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    farmer's gtprfmcut. j
The Tricks of Trade exposed,
!'. T. Parnum, Esq., of Museum and other
pelt 1 nity, did a good deal by t!io publication .
of libs autobiography—itself the most trans
parent trick of all— to expose the tneks' of a
certain class of speculators and trad; men, and
unfortunately did much al?o to encotirag , on j
the part of young men with not ovr correct
and settled principles, a r.>ort to trickery and
deceit rather than to honest labor for the
acquisition Of competence and wealth. Another
volume lias-just, appeared,* which is adapted to
the popular necessity in this respect : for that
the people need frankly telling how cgregiou. ly
they arc occasional!'* humbvgg' A is tooapparcnt ,
to be denied.
Many of our readers were, we suspect, j
afflicted with the disease so graphically describ
ed by Mr. Burnham daring its prevalence some ,
two or three years ago. Beyond all question j
the "' hen fever' was a contagions epidemic. !
Which of us indeed entirely escaped the dis-1
order ? To this day, too, many retain the seeds j
of the complaint, the dormant symptoms of -
which awake into new life at the very mention :
of Shanghaes, Brama-Pootras, Chittagongs, t
Cochin Chinas. Black Spanish, Dorkings, and
the other multitudinous varieties of feathered
bipeds. "Grey Shanghaea" are even still
almost as powerful stimulants of the disorder
as they were eighteen months ago. Indeed— !
and the reader may perhaps regard it as a
sympton of the stilfuncurcd disorder—wc are j
disposed to think that in spite of the excesses j
to which the fever carried tho majority of those '
afflicted with it, the epidemic has not been with
out its bcnelit to the country. The stock of
domestic poultry has undoubtedly been improv- j
ed, and though much money and time have been I
very foolishly expended upon fancy stock a '
taste for an agreeable, salutary, and properly
managed, profitable, employment of leisure
time has been created from which bcuefieial
results will flow.
The following confessions wc should suppose,
for instance will cheek confidence in the pro
ceedings of certain societies, however much dis
credit tlicv may at the same time reflect upon
the man who makes them : Mr. B. says that
the committee for awarding premiums at the
first fowl exhibition at Boston, in October,
1 850, n,nsisied of ),himself alone.. Jto also wrote
the report of the exhibition, which ot course
was a laudation of his own fowls, and a list of:
first premiums awarded to them. The amount
of cash receipts was also set down at $5OO less 1
than it actually was. So with the report ol
the second exhibition, and of others.
The fever increased, and the reports of so
cieties, with the awards of premiums, all Mr
Barnum's own work, brought innumerable
orders for his "purr- bred Cochin China fowls,"
and he obtained for them almost incredible
prices. Now observe how lie treated his custom
ers. We follow his italics and quotations, as
they are important to his meaning.
I had already fixed my price for the eggs that
were to be dropped by my " extraordinary and
superb Cochin China fowls. * * * I had
the best fowls in this country or any other.—
* * I charged twelve dollars a dozen for my ;
eggs, and never winked at it. * * * ;
During the Summer of 1850 1 had dozens of'
full grown incrv—gentlemen—but enthusiastic
hen-fanciers, who came to my residence for j
Cochin China eggs, at one dollar each, and
who, upon being informed that I had not one
in the house, would quiatly sit down in my
parlor, and wait two, three or four hours at a
time, for the hens to lay 'hem a few. * * *
I always had " better ones." That was the
kind I always kept behind. *. * I rarely
sent away these better ones until they cried for
them. I always had a great many of the'
" best" ones too. * * * *1 looked j
about the several apartments in the Museum, j
(at the National Poultry Show, at the Ameri-I
can Museum,) and satisfied myself who had !
the best fowls there, quickly. A- it happened, !
they were not inside my cages, by along mark.
* * There were not a few choice birds
scattered around the rooms, under the benches
or in far off corners, which my eye fell upon,
and which my agent subsequently purchased at
very modest prices, and which found their way
somehow into niy coops. " Tho people" now
stared with more earnestness than ever. By
the evening of the second day my "pure-bred"
stock did look remarkably well. And when
the " committee" came round I found myself
the recipient of several of the leading pre
miums for my "magnificent," "superb," and
"extraordinary" contributions again. And
now commenced the fun and more in earnest.
Everything I sent to New York was quickly
bought up at enonnons prices. Fifty, eighty, a
hundred and twentv-five dollars were willingly
puid," Ac.
We might multiply largely these indications
of sharp practice on the part of the author of
the volume before us, but it suits not our
purpose. lie coolly tells his readers through
out that the whole thing was a prodigious
" hum," through which lm, enriched himself at
his dupe's expense, ;uid cleared out before the
bubble burst. It must be admitted, however,
that " the people" were as willing to be duped
as he and his eo-henologists were skilful in
duping them. Some of his revelations on this
point provoke laughter, in spite of the lack of
principles and honor they betray. A chapter
of correspondence is of this class. One man,
who styles himself " a poor clergyman," is
desirous to procure half a dozen pure Cochin
China eggs, " say two male and four female
oggs." Another sends ten dollars for a dozen
" Cotchen Cliiny eggs rite way, cause I have a
hen thats Item a setting on sonic stones I put
under her now most a week." lie also wants
them half of each sex. Another encloses
twelve dollars for a dozen, and desires to know,
whether they will hatch under common liens, or
he must have pure blooded ones to hatch them.
Another sends ten dollars for a second dozen,
because the first did not hatch. Another, a
hundred dollars for two fowls, described in the
newspapers. Another, one hundred and twenty.
