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    Ncto (Abuertioumesto.
An Ordinance Malin to the Running at Large
BE it Ordained by the Town Council of the Bo
rough of Towanda, That swine shall not be al
lowed to run at large within the squares, streets,
lanes of alleys of this borough. • It shall be the duty
()filmlgh Constable, either by himself or some
persons wham he may employ, to seize andahtt up
in some secure place all swine which may be found
running at large upon the public squares or in any
opened street, alley or lane. within this borough.—
And he shall on the sawed ay upon which he.shall
make such seizure, advertise the said Swine for
sale at public vendue, giving not less than six nor
more than eight days notice of said rale, by at least
three notices thereof posted np in as many public
placei in said borough. At the.time and place ap
pointed, the said Constable shall expose said swine
to sale at public 'endue, and shall sell the same to
the highest and hest bidder in the same manner
that Constables are by taw authorized to make sales
by virtue of executions issued by Justices of the
Peace. And the money raised by all such salts.
after deducting costs and charges, shill be by the
said High Constable trrimediately_pai'd over to the
Treasurer of the Borough, for the use thereof.
And. thrt said High Constabl' shall be entitled to
charge and receive for executing this ordinance as,
tollows—For every hop . shoat or pig seized by him
as aforesaid, 25 cents ;for advertising the same each
25 cents; for keeping the same each 124 cents for
every day the same shall be kept ; for selling, each
25 cents. ft is provided however, that if the owner
of any such swine shall at any time before the same
shall be sold pay to the said High Constable his fees
for seizing, advertising and keeping as hereinbefore
mentioned, that the said Constable shall not sell, but
deliver the same to such owner or upon his order.
2. It shall be the duty of said High Constable to
file in the office orthe Secretary of the Boro' within
three days after each-seizure. a statement or des—
cription of the swine seized. as near as may he, to
gether with the date of the seizure. and to mention
the square, street, lane, or alley where seized„and
such statement shall he prima facie evidence of the
facts therein stated.
By arder of the Town Conreca.
October 9, 1554. A. D. MON rANVE, See
Auditor's Notice
.To the molter of the Estale.()) Dam! II Owens, dec'd
In te Orp lton't
. Court of Bradford Cout.ty.
THE undersignedtaving been appointed an An
-11 by the Court. upon exemptions filed to
the confirmartion•of• the Admini:trator'q sale, of said
estate; andlo the aiyision and apprakment, setting
apart $3OO, 00 worth of the same—will attend to
the duties assigned him, at his office, in the 'Hero' of
Towanda. on the 9th day of November next, at one
o'clock P. M.--of which all persons interested will
please take notice.
PAIjL D. MORROW, A uihtor
Towanda, Oct.], 18:4.
Auditor's Notice
fa the Matter of 114 e F_-,lute of JOun Fee Deceased
r rHE undersigned, an A y(litor,i •appointed by the
Comt to marshal! as•iets and distribute funds
in the hands of the Administratc;r's of said estate,
will attend to the duties axcigned him, at his office,
in the Born' of Towanda, nn the 6th day of Novem..
her next, at I o'clock P. M. %Vhep and where alr
persons neglecting to present their claims upon
said fund wiil be forever debarred from the same.
P. 1). :MORROW, Auditor.
Towanda. , 00. 1, 15454.
Auditor's 'No tice
in thr Matter if the Estate of Sterling llale o i n h,
Der'il la The Orplinds• Cone( of [inn/brit Cu.
111113 undersigned ittaitior app , dliied by the Court,
upon , exemptlons Med to die partial ar..connt of
the Adminititrator's Quid estate, will attend to the
ditties ass.igned htrrt. offl, e in the liorn' of
TosVanila. on Ilft• 7th day a No -ember next, atone
;:r!ra-k P. M., of Athich all prisons interested will
please take notice
T. D. MORROW; Atklitor
October 1 . 1 tzt, 1.
ITOSEtii rownzz, _ 1,-
ITAR just received a large Stock ~r Nr ew 4014,,
11 which are °tiered for sale, for ready pay, at
unusually lots prices. .
. Towanda.seni,tn, 014. .
LIST. or LEITWELS, 'Remaining in the
POst Othcb at towarida, Sept. 30, IRA.
A ligilen Sarah Miss Harden T 4 P
Ackla H • I Keefe Dien!
Ames Ernfly Mrs 1 - ; •Keehe Dennis 2
Brack Peter Kinone Jones
Bristol Nancy Miss Ectinedy David
Bush Daniel 0 fiiiiii M D Mrs
Leak* 1:0
Ballard M
Braden 0
I ..frr&?Geo
_ . .
