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LIST OF LETTERS. Remaining in the Post
office at Towanda, November 15, 1854.
4 t,f*,dßß Jennings C J 2
.r„ rv 4 Kromer Emanuel
s!"sX S Kipp Philip
RoTII A bt -' T j' ar J?
B'ake James Kennedy Margaret
„ i M Levi Lazarus
Bogart Maria L Lauman Smith & Co
Bailey Jeremiah Lery Th,.nas
B^n R, A h S rd Meseerman*& Co
Biles John a J® r M .' ' ss
Blanvelt Caroline McCormiek Mary Ann
CranmerSarah Ann Mires James
Clark B W 8 Molger Mr
CulhawPatt ONe.tleMary
Carter Mnllen Pratt Mortimer
Cranmer Warren Eratt " ee '"? e
Corey Margaret Potter Nicholas
Clark John i
Camer H VV R°bbtn Isaac
Cormie N E1I ? n c
Canfield D C Sfaepard Jane
Comstock Chandler 2 Shrader Helen
Davidson G D Sharp Walter B
Deppold John Sickler Wm C
C M & Co Shores Nancy
English James Shell* James
Elroy & McFarland Swain Geo
Foote Chauncey Scovell Harriett
Fuller Hylance Sweet Daniel
Furv Thomas Smith A B
French William Tosner Lovina
Fox George Tidd Nrthan
Fay T W & H W Talbert Harry
CuninndChas 2 TlnraffMere
Goodwin lohn Young John W
Grace Philip Young John
Hall Sarah Wynins Stephen
Hanlon Patrick Wilson John
Harding Tbeo Weber Wilhelm
Hull James A Walker Geo
calling for any of the above letters
will please say they were advertised,
BY virtue of writs of Vend. Exponas issued out
of the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford
County, and to me directed, will be exposed to pub
lic sale at the Court House, in the boro' of Towan
da, on MONDAY,the 4th day of December, next at 1
o'clock P. M., the following described lot, piece or
parcel of latid, situated in Sheshequin twp., bound
ed on the North by lands e>f Elisha Newell and
Joseph Post, on the East by land ol Samuel Owens,
on the south by land of L. Post and Wm. Post, and
on the west by Elias Post and Wm. Post. Contain
ing about 28 acres and about 16 acres improved,
one log house, and one board shed and a few fruit
trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit ol Da
vid Barber vs. John Post.
ALSO—The following lot, piece or parcel of land,
situated in Ridgbury twp., bounded on the North
by lands ot A. Wicks, on the east by lands of M.
Gardner, on the south by lands D. Gardner, on the
wet by lands of T. I.arrison. Containing 50 ai res
more or less, about 30 acres improved, one log
hou--e, one framed barn and a few fruit trees there- I
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Wm- i
H. Gerard vs. Jacob Baty.
ALSO—The interest of John W. Munn, it being j
a life estate in the following described lot, piece or
parcel of land,: ituated in Litchfield twp., bounded j
on the north by lands in possession of S. Ellis, i
on ihe east by lands occupied by Ben j. Parks and
Henry Maslin, on ihe south by lands occupied by j
Henry Maslin, and on the west by lands in posses- j
sion of John Dougherty & Wm. & Henry Osburn. i
Containing forty acres, more or less, about thirty i
acres unproved, one famed house, one framed bat it
and some fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken ill execution at the suit of H.
Willistou. jr., to the use of N. C. Harris vs. John W.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or par
ed of land, situated in North Towamla twp., bound
ed oil the north by lands of Wm. Morse, on the east
by lands of D. Rutty, on the south by lands J. Haw
ley, and on the West by lands of S. Hawkins. Con- I
taining about ten acres, be the same more ol less—
all improved, one framed house, and an orchard ol :
fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of E. T.
Fox vs. Samuel Hawkins.
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or par- :
eel of land situated in Wilmot twp. bounded on the
North by land of James Waples, on the east by
lands J. Johnson, on the South by lands ol J. O'-
Neal and on the west bv lands of John Matts. Con- j
taming thirty .four acres, more or less, about eight
acres improved, with a log house thereon erected.
Seized and taken iu execution at the suit of Sul
livan County vs. J. Oarhn.
ALSO—The following described lot piece or par
cel of land situated in Burlington twp., bounded on 1
the north by lands of Edward & O. IVUaliard, and !
Marvin 4" Bingharn Rockwell, on the east by lands ,
of Henry Reily, on the south by lands of Horace B.
