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    as candidates for United States Senator. Af
t(,r the election last fall, when the administra
tion party was so signally overthrown, all of
the previously talked of " old line democratic"
candidates, except Mr. Cameron, retired at
once from the field. The decided adverse po
litical character of the Legislature, precluded,
a , it W as supposed, the possibility of their el
ction; and they ceased to be spoken of as can
didates, and were no longer before the public
a< such. These, and others of this class, were
tiie meu, over whom, I had repeatedly expres
sed a preference for Mr. Cameron ; and it fol
lows of necessity, that such expression was
made, when they were understood to be candi
dates or " rivals" for the office Mr. Cameron
was seeking.
1 have said enough to show the infamous
means employed by Mr. Chase, to make me
the victim of his falsehood and misrepresenta
tion. A word as to the reasons and motives
of his conduct.
1 would not consent to co-oporatc with him
in a systematic course of fraud and deception.
I wonld be a party to no shams. I would not
display the banner of Freedom to betray it. I
would not make hypocritical professions of at
tachment to the principles of Freedom, for the
purpose of leading the masses into the support
of slavery propagandism. In short I would
not become a co-partner in his infamy, in pre
senting Gov. Bigler before the people, as the
candidate and friend of Freedom, when 1, and
lie. and every intelligent man iu the State and
County, knew that lie stood as the candidate
of the National Administration, and the repre
sentative of its principles and measures. If I
hud earned for myself a portrait, drawn in the
same colors, as that presented of him by a lead
ing Bigler paper, Mr. Chase to-day would have
been my friend ; and instead of devoting al
most his entire paper to misrepresentations and
falsehoods aimed at me, would have been ex
tolling me as a model of political consistency
and integrity.
The motive for the perpetrating of this au
dacious villiauy at this juncture, is too plain to
lie mistaken. It was intended for effect upon
the Legislature, and to influence the result to
eoiuc off on Tuesday next, the 27th inst. For
this reason it was held back until it was tho't
too late to expose and counteract the fraud.—
1 heard two weeks ago through a letter writ
ten hv Mr. Laporte to E. (). Goodrich, that
Mr. Chase—then in Harrisbnrg—was showing j
a letter from me to Mr. Cameron, containing I
expressions of kindness and personal regard, !
with a view to influence my friends to the stii>-1
pert of that gentleman. When informed of i
tin's by Mr. Goodrich, 1 remarked at once, that 1
1 cared nothing about it beyond the fact, that
Mr. Cameron had allowed so unscrupulous and ;
unprincipled a man as Mr. Chase to have pos-1
session of the letter. The result lifts demon- ]
;-trated, that this remark was not withoutfoun-1
dation. The letter was not written for exhi
bition or publication ; and yet if Mr. Chase |
chose to make this use of it. I cared not a ;
straw if it were published in every pajteriuthe j
Commonwealth, and read by all her citizens.
I thought, I confess, that it Was trenching up- j
on the point of honor and gentlemanly inter- 1
course, to place the letter in the hands of a
known unscrupulous enemy. This act justly
makes Mr. Cameron responsible ; and a sharer
in the infamy which attaches to the use that
has been made of it. The only apology he can
oiler for placing the letter in the hands of Mr.
Chase, is that he wished it to lie used in the
maimer, and tor the purpose it lias been used ;
a lid thai there was no man in the State, Mr.
Chase excepted, who would stoop to an act so
shameful and base.
But to the letter, and the motives for its
garbled publication at this time. So little
thought did 1 give the subject, and so little did
1 care about if, when I learned that Mr. Chase
was showing the letter in llarrisburg, that I
did not even write to my friend Laporte upon
the subject. 1 well knew that it contained
nothing of the least importance, and that it
could not fairly lie used to influence the action
of anv one.
The first use made of my letter, was to see
if the tone of personal kindness that pervaded
it, eouid not be used to win over some of un
friends to the support of Gen. Cameron. Mr.
Chase is the agent, employed for this (compar
atively honorable) work. This was a failure.
The letter, even in Mr. Chase's hands,- did not
prove me zealous enough in behalf of Mr. Cam
eron, to induce any of my friends to come to
his snppu t. The next use made of it, is to
present a garbled publication, on the eve of
commencing again the ballotings for Senator,
with a view to prevent the opponents of Mr.
Cameron uniting upon me. Mr. Cameron's
friends in the Legislature are comjiact and
organized, and within a few votes, number the
figure required for an election. It is other
wise with his opponents —they are broken and
divided between rival candidates, and agreeing
only in one tiling—opposition to the election
of Mr. Cameron. If they can only lie kept
divided, il is easy to see that the disciplined
forces of Mr. Cameron, must in the end prevail.
I had received more votes on the second and
!a>t ballot, against Gen. Cameron, than had
m en given to any other candidate—Mr. Bnck
aiew excepted, whose election his friends do
not count upon or expect. It was feared that
the opponents of Gen. Cameron (not including
the members who voted for Buckalcw) might
concentrate upon me, and thus present the
strength ol an united body in opposition to his
election. Mr. Cliase evidently feared this, and
contemplated with dismay the possibility of my
>urc>s. What so well calculated to prevent a
union upon mo, among a class of men whose
i'otnl of cement in action, was opposition to
* .macron, as to represent me to be really in
jha! gentleman's favor ? What better calcu
lated to excite against me, men so feeling, than
'V mc as declaring my preference for
'-micron, over those candidates in whom they
l;| ' bit an especial interest, and whom they
!iy a.Mije in uniting upon me ' Or in
u |)a' way could Gen. Cameron's success be so
'' 'I.J;! Y promoted, as by keeping his oppo-
H' l ken and divided '? LI -re lies toe true
" r ' ! 't this most infamous business : Fear of
d'ction, and a desire to promote the suc
ol (on. Cameron.