Brown Aitgitsta Miss 2 Lynch Martin
Bennett S ' McGrath Mary .
Butler S V McCall James
conlbanch Harry Mead 1,-K , -
carpenter R R firs -'• Miller D S
Carpenter A rminda 2 Alonhoti Daniel
I'a inpbell Jerome N ichols Samuel '
Corbin 3 P Neymaw Henry
Cot John Nerly Peter
Craft George Pratt.Robeq T,,
Chamberlin 0, D Peterkin Joshua Mrs
Clark Perry 0 Parkhurst J P & P .
Dcppoid Johrl Quigley WM
Dreifiois Simon Ray Sarah EMiss
Davis E M . Swain Parvis
Ertel Anna Maria Swain Hiram '
Eldred Wm .1 2 Smith Hester S
Ford F B Shrader Elizabeth
Grannis Chas Smith Geo 11
Greenman Si H Starks Samuel
Graham Wm Somers Angeline
flicker Joseph P Santee Catharine
Harding Thomas Smith James Jr 2
Heilman AI • 'revile Amelia.
Hooker R .- Thompson George or Z
Horton Amanda Mrs 0 H Latham S
'Teheran James L'nrath Maria .
Heveran Michael Vanness Eliza Miss
Hallman Patrick White Olive Miss
Hanaway Bernard Webber Mark --'-:
Young John
Persons calling for any of the above letters
will please say they were advertised,
Horses, Harness & Wagon for sale,
THE MAN who Trams to puichaso a spne of
Young Horses, Harness, and Lumber. Wagon,
on very favorable terms, can hear of an opportuni—
ty, by cod Urn! at this office. June 2P, IRS{:
New & Desirable
aaa - ea untaaavaway
TS now. prepared to offer to his customers and the
Public generally. a Jorge and complete stock
of FALL 4- WINTER - GOODS. His stock has been
selected with unusual greet care, and is superior
for style and quality than have ever before offered to
the public—and such a combination of very low
prices that we are surer-Clinnot fail td please the
closest observer. AmongsMiis stock may ,be found
French Mirenos. PeLains, Cashmeres. Thibet
cloths, Ginghamd: Fine Worsted plaids ; Silk Pop
lin, Alapaca , , Calieut Fine and heavy Irish Lin
ens, Cotton Pillow Casings, Brown and flinched
Muslin, Sack Flannel, Broad Cloths 4 Cassimers,
4-e. &e.
ALICOS—A larze aietciriment of Merrimack,
COsheCf & Fall River -,Printaalao good cali
co for 6 cts. per. yard. Warranted good Midder
coking, for sale by ~_ ,B. KINtiSBERY.
CIROGERIEB--cail and sio' our Brown, Crush.
ed, Coffee and Pulrtrized Sagoars.—Fine
Young Hyaena ft Black Teas--warranted a Superior
article or the money refunded—,for sale cheap by
VlSH—Coasb 4 Mackerel—a snperior ankle--;
ors ale cheap by B. KINGSBENPre
B OOTS & SHOES—Hats & Caps—A splendid assort melt just received at
New 14Detlitsements.
D=RY .:G.0:0130S1
. 1120111 D— '''INFAUPSiNs
"TILL open.. jhigtdwthe - best selected stock of
Dry Goods eier. shown in thia village. Among
their Stobkwilube fonod alt the desirable styles and
Colors of French Merincias i raramettati,Alipaccas,
Poplins.Thibet Lyonese Clothes, Bomba
zeneic Rich Delsins, Plain and All Wool Detains,
all Colors and Splendid Patterns.' Silks Black,
Colored and Fancy. - Wool - Long
,Shawls; a com
pleiwassortment of- high colors, Plaid and Plain
Centres, Drab, blister's ind Mourning, warrented
all Wool. Brocha Shawls—Long and Square, new
and beautiful Patterns, high Colors and Warranted
free, from Cotton—the real Paris c; sod Viena
Manufacture. Purchasers will find great bargains.
Also Silk Detail:fa, Cashmere, Crape and Thibet, in
every variety,
Deeded% the Best 4. Cheapest Mork in This Market,:
Bay State Flanneli—Mixed, Blue, Green. White
and Scarlet. Also Plain Flannels, of every variety
of colors, Width and quality. Opera and Printed
-Flannels. Also a general assortment of Black Blue,
Brown and Mixed
IV 23 ( LIT MI et
Plain end Fancy -.Cassimerea, Doeoins, Beaver
Cloths,Tweeds, and Petershams. Plain and Fan
cy Silk and Velvet Vestings. Gents in want of
Over Coats, Coats, Pants, and Vesta, will find this a
most desirable Stock to Select from. Dress 'Trim
mings, a complete assortment. Ribbons,Eail Style,
New and Beautiful Patterns, Linens, Emhoider
ies and Thread Laces. Hosiery --RA large- atock of
LadiePr', Gentlemen's and Children's in every varie
ty. IFancii.and Black Italian. Gloves--Ladies and
Gents Silk, Kid, Beaver, Merino, Cashmere, Li.le
Thread and C..tten. Mitts• Sewing Silks, Long 4 .