Pratt. Theo. Curtis, Marcus Haydeu and James
Campton, and on the west by lands of F. Crcfu' &, ;
others. Containing about 100 acres, be the same !
wore or less, about j acre improved with a log :
ehamy thereon.
ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of land j
situated in said township, bounded as follows: j
Beginning at the centre of Sugar Creek, on the line
ofJthial and Wm. McKean, running north 42i° j
west 56 perches to a post, thence south 12° east ;
105 perches to a post, corner of Erasius Beach's |
land, ihence north along the line of Henry Riley's -
land east, 29 perches to a post, thence north 12
deg. west along Jehial and Wm. McKean's land 57
perches to the place of beginning. Containing 14 ;
acres and 109 perches strict mea-ure, all improved
two framed houses, one shed, one saw mill and a (
few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit ol j
Brown 4 Rockwell vs. Wm. T. Bradford.
ALSO—The following described lot piece or par- ;
eel of land situated in Wysox twp , bounded on the j
North by land of D. P. & N. K. Woodburn, Elijah
Tracy and R. Brown, on the east by lands of John ;
Johnson, on the south by lands of G. H. Gorsline, !
and on the west by land of T. W. & W. E. Wood
burn. Containing 05 acres be the same more or
less, about 20 acres improved, one log house and a ;
few fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ad- !
man Essenwine vs. A.J- Gorsline and Pomeroy
Sheriff's Office, >
Towanda, Nov. 2 1851. >
0T? Notice is hereby given, that an amount equal
to the costs will be required to be paid up->n each
sale when struck down to the bidder,and upon a
failure to comply with this regulation, the tract of
land will again be offered for sale.
fire and Life Insurance.
POLICIES issued in the best established Com
panies in the United States, with capital from
"000,000 to f 1.000.000. Apply to
East end Spaulding Block, Waverly, N. Y.
Hartford City Fire Insurance Company-
Mohawk Valley Fire Insurance Company.
Kan s a!aer Fire Insurance Company.
Empire Insurance Company.
Granite Fire Insurance Company.
Plica Live Stock Insurance Company.
Susquehanna Life Insurance Company.
Bltoenix Fire Insurance Co. of Brooklyn.
Fire Insurance Cn. of New York.
ffTAll orders from the country promptly filled. 23
Profitable and Honorable Employment !
'PHK subscriber is desirous of having an agent
m each county and town of the Union. A ca-
P'lal of from 5 to $lO only will be required, and
anything like an efficient energetic man can make
f ft>m three to five dollars per day—indeed some of
• he *gtnts now employed are realizing twice that
'bm. Every information will be given by address
es. postjge paid, WM. A. KINSLER,
Nov. 17. Box 601, Philadelphia P. O.
BY virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa. issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Bradford county,
anJ to me directed, will be exposed to public sale!
at the Court House, in the boto' of Towanda, on
Saturday 2d day of December,at 1 o'clock P. M.—
The following described lot, piece or parcel of land
situated in Athens Boro', bounded as follows, to wii-
On the North by lands of C. F. Welles, Jr.. 0 the
East by Main Street , on the_South by lands of J. B
Brockway, and on the West by lauds of Martin
Rogers—about fifty feel front on Main sr.. and
about 100* feet deep, be the saute more w less, all
improved, one framed two story building used a* a
cabinet shop &c. thereon.
ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of land
situated in said boro.' of Athens, l-.-unded and de
scribed as follows o wit—On the North by lands
of J.B. Brockway, on the East by Main e*. on ihe
South by lands of Thomas Evans, and on the West
by the heirs of Davis, dec'J. Containing about
50 perches, be the same more or less— all improved
with a two story framed dwelling house thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of C. N.
Shipman vs. A. O. Hart and Nancv B Hart.
Sheriff's Office, Nov. 1, 1854.
Register's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that there have been
filed and settled in the office of the Register of
Wills in .and for the county of Bradford, accounts
of administration upon the following estates, viz :
Final account ol Daniel Reardslce, Executor of
the last will and testament of Michael Phillips, late
of Smithfield, dee'd.
Final account of Johnson Cowles and Parley
Coburn, Administrators of John Cowles,late of Or
well, dee'd.
Final account of Harvy Gore and Geo. C. Gore,
Executors of A vry Gore, late of Sheshequin dee'd.
Final account of lames Ilagley, Guardian of Ma
ry Rogers, minor child of Charles Rogers, late of
Canton, dee'd.
Supplementary acrount of Emily Rogers. Ad
ministratrix. of the estate of Charles Rogers, late of
Canton, dee'd.
Partial account of A. L. Cranmer and Philinda
j S. Smith Executors of the last will and testament
j of James P. Smith late of Monroe, dee'd.