Mr. Chase, in his comments on my letter,
o characteristic, recklessness, asserts, that I
,;u ' ''barged Mr. Cameron with trying to bribe
'to> his support. It is false ; and no crcdi
witness can be called in its support. Were
,lot an impeachment of Gen. Cameron's
•' A u sagacity, the uncharitable might sus
rfl't that he had been wasting some of his
,Uu ' "jioii Mr. Chase.
p ln ' v done with this man. He may eon
j.'"" ladings and falsehoods UJKIII me with
d" | sliall notice no charge in his pa-
r ' u °t supported bv the name of a man of
,f und character. I have lived to little
: - 1 - l"j>c, if aught he may say, can do me injury.
, 11 'ouciusion, l challenge Mr. Chase to
. 1 my letter in the hands of Mr. Grow, who
will beat home in a few days, that a veritable
copy may be published. Such publication, I
affirm, will sustain all, and more than all, that
I have herein charged against him.
SERIOUS LOSS. —A fire, on Tuesday after
noon, at Washington city, destroyed Colonel
BENTON'S house, furniture, valuable private pa
pers, and all his manuscripts, including a part
of his "Thirty Years," and much material for
it, consisting of original correspondence with
the earliest Presidents, and other public men.
The Sentinel fears that papers have been de
stroyed that were essentia! to the elucidation
and illustration of the History of American po
litics for the last half century. The Globe, of
Wednesday, adds:
"We think it worthy of note to write down
that we saw Col. Benton for a few minutes, at
a quarter past ten o'clock, last night, when he
was about sitting down to re-write, for this
morning's Globe, the sjieeeh which he made the
day before yesterday, on the presentation of
Gen. Jackson's sword to Congress, which he
had revised, but had returned to our office a
part only ; the balance he had left in his office
and it was burjit. He said he had it all in his
head, and it should come out before he slept.
"A\ e asked him if his house was insured,
and he replied, as near as we can recollect as
follows : "No it was not insured ; but I care
nothing about that; insurance could not have
saved all that I considered valuable—the bed on
which my wife died, on which I slept; her
clothes, Which were in a trunk sitting at the
head of it; the articles which she prized most,
around it—the last things 1 saw at night, and
the first in the morning-—and the papers in the
adjoining room, many of which cannot be sup
plied. But what I shall most feel—more than
1 now do—will be the loss of the memorials of
my wife, whose body, still above ground, it
will be my first care to remove to St. Louis,
when released from Congress, to buried in the
place in which I had collected the remains of
my dead—my mother, children, grandchildren,
sister, —to take the place by their side which
she and I had marked out. for ourselves.'"
CONGRESS adjourned on Sunday I.T-t, at 12
M. having passed the Appropriation bill in the
last hours of the session. Among its acts were
the passage of the Postage Bill, fixing the pos
tage for a distance less than three thousand
miles at three cents, and over at five, providing
that all letters shall be prepaid, after next
December with stamps; and that letters contain
ing money may be registered,though preserving
the irresponsibility of the department ; the
Ship Passengers' Bill supplies important addi
tional securities to the health and comfort of
the emigrants who crowd to our shores ; and
the Shipwreck bill furnishes new and most val
uable facilities for rescue in case of shipwreck,
or of serious danger upon our coasts. The Te
legraph bill provides for the construction of a
line of Telegraph to the Pacific, at tlie expense
of the grantees, giving a right of way two hun
dred feet in width, and putting the same under
the protection of tlw Government. The bill
fur the Reorganization of the Navy creates a
retired list and fhe Naval Discipline Bill. The
Court of Claims Bill establishes a tribunal for
the adjudication of private claims, which will
not only save the national legislature a great
deal of valuable time, but will secure a prom la
titude and justice in the disjiosition of this kind
of business.
We have received the annual rqiort of the
Pennsylvania State Lunatic Asylum, for 1854.
The institution is located near llarrisburg, and
the buildings are. extensive and commodious.—
The report informs us that of the whole number
of patients admitted to the institution during
the four years it has been in operation, although
a reasonable number have been discharged as
restored or improved, yet there is a remainder
which increases annually, and may be
considered as a permanent charge. This was
37 in the year 1851, and 10b in 1852,
and 182 in 1853, and 214 in 1854. During
the last year 111 patients have been admitted,
70 being sent by the public authorities and 74
by their friends, amounting, with the reraaiudcr
from the previous year, to an aggregate of 320
patients, of whom 112 have have been discharg
ed, .'27 as restored, 22 as improved, 30 as
stationary, and 22 by death. Of the remain
ing 211, the number of males is 127, and of
females 87. The report says that more than
three hundred patients cannot be accommodated
in the institution with benefit, and as applica
tions for admission are increasing, many must
necessarily be refused. In view ot this, the
managers recommend the establishment of
another institution in Western Pennsylvania.
Of the patients who have been in the institu
tion since its establishment, 333 were natives
of Pennsylvania, and 104 of foreign countries,
57 being from Ireland, and 27 from Germany.