Short. Ginghams and Prints.a very full stock of
the late.t itsOes. Handkerchiefs—Linen, Milk, and
Cotton-in every variety.
' Domestic Goods.
A large stock of Sheeting, Tickings, Cotton Flan
nels, stripes, Checks, Milli., Denims, Yarn, Betio,
Wicks, Carpet Van and Bagv, Plaid Leasers and
Kenturky Jeans.
Owego, tept. 25, 15451.
Auditor's Notice.
In flee- Matter of tke Estate of - Curtis Frink, Dec'd.
In the Orphan's Court of Bradford Coun y,f-Sept
Tile undersigned, an Auditor, appointed by said
Court. in marshall assets and distribute funds
in the Minds of the Administrator's of said Estate.
will atfend to said business at his office, in Towan
da bow', on-Isaturdry the 4th day of November 1854,
at 2 o'clock P. M. When and where all persons
havimciaims upon said funds, must present them
or be ftirever debarred from the same
U. H. WATKINt 7 4, Auditor.
Towanda, - -Bent: 27, 1854.
4 .. . -
A W. persons indebted to the estate of James
Nichola deceased, late Of Smithfield township,
are hereby requested to made payment without de—
lay. and all gereons having c.rmanda against said
estate, art requested to present them duly authenti
cated fur settlement.
Seplemher 21. 18'44
s, MLR(' R ,
A Large I
antwell L selected
GOODS assortment of
Tosteihet. Reptember 14,1854.
1 - U4W - sir S3_ EC',,a,Mas-0
. -
Souk Corner of Merenr's Block, Main Street,
Artnpw opening their stock of GOODS for the
Fall trale; .einnprising a full and complete as
sortment, and of the usual variety, which will he
sold at a very small profit for Really Pay.
Thankful for the liberal petronage of the Foist sea
sort, the undersigned fee/ a pleasure in inviting the
public to nn examination of our FALL stock, 6e.
hey me that
. good Goods and low prices will insure
a speedy saie for ready pay. TRACY 61. MOORE.
Towanda, Sept, 12, NU.
Southern Military Academy Lottert
Crattnetret MI the Havana Plan..
10,000 Numbers-238 Prizeil—all the
Prizes drawn at each Drawing.
<7 iOO
3000 -
" 1500
In all 238 prizes, amounting to 510 000
Tickets $ - s.—Helves and Quarters in proportion.
. Bills on ill solvent banks' taken at par.
All communications strictly tonfidential.
eAMITEL SWAN, Agent and Manager
sig n of the Brunie Lion...
141ontaomery, Ala. Aug. :A 185-1
RESUMES int sessions on Monday, the I Ith of
In the classical, scientific and mathertatical de—
partments df this seminary, very desirable advsnta•
ges will be given to the studiously inclined, espe
cially if well grounded in the all importaht elements
taught in our district schools .
A faithful• account will he kept of each student's
attenclanct, conduct and scholarship,lbr the benefit
of parents, .school districts and all•whom it may
rightfully con eCrn.,
The school is not sectarian, but free ; and a class
in Theology would always have been, right cheer
fully, allowed its share of time and attention.
Tlition,iler . term of II weeks : •
Gengtinphy, grammar and $3 00
Higher English. Latin and Greek languages, 5 00
No pupil received fcr lees than one term. Pay
ment in advance. Board mat be obtained at front
$1 50 to $2 00 per meek.
HI✓NTINC,T)N Jr., Principal.
Orwell. Augnet 10, 1854.
T"partnership between E, F. Dawson and
A. Gay t ts this day dissolved by !nutria, con
sent—the acconnts are left In the hands of J.
Jones. E.q., for settlement.
Wilmot; June 22, 1.354. •
TB Now opening a Nato &rocs. or Goons, eon;ists
L ing of full and complete assortment of all kind-
which will be sold as cheap as the same quality of
Goods can be bought anywhere this side of New-
Towanda. Deck 10.18h3.
n RiED APPLES.-40 bushels Dried Apples—
:l.r grafted 11-cit.-or' hand - and for sale by
THE subscribers are in want of a young man as
an Arnaldo" to the Tininan's trade. 17 or 18
years of age. of gnat habitsf who they will bind
themselves to lean, the*kasineas.