Another $lOO for a lot. Another, $1500.
Another wants hens that " lay three
daily ; he has some that " lay two u day fre
quently and not a few complain that very
ordinarily barnyard fowls are produced from
Mr. Buruhaui's dollar a piece pure Cochin
China eggs, and many others that they pro
duce nothing at all Yet yearly all go on
experimenting, impoverishing themselves and
enriching Mr. Burnham.
Other tricks of trade does Mr. B. reveal, as
that his order? for " his pure bred Cochin China
fowls" were tilled from the poultry yards of
neighboring breeders, and so forth and so forth,
ejually honorable with the constitution of the
committee previously referred to. Aud these
revc'atioDS are made v.Ah exultation-—chey are
*IS HISTOX? O\ -HT Hra FKT**. A F-moro-a
c ■ ' . ? B :• 1 V f c 1 r I>-riv
1 ousted of as of smartness and
b ine?s talent, and lauded as instances of the
easy acquisition of wealth. Such publications
we earnestly deprecate, whether they proceed
f.'om Bnrriuiii or Burnham, well satisfied that
li cv lower the standard of commercial hop.or,
;nd f< tor a spirit of living by means which
ar c air;; y far too common amongfa large class
of the community.
Raising Fruit Tree 3.
This is one of the mo-t important of the
farmer's duties, and one in the execution of
which lie can rely but Utile on the experience
of the generations which, in this country, have
I cm before him.
As to the valic of fruit trees, as a source of
profitable income, all doubt has long since
v, inched. Fruit in great varieties may be
profitably raised for home consumption, and the
market is alw i vs open, and seldom refuses pay
ing profit. A siuglc orchard may fail—or a
single variety of fruit—but this luxury the
people will have, cost what it may. Apples,
pears, quinces, plums, gooseberries, peaches,
blackberries, cherries, grapes, and even walnuts
always find a market.
We know that orchards deteriorates, but
still apple trees live quiet as long as their
owner. Fruits deteriorate ; but this process
is very slow, and the new varieties take the
place of those run out. The Newtown pippin
has been a standard fruit for cue hundred and
fifty years, and is now as good as ever. The
Baldwin apple has stood among the first
varieties for more than one hundred years. If
we arc not mistaken some of these kind arc
still in bearing order. One pear tree, at least,
is known, which is over two hundred years old
—the Endicott pear tree, in Massachusetts ;
and we are told by Mr. Proctor, that another,
eighty years old, has recently made twelve or
eighteen inches of wood in one season. The
golden pippin was commended as early as 1 600,
and has ever since retained its high rank.
Surely this is sufficiently " permanent for
a generation found to extend only thirty years.
But besides well known fruits, new varieties
may be produced of equal value ; and this de
partment need be limited among the scientific
fruit growers no more than the care of an old
orchard. Indeed, this latter needs more science
than the originating of new fruit. There is no
magic known only to a few, which will ever
tend iti these experiments to insure peculiar
Plant your nurseries, grow your trees, and
try your chance among the rest. One now
valuable fruit will pay for fifty failures.— l'tow
Loom and Anvil.
' _
T,i\tr. "WATER IV MAKING BREAD.— In bread
making, the vinous fermentation sometimes
passes into the acid, thus rendering the bread
sour and disagreeable. Leibig has lately per
formed a series of experiments to improve the
preparation of bread, from which he comes to
the conclusion, that the only effective and in
nocuous means of improving the qualities of j
wheat and rye bread, is lime water. In making i
dough he advises one pint of clear lime water I
to be used for every five pounds of flour. The I
lime water is first added to the flour, after
which a .sufficient quantity of common water is ;
added to work the whole into good common !
dough—the leaven being mixed with water can !
be prepared by stirring some quick lime in a
vessel containing pure cold water, then allowing
the sediment to settle. The clear is then
poured off and kept in bottles for use. No
care is required respecting the quantity of
lime, to be stirred in the water, as it will only
take up a certain quantity of lime and no more.
Those who use saleratus (bicarbonate of soda)
in the rising of bread, are recommended to
cease its use, and employ pure baker's yeast
and a little lime water. Our bones are com
posed of the phosphate of lime, and those who i
use fine flour require for their health a little
more lime than is contained in the food. Cream
of tartar and carbonate of soda arc inferior to
common veast for making healthy bread.—
Scientific American.
there arc many pyhsieians and antidotes tore
store to health the ills which flesh is heir to,
there seems to be none, or have been none to
cure and eradicate that dire and mysterious
disease consequent upon one of the best and
cheapest productions of the farmer—the pota
toc. Though the potatoe rot has baffled the
:-kill and research of many scientific persons,
I yet tho means for its prevention is very cheap
and simple. The modus operandi which I have
found so efficient in the restoration of this
valuable esculent, is as follows : In the spring,
as early as may be, I planted my potatoes in
hills OT drills, on tolerable drv, light land, with
a common tablespoonful of unslaeked lime to
each hill. When they arc well up, that is,
when they begtn to unfold their leaves, say two
inches high, I put upon them a spoonful of
common salt, and then hoe them, by placing
around and over them good fine soil to the
depth of live or six inches. This is what 1
call " salting down," In due time they will
again come up when they will grow healthfully
and vigorously till the time for digging them
up coiflcs when there will be many large pota
toes in each hill. The philosophy of this pro
cess-is evident to any one who is possessed with
"a scientific knowledge of Nature and her laws.
