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    farmer's Jlcpaitmcut.
Suwiug Caru Fodder BriUiiig- Deep,
' It is an ill triad tliat Uo~3 i.o one any
poo-'i," through a uite proverb h often verified j
in the experience of iht* forntr . V e believt ■:
it will be found true, a~ rc-gard: the effects of
the late verv severe winter on our Mowing aud
pasture tiekis, the alternations of which troin
mild to extreme ould, iogetlitr v.ith the siu-di.
amount of snow fallen, a-ting as a protective
covering to the ground, having apparently killed j
out the grass, especially in fields recently seedou \
uovvn. Roots of both gr:ra~ and wheat iniiy be
seen in rnauv farina of eastern Rcnntyivauia ;
laying on the surface of the ground. Leaved up .
by the frost, entirely dead ; and tiii.-. too. at a
tune when wheut is north £2.-<0 per bu.-Lel..
and beef and butter higher than for many
rears, t here -are two or three practical iiilcr
ences suggested by these facts which we w'.: h i
to call attention to. We say facts. bee a ewe
they arc- plain and obvious to every fanner on
his own farm, arid may prove, if wisely reflect
ed upon aud digested, more valuable than many
pages of reading.
Ist. Tlr hare Inown, thi: priug, fields of
wheat apparently almost killed out. with the.
roots lying on the surface, the seed having been
sown broadcast, adjoining other fields looking j
green and healthy where the seed had been
drilled, no roots in the latter, comparatively, j
having been heaved up by the frost. This we i
consider a strong argument in favor of drilling, ■
which puts the seed in deej>er, with more regu
larity and even near, the small rises between the
rows mouldering down during tlie winter and
covering the wheat as required for protection,
llere is one practical deduction of groat
2d. It has also been found that on those
fields where the ground was deeply plowed or
sabsoilcd to the depth of eight to twelve inches, i
these effects of a severe winter, which will
shorten the hay and pasture crop at least one
third. and in some cases probably one-half,
have not been observed to the same extent as
on others. This we consider a second practical
deduction of great importance.
The 2d poiut we have to make is a reined;/
for this state of things fortunately within reach,
and which will go far to make up the loss, viz :
where the grass has been observed to be thus
killed out, plow up the fields immediately, and
sow com for fodder. It has been fully proven
that nothing will; turn off so much agreeable, \
provender, aud nutrieious and palatable to
stock, as sown fodder. By successive sowings j
a supply can be kept up the whole season, and 1
for cows, when fed green, it is fully equal to!
the best pasture, and will make as much aud as !
rich milk and butter.
We have frequently urged upon our readers
the importance of the corn fodder crop, aud as
the present is a most opportune period for the |
experiment, we hope they will give it a trial.— I
There are two methods of puttiug in the crop, j
by drilling in rows and by broadcasting. We ,
prefer the former, and would recommend, after
the ground has been well {flowed and thoroughly •
pulverized, rows should be struck out one way, '
two and a half or three feet apart, and the j
corn strewed along at the rate of about three j
bushels to the acre. The seed may readily be j
covered with a cultivator or harrow passing :
parallel with the rows. When the corn is about \
a foot high, run the cultivator along once or j
twice to clean out the weeds, anil no farther j
attention will be required, as the ground will j
soon be covered and yield a product of ten to i
twelve tons to the acre, and more, douendimi i\p i
the strength of the soil.
The above is substantially the plan recoui-;
mended by J. J. Thomas, aud we believe to be j
the beet. George Walker of Susquehanna !
county,how ever.prefers the broadcasting system,
and give 6 his method of managing it and his :
product iu one of our back numbers. If the j
soil is not in good condition, it will pay well
to spread three hundred pounds of guano to :
♦be acre previous to plowing. Much of the
fodder crop may be got off in time to seed with
wheat next fall if desired.— Farm Journal.
G RAITING GRAPE VlNES. —Grape viues have
often been grafted with good success. But the
operation should not be performed until the I
season has advanced considerably—until the j
viue to be grafted has leaved out—say in !
ordinary seasons, about the 10th of June !
Should the attempt be made early in the season,
the excessive flow of sap would be in the way
of success ; however, after the young shoots
?;et pretty well started, the sap ceases to flow
rom a wound or cut made iu the wood of the
vine. The mode ordinarily adopted ingrafting
large apple-tree—cleft grafting—is a good way
to do it. When the body of the vine is of a
regular Bhape at the surface of the guund, it
would be well to saw it off close to the ground,
and, after inserting the scions and applyiug the
wax, to clear the dirt up over the end of the
stock, leaving only about half of the length of
the scions out of the grouud. Where this
manner of performing the operation, owing to
circumstances, is not practicable, the trunk may
be taken off higher up. Small, short jointed
cuttings, taken from vines at the wiuter prun
ing should be used for scions—they can easily
be kept till the time arrives for using them,
covered with 6and in a cool cellar.
Vines thus grafted have been known to
produce the first season, shoots or canes from
fifteen to twenty feet in legth. If the wood
of the vine in question proves to be firm and
healthy, it can, without donht, be grafted with
ajjAtiflfuctory result. — Ontario Co. Times.
M IX&E IN CATTLE. —The disorder termed the
mange arises from the excitement of the skin,
probably brought on by disarrangement of the
organs of digestion in consequence of poverty,
engendered by hunger and want of shelter.—
After these are supplied, a wash made of gun
powder and water—charcoal, nitre andsulpher
—will be found a valuable application. Mange
iB an infectious disorder ; remove therefore the
sick beast from the rest of the herd.— Boston
found the following a certain antidote for in
sects, or fungus, on vines and fruit trees :—1 lb.
sulphar, 2 lbs. soft soap, 1 gallon tobacco
water, and 2 gallons lime water ; mix, to paint
over all the wood.