Towanda. Jfily 21). 1654.
300 NEW BAR ' EL:4, St for Pork or Cider,
for sale at 7gteased, S. FELTON *CO.
Tosenda, Aug. le, f 1153.
AITHERB4B, flaY wlfe" Mary, baeleforny tied MO
board,xvittiont isny , just eattie4 premoto r .
(ion; this IS to '&64 all-persOns haitio'iing or
ing her on my account. as 1 will pay no debts of
,00titracting after this date.
BrotrotimbLAngtist 21; ,1854.
T neligareantion all persons from purchasing
A a note; gime to Mr. B,I3IqBESAUCIII, or Bearer,
for leit'dollani.dated - Ait; 21st 1854; doe the firm of
April next, for 1 havetreceiced no value, and shall
not pay the same, unless I am 'eonipellitrhy law,
Sheshequin, Aog. 24, 1884.
C~®~c4Pm~L~a~ I~'~II~~I
- SITUATED at Orwell centre, Brad
's. ford county. Pa., eontaing about THREE
- • HUNDRED ACRES, about two tiundrrd
and fifty thereof improved and the remain
der excellent woodland.
- There are upon the promises a comforts- . .
ble and spacious MANSION HOUSE, a 'l ag
tenant house, fire barns, 20 x4O feet each, s:
or upwards, several ranges of sheds and _
stabling, and other ont,buildings, with an excellent
and never-failing well of water at the door of the
mansion house, and wefl watered generally. The
entire property forming one of the most desirable
situations for a dairyman or stock breederittbe found
in this
,section of the country. Terms—one-half of
the purchase money on taking possession, an the
balance on interest for a term of years.
If the property is not sold this fall, if will be rent
ed for a term of years. if a suitable opportunity pre
sents, J. D. HUMPHREY.
Orwell, Sept. 12, 1851. 2m
r)R.,J, ALLEN, late Professor in the Ohio Cobege
LI of Dental gargeonsr, bas discoverer, a method
of inserting Artificial Teeth on plate, which makes
any furthlr improvement impossible.
It combines strength and durability with perfect
cleanliness. The gum is continua., and can be
made to suit any ease, however difficult. Ilk) life
like is ths'expression, Hist the most familiar with
artificial teeth fail to determine they are false; the
teeth appearing as if they actually grew out of the
I have secured letteis patent for Bradford Co.
cC7Otlice in Mercur's ahick.
Tovinnda. July 28, 054. , •
ReAnience, on Pine Street . .apposite the old Presltytrrion
Ch trdt,
Offers his professional services to ihe people of
Towanda and vicinity. Can always be found at his
office. in Dr. Poryssa l s Drug Store, when not pro
fessionally engaged.
Ab,_ Il iIIL Ink IC. •
HAVING disposed of all interest in other busi
ness, is now prepared to attend promptly to
all business. in the line of his profession. He may
he found at all times—extero when absent on le
gal business—at his New Brick Office," THE
LIT'T'LE UNION BLOCK," between the old Un
ion Block and John Burgir's splendid Saloon, re
cently elected on the North side of the Public
Square. Towanda, Pa
cia• N. B.—Particular attention given to col
Towanda, Aug., 24. 1851.
IN Towanda Borough, on the Bth of August, four
sheep and two lambs. The owner is tequested
to prove property, pay charges and sake them away.
Towanda, Aug. 15, 1854.
• Adniinistratrix's Notice.
ALLpersona indebted to the estate of Gen Shay
lor, deed. late of Bielington twp. are here
by requested to make payment without delay : and
all persons having claims against said estate will
please present them duly authenticated for settle
Sept. 13, IQSI. •
Adm Weirs tri v.
Executor's Notice.
ALLpersons indebted to the estate of John More
deceased, late of tike township, are hereby
requested to make payMent without d e l a y, a n d a ll
persons hnving demaads ag ainst said estate will pre.
sent them without delay, duly authenticated fur set-
Clement. ORRIN MORE,
Sept. 12. ISM. Executors.
ATTOR.rEV Jr Lair,
Williamsport. I.yeom ing County, Pa.
c• - l'OFFlCF.—Cipposffe V. 8. Hotel-1)p Stairs::„n
Engine and Fitures for sale.
O lt second ha.nd ENCEtE and fixtures for a
tl SAW MILL, capable of driving two or more
saws, all in geod order, and will 6e said cheap, on
a long credit, if desired. The Engine is now run—
ning, and ban be seen by calling on H. 8. DAT/I n
sox, at Ulster. nr C. F. Wst.Les. Jr. at Athens, Pa.