POINTS OK CATTLE. — Finly Dunn, in an essay
in the Journal or the Royal Agricultural
Society, gives the following as the external
marks which cattle should posses, that they
may produce a healthy and vigorous progeny :
The head small, muzzle fine and tapering,
nostrils large and open, the eyes full and
lustrous, ears small, and nut too thick, the head
well set on the neck, the distance between the
ears and the angle of the jaw short, but the
width behind the ears considerable, (no dairy
cow should have a short thick neck.) The
chest wide and deep ; the girth, taken imme
diately behind the shoulder, should closely
corrcepotid with the length from behind the ear
to the rise of the tail ; the carcass of a barrel
riiape, for a thin flat ribbed animal eats largely,
thrives badly, uu.l is usually liable todiarrhua ;
there should b* little space between the promi
nence of the hip and the last rib, the quarter
, large, the measurement of the prominence of
! haunch backwards to the tail, and downwards
i to the hock, as great as possible ; the hide
: thick and pliant, sm illness of bone is a sure
j indication of early maturity and aptitude for
i fattening.
trjT Give your calves, which you intend
raising, a little tine hay, and us soouas possible
| tin L out tj giass.
i - To dress in e. more costly style than
the mp.-ority of the company cau afford is the
i p-,-reT.iP of vuleraritv.
r &y„
V-' undexslgned L enn-tantly veceiving fr' tn New-Y< rk
by Kxprc •?. at w addition-- to his b.tock ofWal'jies. Cl" k.s.
Jewelry. Silver warn, artd Fancy Hoods, comprising in
part--Goid and pdrer I.cvcr, L'Enine and Plain Watches,
with a full and complete assortment of Fine Hold Jewelry,
such as Hold chain.-. Lockets. Bracelets, Gold Pens, Koys.
Breast-Pine, Far-Rings, l'ingcr-Rings, etc. etc. Also, a
large vavrt vnf Silver ware r -ueh as Tabic and Tea Spoons,
Cream spoons, Butter knives, Salt spoons, Spectacles, to
gether with an ex'' tisive a ortmcnt of Plated Wart —A!!
of which will lie ,-idd very low fur CASH.
CLOCKS.- \ large assortment Clocks just received, of
all de-ci'iidio!i.s r ranging iu price- from 75 cents to Fifty
tfh. Watches repaired on short notice, and WARRANTED
to run well. Also, all kinds Clocks repaired.
W. A. C. would beg feave to say, that lie is prepared to
execute flic most difficult J"! s, such as can be done at no
other shop short of New-York city.
Towanda, February 1, 1855.
1 J fitted f- r ,iuv -izc. to be hud at the -Tewelrv Store of
Feb. 1, 15...>, ' W. A. CH AMBHKLIN.
na A HORSE! A HORSE! my kingdom
tor a hc-r-e and customers to take away the
wkP'yA goods. Notwithstanding the late disastrous
feff—'' J* ,hv ■ v - M - WARNER IS HIMSELF
fffc, J T A,;AIN "
And at No. 1 Brick Row you'll find
Most anything that's in his line.
From a "cambric needle of" the finest kind.
To a.jewelled watch of eighteen karat fine ;
('lock- which keep time accurate and true ;
Brea.-t pins of every styie and hue,
Hold, silver, -feel and plated chains,
Selected with the greatest pains,
Finger rings, MV GOSH, why what a pile
Of every shape and every style.
To suit (he old, the young, the grave, the gay.
May there be seen in elegant array.
And WARNKR. who is himself a "host,"
Is always ready and at his post,
To wait upon his customers and all
Who chance upon 'im to give a call.
So with good advice make up your minds
To call on him and there you'll find
Such -ights, my eyes! O ! what a view !
Jewelry of every style and line.
<(••, pon't mistake the place. No. 1, Brick Row, where
he is prepared to do all kinds of
in his line of business, at the cheapest rate? that can pos
sibly be afforded. He will also .- ell his jewelry at 20 mat
CENT, I.OWKH than was ever before offered iu this market.
Call and see. A. M. WARNER.
Towanda. January 1855.
JL —AGENTS WANTED in every section of the C. S.
The most elegant and useful volume of the vear.
Just published, an Illustrated description of the RUS
SIAN EMPIRE. Being a Physical and Political History
of its Governments and provinces, Productions. Resources
Imperial Government, Commerce, Literature, Educational
Afeans, Religion, People, Manners. Customs. Antiquity,
etc.. etc.. from the latest and most authentic sources."
Embellished with about 200 Engravings, and Maps of Eu
ropean and A-iatic Russia. The whole complete in one
'arc octavo volume of about 700 pages, elegantly and sub
stantiaotiallv hound. Retail juice,
This work has been several years in preparation, and
will, it D believed, meet in the fullest acceptation of the
word, the want so universally felt for reliable information
on the history and internal resources of a country occupy
ing so large a portion of the Eastern Hemisphere, and
holding so formidable a position at the present time to the
rt-.-t of Europe and A-ia ; hut of which far less is known
than of any other European nation. *
it A™ Also, a deeply interesting volume, entitled " THE
PERSONS." embracing the Romantic Incidents and Ad
ventures in the laves of Sovereigns, State-men, Generals,
Princes. Warriors, Travellers, Adventures, Voyagers, Ac.
eminent in the History of Eniropc and America, including
Sketches of over fifty aclebrat' il heroic characters. Beau
tifully illustrated with numerous engravings. Hone vol.
400 pages, royal 12mo. cloth, gilt. Price. $1.25.
The subscriber publishes a numberof most valuable Pic
torial Books, very popular, and of snch a moral and reli
gious influence that while go >d men may safely engage in
their circulation, they will confer a nrm.icbenefit,and re
ceive a fair compensation for their labor.