THREAD.—A single pound of flaxen thread, in
tended for the finest specimens of Freeh lace,
U valued at tux hundred dollars, and the length
of thread is about two hundred aud twentv
-811 miles. One pound of this thread is more I
taln.iMe than two p-., 1n .{- ~f 1
| mmm semmt. \
npH!Ssvluwl. under Me charge of the Mi-:#€3 HANSON, {
A 1-* lll'lll ill 111* 1 UOl'lu Villi 11l . • * .UU II'JU-M.', ill the *
i I'irm formerly occupied l>> f.spoil*:. Mason A Co.
I Mi - RUM A lIANEON will join her sieiciv il afew Jay* ,
i hi,.i in fuitiix vili give ib 'traction in the- French language !
in the school.
Tiie chool year will consiit fhi.r quarter*, of eleven !
K? each. The summer VJU alien commencing in duly, I
a... i-iiuuig in SeptcinU-r. j
iT.Kx'a. i'L'V. \urrr. :
/'.. >t > .'a —To in- luiio ;!ie *i.-;m utary F.ngli b > I
I. cm ■htv.iuui ill* study ol the laiiiu language, \ I
j S.-i-I'i.U Vhm~T incisure the in >re advanced <ta-i
il c -.Mil. tnciidionuii'lie-i.withMathematics.} 19 00 I
run] TIA.- ■-tuily m't/itia and Fioiwh, . ... . )
77../ J Ci-. i —fo ui'-tade Muhouaticx, Menial)
....-I .M mi PhUe-.q.hy Rh rio, Bc.tany, A--.,'- fl2 00 j
i wuli Latin and Fren-'h, —) 1
i E a-h pupil i:l hvia.-r v. ~h her ade k aud chair. There ,
. will he no * xtra charges v/uaic-v* c. -IniiriK'tion cn the Piano, with me of instm- I
■ iscnt, (MliktgivCß byliivfinuaci D. Udb6s, ttlo|
p. i finarn r. .Luna -soon ■ airauKeiufciilH now 111 I
can be qnmiHetia dMS is vooal mu dc v..!! i.e formed. I
I.tX'TfJKKS '.n Rhftoric. Moral and Intellectual Philo- !
! son'-- • and the hifher orauehos of English coiuposition, •
>. .j. also bo d*'!ive T d once or twice iu t acb week.
The aim of the leach/-re wi" bo to impart a thorough '■
. '* iiiiirUitge of the Htudie* pur-riicd and 10 give a tone and ;
. .-!• ...tcter to their .School which will recommend it to the j
I confidence ot the community.
The nest Qr.avter w:.i commoner- on Monday, April 30. i
They beg leave to refer t ■ the following nauicd gentle- :
nieiißti Rev. i.o -/.o PoTTEii, Binhop of the Diocese of
Pean'a. Philadeliihic.: Rev. Dr. M.ICLBAN. President of the
| College of New .1* ."•* >", Princeton.
Hon. DAVID WILMOT, U. F. M V ..N, F-- |.. C. L. VV v p.r,
Esq.. Hon. nromic S vNDr.nsoN, D. F* DAESTOW, Eaq., :
| Co!. ,1. p. Mr * n=. Towands.
' Towwsda, March 21, MS& j
Important Scientific Discovery!
p UTM A .\"> POLYTROPIIE, for Baldness
| 1 1 and tliiiinec- of Hair, n magic restorative of the hu
i man hair • n bald h.-a.!- removing and preventing dan
druff. and causing the hair to grow luxuriantly, and nre
; venting it l'n'in turning gray. Containing no Alcohol or
| Oils of any kind.
Tit is i: the mot valuable discovery for the purpose ever
iiitroduccd into this place. There are a number of gentle- j
men of this Borough, who have u.-ed it. and are willing to
, testify to its excellent restorative qualities. lam willing
1 to warrant it- to give satisfaction to those using it accord
j inr ti diicotioiis.
For sale by S. COOPER, Berber and Hair Dresser, iu
| the basement of the Ward House, Towauda.
j Tow&nda, March 28,1855.
To the Citizens of Bradford County.
i>OOK BINDING.—S. WELLS respect-
J fully informs the inhabitants of Bradford County that
| he still continues the BOOK BINDING business, in the
j \ ill ige of Bhighauiton. aud is ready to attend to anything
1 in Ids line that may be entrusted to his care.
Particular attention will lie given to the binding of Mu
! sic. Magazines, Law Books. Ac. Everything will lc done
! promptly, and in the neatest and most durable manner,
j if~' Bindery in the Third Story, over Messrs. llarring
; tons' Store, opposite the Post Office.
As there is no Bindery in Bradford county, for the
; accommodation of the public arrangements have been
made by which Books le't at the oilice of the " Bradford
Reporter,'' w ill be forwarded to me, and returned, without
j extra expense.
Binghamton, March 31,1855. n-42
i T I>. GOODKXOUGH respectfully in
i *f • forms all those that are entitled to Land Warrants
j under the act of March 3,1855, that he is now prepared
! with all necessary forms to meet every case, lie would
j also say to those who cannot conveniently come to Towan
j da. that by sending him a statement of the nature of their
j claims he "will make out the necessary papers that can be
j executed by tbcia before the"nearest Justice of the Peace,
i He would also say, beware of travelling speculators.
His terms are ,'io cents down, and $5 after the warrant
i is received. Towanda, March 21,1855.
DISSOLUTION. —Tin Copartnership here
tofore existing between the subscribers, under the
! name of I. L. A U. L. LAMEKEAUX, A Co., is this day |
j dissolved by mutual consent o! all parties. The business
j of said firm will hereafter be carried on by I. L. A H. L. '
| LAMEKEAUX, at the old stand. Notes and Book accounts
; of the late firm are left in the hands of I. L. A 11. L. Lam
-1 ereaux. and must he settled forthwith.
Towanda, Jan. 20,1855.