Pinal acrount of John VV. Martin, Guardian of
[ William L. Martin, minor child of James Martin,
I dee'd.
Account of William Keeler, surviving Adminis
; trator of the estate of Garner Carpenter, late of To
j wanda, dee'd.
Final account of Charles Chaffee and James B.
Demony, Administrators of the estate of Kic lard
N. Horton, late of Sheshequ ; n, dee'd.
Final account of Daniel Holmes, Administrator
of the estate of Josiah Holmes, late of Pike, dee'd.
Supplementary account ol Ephriam Brink, Ad
ministrator of the estate of Jonathan Brink, late of
Pike, dee'd.
Final account of James Elliott, Administrator of
the estate of John Lewis, late ofUlster, dee'd.
Final account of Robert Bull. Administrator of the
estate of John Welsh late of Durell, dee'd.
And the same will be presented tothe Oiphan'a
Court of BraJford County* on Monday, the 4th day
of December next, fir cunfiimation and allowances, j
H. LA WHENCE SCOTT, Register.-
Register Office, Nov. 1, 1854.
List of Jurors
DRAWN for December Term and Sessions,lBs4,
as follows:
Wysox—l) P Bartlctf, Tracy Dutchet,
Rome—S Barnes, S C Mann, J D Demonia, Peter
Springfield—l Burgess.
Smithfield—C E Child*.
Pike—R W Coolbaugh.
Standing Stone—John Huff.
Leroy—E Kelly,H B Stone.
Durell—Samuel Kellum 2d.
Sheshequin—Horace Kinney.
Tuscarora—ll A Lewis.
Granville—James Mattier.
Columbia—Ferdinand Newberry.
Ridgbury—Geo Peterson.
Troy twp. —H Spalding Jr., E Smead, Allen Taylor
Wm A Thomas.
Asylum Mynor Terry.
Canton—T M Watts.
Monroe—B W Alden, J B Smnh.
Smithfield—Win Bennett jr., W Brooks, M Phelps. ;
Wellt—J 11 Brink.
Shesheqnin—J Brown, S P Gore, F Blackinnn.
Pike—John I H Smith.
Smithfield—C G Broxvn, J King.
Wilmot—John Comistly.
South Creek—G D Coleman.
Armenia —Harry Covert.
Burlington—O P Calkin, J F Long.
Athens ip A Campbell, T Htrene, J F Ovenshirc. !
Rnlgbnry—Wm Covell.
Durell—Simeon Eecker.
Litchfield— s amuel Davidson.
Towanda boro.—Thos Elliott.
Canton—l) Greenleaf.
Wyalusing G W Jackson, B Taylor.
Leroy—Jacob D McKee.
Warren—Wm Pen-lle-on, Philip Rogers.
Granville—Hiram Kin von.
Columbia— Harrison Robbins.
Sou.h Towanda—J J Scoville.
Albany—We'ls Wi'cox
Standi- gStone—F S Whitman.
Smithfield—J C Allen, Amazah Harris.
Burlington—J V Ballard, Harvey Ward.
Sheshequin—T VV Brink.
Sp ingfield—J Barrett, Wm Chapman, Thco. Eaton,
S C Garnet, Aaron Thomas.
Pike—N P Bosworth, Wrn Hutchinson.
Litchfield—B D Cooper, Peter Teed.
Wyalusing—Homer Gamp, Chas Hornet.
Ridgberv—Hevelon Cornell, S Squires.
Orwell—Jason Chaffee.
North Towanda—Wm N Foster.
Columbia—George Funnan.
Sylvania boro.—Orrin Furman.
Canton—John Gray.
Ulster—Daniel llarkins, M S Warner.
Warren—Geo Linn.
Athens boro—R L McGeorge.
Armenia—J G Mason.
Monroe—A Mullin.
Towanda boro—Russell Pratt.
Troy twp.—Ebenezcr l'omeroy,
Leroy—Nelson Reynolds.
Granville—H Ross.
Wysox—A J Record.
Towanda boro.—R C Smallev.
Asylum—lsaih Wilson,
Windham—Simeon UrainarJ, W Wheclhousc,
Overton-—G 8 Boyles,
Wyalusing—Jas Beaumont, C Camp, .1 Relies.
South Creek—C Bailey, S B Pettengill.
Columbia —IN Crippen, J II DeWitt.
Towanda boro.—Jere Collins, C Manvillc.
Athens boro.—Wm E Due!!, John Greene, L 8
Wells—Horace Dunning.
Sheshequin—E G Goodwin, I Elliott, John Randall.