Ra™ To men of enterprise and tact, this business offers
an opportunity forprotitablc employment seldom to be met
tfir Persons wishing to engage in their sale, will receive
promptly by mail, a Circular containing full particulars,
with " Directions to persons disposed to act as Agents,"
together with terms on which they will he furnished, by
addressing tiie sitbserilier, post paid.
I'd William Street, New-York.
Dl SS()LI TiON.—The here
tofore existing between S. FELTON and E- T. Fox is
this day dissolved by mutual consent. The notes and ac
counts of said firm are in the hands of E. T. Fox. who ran
generally be found .it S. Fclton's stoic, or at the " Ward
House." Those interested will please take notice that the
accounts, Ac. must he settled immediately.
November 11,1*5 i. K. T. FOX.
S. FELTOX would most respectfully inform his old cus
tomers and the imblic generally that lie will still continue
the LlQl't >R BUSINESS at the old stand, and that he is
now receiving large additions to his stock, direct from first
hands in New-York, which he will be most happy to sell
on the most reasonable terms. He is al-u agent for the
-ale of" Binghamtou Ale," a supply of which he keeps al
ways on hand and for sale cheap.
Towanda, November 11. 1554.
John W. Wilcoz,
HAS located his establishment on Main Street, on door
North of the " Ward House," and will continue the
ui.inutaeturc of BOOTS A SHOES, as heretofore.
He has just received from New-York a large assortment
of Worn.uis' ('liildrens' and Misses' Shoes, which are offer
ed at low prices. The attention of the Ladies is particu
larly directed to his assortment, comprising the following
now styles:—Enamelled Jenny Liml gaiter boots; do.
-lines ; black lasting and silk gaiter ; walking shoes, bus
kins, Ae. Mi-scs' gaiters and shoes, of every description.
A large variety of t'hildrens' fancy gaiters, boots A shoes
of all kinds.
For the Gentlemen, almost every style of gaiters and
shoes. This stock has been personally -elected with care,
and he Iteiicves lie can offer superior articles at reasonable
#o" The stricte-t attention paid to M.vNPFACTritixo,
and lie hopes by doing work well to merit a continuance
of the liberal patronage lie has hitlierso received.
Towauili, Feb. 1, ls..j.
At the .Xi'w Store, opposite the Court lfouse.
and most comprehensive assortment, and the longest ex
perience of any dealers in Northern Pennsylvania. We
have arrangements by which vre can take advantage of the
city and Western Markets, and are thereby enabled to of
fer good bargains. Call and try us.
Below we name a few of the articles that may always
be found in our stock :
Floor. Buckwheat Flour. Rye Flour, Corn Meal. Feed,
Pork, Hauls A Shoulders, Mackerel, Codfiish, Shad. Lake
Trout, Pickeled and Smoked Herring, Cheese, Rice, Beans,
Potatoes, Butter, Lard, Crackers. Ac.
Black and Green Tea, Rio and Java Coffee, Chocolate,
Cocoa, Sugar, Molasses, Syrup, Ginger, Pepper, Spice,
Cloves, nutmegs. Mace ciuauimi, Ground Mustard. Pepper
Sauce, Soda, S derate-, (Team Tartar. Sperin and Tallow
Caudle.-, Bar Soap, Vinegar, Starch. Ac.
Prunes. ( itron. Figs, Eng. Currants, Raisins, Pried
Peaches, Plied Apples, Almonds.Pecan nuts,l'razii nut.-,
Grenoble and Madeira Wuluuts. Peanuts, Chestnuts, Ae.
German, French and American Toys, Fumy Goods, Tin
wagons, rocking horses, boys' sleighs, ( hina and pewter
toy tea setts, dolls, trumpets, accordions, harmonicas—
Glass, paper and wood inlaid work boxes uud toilet casts,
toy bureaus, secretaries, writing desks—plain and em
broidered work baskets, kuittir.g, do. pearl, ivory, papier
inaciie and leather port montees, wallets and purses, ivory,
horn and wood pocket combs, toilet combs, ivory fine
combs, jMi- ket inkstands, pocket and small fancy mirriors,
tobacco and stuff boxes, cigar cases, perfumery and hair
oils. Ac.
Brooms, mopsti. ks, clothes pins, bench screws, willow
clothes baskets and market basketa. sugar and spice boxes,
Pairv and table Salt, Salina, do., etc. Country dealers
supplied at a -mall advance from New York prices.
He~ Mo-t kinds of country produce taken in exchange
for good?. BAiJ.E i A XKV'INS.
Towanda Februar 1. Iysss.
/ 1 ROCKRIES —Call and see our Brow u.
vTEVrg'jhed Coffee r.nd Fwiveiizeu Fine Yo.u.g
Hyaoo a fciark Tee.s—werranteti a eupeimi -itn le i i the
i rncicj nefaaded— for sale cheap by B. KINciSBERY.
I^l.0 CR I FLOrR !—5O barrels Supt i^c
FT OCR iust rcoeivcU ami for ■'ale bv
! Jan. ill 1856. MONT AN'YES A CO.
illrbicctl. , J
\ Nl> CFTEKRY FKCTORAL. —Tito fol-
J.X. lowing remedies arc offered to the public as the 1 >c-t,
most perfect. wlii'-h medical science can :>tV. .l<l. AVKIIV
("ATIIAKTIC PILLS have been prepared with the UTMOST
-kill which the medical profe-siou of thi-age posse--e.s,
and their efforts show they hive virtues which surpus
:uiy combination of medicines hitherto known. Other pre
parations do more or ie? good ; but this cures such dan
gerous complaints, so quit k and -o surely, as to prove an
efficacy ami a power to uproot disease lityojid any thing
which men iiave known hefore. By removing the obstruc
tions of the internal organs and stimulating them into
liealtliy action, they renovate the fountains of life and
vigor—health courses anew through the body, and the
sit k man is well again. They are adapted to disease,ami
disease only, for when taken hy one in health they pro
duce hut little effect. This is the perfection of medicine.