GEN. JACKSON'S SWORIL —The sword which
Gen. Jackson bequeathed to the late General
Armstrong, of Tennessee, was, on Monday last
presented to the Government of the United
States, and accepted. On the resolution of ac
ceptance, bv Congress, Gen. Cass and Senator
Bell, made eloquent speeches in the Senate, and
Col. Benton and Hon. Messrs. Smith and Zol
licoffer, of Tennessee, in the House. The House
done a very unusual thing on this occasion.—
It gave the ladies permission to occupy the
floor of the Hall, in large numbers, during the
interesting ceremonies.
FOREKJ.V NEWS. —Since our last issue, the
steamship St. Louis and Canada have arrived.
From the seat of war there is little or no
additional news, affairs remaining the same as
at last reported. The Peace Conference was
to open at Vienna on the 26th of February.—
Lord JOHN* RUSSELL left London fur the
Austrian capital, to assume the [tost of Pleni
potentiary of the British government in the
conference. The Western alliance has been
strengthened by the accession of Naples.
of the owners of the Collius line of steamers to
get the extra allowance out of the public trea
sury for four years louger, without the power
of Congress to rescind the contract which it ex
pressly reserved, has very properly failed, thro'
the interposition of the Presidential veto, Go
vernment has been paying an enormous amount
of mouey, as the President shows, for this mail
service, without a corresponding public advan
tage. The fact is only another proof that
whenever government attempts to foster with
bounties-any particular enterprise, it is only
working mischief, interfering with free compe
tition, and paying a costly sum for service whieli
would be better and cheaper performed if pri
vate enterprise were left to perform the work
iu its own way, assisted only by its own ener
gies, and the necessary economy with which
service is performed when in such hands. A
grant of an extravagant sum by Government
is made the pretext for another still more ex
travagant, and the necessity for aid grows just
in proportion to the facility with which the mo
ney can be procured from the public treasury.
The President deserves great credit for this
veto, and so far as checking unjust legislation
is concerned, he is entitled to the gratitude of
the country. This veto, and the veto of the
Spoliation bill, shows that he is determined to
guard the Treasury against the schcmesof those
who make plundering a business.
elections were held in the towns of several of
the States. These contests have been particu
larly sharp and exciting, and their effects are
of more importance, than usually attend such
struggles. In every instance, we believe, the
question has been distinctly drawn between the
Know Nothiugism and anti-Know Nothingisin.
In New-York municipal elections were held
Tuesday in Oswego and Auburn. In the for
mer, the fusionists, composed of whigs and for
eigners, succeeded in electing their candidate
for Mayor by a handsome majority over the
Know Nothing nominee. In Auburn, howev
er, the Know Nothings were successful by a
majority of two hundred over a candidate of a
coalition formed of all the old parties and fac
tions. At Rochester, Norwich, Oxford, and
Sherburne, the Know Nothings were also suc
cessful. At Utica, the Whig ticket was cho
sen, while at Syracuse and Troy the fusionists
triumphed. At Newport, Ky., the American
ticket was defeated. Throughout Massachu
setts the Know Nothings have Sustained their
ascendancy, four-fifths of the towns heard from
having been carried by that party. At De
troit, Mich., a democratic Mayor has been cho
sen by a large majority. In Maine the Know
Nothings have carried everything before them.
tSfj?*- Mr. SOUI.E, late Minister to Spain, lias
returned to this country, and is now sojourn
ing at Washington. It is said that Mr. Sonic
feels that he has been badly treated, but says
until the public have all the official facts be
fore them, he does not feel at liberty to speak.
He will not, however, tamely submit to the of
ficial snubbling he has received. Murcv's let
• J
ter 111 reply to the joint-despatch is very loug,
taking decided ground against the opinions ad
vanced by Messrs. Mason, Buchanan, and
Soule, and directing Mr. Soule to retrace bis
ground, and resume negotiations at Madrid
upon the most peaceblc basis. To this Mr.
Soule replied in a brief note, stating that the
instructions thus communicated were of so ex
traordinary a character—so totally at variance
with the whole previous policy of the adminis
tration, and disregardful of the humiliating po
sition lie would lie compelled to assume were
he to carry them out, that self respect left him
but one course to pursue, and he accordingly
tendered his resignation.
The New Hampshire election takes
place on the 13th inst., and more than usual
interest attaches to it, since, in addition to the
Governor and other State officers, and mem
bers of the lower house of Congress who are to
chosen, the Legislature, now to be elected, will
have the choice of two members of the United
States Senate, to fill the seats vacated by the
death of Messrs. Athcrton and Norris. For
Governor, there are four candidates, N. J>.
Baker, democrat; James Bell, whig; Asa
Fowler, Free Soil; and Ilalph Mctcalf, Ame
ANOTHER!—A gentleman living in JLussa,
Herkimer county, who was in this city yester
day, informed us that a horrible tragedy was
reported to have occurred in that vicinity a
few days since. As the story was told us, two
boys, aged 12 and 14, respectively engaged in
a quarrel which terminated in a threat on the
part of the youngest lad, that lie would shoot
his antagonist. He went to the house, asked
his mother to hand down from a shelf a pistol
which lay there, and told her he was going to
shoot a boy with it. She supposed that he
only joking, gave him the pistol. He took it,
walked out toward where the other boy stood,
and deliberately shot him through the head,
killing him instantly. The boys were said to
be both Irish. Our informant did not learn
the names. — I 'lica Herald, 2(i//
THE FUTURE OK EUROPE. —Kossuth closes
a recent lengthy letter to a gentleman in this
country, by summing up the present condition
of things in Europe, as follows:—"Our news
you kuow.from the papers. Their policy is: 1.