Troy twp,—H Goddard.
Rulgbcry—! Hammond 2.1, A Roberts.
Leroy—N Kelbnrn.John Kelly.
Albany—Joseph Lee.
Athens tp.—H McKinney, P Sybel, J Tozer.
Rome —S VV Murphey.
Burlington—D A Ross, Wm W estgate.
Canton—B S Smiley, J Sellard, VV VVnglit.
Durell —Israel Smith.
Litchfield--Hen ry Vanover, ______
2 A. the common schools iu this District during the
ensuing winter, to whom liberal prices will be paid.
Bv order of the Board of Directors,
J.W.IRVINE, Secretary.
Monroe, November 7, 1851.
cry Office removed to John G, Adams Office in the
Union Block. July 20.
Salt! Salt!
-| rn BBLS. SALT, iuat received, and for sale,
J OU under Hal! & Russel's. by
Nov 2, 1 854. S FELTON 4 Cc.
Legal SUroertieementG,
Orphan's Court Sale.
IN pursuance of an order from the Orphan's Coon
of Bradford County, there will be exposed to pub
lic sale at a small building orshantee, o"n the prem
ises, at one o'clock in the afternoon, of Tuesday the
21st day ofNovember next, the following described j
Real Estate, to wit:—The South half of a Jptofland
situated in Burlington twp., in said County, former- i
iy purchased by contract by Joseph H. Dudley and
John Sweeney, of Steptien Pierce, and the whole lot
being bounded, beginning at a post, the south
corner of John G. Blakeslee's land, thence "sooth !
152 7-10 perches io the northeast corner of a Jbt,
heretofore conveyed loAhimm Pierce, thenec west,
101 perches 4o a post, thence north 152 7-10 perches
to a post, anil thence east 101 perches to the place
of beginning—containing in the whole 96 acres and j
63 square rods of land, and the part to be sold being
Ihe south ealf of the above described lot, with about
ten acres partly improved, and the above named
small building or shantee thereon Frecled. Winch
said lot so to be sold, is of the estate of the late Geo.
ShayU r, dee'd.
OLIVE SIIAYLOR, Administratrix.
Burlington, Oct. 16. 1854.
Orphan's Court Sale.
BY virture of an order of the Orphans Court of
Bradford Coun'y, will be exposed to public
sale or vendue, on Saturday, 18th November, at 1
o'clock P M., upon the premises, the following
property to wit:—One undivided half part, of about
one-third of an acre of last in Canton twp., used
as a tanery, with a tan house and tan vats and a
l-ark m-11 thereon, bounded on all sides by lands of
Dr. Baker—late the estate of S. H. Bullock dee'd.
HIRAM HOLCOMB.S Administrators.
Oct. 28, 1854.
Administrator's Notice.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Henry
Ax. Vandyke, dee'd late of Albany tp., are requets- -
ted to make payment without delay : and those hav*
ing demands against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
August 25, 1854. Administrators.
Administratrix's Notice.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Geo Shay
lor, dee'd. late of Bu'Hngton twp. are here- '
by requested to make payment without delay : and
ail persons having claims against said estate will
please present thein duly authenticated for settle
Sept. 13, 1851. Adminlsteatrijr,
Executor's JMotice.
ALT. persons indebted to the estate of John More
deceased, late of Pike township, are hereby
requested to make payment without delay, and a1 i
oersons hav ing demands again>t said estate will pre
sent them without delay, duly authenticated for set
tiement. ORRIN MORE,
Sept. 12. 1854. Bxacubpys
Executor's Notice.
\ I.L persons indebted to the estate of Arenaff
2X. I.add, dec'J., late of Albany twp., are hereby j
requested to make immediate payment, and those ,
having claims against said estate, will please pre
ent them duly authenticated for settlement-
P. H. WLCOX, S Eiecutors -
Oct. 13, 1854. i
BY virtue of sundry writs of Vend. Expo, issued •
out of the court of Common Pleas of Bradford
county, and to me directed, will be exposed to pub
lic sale, at the Court House, in the borough of To
wanda, on Saturday, the 4th day of November, at 1
o'clock, P. M., the following property, to wit—
ALSO—The following described lot, piece or par
cel of land situated in Albany twp., bounded on the ]
North by lands belonging to the e>tate of Horatio •
I.add, dee'd., on the East by lands belonging to
, on the South by lands oj"
5. Wilcox, Jacob Jackson ct al, i n the South-west
by lands of Jacob lleverly, :nd on the west by lands
of C. Maloney, D. English and Myron Kellogg, con
taining four hundred acres more or less,and known
as the Rollin Wilcox lot.
