, dec'd., iu
Orwell township, the interest late of said Amos Green,
dec d., in all that lot, piece or parcel of land situate in
Orwell aforesaid, and d • -ribed as follows Bounded on
the North by lauds of El' : ah Walker, on the east by lands
of Abraham Freuch and Cook, on the south by Win.
Kr pp, and on the west by lands set ofi' to Dolly Green,
containing 22 acres, about 11 thereof improved.
Terms made known on day of sale.
October 30, 1855. Adm'r. of Amos Green,deo'd.
vt. (Jrtt.i Rickey. In the Court of Common I'leas of
Bradford Co. No. 160, September Term. IC.>5,
The undersigned Auditor appointed bv said Court, to
distribute tbe funds laisedby Sheriff sale of defendant's
petsonal property, wdl attend to the duties assigned him
at the oflice of l'at ick & McAlpin, in the borough of At li
ens, on Wednesday, the 14th day of Noveni' r, at 10, A.
M. when and where all persons having claims are reque-t
-ed to present them, or he forever debarred tiiere. r oiu.
Oct, 16, 1655. I FA. OVERTON, Auditor.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Thorn Ingham, dec'd, late of Asylum township,
are hceby requested to make payment without delav;
and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them dulv authenticated for settlement.
Oct. 16. 1855. JOSEPH W. INGRAM. Adm'r.
EXECUTOR'S NOTICE .1" persons in
debted to the estate of MARY C A deceased,
late of Litchfield township, are hereby 1 to make
payment without delay, and all persons having demands
against said estate are requested to esent tlieni au
thenticated foi'settlement. W I,IAM CA
Litchfield, October 20, 1655. I-,;., •
-i-\ Assessors for 1856, will make Ilieir returns in the
following order, viz:
Asse .ois lor Litchfield, Wiudliam.Warren.Sheshequin,
Rome and Orwell, on Monday, Nov. 26.
For Pike, Wvalusing, Tuscarora, Standing Stone, Wy
sox and Her ' k,e: day, November 27.
For A then tp.,A .:ens boro", Ulster, Wells, Sou' l h Creek,
, Ridgberry aud Springfield, Wednesday, November 28.
For Smithfield, Troy township, Troy boio', Columbia,
Sylvaniu boro', Armenia and Ci iton. Thursday, Nov. 29.
For Le \v, Granville. Franklin, Overton, Albany, Wil
mot, Asylum and Durell, Fridav, Novemb„ • 20.
For Monroe tp., Monroe boro . Burlington, Burlington
West. Burliugion boro', Towcnda tp., Towanda borough,
and Towanda North, Saturday, December 1.
4~The Assessors will be care nil in footing the assess
ments and carrying each person's valuation into the right
hand column, and also in making their retu. us on the day
designated in their warrants.
By order of the Commissioners,
Oct. 15. E. M. FA HR AR. Cle k.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of MINERVA WEBBER, dec'd. late of Franklin tp. are
quested to make payment without delay ; and ail persons
having claims against said estate, most'present thein duly
authenticated for settlement, to the subscriber at bis resi
dence. JOHN H. WEBBER,
Franklin, August 2, 1855. Administi.itor.
is hereby given, that all |iersons indebted to tbe es
tate of Isaac Kosencrants, deceased, late of Asylum
twp., are requested to make payment without delay ; and
those having demands against said estate will present them
duly authenticated ioi settlement.
CVUUS SHUMWAY, Administrator.
June 14, 1855.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of ISAAC S. CROFUT, deceased, late of Lcroy
twp, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
SEBA CROFUT, I . , ... .
May Iff 1858. JAMES CROFUT, \ Administrators.
is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of Win. HORNING dee'd., late of South Creek tp., are
hereby requested to make payment without delay: and all
persons haviiigiug claims against said estate will please
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
CATHARINE HORNING, Administratrix.
June 18, 1855.
LIST OF JURORS, drawn for December
Term and Sessions, 1855.
Armenia—James Lyon. Browning.
Burlington—Eliphalet Gus- Smithfield—E. G. Durfee, V.
tin. S. Vincent, D„vid Farns-
Canion—Wm. Owen, Enoch worth.
Sa I laid. (Springfield —Nelson Wood.
Durell—Daniel Hollon.jJ Standing Stone- -Henry Huff
Granville—Wm. ltunyon. Towanda Boro"—lsaac Smal-
Litchfield—Wm. H.Speuc .. ley, Henry Ibii bank.
