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    the law of last winter that money could not
have been drawn.
Our Representatives, had they endangered
t | l( . passage of the act, would not have I e?n
faithful to the interests of their constituents.—
We presume it never entered the mind of any
man in Bradford, when this law was passed,
,] iat it affected this County. The School
director's Convention had fixed the salary at
which was quite as liberal as most of
t ] r Counties. The increase of the salary we
warinlv opposed. We considered it uncalled and unjustifiable. It lias destroyed the
ilfu ieney of the office in Bradford and created
•i prejudice which years cannot eradicate, llut
to attempt to hold our Representative responsi
-1,1,. f o j- that increase, is not warranted by the
1" the first place they supported the
hill allowing the School Directors to abolish
the office, if they saw proper. This having
been vetoed, they would have been doing wrong
to incorporate in another bill a provision of
the me character, which would only result in
having it vetoed.
The law of last winter, in itself is not olh
noxious to any censure. Any privilege of the
kind it confers, however right in itself, may be
abused. If the Directors of certain counties
wished to increase the salary, it was right they
should have the privilege. By the eighth sec
tion the whole matter was left in the hands of
the School Directors. Although an undue ad
vantage has been taken in Bradford, we be
lieve thev are competent to attend to the School
interests of the County. We publish the Bth
section, that our readers may see how much
care was taken that the privilege should not
he abased.
Skitios s. Tlisit the State Superintendent of Common
ti,,,.i }i ill. on the application of the hoards of directors
C.iuutv in this Commonwealth, stating their desire to in
, r , ,w'the vdnrv of the Conntp Superinteiuleiit, lixed at
>iv ill the [s i ie'ds named in the Until section of the school
i ni-iif ls'il.erat any siilovipivnt triennial convention of
pTeet'Ts. nppoint the time and place of the re-assemblitift
iif the < ' uivi it ioii of I lire tors, who i-hall have ali the pott -
t!> fiinfeired hy the said 'Wilt section.
The Governor has already indicated that lie
will not approve a law abolishing the office in
a few counties. The only way to settle the j
matter is hy repealing the law creating the
office of County Superintendent. This our
candidates tell you they are willing to do.
During the session of 1847, Col. PIOLETT
was a nieiuber of the Pennsylvania legisla
ture, and voted for a law which makes a slave
free, when voluntarily brought by his master
into this Commonwealth. Yes, Col. PIOI.KTT,
the pro-Slavery dough-face of the present day,
was then a pestilent abolitionist, for he voted
to remove the last relic of Slavery from our
statute books.
In July last, Passmorf. Wii.i.amsox, the
Secretary of the active committee of a Socie
ty incorporated in 1T VI2 by the Pennsylvania
Legislature for the "amelioration of thccoudi
ion of free persons unlawfully held in bondage,"
tlie first President which was that other aboli
tionist Bf.x.i. Franklin, was informed that a
colored woman and tliree children, were at the
Walnut Street wharf, being in the State <d
Pennsylvania. Believing that they were "mi
lawfully held in bondage," according to the
law passed by Pioi.ktt and his colleagues,
Williamson proceeded to the wharf, found the
woman, told her she was free, and she desiring
her freedom, was, with her children, put into
a carriage bv some persons of her own color,
and driven off. And thus ended M ili.iams-in's
connection with the matter, or knowledge of
her whereabouts.
Judge Kaxe having issued a ha leas corpus
directed to William-ox, requiring him to pro
dure the body of said Jane and her children,
he makes return that he has not now in his
possession, nor has ever had, the said Jane,
and consequently cannot produce her as re
quired. In this lie is adjudged justly of con
tempt of Court, and is committed to prison.
" without bail or maniprizc," there to remain
until he shall confess himself guilty of perjury,
instating what was strictly true.
The Republican Convention at Pittsburg, :
incensed at the attempt to make the sacred
writ of habeas err pus, in fact a Fugitive Slave
Law, —alarmed at this glaring encroachments
upon State Rights, by the assumption of powers
not appertaining to a Federal Judge—and
viewing it as another monstrous stride in the
march of Slavery-aggression—placed PASS
MORE WILLIAWSOX before the people ol the
Btatc fur their suffrages, that in voting for him
tliey might rebuke.the judicial tyranny usurp
ing such dangerous and unlimited power, and
testify their alarm at the aggressions daily
making by the Slave jiowcr upon the soil and
the rights of Freemen.
AV e shall give him our vote with much
pleasure. We shall do it the more cheerfully
because wc have every assurance that he is
amply qualified for the office of Canal Com
missioner, and wc have the certainty that lie
can Ih' no worse than those wc have been vot
ing for. We believe it would be fortunate for
the Commonwealth could the Hoard of Canal
Dmiinissiouers be composed of sueli men as
I'ASSMORE WILLIAMSON - , instead of the corrupt
mnl profligate politicians who make the office
•uhscrvieut to jiersonal and political ends.
(For the Bradford Reporter.)
Ax Incident.— The following " Incident"
I saw in tlie liclr'ulcrc Standard , and thinking
it very applicable to the " Old Liners" in this
county 1 forward it to you for publication.