Seized and taken in execution at the mif of En- j
nice Lewis and Mary Wilcox vs. Ralph R.Carpen- [
ALSO—The following lot, piece or parcel of ;
land situated in Pike twp., bounded on *he North
by Daniel Gamp, on the East by Josiah Wood and !
Judson the Souih by Abraham Warden, ;
and Reed Bosworth.and on the West by Abraham
Warden and the highway—containing about sev
enty acres, about fifty-five acres improved, one
[dank house, one fruned barn and shed attached, !
anJ or.e old framed corn house,and soino fruit trees
Seized stul taken in execution ut the suit of
James W. B->swo>th vs Maliorv Tyrttsll.
ALSO—I he following described lot, piece or
parcel of land, situated in Monroe lv\ p., bounded on
the North bv Timothy Alden and Joseph Bull, on
the Ea-i by J. li. Irvine, on the South by Eleazar
and Hiram Sweet, on the VVe.-t by the Towanda
Greek —containing one hundred acres, more or less .
—about fifty acres improved, one framed dwelling
house, one framed barn and a com house, and an |
apple orchard thereon,
Seized and taken in execution al lite suit of James ,
11. Ph'nrty Jr., use vs- 11. S. Salsbury.
C. THOMAS, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office, Towanda, Oct. 14, 1854.
The above sale, stand* p mlpoltetl until Moil
day, the 4:!> day of December next, at tlia aaine
place and time of day.
Sheriff's Olnre, Towanda, Nov. 4, 1851.
Orphan's Court Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court of
Bradford county, will be exposed to public sale
or vendue, on Saturday, the 2d day ol December
next, at I o'clock. P.M., at the store of B. I.aporle
6. Co., in Durel township, coumy aforesaid, the fol
lowing real estate, to wit: A certain tract of land
situate in Wilmot township in said county, adjoin
ing lauds of Terry and Dull on the north aqd east
Haggerty and Hiilhouse on the souih, and John !
Mills and Abram Wilson on the west. Containing i
about two hundred and thirty acres. For convent- j
encc of purchasers said tract has been subdivided ;
into four lots, which will be sold together or sepa- j
rately. Lots No. I. 2, and 4, contain '-4 acres and |
63 perches each. No. 4 contains 66 acre* per- -
ches. A framed house and barn, apple orchard of j
young trees, and forty acres improvement on No. j
I. Said tract is well timbered, with two steam saw I
mills con venient. Sold as the estate of Allen Wood- j
ruff, dee'd. Terms made known at the sale.
S. S. BRADLEY, Administrator.
Durel, November 7, 1854.
ritllttK'B IriLAND BALT. A quantity josl re-!
JL ceived by nvG J. I'OW ELL.
Q TONS more of ihuse cheap Sugars just ree*d
and for sale by PHINNEY.
IMIE co-partnership heretofore existing between ;
. S.FELTOX and E. T. Fi-x is this day dissolved j
by mutual consent. The notes and accounts of ■
said firm are in the hands of E. T. Fox, who can
generally be found at S. Fclton's store, or at the
Ward House. Those interested will please lake
notice that the accounts &e. must be settled imme
diatelv. b. I Ll-lON,
November 11,1854. E. T, I'O.Y.
S. FELTON would most respectfully Inform his
old customers and the public generally ibat he will
still continue the LIQLOII ItUSESESS at the old
stand, and that he is now receiving large additions
to his stock, direct from fust hand* in New Yoik,
which he will be most happy to sell on the most
reasonable terms. He is also agent for the sale of
" Binghamton Ale," a supply of which be keeps al
ways on band and for sale cheap.
Towanda, November 11, 1844.
Towanda Teuiale Seminary.
THE Winter Quaiter f the Towanda Female
Semtnarr, will commence on Monday, No\ejn
h,r 27 O. D. HANSON.
Nov. 22, 1851.
PAINTS 4 OlLS—Lamp & Linseed Oil— Whtfe
per Keg—Glass bv the Light or Box, of
flUrdjanbiyc, &c.
' Jl" ]9KUIAROmW 9
Attorney at Law.
Towanda, Penna.
IS now receiving all sorts of NE W GOODS,winch
will be soi l very low for Cash.
May 3. 1854.
'im£> mo m
TTTOULD inform her friends, that she has just re-
V turned from the city, with a large assortment
of xvxzXiLxarAßY GOODS,
which she offers at reduced prices. Produce ot ev
.ery kintl taken in payment for goods.
REMOVAL.--DR. MA SOX has removed
his oflice to his dwelling, on Pine street. Opposite
the old Pjesbytcrian Church.