Ijeßoy—Eli Holcomb. Troy twp. —Andrus Case.
Monroe—Geo. J. Goff, Joseph' Weils —Jes> e Shepard.
Hornet. Wysox—Joseph Conklin.
Rome—John Vmight, 11. W.| Warren—Edw. C. l>ewing.
Athens tp—la-onaid White. Springfield—Robert D.C 'rd-
Burliugtoii—John Bloom. well, H. I. Grover.
Canton —John H. Ayres. So- Standing Stone—Chas. ROD".
loinon Bindley, John Tin - Smithfield—Sephcn Randal!,
ner, John Vandyke, Asa Tuscarora—B. B. Wood.
I'ratt, Alex. Bothwell. Troy boro*- -Fied. Orvvan.
Columbi: —Henry Card.Cui- " twp—Orlando Clifton,
tis Merritt. Page Morgan.
Leßoy—Jcdediali Hunt. Ulster—Andrew S. Huff, S.
Orwell—Joel Johnson, Aaron N. Havens.
Chuhbuek. Warren—N'edemiah Unburn,
Pike- Hiram Stevens. Andrew Peudleion.
Ridgbery—Emanuel Gunsan- Wv ox—T. W. Woodburn.
lus, John Burt, Hector ilenry Passiao e.
Owen. Windham—Henry Crandall.
Rome—John Passmorc. Wells—John W. PelleU.
South Creek—l.. Williams. Wiliuov—Melviu Corson.
Alliens twp Sitlney Hay-Springfield—lra Wood worth.
don. Era--us Volenti, G. siieshequin—tiro. W. Black-
Hicks, John Williston. Towanda boro'—J. !>. Good-
Asylum—G. K. Ho, .on. enoi'gh, Wyllys Brown
Burlington-—I a-wis Sliiner, Towaada tp.S->utb—Fr.
Leroy Haight. Gregg.
Caaum—Myron Annibal. Trey tp.—Eleazcr Pomeroy,
Dcieil—Francis Cole,Lyman Reulien Case.
Dodge. " Tusearoia— John Black, Hi-
Franklin—l!raj ion A. Bald- ram Taylor.
win " Winuham—LC. Blood good.
Granville—C. W. Churchill. Squ : e Looniis.
Monroe—M. A. Rockwell. Warren— Allen Ca.y,Harvey
Pike—John Black, Chandle. Candeld.
Bixby, David Ford. Wya'using—H'-am Elliott,
Uidgltery—John Wallace. B. Acklev. ir.
Smithfield—T. M. Beach. Wilmot—Ch..r" ' ."Irte.
EXECUTOR'S NOTICE.- —-Notice is licre
bv given that leters testaments ,y n|>on the est .e
of Caleb C. True, dec'd.. late oi Warren twp., l>a\f !.-• .
granted to the subscrilier. AI! persons indelit-ed re said
estate are hereby requested to make immediate payment,
and those having any claims upon said estate to present
them duly attested for settlement to the subscriber.
October 30, 1855.
' Is hereby given that, all persons indebted to the es
tate of IRA GRISWOLD, dec'd.. late of Ridgbery Town
ship, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated torsetllement.*
BENJ. HALSTED, Adiuiuistrator.
Ridgbery, June 18, 1855.
LcraysvUh, Bradford County, Pa.
PRINCIPAL —J. L. OVERFIELD, A. B. Tbe first terra
of the above institution will commence on WEDNES
DAY, SEPT. Pith. Circulars with complete details, may
lie obtained from the Principal, or from either of the fol
REFERENCES —Rev. George Landon, Herriekville ; Rev.
J. C. Warren. S. DeWitt. M. P., Leßaysville ; D. I*. Lacey
M. 1)., Camptown ; Rev. L. Peck, Lime Hill. 12
The Subscribers desire to procure the undivided
time of an Agent in every county of the United S.atcs.—
Efficient and capable men may make several dollars per
day. without risk or liumbuggery of any kind. Full par
ticulars of the nature of the business will be given by ad
dressing the subscriber, and forwarding One Post Office
S. .jp to pre-pay return postage.
FI'REY & CO., Philadelphia. Pa.
I~SAINTS, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, I'uttv, Ac.
just received at TRACY A MOORE'S.