>\ c have just been told an amusing inei
'' nt that occurred a few days since down in
Jartinsville the County Seat of Morgan
omity. ,\n extra train (one ear loaded) had
a engaged to convey a delegation of Old
'iners to a Convention held last week in
'siiklin. ,\s the procession approached the
' I K, t at Martinsville it was discovered that a
• a '.- r e white flag was living on the Locomotive.
. which was placed there by the engineer. A
near view displayed to their astonished vision
, a whisky jug, astride of which stood a negro
in chains, and issuing out of his mouth was
this significant announcement, " Bound for
Kansas." The army in Flanders did not swear
harder than this rampant band of Old Liners,
at this home thurst. One of them more savage
than all the rest, exclaimed, " Where is the
man that painted that flag? If lie dare avow
himself, I will thrash hiiu within gaii inch of
his life." Whereupon the stalwart engineer
stepped out upon the platform and said "I am
the man that painted that Hag, sir, and I am
not afraid of any bullying cowards who are
ashamed of their principles. The flag, gentle
men, expresses your principles, and you have
not the courage or manliness to acknowledge
them. No man who has not the pluck ito
stand by his principles and up to them, will
dare to fight. 1 fear none of you." And
sure enough there was no fight, but any amount
of swearing." E. B. G.
The border ruffians who invaded Kansas,
and have been engaged in making laws lbr the
settlers of that Territory, have finally adjourn
ed and gone to their Missouri homes. The
I following is one of the acts of that Legislature.
We invite our readers, to examine it, that they
may ascertain what they are to expect from
Slavery when the doctrine of " popular sover
eignty" is fully carried oiff :
§ 1. lie it enacted by the (inrrrnor and Tsgis
latire Assembly of Kansas, That every person,
bond or free, who shall be convicted of aetually
raising a rebellion or insurrection of slaves, free
negroes or mulattocs, in this Territory, shall
suffer death.
§2. Every free person who shall aid or
assist in any rebellion or insurrection of slaves,:
free negroes or mulattocs, or shall furnish arms,'
or do any over act in furtherance of such rc->
hellion or insurrection, shall suffer death.
§ 3. 11 any free person shall, by speaking,
writing or printing, advise, persuade or induce
any slaves to rebel, conspire against or murder
any citizen of this Territory, or shall bring
into, print, write publish, or circulate, or shall
knowingly aid or assist in the bringing into,
printing, writing, publishing or circulating in
this Territory any book,paper, magazine, pain
; plilet or circular for the purpose of exciting
insurrection, rebellion, revolt or conspiracy on
the part of slaves, free negroes or mulattocs,
against the citizens of the Territory or any part
of them, such persons shall be guilty of felony
and suffer death.
§ 4. If any person shall entice, decoy or
carry away out of this Territory, any slave
belonging to another, with intent to deprive
the owner thereof of the services of such slave,
or with intent to effect or procure the free
dom of such slave, he shall be adjudged guilty
of grand larceny, and, on conviction thereof,
shall suffer death, or lie imprisoned at hard
labour for not less than ten years.
§ 5. If any jierson aid or assist in enticing,
decoying, or persuading, or carrying away or
sending out of this Territory, any slave belong
ing to another, with intent to procure or effect
the freedom of such slave, or with intent to
deprive the owner thereof of the services of
such slave, he shall be adjudged guilty of grand
larceny, and, on conviction thereof, shall suffer
death, or be imprisoned at hard labor for not
less than ten uwirs.
§ ft. If any person shall entice, decoy, or
carry away out of any State or Territory of
the I'nitcd States, any slave belonging to
another, with intent to procure or effect the
freedom of such slave, or to deprive the owner
thereof of the services of such slave, and shall
bring such slave, into this Tcrrritory, he shall
be adjudged guilty of grand larceny, in the
same manner as if such slave had been enticed,
decoyed or carried away out of this territory,
and in such cases the larceny may be charged
to Lave been committed in any County of this
Territory into or through which such slave
shall have been brought by such person, and,
on conviction thereof, the person offending shall
suffer death, or be imprisoned at bard labour
for not less than ten years.
§ 7. If any person shall entice, persuade or
induce any slave to escape from the service of
his master or owner in this Territory, or shall
aid or assist any slave in escaping from the
service of his master or owner, or shall assist,
harbour or conceal any slave who may have
escaped from the service of his master or owner,
he shall be deemed guilty of felony, and pun
ished by imprisonment at hard labour for a
term of not less than five years.
§ 8. If any person in this Territory shall aid
or assist, harbour or conceal any slave who has
escaped from the service of his master or owner
in another State or Territory, such person shall
lie punished in like manner as if such slave had
escaped from the service of his master or own
er in this Territory.
§ 9. If any person -shall resist any officer
while atttempting to arrest any slave that
may have escaped from the service of his
master or owner, or shall rescue such slave
when in custody of any officer or other person,
or shall entice, pcrsua le, aid or asist such
slave to escape from the custody of any officer
or other person who may have such slave in
custody, whether such slave have escaped from
the service of his master or owner in this
Territory or any other State or Territory, the
person so offending shall be guilty of felony,
and punished by imprisonment at hard labour
for a term of not less than two years.