It is antagonistic to disease, and no more. Tender chil
dren may take them with impunity. If they are sick they
will cure them, if they are well they will do them no
(iive tliein to some patient who has l>een prostrated with
bilious complaint; see his bent-un, tottering fonn.straight
en with strength again : sec his long-lost appetite return ;
see his clammy features blossom into health, (live them
to some sufferer whose foul blood has hurst out in scrofula
til! his .-kin is covered with sores : who stands, or sits, or
lies in anguish. He has been drenched inside and out with
exery every potion which ingenuity could suggest, (live
him these Pills, and mark the effect; see the scabs fall
from his body ; see the new, fair skin that has grown un
der theni ; see the late leper that is clean, (live them to
him whose angry humors have planted rheninatisiu in his
joints and hones"; move him, and he screeches with pain ;
he too has been soaked through every muscle of his body
with linanicuts and salves ; give him these Pills to purify
his Mood ; they may not cure hint, for olas ! there eases
which no mortal power can reach ; hut mark, he walks
with crutches now. and now he waikes alone ; they have
cured him- Hive them to the lean. sour, haggard dyspep
tic. whose gnawing stomach has long ago oaten every
smile from his face and every lnus'ie from his body. Sec
iiis appetite return, and witii it liis health ; seethe new
111.111. See her that was radiant with health and loveliness
blasted and too early withering away : want of exercise,
or mental anguish, or some lurking disease lias deranged
the internal organs of digestion, assimilation, or secretion,
till they do they do their office ill. Her Mood is vitiated,
her health is gone, (live her these I'ills to stimulate the
vital principle into renewed vigor, to cast out the obstruc
tions. and infuse a new vitality into the blood. Now look
again- the roses blossom on her check, and where sorrow
sat, joy bursts from every feature. See the sweet infant
wasted with worms. Its wan, sickly features tell you
without disguise, and painfully distinct, that they are eat
ing its life away. Its pinrhed-up nose and ears, and re-t
-less sleeping-. tell the dreadful truth in language which
every mother knows, (live it the Pills in large doses to
sweep the-c vile parasites from the body. Now turn again
and see the ruddy ldoom of childhood. Is it nothing to
do these tilings ? Nay, are they not the marvel of this
age ? And yet they arc done around you every day.
Have you the le-s serious symptoms of these distempers,
they are the c t.-icr cured. Jaundice, Cnstivcnesa, Head
ache, Sideache. Heartburn, Foul Stomach, Nausea, I'ain
iu the bowels. Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, King's Evil,
Neuralgia, (lout, and kindred coinploints all arise from the
derangements which these Pills rapidly cute. Take them
I perscveringly, and under the counsel of a good Physician
i if you can ; if not, take them judiciously by such advice
i as wc give you. and the distressing, dangerous diseases
| they euro, which afflict so many millions ofthc human race,
arc east out like the devils of old—they must burrow iu
the brutes and in the tea. Price lib cent.-per box—s boxes
I for 11.
Through a trial of many years and through every nation
I of civilized me, AYKK'S CHERRY PKCTOKAI. has been found
I to afford more relief and to cure more cases of pulmonary
disease than any other remedy known to mankind. Cases
of apparently settled Consumption have been curt d hy it,
and thousands of sufferers who w ere deemed beyond the
reach of human aid have been restored to their friends and
usefulness, to sound health and the enjoyments of life, by
this all-powerful antidote to diseases of the lungs and
J throat. Here a cold had settled on the lungs. The dry,
hacking cough, the glassy eye, and the pale, thin features
I of him w ho was lately lusty and strong whisper to all hut
| him CON.NI VIT'TION. He tries everything ; but the disease
is gnawing at his vitals, and shows its fatal symptoms
j more and more over all his fame. He'is taking tiie Cher
ry Peetoral now : it has stopped his cough and iinula his
i breathing ea-y : his sleep is sound at night : his appetite
| returns, and with it his strength. The dart which pierced
ids side is broken. Scarcely any neighborhood can be
j found which has not some living trophy iikc this to siiad
' nw forth liie virtues which have won for the Cherry Pec
toral an imperishable renown. lutincu/n. Croup, llron
ehitis. Hoarseness, Pleurisy, Whooping Cough, and all ir
ritations of the throat and lungs are easily cured by tiie
j Cherry Pectoral if taken in season. F.verv family should
■ have it by them, and thoy will find it an idvaluuMe pro
| tectum from the insidious prowler which carries ofi the
| parent sheep from many a dock, the darling lamb from
many a home.
Prepared by Pr.-J. ('. AVER. and Analytical
Chemist, Lowell, Mass., and sold by all lh aggi-ts every
; w here.
I AGENTS—Pr. H. C. Porter and at Reed's Drug Store,
Towanda ; Newton. White A Co., Monroeton ; J. Holeomb.
; Rome ; Pr. C. Drake, Troy ; and by all Merchants every
0 ILi jl. Isi _ isll "2l* U3i (D* H
STMCH would respectfully Inform the citizens of Brad
. ford county that he lias' opened a branch establish
! nient in Towanda, for the sale of IIKAPV MADE CLOTII
| I XG, comprising the usual stock of Over, Press, Frock and
! Sick Coats ; Vests, pants, Shirts, Drawers, Wrappers,
| Overalls, Stocks, Cravats, Collars, Pocket h'dkfs, Ac.