A small ministerial change here in men, but
not in policy. England's absolute nudity of
inherent weakness; England's aristocracy de
caying fast; the British empire drifted towards
a revolution scarcely to be prevented any
more. 2. BONAPARTE drifting from folly to
folly, and to fall. 3. No patching up of peace
possible, though everybody be bent ou it.—
4. The theatre of war soon to lie transferred to
the interior of Europe, and the contest gener
AFFAIRS IN CUBA.— The Havana correspon
dent of the National ItiteUigenctr says the
regular troops have nearly all been withdrawn
from tlie city of Havana, aud it? protection is
in the hands of volunteers and a safeguard
force, which is composed of tlie soldiers who
have been discharged from the army in Cuba
mi expiration of service for several years past.
This makes a very efficient force inapjtcarauce,
and the men have mostly had the advantage
of active field service—probably better troops
than those which have been thrown into the
country and forwarded upon tiie coast to pro
tect weak points, and to be ready for concentra
tion * wherever there may be necessity. He
thinks, however, that the indisoriminatinjr
arming of negroes has been an unwise measure,
and which, if continued to the extent proposed
will result in serious evil for Cuba, that Concha,
or any one succeediutr him will not be aide to
cure or remove. Tiie consequences are already
perceptible in the streets and in families.
RAILROAD ACCIDENT. —TheD nnkirk express,
that left Jersey City on Friday mornincr at 7
o'clock, when near Cattaraugus at 11 o'clock
in the evening, was thrown from the track by
the breaking of the wheel under the baggage
car. Tlie baggage and one passenger car were
thrown from tlie track, and badly broken up ;
there was 110 one seriously injured. The train
was detained some eight or ten hours, block
ing up the road and preventing the passage of
other trains.— N. Y. Tribune.
The Cincinnati Ctmerri'l of Saturday says this
unfortunate man, as the day approaches on
which he is to expiate his terrible crime, by the
death penalty, evinees by his haggard counte
nance and altered demeanor, that he begins to
realise all the horrors oF his condition. Ile
morse seems to be busy at work with his con
FATAL ACCIDENT.— On Friday last a young
man by the name of WRIGHT, while engaged at
work in the Sash Factory of Mr. Hiram Bliss,
was struck by a board in tlie abdomen, which
ilew off" from machine. Severe internal injuries
were produced, which caused his death 011
Sunday last.— Oaego Gazette.
B MASONIC.— The regular meetings of UNION
LODGE, No. In*, A. Y. M.. are held every Wed
nesday, on 01* preceding the full union, at Maso
\ uic Hall, over J. Kingshery's store.
All Brethren in good standing are invited to attend. —
The meeting for March will occur on thc2*th March.
11. H. A. UNION CH AFTER, No. lfil, holds its regular
meetings at the same place, Thursday 011 or before tlie full
moon. Meeting for March, on the 23th day.
E. H. MASON, Secretary.
Sicui Qkbucrtiscmouts.
\ UDITOR'S NOTICE.—In the matter of
1 the estate of Arvine Clark 2d, deceased :In the Or
phan's Court of BNllL'ord County.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by said Court, to
marshal! asset* and distribute funds in the hands of the
Administrator of said decedent, will attend to the duties
assigned h 111 at his office in the 110 rough of Towanda, on
Tuesday, the 3d day of April, 15.",.), at one o'clock, P. M.,
when and where all persons interested are requested to
pri sent their claims, or LA* forever debarred therefrom.
March 5, 1*55. D'A. OVERTON, Auditor.
OLD SOLDI K lis ! Prepare for a fight vith
Sj e-nJalors. and lien-are of them' The Fount \ land
bill, giving Hi() acres of land to those who served in the
war of I*l2, or any war since 17FI0, has passed, and all
persons entitled to such lands should call at NMA? upon J.
K. t'ANFIELD. Athens, Bradford county, Fa., who lie
sides having the law and the requisite form's, HAS had much
experience in obtaining land warrants, A*C., and will do it
for old Soldiers, their Widowsand Minor children, for jnst
what it is worth IO do the business.
The bill provides land for persons of all grades, by land
or sea, including Indians, wagoners and flotilla men, who
have served in the wars since 1730; 100 acres in all to each
person who has lived tiot less than 14 da\ -. except actu
ally in battle for .1 shorter period. The widows or minor
children, to receive the licnefit in CASE of the death of the
per -OILS so entitled. The widows, officers and soldiers of
the revolutionary war TO be entitled to the benefit of this
ai well U> volunteers at the invasion of Flattslmrg in
Scptciuliei*. I*l4. The volunteers at the attack of L**wis
town. Delaware, in I*l2 and I*ls, and the ( hapl.iins who
served in the several wars. I'ost-paiil communications
promptly attended to. .). E. (' \NFIELD,
Pension and Bounty Land Agent..
Athens, Bradford Co., Fa.. March C, 1*55.