Towanda, May 13, 1854.
flows and flow castings!
BI.ATCHI.EY, Wayne county. Alba or Curtis
Plows, Side hill, subsoil and corn plows and
Castings, for sale cheap.
I take particular pains to get good well made
plows and tough casting#, i would invite particu
lar attention to the Alba, or Curtis plow.
Call and see. • R. M. WELLES.
2NT X 3 W
JUST received by Joseph Kingsbury, a large and
. complete slock of NEW GOODS, for sale as
usual, Cittxr sou !
Towanda, April 26, 1854.
TTO Ml 4Kt- K** wfT /.AH,
Oihce with the Register and Recorder,
OFFICE in the seeond story of the Union Block,'
north side of the Public square, over the office
of J. C. Adams, Esq. Sept. 24.
r pHE several Assessors fur 1855, wi'l make their
-L returns in the following order,"viz:
Assessors for At hem twp., Athens boro., Ridgbet •
ry, South Creek, Wells, Ulster and North Towan
da, on Monday. November 27th.
Columbia, Sylvania boro.,Springfield, SmithfielJ
Burlington, Burlington boro., and Towanda boro.,
on Tuesday, the 28th.
Armenia,.Troy twp.. Troy boro., 'South Towanda,
Monroe, Franklin, Overton and Granville, on Wed
nesday, 29th.
I.eruv. Canton, Dureli, Albany. Asylum, Wilmot
and Tuscarora, on Thursday the 30th.
I.itchfiqJJ, Windham. Warren, Pike, Wfulasing
and Orwell, on Friday Dec. Ist.
Sheshequin, Rome, Herriek, Standing Stone and
Wysox, on Saturday, Dec.2d.
03* The Assessors will be careful in fooling the
assessments, carrying each persons valuation into
the right hand column,and also in making '.heir re
turns on the day designated in their Warrants,
lly order of the Commissioners.
E. M. FA REAR, Clerk.
Connor's. Office, Oct. 20, 1854.
vm. CT 2 N& R ■ 9
HAVING disposed of all interest in other busi
ness, is now prepared to attend promptly to
all business, in the line of his profession. lie may
be found at all times—except when absent on le
gal business—at his New Ilrick Office, "THE
LITTLE UNION BLOCK," between the old Un
ion Block and John.Burger's splendid Saloon, re
cently erecfed on the North side of the Public
Square, Towanda, Pg
03* N. B. Particular attention given to col
Towanda. Aug.. 24, 1854.
New &. Desirable
IS now prepared to offer to his customers and the
Public generally, a large and complete stock
of FALL Sr WIN* i'Elt GOODS. His stock has been
setecied with unusual great care, and is superior
for style and quality than have over before offered to
the public—and such a combination of very low
prices that we are stite cannot fail to please the
closest observer. Amongst his stock may be found
French Miretios. De Lai tie. Cashmeres, Thibet
cloths, Ginghams, Fine Worsted plaids. Silk Pop
lin, Alapaea*, t'alietvs. Fine and heavy Irish Lin
ens, Cotton Pillow Casings, Brown and Blanched
Muslin, sack Flannel, Broad Ciollts 4 Cassuners,
$[C. &.C.
(IALICO8 —A large assortment of Merrimack,
Ooehcce & Fall River Prints—aiso good cali
co for G cts. per yard. Warranted good Madder
colors, lot sale by B. KINGSBURY.
/"M ROCERIBS—CaII and see our Brown, Crush
v J cd, Coffee and Pulverized s?uguars—b'ine
Young Hyson >y Black Teas—warranted a Superior
article or the tnonrv refunded—for sale cheap by
iiw <&©¥©¥
I^ EELS great pleasuie in announcing to the pub'
lie. thai the liberal patronage he has received at
their hands, haa enabled hint to offer them n large
and complete assortment of GOODS, as can be
found in Towanda, and for unprecedented low pri
ces, he Julie* all competition. Persons wishing to
purchase Goods for Cash or Ready Pay, will bnd it
to their interest ts call and examine his stock, at the
corner of Main and Bridge streets.
Butter, Pork. Grain, Lumber and Hay, taken in
payment of old debts,or in exceange for Goods.
Oct. 12, 1851,
IE ATHER, Pork, Codfish, Mackerel and Wlmc
J Fish, fur snb' cheap at PfitHffY'B
/ 1 ROCKERY & HARDWARE, a good assort-
V> PHI\NA '> S .
may be had cheap at
1) AIN rs. Nails. Gins-- and Oils, cheap at
HATS, Caps, Boots and Shoes, a large a.ssort
ment at P INNVS.