Mr. Rich po-itively a-sures the public, that residing in
| New-York and buying always for cash, enables him to take
j advantage of the "market, so that he can and will sell
j Clothing 2-5 per cent, cheaper than any other establisli-
I ment in the country !
CALL AND SEE! examine and price the stork, he sat
isfied yourselves that it i.- more extensive, of better manu
facture and style, and sold much cheaper thau ever hefore
offered in this market.
I have appointed as my agent iu Towanda for flic sale
of Clothing, M. E. SOLOMON, formerly of the firm of
Alexander A Solomon, who is well and favorably known
Location, for the present, over Tracy A Moore's Store,
Main street. Upon the completion of Patton's block, the
stock will he removed to one of the new stores, corner of
Bridge street.
Towanda, January 8, 1855.
M. E. SOLOMON respectfully calls the attention of his
old friends and the public generally to the above announce
ment. and invites all who may be'iti need of Clothing to
give him a call, assuring them that lie can furnish them
with woods at the lowest prices, and that no pains will he
spared to merit their patronage. 2mfil
TTfOI'LI) respectfully cull the attention of the puhlicto
V V their large stock of Mens' and boys' furnishing
(foods, consisting of every variety of Broadcloths, Cnssi
meivs, Doc-skins, Tweeds. Kentucky Jeans. Linens, Shirts,
Collars, Stocks, Cravats, Hosiery. Suspenders. Hats, Car
pet Bags, Trunks, Canes, Ac. Ac", which willbe sold cheap
er than the same quality can he sold in any other estab
lishment iu this country.
They liavegl-n on hand a well manufactured assortment
of RKAPY-M APE CLOTH !X(I. to which we invite the at
tention of buyers. ()ur ("lotliing is mostly made up in the
SLIO]I —and not purchased at '• slop-shops"—as some wc
wot of.
Orders in the Tailoring line executed in the most fash
ionable manner, at the shortest notice, and warranted.
Bi ■ The public will please notice one fact, that NO ONE
not practically acquainted with the business is capable of
judging of the quality and make of a garment; hence the
reason why the community have Wen so much imposed
upon by a CERTAIN CLASS of community who deal in the
article, wIIO, if they were not practically and profession
ally cheats, could of necessity, know nothing about the
business. They are certain, the public would consult their
true interest, they would purchase only of those acquain
ted with the business.
Towanda, Jan. 1, 1855.
TOSEPH POWELL is now receiving, as usual, a large
stock of WINTER (IOOPS of every description, con
sisting of Pry Hoods. (Iroceries. Hardware, Cjockerv.
Hoods and Shoes, Lea tin r. Shoe Findings, Hats and Caps,
Ac., which he is now offering for Ready Pay at unusually
low prices.
Hi- would invite particular attention to his stnek of LA
PIES' PRESS HOOPS, consisting in part of French Me
rinos, French Plaids, Parmettas, Thibet cloths, all prices,
Canton cloths. Bmnpazines, wool Delaines, all colors, plain
and fignered Mouslin delaines, Persian twills. Ac.
LADIES GLOTTIS.—A variety of Cloths, with Ualloons,
Plushes, and other trimmings to match.
Sn AWI.ST —A large assortment, all qualities and prices.
EMBKOU)I;I:R,D HOODS.—Chemisettes, sleeves, collars,
handkerchiefs, Kwlss and jaconet bands and fl-wtticings,
; edgings and Also, a lot of stamped embroide
ry patterns.
1 TflT There will also he found among his stock a good
i assortment of Gloves and Hosiery, Ribbons. White Hoods,
bleached and unbleached Table Linens.-Crash. Scotch and
- Russia Diaper, bleached and unbleached Mu-lius of every
i quality and width, Tickings, Stripes, Denims, Canton
i Fl-nncC Ac,
T .--..acda Jan c.ry l.lL'i.
CLYLK O?—A IpTtre 8(o kof Mf-rriimek,
-'Ccehece and Fall Rlvrr Prints- also good calico for 0
its. per v.ird. Warranted good Madder colors. forale by
It. KTXO c RF D v.
Fronting* the Public Fquarc.
THE subscrilier. thankful for tlic liberal natrouage of the past year, intends to ( on*tant!y on hand a full as.
sortmont of the very Rest articles usually kept in our lino, which HK WII.I. dispose of on tonus a- will LIE . •
isfactory to all who may patronize him. The purchases are made entirely with cash in hand, uml lor the (' \Sil ,
customers will receive the benefit of a good article at a low price. All articles not answering our recommendation'
will be cheerfully taken back, and the money refunded.
oT=* Medical Advice gratuitously given at the flffiee, charging only for the Medicines.
The stock consists of a complete an.l select assortment of
Pure Wine & Liquors, for Medicinal nsc, London Porter & Scotch Ale.
American Pocket Cutlery, (Warranted Good,)
Superior TOBACCO 6l SNUFF !—Choice brands of Pure Havanna Prince
and Vara CIGARS ! ' pe
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass. BrnSlirs, Per Turnery, Shaving Soap
Fancy Articles, A.c. b*e. F '
lllack and Green Teas ; Rio and Java Coffee; Molasses, Syrups, Sugars, Spices, Ac A.
Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Ac.
" The best quality of dm,eh—Full assortment—MoUrate Profits —Ready attention to customers—
No Adulteration of Coeds—Candid advice as to Patent Remedies—A nd close attrition to
business.'' 11. C. PORTER, M. J).