Mil. O. BECKER, Teacher of Vo
aShJzfcnl and Inst-umental Music, recently from St. Ix>-
uis, Missouri, has the honor to announce to the
people of Towanda and vicinity, that he wishes to engage
himself as Teacher of Vocal Music, Pianoforte, Guitar,
Violin, Flute, Violineello, and Thorough-basso, and feels
confident that, being educated for the profession, he will
give entire satisfaction. lessons given in classes, or pri
vately. Teaching in families preferred.
For particulars apply at the \\ ard House. Oct. 9.
ASH paid for WHEAT, BUTTER. P<>
\J TATULS, Eggs, Poultry, Ac., at FUN'S.
Jflmljanbijc, Src.
WOULD respectfully announce that lie U again liefore
the people with a large, rich and fashionable assort
ment of
to which the attention of the public is invited, being con
fident that he can otter inducements to CASH purchasers
which will amply pay for an examination of his stock.
His stock of LAIHBS DRESS Goons is complete, consist
ing of corded, watered, plain, black, changeable and plaid
Silks ; plain and plaid Merinos ; all wool Delaines ; plain
and figured Cashmeres; Mouslin delaines, Pannettas,
challi Delaines, plain and twilled Persian cloth, Debages,
Alpaccas, Ginghams. Prints, Ac,
ALSO. SHAWLS—a large ifnd magnificent a ortment of
Broclia Long and Square Shawls, plain woolen long and
square do.
LADIES' CLOTHS— AII colors, and trimmings.
EUBROIDEB'KS —The largest and cheapest assortment of
Ladies embroidered collars, sleeves, hands and Houneings,
edgings and fnsertings, ever o .red for sale in Towanda!
Also, real thread, Smyrna, bobbin and cotton edgings, all
widths and prices.
WHITE AND LIXSN GOODS, of every description, and of
all quali"
Horse IT BNISHISO GOODS— Donble and siuglefold Pa-
of various kinds; embroidered and lace curtains,
all qurlic : window shades and trimmings; Ideacbed'
and uubleactied t.blc bn .is: napkins, colored table
spre .da of various kinds, counterpanes, linen sheetings,
rose blankets, gilt cornices and pins, stair rods. An. Ac.
GLOVES AND HOSIERY— Eve> ything in this line for LA
dies, mis.-e, children, nicn and boys.
colored Cloths of eve y qalify and pi ice. plain and fancy
Cas imeres, fancy velvets, plain and figured grenardiue,
pi lin and figured sils, black saiiu and cashmere Vcstiugs
and a large a ortment of tweeds. Kentucky jeans, sarii
netts, sheep greys, Vc.
DOMESTICS —(>f every description, purchased at very
clo e figures and oiiered low. Flannels of every grade and
1 color.
CAKPKTINOS — All qualities, ingrain and stair carpetings,
oil cloths, Rush Mattings, Druggets, Ac. "
Y ANKKE NOTIONS —AImost evtrylhiugpn the line, w hole
sale and retail.
HATS A CAPS —An assortment unequaled in Northern
Pennsylvania of Mens'A Boys hats and caps, comprising
eve r v variety of silk, brown, pea l and black fur Huts.—
Cloth, Plush and Fur Caps.
BOOTS A SHOES —'n tli's department there is, nor never
has been in tli's ma. ket anything to compete with this
stock, in quality, quantity and price, which it would lie
greatly to the interest of every man, woman and child to
examiue who wishes to
lu addition to the above enumerated ariides there will |
always be found a .ull a jut incut of Groceries, Hardware '
Crockery and Glass-ware. Paints, Oils, and Dye Stu.. ~. I
Leather and Shoe Finding*, Arc., Ac. [
To his old Friends and Customers, the snbscritieer would f
take this method of expressing Ins grat'tode for their lilie- >
ral patronage, hoping st'll to merit and receive it, and to '
others would extend an invitation to examiue his stock,
being conffilent he can make it for their interest to do so.
Towanda. Oct. 1, 1855. JOSEPH POWELL.
11. S. MKRCun.
Has just received his
-11 IKS, a large a- ortment of HA Kb WAKE, including
Harness and Carriage Trimmings, and J> 'ner's 'l'tols of
every description ; BnoN. Shoes, I.c tlier and Sin e find
ings, Hats, Caps, and L'uibieilas ; Paper Hangings and
Window Shade;; Ca-pets and Drugget: Oils Pa'uts and
Dye studs; Crocke- V and Glassware ; Iron, Steel and
Nails; Window glass and Sash; Camphiue, Burning Flu
id end Varnishes of every kind : Pads, Tubs, Mats, Ac.,
Ac., which wHI be sold as usual, very cheap for Cash.