§ 10. If any Marshall, Sheriff or Constable,
or the Deputy of any such officer, shall when
required by any jierson, refuse to aid or assist
in the arrest and capture of any slave tiiat
may have escaped front the service of his
master or owner, whether such slave shall have
escaped from his master or owner in this Terri
tory or any State or other Territory, such
officer shall be fund in a sum of not less than
one hundred nor more than five hundred
§ll. If any person print, write introduce
into publish or circulate, or cause tobe brought
into, printed, written, published or circulated,
or shall knowingly aid or assist in bringing
into, printing, publishing or circulating with
in this Territory, any book, paper, pamphlet,
magazine, handbill, or circular, containing any
statements, arguments, opinions, sentiment,
doctrine, advice or inueudo, calculated to
produce a disorderly, dangerous or rebellious
disaffection among the slaves in this Territory,
or to induce such slaves to escape from the
service of their masters, or to resist their
authority, he shall be guilty of felony, and be
punished by imprisonment at bard labour for a
term not lesss than live years.
§ 12. If any free person, by speaking or
writing, assert or maintain that persons have
not the right to hold slaves in this Territory,
such jierson shall be deemed guilty of felony,
and punished by imprisonment at hard labour
for a term of not less than two years.
§ 13. No jierson who is conscicutously
ojijiosed to holding slavery, or who does not
admit the right to hold slaves in this Territory,
shall sit as a Juror on the trial of any prosecu
tion for any violation of any of the sections of
this act.
This act to take affect and be in force from
and after the loth day of Scjitimber, A. I).,
S.icakt r of the- House.
Attest, J. M. LYI.E, Clerk.
President of the Council.
Attest, J. A. HAI.DEKMAX, Clerk.
Meetingsjlelalitfe to the Co. Superint'dt
At a meeting held in the School House in
Lats District No. 1 Standing Stone Township,
Bradford County Pa., on Tuesday Eveinng
Sept. 18th, 1855, pursuant to public notice.—
The meeting was organized by calling ASA
STEVENS Esq., to the Chair, and 11. W.
TRACY, was ajijiointed Secretary.
The object of the meeting being stated bv
the Chairman, to take into consideration mat
ters concerning the County Superintendents of
Common Schools. On motion it was therefore
Restlved, That a Committee of Seven be
appointed by the Chair to draft Resolutions
exjiressivc of the sense of this meeting. There
upon the chair ajijiointed: 11. \\\ Tracv, E
L. Gregg, Geo. Stevens, Win. Kingslcv, Henry
Huff, Isaac 11. Vanncst, and Geo. Yaniiest,
said Committee.
After a very full and deliberate interchange
of sentiment by the citizens jiresent, it was
Rest,lced, That this meeting do now adjourn
to meet at this jilace on Saturday Evening
Sept. 22, at early candlelight, at which time
the Committee was requested to report.
Saturday Sejit. 22, 1855. The meeting
convened agreeable to adjournment. The
jiroeeedings of the 18th inst., having been
read and apjiroveil of, the Committee on Reso
lutions, through their chairman rejiortcd the
following :
Resetted. That in the opinion of this meet
ing, so much of the law " For the regulation
and continuance of a system of education bv
Common Schools" as authorizes the School
Directors of the several counties of this Com
monwealth to meet in Convention at the Seat
of Justice in tlie said counties, to select Comi
ty Sujieriiitendeiits ought to be repeated. Ex
perience having fully demonstrated, that such
officers tend rather to embarass and derange
the Common School System, by coming in con
flict with the School Directors, and thus im
jiair and weaken, instead of giving strength
and vigor to it.
Rest.leal, That while we arc willing to be
taxed to defray the exjienses of Government,
and the education of Children, we are not
willing that money thus raised shall be seized
by " Hawks"—therefore we do most solemnly
jwotcst against having quartered upon the
Common School Fuud of this County a sucker
or leech in the form of a County Superinten
dent, thus absorbing SISOO of the poojtie's
money, thereby reducing the State appropria
tion, to so small and trivial a sum, as not to
be worth the trouble and e.xjiense necessary to
obtain it.
Rcsolced, That it would be worse than a
waste of time for tlie County Sujierintendent,
to visit this School District on his official busi
ness. The jiatrons of the common schools,
having become so entirely dissatisfied with
that part of the law, which creates the office
of County Superintendents, and the sujqde
ment thereto, by which that officer's salary
has been so shamefully increased, thev are de- j
teruiiued that all connection with that office in
the schools of this district, sh ill cease.
Which alter being duly considered and dis
cussed by many citizens jiresent, was unani
mously adopted by this meeting. Tliereujion
on motion of Simon Stevens, it was
Resilred, That the jiroeeedings of this
meeting lie signed by the officers and published
in the jiajiers of Bradford County.
ASA STEVENS, Chairman.
11. AY. TRACY, Secretary.
At a jiublic meeting held at the Sugar Run
School House, in Asylum on Saturday the
Sth day of Scjit. 1855, called for the jiurjiosc
of devising the best means for the improve
ment of our Common Schools, and taking into
consideration the subject of county Sujicrin
tendencies. AVAL TERRA was ajijiointed
President, PAI L Qnciv and AARON ELY, Vice
Presidents, and D. C. Miller and I). 11. Cor
bin, Secretaries.