Towanda. February 1.1555.
T lAiii )V YAIITK 7Y5s O lirOX~ST()jTk.
|n" jr."fj i A Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
ggTin r and Britannia Ware,
pfHouse Trimmings, Carriage Trimmings. Harness & Saddlerv
L • ware, Carpenter's and Joiner's Tools,
LEAD PIPE AJ\D PIMPS, of all kinds and sizes,
NVoul.l inform their friends. that these are only a part of the general heads under which rnav l>e ola-scd thr'r prion
Hive assortment, and to winch they are constantly receiving additional supplies, direct from the importer- c ' ir"-
t.wturcrs. which enables then to offer such inducements in thesr large -sto. k and low prices us will dt'fv Ac An - ,
from any quarter. We would ask the particular attention ot - 1
H s is'Lts£ iLST:D
to an examination of our stock, which having Item selected with the greatest care we are confident will -V e-n
the most fastidious. ' • t,u
Jl>- Don't forget the place- -South >id. of the Public S pure.
< >hl Iron, < "upper and Brass, and all kinds ■ !' i 'ountry, taken ir> exchange for Go ,]s
Towawla. May 27,1854. " HUT V PrSPFII
dbrmi ry of tlic FOREST WIN!', is the gn a test btes
singofthe age. Put up in (Juart Bottles, a single bottle
of which does more good, and ii" - f. rt'n r in the cure of
Disease, than ton bottles of any Sar-aparilla in use, and
warranted to cure without an unpleasant or weakening
The method by which ull Sarasaparilhts.and other simi
lar medicines are prepared, is by boiling the Knot* of plants
to obtain the extracts. Their tnedicitial virtues are thus
principally evaporated and destroyed.
It is not to he wondered at then, that If) and even 20
bottles of these are sometimes t ■;. without
any perceptible benefit. N'ot so with the Forest Wine.—
By the invention of a wonderful chemical apparatus, a per
fect wine is produced without heating ; retaining, at the
same time, nil the primitive healing properties of the rare
medicinal plants of which it is composed, thus rendering
the Forest Wine the most efficient medicine the world ever
produced, at the same time time the most agreeable.
This is to certify, that I have used Dr. Halsey's Forest
Wine in my family with the most entire success." My wife
was badly afflicted with Neuralgia, affections of the Spine
and Kidneys, and general Debility. She found speedy re
lief. and regained her health by the use of the Forest
From ray own knowledge of thus excellent medicine, I
confidently recommend it for the good of others who mat
he suffering from similar complaints. It is the best medi
cine with whicli 1 am acquainted, and those who are afflic
ted with the above, or any similar disease, may safely re
lv on its virtues. K. G- MUSSEY.
Dk. (1. W. Hai. sky—Dear Sir : My wife last autumn was
reduced to a low state of Debility. My family physician
advised her to take your Forest Wine. Accordingly 1
went to Mr. Terry's, your agent in this town, and procur
ed a bottle of it, which restored her in a very short time
to perfect health.
("oboes. April 13,18.10. IIEXRY DONALDSON*.
DR. II w.SKV. Hempstead, Dec. 1. 1847.
A bottle of your Forest Wine ami Imix of Fills, which
I procured of James Carr, (your agent for fin - place.) has
done wonders for me. I had been in a state of decline for
more than a> year, afflicted with a dreadful cough, pain
in the breast, general debility, and loss of appetite. I he
came almost a skeleton, and had liecn unable to leave niv
room for more than two months; my friends told me 1
had the Consumption and despaired "of my recove.iv. I
could not obtain any permanent relief from any medicine
I had taken, or mv physician, until your Wine and Pills
were procured. The first dose of the Pills brought up from
my stomach, much phlem and greenish matter, and my
stools were perfectly black. 1 then commenced taking
your Forest \\ ine three times a day, my appetite begun to
return immediately, my cough left me. and in less than
two weeks 1 was almost well. I now enjoy tatter health
than 1 ever did before, having increased twenty-live pounds
in seven weeks. Your Forest Wine and Pilis are highly
valued in this vicinity, and I owe my recovery entirely to
their virtues. " Yours, respectfully.
Mr. T. J. Gillies, a highly respectable Merchant of No.
.108 Broadway, New York", cured of a severe affection of
tho Kidneys liv the Forest Wine ami Pills.
Dr. G. W." HALSKY : New-York. March 12,185.1.
Dear Sir—ln the snmmer and fall of last year i had a
severe complaint of the Kidneys, which rendered mo quite
unfit for business. I procured* your Forest Wine and Pills
which cured rue in a tew weeks time, and I have since en
joyed better health than 1 had for many years previously.
From their efficacy in my o.vvn case, and from what 1 know
your medicines to hare done for others. I am induced to
recommend them as the best medicines with which I am
acquainted. Yours, respectfully,
There are thousands cured every yoar of this by
the Eore-t dine and Pills; Dyspepsia, Uo.-tiveness anil
Indigestion, are kindred complaints, frequently existing
together, and the cure of one is generally the euro of all.
The Forest Wine and Pills above ull remedies are pre-emi
nent in tli cure of Dyspepsia.