DEXTIST, HAS RETURNED. tMfice next door |
I to Merc-nr'a store, and over Alexander's Clothing Store,
| Main street, Towanda. February 21,1855.
'J AT LA IV, TOWANDA. PA. Occupies the Office, in
i *a. fa-.. Dimrrtv ownrrt ny .lonn C. Adams Esq.
1 nsrlie will attend to procuring Bounty Land Warrants
] and Pensions. March 22, 1855.
I H. J. MAPILI P. D. Mouow.
over Merrr.r's Store. Towanda, Pa.
I Towauda, April 2, 1855. n-13-tf
LA IV. Office in the second story of the Union
! Block, over the office of James Macfarlane.
SURGE OX, offers his profecxional services to the
j people of Towanda and vicinity. Office at his residence
i on Pine street, where he can always be found when not
j professi nr, lly engaged.
I>URTON KINGSISERV, is now prepared to offer to his
J customers and the public generally, a lanre and com
i lilcte stock of FALL A WINTER GOODS. Uissto- k has
j rjccn selected with nunsnal great care, and is superior for
j style aud quality than have ever before been offered to the
I public—and such a combination of very low prices that
we are sure cannot fail to please the closest observer—
) Amougest his assortment may be found From-h Merinos,
! Delaines, Cashmeres, Thibet-cloths, Gighains, Fine Wors
ted plaids, Silk Poplin, Alapacas, Calicos, Fine and heavy
Irian Linens. Cotton Pillow Casings, Brown aud Bleached
Muilin. Sack Flannel, Broad Cloths ,V Caasimeres.Ac.
j / CLOTHING—An assortment, mav be had
' VJ cheap at PHINNEY'P.
' \ LL PERSONS indebted to Montanyes &
! JCJL Co.wi'i! do well to call andjmake payment .otherwise
' necessity will compel them to send a call that will be
i more expressive. March 1, 1855.
HAVING purchased the entire interest of the other
members of the l ite firm of I. L. A 11. L. Lauioreux
A Co. in the " Eagle Foundry," in the south part of the
borough of Towauda, will still continue the business of
said firm, aud manufacture to order aud keep constantly
on hand a larsre assortment of the following articles :
MACHINERY of all kinds, including Mill Irons, Mill
Gearings; the Hose and Johnson Water-wheel, Ac. Ac.
6TOVEB—Box, Coal, Cooking aud Parlor Stoves, of all
kinds, slzca and prices.
PHOUGH3—North Branch, Nos. 1, 5, and 7; Blacthley
Noa. 1 and 2 ; Bmghamtou, Wavnc County, Excelsior,
j side-hill and corn plough?, Ac.
I Corn Shellera and Straw Cutters; Wagon boxes, eleigh
; shoes, plough points, gearing for chain pumps, grind
stones, and other articles too numerous to mentlou.
Hating ?ecured as Superintendents, J. B. IRVINE in the
machine shop, aud ROBERT MCCUTCHEON in the moulding
department, the firm feel confident that they can manu
facture and repair all kinds of machinery in as workman
like a manner and on aa ea. : y terms as any establishment
this side of New York.
Steam Engines will be repaired satisfactorily on
short notice.
Particular attention will be paid to tbo Pattern depart
ment, and all orders fulfilled on the shortest notice.
The attention of Fanners is called to J. B. Irvine's cele
brated EXCELSIOR PLOUGH, which took the first pre
mium at the Bradford county Agricultural Fair of 1853.
] Also to the elevated oven EAGLE STOVE, the best stove
j in use.
With the above the firm have connected a
Tin, SAcrt Iron and Copper Establishment,
| and will he at ail times ready to manufacture, repair and
i do job work, and will keep constantly on hand assortments
; in all branches of their business.
Wc call the public attention to the following facts :
I We use the Ral.-ton Iron, which is acknowledged to be
I more durable and atroug than any other.
Our stove plates are thicker and stronger than any of
j foreign manufacture, and persons purchasing stoves of its
I can have them repaired on short notice by calling on us,
j without going to the expense of having new patterns.
| Farmers would save time and expense by purchasing
j ploughs of us, as they would not be troubled "for points, as
! in the case of foreign ploughs.
! Old Iron, Brass. Copper, Pewter, Ac., taken in exchange
| for manufactures or work.
i All would dj well to call and examine before pur
f chasing elsewhere.
Towauda, February 15.1855.
! — lOO bills, choice brands, snper
~F fine FAMILY FLOUR, just received, for sale whole
sale or retail by fcb22 BAILEY A NEVIXS.
f I ROCERIES.—A largo,stock iust received
' T —consisting of Bngara, Tea, Coffee, Molasses, Fish,
Ac. Ac., of superior qna'itv for sale at reduced price*.
Vfar.-ti 15. 1-' .. ' l'.riiTOV KfVOaRUUY
m ,i\. r.m
V-' undersigned is constantly receiving from Ncw-Yrk
bj Express, new additions to his Stock of Watches. (Twh--.
Jewelry, Silver ware, and Fancy Goods, comprising in
part--Gold and Silver Lever. L'Kpino and Plain Witches,
with a full and complete assortment of Fine G"!d Jewelry,
such as Gold chain-, Lockets, Bracelets, Gold Pens. Keys.
Breast-Pins, Ear-Rings, Fingcr-Itings. etc. etc. Al-n, a
large variety of Sih cr ware .such as Table and Tea Spoons.
Cream spoons. Butter knives, Salt spoons. Spectacles, to
gether with an extensive assortment of Plated Ware- \1!
of which will be sold very low for CASH.
CLOCKS.—A large assortment Clocks just received, of
all descriptions, ranging in prices from 75 cent- to Fifty
ft?. Watches repaired on short notice, and WARRANTED
to run well. Also, all kinds Clocks repaired.
W. A. C. would l-ej leave to say. that, he is prepared to
execute the most difficult Jol s, such as can be done at no
other Shop ,-hort of New-York citv.