Dr. G. F. TIORTOX asked jiermission to read
Mr. GI VER'S letter, written in defence of the
increase of his salary, as County Sujierinten
On leave being granted lie proceeded to
read the most iinjiortant (tortious of the letter
in order, as lie stated, that Air. GIVER might
not be condemned without a hearing in this
meeting. On motion the president appointed
John Morrow, Geo. F. llortonand J. W. Ing
ham, a Committee to draft resolutions exjircs
sive of the sense of the meeting. After some
discussion the meeting adjourned for one week
to meet at the same jilace, at 2 o'clock P. AL
Saturday Sejit. lstli. Meeting assembled
according to adjournment and the following
resolutions rejiortcd by the Committee, were
discussed and jiasscd.
AVIIKIO-.AS, In the ojiinion of this meeting,
Education is the chief corner stone of Repub
lican Institutions, and the grand bulwark of a
nation's defence against the encroachments of
bigotry, sujierstition, despotism and vice,
Resolved, That it is a sacred and inijierative
duty devolving upon the State to jirovidc by
law, for the education of all the children living
with her borders, and that every good citizen,
and esjieeiallv parents, guardians and directors
should aid and encourage by every means in
their power, the progress of their imjiortaut
essential work.
Resolved, That while we have ever been firm
friends and advocates of the Common School
System of Pennsylvania, believing its jirovis
ions in the main, wise and salutary, we have
viewed the creation of the office of County
Superintendent as a measure of doubtful bene
fit—an exjKiisivc experiment not called for by
the exigences of the times, nor the voice of
the people of this Commonwealth.
Resolved, Though we do not expect a tree
to bear fruit in the year of its jilantiiig, yet
we do desire to see it exhibit some symptoms
of life and put forth sonic little buds, on which
to hang a liojie of its future value; but we
regret to say that for the past twelve months
we have looked in vain for the least
of renewed life and vitality in gur common
' schools, on the contrary the fact forces itself
[ upon our attention, that since our County
Superintendent entered upon the duties of his
office our common schools have experienced a
rapid and alarming decline.
lie-talced, That " the laborer is worthy his
lure" and we are in favor of paying just and
liberal wages to all who serve us, whether in
a public or private capacity, in order that we
may secure the services of able competent
men : but the increase of our County Superin
tendent's salary from live to fifteen hundred
dollars per annum, was, on the part of that
officer a " big strike," and on the part of those
school directors who voted so to increase, is
either a beautiful specimen of being generous
of other people's money, or a certain proof
that they are firm believers in the celebrated
dogma that the money comes from nowhere.
Ttcsdrcd, That as our County is one of great
geographical extent, containing a large num
ber of schools to be visited, and in considera
tion of the distance our township is situated
from the residence of the County Superinten
dent, thereby subjecting him, in his visits, to a
tedious journey, and much peril, from snow
storms and drenehings, we have concluded that
it would be but an act of simple justice and
charity, to relinquish our claim to any portion
of his future services, that might be due our
township, in favor of those townships, whose I
school directors voted to increase his salary to
fifteen hundred dollars. It being apparent
that his labors there must be more needed and
better appreciated than litre.
On motion it was /i 'endred, That Iho pro
ceedings of this meeting be published in the
county papers.
On motion the meeting adjourned.
[ Signed In/ the Ojficers.]
Towaiida Market Wholesale Prices.
[' 'orrectcd weekly by E. T. FOX, I (eater in Provision*ami
(iroeeries, No. I. liriek Row, wlio will pay Cash, at the
prices lixeil, for the articles in this list:]"
Flour, (retail price,) l>M $s no Oil
Pork, do •• 21 00 Oti 24 00
W heat, p hiishcl,.... 1 2."> Ot 1 .">0, " (ft.
Cats " 31 fit
Corn, " 1 (Mi (it
I {ye, " t;2| Qe. —-
Potatoes, " .... 2."> fit 31 j
I leans, " 1 .",0 (it 2 00
Dried Apples, " .... (,/j
Butter p Hi 12 Or. lii
Cheese, " <; (,t ]o
I funis and Shoulders, " t at pil
Dried Peaches, " .... 12 lit h;
Dried Berries, " .... 12 (ft IN,|
Eggs, pilozcn,.... (t£ 12
St M AS'. IXK'. The regular meetings of UN"FOX
No. ins, A. V. M., are held every Wed
nesday, on or preceding the full moon, at 3,1'.
/yr \M.: and oil eaeli second Wednesday thereafter,
at .Masonic Hall, over .1. Kingsliery's store, as follows:
August Nth, at N, p. M. October 24th, at 3 I*. M.
August 22d, 55, " Voveiiilicr. ... 7th. t;4 "
September, .otli s, " Xovember... 21st, 3 "
September. 10th 3, " Deeemher *>th, t;A "
Oct olier ...2d S, " December... .IKth, 3 "
All brethren in good standing are invited to attend.
11. I'. A. 1 XBIXCI IA PTKR, Xo. 101, holds its regular
meetings at the same place. Thursday on or before the full
moon. Meeting for August oil the 23d day.