TXTE arc happy to announce to the *ingcrs anil musical
\ loving community go .eruily, that there wi I I e aMU
sic.lL Convention held at Troy, Bradford County, Fa., com
mencing ON Tuesday March 20th and closing with a Con
cert on Friday evening, March 23d, under the direction of
Prof. \Y. IT. BKAIIUI KV, of New* York. The object of this
Festival is the advancement of .Singers generally, whether
Teachers, choristers, leaders, or mem'oers of Choirs, and
drilling and musical training will la* introduced by Frof.
I>. AS will tend to the aceomplishment of the ABOVE named
object. The Shawm and Metropolitan Glee B.>k will lie
the prim ipal text books used. Persons having copies of
tlic-e w orks please bring them.
Professional singer* from Boston will lie present which
will add very much to the interest of the Convention.
Troy, March 1, 1*55. { Committee.
PIAN( )- K() RTEB.
-I- ' AXJ>A Mr. .TOSKI'U 11. LAU n, O| the linn of Thoui"
as Loud A Son, Philadelphia, is now in town, and will
have in a few days some ot their SITKKIOU IXM'KUMKXTS
for sale in this place. Those having Pianos that do not
give satisfaction have now* an opportunity rarely present
ed to exchange for a truly elegant ami serviceable one.-
The most libera! prices will he allowed for old Pianos, Me
lndeons. Are., in pail pnymimt.
tit) PAKTICI' I. \it AiTKNTiox will lie paid to Tuning and
Repairing Pianos: Those w ishing their instruments put
in perfect order, have now an opportunity. The public may
rest assured that every attention will be paid to any busi
ness entrusted to hi* care. Those desiring his services
should on liim soon, as his stay will be short.
Towanda, March 3,1*55. JOSEPH R LOUD.
ONE CENT lIEWARI).—Ran awny from
the er about the 2fith ult, W.M Row 1:. a hound
boy to the farming business. 1 therefore forbid all person-*
harboring or trusting said boy on my aecoiint. a* 1 will
pay no debts of his I-ontracting. HENRY CLARK.
Rome, March 1,1*55.
TTMIESTJ (JROCEIIIES, of all kinds just
1 received at MONTANYES A* CO
XL just opening at MONTANYES A CO.
March 1,1M55.
\ Lli FEHSONS indebted to Moiituayes
J. V CO. will do well to call andjmakc payment, otherwise,
necessity will compel them to send a call that will be
more expressive. Mareh 1, 1*55.
tjHiOCR !—IOO bids, rltoicc bntnds, sntier
fine FAMILY FLOUR, just received, for sale whole
sale or retail by feb22 BAILEY A NEYINS.
/HiOVER ik TIMOTHY SEED.— 50lmsh
\ t els Clover and Timothy Seed, just received, and for
sale In fe1.2l ' BAILEY A* NEVINS.
of WINTER GOODS, which will be sold a* usual for
Cash, 15 per cent, cheaper than can be bought elsewhere.
ttrf All persons indebted to me of over one year's stand
ing, must call and see to it, oy I will see to them—quick,
Towanda, Jan. 1*5.5.
WAGONS & SLEIGHS.—Two or three
f T ofca.'h for sale cheap at PHIXXEY'S.
F EATHER, I'ork, CodM), Madnnl, and
U White Fish, for sale cheap at PHINNEVS.
( LOTH I NO—An assortment, inav lie had
1 cheap at PfflfaTKinft
\.t quantity ot each jimt received and lor sale by
February 7.1?53. J. POWELL.
Cegitl SVltocrliacments.
i V i hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of ftrtXAXA VAXWRIXKI.E, deceased, Inte of Pike
twp., aie herdby requested to make payment without de
lay; ami all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them didv authenticated tor settlement.
G. GRIDLEY, Administrator.
Orwell, February 17. 1*55.
NOTICE.—Notice is horc-
J by p. it fc n, that all persons indebted to the e-tate of
HORATIO GAMAGK, dee'd. Lite ot Burlington twp.,are
hereby requested to make payment without delay; and
all persons having ciaiins against said estate will please
present thent duly authenticated for settlement.
PERRY D. ritATT, | •'^wnitors.
February 17. 18U.
- Perry v*. Il r l. t.ewix. —In the Court of Common
Pleas of Bradford County; No. Ist, September T.
The undersigned, an Auditor appointed by said eogrt to
distribute funds rai*i il by Sheriff s stile of defendant's per
sonal property, upon ii. fa.'s issued upon this and oilier
judgments, will attend to the duties of hi- appointment at
his office in the borongh of Towanda, on Wednesday, the
21st day of Mareh, 1*5.5, at 1 o'clock, P. M., when and
where all persons having claims upon said fund must tire
sent them, or be forever debarred from the same.
Feb. Id, 1865. D'A. OVERTON, Anditor.
AUDITOR'S NOTICE. —In the matter of
the estate of P.I). Havens, deceased. In the Or
phans' Court of Bradford County. The undersigned An
ilitor apiminted by the said Coart to distribute the pro
ceeds of the sale of real estate of said decedent, in the
hands of his administrators, will attend to the duties of
his appointment at his ottice in Towanda Ivoroceh. on Sat
urday the 7th day of April, A I) 1*55, at 111 o'clock A. M.
at which time anil pta c alb persons intere led .ire reques
ted to present their claims, or la' forever debarred front
said funds. G. 11. WA'l'hLiXS, Anditor.
Towanda, February 26, 1 s.v>.