Ulster, July 19, ISM.
IFIEMIII,IE Mg3lil[ll.lllßY.
THE duties of this School will be resumed on the
mrrond Monday of Srptcmber or_!, undet the
charge of Mice OLIVIA D. and Raaeec• D. HANSON,
in the rooms recently occupied by Jantes Macfar•
lane, Esq., in the North end of the Ward Duu , e.
The schodl year will consist of Jour quarters .. of
eleven weeks each.
'Feasts—as formerly, Sri, ag, and : 1 12 per griarter,
according to the stndiel pursued. Noextra charge
for the Latin Language.
No ftuptl will be receitcd fot a shorter period
than one Quarter.
Revert Esc es—Rev.Dr. %lie LE 1,1, President of the
College of New Jersey. Princeton..
Hon. HAVID WILMOT . ; 0. P. At►sne. Esq., C. L.
Wann, Es q ., Hos .Geo.Ellatrotasol . , D.F.l3aasTow,
Esq. Towanda.
Towanda, August 26. 1 t 353. '
B x virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court of the
county of Bradfortr, Will be exposed to -- publio
sale on the premises. on 'Saturday, the 7th day of
October nett, at 1 o'clock, P. 111. the following pro
perty, to wit ;
The one-half or whole (as may (greed upon by
the Administrators) of a lot of land in Burlington
township, late the estate of Obadiah Blakeslee, dee'd
bounded north by lands of John Dustin. east by
Luther, south by E. Overton, and West by E. Nich
ols and H. Boothe.
Terms made known on the day of sale.
Sept. 11, (SOL Administrators.
. The above stands postponed until November
lthi at I o'clock, I'. M 6 at the house of J.H. Fur
mean, in Burlington borottgh.
fic•ap Auk:NE. I caip_zakAr_.
At the New • Coal Bed,
flan subscriber having leased die New` COAL
BED, in Franklin township, would inform the
public that he is now, and shall continue to mine
and keep for sale, Coerce and Fine Coal, of the
very best qnallty.' The article which they are now
ie far superior in quality to any etee offer
ed at this lied. The road lo the bed is in first rate
repair. and will be kept so. - Persons wishing coal
for stove or blacksmith use, will do well to bay of
me. The bed is -located only eleven miles from
Ze All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for
coal at the market price,
New Coai Bed, Sept. le, 1854.
• 3iciPtclintitiommintacikw,
- 44taratity-af
orriu ! WITIVIIIIII, Ittolllllll AZ? 111111KORD49.
Ts new receiving all norm of NEW GOODS, whaCh
will be sold very low for Cash.
May 3, 1854.
ECIBZ 320 at, 14 . 4fIZZDYI,
WOULD infotm her friends, that she has just re
turned from the city, with large assortment
of attzrammer Goo*,
which she otters at reduced prices. Produce of eeo
cry kind taken in payment fur goods.
1121211101TALL.-•-DR. - MASON has removed
his office to his dwelling, on Pine arm. oppoaite
the old Presbyterian Church.
Toaravids, May 18, 1854.
Plows and Plow castings!
BLATCHLEY, Wayne county , Alba dr Curtis
Plows, Side bill.pubsoit and corn plbswo and
Castings, for Pale cheap.
I take partictilar pains to get good well made
plows and tough castings. I would invite particu
lar attention to the Alba. or Curtis plow.
Call and see. R. M. WELLES,'
Cistern and Well rumps I
LEAD PIPE ! Hydraulic Rams ! of any kind,
*iv', ckg.. cheap for ready pay. for sale b'y
- Jan. 8, 1F153. •R. M. WELLES.
UST received by Joseph Kingsbury, a large and
complete stock of NEW GOODS, for sale as
Towanda, April 28, 1654.
Bituminous Coal.—Barelay Coal Bed.
THE undersigned i; prepared to furnish at the
beds, any quantity of this superior COAL, at
the reduced pri,v of $1 25 per ton for Blacksmith
coal, and $t 75 for picked Grate oal. Payment in
cash or country produce, but no credit mill be gtrsn.
BEATY" GA 11881. Agent \
for the Barclay R. R. and evil Company.
Franklin (Old Coal Bed) May 25, 1854.
47TORA - Er AT LAM'.
Office with the Register and Recorder, •
OFFICE in the second story of the Union Block.
porch side orthe Public square . , over the office
of J. C. Adams, Esq. Sept. 24.
. : 4 1'
Office removed to John C. Adarns'olfice in the
Union Block. July 20.
administrator's Notice.