Testimony of J. V. Yet mile, of New York City, dated
July 'J, 1 - ".2,
Dr. (L W. H ALSEY:—Dear Sir—Having been cured of
I'y-i epsia by the use of your Forest Wine and Pills,ltakc
the liberty to offer you my name, believing many who
know me may lie benefited'by your excellent remedies
For many years I have been ufnicted with this malady so
bhbly that nearly one-third of my t one has been lost from
business. The Forest Wine and P.Us restored me to
exeelle:.'. health, and 1 oheerftsllj recommend them, n 1
ara convinced the discovery of these remedies at e e Wea
fiog to mankind. J. N. V tit MILE,
Netv-Yi rt. Julv ff,
The Gem-coated Forest pills nre designedr<- q,..,, n .. ir y
tiie Fore t Wine in the cure of Disease, their comb !,cd je
tton being more searching ami effective. The? in ' : 'r.
ly better than any other Pill or Cat Initio. pr.Y; . TN-ill
f JrO " " ' |OU this class of medicine- are u.-efui.a i:v< chant.-
tug effect. They are ; urely vegetable, nwet, may
be taken at any tune without fear oftvkinc ■ ■i'.hi'mtwmi
from business, or disagreeable effects, and • .l-- r.ff leav
ing the bowels perfectly natural, which i.-'all i:.,;.'. runt
ior the perfect rc. "very and continuation of .iih.
Thousands can testify to the great < xceilem e .if tk -o Fills
above all tUuis.
1 he I ore t \\ iaea •comp mh 1 with the Forest Pah.ate
| most effectual in the . 01 a <4 all tlu- followingconiMaiati:
Dysj.eps- s Habitual < 'o.-tiveut-.-. Live: < 'vingiaiut. Asth
ma, PiL--. obstinate llc.nlachc, Pimples, Mutches and en
; iu'..Lii\ con>r oi the skill. Jaundice. Ag:u ;uid ! ver, Suit
I lihcuiu. Eiysipelas, Complaints incident onlv to I t-males
I Languishing week.Night Swiiffs, Nervoi.s Disorder*,
Genera! ill Health ami impaired state ofthc Constituliun.
the Forest Wine is put up in large s i.vre b. tti with
Dr. Halsty s name blown iu the gia--. U..a .Gllar |*r
bottle, or six bottles for Five Dollars. Gum-coated Forest
j i a!s. 2.i cents jer Box. For Sale by the appointed Agents,
at W iiok-sale and Retail. General Depot. 1)11 Dunne St,
one door from Hudson. New York, appointed Agents iu
Bradford county. Dr. H. C. Porter.Towanda ; C. 11. Her
nek. Athens : Drake A- Alien. W.iverly. N. Y.
500 Tfiniv WANTED ! !
j T'l'd s " , 'o' riliers have just received at their old stand ia
| J. Mereurs Block, Towainla, anew and gmul assortment
S,ll,u,K ' r(; o'D. consisting of RF.ADY-MAI'E
| ever imported into the County—all of the latest stvli- i
market, which are being scattered far and wide, "in trie
way ol P urtiishing Goods, vve luive a complete assortment
'"ravats. Collars, Shirts, Under Shirts, i)raw.Win
pers. (.loves, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, Hosiery of all
kinds, and a variety of Trunk*. Ac.
Gut Readv -Made ( lotliing embraces everv tlntm dr-'r,-
I .e in that line, and a- we huv for ('AMI. we can and*'!"
sell 20 per cent. lower than any other Clothing F-tjt ' -!•
j inent tn towanda. j, ALEXANDER,
| Tnwanda, January 1,185,1. S. ALEX AN PER.
I i v°v°r tor Hradford Comity. is pressured t> attend V 1
j the above business in all its branches. His ofliu
j Monroeton. All letters addressed to him at that p '•
will meet with prompt attention.
April 4. l-CAL
the suliserihcr would anr.
the public that he I,as a ?
and will make t ••niu
! " ■ kin, ' s CABINET FUKNITFIi
! -"jLsach as Sofas. Divans. I.ouiig< - "
j j fcl j j.ijitjiJSll ja. tre. Card. Dining and Breakfast
j~-.'r' ey v,ffAl 'le. Mahogany, M alnut,Map!f £: "'
■t 1] B E (Vrry Bureau's. Stands of vaiicj-
I , - ™ . - —kinds. Chairs and Bedsteads of cvfl?
| description, which are, and will hi made of the hei p
, tenal and workmanlike manner, ami which thev w 1! -•
• lor cash cheaper tliau can be bought in anv etlicr Wat)
! room in the
I ItEADY-MADE COFFINS, on hand on the nio-i f -
Uonable terms, A good UEARM. w ill tie fm-ni-li-'J 3
j Funeral occasions. JAM IN MACKINK'.N".
Towanda, January
Fhik A- LIFK iN>i;n,vNci" w
Aukncv.—Policies issued in the liest e-tabii
( ompanics in the I uitrd States, with capital'mi.
OflO to 1,000,0(H). Apply to P. M. MODID •
East end SpHtilding lilrK'k, Wavcrly, N. V.
Hartford Cits Fire Insurance Company.
Bridgeport Insurance Company, Connecticut.
Empire Insurance Company.
Grande Eire Insurance Company.
1 tiea 1 ive Stuck Insuraruc Company.
Snsquehanna Life Insurance Company.
Fhoenix Fire Insurance Company of Freckly^
Excelsior Fires luaurancc Company of New )>
tfo' All oriler* from the country promptly fil'cJ.
the suhse.iber about the 2>th nit, Wji"
hoy to the tanuing business. 1 therefore forbid . J iff''*' .
harboring or tr istlng said Isiy on my ac -on'. *"
pay no debto of Lis ooatraouig. iiLNLY PL ' A '
R nne. March 1, 1e,,;..
| 1 ROCK F. SiY kH A tIDW \RE \ !
iV; - :,t . PiIINNC"