Towanta, October 1 1855.
HAS just received a full supply of FAM
ILY GROCERIES, which he will sell cheap for
Cash. Thankful for the very liberal patronage extended
to him during the past season,he would most respectfully
ask a continuance of the same.
Cash paid for most kinds of Grain, Butter, Cheese, and
Farmer's Produce generally. October 10,1855.
OAAA BUSH. RYE wanted immediately
Mm" for which ihe highest market price in cash
will be paid. Oct. 12. E. T. FOX.
SPICKS, of all kinds, both white and ground
- —Mustard, black and white, whole and ground, at
October D. FOX'S.
TURKS ISLAND SALT, both lumps and
ground, at Qct9 FOX'S,
J. Harvey.Pbinny, Jr.
IS Just rec ving a general a ortmr it of FALL A WIN
TER GOODS, const.,; ing of the usual variety of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crocf y,
Glassware, Hoots Shoes, Faints,
Oils, Glass, Dyes, $-e., <s-r.
all of which will lie sold as usual for C h, or exchan~ed
for Produce cheaper than can be had at any other store in
Towanda. Per ins wishing > purchase Goods for cash
w'll do well to call and exnm'ie his sock and prices, cor
ner of Bridge and Main -t ce .
*' C. h paid for Butter, Pork and Grain. Oct 20
. ROAD COMPANY.—The stockholders of the Tow
anda and Burlington Plank Road Company are hereby no
t'fied that an election will lie held ?t the office of G. F.
Mason, in the Borough of Towanda,on Monday, Nov. fit It,
1855. for officers of said Company for the ensuing year.
Polls open from 2 to 4 o'clock. P. M.
B. S. lU'SSELL, Secretary.
Towanda. Oc'olier 8,1855.
Another Voice from Wysox !
AS the subscriber bas determined to close tlie Carriage
Manufacturing business at Mve'sbtng lie would offer
for sale at extremely low prices, a" num' e,' of Carnages,
pie sure and Lmnlier Sleighs, among whieh, one two horse
carriage, built in the latest style, of good material, with
leather top, and with dooes i back .eat; it Le'ng the
Carriage on which the premium was awarded to the sub
acid! •at our late County F ' \ Also, oue, one or two
horse e. "Ha re. built in Philadelphia style, with door in
the side, leather top, with both pole and thills ; —it being
a tritie heavier than a common one hoi e carriage—w u
two seat ', (one moveable). Sahl ccrr'ages ore well f r
med with good broadcloth. Also a 1 ge quantity of ma
terial for manufacturing cau'rage*", Arc., together with all
the tools,, fortus, ixc., Ac,, and a lot of bent stuff
for fancy cutters. All of of which w ill lie sold cheat) for
Cash or approved credit. I). MAGN'ER.
Mycrsburg, Octolier 1V, 1855.
"LUSTRA V.—Left the premises of the subscri-
JLJ bejg in Wyswx township, on the 1 4th of September,
a two year ohl BRIXDLK HEIFER, wiih rather straight
horns, and in good condition. Whoever will give tue in
formation of the said heifer at my residence, opposite the
Towanda Eddy, or at the office of the Bradfoid Repoter,
shall lie suitably rewarded.
Wysox, October 2. 1555. RICH ABO PICKERING.
New Fall and Winter Goods.
Joseph Kingsbcry,
Towanda, October 3,1855.
DISSOLUTION. —The partnership hereto
fore existing between the subscribers, doing business
in the name of T. HI'MIMIKKY A CO. at Orwell, Peiin'a,
Hooper's Valley and Sniilhlmrn, X". V., is this day dissolv
ed by mutual consent. Al l debts due the firm inust be
settled with T. Iluiupb'ey, he having purchased theeiitire
interest of bis asseciates. and lieing alone authorized 'o
sign in liquidation- All debts due by thcfiirm should also
be presented to T. Humphrey, he having agreed to pay the
same. T. HUMPHREY,
Otirell, Oct. 1, 1855. A. I'OTTER. _ _
New Fall and Winter Goods.