E. 11. MASOX, Secretary.
A. IMC. Warner's
\cw Splendid Jeter!ry Store, one door north
of Pattons Drug Store,
HAS just been opened with the largest and
_ JK3k most choice stock of FASHIONABLE
S|f l '7 l At JEW RI.UI ever ottered to a diseriiuinating
jfif i 41 public. Indeed, he can safely My that with
JgSg, -JjW! opening of his new store has been in
tW il' 1 aogiiratcd a new era in the Jewelry line,
inasmneh as along with the choice and elegant assortment
he gives the most reliable assurance of an almost incredi
ble redacti in in prices ; the rich and tasteful articles hav
ing been all bought with ready cash.
A. M. W.. when lie reflects how, for the past years,with
a far less attractive stock, lie has enjoyed so large a share
of public patronage, flatters himself that the immense in
crease of (binds lie now oilers, which have been bought so
much more advantageously, will enable him to increase
the generous confidence which has hitherto been vouch
safed to him. He therefore solicits a continuance of the
favor of his old customers, and invites the public general
ly to come and see the fashions.
continue to he distinguished by the skill and despatch
which lias heretofore enabled it to enjoy the enviable rep
utation of lming the most reliable in town.
Towaiula, Scptcnilivr 24, IN.V.
New York Stale Fair al Eliuira.
Oc'.ober, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
r j 1 IIl! X. .ft E It. It. Company will run
M- Exclusion Trains during the continuance of the State
Fair, to be held at Kliuira next week, at huff the usual
rate* of fare.
On W edncstl.iy, Thursday and Friday, the 3d, 41 h and
• ith, the only day's on whieli the Fair (iroiiwts will l>c
open to tlie public, the Packet Boat " Gazelle " will run
Twici-: v nvv.eacli wav,between Towaiula and Waverlv.
AI.EAVK TOW'AXD V. at A o'clock A. M., (Bail Road
time) coniicctiiig at Waverly with the Excursion Train for
l.huira, at! Is. and again at half-past 011 c, connecting
with the evening trains both ways.
Lh IV E WAV EUI.Y, at half past seven, A. M, again
at I 3a P. M. after the arrival of the Excursion Trains
from Elmira. POWELL A SMITH.
TOWANOA, Sept. 2li, IS.ia
%r} r * ' - J
rpilE undersigned have placed upon the line between
I Towaiula and Waverley. a new Packet, lmilt express
ly for the travt 1 between the above and the intermediate
The "<! VZEI.I.E" is neatly lifted up.and may U> relied
upon as always being •' on time." The hours of arrival
and departure will be arranged in conformity vyitli the
time tables on the X. Y. and Erie Bailroad.
At present, leave Towaiula tor Waverley, at 1.4 o'clock.
P. M., precisely.
Leave \\ averley. at 7} o dock. A. M., or immediately
after the arrival of the mail tin in from the East.
POWELL A SMITH, Proprietors.
Towaiula. September I. IN.VI.
(HANDLES —by tin; box or single pound,
J at sent FOX'S.
St CO.
d V Tll E I B FAI, L OOOI> S
Their assortment of SADDI.EBY and other HABDWAKE
is complete. Also, a good snppiv of
Towaiula, August 28, IN.">.. •
Administrator's Sale.
I>liV virtue of an order issued by tlic Or
) plain's Court of Bradford County, will "lie sold on
Saturday Oetolier 27th at 2 o'clock. P. M., on the premi
ses, late the property of Miner B. Wilcox, situated in Al
bany twp., and hounded on the north by James Wilcox,
east by the Fowler branch of the Towmula creek, west by
Joseph White, and south by the Coal Company's lands,
containing 14(1 acres, more or less, about no ai res improv
ed, with a frame house, frame barn and horse shed and an
orchard of fruit trees thereon.
Terms made known on day of sale.
JOSEPH MEN*AUDI, Administrator.
September 20, lN.j,">.
my wife MINERVA and I have
T T have entered into a mutual agreement to part,and
have no more family deal. This is therefore to lorhid all
persons harboring or trust ing her on my account, as I will
pay no debts of her contracting after this date.
Orwell, Septemlver 3, IS.")."!.
(AAME to the enclosure of the subscriber in
J Herrick, a Mint the Ist of July,one two year old BED
HEIFER, and a yearling RED HEIFER. Xeither having
any particular murks. The owner is requested to take
them away, pay charge:;. Ac. \VM. H. H. JENKINS.
Herrick. Sept. 13,1 -,VV.
[ Wo. 4, Tattoo's Block, Towanda, Pa.
subscriber would respectfully inform his friends and the public that he lias fitted up Xo. 4, in Patton'* New
I. Brick Block, for a DBCi, STORE, and that lie is now receiving from the cities of Philadelphia and XcwYoik
a large and well selected slock of American, French and English
A LLi!@2? AMMKKfcJIB 8
SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, and a variety cf the most approved Trusses,
Abdominal Supporters, Ac., always cn hand.
London I'oricr and Scoleh Ale, and Pure Liquors, for Mediriual purposes.
Brushes for the llat, llair, Teeth, Nails Boots Painting;, Yariiishiu?, Yi hitrwashin?, &.C.