ALLperam;F indebted to the estate of Henry
Vandyke, dec'd late of Albany tp., are reques
ted to Make payment without delay : and those hal
ing demands agaiust.said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
August 25, Administrators.
The.,:usquihanua Collegiate Institute,
VV Mal e
be o n p d en r e e d nm fo te r , t o h n e reception
Wednesday th e
f Putph oft)s
September, when the lorlogural exercises will take
Rr.v. Q. P. 001.1% A. M. PEITNCIPAT.
Professor of Natural. Mental and Moral sciences
Professor of Annient and Modern Languages and
Belles Lefties.
Prof. of Mathematics and Master of Normal School.
Teacher of Music and Frenct.
Teacher of English and Movie.
Negotiations are in progress for secnring tfie ser•
vices of two other Lady teachors in time for th..
opening. - '
a The Principal will rtiside in the institute and
the Pupils will board with his family.
The academic year will coJsist of three terms of
fourteen weeks each.
Tuition in the 4th class, Elementary English
Branches, $4 00
3d Class, Higher English Branche.,
2d Class, Mathematic', Natutal tSclente saint
Classics commenced, 00
Ist Class. Menial and Mural Science tea - the
above cemtinued; 7 00
Tuition in Modern Languages
.each, 3 00
Ornamental Needle Work and Embroidery, 200
Drawing, 2 00
Oil Painting in Landscapes, 8 00
do in Figures, 10 00
Instrumental Music with use of Inattriment, 10 00
Room Rent, 175
lucidental expenses, 35
Boarding , in the Hall $1 63 per week, nr pet
Washing three aliillingN per dozen. Lights and
Fuel at the actual expem.e.
In addition to the above course. College classes
will he organised if advanced scholars apply.
Especial attention will be paid to the instruction
of persons designing to gurlify themselves as 'roach •
era for Common Schools.
Plipils will famish themselves ttith beil,bedding,
towels, &c. The gills for the term must be paid in
advance, or one half at the entrance, and the re
maining half at the expiration of the half term.
C. L. WARD. President.
8. F. COLT, Sec. J. D. Al us r• rE. Tread.
Towanda, August. l 2 1851
THE )1 7 01t0 CIIALLENGE[r! !
New Remedies and Quick Cures !
AAn without the use of the knife. (he Firinp
Iron, or any of !hose ligatd caustics, such as
Nitric, Mariatic or sulptitirte. Acid. 5e., or any of
those baneful liquids so Often made nae of, to the
shame of the Farrier A hnd the torture or that ritefnl
animal, the Horse. without any necessary purpose
Also all diseases of the horse treated soiaintealty.
References of past services can he had, as also
tha bona Tide Itingbones and sp,rins taken off hors
es already operated ad, together with seteral other
Fistules, pipes, Tumors, &c. ttc. •
Applications to the subscriber, who will he at the
Monroeton Esehange, where he tan be conoutied
on the subject free of expen s e.
a Terms from $lO to 825. Payment in all cas
C 9 to be made belle the horse leaves the stable.
Monrooton, Aug. 2G, 185.1.
Ob. EIARtLETT , is rniir receiving a largr
. and carefully seiected stock of
bought for cash since the late decline -in prices.
which he wilt offer for teinly pay at prices which
cannot fail to give satisfaction.-among othitr things
he invites particular attention to his assortment of
Dress Goods.
Towanda, Ap 15, 18 8
3 TONB tpora itiOsti 'cheap Sugars just recd
and for save by PAITNNEY.
2 Tin, Japanned and Btliannia Wate,
trim m ings, Cart Inge Trimmings, =when & likddlery
Ware, Csarpenter's and joiner's !Nobs,
',RAD PIPE. AND PrilIPS, of all kindsiend, sizes,
Would inform . their blends that these ere on'y ft part of the general tritadgi ttnder which may toe classed
their etvetisitie agiortment, and in which th-y are e.rt.tantly receiving additional aapplies, direct from the
importers and mannfacturepi, which enable , 11,19 inthirehtents in their large atock and lore
prices, that Will ctiallingccoinpetition from any (11l A' ift. We . would ask the partiettlar attention cif_
/11/§.o2l.&tnej , sl eia=t 17&17:121111§g
to an examination of our Muck, which having been elected with the greatest tare. we are confident wile
satisfy, even the moo. particular.
o:3'Dotet forget the place—South %lee of the r :o.dic .‘, ; 11n,",
Old Iron, Coppor and ltrass, and all k i ad, ul i'odniry Produce taken in ett6rige for goods.
Towanda, May 27, 1E154. HALL. & RUSSELL.