Towanda. February 1. 1855. _
1 J fitted for anv size, to be had at the ewelrv Store ot
Feb. 1. 1855. W. A. CHAM BERLIN.
a, A HORSE! A HORSE! my kingdom
- for a horse and customers to take away the
rfvr TA goods. Notwithstanding the late disastrous
1 1N""'I\ A ." M ' WABXEB 18 HIMSELF I
And at No. 1 Brick Row you'll find
Most anything that's iu his line,
From cambric needle of the finest kind.
To a jewelled watch of eighteen karat line ;
Clocks which keep time accurate and true ;
Breast pins of every styie and hue,
Gold, silver, steel and plated chains,
Selected with the greatest pains,
Finger rings, MY GOSH, why what a pile
Of every shape and every style,
To suit "the old, the young, the grave, the gay,
May there he seen in elegant arrav.
And WARNER, who is himself a "host,"
Is always ready and at his post.
To wait upon his customers and all
Who chance upon 'im to give a call.
So with good advice make up your minds
To call on him and there you'll find
Such sights, my eyes! O ! what a view !
Jewelry of every style and hue.
Don't mistake the place, No. 1, Brick Row, where
he is prepared to do all kinds of
in liis line of business, at the cheapest rates that can pos
sibly be afforded. 11c will also sell his jewelry at "o I-ER
CENT, LOWER than was ever before offered in this market.
1-5" Call and sec. A. M. WARNER.
Towanda. January 1855.
J. —AGENTS WANTED in every section of the (J. S.
The most elegant and useful volume of the year.
Just published, an Illustrated description of the RUS
SIAN EMPIRE. Being a Physical and Political History
of its Governments and provinces. Productions. Resources
Imperial Government, Commerce, Literature, Educational
Means. Religion, People. Manners. Customs, Antiquity,
etc., etc., from the latest and most authentic sources.—
Embellished with about 200 Engravings, and Maps of Eu
ropean and Asiatic Russia. The whole complete in ouo
hire octavo volume of about 700 pages, elegantly and sub
stantiantiully bound. Retail paice, 13.
This work* has been several years in preparation, and
will, it is believed, meet in the fullest acceptation of the
word, the want so universally felt for reliable information
on the history and internal resources of a country occupy
ing so large a portion of the Eastern Hemisphere, and
liohliog so formidable a position at the present time to the
rest of Europe and Asia; but of which far less is known
than of any other European nation.
Bin Also, a deeply interesting volume, entitled " THE
PERSONS,"'embracing the Romantic Incidents and Ad
ventures in the Lives of Sovereigns, Statesmen, Generals,
Princes, Warriors, Travellers, Adventures, Voyagers, Ac.
eminent in the History of Emrope and America, including
Sketches of over fifty celebrated heroic characters. Beau
tifully illustrated with numerous engravings. Oone vol.
100 pages, royal 12mo. cloth, gilt. Price, #1,25.
The subscriber publishes a numlterof most valuable Pic
torial Books, very popular, and of such a moral and reli
gious influence that while good men may safely engage in
their circulation, they will confer a BUBLlCbenefit, and re
ceive a fair compensation for their labor.
To men of enterprise and tact, this business offers
an opportunity for profitable employment seldom to be met
*3" Persons wishing to engage in their sale, will receive
promptly by mail, a Circular containing full particulars,
with" Directions to persons disposed to act as Agents."
together with terms on which they will be furnished, by
addressing the subscriber, post paid.
181 William Street. New-Y'ork.
DISSOLUTION. —The co-partnership here
tofore existing between S. FEI.TON and K. T. Fox is
this day dissolved by mutual consent. The n tes aud ac
counts of said firm are in the hands of E. T. Fox, who can
generally be found at S. Felton's store, or at the " Ward
House." Those interested will please take notice that the
accounts, Ac. must he settled immediately.
November 11,1851. E. T. FOX.
S. FELTOX would most respectfully inform his old ens
| toiners and the public generally that he will still continue
' the LIQUOR BUSINESS at the old stand, and that he is
now receiving large additions to his stock, direct from first
I hands in New-Y'ork, which he will he most happy to sell
on the most reasonable terms. He is also agent for the
sale of" Binghamton Ale," a supply of which lie keeps al
ways ou hand and for sale cheap.
Towanda, November 11, 1854.
John W. Wilcox,
HAS located his establishment on Main Street, on door
North of the " Ward House," and w ill continue the
manufacture of BOOTS A SHOES, as heretofore.
He has just received from New-Y'ork a large assortment
of Wornans' Childrens' and Misses' Slices, which are offer
ed at low prices. The attention of the Ladies is particu
larly directed to his assortment, comprising the following
new styles Enamelled Jenny Lind gaiter boots ; do.
shoes ; black lasting and silk gaiter ; walking shoes, bus
kins, Ac. Misses' gaiters and shoes, of every description.
A large variety of Childrens' fancy gaiters, boots A shoes
of all kinds.
For the Gentlemen, almost every style of gaiters and
shoes. This stock has been personally selected with care,
and he believes he can offer superior articles at reasonable
*3* The strictest attention naid to MANUFACTURING,
aud be hopes by doing work well to merit a continuance
of the liberal patronage he has hitherso received.
Towanda, Feb. 1, 1855.
At the New Store, opposite the Court House.
and most comprehensive assortment, and the longest ex
perience of any dealers in Northern Pennsylvania. We
nave arrangements by which we can take advantage of the
city and Western Markets, and are thereby enabled to of
fer good bargains. Call and try us.
Below we name a few of the articles that may always
be found in our stock :
Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Rye Flour, Corn Meal, Feed,
Pork, Uams A Shoulders. Mackerel, Codtiish, Shad, Lake
Trout, Pickeled and Smoked Herring, Cheese, Rice, Beans,
Potatoes, Butter, Lard. Crackers, Ac.