800 I'S & SHOES—HaIs & Caps—A splendid
assortment just received at
HAS just received a large Stock of New Goods,
which are offered for sale, for ready pay, at
unusually low prices.
Towanda, Sept, 28, 1854.
; to the enclosure of
rioX < 0D or ab oo ' the first of
September,a Yearling BULL,
fy dark brindle,small star in the
forehead, and a slit ttt the
left ear. The owner is requested to prove property,
and pav charges and take himawav-
j Wysox, Nov. J, 1851.
lEATHER —200 Sides sol* Leather—just receiv
d td an I for . c a'e bv
YV holesale and Retail Dealers in
J a P aone d an( l Britannia Ware,
! House Tiimminps, Caniage Trimmings, Harness <fc Saddlery
I Ware, Carpenter's anu Joiner's Tools t
LEAD PIPE AND PI MPS. and sizes,
Would inform their friends tint these are nn : y part of the general Ltead< vjnder winch may he classed
their extensive assortment, and to which they are ' orwianily receiving additional supplies, direct from.lite
importers and manufacturers. which enables them to offer such inducement* in their large stock and low
prices, lhat will in petition Iruia any quarter. We would a>k the particular attention of
to an examination of our stock, which having been selected with the greausi care, We are coafideiit will
satisfy even the most particular.
dj" Don't forget the place—South side of the public square. y
Old Iron, Coppor and Brass, and all kinds of Country Produce taken in exchange for foods.
To wanda, May 27, 1854. HA LI. & RUSSELL.
Fronting the Public Square.
r |AHE subscriber, thankful fur the libera! pnttonage received toe past \ ear tit ends to keep constantly on
-* hand a full assortment of the very best articles usually kept in our line, which UE WILL dispose of on
such terms as will be satisfactory to all who may patronize him. The purchases are made entirely with cash
in hand, and for the CASH our customers vsill receive the benefit of a good article at a low price. All articles
not answering our recommendation, will be cheerfully token buck, and the money refunded.
[CF 2 - Jkdifal Advice gratuitously given at lhc offic, charging uily lor the Medicine*.
The slock consists of a complete and select assortment o
Pure Wine & Liquors, for Medicinal use, London Porter k Scotch Ale.
American Pocket Cutlery. (Warrant:d Good.)
Superior TC2&&CG &. SHbTF ! —Choice brands of Pure ZXavanna, Principe
J) and "STara CIGARS !
l'aint*, Oils, PdriilsltcN, Windou Glass, liruSlics, Perfumery, Shaving Soap,
Fancy Articles. &c;. &r.
Black and Green Tens; Rio and Java Coffee; Syrups, Sugars, Spices, Sec &C\
Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, See.
" The bed Qi'.eihty <j (icnnl,— Toll Assortment Muileirnte Profit* —Ready Attention to Customers—no
Adulteration >j Goods—Candid Advice us to Patent Rented us — uhd Clone Attention to Business. '
Towanda, Novotnmr 12, 1851. H. t'. POUTER, 51. I>.
\1 TILL open this day, the !>e>t lech .1 Muck of
V Dry Goods ever yliun in 'lit.-. vdiage. Among i
their Stock \vil| be fund all the tiesiraWe styles atn!
Colors of French Mcrinocs, Pa fa met las Alapnccas,
Poplins, Thibet Cloths. Lyonese Clothes, liumba
zenes, Rich Detains, Plain and Ml Wool DeLains, :
all colors and Splendid Patterns. . Ul.ic'.,
Colored and Fancy. Wool Long Shawls, a coui- :
plete assortment of high colors, P1 • 1• 1 and Plain ;
Centres, Drab, Mixtures and Mourning, war re tiled 1
all Wool. Ilrocha Shawls—.Lung and Square, new
and beautiful Patterns, high.Colors and warranted
free from Cotton—the real Paris and Vien.t
Manufacture. Purchasers will tind great bargains.
Also Silk Delaine, Cashmere, Crape and Thibet, in
every variety.
Decidedly llu Best <V CltHipe.-t Stock in litis Mail t j
Hay State Flannels—Mixed, Blue, Green, While
and Scarlet, /-ilso Plain Flannels, of every variety
of colors. Width anil tonality. Opera and I'iiivted j
Flannels. Also a general abutment of Black 15 ue, 1
Brown and Mixed
3j O ' i. 1 '.Li 3 .