The Lovers of (i()f)l) ('/(,'[ R S and TO It A CCO, will find a large variety of choice flam
no, Vara and Prineipe Cigars, and (he finest brands of Tobacco and. Snvff
And a fine assortment of I. A MI'S, of all sizes ami descriptions. Bird Vetoes, Cups, AY sis and Seed.
All ol which is ullcrcd lor sale on the most salisfa< torv term-. Our stock Icing large and mostly purchased from the
Importer and .Mamitactiirer at the lowest rates, and with ('ash, enables us to sell at reduced prices, that must Ik- sa
tistactory to all. We invite the attention of the public to an especial examination of our stock of goods and prices.
Our tioods are selected with the iitniost'eare and warranted to lo what they arc represented : if anv should iwove
the contrary, we are not only willing but request our customers to return (hem, and the money shall be refunded.
,} - Having secured the services of DIU IIFSTOX, who will keep his oflicc at this stoic, and will give medical
advice gratuitously to those purchasing medicines. Towaiula, September 1.
LOS El* 11 K INOSIJER Y still continues tlie
ItOOK it STATIONKRY business, w here purchasers
may liml nil tin* latest School ami Miscellaneous Books at
reduced prices. The following School Hooks are clubrac
ed in the catalogue, viz :
Bullion's Greek ami Latin Header and Grammar.
do. Cavsar. do. Sallust, do. Lessons,
ilonegan's (ireek and English Lexicon.
Silencer's Latin Lessons ; <"oo|ier's Virgil.
OlendorlT's, Lehretlion's, Barhauld's, Fausdick's and j
Levi/.ack's French Works.
Barker's, t'onistock's, Phelim', Smiley's and Olmsted's
Hay's. Thompson's ami Davie's Works.
Cutter's, Coat's and C linstock's Physeology.
Saunilcr's, Porter's, Beutlcy's and Cohli's Works.
Bancroft's tlistorv, Parley's, Worcester's, Gurnsey's,
Bottas, Ac. Ac.
\\elister's Unabridged Dictionary,
do University edition, do.
do Common School, do.
Worcester's, Cooper's, Harper's. Johnson's, do. (.'oni
stock's works : Lincoln's Botany, Sweet's Kloeution.
J'hompsoti's series of Arithmetic, primary to High
Adams', Davie's, Smith's and Cobh's, do.
Brown's, Kirkham's, Smith's and Morse's Geography '
and Atlas; and all the various Primary Geography*, now
in use.
Spelling books of all kinds, and miscellaneous books in
great variety.
Also— Dry Gooils. Groceries, Crockery. Hoots ,$• Shoes,
Huts mill Caps. <Vr., Jjv.
New and desirable styles of t loods will be received
monthly, ami sold at the lowest Cash Pkicks. J. K.
Towamla, April, 21, 18.77.
General Election Froclamation.
T"ITiIKI'KAS, by an art of assembly of the Common
\ V wealth, entitled •• an act relating to the elections of
this commonwealth,'' it is enjoined upon me to give pub
lic notice of such election to lie held. ami also the enumera
tion in such notice what officers are to beelected, I Jt IHX
A. CODDING, High Sheriff of the county of Bradford,do
hereby make known and give notice to' the electors of
said county that a general election will lie held ill said
county, on TI'KSDAY, the !tli day of October, in the se
veral districts in said county, to wit:—
In Allmnv, at the sub-district school house near Camp
bell's mill.'
In Asylum, at Jacob FruteheyV.
In Athens lioro' at F. S. Mathewson's.
In Athens twp., at the school house near Win. Scott's.
In Armenia, at John S. Becker's.
lnjKuiTiiigton Imro', at the hall of 11. Vosburg.
In Burlington twp.. at house of Boswell Luther's.
In West Burlington, at the house of Kzra Goddurd.
In C niton, at A. K. Spalding's.
In Cohnnliia, at James .Morgan's.
In Durell. at the school house, called the centre school
house, near S. Decker's.
In Franklin, at Win. Deemer's.
In Granville, at the house of Benjamin F. Taylor.
In Merrick, at the school house near Daniel Ihirand's.
In Litchfield, at Cyrus Bloodgood's.
In Lelloy, at the school house in Ixißoy.
In Monroe, at J. P. Smith's.
In Monroe horo'. at tlie house of Ethel Taylor.
In Orwell, at the house formerly occupied by Francis
In Overton, at the house of Wm. Waltman.
In Pike, at Denison Johnson's.
In Borne at the Academy.
In Rsdgliery, at tiie house of Benjamin F. Buck.
In Sheshci|uin, at D. Brink's.
In Sinillilichl, at A. J. Gerouhl's.
In Springfield, at T. Wilder's.
In Standing Stone, at Simon Steven's.
In South Creek, at the school house near A. Gillett's.
In Sylvani i born", at the house of Curtis Mcrritt.
In Towamla bore', at the Grand Jury boom iu the Court
House, iu said Imro'.
In Towamla twp., at the school house, near!?. L. Scott's.
In North Towamla at the house of S. A. Mills.
Iu Troy Imro". at tlie Eagle Tavern,
in Troy twp., at the House of V. M. Long, in the horo'
of Troy.