Black nud Green Tea, Rio and Java Coffee, Chocolate,
Cocoa, Sugar, Molasses, Syrup, Ginger, Pepper. Spice,
Cloves, nutmegs, Mace ciuamon, Ground Mustard, Pepper
Sauce. Soda, Saleratus, Cream Tartar, Sperm aud Tallow
Candles, Bar Soap, Vinegar, Starch, Ac.
Prunes, Citron, Figs, Eng. Currants, Raisins, Dried
Peaches, Dried Apples, Almonds, Pecan nuts.Prazil nuts,
Grenoble and Madeira Walnuts, Pea nuts. Chestnuts, Ac.
German, French and American Toys, Fancy Goods, Tin
wagons, rocking horses, boys' sleighs, China and pewter
! toy tea setts, dolls, trumpets, accordions, harmonicas—
Glass, paper and wood inlaid work boxes and toilet cases,
toy bureaus, secretaries, writing desks—plain and em
broidered work baskets, knitting, do. pearl, ivory, papier
macbe and leather port raoniaes, wallets and purses, ivory,
horn and wood pocket combs, toilet combs, ivory tine
combs, pocket inkstands, pocket and small fancy mirriors,
tobacco and siinff boxes, cigar cases, perfumery and hair
oils, Ac.
Brooms, mopstiuks, clothes pins, bench screws, willow
clothes baskets and market baskets, sugar and spice boxes.
Dairy aud table Salt, Saiina, do., etc. Country dealers
supplied at a small advance from New Y'ork prices.
Kir Most kinds of country produce taken in exchange
for goods. BAILEY A NEVINS.
Towanda, Febrnar 1, 1y855.
JTCrushed, Coffee and Pulverized Sugars; Fine Young
Hyson A Black Teas—warranted a superior article, or the
money refunded—for sale cheap by B. KINGSBERY.
FLOUR ! FLOUR !—SO barrels Superfine
FLOUR, just revived and for saje bv
Jan. 21. FV. WONTANYEM \ CO.
iilcdical. !
/V lowing remedies ore offered t<> the public us Ihe host.
most perfect, which medical science ean afford. AYER'S
C.VTII \RTIC PILLS have been prepared with the utmost
skill which the medical profe-sion of this aire possesses,
and their effects show thev have virtues which surpass
any combination of medicim* hitherto kuovsn. Other pre
parations do more or les good ; but this cures snob dan
gerous complaints, so quick and so surely, as to prove an
cllieacv and u power to uproot disease beyond any thing
which men have known before. Ily removing the obst ruc
tions of the internal organs and stimulating them into
healthy action, they renovate the fountains of lite ami
vigor health courses anew through the body, and the
sii-k man is well again. They are adapted to disease, and
disease only, for when taken by one in health they pro
duce but little effort. This is the perfection of medicine, j
It is antagonistic to di-ease. and no more. Tender chil
dren may take them with impunity. II thev are sj<k they
will cure them, if they are well they will do them no j
(live them to some patient who has been prostrated with i
bilious complaint: see liis bent-up. tottering form straight
en with strength again ;- see his long-lost appetite return :
<ee his clamnty feature- blossom into health, (live them
to some sufferer whose t>ul blood ha- burst out in scrofula
till his -kin is covered with sores ; who stands, or sits, or !
lies iu anguish, lie has been drenched inside and out with
i very every potion which ingenuity could suggest. Give
him tlie.-e Pills, and mark the effect: see the sbabs fall
from liis body : see the new, fair skin that has grown un
der them ; see the late leper that is clean. Give them to
him whose angry humors have planted rheumatism iu his
joints and bones ; move him, aiul lie screeches with pain ;
lie too has been soaked through every muscle of bis body
with linamenta and salves ; give him these Pills to purify
his blood ; they may not cure hint, for olas ! there cases
which no mortal power can reach: but mark, he walks
with crutches now, and now he walkes alone ; they have
cured hint. Give them to the lean, sour, haggard dyspep
tic. whose gnawing stomach lias long ago eaten every
smile from his fat e autl everv muscle lrom his body. Sta
ins appetite return, and with it bis health; seethe new
tnan. See her that was radiant with health and loveliness
blasted and too early withering away ; want of exercise,
or mental anguish, or some lurking disease has deranged
the interual organs of digestion, assimilation, or secretion,
till they do they do their office ill. ller blood is vitiated,
her health is gone. Give her these Pills to stimulate the
vital principle into renewed vigor, to cast out tin-obstruc
tions, and infuse a new vitality into the blood. Now look
again—the roses blossom on her cheek, and where sorrow
sat, joy bursts from every feature. See the sweet infant
wasted with worms. Its wan, sickly features tell you
without disguise, and painfully distinct, that they are eat
ing its life away. Its p'uu-heil-up nose and ears, and rest
less sleeping-. Ull the dreadful truth in language which
every mother knows. Give it the Pills in large doses to
sweep these vile parasites from the body. Now turn again
and see the ruddy bloom of childhood. Is it nothing to
do these things? Nay, are they not the marvel of this
age ? And yet they are done arouud you every day.
Have you the less serious symptoms of these distempers,
they are the easier cured. Jaundice, Costivc-uess, Head
ache, Sidem he. Heartburn, Foul Stomach, Nausea, Pain
in the Boweis, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, King's Evil,
Neuralgia. Gout, and kindred compioiuts all arise from the
derangements which these Pills rapidly cure. Take them
perseveriiigly, and under the counsel of a good Physician
if you can ; "if not, take them judiciously by such advice
as we give you, ami the distressing, dangerous diseases
tlicy cure, which affi ict so many millions of the human race,
are cast out like the devils of old—they must burrow in
the brutes and in the sea. Price 25 cents per box—s boxes
for #l.