Plain and Fancy Cissimcrcs. Hopkins Bearer;
Cloths.Tweeds, and Petershams. Plain and Fan- '
cy Silk and Velvet Vestings Gents in wr.nt et
Over Coats. Coats. Pints, and Vests, will find this a j
most desirable Stock to Select from. Dress Trim- j
mings, a complete assortment* Ribbons, Fall Style,
New and Beautiful Patterns. Linens. Embroider- 1
ies and Thiead Laces. Hosiery—A large stork of j
Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's in every r.ine
ty. Fancy and Black Italian. Gloves —Ladies and j
Gents Silk, Kid, Beaver. Merino, Cashmere, l.i-le '■
Thread and Cotton. Mitts* Sewn™ Silk v. Long S. '
Short. Ginghams and Prints, a very fuil stock of j
ilie latest styles. Hnndkerchit fs Li. en, Silk, and
Cotton in every variety.
Domestic Cvooiis.
A large stock of Sheeting. Tickings, Cotton Flan-!
nels. Stripes, Checks, Drills. Denims. Varn, Bittls. j
Wicks, Carpet \ irn an I Bags, Plaid Lrnsevs and '
lventurky Jeans.
Owego. Sept. 25, 1 s5l.
riMVO HUNDRED TONS Cayuga Ground P'as
-1 ter, 100 Barrels Salt. ICo Bbjs. White
Lime, 50 bushels Orwell West Branch Clover
Seed, 30 bushels Timothy Sped, 500 lbs. Allegany
County Cheese, just received and fof sale by
Towanda, April 27, IS">4. v
Letting— Morlh Branch Penn'a Canal.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the
house of George Lazarus, in Pittston, until sun
set of Thursday. the 23d of November next, for
completing the Weigh Lock and building a Collect
tor'sOtfice at Upper PittMon. Plans and specifica
tions will be exhibited three days previous to the
day of letting. W. R. MAFFET,
Engineer and faup'i N. B. Canal.
Engineer's Office, Toranda. Oct i.B, 1K54
Southern Military Academy Lottery !
(mv avtkoiutt or the state or alabasia,)
C >i)ducted on the Havana Vim.
10,000 Iffunibers—sol Prizes! -all tho
Prizes drawn at each Drawing.
L'.urras $l5OOO
i 3000
fi of $lOOO 5000
In all .101 priies. amounting to $60,000
Tickets st<>. —Halves and Quarters in proportion.
Bills on ail solvent banks taken at par.
All communications strictly confidential.
SAMUEL rfWAN, Agent and Manager
Sign of the Bronze Lions
Montgomery. \!a. Nov. 3, 1851.
HCIirAS, the lien. Davio Wi lmot, Presi
t i (lent Judge of the 12th Judicial District,con
: sisti ng ot ihe Counties of Bradford, Susquehanna
ami Sullivan.autl the Hon. Myron Ballard and liar
r yAcklev, Associate Judges, in and for the said co.
ol Bradford, have issued their precept bearing dale
! the 30th dav of September, 1854, tome directed,for
bidding a Court of Oyer and Terminer. Genera!
Quartet Sessions of the Peace, Common Pleas and
Or} ban's Court, at Towanda, for the County of
Bradford on ilu- first .Monday, the 4th day of Decern
I ber next, to continue three weeks.
Notice is therefore hereby given, to the Coroners
: and Justice- of the Peace and Constables of the
I county of Bradford, that they be then and there in
i their proper person, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
of said day, with thiir records, irquisitions, and
: other remembrances, to do those things which to
! their office appertains to be done ; and those who
j are hound ! v recognizance or otherwise to prosecute
I against the prisoners wh > are or maybe in the jail
' of sa.ii county, or who shall be bound to appear at
' the said court, ate to he then and there to prosecute
' against them as shall be just. Jurors are request
| ed to be punctual in their attendance, agreeably to
! their notice.
i Dated at Towanda, the 4th of November, in the
I year of cur Lord,one thousand eight hundred and
fifty-four, and of the Independence of the United
! h'ta'.es, the seventy-ninth.
11. S. MERCUK,
A Xargc and well selected assortment of
Towanda, September 14,1854.
To Every Wife and Mother.
rpHF.RE is life, health, beauty, happimss, and
! A some other informaiion of peculiar interest and
1 importance, to he had (gratis) by addressing (post
| paid) Dr. 1. M. SU ESSE, Canton. Pa- Nov.H)
IS Now opening a Nr.w Stock or G9ODS, consists
L ins of f" 1! anil complete assortment of ll kind
i which will be sold as cheap as ihe same quality of
j Good* can be bought aaywheie this side cf New-
i TowanJa. Dec. 10,1553.