AI > MIN iSTi IA T() R'S N ()T ICE NdiTu
A JL is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of BOLIVER PALMER, deceased, late of Canton tp.
are hereby requested to make payment without del iv;
and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Til KRESS A PALMER, Administratrix.
Canton, March 1. 1855.
Jt\ is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of BENJAMIN B. BLADE deceased, late of Columbia
twp, are hereby requested to make payment without de
lay; and all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settlement.
March 1, 1*55. MIAL 1' SLADK, Adinini-tr.itor.
is hereby given that all persons indebted to tlie es
tate of THOMAS THATCHER, deceased, late of Orwell
township, to make immediate payment, and all persons
having demands against said estate, will present them du
ly authenticated for settlement. CYRUS TH AT< 'HER,
February 7. 1*55. Administrator.
V OTICE. The Commissioners of Bradford
it County have fixed upon the following days and dates
respectively, lor holding APPEALS, viz :
Towanda borough, Burlington township and borough,
North and South Towanda, Ulster and Wilmot, on Thurs
day, February 15.
Canton, Franklin, Granville, Merrick, Leroy and Wysox
on Monday. February 12.
Orwell. Pike. Rome.Slieslieqnin,Tncnrora, Wyalnsing,
Warren and Windham, on Tuesday, February 20.
Columbia, Overton. P.idgberry, Smithlield. Springfield,
South Creek and Sylvauia borough, on Wednesday, Feb
ruary 21.
Athens township, Athens borough, Albany, Asylum,
Armenia. Durell. Litchfield and Standing Stone on Thurs
day, February 22.
Monroe, 'Prov town.,hip and borough,and Wells, onFri
day, February 23.
it?; "The Assessors will be punctual in delivering the no
tices to the taxable*, and in making their returns in jier
son on the day designated in their warrants, at which time
and place the Board of Revision will attend and hear all
such as think themselves aggrieved by said assessment,
and make such deductions and alterations as to them may
seein just. By order of the Commissi.(hers,
Feb. 7.1855. E. M. FARRAR, Clerk.
P\- is hereby given, that all persons indebted to the es
tate of C. P. PHIU PS dee'd.. late of Burlington tp.. are
hereby requested to make payment without delay: and all
person* h.tvin jing claims against said estate will please
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
J. M. PUILIIts, Administrator.
February 3. 185.5.
I. Jj. <Si XI. X. LAMORLAIg,
HAYING purchased the entire interi-st of the other
member* of the late firm of I. L. A H. L. Linioieux
A Co. in the '• Eagle Foundrv,'' in tlie south part of the
borongh of Towanda, will still continue the business of
said firm, and manufacture to order and keep constantly
on hand a large assortment of the following articles :
MACHINERY of all kinds, including Mill Irons, Mill
Gearings: the Rbse and Johnson Water-wheel, Ac. Ac.
STOVES—Box, Coal. Cooking and l'ailor Stoves, of all
kinds, sizes and prices.
I CHOUGHS North Branch. Xos. 1, 5, and 7; Blacth'cy
Xos. 1 and 2 : Bitighanitoif. Wayne County, Excelsior,
side-hill and com ploughs, Ac.
Corn Shelters and Straw Cutters; Wagon boxes, sleigh
shoes, plough points, gearing for chain pumps, grind
stones. and other articles too numerous to mention.
Having secured as Superintendents, .1. li. IKVINK in the
ma bine shop, anil HOBKKT McCt TCIIKOV in the moulding
department, the firm feel confident that they can manu
facture and repair ail kinds of machinery in as workman
like a maimer and on as easy terms as any establishment
this side of New York.
KS"Strum Engines will be repaired satisfactorily on
short notice.
Particulas attention will lie paid to the Pattern depart
ment, and all orders fulfilled on the shortest notice.
Tiie attention ot Farmers is called to .1. It. Irv ine's cele
brated KXCKI.SBH! PLOUGH, which took the first pre
miitm at the Bradford county Vgricultnral Fair ot 1*53.
Also to the elevated oven EAGLE STOVE, the 1 -est stove
in use. *
V itli the above the firm have connected a
Tin, Short Iran aiul Copper Erliiblishment,
and will be at all times ready to manufacture, re pa it and
do job wink. and will keep constantly on haml assortments
in all branches of their business.
We call the public attention to the following facts:
We use tlie Ralston Iron, which is acknowledged to tie
more durable and strong than any other.
Our stove plates are thicker and stronger than any or
foreign manufacture, and persons purchasing stoves of us
can have them repaired on short notice by calling on us,
without going to the expense of having new patterns.
Farmers would save time and expen-e by purchasing
ploughs of ns, as they* would not lie troubled "for points,as
in the case of foreign ploughs.
c Old Iron, Brass. Copper, Pewter, Ac., taken in exchange
■ for manufactures or work.
itu All would >lo well pi call and examine before pur
chasing cist where.
Towanda, February 15, 1x55.
The Susquehanna follrsialc Instinile,
rotr.ixn.-t. nii.tnroiw en., r.i.
REV. SAMUEL F. t'OLT, Principal, Professor of Natu
ral, Mental and Moral Science ;
REV. JAMES MeWILLIAM. M.. Professor of tueient
language* and-Belles Lcttivs ;
CHABLES lb COItI'RX, .V. M., Professor ot Matheiua
tics and Master of Normal School ;
E. ALBERT LUD'WIG, A.M.. Professor of Modern Lan
guages. Instructor on the Piano and in Drawing ;
Mrs. MARTHA A. DAYTON. Preceptress ;
Miss M AUG A BET U KENXEDA 5 . 2d do.