THE sylaterfber, thankful for the liberal pi tr oh n e reeiit•eil the peat year, intends to keep constantly on
hand it full aimortntrotpt the very hest aT I it . kl4 tiatially kept in out line, which - Us vita. dispose of on
surf) teeing 5.4 wilt be satimfni-tory to all who may pltronizo him. The purchases are made entirely with rash
in hand, and for the GAM n our citgorriers dill receive the benefit of it goodiet-tichiat tow p rice. All article*
not amrwering our recommendation, will be ehee-rfulty taken kick, and the money refunded.
Medical Advice, grotnitoniily given at the Office, charging only for the Medfclort
Th.. Frock cmiltidg of a complete and select assortment o
Pure Wine & Liquors, for Medicinal use, London Porter ti .. Seotth
rff,/, 7HE 111087' pprUL.IR 1'.17:E57 1 ME DIVINES !
American. Pocket Cutlery, (Warranted Good.)
Superior TORACCGIii. SNUIT !----Choice brands of Pure Earanna, Principe!
and "Cara CIGARS I
rainim, Oils, Varnbobes, Windo Glam.+, IllruSheo, Perfumery. Sliming Seam
Fancy Arl Iclem. &c. &c.
Black and Green Teas : Rio and Java Coffee : Syrup, Sugars, Arc &c
Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, &c.
• •
" Me belt Qualll , l of (nods—F,tll ne , ,t—.llol , 7nltt Prr!fle—Ren, 7 y Attontinti to C. nstromert—nd
Adnlierolinn of Goode--Candid .4(11:ux l'atevt Remedies---imil Close Attentwn to Bysine“."
Towanda, Novomher 12. 1451. 11. C. ronTca, M. 11.
Awarded t• this Machine at the Fair of the American Institute. Seir York, Oct. 1 1 159.
A -Diploma at the Franklin Inalli s tute, Philadelphia. First Premium at the Stat.
Fair, Utica, New York. and at the . .01nmbla and Rensselaer County (Seta' York)Fallrin
and a DipleMani the WestchestFr Cotintg Fair at White Plains.
Ift lbw premet artanewmant of rt bizhiy notanevell and
taletwhi• ?WI, the labor Lo d. ar,ranarisig rutting
LO break the end th e n .Lehrer them to the
Eer.r Cylindere to r.. rednend to lemihro ity title or•
rainnement the work le te.l formed tutor and ..lib mnrh
lea labor.
' TN , Pre.. I. arranged with n much hort ,- .0 ere , * then
formerly, 0.1111 he R eery t ogrninrta ,ierio, the nee of the Log
is dbponeed with awl 1119 lat. :mule to open nt WIN to .to
Herr the ponisee. elate ,t ,mc time tio• left
clear and the work ran ho Iloilo with much Icee labor than
by the did method. The C)lttniere at, va.N nob bew
.hoot Xtnr, tedtt on their petn.herioe anti V 0,1.. Ih. wail
In thorn to arranged a. na not h, .w 141: mil the wh.,le work
on the 31111 and Prow made in the von heel manner rind
•rrangod with erpecial vow to their dur.d.ility and he.
Vilirtiler Who uy.e the Mill enrefoll) mot hee..nlirte
hi directions %till he. li stititt eft; hot on the 1 , 1 her
Lout be will burl thr... ono ol the atio4 valuable wad ellielenl
tinwhinei on hii Emu,.
ttla niachtne he made to tun 11 bore...deem;nr hood
power, and when the Bale. ore s grotattd. n email boy of
jT3n of age can prima theipoome a anti nit ease.
.eittah former timex it 4 111. tbot a btegai gynnllty
of rider could only hr mode In inneq a r..lerim. trtv
that ehmly ern:died the apple. wit hoot diudlug them rm.•
then made tato 111 -4 , rp rilkomp in cian, and
[ROA NIVOtb and long preamere wan required to extraet a ,
portant - Id the Vidcr. n soloutil Laing
tif. erne, sad air mn of pn111 , 1...; and In obtain that
oneueticfnetrirc rarettlt the farmer had to iota all hie handt,
sal perhapa hie (ii-horse temp, and devote a a hole day that
could hate hewn more preditably emplosett, to make fr.ori
eta to eight barrel. of Cider. obviate the the
Eartnere hare heretokre labored umier. this garbine ha.
hero ientantoil, and the statement o 1 a hie farm will pont.
that it 1. not only the loot ttai l in a of lb. kind in ex W ow ,.
hut it to the moat prtetitahle that a man can yate on Ms
farm. The apples are by thee tlarlana grated ttp to a hoe
ro that h relulres hut a entoporatirely light pr.:tura
and that hut a minute, tr 1.11 . 0. to e•tract nil the liter.