Burton Kingst y,
RESPECTFULLY informs the public that he is open
, iug for public inspection, one of the largest stocks of
GOODS ever brought into this market, consisting of
Dry Goods, Gror.ries, Hardware, Cr celery,
liouls and Shoes, Nails, Glass, ij-c.
Embracing an a- ortinent suited to the wants of the pub
lic, and which having been purchased for Cadi, will he
sold for Ready Pay at prices which defy competition.
West side of Main stieet.
Towanda, October 4. 1*55.
Tracy dt, Moore,
a large and well selected assortment of
which have been selected with unusual care, and purchas
ed at the lowest possible rates. Feeling confident that we
can sel' Goods for Ready Pay, as low as an)'establishment
in the country, we ask "the public to give"us a call, and
examine our stock and prices. Sept. 12 1855. •
RIPE APPLES —any quantity wanted at
August 22. FOX'S.
JUST RECEIVED, another lot of that
nice DRIED BEEF, also first rate CHEE.SE, at
i July 12,1*50. FOX'S.
I : Ho. 4, Patton's Block, Towanda, Pa.
THE subscrilier would respectfully inform his friends and the public that he has fitted up No. 4 in Patton's New
Brick Block, for a DRUG STORE, and that he is now receiving from the cities of Philadelphia and New York
a large aud well nelected ßUKK of American, French and English
A lE'ii3£(&3 ©H 1 & g
SUEGICAI INSTRTXIVI and a variety cf the racst approved Ti.isscs,
Abdominal Supporters, dtc., always on hand.
London Foricr and Scotch Ale, and Pure Liquors, for Medicinal purposes.
Brushes for (he Hat, Hair, Teeth, Nails Boo'*- Painting, Vanishing, HhiffwrsJu Ac.
The Lovers of GOOD CIGARS and TOBACCO, iri/l find a lar<rc variety of eh, ra
va, Vara and Principe Cigars, and Ike finest brands of Tobacco and SHU J).
And a fine assortment of LAMPS, of all sizes and descriptions, Bird ('ages, Caps, ]\'est* rid 5,.,1.
AH of which is offered for sale on tlie most satisfactory twin. Our stock being large and mortly purchased from the
InijMirter and Manufacturer at the lowest rates, aud with Cash, enatjes us to sell at reduced juices, that must be sa
tisfactory to all. We invite the attention of the public to an especial examination of our stock of goods and prices.
Our Goods are selected with the utmost "care and warranted to lie what tliey are represented ; if any should prove
the contrary, we are not only willing but request our customers to return them, and the money shall lie refunded.
Having secured the services of DR. HUSTON, who will keep his office at this store, and will give medical
advice gratuitously to those purchasing medicines. Towanda, September 1 1853.
announces to all afflicted with Tumors, Wens, t.'an
ecr. Warts, Polypus, Lupus, Moles or Marks, Scrofula or
King's Evil, and all diseases that have been usually treat
ed Caustic or Knife that he can remove them by an eu-
I tirelv new method, without cutting, burning or pain. It
is no matter on what part of the I sidy they are. he can re
move them with perfect safety and iii a remarkable short
time, if curable. No money required, except for medicines
nntil a cure is perfected. Chronic and other diseases not
mentioned above, treated with positive success, if curable.
Pull particulars can he obte'ned by addressing U. L. KEE
LING, M. B. Mechanicsbti'g, Cumberland Co.. Pa.
Persons afflicted, reside at a distance, he has,for years
been in the habit of presc,. ing by leiter, and with gr'neraJ
He would say however to those desiring advice, in this
way, that to secure attention they should enclose, wiih
the general symptoms of their cases, a fee of dollar, to
warrant him in spending his time for their lienetit.
The doctor may be consulted at his office at all times,
when not pro iorally absent.
CAUTION. —Bt-angers coining to see the Dr. are CAN'hir
ed as some have been deceived. Dr. K. is tlie oidy one in
this State, who can perform cures by the new method.—
The Dr's. office is directly opposite the Union Church.
Mcclu nicsburg is K miles from Harrishu g on the Cun -
bcrland V. lb It. and accessible from all pa ,s of the Ui -
ion. The Dr. will visit cases within a reasonable distane
when desired.
Would inform the inhabitants of Bradford county
that he respcci fullv solicits tiOO subscribers for his local
work entitled " ITSH AND PHiLOSOPItV, or Sketches
made Diirhig a Short Sojourn in Northern Pennsylvania."