In Tnse.irnra. at the school house near James Black's.
In Ulster, at S. B. Holeonib's.
In Warren, at IS. Cooper's.
In Wells, at 1.. Seclev's.
In Windham, at the house of Benj. Kuykendall.
In Wyalusing, at the house of J. 11. Black.
11l Wilniot, at the house of James Foster.
In Wysox. at the house ot James M. Heed.
At which time and place the electors aforesaid will elect
by ballot
One person for Canal Commissioner of the Common
Two persons to represent the comity of Bradford in the
House of Hepresentatives of the Commonwealth of Penn
One person for Treasurer of said county.
One person for Commissioner of said county.
One person for Auditor of said county.
And in ami by said act, I am further directed to give
notice " that every person excepting justices ol the peace
who shall bold any office of profit and trust under the go
vernnient of the Cnited States or of this State, or of any
incorporated district, and also that every iiu mis r of voii
gross and of the State Legislature ami the select and com
limit council of any city, or commissioners of any incorpo
rated disli ii t. is by law incapable of holding or exorcising
at the same time, the oflice or appointment of Judge. In
spector or Clerk, of any election of this Commonwealth
ami that no inspector or other officer, of any such election
shall be then eligible to any office to lie votid for.
By the 4th section of an act passed the Kill] day oi
April. Is Hi. it is provided " that the ldtli section of an
act passed July 2, I S 3J, entitled " An act relating to tin
elections ol this commonwealth,*' shall not be so constru
ed as to prevent any militia officer from serving as Judge
Inspector or Clerk, at any general or special election ol
this Common wealth.
In tiie <>l -t section of the act (irst above menti-ned, it
is enacted that every general and special election shall be
opened between 8 and 10 in the forenoon, and continue
without interruption or adjournment until 7o'clock in the
evening, w hen the polls shall he closed.
By the Isth section of the act passed 1-Yb. :t, I s to. ii
shall lie lawful lor the inspeetors and judges of any gen
oral election which shall be hcraaftcr In Id in the Armenia
election district of Bradford county t.i close the polls ot
s ic'i election at ."> o'clock. P. M.
By the I Ith section of the act of 18.73, it is provided
that the polls of the election district of Tnscarora twp. la
closed at.7 o'clock P. M.
It is further dim-ted that the meeting of the Judges at
the Court House in Towamla, to mal c o it the general n
turn, shall he on the 3d day after the election, which will
he on the 12th day of Octola-r.
JOHN' A. CODDING, Sheriff.
Towamla, September In, 18.7a.
31 is hereby given, that alt persons indebted to the es
I tate ol \\ in. IIOitNING dee'd.. late of South Creek tp.. an
hereby requested to make payment without delay; ami all
persons luivinging claims against said estate w'ill pleaso
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
CA'l'll \HINE lIOBXIXG, Administratrix.
June 18, 18.7.7.
; ii is hereby -riven, that all persons indebted to the es
tatc of Isaac Itoseiicnuits, deceased, late of Asylum
, twp., are requested to make pay men t without delay ; and
those having demands against said estate will pre cut them
| duly authenticated for settlement.
CYRUS SHC.MWAY, Administrator.
I June 11, 185.7.
! is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate ot ISAAC S. CROFUT, deceased, late of Leroy
twp, are hereby requested to make payment without do
lay; and all persons having claims against said e.-tate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
SEBA CROFI'T. I . , ■ : ... ,
May Iff, 18.75. JAMES CROFUT < Adiuiiii-U.iUns.
Rll. C. IJ. KELLlNG,MKcu.v\icsiJi'Rr:, P.t.
/ announces to all afflicted with Tumors, Wens, Can
err, Warts. Polypus, Lupus, Moles or Marks, Scrofula or
Kiujt s Kvil, anil all diseases thai have been usually treat
til Caustic or Knife that he can remove them by" uri en
tirely new method, without cutting, burning or pain. It
is no matter on what part of the irmly they are. he can re
mote them with perfect safety ami in a remarkable short
time, if curable. No money required, except for medicines
until a cure is perfei-ted. Chronic and other diseases not
mentioned above, treated with positive success, if curable.
Full particulars can be obtained by addressingC. 1.. KEE
LING, >L I>.. Mechaniesburg, Cintdierland Co., Pa.
Person's afflicted, residing at a distance, be has. for years
lieen in the habit of prescrbiug by letter, and with general
He would say however to those desiring adviee, in this
way, that to secure attention they should enclose, with
tlie general symptoms of their cases, a fee of ont dollar, to
warrant him in spending his time for their Ih-iiclß.
The doctor may be consulted at his office at all times,
when not professionally absent.
Caption —Strangers coming to see the Dr. are caution
ed as some have been deceived. l)r. K. is the only one in
Ibis State, who can perform cures by the new method.
The Mrs. oflice is directly opposite the Union Church.
Mechaniesburg is s miles from Jlarrisburg on the Cura
lierlaud V. 15. 15. and accessible from all parts of the Un
ion. The Mr. will visit cases within a re.isonabledistance
when desired.