Ho ■The Spring Term of ls.>wiil eouiincn c on Wed
ncsday, April lib. The Academic will comprise 3 terms.
Tuition in the Fifth class, (primary) per term,.. $1 no
'■ Fourth 5 00
" Third K 00
" Second 7 00
" First t) oo
v\TUvs :
French. German. Spanish or Italian, each. - .5 00
When taken without other branches, 7 00
Drawing .3 00
Ornamental needlework and embroidery.each 3 00
Tuition on l'i.uio Forte with us • ot instrument .. 12 00
do do per quart, r of 11 weeks,. 10 00
Oil painting in landscapes, per term s oo
do figures 10 00
Room rent for lodgers, 1 75
Contingent fund for each pupil ;ts
Board in Hall, per week, 1 75
Washing, per dozen, 3*
Fuel and light at the actual expense.
Pupils Imartling in the llali will furnish their own lied,
bidding, towels, Ac., and the table silver at their option.
No pupil taken for less than half a term. The bills for
the term must be paid in advance ; or one half thereof at
their entrance, anil the remaining half at the expiration of
the term.
Pupils entering the Institute are pledged to the nb er
vance of the Regulations, and none will be admitted on
: other terms.
E-pecia! exercises are arranged without extra chirge
for those qualifying themselves as teachers for common
For classmration of studies anil tcxt-lmoks. see circu
lars, for which apply to U. L. WARD, President.
S. F. C'OI.T, Sec. T24 J. I). MONTANA'S, Treasurer.
EEXTJs r, HAS RETURNED. Office next door
to Meroiu'.* store, and over Alexander's Clothing Store.
1 Main Ariel Towanda. February 21. ! v jj. I
w, JX, tiaKftwmcussf,
" ) undersigned in constantly receiving from New-York
hy additions t.. fiis Stork of Watehes, Clock-,
Jewelry, Silver ware, and San. v Goods. comprising in
part Cold and .Silver Lever. l/Kpine and Plain Watches,
with a foil and complete assortment of Fine Gold JewoliA,
such an Gold chains. thickets. Bracelets, Gold l'tm, Keys!
BreanVPins, Ear Kings, Finger-Kings, etc. < tc. A l-o", a
large var.My of Silver ware .such as Table and Tea Simons,
(beam spoons, Butter knives, Salt spoons, S)>ortaeieH, to
gether with an extensive assortment of I I..ted Ware— All
of which will he s<>ld very l>w for CASH.
(T.OCKV. A large assortment ("looks Just roceivrd. f
all descriptions, ranging in prices from 75 rents to Silly
CV Watches repaired on short notice, and WARRANTED
to nil well. Also, all kinds Clicks repaired.
W. A. ('. would hot; leave to say, that lie is prepared to
execute the most dilli. nil J.dix, sti. li as eau be done at 110
other Shop short ol'.Vew-Voik t it v.
Towanda, February 1, 1855.
J Idled for any size to lie had at (he Jewelry Store of
eaa A HORSE! A HORSE! my kingdom
/siCA hir a horse ami en tonurs to take away the
Yff. 1 ,OSk good-. Notwitle 1 mding the late di-.i t rou.-i
ffp-* Jffw t: ;V !,i " > v AKXKI: IS HIMSELF
And af No. 1 Brick Row you'll find
Most any thing that's in his line.
From a cambric nee dle of the finest kind.
To a i welled watch of eighteen karat tine ;
Clocks which keep time necunite and true-;
Breast pin.-, of every style and hue.
Gold, silver, steel and plated chains,
Selected with the greatest pains.
Finger rings, MV COSH, why what a pile
(If every shape and every style,
To suit the old. the young, the grave, the gay,
May there lie seen iii elegant array.
And WAHXKK. who is hinisclt'a •• ho.-i, '
Is alw. y ; ready and at his post,
To wait upon his customers ami all
Who c hance upon 'ini to give a call.
50 with good advice make up vour minds
To c all mi him and there you'll find
Such sights, my eyes! O.® what a \iew 1
Jewelry of every style and hue.
Don't mistake the place. No. 1. Brick iloff, wlieic
lie is prepared to do all kinds of
in his line of business, H( the cheapest rales that can pos
sibly be afforded, lie will al-o sell jewelry at 'id ITK
CUNT, I.OWKK than was ever IK- lore offered hi this market.
#' Fall and see. A. M. WARNER.
Towanda. January 1855.
DISSOLUTION. —-The <'<| girt riersltip here
tofore existing Ix-twceu the subscribers, under the
name of I. L. & 11. 1,. LAMEBRAIN, A Co., is this day
dissolved hy mutual consent of all parties. The bitsine-<
of said firm wi ■y icreafter l>e carried on hy I. 1.. A H. L.
LA l F.KEA < X. at the old stand. Notes and 11 >ok accounts
of the late lirni are left in tie hands oi l. L. A 11. 1.. Lam
ereaux. and must lie settled forthwith.
T.rwamla, Jan. 20, 1855.
I IST OF LETTERS, remaining in the P.
J O. at TOWANDA, Pa. Eebrnary 15. 1v55.l v 55.