The book will consist of from 250 to 300 pages, 12m0.,
and will be bound in embossed muslin. The price will is;
$l,OO. As the work was not written to vindicate
any pai ticnlar theory, or to advance any particular inte
rest, it is difficult to say what it aims at -fio ther than 'o
help while away a leisure hour or two, in what the Au
thor hopes, not unprofitable reading.
The pages are chiefly devoted to descriptions of local
scenery : incident s while Trouting on the Schroder branch;
literary criticisms and reminiscences; conversations, de
velopments of local character, poetry and philosophical
As the publication of the book is not a question of
bread, the author can u.-e the liberty of speaking plain
In the first place, then, he cannot afford to publish the
book unaided—nor would lie if lie could ; for the simple
reason, lie is unwilling to shoulder the responsibility of
committing a—possibly—poor book to the world. * He
therefore seeks to make a corporate concern of it, and
thus share with the subscribers the odium of failure,
should it fail. It is a purely gratuitous matter, gentle
men, sign, or not sign. In the second place, the author
is unwilling to have his stock of hooks added to, by too
many hundred ropie of a work that failed to redeem the
price of il publication : neither docs he desire the hoi ror
of witnessing the aw oil spectacle of an auto-da-fe,of what
cost him so much pains and time to create ; —for lie cer
tainly would comm't to the flames what remained unsold
of the edition, should they remain too long on liis hands,
lie is determined to pay the publisher on the receipt of
toe edition, should it lie printed, asking no tavors ; and if
000 subse 'tier- can be had, l - e will do so. He can afford,
howere,'. to wait, should the 000 refuse to come to the
rescue. The MS will not diminish in value. It will i,:-
main as it has done, cherished by the owner, as was chc
islied and loved '-the poor man's one little ewe lamb,'hat
was unto him as a daugher." The author w ill ask no one
to nr. ertake to publish it on the strength of its merits :
perhaps from pride, perhaps from a prophetic apprehen
sion of its lack of merit. Time—perhaps—will determine
if he did well to be influenced by the latter conside-at'on.
The author wil' further say, that should the desired nmi
lter of subscript ems l>e obtained, lie will feel tempted to
promise an embellished frontispiece, enclosing a medallion
likeness of t lie principal character, Dr. Plum. And should
a second edition follow, he—the author—will exert all The
influence he can command to secure for the original sub
scribers a lock of that distinguished individual's hair; as
thank Heaven, he is appreciative, and, judging from his
antecedents, the author has no doubt that Plum would
gladly wear a wig tor a whole year, to have the pleasure
of furnishing to his friends so interesting i souvenir.
The publication of the book, then, is dependent on the
receipt of t;oo subscribers, and one month will be allowed
for names to be given in. if, at the expiration of that time
only one person lias subscribed, or any other number be
tween that and litin—unless very closely approximating it
—the book will not of course be expected to see the light.
But, if the entire number be obtained, those who have
signed, will, in tlnee nv lis from the closing of the sub
scription lists, be suppli - with a copy, or copies, as they
may have ordered.
Subscription lists will be opened on Monday next,:,? nil
the stores, and at the P. O. in the liorough ; and at ('. H.
DERRICK'S, at Athens. At Burlington, there will be one
at Mefsrs. LONG V MERRY'S store, and at Ulster Mr. JOHN
M ATUKK , and at Monroe. Mr. SEYMOI R PHINNEY, will act
as e ;ents. Others may be authorized.
To wanda, October 13,1555.
respectfully inform his friends and the
public that he is now receiving at his old
stand one door north of Laporle, Mason A Co.'s banking
house, a large and extensive assortment of
Sofas, Mahogany Chairs, of various patterns,
Rosewood and Mahoganv Side and Centre Tallies,
Dining .Tea and Pembroke Tables, Stands of every
kind. Cane, Flag and Wood seat Chairs, high
Chairs, Children's Rockers, Bedsteads,
Bureaus. Lounges, Gilt and Rose
wood Picture Frames, Iron Hat
Stands, Corner ami side do.
of walnut and mahogany ; Cvad'es, Cribs, Wardrobes,
Cupboards. Looking glasses. Ac.
itirCO'-'FIX'S. of every size and quality, and will at
tend on all occasions when iequi'-re.