11 Kit I FF\S SA LI]— By virtue of u certain
kA writ of Vend. Exponas, issued out of the Court of
Common pleas of Bradford County, and to me directed,
will lie exposed to public sale at tfie Court House, in the
born'of Towaiula, on Toe-day, October 10, I*}}, at I
o'clock. P. M.the following lot, piece or parcel of land sit
uate in \thens township. Imunded north by lands of Nonl
McPutHe, east by lands ot Samuel S. ( lark! south by lands
of Daniel S. Brown, and west by lands of Morrison Gard
ner. Containing forty-two and" a half acres, more or less,
twelve acres improved, with a framed house, a log baru
and fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of David Card
ner vs. L. A. < I.minor.
Sheriffs Office, Tuwandu, Sept. 24, Is}}.
Notice is hereby given, that an amount equal to tho
costs will be required to lie paid upon eaeli sale when
struck down to the bidder, and uiioii failing to comply
with this regulation, the tract of land will again he offer
ed forsale, Jons ,\. Commks.
Tracy &. Moore,
a large and well selected assortment of
A'A'fK FA 1.1. GOODS,
whieii have been selected with unusual care, and purchas
ed at the jowest po.sible rates. Feeling confident that we
can sell Goods for Heady Pay, as low us any establishment
i i the country, we ask the public to give us a rail, mid
examine our -toek and prices. Sept. 12, 1855.
THE subscriber oOV-rs fur sale a splendid
tion of Landscapes, Historic, Astronomic, and
Gomic Views, together with two tirst class Magic laintcrns.
l'his Apparatus is intended for giving Exhibitions, and
is the in ist extensive and complete of the kind in this
country. Either one or two persons wishing to travel cau
make the business pay from one to two hundred dollars
ler month, il properly conducted, and will afford a licttcr
opportunity ot seeing the country than any other business.
1 1-ter, Bradford Co., Pa.
P. S. Reference, I>. .1. Cm nin cK. Ulster, who has tra
veled with the Exhibition.
1 1. is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate ot MI X l-.lf \'.\ WEBBER, dee'd. late of Franklin tp. are
quested to make payment without delay : and all persons
ha* ng claims again t said estate. must present them duly
authenticated for settlement, to the suliserilier at liis resi
dence. JOHN H. WEBBER,
Franklin. August 2. i 5.",",. Administrator.
ji'XECI TOR'S NOTICE.—AII persons in*
debted to the estate of EI.IAL STEVENS, deceased,
late of ltidgbury township, are hereby notified to make
payment without delay, and all persons having demands
against said e-tate are requested to present them duly au
thenticated for settlement. STPBGES SQUIRES
Bidgbury, March 20. 15.",5. Kxecutora,
X X Men, in Bradford County in debt to us,that we want
to pay their Judgment notes or accounts, which ever it
may Is-, and we intend to lcive them do it. either bv per
suasion or by employing officers sufficient to coUcetot ev
ery 111.111 immediately, without any exception or'respeetto
parsons, from the fact that the money belongs to our cre
ditors. and we intend that they shall have it as soon as it
can be collei ted. HALL A RUSSELL.
Towanda, April 20 1 s.V>.
rOSFIMI KINGSRERY is now receiving,
'J from New York, a large, carefully selected and most
desirable assortment of
Towanda. May 11, is.',.}.
R* mc urn mm w .m jr_-< •
v. to PATTON'S NEW BLOCK, where thev have just
received a large addition to their stock of BE.vDY-MADE
"'I.OTHING. CI >ths, Trimmings. Furnishing Goods, Ac ,
to which they invite public attention.
Towanda, May 24, Is}}.
nn\\ o STRAY COWS.—Came to the on-
JL closure ~r the snl, =erilicr, on the 21th day of August
last, two cows, one a pale red with some white in the face
a id some white on the body with a bell on; the other, a
m own one, with a line back, and some white on the hind
parts nt the body. The owner is requested to conic for
ward, prove property pay charges, and take them awav.
Bidgelierry, Septcnilier .1. 1 s.>.">.
Isrni/srillt', Bradford Count)/, Co.
PRINCIPAL J. L.OVKRKIEI.P. A.B. The first term
I ot the above institution will commence 011 WEDNES
DAY . SEPT. 12th. Circulars with complete details, uuty
be obtained from the Principal, or from either of the fol
Bkhiikncks—Bev. George laindou, lferriekville ; Rev.
I. <". Warren. S. DeWitt.M. P., I.eltavsville ; D. P.Uecy
M. P., Camptow n ; Rev. 1,. Peek. Lime Hill. 12
-I™*. 'llie Suhscriliers de-.ire to procure the undivided
time of an Agent in every county of the United States—
Efficient and capable men may make several dollars jer
day. without ri.-k or lmnibnggcry of any kind. Full par
ticulars of the nature of the business will Is? given bv nd
drassing the subscriber, and forwarding (!nr Post Office
Stamp to pre-pay return p->s(age.
FCBEV A CO., Philadelphia. Pa.
PAINTS, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Putty, Ac.
Ac., by TR U'Y A MOORE.
TtfACKI N A W TROUT.— 10 hibis, Na 1,
ILL just received at TRACY A MOORE'S.
M ACKER EE—wlioh*. half and quarter I>l Is
by jejff TRACY & MOORE.