." hieing arrortalnal by practical apartment that Outtekattellb
more Juke ran hr °blamed than h- the old precept 13.
shies fine, it only require, two halals to grim! kip and in eke
Min Cider a larger quantity of apples than can tee peruitly
done on the old-fashioned madam,, on , thy; pra-y on tag
to !be commas's' of the portiere in the tut., and the rat.
Pieta manner in whirh it a, 'MGM, a pie-aura of from tt in
tono—that ran rarity F. obtainet--will pzteinclea none
favorable moult than Ally tons propane on the ordinary
Entered ucoraisi Le Act et -Centre" is h 0.2,
hr HAIL dr RUPSET.L. Turand
.1)ISS()LI T IO ) N.
TWO HUNDREB TOM; Cairura Ground Fla,-' T liE en-partnereinfoif.. existing bet Ween
I ter, 100 Barrels Salt „ 100 Obis. White Stone ■ the oubscrtkirs. under the firm of Alexander ilo
larne,:io bushels Orwell & Weal Branch Clover Solomon, was dissolved t y mutual consetit on the
Seed. SO bushel' Timothy Eked, 500 lbs. Allegany '27th day 01 May. M. E. Solomon retirira. The
County Cheeses. just received and frr sale by. . business will hereafter be carried on under the name
BAILEY & NEV ENS. of J. *Et Alexander. -
Towanda, April 21, 1854. Towanda, May a, 111:,.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fronting the Public Square",
tlter l'renAg, ere° if the nprlen we, renal) as finely sit net_
the ‘lOl. mot if the apples wen mewl! crolhest.
anon the Nut Mnrhine, it wool.) molars a pritnatiio cmo
hotelrol tel. to omdlies the result nerompliAhed by ;IA!
Patent Mill. Thy following may hu efl•lueed ns the dolled
attrantnire. of tilt* MIT,.
itna It will woke tonne rider than nor ether lies, with
;Lite! , quality)} ui 14.1.11 , .., to • &1,11 much
few In: , .‘r and etreo..•
!woad-1t wall make cleaner nal narn,t, Cller than env
nth.: r Hill
Thin etto rant., the Cider sot ,nn Waal ?Laud On
rot I•ltttt it MO ttl from gnu gallon to ti or IQ
Fourol)--11 lilt it r , a rein preini Cvrrany,
Iterripa.ll).,4 4 . Boltvr. 1,r4,
Fink-1t ithttlf eau saris ont.." tart Ili ; rdllar
ttmc , In making A pple•-bsattes
:AA 41. 11,itt yi a Lau at all tirm, have Fresh
tenAl Rweell
V. Jib nil tbe nil VIM Liigitit rmulting from the rele.natirn zed
uac et such a imicksisto- a that It L.,
thr reirh of tit It t. 11.i3t nay 111141(gent Fikruter
would • it
o c ci.
L.,OU wieh to imee in rhetwe at all thaw rider that
l. -went and f: rah. the o time It u roan) hea/th:r and ft
for fmr 7 -31 - 01l Ro you tri-la !tree a groat meth'''. r 4 Sim
hard labor titteudtug the malsAnte et
Apple-butter I It this notr-hine, mud to+, wont
he it. you will rrt lm thatiphollited. ,
That Mill hi warranted ettparior to any abor pro.t4s
Mill in axistanee. and the Proprietor In ready at any tied,.
ism fair notice bting love.D.l to 10.1. it C ith any rartahlw
Itill that to not an infiingement ..0 it
borrnitira,, exami n e. this neurlylnenoven
MILL, before you buy any other.
tine grelr adcantage a thltem.rhlne corer all otborr.
that It vein not ',helms u and barti or loft opplal
.-413 be ground, and yet the Cybudrri wVI ahrayi rentals
, leer and in grinding order.
MI Orders 'ern be fi11.4 in the writer ,In obit+ dial'? Of*
nrehrad. and ell perrons trito trig them wocad 40 .41 to
1 . 1 10 1 their orders wall. and Oats at *dial time tb.y want
the '3111.1 FenL
This Nl/11. eteeireeitei by 2 nmn, will, when trawl! 'sub.'' ,
. 1 6 0 . 1 .11 mg to dm...416n5. duke 6 b 12 bevels of ci.firr is day—
and o. ill grind 1.16ue by hcruspolur fruml%.k, SOO buduls
-f nn6l6. 6 • '47,4'
the !lice Nt . the Mill IT ;in, free of freight.
nelitetePt in, PA. May. 1543. W. O. HIOZOIL
tie DIM I 'let Court at the Cutup ittetrtel of reantehetete.
PTO by WTTIMG, Eltnirl:
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