The public arc invited to exant'oe ,ny assortment before
purchasing elsewhere, as I will sell cheaper than auy other
establishment in No, them Pennsylvania.
Towanda, August 8, 185.5.
A. IYI. Warner's
New is* Splendid Jewelry Siore, one door north
of Potions IJrvg Store,
g. II AS just been opened with the largest and
_ JKI most choice stock of FASHIONABLE
J EWELRY ever offered to a discriminating
ql public. Indeed, he can safely say that with
PV >%% the "Inning of his new store has been iu
augurated a new era in the Jewelry line,
inasmuch as along with the choice and elegant assortment
he gives the most reliable assurance of an almost incredi
ble reduction in prices ; the rich and tasteful articles hav
ing been all bought with ready cash.
A. M. W.. when he rettects how, for the past years.with
a far less attractive stock, lie has enjoyed so large a share
of public patronage, flutters himself that tlie immense in
crease of Goods lie now oilers, which have lieeu bought so
much more advantageously, will enable hint to increase
the generous confidence which has hitherto been vouch
safed to him. He therefore solicits a continuance of the
favor of his old customers, and invites the public general
ly to come and see the fashions.
continue to be distinguished by the skill and despatch
which has heretofore enabled it to enjoy the enviable rep
utation of I icing tlie most reliable in town.
Towanda. September 24, 1855.
BOOTS A SHOES—The largest, best and
cheapest assortment this side of the Empire City may
be found at je'i'J TRACY ft MDORE H.
FRESH TEAS, both Green and Black—
from 37J cents to $1 00—every ponml warranted to
suit or the money returned in all eases, at FOX'S.
TOK] - .l*[l KIN(iSBRf!V still continues the
19 BOOK A* STATIONLIO business, where pun Lasers
inay find all the Intent School ami Miscellaneous Books at
n-Jilted prices. The following School Books are embrac
ed in the catalogue, viz :
<ireck and Bntin Bender and Grammar.
do. I icsar, do. Saliust, do. Lessons.
DoneganV < 1 reek and English Lexicon.
Spencer's Latin Lessons : Cis>|>er's Virgil.
OlendorlTs, Lebrethon s, Burbuuld s, Fau.-diek's and
Lcvizark's French Works.
Parker's, Comstock's, I'helps', Smiley's and Olmsted's
Day-, Thompson's and Davie's Works.
Cutter s. ( oat s and Comstock's Plivse'dogy.
Sounder's, Porter's. lb-at lev's and Cobb's' Works.
Bancrofts History, Parleys, Worcester s. Gornsev's.
Bottas. &e. Ae.
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary,
do University edition, do.
do Common School, do.
Worcester's, Cooper's. Harper's. Johnson's, do. Corn
stocks works ; J„ probes B •t;uiy. Sweet's Klocutiou.
Thompson's series of Arithmetic, primary to High
\dams', Davie's, Smith's and Cobb's, do.
• ova s, Kii khani s. Smiths ami Morse's Geography
Atlas ; and all the various Primary Geographys now
["■'linjt books of all kinds, and miscellaneous books in
g!( .it variety.
Also-— Dry Gorxls, Groceries, Crockery, Boots ($• ,Shots,
Hals anil Cups. (J-r.
New and desirable styles of Goods will be received
tin ;My. and sold at the lowest CASH I'KKJBS. J. K.
Towanda, April, 21, 18.">.">.
In T. FOX would respectfully inform his
J* old friends and the public generally tlrat he lr <
commenced the Grocery una Provision Business, at A o.
1 . Brick Roto. (opposite Meretir's <inre.) and io.ends car
rying it on in all n- 'caliches. He lias ami v. "I couiincw
to keep on ham; a . " assortment of GROCERIES a u' ail
kini.s o PPOt 'SIGN'S that are o'ouvnablc, all oi which
will be sold on ,easonab'" terms for Cash.
Towanda. June 1, ls.j j.
DRIED PEACHES, a small quamiiy, very
nice, tor sale at jnue'J FOX'S.
OR A N(J KS, I .emons, Pine Apples, Fresh
Raisins, Figs. Prunes, Currants, seedless liaisln> ■
served Ginger, and a variety of articles of the sani
may be had at jcue'.t F' -
/_IO(JI>S bought at my Si ore will be tic :.,T
-VT ed to ary pan ol the Borough, FREE OF CH \' E.