Rurtch George M Lynch Bridget
Barnes Mary 2 Madigan Michael
Brow n Samuel MtCrossin Joniea
Brown Harrison Mingtis Joseph
Buckley William Murphy Daniel
Bennett John M MeNiei William
Biirlingmne Leander L Morgan John
Butterfield Sarah Murtagh Mary
Burke Bridget Marumhan Daniel
Culver Daniel B Patterson William 2
Ciu ren Daniel Pierce Whitman L
Connelly John Preston Charles A
Commons Wm Pierce Chester
Chaffee Fanny 2 Jlunyon Lavfon
Carman Eliza Bobbin- Lsaac
Campbell Friend Stevens John 2
Cntnst.ick Chandler Sage Philander
Coulhaugh William Strickland M D
Corby Joseph Summers Sally
Dickc rman S M Spees Rlmda A 2
Driefuss Samuel Sullivan James
Demurest Rosett.t Stevens Diana
David Charles Slum John
Drink water O II Specs Angeline R
Davis Francis Smith John
Davidson George L Sullivan Hannah
Doliertv James Stuerd Luther L
Do pen Mrs A J Smith Myron
Durrin Henry 2 Santee John
Kllish William Scott John H
Ennis Levi Smith Jesse
Fox Mrs 11 Thomas Dunham A Co
Fenoughtv James '(Tumble D
Gould Epiiraim Vandyke James
(Reason Owen White Michael
Hatch James Wolf Garrick 11 2
Harden Thomas Walsh John
Harrington A Son White David C
Horton Elijali H Wiggins Ezra
Hill Stephen A WVstgate Betsey
Irvine James R Watkins Majy .)
.Jackson John Weld E S
Kerric k Frederic k Walsh Margaret
Kilmer Joshua 2 W"heeler 1* J
Lewis William White Kev John
Isithrop Jacob Wvkoff Sarah
l.yucli .lames 2 While Miss Margaret
Liehig R A'oung 11 E
J#B* Persons calling for any of these letters will please
mention they are advertised." 11. C. PORTER, P. M.
A T I.A ll'. a-Officc removed to John C. Adam..'
Office, in the Cnion Block.
I: • /.Alt'. Office with the Register and Recorder,—
Towanda, Pa. February 10,1855.
/.AH". Office in the second story of the Union
Block, over the office of James Maetarlane.
51 H(A'CUV, oilers his professional services to the
people of Towanda and vicinity. Office at his residence
on I'ine street, where he can always be found w hen not
professionally engaged.
AiiENCY.— Policies issued In the tie.<t established
Companies in the United States, with capital from 200,
900 to 1.9W1.080. Apply to P. 0. MOODY,
East end Spaulding Block, Wavrrly. N. A".
Hartford City Fire lnsiirauee Company.
Bridgeport Insurance Company, Connecticut,
Empire Insurance Company.
Granite Fire Insurance Company.
I'tica Live Stock Insurance Company.
Susipiehaiina Life insurance Company.
Flioenix Fire Insurance Company of Brooklyn.
Fxvelsioi Fire Insurance Company of New York,
i: 5" All orders from the country promptly filled.
Ve'vac/f w© iii.xrc 1
j JpitgoljS situated in Overton township. Bradford eottv
ly. containing ill \CRF.S. with 25 acres ini
▼ pSr proved, and n acies seeded down with clover
I tow last spring. A good lnmse. ami a new barn,
30 by 50 erected on the premises. Possession will he giv
en the Ist of April.
Also, a good HOUSE to rent for one year, to a steady
and industrious man, to whom steady employment and
good wages will be given. EDWARD M'GOVERN.
Heverleyviile, January 11 ,-1x5,5,
11l IE SURSURIBER offers for 511J0 lii.i
valuable FARM.situate in Burlington townslilp,Brad
ford county. Pa., containing about 225 ACRES, of which
about Ijn acres are improved, and in a high stale of ciilti
vatton. About 70 acres of the improved part is- bottom
land, and the Kiluncc rolling find facing the sooth and
east. .About 1 (H) acres is well timbered with pine and
henil -ck, ami a good mil! -eat the.con.
This farm is eight miles from the El nor' ami „ „
William-port Railroad.and nine utiles from the /CHfjk
North Branch Canal. It has upon it two goo^[-! *f irfL
a 'pie orchards and an abuiidaiiee of cherries, lit ■ ilhsß
p'ltins, Ae.: a new dwelling house, two gii 1 A.
h irns, cow -heils. Ae. Said farm is well calculated for two
farms of eouat \ lac. embracing tin c ptal portion of ls>t
t mi land, upland, and timber, and will lie sold separately
or together, as m iy suit purchasers.
Terms: A portion of the, purchase money down, and
the balance it > early payment . to suit purcha-crs. For
tin llier pailii'til trs. etHpiire of the sabseriher at the (arm.
February 7 1x5.,. SAMUEL M'KEAN.
OK AI.AR v; v. Cotid ictec) oil the Havana Plan
10,(Km Nuiubers 501 Prizes! all the Prizes, drawn at
each Drawing. Class K- to lie drawn 20 Eebrnary.
< ..... 4000
'• 1500
1 100
" 5 of SIOOO .5000
In all 501 prizes amounting to. SOO,OOO
Tickets 510- Halves and Quarters in proportion.
Bills on all -"lvrnt bank- taken at par.
11l coinniunnati ins stri. tlv eontident al.
S WIUEL SW.\N. Agent and Manager.
Sic of the Bronze Lions.
MoutgonicrA Ala Jan 21. 1- 5.