Through a trial of many years and through every nation
of civilized me, Avon's ('UU:KV PECTORAL has I* en found
to afford more relief aud to cure more cases of pulmonary
disease than any other remedy known to mankind. Casta
of apparently settled Consumption have been cured by it.
and thousand- of sufferers who were deemed beyond the
reach of human aid have been rc -torcd to their friend.-and
usefulness, to sound health and the enjoyments of life, by
this all-powerful antidote to diseases of the lungs and
throat. Here a cold had settled on the lungs. The dry,
hacking cough, the glassy eye, aud the pale, thin feature
of him who was lately lusty and strong whisper to all but
him CONSUMPTION. He tries everything ; but the disease
is gnawing at his vitals, and shows its fatal symptoms
more and more over all his fame. He is taking the Cher
ry Pectoral uow it has stopped his cough and mada his
breathing easy : his sleep is sound at night: hi- appetite
returns, and with it his strength. The dart which pierced
hi.- side is broken. Scarcely any neighborhood can be
found which has not some living trophy like this to shad
ow forth the virtues which have won for the Cherry Pec
toral an imperishable renown. Influenza, Croup," Bron
chitis. Hoarseness, Pleurisy, Whooping Cough, aud all ir
ritations of the throat and" lungs arc easily cured bv the
Cherry Pectoral if taken in season. Every family should
have it by them, and they will find it an idvaltiahle pro
tection from the insidious prowler which carries off the
parent sheep from many a flock, the darling lamb from
many a home.
I Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYF.P. Practical and Analytical
! Chemist, Lowell, Mass., and sold by all Druggists cvery-
I where.
AGENTS—Pr. 11. C. Porter and at Heed's Prog Store.
| Towanda : Newton, White A Co., Monroeton ; -I. Holeonib,
i Rome ; Dr. C. Drake, Troy ; and bv all Merchant* evert
i where.
<9&>!£A2£ 2PS2S Hi @22 3
SRICTI would respectfully inform the citizens of Bratl
• ford county that lie lias opened a branch establish
ment in Towanda, for the sale of READY MADE CLOTH
! IXO, comprising the usual stock of (iter. Dress. Frock and
Sack Coats ; Vests, Pants, Shirts, Drawers, Wrappers,
I Overalls, Stocks, Cravats, Collars, Pocket li'dkfs, Ac.
I Mr. Rich positively assures the public, that residing in
1 New-York and buying always for cash, enables him to take
advantage of the market, "so that he can and will sell
Clothing 25 per cent, cheaper than any other establish
ment in the country !
CALL AND SEE! examine and price the stock, be sat
isfied yourselves that it is more extensive, of better manu
facture and style, and sold much cheaper than ever before
offered in this market.
I have appointed as my agent in Towanda for the sale
of Clothing, M. E. SOLOMON, formerly of the firm of
Alexander A Solomon, who is well and favorably known
Location, for the present, over Tracv A Moore's Store.
Main street. Upon the completion of i'atton's block, the
stock will be removed to one of the new stores, corner of
Bridge street.
Towanda, January 8,1855.
M. E. SOLOMON respectfully calls the attention of his
old friends aud the public generally to the above announce
ment, and invites all who may be in need of Clothing to
give him a call, assuring the'm that he can furnish them
with woods at the lowest prices, and that uo pains w ill be
spared to merit their patronage. 2ru3l
\\J OUI.D respectfully call the attention of the public to
V V their large stock of Mens' and boys' furnishing
Goods, consisting of every variety of Broadcloths, Cassi
meres, Doe-skins, Tweeds, Kentucky Jeans, Linens, Shirts,
Collars. Stocks, Cravats, Hosiery, Suspenders, Hats, Car
pet Bag-. Trunks, Canes. Ac. Ac", which will be sold cheap
er than the same quality can be sold in any other estab
lishment in this country.
They have also on ha'nd a well manufactured assortment
of READY-MADE CLOTHING, to which we iuvite theat
tention of buyers. Our Clothing is mostly made up in the
shop—and not purchased at " slop-shops''—as some we
wot of.
Orders in the Tailoring line executed in the most fash
ionable manner, at the shortest notice, aud warranted.
The public will please notice one fact, that NO ONE
not practically acquainted with the business is capable of
judging of the quality and make of a garment; hence the
reason why the community have been so much imposed
upon by a CERT AIN CLASS of community who deal in the
article, who, if they were not practically and profession
ally cheats, could of necessity, know nothing about the
business. Thev are certain, the public Avoc.ld consult their
true interest, they would purchase only of those acquain
ted with the busiucss.
Towanda, Jan. 1, 1*55.
TOSEPH POWELL is now receiving, as usual, a largo
stock of vt INTER GOODS of every description, con
sisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, C-iockerv
Boods and Shoes, Leather. Shoo Findings, Hats and Caps,
Ac., which he is now offering for Ready Pav at unusually
; low prices.
He would invite particular attention to his stock of LA
DIES' DRESS GOODS, consisting in part of French Me
rinos, French Plaids, Pannettas, Thibet cloths, all prices,
Canton cloths, Bompazines, wool Delaines, all colors, plain
| and tiguered Mou.-lin delaines, Persian t wills. Ac.
LADIES CLOTHS—A variety of Cloths, with Galloons,
I lushes, and other trimmings to match.
SHAWLS—A large assortment, all qualities and prices.
LMRROIHKRKI) GOODS. —Chemisettes, sleeves, collars,
handkerchiefs, Swiss and jaconet bands and flouncing*,
edgings and inserting*. Also, a lot of stamped embroide
ry patterns.
fir There will also lie found among his -took a good
assortment of Gloves and Hosiery, Ribbons, White Goods
bleached and unbleached Table Linens, Crash, Scotch and
Russia Diaper, bleached and unbleached Mu-liu* of every
tickings, Stripes, Denims, Canton
Towanda, January 1,1855.
tjALICOS —A large stock of Merrimack
'Cochecc and Fall River Prints—also good cailro for 6
cts. per yard. Warranted good Madder colors, for sale I >V
w. Kiv^nm.