Jnnc 201 M. K. t. "Ft
13 AILS, R rooms, Tubs, Pleasures, st ri' l oi r
A rushes, blacking Brushes, Ac. at I'o'\">.
0 TONS SUGARS—Brown, Refined, .
19 dercd, Crushed and Grauulated : Molasses,Sy i c : r>
and Java Coffee, Bice, Saleiatus. Ginger. Sperm Cam
Bice. Tobacco—in fact a general variety of GrOcerb s. f,
sale chop at juM} FOX S,
HOUSE TRIM M 1 N(LS—even* dc-scvipiiou
by je2'i TRACT A MOOBB.
Cash paid for Hides.
THE highest price paid in CASH, for Units
and Skin-, by JOHN W. WILCOX.
June 20,
jdrrclay Railroad <&. Coal Ccmpsnv.
i !< II IS HEREBY GIVEN to the sn'iscriljers in To
-1 x w .uula boro' and its vicinity to the Stock of the ' B \R
CLAY RAILROAD <V COAL CO/' that the rema'ning
in tnhnents of ten per rent each (heiug ?."> per sliare) on
: <1 stock, are required to be paid to E. Uv t '.TUN, Esq.,
e President, or to J. Maefat lane, Esq. the Attorney of
said Company at Towanda, at the t. ; mis follow : ng, to wit:
4tli instalment payable August 27ih,
">tb " " Sep, 271 h "
(itli " " October 2<th "
7th " Noveuilie.' 2'Jth "
kth •' " December 2"th "
fth " •' January P,lt IRSC.
10th " " Man b bd "
Payments may also be made at the office of I.ape,
Mason & Co.. at Towanda.
July 20. 1' >5." GFO. R. OAT, Tr. rer.
hrifo d
THE undersigned have place 1 npon the line between
Towanda ami Warerley, a new Packet, ' lilt expres
lv for the travel between the above and the intermediate
The " (I AZELI.E" is neatly lifted up, and mav be relied
upon as always being "on time." The hours "of arrival
and depot ture w ill be arranged in conformity with the
time tables on the X. Y. and Erie Railroad.
At present, leave Towanda for Waverley, at li o'clock,
P. M.. precisely.
Leave Waverley, at 71 o'clock, A. M.. or immediately
after the arrival of the ms'l train from the East.
I'OtVKI.L A SMITH, Proprietors.
Towanda. September 1, 15.35.
(HANDLES —by the box or single pound,
-J at sepl FOX'S.
I HON, Round, Square, Tire, Rand k Scroll,
all qualities and sizes. TKA< Y A MOORE.
FLOt'R —80 bids., first quality, for sale at
tlie lowest CASH ligure. TRACY A MOORE.
BAI.DWIN A POL LEYS having purchased the marble
factory of this village, under the superintendence of
Hem y llaiifo d. a v e lumpy to announce that the Marble
business in Waverly will now be conducted by them. They
are constantly receiving
Italian and Rutland Marble,
for Monuuients. Head Stouts. Tomb Tallies, Stand Tops,
Paint Kioiies.Mellt s, Ac. II iving secured the servici jf
U. 11. POWEI S who "s well known to be the mist petfe< t
Vriist in the stale, tbey oilers unparalleled inditrtmen <
tip sons wishing to secure any <'f the above articles, in
1' ir •<. stele anil nrti lie-.:! beauty.
V. aveily. N. V., Ottotier LI, 1855.
_|_ every week, at j illicit FOX'S.
/MIOOERIES—CaII and see our Brown,
V " 1 rushed, Coflee and lbilverized Sugars ; Fine Yum g
Hyson A Black Tea*—warranted a superior article or bo
money refunded—for sale cheap bv B. KIXGsBKRt -
]\l ACK.EREL —whole, half ntid quarter b 'ls
ltl l v j. '.'.i TR ' Y A MOORL
DRIED APPLES—a few first rate ones,
for sale at jilO FOX S.
ESTRAY. —Came to the enclosure of the
subscriber, in South Towanda, about the fust of Sep
tember, a two year old BRIXDLE HEIFER, with he IN y
| horns, ami no particular marks. The owner is request! ".i
t.> prove property, pay charges and take her awav.
OctolKT •. Do'.. ' CORNELIUS Ml "IRE.
mm'Pj all ilcs-cliptiou.- at HUMPHHEY'S.