Fronting the Public Square.
rpHR -uh-viTU r. thankful for the liberal patrouage of the past year, intends to keep eoiistantlv on hand a full a
.l sortment of the very I iest articles usually kept in our line, which iik wii.l dispose el on such terms as will he -at
isfaetory to all who may patronize him. The purchases are made entirely with cash in hand, and for the CASH out
customers will receive the benefit of a good article at a low price. All articles not answering our recommendation,
will be cheerfully Inker, back, and the money refunded.
Mtdital Advice gratuitously given at the Office, charging only for the Medicines.
The stock consists of a complete and select assortment of
Pure Wine k Liquors, for Medicinal use, London Porter k Srtvli Ale.
American Pocket Cutlery, (Warrant d Good.)
Superior TOBACCO dt SNUFF !—Choice brands of Pure Havanna, Principe
and Vara CIGARS !
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass. Brushes, Perfumery, Shaving Soap,
Fancy Arlicles. Ac. Ac.
Black and Green Teas ; Rio and Java Coffee; Molasses, Syrups, Sugars, Spices, Ac A\
Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, &c.
" The best quality of Goods—Full assortment—Moherate Profits —Ready attention to customers—
No Adulteration of Gocds—Candid advice as to Patent Remedies—And close attention te
business ." 11. C. PORTER, M. D.
Towanda, February 1,185.1.
£ rt* 4 I'jL. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
rfJPSlllßli Tin, Japanned and Britannia Ware,
House Trimmings, Caniage Trimmings, Harness A Saddlery
/ ■ v Ware, Carpenter's and Joiner's Tools,
LEAD PIPE AND PUMPS, of all kinds and sizes,
Would inform their friends that these arc only a part of the general head-* under which niav Do claw! their exff~-
sive assortment, and to which they are constantly receiving additional supplies, direct from iiie importers and nnw
facturers. which ena'des them to offer such inducements in their large stock and low prices as wili defy coin] < tiu s,
front any quarter. We would ask the particular attention of
mKsmi&i'ssms ASJ2> iFAEsmsissa
\to an examination of our stock, which having been selected with the greatest care, we are confident will satisfy cvta
i the mo-t fastidious.
Stir Don't forget the place—South side of the Public Square.
Did Iron, Copper and Brass. and all kinds of Country Produce, taken in exchange for Goods.
Towanda. May 27, 1854. ' HALL Jt F r s. ; F!,T..
discovery of the FOREST WINK is the greatest bles
sing of the age. Put up in Quart Unities, a single bottle
of which does more good, and goes further in the cure of
Disease, than ton bottles of any Sarsaparilla in use. and
warranted to cure without an' unpleasant or weakening
The method by which all Sarssaparillas.and other simi
lar medicines are prepared. is by boiling the Roots of plants
to obtain the extracts. Their medicinal virtues are thus
principally evaporated and destroyed.
It is not to be wondered at then, that 10 and even 20
hottles of these Sarsaparillas arc sometimes taken without
any perceptible benefit. Not so with the Forest Wine.
by the invention of a wonderful chemical apparatus, a per
fect wine is produced without beating ; retaining, at the
same time, ail the primitive healing properties of the rare
medicinal plants of which it is composed, thus rendering
the Forest Wine the most efficient medicine the world ever
produced, at the same time time the most agreeable.
This is to certify, that I have used I)r. Halsey's Forest
Wine in my family with the most entire success. My wife
was badly afflicted with Neuralgia, affections of the Spine
and Kidneys, and general Debility. She found speedy re
lief, and regained her health by* the use of the Forest
From my own knowledge of this excellent medicine. I
confidently recommend it for the good of others who may
he suffering from similar complaints. It is the best medi
cine with which I am acquainted, and those who are afflic
ted with the above, or any similar disease, mav safely re
ly on its virtues. " E. 6. XIUSSEY.
I)R. O. W. HALSKV—Dear Sir: My wife last autumn was
reduced to a low state of Debility." My family physician
advised her to take your Forest Wine. Accordingly I
went to Mr. Terry's, your agent in this town, and procur
ed a bottle of it. which restored her iu a very short time
to perfect health.
Cohoes, April 13. ISSO. HENRY DONALDSON.
DR. HALSEY: Hempstead, Dec. 1, 1947.
A bottle of your Forest Wine and box of Pills, which
I procured of James Carr. (your agent for this place,) ha
rt <ne wonders for me. 1 had been in a state of decline for
more than a year, afflicted with a dreadful cough, pain
in the breast, general debility, and loss of appetite. I be
came almost a skeleton, and'had been unable to leave my
room for more than two months; my friends told me *1
had the Consumption and despaired" of my recoveav. 1
could not obtain any permanent relief from any medicine
I had taken, or inv physician, until your Wine aud Pills
were procured. Tlir first dose of the Pills brought up from
my steniach. much phiem and greenish matter, aud my
stools were perfectly black. 1 then commenced taking
your Forest Wine three times a day, my appetite began to
return immediately, my cough left me", and in less than
two weeks 1 was almost well. I now enjoy better health
than I ever did before, having increased twenty-five pounds
m seven weeks. Your Forest Wine and Pills are highly
valued iu this vicinity, and I owe mv recovery entirely to
their virtues. Yours, respectfully,
Mr. T. J. Gillies, a highly respectable Merchant of No.
ins Broadway, New York. cured of a severe affection of
the Kidneys by the Forest Wine and Pills.
Dr. G. W. HALBEY : New-York, March 12,1553.
Dear Sir—ln the summer aud fall of last year 1 had a
severe complaint of the Kidneys, which reuderedme quite
unlit for business. I procured* vour Forest Wine and Pills
which cured me in a few weeks r time, and 1 have since en
joyed better health than I had for many years previously
From their efficacy in my ojwn case, and from what I know
your medicines to have done for others. 1 ain induced to
recommend them as the best medicines with which I am
i acquainted. Yours, respectfully,
There are thousands cured every year of this disease hv
the r 1 'rest \Y ino and Pills ; Dyspepsia. Costive ness and
Indigestion, are kindred complaints, frequently existing
' an< l the cure of one is generally the cure of all.
I he Forest Wine and Pills above all remedies are pre-emi
nent in the cure of Dyspepsia.
Testimony of J. N. Ycrmile, of New Y'ork City, dated
July 9, 1852. J
I)r. G. W. HALS FY'Dear Sir—Having been cured of
Dyspepsia by the use of your Forest Wine and Pills, 1 take
the liberty to oilier you my name, believing many who
know me may be benefited by your excellent remedies.
tor many years I have been afflicted with this malady so
bably that nearly one-third of tny time has been lost from
business. The Forest Wine and Pills have restored nte to
excellent health, and I cheerfully recommend them, as I
an convinced the discovery of these remedies are a bles
sing to mankind. j. N. VERMILE.
New-York, July 9, ls.i2.
The Gum coated Foj. t Pills an delgne,ltae.-.,inp;it.y
the Forest Wine in tiie cure of Disease, tV-;. - combined a- - -
j tiou being more searching and effective. Tliey are iiiMmu
ly better than auv other I'ill or* 1
I cases when this elass of medicines are use' hem j
| ing effect. Tliev are purely vegetable. :. vcr. .]x\ n. a 1
ba taken at any time without fear of taking cold. |
from busine-s. or disagreeable eff'e f-. and ; - ff. leg I
1 ing the bowels perfectly natural, wlii h i- .ii-oit;:: i
j for the perfect recovery and continu ai nof - • .1 N-.'.u I
Thousands can testify to the great ex clc-..- c : tinsel...
| above all others.
The Forest Wine accompanied with the Forest Pill s ,
' most effectual in the cure of all t!. foliowicgc-nipLa.t-: I
! Dyspepsia, Habitual Costivencss. Liver r j-laiilt. A-tb I
j ma. Piles, Obstinate Headache. Pimples, Blotches :-.a-i- f
; healthy color ot the skin. Jaundice. Ague and Fcvc: -s
j Rheum. Erysipelas, Complaints incident '. ! IV
j Languishing weakness. Night Swi .ts Nervous i>— >rd- -
: General ill Health and impaired state of the Coi.-i.:
I The Forest YVii.e is put up in large b :tV. v
[ Dr. Halsey's name blown in the gla-s. -.-> I ■ L r ' '
! bottle, or six bottles for Five I) liars. G i usJ F ••• j
J Pills, 25 cents per B x. For by the app- anted A: '
at Wholesale and Retail. General*Dep t. Ml F ; •
one door from Hudson. New Y'ork appointed A gent'a
Bradford countv. Dr. 1L C. Porter.Towanda : C. H. Hex
rick. Athens ; Drake A Allen, Waverly. N. Y.
\J Nos. 29, 31, and 33 Beckman st. New Y'ork.
The undersigned Ijeg to inform the trade thai they hit- t
recently issued their .Voir Quarto Spvcinun, and thai
now ready for delivery to their old patrons, as well a- :
all who patronize their Foundry.
! In it will lie found a new scries of Faces from Pear '
Pica, surpassing if possible, their celebrated
Scotch cut faces.
Thi Fancy Type department exhibits an unsurpa-si
variety of beautiful sty ies, selected from France. Be:—
and England.
1 he Scripts and Bordering are now for the lir-t j n-•
ed to the printing public, and are the productions ol '
best European and American Artists.
An entire Xt w Scries of German Faces. Nit': f-r N
; Paper and Job Printing, of a very superior stv' .i- s' j
| nearly completed and for sale.
j The Metal from which our tvpe is mad". w1! Tv |
I peculiarly adapted to the SKVKKE USAGE ol Ma liiru i'r- J
; Printing.
i They beg to return thanks for past favors, and
■ a continuance. Their well known liberal manor •A ■■ |
: business for the past thirty years, is a guarantee i '
I new patrons of their disposition and abilitv ■ t; 1 "I
; themselves to be surpassed for lair dealing, whether.:
j are by letter or otherwise.
; X.B. Proprietors of newspapers are rcjucstfii i • •
the above, provided they will trade out three time- '
i amount of their respective bills in materials of wi "
faeturc, and forward us one copy of the paper o ..i ■
the advertisement.
hand. and will make to rr!l ■ j
? .•ff.gKY4 or CABINET FFRN-'v 1 " [
'P&BrJ such as Sofas. Divans. I
; |S wflfwi i ci : tre. Card. Dining and Break
c , ble. Mahogany, Walnut. t
a B jUherrv Bureaus. Stands >t ' • I
fc- Y kinds, Chairs and Bedsteads ■"
description, which are. and will be made ol tic
terial and workmanlike manner.aud which ts '• * I
for cash cheaper than can be bought in any ether
room in the country.
READY-MADE COFFINS, on hand on the
sonable terms. A good HEARSE will lie funis '
Funeral occasions. JAMES MACK is' 1
Towanda, January 1. 15.":,.
AGF.NTY.—Policies issued in the be-t
Compauies in the United .States, with capital in JJ :•
000 to 1,000.000. Apply to P. 0 MIH
East end Spaulding Block, Waverly. X. V
Hartford City Fire Insurance Company.
Bridgeport Insurance Company, Connecticut-
Empire Insurance Company.
Granite Fire Insurance Company.
Utica Live Stock Insurance Company.
Susquehanna Life Insurance Company.
Fhoenix Fire Insurance Company of Brack. 1 - 1
Excelsior Fire Insurance Company ot , *
•Mr All orders from the country promptly --
! * ' a--"rtm> ut. at